Can I break up with my sweetheart?

  1. Hi, I’m not sure if anyone plays this game anymore, but I’ve been adoring it so far.

    i’ve been lavishing the heroes and heroines with gifts so that i can remove their curses, with the (somewhat) unintended consequence of all the heroes slowly falling in love with me.

    i wanted to be with Duran, but suddenly Anwar confessed to me and i’m locked in a relationship with him! he’s nice, but he was my last choice for a sweetheart and it’s really discouraging me from finishing the game. isn’t there anything i can do?

    my last save is from right beforehand, and i’m going to try reloading to see if i can avoid the confession scene, but other than that i’m at a loss.

    User Info: FlabbyWeaver54

    FlabbyWeaver54 - 8 months ago

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