How do I get to room 10 in depths of the ice cavern~?

  1. I've been to every room in the dungeon except for room 10 and rooms 5-9 (which you can only access from room 10?) but I can't find any way to get into room 10. Which room can you get to it from (and do you have to get a gold medal)?

    Thankies! ^o^

    User Info: elly-chin19

    elly-chin19 - 5 years ago


  1. Solution:

    Equip Bomb weapon and Hammer weapon, ice slopes and gaps, pole switch on center right island, pole switch on bottom center island, green floor switch in top center by key door (not key code door)

    Shows a keyhole door, Sign appears: "Collect the 4 fragments resting here to open the great door!"

    Hammer spin from first slope right to bottom center island, lay a charged bomb by pole switch, go down on island and Hammer spin right to bottom right island with another pole switch, you don't have to hit the pole switch, instead be face by pole switch upward, Hammer spin hitting the pole switch and placing you half way up the stairs, detonate charged bomb before running up and left to step on green floor switch - If you step on green floor switch first then room is done but charged bomb and pole switch not triggered.

    When I scanned HP & MP increaser (red metalize tablet) then a white flower also appeared on the end of my HP leaves bar.

    Careful exiting out of Depths of the Ice Cavern 10 to Depths of the Ice Cavern 3 because there is a square hole under the exit ledge. Jump down from the corners and not the center.

    User Info: tecnomage1

    tecnomage1 - 6 months ago 0   0

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