Review by dabura667

Reviewed: 07/28/08

A little bit of every famous scary story in Japan.

Graphics (9/10)

The reason I give this game a good graphics score is that a large part of the scenes are actual actresses being photographed. I know it doesn't have to do with Graphics, but I would say that real life gets a 10 in graphics. Plus the actual gameplay reminds me of Clock Tower series.

Gameplay (10/10)

The gameplay is rather good as it takes in two elements that I enjoy in games. The first is the multiple endings, most of which end in you meeting a gruesome death. The second is the chapter function. I enjoy it, because when I want to get endings or pictures from a chapter I don't have to keep a ton of saves and can go through things rather quickly. I also like the way it gives you a sense of immediacy even though you can set it down in the middle of a conversation and no one will jump in and kill you. All mistakes are made by selecting an answer wrong or not doing something it told you to do with the pen.

Controls (10/10)

Simplistic, but then of course the main meat of this game is the dialogue.

Sound (9/10)

The scary sounds are really scary in 3D, but some of the sound effects and BGM are annoying as heck.

Story (7/10)

The story of this game is mediocre, and to be honest relies a little bit too much on a bunch of famous Japanese horror stories that are all jammed together in a sometimes awkward fashion. It really seemed like the creators just wanted more ways to fit in more endings, by adding scenes with a horror story that has nothing to do with the original stories. Which they covered by making the story a giant "hey, magical powers cause urban legends and horror stories to come true, omg." Which I didn't like. However, when the story stayed with the students, it was very interesting and I was sucked in.

Replayability (7/10)

When you get the BAD END and die, you want to go back and redo it til you get that BEST END. But once you've gotten all the BEST ENDs... well... my only reason for playing it after getting all the BEST ENDs was to make a guide to post here.

Overall (8/10)

I recommend this game to those who are interested into Japanese horror and the occult.

It is pretty good.

Rating: 8

Product Release: Twilight Syndrome: Kinjirareta Toshi Densetsu (JP, 07/24/08)

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