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FAQ/Walkthrough by dark52

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/05/15

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                   ___    _  |  _  _  _     _
            -,'',   | |_||_  | |_ / _|_ |\|| \
      ,''''', \   \ | | ||_  | |_ \_/|_ | ||_/
     ,,'.   ( )    \         |__,     _  _
   ,'  ( ),''''',,/      ,,,,,,   ,, (_)|-  ,  ,,,__
  /,,   ,'         ',.''       ,'   ',     /  \     '''',
   ,_)/              \       .'      '.  .'    '         '.    .'''''''.
  | _|              .'   ...  \        ''       \  ...     \.''          ',
  |/_|             .'   |   )   '.             /  |   \    |               \
   ( |        ..  . |   |..'      '          .'   |___/    /       ..       \
    \/\       \     |             /\      .''|            /      /   \       |
       \       \    |           .' |     |   |        .-'|      |     |      |
    ,', \       \   |     ...'''   |     |   |         ',|       \   /       |
   /  \   \        \|     |        |     |   |     .      ',      '''       /
  (    '.  \        |     |       ,      |   |     |',     /               /
   \     /   \      |     |       ,  ,,,''   |     |  ',  / \             /
    \   / ',,)      /'''''        '''         '',,,|    ''   ''..      .''
     ','',         /                                             '''''
          ''.....''   ----.                       ----.  _      _   _
                       |   \ /\\    /|\|    O F    |   \|_) /\ / _ / \|\|
                       |   //--\\/\/ | |   T H E   |   /| \/--\\_/ \_/| |
                      ----'                       ----'

              |   NINTENDO DS WALKTHROUGH   |
          |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-TABLE OF CONTENTS-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|
          |  1 - Introduction.............................[010000]  |
          |      i - Introduction.........................[010100]  |
          |      ii - Controls............................[010200]  |
          |      iii - Basics.............................[010300]  |
          |  2 - Walkthrough..............................[020000]  |
          |      i - Catacombs............................[020100]  |
          |      ii - Flight Through The Valley...........[020200]  |
          |      iii - Golem..............................[020300]  |
          |      iv - Dragon City.........................[020400]  |
          |      v - Dam..................................[020500]  |
          |      vi - Destroyer...........................[020600]  |
          |      vii - Destroyer Heart....................[020700]  |
          |      viii - Destroyer.........................[020800]  |
          |      ix - Burned Lands........................[020900]  |
          |      x - Flight To The Floating Islands.......[021000]  |
          |      xi - Floating Islands....................[021100]  |
          |      xii - Malefor............................[021200]  |
          |  3 - Mask Locations...........................[030000]  |
          |  4 - Bestiary.................................[040000]  |
          |  5 - Updates..................................[050000]  |
          |  6 - Contact..................................[060000]  |
          |  7 - Copyright................................[070000]  |
               |                                    |
               | Author: dark52                     |
               | Version: 1.0                       |
               | Last Updated: 17/02/09             |
               | Website: http://www.darkspyro.net/ |
               | Email: dark52(at)darkspyro(dot)net |


  | [010100]      Introduction      [010100] |

Welcome to my complete walkthrough to the Nintendo DS version of The Legend of
Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon.

  | [010200]      Controls      [010200] |

Up - Look up
Down - Look down
Left/Right - Move
Left/Right + Left/Right (same as your direction) - Charge
Left/Right + Left/Right (opposite to your direction) - Backwards dodge

A - Melee Attack
A + Left/Right (opposite to your direction) - Backflip Tailstrike
A + Up - Kick
A + Down - Tailstrike
A + Left/Right (same as your direction) - Punch

B - Jump
B + B - Double Jump
Down + B - Drop through thin platform
B + Left/Right towards wall - Wall Jump
B + Down + A - Horn Dive
B + Down + X - Smash attack

X - Elemental Melee Attack
X + Left/Right (opposite to your direction) - Elemental Backflip Tailstrike
X + Up - Elemental Kick
X + Down - Elemental Tailstrike
X + Left/Right (same as your direction) - Elemental Punch

Y - Breath Attack

L - Switch character
R - Switch element

Select - Upgrade screen
Start - Pause game

  | [010300]      Basics      [010300] |

Red Gems - Refills your health bar, if your health bar empties for either
character you die. Death means you go back to the last time the game saved, you
lose all Blue Gems and Masks you might have collected.

Green Gems - Refills your breath bar. When empty you can't use Elemental
Attacks, will refill by itself slowly.

Blue Gems - Use to upgrade your elemental attacks.

Gems are found in clusters or appear when you kill any enemy.

Red Masks - Increase the size of your health bar. Affects only the character
that collects it. Note that it also refills your health bar when you collect it.

Green Masks - Increase the size of your breath bar. Affects only the character
that collects it. Note that it also refills your breath bar when you collect it.

Combos - Hit the enemy several times in a row without pausing, the more you get
in a row the better the gem reward when the enemy dies.


  | [020100]      Catacombs      [020100] |

At the start you get given a choice, either to go through the tutorial or not.
Go right to go through and left to not.

Going right through the tutorial section jump over the obstacles and up some
steps to where you get told about double jump. Keep on going further to the
right and drop down at the end. At the bottom jump onto the platform in the air
to the left and glide left to another platform. Next jump down the drop beyond
it and continue on at the bottom.

Presumably the game tells you to look up so that you don't waste your time going
up to the dead end. Drop down the platforms to where the game tells you about
looking down. It's not a very useful tool as it barely shows you anything but
can help occasionally. Jump down onto the platforms diagonally to avoid the
spikes at the bottom on the right, head out to the left at the bottom.

From the top of the steps jump and glide onto a wooden platform to the right and
then glide right again. From this solid land glide once more to another similar
looking part of the level, you might need a bit of a run up to make it. If as it
were some kind of pattern you now have to glide again, onto a wooden platform in
the middle of the path and then off it again.

Next up is learning how to use your melee attack, the first thing you get to use
it on is a green gem crystal, smash it to get some green gems that you probably
don't really need at this point yet. Just past the gems is your first enemy, a
Rock Rat. It's worth noting that you can just ignore the majority of enemies,
just jump over them and keep moving. Keep on going right and you'll learn about
heavy attacks, then how to use your many breath attacks. They even give you
another couple of Rock Rats to try it out on, just don't use the breaths with a
blue shield underneath as that means the current creature is invulnerable to
that element. A red target means that your attacks will do double damage.

Once you've killed them continue on towards an elemental door. It may not be
entirely obvious which element is required to pass this part but for all doors
that look wooden with spikes on you use Fire Breath. If you can't guess by
looking at it then trial and error is always an effective option. You might want
to stand back as it burns. Go through and step into the blue circle to trigger a
cutscene and move into the next part of the tutorial level.

Next up we learn of the elemental strike, the close combat elemental equivalent
of your melee attack. You can use the same combo moves as with the melee
attacks, the only drawbacks being that some enemies are immune to certain
elements and it drains your breath bar just the same as using the breath attack.
Kill the Rock Rat just ahead and then refill your bar (it auto regenerates
slowly anyway (it's quicker when not the active character)) with the gem

Another elemental door up ahead, you should be able to work out that it requires
Earth Breath to be used on it since it's made of earth and has grass growing on
it. Drop down the new gap and continue right where you'll meet a new enemy a
Blue Sprite. Use your Fire or Poison element to help defeat it quicker as it is
weak to those two but immune to Ice, Earth, Shadow, Wind and even your melee

Jump down at the end and go left at the bottom. Along the path you'll meet
another Sprite, this one is a different colour however (Green) and has a
different weakness set. Use Electricity or Fear on it to kill. Drop down at the
far left and head right. Kill yet another Rock Rat followed by a Blue Sprite,
then another Rock Rat before you get to a section where you are required to
switch to Cynder.

The only point in the game where you need to be one character or the other is to
get by an elemental door, apart from breath attacks both characters are
identical (until you start picking up relics) and are best used when your
current character is low on health or breath. Switch to Cynder and use Fear
breath on the door (because it's red and red is an easily scareable colour?).

Just after the Fear Door is yet another colour Sprite, an Orange Sprite. Kill it
with Wind or Ice. Continue onwards to a moving lift, get on it to get up to move
on at the top where you'll find a blue gem cluster. Blue Gems are used to
upgrade your breath attacks so that they're stronger and do more damage. Just
past the cluster is a platform to drop down through hold down and jump to get

Kill another Rock Rat and then jump upwards through some smaller platforms (ie
ones you can jump through) and go right at the top. Now we learn how to wall
jump, you need to hold towards the wall when pressing jump. Go up and do it
again to the left, then perform a series of wall jumps at the next part to get
to the end of this part of the level.

Ahead you'll find a Rock Rat followed by an Orange Sprite. Jump down the gap and
go left, watch out for the two Yellow Goblins at the bottom. The Yellow variety
have no particular elemental weaknesses or immunities so you can pretty much use
anything on them. Drop down the platforms at the end and at the bottom go right
past a Rock Rat.

Jump to the platform in the middle of the water to the right to collect the
first Green Mask. Picking up these will increase the breath bar but only for the
character that physically collects it. You'll have to make a decision each time
you find a mask as to who gets it. You can focus on getting one character
brimming with power or spread it out over the both of them.

Once you've picked it up continue on to the right and jump up towards a Goblin
on a platform above the path. Continue on this platform and jump up the step to
the right. Jump up the platforms in the air to the top right corner. Kill the
Goblin and Rock Rat in your way heading to the far right past a waterfall. Jump
over a platform, kill another Rock Rat, ignore a moving platform (well, you can
go up and kill a few enemies if you want but it's a dead end otherwise) and drop
down three thin platforms to the right.

Continuing right you'll need to jump over water to where you'll fight a Rock Rat
and Orange Sprite at about the same time.  Keep on going over the water (falling
in water is an instant kill) and then up a wall jump section and to the left.
The game will teach you charging now in a safe spot, then after a wall jump you
get to use it for real.

Charge along past the falling rocks which, if you time it right, you'll not get
hit by if charging. Right after the rocks is another Orange Sprite you can just
charge on past and then be given some blue gems.

Jump over the gaps and keep moving right as you go, a few of the platforms will
start to crumble as soon as you set foot on them. Once you've passed them all,
jump up a small step, charge past some falling rocks and learn to backwards
dodge. Kill the Yellow Goblins and continue jumping right all the way to the end
of the level.

  | [020200]      Flight Through The Valley      [020200] |

And now, the flight section. Unlike the console games the flight in this version
is limited and directed. Spyro (or Cynder if you switch) will fly forwards
constantly all you have to do is make sure he avoids obstacles with the dpad and
to shoot enemies with the stylus. Spyro's attack requires clicking for each
enemy whilst Cynder's you can hold down and it'll fire a beam of poison
constantly. Cynder's is the one I recommend using the most. This is also the
point at which you may want to switch the Y-Axis depending on your own
preference for controlling the flight. Normal has Up making you fly towards the
top of the screen whilst Inverted has Up making you fly towards the bottom. You
can also switch to left-handed flight using the ABXY buttons as a dpad.

You'll eventually reach your destination.

  | [020300]      Golem      [020300] |

The introduction gives you some subtle hints that you're going to want to hit
those purple bits. Again Cynder's attack is the easiest way to attack but
Spyro's can be of use too if you rapidly fire it accurately. Avoid the Golem's
attacks and whilst the purple bits are glowing and making a sound use your
breath attack on them.

Try and concentrate on a single shoulder at a time, once the four crystals on
his shoulder have been smashed you need to finish off the arm with one more
attack. This will remove his arm and start a new sequence of attacks. He can
still swipe at you with his single arm but it's easier to avoid than the double
attack the Golem did before. He will also now start firing a laser burst out of
his eyes, avoiding it is a lot easier too.

Finish off the other arm and then turn your attention to the crystals in his
lower region. Avoid the laser bursts by flying from side to side while attacking
him, again after the four you'll need to hit him once more to defeat the Golem.

If you're having trouble and are being made to watch the same intro over and
over you can skip it by pressing A.

  | [020400]      Dragon City      [020400] |

Just to the right of the start you'll find a Green Goblin which you'll not want
to use Earth or Wind on. Drop down the gap and go left and down through the gap.
Drop down again to the right and kill the pair of Green Goblins on the floor.

Take the moving platform just past them and to the right at the top. Across from
you is a Yellow Orc Archer. Avoid its arrows as you jump towards it to kill it.
Drop down through the platforms to the solid ground and head to the left (you
can jump up through some platforms here to get some Blue Gems), go down to the
right and kill yet another Green Goblin.

Jump over the crates and onto the lift, you can go up to kill another Orc
Archer, down just underneath where you walked along to kill a Green Goblin, down
below that to a normal Yellow Orc. The way forwards is at the bottom to the
right. Head up the steps and kill the Archer at the top. Wall Jump up to the
platforms above you. Jump to the right and over some small platforms to a Goblin
Messenger which you don't want to use Fire or Poison to attack with. Keep on
going right and down to the blue circle, guarded by a Yellow Orc.

Head right and jump over the platforms in the way to get to a Yellow Orc. Pass
by and jump up inside the building and up through a thin platform to a Green
Goblin. Once you've killed it jump up onto the crates on the right (jump up to
the right for some blue gems) and down to the right. Drop down into the well.

Go left and make sure to land on the crates in the green water, don't fall in!
Kill the Goblin and the one down beyond it to the left. Keep going left down and
then to the right. Jump over the obstacle to get to a closed gate (blue gems
above!). Use your Electricity Breath and hold it for a short time until the gate
starts opening.

Go through the gate and kill the Green Goblin standing in your way. Go through
the passageway behind him and collect the Health Mask (remember to select the
character you want to gain extra the health). Just after the Mask is a Green Orc
Archer which is immune to Electricity and Poison. Now wall jump up the small gap
above you at the end all the way up and out.

Jump up to the right then left and up the slope to beneath a Green Orc Archer.
Jump and glide to the right and land on some platforms in the air. Jump to the
top and up the slope to the right. Finally up through the thin platform and to
the left. Here you'll meet a big Guardian who is immune to all elements. What
this means is that you can only use melee on him so run up and start whacking
away. If you've got low health when you go in you might want to try dodging
backwards after a few hits then going back in, but otherwise just ignore the
hits (unless your health gets very low of course) and hit away until he dies.

Once he's dead walk past and melee the lever on the floor.

  | [020500]      Dam      [020500] |

Head right and you'll be shown some locations you need to get to; three pillars
and two blue circles. Keep on right, jump over a gap onto a wooden part of the
level, just ahead you'll meet a Shadow Ape, kill it with fire. Wall Jump up the
wooden parts above where the Ape appeared and go right at the top. Drop down to
the right making sure to glide a little to avoid a gap at the base. Kill the
Blue Goblin and Bright Yellow Orc and carry on right.

Jump up the wooden platforms and go right when you can. Kill the Goblin
Messenger and then use Electricity Breath on the gate at the end. Go into the
blue circle.

As before you're shown your target, a single pillar. Go right down the steps,
kill the Goblin Messenger as you go. At the bottom stop. Watch the rising and
lowering pillar in the water and prepare to jump onto it as it starts going
upwards. Time it so that you land as early as possible to give yourself enough
time to run along four pillars all of which are going at the same rate.

Once you make it Wall Jump up and kill the Bright Yellow Orc. Go left and up a
couple of moving platforms, jumping when they reach their highest points. Kill
the Shadow Ape as it appears as well as the Goblin Messenger that flies down to
you. Wall Jump up onto the moving platform above you and glide along onto
another to the right. Jump off and kill a Bright Yellow Orc and Blue Goblin

Jump up the wooden platforms to the right and Wall Jump up to the top. Kill
another pairing of Orc and Goblin whilst heading left past another Goblin
Messenger. Kill it and continue down to the left and kill a Shadow Ape and Blue
Goblin below. Continue right to a water blockage. Use Ice Breath on it and then
melee to get past. Once past melee the pillar to destruction.

Turn around and make your way back out of this area now, drop down at the point
of those two rising moving platforms and glide to the left to avoid those four
submerged pillars.

Jump up to the left past the Goblin Messenger and Wall Jump between a wooden and
stone section. Jump to the right and make your way upwards. Heading left kill
yet another Shadow Ape and the Blue Goblin behind it. Jump onto the top of the
water pipe and then up to the left. Yet another Goblin Messenger to kill. Keep
on left, another Shadow Ape and a Blue Goblin down the slope past it.

Jump down to the first step down and then Wall Jump upwards all the way to the
top (another Blue Goblin awaits). Head left through the blue circle.

Another display is made. Go left down to the Blue Goblin and up again at the
other end. Go left over the stone protrusion and then jump down the gap and head
left. Take the lift down and kill the Bright Yellow Orc to the right. Keep on
heading right until you reach another waterfall blocking your way. Ice it and
smash it. Glide over as much of the next wooden part as you can and collect the
Green Mask, again remembering which character to switch to.

Go down the wooden platforms (if you did initially fall you can go back up them)
and down the slope headed right. Kill the Bright Yellow Orc at the bottom and
then go left jumping over the gaps as you go, mind the Goblin Messenger at the
far end. Smash the pillar in the wall at the end.

Wall Jump up the wooden platform and make your way up to where there's a lift
(and a Blue Goblin of course). Take that lift up and then Wall Jump your way up
to the top. Go right past another Blue Goblin, a Goblin Messenger and make your
way to drop down next to the entrance, or rather exit in this case.

Head right, kill the Goblin Messenger and Bright Yellow Orc and jump along to
the next barrier to smash. Jump over its remains and down the other side. Kill
the Bright Yellow Orc and continue on right to a Shadow Ape.  Drop down and head
left past him. Kill a Bright Yellow Orc, jump up and smash a Green Gem Cluster,
keep on heading left over the platforms and water pipes until you reach the
fourth pillar. Smash it.

Jump over it and drop down to the left. You might recognise this from a bit
earlier. Continue down to the left and instead of Wall Jumping upwards continue
downwards. Head down the steps and smash that final pillar at the bottom.

  | [020600]      Destroyer      [020600] |

Flying as before, there's very little to say here other than do what you did
before but shoot a bit more.

  | [020700]      Destroyer Heart      [020700] |

Avoid the falling rocks by watching for the disturbance that they cause above
you, you should be able to see a few small falling rocks which tell you where
there will be a large rock in a moment, avoid them for obvious reasons. Once
you've avoided the rocks start attacking the glowing purple crystals on the
heart and then the heart itself when it turns a solid pink colour.

Repeat until the outer casing smashes. Then it's a case of doing the same thing
again except that rocks will continue to fall while shooting the purple bits and
the heart doesn't glow pink, it just stays black waiting for you to attack.
Repeat this until the health bar is empty.

  | [020800]      Destroyer      [020800] |

And now the flight out. Avoid rocks as you go.

  | [020900]      Burned Lands      [020900] |

Head right down the slope towards a Red Orc and a Yellow Wyvern. To avoid the
Orc's immunities you can't use Fire or Fear but the Wyvern will be fine with
whatever. Go up the steps and continue on going right until you get to a pair of
Red Orcs.

Once you've killed them look at the ground just past them, you should be able to
see a thin bit which you can drop down through. Do so and head left down here
and you'll find a Red Mask to upgrade your health. Turn around and jump back up
and out. Go on with the level to the right.

Kill another Red Orc and a Yellow Wyvern just beyond it. Moving on jump to
another Red Orc, jump over to another platform past it and kill another Yellow
Wyvern and wait for the moving platform down to the right to start its rise up,
jump onto it and off again to the right straight away.

Keep on headed right, killing enemies until you reach the inside environment.
You can go to the right here, kill a few enemies, pass through a Earth Breath
Floor Door and go around in a large circle back to the entrance of the cave, the
point seems to be to get some blue gems just above the entrance.

The main direction is straight down but then you get a choice. You can go right
and over some crumbling platforms and then up a few platforms to the exit of the
area. If you fall or decide to continue down to left you can find more enemies
to kill and have to time a jump over a rising platform in the lava. Make your
way to the right at the bottom and then up some thin platforms to the blue

Head right and up to a Red Orc (jump up back to the left to smash a purple gem
cluster) and carry on right. You can either wait for the column to rise timing
the jump to get over or you can just glide straight on to a platform with a Blue
Wyvern hovering over it.

Keep on going right, kill another Red Orc, and you'll reach a spot where you
have to jump on tiny platforms on the lava. Time your jumps through the falling
rocks so that you jump right as the rock hits the lava, this should get you
through without incident. Jump up the platforms at the end and through the thin

Heading left now run on all the way to the other end, killing the Shadow Apes
that appear along the way. Wall Jump up the end and continue on to the right at
the top. Kill two more Red Orcs and you'll reach a large lava gap, this one you
can't make it without using the rising column. Time to land on it as it goes up
and jump across to safety.

Going right, kill another Blue Wyvern (drop down the gap here for a purple gem
cluster) followed straight away by another. Just inside you'll find another of
those large Guardian creatures. Run up to it and melee. As long as you have a
lot of health you should be fine.

Continue on to the right, kill a Red Orc and Shadow Ape as you approach them,
and jump up onto the platforms going left at the top of the slope. Kill another
Red Orc and a Shadow Ape before using the wall at the end to Wall Jump up onto
the platforms above. Kill the Red Orc up top and carry on right until you get to
where the above platforms stop (or continue onwards to get to a purple gem
cluster). Jump up and use the wall above to get up onto those platforms.

Head left and at the highest one stop (continue along some crumbly ones to reach
some blue gems via a Wall Jump), jump upwards and try and use the wall to the
left to Wall Jump up to the right. Head up the slope and use Cynder's Fear
Breath on the red gate blocking you way to the blue circle.

As usual head right, jump over the lava gaps and just generally going right
killing the occasional Blue Wyvern until you reach a Yellow Orc Archer.
Carefully jump down the other side avoiding the spikes below. Jump over the lava
until you get to a point where you're on a high column above lava. When you
reach the last one wait for the columns ahead to just start going up before
leaping onto them and over towards solid land.

Kill the Red Orc waiting for you here and go up the bridge, watch out for the
spikes at the end. Keep on going right until you reach a Blue Wyvern and a very
large Troll. Draw the Wyvern off to kill it first before going back to kill the
Troll. Use some long range breath attack to hit it until you run out of breath,
switch to the other character and run in the elemental melee attack him until he

Jump up to a Yellow Orc Archer to kill him, then up onto the platforms hanging
by chains (jump across to an alcove to get some blue gems). Continue upwards
weaving your way to the top where there's a Red Orc. Glide to the right at the
top and kill another Archer. There's another large Troll up ahead for you to
kill right after yet another Red Orc.

Jump over the spikes and take on a pair of Red Orcs before jumping up to another
Archer. Kill him and then wait for the column in the lava to begin rising to
jump on it, the usual method. Repeat with a pair of columns right afterwards and
then glide over a load of spikes. Kill a Blue Wyvern and Red Orc combo and then
use a wobbly platform to get to a Yellow Orc Archer. Continue onwards jumping
over another wobbly platform right into the path of another Troll.

Once you've killed it cross the bridge to the blue circle of safety. Time to

  | [021000]      Flight To The Floating Islands      [021000] |

If you haven't gotten the hang of the flight sections yet, then just keep trying
until you do.

  | [021100]      Floating Islands      [021100] |

Head right along the platform and jump the gap. You'll run straight into a
Yellow Orc and a Light Blue Wyvern, if you jump over the Orc and head a bit
further to the right you'll be able to attack them one at a time. At the far end
of this same platform is a new Orc, a Light Blue one. Continuing on going right
jump onto a slope and then you kind of have a choice here.

If you don't want to bother getting a Red Health Mask go down before the roof
and the path is relatively easy, go up onto the roof to go the more difficult
but rewarding way. You might also find yourself on the lower path if you fall
from the higher one, you can either go all the way back to the split point or
just carry on to the end and forget about the mask. I'll be describing the more
difficult path.

Right as you get to the end of the roof you'll be attacked by another Light Blue
Wyvern, kill it and continue on going right until you reach the end of the
platform. Wait for the moving platform to arrive and jump onto it, as it goes
along jump onto the first obstacle and then just ignore the platform. Jump
straight onto the next tiny platform and then onto the arch piece to the right.

Wall Jump up the vertical platforms on your right and drop down onto the grassy
platform beyond. Wait for the moving platform here and use it to jump onto the
first tiny platform blocking the path. Jump up to the right and then further up
to the top of a stone structure. Jump over the hole in the middle of it and drop
down to the right.

Jump down to another similar stone platform where a Yellow Orc will run up to
you. Kill it and go right, there's a Light Blue Wyvern at the end, kill it and
go down the sloped column. Kill the Light Blue Orc at the bottom and stop at the
very end. Use the moving platform to wall jump upwards, at the top jump beyond
the platform to the right, you'll need to time it so that you keep jumping
upwards without falling down.

Wait for the moving platform and ride it until you can jump off onto a black
stone platform. Keep moving right as this will collapse, Wall Jump from the
lower platform sticking out to get on top of it. Jump up to the right where
you'll get the Health Mask.

Once you've got it drop down to the right and make your way to the end, Wall
Jump up the walls at the end and drop down onto a downwards slope beyond. Drop
down at the end and you'll rejoin the other path. Continue heading right, kill
the Troll and drop down the hole.

The game will show you a set of three doors, blue, red and green. Head left and,
after a couple of lines of dialogue, you'll come across a Light Blue Orc and a
Red Goblin right behind it. Kill them both and then drop down the wooden
platforms at the far end to the bottom and go right. There's a few more Goblins
and another Orc to kill before you reach a point with some moving platforms.

Jump on the top one and let it take you upwards. Jump off to the left above the
path you were just on and then jump up onto the first platform on the ground.
You can go left along them to get some green gems but otherwise go up to the
right where you can Wall Jump upwards towards a red arrow pointing to the right.
There are a few arrows dotted around the level that will point you in the
direction of their colour switch (purple is an arrow to the doors). Head into
the blue circle.

Head to the right and jump along the platforms until you reach a Light Blue Orc
and a Blue Wyvern. Kill them both and carry on along this platform until you
start going down a slope. Here you can go three ways, two are dead ends. If you
drop down and head left you can find a single blue gem cluster, there's a few
Shadow Apes inbetween.

Heading down to the right is just a dead end so head up to the right. Kill the
Blue Wyvern and jump along the platforms past another Orc and then up a slope
where a Shadow Ape will appear. Jump over the gap and kill another Wyvern on the
grassy slope. Straight away you'll find another Orc and a Wyvern backing it up.
Kill and then continue past. Head inside up the slope and jump to the left at
the top of it.

Standing on the small pile of bricks jump up to the right and then up onto the
platforms sticking out of the wall. Keep going up to the right until you can
jump up through the floor above you. Kill the Orc there and head upwards, either
end of this area is the same. Jump up onto the platforms above this and you'll
make your way to a pair of Light Blue Orcs.

Kill them and head towards the right side of the level. Jump up the platforms
and Wall Jump to the top and head left, kill the Shadow Ape that appears around
here. Kill another Ape before going down some stepped platforms, if you jump
over the large gap you can get some more blue gems, otherwise just drop down and
head left.

Cross a small bridge and kill the Blue Wyvern hovering around there. If you drop
down after it you'll find a Green Magic Mask. Jump back up and continue left
following the Red Arrow. Grab the Red Gems if you're a bit low on health as
you're going to need to kill a Guardian, the ones immune to all elements. Kill
him with melee and melee the red button behind him. That's one door open, two to

Jump onto the top of the button and head left all the way back into the main
part of the door area.

Drop down to the left onto the moving platforms. Jump off the top one and wait
to get onto the one below it. Go right at the bottom (following the green
arrow), kill the Light Blue Orc and the Light Blue Wyvern after it. Kill another
Wyvern and a Red Goblin before you get to fight a Troll. Kill it in the usual
way and then the Wyvern past it.

There's another little Goblin and a Wyvern stand between you and a Guardian,
remember you can only melee these. Burn down the spiked door and hit the green
button to open the green door. Now turn around and head back to the moving
platforms, follow the purple arrow to the left at the bottom this time.

Head left, kill a couple of Red Goblins and drop down at the far end. Keep
following the purple arrow by heading right, kill another Goblin and once you
reach a drop go down and head left. Going up to the right will take you to a
Light Blue Orc and going down to the right will take you to the Dragon Doors,
you're still missing one door though so go left.

Heading left kill the Green Wyvern and head down the stone slope. Drop down at
the end (up doesn't go anywhere) and you'll be on another slope. At the bottom
of this one jump to the next platform and then next and you'll find a Bright
Yellow Orc to kill. At the split in the path the main way to go is to continue
to the left, but if you go up to the right you can kill another Green Wyvern and
get some blue gems from a cluster.

Kill a pairing of a Red Goblin and a Green Wyvern as you continue left. Kill a
pair of Bright Yellow Orcs and hop aboard a moving platform at the far end. Jump
off at the top to the right, kill the Green Wyvern and then Wall Jump on the
right. Head left on the layer above and kill a pair of Bright Yellow Orcs.

Jump over a gap, make sure to double jump after hitting your head on the
platform above you, head down to the left below the platforms and kill a
Guardian. Use Cynder's Poison Breath on the vines behind the Guardian and go up
some steps. Jump onto the green platform on the right above the steps and up
onto the roof where the blue switch is. Hit it to open the third and final
dragon door.

Head back through the section to the main part of the level again (there's a
different path back that doesn't seem to serve much of a purpose other than to
kill some more enemies) and head through the now open doors.

Zigzag your way downwards to the left and drop down through a crumbling bridge.
Down at the bottom you'll need to fight off a couple of Shadow Apes and a Red
Orc. Head to the right and you'll meet a Troll. Once you've killed it charge to
the right, to avoid the falling rocks, and jump over a lava river.

Kill the two Red Orcs and a Blue Goblin just beyond them. Wall Jump up a fair
distance and then attack a trio made up of a Shadow Ape, a Blue Goblin, and a
Red Orc. Head to the edge of a bridge and jump over the gap right after a
boulder falls from above. Start running to the right as you land to try and
avoid more boulders, keep going until you reach a Blue Goblin.

Kill it, a Shadow Ape, a couple of Red Orcs, and another Blue Goblin. Then
continue going right and jump onto the moving platform. Jump off to the side at
the top, wait for another platform to lower down and jump onto that. Jump off it
to the left and then Wall Jump against the rock above you to the right. Continue
Wall Jumping up to the top where you get to a large yellow glowing gate. The
breath to use is Cynder's Shadow Breath.

Kill the last Guardian and go into the blue circle. Although beforehand you
might want to upgrade any elements you can as this is the last point in the game
before the final boss fight.

  | [021200]      Malefor      [021200] |

Head to the right past the gem clusters (leave them) until you spot Malefor.
Approach him and melee attack along with your highest level breath. Try and
avoid getting hit by his own melee attacks when you're in close by jumping up as
he removes his wing from blocking your attacks and melee whilst you're up in the
air. You should manage to get through without getting hit. If you do find
yourself running low on health or breath you can go back to the clusters to
regain it.

Once he takes off and hovers above the purple foot run in and melee it. Keep
meleeing it, move out of the way when Malefor throws a breath attack at you,
until one of the toes smashes. Now run back to the left to avoid being squished
by Malefor when he lands.

He'll start walking to the left and stop a bit further to the left than he was
when you first arrived. Repeat the same attack pattern as you were doing
originally and then smash another toe off the foot again. Keep doing this
pattern, he'll get closer and closer to the crumbling platforms each time, until
the foot has been destroyed.

Time for a 3D fight. Using Cynder (easier breath just like in the flight levels)
destroy as many of the floating purple crystals as you can. Then attack
Malefor's glowing purple gem on his necklace to hurt him directly until he's at
three quarters health. You may need to cycle through these attacks before he
falls down.

On his next loop he'll insert fireballs after the floating purple crystals and
there'll be a section where the crystals fly at you. At half health there'll be
an ice attack as well. He'll fall once more with a tiny bit of health left. On
this final sequence he'll just do more of the same again, you'll just need to
smash more floating crystals before his gem glows.

Once this final sliver of health is gone that's the game finished.

|~-[030000]~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~MASK LOCATIONS~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-[030000]-~|

  | [030100]      Green Masks      [030100] |

Catacombs - Beneath waterfall in the last section.
Dam - In one of the off main areas. Avoid falling through a collapsing bridge.
Floating Islands - Near the red button, down to the left of a rope bridge.

  | [030200]      Red Masks      [030200] |

Dragon City - Down a well.
Burned Lands - Beneath the ground near the start.
Floating Islands - Along the upper path in the first area.


Rock Rat
Weak - Wind
Immune - Earth, Fear

Blue Sprite
Weak - Fire, Poison
Immune - Ice, Earth, Shadow, Wind, Melee

Green Sprite
Weak - Electricity, Fear
Immune - Ice, Earth, Poison, Wind, Melee

Orange Sprite
Weak - Ice, Wind
Immune - Fire, Electricity, Fear, Poison, Melee

Yellow Goblin
Weak - None
Immune - None

Green Goblin
Dragon City
Weak - Shadow
Immune - Earth, Wind

Blue Goblin
Dam, Floating Islands
Weak - Fear
Immune - Electricity, Shadow

Red Goblin
Floating Islands
Weak - Poison
Immune - Fire, Fear

Goblin Messenger
Dragon City
Weak - None
Immune - Fire, Poison

Yellow Orc Archer
Dragon City, Burned Lands
Weak - Ice
Immune - Fire, Shadow

Green Orc Archer
Dragon City
Weak - Fear
Immune - Electricity, Poison

Yellow Orc
Dragon City, Floating Islands
Weak - None
Immune - None

Bright Yellow Orc
Dam, Floating Islands
Weak - Earth
Immune - Electricity, Wind

Red Orc
Burned Lands, Floating Islands
Weak - Ice, Poison
Immune - Fire, Fear

Light Blue Orc
Floating Islands
Weak - Fear
Immune - Earth, Wind

Yellow Wyvern
Burned Lands
Weak - None
Immune - None

Blue Wyvern
Burned Lands, Floating Islands
Weak - Electricity
Immune - Ice, Shadow

Light Blue Wyvern
Floating Islands
Weak - Earth
Immune - Electricity, Wind

Green Wyvern
Floating Islands
Weak - Shadow
Immune - Earth, Poison

Shadow Ape
Dam, Burned Lands, Floating Islands
Weak - Fire, Wind
Immune - Ice, Earth, Fear, Shadow

Dragon City, Burned Lands, Floating Islands
Weak - None
Immune - Fire, Ice, Earth, Electricity, Fear, Shadow, Poison, Wind

Burned Lands, Floating Islands
Weak - None
Immune - Ice, Fear, Shadow


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