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Text Dump by oblivion from aoc

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/20/13

                        Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia
                                 Nintendo DS
                                  Text Dump
                             by oblivion from aoc
                           oblivion_ee hotmail.com
                                Version: 1.0
                                20 July 2013


This is all the text ripped from  Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia.
All spelling/grammar mistakes have been left intact.

Content is copyright 1990 Sega / Konami, this particular text dump is
oblivion from aoc 2013. Redistribution is only permitted provided that this
document kept in it's full unmodified form.

This document is in two sections:
 o The first is the dialog of all the characters.
 o The second section is everything else, menu's, item, enemies, names,
   descriptions, system messages.

To jump to the second section, search SECTION2

Big thank you to Celtic7Guardian's script write up, which helped me no end put
this together. Check it out -

Press CTRL+F to find anything you may be looking for. 


???: But this power is... NO It can't be my-- 
???: GyeaaaAAARGH! 
???: Name's Albus. I guess we're brother and sister now. 
Abram: ...Well, [Sage], [Mandragora Root]... Yes, you've done it. I knew you
would. And now for that promised boost to your health. I'll leave it at the
store. I'll even do you a favor, and have it stocked at an extra special price.
For everyone. Not just you. Wouldn't want to start any RUMORS of favoritism.
Abram: [Sage] and [Merman Meat] You've found them You're amazing I'll make you
a potion of instant-mega-healing And this one's on the house ...No, wait. If I
gave it to you, you'd take it into danger, and get badly injured just so you
could use it. Don't do it You mean too much to me So...with that in mind, I'm
NOT giving it to you. I'll leave it at the store. And make it really pricey so
you don't buy it. Ha! 
Abram: Ah yes, it's you... Bring me [Chamomile] and [Rue]. Then I'll make an
antidote for poison. You're not POISONED are you? Well this'll cure you. And
then maybe I'll trust you more. Not much more. But some.
Abram: Awkward? No. Inconvenient, YES I would prepare a proper thanks, a gift
of medicine, but now, no, now is not the time...
Abram: Did you find the [Sage]? When you find it, bring it here That's the way
to curry my favor Ha, ha! 
Abram: Good Well, to patch things up, I'll give you a special medicine ...That
I don't have the materials for. [Sage] and [Merman Meat]. But you can find
them... Oh, yes. YOU can find them. And then I'll make you SUCH a brew as to
heal your TERRIBLE WOUNDS on the spot. How about it?
Abram: Ha-ha Rescued at last-- but only to be butchered by this she-devil! 
Abram: HE did it. That man who abducted us. He took all the materials I had I
Abram: I need BOTH [Chamomile] AND [Rue]. Bring them here, and the antidote's
Abram: I now require [Sage] and [Mandragora Root]. With these, you won't have
to recover your health in tiny increments. You'll get them, right? Oh, you'll
get them. I know you. I know your kind. Relentless and infallible. Hurrah! 
Abram: I repeat: bring me [Sage] and [Mandragora Root]. You'll find them. With
these, you won't have to recover your health in tiny increments.
Abram: It's... It's YOU You've come at last...
Abram: Listen, my behavior's been a bit erratic since, you know, "the
incident." I hope I haven't said anything to...enrage you. Really, I mean
Abram: No doubt So GO, and find me more materials, I command it THEN, only
then, will I trust you enough to thank you For saving my life! 
Abram: SAGE I need [Sage]. So find it, and bring it here And then we'll see who
trusts who, won't we? Ha, ha, ha! 
Abram: That's a yes, isn't it? I'm counting on you.
Abram: Well, here we have it. [Chamomile] and [Rue]. Thanks again. For now. So
now I can make your antidotes, and send them to the store for you. You've
earned precisely eight points of trust. And if you know anything about trust,
you know that's being generous.
Abram: Well, that's it for all the medicine. Except mine, but that's another
story. But you have my undying moral support, from back at a nice, safe
distance. And whenever you take medicines, think of me. THINK OF ME! 
Abram: When you find the [Sage] and [Merman Meat], bring them to me. Then I'll
make you the best medicine Instant healing for any wound! 
Abram: Yes, that's definitely [Sage]. So thank you. For now. I'll make your
precious "medicine." I'll even have the store stock it. But DON'T DARE ask to
have it free Who do you think I am?
Abram: You promise? Well, um, thank you I guess. That's what you say when
people save your life, right? I'm Abram. I'm the town's official healer. Please
come visit my establishment... IF YOU DARE! 
Aeon: Ah, [Salt]. Thanks You can flavor things with this, you know. Here, watch
Ta-da [Corn Soup] Just like that. Here, have some. My treat for all your hard
work. (
Aeon: Ah, thanks This must be [Raw Killer Fish]. You can tell by the way, um,
the, um, fangs, and the thing with the fins... [Killer Fish] Now it's time to
break out those old chef instincts, honed in the fires of many a kitchen.
...And voila [Killer Fish BBQ].  Bon appetit! 
Aeon: Ah, you surprised me It gets so quiet in here...  You know, I've been
thinking I should cook something exotic for you, but I need ingredients for
that. You know, like...[Raw Killer Fish] That's the stuff. Let's cook us up
some [Killer Fish]. How hard can it be? Just bring some in, and I'll take a
shot at it Hurry up! 
Aeon: Come back with some [Raw Killer Fish], and you'll have one crazy meal! 
Aeon: Ha No doubt, this is [Tasty Meat], all right. The aroma alone gives it
away. Now I can cook with pride, just like a full-fledged chef. Here, a special
treat for my best and only customer: [Thick Steak]. (
Aeon: I've finally realized why the restaurants I worked at all went out of
business. And I think I know why you're my only customer. Feel free to
disagree, but I think it might be because my food stinks See, I figured
everyone has different tastes, so why bother trying to make something taste
good? Can't please everybody, right? Wrong. I know just the way to turn
business around. Bring me some [Tasty Meat]. Can't go wrong with that I mean,
it must be called that for a reason So bring me some, please! 
Aeon: Like I said, I need [Salt] to cook anything. I'm counting on you! 
Aeon: Please get me [Tasty Meat]. Delicious food requires delicious
Aeon: S-Saved Guess the eternal bliss of paradise will have to wait, hmm? I'm
Aeon, the chef. I've worked in all kinds of restaurants. One time it was for
three whole weeks Come see me in the village, and I'll make you a snack! 
Aeon: Welcome I've been waiting for you. All day, just twiddling my thumbs.
Ahem I'd love to cook for you, but I need some [Salt]. [Salt] is important.
People yell at you if you forget to cook with it. Boy, do they yell at you...
Um, where was I? Right Get me [Salt]. Why don't I go myself? Because I'm the
chef. Why should you go get it? Because you're not a chef. That's how things
work. Well, get to work, then. My kitchen's going to waste without you! 
Aeon: Well, you've made me a master chef. I can't ask any more of you. ...So
why are you still my only customer? Did my cooking get too fancy, or what? That
must be it. I raised the bar too high.
Aeon: Who knew that paying attention to taste could make food taste better?
It's taken me over 20 years to get here, but that's how tough it is to be a
chef. I hope you can also become good at your profession by the time you're my
Aeon: Wow Fishtastic ...Right? I mean, I'll take your word for it. I'm not
going to taste it. Taste is overrated. Last time I tasted my own fish, I passed
out and upset some people. Never again! 
Aeon: You know, I don't get many customers. Guess people like eating at home
around here. Anyway, I'll start stocking corn soup at the general store.
Albus: ......
Albus: ...? He would never say such a thing! 
Albus: ...And now... My wish will be... Shanoa, I-- 
Albus: ...Figures. Serves me right for trying to scare you. 
Albus: ...I doubt you could understand, without your memories or emotions.
Let's just say I knew what mattered to me, and what had to be done. Once the
ritual began, though, I no longer had any choice. Everything that happened
since then was laid out before me... a path I had to follow.
Albus: ...To be fair, I am your big brother, after all.
Albus: ...We'll settle this later, Shanoa. 
Albus: ...What, second thoughts? You've fought so hard for this...
Albus: ...You said it yourself: each one of us has a role. And, like a fine
master, you've finally shown me what mine must be.
Albus: [Dominus] requires but a single soul.
Albus: Accepting Dominus is likely to interfere with one's memories and
Albus: Apologies Shanoa, but no tears, no deal... Still, it'd be a shame to
leave you empty-handed. 
Albus: Apparently I didn't hide my presence very well at all. Good to see you,
Albus: Argh! 
Albus: As you wish, my dear. I was just finishing up, so he's all yours. Why
involve the villagers? This doesn't concern them. 
Albus: Ask the old man if you think I'm lying. And be quick about it; I'm very
nearly done with all this. 
Albus: Be rational Without that Glyph, our mission is a failure Dracula's
Albus: Beautiful. I... I can finally... 
Albus: Because without [Dominus], I'll never destroy that infernal seal.
Albus: But I'm holding you to your promise.
Albus: But there remains one technicality...
Albus: By all accounts, [Dominus] should have overpowered and erased my will.
However, the villager's power courses through you, and that tethered me here.
Albus: Dammit I was so close I could... taste the power...
Albus: Does that name stir your memory, by chance?
Albus: Doesn't it? Worry not, dear Shanoa, everything will make sense when my
plan is complete.
Albus: Don't be stupid, Albus What are you planning? 
Albus: Dracula's power comes from the darkness in people's hearts--our hearts.
Ask yourself then, why does he continue to return, regardless of defeat?
Because our hearts yearn for Dracula's presence Haaaa ha ha ha ha ha! 
Albus: Even so, it will be nearly impossible for you to control its power. The
purpose of this ritual is to make sure your body will adjust to [Dominus].
Albus: Exactly. Fate drew them to the village...all thirteen of that line. I
studied their blood with great diligence... In the end, even that power wasn't
enough to contain [Dominus], and the Glyph consumed me.
Albus: Farewell, Barlowe. Several weeks pass...
Albus: Figured... With that much power, it's impossible to conceal its source.
Albus: Gyaaaaah It's working... I FEEL IT! 
Albus: Ha You see, I-- Urgh... Hng Gaaaaaaaaahhh! ...What's happening? 
Albus: Half-right. But think about it: where does a Glyph's power come from?
Nothing comes from nothing, after all. What do you suppose Barlowe used to
create his precious [Dominus]?
Albus: He coveted your power, and your fate. But Dominus was yours alone to
bear. Had I explained, perhaps you'd still be whole.
Albus: He splintered [Dominus] and formed a Glyph...
Albus: Home, you say? I have none. The old man saw to that. It was not a
Albus: How could he? 
Albus: I have my own mission.
Albus: I intended to overcome my weakness. What happened to working together?
Albus: I was to be the bearer. You promised me! 
Albus: I will be taking [Dominus].
Albus: If Albus mastered [Dominus], who else might do the same? 
Albus: If only we'd been wise enough to see who else among us might make use of
it. I fear we have unleashed a deadly threat.
Albus: If you want to repay me, then you can grant one final wish.
Albus: I'm supposed to be the bearer. He promised me that much! 
Albus: Impressive, Shanoa. It's fortunate I already prepared you a reward... 
Albus: Inside [Dominus], actually, which you absorbed.
Albus: Intriguing... I recall you being a great deal more graceful than that.
And you've forgotten your skill with Glyphs as well. 
Albus: Is that so? Well, I'm never going back. Remember to tell the old man for
Albus: It would seem the blood of the holy whip's legacy makes many things
Albus: It's just as well. No need to concern yourself with the affairs of my
heart. But, I do need you to promise me one thing.
Albus: It's the best I can do, for the time being. This [Dominus] is what you
came for, is it not? Go ahead and take it.
Albus: It's too late.
Albus: Just like when we were children playing tag. Once you started crying,
I'd feel terrible and let you win.
Albus: Name's Albus. I guess we're brother and sister now.
Albus: Never say that name again! Concentrate, Shanoa... 
Albus: No arguments, Shanoa. This is my role.
Albus: No matter what happens, you mustn't use [Dominus]. Its power comes at a
great price... Your life. Please, Shanoa... Don't ever use [Dominus] You have
to trust me! 
Albus: No... I've come too far... I will NOT be consumed 
Albus: O Lord, what has my pupil done?
Albus: Of course Ecclesia's mission is to realize the singular wish of all
mankind: the resurrection of our lord, Count Dracula! 
Albus: Oh, just accept it. It's a gift. Besides, it's what you came here for.
Albus: Once I realized I was allowed to exist within Dominus, I thought to find
out what else had been absorbed... It seems your precious sacrifice remained
Albus: One of life's fortunate miracles, you might say. Betrayed by the old
man, I fled with [Dominus]. In this way I had taken your place as bearer, and
you were no longer at risk. Alone, I continued my research into methods of
controlling [Dominus]. As you know, that Glyph's power is Dracula's as well. To
this end, I required the blood of the sacred Belmont clan. Since they vanished
years ago, I set out to find any traces of their heritage.
Albus: Orders may be orders, Barlowe... 
Albus: Please... Before I fade away...
Albus: Probably from absorbing the Glyphs I used to imprison them... You are
quite remarkable, Shanoa.
Albus: Rrgh... What? Th-This can't be! 
Albus: R-Ridiculous I've never heard such--
Albus: Run...? Ha What good would that do her? She cannot escape me. All of
humanity is merely cattle, led to slaughter at my behest. I, Lord Dracula Give
yourself as sustenance to me, weak, foolish human That will be your honor! 
Albus: Shanoa Still slaving away for the old man, are we?
Albus: Shanoa, free him from his misery... Yes, Sir.
Albus: Shanoa, what is this? What do you mean?
Albus: Shanoa... Do you know what the [Dominus] is?
Albus: Shanoa... there's no need for you to die.
Albus: Shanoa... What am I--? Gaaah No, Shanoa... RUN You have to get away from
here Now! 
Albus: Shanoa...! 
Albus: Since my existence was questionable at best, once we parted ways I
wandered the darkness inside [Dominus] to see if I could locate the memories it
had taken from you... As soon as you used the Glyph to stop Dracula, its dark
power rushed away, leaving one glimmer behind. That last trace of light was
your sacrifice...
Albus: Sir Name me as the bearer. I can't allow Shanoa to risk her life.
Albus: Smile for me. That will be enough.
Albus: So now you've heard the truth of [Dominus]...
Albus: Tell me, Albus. What do you intend to do with [Dominus]? 
Albus: That being the case, we should assume the true price is much higher...
Sir Name me as the bearer. I can't allow Shanoa to risk her life.
Albus: That I must teach you from the start again... A pity that this had to
happen now. 
Albus: That isn't-- For that reason, I will become Dominus, the blade to banish
all evil. 
Albus: That's what you came for, isn't it? No time to waste.
Albus: The Dominus is mine, and I've waited long enough. Hand it over, Shanoa.
Albus: The vessel for the soul of [Dracula]. Securely sealed in this very room.
If we destroy it, mankind's wish comes true. That is our purpose, as ordained
by God. 
Albus: Then I've done all I can. Thank you, Shanoa... ...but now, I believe my
time is at an end.
Albus: There has to be a way ...and I'll find it.
Albus: They used [Dracula], Shanoa. [Dominus] is made from his remains. That's
HIS power. Nothing less.
Albus: This is an outrage Barlowe lied to me! 
Albus: This is no dream, Shanoa. The tears you shed are your own.
Albus: Try to relax, Shanoa; no more interfering. About those [Dominus] pieces,
by the way... It's time to explain why I gave them to you. 
Albus: Unfortunate... but it cannot be helped. 
Albus: Use everything you've learned to stand your ground. And be our greatest
warrior once again! 
Albus: Wait, Shanoa You don't understand! 
Albus: Well, I'd best be off... Take care, Shanoa. 
Albus: Well, this is our home, after all. Where else would I be?
Albus: Well, yes...
Albus: We've been over this... My place is no longer as the old man's errand
boy. I have a role to fulfill, and fulfill it I shall. 
Albus: What did you say? [Dominus]... you?
Albus: What it means, dear, is that I was right.
Albus: What plan could that be part of? 
Albus: What... kind of brother would I be...if I didn't protect you...?
That's...my role.
Albus: What... kind of brother would I be...if I didn't protect you...?
That's...my role. 
Albus: What? What did he tell you?
Albus: What's going on? Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh! 
Albus: What's the meaning of this? Albus You know how crucial the ritual is! 
Albus: Why not try it now, and perhaps I'll let you catch me. ...Try crying?
You know I can't. I don't remember any of that. 
Albus: Yes, but I wanted to make sure things were okay here. Any news worth
Albus: You are my master no longer... 
Albus: you know what's right. I do, Sir. 
Albus: You know you haven't got a choice, Shanoa. Let's not play games.
Albus: You lied to me.
Albus: You say he hosts the final piece himself? To learn such devilry in such
short time... I fear his genius may outstrip my own. We foolishly assumed that
only you could serve as host for [Dominus]...and so we left him such an
opening. He watched the way you took in those first two... But wait, those
pieces still remain with us.
Albus: You seem to be feeling better. Impressive work; finding me and all.
Albus: You'll be fine now. ...Remember your promise. 
Albus: Your feelings, then? You knew of him, before.
Anna: -
Anna: Damn...cat That FLOWER you swallowed...? No Grrraaaargh!
Anna: I thought...I'd gotten... rid of that...annoying cat, and now...you...! 
Anna: I want Tom to get better. Find a [Mouse]! 
Anna: If we find some [Chrysoberyl], Tom can stop eating the flower! 
Anna: Miss Tom isn't getting any better. I asked Father Nikolai and He said the
flower that wards off evil is toxic But Tom ate a lot of it to protect me Is
that, why he's so sick?
Anna: Miss, you remember Tom, don't you? My friend, Tom the cat? He's been
acting tired since he drove away that spirit the other day. Will he get better
if we give him a [Mouse]? They're too fast for me to catch... So... Would you
catch a [Mouse] for Tom? Please?
Anna: My brother came back, but Mom still hasn't...
Anna: My mom and big brother haven't come home yet... I hope they're okay...
Anna: My Mom came back, but my brother hasn't...
Anna: Oh Is this [Chrysoberyl]? Thank you But Tom has no way to carry a
stone... If only it were like an accessory, then Tom could wear it.
Anna: Oh This cat collar has the [Chrysoberyl] on it It's perfect for Tom
Anna: Please, Miss... I have to... ...find Tom... Probably on a tall tree... 
Anna: Thank you for bringing Tom, Miss. Tom protects me from evil spirits. He
must have been off looking for the flower that wards them off. Oh? Tom has
something in his mouth. Here, you can have it, Miss.
Anna: Thank you very much, Miss.
Anna: Thank you, Miss. Now, Tom won't have to hurt himself to protect me. Here,
please, it's a [Ribbon] for you, Miss. My greatest treasure Well, except for
Tom. It'll be all right, as long as he and I are together! 
Anna: That's right Only I can do it, too. My brother can't even do it. Okay,
I'm worried about my family, so I'm going now. See you later, Miss.
Anna: Then he said all I need is another kind of charm or something...
Um...it's a stone called ch...ch...[Chrysoberyl]. Can you find one?
Anna: Well, Tom? I was very polite, wasn't I?
Anna: Who... are you...
Anna: Wow Thank you You'll get better now, right Tom? Here It's a treasure I
found a long time ago. You can have it, Miss! 
Anna: You know, I have strange dreams sometimes. A dream where a man with a
whip is fighting something. Fighting something scary.
Barlowe: ......
Barlowe: ...... 
Barlowe: ......! 
Barlowe: ...But no time now for wishes or regrets. With Dominus, we two can
save the world--from nothing less than Dracula himself Retrieve it, and we burn
him back to dust. There's nothing else that's ever mattered more. It shall be
done, Sir.
Barlowe: ...I will give my life to undo the seal, Master. Return to us, Lord
Dracula! It can't be! 
Barlowe: ...If nothing else, a piece of [Dominus] now rests with us, instead of
in his hands. Our task remains just as it was before. One piece is found; the
rest must be retrieved.
Barlowe: [Dominus], which Ecclesia created as the ultimate weapon against
Barlowe: Against that vessel, our Glyphs came to naught. Our powers failed to
scratch it, even once. If those in power knew, they'd take it back. Ecclesia
would vanish overnight So I sought out a Glyph of greater power--one strong
enough to topple Dracula. And so, the answer came: Fight fire with fire...
Barlowe: Albus-- 
Barlowe: Albus! 
Barlowe: All right, Albus. I will give you my word. But, before all that, I
have a great errand for you... 
Barlowe: And now, your mission must begin at once. Recover the supreme Glyph,
Dominus. My pupil has it--Albus is his name.
Barlowe: But Albus has a keen and cunning mind. With time, he may yet find
another way. So find him first-- before his trail grows cold! 
Barlowe: But still, our time is waning. Moving on...
Barlowe: But you aren't able-- 
Barlowe: Crouch down to check for treasures in the earth.
Barlowe: Do it, Shanoa Make this old man proud! 
Barlowe: Don't panic if an enemy flings you. Just jump or back-dash to regain
Barlowe: From netherworlds, I call your enemy 
Barlowe: Get to it now. Place Glyphs in your arms. 
Barlowe: He must believe it's for some "greater good..." But I'll take the
Lord's plan over his. And if you're forced to choose, 
Barlowe: He wanted just the same as both of us. Perhaps he simply wanted it too
much. But still, there is a way to honor him. Use [Dominus], and see the
mission through. Good Albus would have wanted it that way. 
Barlowe: He wants them back, no doubt. If we pursue...
Barlowe: His trail must lead beyond the graveyard. Go. For all the world's
sake, come back alive.
Barlowe: I see. I underestimated him. To come so far, so quickly... How could
he? But giving it to you... Deliberately?
Barlowe: I see... 
Barlowe: I'm counting on you...
Barlowe: I'm here for you, Shanoa. Do not fear.
Barlowe: I'm proud of you, Shanoa. You will become our world's new savior.
Barlowe: In Castlevania's shadow, evil thrives. Its memory alone attracts foul
fiends. To win, one must exploit their weaknesses. The skeleton, for one. He
shrugs off ice, but fire devastates. And, of course, a simple, violent blow
works wonders too.
Barlowe: Indeed, you have the right of it, I fear. The force of [Dominus]
devours the mind. Poor Albus, even he could not resist Dracula's will. He can't
come back to us; not anymore. 
Barlowe: Indeed. The power of [Dracula] himself. Converting it was difficult,
of course. But finally, we made his power ours! 
Barlowe: Just so. And now you see: absorb a Glyph, and you shall know its kind.
That is your gift; it's yours and yours alone.
Barlowe: Know this: it's he who robbed your memories blind. He cost you that,
and cost mankind its wish. Its only hope, and you must take it back.
Barlowe: My many years, I've waited for this day...
Barlowe: No ALBUS! 
Barlowe: No need to hesitate. Attack me with that Glyph. 
Barlowe: No, Shanoa... How can you be blind to this? ...If you refuse to see,
then you are the fool! 
Barlowe: Oh ho ho... What's this? This power... My strength is returning Yes my
lord, I see... I will destroy the infernal seal with your blessing ...Truly
providence, that Dracula would honor me with his guidance! No... I feel a new
Barlowe: Our hopes go with you... All the world's, and mine.
Barlowe: Perhaps we still can. Together, we will overcome this setback as
Barlowe: Poor Albus was a brother to you once. He genuinely cared.
Barlowe: Rejoice, Shanoa. With your sacrifice, the wishes of mankind will all
come true...
Barlowe: Shanoa, as you know, only you can become the bearer of [Dominus].
Barlowe: Shanoa, bring him back unharmed, unless... Unless he proves too
stubborn. Understood?
Barlowe: Shanoa, I expected nothing less.
Barlowe: Shanoa, if you ever trusted me, then hear me: mankind needs you. Needs
your life! 
Barlowe: So armed, you can wield Glyphs against your foes. Imagine I am one of
them, and strike! 
Barlowe: So ends your basic training. Now advance! 
Barlowe: So skillful Now, you face the final test: the danger of true combat.
Steel yourself. Then, once prepared, step into the next room.
Barlowe: Such bliss My student's glory is at hand! 
Barlowe: Take all three pieces; bind them to yourself. Upon the vessel, cast
the Union Glyph. And so, the world's greatest hope will rise Ecclesia's wish...
The wish of all mankind. Now go, Shanoa You will be the one. Our world's
Barlowe: Take all three pieces; bind them to yourself. Upon the vessel, cast
the Union Glyph. And so, the world's greatest hope will rise Ecclesia's wish...
The wish of all mankind. Now go, Shanoa You will be the one. Our world's
Barlowe: Take heart This task is yours, and yours alone! 
Barlowe: Tch! 
Barlowe: That Glyph--direct its power toward your arms. 
Barlowe: That man was Albus.
Barlowe: That's right, Shanoa. You will be able to wield our most powerful
Barlowe: The Glyph Union, Shanoa. Search your mind. 
Barlowe: The time has come--to the forbidden room! 
Barlowe: Wait, Albus! 
Barlowe: We do not have time. When you are ready, go to the next room.
Barlowe: We each have a role If you had followed orders, you might understand
that. Above all else, Shanoa is the only one with the capacity for Dominus. You
know that as well as I do. 
Barlowe: We tap the power in all things, great and small, to forge Glyphs
through Ecclesia's secret art. And so we gain the strength to save mankind.
Absorb the Glyph before you, if you would. 
Barlowe: What are you doing? Take in that Glyph. 
Barlowe: With Glyphs in both arms, alternate to launch a series of attacks. But
know this too: The timing varies. Practice, and you'll see.
Barlowe: Yes, ultimate destruction. But no less could ever rid the world of
Barlowe: You carry such a burden, my young girl... To give your life that Man
might live his dreams... Do you not see how wonderful that is?
Barlowe: You promised him? He must have lied to you... 
Barlowe: You truly are a blessing on us all. And we have one advantage:
[Dominus] cannot be used by ordinary men. Not even Albus; it requires you. No
flesh but yours can ever host a Glyph. You see now why I chose you for this
Barlowe: Your memories may have fled, but you must not. Hear me--your warrior's
instincts must endure. Now meld the Glyphs in both your arms. Prepare; Glyph
Unions may yet catch foes by surprise. 
Barlowe: Your training regimen shall soon conclude.
Barlowe: You've always been a gifted warrior... Your latent talent has not lost
its spark. I've faith in you; you will fulfill your role.
Barlowe: You've earned the right to know. Here's all the rest: In ages past,
there was a hunter's clan. Their holy whip held Dracula at bay--until, as time
marched on, they disappeared. The whip lost, men created other tools... such as
the Glyphs Ecclesia controls. Through constant hidden struggle round the world,
we proved Ecclesia's mettle to mankind. And so, in secret, certain men of power
then placed a certain object in our care.
Barlowe:: And Albus? Did he yield, or did he...
Daniela: 0
Daniela: Come again, and we'll share a nice cup of tea.
Daniela: Did you really? I never noticed. But yes, if you live for a long time,
you tend to lose all sorts of things. I lost my hat last week. What was it
before that? I've lost a lot of things. But the saddest was when I lost
Grandfather. I cried till my tears ran out. Say, won't you draw the church
where I lost Grandfather? It's on [Oblivion Ridge], and there's a tiny cross
there. It's sad, but I want to make sure I remember it. If you draw it, I'll be
able to remember both you and Grandfather.
Daniela: How strange. I just had a feeling that you might be coming. I wonder
why. Perhaps we're distant relatives, by chance? Where were you born?
Daniela: I can sort of tell that you're up against something serious. When it's
over, come on by. I'll prepare a lovely cake for your return.
Daniela: I was just gazing at the drawings you did for me. Look, they're very
Daniela: I'll give you a sketchbook. When you get to the top, draw the view for
me. There's still time until the cake is done baking. Come back then.
Daniela: My Grandfather and I would always bake together. That man loved
sweets. Especially in the middle of a good, old-fashioned monster hunt.
Daniela: Nothing better than the view from atop the [Lighthouse] after an epic
battle. I'd love to see that horizon again... Say, you do draw?
Daniela: Oh, are we done already? Well, that's rather disappointing, isn't it?
Daniela: Oh, did you draw the [Tristis Pass] waterfall? Grandfather and I used
to train there. Did I ever tell you that?
Daniela: Oh, silly child, I'd remember if I had. But such splendid talent
deserves a special prize. Here, I've no need of this. 
Daniela: Oh, that was fast. Did you already sketch the view from the
Daniela: Oh, that's fine. Where you were born isn't a big deal. What's
important is where you die. I want to die near the falls at [Tristis Pass].
Grandfather and I used to train there. Now, it's where he rests... Oh, won't
you do a drawing of that waterfall? I'm sure you'd do a beautiful job.
Daniela: Oh, this the waterfall at [Tristis Pass]. I mastered the secret arts
Daniela: Oh, what a wonderful drawing. This is for me? ...My, it's such a
lovely view But how could you have possibly known?
Daniela: Oh, you came. I'm so happy. I was about to bake a cake. Make yourself
at home.
Daniela: Oh, you drew it for me. Drawings are so great. The same scenery is
completely different between artists. And these days, they have those
photographs--a reporter showed me. But I like these drawings a hundred times
better, because you drew them.
Daniela: Please. A drawing of the [Tristis Pass] waterfall. I'll look forward
to it.
Daniela: Say, Shanoa, when it's all over, why don't the two of us go on a
Daniela: This is my thanks for the drawing. Please keep it. I hope it's enough
for all you've given me. We've lost lots of things, but...sometimes we gain
things too, you know? Like you, for example. Like myself. We've each gained a
friend. Now, those are priceless, so let's not lose them. Do come again,
Shanoa. You're always welcome here.
Daniela: Use the sketchbook I gave you atop the [Lighthouse] to draw your
picture. Otherwise, I'll have to eat up this cake all by myself! 
Daniela: Well see that you do. Promise? Promises bring out the best in people.
Daniela: Well, that doesn't matter. I have to repay you for this splendid
drawing... Oh, yes. How about this? I don't know what it's for, but it's very
Daniela: Were you able to find the church on [Oblivion Ridge]? How's the sketch
Daniela: You'll come again, right? You don't have to say it. I have a feeling
you will.
Daniela: You're not that rascal from before. Your voice is different. You're
like a doll--pretty, but there's something missing... Say, is the man not
coming? I promised him a cake... Oh well. Tell him I'll be waiting. Oh, yes,
I'm Daniela. Nice name, isn't it? Aunt Michelle gave it to me. Well, home I go.
Don't worry. Old Dracula himself wouldn't bother with blood this stale... 
Dracula: Bah ha ha ha ha ha What an amusing woman Come to me, child; I haven't
danced in ages! 
Dracula: No? Then please...Tell me of yourself. Surely you've realized my
company comes at a price. I am the blade to banish all evil, and I've come to
see you annihilated. The time of your destruction is at hand; die, Demon Lord
[Dracula]! 0
Dracula: Such a lovely maiden... Are you the one to whom I owe this great
pleasure? Tell me your desire, child. Is it eternal life you seek? A place at
my side?
Dracula: What nonsense is this? You will never defeat me with such feeble
Eugen: ...Thank you.
Eugen: 3 [Iron Ore].
Eugen: All right, I'll make a couple of new pieces and put them up on sale at
Jacob's store. And no, you don't get them for free. I put my heart and soul
into this.
Eugen: Armor needs flexibility, you know. It breaks if it doesn't have that.
You can't just take every hit; you've gotta dodge sometimes. You know that. You
take a lot of risks out there, don't you?
Eugen: Bring 3 [Gold Ore]. I'll beat 'em into shape as best I can for you.
Eugen: Bring 3 [Iron Ore]. Then we'll talk.
Eugen: Bring 3 [Silver Ore]. With them, I can make better gear.
Eugen: But, I also pay my suppliers. So here.
Eugen: Father Nikolai saved my life way back when. I asked him how to pay that
debt, and he just said, "Do what you can." So, here I am, just doing what I
can, where I am, with what I have. You do what you can, too. And if you run
into trouble again, come see me.
Eugen: Good, good. You'll see what I can make with these. Check Jacob's store
later. And here's your payment for the materials.
Eugen: How the hell'd you get all this way in that flimsy gear? Come see me in
the village. I'll suit you up proper.
Eugen: I don't remember hearing his voice, but I saw his eyes. He's got a
purpose, I can tell you that. Good or bad purpose? That I couldn't say.
Eugen: If you say so--not my business. Tell you what: Bring 3 [Silver Ore].
I'll make you something good.
Eugen: I'm going back to the village. I'm worried about Father Nikolai. And
Eugen: Lady, I don't want to know what is you're up against out there. But do
this: Bring 3 [Gold Ore]. I'll beat 'em into shape as best I can for you.
Eugen: Look, if you have to go out there and push yourself, fine. But if you
lose, my armor loses too. So don't die. I don't care if you have to crawl back,
just don't die. My reputation's at stake.
Eugen: No thanks needed. We're all just doing what we can out here. That's all
there is to it.
Eugen: Then I'll just have to make sure you can survive the hits. You know the
drill; check Jacob's shop later on. Here's your finder's fee.
Eugen: Well, fine. You trust my armor, I'll trust your strength, and that's
Eugen: You must be having a rough time of it.
Eugen: Your armor's shabby. Bring 3 [Iron Ore]. Then we'll talk.
George: ...This broken violin. That I forgot was broken. Oh, damn it all. Ahem
Would you kindly procure me some [Horse Hair], that I might make a new bow?
George: After I recorded my final piece, the [phonograph] I borrowed from a
friend exploded That's the price of art, I say...but my friend will likely
disagree. Perhaps I'll stay a while, here. Where he's less likely to find me.
George: Ah, but no ordinary quill can express the tortured soul of a true
artist I wouldn't expect you to understand--no one does.
George: Ah, I'm free Excellent Now to return to the village while all this
inspiration's still fresh in my mind...
George: And now for my magnum opus...but I need the proper tools to write it
down. [Black Ink] and an [Eagle Feather], to be precise. Well, hop to it! 
George: He drew some of my blood and chanted a few words... As for the others,
I heard him say he was going to the village. I'm worried.
George: I need [Black Ink] and an [Eagle Feather]. Get them for me.
George: I'm sorry, but my song will have to wait until you bring that [Horse
George: Many thanks I shall now record the piece. The record will go on sale at
the general store--and you can be its first buyer! 
George: So kind of you to save me.
George: Thank you, milady Now, with this mighty quill, I engrave my place in
the hallowed scroll of history This haunted land has blessed me with its taints
and torments. Oh, and buy the record at the general store.
George: The [Banshee's wail] is said to be an omen of death. Far too dangerous
to risk recording...unless you'd care to volunteer Here, just use the
[phonograph] when the banshee wails You'll be fine, I'm sure! 
George: The howls, the wails Music at its most primal And, I, George, will be
the first to capture such melody in song And on that note, I must be off! 
George: Use the [phonograph] when the [Banshee] wails, and bring me the
George: Wonderful Well, I'll need that [phonograph] back to record the piece.
But please, give it a listen when the record arrives at the general store.
George: Your timing is impeccable For I have just composed an ode to terror And
now, I shall record it for all time, upon this-- my friend's phonograph Lend
your ears, as I play upon this...this...
Ink: In a room black as me, there's some treasure, see? Get rid of the ouchy
things and you're home free.
Ink: The name's Ink, see? They say cuz of my color, but I don't get it... Hm.
Irina: Did you get all 30 [Crows]? Not yet? Really? Well...no hurry, I
Irina: Even with the howling gone, it's hard for me to sleep.
Irina: Hey, you I was just thinking about you You know, there's this nice boy I
know; he'd be perfect for you. I'll introduce you! 
Irina: I heard from Father Nikolai you're chasing a vampire? Is there anything
I can do?
Irina: I wonder if there's a nest. Anyway, they're so vicious. Always
peck-peck-pecking and swooping at people... Could you get rid of, I don't know,
30 of them? It'd be a big help. Thanks I owe you.
Irina: I'm sorry about the other day. Asking you to get rid of all those
[Crows]. I can be so impatient when there're things to do. Keeps me up at
night. But...you really did it for me Those [Crows] won't be nearly such a
bother anymore. Thanks And here, this is about all I have for you--please
accept it.
Irina: I'm sorry, again. Asking you to go out and fight [Werewolf] creatures...
It's just that, when things need doing, I keep on thinking about them until
they get done But now I can rest easy. So here, for you. .
Irina: It's never easy for a woman to raise two children alone. But when they
smile, all the hardship just disappears. There's really nothing I'd rather be
doing than living for my children.
Irina: My children still haven't been found. I just want them to be safe...
Irina: My daughter came home safe, but my son still hasn't... I hope he's
Irina: My son came home safe, but my daughter hasn't... God, please protect
Irina: Oh, good, you're here. I actually wanted to ask you a favor. ...It's
rather complicated, I'm afraid. You see, some [Crows] have been running amok
around here lately.
Irina: Oh, really? But you know, speaking of vampires, there is a rumor going
around: a vampire from the Orient is in the [Large Cavern]. How terrifying How
could anyone sleep at night with such a thing on the loose? Can you get rid of
it? Great I owe you.
Irina: So, about that vampire from the Orient, in the [Large Cavern]... Oh, you
haven't gotten to it yet? Well, hop to it, then! 
Irina: So, were those monsters wolves? Or were they human?
Irina: Taken care of those {10} [Werewolf] yet? No? ...I see.
Irina: Well, that's going to bother me for a while... Hmm...
Irina: What're you saying? Don't tell me some man has you in his clutches
already. Men are beasts, you know. Especially the ones out there, howling at
the moon, keeping me up. Could you get rid of, say, {10} of them for me?
Really? You'll do it? Thanks I owe you.
Irina: You know, really, I don't always ask this much of people. Especially not
where vampires are concerned. But somebody had to do it. And now we're all
happy it's done Please, you must take your reward.
Irina: You saved me Oh, thank you Thank you ...Listen, I know you just rescued
me, but please excuse me. I'm worried about my children. I'm Irina, by the way.
And...well, I have to go. You be careful out here. ...Bye! 
Jacob: Good Well, let me know if you see anything you like! 
Jacob: Hey, thank YOU. I'd give you things for free if I could, but... You know
how business is these days. 
Jacob: I'll have some more coming in soon, so keep on checking back! 
Jacob: It means you're a regular. It gives you discounts n' stuff--neat, eh?
Just please don't tell the others. Then everybody else would want one, and I'd
go out of business. Well, thank you very much, and please come back! 
Jacob: It's nice to see the town getting back on its feet. Really makes me
Jacob: Lately, you're about the only one who shops here...
Jacob: Shanoa You get the special discount! 
Jacob: These are all the items I can get. The rest are up to you.
Jacob: Welcome Check out the new merchandise! 
Jacob: Welcome I'm back in business, thanks to you. My inventory's a little
backlogged right now, but have a look around! 
Jacob: Welcome I've got a great assortment of goods now, so shop away! 
Jacob: Well, I don't get many customers for all this stuff, so you're keeping
me in business, and then some Here, I made you one of these. 
Jacob: Whew Hey, you saved me. Thanks I'm Jacob. Got a general store in Wygol
Village. And on that note, I should probably get back to it But listen, I might
have some things you can use. Come by the shop, and we'll do business! 
Jacob: Whoa, hold on. Don't go yet. Hang on a second...
Laura: '
Laura: ... That's it That's the way to do it We can give [Chrysoberyl] to those
kids... That'd ward off evil I'll make a charmed collar.
Laura: ...Well, how about this? Got a man in your life?
Laura: ...Wow. This is [Chrysoberyl]. And a rare cat's eye color, at that.
Laura: Come and check our stock. I promise you'll be moved.
Laura: Damn it Last ditch effort. Do me a favor and bring me some
[Alexandrite]. I'll pull out all the stops. This is going to be the greatest
work of my life! 
Laura: Don't smile? That's...odd. Hmm, what can we do about that...? Got it I
need a [Ruby], a [Sapphire], and an [Emerald]. Wait till you see what I make
now You'll smile without even knowing it.
Laura: Eh, I don't want to know. Whatever's past is past, right? Time to go
home. I've got work to do.
Laura: Good stone you found, here. Let me work on it and I'll send it to the
general store. Give it a try later on Bet you'll like what you see.
Laura: Ha No heart can withstand the combined power of these two stones I'll
send this over to the general store when it's done.
Laura: Here we are; red, blue, and green. The three primary colors of light,
you know. You're going to love how those colors all dance together. Check it
out at the general store once I'm done.
Laura: I craft jewelry. Name's Laura.
Laura: I need a [Sapphire], a [Ruby], and an [Emerald]. I'll make you something
that'll make you smile without even knowing it.
Laura: I see... Guess I couldn't do it. But I CAN do all this. You just took my
work to a whole new level. And all this talk about your feelings made me think
about my own... Would you take this [Royal Crown]? Call it a memento.
Laura: If you can bring me [Alexandrite], I'll show you the greatest work I've
ever done. And they said I didn't have it in me! 
Laura: If you can bring me a [Diamond] and an [Onyx], I'll make something
that'll touch your heart, no matter what! 
Laura: If you find [Lapis Lazuli], bring it here. I'll make you something
Laura: It's for those kids. No need to pay me. Hurry along and give it to
Laura: Last thing I remember was a man walking in... Was that a dream?
Laura: Long ago, an order for a dog collar got canceled. That'll come in handy
now. Attach this, adjust it to a shorter length, and look It's done. 
Laura: Oh...? You have a new gem. Here, I'll appraise it for you.
Laura: Still can't smile, huh...? I wonder if my skills just aren't up to it
Laura: STILL can't smile, huh? I must be doing something wrong...
Laura: That girl gets possessed easily, and Tom the cat apparently protects
her. It must be tough for him; desperate to save Anna.
Laura: The setting is ready. It's studded with all the gems you brought me
earlier. Now, I just have to set the [Alexandrite] you brought me in the center
and... My masterpiece The [Royal Crown] is complete Well? Touching, right?
Laura: There's a streak of light and it looks like a cat's eye, so they call it
that. Oh, yeah, Irina's girl Anna has a cat. You can compare it with the real
Laura: Trying so hard to touch your heart... It taught me a few things about
mine. I ran away once. My master kept pointing out my faults, and I ran away
from him, but my faults came with me. You helped me get rid of them. I know
what good I can do now, though. For my work, and for him.
Laura: Uh... Mmm. Where am I...?
Laura: Well, sorry if I'm out of line, but hear me out, here. A little
accessorizing would go a long way, don't you think?
Laura: Well, there's someone... but I'm not good at talking about myself...
Right, moving on. I need a [Diamond] and [Onyx] And I WILL make something
powerful enough to touch your heart.
Laura: Yeah, you know. Bring over a [Lapis Lazuli] and I'll show you what I
Laura: You don't smile much. You should Men'd be lining up at your door.
Laura: You know, you dress like you're in mourning. Waste of a finely shaped--
Marcel: Ah, right, where are my manners? Marcel. I'm a journalist. Thought
there might be a scoop around here, and boy, this place is full of them! 
Marcel: Ah, you. I've been waiting. Everybody loved the Cave Troll story. So
now we need to top it Get me a shot of the [Jersey Devil]! 
Marcel: All right, your next mark's some white, furry snowman called a [Yeti].
I heard your photos alone have more than doubled our circulation So keep it up
We're counting on you! 
Marcel: Ha I came out here on a hunch, and I was right! 
Marcel: I leave you and your magic alone, scrap my story, and you take me some
pictures for a different story instead. 
Marcel: I might start hearing offers from a better paper soon Well, the mag's
at the general store, as usual. Make sure to check it out.
Marcel: I still need a picture of the [Cave Troll]. So find it and take a
snapshot before it runs away. Okay?
Marcel: Remember, the [Yeti]. Get me a picture. Don't miss the deadline! 
Marcel: So here's a question: Why would the head office put a TOTAL press ban
on my story about you? ...What kind of magic did you use again?
Marcel: So the [Yeti] is real too, eh? Never would have guessed. Well, this is
huge Here's your cut. Nice going! )
Marcel: So this is really it, eh? Well, it looks just like the rumors say.
We're a sports magazine, but we cover a lot of stuff like this for some reason.
Anyway, here's your share of the reward. )
Marcel: The magazine should be out at the general store soon. Check it out, if
you like.
Marcel: The magazine will be at the store, so check it out. That's what the
pros do.
Marcel: Well, it's not my place to pry... On a totally unrelated note, how
about you and me strike a little deal?
Marcel: Witches and wizards, strange magic, hordes of monsters... Marcel, my
good man, welcome to the Front Page! 
Marcel: Wow Just...wow So this is a [Jersey Devil] And it's neither a devil,
nor wearing a jersey... Well, whatever. Our readers'll eat it up anyway. Here's
your cut. Enjoy! )
Marcel: You ever heard of the [Cave Troll]? It's a hairy beast that sucks your
blood clean out Track it down and snap a picture or two for me. Careful--it's
Marcel: You, for example A beautiful witch--and please don't take offense; you
are gorgeous, I have to say. "Beautiful Witch Entrances Remote Village" There
we go. A perfect headline. Well, I'd better get cracking. I'll be in touch! 
Marcel: You're looking for the [Jersey Devil]. It has a horse head and a bat
body. If you see one, snap a photo before it runs away, all right? Don't you
just love this photography stuff?
Marcel: You're not going to believe this: the Chief fired me. He only wants his
serious little sports articles. Bah Well, whatever. I was thinking of settling
here anyway. With the Yeti and the Cave Troll. And, you know, with Laura the
Monica: Ha Look at poor little Monica. Can't do a thing without someone else to
bring her materials. Then again, I do seem to know how to make a dress, and if
I could get my own materials...
Monica: If you can, bring me 5 [Cotton Thread]. If you want...
Monica: I'll make others, and I'll have them sold at the general store. You
could buy them. If you wanted to. By mistake, maybe.
Monica: I'm so sorry That's TWO fetch errands I've sent you on now. And you've
done them both, and I still haven't properly repaid you... Wait. I know how:
cashmere. The greatest material ever created... Wait, no. I don't even know
what it looks like Silly me, trying to make a dress from material I've never
seen... But if I HAD 5 [Cashmere Thread], I could make you the most wonderful
dress... Stupid Monica. I can't make a dress like that! 
Monica: Listen, I wanted to repay you, but I ended up sending you on some silly
errand instead. How rude of me This time, please let me repay you properly.
With this [Silk thread]... ...... Oh, no The silkworms all died while I was
gone. No more thread... And I'd need at least 5 [Silk Thread] to make a [Silk
dress] I keep on doing this... Maybe I should just crawl into a hole...
Monica: Listen, I... There isn't much I can do to thank you, but please Please
let me make you a dress. ...Would that be good enough?
Monica: Maybe I should make more, and sell them at the general store. Not that
you need to bother, but if you'd like another, you could buy one.
Monica: Maybe I'll keep making these, and have them sold in the general store.
Um...if you'd like... Only if you'd like, please consider buying...them.
Monica: Oh Wh-What did I do to deserve to be saved by such a beautiful angel?
I'm... I'm Monica. I'm... a seamstress in the village. Um... Please, let me
repay you If you're in the village, come see me! 
Monica: Oh. Well...you're right. My dresses wouldn't be--
Monica: Th-This is [Cashmere Thread]? Where did you FIND these? For me?
Y-You're amazing So amazing that I just made this dress instantly A [Party
Dress]. Please accept it. -
Monica: Th-This is [Silk Thread] Did you go get these just for me? I'm sooo
touched So touched that I finished making the dress somehow A [Silk Dress].
Please accept it. -
Monica: Well... Well, hang on I bet I CAN make a dress you'd look good in.
Let's see... Cotton That's what we need. Where's the cotton? Oh, no I'm out of
cotton thread. I'm always doing this... And I need at least 5 [Cotton Thread]
to make a dress Sigh... Maybe you shouldn't have even bothered saving me...
Monica: Where am I going to find 5 [Silk Thread].
Monica: With 5 fabled [Cashmere Thread], I can surely make the greatest [Party
Dress] What am I saying? Stupid Monica, there's no way I can make a dress like
Monica: Y-You brought me [Cotton Thread]? You went out of your way just for me?
I'll make your dress in a flash And...done A [Cotton Dress]. Please accept it.
Nikolai: At last! 
Nikolai: God brought us all here, and bid us build these homes in this place.
He's provided for us ever since, even in our darkest hours.
Nikolai: Has God ever spoken to you? He spoke to me once, telling me to clear
this wasteland and build a village.
Nikolai: He took everyone away. Even a few visitors from out of town, who just
happened to be here at the time. Were they simply unfortunate, or is there some
plan at work?
Nikolai: I have heard that my ancestors were people who fought evil. Perhaps
that is why I have also chosen to live my life as a clergyman.
Nikolai: If... If I'm not mistaken, he said something about the [Prison
Nikolai: I'm Nikolai, the priest watching over this town. Please, you must
deliver the villagers from his evil! 
Nikolai: It seems legends of Dracula existed here long before I laid a single
brick. Still, I never imagined those legends would come to life.
Nikolai: Just thinking of it chills my soul--he used a device to take some of
our blood. ...Could he be the monster whispered of in legend? ...[Dracula]?
Nikolai: Long ago, criminals were banished to that forsaken place... Some say
their souls still wander the island, which is forever cursed.
Nikolai: May God guide you wherever you may go.
Nikolai: Some of the abducted are even young children... ...All I can do now is
to pray for their safety...
Nikolai: Some of us have not yet returned... Unless Heaven has already called
them... No. I must believe in God's protection. And in yours...
Nikolai: Thank you very much You rescued every last soul in town. But...their
tribulations still weigh heavily upon their hearts... Would you speak with
them, and help to lift their spirits?
Nikolai: That man He spirited away the other {WIFIPLYR}2, and then imprisoned
me. ...But the Lord must have sent you to our aid. Please deliver the others! 
Nikolai: There is an old mansion beyond the cove. He may have taken residence
there. O Lord, what horrors might this demon be planning for us...?
Nikolai: Who knows what horrors they are being made to endure at his hands... O
Lord, please bring us deliverance.
Nikolai: You can get there through these very woods. Please, you must save
Nikolai: You must help the others Everyone in the village has been taken! 
Nikolai: You must help us ...That man has returned.
Nikolai: You've saved these people's lives, and now you've restored their peace
of mind. This village is healing before our eyes. Thank you very much You are
truly a gift from above--a saint if ever there was one. Please accept this. It
is a ring that has been passed down in my family. 
Serge: Are you scared of the dark too, lady? I'll run away one more time, so
this time, make sure to catch me, okay? Here I go! 
Serge: Come on, lady, find me this time, okay? Same as last time; I'll count to
{WIFIPLYR}5. Got it? Here I go! 
Serge: Even higher! 
Serge: Everyone keeps saying that the man who kidnapped us is a bad guy. I
don't know, though... I think maybe they're wrong, 'cause he said something to
me... He said, "You have to grow strong enough to protect your kid sister."
Serge: Hey lady, you ever see an [Owl]? 'Cause I hear it's good luck if you see
one, and I think I could use some good luck, just in case. So if you see an
[Owl], could you bring it over? I'll give you something neat if you do! 
Serge: Hey, lady, what if we get kidnapped again? Would you still save us?
Serge: Hey, you did it You really did find me. Here's the prize. It's like a
"thank you"!
Serge: I'm bad at blind tag. When it's all dark, I get scared and I can't move.
You don't get scared, though, do you? Hey, can you show me how it's done? Put
on a blindfold and catch me before I count to 30! 
Serge: I'm over here...
Serge: Lady, if you see an [Owl], could you bring it here, please?
Serge: Lady, you're amazing You caught me when you couldn't even see Guess you
can do that cause you're so brave Thanks for showing me that. Here, take this.
Serge: Mom and Sis still haven't come home... They're okay, right?
Serge: Mom's home, but Sis is still out there. I hope she's not all alone...
Serge: More to the left! 
Serge: More to the right! 
Serge: Nah, I'm not a little kid anymore. I can get home by myself.
Serge: Oh, phew Thanks, lady My name's Serge.
Serge: Okay, I'm going to go now. Come over again sometime! 
Serge: Sis came home, but Mom hasn't yet... What if she...?
Serge: Time's up C'mon, lady, you can do better than that! 
Serge: Time's up So, what? Are you afraid of the dark too?
Serge: To the left! 
Serge: To the right! 
Serge: Up here! 
Serge: Well, I know how we can find out Okay, here's the rules: I'm going to go
hide. And I'm going to count to {WIFIPLYR}5, and you find me before I finish
There's a prize, even Okay, here I go! 
Serge: Wow A real [Owl] Thanks, Lady Here, it's a present for you. Come over
Serge: You know, I keep on asking you for help or hoping for good luck... But I
think I get it now. I have to be tough and brave on my own. So I'll work on
Shanoa: ......
Shanoa: ...... Even in this state, without any memory of the man you once were,
I pity you. It's my duty to free you from this suffering; to ensure you don't
meet such an end. Rest in peace, Albus.
Shanoa: ...... There is still one thing I do not understand, Albus. Why did you
try to take my place, if you knew it would cost you your life? 
Shanoa: ......Hmm? )
Shanoa: ...?
Shanoa: ...Albus...? Don't go, Albus! 
Shanoa: ...Albus? 
Shanoa: ...Albus's memories from Dominus must be flowing through my mind...
They're the only memories left to me now... {WIFIPLYR}
Shanoa: ...Anything. 
Shanoa: ...But Barlowe told me Albus took my memories. It was [Dominus]? Albus,
did you steal [Dominus] for my sake...? {WIFIPLYR}
Shanoa: ...But with your body gone, your spirit remains-- absorbed into the
Glyph. And now, that soul dwells within me, alongside the power of [Dominus]. 
Shanoa: ...Crows. .
Shanoa: ...It worked. The power inside is incredible...is it [Dracula]? The
time has come, Albus. To end this, I must tread into Hell itself.
Shanoa: ...It's nothing special. )
Shanoa: ...Just another victim of [Dominus]... It's driven you mad! 
Shanoa: ...Not a dream. My tears were real. 
Shanoa: ...Now I've lost everything... my past, my emotions, my brother, and my
purpose... I'm empty. ...there's nothing left for me.
Shanoa: ...Seal? You told me that was the vessel of Dracula's soul!
Shanoa: ...That being?
Shanoa: ...that you're unfit... to be the bearer. 
Shanoa: ...The villagers. 
Shanoa: ...Think nothing of it.
Shanoa: ...This is all his doing. But why?
Shanoa: ...What is it?
Shanoa: ...what? {WIFIPLYR}
Shanoa: ...Why? I'm fading... It's so dark...
Shanoa: ...You gave up your life for my sake, and I don't feel anything. I
can't even shed a tear... ...... Why was everything stolen from me? 
Shanoa: ...You're taking my place? Albus, no You've already done so much, and I
haven't repaid you! 
Shanoa: [Dominus] is...? It can't be true. 
Shanoa: A blind man could have found you. You left a trail... 
Shanoa: A Glyph... This is Albus's doing.
Shanoa: A Rapier Glyph?
Shanoa: A VIP Card?
Shanoa: Accessorizing? 
Shanoa: Again... What are you doing? 
Shanoa: Ah, the cat. I'll find him.
Shanoa: Albus didn't seal my emotions at all. It was you. You used them as a
sacrifice to [Dominus]!
Shanoa: Albus I thought you were gone! 
Shanoa: Albus is here... I must end this now with my own hands, no matter the
Shanoa: Albus still has the final piece...
Shanoa: Albus! 
Shanoa: Albus, wait I have to know-- 
Shanoa: Albus...
Shanoa: Albus...? Could it be for some experiment?
Shanoa: Albus...? Wait, don't... 
Shanoa: Albus? I... I can hear your voice inside my mind. 
Shanoa: All right. Please do that. 
Shanoa: And you neglected to mention that using [Dominus] would kill me. Would
you care to explain that, "Master"?
Shanoa: Anna wants to help Tom with a charm. 
Shanoa: Another drawing?
Shanoa: As you say, Sir.
Shanoa: At an awkward time, I see.
Shanoa: But-- 
Shanoa: But Albus-- 
Shanoa: But Barlowe said you weren't able to bear Glyphs... Did you... You let
me absorb the other two just to see how it's done! 
Shanoa: But, the master said you-- 
Shanoa: But...thank you, Albus. Now I can die with such happiness in my heart.

Shanoa: By order of my master, I'm to retrieve the [Dominus] Glyph and return
you home. 
Shanoa: By whom? 
Shanoa: Can you tell me where the man went? 
Shanoa: Cat's eye? 
Shanoa: Demonic possession?
Shanoa: Did Albus really take the villagers to a [Prison Island]? ...and for
what purpose?
Shanoa: Did he do anything strange? Where are the others?
Shanoa: Did the man who bound you say anything? '
Shanoa: Disappointing?
Shanoa: Doesn't the general store sell pens and ink?
Shanoa: Draw...? You don't mean from the [Lighthouse]! 
Shanoa: Enough of that, thank you. 
Shanoa: Excuse me? '
Shanoa: He must have passed this way... It's the only path.
Shanoa: He said... he had a role to fulfill.
Shanoa: Here I am... It's all gone. ...What little I had, anyway. No, that's
not true, there's one thing left... ...My mission. I'm the only one left who
can end this. Hear me, [Dracula] I am the morning sun, come to vanquish this
horrible night! 
Shanoa: Hm...
Shanoa: Hmm... He marked a village on this map.
Shanoa: Hmm?
Shanoa: Hmph... What? 
Shanoa: How can that be? 
Shanoa: How was he able to create a Glyph without casting it? I thought only I
could-- Master Barlowe should hear of this.
Shanoa: I am not your benefactor. 0
Shanoa: I appreciate the concern. But I know of no other way.
Shanoa: I can absorb the Glyph...
Shanoa: I do not smile. 
Shanoa: I do, Albus. 
Shanoa: I do, Sir.
Shanoa: I don't understand. Why would he need blood? 
Shanoa: I don't understand... I...I lost my emotions.
Shanoa: I don't understand... The user of [Dominus] is destined to die ...Why
would you want that kind of power?
Shanoa: I have a mission that I must accomplish.
Shanoa: I have forgotten, thanks to you. 
Shanoa: I have no intention of dying, Sir. '
Shanoa: I have no interest in butchering you, Sir.
Shanoa: I haven't started it...
Shanoa: I haven't.
Shanoa: I know nothing of him now, Sir.
Shanoa: I lost my emotions. An absent heart cannot stir.
Shanoa: I make no promises.
Shanoa: I must absorb the Glyph...
Shanoa: I must take the last Glyph...
Shanoa: I promised Albus. I'm never using Dominus.
Shanoa: I see.
Shanoa: I see... 
Shanoa: I sense strong magic behind that door... it's Dominus.
Shanoa: I shall, Sir.
Shanoa: I still don't understand... 
Shanoa: I understand.
Shanoa: I will not.
Shanoa: I'd appreciate it.
Shanoa: If this is how it must be, then let's end it now. 
Shanoa: I'm not sure... .
Shanoa: I'm sorry, Albus... I couldn't...keep my promise... 0
Shanoa: I'm sorry, but I don't remember.
Shanoa: I'm sorry; it's time. I have to go. 
Shanoa: Inspiration?
Shanoa: Is that...Albus? 
Shanoa: Is this why you betrayed our master? Did you trade your home, your
life, just to be consumed by this darkness? What did you hope to gain? Answer
Shanoa: It really is [Dominus]. What are you thinking? 
Shanoa: It... was too late. I'm sorry.
Shanoa: It's done, Sir. I've retrieved [Dominus].
Shanoa: It's not that. You can't stir emotions that don't exist.
Shanoa: It's not you. My troubles go deeper than you think.
Shanoa: It's quite all right. Words don't bother me.
Shanoa: It's resonating with the others Is this the final piece? Now the
question is, how to bring these three Glyphs together?
Shanoa: I've already used [Dominus], Albus. That power comes at the cost of my
Shanoa: I've fulfilled my mission; now there's nothing left... My life... I
feel it... ...ebbing away. ...so quiet... I can't hear anything. {WIFIPLYR}
Shanoa: Leave it to me. ...There may still be clues at the [Prison Island].
Shanoa: Let that man go, Albus. 
Shanoa: Lied? 
Shanoa: Mankind wishes for no such thing.
Shanoa: Master Barlowe... Is Albus telling the truth? I have to find out.
Shanoa: Monster hunt? You mean--?
Shanoa: My brother, huh? ...Albus. 
Shanoa: My power alone may not be enough, but with [Dominus], I can destroy
you, fiend! 
Shanoa: No, I... .
Shanoa: No, I...! 
Shanoa: No, it's not that. Aren't you on a mission? 
Shanoa: No, Sir.
Shanoa: No, that was... 
Shanoa: Nobody I'm capable of caring for. What about yourself? 
Shanoa: Now I see why Albus risked his life for me... ...... ...Why am I
crying? Such warm tears, I... This must be some sort of dream--a final vision
before I die... 
Shanoa: O...Okay... 
Shanoa: Of course.
Shanoa: Only one person can answer my questions. ...I won't let Albus's
sacrifice go to waste. I must learn the truth.
Shanoa: Our sole purpose is to destroy [Dracula], so people can look to dawn
without fearing the darkness. Am I wrong, Albus? 
Shanoa: Please do. 
Shanoa: Right.
Shanoa: Secret... arts?
Shanoa: Should I walk you home?
Shanoa: Thank you very much.
Shanoa: Thank you, but I--
Shanoa: Thank you, but I do not need a dress.
Shanoa: Thank you, Sir.
Shanoa: That is correct.
Shanoa: That is so like you, Albus. You can't just solve every problem on your
own without telling me! 
Shanoa: That isn't necessary... .
Shanoa: That isn't possible. 
Shanoa: That's right. 
Shanoa: The church is in [Oblivion Ridge]...
Shanoa: The power of ultimate destruction-- [Dominus]...
Shanoa: The ritual... That man I saw...
Shanoa: The source of [Dominus]? What does that mean? 
Shanoa: The ultimate Glyph, of course. The one that can destroy [Dracula]. 
Shanoa: The village again...? What is Albus trying to do?
Shanoa: Then it's true...
Shanoa: There are magic energies coursing through this room... If that statue
is Cerberus, then this must be the gateway into Hell. I just need to figure out
how to unseal it...
Shanoa: This Glyph is resonating with something... Could there be another one?
Shanoa: This Glyph resonates just like the other one... There must be a third.
Shanoa: This is bad... Master Barlowe will know what to do.
Shanoa: This is your last chance; come back to Ecclesia. 
Shanoa: This will complete [Dominus], the power that corrupted Albus...and
consumed him. Can this cursed power truly be used to vanquish evil? ...I'll
return the final piece to Barlowe--my mission is complete.
Shanoa: Very well. )
Shanoa: Well... Barlowe chose me as the bearer, actually. We're about to start
the ritual, so my body can be a vessel for [Dominus]. 
Shanoa: What about me? '
Shanoa: What are you doing here? 
Shanoa: What are you getting at? 
Shanoa: What choice do we have? He has to be stopped; you said so yourself.
Shanoa: What is it? 
Shanoa: What is the matter?
Shanoa: What sort of deal?
Shanoa: What sort of work?
Shanoa: What's...going on? Albus's memories-- ...I can feel them... 
Shanoa: When it's all over?
Shanoa: Where is it? 
Shanoa: Who did this to you? 
Shanoa: Who's there? 
Shanoa: Yes, but he gave it to me instead of using it.
Shanoa: Yes, Sir.
Shanoa: Yes, Sir. But when it's over, I--
Shanoa: Yes.
Shanoa: You also lied to Albus. You sent him on a fool's errand, and tried to
hold the ritual in his absence.
Shanoa: You can talk to the cat?
Shanoa: You can't keep doing this; you'll destroy yourself Let me take your
Shanoa: You can't mean...
Shanoa: You mean Tom. 
Shanoa: You misunderstand. Dresses don't suit me.
Shanoa: You must. By order of Master Barlowe-- 
Shanoa: You need to tell me what he's done. 
Shanoa: You would know quite a bit about lies.
Shanoa: You... I've seen you before. Your name is Albus, is it not? 
Shanoa: You... Who...are...? 
Shanoa: You...told me.
Shanoa: You're awake. 
Shanoa: You're mad... Now, Albus, that boy had the right idea. He found a way
to take in [Dominus]... and I shall put his research to good use. You see,
girl, we don't need you anymore... My flesh can host the Glyph as well as yours
And since you're so unwilling to comply... I'll rip the Glyph straight off your
bloody corpse! I'm not ready to die, Barlowe. You still owe me answers. Poor
fool; if I could only make you see. Now die, and YIELD [DOMINUS] TO ME! 
Shanoa: You're welcome.
Shanoa: You're wrong. I'm as much a member of Ecclesia as you are. 
SoybeanFlour: Get spotted in prison and a scary machine comes out. ...But that
doesn't mean it's not worth fighting.
SoybeanFlour: New around here, huh? Make sure you say hi to my feline friends.
We know...secrets. Important ones.
Tofu: Have you seen a pile of pretty rocks? Break 'em and... uh... I forget.
Tofu: Hi I'm Tofu Our names are kind of funny, huh? Think so? We came from far
away, but now I really like it here! 
Tom: ...I was wet and cold, so Anna gave me warm milk. ...and wrapped me all
up. She took care of me, so I'm gonna return the favor and protect her
...Pretty soon, I'll show that spirit who's boss...! 
Tom: ...Meow.
Tom: Hissss Grrrowr! 
Tom: I'll protect Anna, even if she is high maintenance...
Tom: I'm not gonna let some evil spirit have Anna No way, no how! 
Tom: Meow.
Tom: Mrowr.
Tom: Oh... Anna's just... overreacting... I need some...rest, that's all...
Tom: Score This has got to be the best collar ever. In all my years, I've never
had anything so fancy. ...little tight, though.
Tom: So you figured it out. ...a shame everything ended in failure. 
Tom: Why isn't my body moving? Ugh... Grrrr... I won't lose to some stupid evil
Tutorial: Alternate (Y BUTTON) and (X BUTTON) for combos.
Tutorial: Controlling Albus (Y BUTTON): Regular Shot (X BUTTON): Optical Shot
(A BUTTON): Quadruple Ignis Touch Screen: Warp (Cannot warp inside a wall) (R
BUTTON): Torpor Crystal (UP ARROW) + (Y BUTTON): Max Shot (UP ARROW) + (L
BUTTON): High Jump
Tutorial: Open the menu with [START], and select [Glyph] to set Glyphs to (Y
Tutorial: Press (R BUTTON) to adhere to nearby magnets with the [Magnes] Glyph.

Tutorial: Press (UP ARROW)+(Y BUTTON)((X BUTTON))] to perform Glyph Union.
Tutorial: Press (Y BUTTON) or (X BUTTON) to attack with your assigned Glyphs.
Glyph attacks consume MP, which recovers with time.
Tutorial: Release (R BUTTON) to send Shanoa flying in the opposite direction. 
Tutorial: With this Glyph, you'll be able to get to normally inaccessible
locations. It can also be used to dodge attacks in combat.
Tutorial: You can absorb the Glyph on the screen by pressing (UP ARROW).
Absorbing it grants the Glyph and {10} hearts.
Tutorial: You can pull your character with the Control Pad.




"Frontier" Final
"Frontier" Issue {WIFIPLYR}
"Frontier" Issue 2
"Volaticus," the glyph of flight, cannot be used here.
(A BUTTON) Delete

5,000 points
A Beacon of Hope
A beautiful suit of armor in translucent red.
A beautiful yellow gemstone.
A black, female panther.
A bloodsucking bat that lurks in the dark.
A bonus feature has unlocked
A bow glyph that targets enemies automatically.
A bow glyph.
A broiled ham and cheese sandwich.
A carnivorous and disturbingly agile fish creature.
A chest protector forged of gold.
A chrysoberyl cats-eye jewel.
A chunk of copper ore.
A Clashing of Waves
A confident chef whose motto is, "I can cook anything" He moved here to avoid
the serious competition of the big city.
A delicate silk dress.
A demon turned to stone. Attacks in groups.
A demonic sea creature from the oceans of the underworld.
A discount card for the shop's best customers.
A double knife glyph.
A dress embroidered with dazzling sequins.
A fell beast of the underworld.
A female spider. Her bodily fluids are highly toxic.
A female, half-human bat. How about that.
A ferocious armored beast with steel claws on hand and foot.
A ferocious fish. Fetches a high price among epicures.
A five-legged demon servant.
A flower-patterned hood to protect against cold.
A flying monster with a horse's head and a bat's body.
A fossilized thunder lizard, given life by an evil will.
A ghoul's best friend.
A giant condemned in ages past.
A giant crab from the depths of Transylvanian history.
A giant demon knight summoned to protect the castle.
A giant mutant created to guard the stronghold.
A glyph of divine motion that enables faster movement.
A glyph that creates stones.
A glyph that incapacitates opponents.
A glyph to magnetize blades for additional effect.
A grandmother's gift to her favorite grandchild.
A hair accessory to lower darkness damage.
A hair accessory to lower flame damage.
A hair accessory to lower ice damage.
A hair accessory to lower light damage.
A hair accessory to lower lightning damage.
A hammer glyph.
A hard-shelled sea urchin. A questionable delicacy.
A Heartwarming Accessory
A heavily-armored warrior with an equally heavy axe.
A highly-valuable, deep red gemstone.
A high-quality cut of choice meat.
A jewel-encrusted tiara.
A jiggly custard pudding. Look at it go
A knife glyph.
A knight who sends a trained owl to attack his enemies.
A lance glyph.
A large-brimmed hat fancied by travelers.
A light pastry prepared with fresh custard.
A lively animated corpse, magically brought to life.
A lonely artificial monster, its only company a white dragon.
A Lucky Stone
A mad scientist created this wonder of artificial biology.
A madman with a mechanized saw. Enjoys butchery and sculpting.
A magician who gave up his soul to gain invisibility.
A medicinal herb native to southern Europe.
A mesmerizing green jewel.
A monster that tracks its prey through vibrations in the earth.
A monsterous spider with a skull-shaped body.
A mysterious, cowardly legend said to live in snowy mountains.
A nearly-complete mobile robot. Model No. 27.
A nymph whose voice and beauty lure victims to a watery grave.
A one-way pass to return to the village immediately.
A participants left the shop. Saving...
A pastry with a hint of coffee flavoring.
A photo of that goat-sucking scamp, the Cave Troll.
A photo of the fluffy and delightful Yeti.
A pitiable madman, his body is now Dracula's vessel.
A plain hat made of cotton.
A plant that scatters poisonous spores.
A Pleasant Accessory
A powerful axe glyph.
A powerful hammer glyph.
A powerful lance glyph.
A powerful rapier glyph.
A powerful shield glyph.
A powerful sickle glyph.
A powerful sword glyph.
A Prologue
A quiet, gentle man of 50 years. His good faith brought him to this community,
where he used his carpentry skills to build houses.
A rapier glyph.
A rare, water-dwelling creature.
A robot with no soul, and thus no fear.
A rough path cut through mountains, Tristis is said to be a march of the dead.
The road winds through caverns rumored to glow an eerie blue, from countless
tears shed in grief for the lost.
A salmon-flavored rice ball.
A shield glyph.
A shield makes its defenses nearly impenetrable.
A sickle glyph.
A simple cotton dress.
A single-eyed fiend cloaked in lightning.
A skeletal brute armed with a huge club.
A skeletal corpse controlled by magic. One of many.
A skeletal savior, foretold since ancient days.
A skeleton armed with a huge battle axe.
A skeleton given wings and made to fly.
A skeleton warrior. Strangely, it fights with genuine courage.
A slightly uncomfortable dress.
A snake-like water dweller.
A soldier armed with stones and a throwing arm.
A spirit with a steady diet of dead, rotting flesh.
A stealthy and bloodthirsty killer.
A steel breastplate.
A strong cotton thread. Careful how you wash it.
A substance that oozes from lingering corpses.
A superhuman warrior that swings his hammer effortlessly.
A superior demon, more terrifying than its most dangerous kin.
A swift half-woman, half-monster. Toys with her prey.
A sword glyph.
A thin Viennese cutlet.
A tiny demon who loves mischief.
A translucent crimson mask.
A triple knife glyph.
A valuable gemstone from the depths of the earth.
A victim of the parasitic une that leaves une in his steps.
A violent fish, with a spirit as fossilized as its body.
Adjust  Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection settings.
Adjust MUSIC volume.
Adjust SOUND EFFECTS volume.
Adjust the background music to your liking.
Adjust VOICE volume.
Agate with a rich, dark color.
Albus is Ecclesia's Chief Researcher and, like Shanoa, was trained from a young
age to harness Dominus. Dedicated to research, he became Barlowe's trusted
assistant. Using Agartha, a charmed firearm, Albus is able to channel glyph
energy into bullets, which then become magical projectiles.
Albus Medal
ALBUS MODE has been unlocked
All settings being returned to  original default settings.  Please wait.
Allows you to see hidden breakable walls.
An adorable ribbon.
An animated puppet made by a demon scientist. Model No. 26.
An apparition whose chilling wail stops men cold.
An aquatic humanoid, known for its violent, territorial ways.
An archer who attacks with bone and arrows.
An armored warrior outfitted with twin daggers.
An armored warrior wielding a long lance.
An armored warrior with a knife of the same name.
An axe glyph.
An elegant dress with a high waistline.
An elegant hat, in a style actresses will wear one day.
An elegant, bell-shaped silhouette.
An Empty Tome
An enchanted helm that enables the Glyph Union: Arrow.
An enchanted helm that enables the Glyph Union: Axe.
An enchanted helm that enables the Glyph Union: Hammer.
An enchanted helm that enables the Glyph Union: knife.
An enchanted helm that enables the Glyph Union: Lance.
An enchanted helm that enables the Glyph Union: Rapier.
An enchanted helm that enables the Glyph Union: Shield.
An enchanted helm that enables the Glyph Union: Sickle.
An enchanted helm that enables the Glyph Union: Sword.
An enchanted ring to increase one's defense.
An enchanted ring to increase one's magic defense.
An eternally wandering spirit, consumed by hatred.
An evil bird with an acquired taste for human flesh.
An evil demon of the sea, skilled in ice magic.
An evil spirit whose power causes shipwrecks.
An evil will, given embodiment through dark karmic forces.
An evil, soul-sucking spirit that paralyzes its victims.
An image of death given wings to soar through the night sky.
An important landmark for seafaring folk in nearby waters, this lighthouse is
home to many riddles. Who built it? Who tends the light? Lately, even more
mysteries have arisen, such as what causes the island to tremor and shake?
An octopus creature, tormented by black magic.
An old, winding road from Wygol Village passes through this wood. Legends
whisper that wayfarers lost along this forsaken path will find themselves in
another world.
An open-chested, black bodysuit.
An ore containing the finest silver.
An Unwelcome Guest
Archer Ring
Are you sure you want to delete it?
Argila Swamp
Arma Chiroptera
Arma Custos
Arma Felix
Arma Machina
Armor blessed by a war goddess. Prevents the effects of Curse.
Armor blessed by a war maiden. It prevents poison effects.
Armored Beast
Armory Arabesque
Arms Depot
Arrow Helm
Arthro Medal
Artists Can Be Selfish
as all record of Ecclesia
As the monks fell to plague and more indulgent lifestyles, this sacred place
fell into disrepair. Now, rumors suggest that criminals and strange creatures
have taken refuge within its once-holy walls.
Assembled from the corpses of many renowned warriors.
Attack with the left head of Cerberus, guardian of Hell.
Attack with the right head of Cerberus, guardian of Hell.
Attribute Points
Automaton ZX26
Automaton ZX27
Axe Helm
Axe Knight
Back Glyph
Baggy Boots
Barbarian Belt
Barbarian Helm
Barbarian Shoes
Barbarians prefer this tough helmet design.
Barlowe formed Ecclesia to study glyphs as a way of fighting Dracula. His
research culminated in Dominus, a glyph of ultimate power. Barlowe prays that
its power is enough to save the world from darkness.
Barlowe Medal
Battle Boots
Battle boots that are easy to move around in.
Become the girl with golden shins.
Black Crow
Black Drops
Black Fomor
Black Ink
Black ink extracted from an octopus.
Black Night
Black Panther
Black tea scented with bergamot.
Blackmore Medal
Blade Master
Blood Skeleton
Blow Ring
Blue Drops
Body Suit
Bone Archer
Bone Pillar
Bone Scimitar
Book of Spirits
Boots worn by knights with their marching orders.
Borrowed to record the Banshee's cry.
Boss Medal
BOSS RUSH MODE has been unlocked
Brachyura Medal
Bring me a [Diamond]  and an [Onyx].
Bring me a [Lapis Lazuli].
Bring me one each: [Ruby], [Sapphire], and [Emerald].
Bring me some [Horse Hair], if you don't mind.
Bronzed chest armor.
Buttons will be reset to default.
Buy accessories.
Buy armor.
Buy head gear.
Buy items and protective gear.
Buy leg gear.
Buy or sell items.
Buy useable items.
By the grace of God, he cleared away the wilderness to plant the seeds of this
Call a ball of light that tracks enemies.
Call forth a ball of light.
Call forth burning flames.
Call forth freezing ice.
Call forth shocking electricity.
Calls forth the power of spite.
Can you defeat {10} [Werewolves]?
Can you defeat the [Jiang Shi] demon?
Cancel display?
Cancel your search?
Cannot register to Friend Roster since it is full.
Cannot start without others.
Can't Catch Me
Can't Cook Without Ingredients
Cantus Motetten -{WIFIPLYR}
Cantus Motetten -2
Case of the Demon Horse
Case of the Hideous Snowman
Case of the Vicious Blight
Cashmere Thread
Cashmere thread of the highest quality.
Cast-iron armor worn by knights.
Castle Entrance
Casual Clothes
Cat Collar
Cavalier Boots
Cave Troll
Challenge the same player again.
Challenge this player?
Chamber of Ruin
Change Accessory {WIFIPLYR}.
Change Accessory 2.
Change body gear.
Change control and sound settings.
Change head gear.
Change leg gear.
Change settings for magic objects.
Change the glyph used with (R BUTTON).
Change the glyph used with (X BUTTON).
Change the glyph used with (Y BUTTON).
Chapel Hidden in Smoke
Chariot Ring
Checking wireless connection...
Choco Souffle
Choose Player {WIFIPLYR}.
Choose the save data you wish to use.
Chosen Une
Church Art
Clothes forged with artificial musculature.
Clothes made with a specialized fiber to be blade-resistant.
Clothes that absorb impact to resist heavy blows.
Combine two glyphs by (UP ARROW) +(Y BUTTON)(X BUTTON).
Combo Boots
Command a forbidden curse.
Command the malice of the dead.
Command the powers of darkness.
Commonly used in many rituals and ceremonies.
Communication Error. Unable to continue this game.
Communication error. You have been disconnected from Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.
 For help, visit support.nintendo.com.
Communication error... Returning to the previous menu.
Completely restores your MP.
Concentrate magic energy into a destructive beam.
Configure Friend Codes.
Conjures a pair of wings, allowing the power of flight.
Connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection?
Connecting to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection... Please wait a moment...
Connecting to Wii...
Connecting with Wii...
Connection is unstable. Please move closer to an access point.
Connection lost, ending the match.
Copper Ore
Copper Plate
Copy save data?
Copy saved data.
Copy to this slot?
Corn Soup
Corset Dress
Cossack Boots
Cotton Dress
Cotton Hat
Cotton Thread
Could you bring me  [Alexandrite]?
Cream Puff
Create an attractive magnetic field.
Create pillars of fire.
Create pillars of ice.
Created from bleached dinosaur bones, fossilized in the clay.
Created from the head of Medusa. Turns its victims to stone.
Crepes Suzette
Crimson Greaves
Crimson Mail
Crimson Mask
Croque Monsieur
Curse Diva
Curses the living with its deadly song.
Cut it open to find delicious, warm chocolate sauce
Darjeeling Tea
Dark Holy Road
Dark Octopus
Data has been deleted.
Data has been saved.
Data loading failed.
Data transfer complete.
Death Medal
Death Ring
Defeat 30 [Black Crows].
Defeat a boss without receiving damage to earn this mark of valor. Merely
decorative, unfortunately.
Delete saved data.
Delete this file? Are you sure?
Deleted data cannot be recovered.
Deliberate Blink
Demon Lord
Destiny's Stage
Devil Ring
Dextro Custos
Diamond Pins
Diamond Ring
Dinosaur fossils imbued with an evil spirit.
Disconnect and return to menu?
Disconnecting from Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.
Dispels curses.
Displays enemy names as you attack.
Dissonant Courage
Do You Hear Howling?
Do you know where Tom the cat wandered off to?
Do you still want to update?
Do you want to delete all files?
Do you want to sell?
Dominus Agony
Dominus Anger
Dominus Hatred
Dominus is a powerful glyph, and the ultimate weapon against Dracula's evil.
Barlowe created this glyph by splitting a powerful magic into three separate
parts. However, all three sections must be channeled simultaneously for Dominus
to have an effect, meaning Shanoa is the only member of Ecclesia able to
harness its power.
Double Hammer
Dowsing Hat
Dracula Medal
Dracula's Castle
Dracula's confidant. Knows dark secrets hidden from all others.
Dracula's evil once more,
Dracula's legend enticed this minstrel to come along. Townsfolk don't look
twice, but avoid his eerie songs.
Eagle Feather
Earl Grey
Earrings shaped like four-leaf clovers.
Ebony Wings
Edge of the Sky
Edit name.
Either Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection is experiencing high traffic volumes or the
service is down. Please try again later. For help, visit support.nintendo.com.
Eligor Medal
Emerald Mist
Emerald Pins
Emerald Ring
Emperor Ring
Empire Dress
Empress Ring
Enable surround sound.
Enjoys his cursed vocation because he meets new people.
Enter friend code.
Enter your name.
Enterprising Mercantilism
Equip a different glyph.
Equip different armor.
error code
Essentially, an artistic symbol representing the power that dwells within all
things. Each symbol contains a great deal of magical energy, which can be
released if one properly channels magic through the glyph itself.
Everyday clothes for around the house (or castle{nuline2).
Evil Force
Excels at duels with its dual-wielding technique.
Exit out of Settings Menu.
Expert in the use of firearms. His gun is called "Agartha."
Eye for Decay
Fancy armor forged of white gold.
Father Nikolai founded this sleepy village, and others soon followed. Now,
danger lurks in the surrounding wilderness and threatens Wygol's tranquility.
Feasts on the precious memories of its victims.
Felicem Fio
Fidelis Alate
Fidelis Aranea
Fidelis Caries
Fidelis Medusa
Fidelis Mortus
Fidelis Noctua
Fidelis Polkir
Fides Fio
Final Approach
Final Knight
Finding partner. Please wait a moment...
Finding Tom
Fire Demon
Flats with no heel.
Flea Man
Flesh removed from an aquatic man-creature.
Flowery hat composed of a corsage and lace.
Fool Ring
For a spotless chest sheen, choose silver.
Former Room 2
Forsaken Cloister
Fortis Fio
Fortune Ring
Found another player.
Friend code incorrect.
Friend code registered.
Friend code will not be issued  unless you are connected to Nintendo Wi-Fi
From the pine barrens to your neck of the woods: Jersey Devil.
Full leg protection blessed by a war goddess.
Full leg protection blessed by a war maiden.
Full leg protection cast in a deep red material.
Game Over
Garbo Hat
Gate of the Underworld
Get Business Started
Ghillie Boots
Giant Skeleton
Giant's Dwelling
Glyph Sleeve
Glyph Union
Glyph Union is a method of combining the powers of two glyphs on Shanoa's left
and right arms to create a third, more powerful glyph. (UP ARROW)+(Y BUTTON)(X
BUTTON) This technique will consume hearts.
Glyphs gain strength with use. When you defeat an enemy using glyphs of a
specific attribute: slash, strike, flame, ice, lightning, darkness, or light,
it strengthens glyphs associated with that attribute.
Gold Leggings
Gold Ore
Gold Plate
Gold Ring
Goliath Medal
Gorgon Head
Grants bat-like abilities.
Grants cat-like abilities.
Grants every ability of an automaton.
Grants the mighty power of Cerberus.
Grants the user a temporary boost of LUCK.
Grave Digger
Gravedo Medal
Great Knight
Green Drops
Gurkha Master
Ham it up with this salted pork shank.
Hammer Helm
Hammer Shaker
Hanged Man Ring
HARD MODE has been unlocked
Hard Won Nobility
has been cancelled.
has cut connection.
Hearing rumors of monsters nearby, he traveled here to further his research.
He's a curious man, and won't hesitate to share information.
Heart Cuirass
Heart Earrings
Heart of Fire
Heart Repair
Hearty vegetable bean soup in a tomato broth.
Her children are Serge and Anna. She came to the village by accident, but
decided to stay and share her excellent cuisine with the others.
Hermit Ring
Heroic Dawning
Hide and Seek
Hierophant Ring
High Potion
High Tonic
Hold (A BUTTON) and press (L BUTTON) or (R BUTTON)  to swap glyphs.
Holes were drilled in his head to implant psionic powers.
Horse Hair
Horsehair is used in bows for stringed instruments.
HP Max up
I am looking for both [Sage] and [Merman Meat].
I need 3 [Silver Ores].
I need 5 [Cotton Threads].
I need some [Black Ink] and an [Eagle Feather].
I sketched the waterfall. Its majesty really comes through.
I think I recreated the church quite authentically.
I want to play Hide and Seek
I wish I could see an [Owl].
Ice cream and soda, combined in a delicate dance of delicious.
If you connect now, old friend code may be deleted. If there are friend codes
that you want to keep, please lock them. Continue to connect?
I'll buy anything you don't need.
I'll make you a deal.
I'm fresh out of [Sage] and [Mandrake Root].
I'm in need of [Raw Killer Fish].
I'm in the market for [Tasty Meat].
I'm looking for [Chamomile] and [Rue].
I'm looking for 3 [Gold Ores].
I'm looking for 5 [Cashmere Threads].
Important Resting Place
In apple tarts, upside-down is rightside-up
Increases the drop rate of rare items.
Increases the power of archery type glyphs.
Increases the power of the darkness attribute.
Increases the power of the flame attribute.
Increases the power of the ice attribute.
Increases the power of the light attribute.
Increases the power of the lightning attribute.
Increases the power of the slash attribute.
Increases the power of the strike attribute.
Increases the rate of attribute point acquisition.
Increases the rate of physical regeneration.
Increases your darkness attribute points.
Increases your flame attribute points.
Increases your heart maximum.
Increases your ice attribute points.
Increases your light attribute points.
Increases your lightning attribute points.
Increases your maximum HP.
Increases your maximum MP.
Indian curry prepared at a specialty shop.
Information on one of your  friends has been lost. You will need to exchange
Friend Codes  again to re-register them on the roster.
Inire Pecunia
Initiating data transfer...
Interrupt the game and create a suspended file.
Interrupt the game?
Invisibility is this creature's cloak, and its weapon.
Invisible Man
Irina's daughter and Serge's sister. She's a sensitive girl, and endowed with
an awareness of the ethereal world.
Irina's son looks after his sister, even though he thinks she's a big crybaby.
Iron Leggings
Iron Ore
Iron ore is part of a balanced blacksmith.
Iron Plate
Iron-clad shin protection.
Is That Cashmere?
It is said that on a moonless night, many graves were opened, and many bones
stolen. The stench of death rose up, and the empty eyes of a thousand skulls
set themselves to seek yet more tombs to befoul. Such was the price of a temple
built from the bones of the fallen.
It's a cat collar made of chrysoberyl.
It's a sketch I drew of the Lighthouse.
It's milk you can chew
I've Never Eaten That
I've run out of [Silk Thread]. 5 should be enough.
Jagged heart earrings.
Jaws of a Scorched Earth
Jersey Devil
Jiang Shi
Join an open shop.
Join this shop?
Judgement Ring
Jump a second time while in midair.
Justice Ring
Kalidus Channel
Keep kicking without touching the ground to raise strength.
Killer Fish
Killer Fish BBQ
Killer Fish, lightly seasoned and grilled to perfection.
King Skeleton
Knife Helm
Knight Cuirass
Knight Helm
Knight Leggings
Knightly head gear.
Knights wear these to stay protected, and so should you.
Konami Man
L. Eye of God
Lament to the Master
Lance Helm
Lapis Lazuli
Lapis lazuli is widely used, from sculpture to jewelry.
Large Cavern
Leaps boundlessly in a dark dance of the doomed.
Leather chest protection.
Leather Cuirass
Leave the shop?
Leave the store.
Leggings hewn of breathtaking white gold.
Let's hope this is just named after somebody.
Let's play Blind Man's Bluff.
Lighthouse Art
Limit for this level has been raised.
Live and On the Prowl The Jersey Devil's Hot Body
Lizard Tail
Lizardman Blade
Load this suspended data. (Suspended data will be deleted.)
Located a Wii.
Lone Challenger
Looking for another player.
Looks harmless, but appearances can be deadly poisonous.
Lovers Ring
Low-fat milk. Two percent, to be exact.
Luck increases with the gold in your wallet
Lucky Clover
LV.{WIFIPLYR} MODE has been unlocked
Mad Butcher
Mad Snatcher
Magical Ticket
Magician Ring
Main &  Sub Glyph
Main Glyph
Making a Dress
Malak's Labyrinth
Mandrake is the Best Medicine
Mandrake Root
Maneater Medal
Manipulates ice and flame while moving sluggishly.
Master Ring
Max LV.255
Max LV.50
Mechanical Tower
Medal awarded for defeating Albus.
Medal awarded for defeating Barlowe.
Medal awarded for defeating Dracula's servant, Death.
Medal awarded for defeating the demon-horse rider, Eligor.
Medal awarded for defeating the devilish Blackmore.
Medal awarded for defeating the earth beetle, Arthroverta.
Medal awarded for defeating the giant enemy crab, Brachyura.
Medal awarded for defeating the Giant Skeleton.
Medal awarded for defeating the monster insect, Maneater.
Medal awarded for defeating the mysterious being, Wallman.
Medal awarded for defeating the sand dragon, Gravedorcus.
Medal awarded for defeating the titanic soldier, Goliath.
Medal awarded for defeating the water demon, Rusalka.
Medal for defeating the Demon King, Dracula.
Medicinal herbs from a purple- flowered plant.
Medicinal Ingredients Needed
Medusa Head
Medusa's severed head spawned multitudes of these pests.
Melio Arcus
Melio Ascia
Melio Confodere
Melio Culter
Melio Falcis
Melio Hasta
Melio Macir
Melio Scutum
Melio Secare
Men cursed with lycanthropy  develop a taste for blood.
Mercury Boots
Merman Meat
Mice Make for Good Eats
Military Wear
Minera Prison Island
Minerva Greaves
Minerva Mail
Minerva Mask
Mint Sundae
Mirror Cuirass
Mirrored armor protects the wearer from petrification.
Miser Ring
Miss Murder
Misty Forest Road
Mocha Eclair
Mocks God with sacrilegious chanting.
Moon Ring
Move freely underwater.
MP Max up
Mystery Manor
Needs More Salt
New mode has been added.
Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service for this software has been discontinued.
Visit support.nintendo.com for a list of current Nintendo Wi-Fi 
Connection-compatible software.
Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection treats your Nintendo DS Game Card and Nintendo DS as
a set. Save this Nintendo DS system's Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection User
Information to this Game Card and connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection?
Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection User Information for this Nintendo DS has been saved
to the Game Card. From now on, please use this Nintendo DS to connect to
Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.
No access point in range. Please try again when closer to an access point. For
help, visit support.nintendo.com.
No compatible access point in range. Check your connection settings and try
again. For help, visit support.nintendo.com.
No one is registered.
No product on the display list.
Not surprisingly, it allows for faster movement speed.
Note that the name you enter will  be used with  Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.
Nothing to Lose
Nova Skeleton
Number of shoppers:
Oblivion Ridge
Oblivion from aoc
of time...
Often referred to as the champagne of black teas.
OK to disconnect from Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection?
Once a common thief, he found salvation in the church and studied thenceforth
to become a healer.
Once an insectivore, this plant's tastes have broadened.
Oncoming Dread
One of Castlevania's many elite armored guardians.
One of the castle's watchmen.
One of the participants has left.
One piece of Dominus; shrouds you in Dracula's magic.
One piece of Dominus; summons a pillar of light.
One piece of Dominus; unleashes a cluster of energy.
Onyx Pins
Onyx Ring
Open a shop to display your items in Market Mode.
Open the shop now?
Open your shop.
Order of the Demon
Ordinary Rock
Other player has disconnected. Returning to the previous menu.
Out of Time
Overwrite the file?
Owl Knight
Parasite that clings to, then continually drains its victims.
Party Dress
Pass through solid walls in specific locations.
Passing into the Night
Peeping Eye
Photo 2
Photo 3
Piecemeal armor worn by barbarians.
Plat Leggings
Platinum Plate
Play a cooperative game using DS wireless communication.
Play Boss Rush with Albus.
Play Boss Rush with Shanoa.
Play with friends.
Play with random users.
Player {WIFIPLYR} is choosing a course.
Please bring me 3 [Iron Ores].
Please bring me some [Sage].
Please bring me some [Salt].
Please choose a difficulty.
Please draw the [Oblivion Ridge] temple in your [Sketchbook].
Please draw the top of the [Lighthouse] in your [Sketchbook].
Please draw the waterfall of [Tristis Pass] in the [Sketchbook].
Please find a [Mouse] to give to Tom the cat.
Please select a cat.
Please select a shop to peruse.
Please try again from the
Please turn off the power.
Please turn power off and reinsert the Game Card.
Please wait.
Please wait...
Poor Photo
Poor Preparation is Costly
Pork ramen, medium oil, heavy seasoning.
Poses as treasure to prey on mankind's greed.
Priestess Ring
Profit earned this time
Protect Ring
Pulverize enemies with giant fists of stone.
Purchase this item?
Queen of Hearts
Quest Successful
Quit searching for players?
Quite a threat, if he only had a brain.
R. Eye of Devil
Race an opponent.
Raises the probability that rare items will appear.
Ramen Noodles
Rankings and game clear items still remain in system save.
Rapidus Fio
Rapier Helm
Raw Killer Fish
Record 2
Record 3
Record 4
Record 5
Record 6
Record 7
Record 8
Red Drops
Red Smasher
Register friend code.
Reinforced Suit
Relaxed-fit boots that are popular with urban teens.
Removes poison from your body.
Requiem of Star-Crossed Nights
Research introduction--   Returning to life time and again since the ancient
middle ages, the evil lord Dracula has driven people to terror. Each time
Dracula returned from the dead, the Belmont clan fought him in the shadows,
wielding the holy whip.   Through their efforts, humanity avoided darkness,
securing prosperity.   But, early in the {WIFIPLYR}9th century, having lost
their ability to resist the darkness, those in positions of power at the time
began to search for new ways to counter Dracula.   Our organization, Ecclesia,
was born then as one of those countermeasures.   Many organizations were
established with the same goal, and day after day, they conducted their studies
diligently, but each was dissolved when they failed to produce satisfactory
results.   But that was when Barlowe, the leader of Ecclesia,  finally made a
surprising breakthrough that could stand up against Dracula.
Resist Ring
Restore the default button settings.
Restores 200 HP.
Restores 29 HP. Yummy
Restores 290 HP. Delicious
Restores 50 HP.
Restores a lot of your MP.
Restores all HP.
Restores lost hearts.
Restores some of your MP.
Resume this game.
Retry the same course.
Returning to Title Screen. beginning.
Rhapsody of the Forsaken
Rice Ball
Ring of "Death." Hits may cause instant death.
Ring of "Fortune." Play time increases LUCK.
Ring of "Judgement." Increases Glyph Union's effectiveness.
Ring of "Justice." Enemies killed increase attack power.
Ring of "Strength."
Ring of "Temperance."
Ring of "The Chariot."
Ring of "The Devil." Status increases as you receive damage.
Ring of "The Emperor." Increases recovery effects.
Ring of "The Empress."
Ring of "The Fool."
Ring of "The Hanged Man." Recover from jumps quickly.
Ring of "The Hermit."
Ring of "The Hierophant." Increases acquired experience.
Ring of "The High Priestess."
Ring of "The Lovers." Increases hearts acquired.
Ring of "The Magician."
Ring of "The Moon." Status increases at nighttime.
Ring of "The Star." Increases MP recovery rate.
Ring of "The Sun." Status increases in daytime.
Ring of "The Tower." Less likely to be blown away.
Ring of "The World." Decreases MP consumption.
Robe Decollete
Rock Knight
Rotten Meat
Royal Crown
Rubber Suit
Ruby Pins
Ruby Ring
Running Out of Sage
Rusalka Medal
Ruvas Forest
Sabrina Shoes
Saint Elmo
Sapiens Fio
Sapphire Elegy
Sapphire Pins
Sapphire Ring
Save data deleted.
Save data is corrupted.
Save failed.
Save the game?
Saving...  Please do not turn the power off  or remove the Game Card.
Sea Demon
Sea Stinger
Searching for opponent. Quit: (B BUTTON)
Searching for Player {WIFIPLYR}.
Searching for shops. Quit: (B BUTTON)
Searching for Wii...
Select a character.
Select a course.
Select an item to buy.
Select an opponent to challenge.
Select difficulty level.
Select items to remove from the display.
Select the type of item to sell.
Select which items to put on display.
Sell accessories.
Sell armor.
Sell head gear.
Sell items and protective gear.
Sell items through  DS wireless communication.
Sell leg gear.
Sell useable items.
Sequined Dress
Serenade of the Hearth
Serpent Scale
Set the audio language.
Shadow's Stronghold
Shanoa can place glyphs on her back which summon Familiars. These creatures
will fight enemies, and like Shanoa, will become stronger as they level up.
Shanoa is one of Ecclesia's female warriors. She joined the clan at a young
age, and was groomed in her training to destroy Count Dracula. An accident
during the Dominus ceremony wiped away her memories and emotions. Shanoa
possesses a unique ability, allowing her to channel power through glyphs that
are marked on her body.
She appeared in the village one day, as if she had always lived there. Some
days she's ignorant, and yet other days she's quite wise.
She places her trust in the cards of the tarot, which foretold she would do
great things here, as well as finally locate her soul mate.
Shield Helm
Shiny silver shin protection.
Shocking News Cave Troll spotted at Peroli
Show Me the Owl
Sickle Helm
Silk Dress
Silk Thread
Silkworm's Tragedy
Silver Leggings
Silver Ore
Silver Plate
Simple rock salt.
Sinestro Custos
Skeleton Beast
Skeleton Cave
Skeleton Frisky
Skeleton Hero
Skeleton Medal
Skeleton Rex
Sketch Book
Skull Spider
Slide by pressing (DWNARROW) + (B BUTTON).
Some button settings are doubled up.
Someone is still connected;  end session?
Somnus Reef
Sorrow's Distortion
Sound FX
SOUND MODE has been unlocked
Spear Guard
Spectral Sword
Spoiled Milk
Star Ring
Start game.
Start the game from the beginning with most items in inventory.
Starts a new game.
Stone Rose
Stones Hold a Grudge
Strength Ring
Sub Glyph
Summon a ball of lightning.
Summon a lively assortment of the dead.
Summon guardians to glide down from above.
Summon Medusa Heads in a strangely familiar pattern.
Summon owls to soundlessly descend.
Summon Polkir to descend on your enemies.
Summon skull spiders to skitter about when needed.
Summon zombies that fight to the death.
Sun Ring
Super Potion
Super Tonic
Superior axe glyph.
Superior hammer glyph.
Superior lance glyph.
Superior rapier glyph.
Superior shield glyph.
Superior sickle glyph.
Superior sword glyph.
Sustains himself on the essence of his victims' souls.
Sweetly scented herbs with medical properties.
Sword Helm
Symphony of Battle
Tart Tatin
Tasty Meat
Temperance Ring
Temporarily increase CON and physical resistance.
Temporarily increase INT and the effects of magical glyphs.
Temporarily increase MIND and magic resistance.
Temporarily increase STR and the effects of physical glyphs.
Temporarily increase the amount of money received from enemies.
Tempts her victims by exploiting their most secret fantasies.
Term List
The access point is busy. You cannot connect. Try again later. For help, visit
The blood they absorb regenerates all wounds.
The breath of this living statue petrifies human flesh.
The button configuration can be changed.
The Colossus
The Creature
The croutons are prepared with an old family recipe.
The display case is full.
The Ecclesia Clan was created for the purpose of eradicating Dracula. To this
end, they research glyphs and other magical techniques.
The Job of a Lifetime
The Killing Scream
The legendary whip wielded by the Belmont family.
The magic that empowers this owl also spurs it to violence.
The only thing more dangerous than a giant hammer is two.
The only thing more massive than he is the weight of his blasphemies.
The reanimated ghost of a horse killed on the battlefield.
The Silent Violin
The subject of local legend, this mansion was the scene of a number of bizarre
murders. Supposedly burned down, it has more recently been host to a number of
curious incidents...
The true master of the castle, and the prince of evil.
The Tymeo range is the largest in the region, rumored to be a nesting ground
for terrible creatures. Hikers foolish enough to traverse these peaks tell of
strange howling that can be heard from the many caverns below.
The wearer is invincible while back dashing.
The weather in this area changes suddenly and violently, due to strong winds
from the south. These stormy conditions cause ships to capsize, sending their
crews to a watery grave; doomed to wander a maze of undersea caverns for all
The wedding dress of your dreams costs more than a pretty penny.
The wireless connection has been lost.
There are no items.
There is no response.  Either the player is not connected to  Nintendo Wi-Fi
Connection or you have been removed from the player's friend roster.
There is no saved game data.
There is nothing to sell.
There's nobody else around. Saving...
These cliffs were once the site of the local harvest celebration. Now, the
fruitful land is withered and barren, and the sounds of laughter have long
since died away.
Thick Steak
Thief Ring
This abandoned prison once housed petty thieves and criminals forgotten by
society. The lighthouse on the island is still in service, and at time strange
figures can be seen coming and going. What purpose have they for empty cells
and forsaken souls?
This aquatic demon compels the squalls to obedience.
This aquatic hunter spots prey from the water before leaping.
This beast extracts cow entrails with its tongue.
This bitter blend uses authentic Transylvanian beans.
This blade is as sharp and deadly as the spirit that possesses it.
This blood-sucking creature crossed the sea from the East.
This bow glyph fires diagonally.
This data is unavailable.
This delicate mushroom is meant to stimulate the appetite.
This demon is master of the consuming flames.
This demon manifests its fury in thunderous peals.
This deserted estate once belonged to local authorities. Nobody dares approach
it these days, as legends suggest a giant has taken up residence there, lending
the place an appropriate name.
This elite warrior sees intruders as its quarry.
This female vampire feasts on the blood of intruders.
This festering swamp is putrid with decayed leaves from rotten trees. The foul
waters have been known to engulf travelers, dragging them screaming toward the
This forest path is enveloped in a thick fog, regardless of the season. The
mists whisper to unwary travelers, swallowing them as they stray from the road,
never to be seen again.
This Friend Code has  already been registered.
This glyph creates squalls to sweep enemies away.
This hair accessory sports a fancy engraved dedication.
This item cannot be used now.
This knight doesn't need a head to hand his enemies theirs.
This lizard is reptilian enough to wield a huge sword.
This looks delicious ...Where did you get it?
This luxurious formal dress will have everyone talking.
This mask was blessed by a war goddess.
This mask was blessed by a war maiden.
This monster's tongue dances with dark incantations.
This monstrous insect buzzes about inside a giant skull.
This mysterious hat sounds a tone if treasure is nearby.
This Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection ID was removed because it was inactive for a
long time. For help, visit support.nintendo.com.
This ore is as valuable as it is heavy.
This peddler seemed a natural fit, and moved into the village.
This plant's diet of blood results in odd mutations.
This quill could be a pen if one were so inclined.
This reef is an area of calm and gentle seas of warm water. On a clear day, one
can see to the peaks of Tristis. Care must be taken, however, as swift riptides
may carry swimmers to dangerous currents along the ocean floor.
This shop has closed.
This shop has closed. Saving...
This sinister little man leaps like a bloodsucking flea.
This storied clan of vampire hunters has engaged in mortal combat against
Dracula countless times in the past. However, one day the Belmonts simply
vanished. In their absence, a number of clans have risen in their place to
continue the fight against evil. 
This unique helmet reduces heart consumption by half.
This valuable jewel changes color in different light.
This young girl is bright, but shy. The other villagers are like her family,
since her real parents passed away.
Those who hear its scream know madness.
Those who witness its coming soon know death.
Thunder Demon
Tin Man
Tom and Jewelry
Tom seems to want this.
Tom the cat needs a jeweled collar.
Tons of Exclusive Shots {WIFIPLYR}6 Pictures of the Elusive Yeti
Total Rate
Tower of Dolls
Tower Ring
Trace of Rage
Track down the [Yeti] and take a picture with a [camera].
Traditional highland wear.
Traditional leather sandals.
Tragedy's Pulse
Tragic Memories
Training Hall
Transferring data...
Traveler's Hat
Treasure chests contain items. Wooden Chests contain common items, and may be
restored when you return to the area later. Green Chests, however, are rare,
and conceal much better items. Other chests are rumored to be locked away, far
from inquisitive eyes, hiding treasures worth the trouble.
Treasure Hat
Tristis Pass
Tymeo Mountains
Unable to connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection because the Nintendo Wi-Fi
Connection User Information from the Nintendo DS and  the Game Card do not
Unable to connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.  Confirm connection settings
and access point settings. For help, visit support.nintendo.com.
Unable to connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. For help, check the software
Instruction Booklet, or visit support.nintendo.com.
Unable to connect to the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector. Confirm connection
settings in the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection setup. For help, visit
Uncurse Potion
Underground Labyrinth
Unequip accessory.
Unequip head gear.
Unequip leg gear.
Unholy Vespers
Unknown to the outside
Unknown to the outside world, Good had vanquished Dracula's evil once more, as
all record of Ecclesia vanished into the mists of time...
Unleash an energy sphere.
Unusual Medicine Components
Update Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection User Information saved on the Game Card? When
you update your Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection User Information, you will lose all
data that was used to connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.
Use a [camera] to snap a shot of the elusive [Jersey Devil].
Use a [camera] to take a picture of [Cave Troll].
Use Item
Use the [Phonograph] to record the [Banshee's screaming].
User is Player {WIFIPLYR}.  Looking for Player 2.
User is Player 2. Looking for Player {WIFIPLYR}.
Uses any manner of weapon as easily as a part of its own body.
Uses black magic to animate and control corpses.
Valkyrie Greaves
Valkyrie Mail
Valkyrie Mask
Vampire Killer
vanished into the mists
Vic Viper
Vicious Crows
View a term list.
View a villager's data.
View an enemy's remaining HP instead of the damage dealt.
View friend roster.
View information about enemies you have defeated.
View information about items  you have collected.
View or use items.
View records for Boss Rush mode.
View records for Race mode (Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection).
View records for Race mode (Wireless Communications).
View records for Race mode.
View the glyph you are carrying on your back.
View the glyph you are holding in your hand.
View the glyphs you have acquired.
View the map and completion percentage.
View various guides.
View villager details.
View your own friend code.
Views the world slowly.
VIP Card
Vis Fio
Vlad Tepes Dracula is a powerful vampire, and the Lord of Evil. His dark magic
is embodied in the demon fortress, Castlevania.
Vol Arcus
Vol Ascia
Vol Confodere
Vol Culter
Vol Falcis
Vol Fulgur
Vol Grando
Vol Hasta
Vol Ignis
Vol Luminatio
Vol Macir
Vol Scutum
Vol Secare
Vol Umbra
wait_data (wait translation)
Waiting for opponent to connect...
Waiting for participants. Start: (A BUTTON)     Quit: (B BUTTON)
Waiting for Player 2.
Waiting for the other player.
Waiting for the shop to open.
Walking on the Edge
Wallman Medal
Walls are no obstacle for this bizarre being.
Wandering the Crystal Blue
Warm boots with fur-lined cuffs.
Waterfall Art
Weapon Master
Wedding Dress
Welcome to Legend
What the Blacksmith Does Best
Whatever this was, it wasn't photographed well at all.
When a new friend code is added, old friend code is deleted. If there are
friend codes that you don't want to delete, please lock them. Register new
friend code.
When taking damage, you lose hearts instead of HP.
Which file do you want to copy?
Which file do you want to delete?
Which file's friend codes do you wish to edit?
Which save data file do you wish to rename?
Which slot do you want to copy this file to?
White Dragon
White Drops
White Fomor
Who doesn't love smooth, beautiful silk?
Why do barbarians wear open- toed sandals like this?
Wicked Child
Wii connection terminated.
Wind Ring
Winged Boots
Winged Guard
Winged Skeleton
Wireless connection error.
With broad wings, this eagle bears its charges into battle.
Women's hat with a collapsable hood.
Work of the Finest Quality
World Ring
world, Good had vanquished
Wygol Village
You cannot access Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection using this user name. Please change
your user name and try again.
You cannot carry any more items.
You cannot view this yet.
You do not have enough money.
You do not have enough to equip.
You have been disconnected from Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.
You have no glyphs.
You have no items.
You may set up to three glyphs in advance for quick selection. While holding
down (A BUTTON), press (L BUTTON) or (R BUTTON) to swap the glyphs you have
selected. Glyphs equipped in this way are indicated as A, B, and C.
You'll be the belle of the ball in this gorgeous party dress.
Your friend code
Your Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection User Information may have  been erased. Check
your connection settings. For help, visit support.nintendo.com.
Your status increases depending on how much money you have.
Your ticket to a brand new echelon of stomach problems.
Your wireless partner is getting ready.
Your wireless partner is getting ready. Please wait a moment.
You're just borrowing it, so BE CAREFUL.

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