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Boss FAQ by Magus_Stragus

Version: 0.75 | Updated: 12/11/08

Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia
Boss FAQ v0.75
By Magus_Stragus

1. Introduction
2. Version History
3. Boss Guide
4. General tips
5. Contact Info
6. Credit

1. Introduction [S1]

Hey there. I’m Magus_Stragus, a fan of the Castlevania games. This is my very
first FAQ, but don’t worry, it isn’t my first Castlevania. I decided to write
this FAQ just for the lack of one currently. If you find that my tactics
aren’t the best, I would appreciate the feedback.

Any roads, the point of this FAQ is to give advice and strategies for
defeating every boss in the game. Tips for getting the boss medal will also be
given out.

Oh, the usual disclaimer: I don’t own any copyrights on Castlevania or any of
its terms/characters/etc. They are property of their respective owners.

This FAQ is copyright of Magus_Stragus, and it may only be posted in GameFaqs
(http://www.gamefaqs.com), NeoSeeker (http://www.neoseeker.com/), nowhere
else, nor partially nor fully; email me if you find it somewhere else. I would
really appreciate it.

2. Version History [S2]

0.7: First version. Some bosses missing yet. Will add them soon.
0.75: Added Brachyura’s strategy. Added some strategies by other players.
Added NeoSeeker as a legal place to hold this guide.

~Things to come in next updates~ 
A. Strategy for all bosses
B. Medal strategy for all bosses
C. Boss Rush strategies

3. Boss Guide [S3]

Ok, here’s the important stuff. The information will be given in the following

Name: The name of the boss

Hp: How much Hp the boss has.
Exp: How much experience the boss awards after being defeated.
Strong: What kind of attacks the boss resist (less damage) 
Weak: What kind of attacks the boss is weak to (more damage)
Glyph: If you can obtain a glyph from this boss.
Rating: How hard the boss is. A scale from 1 to 5 will be used, 1 being the

Attacks: The attacks the boss uses and how to avoid them.

Recommended Glyphs: What glyphs are good against this boss.

Strategy: A recommended set of moves or attacks to deal with this boss in the
best possible way.

Medal: Tips and advices to get the boss medal. 

| Arthroverta |

Hp: 700
Exp: 300
Strong: Strike
Weak: Slash, Fire
Glyph: None
Rating: 1

-Claws: The boss attacks with its claws. Just move back to avoid it.
-Web: Arthroverta spits out webs in an arc. Move back or slash the web to
destroy it.
-Rolling: Arthroverta starts rolling all over the screen. Use Magnes to
avoid it.

Recommended Glyphs: Secare. 

Strategy: Wow, this boss is even easy for a first boss. Any roads, just spam
Secare while you watch out for its claws and web. When he starts curling
himself, use Magnes to avoid getting hit. Rinse and repeat.

Medal: An easy way to deal with him is to use the four Union Glyphs you are
allowed to use at that point of the game when it attacks you with the web (the
only thing that could actually represent a threat). The range of the attack
should take care of the web. It isn’t hard to obtain the medal for this boss.

| Giant Skeleton |

Hp: 800
Exp: 350
Strong: Ice, Dark
Weak: Strike, Fire, Light
Glyph: None
Rating: 1

-Kick: The boss throws a kick. Move back and then use the chance to attack it.
-Punch: The boss throws a punch. Again, just move back to avoid it and use the 
chance to attack it.
-Backwards rush: The Giant Skeleton bends backwards and starts chasing you at
a higher speed than normal. Grab the metallic orbs with Magnes to avoid it.

Recommended Glyphs: Ascia and Macir.

Strategy: Ok, this boss is easy too. First, start spamming Macir + Macir Glyph
Union. That should do some good damage to it. When you run out of hearts, 
Start attacking it with either Ascia or Macir. Macir hits stronger, but Ascia
has more range, leaving you out of danger. I prefer Macir, as avoiding its
attacks shouldn’t be hard, and you deal with him faster. When it comes next to
you, just use Magnes and hold Shanoa up to the upper border of the screen. The
boss should move back. Then, get down and attack it again. Repeat process and

Medal: To get the medal you just have to be really careful when attacking him,
especially with the Glyph Union (due to the relative low range). Stick to the
left wall, and make it stick to the right wall (getting Shanoa to the upper
border of the screen makes the boss move back). Then, get down and attack it
with Ascia, for the range. When it gets near to you, repeat the process. The
Giant Skeleton shouldn’t even be close to touch you.

| Brachyura |

Hp: 1800
Exp: 1000 
Strong: Fire
Weak: Strike, Lighting
Glyph: None
Rating: 2

-Bubbles: Brachyura spits forth several bubbles facing where you are
standing. Destroy them, run to the opposite side, or dodge them by placing in
the lower platforms. Bubbles are usually used after a hammer claw or triple
smash attack.
-Hammer claw: Brachyura moves its giant claw to the center of the screen, then
back, and then quickly hammers the left wall. Duck in the left lower platform
to avoid it.
-Claw slash: Brachyura grabs its giant claw with the smaller one, and then
performs a quick slash with it towards the right wall.  
-Triple smash: Brachyura smashes the ceiling with its giant claw three times.
dodge the first two by ducking in the lower left platform, and the last one
by moving to the upper platform and going as right as you can. Brachyura only
performs this attack when its red.

Recommended Glyphs: Macir, ascia, vol fulgur.

Strategy: This boss is rather easy, despite its dreadful appearance. Start by
positioning yourself in the left side of the platform. When Brachyura reaches
the top, move down to the lower platform and start smacking it with either
ascia of macir. I myself prefer macir, it hits harder and practically at the
same speed than ascia. Vol fulgur is only there if you ever want to do a glyph
union, which you should use when he moves forth his giant claw to you (with
the claw opened). Ok, start smacking it until it turns red, watching for the
hammer attack and the bubbles (dodge as I said above). Keep attacking it in
that same place until it performs the triple smash. When that happens, wait
for it to break the ceiling. If it doesn’t break it in the second attack, move
up to the upper platform and backdash to the left, or you will be hit with the
recoil of the last claw attack. Keep attacking it until it breaks the ceiling.
when that happens, move up as fast as you can. You will reach another dead
end, this time the platforms will be separated and there will be a magnetic
orb in the middle, for you to move between them (you won’t be doing that, so
ignore the orb for now). Again, wait in the upper platform until it reaches
the top (you can attack it with ascia as it moves up). Repeat the technique.
When it breaks the ceiling again, move up (again) as fast as you can, this
time using magnes. The new scenario won’t have the right platforms, but a
magnetic orb instead. This time, be careful as there will be times when you
will be hit by Brachyura’s body when you are in the lower platform, so I
recommend you to switch to ascia, as you will have more chances to attack with
it now. Repeat the process of smacking once more time. When it breaks the
ceiling again, quickly get on the elevator, using the small space between the
walls and the elevator. If you don’t make it on time, it will start attacking
endlessly with its bubbles. Destroy them and move to the centre of the
elevator, then push down to finally finish with this boss. 

Medal: The medal can be a bit hard to get if you are not careful. Be careful
when Brachyura turns red, as it will hit you if you are in the lower left
platform. When you see that it moves the giant claw to the left wall, it’s
because he will turn red and you need to move to the upper platform. Also,
in the third stage, do not drop to the lower platform when Brachyura is red,
as you will likely be hit by its body. Stay on the top platform, and use ascia
to attack. If you time well its attacks, especially when it’s red, you should
get the medal with much problem.

| Albus |

Hp: 4000
Exp: 0
Strong: None
Weak: Slash, Dark
Glyph: Arcebatus
Rating: 3.5

-Shoot: Albus does a simple shoot with his gun. Just jump over him as soon as
he stands with his gun, or you will get hit due to the speed of it.
-Slide: Just like you can, Albus slide in the ground. The only exception is
that he hits harder than you!
-Torpor: Again, just like you, Albus can use Torpor, with the difference that
it’s not a glyph (you can’t absorb it nor he needs to cast it), and he can use
many at the time. Follow the trajectory of each one of them and place yourself
in the middle of them to avoid them. 
-Fire kick: Albus’ deadly move. He jumps, leaving a fire trail as he move. He
can either jump vertically or in an arc. This move deal serious damage and its
hard to avoid, as he usually uses it when you are mid-air. Back off if he uses
this attack, but chances are that you won’t be able to dodge it if you are
already mid-air. 
-Optical shot: Albus fires a spiral shot of dark and light, which is hard to
avoid. Jump behind him as he’s charging the attack.
-Arcebatus: Albus uses Arcebatus. Again, just jump behind him to absorb the
glyph from a safe position. You have to be fast or you won’t make it on time
to absorb the glyph.

Recommended Glyphs: Vol Umbra, Vol Secare, Vol Facis

Strategy: Albus has strong attacks, but they are relatively easy to dodge (all
but from the fire kick). Vol Umbra will give you more damage overall, but its
short range will be a problem. You can use Vol Secare (more attack speed) or
Vol Facis (more damage) also, but I prefer Vol Umbra. Dodge his attack by
jumping over him and placing yourself behind him. Attack him just before you
land, otherwise he will move and your attacks won’t hurt him. Your best
chances to damage him are when he’s casting Arcebatus or when he’s using his
Optical shot. If he’s not shooting, don’t try to jump over him, as he will
likely use his fire kick and catch you mid-air. Keep damaging him slowly but
steady, and he will die soon. Also, unlike most enemies, Albus won’t damage
you if you touch him, so you can move pass him and you won’t receive any
damage at all.

Medal: If you want the medal, then you should use another glyph, as Vol Umbra
blocks your sight and makes it harder to predict his next attack. Beware also
the Torpor attack, as it can easily hit you if you are not careful. If you
dodge his attacks placing yourself behind, you won’t have much trouble, except
that the fight can last longer than usual. 

~Albus Boss Exploit, by Alexander Dojutrek~

The first boss I want to add a strategy for is Albus. This strategy
essentially uses his Fire Kick to his disadvantage. Now it requires Vol Umbra
glyph on both arms, Sapiens Fio glyph for the back, and whatever INT boosting
gear you have. This strategy is a little tricky to explain so I'm going to
break it down into bite sized chunks.

1. As soon as you regain control of Shanoa, Activate the Sapiens Fio and get
Albus off-screen. Keeping Albus on-screen will only result in his use of
another attack other then the Fire Kick.

2. Now with Albus off-screen, Turn around and let loose a Twin Vol Umbra. He
should run right into the spheres when he comes on-screen. 

3. Now this next part is all about timing, As soon as you see him hit the
first Vol Umbra Sphere do a jump (Single, not double) towards him. 

4. As soon as you hear him say "HA!" signifying the beginning of his Fire
Kick, quickly double-jump over him as he does the attack and flies off-screen.
Note: Sometimes he doesn't do a Fire Kick and does another attack or a
vertical fire kick. Just get him off-screen and try again from step 2.

5. Repeat 2 through 4 for the rest of the fight.

Now this should have him ONLY using the Forward Fire Kick throughout the
entire fight, making him essentially childs play for getting the medal.

~Albus medal strategy, by Timothy Jay Dy Ning~

All you need to equip is vol scutum (the front shield) and an attack glyph.

Basically, all you need to do is to stay away a set distance, put up the
shield and never let it go and absorb arcebatus, after that, you can change
the attack glyph and throw arcebatus continuously at him while the shield is
still up. The shield blocks every attack he has other than the optical shot.
To avoid the optical shot is easy, simply press L or back dash. With regards
to running out of space to back dash, simply jumping over him is easy enough.

| Barlowe |

Hp: 4000
Exp: 0 (Geez, what’s wrong with these human bosses that doesn’t give you any
        Exp ¬_¬)
Strong: Dark
Weak: Slash, Light
Glyph: Globus
Rating: 3

-Books of Fire: Barlowe summons seven books that burst in flames and rush
against Shanoa in a straight line. Dodge them by running across the screen, or
by jumping.
-Book of Ice: Barlowe lands and drop a book, which frozen the ground and 
Shanoa if she’s touching it. Double jump just when he drops the book to avoid
it. If you get hit, you’ll be frozen and won’t be able to move, and he will
then attack you with a lighting to add even more damage to the poor Shanoa.
-Books of Lighting: Barlowe summons two books, one goes to above his head and
the other below his feet. He then forms an electric ball and rushes himself
against you, bouncing against the room’s wall. Jump over him as he comes to 
you or backdash, whatever you seem more fitting to his angle of travel.
-Punch combo: Barlowe goes melee with a combo of punches, each one coming
horizontally alternating directions. Jump with the correct timing (as soon as
he appears) to dodge it, otherwise he will appear just where you are (even
mid-air) and will hit you. Oh, if you get hit by one attack you will likely 
get hit by the others, so try to not get hit. 
-Globus: Finally, Barlowe will summon Globus glyph to attack you. Absorb it as
soon as you can, or be prepared to receive some damage from the little
bouncing balls.

Recommended Glyphs: Vol Ascia, Vol Luminatio.

Strategy: Barlowe can be hard if you don’t time well his attacks. As he hovers
above you, he’s easy target to Vol Ascia. You can always hit him with Vol
Luminatio, but you’ll deal more damage with the first, due to its speed (more
attacks). Any roads, it’s up to you as always. Attack him while he’s just
hovering, and use the chance to recover your MP while you dodge his attacks.
If you time his attacks, you won’t have any problem dodging them (well, maybe
the electric attack), and after a while he will fall to your feet. 

Medal: The real threat here is the Books of Lighting attack. React quickly to
its route, and remember that he bounce around three times before stopping. Run
when he uses the fire books, as it’s the best way to avoid damage.

| Wallman |

Hp: 9999
Exp: 3500 
Strong: None
Weak: Slash
Glyph: Paries
Rating: 1

-Bomb throw: Wallman throws three bombs that float in the air. After a while,
they burst in four lines of fire. Just duck or stand in the left block to
avoid them.

Recommended Glyphs: None (yes, none).

Strategy: This boss is even easier than Arthroverta! Just wait for him to 
throw the bombs, and stand in a safe place where they can’t hit you when they
blow. Then, wait for Wallman to use the Paries Glyph and absorb it as fast as
you can. There! You defeated the boss! Don’t try to attack him, as it’s
futile, he uses a potion that heals him more than you can hurt him. 

Medal: Just watch out when he throws the bombs. If you feel that you can’t
absorb the glyph on time, just duck while on the floor to avoid the

| Blackmore |

Hp: 5000
Exp: 4300
Strong: Dark
Weak: Light, Fire
Glyph: None
Rating: 5

-Beam: Blackmore lowers his head at the level of Shanoa and fires a powerful
shadow beam that does heavy damage. Double jump to avoid it.
-Shadow meteor: Blackmore leans backwards and fires three shadow balls that
move in an arc. The orbs have two possible paths, and they explode in a large
pillar of shadow when they reach the ground. They can either aim the left wall
(where Shanoa is confined), falling one next to the other (move close to the
boss to avoid them), or they can either fall with a small gap between them
(use those gaps to avoid them).
-Lunge: Blackmore just lunges towards Shanoa with its arm. Jump to avoid it.
-Slash: This downward slash can only be avoided by staying all the way to the
left side of the screen.
-Triple lunge: Blackmore starts with a normal lunge, but it does another two
lungs, the second one upward and the third a lunge. It can be very hard to
avoid (jump, duck, jump at the precise moment).

Recommended Glyphs: Nitesco, Ignis

Strategy: Nitesco is the best option, but you can still use Ignis if you don’t
have Nitesco. Ok, first, you either learn how to dodge Blackmore’s attacks, or 
you go to the store and buy an Onyx pin. It will at least help you survive
more. Ok, now, time for battle. At the beginning, he will only attack you with
lunges and slash mostly, using the shadow meteor and the beam from time to
time. Later, when you have reduced his Hp to about half, he will start using
the triple lunge. He will also do something really tricky and hard to avoid: 
after a set of meteors, he will use the triple lunge. As you will likely be 
busy dodging the meteors, the lunge will probably hit you. So, be aware of
that. Take advantages of the jumps you make to avoid its attacks to
counterattack. Use Union Glyph after Blackmore has attack you with the beam,
as it takes its time to recover. After some time, you’ll get used to the
patterns of its attacks. Having potions and heart refillers also help.

Medal: ~to come in a next update~ 

| Eligor |

Hp: 3000 
Exp: 4300
Strong: Fire
Weak: Strike, Lighting
Glyph: None
Rating: 3.5

Attacks: This boss sure comes with tons of attacks! Ok, first, its attacks
change depending on where you are. 

~If you are in front~
-Cleave: Eligor cleaves its sword in the ground, usually next to its legs.
Just move around to dodge it.
-Slash: Beware of this attack! Eligor will slash the ground with its sword,
likely hitting you unless you are close to its legs. It will only use this
attack if you are too far from him, so stay always close to its legs.
-Crossbow: Eligor will kneel down and attack you with its crossbow. He fires 
an arrow around each 30 degrees, starting from the ground. Just dodge them or
use a shield glyph to deflect them (you can also use Arma Machina to ignore
the damage!)
-Jump: After you destroy the orbs in its legs, it will raise its forward legs
and lean backward, to crash down. Just get away from it when Eligor it’s not
in the ground and you’ll have no problem.

~If you are below~
When you are in the middle of its legs, there’s the danger of getting hit by
its hooves. 
-Kick: Eligor will try to kick you with its forward leg. Just duck to avoid 
-Jump: Eligor will jump. Be aware that he might not land in the same spot, so
try to figure out where it’s landing, and duck.
-Crossbow: If you haven’t destroyed the forward crossbow, Eligor will attack
you with it. Use a shield glyph to avoid them in the safest way.

~If you are behind~
-Kick: Eligor will try to kick you with its back leg. Just duck to avoid it.
-Tail lunge: Eligor will target you with its tail. Just move around until you 
see the tail has stopped moving, and backdash to avoid it.

~If you are on top~
-Rear: Eligor will rear upwards, bending its torso trying to hit you. Stay in
the left part of his body to avoid getting hit.
-Tail lunge: Eligor will try to cleave you with its tail. You can either duck
with a good timing to avoid it or double jump to the ground to avoid it.
-Slash: Eligor’ll try to slash you with its blade. This time run to the right
and duck to avoid it.

Recommended Glyphs: Melio Macir, Fulgur, Vol Fulgur, Melio Scutum. 

Strategy: First, choose between Melio Macir and Fulgur. I prefer Melio Macir,
but if you don’t have it then go with Fulgur. Equip Vol Fulgur and Melio
Scutum too. Now, as the battle begins, start whipping the red orbs in its
legs. Dodge it’s cleave attack, and when Eligor kneel down, start attacking
the crossbow, either with Fulgur or Vol Fulgur, while you use the shield to
block the arrows. The red orbs of the legs should fall first. When they do,
get away from Eligor as it can hit you in its jump. Use Vol Fulgur as soon as
he lands to hit the orb in the crossbow. Though you can move on to the next
“phase” of the boss, I recommend you destroying the forward crossbow first,
using Vol Fulgur when its out of reach, and Fulgur whenever you can. After you
destroy it, destroy the red orbs again and move swiftly beneath it, in the
middle of its leg. Now, watch out for the hooves as Eligor moves. With the
crossbow out, you can only now worry for its kick and jump attack, both easily
avoidable. You can move immediately to the next “phase” (behind it), but I
recommend you taking out the back crossbow first, using Vol Fulgur. It 
shouldn’t take long. When it’s destroyed, move behind when Eligor jumps (use
Rapidus Fio or Moonwalkers + backdash). Now, you need to destroy the red orbs
of its back legs. Shouldn’t be that hard. Watch out for the tail, though. When
you destroy them, you have the chance to hop on it. Do it and start attacking
the red orb in its head. If you get hit by something when you are on top of 
it, you will likely fall to the ground and will have to start from the
beginning (don’t worry, the crossbows remain destroyed). Use the weapon +
lighting Glyph Union to deal some good damage to it, while you dodge its
attack. It shouldn’t last long.

Medal: ~to come in a next update~

~Eligor Boss Strategy/Exploit, by Alexander Dojutrek~

The second boss I want to point out a strategy on is Eligor's Second Phase
(under Eligor) and an exploit on his Fourth Phase (Eligor's Sattle).

On the Second Phase, equip Globus and let loose an assault. This should be
able to take down his Crossbows and remove any arrows they fire from the air
while you focus on dodging. This is possible since his Legs act as walls,
essentially keeping the Globus in one area.

Now for the Fourth Phase, you can essentially remove all off his attacks for
the Fourth Phase from play while he ONLY does his attacks from the Third Phase
(behind Eligor). Two points I should make clear before continuing:

1. This requires some speed so it's suggested that one uses a Dual Fulgur and
INT Boosting Setup. 
2. The Tail Stab he does during his Third Phase CAN still hurt you while your
in the required location for this Exploit to work.

Now as soon as he gets back up, you should stand on where the first gold part
of his tail and his behind meet (More towards the tail side). This should get
him thinking you're still on the floor behind him and he will continue to do
his Third Phase Moves. When he does a Third Phase attack, jump at his eye in
the back of his head and let loose a Dual Fulgur then quickly run back to the
safe spot. This might prompt him to use one of his Fourth Phase moves,
otherwise he will continue doing the Third Phase Moves. Continue doing this,
he should fall without much trouble and if you didn't get hit an easy medal.

| Death |

Hp: 4444
Exp: 4444
Strong: Dark
Weak: Light
Glyph: None
Rating: 3

-Summon sickles: Small sickles appear all over the room randomly, and rush
towards Shanoa in a straight line. Just avoid them or destroy them.
-Sickle wave: Death raises its hand towards you, and from it a wave of sickles
burst out. You can either be fast enough to place yourself behind Death,
destroy all of them using Arcebatus or Luminous, or if you want some challenge
double jump and avoid them by kicking them and jumping again (it’s fun to try
-Eight sickles: Death summons eight sickles around you, in the shape of a U,
which then close with a downward curved move. This one is really hard to
avoid. As soon as Death uses this attack, slide beneath one of them to escape
from there, or else you will likely be hit.
-Straight chop: Death will hover above you and try to chop you down with a
straight downward chop. Just move around to avoid it.
-Circle chop: Death will charge against Shanoa with its scythe facing down and
 when it reaches you it will make a very hard to avoid circular attack.
Backdash (with moonwalkers, preferably) to avoid it.
-Spirits of death: Death will summon three spirits that will begin an
increasing spiral move, much like Luminatio. You can either time their 
movement to get inside their spiral, where you are safe, or run as far as you
can, as they disappear after a while.

Recommended Glyphs: Vol Luminatio, Luminatio, Arcebatus, Rapidus Fio.

Strategy: Death isn’t as hard as it is in other Castlevania games. The only
moves that should really represent an actual threat are the circle chop and
the eight sickles. First, you have two options to deal with the summoned
sickles: you can have Rapidus Fio activated all the time and keep moving back
and forth to destroy them (the small barrier the glyph creates can protect you
from the sickles); or you can dodge them and destroy them as you see them
coming at you. The first option grants you more defence, but the second one
lets you focus more on attacking. It’s up to you. The same goes with the
glyphs. You can either use Vol Luminatio for more damage, albeit at the chance
that your attack will be stopped by one of the flying sickles, or you can go
with Luminatio, for less damage per hit, but with the chance to hit Death more
times, and even destroy some sickles at the same time. When Death uses its
sickle wave, change to Arcebatus and destroy all of them with one shot, or use
Luminatio in front of Death’s hand (it also works, and you deal good damage to
Death at the same time). Use weapon + light glyph union to deal more damage if
you want. Death should fall easily.

Medal: For the medal, use Rapidus Fio to avoid all damage from the flying
sickles. When Death uses its eight sickle attack, react fast and slide
underneath to escape the trap. Run behind Death when it rushes towards you for
the circle chop. Use Arcebatus to deal with the wave of sickles, and shot 
twice with a small gap between shots to ensure that you destroy all of them.
If you are careful, Death shouldn’t touch you.

4. General Tips [S4]

These are general tips that you can use for most of the bosses.
-Light + Dark is your friend: If you want a cheap way to get boss medals, spam
Light + Dark Union (with heart refillers) to deal some good damage. However,
try to use them not at the beginning, but after you consider you have deal
enough damage. Some bosses start using their strongest attacks after their HP
has gotten low, so it’s better to save the Union to deal the finishing blow.
Also, it may not work for all bosses.
-Kicking = avoiding: For some bosses, you can use the kick (press down + B
after a double jump) to avoid some attacks, and even get yourself a better
position (after you connect a kick, you can make another jump!)
-Beware the weakness: Bosses usually have a weakness to something, but is not
always the best to attack them using that weakness. There are times when
choosing a neutral glyph to attack will prove better, be it for speed (more
attacks) or for reach (less chance to get hit).
-The medals are just for personal glory: Remember, getting all medals will
award you NOTHING. So, think twice if you really want to spend your time
getting a medal that will leave you only a personal satisfaction (which
sometimes, ends in frustration).
-Change your tactics if they don’t work: If you see that your tactics aren’t
working no matter how many times you try, it would be good if you think about
changing them. Maybe you need to switch glyphs, play more aggressively/
defensively, etc.
-Play with your weapons of choice: You may have heard that certain weapon is
preferred to deal with certain boss. However, you may not have experience with
the weapon, so following the guide will actually just represent more problems
than help. If you see that you can deal some good damage with a weapon of your
choice, then use it. Modify the tactics to your own situation. I, myself,
prefer to attack with magic, and though it was hard the first time, I could
defeat all bosses with magic (well, the ones that you can actually use it
against them).

5. Contact Info [S5]

Send your feedback, questions, corrections, additions and cookies to
OutcastMagus@aol.com. Corrections and update will be done as soon as I have
time. Cookies will be eaten as soon as they arrive. ^_^

6. Credit [S6]

I would like to thank the following persons:

-Alexander Dojutrek, for the Albus and Eligor exploits.
-Zheng Yi Ming, for pointing out that Albus can’t damage you with his body.
-Timothy Jay Dy Ning, for the Albus medal strategy.

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