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FAQ/Walkthrough by Xeratos

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 11/07/08

Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction
   Character Control......................[Contr1]
   Glyph System...........................[Glyph1]
   About Terminology......................[Termi1]
   What this Guide has, and doesn't.......[Guide1]
2. Walkthrough
   Part 1: The Search for Albus
      Wygol Village.......................[Wygol1]
      Ruvas Forest........................[Ruvas1]
      Kalidus Channel.....................[Kalid1]
      Minera Prison Island................[Miner1]
      Kalidus Channel.....................[Kalid2]
      Tymeo Mountains.....................[Tymeo1]
      Misty Forest Road...................[Misty1]
      Skeleton Cave.......................[Skele1]
      Backtracking: Wygol Village.........[Wygol2]
      Backtracking: Minera Prison Island..[Miner2]
      Backtracking: Misty Forest Road.....[Misty2]
      Backtracking: Tymeo Mountains.......[Tymeo2]
      Backtracking: Monastery.............[Monas2]
      Somnus Reef.........................[Somnu1]
      Giant's Dwelling....................[Giant1]
      Tristis Pass........................[Trist1]
      Oblivion Ridge......................[Obliv1]
      Backtracking: Ecclesia..............[Eccle2]
      Argila Swamp........................[Argil1]
      Mystery Manor.......................[Myste1]
      Backtracking: Ecclesia..............[Eccle3]
   Part 2: Storming Dracula's Castle
      Castle Entrance.....................[Castl1]
      Backtracking: Castle Entrance.......[Castl2]
      Underground Labyrinth...............[Under1]
      Backtracking: Misty Forest Road.....[Misty3]
      Backtracking: Tymeo Mountains.......[Tymeo3]
      Backtracking: Underground Labyrinth.[Under2]
      Mechanical Tower....................[Mecha1]
      Forsaken Cloister...................[Forsa1]
      Backtracking: Mechanical Tower......[Mecha2]
      Arms Depot..........................[Arms1]
      Forsaken Cloister...................[Forsa2]
      Final Approach......................[Final1]
3. Extras
      Hidden Areas........................[Hidde1]
         Large Cavern.....................[Large1]
         Training Hall....................[Train1]
      Alternate Boss Strategies...........[Alter1]
4. Tables.................................[Table1]
5. Credit
6. Version History

7. Contact Information
8. Copyrights

+ Introduction +

Character Controls [Contr1]
In Game Controls
A- Hold to activate the Glyph Sleeve, push L or R while holding A to cycle

   through your Glyph sets
B- Jump, push B again while in midair to double jump after obtaining the
   ordinary rock, push down + B to slide
Y- Attack with the Glyph equipped to this button, push up and Y to perform a
   Glyph Union
X- Attack with the Glyph equipped to this button, push up and X to perform a
   Glyph Union
L- Backdash
R- Activate your equipped Support Glyph
Select- Toggle the top screen between map and Shanoa/enemy data
Start- Pause the game, skip through the dialogue sections
Control Pad Left- Move left
Control Pad Right- Move right
Control Pad Up- Absorb a Glyph, or fly upwards when using the Volaticus Glyph
Control Pad Down- kneel down, press down and B to drop through some ledges

In Menu Controls

A- Advance a menu, accept a command

B- Go back a menu, cancel a command

Start- Exit the menu
Control Pad Left- Move curser left, cycle through Glyph sets

Control Pad Right- Move curser right, cycle through Glyph sets

Control Pad Up- Move curser up
Control Pad Down- Move curser down

Glyph System [Glyph1]
OoE utilizes a new system, known as Glyphs. Glyphs are special powers that
Shanoa picks up through the game. It mirrors closely the soul system used in
Aria and Dawn of Sorrow, except that not every monster in the game drops Glyphs.
Also new is the fact that Shanoa doesn't use physical weapons like previous game

Instead, she uses attack Glyphs, which mimic many of the older game's weapons.
She can equip sword Glyphs, axe Glyphs, and knife Glyphs, to name a few. In
addition, she can also use lightning Glyphs, fire Glyphs, light Glyphs, and so
on. Every attack uses MP, but this meter recharges very quickly now. In
addition to that, Shanoa can equip 2 Glyphs at a time to attack with both of
them simultaneously, and perform Glyph Unions where she combines them to form
an extra powerful attack. This attack uses hearts, instead of MP. 

About Terminology [Termi1]
Throughout the walkthrough, you'll find quite a few words and phrases repeated.
Some examples of this are "hallway" and "hall", which I always use to signify
a horizontal room stretching multiple screens, and "passage", which I use to
signify vertical rooms. Anything labeled as a "room", large or small, usually
has a squarish or rectangular shape.

Most exit locations are listed as "upper left" or "lower left", etc. Unless
otherwise noted, this almost universally means in the wall of the room, not the
ceiling or floor.

When I begin a new area, or a revisiting of an old area, I list the stat block
for that area. This block includes any enemies seen in the area, any items in
the area, including the number of random chests, the possible contents of the
random chests, any Glyphs to find, and, for the first part of the walkthrough,
any villagers.

What this block does not include is any enemies that were already listed if the
block is for a revisitation of an area (say, for picking up new items or
exploring previously unreachable portions) or items, Glyphs, villagers, etc.

There are 6 types of treasure chests. "Treasure chest" refers to a location
where you will find either a common wooden chest or a rare green chest. Hidden
chests are blue, and you have to perform something special to reveal them. Red
chests are only openable once, and always contain the same item, and the 3
golden chests in the game each contain 1 relic.

What this Guide has, and doesn't... [Guide1]
This guide contains a complete walkthrough, all the way from the opening
conversation to the final round of verbal sparring with Dracula at the end of
the game. It also contains tables taken directly from the game's indexes for
all of the enemies and Glyphs.

It has only a functional villagers section; there are plenty of other sources
of information, and someone already beat me to this. I see no need to replicate
it here. It also lacks an item section because, quite honestly, I don't really
want to go through bossrush a dozen times to fill in all the items you get from
beating it. Also, again, this information is available elsewhere.

+ Walkthrough +
Part 1: The Hunt for Albus

Ecclesia [Eccle1]
Enemies:  003 Skeleton
Items: Record 1, Record 5
Wood Chests: None
Green Chests: None
Glyphs: Confodere

The game opens with a young woman with long hair and a blue dress entering a
door into Ecclesia. This woman is Shanoa, the heroine of this game.

   Shanoa: Who's there?
   Albus: ...Figures. Serves me right for trying to scare you.

   Albus materializes out of the shadows.

   Shanoa: Albus!
   Albus: Apparently I didn't hide my presence very well at all. Good to see
          you, Shanoa.
   Shanoa: What are you doing here?
   Albus: Well, this is our home, after all. Where else would I be?
   Shanoa: No, it's not that. Aren't you on a mission?
   Albus: Yes, but I wanted to make sure things were okay here.
   Albus: Any news worth sharing?
   Shanoa: Well, Barlowe chose me as the bearer, actually.
   Shanoa: We're about to start the ritual, so my body can be a vessel for
   Albus: What did you say?! [Dominus]... you?
   Shanoa: That's right.
   Albus: This is an outrage! Barlowe lied to me!
   Shanoa: Lied?
   Albus: I'm supposed to be the bearer. He promised me that much!
   Shanoa: But, the master said you--
   Albus: What? What did he tell you?
   Shanoa: ...that you're unfit... to be the bearer.
   Albus: ...!?
   Albus: He would never say such a thing!
   Shanoa: But Albus--
   Bells ring in the background.

   Shanoa: I'm sorry; it's time. I have to go.

   Shanoa jumps onto a nearby platform.

   Albus: Wait, Shanoa! You don't understand!
   Shanoa: You're wrong. I'm as much a member of Ecclesia as you are.
   Shanoa: Our sole purpose is to destroy [Dracula], so people can look to
           dawn without fearing the darkness. Am I wrong, Albus?
   Albus: That isn't--
   Shanoa: For that reason, I will become Dominus, the blade to banish all evil.
   Albus: Shanoa...!

Continue up the series of platforms to the top of the passage. Make a quick stop
on the left platform with the blue highlights and press down to reveal a hidden
treasure containing record 1. Enter the door on the right. The scene shifts to
Albus, still standing where Shanoa left him.

   Albus: How could he!?
   Albus: Orders may be orders, Barlowe... But I'm holding you to your promise.

   The scene shifts from Albus to Shanoa and Barlowe.

   Barlowe: Shanoa, as you know, only you can become bearer of [Dominus].
   Shanoa: Yes, Sir.
   Barlowe: Even so, it will be nearly impossible for you to control its power.
   Barlowe: The purpose of this ritual is to make sure your body will adjust to
   Shanoa: Yes, Sir. But when it's over, I--
   Barlowe: That's right, Shanoa. You will be able to wield our most powerful
            Glyph... [Dominus], which Ecclesia created as the ultimate weapon
            against Dracula.

   Shanoa runs onto the platform.

   Barlowe: I'm proud of you, Shanoa. You will become our world's new savior.

   Three books float into the air and open themselves. They flip through pages
   and three glyphs appear, which Shanoa begins to absorb. The screen goes black
   with a cracking sound.

   Barlowe: What's going on!?
   Shanoa: Aaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!

   Light comes back to the screen, and Albus is standing there with the three
   books floating around his hand.

   Shanoa: You... Who... are...?
   Albus: .....

   Shanoa collapses to the ground.

   Barlowe: What's the meaning of this!? Albus! You know how crucial the ritual
   Albus: You lied to me.
   Barlowe: Albus--
   Albus: I was to be the bearer. You promised me!
   Barlowe: We each have a role! If you had followed orders, you might
            understand that.
   Barlowe: Above all else, Shanoa is the only one with the capacity for
   Barlowe: You know that as well as I do.
   Albus: I intended to overcome my weakness. What happened to working together?
   Barlowe: Perhaps we still can. Together, we will overcome this setback as
   Albus: It's too late.

   Albus pulls all three books into his hand, and they disappear.

   Barlow: Tell me, Albus. What do you intend to do with [Dominus]?
   Albus: ...You said it yourself: each one of us has a role. And, like a fine
          master, you've finally shown me what mine must be.
   Barlowe: Don't be stupid, Albus! What are you planning?
   Albus: I will be taking [Dominus].
   Barlowe: Be rational! Without that Glyph, our mission is a failure!
            Dracula's vessel--
   Albus: I have my own mission.

   Albus raises his gun.

   Barlowe: Tch!

   Barlowe backdashes. Albus shoots a max shot, which Barlowe counters with a
   Lightning Union. Energy flashes through the room.

   Albus: You are my master no longer...
   Albus: Farewell, Barlowe.
   Albus runs off the screen.

   Several weeks pass...
   Shanoa and Barlowe stand in Ecclesia, a Glyph floating in the air between

   Barlowe: Your training regimen shall soon conclude.
   Shanoa: As you say, Sir.
   Barlowe: We tap the power in all things, great and small, to forge Glyphs
            through Eclesia's secret art.
   Barlowe: And so we gain the strength to save mankind. Absorb the Glyph
            before you, if you would.

Press and hold up to begin absorbing a Glyph. Up must be held until the Glyph
is completely absorbed or it will revert back to its space on the screen.
Absorbing a Glyph grants Shanoa that power and also refills 10 hearts. Absorb
the Glyph, Confodere, which is a level 1 rapier Glyph. Also note the jar with
light glowing from the top. Stand in front of this jar (or its duplicate in
Wygol Village) and hold down to recover Shanoa's supply of hearts.

   Shanoa: A Rapier Glyph?
   Barlowe: Just so. And now you see: absorb a Glyph, and you shall know its
   Barlowe: That is your gift; it's yours and yours alone.
   Shanoa: As you say, Sir.
   Barlowe: ......
   Barlowe: That I must teach you from the start again...
   Barlowe:  A pity that this had to happen now.
   Barlowe: But still, our time is waning. Moving on...
   Shanoa: As you say, Sir.
   Barlowe: That Glyph-- direct its power toward your arms.

Press start to open the menu and select the Glyphs screen. Select Confodere as
both Shanoa's Y and X attacks. Note the colors that code the words. The top
Glyphs will be in yellow; these are a record of the Glyphs that have most
recently been used. The Glyph currently being used is highlighted in blue and,
after Shanoa obtains the Glyph Sleeve, will have an A, B, or C notated next to

   Barlowe: So armed, you can wield Glyphs against your foes.
   Barlowe: Imagine I am one of them, and strike!

Shanoa can attack with both the Y or X Glyphs at the same time, thus allowing
her to hit her opponents with a barrage of attacks (and also draining her MP
bar quickly). All of Shanoa's Glyph attacks take MP, but she recovers it
rapidly by simply not attacking for a few moments. Attack Barlowe until he
starts talking again.

   Barlowe: Your memories ay have fled, but you must not. 
   Barlowe: Hear me-- your warrior's instincts must endure.
   Barlowe: Now meld the Glyphs in both your arms. Prepare; Glyph Unions may
            yet catch foes by surprise.

Press Up + Y or Up + X to perform a Glyph Union. If Shanoa has two Glyphs of
the same kind equipped, this attack always performs correctly. If she
has two different Glyphs equipped, she may get an invalid combo attack, which
is just a burst of white light in front of her. This attack consumes only 5
hearts, and still does damage, but it's not nearly as flashy as two rapier
Glyphs or two axe Glyphs. Perform a Glyph Union attack on Barlowe.

   Barlowe: So skillful! Now, you face the final test: the danger of true
   Barlowe: Steel yourself. Then, once prepared, step into the next room.
   Shanoa: As you say, Sir.

Walk to the left and press down in front of the jar to recover the 15 hearts
Shanoa spent on the Glyph Union, then head to the right and exit through the
door into the next room.

   Barlowe: From netherworlds, I call your enemy!
   Barlowe: Use everything you've learned to stand your ground.
   Barlowe: And be our greatest warrior once again!

A set of skeletons appear. Attack them with a basic Y, X, Y combination followed
by L to make Shanoa backdash out of the way of the skeletons' thrown bone
attacks. A second pair appears; repeat this process to defeat them as well.

   Barlowe: So ends your basic training. Now advance!

Head right into the next room.

   Barlowe: Shanoa, I expected nothing less.
   Shanoa: Thank you, Sir.
   Barlowe: And now, your mission must begin at once.
   Barlowe: Recover the supreme Glyph, Dominus. My pupil has it-- Albus is his
   Shanoa: Albus...
   Barlowe: Does that name stir your memory by chance?
   Shanoa: No, Sir.
   Barlowe: Your feelings, then? You knew of him, before.
   Shanoa: I know nothing of him now, Sir.
   Barlowe: Know this: it's he who robbed your memories blind. He cost you that,
            and cost mankind its only wish. Its only hope, and you must take it
   Shanoa: The ritual... That man I saw...
   Barlowe: That man was Albus.
   Shanoa: ...This is all his doing. But why?
   Barlowe: He coveted your power, and your fate. But Dominus was yours alone
            to bear.
   Barlowe: Had I explained, perhaps you'd still be whole.
   Shanoa: ......
   Barlowe: ...But no time now for wishes or regrets.
   Barlowe: With Dominus, we two can save the world-- from nothing less than
            Dracula himself! Retrieve it, and we burn him back to dust.
   Barlowe: There's nothing else that's ever mattered more.
   Shanoa: It shall be done, Sir.
   Barlowe: You truly are a blessing on us all. And we have one advantage:
            [Dominus] cannot be used by ordinary men. Not even Albus; it
            requires you. No flesh but yours can ever host a Glyph.
   Barlowe: You see now why I chose you for this task.
   Shanoa: I do, Sir.
   Barlowe: But Albus has a keen and cunning mind.
   Barlowe: With time, he may yet find another way.
   Barlowe: So find him first, before his trail grows cold!
   Shanoa: I shall, Sir.

   Shanoa runs past Barlowe to the exit.

   Barlowe: Shanoa, bring him back unharmed, unless... Unless he proves too
            stubborn. Understood?
   Shanoa: Yes.
   Barlowe: Our hopes go with you... All the world's, and mine.

Exit through the door to the right, and continue straight across to the
opposite one. This room is a save point, where Shanoa's HP, MP, and status can
be recovered (and also, obviously, where the game is saved at). Go back into
the three-roomed training hall and, in the middle of the left-most room, there
is a red chest containing record 5. Head back into the main vertical passage
and go all the way to the bottom, then left to exit Ecclesia.

Monastery [Monas1]
Enemies: 001 Bat, 002 Zombie, 003 Skeleton, 004 Ghost, 005 Banshee,
         006 Bone Scimitar, 109 Anthroverta
Items: 5 random chests, Sandals, HP Max Up, Book of Spirits,
       Heart Max Up, Red Drops, MP Max Up, Anthro Medal
Wood Chests: Anti-venom, Cotton Thread, Magical Ticket, Meat
Green Chests: Darjeering Tea, Heart Repair, High Tonic, Lapis Lazuli
Glyphs: Magnes, Secare, Culter
Villagers: Cat

Enter the Monastery, and head right. In the first long hall, you'll fight 4

skeletons. Defeat them the same way you did back in Ecclesia. Torches of
various kinds will show up throughout the game. Strike them to make them drop
hearts (or money if your hearts are full).

Head right into another vertical passage. There is a treasure chest above
Shanoa, as well as a bat hanging from the ceiling nearby. A simple well-timed
attack will kill it in one hit, but beware: it will fly from its perch towards
Shanoa as you approach. Collect the treasure and then head right into the next

There, another skeleton awaits, as well as a new enemy. Two zombies shuffle
forward, but each are easily defeated with two hits. Continue right to reach
the first of the Monastery's warp rooms.

This room won't do anything for now, but once you find a second warp room in
the same area, you can jump back and forth between them. The Monastery only has
two warp rooms, but some of the larger areas have three or more.

Go back to the vertical passage, and scale it upwards. Be careful of the
skeleton on the short ledge. There isn't enough room for the normal 3-hit and
backdash combo here, so you may find you have to make multiple runs at it to
kill it and avoid being hit. Also watch for a pair of bats flying overheard.
When Shanoa reaches the top of the passage, head right.

There, kill two skeletons and the banshee that appears floating at the top of
the screen. A second banshee appears at the right end of the hall in front of
the red chest. After all of the monsters have been dealt with, open the chest
to obtain a pair of sandals. Equip them for a slight defense increase.

Go back to the vertical passage, and continue straight left to another hallway
with 4 more skeletons in it. Clear this hallway out and continue left to a
vertical passage with a Glyph floating in the air.

This Glyph is red, which means it's a support type Glyph, and is equipped onto
the R button. Magnes is its name, and its power is to let Shanoa exert a
magnetic field that pulls her towards the metal orbs positioned throughout the
game. She can slingshot herself off them onto far away platforms or sometimes
other orbs. After the game finishes its Magnes tutorial, haed back down to the
bottom of the passage and go left to find a save point.

Head to the top of the passage and collect the cotton hat from the red chest,
then go left. You will immediately notice two things in this room: a meowing
cat, and a red chest on a platform that Shanoa cannot (yet) reach. Ignore the
red chest for now, and head down to the bottom of the screen. Kill the ghosts,
the flying horse heads with the purple auras, as they appear, and take out
another banshee near the bottom right corner of the room.

The cat is under a low ledge, and to rescue it, Shanoa has to slide (down + B)
directly on top of it. This means you have to start your slide a bit to the
left of the edge of the platform. A good background marker is directly left of
the wooden pole holding up the ledge you came down from. Once Shanoa is
directly over top of the cat, press down to collect it. Slide forward again and
press up in front of the red chest to obtain an HP Max Up.

From there, turn around and slide back out, then run left across the room to
the lower-left exit. Here, you'll meet the Bone Scimitar. When killed, this
monster sometimes leaves behind a Secare Glyph, which is a level 1 sword Glyph.
It doesn't have quite the range of Confodere, but it is slightly stronger in
attack. Equipping two Secare's allows Shanoa to perform the Sword Union, while
equipping one Secare and one Confodere performs the Invalid Union.

Farther to the left in this room, you'll see a wall with blocks behind it.
If you use a Union Glyph, you can uncover a Glyph called Cubus behind the
blocks, but they fall too quickly for Shanoa to fully absorb it. You'll have
to come back later if you want this (largely useless) Glyph once Shanoa has
obtained more powerful, wider-ranged attacks.

Go back to through the large room with all the Ghosts and exit into the passage
where you found Magnes. Leave through the right-hand door near the top of the
passage to come into a hallway with an endless supply of zombies that crop up
from the ground. Near the middle of the hall, there is a statue.

Break it to reveal the Culter Glyph, a level 1 knife Glyph. This is a weak,
but quick, attack that throws knives across the screen. Equipping two Culters
allows Shanoa to perform the Knife Union, which throws a long stream of knives.
Exit this hall in the right to come into another ghost-filled room.

A golden chest sits on a ledge that is accessible form the right hand side.
Open it to obtain the Book of Spirits, a relic which shows the name of monsters
in the lower right corner of the screen as Shanoa hits them. In the upper right
corner is a treasure chest. Continue to the upper left corner of the room,
and jump up and attack the wall. After several hits, it breaks away, revealing
a hidden hall running to the left. At the end of this hall, which is filled
with zombies and ghosts in endless supply, is a red chest with a Heart Max Up.

Go back to the room you just came out of and exit through the lower right
corner. The next hallway is home to a bone scimitar and two banshees. Kill them
and keep going. You'll reach a vertical passage. At the top of the screen is a
ledge with a treasure chest on it. The edge of that ledge on the right side is
breakable, and an item called Red Drops falls to the ground after you hit it a
few times. This increases your flame attribute points, which admittedly isn't
much use right now.

Collect the treasure, and head up the passage, killing bats and skeletons as
you go. At the top, go to the right to get another treasure chest, defeating
the bone scimitar and banshee in the room. Then go back to the vertical passage
and go left.

This is the longest hallway yet, filled with zombies, a few skeletons (which
you should be able to kill quickly enough to run forward under the bones and
not have to backdash by now), and a few bone scimitars. Another treasure chest
is here. Plow your way through them to the next passage.

Use Magnes to throw yourself up to the treasure chest containing an MP Max Up
by aiming at the ceiling and sliding across it rather than aiming right for the
treasure and bouncing off the ledge it's sitting on. Head up to the top and
enter the left door to access the second warp point of the Monastery, then go
back down to the left and use the save point. The blue door with the red ball
in the center is a boss gate, and it's always a good idea to save before
walking through one. On the other side is the first boss of the game.

HP: 700         Exp: 300

When you first enter the room, the boss will be hanging from the ceiling in a
green sack. It breaks the sack and drops to the ground, revealing a red monster
that seems to be some sort of mutated crab. This boss has only three attacks,
all of which are easy to avoid if your reflexes are sharp enough.

Start by making sure you've got two Secares equipped (likely anyway; they have
the highest attack). Note the two magnetic orbs near the top of the room.
When the boss rolls itself into a ball, jump straight up and hold R to activate
Magnes. Shanoa will float in the air above the boss as it rolls back and forth
across the room.

Mash Y and X alternatively to slash with Secare repeatedly after is unrolls
itself, but watch for its claw. The claw is normally tucked against the boss's
body, but it will unfurl it and slash forward at Shanoa. Simply press L to
backdash once and Shanoa will throw herself out of the range of the attack.
You may then resume hacking away at the boss.

The boss's third attack is a web that the face on the boss spits out.
This attack is able to be dodged, but it's easier to simply stand underneath
it and slash. The upward arc of Secare will hit the web, causing it to fall
away and do no damage.

The biggest problem you'll face fighting this boss is running out of MP as
you repeatedly hack into it. If you run out of MP, back off for a few
seconds to let it recharge. Sword Unions are an effective attack as well,
dealing easily six times as much damage as a normal hit. If you manage to drop
the boss without getting hit, you'll be rewarded with an Arthro Medal. Also,
after every boss fight, a red orb (that looks suspiciously like an eyeball)
will drop down from the ceiling. This orb fully refills your HP and MP.

Roll- The boss rolls itself into a ball and slams back and forth between the 
      walls several times. Float above it using Magnes to dodge the attack.
Claw- The boss unfurls a claw from its side and slashes forward. Press L to
      backdash once out of its range.
Web- The boss spits a green web out of its mouth. It's easier to slash with
     Secare (using its upward arc to hit it) and destroy it than it is to dodge.

Head into the next room to find Albus standing there.

   Albus: Shanoa! Still slaving away for the old man, are we?
   Shanoa: You... I've seen you before. Your name is Albus, is it not?
   Albus: well, yes...
   Shanoa: By order of my master, I'm to retrieve the [Dominus] Glyph and
           return you home.
   Albus: Home, you say? I have none. The old man saw to that.
   Shanoa: It was not a request.

   Shanoa attacks Albus, who teleports out of the way to land on the left side
   of the screen.

   Albus: Intriguing... I recall you being a great deal more graceful than that.
   Albus: And you've forgotten your skill with Glyphs as well.
   Shanoa: I have forgotten, thanks to you.
   Albus: Is that so? Well, I'm never going back. Remember to tell the old man
          for me.
   Shanoa: You must. By order of Master Barlowe--
   Albus: Never say that name again!
   Shanoa: Concentrate, Shanoa...

   Albus fires a max shot, which Shanoa ducks under.

   Albus: Well, I'd best be off... Take care, Shanoa.

   Albus leaves through the left. Shanoa turns around and picks up something
   sparkling on the ground. It is a map with an X on it.

   Shanoa: Hmm... He marked a village on this map.

Go left back to the warp point and use it to jump to the one near the beginning
of the Monastery. Backtrack through the halls and exit the area.

Wygol Village [Wygol1]
Enemies: None
Items: 3 random chests
Wood Chests: Coffee, Meat, Milk (50%)
Green Chests: These chests never appear as green chests.
Glyphs: Torpor
Villagers: Nikolai

As Shanoa enters the village, the camera pans to the right to show a man
trapped in yellow crystal with a Glyph floating above it.

   Shanoa: A Glyph... This is Albus's doing.

Press up to absorb the Glyph, Torpor. Torpor tosses a yellow crystal to the
ground, which shoots up and hits anything on top of it. It does little damage,
especially considering the MP cost, and is almost completely useless.

   Nikolai: At last!
   Shanoa: Who did this to you?
   Nikolai: You must help the others! Everyone in the village has been taken!
   Shanoa: By whom?
   Nikolai: That man! He spirited away the other 12, and then imprisoned me.
   Nikolai: ...But the Lord must have sent you to our aid. Please deliver the
   Shanoa: Can you tell me where the man went?
   Nikolai: If... If I'm not mistaken, he said something about the [Prison
   Shanoa: I see...
   Nikolai: Long ago, criminals were banished to that forsaken place...
   Nikolai: Some say their souls still wander the island, which is forever
   Shanoa: Where is it?
   Nikolai: You can get there through these very woods. Please you must save
   Shanoa: Did Albus really take the villagers to [Prison Island]?
   Shanoa: ...and for what purpose?

The village is all but abandoned until Shanoa rescues more villagers, but there
are three wooden chests to open. One is all the way to the left outside of the
houses, one to the right, and one in the right-most house on the middle floor.
There is also a heart-restoring jar and a save point. When you're done
exploring, exit the village by pressing up while standing in the middle of the
vine-covered arch.

Ruvas Forest [Ruvas1]
Enemies: 001 Bat, 002 Zombie, 003 Skeleton, 006 Bone Scimitar, 008 Nominon,
         009 Axe Knight, 010 Une, 012 Necromancer
Items: 2 random chests
Wood Chests: Anti-venom, Cotton Thread, Magical Ticket, Meat
Green Chests: Darjeering Tea, Heart Repair, High Tonic, Lapis Lazuli
Glyphs: Macir, Fidelis Caries, Ascia
Villagers: None

The Ruvas Forest is a straight run from left to right with  salvo of monsters
standing between Shanoa and exit. The first monster is a flying beast known as
a nominon. It's best to kill these as you encounter them rather than let them
hound Shanoa across the forest. Next is two bone scimitars, followed by another
nominon. As you run to the right, you'll see another bone scimitar. On the
ground in front of it is an une, a plant monster that's extremely easy to miss.

After that, there is a statue containing Macir, a level 1 hammer Glyph. For
now, it's best to stick with Secare, as the flying nominon's are weak to
slashing damage, but resist the striking damage of hammer Glyphs. Defeat
another une and then run to the right to discover a necromancer.

Wait until he begins casting his spell, then hold up to absorb the Glyph he
creates, Fidelis Caries. This is the first summoning Glyph, and it creates
zombies to shuffle across the ground and deal damage to enemies. Summoned
monsters have levels, and they level up when Shanoa absorbs enough copies of
their Glyph. Leveling this particular summon up simply causes two ineffectual
zombies to shuffle across the ground instead of one, however. If you're low on
hearts, you can repeatedly absorb this Glyph to refill them.

The next section starts with a bat, followed by several zombies, some skeletons,
a few nominons, and more bats, which will continue to appear in a never-ending
supply. There is a treasure chest, and after that is an axe knight, which has
the Ascia Glyph, a level 1 axe Glyph, and another treasure chest.

This is an extremely useful weapon; it has mid-range capabilities, high attack
power, and can hit enemies above and below Shanoa. The downside is the high MP
cost of each attack compared to other Glyphs like Confodere or Secare. Axe
knights attack by throwing axes either overhand (duck under them) or underhand
(jump over them). The trick is that the axes return to them after reaching a
certain range, so you must watch for that portion of the attack as well. You
can also strike the axes while they're in the air to make them fall to the

The third section contains another necromancer, a single axe knight, and more
of the same enemies that filled the rest of this area. Defeat them and continue
all the way to the right and out the other side of the Ruvas Forest.

Kalidus Channel [Kalid1]
Enemies: 007 Sea Stinger, 008 Nominon, 011 Merman, 017 Needles
Items: Magical Ticket, Twinbee
Wood Chests: None
Green Chests: None
Glyphs: None
Villagers: Jacob

For now, this area is another straight run. Shanoa  can jump across the pieces
of flotsam and floating boxes to reach the other side, or swim through the
water. The advantage to jumping is that you can ignore the needle enemies,
which do nothing but float in place and wait for you to run into them.

Ascia is a good weapon to use here, as it allows you to strike enemies below
you. The mermen will jump out of the water, but are easily dispatched with two
hits. The second water room also contains a fish enemy known as a sea stinger.
This fish swims towards where Shanoa is, then angles itself upward and leaps
out of the water and attempts to pierce you with its rapier-like nose.

There is an endless stream of these fish swimming through the water, so it's
impossible to kill them all and it's best to just ignore them and keep moving.

In a small cave, you'll find a second villager encased in Torpor, and a magical
ticket sitting on the ground next to him. This handy item allows Shanoa to warp
directly back to Wygol Village from almost any point in the game.

   Jacob: Whew! Hey, you saved me. Thanks!
   Jacob: Im Jacob. Got a general store in Wygol Village.
   Jacob: And on that note, I should probably be getting back to it.
   Jacob: But listen, I might have some things you can use.
   Jacob: Come by the shop, and we'll do business!

There is a save room to the right of the room you found Jacob in, another
hallway. You'll then come into another room full of water, mermen, and sea
stingers. Before you set off though, throw two axes towards the lower right
corner of the stone above Shanoa's head. Then, jump forward and throw the third
axe to break the stone and collect the Twinbee item that falls out. Don't worry
if you miss it and it falls into the water. Simply leave the room and come back
to try again. After that, proceed through the room and two more just like it
before Shanoa exits the right end of the Channel.

Minera Prison Island [Miner1]
Enemies: 009 Axe Knight, 013 Bone Archer, 014 Spear Guard, 015 Invisible Man,
         018 Demon, 023 The Creature, 028 Winged Guard, 071 Evil Force,
         080 Tin Man, 108 Giant Skeleton
Items: 7 random chests, Skeleton Medal, 500 gold bag (2), Cabriolet, MP Max Up,
       Priestess Ring, Anti-toxin, HP Max Up, Konami Man, Heart Max Up,
       Strength Ring, Glyph Sleeve
Wood Chests: Chamomile, Cotton Thread, Magical Ticket, Sage
Green Chests: Iron Ore, Lapis Lazuli, Military Wear, Protect Ring
Glyphs: Hasta, Arcus, Dominus Hatred, Falcis, Vol Fugur
Villagers: Abram, Cat

Before entering this area, head back to Wygol Village and save. You can also
pick up some slightly better armor for Shanoa at the newly reopened general
store. Afterwards, go to the Minera Prison Island. The first warp room is just
to the right of the entrance, and the next boss fight is just after that.
Shanoa runs into the room, where she is immediately spotted by a search light.
A second search light shines onto a giant skeleton, which stands up and attacks.

Giant Skeleton
HP: 800         Exp: 350

This boss has several attacks. The first is where it cocks its arm back, and
then punches downward at Shanoa. The second is similiar, but instead of a punch,
the skeleton kicks out with its leg while throwing its torso backwards as a
counter weight. The boss then proceeds to hang like this for several seconds.
If you get behind it, the skeleton bends over backwards and swings wildly with
its arms while chasing you across the screen.

This fight is remarkably easy to beat, and if you do it right, the boss will
never get the chance to exhibit any of those attacks. Start by equipping Macir
to both Shanoa's Y and X attack. As soon as the fight starts, use Magnes from
the magnetic orb directly above you. The boss will walk towards you, but by
raising Shanoa to the top of the screen, it steps underneath you instead of
running into you. As soon as the skeleton is underneath you, it immediately
begins to backpedal.

Continue to hang from the magnetic orb, burn all of your hearts on repeated
Hammer Unions at this point. The boss is weak to striking damage, so it's
better to use Hammer Unions as opposed to Sword or Axe Unions. However, Macir's
range is too short for the rest of this fight, so switch to two Ascias instead.

Still hanging from the magnetic orb, fire off a salvo of axes as the boss
approaches Shanoa. When it gets closer, raise Shanoa to the top of the screen
so that it walks underneath her. After it backpedals, drop back to the original
resting posision and fire off another round of axes. Repeat this several more
times, then watch as the skeleton folds in on itself and dies. Collect a
skeleton medal from the chest as well as your red orb, then exit to the left
again and return to Wygol Village. Refill your hearts (and save if you'd like),
and come back to finish the rest of this area.

Punch- A simple punch attack that's easy to avoid by backdashing away.
Kick- Another easily avoidable attack. Simply backdash out of its range.
Reverse Flurry- A barrage of raking attacks from the boss's arms as it bends
                backwards and chases Shanoa across the screen. Jump up and grab
                the magnetic orbs with Magnes to fling Shanoa over the boss to
                avoid it.

Continue to the right into the next hallway. Several spear guards, an axe
knight, and a few bone archers all crop up here and in the next hall as well.
What makes these fights hard is that you need to avoid the spot lights. If one
of them gets a decent glimpse of Shanoa, an Evil Force monster will show up.
These grotesque floating heads are quite formidable. They hit harder than the
skeleton boss and have 244 HP as well. On the up side, they're also worth 113
exp if you can drop them. Evil Forces show up later on in the game as regular
monsters in the Mystery Manor.

After exiting to the right side of the hallways, you'll come into a vertical
passage. Collect the treasure chest opposite of Shanoa, and use the save point
through the door, then head down to the bottom of the passage. A bag of money
contains 500 gold, and the door to the right contains a long hall with several
spear guards.

This is a good place to pick up Hasta, a level 1 lance Glyph, since the spear
guards are plentiful in this room. Also, several skull archers are near the
middle and far end. Shanoa can absorb the Arcus Glyph, which is a level 1 bow
Glyph. Start by jumping up to the top platform from the entrance, and collect
the red chest, which contains a Cabriolet. Shanoa can equip this as head

There is a treasure chest along the top path, and at the end, another red chest
contains an MP Max Up. Head back to the vertical passage and go all the way to
the top, taking out the skull archer on the upper-left most ledge. The next
hallway is another split level, and again, you should take the top route to
pick up a treasure chest halfway down.

The hallway leads to another vertical passage, and halfway down this one, you
can break out the left wall to reveal a hidden room. This room contains a red
chest, and inside the chest is a Priestess ring. This accessory provides a
decent defense boost, but it comes at the cost of a point off your attack.

Back in the passage, drop the rest of the way to the bottom and slay the axe
knight there. Collect the treasure chest and go right. Go up in the next
passage, which has an infinite number of winged guards flying across it, and
collect the anti-venom from the red chest, then drop back down. Once Shanoa
obtains the double jump ability, you'll be able to scale the rest of this

Go left into a dungeon-like setting and defeat the spear guard, then go farther
left to encounter an invisible man. Kill these monsters quickly; once they
shrug off their coat, they become harder to keep track of, and they like to
charge Shanoa and hit her hard. After you defeat the invisible man, collect
the HP Max Up out of the red chest and then go down. A quick trip through the
left door reveals a warp point, then go right through the new hallway.

Watch out for the gullotine blades hanging from the ceiling. They drop down as
Shanoa gets close to them. Simply wait for them to raise high enough up to walk
under them or, if you're impatient, jump over them. Also, keep an eye on the
skull archers on the other side to avoid their attacks.

Go through the right exit to come into a lab setting, where Shanoa encounters
Albus again.

   Shanoa: Albus!
   Albus: Impressive, Shanoa.
   Albus: It's fortunate I already prepared you a reward...

   Albus raises his hand a a Glyph appears in the air above it.

   Albus: It's the best I can do, for the time being.
   Albus: This [Dominus] is what you came for, is it not? Go ahead and take it.

Absorb the Glyph, Dominus Hatred.

   Shanoa: It really is [Dominus]. What are you thinking?
   Albus: Figured... With that much power, it's impossible to conceal its
   Shanoa: The source of [Dominus]? What does that mean?
   Albus: What it means, dear, is that I was right.
   Shanoa: This is your last chance; come back to Ecclesia.
   Albus: We've been over this.. My place is no longer as the old man's errand
   Albus: I have a role to fulfill, and fulfill it I shall.

   Albus teleports away.

   Shanoa: How was he able to create a Glyph without casting it? I thought
           only I could--
   Shanoa: Master Barlowe should hear of this.

Don't bother trying to use Dominus Hatred. Every time Shanoa uses it, she loses
HP. Exit to the right. Note that if you reenter this room any other time, a
monster known as the creature will be standing here instead. There is another
one coming up soon though, so there's no need to fight this one if you're
trying to add every monster to your index (though it is worth a whopping 90 exp
if you kill it).

The next hall has no enemies, but instead a set of iron maidens spaced apart
with a pendulum blade swinging back and forth. Jump over the iron maidens and
pendulum, timing it so that Shanoa jumps over the first iron maiden as the
pendulum swings away, giving you plenty of time to jump again when it comes
back. Leap the second iron maiden, and collect the bag of 500 gold, then go

Another villager is trapped in Torpor. Absorb the Glyph to free Abram, the

   Abram: Ha-ha! Rescued at last-- but only to be butchered by this she-devil!
   Shanoa: I have no interest in butchering you, Sir.
   Abram: You promise? Well, um, thank you!
   Abram: I guess. That's what you say when people save your life, right?
   Abram: I'm Abram. I'm the town's official healer.
   Abram: Please come visit my establishment... IF YOU DARE!

Go back to the hallway and head up the platforms. Defeat the invisible man,
then open the treasure chest. Head a bit farther left, where Shanoa encounters
another creature. Its three attacks are a simple kick, a flame thrower it
activates by kneeling forward and unhinging its hand to reveal a nozzle, and
a lightning attack it activates by raising its hands in the air and showering
electricity down towards the ground.

Kill the creature, then go left to another vertical passage. Skull archers
abound here, but you can easily kill them with Ascia. Another treasure
chest is at the top of the passage, and the exit leads to the right. Cross the
next room, which is very small, and come to another vertical passage. Where you
see a magnetic orb, attack the stone just up and to the right of it. Breaking
the stone causes an item called Konami Man to fall out. Pick it up, then go
right to find another save point.

Use Magnes to sling Shanoa up to the next set of ledges. The red chest contains
a Heart Max Up. The hallway to the right is a split platform one. A treasure
chest is on the bottom level, and another village cat is on the top. The room
is filled with spear guards and a single demon. The demon flies around and, if
it gets above Shanoa, may attempt to dive down and slash at her with its feet.

The right end of the hallway leads into a vertical passage. Half way down on
the left side, go through the exit to the second warp room. At the bottom of
the passage is a statue containing Falcis, the level 1 sickle Glyph, and a
skull archer. The exit at the bottom goes left into the first of several unusual
rooms spaced throughout the game. This room has wires with balls of electricity

running across them. You have to jump over the balls, timing the jumps so that

you don't hit the balls in the wires above Shanoa's head.

At the end of the hall, there is wire free platform for Shanoa to stand on
while you absorb the Glyph, Vol Fulgur. This is actually the level 2 Lightning
Glyph, which you receive before the level 1 Glyph. It's also not nearly as
useful as its first level counterpart. This Glyph shoots an arc of lightning
out that causes minimal damage for an extremely high MP cost. Its most
promising feature is that, finally having an elemental Glyph, Shanoa can now
combine it with any weapon Glyph except Culter to execute a Union Glyph in the
shape of a lightning lance that she stabs forward..

After Shanoa absorbs Vol Fulgur, the electricity stops running. Head back to
the vertical passage, and this time exit the middle right side. You'll find
yourself in another spot light room, only this time, two demons inhabit it
instead of spear guards. Make sure not to get caught in the spotlight, or
you'll find yourself faced with a tin man, a monster that doesn't become a
normal enemy until you reach Dracula's Castle, the last area of the game!

If you decide you want to try fighting this formidable monster, first defeat
the two demons (stand still and they'll come to you). Next, dodge all the spot
lights and exit through the right. Open the golden chest to obtain the Glyph
Sleeve, a relic which lets Shanoa have three sets of Glyphs equipped at once
and rotate through them by holding down A and then pressing L or R. Go right
to exit the area and save again at Wygol Village.

Also note that Abram is the first of many villagers who will send Shanoa on
errands so they can perform their trades. In Abram's case, he wants a piece of
sage (which you should have several of, by now), so that he can make potions,
which Jacob will then stock in his general store. His next task is to obtain
chamomile (no problem) and Rue (which is considerably more difficult to find).
Abram uses these two items to make anti-venoms.

Now return to Minera Prison Island, and enter from the right side. Defeat the
two demons again before you enter the spotlight, then equip Dominus Hatred.
Enter the spot light, and immediately use it. You takes damage every time
she uses it, but it deals out 7 to 8 times more damage than anything else
you've got at this point in the game. Don't attempt to leap over the tin man
as it charges. Instead, jump straight up.

You can only dodge the tin man's axe at the very apex of her jump, and
getting hit more than once isn't an option unless you plan on burning through
healing items. The tin man has 256 HP, so 5 or 6 shots of Dominus Hatred should
drop it (and hopefully not you as well). Beating it nets you 180 exp, and the
additional reward of a blue chest that appears in the middle of the hallway.
Inside this chest is a strength ring, which ups your str by 5 and lowers your
int by 2. Exit the area and save again.

The Lighthouse [Light1]
Enemies: 110 Brachyura
Items: Brachyura Medal, Serpent Scale
Wood Chests: None
Green Chests: None
Glyphs: Luminatio
Villagers: Eugen

Enter the Lighthouse and run to the right. Use Magnes to catapult Shanoa over
the spikes, then keep going through the next room and enter the boss chamber.
You will run into a large vertical passage with a magnetic orb that allows you
to begin scaling it via a series of platforms. Part of the way up, a giant crab
appears below you and begins climbing up after you. It takes up the entire
bottom of the screen, so there's no getting back down past it.

HP: 1800        Exp: 1000

This is a 4 part fight. First of all, it should be noted that, although the
boss is weak to striking and lightning damage, Macir's limited range (it has
absolutely no downward arc, even when used as a Hammer Union) makes it rather
inefficient for striking the crab. You can use it, but only rarey. Vol Fulgur's
damage output is also minimal. Thus, it falls on Ascia once again to win the

Begin by climbing up to the top of the screen. There will be two small
platforms on the left and right side, and a longer one scaling the entire
length of the Lighthouse above it. Stand in the upper left corner and open up
with a barrage of axes as soon as the boss comes into view. At this point it
has only two attacks: a side swipe with its larger claw hand, and a spray of
bubbles from its mouth.

The boss always begins by raising its larger claw hand towards the center of
the screen, then cocking it back down towards it body, then slamming it into
Shanoa. Position her so that she's on the bottom left platform, kneeling down,
and the claw with slam into the wall over her head. Whenever the boss's claw
is raised is also a good time to fire off more axes, as they'll hit both the
claw and the body, dealing double damage. While the boss's arm is cocked back
is a good time to refill your MP from the last round of axes.

After the boss uses this attack, it then alternates with its spray of bubbles.
Stand on the upper left side, and, as soon as the spray begins, run to the
right. You can clear it out with regular attacks, but it's risky to stand
there, as you might get hit by a stray bubble. Either way, when the spray is
finished, make sure Shanoa is standing in the upper left corner again.

The boss will repeat this pattern indefinitely until you deal enough damage to
him, at which point it turns red and begins using a lunching claw attack
instead of the swiping one. This is easy enough to dodge, as well. When it
first turns red, position Shanoa on the lower left platform, again kneeling
down, and watch the boss smash its claw into the ceiling twice. After the
second attack, jump up to the middle of the top platform, and backdash out of
the way of the third attack.

If you fail to do this, when the boss's claw comes back down from the third
attack, it will detour to the left side of the screen to hit Shanoa. If you're
on the top ledge, however, it swings its claw over to the right wall when it
retracts it instead.

After the third hit, the boss unleashes another bubble spray, which you can
dodge the same way as before. Go back to the lower left platform and kneel down
again to stay out of the way of the next two lunges. The ceiling breaks apart
after the second one, but make sure you wait for the boss to retract his claw
before jumping up the new set of platforms.

For the second stage of the fight, you'll find a magnetic orb stationed in the
middle by the ceiling and two small platforms on either wall. Repeat the
strategy for the first stage, except that when you dodge the boss's bubble
spray, you'll hold R and push all the way to the right, then sling Shanoa back
to safety on the left.

This time, when the boss turns red, it only has to hit the ceiling twice before
it breaks, but again, wait for the claw to retract before you jump up the
platforms. There are no middle platforms on this trip up, however, so once you
get to the first magnetic orb, use it to shoot Shanoa straight up and catch the
next one. Repeat this until you get to the top of the passage again.

When the boss catches up to you, the third stage of the fight begins. The only
real difference between this stage and the previous one was that the boss has a
new attack. It grabs its right claw with its left one, swings them both to the
left (hitting Shanoa if she's on the lower left platform), then releases its
right claw to arc across the screen and slam into the right wall. Avoid this
attack easily by simply staying on the upper left platform.

Its other two attacks you should be well familiar with by now, and the only
note to mention for the third stage is to watch for its smaller left claw,
which is at some times poking up onto the lower left platform. After the boss
turns red, he will again break out the ceiling, this time with 3 hits. Shanoa
can stand on the upper left platform to watch all of them.

After the claw retracts, jump up the platforms to the next magnetic orb. Sling
Shanoa to the top of the Lighthouse, where there are two alcoves in the wall.
Jump into one of those, then through the gap between the stone and the
elevator. Run into the middle of it, and press down. Shanoa activates the
elevator, which drops downward onto the boss and smashes it into the stone at
the bottom of the Lighthouse, making for a very satisfying ending to this
tedious boss.

If you don't manage to get to the top of the Lighthouse before the boss catches
up to you, its only attack at this point is to repeatedly spray bubbles over
and over again. Destroy them or wait for them to disappear, then run to the
center of the elevator. If you managed to tackle this boss without taking
damage, the Brachyura Medal will be in a treasure chest next to the door.

Claw Swipe- The boss prefaces this attack by moving its large claw into the
            middle of the room, then bringing it back down and slamming it into
            the left wall. Avoid it by kneeling down on the lower left platform.
Bubble Spray- The boss always does this move after its claw swipe, and will
              continue to alternate back and forth until you've hit it enough
              to make it turn red. Avoid it by positioning Shanoa at one side
              of the screen, then moving to the other as the bubbles come out.
Claw Smack- The boss grabs its large pincer with its small one, pulls it to the
            left, and lets go, sending the large pincer smacking into the right
Claw Lunge- You'll only see this attack when the boss turns red. Kneel on the
            lower left side of the screen to dodge the first two, then move to
            the center of the top platform and backdash to dodge the third. The
            other two times the boss does this, you can avoid it simply by
            staying to the left side of the screen on the bottom and the top

Ride the elevator back to the top of the Lighthouse, and go left. Use Magnes to
reach the top of the passage, then go right to the center of the Lighthouse,
where Shanoa can absorb the Glyph Luminatio. This attack is much more useful
than Vol Fulgur, though it can be tricky to aim. When it's used, Shanoa creates
two balls of light that swirl out from her in wide arcs several times before
disappearing off the screen.

Exit to the right, and drop down back to the elevator. Ride it down to the
remains of the squished crab again, and go right this time. At the bottom of
the next passage, you'll find the villager Eugen encased in Torpor. Absorb the
Glyph to set him free.

   Eugen: ...Thank you.
   Shanoa: Did the man who bound you say anything?
   Eugen: I don't remember hearing his voice, but I saw his eyes. He's got a
          purpose, I can tell you that. Good or bad purpose? That I couldn't

   Shanoa: I see.
   Eugen: I'm going back to the village. I'm worried about Father Nikolai. And
   Shanoa: What about me?
   Eugen: How the hell'd you get all this way in that flimsy gear?
   Eugen: Come see me in the village. I'll suit you up proper.
   Shanoa: I'd appreciate it.

Go left into the next room.

   Shanoa: He must have passed this way... It's the only path.

Open the golden chest, which contains the Serpent Scale. This relic allows
Shanoa to move freely underwater. Exit to the left and prepare yourself to
return to the Kalidus Channel.

Kalidus Channel [Kalid2]
Enemies: 016 Gelso, 019 Fishhead, 020 Dark Octopus, 021 Killer Fish,

         022 Forneus, 025 Skull Spider, 027 Sea Demon, 033 Specter
Items: 6 random chests, Potion, Heart Max Up, Anti-toxin, Sapphire, MP Max Up,
       Super Potion, Heart Max Up, HP Max Up, MP Max Up, Chamomile,
       Heart Max Up, 1000 gold bag (3), Mouse, MP Max Up, Emerald,
       Magician Ring, Iron Ore
Wood Chests: Cotton Thread (50%), Iron Ore, Lapis Lazuli
Green Chests: Gold Ring, Resist Ring, Rubber Suit, Silk Thread
Glyphs: Grando, Fortis Fio, Scutum, Fidelis Aranea
Villagers: Monica

Enter from the lower right entrance and proceed left. Jump into the water; note
that with the Serpent Scale, Shanoa now sinks to the bottom rather than swimming
across the top. Defeat the killer fish and go left. The next room is filled
mostly with needles and mermen, but a killer fish lurks in the top left corner,
and there is a red chest containing a potion in the lower left corner. Exit via
the upper left corner.

Run through the next room to come to a vertical passage. A dark octopus is
trapped on the left side of the screen; a couple axe throws will take care of
it while keeping Shanoa out of danger. There are two killer fish and a needle
on the way to the top, which you can reach by continually jumping. Head right
into the next room.

Immediately in front of you is a killer fish. Go down after killing it, but
watch out for a pair of needles floating in front of a red chest. Dispatch the
needles, then open the chest to claim a Heart Max Up. Go back up over the rock
and down the other side to where there are two dark octopi. Behind them is a
treasure chest.

Over the next outcropping are mermen and a red chest containing an anti-venom.
Go right to access a warp room, then return to the room you just came out of.
Above you is a trio of fishheads stacked on top of each other. These monsters
will turn to face you and spit out sharp barbs. To defeat them, simply walk up
to the stack and fire off a burst of Luminatio attacks.

Go right after defeating the fishheads. Here, a needle floats in front of a
stack of 7 fish heads guarding a sapphire on the ground. Luminatio will make
short work of these as well. A new enemy, a gelso, will swim down from above.
There are only two in this room, but in other parts of the Channel, they are
much like the zombies and bats found in other areas in that no matter how many
you kill, more will always appear. Cut them down as they get in your way,
slashing weapons work particularly well, and continue up.

Three more fishheads are stacked up on a ledge, and directly left of them is an
exit. Go into this hallway and defeat the mermen and fishheads. When you reach
the end, a sea demon will appear. Dodge around it for a bit, and wait for it to
begin forming a Glyph. Absorb this Glyph, Grando by name. Grando is a level 1
ice Glyph. This attack shoots an ice-cycle straight ahead, but isn't
particularly useful here, since most of the enemies are resistant to ice damage.
Open the red chest for an HP Max Up and return to the vertical passage.

Go all the way up the passage and then head left. Defeat a trio of dark octopi
in this hallway and continue left. Go to the top of passage you come into, and
head right. This room has an infinite number of gelsos to get in your way, but
they are easily taken care of with a short range weapon like Secare. Make sure
you don't strike the powder keg (a wooden barrel with the bomb on it hanging
from a balloon like object).

Your goal here is to jump into the keg and push it all the way to the right.
Once it rests against all the piled rubble, then strike it to make it explode
and clear out the rocks. Once all the rocks have been cleared away, break open
the right wall to reveal a room with 3 red chests. These chests contain an MP
Max Up, a super potion, and a Heart Max Up. Go back into the other room and
head up.

You're now on the floor of the rooms you crossed on your first trip through the
Kalidus Channel. Go all the way to the right into the next room, and continue
to the lower right corner of that room as well. Open the red chest hidden there
to receive an HP Max Up. Now head back the other way and go left through the
room you came up in and into the next one. A red chest in the middle of the
floor has an MP Max Up, and if you were unable to catch the Twinbee item on
your first trip through, you can now sink down to the bottom and pick it up
after releasing it from the stone.

You can cross through here and explore the other side of the Channel, but there
is another entrance like the rock-covered one you just blew up later on. For
now, go back down into the underwater caves and head left to the vertical
passage with the 3 fishheads facing you. Go down to the bottom and defeat two
dark octopi for a treasure chest, then go left.

The next room is filled with gelsos and a giant jellyfish monster called
forneus. There is a treasure chest halfway through the hall to pick up, and it
leads to a save room on the left side. Slide under the rock and jump out of the
water to reach the save statue, then continue out the left side of the room. Go
to the top of this passage and head left. Defeat the group of mermen and open
the treasure chest here, then go back to the passage.

Go through either of the two left exits remaining; they both lead into the same
room. Defeat the stack of 7 fishheads to continue, then the pair of dark
ocotopi in the nook to gain access to a statue. Break it to reveal Fortis Fio,
a support Glyph activated by pushing R (after equipping it, of course). It
gives a temporary CON boost, which ups your defense. This boost lasts until you
leave the area or save your game.

Go up over the rocks and then back down the other side to reach the exit. This
new passage has another powder keg on a balloon, but this time the object is to
manipulate it across stone ledges cropping out from the sides of the screen
while still dealing with those pesky gelsos. Start by making sure Secare or an
other short range weapon is equipped so you don't accidentally break the keg.

It's not necessary to destroy the needle enemies; the keg will go right through
them. But it does make your job easier. Destroy them first, then push the keg
left until it rises up to the next ledge. From here, push it to the right by
jumping into it so that it will rise to the rubble. Strike the keg and watch
the stones blow to pieces. Go left to reveal another warp point, then head up
through the newly opened exit to reach the left set of rooms you navigated when
you first came through the channel.

Claim the chamomile form the red chest just offscreen to the left, and continue
left into the next room to the lower left corner of the screen. Beat the killer
fish and take the Heart Max Up from the red chest. Go right through the room
you came up from and into the next room and claim the treasure chest on the
floor. Head back left and down.

Go down through the passage again to the right exit near the bottom and make
your way back through the next room to the passage next to the save point. Take
the bottom exit out of the passage and continue to the bottom of the next one.
Break the statue there to reveal a Scutum Glyph. This causes a shield to appear
over Shanoa's head, which deflects some attacks, but does not stop monsters
like gelsos from swimming through it to hit you.

Go through the left exit to reach another large room. Defeat two forneus
monsters and another stack of fishheads to gain access to a treasure chest. Go
left again to reach the lower left corner of the room. Run through the next
room into another large room. Drop down to the bottom and go through the right
exit for now. Beat three dark octopi in the next hall. The room to the right
has three killer fish swimming around, and a sunken ship. Enter the ship and
claim the two bags worth 1000 gold each. There is a mouse running around that
Shanoa can't catch yet until a villager asks you to retrieve it, so ignore it
for now.

The next level has a red chest with a MP Max Up and another 1000 gold bag.
Another red chest after that has an emerald. A skull spider scurries around on
the stone. These enemies have high defense against physical attacks, but are
weak to striking damage from Macir. If they touch Shanoa, she'll be afflicted
with poison, which does damage over time for a while, and weakens your attack

Skull spiders drop a Glyph called Fidelis Aranea. This is another summon Glyph,
but this one summons a skull spider to scurry around and attack things. This
Glyph is very rare, however, and may take some time to get. There are other
areas with many skull spiders grouped together, so unless you absolutely have
to have it now, it's better to wait until later to obtain it.

Claim the treasure from three treasure chests and go left. Defeat the specter
enemy (which resists all forms of physical attacks, so use Luminatio instead).
Press down at the two torches to reveal a blue chest with a magician ring
inside. This ring is the opposite of the strength ring, upping your INT by 5
and reducing your STR by 2. 

Go through the right exit to find a villager trapped in Torpor. Absorb the
Glyph and free a girl named Monica.

   Monica: Oh! Wh-What did I do to deserve to be saved by such a beautiful
   Monica: I'm... I'm Monica. I'm... a seamstress in the village.
   Monica: Um... Please, let me repay you! If you're in the village, come see

Head back up through the sunken ship and go back into the water. Go left
through the hall with the 3 dark octopi and back into the room you haven't
finished exploring yet. There are two sea demons on the left side that you can
absorb Grando from if you don't already have it, and a red chest in the upper
left corner of the room containing an iron ore. Go through the lower left exit
and through the next room to exit the area.

If you've got 3 iron ores or 5 cotton threads, you can head back to the village
and complete the first tasks of Eugen and Monica. Both of these villagers
tasks make better equipment available to Shanoa, so its worth it to finish
their tasks promptly. Eugen gives you 2400 gold for bringing him the ore, and
Monica gives you a cotton dress in exchange for the 5 cotton threads.

Go to Jacob's store to find copper plates, iron plates, cotton dresses,
sequined dresses, and iron leggings for sale there now.

Tymeo Mountains [Tymeo1]
Enemies: 024 Black Crow, 025 Skull Spider, 028 Winged Guard, 029 Nightmare,
         030 Rock Knight
Items: 2 random chests, Blue Drops, Mushroom, MP Max Up.
Wood Chests: Chamomile, Iron Ore, Lapis Lazuli, Rue
Green Chests: Archer Ring, Chrysoberyl, Ruby, Silver Ore
Glyphs: Fides Fio
Villagers: Laura

As soon as you enter the area, move over to stand between the two candles and
press down to reveal a chest with Blue Drops in them. Then run through the
first room to come to a vertical passage made of up of wooden platforms and
rope bridges. Scale it all the way to the top, watching for the black crows
that roost on the middle of the bridges, to find a save point, then go back
down and through the left exit.

Go left through the new room and into a long cave hallway. Defeat the two rock
knights, which are weak to striking damage from Macir, and collect the item
from the treasure chest. A nightmare gallops back and forth in the next section
of this hall, and the double stalactites hanging from the ceiling will fall
down as Shanoa gets near them. Trigger them by jumping towards them then
backwards as you get near.

Jump on the platforms created by the falling stalactites to reach the exit in
the ceiling, which leads to a vertical passage with several skull spiders and a
mushroom item. Take the passage to the top and go right into a room covered
with floor spikes. Use Magnes to shoot over the spikes to the other side.

Open the treasure chest in the next room and climb the passage, which is full
of winged guards and black crows, as well as a rock knight, until you come to
the first exit. It will be on the right side of the screen, and lead to a room
with a villager trapped in Torpor. Absorb the Glyph to free Laura.

   Laura: uh... Mmm. Where am I...?
   Shanoa: You're awake.
   Laura: Last thing I remember was a man walking in... Was that a dream?
   Shanoa: No, that was...
   Laura: Eh, I don't want to know. Whatever's past is past, right?
   Laura: Time to go home, I've got work to do.
   Shanoa: What sort of work?
   Laura: I craft jewelry. Name's Laura.

Go back to the vertical passage and up another level to find the next exit, on
the left side. It leads to a warp room. Finish climbing the passage to exit
through the top of the screen. This passage is much shorter and has two exits.
One is at the top right, but is currently unreachable, and the other is at the
top left. Take this one to enter a large room with skull spiders crawling all
over it. Use Macir to defeat them quickly and go left, sliding under the narrow
spots to access a statue and a red chest.

Break the statue to reveal the Glyph Fides Fio, which gives a temporary boost
to MIND, and open the red chest for an MP Max Up. The abundance of skull
spiders here also makes this a good place to pick up Fidelis Aranea if you
don't already have it. Watch out for a pair of black crows in the trees above
you as you make your way across the top section of the room, and exit
through the left to leave the area.

Back in town, Laura will make the accessory Lucky Clover, which boosts Shanoa's
LUCK by 3, but only if you give her a Lapis Lazuli, which you should have
obtained by now. Her next quest involves bringing her a ruby, a sapphire, and
an emerald. The sapphire and emerald you should have already found, but the
ruby may still missing.

Misty Forest Road [Misty1]
Enemies: 032 Bitterfly, 033 Specter, 034 Gravedigger, 035 Werebat,
         036 Black Fomor, 037 Enkidu, 043 White Dragon
Items: 2 random chests, Sage
Wood Chests: Lapis Lazuli, Sage, Silk Thread, Uncurse Potion
Green Chests: Blow Ring, Cashmere Thread (50%), Silver Ore
Glyphs: Umbra, Vol Macir, Arma Chiroptera
Villagers: None

Upon entering this area, you'll almost immediately encounter a pair of
bitterflies. This enemies flap towards you, fading into invisibility as they
move. They are weak to slashing damage, so a weapon like Secare or Ascia works
well against them. They resist light damage, however, so Luminatio is not such
a great choice.

After defeating them, move a bit to the left to run into a gravedigger. This
monster is also weak to slashing attacks, but will initially attack from a
distance by hurling its shovel at you. After that, it will approach, then lunge
forward with a kick. You want to defeat it before it gets a chance to use this
attack, because it will hurl Shanoa backwards if it connects. This often forces
you back a room, and resets the enemies so that you have to start the fight all
over again.

A specter floats overhead of the gravedigger, but is dispatched by a couple
blasts of Luminatio. A second group of enemies again composed of a bitterfly,
a gravedigger, and a specter wait at the other end of the room. Defeat them and
continue on to the left. A new enemy, the black fomor, will float towards you.
Wait until it begins forming its Glyph, then hold up to absorb it and obtain

This Glyph summons a spirit which snakes forward towards enemies and does dark
damage. It deals decent damage, and you can try it out on the gravedigger and
bitterflies (which are actually weak to dark) just to Shanoa's left. The next
room is a large, square room with a statue hiding the Vol Macir Glyph. This is
the level 2 hammer Glyph, and has enhanced attack power (and MP consumption),
but the same range as its weaker counterpart.

To the left of the statue is a werebat guarding a treasure chest. Werebats
sometimes drop the Arma Chiroptera Glyph, which turns Shanoa into a werebat and
lets her attack with a slashing kick and by hurling bats forward. A pair of
specters float near the top of the room, and a magnetic orb allows access to
the ledge in the top right corner, where a piece of sage can be obtained.

The next room is a long narrow hallway with an enkidu holding up a white
dragon. The dragon is your first priority, as its snaking movements are
unpredictable and its flaming breath attack deals serious damage. It's weak to
striking damage, but is difficult to hit with Vol Macir. A barrage of Ascias or
Luminatios (which it's also weak to) eliminates this threat much more quickly.

The enkidu is weak to slashing damage, so Ascia again works well against it,
but note that with 450 hp, you will have to make several runs at it and retreat
to avoid being crushed by the stone pillar it carries as a weapon. After
eliminating both enemies, go left into another large square room.

A specter appears in front of you almost immediately, but Luminatio makes short
work of it. Drop down to see a wall with green light coming off of it. This is
a marker saying that the Glyph Paries is usable here. Paries allows Shanoa to
pass through specific walls, but won't be obtained until much later in the game.
For now, mark this wall's location and continue on. Open the treasure chest,
but bypass the top left ledge (the ledge containing the rue item), which is
another inaccessible section for now. Go left through the exit in the lower
left corner of the room.

This room is the last section of the area, and is filled with bitterflies and 3
werebats. Defeat them to continue to the left and exit the Misty Forest Road.

Skeleton Cave [Skele1]
Enemies: 038 Bone Pillar, 039 Skeleton Frisky, 040 Skeleton Hero, 041 Dullahan,
         042 Skeleton Rex, 043 White Dragon, 054 Skeleton Beast, 111 Maneater
Items: 3 random chests, Black Drops, HP Max Up, Heart Max Up, Meaneater Medal
Wood Chests: Lapis Lazuli, Sage, Silk Thread, Uncurse Potion
Green Chests: Blow Ring, Cashmere Thread (50%), Silver Ore
Glyphs: Vol Confodere
Villagers: None
The Skeleton Cave is home to many skeleton monsters, which all share the same
strengths and weaknesses. Striking and light damage are effective against them
(as is fire, but you have no way to deal this kind of damage yet), while they
resist ice and dark. When you enter the first room, a set of 4 skeleton friskies
will run towards you. Kneel down on the step and blast them with a barrage of
Luminatios as they leap overhead.

Two dullahans march towards you next, but are easily defeated using Vol Macir.
These monsters sometimes drop the Glyph Vol Confodere, the level 2 rapier. Past
them is a red chest that you can't reach for now, but once Shanoa obtains the
double jump ability, it will become available.

Next is a stack of 3 bone pillars (land-based versions of fishheads), which
have 200 HP each, and attack by shooting fireballs out of their mouths. You can
destroy the fireballs by hitting them. Go left into the next hall, where more
skeleton friskies attack Shanoa. Farther down, a low platform has 4 bone
pillars on it and a dullahan on a higher platform behind it.

Luminatio works well here, especially when used as the Light Union attack. Open
the treasure chest on the platform the dullahan was standing on, then go down
through the floor exit. The next hall is full of more dullahans and a new
monster: the skeleton hero. Clear your way through them however you like,
though Vol Macir deals the most damage.

Go left across the platform and then down. Ignore the left exit for now and
head back right through the downwards exit on that side of the room. Defeat the
dullahan, then use Ascia to defeat the white dragon on the other side of the
wall and the skeleton rex on the floor to avoid taking any damage from these

Open the treasure chest in the lower left corner of the room, then go right
into the side that you already cleared out. Drop down to the next area and use
several Light Unions to clear out all of the stacks of Bone Pillars to gain
access to the red chest, which holds an MP Max Up. Destroy the edge of the
ledge to obtain a Black Drops item. Also loot the treasure chest near it.

The next room has a pair of skeleton rexes in it, but nothing else. Continue
through to find a save point and the boss door.

HP: 2500        Exp: 1500

This boss is weak to light attacks, so let Luminatio be the weapon of choice
here. The fight begins with a giant skull shooting up from the middle of the
room. Make sure you're starting off to the side so that you aren't hit as it
rises out of the floor. Immediately begin launching a barrage of Luminatio
attacks (equip the Magician Ring to up the effectiveness of this). They will
circle about, every orb hitting the boss multiple times.

This is a very easy boss to beat, with only a few attacks. First, its red
tentacles will shoot out a wave of rings, but this attack is prefaced by a
black pulse running down the length of the tentacle. Simply make sure it's not
aimed at you when it fires. Next, avoid spending too much time underneath it,
though you may be forced to run (or slide, if the tentacles are low to the
floor) underneath the boss to give yourself more room on the other side if it
has you backed up to a wall.

The boss likes to slam itself into the floor, which is actually a blessing. It
will do this if you stand close enough to it, which you can achieve by striking
the tentacles to force them into the skull. The boss will then smash into the
floor, allowing for a multitude of free shots at it. It will then rise back up
in the air and, if Shanoa is still close enough, repeat this attack again.

Its last attack is the hardest one to avoid if you're trying to get a medal for
not getting hit. The boss releases a bone (either a skull or what appears to be
a pelvic bone) from one of the holes in the skull, which bounces around the
room until hit. The bone has a red aura around it, making it stand out a little
bit, but with all the bones in the background and the boss waving around three
giant red tentacles, it can be overwhelming to keep track of.

Keep up the Luminatio attacks until the boss drops, and collect the Maneater
Medal that appears if you avoided getting hit, then walk out the left entrance
of the room.

Tentacles- These don't really so much attack as wave around and wait for you to
           run into them. Strike the tentacles to make them recede further into
           the skull.
Wave of Rings- A black pulse runs down the length of the tentacle before this
               attack occurs. Once the pulse reaches the tip, a set of rings
               shoots forth. Avoid this attack simply by jumping, backdashing,
               or not being where it fires.
Skull Smash- The boss likes to smash itself into the ground, damaging Shanoa
             only if she's actually underneath it or if the flailing tentacles
             catch her on their way down.
Bone Throw- The boss throws out either a pelvic bone or a skull, which bounces
            around the screen until it is destroyed.

In the next room, you'll find Albus holding fast a man in Torpor, as well as a
treasure chest. Before you can claim it, however, you'll have to have a chat
with your former comrade.

   Shanoa: Let that man go, Albus.
   Albus: As you wish, my dear. I was just finishing up, so he's all yours.
   Shanoa: Why involve the villagers? This doesn't concern them.
   Albus: Doesn't it? Worry not, dear Shanoa, everything will make sense when
          my plan is complete.
   Albus teleports out of the room.

Open the golden chest to obtain an Ordinary Rock, which allows Shanoa to
execute a second jump in mid air. With this double jump feature, you can
collect several items that were out of reach before. Absorb the Torpor to free
George, a musician.

   George: So kind of you to save me.
   Shanoa: Did he do anything strange? Where are the others?
   George: He drew some of my blood and chanted a few words...
   George: As for the others, I heard him say he was going to the village. I'm
   Shanoa: The village again...? What is Albus trying to do?

If you leave this room and come back, you'll be greeted by the ferocious
skeleton beast, which packs 400 hp, and 190 exp for dropping it. You'll have to
walk all the way back out of the Skeleton Cave now, going through all the
enemies again to exit, but there is one detour to take first. Go right through
two rooms, then up through the next one and finally left into the exit you
bypassed earlier.

Enter with two Luminatios equipped, and use the Light Union to lay waste to the
swarm of skeleton friskies charging at Shanoa. Defeat two skeleton heroes in
the room as well. Run left through the hall to come to a dead-end room with a
white dragon guarding two chests. One is a treasure chest, but the other is a
red chest that is unreachable until Shanoa can perform the double jump. It
contains an HP Max Up. In the last room before the exit, double jump up to the
red chest there to obtain a Heart Max Up.

Backtracking: Wygol Village [Wygol2]

As soon as you enter the village, Nikolai walks up to you.

   Nikolai: You must help us! ...That man has returned.
   Shanoa: You need to tell me what he's done.
   Nikolai: Just thinking of it chills my soul-- he used a device to take some
            of our blood.
   Nikolai: ...Could he be the monster whispered of in legend? ...[Dracula]?
   Shanoa: I don't understand. Why would he need blood?
   Nikolai: There is an old mansion beyond the cove. He may have taken
            residence there.
   Nikolai: O Lord, what horrors might this demon be planning for us...?

This opens up the Somnus Reef as an explorable area, but before you head there,
backtrack through some other areas. Start with the Minera Prison Island.

Backtracking: Minera Prison Island [Miner2]
Items: Tower Ring
Villagers: Aeon

Enter from the left side, and use the warp room to warp to the lowest of the
three choices, in the dungeon section of the area. Head up in the adjacent
room, then right through that room and up to the tower that you couldn't climb
before. Use double jump to reach the top and find a villager trapped in Torpor
and a red chest with the Tower Ring. Absorb the Glyph to free him.

   Aeon: S-Saved!
   Aeon: Guess the eternal bliss of paradise will have to wait, hmm?
   Aeon: I'm Aeon, the chef. I've worked in all kinds of restaurants.
   Aeon: One time it was for three whole weeks! Come see me in the village,
         and I'll make you a snack!

Go back the way you came through the warp point and exit the area.

Backtracking: Misty Forest Road [Misty2]
Items: Rue

Enter from the left side and go into the first large square room. There is a
plant in the upper left corner that was out of reach before, but with double
jump, it is now obtainable. Lure a specter to the area in front of the ledge
that you still can't quite reach with double jump. Instead, double jump over
the specter, then push down + B to make Shanoa kick downwards. If you're
positioned right, she'll kick the specter and bounce back upwards. You can then
execute a double jump again and leap onto the ledge.

Collect the rue and exit the area. Now might be a good time to return to Wygol
Village and hand over your newly acquired rue and a chamomile to Abram. As your
reward, you can now buy anti-venoms and uncurse potions from the general store.
Also, Aeon wants some salt for his first task. He hands over corn soup as your
reward. Next, he wants raw killer fish, which you can obtain from the killer
fish in the Kalidus Channel.

In the northeast corner of the village, George stands waiting for you to
deliver to him horse hair (obtained from the nightmare is Tymeo Mountains).

Backtracking: Tymeo Mountains [Tymeo2]
Enemies: 001 Bat, 026 Scarecrow, 031 Fire Demon, 038 Bone Pillar,
         040 Skeleton Hero, 041 Dullahan , 059 Yeti, 087 Cave Troll
Items: 4 random chests, Crimson Mask, HP Max Up
Glyphs: Pneuma, Ignis
Villagers: Marcel

Enter the area through the upper left entrance and head right through the room
full of skull spiders. Double jump over the gap to to reach the right-side exit
directly across from Shanoa when you reach the first vertical passage. This
room is filled with more skull spiders and 1 treasure chest. Loot it, then
continue to the right.

This next room has a never-ending supply of boulders rolling down its slope.
You can jump over them as they come, or take to the trees and fight your way
through the black crows. A new enemy, the scarecrow, hops around down at ground
level. Exit on the right end of the room to come to a vertical passage Head
down, defeating the Rock Knight with a couple well-placed Vol Macir attacks.

Defeat another Rock Knight, and go left through the exit to find a red chest
with a Crimson Mask in it. Another spot where you can use the Paries Glyph is
here, but as with the Misty Forest Road, you'll have to come back later for it.
For now, go back to the passage and continue down. If you're quick, you'll spot
a yeti, but it flees as soon as you approach it. For now, continue moving.
You'll have a much easier time defeating this monster once you've obtained the
Ignis Glyph.

Defeat two more rock knights, then exit the passage to the right to come into
a cave room. Run through this room and into the next, where two nightmares are
charging back and forth. Kill them, and keep running until a Fire Demon appears.
Wait to kill it until it attempts to form an Ignis Glyph. Absorb it, then
return back to the room with the yeti.

The yeti will likely disappear before you even see it, but keep going up into
the room with the red chest and the Paries wall. Now, go back into the vertical
passage and drop down, firing Ignis attacks as you go. If you time it just
right, you'll incinerate the yeti before it can flee. You may not be able to
deal enough damage with the one or two hits you get off to kill it right now.
If that's the case, come back at a higher level and try again.

Go back to the room with the two nightmares and the fire demon and go all the
way right through the exit to reveal a warp room. Then go up from there into
the next hallway. There will be two more nightmares dashing back and forth and
another exit immediately to the left. Take this exit to come into a vertical
passage with several magnetic orbs.

Use Magnes to propel yourself to the top of the chamber, where a Glyph is
creating magical gale-force winds that threaten to blow Shanoa right over the
side of the ledge. Use Magnes to hold onto the orb in the center of the ledge
imagine that there is a clock face behind you. Position Shanoa as if she were
at 10 o'clock and let go of Magnes to sling Shanoa down and to the right. Hold
right to slide to very edge of the ledge (One of Shanoa's feet will actually be
over the edge of the ledge if you're in the right spot).

Now hold up to begin absorbing the Glyph as the wind blows Shanoa back to the
left. This can be very frustrating, as many times it will seem as though the
Glyph is absorbed, only to have it snap back at the last possible instant when
Shanoa falls out the left side. If that happens, grab the magnetic orb below
the ledge and keep trying. Note that the Tower Ring obtained earlier has no
effect on the wind pushing Shanoa; it's actual purpose it to lessen the
knockback caused by enemy attacks.

The Glyph itself is called Pneuma, and it creates a blast of wind across the
ground that deals slashing damage. With the disappearance of the Glyph, the
winds die down, and you can move normally. Unfortunately, there's nothing left
here, so go back to the bottom of the passage and right into the room you
originally came from.

Continue right into the next room, which has a pair of fire demons, and then
into the room after that, which is a vertical passage full of skull spiders.
A treasure chest sits by the entrance and farther up is a red chest with an HP
Max Up. At the top of the passage, go left through the next room and into a
vertical passage of rope bridges and wooden platforms. The left  exit leads to
a save room, and the passage continues onto another screen from the top.

The next section of the passage is covered with mist. Most of platforms have
been broken out, but it's still climbable. Take the left exit at the top to
enter another mist covered room. Several scarecrows hop around, and a new enemy,
a cave troll, leaps out of the trees to attack. This monster has a long range
(it attacks by spearing Shanoa with its tongue) and deals very heavy damage,
but it doesn't move often, making it an easy target to hit.

At the bottom section is a cave with a skeleton hero and some dullahans in it.
Two treasure chests also sit in here. After looting them, go left into the next
room. A fire demon appears in the open air, and the cave below houses a pair of
bats, a stack of bone pillars, and some skull spiders. Kill these and claim a
Heart Max Up out of a red chest at the end of the cave as your reward.

Now backtrack back to the right exit and go through the room with the cave
troll to the passage you initially came up out of. Double jump over the gap to
the right side to find a villager encased in Torpor. This is Marcel, a

   Marcel: Ha! I came out here on a hunch, and I was right!
   Shanoa: Hmm?
   Marcel: Witches and wizards, strange magic, hordes of monsters...
   Marcel: Marcel, my good man, welcome to the Front Page!
   Shanoa: ......Hmm?
   Marcel: Ah, right, where are my manners? Marcel. I'm a journalist.
   Marcel: Thought there might be a scoop around here, and boy, this place is
           full of them!
   Shanoa: ......
   Marcel: You, for example! A beautiful witch-- and please don't take offense:
           you are gorgeous, I have to say.
   Marcel: "Beautiful Witch Entrances Remote Village!" There we go. A perfect
   Marcel: Well, I'd better get cracking. I'll be in touch.

Exit the area and go back to the village to talk to Marcel. He gives you a
camera and tells him to get a picture of a cave troll. Head back into the
mountains again and approach the cave troll. To get a good picture, you must
be lined up horizontally with the cave troll. If you're not, you'll get a poor
photo item instead. If you successfully snap a picture of the troll, you'll
receive photo 1. Marcel is also eventually going to want a picture of the yeti,
so take that one too while you're here.

Hand the photo 1 item over to Marcel to receive 6000 gold. Next, he wants a
picture of the jersey devil (an enemy you won't see for several more areas).
He has no interest in your photo of the yeti until you bring him the one he
asks for (which you might have guessed, since the item is called photo 3,
not photo 2), so just hang onto it for now. There is only 1 last stop before
you enter the Somnus Reef left now.

Backtracking: Monastery [Monas2]
Items: Fool's Ring
Glyph: Cubus
Enter the Monastery and head to the room where you found the cat (directly
above the first save point on the map). There is no quick shortcut there, so
you'll have to walk the entire trip. Jump up to reach the red chest, which
holds a Fool's Ring. This item lowers all of Shanoa's stats by 3 except for
luck, which is raises by 7. Go through the lower left exit to the room with all
the blocks.

Use a Fire Union to burn away the stone blocks, then hold up to absorb the
Glyph, Cubus. This Glyph creates blocks that do stone damage. This only rarely
has any real effect, but on enemies that are weak to stone, it not only does
very heavy damage, but also petrifies them in place.

Somnus Reef [Somnu1]
Enemies: 017 Needles, 019 Fishhead, 027 Sea Demon, 044 Saint Elmo, 045 Lorelai,
         046 Edimmu, 047 Decarabia, 048 Merman, 112 Rusalka
Items: 9 random chests, 2000 gold bag, MP Max Up, Reinforced Suit, Heart Max Up,
       Rasalka Medal, HP Max Up, Vic Viper
Wood Chests: Chamomile, Silk Thread, Silver Ore (50%)
Green Chests: Chrysoberyl, Sapphire, Tasty Meat, Wind Ring
Glyphs: Vol Arcus, Vol Ascia
Villagers: Anna, Serge

The first two rooms of this area are home to three new enemies: mermen,
decarabias, and edimmus. The decarabias are giant starfish monsters that slowly
walk across the ground (or wall). They're practically invulnerable to striking
or slashing damage, but Ignis will destroy them. Edimmus are long, snake-like
creatures that attempt to run into you. Note that both of these monsters will
poison you if you come into contact with them.

Move through both rooms; make sure to go to the upper right corner of the
second room and go into the warp room to open it up. In the bottom right corner
of the second room, an exit leads down into a vertical passage with a sea demon
and several needles in it. There is also a treasure chest on the right side by
where the sea demon appears. A bag with 2000 gold is at the bottom by a second
sea demon. After you grab it, go right through the exit.

The next room has a treasure chest on the floor in the middle of the room
guarded by a merman, and an edimmu swimming around attempting to poison you.
Defeat both and leave the room through the lower right corner. The next room
has a red chest with an MP Max Up in it and two stacks of fishheads on either
side. Also, a new enemy, the lorelai, can be found in this room. This monster
drops the merman meat item required for one of the tasks for Aeon, the chef.

In the lower right corner of the room is a statue with the Vol Arcus (level 2
bow Glyph) behind it, and in the upper right corner, a lorelai guards a
treasure chest. Exit the room through the lower left corner to come into a
vertical passage with 2 decarabias. Kill them with Ignis and proceed up to the
top of the passage.

Go left into a large room and immediately drop to the floor to find a red chest
with a reinforced suit in it. Kill all of the decarabias in the room, and
collect 2 more treasure chests on the floor, then break open the wall in the
upper left corner to reveal a room containing a villager trapped in Torpor and
a cat jumping at the Glyph.

   Anna: Thank you very much, Miss.
   Shanoa: You're welcome.
   Anna: Well, Tom? I was very polite, wasn't I?
   Tom: Meow.
   Shanoa: You can talk to the cat?
   Anna: That's right! Only I can do it, too. My brother can't even do it.
   Anna: Okay, I'm worried about my family, so I'm going now. See you later,

Anna (and her brother) are unique in that they are both children, and neither
of them will have any tasks for Shanoa until both of them and their mother have
been rescued. Go back through the room full of decarabias and down through the
passage with 2 of them through the lower left exit to come into a small room
with a lorelai floating in it.

Kill the monster and continue left into a short vertical passage leading
downward. Another new enemy, Saint Elmo, swims through here. These ghostly
creatures will continue to appear, no matter how many you kill, so ignore them
and exit through the bottom of the passage.

As soon as you enter the new room, go through the left exit to find another
warp room, then go back into the main room and drop to the bottom of the screen
to find a treasure chest. This entire room is crawling with Saint Elmos, so
kill them as they get in your way and move to the upper right corner of the
room, stopping only to collect a Heart Max Up from a red chest in the middle of
the room on the floor.

Go right through the next room to find a save point just outside a boss door.
Enter when your ready, but first, equip Glyphs that do slashing damage.

HP: 2800        Exp: 2000

The biggest problem with this boss is trying to predict which of its attacks
it will use next. All of them are easily avoidable, if you can figure out what
the boss is doing before it happens. This isn't too terribly hard, since it
will move its hands differently for every attack.

Arcus is definitely the weapon to go with for this. As soon as you get in there,
let loose with a hail of arrows. Try to keep the boss at the opposite end of
the screen and use backdash to keep out of the range of its splash attack. The
only problem with this weapon is that it will destroy the pillars she drops
down from the ceiling. A good place to stand then is directly at the edge so
that the bow forms outside the pillar. This has the added benefit of keeping
Shanoa under cover to prevent the boss's tsunami wave from hitting you.

Backdash will also help with the boss's hair stab attack, and the only real
problem you might have is having to get over top of the boss when you've been
backed up to a wall. This generaly isn't hard to do, but sometimes poor luck
will cause the boss to raise its hands for an attack just as you're over top of
it. Shanoa gets hit, and there goes your Rusalka Medal.

Arcus deals damage quickly (and effectively), but if you'd prefer to stay off
ground level, you can stand on one of the pillars and use Pneuma instead. Once
you've finished this boss, collect your winnings and be on your way.

Splash- The boss raises a hand up behind it, then slaps it down in a scooping
        motion to send a wave of water splashing towards you. The wave won't
        rise  up until its directly in front of you or it travels about 3/4ths
        a screen length.. It can be avoided by double jumping straight up at
        the right time or by backdashing out of range.
Water Cannon- The boss raises one hand into the air, and the other dips into
              the water on the floor. Both arms turn into tubes, and it sprays
              a high-powered jet of water across the top of the screen. Avoid
              this by staying on ground level (and taking some free shots at
              the boss while you're there).
Hair Stab- Probably the hardest attack to see coming, the boss moves in close
           and causes its hair to form into a spike, which then stabs down at
           you. The best way to avoid this is to stay out of the range of this
Pillar Drop- The boss raises both hands into the air and drops down several
             pillars of stone with a platform on them from the ceiling. Try not
             to destroy these, as they provide cover from its tsunami attack
             and a convenient platform for throwing axes from. Note that they
             only damage you if Shanoa happens to be directly underneath them
             as they fall.
Tsunami- This attack can only be avoided if there is a pillar for Shanoa to
         stand under. The boss raises one hand into the air; this is your cue
         to break off whatever your doing and run for cover, or else be
         prepared to lose about half your HP in one shot.

Go right through the next two rooms, both of which are single screens, into
another large room with Saint Elmos flying around everywhere. An edimmu and a
lorelai call this room their home as well. There are two treasure chests on the
floor to collect, and exit through the hole in the wall in the upper right
corner. You'll walk into a room with a red chest containing an HP Max Up.

Go back out the exit and go up into the next room. You'll come into a vertical
passage with 3 decarabias and a treasure chest in the lower right corner. Exit
through the upper left corner. The next room is a single screen with an edimmu
heading straight for you. Kill it quickly and go left into a vertical passage
with 2 more decarabias and a treasure chest sitting on the floor.

Go up through the passage to come to up to a room where you can leave the water
for dry land. In the upper left corner, go through the exit to find a second
child villager. Also in the room, the stone corner overhead is breakable to
reveal a strange item known as Vic Viper.

   Serge: Oh, phew! Thanks, lady! My name's Serge.
   Shanoa: Should I walk you home?
   Serge: Nah, I'm not a little kid anymore. I can get home by myself.

Back in the other room, you'll find Saint Elmos all over the place as well as
an edimmu. Make your way through it to the right side to enter another room
filled with more Saint Elmos and another edimmu. In the lower right corner,
you'll find a statue with the Vol Ascia (level 2 axe Glyph) in it.  Exit
through the top right corner to leave the area.

Giant's Dwelling [Giant1]
Enemies: 002 Zombie, 003 Skeleton, 039 Skeleton Frisky, 049 Ladycat,

         050 Ectoplasm, 051 Curse Diva, 052 Miss Murder, 053 Automaton ZX26,

         054 Skeleton Beast, 113 Goliath
Items: Temperance Ring, Caprine, Black Drops, Goliath Medal
Wood Chests: None
Green Chests: None
Glyphs: Vol Falcis, Vol Secare
Villagers: None

The first hall you come into will have several ectoplasms flying around. Avoid
getting hit by these enemies at all cost; they will curse you, which drains
your MP to 0 and keeps it there until the curse wears off. The skeleton beast
has standard skeleton weaknesses, so Ignis is a good choice for defeating it.
Continue to the next room, where you'll fight a ladycat. This monster resists
striking and light damage, but is weak to slashing and fire. Directly overhead
when you first enter the room, you can break away the stone to reveal a
temperance ring.

The next room has two new enemies in it at well: automaton ZX26 and miss murder.
Miss murders sometimes drops the Vol Falcis (level 2 sickle) Glyph when slain.
At the top of the room is a red chest with a caprine in it. From there, go left
to find a save room, and right to find the villager, Daniela.

   Daniela: Oh, are we done already? Well, that's rather disappointing, isn't
   Shanoa: Disappointing?
   Daniela: You're not that rascal from before. Your voice is different.
   Daniela: You're like a doll-- pretty, but there's something missing... Say,
            is that man coming? I promised him a cake... Oh well. Tell him I'll
            be waiting.
   Daniela: Oh yes, I'm Daniela. Nice name, isn't it? Aunt Michelle gave it to
   Daniela: Well, home I go. Don't worry. Old Dracula himself wouldn't bother
            with blood this stale...

Go back into the previous room and leave through the lower right corner. You'll
come into a small room with a curse diva floating in the air. The next room
exits the backside of the house to a path with a curse diva (another monster
that curses you if you touch it), a ladycat, and several zombies on it. Go
through the room to find a similar one next to it, only this time containing
skeletons and skeleton friskies instead. Jump up to the ledge over the exit and
press down to reveal a blue chest containing Black Drops. The exit leads into
another house.

The first room in the house has another automaton ZX26 in it. After that,
you'll find another large room with several curse divas, ladycats, and a miss
murder in it. Exit via the lower right corner. You'll run into a hallway with
another skeleton beast in it. After you drop it, keep going right to a second
large room in this house.

This room has a large number of ladycats, and a few miss murders and curse
divas as well. Go through the lower right exit first to find a room with a
statue in it. Break open the statue to reveal a Vol Secare Glyph (level 2 
sword). Now, go back into the previous room and make your way to the upper left
corner. You'll find a hallway with 6 ectoplasms in it, followed by the top
section of a room you've already been in.

Defeat the enemies in front of you and keep going left into the next room.
Dodge the ectoplasm and head up, then right. Here, you'll find a save point and
the boss door.

HP: 4200        Exp: 2500

This boss has a lot of HP, so expect this fight to take a little while. The
upside is that all of his attacks are very easy to dodge. This boss, like the
last one, is weak to slash types, so Arcus is good choice again.

The Bow Union works especially well in this fight if it's used at the correct
time. Basically, any time this boss is moving it works great, but it works
even better if you catch him in the middle of one of his attacks. When the boss
crouches forward, then leaps up into the air towards you, run (or slide)
underneath it and use the Bow Union to rain arrows down on its stretched out

Keep yourself out a distance and fire off volleys of arrows between its
attacks, then use the time while its attacking to recharge your MP, thus
leaving you fully focused on dodging the attack. The only thing to really be
careful of is when it slams its fist into the ceiling. This attack causes loose
boards and other rubbish to fall down across the screen randomly, and can
sometimes be a pain to get around.

Jumping Floor Slam- The boss crouches down, then leaps forward and smashes both
                    its fists into the floor. This causes an explosion of light
                    to rip across the room, and you can only dodge if you're out
                    of range. The best way to do this is to simply run (or
                    slide, if you're more comfortable that way) underneath it
                    as it jumps.
Wind-up Punch- The boss winds up his arm, then slams it into the floor, causing
               spikes to shoot out from the point of impact. Dodge this by
               staying on the other side of the screen.
Stomp Walk- The boss starts at one side of the room and begins a paced stomp
            across it. The only way to avoid getting hit is to run up to him
            and kneel down right in front of its foot, thus letting him step
            right over you.
Crouch Punch- The boss goes into a crouch and waits for you to get close. If
              you do, it lashes out with a punch. After a few seconds of
              waiting, if Shanoa isn't in range, it launching into a jumping
              floor slam attack instead.

Exit the right side of the boss room to find Albus waiting for you.

   Albus: You seem to be feeling better. Impressive work; finding me and all.
   Shanoa: A blind man could have found you. You left a trail...
   Albus: Just like when we were children playing tag. Once you starting
          crying I'd feel terrible and let you win.
   Shanoa: What are you getting at?
   Albus: Why not try it now, and perhaps I'll let you catch me.
   Shanoa: ...Try crying? You know I can't. I don't remember any of that.
   Albus: Apologies, Shanoa, but no tears, no deal...
   Albus: Still, it'd be a shame to leave you empty-handed.

   Albus holds out his hand and forms a Glyph.

   Shanoa: Again... What are you doing?
   Albus: Oh, just accept it. It's a gift.
   Albus: Besides, it's what you came here for.

Absorb the Glyph, which is Dominus Anger.

   Albus: Shanoa... Do you know what the [Dominus] is?
   Shanoa: The ultimate Glyph, of course. The one that can destroy [Dracula].
   Albus: Half-right. But think about it: where does a Glyph's power come from?
   Albus: Nothing comes from nothing, after all.
   Albus: What do you suppose Barlowe used to create his precious [Dominus]?
   Shanoa: Hmph... What?
   Albus: They used [Dracula], Shanoa.
   Albus: [Dominus] is made from his remains. That's HIS power. Nothing less.
   Shanoa: [Dominus] is...? It can't be true.
   Albus: Ask the old man if you think I'm lying.
   Albus: And be quick about it; I'm very nearly done with all this.

   Albus teleports out of the room.

   Shanoa: Master Barlowe...
   Shanoa: Is Albus telling the truth? I have to find out.

Continue right to exit the area.

Tristis Pass [Trist1]
Enemies: 001 Bat, 043 White Dragon, 050 Ectoplasm, 055 Balloon, 056 Arachne,
         057 Lizardman, 058 Armored Beast, 060 Thunder Demon, 061 Owl,
         063 Altair, 078 Mimic, 108 Giant Skeleton
Items: 9 random chests, Heart Max Up, Amanita, Lover's Ring, HP Max Up, Onyx,
       Chariot Ring, MP Max Up, Body Suit
Wood Chests: Rue, Silver Ore, Tonic, Zircon
Green Chests: Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, Traveler's Hat
Glyphs: Vol Scutum, Vol Grando, Fidelis Noctua, Fulgur, Vol Hasta, Inire Pecunia
Villagers: Irina

Run through the entrance room into a large room. Many of the rooms are laid out
similar to those of the Tymeo Mountains. Here, you'll find a cave with 2
arachne monsters and a treasure chest. The arachnes can spit out an attack that
poisons Shanoa, so dispatch them quickly or be prepared to dodge. On the hill,
you'll find a balloon, which releases damaging spores into the air (including a
giant cluster once you kill the balloon.)

The next room is a vertical passage that looks very familiar (it's scalable
via wooden platforms and rope bridges). You'll start at the top. Immediately go
to the left to find a warp room, then go down off the bottom of the screen. On
the next one, you'll find a lizardman. This monster sometimes drops the level 2
shield Glyph, Vol Scutum. Continue down to the next level and go right to find
a save room.

At the bottom of the passage, go left through a stone room into an ice-covered
cavern. You'll immediately run into a giant skeleton (the exact same as the
boss from the Minera Prison Island, right down to its number). After that,
there is a wooden chest on the floor. This chest is actually a mimic, which
attacks by sliding into you. Another giant skeleton waits at the other end of
the hallway.

The next room has a frozen pillar of ice blocking your way, so climb straight
up to the top. You'll find an iced slope that you can climb up. Use the
magnetic orb to sling yourself into the upper left corner and hold down up to
absorb the Glyph floating in the air. This is Vol Grando (the level 2 ice
attack.) As soon as you absorb the Glyph, the ice will thaw and the water will
begin flowing again.

Fall down into the previous area at the very left most side of the waterfall
and then double jump to get to the ledge with the red chest. Open it to receive
a Heart Max Up. Fall down to the next ledge and pick up the amanita item (it
looks like a mushroom). You can break open the wall here to reveal the final
villager trapped in Torpor.

It should be noted that this game has multiple endings, and one of these
endings occurs when Shanoa finally confronts Albus. This only happens if you
haven't rescued all of the villagers. As this is the last one, you may want to
leave her behind for now so that you can view the alternate ending, then come
back later to save her.

   Irina: You saved me! Oh, thank you! Thank you! ...Listen, I know you just
          rescued me, but please excuse me.
   Irina: I'm worried about my children. I'm Irina, by the way.
   Irina: And... well, I have to go. You be careful out here. ...Bye!

Go back to the waterfall and drop down to the last ledge to get a treasure
chest. Then, stand in the middle of the waterfall and push down to reveal a
blue chest with the Lover's Ring. Head left to find a room covered in floor
spikes with magnetic orbs hanging above them. Normally, this wouldn't be a
difficult challenge, but to make things worse, bats come flying at you from
off-screen. You can make it across unharmed by waiting for a bat to appear and
either killing it or dodging it, then flinging yourself across two orbs and

If you get impatient, you might find yourself getting hit by a bat. This does
very little damage, but it does have the added effect of dropping you to the
floor spikes. Once you've reached the other side, go up through the hole in the
ceiling. You'll find an armored beast here, a monster weak to slashing and fire
attacks. Defeat it and to to the left. Destroy the white dragon in the next
room and open the red chest to receive an HP Max Up (which conveniently heals
any damage you might have taken from that spiked floor room).

Go right, slaying the armored beast again in the process, to a vertical passage
with 3 ectoplasms in it. Defeat them, and blast a wall on the right side half
way up to reveal an onyx. Go left through a stone hall to vertical passage
complete with rope bridges. Defeat the lizardmen guarding the bridges and take
out the altairs (birds that fly in from off-screen) as they appear.

There is a save room off the left side about half way up the passage, and a
warp room at the top to the right. After opening the room, go left. This is
another sloping hill room with a cave in it. Balloons abound, as well as the
owl enemy, which has a Glyph that it rarely drops. This Glyph is called Fidelis
Noctua, and it summons an owl to fight with you.

The cave contains 2 arachne, and also 2 treasure chests. The next room has more
owls, as well as a few thunder demons, which you can absorb the Glyph Fulgur
(level 1 lightning Glyph) from. This is infinitely more useful than Vol Fulgur.
Not only does it have a higher attack power, but it costs less MP and shoots
out concentrated balls of lightning, which hang in the air for a few seconds
and can hit a stationary enemy multiple times in a single shot.

A statue at the top of the hill can be broken to reveal the Vol Hasta Glyph
(level 2 lance). Then go down the wood platforms near it to find 2 treasure
chests and a red chest containing a Chariot Ring. Exit the room through the
upper left corner to come into another room; this one is covered in mist. Take
the cave directly in front of Shanoa to find 2 arachnes and 2 treasure chests.
There are several owls in the trees on the hill, and another thunder demon.

There is another room after this one. Head straight into the cave in front of
Shanoa and defeat 2 lizardmen to gain access to a statue. Break it open and
absorb the Inire Pecunia Glyph. This handy Glyph makes it so that enemies drop
more money when its active. Keep going left (killing another pair of lizardmen
in the process) to find a treasure chest and a red chest with an MP Max Up in

Go back to the beginning of the room and jump straight up the tree branches to
find a red chest with a body suit in it. Make your way across the hill to the
upper left side and exit through there to leave the area.

Oblivion Ridge [Obliv1]
Enemies: 054 Skeleton Beast, 057 Lizardman, 058 Armored Beast, 062 Werewolf,
         063 Altair, 068 Stone Rose, 072 Flea Man, 114 Gravedorcus
Items: Diamond, Chamomile, Gravedo Medal
Wood Chests: None
Green Chests: None
Glyphs: Sapiens Fio
Villagers: None

Enter the area and proceed to the left. You'll immediately encounter a
lizardman, followed by a skeleton beast and a werewolf. The entire time,
altairs will fly across the screen and either divebomb Shina or drop flea men
down to fight. A second lizardman waits at the left end of the hall.

In the next room, there is a statue on the upper left ledge that you can't
quite reach. To get to it, stand below it and wait for an altair to fly in,
then double jump over it and push down + B to drop kick onto it. If you aim it
right, Shanoa will bounce back into the air, allowing you to execute another
double jump to reach the ledge. Break the statue and absorb Sapiens Fio, a
Glyph that raises Shanoa's INT (which increases the damage output from all magic
type attacks).

Use the save room by taking the exit in the lower right corner of the room,
then head back to the lower left side to enter a boss door.

HP: 3600        Exp: 3000

This is a long, tedious fight. The boss spends a considerable portion of its
time underground, where you can't hit it. This boss is weak to ice, so Grando
and Vol Grando are good attacks to use here. For this strategy, have Vol Grando
equipped, with Sapiens Fio as your support ability. Turn Sapiens Fio on before
you ever get into the room to make sure you start with full MP.

As soon as the fight starts, a stone block shoots up underneath you. Get off of
this immediately. If you don't, the boss will perform a leap attack on you,
damaging you and affording very little time to counterattack. Before it gets a
chance to, drop off the right side. Turn around and throw 2 Vol Grandos at the
block. If you time it right, they'll hit the boss as it does a rolling fin
slash (this attack always ends when it reaches the block, if there is one

Next, make sure Shanoa is about a pace away from the block and turn to face the
right. The boss will come up out of the sand facing you. If you're right next
to it, it will release a blast of poisonous gas, but if you're standing near
the pillar, it will instead spray out a hail of spiked balls. After it fully
surfaces, use an Ice Union to create a whirlwind of snow and ice. This not only
damages the boss, but it will also destroy all of the spike balls, keeping you
from getting hit and also keeping them out from underfoot.

The boss dives back down again into the ground. It will do one of two things at
this point. It will either do another rolling fin slash, or it will do do a
stone block tail slap. If it's the rolling fin slash, fire off another 2 Vol
Grandos and jump onto the block. Then hop back down and prepare to unleash
another Ice Union with it surfaces for its next spike ball breath attack.

If it does the tail slap, make sure you're on the right side and feel free to
blast it with Ice Unions or repeated Vol Grandos. The boss will slap the stone
towards the center of the room, then burrow completely underground. Run left
now to find another stone block. The boss should either begin its cycle over
again (if there is another stone block) or start at one end of the room and do
a straight run charge.

If it charges, run to the right in front of it until the boss door comes into
view. Kneel down and watch the boss jump over your head, then backdash twice to
get out of the way as it slams into the wall and flops back down to the ground.
Unleash more Ice Unions and Vol Grandos. If the boss isn't dead yet, prepare to
repeat these strategies until it is.

Leap- The boss jumps out of the sand at you and then dives back in.
Rolling Fin Slash- The boss rolls upwards, causing the ground to bulge up. Its
                   fin slashes forward as it dives back into the ground. Run
                   away from the boss to avoid this.
Poison Cloud Breath- The boss breaches the ground and breathes out a cloud of
                     poisonous gas. Stand out of range to avoid this.
Spike Ball Breath- The boss breaches the ground (in exactly the same animation
                   of the poison cloud breath) and spews forth a hail of spiked
                   balls, which remain on the ground until they're destroyed or
                   run into.
Straight Run Charge- The boss starts at one end of the room and rushes all the
                     way across, leaping out of the sand when it gets close
                     enough. It may bounce off the wall and lay there, stunned.
                     Duck underneath it as it jumps to avoid this attack.
Stone Block Slam- The boss slams a stone block straight up into the ceiling,
                  damaging Shanoa. It only performs this attack if she's
                  standing on the block.
Stone Block Tail Slap- The boss rises out of the ground and positions its tail
                       next to a stone block. It then slaps the block and sends
                       it flying in several pieces. Run away or get to the
                       other side of the block before the boss hits it to avoid
                       this attack.

Head left through the room to find a group of monsters containing a lizardman,
a werewolf, and a stone rose. Defeat them, then continue to the left to break
open a wall containing a diamond. A ledge in the upper right corner has another
werewolf standing on it. Unfortunately, the only way up there right now it to
bounce off a werewolf as it leaps into the air to perform an attack. The
werewolf doesn't always use this attack, and it has to be done at a specific

The prize for getting up there is a chamomile, which is not even close to worth
the trouble, so ignore the ledge and continue to the upper left corner. Defeat
a few lizardmen, some werewolves, and an armored beast to reach the outside of
a church.

   Shanoa: I sense strong magic behind that door... it's Dominus.

Enter the church, where Shanoa walks towards a Glyph hanging in the air, only
to be hit by Torpor. Albus teleports into the room in front of Shanoa.

   Albus: Try to relax, Shanoa; no more interfering. About those [Dominis]
          pieces, by the way... It's time to explain why I gave them to you.

   Albus absorbs the Glyph.

   Albus: Gyaaaaah! It's working... I FEEL IT!
   Shanoa: But Barlowe said you weren't able to bear Glyphs... Did you...
   Shanoa: You let me absorb the other two just to see how it's done!
   Albus: Ha! You see, I-- Urgh... Hng! Gaaaaaaaaahhh!

   Albus leans forward and clutches his head, then drops his arms to the side
   and slouches.

   Shanoa: ...What's happening?
   Albus: ...And now... My wish will be...
   Albus: Shanoa, I--

   Albus pulls himself back upright.

   Albus: Rrgh... What!? Th-This can't be!

   Albus clutches his head and begins shaking.

   Albus: No... I've come too far... I will NOT be consumed!
   Albus: ...We'll settle this later, Shanoa.

   Albus teleports away.

   Shanoa: Wait, Albus!

   The Torpor effect disappears.

   Shanoa: This is bad... Master Barlowe will know what to do.

Go all the way to the left and break open the wall to obtain a Hermit Ring.
If you've been keeping on on Daniela's tasks, take the opportunity to draw the
church sketch she wants. Once you're finished, run back through the area to the
exit (or use a magical ticket if you're feeling lazy).

Backtracking: Ecclesia [Eccle2]
Return to Ecclesia to speak with Barlowe.

   Barlowe: You say he hosts the final piece himself!? To learn such devilry in
            such a short time... I fear his genius may outstrip my own.
   Barlowe: We foolishly assumed that only you could serve as host for
            [Dominus]... and so we left him such an opening. He watched the
            way you took in those first two...
   Barlowe: But wait, those pieces still remain with us.
   Shanoa: That is correct.
   Barlowe: He wants them back, no doubt. If we pursue...
   Shanoa: What choice do we have? He has to stopped; you said so yourself.
   Barlowe: Indeed, you have the right of it, I fear. The force of [Dominus]
            devours the mind. Poor Albus, even he could not resist Dracula's
   Barlowe: He can't come back to us; not anymore.
   Barlowe: Shanoa, free him from his misery...
   Shanoa: Yes, Sir.
   Barlowe: His trail must lead beyond the graveyard. Go. For all the world's
            sake, come back alive.

Now leave the area to access the map. You'll see two new areas, but only one of
which you can access. Enter the Argila Swamp.

Argila Swamp [Argil1]
Enemies: 010 Une, 064 Mandragora, 065 Jersey Devil, 066 Owl Knight,
         067 Chosen Une, 068 Stone Rose
Items: 1 random chest
Wood Chests: Rue, Silver Ore, Tonic, Zircon
Green Chests: Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, Traveler's Hat
Glyphs: None
Villagers: None

The first thing you'll see is a jersey devil. Close in on it and snap a picture
for Marcel, then slaughter it. The green indents on the ground are swamp matter,
which slow Shanoa down, but don't harm her. However, human-like creatures pop
up out of there and cover themselves in green plants. They then drop regular
unes behind them as they walk. If a chosen une walks into you, you'll be
poisoned. A little bit farther on, a mandragora pops up and unleashes its
scream attack before it explodes.

On the next screen, you'll find a stone rose. An owl knight attacks next. More
of the same enemies you've already encountered will continue to assault you
across the area, which is only 3 rooms wide. Fight your way through each room
and out the left side to gain access to the Mystery Manor.

Mystery Manor [Myste1]
Enemies: 069 Mad Butcher, 070 White Fomor, 071 Evil Force, 072 Flea Man,
         078 Mimic, 115 Albus
Items: 2000 Gold Bag x2, Gold Ore, Albus Medal
Wood Chests: None
Green Chests: None
Glyphs: Vol Luminatio, Vol Umbra, Acerbatus, Dominus Agony
Villagers: Cat

   Shanoa: Albus is here...
   Shanoa: I must end this now with my own hands, no matter the cost.

After Shanoa finishes talking to herself, head left into the first room to find
a mad butcher and a white fomor. The butcher likes to charge at you after it
revs up its chainsaw, and the white fomor will fly around, teleporting and
summoning balls of light. This attack is actually the Glyph Vol Luminatio,
which you should use this opportunity to take.

Defeat a flea man in the next room, then proceed to a room with several mad
butchers standing about. As soon as they see Shanoa, they'll attack. In the
center of the room is a mimic disguised as a treasure chest. The upper right
corner of the room leads to a small room with two flea men and a bag containing
2000 gold.

Go back to the room you just came out of and leave again, this time through the
upper left side. You'll run into another white fomor and an old familiar face,
an evil force. The next room has two white fomors, another evil force, and a
mad butcher. At the top of the room is a village cat, crouched down on the
platform. Its a purple-black color, so it can be easy to miss.

Go through the upper left exit to find another room with flea men and a 2000
gold bag. and the lower right exit goes into a hall with a white fomor, 2 evil
forces, and a flea man. At the end of the hall is a red chest with a gold ore
in it. Once you've cleared this room out, head back to the other room and drop
through the hole in the floor on the left side.

Defeat the 2 white fomors, and go right. Use the save point in the next room,
but don't go through the boss door just yet. Head back left through the room
with the white fomors and go through the left exit. You'll come into a room
that's completely black, but with several spiked blocks floating back and forth.

Run up to the first one so that Shanoa is standing just to the right of it,
then kneel down and slide twice in rapid succession when the block is at the
height of its move to slide under both of them. Next, wait until the block
moving horizontally overhead is out of way, then jump up and to the left to
land on a raised platform about the same height off the ground as Shanoa is.
Duck down to avoid another block and wait until its to the right of Shanoa,
then slide left off the ledge.

Continue to slide all the way across the floor until Shanoa can't go any
farther left to avoid the block overhead. The next jump is tricky. You have to
wait until both the horizontally moving block is all the way to the right and
the vertically moving one is all the way up. This is your window to jump
through that gap straight over the next platform and land on the other side of
it. This platform, like the last one, is about Shanoa's height.

Now there are two blocks right next to each other, both going up and down in a
small space. Wait to time it right, then bypass both with a slide. Where the
next vertical-moving block is, you'll run into another platform. This is
another jump of timing, where you need the block moving horizontally and the
one moving vertically to be out of your way before you jump. If you need to,
you can stop on the platform and wait for the second and third vertical blocks
to get out of your way before you drop down from the other side.

Slide under the next block to avoid it, and continue left until Shanoa is
blocked again. By now, you should be familiar with how to navigate over these
platforms, but there is an extra twist to this one. The first platform leads up
to a second one instead of dropping back down, so you'll have to pause on it
(kneeling down to avoid getting it) and wait for the second set of blocks to
line up. This set is unique in that instead of waiting for the block to rise to
the top, you want it at the bottom of its swing so that you can jump over it.

After you get to the other side, a Glyph comes into view. This is Vol Umbra,
and with it absorbed, the darkness disappears. Vol Umbra acts much like Fulgur,
except that the balls it shoots out do dark damage instead of lightning. Make
your way back through the spikes, a task that's much easier now that the light
is on.

Go back to the save room (saving again, of course) and enter the boss door.
You'll find Albus on the other side. If you haven't saved all the villagers yet,
defeating Albus gives you the first ending.

   Shanoa: If this is how it must be, then let's end it now.
   Albus: The Dominus is mine, and I've waited long enough.
   Albus: Hand it over, Shanoa.
   Shanoa: Is this why you betrayed our master?
   Shanoa: Did you trade your home, your life, just to be consumed by this
   Shanoa: What did you hope to gain!? Answer me.

   Albus clutches his head, then stands up straight.

   Albus: Shanoa... What am I--!? Gaaah!
   Albus: No, Shanoa... RUN! You have to get away from here! Now!
   Shanoa: ...Albus?

   Albus clutches his head again, then throws it back and begins laughing.

   Albus: Run...? Ha! What good would that do her? She cannot escape me.
   Albus: All of humanity is merely cattle, led to slaughter at my behest. I,
          Lord Dracula!
   Albus: Give yourself as sustenance to me, weak, foolish human! That will be
          your honor!!
   Shanoa: ......
   Shanoa: Even in this state, without any memory of the man you once were, I
           pity you.
   Shanoa: It's my duty to free you from this suffering; to ensure you don't
           meet such an end.
   Shanoa: Rest in peace, Albus.

HP: 4000        Exp: 0

Albus is weak to both slashing and dark. Vol Umbra is a good weapon to use here,
but it does have one large drawback. The orbs block your view of Albus, which
can make it difficult to predict Albus's next attack. However, there is a way
around this. Most of Albus's attacks are straight forward, and you can dodge
them in the same way. It doesn't always work, but if you don't care about
obtaining the Albus Medal, it will get you through the fight.

Almost all of Albus's attacks come from his gun, Agartha. When he stops while
facing you, simply jump over him. An interesting thing to note about Albus is
that, unlike other bosses, running into him doesn't actually hurt you. Use this
to your advantage. Vol Umbra's range is just short enough that if you land
beside Albus and fire shots off at him, he'll run outside the range of the orb.
However, if you land on him and fire, they'll reach exactly the right point to
hit him.

Make sure to absorb the Acerbatus Glyph he generates when firing his Max Shot
attack. If you get hit by this, you'll be cursed and have all your MP drained.
Once you've absorbed Acerbatus, however, this attack gives you a good countering

window. It's easy to see it coming because of the Glyph forming over Albus's

head, easy to dodge by simply jumping over it, and it takes long enough to form

that you can usually get behind him and blast him with a cluster of Vol Umbras.

Similarly, Albus's Optical Shot attack can be avoided simply by jumping to the
other side. If you don't make it, however, you're likely to be hit, as this
attack spreads over a very wide range. His regular bullets are also easy to
avoid; just jump over them. Basically, whenever Albus is facing you and raises
his gun, jump over top of him, then spin in place and let him have it.

His fire kick is a different story. He likes to do this when you're in the air,
making it difficult to avoid, or if you're too close. He has two versions, one
where he jumps straight up and one where he leaps across the screen. Another
leaping attack is his Torpor attack. Unlike Shanoa's version, this isn't a
Glyph so much as a series of yellow crystals he drops as he jumps across the
screen. When the crystals hit the ground (or wall), a burst of crystal
shoots up. The crystals don't do damage until they've hit the ground, so you
can run right through these to position yourself on a clear space.

Albus likes to move a lot, and it requires good reflexes to dodge all his
attacks, but it's doable. If you manage it, collect the Albus Medal as your

Bullet- Albus fires a bullet, either standing or crouching down. Dodge this by
        jumping over it.
Slide- A simple slide across the ground, just like Shanoa's.
Max Shot- Albus fires a shot of Acerbatus. This not only deals a lot of damage,
          but it curses you as well. You can jump over this attack or absorb
          the Glyph as Albus is casting it.
Optical Shot- Albus concentrates light and dark energy into his gun, then
              shoots them out in a spiral. You can dodge this by being in the
              right spot of the spiral, but its much easier to simply jump to
              the other side of him as he's charging the attack.
Fire Kick- Albus leaps, spinning, into the air. He trails flames after him as
           he goes.
Torpor- Albus jumps across the room and drops a line of Torpors behind him.

   Shanoa: This will complete [Dominus], the power that corrupted Albus... and
           consumed him.
   Shanoa: Can this cursed power truly be used to vanquish evil?
   Shanoa: ...I'll return the final piece to Barlowe-- my mission is complete.

Absorb Dominus Agony.

Alternate Ending

The screen fades to Ecclesia, where Shanoa stands before Barlowe.

   Shanoa: It's done, Sir. I've retrieved [Dominus].
   Barlowe: And Albus? did he yield, or did he...
   Shanoa: It... was too late. I'm sorry.
   Barlowe: Unfortunate... but it cannot be helped.
   Barlowe: He wanted just the same as both of us. Perhaps he simply wanted it
            too much.
   Barlowe: But still, there is a way to honor him. Use [Dominus] and see the
            mission through.
   Barlowe: Good Albus would have wanted it that way.
   Barlowe: The time has come-- to the forbidden room!

   The screen fades again and returns with Shanoa and Barlowe standing at the
   ritual altar.

   Barlowe: Take all three pieces; bind them to yourself.
   Barlowe: Upon the vessel cast the Union Glyph.
   Barlowe: And so, the world's greatest hope will rise!
   Barlowe: Ecclesia's wish... The wish of all mankind.
   Barlowe: Now go, Shanoa! You will be the one. Our world's savior...

Equip all three Dominus Glyphs, and hit the red-glowing stone with a Dominus

   Shanoa: ...Why? I'm fading... It's so dark...

   Shanoa collapses to the ground.

   Barlowe: Rejoice, Shanoa.
   Barlowe: With your sacrifice, the wishes of mankind will all come true...

The screen gives you brief glimpses of all the villagers you haven't saved yet,
then saves your game and gives you the game over screen.

   Shanoa: What's...going on!? Albus's memories--! ...I can feel them...

   The screen goes black.

   Albus: Name's Albus. I guess we're brother and sister now.
   Shanoa: My brother, huh? ...Albus.

   The screen flashes.

   Albus: Argh!
   Shanoa: You can't keep doing this; you'll destroy yourself. Let me take your
   Albus: What... kind of brother would I be...if I didn't protect you...?
   Albus: That's... my role.

   The screen flashes.

   Albus: Accepting Dominus is likely to interfere with one's memories and
   Barlowe: I see...
   Albus: That being the case, we should assume the true price is much
   Albus: Sir! Name me as the bearer. I can't allow Shanoa to risk her life.
   Barlowe: But you aren't able--
   Albus: There has to be a way! ...and I'll find it.
   Barlowe: All right, Albus. I will give you my word.
   Barlowe: But, before all that, I have a great errand for you...

   The screen fades back in.

   Shanoa: ...But Barlowe told me Albus took my memories. It was [Dominus]?
   Shanoa: Albus, did you steal [Dominus] for my sake...?
   ???: So you figured it out. ...a shame everything ended in failure.
   Shanoa: Albus!? I... I can hear your voice inside my mind.
   Albus: Inside [Dominus], actually, which you absorbed.
   Shanoa: That isn't possible.
   Albus: It would seem the blood of the holy whip's legacy makes many things
   Albus: One of life's fortunate miracles, you might say.
   Albus: Betrayed by the old man, I fled with [Dominus].
   Albus: In this way I had taken your place as bearer, and you were no longer
          at risk.
   Albus: Alone, I continued my research into methods of controlling [Dominus].
   Albus: As you know, that Glyph's power is Dracula's as well.
   Albus: To this end, I required the blood of the sacred Belmont clan.
   Albus: Since they vanished years ago, I set out to find any traces of their
   Shanoa: ...The villagers.
   Albus: Exactly. Fate drew them to the village...all thirteen of that line.
   Albus: I studied their blood with great diligence...
   Albus: In the end, even that power wasn't enough to contain [Dominus], and
          the Glyph consumed me.
   Shanoa: ...But with your body gone, your spirit remains-- absorbed into the
   Shanoa: And now, that soul dwells within me, alongside the power of
   Albus: By all accounts, [Dominus] should have overpowered and erased my will.
   Albus: However, the villager's power courses through you, and that tethered
          me here.
   Shanoa: How can that be?
   Albus: Probably from absorbing the Glyphs I used to imprison them...
   Albus: You are quite remarkable, Shanoa.
   Shanoa: ......
   Shanoa: There is still one thing I do not understand, Albus.
   Shanoa: Why did you try to take my place, if you knew it would cost you your
   Albus: ...I doubt you could understand, without your memories or emotions.
   Albus: Let's just say I knew what mattered to me, and what had to be done.
   Albus: Once the ritual began, though, I no longer had any choice.
   Albus: Everything that happened since then was laid out before me...
   Albus: A path I had to follow.
   Shanoa: I still don't understand...
   Albus: It's just as well. No need to concern yourself with the affairs of my
   Albus: But, I do need you to promise me one thing.
   Shanoa: What is it?
   Albus: No matter what happens, you mustn't use [Dominus].
   Albus: Its power comes at a great price... Your life.
   Albus: Please, Shanoa... Don't ever use [Dominus]! You have to trust me!
   Shanoa: I do, Albus.
   Albus: then I've done all I can. Thank you, Shanoa...
   Albus: ...but now, I believe my time is at an end.
   Shanoa: Albus, wait! I have to know--
   Albus: You'll be fine now. ...Remember your promise.
   Shanoa: ...Albus...? Don't go, Albus!
   Shanoa: ...You gave up your life for my sake, and I don't feel anything.
   Shanoa: I can't even shed a tear...
   Shanoa: ...... Why was everything stolen form me!?

   Shanoa runs towards the exit.

   Shanoa: Only one person can answer my questions.
   Shanoa: ...I won't let Albus's sacrifice go to waste.
   Shanoa: I must learn the truth.

Backtracking: Ecclesia [Eccle3]
Enemies: Barlowe
Items: Barlowe Medal
Wood Chests: None
Green Chests: None
Glyphs: Globus
Villagers: None

Return to Ecclesia and head to the top of it to talk to Barlowe. 

   Shanoa: It's done, Sir. I've retrieved [Dominus].
   Barlowe: And Albus? did he yield, or did he...
   Shanoa: ......
   Barlowe: Unfortunate... but it cannot be helped.
   Barlowe: He wanted just the same as both of us. Perhaps he simply wanted it
            too much.
   Barlowe: But still, there is a way to honor him. Use [Dominus] and see the
            mission through.
   Barlowe: Good Albus would have wanted it that way.
   Barlowe: The time has come-- to the forbidden room!

   The screen fades again and returns with Shanoa and Barlowe standing at the
   ritual altar.

   Barlowe: Take all three pieces; bind them to yourself.
   Barlowe: Upon the vessel cast the Union Glyph.
   Barlowe: And so, the world's greatest hope will rise!
   Barlowe: Ecclesia's wish... The wish of all mankind.
   Barlowe: Now go, Shanoa! You will be the one. Our world's savior...

   Shanoa turns to face Barlowe.

   Shanoa: I will not.
   Barlowe: ...What, second thoughts? You've fought so hard for this...
   Shanoa: I promised Albus. I'm never using Dominus.
   Barlowe: You promised him? He must have lied to you...
   Shanoa: You would know quite a bit about lies.
   Barlowe: Shanoa, what is this? What do you mean?
   Shanoa: Albus didn't steal my emotions at all.
   Shanoa: It was you. You used them as a sacrifice to [Dominus]!
   Barlowe: R-Rediculous! I've never heard such--
   Shanoa: You also lied to Albus.
   Shanoa: You sent him on a fool's errand, and tried to hold the ritual in his
   Barlowe: ......
   Shanoa: And you neglected to mention that using [Dominus] would kill me.
   Shanoa: Would you care to explain that, "Master"?
   Barlowe: Shanoa, if you ever trusted me, then hear me: mankind needs you.
   Barlowe: Needs your life!

   Shanoa backdashes as Barlowe spread his hands wide.

   Shanoa: .......!
   Barlowe: You carry such a burden, my young girl...
   Barlowe: To give your life that Man might live his dreams...
   Barlowe: Do you not see how wonderful that is?
   Shanoa: You're mad...
   Barlowe: Now, Albus, that boy had the right idea. He found a way to take in
   Barlowe: and I shall put his research to good use.
   Barlowe: You see, girl, we don't need you anymore...
   Barlowe: My flesh can host the Glyph as well as yours!
   Barlowe: And since you're so unwilling to comply...
   Barlowe: I'll rip the Glyph straight off your bloody corpse!
   Shanoa: I'm not ready to die, Barlowe. You still owe me answers.
   Barlowe: Poor fool; if I could only make you see. Now die, and YIELD
            [DOMINUS] TO ME!!

HP: 4000        Exp: 0

Barlowe positions himself exactly right to use Vol Ascia on him. You can fire
off salvos of axes at him between his attacks, then recover your MP while you
dodge. There really isn't much to avoiding any of his attacks, except for
Globus. Make sure to absorb this one, or you'll likely take damage.

If you fail to absorb Globus (if, for example, Barlowe never gets a chance to
use it), don't worry too much. This is the only Glyph in the game that is
actually obtainable from two different monsters. A monster near the end of the
game known as the demon lord also casts this Glyph. Once you finish Barlowe
off, you can collect the Barlowe Medal from the blue chest by the door on the
left side of the room if you didn't get hit.

Fire Books- Barlowe forms 7 books, each of which forms into a small fireball
            and shoots towards Shanoa. Run across the screen to dodge them.
Electric Books- Barlowe lets two books go to the top and bottom of him, which
                begin forming eletric arcs to create a sphere around him.
                Barlowe rushes forward at a downward angle, then, shoots
                horizontally across the screen to bounce off the corner of the
                room and back diagonally the other direction. Dodge this by
                being underneath him, then jumping towards the direction Barlowe
                went as he comes back. You'll drop back to the floor as he flies
                back overhead.
Ice Books- Barlowe drops to the ground and tosses a book on the floor. Jump up
           to avoid this attack, which sends a sheet of ice across the floor.
           If Shanoa gets hit, she becomes trapped in the ice and can't move.
Multi Punch- Barlowe shoots across the screen from alternate directions and
             punches at Shanoa, sprouting a phrase with each attack. Jump
             straight up to avoid this attack. If Barlowe hits you, you'll
             likely get hit with each hit for the rest of the attack as he
             bounces you back and forth across the screen.
Globus- Barlowe forms this Glyph, which creates two purple electric orbs that
        bounce around the room. The best way to avoid getting hit is to simply
        absorb the Glyph as Barlowe creates it. Otherwise, you have to jump out
        of the way as this attack bounces around.This attack actually does
        striking damage instead of lightning.

   Barlowe: Damnit! I was so close! I could... taste the power...
   Shanoa: I don't understand... The user of [Dominus] is destined to die!
   Shanoa: ...Why would you want that kind of power?
   Barlowe: Because without [Dominus], I'll never destroy that infernal seal.
   Shanoa: ...Seal? You told me that was the vessel of Dracula's soul!
   Barlowe: Of course!
   Barlowe: Ecclesia's mission is to realize the singular wish of all mankind:
            the resurrection of our lord, Count Dracula!
   Shaoa: Mankind wishes for no such thing.
   Barlowe: Dracula's power comes from the darkness in people's hearts-- our
   Barlowe: Ask yourself then, why does he continue to return, regardless of
   Barlowe: Because our hearts yearn for Dracula's presence! Haaaa ha ha ha ha
   Shanoa: ...Just another victim of [Dominus]... It's driven you mad!

   The seal begins to release bursts of dark clouds.

   Barlowe: No, Shanoa... How can you be blind to this?
   Barlowe: ...If you refuse to see, then you are the fool!

   The clouds of darkness coalesce on Barlowe.

   Barlowe: Oh ho ho.... What's this? This power... My strength is returning!
   Barlowe: Yes my lord, I see... I will destroy the infernal seal with your
   Barlowe: ...Truly providence, that Dracula would honor me with his guidance!
Barlowe crawls towards the seal.

   Shanoa: No... I feel a new power.

   Light flashes from the seal.

   Barlowe: ...I will give my life to undo the seal, Master. Return to us, Lord

   Purple flames wash across the screen. When they fade away, both Barlowe and
   the seal are gone.

   Shanoa: It can't be!

   The entire building starts to rumble.
   The scene fades to the view of a castle in the distance.

   Shanoa: ...Now I've lost everything... my past, my emotions, my brother, and
           my purpose...
   Shanoa: I'm empty. ...there's nothing left for me. 

End Part 1

Part 2: Storming Dracula's Castle

Castle Entrance [Nightmare Gate] [Castl1]
Enemies: 072 Flea Man, 073 Ghoul, 074 Peeping Eye, 075 Gargoyle,
         076 Blood Skeleton, 077 Black Panther
Items: 1 random chest, Heart Max Up, Tasty Meat, White Drops
Wood Chests: Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Silver Ore
Green Chests: Gold Ore, Miser Ring, Onyx, Thief Ring
Glyphs: Arma Felix

Enter Dracula's Castle and run to the right to find a warp point. Keep going to
the next screen to view a picture of Shanoa standing before the castle,
followed by some text.

   Shanoa: Here I am... It's all gone. ...What little I had, anyway.
   Shanoa: No, that's not true, there's one thing left... ...My mission.
   Shanoa: I'm the only one left who can end this. Hear me, [Dracula]!
   Shanoa: I am the morning sun, come to vanquish this horrible night!

Run through the first hall, which is packed with new enemies. Peeping Eyes drop
the valuable Eye For Decay item, which allows Shanoa to see stone that can be
broken away to reveal items or new rooms. Blood Skeletons can be defeated, but
they always spring back to life after a little bit. Gargoyles hide in the
background as statues, then come to life and swoop down at you.

In the next room, you'll encounter black panthers, an enemy that drops the Arma
Felix Glyph. This Glyph turns you into a black panther, with all their fighting
attacks. Go through the lower right door to find a save room. The upper left
corner of the room has a red chest with a Heart Max Up, and the upper right
corner leads further into the castle.

The next room is a vertical passage with several blood skeletons roaming it.
Defeat them, and also break out the end of a short ledge near the top to find a
tasty meat. The right exit at the top leads to a room with a wall that you can
only get through by use of Paries, which you still don't have. Go left instead.

Several more black panthers stand in your way, but they are vulnerable to the
curse affect of Acerbatus, so blast them with that to slow them down. In the
lower left corner of the room is a treasure chest. Jump up onto the ledge in
the upper right corner of the room and press down to reveal a blue chest with
white drops in it.

The next hallway is packed full of ghouls. These monsters continuously rise
from the floor, and will poison you if you touch them. After that, you'll come
to a vertical passage with a black panther right above you. This is a good
place to pick up Arma Felix if you don't have it yet. Hurl a handful of axes
straight up at the monster and then leave the room if it didn't drop the Glyph.

Go to the top and exit through the right side to come into another ghoul hall,
but this time there are several peeping eyes and a blood skeleton as well. Exit
through the door on the right to enter the next area of the castle.

Library [Bloody Tomes] [Libra1]
Enemies: 069 Mad Butcher, 070 White Fomor, 073 Ghoul, 074 Peeping Eye,
         076 Blood Skeleton, 077 Black Panther, 079 Draculina, 080 Tin Man,
         117 Wallman
Items: HP Max Up, MP Max Up, Super Potion, Hanged Man Ring, Cream Puff,
       Wallman Medal
Glyphs: Paries, Melio Confodere, Refectio,  Dextro Custos

Go up a vertical passage with platforms and pillars made out of stacks of books
(which conveniently never fall over). Destroy several peeping eyes and then head
left into a ghoul hall. Make your way through to another vertical passage. Here
you'll find a monster called draculina. Destroy it and head to the top of the

Open the red chest in the upper left corner to find an HP Max Up, then go right.
There, destroy 2 black panthers and head up. Defeat the Draculina in this room,
and go up the left side. A tin man charges at you here, but several hits from
Acerbatus will put it in its place.

Go up into a room with a white fomor floating overhead. The exit directly to
your right leads to a save room, and on the left side across from it, you'll
find a warp room. A black panther guards the entrance into the warp room, and a
draculina in the upper left corner watches over a red chest with an MP Max Up.
Finally, go through the boss door in the upper right corner for a most unusual

HP: 9999        Exp: 3500

This is perhaps the easiest boss fight in the entire game. Wallman is a strange,
fat creature whose only real power is forming the Glyph Paries. Paries allows
you to walk through those strange walls you've been finding with the green glow
on them. To kill Wallman, you simply have to absorb the Glyph as he tries to
use it.

Before you do that though, hit him a couple time to hurt him. Let him go
through the wall, and find a safe place to avoid the 3 bombs he throws out.
Each bomb will shoot a blast of fire vertically and horizontally out from it in
all 4 directions. The trick to this fight is to find the spot on the screen
where you can stand so that none of the blasts will hit Shanoa and she can
absorb the Glyph.

There are two blocks hanging in the air; one is red, the other blue. The place
to stand revolves around these blocks, as the fire blasts from the bombs won't
pass through them. Sometimes it's as simple as standing on one or directly
underneath it.

When Wallman comes back out, if you've hurt him enough, he'll have a super
potion in his hand. Hit him as he holds it up to make him drop it to the
ground, where you can steal it. He'll respond by then throwing out his regular
3 bombs. You can only steal the super potion once. After you've obtained it,
absorb the Paries Glyph and this boss will die instantly. Collect the Wallman
medal (and you really should get it for this fight), and go through the wall
using your new Glyph.

Bomb- Wallman throws out 3 bombs. The bombs hang in the air across the room
      and, once they explode, shoot out lines of fire in 4 horizontally and
      vertically. Avoid this by crouching low to the floor (Wallman never
      throws one directly onto the ground) or finding the safe area to stand
      in the attack.

Break open the statue on the other side of the wall to reveal Melio Confodere
(level 3 rapier Glyph). As soon as you enter the next room, a tin man charges
you. Acerbatus is again the weapon of choice against these menaces, and Shanoa
should kneel as she's firing them to duck under the gun the tin man will pull
out after it's been hit. Take care of the draculina (some well placed axe
throws will do it in), and continue to the right.

The next room has an inaccessible spot in the upper right corner. This will be
a shortcut between this section of the castle and another later, but not until
Shanoa gains the ability to fly with the Volaticus Glyph. For now, head down
through the floor opening to the next room. Defeat the peeping eye and black
panther and go right.

If you don't have an eye for decay (the head equipment that shows breakable
stonework) but would like one, here's the place to get it. Using Acerbatus and
Sapiens Fio (if you need it for the damage boost), enter the next room and fire
off two rounds to destroy the peeping eye on the opposite ledge. If it doesn't
drop the item, and it probably won't, exit the screen and come back as many
times as necessary.

Once you're ready to move on, drop down to the bottom of the passage. You can
destroy the two draculinas if you like, then head left. You'll come into what
appears to be a dining area. Walk through the small one-screen room into a
larger one and head straight left. Defeat the draculina and bust through the
upper left corner of the wall (the eye for decay will show this spot as a series
of glowing green rings around it). The hidden room has a statue with the
Refectio Glyph behind it. This handy support Glyph constantly recovers 1 point
of HP every second. Next to it is a red chest with a Hanged Man's Ring in it.

Back in the other room, defeat the draculina again and then got of the bottom of
the screen to defeat a trio of mad butchers. Drop down through the floor exit
to land on a platform above the ground with 2 tin man's running back and forth
across it. This is a good spot to use an attack like Vol Luminatio to defeat
them without taking damage. After they're both taken care of, go through the
bottom exit of this room.

Defeat a pair of draculinas in the next room and keep going right. This room is
full of mad butchers, which should be easy enough to handle by now. The exit is
in the lower right corner, and it leads to a room with more tin men. As soon as
you get into the room, kneel down and fire off several Acerbatus's to cause the
tin men to stop and reveal their guns. Drop to the ground and kneel again,
firing another round of Acerbatus shots to finish them off.

Go to the next room and break open a spot on the wall above the mad butcher's
head to find a cream puff. At the bottom of the passage, go left to find a room
with a Glyph floating in the air. Absorb this Glyph, Dextro Custos. It attacks
by creating what appears to be a wolf head, which then lunges forward at
enemies directly in front of Shanoa. More importantly, it's 1 of the 3 keys
needed to get pass the Cerberus Statue.

   Shanoa: This Glyph is resonating with something... Could there be another

Now backtrack all the way out of this area to where there was a right exit
(the room with the easy-to-kill peeping eye). Go right instead. Go through the
next hall; watch out for the tin man, and head down another passage to reveal a
door leading right into another area and an exit to the left with a warp room.
The door leads to the Cerberus Statue blocking access to the top of the castle,
so ignore it for now and take the warp room back to the beginning of the castle.

Backtracking: Castle Entrance [Castl2]
Enemies: No new enemies.
Items: 1 random chest, HP Max Up, Valkyrie Greaves
Glyphs: None

Run through the rooms from the warp point all the way right and then go up the
vertical passage and to the right. Use Paries to move through the wall and take
the HP Max Up from the red chest. Run through the next room into a large room
with several black panthers and a peeping eye. Take the treasure chest in the
upper right corner, then exit through the floor in the bottom right side.

You'll come into another ghoul hall, but this one has a few black panthers in
it as well. Go to the right, and take the red chest containing the Valkyrie
Greaves from its red chest at the top of the room. The exit is in the top right
corner. You'll come into a hall with a gargoyle and a treasure chest. If you
keep going right, you'll come up against a wall. This is as far as you can go
this way for now, so head back left through the ghoul hall and exit the left

Defeat the peeping eyes in the vertical passage and head down to the bottom to
go through a door leading to the next area.

Underground Labyrinth [Flirting with Shadows] [Under1]
Enemies: 072 Flea man, 081 Polkir, 082 Nova Skeleton, 083 Gashida,
         085 Gurhka Master, 086 Red Smasher 178 Blackmore
Items: 1 random chest, MP Max Up, Mercury Boots, Blackmore Medal, Heart Max Up,
       Super Potion
Glyphs: Nitesco, Fidelis Polkir, Vol Ignis, Lapiste, Vol Culter, Felicem Fio,
        Rapidus Fio

Drop down through the passage until you come to a green skeleton. This is a nova
skeleton, and its only attack is to form a Glyph that blasts you with a beam of
energy. This Glyph is Nitesco. This Glyph is unique in that it deals both fire
and light damage, and you should definitely absorb it. Just past it is a
familiar looking enemy, only this one is blue.

The polkir is a vicious cousin of the nominon, and it attacks by shooting forth
a beam of light from its eyes across the ground. Flames then roar up from
wherever the light touched. Exit the passage through the bottom exit, ignoring
the left one for now. Collect a random chest, and go left to face a pair of
gurkha masters. Go left through the hall, then up to find two gashidas. These
stone creatures attack by breathing out a cloud of gas that petrifies Shanoa.
In the middle of the hall is another nova skeleton. The only purpose to walking
through this hall is to fill it in on the map.

Go back down through the passage you came in through. A little ways down,
you'll find another polkir, and a hallway to the left. This is another hallway
like the one where you picked up Vol Umbra, except this one is flame based.
Pillars of flame constantly shoot up from the floors, down from the ceiling, or
out from the wall. You can walk across the little foot-high flames without
taking damage, so this room isn't terribly difficult to navigate.

Not surprising, at the end of the hall is the Vol Ignis Glyph. This Glyph
creates pillars of fire (not like the ones you just got through). Once Shanoa
takes this Glyph, all the fire in the room dies out. Head back to the passage
you came out of and finish going down to the bottom. Head right and defeat two
more gurhka masters. 

Go down to grab an MP Max Up, then back up into the room you just came out of.
Keep going right to find two gashidas and another gurkha master. Defeat them
and go up at the end of the tunnel to find a small room with 2 polkirs and a
red chest. The chest contains Mercury Boots, which make Shanoa run (very
slightly) faster.

Head back down and go to the right a little bit to find another exit in the
floor. The left exit in this new passage leads into the hall with the MP Max
Up. Explore it if you want to add it to your map, but beware of the gurhka
masters and single polkir. Go back into the vertical passage and head down it
a ways to find a left exit that leads to a warp room.

Keep going all the way to the bottom and to the left to find a save room, then
back up a bit and to the right to come into another candle-lit hall. A single
polkir floats around and the right end leads to a boss door with a very
difficult fight on the other side.

HP: 5000        Exp: 4300

This is perhaps one of the most difficult bosses to defeat in the entire game.
When you enter the room, you'll see a man clad in purple. After announcing that
he plans to steal your shadow, his own shadow elongates into a muscular torso
with a canine head. This boss quickly backs you into a corner, and there is no
way to get around it. Be prepared to fight in a very tight space.

The order of the boss's attacks are completely random, though it does sometimes
lead with a downward slash and finish with a shadow beam attack. Other than
that though, there is no way to tell what attack its going to use next until it
actually uses it. Sometimes, it will actually spew out two groups of shadow
orbs at the same time.

Nitesco is a great Glyph to use here. This boss is weak to both fire and light,
and Nitesco hits multiple times with good medium range. Its Union Glyph is a
giant beam that deals double damage. Keep yourself backed up against the wall
and your reflexes sharp to dodge the boss's attacks and its possible to walk
out of this with a Blackmore Medal.

Shadow Orb- The boss rears back and fires a set of orbs out of its mouth that
            arc over the screen to splash down on the ground around Shanoa.
            Quick foot work will keep you out of the way of this attack.
Downward Slash- The boss swipes its arms downwards. Stay all the way to the
                left side of the screen to avoid this.
Lunge- The boss lunges forward with one claw. Jump over it to dodge it.
Triple Lunge- The boss lunges forward like normal, but then follows with an
              upward swipe of its other hand and a second lunge. Dodge this by
              jumping over the first attack, kneel in the corner on the second
              one, then jump again to avoid the third.
Shadow Beam- The boss leans forward so that its mouth is level with Shanoa.
             It opens its mouth and fires a beam of shadows. Double jump
             straight up to get enough air time to doge this attack.

*Alternate strategy listed for this boss

Head right to the next room, where 2 nova skeletons attempt to block your path.
Head up to the right exit, through a hall with some nova skeletons and a
gashida. Go up the next vertical passage and through an exit on the left side
(ignore the right one for now).

Use Paries to climb through the walls, timing it right to avoid boulders
tumbling down. The room is busted up, preventing a straight passage through.
This forces Shanoa to leave the safety of the wall and run to another portion
to continue climbing.

The first turn is the hardest one. Position Shanoa so that the green light turns
white and, as soon as the boulder bounces off the wall, push out. Run to the
other side and enter the next wall before a boulder drops on you. The next time
this happens, there is a damaged section of the floor for Shanoa to crouch in,
allowing you to take the pass in two runs instead of one.

Go up through the wall and out the top to find Lapiste, a Glyph that attacks by
punching out a fist of stone in front of Shanoa. This attack does striking
damage, not stone. As soon as you absorb the Glyph, the boulders will stop
falling. Go back down and run through the passage to the right.

Run through the hall, which houses a pair of polkirs and some nova skeletons.
Head up to the top of the next passage, defeating more nova skeletons on the
way, and go right through the exit. Defeat the red smasher (which may drop the
level 2 knife Glyph, Vol Culter) there to take a Heart Max Up from a red chest.
Now head all the way back down to the bottom of the passage. There is a flea
man at the bottom, which leads to a room with an exit on the left and a Paries
wall on the right.

Go to the left and open a red chest for a super potion, then head back right.
Use Paries to enter the wall and navigate around the hole to come into a room
with a statue. Break it to reveal Felicem Fio, a Glyph that raises LCK
 Bust open the wall in the upper right corner to reveal another
Paries wall. Go through it to find a second statue. Behind this one is Rapides
Fio, a Glyph that lets Shanoa run much quicker than normal. It also creates a
green shield which deals damage.

This damage is very light, but if you go running through an earlier area with a
lot of weak monsters, this shield will blow them apart and allows Shanoa to run
uninterrupted. Go through the Paries wall on the other side to find an exit
leading up. Take it to come into a hall with 2 nova skeletons and a gashida.
Slay them and go to the right to find an exit to the castle.

Leaving the castle through this exit reveals 2 new areas on the world map, the
Training Hall and the Large Cavern. These are both very difficult optional
areas; strategies for getting through them can be found in the extras section.
Also, there are two sections of previously visited areas to revisit.

Misty Forest Road [Misty3]
Enemies: 090 Lizardman Blade
Items: Hierophant Ring, White Drops
Glyphs: Melio Arcus

Enter from the left side and proceed to the right to the Paries Wall in the
first big room. You'll come into a hallway with a statue. Break it to find
Melio Arcus (a level 3 bow Glyph). Fight your way through 6 lizardman blades
to reach a red chest with a hierophant ring, which increases experience gained
from fights by 50%, and break open the wall behind it to find White Drops. Exit
the area after taking these items.

Tymeo Mountains [Tymeo3]
Items: Devil Ring, Moonwalkers

Enter through the right entrance and use Rapidus Fio to make it through several
rooms to a rope bridge passage. Use Paries to enter the wall and head to the
left to pick up a Devil Ring from a red chest. Go back into the wall and head
up and to the right to find a second room with another red chest. This one
contains Moonwalkers, boots that make you invincible while backdashing.

If you haven't defeated a yeti yet, now is the chance. A Nitesco Union will
take it out before it gets a chance to flee, thus adding it to your list of
enemies defeated.

Underground Labyrinth [Under2]
Enemies: 091 Hammer Shaker
Items: White Drops
Glyphs: Melio Macir

Enter Dracula's Castle through the underground entrance on the right side.
Head left down the hall, then drop down and use Paries to pass through the
walls and go up at the other end. Go left  down the hall to another vertical
passage. Head up to the top of this one, beating your way through several nova

Head right into another veritcal passage, where you're immediately assaultd by
a polkir. Head down to the bottom of the passage and break open the left wall
to reveal White Drops. Head up to the top of the passage and go through the top
exit to find a hammer shaker. Defeating this monster may cause it to drop Melio
Macir, the level 3 Hammer Glyph.

Go left through the hall. You'll come into a room with a large steel block in
front of you that can be pushed off the ledge you're standing on. Before you do
that, head down to the bottom of the room and push the identical block down
there into a pool of water to raise the water level up. Then go back to the
top and push down the other one to raise the water level even higher.

If you push the first one first, it drops onto the second one and breaks open.
If you've done it right, however, the water level will be high enough to allow
Shanoa to reach the exit in the upper left corner. Go through this exit to
another hall with a hammer shaker in it. Head through this new hall to reach
a vertical passage with 5 polkirs in it. At the top, go through the door to
find a new area.

Barracks [Distant Memory] [Barra1]
Enemies: 080 Tin Man, 082 Nova Skeleton, 084 Devil, 085, Gurhka Master,
         086 Red Smasher, 088 Blade Master, 091 Hammer Shaker, 093 Imp,
         094 Bugbear
Items: 2 random chest, Green Drops, 2000 gold bag x3, Heart Max Up, HP Max Up,
       Green Drops, MP Max Up, Valkyrie Mail, Moon Ring
Glyphs: Melio Hasta

When you first enter the area, you'll see a statue with Melio Hasta (level 3
Lance Glyph) in it. Go up to find an exit on the right side. Take this to find
a save point, then head back up the rest of the way. Destroy the nova skeletons
in your way, and go right into a large room with a nova skeleton and several
tin men. 

Go to the lower right exit. You'll come into a hall with a blade master. Defeat
it, then jump onto the ledge above the entrance. Press down to reveal a blue
chest containing Green Drops. Go to the right to find a hammer shaker, a 2000

gold bag and a treasure chest.

Make your way to the upper left corner and go through the wood door to come
back out into the Library. Hit the switch to open the wall leading into the
area, then head back into the Barracks. Go up to the next room, which has
several nova skeletons and a devil. Head through the upper left exit to find
a red chest with a Heart Max Up in it. Now go to the upper right corner and
exit the room.

A hallway has a skeleton hero and a red smasher in it, as well as a 2000 gold
bag. You'll find another bag with 2000 gold at the other end.The next room has
a lizardman blade, and the wall behind it is breakable. The room on the other
side has a red chest with an HP Max Up. Go back to the room with the lizardman
blade in it and kill it again. Then drop down a ledge to fight a nova skeleton.

After you finish it off, break the edge of the ledge you're standing on to
reveal a Green Drops. Go down through the bottom exit to find a room with a
couple more lizardman blades. Work your way to the bottom of the room and take
an MP Max Up from a red chest in the lower left corner, then go to the right

Exit through that corner. Defeat a set of blade masters and loot a treasure
chest on a platform in the middle of the room. In the next hall, you'll find
another lizardman blade. The ledge above the entrance has a blue chest with a
Red Drops in it if you stand on it and push down. Run through the next room,
defeating a gurhka master to go through the right exit.

A vertical passage has a bugbear in it. The bugbear is a powered up version of
the peeping eye. Its tail has a ball of electricity on the end  of its tail,
making it more dangerous. Go down a screen and head left to find a warp room.
There's another bugbear at the bottom of the passage. Go right to find a room
with a red chest containing a Valkyrie Mail.

Go back to the room with the gurhka master and head up through a hole in the
ceiling in the upper left corner. The next room has another gurhka master and
a blade master. At the top is an imp, an annoying enemy that, if it gets ahold
of Shanoa, forces her to repeat the last action she took over and over again
until you can break free. Break through the wall in the upper left corner to
find a Moon Ring in a red chest. Go back through the upper right side
(defeating a lizardman blade) to enter a new area.

Mechanical Tower [Styx Passage] [Mecha1]
Enemies: 085 Gurhka Master, 090 Lizardman Blade, 91 Hammer Shaker, 092 Rebuild,
         093 Imp, 094 Bugbear, 096 Automaton ZX27, 097 Medusa Head,
         098 Gorgon Head
Items: 1 random chest, Valkyrie Mask, HP Max Up, Heart Cuirass, Death Ring,
       Death Medal
Glyphs: Vis Fio, Fidelis Medusa, Sinestro Custos

Go right through the hall to find a gurhka master and a hammer shaker, as well
as 2 imps. Exit to the right side to come into a large room with a lizardman
blade. Keep going right to find a statue with Vis Fio (a support Glyph that
raises STR temporarily). Head up to the upper right side of the room and go
through the exit to find a save room.

Run along the top portion of the room and go through the left exit halfway up
the wall to come into a room with a magnetic orb running up and down on a
track. Use Magnes to grab hold of it, and then angle yourself to shoot into
the opposite wall when it reaches the top of the track. Double jump to gain
enough air time for the next orb to move down its track to you. Repeat this
with the third one as well. Be careful not to angle yourself too high or you'll
bounce off the ceiling spikes.

Run through a single screen room into a hall with an automaton ZX27 walking
through it. Destroy it and keep going into the next room. You'll find 2
lizardman blade's waiting for you. A couple good blasts of Acerbatus will take
them both at once. A bugbear will come flying down from the top of the screen
if you got too close to the ceiling.

The entire time you're in this room, blue and yellow medusa heads and the
occasional gorgon head. will fly from one side of the screen to another. The
blue ones are merely annoying, but the yellow medusa heads and the
stone-colored gorgon heads will turn Shanoa to stone if you get hit.

Jump up the ledges on the right side of the room to reach the top, then run
across the platform to go out the left exit. You'll come into another large
room full of flying medusa heads and magnetic orbs. Start by going straight up
to the top of the platform using the magnetic orb hanging over your head. Jump
into the small gap and then quickly double jump to reach the magnetic orb there.
Imagine a clock face behind Shanoa and position her at 5 o'clock, then sling
her diagonally up and to the left.

You'll land on a small ledge with a red chest containing a Valkyrie Mask. Drop
back down, keeping to the left to avoid floor spikes, and use the magnetic orb
just to the left of where you land to go up to another ledge, this one
containing the exit into a vertical passage. If you head down, you'll find an
exit leading into a hall with 2 automatons and several imps in it. Going
through the door will take you into the Forsaken Cloister, which you still
can't get very far into, so ignore this route for now and head up instead. Use
the magnetic orb attached to the giant gear to fling Shanoa to top of the room
(no ceiling spikes this time), and exit the passage to the right.

The next room starts with a narrow corridor. The bottom is lined with floor
spikes; the top has 3 magnetic orbs. Of course, medusa heads fly across this
room, as they do in the entire area. Use Magnes to hop from orb to orb, then go
to the far right wall and break it open to reveal an HP Max Up. Grab the
magnetic orb hanging from the platform to your left, and use it to fling
yourself up to the ledge on the right. Jump the gap and go left.

You'll find a magnetic orb on a horizontal track. Grab hold and fling yourself
all the way left to find a red chest with a Heart Cuirass. This curious item
makes it so that when you take damage, you lose hearts instead of HP. Jump back
onto the magnetic orb and wait for it to approach the gap between two ledges
above you. Fire yourself upwards and head right.

You'll come into a large room with an extraordinary amount of medusa heads,
but nothing else. Go right and jump up the platforms to reach the top of the
room, then head back left through the exit. You'll find a hall with 3 bugbears
in it, and the lower portion of the left wall can be broken away to reveal a
hidden room with a red chest. The chest contains a powerful (yet dangerous)
item called the Death Ring. When wearing this, all of Shanoa's stats gain a
huge boost, but every time you get hit, there is a very high probability that
you'll instantly die.

Go back through the room with the medusa heads and into the room where you went
right. Go left this time and scale the next vertical passage. It's another 3
step Magnes jump, but this time there are no ceiling spikes to bounce off of,
and the bottom orb is attached to a spinning gear instead of on a vertical
track. Once you reach the top, go to the right to find a nasty monster known
as a rebuild. All of this monster's attacks throw Shanoa backwards, and usually
when this happens she'll get thrown out of the room, reseting the monster's 666

Go right into a vertical passage, and keep going right to find a warp room.
Go back into the vertical passage and use the magnetic orbs to get to the top
of the passage. The right exit goes to a save room, and the left side has a
boss door leads to Dracula's favorite confident, Death.

HP: 4444        Exp: 4444

This boss is weak to light (and resists dark), but physical weapons also do
almost no damage to it. Instead, you'll want to have two sets of Glyphs
equipped. The first set is 2 Vol Luminatios and Rapidus Fio. Rapidus Fio is
useful not only for the enhanced speed to dodge the boss's attacks, but also
because of the shield it creates while you're moving. This shield destroys any
small sickles you run into, giving you complete immunity to the boss's sickle
materialization and sickle wave attacks as long as you're not standing still.

The second set of Glyphs is Vol Luminatio, any weapon Glyph, and Rapidus Fio.
This combo is used for the Light Slash Union, which does a lot more damage than
a normal attack. The downside is that after you use this, Shanoa can't move for
about half a second. This attack is used more when you've gotten to the side of
the boss while its doing a sickle wave of sickle cage attack and is stationary.

To attack this boss, use Rapidus Fio to keep running back and forth across the
ground (the boss rarely descends low enough for you to run into it). Jump up at
it and fire 2 Vol Luminatios, then go back the opposite direction. Keep up
these hit and run tactics, and the boss will spend a lot of time simply chasing
you around the screen. If there is a drawback to Rapidus Fio in this fight,
however, it is that when the boss uses its sickle cage attack, only quick
reflexes will keep you from running right into the side of it.

The boss's circle chop attack is a hard attack to avoid, but with Rapidus Fio
on, you stand a good chance of getting out the other side before it even
begins. If you can't manage that, equipping moonwalkers to make you invincible
while backdashing gives you a good window to avoid the actual strike itself.

Don't try to jump through the boss's summon souls attack. The spirits' tails
increase in length with each revolution through the spiral, meaning that
the gaps never really get that much bigger. Instead, run as far off to the
side as you can get, which may sometimes mean running directly under the boss
while its starting up the attack because there isn't enough room on the side
your on. Keep chipping away at this boss, and eventually it will drop, leaving
you the Death Medal if you didn't get hit.

Sickle Materialization- Small sickles materialize all over the room and hurl
                        themselves in a straight line towards you. Dodge them
                        or destroy them.
Sickle Wave- The boss raises one hand towards you and spews forth a blast of
             dozens of sickles. Dodge underneath him before the attack starts
             to avoid it.
Sickle Cage- 8 large sickles appear in 2 diagonal lines of 4, sloping downards,
             around Shanoa. The circles loop down in an arc, hitting everything
             on the floor between them. Avoid this by sliding underneath the
             bottom sickle before the attack begins.
Downward Chop- The boss flies overhead and raises its scythe up above it. It
               then does a downward slash. Dodge this by moving left or right
               so that you're not underneath the boss.
Circle Chop- The boss angles its scythe downwards, then charges across the
             room. When it reaches you, it slashes it in a circular motion. A
             well-timed backdash can get you out of the way, but if it's
             possible, you're better off running to the other side so that the
             boss isn't facing you when it begins this attack.
Summon Spirits- The boss summons 3 red orbs in a triangle around it. The orbs
                then proceed outward in an expanding spiral pattern, stretching
                out as they go so that they look like evil spirits. The only
                real defense against this attack is to simply get far enough
                away that they disappear before they reach you, as its
                practically impossible to jump through the gaps in the spiral.

Go left to find the Glyph Sinestro Custos floating in the air in the next room.

   Shanoa: This Glyph resonates just like the other one... There must be a

Head back down the passage and go through the room with the rebuild in it. Drop
down the next vertical passage (watching for floor spikes), and go right. You
can use double jump to drop into the gap between the two ledges and jump onto
the lower ledge without having to wait for the magnetic orb to make its way to
where you are. Run right and drop down to the bottom of the room, then go
through the corridor with the 3 magnetic orbs to come into the passage that
leads down into the new area. There are no spikes in this passage, so drop
straight down and go left.

Defeat the two automatons and walk through the door to enter the next area of
the castle.

Forsaken Cloister [Gazing Towards Heaven] [Forsa1]
Enemies: 082 Nova Skeleton, 087 Cave Troll, 088 Blade Master, 094 Bugbear
Items: None
Glyphs: None

The first hall you come into will contain a nova skeleton and a blade master.
The second one, left of that, has another blade master, a cave troll, and
another blade master. Past them, you'll find a switch with opens a gate made
of two interlocking wolf heads. Run into the next room to find a giant Cerberus

   Shanoa: There are magic energies coursing through this room...
   Shanoa: If that statue is Cerberus, then this must be the gateway into Hell.
   Shanoa: I just need to figure out how to unseal it...

This is the spot where you'll use the 3 Cerberus Glyphs, but without all 3 of
them, you can't proceed. For now, continue left. The next hall has another cave
troll in it, followed by a bugbear. A second cave troll is at the other end,
and then a single cave troll in the next room stands between you and a doorway
leading into the library area.

Walk into the warp room and warp to the Barracks area.  Defeat the bugbear in
the passage and go up, then go through the two large rooms to walk from the
Barracks to the Mechanical Tower. Defeat the gurkha master and hammer smasher
in the bridge room, then take out the 3 lizardman blades in the next room to
reach the top of the room to hit the save room if you need to. 

Mechanical Tower [Mecha2]
Enemies: 086 Red Smasher
Items: 1 random chest
Glyphs: Morbus

Head back out of the save room and go through the exit just below it to come
into a vertical passage with a magnetic orb hanging in the air. Ignore it and
drop down below it. There, you'll find another one. Below this one is a set of
floor spikes, so if you're feeling cautious, use the magnetic orb. Otherwise,
just stay to the left as you jump down and head out the left exit.

The next room has several magnetic orbs for you to sling yourself off of to
bypass the floor spikes, as well as a new feature. A magnetic orb attached to
a giant wheel spins around, meaning that you don't have all the time in the
world to line up your shot when using these ones.

Go right into a room with an automaton ZX27 in it. Defeat it and go over the
side of the ledge to the bottom of the room. There, you'll fight a red smasher.
After you take it out, head left into a room with two boxes, one on the ceiling
and one on the floor. Equip the lightning Glyph Fulgur, and strike each box
with alternate shots. Once both of them have sparked simultaneously, the door
in the background will slide up to reveal the Morbus Glyph.

Head back through the other room and go left when you come to that exit and
head down a vertical passage. You'll find a treasure chest near the bottom that
may be tempting to try to grab by using Magnes. Instead, drop to the ground and
double jump up to the ledge. Now, go right into a hall with a lizardman blade,
an imp, and a bugbear.

The next room contains a gurhka master near the top and a red smasher at the
bottom. Defeat both and go left. Defeat both lizardman blades and drop to the
bottom of the screen, where an imp appears to menace you. Destroy it (and
another lizardman blade on the other side of the wall), and use Magnes to begin
climbing up to the ledge above you.

There is a treasure chest near the lower right exit. Head into the next room
and take out a lizardman blade, a bugbear, and a hammer shaker. Run through a
hall with a few more bugbears in it and exit the area to find a new one.

Arms Depot [Cry in the Night] [Arms1]
Enemies: 085 Gurkha Master, 086 Red Smasher, 091 Hammer Shaker, 092 Rebuild,
         094 Bugbear, 095 Spectral Sword, 099 Mad Snatcher, 100 Great Knight,
         101 King Skeleton, 119 Eligor
Items: 1 random chest, HP Max Up, Mint Sundae, Eligor Medal
Glyphs: Melio Secare, Melio Scutum, Melio Culter, Melio Ascia, Melio Falcis,
        Arma Custos

Go directly left first to come into a hall with a gurkha master and a hammer
shaker. Defeat both and continue left into a room with another hammer shaker.
Its guarding a red chest with an HP Max Up. After you've taken it, go back to
the first vertical passage you found.

Head straight down (watch out for a pair of bugbears), and go right to find a
room with a spectral sword in it. Use shots of Acerbatus to blast straight
through all of its many pieces and take it down. This monster rarely drops the
Melio Secare Glyph (level 3 sword). Go through the right exit and kill the mad
snatcher guarding the treasure chest, then backtrack back to the passage with
the bugbears.

Go straight left into a hall with a gurkha master, a red smasher, and a hammer
shaker. Destroy the statue to reveal the Melio Culter Glyph (level 3 knife). Go
left into the next hall and prepare to face off against another rebuild. 

The next room has a great knight, a slow moving creature that's far too big to
dodge around. Just blast away at it with a mid range attack like Fulgur
(it's weak to lightning) or a long range attack like Vol Luminatio. This
monster rarely drops a Glyph called Melio Ascia (level 3 axe). Behind it is a
statue with Melio Falcis (level 3 sickle) in it.

Destroy the King Skeleton at the other end of the hall and keep going left.
You'll come into a vertical passage with 2 mad snatchers. At the bottom, the
left exit goes to a warp room, and the right one leads deeper into the area.
Defeat another great knight and a king skeleton in the next hall, then 2
spectral swords in the one after that. Enter another vertical passage with 2
more mad snatchers. Break open the ledge at the bottom right in front of the
boss door to find a Mint Sundae, then head left to access a save room.

HP: 3000        Exp: 4300

This boss is a giant mechanized centaur. He's weak to striking and lightning
damage. When you come into the room, climb up onto the back of it to begin the
animation sequence. Eligor will come to life, revealing a giant red eyeball in
the back of its head. The creature's tail then slices forward and sends Shanoa
flying into the far wall. She hits the floor and runs back towards Eligor. Note
that this is actually one of this boss's attacks, but that it doesn't count as
getting hit in the intro for purposes of medal winning.

Begin by equipping Vol Macir (or Melio Macir, if you have it). Jump up and swat
at the red crystals on the boss's knees. When you hit the floor, hop up again
and repeat. The boss has two types of sword attacks at this point. One is a
simple jab downward into the stone, and is very easy to avoid. It will only do
this if you're standing close to it. The other is a slashing attack that drags
through the stone and is only avoidable by running up in front of it. The boss
only does this attack if you're standing near the wall, and it moves fast, so
pay attention.

After the boss does either of its sword attacks, it will kneel down and its hip
crossbow will begin firing in a pattern totally independent of where Shanoa is

standing. You can actually kneel down in the lower right corner of the room and
this attack will miss every time. It's not hard to dodge, however, so take this

opportunity instead to get a few whacks in at the crossbow with your hammer.

The boss will repeat these two actions over and over again until the red orbs
in its knees have taken enough damage to break and fall out. It will then rear
up on its back two legs. Run forward to stand between the boss's four legs and
switch to Vol Ascia (or again, Melio Ascia if you have it). The boss will now
walk forward across the room, and you have to move with him while simultaneously
hurling axes up at the crossbow on the right side. Globus is another nice
attack to use here too; it bounces all over in the tight space and deals a lot
of damage. It does have the drawback of making it hard to see what's going on,

You must keep the pressure up on the crossbow. It rotates down to face you,
and will aim and shoot an arrow that's practically impossible to dodge without
bumping into something else that does damage. Every time you hit it, though,
it bounces back upright a little bit more. As long as you keep striking the
crossbow, it'll never get a chance to fire before it breaks.

One thing to watch for here is when the boss lifts up only one of its front
hooves. It may kick that hoof back at you, but you can dodge this by kneeling
down. After you've broken out the right crossbow, the boss will then crouch low,
then jump straight into the air. This is your chance to run out under the back
hooves. Don't take it.

Instead, stay where you are and focus on the left crossbow. If you don't take
this one out, when you run under the back hooves, you'll have a similar fight,
except this crossbow fires much faster and with very small gaps. If you destroy
it now, however, you won't have to deal with it. After you take out the second
crossbow, wait for the boss to jump again, then run under the hooves. You may
have to do a slide at the end to clear them.

Now the boss has a new weapon: its tail. Much like its sword on the other end,
the tail will stab down at you. The difference is that it actually aims instead
of always coming down in the same place. However, there is a safe spot where it
can't hit you; if you stand close to the legs, the tail will hit the ground
behind you. Blast away with more Vol Macirs or Melio Macris here.

After you've taken out the orbs, the boss falls down and its tail becomes a
ramp you can climb. Be careful not to get hit by the blade as the tail drops
down into the floor. If you don't have the crossbow destroyed, it will turn to
aim at you much like the other one did when you were under the boss's stomach.

Climb up the backside of the boss onto its saddle again. You'll have a few
seconds to take shots at the eye (which is actually weaker to slashing damage
than striking), then the boss will rear up suddenly, pushing backwards with its
elbow and striking Shanoa if she's too far over on the right side of its
saddle. The key to staying clear of the boss's attacks at this point is
maneuverability. As such, Rapidis Fio is a great support ability.

The boss has several new attacks at this point, and they all come without
warning, leaving you only a fraction of a second to react. It will continue to
jab backwards with its elbow, but you can dodge this by spending a lot of time
in the air and getting lucky. Use a forward jumping motion to attack and
retreat back to the left side of the saddle.

The boss may also swing its sword backwards onto the saddle. You must move to
the right side and kneel down in the little pocket it leaves or take damage
here. Its final attack is to cock its tail forward (just like at the intro to
the fight) and stab at Shanoa. There's no good way to stay clear of this, but
Rapidus Fio gives you a nice jumping length, so instead vacate the saddle and
head back to the floor.

If the boss hits you with its tail blade, you'll go flying back to the right
side of the screen and have to repeat the process of busting out its knee orbs
(they'll only have a few hundred HP this time), going under its legs, and back
out the other side. The crossbows do not regenerate. It's worth noting that the
boss's 3000 HP total only applies to damage dealt to its eye, not any other
part of its body.

Most of this boss's attacks are easy to dodge, but once you've reached the
saddle, it becomes almost impossible to dodge all of its attacks. If you manage
to do so (or are simply a high enough level to overpower it with massive damage
output before it gets a chance to fight back), you can claim an Eligor Medal as
your prize.

Phase 1
Downward Stab- The boss stabs down at Shanoa with its sword. This is an easy
               attack to avoid, as the boss's sword will hover over Shanoa for
               a second before it begins its descent.
Downward Slash- The boss slashes downward. It will only perform this attack is
                Shanoa is towards the wall instead of by its legs. Avoid it by
                running towards the legs.
Right Crossbow- The boss kneels down and begins firing bolts off its hip
                crossbow in a regular pattern. The arrows are easy to dodge, as
                they don't fire quickly. You can also kneel down in the lower
                right corner of the room to dodge them.

Phase 2
Steps- The boss takes steps back and forth. You have to move with it to keep
       Shanoa between its legs.
Forward Leg Kick- The boss lifts one of its forward legs and kicks backwards at
                  you while you're under its stomach. Kneel down to avoid it.
Targeting Right Crossbow- This crossbow constantly swivels to home in on your
                          position when you're under the boss's stomach. Hit it
                          continually to spin it back upright.

Phase 3
Jump- The boss jumps straight up and slams its hooves down. This is actually
      more of an opportunity to escape than an attack, but it doesn't come down
      in exactly the same place it went up, so it's possible to get hit by the
      hooves if you don't move.
Left Crossbow- The boss's back crossbow fires much more rapidly and with its
               arrows spaced much close together than the right one.
Rear Leg Kick- The boss kicks a leg backwards when you're behind it. Dodge by
               running backwards or backdashing.
Tail Blade Stab- The boss stabs down with its bladed tail. You can dodge out of
                 the way of this, but its easier to just kneel down under the
                 knee orbs; the blade can only go so far to the right.

Phase 4
Rear- The boss rears upwards, bending its torso backwards and smacking into you
      if you're not all the way to the left side of the saddle.
Elbow- The boss shoots its elbow backwards at Shanoa. You can dodge this by
       jumping over it, but it's a very fast, sudden attack. The elbow doesn't
       reach all the way to the left edge of the saddle.
Reverse Overhead Slash- The boss brings its sword up over its head and back
                        down, cutting across the saddle. Run to the right and
                        kneel down to avoid the blade.
Tail Blade- The boss cocks its tail and shoots it at Shanoa. This can be
            dodged by jumping with Rapidis Fio active to get extra distance.
            You'll have to go right over the edge and land on the floor.
Targeting Left Crossbow- The back crossbow swivels around to lock onto you and 
                         fires arrows when you're standing on the boss's saddle.

*Alternate strategy listed for this boss

Eligor dies, and its body becomes a ramp leading up to the upper right corner
of the room, where you find an exit leading into a single screen room with the
Glyph Arma Custos floating in the air.

   Shanoa: It's resonating with the others! Is this the final piece?
   Shanoa: Now the question is, how to bring these three Glyphs together?

Head back out into the passage with the two mad snatchers, then left through
the two halls with the spectral swords, skeleton king, and great knight. Use
the warp room to travel to the Library warp room. Run right through the door
back into the Forasken Cloister

Forsaken Cloister [Forsa2]
Enemies: 028 Winged Guard, 097 Medusa Head
Items: Eisbein
Glyphs: None

Go back into the Forsaken Cloister and run through the halls, again killing the
monsters there. Acerbatus works particularly well against the cave trolls, and
Vol Luminatio will take care of anything else in there. Run into the room with
the Cerberus Statue and equip the 3 Glyphs.

Attack once with Dextro and Sinestro Custos, and merely having Arma Custos
equipped activates the third head. The entire statue sinks down into the
ground, revealing a platform leading up.

   Shanoa: ...It worked.
   Shanoa: The power inside is incedible... is it [Dracula]?
   Shanoa The time has come, Albus. To end this, I must tread into Hell itself.

Climb a long tower full of winged guards and yellow medusa heads. Near the top,
break open the edge of the platform on the left side to find an eisbein, then
go up to the top of the tower. Go left to find a save room, and right to enter
the final area of the game.

Final Approach [Dust to Dust] [Final1]
Enemies: 084 Devil, 088 Blade Master, 089 Lilith, 090 Lizardman Blade, 093 Imp,
         094 Bugbear, 095 Spectral Sword, 096 Automaton ZX27,
         102 Winged Skeleton, 103 Final Knight
Items: 2 random chest, MP Max Up, Sun Ring, Blue Drops, MP Max Up, Heart Max Up,
       Judgement Ring, Heart Max Up, Gold Ore, Diamond, Onyx, World Ring,
       Super Potion, MP Max Up
Glyphs: Fidelis Alate, Volaticus

The first room is a large one. A devil approaches immediately to fight you, and
a lizardman blade is right behind it. Many imps fly around the room, making
nuisances of themselves. The exit is in the upper right corner, but it is a
long, winding path to get there. The next room has more imps, 2 lizardman
blades at the bottom, and a bugbear higher up. Go straight right to find a
treasure chest. Fight a third lizardman blade at the top of the room, then go
left through the exit.

The next hall has 2 spectral swords floating in it. Kill them (remember:
Acerbatus works well on these monsters) and go left to come into a room with
a blade master and a portrait of Dracula in the background. Go left into the
next room, which has 3 cave trolls visible from the moment you walk in.
Acerbatus will take these out quickly as well. There are 2 more at the top of
the room, but ignore them for now and go left. 

The next room has a lilith standing in it, which Vol Luminatio will take out
quickly. The next room has the final knight monster in it, a slow moving
juggernaut with 666 hp. Keep your distance and pelt it with more Vol
Luminatios to drop it without giving it a chance to fight back. There is a
second final knight behind it.

The next room is a huge open space with an infinite number of winged skeletons
flying through it. These skeletons drop the Glyph Fidelis Alate, a summoning
Glyph. In the center of the room near the floor, you'll find a Glyph floating
in the air. This is Volaticus, a very powerful support Glyph that causes a pair
of glowing black wings to sprout from Shanoa's back, which gives her full
powers of flight.

The lower left corner has a treasure chest in it, and there are two more exits
out of the room. Go through the one in the middle of the ceiling first, but be
prepared to fight 6 bugbears in the room. After you've defeated them, open the
4 red chests in the room containing, from left to right: Sun Ring, Blue Drops,
MP Max up, and Heart Max Up. Now go back into the large open room and take the
exit in the upper left corner.

Run through a long empty hallway to come to a switch which opens a series of
interlocked wolf heads. Go left through the door into the library. Go through
a large room with a devil and a great knight in it. This side trip is only
necessary if you want to fill in the entire map, since it takes you to the
large open room in the library that you need Volaticus to reach the exit.

Backtrack through the hall with 2 final knights and the room with the lilith
to the room with all the cave trolls. Defeat all 5 of them and leave through
the upper right exit of the room. The next room has a devil in it and a
portrait of Death in the background. Run through another long hall with 2
more final knights in it

The next room has a bugbear right overhead, and 2 liliths directly in front of
you. An automaton ZX27 paces back and forth on a long ledge above you after you
kill the liliths. There is a devil at the top of the room right in front of the
exit. The next room has a bugbear and a blade master on the left side of the
screen, and the wall on the ledge above the entrance is breakable. Destroy it
to reveal a Judgement Ring.

Run straight across the bottom of the room. There is a lizardman blade and a
blade master in your way, and a bugbear at the end of the room. Go left into a
room with a red chest. Open it to find a Heart Max Up, then go back to the
right. Head up the ledge with the bugbear on it and defeat the devil at the top.
Watch out, as there are blade masters on either side of the next level of
ledges. The ceiling directly above the gap is breakable, and reveals a hidden

This room has a whole crew of blade masters in it, as well as 4 red chests
containing: Gold Ore, Diamond, Onyx, and World Ring, a powerful piece of
equipment that reduces MP consumption. Go back down into the room you came out
of and go right to reveal a warp room. Now head back left and cross the room
again to go out the left exit.

Cross and empty room into another, larger one. Use Volaticus to fully explore
this room. There is nothing at the top, but for map buffs, its necessary to
move through it to get 100% of the area. At the bottom are two red chests that
you must use Paries to obtain. Enter the wall and go up and around the squares
of unfilled space to come out the other side. The red chest on the left
contains a super potion, and its counterpart on the right has an MP Max Up.

Go through the exit on the left side to find a save room and the final boss
door.  Now is your last chance to complete the optional areas, finish up any
tasks the villagers have left, try to obtain rare items from enemies, or plain
and simple buff your levels. When you're ready, cross it to fight the Prince of
Darkness, Dracula himself.

   Dracula: Such a lovely maiden... Are you the one to whom I owe this great
   Dracula: Tell me your desire, child. Is it eternal life you seek? A place at
            my side?
   Shanoa: I am not your benefactor.
   Dracula: No? then please... Tell me of yourself.
   Dracula: Surely you've realized my company comes at a price.
   Shanoa: I am the blade to banish all evil, and I've come to see you
   Shanoa: The time of your destruction is at hand; die, Demon Lord [Dracula]!
   Dracula: Bah ha ha ha ha ha! What an amusing woman!
   Dracula: Come to me, child; I haven't danced in ages!

HP: 9999        Exp: 0

This is a 2 phase fight. In the first phase, Dracula teleports himself via
columns of light back and forth across the room, which is 2 screens wide.
He doesn't automatically teleport onto the screen, so you sometimes have to
waste time running to find him. Neither does he always teleport to the left,
then the right, then the left, and so on. He will always perform his attacks in
order of fireball, dark energy balls, energy ray, though.

Dracula is weak to Light, and resists Dark, but Vol Luminatio is NOT the way to
go. Use Vol Luminatio and a weapon Glyph to form the Light Slash Union, but
other than that, Melio Ascia is a much better choice for this fight. It allows
you to avoid getting hit by Dracula's energy ray attack (you can only damage
the upper portion of his body; his torso, head, etc.). It also can break
through his fireball attack, but Light Slash Unions work very well here as well.

Never use Volaticus, as it causes Dracula to perform an attack that shoots
purple fire up to the ceiling across the screen and hit you. You can avoid this
by flying overhead as he's teleporting down, but then he just teleports again
without giving you a chance to hit him.

After you've dealt enough damage to him, he'll stop teleporting and turn 
sideways to face you. It looks like he's an actual 3D animation now, instead of
a 2D sprite. He goes into an entire new attack pattern with all new attacks, of

Dracula will float across the air towards you and raise his leg up, then slash
it down in a powerful kick. This isn't too hard to dodge, in and of itself. The
problem is that he likes to use his destruction ray (the purple rays that fall
from the top of the screen at wherever you're standing) and then move in to kick
you while you're still dodging his last attack. Using Scutum to create a shield
over your head blocks this attack.

After Dracula backs you into a corner, he'll disappear for a brief moment. He
will either reappear in the center of the room, or a little ways away from you.
When he disappears, double jump immediately away from the wall, because if he
appears in front of you, he'll lunge forward and use his soul steal attack to
drain your HP and any support Glyph you have active.

If he teleports into the center of the room, he'll either start closing in on
you to kick you again, or he'll open his cape wide and begin one of his
summoning attacks. Kneel down on the floor about 3 character lengths away and
begin hurling a constant stream of axes into him.

If bats come flying out of his cloak, you're in a prime position to hurt him.
Don't move; just keep firing. If you get caught in this stream, you're almost
certainly going to die, as it hits for around 100 damage about 4-5 times a
second. If you're not kneeling in exactly the right place, you might get nicked
and only get hit a few times. If you don't feel like chancing it, Melio Scutum
will block the attack, but using it slows down your own attacks.

Dracula's other summon is a series of red, translucent wolves. They disappear
if they're damaged, but not if they hit you. As long as you're firing off axes,
you'll destroy the wolves as they appear on the side you're standing on. They
alternate sides, one coming out from the left, then another from the right, then
left again, and so on. 

Once you've "beaten" Dracula, he and Shanoa have a brief exchange of words.

   Dracula: What nonsense is this? You will never defeat me with such feeble
   Shanoa: My power alone may not be enough, but with [Dominus], I can destroy
           you, fiend!

Dracula then powers up an attack. If you don't use Dominus, he unleashes a
globe across the screen, instantly killing you with well in excess of 9000
points of damage. It is actually possible to dodge this attack if you use
Volaticus to fly into the upper corner of the screen, but Dracula never stops
doing the attack after it begins, so there's still no way to fight back.

Phase 1
Fireball- Dracula opens his cape and a stream of fireballs come flying out. Use
          Melio Scutum to defend yourself from this attack.
Dark Energy Balls- Dracula opens his cape and 4 black balls of energy shoot out
                   in a high-low-high-low pattern. Duck under the first one and
                   jump over the last 3.
Energy Ray- Dracula snaps his fingers and sends up many green lines, which then
            rain down across the screen. Stand right next to Dracula to avoid
            this attack.
Cape Slash- Dracula only does this if you attempt to jump over him during the
            first phase of the fight.. He swings his cape upward, an attack
            that reaches to the ceiling, and knocks you back.
Purple Fire- Dracula only does this if you're using Volaticus. Purple pillars
             of flame shoot up from the ground all the way to the ceiling to
             hit you.

Phase 2
Slashing Kick- Dracula swings his leg in a kick. This is easy to dodge; just
               keep out of his range.
Destruction Ray- Dracula sends up another cloud of lines, but this time they
                 are purple and they fall to wherever you're standing. Move
                 back and forth in a tight pattern to dodge each ray as it
                 comes down, or use Scutum.
Swarm of Bats- Dracula teleports into the middle of the room and spreads his
               cape wide, unleashing a swarm of bats that arc across the room.
               Stay low near the ground, close to Dracula, but not too close,
               to avoid this potentially fatal attack. Melio Scutum also blocks
               this attack.
Summoned Wolves- Dracula summons red translucent wolves that run out of his
                 cloak and charge back and forth across the room. Destroy these
                 with a single hit.
Soul Steal- Dracula teleports back, then swoops forward and grabs Shanoa. He
            then proceeds to drain HP from her and replenish his own. When he's
            done, he drops you to the ground. You must reactivate any support
            affect you have on after this attack.

*Alternate strategy listed for this boss

   Dracula: But this power is... NO! It can't be my--

   Shanoa collapses on the ground.

   Shanoa: I'm sorry, Albus.... I couldn't...keep my promise...
   Dracula: GyeaaaAAARGH!!!

   Dracula breaks apart into little balls of black energy and fades away.
   The screen fades to black.

   Shanoa: I've fulfilled my mission; now there's nothing left...
   Shanoa: My life... I feel it... ebbing away.
   Shanoa: ...so quiet... I can't hear anything.

   ???: Name's Albus. I guess we're brother and sister now.
   Shanoa: ...what?

   ???: Sir! Name me as the bearer. I can't allow Shanoa to risk her life.
   Shanoa: ...Albus's memories from Dominus must be flowing through my mind...
   Shanoa: They're the only memories left to me now...

   ???: What... kind of brother would I be...if I didn't protect you...?
   ???: That's...my role.
   Shanoa: Now I see why Albus risked his life for me...
   Shanoa: ...... ...Why am I crying? Such warm tears, I...
   Shanoa: This must be some sort of dream--a final vision before I die...
   Albus: This is no dream, Shanoa. The tears you shed are your own.
   Shanoa: Is that...Albus!?

   The throne room fades back into sight.

   Shanoa: ...Not a dream. My tears were real.
   Albus: Once I realized I was allowed to exist within Dominus, I thought to
          find out what else had been absorbed...
   Albus: It seems your precious sacrifice remained intact.
   Shanoa: Albus! I thought you were gone!
   Albus: Since my existance was questionable at best, once we parted ways I
          wandered in the darkness inside [Dominus] to see if I could locate
          the memories it had taken from you...
   Albus: As soon as you used the Glyph to stop Dracula, its dark power rushed
          away, leaving one glimmer behind. The last trace of light was your
   Shanoa: That is so like you, Albus.
   Shanoa: You can't just solve every problem on your own without telling me!
   Albus: ...To be fair, I am your big brother, after all.
   Shanoa: But...thank you, Albus. Now I can die with such happiness in my
   Albus: Shanoa... there's no need for you to die.
   Shanoa: I've already used [Dominus], Albus. That power comes at the cost of
           my life.
   Albus: [Dominus] requires but a single soul.
   Shanoa: ...You're taking my place!? Albus, no!
   Shanoa: You've already done so much, and I haven't repaid you!
   Albus: No arguments, Shanoa. This is my role.
   Shanoa: No, I...!
   Albus: If you want to repay me, then you can grant one final wish.
   Shanoa: ...Anything.
   Albus: Smile for me. That will be enough.
   Shanoa: But--
   Albus: Please... Before I fade away...
   Shanoa: O...Okay...

   The screen fades to a picture of Shanoa smiling while tears run down her
   face, then back to the throne room.

   Albus: Beautiful. I... I can finally...

   Sparkles of light rise into the air from Shanoa.

   Shanoa: Albus...? Wait, don't...
   Shanoa: NO! ALBUS!!!

   The room begins to shake and rocks fall from the ceiling.

The scene shifts to Shanoa standing outside Dracula's Castle, watching it
disolve and crumble in the background.

"Unknown to the outside
world, Good had vanquished
Dracula's evil once more,
as all record of Ecclesia
vanished into the mists
of time..."


+ Extras +

Hidden Areas
There are 2 hidden areas available after you find the back exit in the
Undergound Labryinth in Dracula's Castle. They're both difficult areas, but
one is hard because it contains the strongest monsters in the game, and the
other is a huge mess of traps requiring perfect timing.

Large Cavern [Large1]
Enemies: 080 Tin Man, 087 Cave Troll, 104 Jiang Shi, 105 Demon Lord,
         106 Double Hammer, 107 Weapon Master
Items: 6 random chests
Wood Chests: Diamond, Gold Ore, High Potion, Onyx
Green Chests: Alexandrite, Minerva Greaves, Minerva Mail, Minerva Mask
Glyphs: Globus*, Fidelis Mortis
*Demon Lords use this Glyph in combat, making it unique in that it has 2
 obtainable places.

This area is comprised of a series of linked rooms, each with a difficult set of
enemies to defeat. To start, make sure you have Acerbatus, Vol Luminatio,
Globus, Sapiens Fio, Volaticus, and Refectio. Refectio isn't actually used
during combat, but in between rooms, if you've been beat on heavily, you can
regain some HP with it.

Room 1:
Before entering this room, equip 2 Acerbatus Glyphs and Sapiens Fio to increase
its damage output. As soon as you get into the room, drop down to the floor and
fire Acerbatus twice at the swarm of incoming tin men. This will cause them all
to stop short of running into you and open up to reveal their guns. Fire another
Acerbatus to kill them, then go left and take out the cave troll as well.
Switch to Vol Luminatio before you go into the next room.

Room 2:
This room has 2 demon lords in it. Stay to the right side of the room as you
kill the first one. Dodge under its swooping movements; this demon moves much
like all other demons in this game, only much stronger. After you destroy it,
head left to find another one. Destroy this one too, then go left. This is a
break point, a vertical shaft with a single treasure chest at the bottom before
the next set of rooms.

Room 3:
This room has a fierce double hammer in it. These monsters charge across the
ground and perform swinging kicks or hammer smacks that do a lot of damage.
Have Volaticus on and 2 Globus Glyphs equipped when you go in. Move continually
across the top of the screen, firing Globuses as necessary. Try to stay as far
away from this monster as you can, as it can and will use its swinging kick
attack, which raises its feet high enough into the air to hit you if you're too

Room 4:
As soon as you enter the room, a weapon master will run up from the right. Use
Volaticus to fly over its head and fire more blasts of Globus around it. This
monster is actually slightly easier to beat than the double hammer, since it
tends to run up towards you, stop, and attack. You can fly over it, come down
the other side, and fire the Globus shots point blank into its back, then fly
back up and go over it again when it turns around.

The weapon master does have 2 attacks that cause it to jump in the air to watch
out for. The first is a spinning hammer jump, where it leaps up in a spin with
its hammer whipping around it in a big circle. The second is a gurkha knife
throw, where it leaps up and hurls 2 double-sided gurkha knives, then proceeds
to hammer spin back to the ground.

The weapon master also has an attack where it throws a series of 3 of its
serrated swords at various angles. If you can find a safe spot where none of
them will hit you, stay there, as this monster will usually continue to use
this attack over and over again, allowing you to take free shots at it until
it's destroyed.

Room 5:
This room is just a variation of room 3. Instead of a single double hammer,
you'll fight 2. Try to get them moving on the same pattern, and it's basically
the same as fighting jut 1 of them. This is more a matter of luck than skill,
so don't worry if it doesn't happen.

Room 6:
Like the last room, this is instead 2 weapon masters. These monsters do tend
to get into sync a lot more often than the double hammers, making it seem like
there's only 1 of them.

Room 7:
This room has another swarm of tin men charging at you, but they start a lot
closer than they did the first time, so instead come into the room with
Volaticus already active and smash them with a swarm of Globus balls. Then
switch to Vol Luminatio and Sapiens Fio and go right. A demon lord will appear
in front of you. Destroy that and switch back to Globus and Volaticus before
going into the next room.

Room 8:
This is one of the most difficult rooms in the game. It consists of 1 double
hammer and 1 weapon master. These two enemies have radically different attack
patterns, meaning you must move very quickly to avoid getting hit. If you do
get hit, immediately reactivate Volaticus and get back in the air. The ground
is not a safe place to be. Concentrate on staying out of harm's way and let the
Globus balls bounce around the screen to destroy the monsters.

Room 9:
Before you go into this room, make sure you have Volaticus set to every Glyph
set. Put 2 Acerbatus Glyphs on one of them, 2 Melio Arcus Glyphs on another,
and for the last one, an attack of your choice and Melio Scutum, the shield

This room is empty when you get into it, but a coffin will shoot up from the
ground and open to reveal the vampire Jiang Shi. This monster has 6500 HP, and
also uses the glyph Fidelis Mortus to summon 2 miniature versions of himself
that hop around the bottom of the screen.

Jiang Shi isn't very graceful, all things considered. His form of movements
consist of hopping leaps with his arms held out in front of him. His only
attacks are Fidelis Mortus and an energy ball made of electricity that chases
you around the screen until it hits you or you destroy it.

Keep Volaticus on for the entire fight, unless you're trying to absorb the Glyph
he creates, in which case you must deactivate it and land. Fly overhead and
throw axes at him, or fly low to the ground and shoot Acerbatus instead.
Acerbatus has the advantage of destroying the mini Jiang Shis created by
Fidelis Mortus (though it does take 3 hits). Because nothing stops this attack,
you'll also get a couple of free shots on Jiang Shi himself when you do this.

When he summons the lightning balls, hover overhead and unleash a barrage of
axes for a lot of quick damage. Then switch to Melio Scutum and activate the
shield. Deliberately run into the ball to destroy it. This ball will chase you
around the screen forever if you leave it alone, and Jiang Shi doesn't stop at
summoning just one. He will continue to create up to 4 of them, so take care of
them as they appear. If you get hit by this (and don't have Emerald Pins
equipped), be prepared to lose as much as 450 HP.

Room 10:
Claim the treasure chest and the green chest (this will always be green), then
slide through the gap and go left into a warp room. Take it back to the
beginning of the area and leave.

Training Hall [Train1]
Enemies: 038 Bone Pillar, 053 Autommaton ZX26, 082 Nova Skeleton,
         106 Double Hammer
Items: 6 random chests
Wood Chests: Diamond, Gold Ore, High Potion, Onyx
Green Chests: Alexandrite, Robe Decollete, Super Potion, Super Tonic
Glyphs: Redire

Before entering the Training Hall, make sure you've completed the "A Pleasant
Accessory" task by the villager Laura and bought a Ruby Pins from the general
store. This item significantly reduces fire damage, which many of the areas
traps are. Volaticus does not function in this area, so its back to the
old-fashioned way of getting around. Refectio, the Glyph that recovers 1 HP a
second, still works, however, so if you have the patience, there's no way
you'll die in this area.

Room 1:
Go left into a room that you can see a treasure chest in, but which you can't
reach. This area is a loop, and this room is the last one you'll come into,
entering from the top and going down. Keep going left and you'll come into a
room with 3 sets of scythes swinging from the ceiling. To get past these,
simply make sure they're not swinging on the same arc and jump over the bottom

Room 2:
In the next room, run left, waiting for the flame pillar to die down before
running across it. Jump onto the moving platform, then time it right so you
can just right to the next one without getting hit by fire. Jump right again
to another moving platform, this one taking a square pattern. Jump up and to
the left off that onto the next one. Make sure you have Magnes equipped. You'll
probably have to stand on this platform for several revolutions of its cycle
before you get an opportunity to jump left past the flame pillar. Use Magnes to
grab the magnetic orb hanging in the air and throw yourself straight up onto
the platform.

Room 3:
Jump onto the moving platform immediately and head up to avoid the two double
hammers charging across the floor at you. These are among the strongest monsters
in the game; some of their attacks hit for upwards of 300 damage. Once you get
to the top, jump over the ledge (the moving platform will go right through it)
and drop back on the other side. Kneel down to avoid the spikes, and jump up
onto the next platform.

You'll see a stack of 3 bone pillars. Destroy them before you drop down
(Vol Luminatio works well on them). Now move quickly to the right and slide
through the gap. Ignore the Nova Skeleton and jump up onto the ledge overhead.
You may see an automaton ZX26 below you. Ignore that as well. If you were fast
enough, you've managed to still completely avoid the double hammers. Wait for
the moving platform to come back around overhead. Jump up onto it and use it to
leap the ledge to reach the exit.

Room 4: 
You'll see an exit on the right side of the screen. This is a shortcut back to
the beginning of the area, if you're feeling worn out and don't want to keep
going. You won't get any of the treasure if you take it though, so instead get
ready to jump through literal hoops of fire. Wait for the gap in the circle of
burning skulls and jump up to the first magnetic orb in the middle of the hoop.

Angle yourself to shoot up and to the left, but be careful to time it just
right. If you're too far back, you can get hit by the skulls in the hoop your
in, so you have to angle and release quickly. The gaps will always line up
correctly, so there's no problem there. Repeat this process for the next hoop
to get to the third one, then shoot straight left to reach the ledge with the
exit on it. Note the spike ledge between the first and third hoop. This is to
prevent you from jumping straight up and skipping the second one.

Room 5:
Use the two orbs to go straight up to a ledge with a narrow gap on the left
side. Slide through it and use Magnes to grab onto the orb hanging there.
Shoot left into the wall hanging from the ceiling, then use double jump once
you start falling to get close enough to grab the next orb. Repeat this for the
orb after that, then launch yourself over the wall to drop down a chute to the

The next jump is tricky. Wait for the flame pillar on the floor to die down,
then grab onto the magnetic orb. Lift yourself to the top to get a visual of
the next orb, and note the flame pillar coming out of the wall right onto it.
You have to throw yourself straight up (straight up to avoid the flame pillar
just to your right), then double jump to grab the orb up there, but you must
time it so that when you grab the orb, the flame pillar shooting across it
isn't on. Then, simply pull yourself down, wait for the flames to clear, and
shoot straight up to reach the exit.

Room 6
This is one of the harder rooms. Jump onto the moving platform going straight
up and down and ride it to the one moving horizontally above it. You'll have to
give it several revolutions across its track before the way is clear to jump to
the next one left of it without getting hit by the flame pillar. Now comes the
hard part. There is another flame pillar shooting down from the ceiling between
your and your next jump, which is a magnetic orb set into a gear that's halfway
into the wall.

This means the orb is only visible half the time, and if it goes into the wall,
you'll fall to the floor. There, you'll find a flame pillar that shoots across
the length of the floor, so you'll take damage in addition to having to start
the room over again. Note that if you don't go down there, you'll miss a corner
of this room on the map. If all that weren't bad enough, once you actually get
onto the gear (keep track of the orb's position by watching the straight bars
on the gear), you'll find that the wall has a set of spikes on it waiting to
drive you into them.

Once you've gotten onto the orb on the gear, immediately shoot straight up.
You'll find another magnetic orb hanging in the air there. This one is much
friendlier, and all you have to do is jump off it to a ledge just to the right.
2 flame pillars shoot down from the ceiling, with a stationary platform in
between them. Wait for the flame pillar to turn off, jump onto the platform,
and wait for the second one to turn off, then jump onto the ledge.

Now you'll come to another magnetic orb with 3 flame pillars lined up next to
each other. They move in a pattern. The first one goes out, then the second,
then the third. Then, after a brief pause, the first one lights up again, then
the second, then the third. When the second one goes out, position Shanoa to the
left, and when the third goes out, let go to have her fly to the right. She'll
land on the ledge with the exit on it (or possibly go flying right through it
into the next room).

Room 7
The next room has 2 automaton ZX26s walking on the floor. They're easy to
destroy, so take them out to get them out of the way. Now, jump up to the
magnetic orb hanging above a platform in the air. To the left and right are
more sets of spikes to keep you from taking a shortcut. You must fling Shanoa
to the right, but at a gentle enough angle that she doesn't smash into the
spikes and fall to the floor. Picture a clock face behind her, and position
Shanoa to just a little bit under 9 o'clock. Release the orb to shoot to the
right (it will look like you're going to hit the spikes, but you won't).

At the end of the jump, double jump straight up to grab the magnetic orb.
Shoot yourself into the ceiling here to get up to the ledge. You must now jump,
fall a ways, and then double jump to make it past the small wall coming down
from the ceiling and land on the next ledge. Alternatively, you can use the
magnetic orb to fling Shanoa at the wall and (with the extra momentum) double
jump then.

Double jump to make it to the next ledge overhead, and use Magnes to fling
yourself past the two flame pillars. Use Magnes again, only this time it will
be 4 flame pillars with another Magnes to catch on the opposite side. Jump to
the next ledge to reach the room exit.

Room 8
Jump up onto the first moving platform. It will take you up to where a flame
pillar juts out of the wall, but you can kneel down to avoid it. Time it right
to jump onto the stationary platform and from there to the next moving platform.
Again, kneeling down will let you avoid the flame pillar at the top of this
platforms revolution. Jump onto the next stationary platform. No flames will
reach you here, so take your time before jumping onto the last platform, because
you can't avoid the flames at the top of this one.

Time it so that there will be no flames shooting out when the platform reaches
the top of its track, then double jump onto the last stationary platform. Jump
up from there to the right and exit to the next room.

Room 9
This room consists of nothing but flame pillars to dodge. The first one is easy.
Wait until its about to turn off, then jump. Land just after it turns off and
run forward, then jump onto the next ledge. The next flame pillar is a bit
trickier. There are actually two of them, one that you can see, and one facing
you that you can't off-screen. Wait until there are no flames, then run into
the middle where there is a gap between the two walls. Double jump straight up
to get enough air time to avoid the flames, then run forward and jump onto the
next ledge.

The next set is like the last one, only now the flame pillars are stacked two
high and there is a magnetic orb to hang onto instead of a straight jump.
You must time it so that you let go of the magnetic orb before the bottom
flames go out, but land afterwards, or you won't make it to the next ledge
before the fire starts up again.

The last jump is the hardest one to make, as is appropriate. You are provided
with a magnetic orb on the left side of a wall, which has a gap that is
deceivingly small. It looks large enough to run under, but it actually isn't,
meaning you must slide instead. To top it off, there are 3 flame pillars
stacked up this time. The bottom one shoots through the gap, but the other two
are stopped by the wall. They move in a pattern of bottom, middle, top, and go
out in the same order.

This is really all a matter of timing. The window is incredibly small, and you
may end up sliding to the other side and just taking a few hits (the Ruby Pins
will help make sure you survive them), then jumping up. If you do it exactly
right, which means dropping off the orb and falling so close it looks like you
should have taken damage from the bottom pillar, you can slide through and jump
up before any of the flames activate again.

Alternatively, you can use the magnetic orb to sling yourself through the gap
if you hit it at just the right angle (with the arrow pointing almost directly
at the lower left corner of the blocking wall) and hold right as you hit the
ground, you'll slide through that way as well. This gives you a much larger
window to jump up the other side.

Room 10
Here, you'll find treasure chests. Take the first two, then use the magnetic
orbs to peek down the drops before you go down. There are moving spiked blocks
going back and forth for the rest of the trip, but dodging them is a simple
matter of waiting until they're not in the way, then letting gravity do the
work. At the bottom, you'll find a statue with the glyph Redire in it.
Continue going down, collecting treasure chests on your way.

The last drop is the only one you can't check the position of the moving spiked
block before dropping, so wish yourself luck (and make sure you can survive at
least one hit from it), and let yourself go. Slide through the gap and fall
down to take the last treasure, which is always a green chest. Slide through
the gap and head right to exit the Training Hall.


1. Sage -> Store sells Potion and Tonic
2. Chamomile, Rue -> Store sells Anti-venom and Uncurse Potion
3. Sage, Mandrake Root -> Store sells High Potion, High Tonic, and Heart Repair
4. Sage, Merman Meat -> Store sells Super Potion

1. Lapis Lazuli -> Store sells Lucky Clover
2. Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire -> Store sells Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire Pins and
3. Diamond, Onyx -> Store sells Diamond and Onyx Pins and Rings
4. Alexandrite-> Royal Crown

1. 3 iron ore -> 2400 Gold, Store sells Iron Plate and Iron Leggings
2. 3 silver ore -> 3600 Gold, Store sells Silver Plate and Silver Leggings
3. 3 gold ore -> 7200 Gold, Store sells Gold Plate, Platinum Plate,
                 Gold Leggings, Plat Leggings

1. Salt -> Corn Soup, Store sells Corn Soup and Minestrone
2. Raw Killer Fish -> Killer Fish BBQ, Store sells Ramen Noodles and Killer
                      Fish BBQ
3. Tasty Meat -> Thick Steak, Store sells Ramen and Thick Steak

1. Cave Troll Picture (photo 1) -> 6000 gold
2. Jersey Devil Picture (photo 2) -> 8000 gold
3. Yeti Picture (photo 3) -> 12000 Gold

1. Horse Hair -> Store sells Record 2 and 3
2. Phonograph recording of Banshee scream -> Store sells Record 4 and 6
3. Black Ink, Eagle Feather -> Store sells Record 7 and 8

1. Find Serge hiding in a barrel -> Red Drops
2. Use Fidelis Noctua in front of Serge -> Blue Drops
3. Find Serge in the village without being able to see -> Green Drops

1. Rescue Tom from Tristis Pass -> Black Drops
2. Mouse -> Heart Earrings
3. Chrysoberyl (set into a collar by Laura) -> Ribbon

1. 5 Cotton Threads -> Cotton Dress, Store sells Cotton Dress and Sequined
2. 5 Silk Threads -> Silk Dress, Store sells Silk Dress, Empire Dress, and
                     Corset Dress
3. 5 Cashmere Threads -> Party Dress, Store sells Party Dress and Wedding Dress

1. Kill 30 Black Crows -> Mocha Eclair
2. Kill 10 Werewolves -> Tart Tatin
3. Kill Jiang Shi -> Winged Boots

1. LightHouse Art -> Garbo Hat
2. Waterfall Art  -> Treasure Hat
3. Church Art -> Dousing Hat

Alternate Boss Stategies

While Nitesco was recomended in the walkthrough, you may opt alternatively to
use Ignis or Vol Ignis. Ignis has slightly better range than Nitesco, and though
it does less damage with each hit, it also hits 3 times for each attack. And
becaue Blackmore is such a large boss, its harder to miss than it is to hit with

Vol Ignis works well, too. Simply throw down some pillars on top of itand then
wait for them to die down. Repeat. It's a slightly slower way of killing him,
but it does have the advantage in that you won't run out of MP doing it. Fire
Unions are also very damaging if you use them at the right time (try opening
one up on it just as it's leaning forward to unleash a beam out of its mouth).
The drawback to fire unions is that if you're not careful about timing them,
you may find yourself getting hit because of the time Shanoa spends standing in
one spot while activating it.

During the final phase of this fight, equip 2 Melio Hastas and Rapidus Fio. Use
your speed and jumping distance boost to jump right up near the boss's eye, then
let loose a Lance Union. If you've got the distance just right, you'll hit 3
times. If not, you'll only get 1 or 2. Then retreat to the back of the saddle,
because the boss rears up backwards and comes back down. Jump forward and use
another Lance Union. Repeat this process until the boss dies.

Use Volaticus to fly, and charge straight towards Dracula as soon as he appears.
He'll use his purple fire attack, but if you're still moving towards him when
he snaps his fingers, you'll fly past the attack as its rising up. Stay at the
same firing level as Dracula's head and pummel him with Vol Luminatio. As long
as you keep doing this, he'll never use any of his other attacks during the
first phase. This is actually very difficult to master, but if you can, you'll
quickly drain Dracula's HP.

Once you begin the second half of the battle, Dracula no longer uses the purple
fire attack, so you're free to fly around overhead, easily dodging everything
he throws at you.

+ Tables +

HP: 1           Exp: 1
Weak: Slash, Fire
"A bloodsucking bat that lurks in the dark."
Locations: Monastery, Ruvas Forest, Tymeo Mountains, Tristis Pass
HP: 9           Exp: 1
Rotten Meat         ****
Weak: Slash, Fire, Light, Stone
"A lively animated corpse, magically brought to life."
Locations: Monastery, Ruvas Forest, Giant's Dwelling
HP: 12          Exp: 3
Strength: Ice, Dark
Weak: Strike, Fire, Light
"A skeleton corpse controlled by magic. One of many."
Locations: Ecclesia, Monastery, Ruvas Forest, Giant's Dwelling
HP: 5           Exp: 3
Strength: Slash, Fire
Weak: Strike
"The reanimated ghost of a horse killed on the battlefield."
Locations: Monastery
HP:3            Exp: 4
Strength: Strike, Slash, Dark
Weak: Light
Locations: Monastery
Bone Scimitar
HP: 17          Exp: 5
Secare              *
Strength: Ice, Dark
Weak: Strike, Fire, Light
"A skeleton warrior. Strangely, it fights with genuine courage."
Locations: Monastery, Ruvas Forest
Sea Stinger
HP: 6           Exp: 1
Strength: Ice
Weak: Slash, Lightning
"A carnivorous and disturbingly agile fish creature."
Locations: Kalidus Channel
HP: 16          Exp: 7
Strength: Strike
Weak: Slash, Fire
"An evil, soul-sucking spirit that paralyzes its victims."
Locations: Ruvas Forest, Kalidus Channel
Axe Knight
HP: 23          Exp: 9
Copper Ore          ****
Ascia	              *
Strength: Fire
Weak: Strike, Lightning
"A heavily-armored warrior with an equally heavy axe."
Locations: Ruvas Forest, Minera Prison Island
HP: 1           Exp: 1
Strength: Lightning, Light
Weak: Slash, Fire
"This plant's diet of blood results in odd mutations."
Locations: Ruvas Forest, Argila Swamp
HP: 17          Exp: 8
Meat                ****
Zircon              ****
Strength: Strike, Ice
Weak: Slash, Lightning, Curse, Poison
"This aquatic hunter spots prey from the water before leaping."
Locations: Kalidus Channel
HP: 22          Exp: 7
Fidelis Caries      *
Weak: Stone
"Uses black magic to animate and control corpses."
Locations: Ruvas Forest
Bone Archer
HP: 18          Exp: 5
Arcus               *
Strength: Ice, Dark
Weak: Strike, Fire, Light
"An archer who attacks with bone and arrows."
Locations: Minera Prison Island
Spear Guard
HP: 24          Exp: 9
Copper Ore          ****
Hasta	              *
Weak: Strike, Lightning, Stone
"An armored warrior wielding a long lance.
Locations: Minera Prison Island
Invisible Man
HP: 70          Exp: 15
Weak: Slash, Fire, Curse
"A magician who gave up his soul to gain invisibility."
Locations: Minera Prison Island
HP: 14          Exp: 4
Strength: Strike, Ice
Weak: Slash, Lightning
"A rare, water-dwelling creature."
Locations: Kalidus Channel
HP: 10          Exp: 2
Salt                ****
Strength: Ice
Weak: Fire, Lightning
"A hard-shelled sea urchin. A questionable delicay."
Locations: Kalidus Channel, Somnus Channel
HP: 44          Exp: 22
Strength: Dark
Weak: Slash, Light
"A fell beast of the underworld."
Locations: Minera Prison Island
HP: 50          Exp: 7
Salt                ****
Strength: Ice, Dark
Weak: Strike, Fire, Light
"A violent fish, with a spirit as fossilized as its body."
Locations: Kalidus Channel, Somnus Reef
Dark Octopus
HP: 40	          Exp: 18
Black Ink                 ****
Strength: Strike, Ice
Weak: Slash, Lightning, Curse
"An octopus creature, tormented by black magic."
Locations: Kalidus Channel
Killer Fish
HP: 38          Exp: 17
Raw Killer Fish     *****
Strength: Ice
Weak: Slash, Lightning, Poison, Curse
"A ferocious fish. Fetches a high price among epicures."
Locations: Kalidus Channel
HP: 43          Exp: 19
Salt                ***
Strength: Strike, Ice
Weak: Slash, Lightning
"A demonic sea creature from the oceans of the underworld."
Locations: Kalidus Channel
The Creature
HP: 260         Exp: 90
Strength: Lightning
Weak: Slash
"A mad scientist created this wonder of artificial biology."
Locations: Minera Prison Island
Black Crow
HP: 13          Exp: 13
Weak: Slash, Fire, Curse, Stone
"An evil bird with an acquired taste for human flesh."
Locations: Tymeo Mountains
Skull Spider
HP: 32          Exp: 20
Anti-Venom          ***
Fidelis Aranea      *****
Weak:Strike, Fire, Light
"A monsterous spider with a skull-shaped body."
Locations: Kalidus Channel
HP: 56          Exp: 26
Strength: Dark
Weak: Slash, Fire, Light
"Quite a threat, if he only had a brain."
Locations: Tymeo Mountains
Sea Demon
HP: 88          Exp: 33
Grando              *
Strength: Ice, Dark
Weak: Lightning, Light
"An devil demon of the sea, skilled in ice magic."
Locations: Kalidus Channel, Somnus Reef
Winged Guard
HP: 10          Exp: 1
Strength: Ice, Dark
Weak: Strike, Fire, Light
"A skeleton given wings and made to fly."
Locations: Minera Prison Island, Tymeo Mountains, Forsaken Cloister
HP: 44          Exp: 27
Horse Hair          ***
Weak: Strike, Fire, Light
"Those who witness its coming soon know death."
Locations: Tymeo Mountains
Rock Knight
HP: 100         Exp: 45
Iron Ore            ***
Strength: Fire
Weak: Strike, Lightning, Stone
"A soldier armed with stones and a throwing arm."
Locations: Tymeo Mountains
Fire Demon
HP: 111         Exp: 66
Crimson Greaves     ****
Crimson Mail        ****
Ignis               *
Strength: Fire, Dark
Weak: Ice Light
"This demon is master of the consuming flames."
Locations: Tymeo Mountains
HP: 33          Exp: 29
Strength: Light
Weak: Slash, Ice, Dark
"Invisibility is this creature's cloak, and its weapon."
Locations: Misty Forest Road
HP: 34          Exp: 31
Strength: Strike, Slash, Dark
Weak: Light
"An eternally wandering spirit, consumed by hatred."
Locations: Kalidus Channel, Misty Forest Road
Grave Digger
HP: 150         Exp: 65
Earl Grey           ****
Weak: Slash, Poison, Curse, Stone
"Enjoys his cursed vocation because he meets new people."
Locations: Misty Forest Road
HP: 99          Exp: 50
Arma Chiroptera     **
Weak: Slash, Light, Curse, Stone
"A female, half-human bat. How about that."
Locations: Misty Forest Road
Black Fomor
HP: 66          Exp: 49
Milk                ***
Umbra               *
Strength: Dark
Weak: Light, Stone
"This monster's tongue dances with dark incantations."
Locations: Misty Forest Road
HP: 450         Exp: 250
Strength: Lightning
Weak: Slash
"A lonely artificial monster, its only company a white dragon."
Locations: Misty Forest Road
Bone Pillar
HP: 200         Exp: 22
Strength: Ice, Dark
Weak: Strike, Fire, Light
"Created from bleached dinosaur bones, fossilized in the clay."
Locations: Skeleton Cave, Tymeo Mountains, Training Hall
Skeleton Frisky
HP: 62          Exp: 28
Strength: Ice, Dark
Weak: Strike, Fire, Light
"Leaps boundlessly in a dark dance of the doomed."
Locations: Skeleton Cave, Giant's Dwelling
Skeleton Hero
HP: 80          Exp: 50
Strength: Ice, Dark
Weak: Strike, Fire, Light
"A skeletal savior, foretold since ancient days."
Locations: Skeleton Cave, Tymeo Mountains
HP: 88          Exp: 54
Vol Confodere		**
Strength: Ice, Dark
Weak: Strike, Fire, Light
"This knight doesn't need a head to hand his enemies theirs."
Locations: Skeleton Cave, Tymeo Mountains
Skeleton Rex
HP: 184         Exp: 105
Strength: Ice, Dark
Weak: Strike, Fire, Light
"A fossilized thunder lizard, given life by an evil will."
Locations: Skeleton Cave
White Dragon
HP: 200         Exp: 150
Strength: Ice, Dark
Weak: Strike, Fire, Light
"Dinosaur fossils imbued with an evil spirit.
Locations: Misty Forest Road, Skeleton Cave, Tristis Pass
Saint Elmo
HP: 13          Exp: 6
Strength: Strike, Slash, Dark
Weak: Light
"An evil spirit whose power causes shipwrecks."
Locations: Somnus Reef
HP: 88          Exp: 59
Merman Meat	        *****
Strength: Ice
Weak: Slash, Lightning, Curse, Stone
"A nymph whose voice and beauty lure victims to a watery grave.
Locations: Somnus Reef
HP: 110         Exp: 57
Strength: Ice
Weak: Slash, Lightning
"A snake-like water dweller."
Locations: Somnus Reef
HP: 96          Exp: 63
Strength: Strike, Slash
Weak: Fire, Lightning, Light, Dark
"A five-legged demon servant."
Locations: Somnus Reef
HP: 80          Exp: 56
Zircon              ****
Strength: Ice
Weak: Slash, Lightning, Poison, Curse
"An aquatic humanoid, known for its violent, territorial ways.
Locations: Somnus Reef
HP: 99          Exp: 63
Croque Monsieur     ****
Heart Repair        *****
Strength: Strike, Light
Weak: Slash, Fire, Poison, Curse, Stone
"A swift half-woman, half-monster. Toys with her prey."
Locations: Giant's Dwelling
HP: 33          Exp: 55
Uncurse Potion      ****
Strength: Strike, Slash, Dark
Weak: Light
"A substance that oozes from lingering corpses."
Locations: Giant's Dwelling, Tristis Pass
Curse Diva
HP: 44          Exp: 56
Choco Scuffle       ****
Strength: Strike, Slash, Ice, Dark
Weak: Light
"Curses the living with its deadly song."
Locations: Giant's Dwelling
Miss Murder
HP: 66          Exp: 66
Vol Falcis          *
Weak: Light, Stone
"A stealthy and bloodthirsty killer."
Locations: Miss Murder
Automaton ZX26
HP: 64          Exp: 64
Iron Ore            *
Strength: Strike, Slash
Weak: Lightning
"An animated puppet made by a demon scientist. Model No. 26."
Locations: Giant's Dwelling, Training Hall
Skeleton Beast
HP: 400         Exp: 190
Barbarian Helm      *****
Strength: Ice, Dark
Weak: Strike, Fire, Light
"A skeleton brute armed with a huge club."
Locations: Skeleton Cave, Giant's Dwelling, Oblivion Ridge
HP: 45          Exp: 40
Strength: Strike, Light
Weak: Slash, Lightning
"A plant that scatters poisonous spores."
Locations: Tristis Pass
HP: 104          Exp: 77
Silk Thread          *
Strength: Strike
Weak: Slash, Fire, Curse, Stone
"A female spider. Her bodily fluids are highly toxic."
Locations: Tristis Pass
HP: 180         Exp: 119
Copper Plate        ****
Vol Scutum          ***
Strength: Strike
Weak: Slash, Fire, Stone
"A shield makes its defenses nearly impenetrable."
Locations: Tristis Pass, Oblivion Ridge
Armored Beast
HP: 255         Exp: 133
Meat                ****
Strength: Strike
Weak: Slash, Fire
"A ferocious armored beast with steel claws on hand and foot."
Locations: Tristis Pass, Oblivion Ridge
HP: 166         Exp: 150
Strength: Strike, Ice
Weak: Slash, Fire
"A mysterious, cowardly legend said to live in snowy mountains."
Locations: Tymeo Mountains
Thunder Demon
HP: 144         Exp: 133
Fulgur              *
Strength: Lightning, Dark
Weak: Light
"This demon manifests its fury in thunderous peals."
Locations: Tristis Pass
HP: 69          Exp:	 52
Fidelis Noctua      ****
Weak: Slash, Fire, Ice, Curse, Stone
"The magic that empowers this owl also spurs it to violence."
Locations: Tristis Pass
HP: 184         Exp: 120
Strength: Strike
Weak: Slash, Fire, Poison, Curse
"Men cursed with lycanthropy develop a taste for blood."
Locations: Oblivion Ridge
HP: 24          Exp: 14
Eagle Feather       ****
Weak: Slash, Fire, Ice, Stone
"With broad wings, this eagle bears its charges into battle."
Locations: Tristis Pass, Oblivion Ridge
HP: 100         Exp: 58
Mandrake Root       ****
Strength: Lightning Light
Weak: Slash, Fire
"Those who hear its scream know madness."
Locations: Argila Swamp
Jersey Devil
HP: 143         Exp: 100
Weak: Slash, Fire, Ice, Curse, Stone
"A flying monster with a horse's head and a bat's body."
Locations: Argila Swamp
Owl Knight
HP: 220         Exp: 125
Silver Ore          ***
Strength: Fire
Weak: Strike, Lightning, Stone
"A knight who sends a trained owl to attack his enemies."
Locations: Argila Swamp
Chosen Une
HP: 190         Exp: 113
Strength: Lightning, Light
Weak: Slash, Fire, Curse, Stone
"A victim of the parasitic une that leaves une in his steps."
Locations: Argila Swamp
Stone Rose
HP: 260         Exp: 150
Strength: Lightning, Light
Weak: Slash, Fire
'Once an insectivore, this plant's tastes have broadened."
Locations: Oblivion Ridge, Agila Swamp
Mad Butcher
HP: 210         Exp: 113
Weak: Slash, Fire, Light, Poison, Curse, Stone
"A madman with a mechanized saw. Enjoys butchery and sculpting."
Locations: Mystery Manor, Library
White Fomor
HP: 144         Exp: 99
Cashmere Thread     ****
Vol Luminatio       *
Strength: Light
Weak: Dark, Stone
"Mocks God with sacrilegious chanting."
Locations: Mystery Manor, Library
Evil Force
HP: 244         Exp: 113
Strength: Dark
Weak: Slash, Fire, Light
"An evil will, given embodiment through dark karmic forces."
Locations: Minera Prison Island, Mystery Manor
Flea Man
HP: 30          Exp: 18
Rice Ball           *****
Weak: Slash, Poison, Curse
"This sinister little man leaps like a bloodsucking flea."
Locations: Oblivion Ridge, Mystery Manor, Castle Entrance,
           Underground Labyrinth
HP: 66          Exp: 6
Spoiled Milk        ****
Strength:  Dark
Weak: Slash, Fire, Light, Stone
"A spirit with a steady diet of dead, rotting flesh."
Locations: Castle Entrance, Library
Peeping Eye
HP: 92          Exp: 66
Eye for Decay       *****
Weak: Light
"One of the castle's watchmen."
Locations: Castle Entrance, Library
HP: 130         Exp: 111
Strength: Lightning
Weak: Strike
"A demon turned to stone. Attacks in groups."
Locations: Castle Entrance
Blood Skeleton
HP: 99          Exp: 0
Strength: Ice, Dark
Weak: Strike, Fire, Light
"The blood they absorb regenerates all wounds."
Locations: Castle Entrance, Library
Black Panther
HP: 168         Exp: 152
Arma Felix          ****
Strength: Strike, Light
Weak: Slash, Fire, Poison, Curse, Stone
"A black, female panther."
Locations: Castle Entrance, Library
HP: 293         Exp: 165
"Poses as treasure to prey on mankind's greed."
Locations: Tristis Pass, Mystery Manor
HP: 266          Exp: 170
Crepes Suzette       ****
Stephanie            *****
Strength: Dark
Weak: Slash, Fire, Light, Stone
"This female vampire feasts on the blood of intruders."
Locations: Library
Tin Man
HP: 256         Exp: 180
Silver Ore          ****
Gold Ore            *****
Strength: Slash
Weak: Strike, Lightning
"A robot with no soul, and thus no fear."
Locations: Minera Prison Island, Library, Barracks, Large Cavern
HP: 155         Exp: 124
Fidelis Polkir      ****
Weak: Slash, Fire
"Feasts on the precious memories of its victims."
Locations: Underground Labyrinth
Nova Skeleton
HP: 248         Exp: 138
Nitesco              *
Strength: Ice, Dark
Weak: Strike, Fire, Light
"Holes were drilled in his head to implant psionic powers."
Locations: Underground Labyrinth, Barracks, Forsaken Cloister, Training Hall
HP: 355         Exp: 210
Strength: Lightning
Weak: Strike
"The breath of this living statue pretrifies human flesh."
Locations: Underground Labyrinth
HP: 444         Exp: 333
Strength: Fire, Ice, Dark
Weak: Slash, Light
"Manipulates ice and flame while moving sluggishly."
Locations: Library, Barracks, Final Approach
Gurkha Master
HP: 240         Exp: 200
Iron Leggings       ****
Strength: Fire
Weak: Strike, Lightning
"An armored warrior with a knife of the same name."
Locations: Underground Labyrinth, Barracks, Mechanical Tower, Arms Depot
Red Smasher
HP: 250         Exp: 200
Iron Plate          ****
Vul Culter          ******
Strength: Fire
Weak: Strike, Lightning
"An armored warrior outfitted with twin daggers."
Locations: Underground Labyrinth, Barracks, Mechanical Tower, Arms Depot
Cave Troll
HP: 310         Exp: 199
Strength: Strike
Weak: Slash, Fire, Poison, Curse
"This beast extracts cow entrails with its tongue."
Locations: Tymeo Mountains, Forsaken Cloister, Large Cavern
Blade Master
HP: 200         Exp: 190
Strength: Ice, Dark
Weak: Strike, Fire, Light
"Excels at duels with its dual-wielding technique."
Locations: Barracks, Forsaken Cloister, Final Approach
HP: 366         Exp: 188
Pudding             ****
Weak: Slash, Lighting, Curse, Stone
"Tempts her victims by exploiting their most secret fantasies."
Locations: Final Approach
Lizardman Blade
HP: 375         Exp: 238
Strength: Strike
Weak: Slash, Fire, Stone
"This lizard is reptilian enough to wield a huge sword."
Locations: Misty Forest Road, Barracks, Mechanical Tower, Final Approach
Hammer Shaker
HP: 450         Exp: 260
Silver Ore          **
Melio Macir         *****
Strength: Fire
Weak: Strike, Lightning
"A superhuman warrior that swings his hammer effortlessly."
Locations: Underground Labyrinth, Barracks, Mechanical Tower, Arms Depot
HP: 666         Exp: 400
Strength: Lightning
Weak: Slash
"Assembled from the corpses of many renowned warriors."
Locations: Mechanical Tower, Arms Depot
HP: 66          Exp: 44
Weak: Light
"A tiny demon who loves mischief."
Locations: Library, Barracks, Mechanical Tower, Final Approach
HP: 156         Exp: 134
Strength: Lightning
Weak: Light
"A single-eyed fiend cloaked in lightning."
Locations: Barracks, Mechanical Tower, Arms Depot, Forsaken Cloister,
           Final Approach
Spectral Sword
HP: 280         Exp: 240
Melio Secare        *****
Strength: Fire
Weak: Strike, Lightning
"This blade is as sharp and deadly as the spirit that possesses it."
Locations: Arms Depot, Final Approach
Automaton XZ27
HP: 256         Exp: 128
Silver Ore          *
Arma Machina        *****
Strength: Strike, Slash
Weak: Lightning
"A nearly-complete mobile robot. Model No. 27."
Locations: Mechanical Tower, Final Approach,
Medusa Head
HP: 1           Exp: 1
Weak: Slash
"Medusa's severed head spawned multitudes of these pests."
Locations: Mechanical Tower, Forsaken Cloister
Gorgon Head
HP: 1           Exp: 1
Mirror Cuirass      *****
Fidelis Medusa      *
Weak: Slash
"Created from the head of Medusa. Turns its victims to stone.
Locations: Mechanical Tower
Mad Snatcher
HP: 444         Exp: 200
Weak: Slash, Fire, Light, Curse, Stone
"Parasite that clings to, then continually drains its victims."
Locations: Arms Depot
Great Knight
HP: 600         Exp: 450
Knight Helm          ****
Melio Ascia          *****
Weak: Strike, Lightning
"One of Castlevania's elite armored guardians."
Locations: Library, Arms Depot
King Skeleton
HP: 700         Exp: 460
Barbarian Shoes     ****
Barbarian Belt      *****
Strength: Ice, Dark
Weak: Strike, Fire, Light
"A skeleton armed with a huge battle axe."
Locations: Arms Depot
Winged Skeleton
HP: 30          Exp: 1
Fidelis Alate       *****
Strength: Ice, Dark
Weak: Strike, Fire, Light
"An image of death given wings to soar through the night sky."
Locations: Final Approach
Final Knight
HP: 666         Exp: 573
Knight Leggings     ****
Knight Cuirass      *****
Strength: Fire, Ice
Weak: Strike, Lightning
"This elite warrior sees intruders as its quarry."
Locations: Final Approach
Jiang Shi
HP: 6500        Exp: 2525
Fidelis Mortus      *
Strength: Dark
Weak: Slash, Fire, Light
"This blood-sucking creature crossed the sea from the East."
Locations: Large Cavern
Demon Lord
HP: 1333        Exp: 999
Globus              *
Strength: Dark
Weak: Light
"A superior demon, more terrifying than its most dangerous kin."
Locations: Large Cavern
Double Hammer
HP: 2000        Exp: 1600
Gold Ore            ***
Strength: Fire
Weak: Strike, Lightning
"The only thing more dangerous than a giant hammer is two."
Locations: Large Cavern, Training Hall
Weapon Master
HP: 3000        Exp: 2000
Gold Ore            ***
Strength: Fire
Weak: Strike, Lightning
"Uses any manner of weapon as easily as a part of its own body."
Locations: Training Hall
Giant Skeleton
HP: 800         Exp: 350
Strength: Ice, Dark
Weak: Strike, Fire, Light
"A giant condemned in ages past."
Locations: Minera Prison Island, Tristis Pass
HP: 700         Exp: 300
Strength: Strike
Weak: Slash, Fire
"A giant mutant created to guard the stronghold."
Locations: Monastery
HP: 1800        Exp: 1000
Strength:  Fire
Weak: Strike, Lightning
"A giant crab from the depths of Transylvanian history."
Locations: The Lighthouse
HP: 2500        Exp: 1500
Weak: Slash, Fire, Light
"This monstrous insect buzzes about inside a giant skull."
Locations: Skeleton Cave
HP: 2800        Exp: 2000
Strength: Strike, Ice
Weak: Slash, Lightning
"This aquatic demon compels the squalls to obedience."
Locations: Somnus Reef
HP: 4200        Exp: 2500
Strength: Lightning
Weak: Slash
"The only thing more massive than he is the weight of his blasphemies."
Locations: Giant's Dwelling
HP: 3600        Exp: 3000
Weak: Strike, Ice
"A monster that tracks its prey through vibrations in the earth."
Locations: Oblivion Ridge
HP: 4000        Exp: 0
Acerbatus           *
Weak: Slash, Dark
"Expert in the use of firearms. His gun is called "Agartha.""
Locations: Mystery Manor
HP: 4000        Exp: 0
Globus              *
Strength: Dark
Weak: Slash, Light
"A pitiable madman, his body is now Dracula's vessel."
Locations: Ecclesia
HP: 9999        Exp: 3500
Paries              *
Weak: Slash
"Walls are no obstacle for this bizarre being."
Locations: Library
HP: 5000        Exp: 4300
Strength: Dark
Weak: Fire, Light
"Sustains himself on the essence of his victims' souls."
Locations: Underground Labyrinth
HP: 3000        Exp: 4300
Strength: Fire
Weak: Strike, Lightning
"A giant demon knight summoned to protect the castle."
Locations: Arms Depot
HP: 4444        Exp: 4444
Strength: Dark
Weak: Light
"Dracula's confidant. Knows dark secrets hidden from all others."
Locations: Mechanical Tower
HP: 9999        Exp: 0
Strength: Dark
Weak: Light
"The true master of the castle, and the prince of evil."
Locations: Final Approach


Attack Glyphs
Confodere               Attack: 6
Damage Type: Slash      MP: 5
Location: Ecclesia
"A rapier glyph.
Vol Confodere           Attack: 11
Damage Type: Slash      MP:10
Location: Dullahan
"A powerful rapier glyph."
Melio Confodere         Attack: 15
Damage Type: Slash      MP: 15
Location:  Library
"Superior rapier glyph."
Secare                  Attack: 8
Damage Type: Slash      MP: 5
Location: Bone Scimitar
"A sword glyph."
Vol Secare              Attack: 14
Damage Type: Slash      MP: 10
Location: Giant's Dwelling
"A powerful sword glyph."
Melio Secare            Attack: 20
Damage Type: Slash      MP: 15
Location: Spectral Sword
"Superior sword glyph."
Hasta                   Attack: 9
Damage type: Slash      MP: 5
Location: Spear Guard
"A lance glyph."
Vol Hasta               Attack: 16
Damage Type: Slash      MP: 10
Location: Tristis Pass
"A powerful lance glyph. "
Melio Hasta             Attack: 23
Damage Type: Slash      MP: 15
Location: Barracks
"Superior lance glyph."
Macir                   Attack: 10
Damage Type: Strike     MP: 5
Location: Ruvas Forest
"A hammer glyph."
Vol Macir               Attack: 18
Damage Type: Strike     MP: 10
Location: Misty Forest Road
"A powerful hammer glyph."
Melio Macir             Attack: 25
Damage Type: Slash      MP: 15
Location: Hammer Shaker
"Superior hammer glyph."
Arcus                   Attack: 6
Damage Type: Slash      MP: 15
Location: Bone Archer
"A bow glyph."
Vol Arcus               Attack: 9
Damage Type: Slash      MP: 15
Location: Somnus Reef
"This bow glyph fires diagonally."
Melio Arcus             Attack: 9
Damage Type: Slash      MP: 25
Location: Arms Depot
"A bow glyph that targets enemies automatically."
Ascia                   Attack: 8
Damage Type: Slash      MP: 15
Location: Axe Knight
"An axe glyph."
Vol Ascia               Attack: 12
Damage Type: Slash      MP: 30
Location: Somnus Reef
"A powerful axe glyph."
Melio Ascia             Attack: 16
Damage Type: Slash      MP: 45
Location: Great Knight
"Superior axe glyph."
Falcis                  Attack: 11
Damage Type: Slash      MP: 5
Location: Minera Prison Island
"A sickle glyph."
Vol Falcis              Attack: 19
Damage Type: Slash      MP: 10
Location: Miss Murder
"A powerful sickle glyph."
Melio Falcis            Attack: 28
Damage Type: Slash      MP: 15
Location: Arms Depot
"Superior sickle glyph."
Culter                  Attack: 3
Damage Type: Slash      MP: 8
Location: Monastery
"A knife glyph."
Vol Culter              Attack: 3
Damage Type: Slash      MP: 16
Location: Red Smasher
"A double knife glyph."
Melio Culter            Attack: 3
Damage Type: Slash      MP: 23
Location: Arms Depot
"A triple knife glyph."
Scutum                  Attack: N/A
Damage Type: N/A	MP: 5
Location: Kalidus Channel
"A shield glyph."
Vol Scutum              Attack: N/A
Damage Type: N/A        MP: 5
Location: Lizardman
"A powerful shield glyph."
Melio Scutum            Attack: N/A
Damage Type: N/A        MP: 5
Location: Arms Depot
"Superior shield glyph."
Redire                  Attack: 4
Damage Type: Slash      MP: 10
Location: Training Hall
"A glyph to magnetize blades for additional effect."
Cubus                   Attack: 5
Damage Type: Stone      MP: 20
Location: Monastery
"A glyph that creates stones."
Torpor                  Attack: 10
Damage Type: Ice        MP: 20
Location: Wygol Village
"A glyph that incapacitates opponents."
Lapiste                 Attack: 17
Damage Type: Strike     MP: 20
Location: Underground Labyrinth
"Pulverize enemies with giant fists of stones."
Pneuma                  Attack: 14
Damage Type: Slash      MP: 25
Location: Tymeo Mountains
"This glyph creates squalls to sweep enemies away."
Ignis                   Attack: 9
Damage Type: Fire       MP: 25
Location: Fire Demon
"Call forth burning flames."
Vol Ignis               Attack: 7
Damage Type: Fire       MP: 40
Location: Underground Labyrinth
"Create pillars of fire."
Grando                  Attack: 8
Damage Type: Ice        MP: 25
Location: Sea Demon
"Call forth freezing ice."
Vol Grando              Attack: 27
Damage Type: Ice        MP: 40
Location: Tristis Pass
"Create pillars of ice."
Fulgur                  Attack: 5
Damage Type: Lightning  MP: 25
Location: Thunder Demon
"Summon a ball of lightning."
Vol Fulgur              Attack: 3
Damage Type: Lightning  MP: 40
Location: Minera Prison Island
"Call forth shocking electricity."
Luminatio               Attack: 8
Damage Type: Light      MP: 25
Location: The Lighthouse
"Call forth a ball of light."
Vol Luminatio           Attack: 20
Damage Type: Light      MP: 40
Location: White Fomor
"Call a ball of light that tracks enemies."
Umbra                   Attack: 13
Damage Type: Dark       MP: 25
Location: Black Fomor
"Command the malice of the dead.."
Vol Umbra               Attack: 23
Damage Type: Dark       MP: 40
Location: Mystery Manor
"Command the powers of darkness."
Morbus                  Attack: 12
Damage Type: Curse      MP: 25
Location: Mechanical Tower
"Command a forbidden curse."
Nitesco                 Attack: 9
Damage Type: Fire/Light MP: 20
Location: Nova Skeleton
"Concentrate magical energy into a destructive beam."
Acerbatus               Attack: 22
Damage Type: Lightning/Dark/Curse MP: 44
Location: Albus
"Call forth the power of spite."
Globus                  Attack: 8
Damage Type: Strike     MP: 50
Location: Barlowe, Demon Lord
"Unleash an energy sphere."
Dextro Custos           Attack: 18
Damage Type: Slash      MP: 16
Location: Library
"Attack with the right head of Cerberus, guardian of Hell."
Sinistro Custos         Attack: 18
Damage Type: Slash      MP: 16
Location: Mechanical Tower
"Attack with the left head of Cerberus, guardian of Hell."
Dominus Hatred          Attack: 66
Damage Type: Dark       MP: 66
Location: Minera Prison Island
"One piece of Dominus: summons a pillar of light."
Dominus Anger           Attack: 66
Damage Type: Dark       MP: 66
Location: Giant's Dwelling
"One piece of Dominus: unleashes a cluster of energy."

Support Glyphs
Magnes                  Attack: 10
Damage Type: Light      MP: 5
Location: Monastery
"Create an attractive magnetic field."
Paries                  Attack: N/A
Damage Type: N/A        MP: 5
Location: Wallman
"Pass through solid walls in specific locations."
Volaticus               Attack: N/A
Damage Type: N/A        MP: 20
Location: Final Approach
"Conjures a pair of wings, allowing the power of flight."
Rapidus Fio             Attack: 3
Damage Type: Slash      MP: 80
Location: Underground Labyrinth
"A glyph of divine motion that enables faster movement."
Vis Fio                 Attack: N/A
Damage Type: N/A        MP: 80
Location: Mechanical Tower
"Temporary increase STR and the effects of physical glyphs."
Fortis Fio              Attack: N/A
Damage Type: N/A        MP: 80
Location: Kalidus Channel
"Temporarily increase CON and physical resistance."
Sapiens Fio             Attack: N/A
Damage Type: N/A        MP: 80
Location: Oblivion Ridge
"Temporarily increase INT and the effects of magical glyphs."
Fides Fio               Attack: N/A
Damage Type: N/A        MP: 80
Location: Tymeo Mountains
"Temporarily increase MIND and the effects of magic resistance."
Felicem Fio             Attack: N/A
Damage Type: N/A        MP: 80
Location: Underground Labyrinth
"Grants the user a temporary boost of LUCK."
Inire Pecunia           Attack: N/A
Damage Type: N/A        MP: 80
Location: Tristis Pass
"Temporarily increase the amount of money received from enemies."
Arma Felix              Attack: N/A
Damage Type: N/A        MP: 80
Location: Black Panther
"Grants cat-like abilities."
Arma Chiroptera         Attack: N/A
Damage Type: N/A        MP: 80
Location: Werebat
"Grants bat-like abilities."
Arma Machina            Attack: N/A
Damage Type: N/A        MP: 80
Location: Automaton ZX27
"Grants every ability of an automaton."
Refectio                Attack: N/A
Damage Type: N/A        MP: 80
Location: Library
"Increase the rate of physical regeneration."
Arma Custos             Attack: N/A
Damage Type: N/A        MP: 80
Location: Arms Depot
"Grants the mighty power of Cerberus."
Fidelis Caries          Attack: 2
Damage Type: Strike     MP: 80
Location: Necromancer
"Summons zombies that fight to the death."
Fidelis Alate           Attack: 3
Damage Type: Slash      MP: 80
Location: Winged Skeleton
"Summons guardians to glide down from above."
Fidelis Polkir          Attack: 4
Damage Type: Fire       MP: 80
Location: Polkir
"Summon Polkir to descend on your enemies."
Fidelis Noctua          Attack: 3
Damage Type: Slash      MP: 80
Location: Owl
"Summons owls to soundlessly descend."
Fidelis Medusa          Attack: 1
Damage Type: Stone      MP: 80
Location: Gorgon Head
"Summons Medusa Heads in a strangely familiar pattern."
Fidelis Aranea          Attack: 2
Damage Type: Slash/Poison MP: 80
Location: Skull Spider
"Summons skull spiders to skitter about when needed."
Fidelis Mortus          Attack: 5
Damage Type: Strike/Curse MP: 80
Location: Jiang Shi
"Summons a lively assortment of the dead."
Dominus Agony           Attack: N/A
Damage Type: N/A        MP: 66
Location: Mystery Manor
"One piece of Dominus: shrouds you in Dracula's magic."

+ Credit +

Credit for 95% of the conents of this guide goes to me. I wrote it based on
my experiences of going this game twice, and almost every strategy written here
was developed and tested by me. The exception is a few rare points in boss
strategies: for example, by the time I thought to use moonwalkers to dodge one
of Death's Attacks, I'd already  beaten him. So, hey, I guess if anyone wants to
confirm that one for me.

The first person to receive credit is Darth Nemesis, both because his maps are
awesome and because I'll admit I ripped my list of obtainable rare items for
each area straight off of them. He is persumed to be of good humor about this.
I'll also give him credit for his villagers' guide. I was staring down a third
playthrough because I forgot to start recording things until I had already done
about 60% of the tasks, so his guide helped me fill in a lot of the missing
info on mine. Also, I recomend villagers' guide; it's much better.

Next: Wartono. This clever person sent me an email pointing out various bosses
that used attacks blockable by the Scutum Glyphs. Some of them weren't very
hard to dodge anyway, and others I felt that the way I'd listed worked better
(for example, that you can block Death's Sickle Wave attack with Melio Scutum,
which is great, but Rapidus Fio lets you run right through it and then take some
free shots on the other side), but the two Scutum blocks in the Dracula boss
section are straight from Wartono.

A woman (presumably) named Jan sent me an email with several nice boss fight
tips in it as well. She pointed out my continued underestimate of the summoning
Glyphs. I'll readily admit that I never liked any of them and didn't use them
the entire game, but Jan pointed out to me that Fidelis Caries actually works as
a shield, with the zombies eating up several attacks. You can also thank her for
the alternate strategies for beating Eligor and Blackmore (seriously, her way is
so much easier than the one I described on the Blackmore fight).

Alternate boss strategies were also received from a man named Silvio about
using Vol Ignis and Dominus Agony (which majorly bumps up your damage output)
to take down Blackmore. This may work, I don't know. I couldn't manage to do it
before the damage from Dominus Agony put me down.

Another alternate boss strategy came from Printul Noptii. This is the one where
you DO use Volaticus in the Dracula fight, and it actually works pretty well.
There is a youtube video of this, but I'll let you find that on your own.

A guy named Gin sent me a tip about the Blue Drops in Tymeo Mountains, which was
duly noted. I received a few tips about the second to last room in the Training
Hall about using that magnetic orb to make it through the last area. Yeah, it
does seem pretty obvious, and I'll admit that I tried to do that too, but I
couldn't manage to make it work, so I went with the slide. I went back and tried
again after getting the email and did it quite easily this time around, though.
Thanks for the tip, guys.

Konami gets honorary credit for this guide in that without them, I wouldn't have
been able to write it. Thanks for a great game, I thoroughly enjoyed it for the
first 30 or so hours, but now I'm ready to take a break.

+ Version History +

Current Incarnation: Version 1.2

1.0- Initial Release
1.1- Spelling and Grammer checked, fixed some typos that resulted from editing
     the draft onto notepad, fixed some really funky typos that I can only
     assume came from rewriting certain sections, added contact section
1.2- Added alternate boss strategies section, fleshed out the credits with the
     names or aliases of several people who sent me emails and what their
     contributions were, updated contact info

+ Contact Information +

Email: RythDarklore [at] hotmail.com
AIM: XeratosAlrygich

My email addy also double as my msn messenger. If you've found something that's
not in the guide (and yes, I'm aware of several rumors of things I missed, so
I know that it's out there), feel free to let me know. I will investigate,
confirm, and then add it to the appropriate section, with your name (real or
otherwise) added to the credits.

Also, I'm not releasing this FAQ anywhere but GameFAQs. If you were planning on
asking me to allow you to host this on your site, please don't. If someone sees
this FAQ posted anywhere but GameFAQs, please feel free to send me an email.

+ Copyrights +

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

Contents of the guide Copyright 2008 David Sherman.

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