How do I beat Dracula easily?

  1. I tried man times trying to kill dracula, but at the part when he sends the dogs and bats out, i cant hit him, so i just end up being killed.

    User Info: hi098

    hi098 - 10 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Well, when he sends his bats out, you should crouch close to his cape if you're close enough, you won't be hit, meaning you shouldn't die. Try using Vol Luminatio while you wait, or perhaps tossing Ascia at him. When he uses his werewolves (or whatever they are), attack them while you attack him. Of course, if you don't want to deal with those attacks, there's a ridiculously simple strategy, one that may surprise you (after all, Dracula's honestly so stupid that he falls for it every single time he tries to attack).

    To instantly switch his attack for a much easier one to dodge, wait until he holds his arms up, then jump once and activate Volaticus. Whenever you activate Volaticus while fighting him, he'll stop his current attack and columns of purple fire will shoot out of the ground (as if he has a squad of Nova Skeletons under the floor, all waiting to use a souped-up Nitesco at his command). To avoid this, fly over his head after activating Volaticus. (If you try to gly over him before he holds his arms up, he's likely to slash you with his cape, the same thing he does if you double jump too close to him.) So, just fly over him like that. You can (and should) use this in the first part of the fight, too (when he's in a corner, just fly directly over his head to evade). He's easily tricked in this manner.

    When you deal enough damage for him to start using Soul Steal (the one where he appears out of nowhere, grabs you, and steals your health), backdash or double jump when you think he's about to appear so he doesn't grab you. DON'T backdash if you're too close to a wall, as he'll start walking towards you if you backdash (just like he does if you're in front of him when the second part of the fight starts). Don't use Volaticus for this attack, as you might not be able to get behind him before the purple columns of evil fire appear (and he might swat you out of the air). Instead, just start destroying him with your Glyph Unions, backdashing once you hit him (if you're using the Nitesco sword or holy sword (light & weapon glyph) GUs. If you adopt a pattern of hitting him, then immediately backdashing and using the GU again, you can do a large amount of damage in a short time (you'll want to be in front of him in this case, so he's walking towards you). Beware of Soul Steal after he disappears, though.

    In terms of attacks, I suggest switching to Glyph Unions. I find the best ones are the Nitesco sword (Nitesco and a weapon glyph) and the Blast Attack (a light and a darkness glyph, like Vol Luminatio and Vol Umbra; Nitesco is NOT counted as a light glyph, and I don't recall whether Dominus Anger or Dominus Hatred work as the darkness glyph (Globus is counted as a darkness glyph)). Note that the Blast Attack can only be used if you're on the ground.

    In short, the easiest way to defeat him is to learn how to manipulate his attacks with Volaticus. If you learn to do it right, you should be able to defeat him without being hit once (this'll probably take a little practice), earning you the boss medal (to collect it, you have to load the same file again after the credits roll; don't start a New Game+, just load the old data).

    User Info: TheOmegaMetroid

    TheOmegaMetroid - 10 years ago 2   0

Top Voted Answer

  1. Sorry for not including this in the previous message, but once you have enough practice to avoid all of his attacks, equip the Death Ring. If you don't have enough practice yet to avoid all of his attacks, equip the Death Ring immediately before using a Glyph Union, and unequip it immediately after (if you're using a "GU, backdash, repeat" strategy, remove the Death Ring after the last GU). Also, activate Dominus Agony when you use Glyph Unions, and unequip it after. You should only have it active during Glyph Unions because you'll take 66 damage per second that it's active (this damage won't prevent you from getting the boss medal, though). Sure, Dominus Agony is suicidal, but you'll get an immense boost to ATK thanks to it (it boosts both STR and INT by 66, so you'll get a large boost no matter what type of attack you use). If you're not comfortable using Dominus Agony, use either Sapiens Fio or Vis Fio instead, whichever is better for your attacks (Sapiens Fio for INT-based (magic; fire, ice, lightning, light, or dark) attacks, Vis Fio for STR-based attacks (physical attacks; strike or slash attacks, including Globus, Pneuma, and the Custos glyphs (I think Custos are STR-based, too...))). Doing any of these will boost the power of your attacks, making them much more powerful. Of course, you should only use Dominus Agony, Sapiens Fio, or Vis Fio if you don't need Volaticus at the time (such as after you've flown over his head, or when he's walking towards you).

    Oh, and when he's walking towards you, he'll sometimes use an attack called Destruction Rain (or something like that). You might want to cancel this one and fly over him, because this is a ridiculously annoying attack. It's like Theta Ray (the green energy rain that he uses during the first part, it's every third attack after the last time you activated Volaticus), but it always drops onto where you're standing. You have to constantly remain in motion to avoid it, and if you're still in front of Dracula, he'll keep walking towards you, and he'll probably use his evil kick, so watch out.

    Oh, and here's something I forgot to mention: During the first part of the battle, he has a specific pattern that he'll use. First, he'll launch a large wave of destructible fireballs from his cape (he'll hold up the arm that's closer to you). Then, he'll teleport away and use Dark Inferno (four indestructible black fire spheres with red borders, you can duck the first and double jump the rest; he'll say "Dark Inferno", raise the arm that's further from you, and one of those dark flame spheres will appear). After that, he'll teleport to the center of the room and use Theta Ray (green energy projectiles rise through the ceiling, then drop on specific locations in the room (you have to be somewhere safe to avoid them; they always drop in the same place); he says "Theta Ray", it's after Dark Inferno, and the green energy projectiles rise into the ceiling, so you can't really miss it). However, whenever you use Volaticus to get him to use his purple fire pillars, he'll always go back to the first attack after teleporting away. Because of this, you should never see Dark Inferno or Theta Ray if you use Volaticus whenever he attacks. This doesn't seem to work in the second part of the fight, though, because I don't think he has a specific pattern then.

    User Info: TheOmegaMetroid

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Other Answers

  1. Just equip Nitesco, either Melio Macir or Melio Falcis, Dominus Agony and the Death Ring. Activate Dominus Agony and use the Glyph Union over and over. It'll not only inflict some serious damage on Dracula, but his first attack is always a barrage of fireballs, so the Glyph Union will always destroy all of the fireballs as well. When he starts walking toward you, back off a bit before using the Glyph Union again. Then, in the final stage of the battle, use the Dominus Hatred + Dominus Anger Glyph Union to deal the final blow.

    User Info: Metroid19

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  2. Level 3 Scythe + Nitesco

    Wear the Judgement Ring and The Death Ring.

    When you glyph Union tap L and perform the glyph union again, if you did it right it should execute faster than usual and you SHOULD deal about 1200 dmg each hit and if you have dominus agony on, ALL THE BETTER!

    User Info: WTF_BobSnail

    WTF_BobSnail - 10 years ago 0   0
  3. I found that if you use Nitesco, with the 'wings' (R) glyph, you can hover right in front of him when he appears. Then timing it right, you can fly behind him as he launches the blue wave in front and you can peg him from behind with Nitesco a good 5-6 times before he disappears. Then, rinse, repeat, and you should be able to not even be hit before he goes into his 2nd mode.

    User Info: beamfox1

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  4. This is cheap, but it works.


    dominus agony

    Death ring
    Judgement ring

    Use the glyph fusion 3 times. Dracula should be dead. If your level isn't high enough, Nitesco him down until he says "The time for games is over." Then proceed to use the above method

    User Info: metroid4life14

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