How do I beat Albus and get the good ending?

  1. I have been trying to beat Albus and continue to receive a bad ending. I have tried equiping with the 2 Dominus Glyphs before fighting him and then switching to other glyphs during the battle. After I defeat him, I am returned to Ecclessia where Barlow says that I need to equip all 3 Dominus Glyphs and use some sort of alter.. it continually does not work and I immediately am killed when attempting to use the Dominus Glyphs...

    Anyone have any advice on getting to the good ending?

    User Info: Callah26

    Callah26 - 10 years ago

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  1. Right after using them during the ending it shows you missing villagers you have not yet found. To progress to the better endings you must find the villagers it shows you are missing in the ending you receive. The quest guide gives you all the answers to this in the FAQS section.

    User Info: vecryn

    vecryn - 10 years ago 9   0


  1. This will mostly be a repitition of the answers already given, but save the villagers first! You'll be in for an interesting conversation after the fight if you do (don't worry, I won't spoil it). Oh, and you'll be able to progress, too.

    When you fight Albus, you can actually run through him without taking damage, at least in my experience. Use this to dodge his attacks, and you shouldn't have to worry about Quadruple Ignis (the flame kick). If you're in front of him when he fires a regular bullet, crouch immediately. If you're in front when he fires his Vertical Shot (a.k.a. Optical Shot, the two looping energy trails), crouch and hope you're far enough away that his attack misses (the farther away you are, the larger the distance between the loops; if you think you're going to be hit, you might be able to run or slide away if you have time). If you're in front when he calls upon his glyph (Acerbatus), absorb it (do this if you're behind him when he uses it, too). If he leaps towards one of the walls and starts dropping Torpor crystals, run in the same direction he leaped, and low double jump over the last crystal (if you're not fast enough, he might Quadruple Ignis you; if you're caught while you're in the air, he WILL Quadruple Ignis you). If he slides, just jump over him. Use Vol Umbra and Vol Confodere as your glyphs (Vol Hasta, though better than Vol Confodere in almost every way, is slower than the rapier, and thus not as well suited to this fight), and hit him with a grim reaper scythe Glyph Union (or whatever that GU is) when you're behind him and he fires Vertical Shot (if he shoots a regular bullet, just chain your glyphs; if he uses his glyph, absorb it). However, after using the GU, you'll want to run towards him and use a low double jump to get over him as he attacks, quickly using Vol Confodere (and Vol Umbra if you have time), no matter what type of bullet he fires (if it's a Torpor wave, just get between two Torpors, wait for them to disappear and him to run up, and then low double jump over as he attacks). You should be able to beat him (hopefully without taking damage), and then you'll get to save before going to Ecclesia (I suggest you do so).

    User Info: TheOmegaMetroid

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  2. You need to save all of the villagers from Wygol before fighting Albus in order to continue to the good ending.

    User Info: hempick

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  3. have to find all the villagers in order to continue the game...and when you fight with dracula... in the end dracula will use his true power, in this situation you have to use 3 dominus glyphs at the same time in order to get a good ending. if u don't use 3 dominus glyphs, your character will die n u will get another ending( bad ending, i think).

    2. If you want to beat Albus, you just have to equip your best weapon n armor you have n just track him whereever he run, n always attack him from behind. If u track him, jump to his back n attack him from behind u will beat him easily...

    User Info: ChlerO_SheeN

    ChlerO_SheeN - 10 years ago 0   0
  4. Besides everything that all the above answers have suggested are good. The one thing that I didn't see - don't listen to Barlow! If you want to continue you CANNOT equip Dominus Agony !!! That one will kill you every time! That is why Albus tells you to NEVER use it - you promised! when Barlow tells you to bring the Dominus glyphs to the alter you refuse! He will take over and do it himself and die because of it! So besides everything that everyone else said that don't ever use Agony. you won't die you will go on to Dracula's castle!

    User Info: ComicRelief1

    ComicRelief1 - 10 years ago 0   1
  5. you need the right skill/equipment/level to beat him. To get the good ending, beat Dracula.

    User Info: Mad_Doctor_04

    Mad_Doctor_04 - 10 years ago 0   4

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