What each Stats does specifically?

  1. It already have one post here about this but, the link on the answer is broken. So what exactly ATK, DEF, STR, CON, INT, MND, and LCK? sorry but im don't found on other site :/

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    asdadvvvv - 11 months ago

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  1. ATK is how much damage you can deal with your attacks
    DEF is your capacity to endure damage. Higher Def means you take less damage
    STR raises the damage of your physical attacks, usually, weapon glyphs.
    CON is your character's constitution. Higher constitution means high DEF agains physical attacks and higher resistance to poison and curse
    INT raises the damage of your magical attacks. In other words, any fire, ice, thunder, light, and darkness (and some strike and slash) glyphs will do more the damage with more INT
    MND stands for mind. It reflects your magical endurance. Higher MND means you'll take less damage from magical attacks.
    LCK is your luck. It affects how often enemies will drop items. Higher luck will raise the chances of enemies to drop an item. If you see the bestiary you'll note some enemies have a number of stars after an item. The more stars the item has more difficult will be to find it. Raising your luck will lessen those stars. Note that LCK won't affect the drop chance of glyphs.

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