Where's the best place to level up?

  1. Hey, I'm at Lv. 49, about to face Dracula and such, and I don't have the money for the best equipment...wanted to level up and farm gold (or good items to sell) at the same time.

    What's the best place?

    User Info: onReload

    onReload - 10 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Go to the Skeleton Cave and you'll find a room full of Skeleton Frisky's and two Skeleton Heroes. It's extremely simple to get through (especially with the Nitesco glyph absorbed from the Nova Skeleton or Melio Macir from Hammer Shakers). You can pull about 10,000 exp. per minute if you move fast enough, and at level 49 there's virtually no risk of you taking enough damage to go down. Also, if you have Rapidus Fio, you can use it to make things go much quicker.

    User Info: superstaplers

    superstaplers - 10 years ago 1   0

Top Voted Answer

  1. Well, for me, the best thing is Heiroglyph ring (more exp) + Death Ring, equip the glyph from Albus, and go to the save room in mystery manor. You should be able to kill the 2 white fomors with 1 hit and just enter and exit the room for over 300 exp each time.

    User Info: Jason_Ryu_3

    Jason_Ryu_3 - 10 years ago 1   0

Other Answers

  1. At this time you might go for the two devils below the final area warp point.As you leveled up a bit the two hammer shakers in the training room are a good way to level up,be sure you can take them easily though.

    User Info: pjotr2007

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  2. I think the place that is best to level up (early on) is in the skeleton cave when you run into the huge amount of bone pillars that are beside you and below you. To avoid them dealing damage to Shanoa, I used the hammer glyph to quickly kill the fire-breathing heads to your right. After those 3 bad guys were killed, I use the luminato glyph to kill the enemies below without risk of injury. after a while it gets boring but it can give a bit of needed xp.

    User Info: Dudezilla1337

    Dudezilla1337 - 10 years ago 0   0
  3. I agree with superstaplers. In the Skeleton Cave, the room full of Skeleton Frisky enemies. Equip the glyphs Nitesco and Radidus Fio. Also equip the Hierophant Ring accessory and enough INT boosting equipment to do at least 62 damage in one hit to a Skeleton Frisky. Turn on your Rapidud fio, run into the room just to the bottom of the slope. shoot your Netesco. Run out. repeat. I went from Level 53 to 54 in about 2 1/2 minutes.

    User Info: ClydeTheJackal

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  4. My favorite spot is in Misty Forest Road, where you use paries to go into a room with a bunch of lizardman blades. Then use arma felix's tail attack(x) on them, and when they're all dead, go back into the room where you used paries to get in, then go back in and kill them again. Repeat this alot and you'll level up really fast. I got from level 40 to level 60 in half an hour.

    User Info: thepwnis

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  5. If you have lots of patience, I got a place for you.
    There's a room in Mysty forest road where you can find an Endiku (sp?) and a white dragon. If you have 2 gold rings and Inire Pecunia equipped, you can get both 400 experience and about 6500 gold at the same time.

    User Info: hypnocrown

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  6. Other than skeleton caves room with many skeleton friskys that was mentioned by superstaplers (i knew about it before he said it here tho) there is a room in final approach below the teleporter that contains two devils, tow liliths, one bugbear and one automotan, the room on the bottom left with two final knights to kill (over 500 xp each) plus all them onsters in the nearby rooms (i usually go to the maximum the room with lots of cave trolls) this is for those who want some money (the automaton drops silver ore and final knights drop knight plate/leggings...and liliths drop pudding) for some money at the expense of a slighlty slower leveling rate at higher levels (also if u found a gold ring and havnt sold it you can use it to get some major gold from the torches, if u did sell it use inir penicula back glyph or whatever it was called to get 100$ from each torch destroyed)

    User Info: Rikko_43

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  7. Taken directly from the sticky topic:

    2c) Best way to get gold?

    This is perhaps a bit TOO easy. I originally found this method in a post by olats.
    What you'll need:
    2x Gold Rings
    Inire Pecunia glyph
    Double jump

    -> Equip 2x gold rings and Inire Pecunia glyph, then find your way to D24 of the Tymeo Mountains. On the right side of the bridge, you'll see a lantern. Double jump over the lantern on the post, then kick it (down+jump), then mid-air jump off the top of the screen. Do another kick here so you go off the bottom of the screen. You will fly back down into the lantern. When you hit it, you'll get $1000 gold. Double jump back out of the screen and repeat. Easily 100k+ per minute, definitely more once you get a rhythm. You can simply hold the down button the entire time, then hit jump for jumping/kicking. I find it even easier to use something to keep the down button pressed in, like a rubber band something (I used an erased from a mechanical pencil) on the down button, or clamp, or tweezers. Anything you can find. That way, you can just hit the jump button without even really paying attention. Watch a TV show, come back to a few million gold. You won't even realize you're doing anything!

    User Info: CID1

    CID1 - 10 years ago 0   2

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