How do I beat (Dracula) with Algus?

  1. As I've beaten the game and thoroughly trashed Dracula with the lovely heroine that is our main character, I decided to entertain myself with an Algus run. I did well enough, and have finally come to Dracula, and here is where the suffering truly begins.

    The first stage of the fight is easy enough, where I alternate special attacks on his face-bits, but when he switches to his kill-you-now mode - which I'll refer to as stage 2 - he totally destroys me. I find myself unable to dodge the bats (which do half my life per hit) and I can't seem to predict his attacks in advance. Considering that I used the Vol Luminato + Vol Umbra + Dominus Agony combo to feed him his *** in stage two on my first play through, I find Algus surprising lacking in splash damage, which gets me butchered.

    How can I better set up or predict his stage 2 form's attacks?

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    Warrior_Senshi - 10 years ago

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  1. In the first part of the fight, I find that you can quickly peg him with a point-blank Optical Shot (if possible; if you can, get it close enough that it stops at his head for a bit, hitting multiple times) and a Max Shot (if you're very quick), followed by using Quadruple Ignis (flame kick) to go through him, then repeat the shots again (if it's the first or second attack; I usually follow them up with jumping and shooting regular bullets, since he usually disappears before I have time to get in another advanced shot... except in Hard Mode, when you can hit him with another of each during the second attack), or just shooting regular bullets from a safe spot during the third attack (although, the way I time it, the most I can get in is about 1 before he's gone; when you fire Optical Shot and Max Shot when he appears, you want to be right in his face (almost literally; you should be close enough that you're actually in the red beam (well, barely in it; the edge of Albus' head should be just past the outer edge of the beam) that he uses to teleport), so close that if you take a full step towards him, you'll be hit (you still have just enough space to Quadruple Ignis through him, so do that immedately after you land from firing Max Shot); this trick is difficult to learn, but if you do it right, you'll land from the QI in a safe zone). Fire Optical Shot when he's just about finished teleporting in, so that he starts taking damage the instant he's vulnerable, and jump to fire a Max Shot immediately after that Optical Shot (you don't need to jump very high to hit him with Max Shot). While you're landing, move into position for Quadruple Ignis, and use it the towards him the instant you land. If your strategy works better for you in this part, then by all means use it (personally, I always try to beat him without taking a single hit, and actually reset the system if he pegs me once).

    In the second part, you want to deal him some damage before he first warps off. Try using Optical and Max Shots, and if you're behind him when he says his line, Quadruple Ignis through him and you should hit him without being hit yourself (he warps after you hit him, but before he hits you). Whenever he warps, wait a very, very short time, then jump back slightly (in case he uses Soul Steal; if he uses it, jump or teleport over him, land behind, and attack); you want to learn the timing for him appearing again, as that'll let you evade Soul Steal pretty reliably. Once you learn the timing, you can use Quadruple Ignis to evade Soul Steal and damage him in the process (just go through him). If he doesn't use Soul Steal, he'll appear in the middle of the room, where he will either use an armpit bat wave (well, that's what it looks like to me) or werewolf summoning (they might not be werewolves, but it seems more likely that they are, since he's Dracula). Listen closely when he appears. If it sounds like he grunts, it's the bats. If he says something, it's the werewolves. When he uses the bats, crouch so that you're facing Dracula and the tip of Albus' foot is touching the base of the banister in the background (at the base of the stairs, there's one on either side). If you position yourself perfectly, you won't be hit and you'll be able to hit him twice with every Optical Shot you fire. If you're a little off, you still won't be hit, but your Optical Shot will only hit once. If you're really off, then you'll be hit.

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  1. When he uses werewolves, there are two ways to destroy him (and you do need to destroy them). You can either just shoot them or use Optical and Max Shots. I prefer standing somewhat close (near the base of the banister, I believe, though I haven't ever checked the actual position of Albus' feet) and holding down Y, alternating between standing and crouching with every bullet. If you kill the first wolf like this, you should be fine, as the others will usually go quickly (sometimes, the last wolf will still be alive, so it's good to teleport or Quadruple Ignis behind Dracula afterwards if you suspect it survived; you don't want him using Destruction Rain while that wolf's alive... or ever). If you have trouble killing them with bullets, you can alternate between Optical Shot and Max Shot, timing them so that one of the two is always between you and Dracula (it takes a little practice to get the timing right). If he starts walking towards you at any time, try firing Optical Shot at his head (try to hit him multiple times with a point-blank shot like I said for the first part, but you might have to fire a little forward of him and let him walk into it), and then use Quadruple Ignis to go through him (it hits many times), firing Optical and Max Shots at him after you land (or just
    Max Shot, if your previous Optical Shot is still on the screen).

    If you're going for a speed run, change the strategy slightly (it'll involve more resets). Normally, when you use Quadruple Ignis in the first part of the fight, it'll hit two or three times, depending on where you are. Learn to position yourself for three hits (if Dracula is in one of his middle three positions, the proper position is near the base of the banister). If Dracula teleports into a corner, reset, because otherwise you'll lose a lot of time. Learn to do the second part as quickly as possible, with no wasted movement whatsoever.

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  2. The strategy is basically the same as with Shanoa, you just don't have to same weapons. I say, fall in LOVE with optical shot (the light and dark things) as that will hit him without you having to focus on doing so. When he jumps backwards and vanishes, he will either jump out and drain your life or appear in the middle of the room. When he does this, jump up and forward so you'll jump over him if he comes in to steal your life. Use your normal gun on the wolves, and figure out exactly where you need to sit to dodge the bats. Also, you can jump over him in stage 2, so take advantage of that as well as Albus's teleport (touch the screen). Good luck.

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  3. You can avoid the bats with some quick teleporting to warp past the bats and start high-jumping to stay up high out of harm's way.

    Another note is that you can tell what attack Dracula will do after he teleports to the middle of the room by watching the color of his after-images. Blue means he'll do the werewolf attack, red means he's going to unleash the bats, and with purple, he'll attempt to use Soul Steal on you.

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