Loreli will not drop mermen meat. tried for hours now. help?!?!

  1. i've gone to the somnus reef. there are 5 seperate loreli monsters there. i have killed each of them maybe 180 times. i've wated almost two hours on this. i have equipped the ribbon hat, the fool ring, and the lucky clover, bringing my luck rating to 32. (my character is also LVL.32) beased on the info from my guide, my luck rating should add 16% to the 1% drop rate of merman meat from the lorelie, making the drop rate 17%. I've tried killing the loreli with different weapons with no difference. most of the time i have been just exiting and reentering a room to kill the lorelie, but i have exited the whole level many times and it makes no difference. (is exiting the level necessary?) do you have to be a certain level or luck rating for the merman meat to drop? any help would be appreciated.

    My DS isn't compatible with my router so i cast buy one in shop mode. i really want to finish all the quests. this is driving me nuts.

    User Info: Kronk42583

    Kronk42583 - 10 years ago
  2. All i can think of is that maybe its only a 1 time drop, and that i got it early in the game, and mistakenly used it or sold it. i don't remember doing it, but i may have. i do have the treasure hat, but i'm under the impression that it only increases the percentage of rare item boxes showing up, so i went with wearing the ribbon instead, which significantly raises your luck rating. i was able to figure out some settings changes on my router and got the ds wireless to work. while the shop mode rarely finds anything to connect to, i was able to buy the merman meat online, at least i don't have to think about it anymore. i may have leveled too high in my quest for it as im in draculas castle and it doesn't see very hard yet.

    User Info: Kronk42583

    Kronk42583 - 10 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. All I can suggest is to just keep trying. Do you have the treasure hat yet from doing Daniela's quests? I had that equipped, then continues to keep going at it, going in and out of that one room until the Loreli dropped it.

    User Info: Sugarkins

    Sugarkins - 10 years ago 1   0

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