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  1. I've tried, and Tried, and tried.
    I just cannot do it.
    My problems, 1. Lacerations lurt too much, and I'm suturing them REALLY fast.
    2. I cannot do nous on time. whenever I need to beat it I have to ignore the tumor thing.
    3. I cannot cut the veins fast enough.
    Any help?

    User Info: crazycolorz5

    crazycolorz5 - 10 years ago

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  1. I can't really help you on number 1, but you might have to alternate between suturing, stabilizing, and lasering. Gel also helps slightly, as it reduces the vital spike a little. If it's the absolutely last Kyriaki, it may be easier to just laser it immediately, then fix up the patient before trying to inject the antibiotic into the core.

    For Nous, take out as many as you can in the opening sequence--which is about two (or three if you're really lucky), and try to get it so that either the bottom one or the one on the right is still up when they go into hiding--aside from that, it's all up to your reflexes there.

    For the veins, try to slice the one the red just passed over, and keep holding it down until it snaps (if you've for some reason been trying to slash at it). I find a pattern of going back and forth across the core helps prevent any accidents with the red vein.

    User Info: master_of_jak

    master_of_jak - 10 years ago 0   0

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