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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Darkstar Ripclaw

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                1. The Basics......................................[BASC]
                2. Walkthrough.....................................[WALK]
                3. Tower Defenses..................................TWDF]
                     a. Walls......................................[WALL]
                     b. Turrets....................................[TRRT]
                     c. Traps......................................[TRAP]
                     d. Helpers....................................[HELP]
                4. Units...........................................[UNIT]
                     a. Clockworks.................................[CLCK]
                     b. Kingdom Forces.............................[KING]
                5. Strategies......................................[STRT]
                6. Miscellaneous...................................[MISC]
                     a. Classic Tower Defense......................[CLTD]
                     b. Easter Eggs................................[EEGG]
                     c. FAQ........................................[FAQ.]
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                                     ~Darkstar Ripclaw
            Hello, and welcome to my eleventh guide for a Nintendo DS game, this one
    being for Lock's Quest.
    	Lock's Quest is best described as a cross between an RTS and the tower
    defense game, vaguely similar to the classic Ramparts game. It was developed
    by 5th Cell, better known for their Drawn to Life games and Scrriblenauts,
    and the game is divided into one hundred different scenarios, labelled as
    Days One to One Hundred.
    	In this guide, I offer a day-to-day strategy of each scenario, with
    both building strategies and battle strategies. I also offer a brief view on
    how to play the game, as well as some strategical tips that you can utilise to
    better play Lock's Quest, as well as some various odds-and-ends that the game
    has in it. I hope you enjoy the game, and thank you for using my guide!
                  ~Darkstar Ripclaw
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            Thank you for your time.
                    ~Darkstar Ripclaw
                                       THE BASICS
            The basic premise of Lock's Quest is somewhat difficult to describe:
    think of it as being somewhat of a cross in-between your standard strategy game
    and an RTS game. It consists of one hundred 'days', each of which is a separate
    scenario, although you will usually have four to eight days on any given map
    area before you move on to the next area. Each scenario requires that you
    successfully complete a given objective: the most common is to defend a
    specific object or person, usually a Source Well, for a specific period of time
    (3:00 being most common). In order to do this, you can set up buildings that
    will fight off enemies, while Lock himself can also injure and destroy his foes.
            When you first visit a map, you will be given a 'building phase', two
    to four minutes in which you can set up Walls and Turrets on the square tiles
    that make up the map. Turrets shoot out gunfire that will kill of enemies,
    while walls serve to beef up the turrets defense rating. Note that you do not
    actually produce any units or anything of the sort: rather, you just put up
    buildings that can damage enemies.
            During battle, various enemies, known as 'Clockworks', will spawn from
    swamp-like areas at the edges of the map, usually in groups of anywhere from
    two to eight, and march on the Source Well, or whatever the current mission
    objective is to defend. Each Clockwork can take only a certain amount of damage
    before it collapses: while Lock can deal some damage to them, it is the Turrets
    (and later, Traps) that will dole out the bulk of damage.
    Building Phase
            On most given days, but not always, the day will start off with a
    Building Phase. During this time period, you as the player can click and drag
    structures from the menu onto the map. If you are putting walls, Turrets and/or
    Helpers together, they will usually be automatically rotated for you when
    aligned with another Wall, Turret or Helper, but you may also need to rotate it
    manually. Only a part of the map will be available for you to build one: this
    is represented by the buildable area having the sprawling grid lines. If it is
    not buildable on, it will not have grid lines on it.
            You can also repair your buildings, as well as pick them up and scrap
    them. Scrapping a building will refund you the total amount of source it costs
    to build them (minus however much is needed in repairs if it is damaged), which
    is helpful in allowing you to make refinements in between new days.
            Turrets are your basic firepower building. As the name suggests, it is
    basically a 2x1 column with a turret on top that will fire a shot every few
    seconds. Some of the turrets specifically damage enemies, while others have
    special effects such as spitting Acid or Goo out at enemies.
            Helpers are 2x1 structures that cause a special effect within a certain
    range of their position. The most common types of Helpers are ones that help
    the turrets by increasing their range, damage, effectiveness, or repairing them
    automatically at a slow pace.
            Walls are just that, walls, each which take up a 1x1 space. While they
    do not do anything on their own, when put next to a Turret or Helper, it
    increases the defense rating of that Turret/Helper. A Turret/Helper that has a
    wall on either side of it will have twice the defense rating as it did before,
    therefore taking twice as much damage before it is dsetroyed. Gates also
    qualify as walls: while they take up four spaces, Lock and any Kingdom Force
    allies he has can go through the gate, but Clockworks cannot walk in.
            Traps are small mine-like objects that can be placed on the ground.
    When this occurs, it affects a 3x3 around around it, and you cannot lay another
    Trap in that 3x3 area (though two Traps can have their effects overlap).
    Battle Phase
            Once you are done building, you will enter Battle Phase. The most
    common objective during Battle Phase is to prevent enemy Clockworks from
    capturing your Source Well or capturing/killing a target for a period of
    usually three minutes, and so you must last out the three minutes. If a
    Clockwork gets to your target, then it will take them a bit to capture/kill
    their target: the Source Well/person will have a health meter that will
    progressively go down. So long as it is slightly full, you can still hold on,
    but the meter will carry over to the next day if you are still on the map by
            Clockworks, the prototypical steampunk enemies of the games, will spawn
    from the swamp-like zones near the edges of the map. They usually come in
    groups of two to four, sometimes referred to as 'waves' of enemies, though they
    can come in bigger groups than that and sometimes with only a single Clockwork.
    Clockworks from different spawning points will all converge in on the same
    point, but will follow different routes: therefore, while one might come at the
    target from the southwest, another may come in from the northeast. Even from
    the same spawning point they may travel two different routes.
            Clockworks have a set amount of HP each. They can take damage from some
    Traps and Turrets, and Lock can hit each of them as well. When they are
    destroyed, they will drop Source, and occasionally Scrap Parts.
            Source is the end-all be-all material that is used to build structures
    and Traps and used to also repair the same structures. Lock can collect this by
    destroying Clockworks, who will automatically drop Source, which is visually
    represented as a blue flame. You need not be right next to the Source, either;
    if you are about three-quarters of a screen away from the Source, it will drift
    over to Lock.
    Spare Parts
            On the occasion, Clockworks will drop spare parts. Just like Source,
    Lock can pick them up, but they can also drift over to him to be picked up
            At the beginning of the game, you can only build turrets and walls
    using Wood material. As the game progresses, you gain access to Stone, Metal
    and ultimately Spiked Wood materials, with Spiked Wood replacing Wood. Each
    material offers more defense for your buildings, but they also cost more Source
    to build. You first gain Stone on Day 26, then Metal on Day 56, and finally
    Spiked Wood on Day 77.
    Fighting with Lock
            Although it is your buildings that will do most of the attacking and
    defending against the Clockworks, Lock himself can also fight against
    Clockworks. To do so, tap on a specific Clockwork (it might not always register
    right away), and Lock will begin to smack away at it. Lock's own health bar is
    in the upper-left screen: as time passes by, his health will also slowly
            Lock deals two different types of damages. The first is the 'basic'
    damage, which he will constantly inflict to his enemies. The second type of
    damage is when you use his special attack, wherein you use the touch screen to
    perform a manuever of sorts: tapping three to five numbers in orders, rotating
    a wheel, sliding sliders, etc. After you successfully do the attack, he will
    dole out a chunk of damage all at once. You only start out with your basic
    special, but as the game progresses you can learn three other specials.
       Basic - Hit three to five numbers in order to damage.
       Acid Touch - Rotate a wheel around clockwise or counterclockwise several
                    times to spurt acid onto the Clockwork.
       Vampire Touch - Slide one to three sliders back and forth to drain HP from
                       a Clockwork into Lock.
       Freeze Touch - Pull four arrows up or down, which will freeze the enemy
                      in their tracks.
    Special Abilities
            Special Abilities are super-powered attacks that affect the whole
    screen, although the effect of the Ability will decrease the farther away from
    Lock it affects something. To use a Special Ability, you must first increase
    the Special meter that is present in the upper left corner of the screen. This
    can be increased by Lock both fighting enemies and getting damaged by enemies.
            To use a Special, when the meter is green or blue, tap on the icon in
    the upper left. This brings up a box on the bottom of the touch screen. Rapidly
    touch the box several times for the Special to go into effect, with each tap
    increasing the effectiveness of the overall Ability.
         Lightning Strike - Damages all Clockworks on the screen with each tap.
                            The closer they are to Lock the more damage they take.
         Goo Storm - Causes all enemies on the map to be encased in Goo, making them
                     move very slowly.
         Repair All - Repairs all damaged structures on the map.
         Money Drop - Causes all Clockworks currently on the map to drop more
                      Source when they are destroyed.
            Every single bit of this walkthrough is divided up into to the timeline
    of what day it is in-game. So example, if you are on Day 23, go to the header
    that says Day 23 to find the walkthrough for that day.
            The easiest way to get to where you want to go is to use CTRL + F and
    copy and paste [Dxxx] and search for it, where the phrase 'xxx' should be
    replaced with the day number you are looking for. So for example, Day 7 would be
    DAY007. As you may have guessed, days one to nine should have two zeros before
    the ones slot, and days ten to ninety-nine should have a zero in the hundreds
            At times, I may say something along the lines of "This is the exact same
    battle as the previous one." What this means is that there are no changes in the
    scheme of the battle between the previous day and the current day; no new
    Clockworks introduced, no new Turrets, Traps, or Helpers introduced, nothing
    noticably different in the numbers and types of enemies spawning, and no change
    in what the format of the battle is. This means to refer to the strategy
    described in the previous day and use that.
            Also, there are times where you will not get a new Helper, Turret, or
    Trap during the exact day that I indicated. This is because you did not get
    Spare Parts left over from Clockworks quickly enough, or you got them much
    faster. Scroll around a bit to find the section that has the battle and strategy
    description for your new turret, trap or helper.
                                        DAY ONE
    Seacrest Shores
            You will have to go through a bit of story session before you can move
    around freely, along with a bunch of tutorials. When you have free reign to move
    around for the first time, there are a couple of things I highly recommend you
    do; first off, try to get some practice with tapping the touch screen by talking
    to the people. The game will sometimes be rather twitchy in regards to
    registering a tap when tapping on people or objects, so it is good if you get an
    idea of how to tap now as opposed to later.
            The other thing to do while you can move around is get in a small amount
    of practice in moving Lock where you want him to go. Merely sliding the stylus
    is not the only way; you can also use the D-Pad to scroll the screen around and
            Several scenes and tutorials later, after you do the bit about the gate,
    touch the symbol of the two swords and skip to battle.
    Battle One
    Win Conditions: Take out all four Clockworks
    Lose Conditions: The Clockworks Reach Isaiah
            This first battle is fairly simple. Contrary to what Isaiah tells you,
    you SHOULD (at least for the first quarter of the game or so) run out to fight
    the enemies yourself. Try to pick off at least two of the Clockworks and force
    them to break off from the group pack to attack you, then run around a bit and
    get some hits in. Since they are focusing on you, they are not focusing on the
    wall and tower, which means it takes less damage by only having to kill two
    enemies at a time.
            After the battle, go through some more tutorials, and repair your tower
    and walls.
    Battle Two
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 2:00)
    Lose Conditions: The Clockworks Reach Isaiah, Lock Dies
            This time around, much like for the rest of the game, the Clockworks
    will not be right in front of your wall at the start, but will be spawning from
    the dead ground area (which Isaiah pointed out earlier if you paid any attention
    to the tutorials). The Clockwork foes come in pairs, so head them off as they
    get close and force one of them to pay attention to Lock, and fight said
    Clockwork while the other falls to pieces against your tower. If the tower
    finishes its respective Clockwork off, you can lure yours into the tower's range
    again to make it a two-on-one attack. Once the two Clockworks have been
    vanquished, wait it out for the next pair (do not bother repairing the tower
    here as this is the last battle for this battlefield, and you keep any Source
    you gain in between battles) and repeat.
                                        DAY TWO
            Once you get back into the village, head south and talk to Isaiah to be
    taken to the battlefield. He will teach you the Attack Buff technique before you
    can do anything else.
    Battle One
    Win Condition: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Condition: Enemies Reach and Destroy the Source Well, Lock Dies
            In this battlefield, you have two dead patches of terrain, one to the
    southwest and one to the southeast. Groups that come up from the southwest
    portion tend to break up into two, with one half going up the left portion, and
    the other half looping around and coming up the center. The southeast group
    sticks together and comes up from the right side. It should be noted that there
    are holes in the broken fortress in the middle that allows you to go from left
    side to center to right; the left side is obvious, but the right one is not so
    obvious, and is along the northern wall area.
            For the first intermission period, you should try to beef up the defense
    for enemies coming up the left side. The northern corner of the map between the
    last few wrecked walls is a good place to start, and you may want to use a
    corner wall to cut off enemies from getting through the side. Make sure you have
    two towers to deal with single enemies at ease.
            During the actual battle, make sure to head off enemies coming in from
    the right side whenever they pop up, as they can get their slightly faster than
    those coming up from the central. However, it should be noted that in the
    approximate center of the map, with all the walls around it, there is a small
    hole in the right wall that allows you to cross between the central path and the
    right path so you can clear out both enemies and move around quickly. Keep at it
    for most of the level until time runs out.
            For the most part, do not bother going to defend the left hand wall
    right now. The enemy waves are only coming in waves of one Clockwork per path,
    so as long as you have two towers there they will easily be fended off. However,
    before the battle ends, you should go over there to collect the Source the
    enemies leave behind, as they will not automatically add onto your total at the
    end of the battle.
    Battle Two
    Win Condition: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Condition: Enemies Reach and Destroy the Source Well, Lock Dies
            During the intermission, you should repair your fortress to the left as
    you will be facing stronger waves of enemies. After, seal off the area to the
    right of the Source Well with the following customization; Wall-Tower-Wall-
    Tower-Wall. This occupies seven spaces and prevents enemies from the southwest
    from going up to the Source Well, and gives you two Towers with complete
    defense. The center area should remain untouched for now.
            For about the first minute and a half, you will only get one Clockwork
    per path coming up, so you can focus on blocking whatever Clockwork comes up the
    center. Later on, however, you will be getting waves of two Clockworks per path,
    and the time in between waves will also narrow a bit. You should of course keep
    your main focus on fighting off those who come up the central path.
            However, if you can go to the other packs of two coming up the left and
    right side and distract one of the Clockworks for a few seconds, forcing them to
    reach your tower defenses at staggered arrival times, all the better;
    logistically, this means the towers only have to fend off one Clockwork at a
    time, meaning that the second Clockwork does not get a free ride with damaging
    your defenses during the time the first Clockwork is taking all of the damage.
            In any case, make sure to keep the center attack zone cleared out of
    potential hostiles, and make sure to run around the two defenses on the left and
    right when time is nearly up to get some extra Source.
                                        DAY THREE
    Battle Three
    Win Condition: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Condition: Enemies Reach and Destroy the Source Well, Lock Dies
            For this battle, you get a new foe in addition to your regular Clockwork
    Soldiers. The Archer is a long-range distance unit that can fire arrows at
    towers from afar. Thankfully, the towers of course are easily within firing
    range back or else this game would be broken hard, however it does mean that you
    need to be careful with how you design your defenses. For example, if you lay
    out a line of walls and towers so that enemies do not walk right in front of it
    but rather from one of its edges, then the Archer could potentially only be in
    targeting range of one tower, or none if hits a wall section as opposed to a
    tower section.
            That said, during the intermission you should lay out a small defense on
    the central front, after repairing your other two sections. Make sure it is not
    anything too awkward in the limited space; you may want to have it facing south
    and north as opposed to east and west to combat the earlier mentioned problems
    with fighting Archers. Also make sure you leave room to be able to slip in
    between the center and right paths.
            This battle is somewhat like the last one, only slightly more rushed
    with the enemies. The big deal breaker here is, of course, the Archer units.
    When running around trying to pick off enemies individually, try to take out the
    Archers; the regular Clockwork soldiers have to walk right up to a wall or tower
    to attack it, meaning that Archers have slightly more time to attack before they
    get destroyed (and hence to your benefit to have Lock take them out himself),
    and of course the aforementioned issue with tower defenses sometimes not being
    able to completely contain an Archer.
                                        DAY FOUR
    Battle Four
    Win Condition: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Condition: Enemies Reach and Destroy the Source Well, Lock Dies
            During the course of your time here you shall get the Goo Launcher,
    which is a pretty nifty turret that launches Goo to slow down an enemy caught
    in it. If you want to put one somewhere, considering putting it along the right
    side, where it is fairly easy to put along either behind your current wall or
    right alongside it.
            A few times during this battle you may get more enemies from
    the right side than from the center or left, so if that happens, try to break up
    the right side as much as you can.
            There is not much to say about this battle; it is pretty much a redo of
    Battle Three but with the capability to reuse the Goo Launcher, but the Goo
    Launcher simply does not fundamentally change how to fight in this area.
    Basically fine-tune your defenses a bit beforehand if you want and go around
    collecting Source near the end, as you will have yet another battle after this
    one coming up for you.
                                        DAY FIVE
            Once the short scenes are done, talk to Tobias in the northeast to start
    the next battle.
    Battle Five
    Win Condition: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Condition: Enemies Reach and Destroy the Source Well, Lock Dies
            This is about exactly the same battle as Battle Four. About the only
    difference is that the Clockworks come in more frequently, so if you need to do
    something more than the standard repairs and running around, you may want to put
    another Goo Launcher on your west front, though again you should not bother
    doing anything in the middle thanks to how cramped space is in there.
                                        DAY SIX
    Battle Five
    Win Condition: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Condition: Enemies Reach and Destroy the Source Well, Lock Dies
            This battle introduces Clockwork Knights, which can be a pain in the
    rear end. They walk as slowly as Clockwork Soldiers, and can only attack
    directly, but they can spin around with their hammer and cause a lot of damage,
    but in particular to walls and towers. Except for the center part if it takes a
    lot of hassle from Archers, you should ignore all other enemy units and pick off
    the Knights before they get to your defenses, as they can quite easily deal
    damage and make it add up fast.
            Aside from that, my recommendation from last battle was to consider
    adding a Goo Launcher to the west front, along with one on the east front from
    before that; you should probably try to have one on both fronts for nuisances
    like the Clockwork Knights. Do not bother to do much maintenance during the
    battle, however; this is the last fight you will have in Seacrest Shores, so
    just repairing it now will waste your Source.
                                        DAY SEVEN
            After the scenes, when you go onto the overworld map, tap on the next
    icon to go to that new place.
    Northshore Fort
            Scroll through a couple of short scenes, then talk to the Veteran (the
    knight in gold-colored armor) to start the battle.
    Battle One
    Win Condition: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 2:00)
    Lose Condition: Enemies Reach and Kill the Knights, Lock Dies
            Your basic battleground is that of a fortress, with the northwest side
    up against the sea, leaving you three walls. Enemy spawn points are in the
    southwest and southeast, and the fortress starts off in shambles.
            For the first battle, you will not be able to install any new defenses,
    and will skip right to the battle. Start off by repairing some of the towers
    with walls being the second priority, then try to intercept each individual
    group of enemies. You will only be able to keep them from reaching the fortress
    for about a half a minute before they finally break through Lock's
    interventions, but that is still half a minute of breathing time.
            Later, enemies will start coming in groups of four. When this happens,
    try to intercept the Clockwork Knights and force them to split off because the
    towers can pick off the Soldiers and Archers easily and not sustain much damage
    if the Knights are not there at the same time. Just be sure not to get an entire
    group of four to focus your attention on you, as Lock can die quite easily; if
    this happens, run away for a few seconds until they turn their attention back to
    marching onwards, then go back and hit someone from the back.
                                        DAY EIGHT
    Battle Two
    Win Condition: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 2:00)
    Lose Condition: Enemies Reach and Kill the Knights, Lock Dies
            During the intermission, your first priority should be fixing the
    southwest and southeast facing walls (the northeast facing wall can remain as
    is, as there are no enemy regen points coming in from the northeast). I highly
    recommend that you actually take out the gate on the southwest portion and
    replace it with another tower. You should keep the Goo Launcher in, however, and
    put one on each side of the corner to the southwest and southeast walls.
            This is because of the Clockwork Brutes, who are basically Clockworks
    that charge into a wall or tower, causing a heavy amount of damage every time
    they do that. Having a Goo Launcher in place can slow them down significantly,
    allowing the regular turrets time to hit them without getting destroyed in turn.
    Similarly, while you may want to distract them using Lock, if he gets hit by one
    of them he will also take a lot of damage. However, if they are beginning to
    charge into a wall, and walk in front of them before they can pull it off, you
    will escape any damage and they will be unable to damage the defenses. A nifty
    trick that you should try to exploit a bit.
            This mission also introduces the Acid Tripwire, which is basically an
    object that you can put on the ground which, when Clockworks walk over the acid
    it releases in a 3x3 area around it, take a steady amount of damage while
    walking over said acid. However, traps only work for one turn. You may want to
    plant one trap in the paths of each enemy spawn point.
            Your main objective for this battle is to familiarise yourself with how
    the Clockworks walk from their spawn points up to the fortress. This should
    allow you to place the traps exactly where they are 100% bound to walk over, as
    well as to move your Goo Launchers up and down the wall so that they can trap
    Clockworks earlier for the other turrets to pick up.
                                        DAY NINE
    Battle Three
    Win Condition: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 2:00)
    Lose Condition: Enemies Reach and Kill the Knights, Lock Dies
            During the intermission, you should mainly refine how your defenses
    look. If you feel that the southwest side tends to gravitate towards the corner
    of your defenses too much, you may want to consider extending the southwest wall
    one or two panels forward, and moving the southeast panel the same amount to
    stay aligned with the corner. You can also put a turret or two behind the main
    wall; while their range will not be as effective as the ones on the main wall,
    they can still help make picking off close-range enemies (particularly the
    Brutes) much faster.
            By this time you should also have gained a general idea of how the
    Clockworks walk from their spawn points to your defenses. You can start laying
    two, three or even four Acid Tripwires for each of the two enemy paths. The
    Tripwires may be gone at the end of the battle, but they are fairly cheap (120
    Source each) and you can easily replace that fairly quickly, not to mention it
    will cut down on the repair costs for your walls and battlements after each
                                        DAY TEN
    Battle Four
    Win Condition: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 2:00)
    Lose Condition: Enemies Reach and Kill the Knights, Lock Dies
            This is exactly the same battle as Battle Three during Day Nine, so
    there is nothing new to take into consideration here. Basically, refine your
    defenses and trap placements, and consider putting in some extra turrets as a
    sort of inner wall behind the main fortress defense to help take out Brutes,
    Knights and Soldiers quicker. The southern corner is your main priority for
    this, but the other sections should not be ignored either.
                                       DAY ELEVEN
    Battle Five
    Win Condition: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 2:00)
    Lose Condition: Enemies Reach and Kill the Knights, Lock Dies
            Once more, the exact same battle. Just keep on repairing and fighting
    Clockworks until the timer runs out.
                                       DAY TWELVE
    Battle Six
    Win Condition: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 2:00)
    Lose Condition: Enemies Reach and Kill the Knights, Lock Dies
            Once more, the exact same battle. Just keep on repairing and fighting
    Clockworks until the timer runs out.
                                       DAY THIRTEEN
    Battle Seven
    Win Condition: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 2:00) or Defeat Pain
    Lose Condition: Enemies Reach and Kill the Knights, Lock Dies
            One thing fundamentally changes this battle; you will have a
    superpowered Clockwork, aka a boss, who will come up from the southeast side
    about ten seconds into the battle, and will be marked as a big P in a red circle
    on the mini-map.
            During intermission repair anything that needs to be repaired, and add a
    turret along the eastern corner, as the Clockwork boss, Pain, will more likely
    than not come up that way and try to break through the walls there (so you
    should probably fill in any gaps in that area).
            Due to that, you should probably go wild and lay a dozen Acidwire Traps
    on each path to slow down the common enemies considerably, as you should be
    focusing instead on Pain. When he goes up to the southeast wall, start attacking
    him so he focuses his attention on you, as opposed to trying to move around the
    fortress wall. He hits hard, so break away from him every so often, let the
    turrents distract him, then go back and hit him again.
            You should also make sure to go into the trap fields every so often to
    collect a bunch of source if Clockworks are getting destroyed in there. This is
    the last battle of this area, so if a few walls or turrets get destroyed near
    the end of the battle it is no big issue.
            After you finish the battle, you will have another scene before being
    thrown out onto the overworld. Head down to Antonio and enter the city. After
    the scene, talk to the knight in the gold-coloured armor in front of the gate.
            Alright, this section here is a classic 2D tower defense game as opposed
    to the hybrid isometric form that Lock's Quest gives you.
    Day One
            For the first day, you really do not have much of a chance to do
    anything. Just tap the screen to send cannon balls in a projectory at each of
    the Clockwork Soldiers that come towards your tower. You can tell the progress
    of time by the sun in the sky and the shading of the sky; when it begins to get
    dark out, you are almost done the day.
    Day Two
            The first and only thing on your agenda should be an Extra Shot from the
    Upgrade menu. Everything else can wait for awhile as you gather more source
    together. During the actual battle, you will get Clockwork Brutes in addition to
    the regular Soldiers. The Brutes move a lot slower than the Soldiers do, but
    they take two hits to finish off and can do far more damage to your tower.
    During the entire battle as a whole, however, you should be double-tapping the
    screen to send two shots. Make sure you space the difference out a slight bit,
    however; for Brutes this does not matter because they are wide enough that you
    can hit them at a lot of different points, but if a Clockwork Soldier escapes
    one cannonball it should be unable to escape the other one.
    Day Three
            You should again upgrade with another Extra Shot, to get the maximum of
    being able to fire three shots at a time, which will be highly useful for the
    rest of the battles. Save the rest of your Source for now. During the battle,
    another unit will be introduced; the Clockwork Knight. Your attention should be
    focused on a Clockwork Knight whenever it comes onscreen, and you should fire
    all three shots at it right away. This is because the Knight is about as quick
    as the Soldier, takes two shots to kill, and can deal nearly as much damage as
    the Brute. Other than that, it is pretty much the same shoot and kill strategy.
    Day Four
            For this battle, you should purchase a True Shot Power-Up, which fires a
    shot straight at your targeting point as opposed to in a projectory, and does it
    quicker, and is in effect for about a third to a quarter of a day. Why? The
    Archers get introduced in this battle. They are a pain in the behind, as what
    they do is they stay in the position they spawn in, and they shoot an arrow at
    the tower. If they hit you, you go down from having three available shots, to
    two, to one. So yes, truly they are annoying, and it is highly recommended that
    you use the True Shot to quickly eliminate them before they can become a
    nuisance. Thankfully, they only take one shot to destroy.
    Day Five
            During the intermission, I highly, highly recommend you get a second
    True Shot Power-Up, and buy a Shielder from the Barracks. A Shielder will stand
    in front of the tower and act as a meat shield for awhile against any Clockworks
    that make it to you until he either dies or the day ends.
            For the first short little bit, you will only have to fend off some of
    the regular three close-combat attackers. After a bit, however, a red Clockwork,
    aka this mini-game's boss, will pop up, and move forward. This is where you
    should get both the Shielder out as well as the True Shot. When the Red
    Clockwork comes and attacks your shielder, tap the Red Clockwork rapidly to fire
    cannon shot after cannon shot at him without slowing down until he finally falls
    down. From then on, you can focus on the rest of the regular enemies that come
    at you without having to worry about the Red Clockwork damaging your defenses.
            The best part of this Tower Defense game is that afterwards, you get to
    keep all the Source you accumulated from it to use in Lock's Quest regular
    battles. Once you are finally done the fifth day, the Veteran will teach you a
    new attack that Lock can use, the Acid Touch.
            After, head to the southwest and go into the next part of Antonia, then
    enter the cathedral-like building. After the scene, you should head into the
    southeast room for a fascinating look at all the various devices that this game
    has, most of which will come later on in the future, then head back into the
    agora area and go northeast in the northern corner for another interesting area,
    and northeast in the western corner for a classroom area. Finally, go northeast.
    In this lobby area, talk to Kenan to take his test.
            •Chief Archineer is the highest rank of Archineer. Who is the Chief
            --> Kenan
            •Walls can be made of many kinds of materials. What makes the strongest
            --> Spiked
            •Every Archineer can repair walls and turrets. What is this ability
            --> Ratcheting
            •Agony's defeat was a great moment for all Archineers. Where did this
    take place?
            --> Dark Ridge
            Afterwards, Kenan will teach you the Lighting Strike. Head outside of
    the cathedral, and go northeast a screen. If you talk to the veteran in front of
    the tower in the northern corner of this area, you can replay the classic tower
    defense game again; most importantly, you can farm a lot of Source out of doing
    this. Try it again if you want, but after you are done, go to the northeast
    exit, watch another scene, then head out onto the overworld map. Go north to the
    Foothill Cliffs.
    Foothill Cliffs
            After talking to the veteran, go around and survey the area, talk to the
    soldiers if you want, then talk to the Veteran again to start battling.
    Battle One
    Win Condition: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Condition: Enemies Reach and Destroy the Source Well, Lock Dies
            You have two spawn points for your enemies here; one is in the western
    corner of the screen, while the other is in the southern corner. Usually the
    western corner will just go straight up the nearby hill, but the southern corner
    loves to go to a lot of different ways; sometimes they will go up the nearby
    hill, sometimes they will go up the other side of the cliff face of that nearby
    hill; sometimes they will go up to the western corner and join the western
    forces to fight. Additionally, you get several archers and knights who will help
    assist you in the battles that follow against the Clockworks.
            The main thing to take note of here is the elevation; specifically,
    Foothill Cliffs, as you can gather from the name, has many cliffs, as well as
    ground area where panels begin to slope up. It is to your advantage to build
    turrets and walls at the top of slopes or on the tops of cliffs. In the case of
    the former, it gives your turrets an increased range and slows down the enemy
    progress uphill, and in the latter most Clockworks cannot even touch them.
            That said, for the first intermission, there are two key points to touch
    on, and you should probably build fast. Start at the top of the hill going up
    northeast from the southern corner. Going from the right and heading left, make
    sure that your line of defenses is just above the top of the hill, so that the
    divide with the rocks, flower and cliff face nearby does not interrupt. Build
    going left from the southeast, add a gate on the higher section, then go up
    northeast and up against the northeast cliff face with another gate so you can
    go in but no enemies can go out. Put another turret somewhere behind the walls
    so that you are not totally defenceless if an enemy attacks the corner piece.
            The other thing is to build on top of the hill just northeast of the
    western corner. Add a couple of regular turrets and walls to bolster their
    defense, then continue along the cliff face with some more turrets and possibly
    a Goo Launcher too. You do not need to build a gate here if you have two gates
    down below.
            Afterwards, put a couple of Acidwire Traps around the bottom or middle
    of the hills to harrass foes coming up (they get stalled when they are being hit
    by acid) before you start the battle. In particular, you should mass your
    Acidwire traps around the western hill and the left side of the southern cliff
            When you battle, more likely than not most of the Clockwork forces will
    go to the above mentioned areas, the western hill and the left side of the
    southern cliff face, very rarely going up the southern hill or trying to go from
    the western area to the central section of the map. You should focus on keeping
    Lock in the western hill portion to keep the knight and archer there alive. If
    they fall in battle, they will not respawn for the next battle. At least with
    your tower defense you can repair stuff during the intermission.
            Aside from that, you will get a boatload of enemies, often coming in
    packs of four. Standard procedure of divide and conquer applies here,
    particularly when it comes to protecting your knight and archer. The longer you
    can keep the knight and archer on the west hill alive, the easier this area will
                                       DAY FOURTEEN
    Battle Two
    Win Condition: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Condition: Enemies Reach and Destroy the Source Well, Lock Dies
            Two things come into play that changes the next battle tactics
    significantly. First off is a new Clockwork foe, the Shielder. Ignore the Brutes
    and the Archers, when you try to pick an enemy off or at least stall a Clockwork
    from going up to your walls and turrets while the rest of the group goes on,
    pick the Shielder. These guys soak up damage like nothing else, and if your
    turret gets the idea to focus on it, then the rest of the Clockworks have a free
    ride to destroy your defenses.
            The second thing of note is that you have a new turret, the Burning
    Splash turret. These do less damage than the Basic Turret, but they have a key
    feature; they do splash damage, meaning they do not damage just one enemy, but
    also damages whichever Clockwork(s) are in radius of the Clockwork its shot
    hits. Considering that you get groups of four Clockworks often, and sometimes
    even six if two groups decide to join up, you should consider replacing at least
    one turret on the western wall with a Burning Splash turret, and possibly put
    one behind the outer wall layer (as admittedly, the Kingdom Foces there will not
    last forever). Between Burning Splashes and Acidwire Traps you should be able to
    wear and tear the Clockworks down a lot for Basic Turrets to pick them off.
            Other than that, you should also probably beef up your defenses
    everywhere else with an inner layer section of turrets, as the onslaught of
    enemies can become ridiculous, with upwards of sixteen Clockworks attacking you
    at three different points at once. The eastern wall in particular should be
    bolstered, and once again, in regards to the western wall, make sure you extend
    your line along the cliff face so that the turrets can hit from the side without
    being touched by Clockworks and act as extra offense. To this end, you may want
    to place your Acid wire traps around the western wall towards the northwest side
    as opposed to just all over the place; Clockworks will often try to walk away
    from a trap they fall into, and off of their predetermined path, so you can trap
    Clockworks at the western wall into going inwards towards the center where they
    get mowed down by turrets on the cliff face that tehy cannot reach.
            As far as battle goes, however, you should be using the same basic
    divide-and-conquer strategy that you have probably been using (and I have been
    recommending) for basically the whole game so far.
                                       DAY FIFTEEN
    Battle Three
    Win Condition: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Condition: Enemies Reach and Destroy the Source Well, Lock Dies
            This is basically the same battle as the last, but you may see some more
    of the six-Clockworks groups of enemies. When this happens, you should probably
    try to intercept it and break two to four of them off. Sometimes, they will go
    and attack a different spot entirely than the other half of the group, but at a
    minimum you will be able to stall them.
                                       DAY SIXTEEN
    Battle Four
    Win Condition: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Condition: Enemies Reach and Destroy the Source Well, Lock Dies
            This is an exact repeat of Battle Three/Day Fifteen, so basically the
    same strategy applies.
                                      DAY SEVENTEEN
    Battle Five
    Win Condition: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Condition: Enemies Reach and Destroy the Source Well, Lock Dies
            This is again the exact same battle as the last two, so once again just
    repeat doing what you have been doing and wait it out.
            After you win the battle, you will have a couple of cutscenes. After,
    head over to the Nomad Settlement on the overworld screen.
                                      DAY EIGHTEEN
    Nomad Settlement
            Watch a short scene, then talk to the veteran to begin the first battle.
    Battle One
    Win Condition: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Condition: Enemies Reach and Destroy the Source Well, Lock Dies
            You will get the ability to lay Anti-Magic Traps. However, with no
    Clockworks yet that are capable of using magic, this is not something you need
    to worry about for the moment.
            That said, the battlefield for this area is really screwed up, with lots
    of obstacles all over the place, and you can only place walls, turrets and traps
    on about the northern third of the map. Enemy spawn points are two points in the
    west, and a point just a stone's throw away east of your camp.
            For the most part, the two southern spawn points will send enemies in
    three directions; they will either come up the left side of the map and attack
    where the one wall you already have in place is, they will travel just short of
    that wall and go in between the rock walls to slip in through there, or they
    will come up from the southwest through the center of the four rock walls there.
            Here is how you should build: first, build a wall on the eastern edge
    of your campout in an L shape so that any enemies coming in from the eastern
    spawn point get caught in that and get hit by at least four different turrets.
            The main focus is on the middle of the four rock walls (where the lone
    knight is standing guard). Enemies will try to come through the narrow southeast
    or southwest path to get into the camp. What you should basically do is fill the
    area up to the brim with turrets and walls everywhere so that the Clockworks
    have to fend off missiles from three layers of turrets at once, and even if they
    break through a layer, they still have at least two more to go through. It can
    be a pain to repair during the mission, but as you will see in the next battle,
    you will not always have the time during missions to do repairs, so you will
    have to delegate them to do during the intermissions.
            The last defense you should erect should be a line going rtom the left
    edge of the left wall, going dowon southwest to the forest line, preventing any
    enemies from getting into the camp through that route either.
            What you MUST keep in mind when building the defense blocking the
    southeast entrance through the rock field off as well as in the eastern corner
    of the camp is to keep at least a couple of lines of panels open. This is
    because in the next mission you will want to use traps, and if you do not leave
    enough room for them, especially to hit long-range Clockworks, you need to force
    the Clockworks to come in close enough to get hit by the traps.
            That said, during the mission, you should keep the most focus on the
    eastern wall. Enemies spawn at that point like crazy and will constantly attack,
    while at the other end it is not as big of an issue. Make sure to run around
    every minute or so to get the Source that the enemies drop at the other walls,
                                      DAY NINETEEN
    Battle Two
    Win Condition: Destroy All Five Groups of Clockworks
    Lose Condition: Enemies Reach and Destroy the Source Well, Lock Dies, Timer
                    Runs Out (Starts at 8:00)
            In this battle, your objective will be to travel around the map and take
    out five groups of Clockworks that stand around and stay in a static position
    for the entire battle. You are given seven minutes to do this, and at the same
    time you must also keep your base safe.
            That said, the tactic from last battle of putting down a ridiculous
    amount of layers of traps and turrets and walls should have worked, though it is
    understandable that you may need to reinforce defenses or refine it a bit. Focus
    on this during the intermission, but more importantly, lay down some Anti-Magic
    Traps. You will get a new Clockwork enemy in this battle; the Magician, which is
    capable of casting magic. In particular, it can cast a fire at defenses that
    cause a bit of splash damage, or cause rocks to drop from the sky. In an Anti-
    Magic Trap's field of effect magic will not work, which is why I said for you to
    leave a bit of room to place traps in the last battle.
            Throughout the entirety of the battle, be sure to routinely make trips
    to the fortress walls to gather up some Source.
            Once you are done your trap placement and repairs, start the battle.
    From the start, head right and deal with the Brute and two Archers, making sure
    to retreat once you fall low on health. Once that group is done, head south and
    deal with another pair of Clockworks, a Soldier and another Brute.
            After you have finished them off, by this time your Special Skills meter
    (see the half-circle meter at the top next to the lightning symbol) should be
    full or close to it. Tap on the lightning bolt symbol to activate the Lightning
    Strike, then tap the button on the bottom of the touch screen frequently. The
    Lightning Strike, if you did not catch the tutorial from Kenan earlier, hits all
    Clockworks _currently_ on the screen. Since the remaining three groups of
    stationary Clockworks are all already on the screen, this means you will have
    caused a significant amount of damage to them that they cannot heal from, making
    this mission much easier.
            Head down south a bit and fight off another group of Clockworks, this
    one being a Knight and an Archer. Around this time you should go back to the
    battlements and grab yourself the Source that will be littered around the
    ground. Since this mission technically only ends when you have finished off all
    five groups, and you have eight minutes to accomplish it, you can use the
    remaining time to farm out some Source. If you choose to do this, once you have
    about a minute and a half left, go and finish off the remaining two groups,
    which consist of a Brute and a Knight, and a Knight, Soldier, and Shielder.
                                       DAY TWENTY
    Battle Three
    Win Condition: Rescue All Three Hostages
    Lose Condition: Enemies Reach and Destroy the Source Well, Lock Dies, Timer
                    Runs Out (Starts at 8:00)
            Throwing in the hostages mechanic does not really change the battle at
    all here. It is basically the exact same thing as before; you have to go and
    clear out a certain amount of stationary Clockworks groups, in this case three
    instead of five. This time around, once you finish off a group, you have to stay
    around and tap on the hostage, and Lock will take a few seconds to free the
    hostage. That is the grand total difference here; a few extra seconds.
            That said, in the intermission, repair and refine your defenses, then
    lay down your traps as usual. You get a new trap this day too: the Freeze Snare,
    which freezes enemies in place, preventing them from both moving AND attacking
    (so Magicians and Archers cannot attack from long range while they are under the
    effects of a Freeze trap). These things are basically the god-mode objects of
    the game and you should try to find time to put them in place in every battle,
    even a battle like this one where you might not have much room to put them in.
    When you get to the next area, however, it will really begin to show just how
    bloody useful that they are.
            In any case, once the mission starts, head east and clear out the two
    groups here; the first one is a single Clockwork Knight and two Clockwork
    Magicians. Once you free the hostage, the other group has two Brutes and two
    Archers. Use the Lightning Strike as soon as you can to make it an easier fight
    for yourself and for the defenses.
            When the first two hostages are freed, head to the southwest. The last
    group is much larger, consisting of three Knights, two Brutes and a Magician.
    Fortunately, they are spread out, so thin their numbers down a bit by taking the
    Knight and Brute that are away from the main group first. Rescue your hostage
    for the battle to end.
                                     DAY TWENTY-ONE
    Battle Four
    Win Condition: Plant Explosives at Both Gates
    Lose Condition: Lock Dies, Timer Runs Out (Starts at 10:00)
            This is for once actually a different twist on the gameplay. No enemies
    will spawn and come at your Source Well during the course of this battle;
    instead, there will be six different groups of Clockworks that you will have to
    clear out through the course of the battle.
            Go down south from where you are put at to face an Archer and a Soldier,
    and take them out. Continue down southwest and face off against another
    Clockwork group, this one containing two Magicians and a Knight. After, use your
    Lightning Strike to hit all the remaining Clockworks on the map.
            Now, you have basically nothing but time on your side, so use it to your
    advantage; have Lock run up to the nearby group of two Knights, two Magicians,
    and an Archer, then have him run away. Some but not all of the Clockworks will
    follow you, so keep going until only two of them are still after you, then hit
    the remaining two. After, finish off the other three. This way you do not risk
    yourself by running straight into a group of five Clockworks. Tap on the gate
    after you have eliminated all the Clockworks here (you will get a meter that
    fills up with green to prompt you).
            Head back up the approximate center of the map, then go northeast and
    take on a two-Clockwork group containing a Knight and a Magician. Continue down
    to face off a group of a Knight and two Archers, then after reaching full health
    proceed to divide and conquer the remaining group, which includes in its ranks 2
    Clockwork Knights, Two Archers, and a Magician. Go up to the gate and tap on it
    to plant the other explosive and end the battle.
                                     DAY TWENTY-TWO
    Battle Five
    Win Condition: Recapture the Source Well
    Lose Condition: Lock Dies, Timer Runs Out (Starts at 5:30)
            This time around, you will have enemies on the move, but they do not
    attack your base; instead, they patrol around the Nomad Settlement in a
    clockwork fashion, so as long as you can avoid the patrols and clear out groups
    in between patrols you should be good to go. The Patrols will respawn after a
    certain number of Clockworks are taken out, however. You could also just take
    out some of the patrol groups and get some extra source. This mission is
    somewhat like the last, but this time you have to get to the village in the
    center and capture the Source Well the Clockworks have there.
            I recommend you take the east path into the village. Start off by going
    northeast and clearing out the group of two Knights at the top of the east path
    down. Heal up a bit, then go south and take out the two Archers at the gate.
    Loop around the huts to your southeast to the opposite gate and eliminate the
    two Archers there. Wait until you have a reasonable amount of time before the
    next patrol, then go up and fight off the group of two Brutes and two Knights.
    This is also a good opportunity to use a Lightning Strike if you have one stored
    up. Once they have been cleared out, tap on the Source Well and wait for the
    meter to fill up all the way to win the battle.
            Once the battle is over, go to the Nomad Settlement in the southeast,
    and talk to Gentz, who is standing near the center. Watch a short scene.
                                    DAY TWENTY-THREE
    Battle Six
    Win Condition: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Condition: Enemies Reach and Destroy either Source Well, Lock Dies
            For this match-up, you wll have not one, but two source Wells to defend.
    Thankfully, your earlier actions means that you now have the _entire_ map to
    build on. For the most part, in regards to your base in the northwest, just
    repair and replace whatever needs to be repaired and replaced, then put some
    Freeze Traps in front of the walls, and Anti-Magic Traps a little further back
    to catch the Magicians.
            When it comes to your southern base at the village, you have a knight
    and an archer at each wall that will help you out. Put some turrets behind the
    walls and reinforce them with at least one wall each. In the case of the
    northeast wall in this village, you can also put some in the area outside of the
    walls. Lay out some Freeze Traps and Anti-Magic Traps as well.
            One last good area to put a turret or two is inside the Nomadic Camp,
    behind the hut in the northwest, facing outside. These turrets can hit any
    enemies that are wandering by without fear of retaliation from close-combat
            Your northern bsae should have been fortified over the first three
    battles and repaired for this one, so you can ignore fighting off Clockworks
    going that way except to occasionally go and collect some dropped Source.
    Instead, focus your attentions to the southern camp and exterminate whatever
    comes your way.
                                    DAY TWENTY-FOUR
    Battle Seven
    Win Condition: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Condition: Enemies Reach and Destroy either Source Well, Lock Dies
            This is the exact same battle as the last one, so just follow the
    general rule of the three Rs: Repair, Rebuild, and Refine your defenses, and
    follow the same general strategy for fighting the Clockworks.
            After the battle, you will get another cutscene. You will from now on be
    able to use Stone material, which gives you stronger walls and turrets, but
    costs more Source to build.
                                    DAY TWENTY-FIVE
            On the overworld screen, head west, and enter Deception Pass.
    Deception Pass
            Talk to the Veteran after scrolling around with your D-Pad to look at
    the map. You will thereafter enter battle.
    Battle One
    Win Conditions: Eliminate all Clockworks in Deception Pass
    Lose Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 5:00)
            This is a fairly simple but relatively unique battle; run around and
    defeat all the stationary Clockworks before the timer runs out, with no spawning
    Clockworks trying to attack you.
            That said, you have plenty of time, so try to stay away from the groups
    of Clockworks at the start. Instead, prey on the lone or pairs of Clockworks,
    until you gather a full Super meter, then use your Lightning Strike to cause
    damage to all the remaining Clockworks on the screen. After, you can start to
    hit the bigger groups and take them down, until they are all finished.
                                    DAY TWENTY-SIX
    Battle Two
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 4:00)
    Lose Conditions: Enemies Reach and Destroy the Gate, Lock Dies
            For this battle, you get three new elements thrown into play; Clockwork
    Healers, which can heal their fellow Clockworks, and Acid Bomb turrets. Acid
    Bomb turrets act the same like Acid traps, except of course that they are
    turrets; the most important thing is that Acid Bomb turrets can 'stack' with the
    effects of Acid Traps. That is to say, if a Clockwork gets hit by both an Acid
    Trap and an Acid Bomb at the same time, they are affected twice as quickly.
            Lastly, as mentioned previously, you can now use Stone to build your
    defenses. Stone buildings take more damage to destroy, but they also cost more
    Source to build and repair. Certainly, however, you should start using it right
    away (tap the stone icon to the right of the bottom screen when you bring up the
    building menu to switch from wood to stone).
            Now, as for the battlefield, Deception Pass is full of narrow pathways
    that you could use to force Clockworks to go one or two at a time and mow them
    down as they come along the path. That would work, except for whatever reason
    you can only build at the southern end of the screen, next to where the
    Clockwork spawning point is. Since that is the case, here is what you should do;
    build an L shape that covers the northeast entrance through the cliffs, and the
    wide, open northwest passageway. Burning Splash turrets are your friends in this
    stage; you will get groups of seven or eight Clockworks coming in, so having
    them trapped in the area, conjugated with Freeze Traps, leaves them at your
    mercy, and Burning Splash helps reduce their health meters at a phenomenal rate.
            Leave three to four rows of panels in front of the northwest wall to lay
    down Freeze Traps and Antimagic Traps, but leave the southwest wall open for
    Lock to move in and out. For the northwest wall, a second layer of turrets
    behind it is also a good idea.
            The actual fight is fairly simple; hordes of Clockworks, usually
    numbering about eight per wave, will come up northwest from their spawn point.
    Lure them into firing range as well as the range of your Freeze Traps, and throw
    Lock into the fray. Between the Freeze Traps and Burning Splashes and Basic
    Turrets, they should be reduced in HP quickly. Once they are all down, let Lock
    recover a bit and wait for the next wave, which should come shortly thereafter.
    Whenever Lock's Super meter fills up completely, intercept the next wave before
    they can come in, hit them with a Lightning Strike, then go back to your
    defense. Whatever else, do NOT bother repairing your walls and turrets.
                                   DAY TWENTY-SEVEN
    Battle Three
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 4:00)
    Lose Conditions: Enemies Reach and Destroy the Gate, Lock Dies
            Your building area gets shifted northwest a bit. Under most
    circumstances, this would be a pain; thankfully, however, whenver Clockworks
    spawn and come on screen, they will ALWAYS head northwest, so you do not need to
    worry about them slipping northeast through the passes at the first available
    chance. Instead, repeat the same general building strategy as before; build an L
    shape near the northwest end of the building area, blocking off the last
    northeast route in that area. Build the northwest half of the L shape so that it
    has two layers of turrets, then lay down Freeze Traps in front of your tower
    defense, and then Antimagic Traps a little further out to stop the Magicians and
            The same general fighting strategy for Lock remains the same, with
    luring enemies in and hitting them while the turrets and freeze traps are also
    harrassing them, but with one exception; save your Lightning Strike for most
    cases. Sometimes, the Clockworks will come in with only six or eight, which is a
    manageable number. A few times, however, they will come in with twelve
    Clockworks, which is definitely when you should let loose with a fully-powered
    Lightning Strike.
                                   DAY TWENTY-EIGHT
    Battle Four
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 4:00)
    Lose Conditions: Enemies Reach and Destroy the Gate, Lock Dies
            Once again, your building area will be shifted back, and you will have
    to rebuild all over again. Retry the same general strategy as before, but this
    time the L shape should cover the northeast end of the building portion, as well
    as walling off the northwest detour path. Do not forget to end the building off
    with some traps. For your convenience, the Clockworks will not bother veering
    off the main path, so you can rest assured that they will come right for you.
                                   DAY TWENTY-NINE
    Battle Five
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 4:00)
    Lose Conditions: Enemies Reach and Destroy the Gate, Lock Dies
            This time around, just build a two-layer line of defense, with no L
    shaped defense. Your first layer should be three turrets in between the line of
    panels that already has a small construction of wall area; as these walls are a
    part of the map, they are indestructable. Put some more turrets behind as well,
    then spread out some Freeze Traps and Anti-Magic Traps in front of the defense.
            Your general fighting strategy should be the same, though from time to
    time if you want you can go down and cut off an enemy or two from the groups of
    Clockworks that are coming down the path to build up your Super meter more
                                     DAY THIRTY
    Battle Six
    Win Conditions: Destroy the Sapper
    Lose Conditions: Sapper Gets Off the Screen, Lock Dies
            This is a bit of an interesting day, as you have to actively confront
    the Sapper and fight it. If you have been using the Attack Buff, you should
    probably revert to the Acid Touch (where you spin the circle around so many
    times) to get Lock to spray Acid over the Sapper and deal more damage to it.
            Your first hit on the Sapper should be as soon as the battle starts,
    before it manages to get to the first pair of Clockworks. Damage it as much as
    you can before it reduces your health greatly, then retreat. Once it makes it to
    the western corner of the screen, follow after the Sapper and hit it again, and
    send a Lightning Strike if you have the power for it.
            Retreat again after that. Your last hit on him should be near the
    spawning point, when all the Sapper has to back it up is a Knight. Hit it
    constantly and fight until you have a Lightning Strike to back you up, then hit
    it with that to hopefully finish it off by then and end the battle.
                                     DAY THIRTY-ONE
    Battle Seven
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 4:00)
    Lose Conditions: Enemies Reach and Destroy the Gate, Lock Dies
            You will get the Flak Cannon at the start of building intermission.
    However, it will not have any use for the present moment, so ignore it. Instead,
    focus on building a two-line layered defense again with the first line of
    defense being in between the walls that are already present against the side of
    the cliffs. Your second line of defense does not need to be very concentrated;
    two to three turrets should do the trick. After, do not forget your Freeze Traps
    and Anti-Magic Traps.
            The general strategy for fighting enemies, of course, remains the same.
    Lure them in, and while they are getting hit by all manners of turrets and being
    frozen by the Freeze Traps, use Lock to exact some vengeance on them for having
    to rebuild for the fifth time. However, since there is such a large distance
    between your defenses and the Clockwork spawning point, you should try to run
    back and forth a lot and pick off one or two Clockworks from every group to ease
    the pressure on your defenses when they come around.
            Talk to Gentz after the battle is over. On the overworld map, consider
    going to Antonia and playing the classic Tower Defense game if you need to
    replenish your Source supply. Otherwise, head east to Iceflo Taiga and enter.
                                     DAY THIRTY-TWO
    Iceflo Taiga
            Watch a couple of scenes before you get into battle.
    Battle One
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Conditions: Enemies Reach and Attack Bluebit, Lock Dies
            Although you have just about the entire battlefield to work with here,
    there is actually an amazingly simple strategy that you can use here; block
    yourself in. In the center, where Bluebit is, there are cliffs protecting it to
    the northeast and southwest, and openings to the northwest and southeast. Build
    a wall of turrets and walls along these two openings to block enemies from
    coming in; make sure each of the four corners of your defense has a Flak Cannon
    added on, as this stage introduces a new wnemy, the Clockwork Flyer. Flyers are
    able to dodge normal turrets and are even capable of destroying traps, making
    them an annoying enemy. However, putting Flak Cannons on the edges of both of
    your walls practically cripples them.
            Flak Cannons and Flyers aside, have the inside of the walls filled with
    Burning Splash and Basic Turrets, and put a couple of extra turrets behind each
    wall as well. In front of each wall, but not too far out, put some Acid Traps
    and Freeze Traps. Put them close together so that an enemy can potentially get
    hit by both ice and acid at the same time, steadily draining it of HP. Most of
    the time, if you cover the corners really well, very few Clockworks will make it
    to the wall before they deactivate. You do not need to use any Anti-Magic Traps,
    either; no Archers or Magicians will be present for the battle.
            This basically means that all you have to do is repair the turrets and
    walls that occasionally get damaged, and run back and forth to each wall to
    attract the Source left behind by deactivated Clockworks to you. Truly simple
    but astoundingly effective.
                                    DAY THIRTY-THREE
    Battle Two
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Conditions: Enemies Reach and Attack Bluebit, Lock Dies
            You should stick with the same general building formula as the last
    battle and merely repair what has been damaged. This time around, however, you
    will get some Archers joining the rest of the Clockworks, and they can be very
    annoying if they decide to hit any of the Flak Cannons from a corner angle. To
    get past this, make sure that each Flak Cannon is protected by a Basic Turret or
    Burning Splash outside of the wall, and lay a couple of Acid Traps slightly away
    from the Flak Cannons on their corners to harrass the Archers. With no Magicians
    around however, you will again not need to lay any Anti-Magic Traps.
                                    DAY THIRTY-FOUR
    Battle Three
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Conditions: Enemies Reach and Attack Bluebit, Lock Dies
            Same day as the last, so repair and refine your buildings.
                                    DAY THIRTY-FIVE
    Battle Four
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Conditions: Enemies Reach and Attack Bluebit, Lock Dies
            In this battle, Magicians will start showing up. You will not be able to
    hold them off forever, as they have a thing for hitting you from the angles, and
    you cannot build out with turrets or else they will get smashed quickly, but you
    can put down some Anti-Magic Traps on the corners. The Flyers will eventually
    destroy the traps, but if it takes them a minute and a half or two minutes to
    take them out, then the Magicians will for the most part be neutralized. Other
    than that, it is a case habit of same old, same old.
                                    DAY THIRTY-SIX
    Battle Five
    Win Condition: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00) or Defeat Heavy
    Lose Condition: Enemies Reach and Attack Bluebit, Lock Dies
            You will have to fight off against another boss, this one being called
    Heavy. Do not bother trying to actually fight him with Lock, however. Instead,
    put up some Freeze Traps and Acidwire Traps around the southeastern wall, as
    Heavy will spawn at the southwestern spawn point and attack the southeastern
    wall. Let him wear himself out at the walls, and grab as much Source as you can
    from all the other enemies that fall at the turrets and traps. Since this is the
    last battle for this area, you need not worry about repairing anything. On the
    off chance that Heavy manages to break through enough defenses that he gets to
    the inside of the area, combat him yourself, and try to distract him and lure
    him back outside to get hit some more by the turrets. For the most part, even if
    he does get inside, he will have been heavily weakened, making it easy for you
    to mop the floor with him.
                                    DAY THIRTY-SEVEN
            Head east to the Frozen Caverns.
    Frozen Caverns
            Watch a scene, then walk up the hallways and watch a few more scenes.
    The Seer will teah you the Goo Storm, a Super attack that you can switch out
    with Lightning Strike. After you are put out on the world map again, head to
            Head southwest a bit inside to watch a scene. Afterwards, head southwest
    an area. In the next screen, talk to Tobias, who is standing near the tower at
    the northwest gate. After you are done with the conversation, head southeast a
    screen, enter the cathedral, and go up to Kenan's office room. Once the chat is
    done, you will be placed outside. Go southeast a screen, then head to the gate
    in the southeast. You will be placed into the Tower siege game; refer to the
    Tower Siege side-section for whatever part you are in, but you should have
    gotten the general gist of it earlier when facing the tower siege the first
            After you are done, the Veteran will teach Lock the highly highly useful
    Vampire Drain. Head through the gate, and out on the overworld, go to Brookwood
    Brookwood Camp
            Watch a scene here. Talk to the people who are around if you want, then
    leave the camp, and go northeast again on the overworld to Warren Forest.
    Warren Forest
            After a short scene you will get to go into building mode.
    Battle One
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Conditions: Enemies Reach and Attack the Source Well, Lock Dies
            Warren Forest is a bit awkward for building your defense. There are not
    very many walls or cliffs or anything that you can use to your advantage. Trees
    and broken walls only take up a few panels, and that is that. You will basically
    have to build a line going from southwest northeast, and then at a corner go up
    northwest, then reinforce the wall with extra turrets behind the first layer. It
    is awkward, but it should work.
            There are a couple of things that can work to your advantage here; first
    and foremost, there are no Flyers for this battle, so you have no need to
    install Flak Cannons, and you can spread out your traps without having to worry
    about them getting destroyed. Overlaying the field of effects of Acidwire Traps
    and Freeze Traps is a good strategy, and something you may wish to consider to
    start doing from now on. There will not be very many Magicians running around,
    but you should still hit them.
            When it comes to the actual battle, you will want to run interference
    like crazy; with three different spawn points, the Clockworks will come at your
    defenses hammering hard. Pick off the Magicians and Archers especially when you
    can, as they can exploit weak points easily. Also watch out for where they
    attack so you can patch up any holes in your defense strategy later on.
                                    DAY THIRTY-EIGHT
    Battle Two
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Conditions: Enemies Reach and Attack the Source Well, Lock Dies
            Day Thirty-Eight offers a new Clockwork, the Clockwork Burrower, as well
    as a Trap that is designed specifically to counter the Burrower, the Deep
    Charge. Burrowers can burrow underneath the ground and pop up underneath the
    other side of the wall, while the Deep Charge traps send tremors through the
    ground that damage the Burrowers.
            Your best bet for countering them really is to place a couple of Deep
    Charge traps behind the walls, but place some more right in front of the Source
    Well, and interlay them with Freeze Traps and Acidwire Traps. They need to first
    damage the Source Well before they can capture it, and that can take quite
    awhile, so damaging them when they get near before they pop back up, then
    freezing them while acidifying them is a good solution. Build a couple of Acid
    Bomb turrets near the Source Well as well to cause the acid effects to stack.
            Other than the Burrowers making their presence known, focus mainly on
    keeping the main walls repaired and well-defended with more traps.
                                     DAY THIRTY-NINE
    Battle Three
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Conditions: Enemies Reach and Attack the Source Well, Lock Dies
            This is the exact same battle as in Day Thirty-Eight, so just lay your
    traps down as you would normally. If you had problems with the Burrowers
    previously, consider adding another Acid Bomb turret in front of the Source Well
    (and possibly losing some of the Acidwire Traps in the process so you do not
    have to readd them after every battle).
                                       DAY FORTY
    Battle Four
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Conditions: Enemies Reach and Attack the Source Well, Lock Dies
            This is the exact same battle as the previous, so repeat the same
    general building strategy and fighting strategy.
                                     DAY FORTY-ONE
    Battle Five
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Conditions: Enemies Reach and Attack the Source Well, Lock Dies
            Day Forty-One follows along just like Days 38 through 40, so continue
    doing what you have been doing.
            After the battle is over, leave from Warren Forest down to the Brookwood
    Camp again.
    Brookwood Camp
            Watch a scene here, then head back out. Go all the way northeast to the
    Well Cluster.
                                     DAY FORTY-TWO
    Well Cluster
            Watch a scene and then fight.
    Battle One
    Win Conditions: Capture the Source Well
    Lose Conditions: Clockworks Kill Lock's Kingdom Force Allies, Timer Runs
                     Out (5:00) Without Capturing Source Well, Lock Dies
            During the building intermission, you should notice that you have
    basically only a nice long even strip of space you have to defend. Build three
    panels down from the northwest end of the building area with walls and turrets,
    then put a second layer of turrets right behind it. Add some Freeze Traps and
    Acidwire Traps right in front of it, and add a couple of Anti-Magic Traps off to
    the side so the Magicians do not get free reign in trying to demolish your
            Once the battle starts, head south and eliminate the two small
    stationary pairs of Clockworks, a Clockwork Soldier and Archer for each pair, so
    that they are cleared out for the future. Keep an eye out on any spawning
    Clockworks, while you focus on your main goal; capturing the Source Well.
            The Source Well is directly east of your fortress defence, so it is
    basically within a stone's throw reach. Run over to where the group is, with two
    Clockwork Knights, an Archer, a Magician and a Healer. Try to grab their
    attention, and when they follow you, lure them west to your fortress to get them
    sniped off.
            After that, you can wait out some of your time and farm some Source from
    the enemy Clockworks that spawn before going to capture the Source Well. Just a
    note, when you capture the Source Well, you have to let the meter fill out all
    at once; if you fill it halfway then leave, it will reset back to empty.
                                    DAY FORTY-THREE
    Battle Two
    Win Conditions: Capture the Source Well
    Lose Conditions: Timer Runs Out (3:30) Without Capturing Source Well, Remaining
                     Source Well Gets Captured, Lock Dies
            This time around, you will add another target to be defended, with
    extended building area. For the Source Well, I recommend you do not bother with
    too elaborate of defences, as not many enemies will go there, preferring instead
    to go to your first base in the west. Instead, lay down some Freeze Traps and
    Acidwire Traps there, along with an Acid Bomb Turret and another turret, Basic
    or Burning Splash. The Knight and Archer from your Kingdom Forces can easily
    take care of the rest. Do NOT decommission anything from your first base,
    however, and take care to keep traps well-placed.
            At the start of the battle, head south and take care of the Archer and
    two Knights that are kept around the Source Well as lookouts, then head back up
    north and Source Farm, taking care of any groups of Clockworks that come along,
    until you have about 45 seconds left. Make sure you have a full or nearly full
    Super meter by this time, then go south and finish off the main group of five
    Clockworks around the Source Well with your Lightning Strike, then capture the
    Source Well to end the battle.
                                    DAY FORTY-FOUR
    Battle Three
    Win Conditions: Capture the Source Well
    Lose Conditions: Timer Runs Out (4:00) Without Capturing Source Well, Remaining
                     Source Well Gets Captured, Lock Dies
            You will get a Revealer Helper on this day. Ignore it, it does not have
    any use at the moment.
            Give your southern base a bit more defensive power than you did with
    your first captured Source Well, as you will be spending a bit of time down
    there, and particularly give the Archer some good traps and turrets to help him
    out. Once you are satisfied, start the battle.
            Start off by hitting as many enemies as you can, until your Super meter
    is full. Go into the center of the map, where the third Source Well is; you do
    not necessarily have to capture it now, but using the Lightning Strike to get
    rid of a lot of the Clockworks in here, particularly the Healers, is dead
    useful, as going through here is the shortest route between the northern and
    southern portions of the map, which you will want to constantly run back and
    forth to get Source from the northern part.
            Other than that, make sure to keep maintaining your defenses, as this
    will NOT be the last battle in this area. After you are done, go and capture the
    Source Well in the central area.
                                    DAY FORTY-FIVE
    Battle Four
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Conditions: Clockworks Capture Any Source Well, Lock Dies
            This battle around, you must defend all three source wells against
    incoming Clockworks.
            By this time, you can decommission all of the walls and turrets that
    make up the northwest base that you originally built up all the way back in
    Battle One. There is nothing to be protected there, so there is no need to be
    letting it stand there and fortifying it with traps every battle.
            After, fortify the center area, against attacks from both southeast,
    northeast and northwest. The southeast area is especially the most important
    area to defend against, so do not be afraid to fortify that section to
    ridiculous lengths. Refine your defenses elsewhere, and make sure the southern
    section is also well-protected, as that place will get hit hard as well. The
    northern Source Well should not fare too bad, though. You should also have some
    Turrets turned inwards towards the Source Wells to face off any possible
    Burrowers that sneak in.
            When fighting, stick around the center of the map, and try to fend off
    any and all attacks to as much of a degree as possible. Grab the Source whenever
    it is dropped, until the timer runs out.
                                    DAY FORTY-SIX
    Battle Five
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Conditions: Clockworks Capture Any Source Well, Lock Dies
            Exact same strategy as the last day.
                                    DAY FORTY-SEVEN
            After the battle, watch a scene, then head south to Antonia.
            Watch a scene. You will then be placed out onto the overworld. Head over
    to the Fallen Crypt.
    The Fallen Crypt
            Watch a scene before a battle starts.
    Battle One
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Conditions: Enemies Reach and Attack Bluebit, Lock Dies
            During the previous area, Well Cluster, you should have picked up
    enough scrap parts that you were able to build the Revealer Helper; however, at
    that point in time the Revealer did not have any actual use. Now it does.
            During this first fight, the Clockworks get a new foe type introduced,
    the Clockwork Phantom. The Phantom is a floating enemy, which means it is not
    affected by any of the Traps you may lay around the battle. It can also become
    invisible and hence invulnerable to attacks. However, it should be made clear
    that it CANNOT phase through walls or anything of that sort; it still has to
    destroy a defense to get through it or go around.
            That said, this means the Phantoms, nor Burrowers, can come up through
    the graveyard to your southwest and burrow underneath the fence to come and
    capture Bluebit.
            Therefore, this is what I recommend for a building strategy; build two
    layers of walls and Burning Splash and Basic Turrets going from where Bluebit
    is outwards to the northwest. Leave a hole for Lock to be able to get out; the
    furthest turret to the east is unlikely to see some action if you face it west,
    so instead face it east to attack any Burrowers that get underneath your
    defences. Build on the northeast edge of the map here, then build a bit to the
    northwest edge as well, to create a sort of upside down square U shape that
    boxes in enemies once they come in. 
            You do NOT need Flak Cannons for this area as there will not be any
    Flyers. You should only need a single Revealer Helper, which is shaped like a
    turret. Scatter around Freeze Traps and Acidwire Traps in front of your
    northwest wall and inside the boxed area, and put a Deep Charge or two in front
    of the southeast wall to prevent Burrowers from going through. Keep a couple of
    Anti-Magic Traps on the outside of the box defense to force Magicians and
    Healers in and you should be good.
            During the actual battle, Lock should head out into the box defense,
    and take out Clockworks as they come in. Make sure to keep an eye on Bluebit
    every once in a while for the occasional Burrower that might make it past the
    walls, and try focusing on the Phantoms in particular; as they are floating
    Clockworks, as mentioned before, they will not be affected by the Traps. Also
    keep an eye out on your Turrets and Walls, and repair any that get too low on
    health. Hit large groups with Lightning Strikes whenever you power up
                                    DAY FORTY-EIGHT
    Battle Two
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Conditions: Enemies Reach and Attack Bluebit, Lock Dies
            This is exactly like the day before, so repeat your general strategy,
    repair and refine your defenses, and lay out traps again.
                                    DAY FORTY-NINE
    Battle Three
    Win Conditions: Defeat the Red Phantom
    Lose Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 6:00), Lock Dies
            This is another interesting day, in which you have to exterminate a
    specific Clockwork. I will say it now: you will need to use the Vampire Drain
    attack to last through the battle. I will say it again: you must use the
    Vampire Drain attack in this battle. In the entire map, there are five
    Clockwork Knights and five Clockwork Phantoms in fixed location. The Phantoms
    are the tough enemies, who can take a lot of abuse and deal out a lot of damage
    to Lock; you need to be able to keep your HP up while fighting them, and the
    Vampire Drain is the perfect tool. Hence, use it.
            With that out of the way, you should realize that the Red Phantom will
    take a lot of damage to do it in, and first you need to find it. Fortunately,
    the Red Phantom will go around the map in a counterclockwise manner, and once
    it comes into the center bottom of the map from the lower left, it will loop
    around the trees a bit. Therefore, after you have made a hit and run on the Red
    Phantom to heal back up, take note of your present location, and you can
    roughly estimate where the Red Phantom will be once you have healed up. After
    you have reduced the Red Phantom's health bar to about one third, it will
    reduce directions and go around clockwise.
            You will not be able to use the Acid Touch on Phantoms, so stick to
    using Lightning Strikes. You do not necessarily need to have it full when you
    fight the Red Phantom; instead, as long as it is at least in the green, fight
    the Red Phantom until Lock gets down to about two bars of health left, then use
    the Lightning Strike, and run away after that until you heal up again. Keep
    pressing hard at the Red Phantom, and clear out the remaining Clockworks in the
    area, and you should be able to defeat it with at least 30 seconds to spare for
    breathing room.
                                       DAY FIFTY
    Battle Four
    Win Conditions: Capture the Source Well
    Lose Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 4:00), Lock Dies
            This is another pure-battle day, but instead of terminating a Clockwork
    you must capture a Source Mill.
            That said, the trick to this battle is that some of the groups have
    Phantoms in them. You can be assured that none of the groups that appear with
    three icons on the maps have a Phantom with them, while those that have only
    one icon will definitely have a Phantom in them. Focus on eliminating a
    non-Phantom group first, then go and fight a group with a Phantom, and use the
    Lightning Strike to reduce the health of all the Clockworks (as Phantoms of
    course have high health and deal lots of damage). Make sure to have a full
    Lightning Strike or near full one for when dealing with the central group,
    which has a Healer in it.
            You could technically just go straight southeast and roughshod run over
    only a few groups of Clockworks and capture the Source Well right away, but
    where is the fun in that? Four minutes is a lot of breathing time to take out a
    lot of the Clockworks on the map (groups will respawn and go back to their old
    position), and you get extra Source for doing so. Once you finally clear out
    the group guarding the Source Well, just tap on it and wait for the meter to
    fill out to capture it and automatically end the battle.
                                     DAY FIFTY-ONE
    Battle Five
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Conditions: Enemies Reach and Attack the Source Well, Lock Dies
            In a rather lame move, you shall have to once again rebuild entirely
    from scratch, expending yet again more Source. In any case, you should try for
    a fairly simplistic design here; build a single layer right in front of the
    Source Well with a Repair Helper and a Turret, both defended by walls, with a
    single space for Lock to maneuver through. Right in front of this, build a
    second wall, with three to four more turrets. After, scatter a few Acidwire
    Traps and Freeze Traps, as well as a couple of Electric Charges as there are
    Burrowers around (for the Electric Charges, you can put them in between the two
    layers of walls, as there is a space on the ground left because the back
    turrets and walls take up two spaces, but only one ground space). There are no
    Magicians to worry about, so no need to lay down any Anti-Magic Traps. The same
    goes for Flyers, so do not bother putting up any Flak Cannons.
            As far as the actual battle goes, it is fairly straightforward; try
    heading off any groups that do not have any Healers in them and whittle down
    their HP and possibly take out a couple of them, but do not focus too much on
    one group as they can come in fairly heavy. As there are three distinct
    spawning areas, enemy numbers can escalate rather quickly, so keep your Special
    in store until you have the chance to eliminate most of the group at once
    and/or when the Healers are in front of the turrets and prime to be picked off
    if they survive a Lightning Strike. Also try not to stay away from the
    fortification for too long, as there will be the occasional Phantom as well.
                                     DAY FIFTY-TWO
    Battle Six
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Conditions: Enemies Reach and Attack the Source Well, Lock Dies
            During this battle, you will get a couple of Magicians, so be sure to
    lay some Anti-Magic Traps at your flanks. Other than that, your general
    strategy should remain the exact same when fighting the Clockworks.
                                    DAY FIFTY-THREE
    Battle Seven
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Conditions: Enemies Reach and Attack the Source Well, Lock Dies
            Same as the day before, so repeat the same general strategy.
                                     DAY FIFTY-FOUR
            Once you are done at the Fallen Crypt, head east to the Ironfist Quarry.
    Ironfist Quarry
            Watch a scene before the battle begins.
    Battle One
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Conditions: Enemies Reach and Attack the Source Well, Lock Dies, Civilians 
            Two new mechanics are introduced this day: first is the Silver Soldier. 
    This Clockwork fights exactly like a regular Clockwork Soldier does, but it is 
    tougher, so it deals more damage and takes more damage to take down. The other 
    is a Range Helper: as the name suggests, it will work to improve the shooting
    range of nearby turrets, which helps greatly, particularly when warding off
    Magicians and Flyers.
            In any case, you will have enemies spawning from all sides of the map,
    but you do have an advantage to your terrain: to the northwest and southeast
    side there are railings and high walls, so enemies will have to come down the
    stairs to the southwest and northeast. Therefore, if you build a wall around
    the Source Well, the Clockworks will usually rail against the southwest and
    northeast walls.
            That is not to say that you should not build fortifications around the
    southeast and northwest, but it does give you an idea of how to build. In any
    case, my recommendation here is that when you are building your walls and
    turrets, do NOT build on the first available line of tiles. Rather, instead,
    build on the SECOND line of tiles. This way, on the first line of tiles you can
    add in some Range and Repair Helpers, though they will have to be rotated to
    face inwards to fit them in. Since enemies are attacking the southwest and
    northeast walls, you should put a Range and Repair Helper on the back side of
    both of those walls. Finally, leave a hole in the northwest and southeast walls
    for Lock to slip through.
            This extends to laying Traps; put your Traps in front of the southwest
    and northeast walls. You should also put an Anti-Magic Trap at each corner to
    force Magicians inwards.
            For the actual battle, the first tiem around will not be too bad, as
    Isaih will help out by attacking Clockworks at various times throughout the
    day. There will be a TON of Shielders, however, so when possible, pick them
    off. It can be infuriating just how easily a Turret will get distracted with
    trying to kill a Shielder, so try to pick them off before they make it to your
    fortifications so Turrets can be focused on killing actual attacking enemies.
    Occasionally Isaih might also get snagged by fighting a large group outside of
    the Turret's Range that has a Healer in the group. When this occurs, go to help
    him and kill off the Healer.
                                     DAY FIFTY-FIVE
    Battle Two
    Win Conditions: Capture the Crates
    Lose Conditions: Enemies Reach and Attack the Source Well, Lock Dies, Timer Runs
                     Out  (Starts at 3:00)
            Your general build strategy should remain the same, so repair your
    walls and turrets and make improvements and refinements where you see fit, and
    lay down Traps again. 
            During the actual battle, you will not have Isaih to help anymore, so
    Lock will have to take up the slack. Try focusing on the Silver Soldiers during
    this battle as opposed to the Shielders; this is because the Silver Soldiers
    can fight back, and doing so will cause your Special Meter to fill up. Ignore
    the enemy Clockworks that are in static position at the northwest position on
    the screen, and instead focus on deflecting the regular waves of Clockworks and
    filling up your Special meter.
            Once you have about fourty five seconds to a minute left, head
    northwest and let lose a Lightning Strike. Run up the stairs and take out
    whatever Clockworks are guarding the boxes that are right next to the mine
    entrance, then tap on the crates to capture them, which shall end the battle.
                                     DAY FIFTY-SIX
    Battle Three
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Conditions: Enemies Reach and Attack the Source Well, Lock Dies
            There are two new factors to take into consideration today. The first
    is that the regular Archers are gone, replaced by tougher, stronger Silver
    Archers, which means killing them off will be a larger pain than before.
    Secondly, you can now use Metal material for usage in building your walls,
    Turrets and Helpers.
            That said, I do not recommend replacing your current defenses with
    metal defenses right now. You have been able to hold off the Clockworks in the
    Ironfist Quarry so far using Stone fortifications, you should be able to
    continue to do so.
            Other than that, this is basically the exact same day as Day
    Fifty-Four, with Isaih returning to help you out, but no civilians to defend,
    so basically lay Traps and fight off the various groups of Clockworks that come
                                     DAY FIFTY-SEVEN
    Battle Four
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Conditions: Enemies Reach and Attack the Source Well, Lock Dies
            Exact same as the previous day, so use the exact same strategies as you
    did to fight in Day Fifty-Six.
                                     DAY FIFTY-EIGHT
    Battle Four
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Conditions: Enemies Reach and Attack the Source Well, Lock Dies
            Silver Knights, upgraded versions of regular Clockwork Knights, are
    introduced in this battle. Other than that, the general game plan should stay
    the same.
                                     DAY FIFTY-NINE
    Battle Five
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Conditions: Enemies Reach and Attack the Source Well, Lock Dies
             This day is the exact same as the previous day, so continue to do what
    you have always been doing and take out Clockwork groups as they come in.
                                       DAY SIXTY
    Battle Six
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00) or Defeat Brute
    Lose Conditions: Enemies Reach and Attack the Source Well, Lock Dies
            Today is the last day you will have to spend in Ironfist Quarry, and
    fittingly enough, it will be capped off with a fight against another boss, this
    one against Brute. Silver Brutes will also be introduced today, replacing
    regular Brutes.
            Brute is, well, a Clockwork Brute, a heavily-beefed up one at that.
    Brute will start at the western spawning point, and come down the stairs, so my
    recommendation is to layer that area with several Freeze Traps and Acidwire
    Traps and overlap their ranges as much as possible. The longer that you can
    keep Brute away from attacking your actual walls, the better. From my
    experience it has always skipped the southwest wall and instead focused on the
    northwest wall, but you should keep both places well defended with more traps
    in any case, though for the northwest wall you should have a Standard Turret as
    opposed to a Burning Splash or Acid Turret.
            In any case, as far as the actual fighting goes, let your
    fortifications and Isaih deal with taking out any of the regular Clockworks,
    and instead focus your attention on Brute. As long as you can keep the
    Clockwork Boss away from your turrets and walls (though you may want to allow
    Brute to get within range of a Turret so your Turret can hit it in return), it
    is less effective. If you attack Brute while it is moving around, it will turn
    to hit you, and in doing so consntaly fall prey to the Traps. This will wear
    the Brute down enough so that even if it ever actually reaches a Turret, it
    will barely have any HP left.
            That said, I highly recommend you use the Vampire Drain as opposed to
    the Acid Spray attack, as Brute does deal some heavy damage. Get away from
    Brute when your HP falls into the orange and red, and when you have a green
    meter for your Special attack bar, quickly use the Lightning Strike to help
    Isaih and the rest of your fortifications deal with the regular waves of
                                     DAY SIXTY-ONE
            Once the scene plays out, head back to Antonia.
            From Antonia East, take the western-most doorway into Archineer Square,
    and then go into the main building. Head off to Kenan's office and watch the
    cutscene, and the scene that follows. After, proceed over to the Seacrest
    Seacrest Shores
            Walk forward when you first enter to watch a scene. Continue along
    north and then head up left from the source well for another scene. Head north
    onto the beach and past the fence for yet another short story sequence. Head up
    again for a final scene.
            After, you will get into a short 'stealth' sequence. From Lock's
    current position, head northwest to the shoreline, and run behind the houses
    until you hit the boat at the end, then go down and past the fence for another
    scene. After, on the outside map, head to Shellrock Cape.
    Shellrock Cape
            Watch a short scene before a battle.
    Battle One
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Conditions: Emi is Captured, Lock Dies
            This first battle can be a bit of a woozy to get used to, as you will
    have several Clockworks spawning at the southeast corner of the screen and
    coming towards you. Quickly deal with the nearby Clockwork Burrowers at the
    beginning of the battle. The objective of this battle is to prevent the
    Clockworks from obtaining Emi: they can attack her, but they have to completely
    reduce her HP for you to lose the battle.
            That said, you need to be fairly aggressive when it comes to countering
    the Clockworks. Do not wait for them to come to you: go to them, and hit them
    heavy and hard. Do not hesitate, and try to pick off pairs or groups at once if
    you can. Do not bother with taking on Flyers when they have full HP, however.
    Instead, wait until you have a full or near-full Special Meter, then zap them
    with a Lightning Strike, mopping up whatever is left of them afterwards.
            Clockworks may occasionally get to Emi. That is OK, so long as her
    health meter does not fall to zero-line. If they get to her, quickly pick off
    whatever one is there, then try to distract any other Clockworks to attack
    Lock, away from Emi.
                                     DAY SIXTY-TWO
    Battle Two
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Conditions: Emi is Captured, Lock Dies
            On the first day you get to build defenses and turrets up, Silver
    Shielders will also come into play. These guys in particular can be a real
    pain, as now they take even more abuse to destroy.
            In any case, by this time you should be able to create the Weaken Touch
    trap. What this does is it weakens the strength of a Clockwork's attack. You
    cannot predict exactly where a Magician or Archer will attack a Turret or Wall
    from, but putting these right in front of your defenses to reduce the damage of
    close-range attackers is fairly simple.
            For your general build strategy, surround Emi with a single line of
    Helpers: a Repair Helper and Range Helper, with the Helpers turned inwards so
    they only take one build space up as opposed to two. Build a second line around
    the Helpers full of Turrets and Walls, and leave an empty space on the end for
    Lock to squeeze out at the beginning of the battle. You also need to put a Flak
    Cannon in somewhere to ward off Flyers (though considering the small area your
    fortification is in, you could just have Lock kill off all of the Flyers that
    come in on his own). Finish off with the Traps around the area, including a
    couple of Deep Charge traps on the inside of your defense to take out any
            During the actual battle, in general just kill anything that comes in.
    Be sure to focus particularly on Flyers so they cannot do their thing with
    getting rid of your Traps. Another thing you can probably focus on is keeping
    the Brutes away from hitting your defenses for as long as possible, as well as
    picking off the annoying Shielders.
                                     DAY SIXTY-THREE
    Battle Three
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Conditions: Emi is Captured, Lock Dies
            This is exactly like the day before, so just repeat the strategy you
    used before, and refine your building strategy as is required for efficiency in
    warding off the Clockworks.
                                     DAY SIXTY-FOUR
    Battle Four
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Conditions: Emi is Captured, Lock Dies
            Silver Burrowers are introduced during this day, so be sure to keep
    Deep Charges everywhere on the opposite side of your defense. Otherwise,
    general strategy will remain the same, so keep at it and press the Clockwork
    waves back every time they come northwest to attack.
                                     DAY SIXTY-FIVE
    Battle Five
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Conditions: Emi is Captured, Lock Dies
            Day Sixty-Five is exactly the same as Day Sixty-Four, so continue
    fighting on as you have done before.
                                     DAY SIXTY-SIX
            Head north to Saltspray Cave after the scene.
    Saltspray Cave
            Walk through the hallway and talk to the cloaked figure for a story
    scene. During the scene, you will learn the Super Ability Repair All, which
    you can use to repair all damaged structures on the field, most definitely a
    useful ability.
            Afterwards, head off to Antonia once more.
            After a scene, you will automatically be dropped off in Archineer
    Square. Go inside and talk to Kenan. After, head out to Antonia South. Try to
    leave the area, and you will be forced to go through another sequence of
    classic Tower Defense. After you finish the siege, you will be taught the
    Freeze ability. Once done, head outside and go south to the Marshe Lowlands.
    Marshe Lowlands
            Watch a short scene before beginning the fight.
    Battle One
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Conditions: Source Well is Captured, Lock Dies
            As you can see, there are a large number of regenerating swamps for the
    Clockworks to come from. Thankfully, the Source Well is defended against one
    side with a treeline to the northeast, so you only have three sides to build
    defenses at. With a lot more open space, consider building a double-layer
    defense; the outer wall should be entirely walls and Turrets, while the inner
    wall should be Repair and Range Helpers along with some more Turrets, and
    Turret and Range Helper being lined up next to each other to increase the range
    of the inside Turrets.
            Other than that, remember to leave an open space at the end for Lock to
    get out of. When it comes to traps, you should have your standard of Freeze
    Snares and Acidwire Traps overlaid with each other. With the Range Helpers,
    having Anti-Magic Traps is not an issue as much, but you should still keep
    laying down Weaken Touch Traps in front of the outer wall and Deep Charge Traps
    in between the two layers and inside of the second wall layer to reduce the
    Clockworks' close range power and stop Burrowers flat. The Deep Charges are
    particularly important, as you do NOT want to be having to run around the wall
    to get back inside and stop Burrowers two or three times during the battle.
            During the first day at the Marshe Lowlands, the Healers will also be
    upgraded to Silver Healers, and can heal a greater amount. This means that when
    you head off groups of Clockworks before they get to your fortifications, no
    longer should you try to attack any group with a Healer in it, as they will
    heal themselves faster than you can damage them. Additionally, Healers are top
    priority when they come around to your fort, so hit them before anything else
    (but also try to make sure that the group they came with is still within the
    Traps and Turrets' range, as opposed to trying to attack Lock who is trying to
    kill the Healer).
            Sometimes during your time in Marshe Lowlands, you will also get the
    Effect Helper, which increases the effectiveness of your Acid and Goo
    Launchers, making them infinitely more versatile.
            For the most part, just keep fighting as usual, but this time, do not
    head off any groups with Healers in them. For groups that do have Healers in
    them, let them come in close so that your Turrets can actually attack the
    Clockworks, while Lock should focus on quickly eliminating the Healers before
    they can become a real pain.
                                    DAY SIXTY-SEVEN
    Battle Two
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Conditions: Source Well is Captured, Lock Dies
            Nothing will have changed since the last day, so in general refine your
    building strategy, and make any repairs that need to be done, but otherwise
    keep doing what you have been doing so far.
                                    DAY SIXTY-EIGHT
    Battle Three
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Conditions: Source Well is Captured, Lock Dies
            Do not worry too much when the game notes that Flyers have been
    upgraded to Silver Flyers. You might face maybe three or four Flyers throughout
    this whole entire day, more likely one or two. Nevertheless, you should switch
    out some of your turrets close to the treeline for Flak Cannons, and give them
    a boost with some Range Helpers to snipe off. If you are worried about them,
    just save up the Special Meter and let up a Lightning Strike when they get to
    your Traps. Again, other than that, just keep to what you have been doing so
                                     DAY SIXTY-NINE
    Battle Four
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Conditions: Source Well is Captured, Lock Dies
            This is again the exact same day as beforehand, with even the same
    approximate Flyer encounter rate, so keep at it with the same strategy.
                                      DAY SEVENTY
    Battle Five
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Conditions: Source Well is Captured, Lock Dies
            For this level, you will have to fight off Silver Phantoms as well, who
    can become particularly annoying as Lock can only be in one place at once to
    fight them off. However, there are no Flyers present today, so you can simply
    ditch the Flak Cannons and their accompanying Range Helpers and replace them
    with Revealers to take out the Silver Phantoms instead.
                                    DAY SEVENTY-ONE
    Battle Six
    Win Conditions: Activate Both Crates of Explosives
    Lose Conditions: Source Well is Captured, Lock Dies, Timer Runs out (Starts at
            As you may be able to guess from the scene at the start of Day Seventy,
    this will be the last time you have to defend the Source Well here, so do not
    bother too much with your fortifications. Lay down a light smattering of Traps,
    do not repair any damaged walls, etc.
            Your goal here is to tap both crates of explosives on the northwest
    part of the map. That said, each set of crates is guarded by a Healer, with two
    Silver Knights on the more western portion and two Silver Archers on the
    eastern portion. Given the pain in the ass that the Silver Healers can be, do
    not bother trying to attack either group straight  away. Instead, keep to the
    central portion of the map, and deflect away enemies until your Special meter
    is full. When that occurs, go to one of the two static guard groups, whittle
    the Healer's HP down a little bit, then hit that group with the Lightning
    Strike to finish off the Healer, doling out some additional damage to take care
    of the other two Clockworks if they remain. Once the trio is done for, set off
    the crate. Return back to the center to eliminate more Clockworks until your
    Special meter is full, then repeat with the other trio and ignite the second
    crate to end the battle.
                                    DAY SEVENTY-TWO
    Tarn Highlands
            After the previous battle is over, a short scene will take, and then
    Lock will end up at the Tarn Highlands. You will quickly get into another
    Battle One
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Conditions: Source Well is Captured, Lock Dies
            For the first day, you will finally get upgraded Clockwork Soldiers,
    the Elite Soldiers, who deal more damage and take more abuse before they can be
    eliminated. Obviously, by this point of the game the difficulty is getting
    upped, so be prepared for some tough times ahead.
            Also, sometimes during the Tarn Highlands sequence, you will gain
    access to the fifth and final Helper, the Damage Helper. This increases the
    damage caused by nearby turrets, and paired up with a Range Helper can be
    fairly helpful in making your turrets lethal.
            In any case, you should take the time to survey around the area a bit.
    Tarn Highlands is split into a sort of maze-like path, so enemies will group up
    together and end up going down only two paths at the ends. However, Tarn
    Highlands is also a fairly hilly region, and to the southwest and southeast of
    the Source Well there are big slopes going downhill in a single panel. It has
    been a while since you have had a battlefield like this, but you may remember
    that turrets have a higher attack range when attacking enemies from a lower
    elevation range. You may see where I am going with this.
            That said, your set-up should be fairly obvious: on top of each hell,
    have a straight line of Burning Splash Turrets, standard Turrets, the whole
    armada. Behind each line of turrets and walls, you should have some Range
    Helpers, Damage Helpers, and Repair Helpers, but especially Range Helpers. On
    the bottom, at the corner where each Clockwork wave will turn around to come
    face-to-face with your hill of defenses, lay down some Freeze Snare and
    Acidwire Traps: these should be close enough so that a turret with Range Helper
    and elevation bonus (preferably a Burning Splash) can pound away at them, while
    the Clockworks struggle to get through ice and acid.
            There are no Phantoms or Flyers here, so there is no need to put down
    any Flak Cannons or Revealer Helpers. Quite honestly, 5th Cell was not really
    thinking when they designed this level, as the elevation, Range Helpers and
    Traps can make this level broken. All you really need to do during the actual
    battle is to just run back and forth to attract the dropped Source towards
    Lock, and maybe make the occasional repair (if the Repair Helper is not already
    doing that).
                                   DAY SEVENTY-THREE
    Battle Two
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Conditions: Source Well is Captured, Lock Dies
            In Day Seventy-Three, the Clockworks will start adding in Silver
    Burrowers to their forces, which can bypass the high elevation panels
    completely without a worry and easily make it behind your walls. That said,
    there are two ways you can do this: either you can lay down some Deep Charge
    traps to damage them significantly, or you can try to do it entirely by hand
    using Lock. I would actually recommend the latter. That way, you can at least
    charge your Special Meter up, so if near the end a group with Silver Healers in
    it begins to become annoying, you can quickly make mincemeat out of them via a
    Lightning Bolt. This will also help to keep the battle from becoming too
            Other than that, the same general strategy and brokenness remains the
    same, so just make a few refinements here and there as needed, and continue
    waiting the day out.
                                    DAY SEVENTY-FOUR
    Battle Three
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Conditions: Source Well is Captured, Lock Dies
            Day 74 introduces Elite Archers, the final upgrade to the regular
    Clockwork Archer. Other than that, there is nothing else new, so stick to your
    general strategy of letting the buildings do all the work and occasionally
    collecting the Source by letting it drift towards you, and fending off
                                    DAY SEVENTY-FIVE
    Battle Four
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Conditions: Source Well is Captured, Lock Dies
            Nothing new will have occurred since Day Seventy-Four, so continue to
    use the same strategy as you always have been.
                                    DAY SEVENTY-SIX
    Battle Five
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Conditions: Source Well is Captured, Lock Dies
            Day Seventy-Six introduces the Elite Knight, so you can bet that the
    waves of Clockworks slowly are beginning to take more damage to wipe out.
    Nevertheless, sticking with the current strategy of letting turrets deal with
    the Clockworks for the Tarn Highlands should be a tried-and-proven strategy, so
    keep to it for now.
                                   DAY SEVENTY-SEVEN
            Watch a short scene, where you will finally gain the ability to use
    Spiked Walls, the most powerful of materials. You will no longer be able to use
    wood, but be quite honest: you probably did not use them anymore. That said,
    you will be thrown out onto the overworld map afterwards. Head north back to
    Antonia from there.
            Observe the scene as you first enter Antonia. After you automatically
    exit, head over to Eastar Fields.
    Eastar Fields
            Watch a fairly lengthy scene, and then the first battle shall start.
    Battle One
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Conditions: Emi is Captured, Lock Dies
            Take a look at the battlefield the first time you play through. You
    should notice that Lock and Emi are surrounded by hedges, with three breaks in
    the hedges: one to the north, one to the southeast and one to the southwest.
    That said, you do not need to bother with putting a defense to the southeast at
    all, as no enemies will ever come down that way, and you can make do without a
    defense to the southwest.
            First thing is first: you are not fighting Clockworks for this battle.
    Instead, you are fighting regular Kingdom Force. That means that you do not
    have to counter any Burrowers, Flyers, Magicians or Phantoms, so there are no
    need for Deep Charge or Anti-Magic Traps, or Flak Cannons or Revealer Helpers.
    It is a straight-up damage game. Now, enemies will come in from near the top of
    the screen and come down to the bottom. Most of the time they will come out
    right near where the northern corner of the hedge that surrounds Lock and Emi
    is, so fill that area up with Turrets and their appropriate Helpers right
    behind them. 
            Most of those Kingdom Force will go to the left side of the northern
    corner, and a few Kingdom Force will actually come out from the path with their
    direction aimed slightly southwest of there, so build a line going southwest
    from the northern corner with more turrets. This should cover all three roads
    the Kingdom Force will come in from: left of the northern corner, right of the
    northern corner, and slightly southwest of the northern corner. Lay down some
    Freeze Snares and Acidwire Traps right in front of the turrets to hamper the
    efforts of the Kingdom Force, and you are good to go.
            That said, the Kingdom Force soldiers seem to, on average, deal
    slightly more damage than Clockworks do, so you might end up losing HP at a
    rate faster than you are used to. When fighting off any Kingdom Force that get
    close to your turret lines, be sure to keep an eye on your health bar, now that
    now more than ever the enemies are getting tougher, with Lock's strength and
    health bar not getting any bigger than before. Other than that just let your
    Turrets pummel away at the Kingdom Force when they get within range to wipe the
    floor with them.
                                   DAY SEVENTY-EIGHT
    Battle Two
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Conditions: Emi is Captured, Lock Dies
            There is nothing new over last day, so just refine your turret line and
    make additions or changes here and there as needed.
                                   DAY SEVENTY-NINE
    Battle Three
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Conditions: Emi is Captured, Lock Dies
            Exact same as the day before, so just repeat what you have been doing
    so far and outlast the three minutes.
                                       DAY EIGHTY
    Battle Four
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Conditions: Emi is Captured, Lock Dies
            Still no changes in the battle scheme since Day Seventy-Seven, so just
    repeat fighting for another three minutes.
                                     DAY EIGHTY-ONE
    Battle Five
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Conditions: Emi is Captured, Lock Dies
            Continue per the usual. This is the last battle in Eastar Fields, so if
    you are hungering for Source, you can start stripping down some of your
    defenses and Helpers to replenish your Source.
                                     DAY EIGHTY-TWO
            Watch the series of scenes that take place. After you are put out on
    the field, head to Fenbog Grotto.
    Fenbog Grotto
            Head along the path until you encounter the Seer at the end and talk to
    him. After a scene, you will be taught the Money Drop Special Abililty.
    Afterwards, head shortly east to Dark Ridge.
    Dark Ridge
            Watch another scene before you begin to battle.
    Battle One
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Conditions: Either Source Well is Captured, Lock Dies
            Do not bother with trying to make do with the turrets that are littered
    around the wreckage near the source wells. Instead, strip them for Source, then
    retreat back to each Source Well. Build a solid line of turrets and walls (with
    either a Gate or a hole in the northwest wall for Lock to slip out of)
    accompanied by turrets. In the northwest area, you should use the wall and the
    hill to mark off where to end the turret line, while in the southeast go from
    the wall to the pit. 
            The Clockworks will be hitting you with sheer numbers and power here,
    so go for the standard assortment of standard turrets with a couple of Burning
    Splash turrets, with Range/Repair/Damage Helpers. At the southeast base, just
    make the wall solid all the way through with no way in or out. You will,
    however, have Phantoms coming down here (but not to the northeast) so put a
    couple of Revealer Helpers behind the regular three Helpers as well. There is
    not as much need to worry about Range since Phantoms attack the walls directly,
    so by the time they get there the Revealers will already have done their job.
            That said, you may wish to switch to Spiked Walls, as with the
    Clockworks being made up mostly of Elites (with Elite Brutes replacing Silver
    Brutes in this day), you need every last advantage you can get. Spiked Walls
    will damage the Clockworks even as the close-combat Clockworks try to attack,
    which is a double whammy for them once you lay down Weaken Touch traps.
    Remember to keep up the pressure with Freeze Snares and Acidwire Traps.
            As for the actual battle, it mainly should involve brief fighting, and
    Lock running back and forth every so often to collect the Source left behind at
    the other side of the battlefield. In fact, you as the player should focus less
    on fighting enemies that are at your defenses, and more running around the
    center of the map. This is because there are often lone Healers running around,
    who can become real pains if you let them catch up with a group. Instead, when
    you run into them try your best to quickly kill them before they can band
    together with a regular group.
                                    DAY EIGHTY-THREE
    Battle Two
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Conditions: Either Source Well is Captured, Lock Dies
            Same as the day before, so refine your building strategy and repeat.
                                    DAY EIGHTY-FOUR
    Battle Three
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Conditions: Source Well is Captured, Lock Dies
            The southeast Source Well is no longer under your control, but you
    still will have all the walls, turrets and helpers placed there. Strip them to
    replenish your Source supply, and make any reinforcements to the northwest
    wall. There will also be several Flyers coming in from either direction, so put
    a Flak Cannon at each end of the wall near a Range Helper to take out the
    Flyers. Otherwise, you should probably bust out some more traps as all the
    Clockworks will be coming your way. Elite Shielders will also come in this day.
                                    DAY EIGHTY-FIVE
    Battle Four
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Conditions: Source Well is Captured, Lock Dies
            Despite a boss Clockwork showing up today, you will not need to worry
    about Mute for now: not for another two days, in any case. Instead, just repeat
    what you did the last day, and refine your buildings and traps around as
    needed, particularly to ward off the Flyers. You will also gain Heathern as an
    ally today, who will help greatly in wrecking apart Clockwork waves, so be sure
    to take advantage of her help whenever she is around, particularly in taking
    out Silver Healers.
                                    DAY EIGHTY-SIX
    Battle Five
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Conditions: Source Well is Captured, Lock Dies
            On this day, Silver Burrowers will upgrade to Elite Burrowers, and the
    Elite Burrowers will start attacking with regular Clockwork waves. For the most
    part, all this requires is that you lay Deep Charge traps behind your walls.
    You have three regular soldiers who will be able to fend off the Burrowers who
    make it through. If you are really wary about them, however, you can place a
    couple of extra Basic Turrets close to the Source Well to fend off any
    Burrowers who make it behind the lines.
            Furthermore, Silver Phantoms will also make their reappearance today,
    so you will need to put in some Revealer Helpers in behind all the regular
    Helpers to reveal the Phantoms once they get up to the turrets: again, the
    Revealers have a long range, so they can be in a third layer and still reveal
    the Phantoms once they get up close to attack.
                                   DAY EIGHTY-SEVEN
    Battle Six
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00) or Defeat Mute
    Lose Conditions: Source Well is Captured, Lock Dies
            You may notice that Mute is a Boss-class Magician Clockwork. This means
    that it is affected by Anti-Magic Traps, so when it comes in from the northeast
    end to attack the upper-right section of the wall, you should lure it inwards
    so that it is within range of the turrets. When this occurs, use your Lightning
    Strike to damage all of the Clockworks that Mute will have brought with it, so
    that the turrets will quickly focus on Mute and Mute alone. In the past, you
    may have had trouble dealing with Boss Clockworks, but with Turrets, Acidwire
    Traps and Lock all focusing on Mute, its HP bar will go down fairly quickly.
            That aside, speaking of Lock: recall that a normal Magician has to
    raise its hands in the air and cast a spell, before a slab of rock or ball of
    fire comes down from the sky. Mute does this the exact same way, but you should
    know that the actual attack is dodgeable. This means that Lock should attack
    Mute until it is finished casting its spell, then quickly run out of the way of
    the attack so as to not receive damage, then repeat attacking Mute to draw its
    attention to Lock. This allows your Turrets to go harm-free, or else deal with
    regular Clockworks that have since snuck up.
                                   DAY EIGHTY-EIGHT
            Watch a scene afterwards.
    Desecrated Road
            Watch another scene, before you do battle.
    Battle One
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 2:00)
    Lose Conditions: Kingdom Force is killed, Lock Dies
            For each subsequent day in the Desecrated Road area, your group of
    Knights and Archers will be moved along the road a small amount. By the same
    token, only a few of the spawn points will have Clockworks coming out of them,
    so battle is limited to only a small section of the map.
            For the first day, Clockworks will come out of the two spawning points
    at the bottom, as well as the spawning point southeast of the road shortly
    after you cross over the bridge. Put up three Turrets with Range and Damage
    Helpers on either side of the Kingdom Force to block off the two Kingdom Force,
    then put a couple of Turrets over the bridge with a Range Helper to ward off
    Clockworks from the third spawn point. Plop down a couple of Freeze Snares, but
    do not bother with anything else as concentrated fire from a trio of turrets
    can quickly wipe out the Clockworks before they have the chance to cause any
    damage, while Lock should focus on taking out Clockworks coming from the third
    spawn point.
            You should also notice that the Timer starts at only two minutes as
    opposed to three minutes. This means that the battle goes by a lot quicker, so
    no need to prepare for an epic battle. Just make sure to run around and collect
    any stray Source the Clockworks drop.
            In any case, during your time on the Desecrated Road, you should end up
    getting the final Trap and Turret: the Splash Mine will explode and cause
    damage to clockworks (but lasts through the whole battle as opposed to a single
    use for the battle despite what the description sounds like), and the Gungnir
    Turret, a super-powered version of the Basic Turret that can hit only one
    Clockwork at a time.
                                   DAY EIGHTY-NINE
    Battle Two
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 2:00)
    Lose Conditions: Kingdom Force is killed, Lock Dies
            This time around, the Kingdom Forces will have moved past the bridge.
    Scrap the defenses you built at the bottom of the map. To the southeast and
    northeast of your Kingdom Forces, where there are two close-by spawn points,
    build some new line defenses of turrets and walls, using the static walls that
    are already there as the endpoints for the walls. Add a couple of Freeze Traps
    in front of the defenses to freeze Clockworks in their traps, and Range and
    Damage Helpers behind to increase range and power of the Basic Turrets. You may
    want to add a Deep Charge or two to prevent Burrowers from getting through, but
    the Kingdom Force can also kill any that come through (though you may still
    want to add the Deep Charge to at least weaken them).
            Other than that, Clockworks will spawn from the northwest and
    southwest. The southwest will only be in small numbers, so you need not worry
    too much about them (in general just put a Turret or a couple of Freeze Traps
    while Kingdom Force can kill them). For the northwest, however, you should put
    up the same deal as you did with the other two walls: three turrets backed up
    by a Range and Damage Helper.
                                       DAY NINETY
    Battle Three
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 2:00)
    Lose Conditions: Kingdom Force is killed, Lock Dies
            On this day, the kingdom's troops will have moved northwest to the
    approximate center of the area, right after the second bridge on the map. You
    will be hit by Clockworks coming down from the two spawning points northwest of
    there, so lay down a trio of turrets in front of each bridge so that the
    Clockworks run smack into gunfire, then lay a couple of Freeze Snares to freeze
    them in their tracks while the turrets pound away at thm.
            The two main spawn points you had to deal with last time will still
    spit out Clockworks, but you should still strip away your defenses around
    there. From there, go to the bridge just southeast of where the Kingdom Force
    is, and put down a couple of Turrets with Range and Damage Helpers, as well as
    Freeze Snares and Acidwire Trips to harrass Clockworks who are coming in.
                                     DAY NINETY-ONE
    Battle Four
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 2:00)
    Lose Conditions: Kingdom Force is killed, Lock Dies
            Fortify up against the last remaining two spawn points on the map. Of
    the two fortifications you put up last time against the northwest area, leave
    the fortifications there still, as well as the one near the bridge in the
    center of the map, as you will still get Clockworks there as well. If your
    Source is beginning to get stretched thin, switch out some of your walls and
    turrets from Spiked Walls to Steel (or if you have been doing this already,
    switch your Helpers to Metal). You will be hit from several spots all
    through-out the map, so run around a lot to grab source, and cast the Lightning
    Strike at your earliest opportunity.
                                     DAY NINETY-TWO
    Battle Five
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 2:00)
    Lose Conditions: Kingdom Force is killed, Lock Dies
            Your troops will be moved over the last bridge to the final section of
    the Desecrated Road. That said, scrap all your defenses that are not in this
    final section, and put a few turrets up behind the bridge to snipe off any
    incoming Clockworks. In front of the bridge, put in a couple of Splash Mines to
    cause serious damage to incoming Clockworks (who have no Healers to heal them).
            You will also get Elite Flyers in this battle, but they will only come
    in from the southwest, and none of them will spawn in the areas near where you
    are right now. During the battle, you should let your defenses take care of the
    nearby spawning areas, occasionally collecting the Source that they drop, but
    take Lock fighting enemies coming in from the rest of the map.
                                    DAY NINETY-THREE
            Head off to Antonia after the scene.
            Once you gian free control, head to Kenan's office to watch a scene.
    Once done, head out to Antonia South. Talk to the gold-armoured Captain if you
    want to play classic Tower Defense (and get some extra Source in the
    meanwhile), then exit out after and head to Antonia Gates.
    Antonia Gates
            Watch another scene before the first battle begins.
    Battle One
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Conditions: Lock Dies
            Antonia Gates is actually a fairly straightforward battlefield, with a
    main road going down, and small singular columns to the side every so often. My
    recommendation here is to build a wall to either side of the road, with a wall
    on the road itself, all linked together so you have a sort of mini-fortress of
    turrets linked together in a square U formation: take two columns on the side
    of the road, build turrets and walls in between them, then link the two
    together with the third defense line facing out front. On the inside, load them
    up with Range, Damage and Repair Helpers, so that it is virtually impenetrable
    and can hit Clockworks from far away. You should also have gotten 25000 Source
    for this battle automatically: overload your defenses with Gungnir Turrets as
    opposed to regular Turrets. Do not build this right next to the stairs,
    however. Instead, build it a little further down, so that Lock can move out and
    hit enemies.
            Do not bother with Acidwire Traps, either. Instead, do a mix of Splash
    Mines and Freeze Snares around your defenses. There WILL be a couple of Elite
    Flyers around, but they are few in number so you will not have to worry too
    much about them.
            In any case, when the battle begins, have Lock quickly maneuever out
    from his position guarding the gates, and wait for the Clockworks to come to
    you and the fortress of Turrets. Let them come close, and have the turrets and
    Splash Mines do most of the work while Lock picks off individual Clockworks, in
    particular the Elite Flyers. Overall this should be a fairly easy battle so
    long as you do not try to engage whole groups outside of the range of the
                                    DAY NINETY-FOUR
    Battle Two
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Conditions: Lock Dies
            On this day, you will start to face Elite Phantoms. Put up a Revealer
    Helper (or two) wherever you have room on the inside of your fortress to reveal
    the Phantoms as they come in close to attack the fort. Otherwise, make
    refinements to the fortress as you need to increase its efficiency, re-lay
    traps, and just try to save up your Source for the last few battles of the game.
            During the battle, the Clockworks will bring in Elite Healers, so when
    they come around, try to quickly pick them off using Lock before they can begin
    to constantly heal other Clockworks and keep a group's HP sustained for longer
    than it would be otherwise.
                                    DAY NINETY-FIVE
    Battle Three
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Conditions: Lock Dies
            Nothing new since Day Ninety-Four, so continue fighting the good fight
    against the Clockworks.
                                    DAY NINETY-SIX
    Battle Four
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00) or Defeat War Machine
    Lose Conditions: Lock Dies
            This is nearly the end. You will get your Source replenished in the
    next battle, so go wild with littering traps all over the place. The War
    Machine will come up the main road, so concentrate that area with Splash Mines
    and Acidwire Traps for part of the stretch, and Freeze Snares and Splash Mines
    when he gets closer in and within the range of your turrets. You can ignore
    your turret walls to the sides: so long as they can stand up to the Clockworks
    (and you are being aided by both Isaih and Heathern in this battle, so they
    should be able to do a good job in eliminating Clockwork waves), you need not
    pay attention to them.
            Instead, stick Lock on the front wall, and work on taking out the War
    Machine. The War Machine, surprisingly enough, does not deal that much damage
    to Lock. Instead, it is to the walls and Turrets that it will do some strong
    amounts of damage with a single hit, so try to keep its focus in Lock. Every
    time you fill up your Special Meter enough, switch over to the Repair All
    Special ability and use that to restore the health meters of your buildings as
    opposed to using the Lightning Strike.
            That said, you should still take care not to let your HP get too low.
    If it gets into the orange/red zone, run away from the War Machine for a bit,
    let it move around, then jump back into the fray to distract it. Eventually,
    War Machine might do some sort of odd attack using its tentacle arms on your
    turrets. If it does this, ignore it, and just pound away at it while it is
    distracted (and cannot harm Lock), as you will not need to worry about your
    turrets for the next battle either.
                                    DAY NINETY-SEVEN
    Battle Five
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00) or Defeat Lord Agony
    Lose Conditions: Lock Dies
            Rebuild the fortress that you had before, but this time build it right
    in front of the gate, with a single space for Lock to squeeze through out at
    the beginning of the battle. This time around, however, lay low on the traps
    and keep them to Freeze Snares, Weaken Touches and Splash Mines close to the
    fortress. Put in a couple of extra Flak Cannons near the gates just so that no
    Flyers can get in.
            One of the biggest pains in this battle can be fighting Lord Agony, as
    he will often have two or three Clockworks around him, making it difficult for
    the DS system just to recognize that you are tapping on him. If you cannot get
    it to register you want to fight him after a couple of times, run away and
    fight another Clockwork until your HP is back up a bit, then try to go and
    fight Lord Agony again.
            Lord Agony can use a sort of earthquake attack that will damage all of
    your Turrets, so when you get your Special Meter charged up, quickly use a
    Repair All Special Ability to keep your Turrets back in shape, then go and
    fight Agony himself again. He does not deal out that much damage, but when he
    has three or four other Clockworks with him all dealing damage at the same
    time, it can be quite a pain, so run away or take out one of the other
    Clockworks and use a Lightning Strike Special Ability instead.
            This can be an extremely frustrating battle, particularly as Isaih and
    Heathern will have ditched you. You may need to restart a couple of times: if
    this turns out to be the case, do not let it get to you. Just take a deep
    breath and try again. One thing that can really help you is going to intercept
    Lord Agony early when he comes out from the southwest road, and delay him in
    getting to the turrets, damaging him greatly by the time he actually gets to
    your defense line.
                                    DAY NINETY-EIGHT
    Battle Six
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Conditions: Lock Dies, Lord Agony Dies
            When the building session starts, quickly strip whatever remains of
    your fortress. Next, take the relative design of the three-walled defense, and
    rebuild it on the other side of the map around Lord Agony. You can shave off
    the ends of the two sides so the two sides only have one turret each, however,
    as the Kingdom Force cannot overwhelm you with quite the same amount of numbers
    and sheer power as the Clockworks will have been able to. Do not bother with
    using too many Traps, either: you will want to save your Source for Day 100.
    Five or six Traps placed in front should do perfectly. Because these are
    Kingdom Force as opposed to Clockworks, you will not need anything such as Flak
    Cannons, Deep Charges or Weaken Touches.
            During the actual battle, consider going around and picking off a few
    of the Kingdom Forces while they are still walking over to where your
    newly-built fortress is. Hit them from behind, so that while a few of the
    soldiers and archers will stay behind to fight Lock, a few of them will still
    walk on to hit the fortress. Divided as they are, they are easily whittled down.
                                    DAY NINETY-NINE
    Battle Seven
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00)
    Lose Conditions: Lock Dies, Lord Agony Dies
            This should be the same as the previous day, so make any small
    adjustments to your building strategy that you need to. Otherwise, repeat the
    fighting, and make sure to save up some more Source.
                                    DAY ONE HUNDRED
    Battle Seven
    Win Conditions: Timer Runs Out (Starts at 3:00) or Defeat Kenan
    Lose Conditions: Lock Dies, Lord Agony Dies
            This is, the final battle. As a result, you can splurge on your Source.
    My recommendation is to maybe build a couple of extra walls of Turrets along
    the stretch of the main road if you have the Source for it: otherwise, just lay
    Freeze Snares and Splash Mines near the turrets, then lay down Splash Mines and
    Acidwire Traps along the whole road.
            Kenan is the only actual human-side boss. This means that if you are
    fighting the boss directly, then any enemies he has at his side are merely
    archers, knights and soldiers, who do not do anything special: they cannot
    heal, they cannot become invisible, they cannot burrow underground, they cannot
    destroy traps. As a result, you do not need to focus much on warding off any of
    the regular Kingdom Force, and you can instead fight Kenan throughout the whole
            To that end, at the beginning of the battle, if you want, you could run
    right up the road to fight him. Kenan deals out a hefty bit of damage, so run
    away to let your HP recover (if you use the Vampire Drain, this goes by quite a
    lot quicker), but if you do several hit-and-runs, he will be constantly walking
    through the Splash Mines and Acidwire Traps you have laid about, and take
    forever to get to the turrets.
            In the case he does get to the turrets, no worries: just try to
    eliminate the regular soldiers, and let the turrets focus on Kenan. He does not
    have a significant amount of HP, especially when compared to the fight with
    Lord Agony, so he should be a push-over compared to Day Ninety-Seven.
            Afterwards, watch the fairly length ending. Go through the credits
    roll for another few cutscenes, which will finally end the game thereafter.
    Congratulations, and thank you for using my Lock's Quest guide!
                            ~Darkstar Ripclaw
                                     TOWER DEFENSES
            The various buildings and traps that you can use in the game.
            Every column of a wall, turret or helper takes up a single ground space,
    but two spaces in the air. This means that you can lay a Trap right underneath
    the 'air space' of the building, but you cannot place any of the big buildings
    in that space.
            There is not much to say here. Walls come in five different shapes; the
    1x1 column, the 1x2 column, the 3x1 column, the 1x1 corner piece and the L-Shape
    corner piece, as well as a 4x1 Gate that Lock and allies can go in and out (but
    Clockworks cannot). A Turret or Helper that has one wall added onto it has
    approximately 1.5x its normal defense rating, while with two walls it has 2x
    the defense rating.
            That said, walls do not have a visible HP meter: instead, it is entirely
    visual, so the only way you can tell if they are damaged is if the walls
    themselves are partially crumbling. Be sure to just tap over each of them while
    in building phase with the repair button as a just-in-case precaution.
    1x1: 100 (Wood), 150 (Stone), 200 (Metal), 250 (Spiked Wood)
    2x1: 150 (Wood), 200 (Stone), 250 (Metal), 300 (Spiked Wood)
    3x1: 200 (Wood), 250 (Stone), 300 (Metal), 350 (Spiked Wood)
    1x1 (Corner): 100 (Wood), 150 (Stone), 200 (Metal), 250 (Spiked Wood)
    L-Shape (Corner): 150 (Wood), 200 (Stone), 250 (Metal), 300 (Spiked Wood)
    4x1 (Gate): 250 (Wood), 300 (Stone), 350 (Metal), 400 (Spiked Wood)
            Turrets, each of which is a 2x1 shape for ground space and 2x2 for air 
    space, will shoot out ammunition from their guns mounted on top of a column.
    Most often they are used to damage enemies, though a few have some other
    Basic Turret
    Damage: 4  Speed: 6  Range: 9
    Obtained on Day 1
    650 (Wood), 725 (Stone), 800 (Metal), 875 (Spiked Wood)
            The Basic Turret is exactly as described: basic. It fires one shot out
    at a time, and the ammunition will only damage a single Clockwork with each
    shot. Overall, however, it will likely end up being a staple for most of the
    game, thanks to it having the quickest speed of the six turrets (tied with
    only the Flak Cannon) and one of the best Ranges.
    Goo Launcher
    Damage: 0  Speed: 4  Range: 10
    Obtained at Seacrest Shores
    900 (Wood), 975 (Stone), 1050 (Metal), 1125 (Spiked Wood)
            The Goo Launcher does not do damage to enemies. Instead, it spits out
    globs of goo that impact with enemies, and slows both their movement speed and
    attack speed down. This also causes a splash effect much like the Burning
    Splash, so all enemies within a certain radius of where the goo lands are
    affected. Due to its range, it can also be useful as a delaying tactic, though
    you should put it to the side of a Basic Turret or Burning Splash and not right
    in front of the point where Clockworks usually converge on. However, the
    overall use of the Goo Launcher falls sharply when you obtain the Freeze Snare
    Trap, but gains some use back when you get the Effect Helper.
    Burning Splash
    Damage: 5  Speed: 4  Range: 7
    Obtained at Northshore Fort
    1150 (Wood), 1225 (Stone), 1300 (Metal), 1375 (Spiked Wood)
            The Burning Splash is slower and has less range than the Basic Turret:
    however, the calling card of the Burning Splash is that it deals damage within
    a splash radius. In other words, a shot from the Burning Splash turret deals
    damage within a radius area of where it lands. Therefore, the specific
    Clockwork that is attacked is dealt damage, but so are all the other Clockworks
    within a certain radius of the explosion point. However, thanks to its lack of
    range and speed, the Burning Splash should _NOT_ be used alone: it should
    always be paired up with at least one Basic Turret (or later on, Gungnir
    Turret). Similarly, when the first day on a given map passes by, you should
    check to see at which specific angles Clockworks come from. Burning Splashes
    work better if they are slightly off to the side of a Clockwork charge so they
    can hit Clockworks that come in close, but let the Basic Turrets deal with
    Clockworks as quickly as possible.
    Acid Bomb
    Damage: 7  Speed: 4  Range: 9
    Obtained at Deception Pass
    1200 (Wood), 1275 (Stone), 1350 (Metal), 1425 (Spiked Wood)
            The Acid Bomb does not do immediate damage to Clockworks: rather, it 
    is a gradual process, but it will stick onto Clockworks for a fairly long time:
    the acid from an Acic Bomb turret can stack on top of Lock's Acid Touch attack
    and Acidwire Traps. Even beside that, it still deals a decent amount of damage,
    and can be paired up fairly easily with just about anything else.
    Flak Cannon
    Damage: 4  Speed: 6  Range: 8
    Obtained at Deception Pass
    1000 (Wood), 1075 (Stone), 1150 (Metal), 1225 (Spiked Wood)
            The Flak Cannon is an aerial-shooting turret that only is used against 
    one type of Clockwork in the entire game. Said Clockwork does not always show up
    in a map or a given day, so keep an eye on the day-by-day strategies to see if
    Flyers show up on a specific day or not. When Flyers do come in, you should put
    Flak Cannons in behind your main turrets to fend off the Flyers, and not too
    far away from the congregation point of Clockworks.
    Damage: 10  Speed: 5  Range: 9
    Obtained at Desecrated Road
    1400 (Wood), 1475 (Stone), 1550 (Metal), 1625 (Spiked Wood)
            By the time you obtain this turret, most of the game will be over:
    nevertheless, the Gungnir will basically be able to take the place of all other
    turrets (besides Flak Cannon) with 10 damage and 9 range. The only things that
    make it a drawback is its prohibitive cost and its low speed, but when coupled
    with traps it becomes a very handy turret.
            Traps only take up a single _ground_ space, but they project a 3x3 area
    around them. This is not indicative of its range of effect, but you cannot put
    another trap within another trap's field of effect. An enemy Clockwork will only
    be affected by a trap once they walk into the Trap's range of effect.
            Traps cannot actually be damaged. However, they are for one-day-use
    only, so once the battle is over, you have to replace the trap.
    Acid Tripwire
    Damage: 3  Range: 1
    Obtained at Northshore Fort
    120 Source
            The Acidwire trap does not do immediate damage to Clockworks: rather, it
    is a gradual process, but it will stick onto Clockworks for a fairly long time,
    and the acid from an Acicwire trap can stack on top of Lock's Acid Touch attack
    and Acid Bomb turrets. Even beside that, it still deals a decent amount of
    damage, and can be paired up fairly easily with just about anything else.
    Anti-Magic Field
    Damage: 0  Range: 2
    Obtained at Nomad Settlement
    125 Source
            The Anti-Magic Field trap prevents any Magician or Healer clockworks in
    the area of effect of the AMF from being able to use spells, forcing them to
    move somewhere else before they can cast magic. For most of the game, they can
    be particularly useful in forcing Magicians inwards closer to your turrets, as
    Magicians will be able to cast magic farther away than most turrets can reach.
    Later on, with the introduction of Range Helpers, they lose some usefulness,
    but as Healers begin to upgrade in power will become useful again in reducing
    the effectiveness of Healers.
    Freeze Snare
    Damage: 0  Range: 1
    Obtained at Nomad Settlement
    200 Source
            Quite possible the most useful Trap you will get in the game, the
    Freeze Snare freezes all enemies that come within its range, preventing them
    from moving OR attacking for a couple of seconds, being of particular strategic
    use against Clockwork Brutes. Additionally, a single individual Freeze Snare
    can also freeze the same Clockwork twice or possibly more. Fighting a Clockwork
    with Lock is best done over a Freeze Snare, where after being unfrozen, a
    Clockwork can be refrozen just by turning around, and is unable to attack
    during that time period.
            Freeze Traps work best in front of turrets and walls, by stopping the
    Clockworks short of the defenses, allowing the Turrets time to damage or
    eliminate some of the Clockworks before the group can make it over. This is
    particularly useful for Brutes, who back off from a building every time they
    hit it, and can fall prey into a Freeze Snare again.
            Freeze Snares also work fairly well by laying them together closely
    with Acidwire Traps or Splash Mines, as Clockworks will be both frozen and lose
    their HP at the same time, wearing them down.
    Deep Charge
    Damage: 4  Range: 2
    Obtained at Warren Forest
    125 Source
            The Deep Charge is used to combat a single type of Clockwork: the
    Burrower. When a Burrower goes underground, if it comes into the range of a
    Deep Charge, it will be damaged immensely. Burrowers are not guaranteed to show
    up all the time after they are first introduced, much like Phantoms and Flyers,
    so keep an eye on this walkthrough's day-to-day strategies as well as on the
    game itself to see if Burrowers are present before laying any Deep Charges down.
            That said, Deep Charges do best if they are placed behind a wall
    defense, as opposed to in front. That way, you can put traps in front of your
    wall and save some space. A Burrower could be finished off by having a Turret
    or two next to your Source Well or other objective.
    Weaken Touch
    Damage: 0  Range: 0
    Obtained at Shellrock Cape
    150 Source
            Weaken Touch traps reduce the amount of damage caused by any Clockwork
    within its area of influence. These do best right in front of walls, as nearly
    all Clockworks are close-combat attackers: while they will also work against
    Magicians and Archers, it is fairly difficult to predict where they will attack
    from, meaning the area of an effect of a Weaken Touch might not touch them.
    Splash Mine
    Damage: 3  Range: 2
    Obtained at Desecrated Road
    200 Source
            The Splash Mine will explode when a Clockwork comes nearby and cause a
    large amount of damage to it (despite the description, it is not a one-use
    trap: it will last the entire day just like all the other traps). Coming as
    late as they do in the game, they do not see that muse use, but when you
    finally obtain them, they can be deadly useful, and can basically replace
    Acidwire Traps if you use them.
            Helpers are much like turrets in shape, taking up a 2x1 space on the
    ground and 2x2 space in the air, and their defense can be bolstered up by
    having a wall to either side of them. Helpers do not directly attack
    Clockworks: instead, they boost a specific quality of any nearby turrets.
    Range: 3
    Obtained at The Fallen Crypt
    900 (Wood), 975 (Stone), 1050 (Metal), 1125 (Spiked Wood)
            The Repair Helper will automatically repair any damaged walls and
    turrets within its range. While that is fairly basic, it should be exploited
    heavily: put it up against the part of the walls and turrets that tend to
    receive the brunt of a Clockwork wave for best result.
    Range: 3
    Obtained at Ironfist Quarry
    700 (Wood), 775 (Stone), 850 (Metal), 925 (Spiked Wood)
            Easily one of the best structures in the game, the Range Helper
    increases the range of ALL of your turrets, meaning they can fire at Clockworks
    further away, and take out Magicians and Archers that were previously at
    annoying angles. If you combine this effectively with Freeze Snare traps and/or
    a Goo Launcher Turret and/or Damage Helper in combination with the three
    damaging turrets, it can quite easily break the game fairly quickly.
    Range: 4
    Obtained at Tarn Highlands
    900 (Wood), 975 (Stone), 1050 (Metal), 1125 (Spiked Wood)
            Damage Helpers increase the damage each of the three damaging Turrets
    (Basic Turret, Burning Splash and Gungnir) deal with each of their shots. In
    conjunction with a Range Helper, this combination can quickly become broken.
    Range: 6
    Obtained at Marshe Lowlands
    600 (Wood), 675 (Stone), 750 (Metal), 825 (Spiked Wood)
            Effect helpers are used for the Acid Bomb and Goo Cannon Turrets. What
    they do is increase the duration of a shot from either turret, causing the acid
    or goo to last longer.
    Range: 9
    Obtained at Well Cluster
    800 (Wood), 875 (Stone), 950 (Metal), 1025 (Spiked Wood)
            Revealer Helpers are not used to help turrets specifically. Rather,
    they 'reveal' nearby Clockwork Phantoms, exposing them to being damaged by
    turrets. As Revealers have a long Range, you can generally just place down only
    one whenever you are fighting Phantoms (unless your defense line stretches on
    fairly long) and that should be sufficient.
            Throughout the game, you will fight a large assortment of enemies, who
    will gradually get tougher and tougher. Each of them have their own quirks and
    counters, so they are all listed here.
            Clockworks are the main enemies that you shall be fighting off in the
    game. They will slowly be introduced as the days go by: after a while, they
    will be upgraded to 'Silver' units, where-in they can deal more damage and take
    more abuse before they are destroyed. They will hit one final upgrade to an
    'Elite' unit by the end of the game.
    Clockwork Soldier
    First Seen on Day 3
    Upgrade to Silver Soldier on Day 54
    Upgrade to Elite Soldier on Day 72
            The most basic of the Clockworks, the Soldier is your standard
    attacker: it will walk up to its target, then swing at Lock or your defenses
    with its hands, then take a brief second before attacking again. Nothing much
    to say about them.
    Clockwork Archer
    First Seen on Day 3
    Upgrade to Silver Archer on Day 56
    Upgrade to Elite Archer on Day 74
            Your basic long-range attacker, Clockwork Archers tend to be on the
    weak side in taking damage. However, their attack strength is surprisingly
    strong. In the beginning of the game, they can occasionally snipe at defenses
    from an angle where a turret cannot hit them back, so either place Traps right
    to the rear of a corner to damage an Archer or force it inwards, or else have
    Lock go out to deal with the Archers himself.
    Clockwork Knight
    First Seen on Day 6
    Upgrade to Silver Knight on Day 58
    Upgrade to Elite Knight on Day 76
            Knights can be fairly nasty: they carry around a hammer that they swing
    around themselves in a 360 rotation, using their momentum to damage their
    target. If your reaction is quick enough, as Lock you can go in and hit away at
    them, then quickly run away before one can hit you with its attack. Because
    they need to swing their hammers around, a Knight can be stopped fairly easily
    by placing Freeze Snares around the front lines: by moving around excessively,
    it is far more likely to set off the trap.
    Clockwork Brute
    First Seen on Day 9
    Upgrade to Silver Brute on Day 60
    Upgrade to Elite Brute on Day 82
            Of all the close-range Clockworks, except for possibly the Phantom, the
    Brute is the one you want to keep the closest eye on. A Brute will charge from
    a short distance away into a turret or wall to damage it, and cause a massive
    amount of destruction in the process. Even to Lock they can deal a large amount
    of HP damage. However, because of their affinity for charging into structures,
    they are also weak to Freeze Snares: their high amount of movement is easily
    capable of setting off a trap, and with luck they may set it off multiple times
    in a single charge.
    Clockwork Shielders
    First Seen on Day 14
    Upgrade to Silver Shielder on Day 62
    Upgrade to Elite Shielder on Day 84
            Quite possibly the most annoying Clockwork unit of them all, the
    Shielder does not actually do anything offensively. Instead, it takes a ton of
    damage to shut one down, and turrets often are inclined to attack Shielders,
    allowing other Clockwork units plenty of time to attack your defenses. The best
    way to deal with Shielders is to be offensive with Lock himself, heading off
    any Shielders in a group before they get to your defenses. This stops the
    turrets from focusing on the Shielder as the Shielder was help up from the rest
    of the group. Failing that, you can always try for Acidwire Traps or Acid Bombs
    and hope to quickly wear out the Shielder's HP.
    Clockwork Magicians
    First Seen on Day 19
    Upgrade to Elite Magician on Day 88
            Magicians are the second of the two long-distance units, and they can
    be the more annoying. They have a slightly longer range then an Archer does,
    which gives them the propensity to attack your turrets and walls while staying
    out of the attack range of the turrets. To nullify them, you can lay down
    Anti-Magic Fields three to four panels away from your corner. This will force
    the Magician to move in closer, and within range of your Turrets. If Lock
    himself is fighting a Magician, take note the Magician's motions: it first
    raises its arms, then goes through the motions of casting a spell, before a
    rock or fireball drops from the air. The rock/fireball takes its time as well,
    so Lock can easily run out of the way of the spell before it hits him, allowing
    him to avoid taking damage. Oddly enough, Magicians seem to skip the Silver
    Upgrade and go straight to Elite Magician.
    Clockwork Healer
    First Seen on Day 26
    Upgrade to Silver Healer on Day 66
    Upgrade to Elite Healer on Day 90
            Easily the most annoying unit of all Clockworks, Healers do exactly
    that: they heal, both themselves and other Clockworks. As they upgrade to
    Silver and then Elite Healers, they become tougher to kill as a Healer can heal
    itself nearly as fast as it is being damaged, while all the other units are
    causing havoc. Akin to when fighting Shielders, if you are intercepting a group
    of Clockworks before they get to your defenses, pick off the Healer so it is
    distracted and delayed. If a Clockwork group is at your defenses, pick off the
    Healer and try to kill it off quickly.
            Healers also fall into the 'magic-class' of Clockworks, so if you take
    care to spread a few Anti-Magic Fields around, they will have to move around to
    get into a position where they can heal Clockwork allies from.
    First Seen on Day 32
    Upgrade to Silver Flyer on Day 68
    Upgrade to Elite Flyer on Day 92
            Flyers have two qualities that set them apart: first is that they are
    the only units in the game who can actually fly. This means they cannot be hit
    by normal turrets, and only Flak Cannons can damage them. Lock can still attack
    them, however, so do not worry about that. The second quality they have is that
    they can hover over a Trap and, after a few seconds of being in that position,
    destroy the Trap. This makes them fairly annoying, and so when they first come
    in you should be more conservative with your Trap-Laying and optimize their
    positions. However, they will not always show up after they are first
    introduced: check the walkthrough's day-to-day comments to see if Flyers show
    up. If they do not, you need not worry about putting Flak Cannons in anywhere.
    First Seen on Day 38
    Upgrade to Silver Burrower on Day 64
    Upgrade to Elite Flyer on Day 86
            The Burrower is actually a fairly weak close-combat Clockwork, but
    there is one key difference that sets it aside from most other Clockworks: it
    can burrow underground, and go behind your walls, allowing it to then attack
    whatever it is you are guarding, whether it be a Source Well or person.
            There are two methods you can counter a Burrower with. The first is
    using a Deep Charge: a trap that sends tremors through the grounds, damaging
    any burrowers who are currently underground. Deep Charges are best placed
    either in front or behind of the wall defense: behind if you have to place
    something such as a Weaken Touch right in front of the wall. If you happen to
    be running a two-layer defense with turrets and walls in front and helpers
    behind, depending on how you position your Helpers (so that the front part that
    takes up two air space but not any ground space) is right next to the turret,
    you can place Deep Charges in between the two layers.
            The other method is actually quite simple: put a turret or two right
    next to your Source Well or other objective if the map allows it. That way even
    if a Burrower does sneak through it still have to contend with taking damage
    while trying to capture its target. That said, the Burrower does not show up
    all the time, so try to keep day-to-day awareness of when they do show up.
    Clockwork Phantom
    First Seen on Day 47
    Upgrade to Silver Phantom on Day 70
    Upgrade to Elite Phantom on Day 94
            As the name suggests, the Phantoms are fairly tricky. They are
    invisible close-combat attackers who will be invisible to the top map, and can
    only be revealed in two ways: either through the use of a Revealer Helper, or
    when Lock wanders near them. The former is the only method that can be used to
    allow turrets to hit a Phantom, while if Lock is used to discover one only he
    can actually attack the Phantom. Keep an eye out for when Phantoms show up in
    the day-to-day strategies of this walkthrough, and throw up a Revealer behind
    your lines when they do so that the turrets can destroy any Phantom that comes
                                     KINGDOM FORCES
            Unlike Clockworks, Kingdom Forces only have three units, none of which
    have special abilities. Furthermore, they will be fighting alongside you for
    the most part, although on a couple of occasions you will have to fight against
    them. In the latter case, it is basically a game of causing as much damage as
    you can in as short a period of time: with no need for Deep Charges, Flak
    Cannons, Anti-Magic Fields or Revealers you can go wild with everything else.
            A basic close-combat unit, the Spearman deals out and takes less damage
    than the Knight to kill.
            The second close-combat unit of the Kingdom Forces, the Knight can both
    dish out and take more abuse than a Spearman can.
            The only long-range Kingdom Force unit, the Archer can shoot from afar,
    and occasionally can hit a defense from a blind spot where turrets cannot
    retaliate from. If this occurs, Lock himself should go out to deal with the
            While I offer day-to-day strategies, you need not always follow them.
    That said, if you want to be able to independently go through the game, here
    are some good tips to use.
    Create Chokepoints
            This does not always happen to work, as many maps are fairly flat with
    few obstacles, but when you can, create a chokepoint. Areas where you can find
    one are fairly easy to find: a narrow strip of the grid that are blocked off to
    either side, letting you build six to nine tiles worth of walls and turrets
    that Clockworks cannot get around, but only through.
    Trap Overlaying
            When you lay down a trap, it extends a 3x3 field around it, which you
    cannot lay another trap in that field. This 3x3 area is not necessarily
    indicative of its range, but it is a close representative. That said, if you
    put two traps together so that a 1x3 part of their fields overlap, then their
    effects will also overlap, causing Clockworks running through to get hit by a
    double-whammy of traps. An example you might use for most of the game is an
    Acidwire trap combined with a Freeze Snare, though by the end of the game you
    may want to use Freeze Snare with Splash Mine.
    Distracting with Lock
            Lock is but a single person, who cannot quite compete with the damaging
    power of most turrets, but he does have an advantage that you can exploit: all
    Clockworks in the game, once he attacks them, will focus on him instead of what
    they were doing beforehand. If you are not currently defending your towers
    against a wave of Clockworks, what you can do is go out to the rest of the
    battlefield, find a wave of Clockworks marching towards your defense, and
    attack a Healer or a Shielder in particular. This causes them to stop marching
    along with the rest of the group. Not only can you use this opportunity to kill
    them, but even if you do not, you prevent them from soaking up damage or
    healing other Clockworks simply because they are not with the rest of the wave.
    This even works when fighting Clockworks at your turrets and walls: if you have
    a Brute who is dealing a large amount of damage or a Healer who is healing a
    large amount of HP, you can distract them away by wailing away at them.
    High Elevations
            Although they only come up a few times in the game, you will
    occasionally get a map where you have hills, especially near your defense zone.
    When this occurs, take advantage of them. Clockworks have a terrible time
    running up hills, while turrets gain a range advantage by virtue of being up at
    a higher elevation, so build right at the top of the hill and lay some traps
    down underneath, particularly Freeze Snares.
    Acid Burns
            Within the game, you have an 'acid' effect that will damage Clockworks
    slowly over a long period of time. There are three ways to inflict acid effect
    on Clockworks: the first is with the Acid Bomb turret, the second is with the
    Acidwire trap, and the third is using Lock's Acid Touch attack. However, each
    of the acid effects are independent of each other: inflicting one type of acid
    attack will not cancel out the effects of another. This means that the acids
    stack, so if a Clockwork gets hit by an Acid Touch and Acidwire, the two acid
    effects stack so the Clockwork loses HP twice as fast, and three times as fast
    if an Acid Bomb is added into the mix.
                                 CLASSIC TOWER DEFENSE
            When you first reach Antonia, you will be forced to combat Clockworks
    through the means of a classic tower defense siege game, in which you shoot at
    enemies on a flat perspective from a tower as they march to try and attack you.
    You must play for five days at a time: however, after you win, you will get
    Source from the Knight Captain, which you can use for in regular battles.
    Soldier - Fairly simple Clockwork, just wanders across the screen and attacks
              your tower.
    Knight - Somewhat tougher Clockwork, wanders across the screen and swings its
             hammer at the tower.
    Brute - Trudges at a very slow pace across the screen. When it gets close to
            the tower, it will charge into it, causing a heavy amount of damage.
            Though they are not your highest priority, you should still deal with
            them before they have a chance to get anywhere near the Tower.
    Archer - HIGHEST PRIORITY target. Archers will spawn up from the ground and stay
             in a stationary position, and then shoot at the tower. They cannot
             cause damage, but what they can do is eliminate any shot upgrades you
             have, which is a really big annoyance.
    Magician - Much like Archers, Magicians rise up from the ground and stay in
               the position they came up from. They will cast a magic spell that
               flies vertically across the screen, but cancels out if the Magician
               is killed off before the spell hits your tower.
    +100HP - 500 Source - Repairs 100HP to your Tower
    +500HP - 1000 Source - Repairs 500HP to your Tower
    +1000HP - 2000 Source - Repairs 1000HP to your Tower
    Extra 100HP - 600 Source - Adds 100HP to your Tower
    Extra 200HP - 1200 Source - Adds 200HP to your Tower
    Extra Shot - 1600/2400 Source - Adds Extra Shot to your Cannons (up to 2x)
    True Shot - 900 Source - Causes all your cannon shots to be linear instead of
                             going in a projectile. This also increases the speed of
                             your shots. Highly recommended for boss fights, where
                             you can shoot at the boss several times per second.
    Explosive - 1900 Source - Makes your shot super-powered, which can kill any
                              enemy except for bosses in one hit. Additionally, 
                              the shot explodes, causing damage to any nearby
    Raining - 1500 Source -  Causes several cannonballs to fall from the sky in an
                             absolute deluge, lasting for about ten seconds.
    Repair Up - 2500 Source - Lets you repair your tower while in the middle of a
    Sapper - 500 Source - A Sapper will move forward and blow up once it hits a
                          Clockwork, damaging all Clockworks near the first one.
    Shielder - 700 Source - A Shielder marches outside right in front of the tower
                            and absorbs damage as a meat shield from Clockworks,
                            protecting the tower from harm. Particularly effective
                            against close-range bosses.
    Spearman - 2400 Source - A Spearman marches forward and kills everything he runs
                             into until he either dies or goes off the screen.
                                      EASTER EGGS
            Some of the few easter eggs in the game.
    Developer's Room
            After you beat the game, there is a little easter egg you can partake in
    where you can visit the developer's room and hear the thoughts of the developers
    on the game.
            To get there, take the following steps:
            1. Beat the game.
            2. Reload, and on the overworld map, head to Brookwood Camp, slightly
               northeast of Antonia. Inside, examine the skull on top of one of
               the graves.
            3. Exit out to the overworld. Look north and then west a bit of where
               Brookwood Camp is, and you should see a big yellow dot that does not
               actually lead to or from anywhere. Tap on the yellow dot so Lock
               will walk over there.
            4. Inside, head up to the water and tap the bubble to pop it. Next,
               go to the source mill in the southwest part of the room and turn it
               on. Head up and you should see a row of lamps that are lit up. Tap
               the lone unlit lamp to reveal a door, then go through the door.
            There are several references to other classic games that can be spotted
    in the text and motions of the developers. One of the more obvious examples is
    a Chrono Trigger reference.
    Fight Kingdom Force
            If you hold the R button while loading up a completed game, and go to
    replay any of the areas, you will end up fighting Kingdom Force instead of
    Clockworks. Additionally, any Clockworks that show up during cutscenes will be
    replaced by Bluebits instead.
    Replay Final Story Sequence
            Not really an easter egg, but by holding down the L button while loading
    a completed game up you can watch the final few story scenes.
    Q: How do I assemble an item?
    A: Not all of the Traps, Turrets and Helpers are assemblable at the beginning
       of the game. You first need to obtain Spare Parts which Clockworks drop
       when defeated. When you have the right parts required to assemble a certain
       structure, the game will tell you at the beginning of a building phase.
       During building phase, toggle over to Turrets/Helpers/Traps, and tap on the
       greyed-out box to bring up the assembly screen. When assembling an item,
       you must take the right parts as the visual shows you and put them together
       to match the visual, then hit the checkmark button to assemble it.
    Q: There appears to be a sort of weird flicker across the bottom of the screen
       at times. Is there any reason for this?
    A: It is thought the graphical flicker might happen when there are lots of
       Clockworks, Traps and structures on-screen. This rarely happens, however,
       and when it does there are no ill effects to speak of, so do not worry if it
       does happen.
    Q: What to do with the '5C0O73RPWN57473R' code?
    A: Unknown.
                                    Version History
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     -Completed all Clockworks and Kingdom Forces
     -Completed Basics section
     -Completed General Strategies
     -Completed Miscellaneous section
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     -Walkthrough completely finished
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     -Walkthrough up through Day 77 at Eastar Fields.
     V0.5     01/24/10
     -Walkthrough up through Day 54 at the Ironfist Quarry
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