Breaking creates or fragiling them?

  1. I know it's been asked already but, I need someone to clear up something. In breaking crates and making them respawn so I can get the items, do they need to be in "fragile" state or COMPLETELY broken as in destroyed? And it is right to break(?_?) them first then let them respawn so I can get the items?

    User Info: josh1002

    josh1002 - 10 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. To make breakable items respawn, they have to be completely destroyed by a warrior's attack (or in some levels, an ogre's special attack). Reducing it to fragile won't make it respawn. Only some breakable items have key items in them after respawning; some will just have weapons, especially in later levels.

    The general process, thus, is: damage item to get key item/weapon (being careful not to damage the item too much or the key item may be destroyed), reduce to fragile, break with a warrior's attack, wait for the item to respawn, rinse, repeat.

    User Info: MageDragonfire

    MageDragonfire - 10 years ago 2   0

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