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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ffmasterjose

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    Moon FAQ
    Date Began: February 6th, 2009
    Date Finished: March 1st, 2009
    Version: 1.00
    Author: Jose "ffmasterjose" Escamilla
    Email: ffmasterjose (at) gmail (dot) com
     [Table of Contents]
    I. Introduction.........................................................[int01]
    II. Controls............................................................[ctr02]
    III. Weapons............................................................[wpn03]
    IV. Pickups.............................................................[pik04]
    V. Miscellaneous........................................................[msc05]
    VI. Enemies.............................................................[ene06]
    VII. Walkthrough........................................................[wlk00]
        Episode 01: Product Storage Sector I................................[ep101]
        Episode 01: Product Storage Sector I (Part 2).......................[epxx1]
        Episode 02: Guardian I..............................................[ep202]
        Episode 03: Escape Product Storage Sector I.........................[ep303]
        Episode 04: Product Storage Sector II...............................[ep404]
        Episode 04: Product Storage Sector II (Part 2)......................[epxx2]
        Episode 05: Sanctus Vector..........................................[ep505]
        Episode 06: Exit Product Storage Sector II..........................[ep606]
        Episode 07: Non-ETO Transport Vessel................................[ep707]
        Episode 08: LOLA-RR10 / Waste Disposal..............................[ep808]
        Episode 08: LOLA-RR10 / Waste Disposal (Part 2).....................[epxx3]
        Episode 09: Guardian II.............................................[ep909]
        Episode 10: Power Station...........................................[ep100]
        Episode 10: Power Station (Part 2)..................................[epxx4]
        Episode 11: Phexic Manifold.........................................[ep111]
        Episode 12: Cold Process............................................[ep122]
        Episode 13: Guardian III............................................[ep133]
        Episode 14: Irradiated Stratum......................................[ep144]
        Episode 14: Irradiated Stratum (Part 2).............................[epxx5]
        Episode 15: Matrix Progenitor.......................................[ep155]
        Episode 16: Fermian Homeworld.......................................[ep166]
        Episode 17: Overlord................................................[ep177]
    VIII. Bonus Episodes....................................................[bno00]
        Episode 18: Tsukigami's VR Training I...............................[bno01]
        Episode 19: Tsukigami's VR Training II..............................[bno02]
        Episode 20: Tsukigami's VR Training III.............................[bno03]
        Episode 21: Tsukigami's VR Training IV..............................[bn004]
        Episode 22: Tsukigami's VR Training V...............................[bno05]
        Episode 23: Tsukigami's VR Training VI..............................[bno06]
    IX. Frequently Asked Questions..........................................[faq00]
    X. Version History......................................................[ver00]
    XI. Legal Information...................................................[leg00]
    XII. Final Notes........................................................[fin00]
     I. Introduction [int01]
    Welcome to my FAQ for Moon! In this guide you will find everything that you
    could possibly want to know about this game, and then some! I wrote this FAQ
    because at the time of this writing there were no other FAQs posted for the
    game at all on GameFAQs. So I figured I would be doing both the site a favor,
    with bringing it one step closer to the "impossible dream" of having a guide
    for every game posted, but I am also helping you the reader out by (hopefully)
    giving you the answer to whatever you're looking for.
    To provide you with a little background information about this game, Moon is a
    first-person shooter science-fiction game for the Nintendo DS. It was released
    in the United States on January 13th, 2009, and as of this writing, has not
    been released in any other region. It was developed by rookie Developer
    Renegade Kid, who at the time of this writing have only released on other game:
    Dementium: The Ward, also for Nintendo DS and also a first-person shooter. Moon
    was released by Mastiff, a company that has been around a little bit longer
    than RK with more experience. The game itself has a very "indie" feel to it,
    and is often compared to another popular DS title, Metroid Prime Hunters. Now,
    I have not played Metroid Prime Hunters so I won't even begin to agree or even
    disagree with that statement. The game itself was met with average reception,
    but given that it was not released by a triple-a company, I would say that not
    to be too disappointing. My personal opinion - it's a very fun game, it actually
    surprised me, which is always nice.
    With that being said, it's on to the FAQ itself!
     II. Controls [ctr02]
    The control scehemes in Moon are very simplistic and straightforward. You can
    select between two schemes, Type 1 and Type 2. Their functions are as follows.
    Please note that I have also dedicated this section to detailing al there is
    to know about the dual screens and their use in Moon:
    Type 1 (For right-handed individuals)
    L button = Shoot
    Directional pad = Move character
    Stylus = Look around/Aim reticule
    Type 2 (for left-handed individuals)
    R button = Shoot
    Y,X,A,B buttons = Move character
    Stylus = Look around/Aim reticule
    LOLA-RR10 Controls
    Directional pad Up = Accelerates
    Directional pad Down = Brakes/Reverse
    Directional pad Left/Right AND sliding Stylus on the Touch Screen = Steer
    Slide stylus on Touch Screen = Aim turret/move camera
    L Button = Fires weapon
    Tap the Action Icon on the touch screen = Exit vehicle
    Top Screen Display
    - Reticule in the center of the screen is what you use to aim your weapon
    - HEALTH bar in the lower left-hand corner displays how much health you have
    - Lower right hand corner of the screen displays what weapon you are currently
    using as well as how much ammunition you have left
    - At the bottom of the screen is where a blinking arrow will show up when you
    have the chance to use the Action Icon. This is basically here for a reminder
    to look at your Touch Screen from time to time more than anything.
    Touch Screen Display
    - In the center is your navigational display. Whenever you enter a new location
    this map will always load. The triangle represents your movement.
    - At the bottom is your weapon display, showing you what weapon you are using
    as well as how much ammo you have left. Tap this to alternate between weapons
    as well as the Remote Access Droid
    - In the upper left-hand corner is the Options screen. You can use this to
    adjust most game settings. This can also be accessed from the Main Menu
    - In the upper right-hand corner is Map display. Once you have downloaded the
    map for whatever area you are presently in you can use this feature to check
    locations. Rooms shaded in blue are areas you have yet to explore, while rooms
    in red signify that you have been in those areas before.
    - At the very top of the Touch Screen is the Action Icon. You use this to..well
    perform actions. Things like opening doors, picking up weapons, retrieving your
    Remote Access Droid, saving your game, all of these and more are dependent on
    the Action Icon.
     III. Weapons [wpn03]
    This section will tell you everything that you could possibly want to know
    about the weapons in this game! I have included practically everything except
    for the kitchen sink, so I hope you find it useful!
    Weapon: Super Assault Rifle
    Description: The standard weapon of the game, given to all ETEO officers. It
    has unlimited ammo since it is based on "particle displacement technology" and
    is a "high impact weapon". While the unlimited ammo aspect is great, the more
    distance there is between you and your target, the less accurate the Super
    Assault Rifle is. It fires in burst of three.
    Weapon: Muon Pistol
    Found In: Episode 01: Product Storage Sector I
    Ammo/Clip Capacity: 16/92
    Description: The Muon Pistol serves as a handgun in Moon. It is "lightweight,
    versitile, and effective in close-quarters and mid-range combat scenarios". It
    fires one shot per burst, but that single shot packs a strong punch. Very
    portable and not as sluggish to wield as some other weapons are.
    Weapon: Quanta Rifle
    Found In: Episode 04: Product Storage Sector II
    Ammo/Clip Capacity: 96/192
    Description: Now this is a weapon you don't want to screw around with, really.
    It fires rapid green projectiles at the enemy. It is basically a great upgrade
    to the Super Assault Rifle, except that it does not do too much as far as
    accuracy is concerned. But it is definitely the superior weapon in almost every
    other way. Very useful for dealing continous, hard damage to an enemy, and for
    most boss fights it is a godsend. With a very large ammo clip once you get the
    upgrade, its no wonder it serves as a fan favorite.
    Weapon: Fermion Sniper
    Found In: Episode 10: Power Station
    Ammo/Clip Capacity: 8/8
    Description: Your standard sniper rifle for the game. Not intended for close
    range use, but that goes without saying. Can zoom in and zoom out with ease,
    and also doesn't hinder strifing. Packs a strong punch, most regular foes go
    down after 1-3 shots at the most.
    Weapon: Lepton Spread
    Found In: Episode 12: Cold Process
    Ammo/Clip Capacity: 16/16
    Description: The shotgun/mini grenade launcher of the game. If you can get
    enemies together when you shoot this thing, you're going to mess them up.
    Weapon: Oxid Cannon
    Found In: Episode 14: Irradiated Stratum
    Ammo/Clip Capacity: 16/8
    Description: This is like the game's answer to the rocket launcher. Works
    incredible for large group of enemies. And plus, Kane takes no shockwave
    damage from it! Used best against multiple enemies, or just one very tough
    opponent. Has modest accuracy.
    Weapon: Seeker Pod
    Found In: Episode 14: Irradiated Stratum
    Ammo/Clip Capacity: 8/4
    Description: This weapon of mass destruction is very similar to the Oxid
    Cannon, except that it has some homing capability and its blast radius is much
    more wide and destructive. It's a shame you acquire it so late in your
    adventure. It is most effective when used against a large group of enemies,
    or when you are bunched up in a narrow space and facing a large horde.
     ++ffmasterjose's anti-plagiarism check++
     IV. Pickups [pik04]
    This is all about the many things that you can pick up along your journey.
    I even included storyline items that have very little effect on the game.
    Canisters: Replenish Kane's health. Blue and alien in nature. Dropped by some
    enemies after they are destroyed.
    Ammunition: Ammo for your vaious weapons in the game. Also dropped by enemies
    and found in various spots of the game.
    Power Ups: Max Health Increase items and Ammo Clip Increase Items, these
    forever build up your health meter and ammunition supplies. Found throughout
    some levels.
    Alien Artifacts: When these are present in a level there are always three of
    them to collect. Collecting all three will unlock bonus episodes to play.
    Red Key: Used to unlock a door in Episode 01
    Data Packets: Used to disable a security lock
    Multi-colored Keys: Used to open boss chamber doors.
     V. Miscellaneous [msc05]
    And this section deals with odds and ends that have a direct relationship with
    the game but are not worthy of their own section.
    Save Points: Spherical instruments found in safe rooms. Save your progress
    by approaching one and using the Action Icon. Save points are useful as they
    record your data, provide a spot to determine where to head to next, and they
    fully replenish Major Kane's health.
    Switches: Brightly colored columns that require you to examine them using the
    Action Icon to disable force fields that they control.
    Map Terminals: Found in areas that are vast and expansive. They resemble
    computer terminals except that they are much wider in width. Use the Action
    Icon when close enough to a Map Terminal to download the map information to your
    UCA. After you have done this, you can check the map of your area by selecting
    the "Map" option on the upper-right hand corner of the Touch Screen.
    Computer Terminal: Scattered throughout the levels are these terminals that
    provide somewhat cryptic information about whatever was going on before you got
    there. They serve to fill in some backstory with the overall plot of the game.
    You also need to examine every terminal in a level in order to earn every Merit
    that you can possibly get.
    Security Chutes: These vents will spit out Drone units if an enemy prescence is
    detected. They are more than a nuisance than anything. But in some cases they
    come in handy, giving you an unlimited supply of Drones to shoot provides you
    with health canisters and ammo pickups.
    Tunnels: Small narrow passageways that Kane cannot fit into and require the
    use of your Remote Access Droid. They are protected by weak force fields that
    can be disabled by your Remote Access Droid's EMP blast, allowing it to access
    them (no pun intended).
    Force Orbs: These pesky little spheres provide the force fields that block your
    way with power. They can be destroyed by normal gun fire but most of the time
    you are unable to do that until you find yourself on the other side of them.
    This requires you to use your Remote Access Droid to go through some tunnels
    and temporarily disable them so Kane can move on. These provide a good chunk of
    the game's puzzles to solve.
    LOLA-RR10: The "Low-Gravity Land-Based Reconnaissance and Repulse Vehicle",
    or LOLA for short. Designed for reconnaissance missions and combat on the Moon
    surface. Comes equipped with a turret that emits a powerful laser blast capable
    of penetrating most armor. Reminds me of the DeLorean for some reason.
    Remote Access Droid: A small little recon droid that links up with Kane's 
    sensory output and neural output. Used to get to areas Kane cannot access to
    disable a force field or for anything else. Due to how it is setup, any damage
    it takes will also affect Kane. It also leaves Kane vulnerable to attack, and
    vice versa once you control Kane and you backtrack to retrieve it. Comes
    equipped with a small EMP blaster that disables electronic equipment for a short
    amount of time, including enemies. The maximum capacity of its EMP blaster is
    eight, which recharges quickly after use.
    Universal Cognitive Adapter: Abbreviated as UCA, located in Kane's suit. It
    contains a communication device that allows you to keep in touch with General
    Lambert and Captain Tsukigami, an advanced scanning system and a personal
    navigation database (all displayed in the center on the Touch Screen). This
    device is what you use to download maps and keep in touch with your superior
    officers. It is very handy, and neat if you ask me.
     VI. Enemies  [ene06]
    There are a variety of enemies that you will encounter along your adventure.
    They all have the same goal in mind - to stop you at all costs. Here is listing
    of every enemy encountered in the game. Most enemies have a variance of sorts,
    that is, they have different or altered physical forms.
    Drone: The standard enemy of the game. These levitating nuisances are not very
    tough alone, but if they get the opportunity to gang up on you, life might
    become a little more difficult. All of their forms go down with relative ease.
    Crawlers: Tiny metallic enemies that are commonly found in narrow hallways and
    tunnels where you send the Remote Access Droid into. They have no long range
    attacks at all, they literally have to crawl to you in order to harm you.
    Even against the Remote Access Droid they do not pose much of a threat against
    Gun TurretS: Mounted on either ceilings or the side of walls. The standard
    variety shoot blue lasers at Kane, there is also a red form that shoots a kind
    of homing yellow plasma projectile at you. Best to attack from long range if
    at all possible. They are not really too much of a threat by themselves, it is
    just when they overwhelm you in superior numbers things can get heated.
    Spiders: Small compact mechanical beasts that shoot projectiles in all possible
    directions. Their core is the weak point. The only difference between the two
    varities comes in how durable they are and how fast the projectiles are fired.
    The blue advanced model fires much more rapidly than the first yellow models
    you come across.
    Scorpion: You realy don't see too many of these, in fact one of them serves as
    the first boss of the game, and then you won't come across them until much
    later in the game. Fires a projectile from its tail that can both stun you and
    deplete your health meter. Somewhat durable to your Super Assault Rifle. They
    also utilize a shockwave-type of attack by raising up and slamming down on the
    Walking Mech Suits: Not having an official name for most enemies in the game
    leaves things very open for interpretation, as you can see. These enemies are
    exactly what the name implies - walking mechs that fire green projectiles at
    you. When they are destroyed sometimes a smaller flying enemy will try to crash
    into Kane, causing harm. These foes are also fairly tough and most of the time
    you will want to use better weaponry than your Super Assault Rifle against them
    and their several different forms, such as the ones that launch grenades at
    Roller-Bosses: Mini-bosses that also show up as regular enemies towards the end
    of the game. Their weak point is their center. Roll towards Kane in an attempt
    to crush him, and they also have the ability to fire from their dual laser
    blasters. Targeting their center with your best weaponry will put them away
    quickly though.
    Mechanized Doors: At the end of most non-boss levels you will have to face an
    automated defense...door. Yeah, it really IS a door. They fire flare projectile
    at you. Their weak point is their orange-glowing center. They serve as a type
    of sub-boss, a very easy sub-boss at that.
    Bosses: Almost every other Episode will be a boss fight Episode. Every boss
    has a specific routine and attack pattern, and the boss fights that require you
    to interact with whats around you is all pretty straightforward. Each boss is
    different except for the first three Guardian fights, its basically the same
    fight except with different conditions in place. Same goes for the numerous
    core bosses you will fight. Thankfully every boss fight is extremely easy and
     VII. Walkthrough  [wlk00]
    The meat and bones of the FAQ itself. I will outline the guide portion just as
    the game does, by episode title. I will try to make this guide as spoiler free
    as I possibly can, I understand that reading spoilers while you're looking for
    help is pretty annoying. But I make no absolute promises. I may mention a small
    scene or something, but big plot points will never be talked about, that I do
     Prologue [pro0]
    At the start of adventure, take a few moments to get yourself situated with
    the controls, and get used to the stylus use, you will not get very far in
    the game if you don't. Take a quick walk around, and then hop on the catwalk.
    Using your map, find your way to the end of it. Approach the yellow blinking
    spot, and using the Touch Screen, tap on the "Open" command to progress to
    the next room.
    The first room you enter will be pretty uneventful, so open the door to the
    next room. The door on the left is locked, leaving you with only one other
    door to go through. Open the door, and view the scene that plays.
    After that scene things seem to heat up a bit. Directly in front of you will be
    the SUPER ASSSAULT RIFLE (simply abbreviated to "SAR"). Tap "Take" on the Touch
    screen to acquire it. Aww yeah, no ammo needed. On the default control scheme
    (Type 1) the shoot button will be the L button. Since there is no way to go
    but from where you came, exit out the single door. In the next area, shoot the
    alien that is floating directly in front of you. One burst from your Super
    Assault Rifle will take care of business. Continue on to the left, you can't
    miss the path, you'll notice the broken door and the bodies of some of your
    Shoot the aliens that you come across. Do your best to avoid their projectile
    shots, I only got hit once but that was because of bad reflex. Continue down
    the narrow hallway, shooting whatever you come across. Keep straight and soon
    you'll come across a shiny blue object on the ground. Walk to it as if you were
    going to pick it up. A strange scene will ensure. After the scene you'll speak
    with both General Lambert and Captain Tsukigam. They don't quite know what it
    was, but evidently it helped you, yay! After that exchange is finished, go
    straight out the door in front of you - the other door farther back on the
    right is locked. You will again find yourself on the surface of the moon,
    outside of the base.
    Examine the corpses scattered throughout the first part of the area. Kane
    suggests that three soldiers are missing in action, and possibly still alive.
    You receive orders to enter the subterranean portion of the level to play a
    little recon. There is not much else to do right now, so enter the mysterious
    green portal to be taken deeper into the Moon. End of the prologue.
     Episode 01: Product Storage Sector I [ep101]
    At the start of the Episode, descend the stairs and make your way into the main
    area. Off to the first right is where you want (and can) go. Examine the blue
    canister on the ground, this will trigger a scene. When the scene is finished,
    move back a little so as to give you a more advantageous position against the
    attacking drone robot enemies. After you have dispatched all three of them,
    the door allowing you to advance more will unlock. Go through it.
    Examine the computer terminal directly in front of you to trigger some more
    dialogue and advance the plot. That terminal is your first taste of the Map
    Terminals that are found in the game. You now have a map of a good chunk of the
    area. You are given more orders to check it out. Head through the door that is
    beyond the Map Terminal. In the next room you are given instructions to use the
    save point. You really have no choice, as the door you need to go through will
    not be unlocked until after you do so.
    More of those floating drones will assault you as soon as you enter the next
    room, just dodge their blasts and take them out. From the entrance point,
    make your way left. Destroy the drones that you come across. You should find
    yourself in an area which you can use the Remote Assistance Droid. Make a note
    of this and continue further. A single drone will be all that there is between
    you and the next area. In this area there will again be enemies to dispatch as
    soon as you're in. To the right is a hallway with a door, but of course it is
    guarded by drones. Make short work of them and continue along.
    There is not anything too eventful about this narrow winding hallway, except
    for the CRAWLING METAL INSECT ROBOTS! Yeah, this is your first encounter with
    them. There really is not much to say about them. They cannot hurt you unless
    they touch you. Shoot them as they crawl to you. They're more of a nuisance for
    the Remote Assistance Droid than anything. Continue on.
    The first thing you will probably notice in this area is that giant orange
    force field. There is not much Kane can do about it, you have to disable the
    Force Orbs that power it. To your left is an area blocked off by a bunch of
    boxes that block Kane's path. Which leaves you with one option - going to the
    right. In the next area, drop down to the left. You will get more dialogue with
    Kane and Tsuke, then take the Remote Assistance Droid. Use it to blast the vent
    shield and then go through the vent with your new RAD. This is also an intro
    to the many puzzles you will solve with the Remote Assistance Droid. When you
    reach the end of the tunnel, use the EMP blast to disable the force field on
    the next vent you come across. Then blast the Force Orb with to allow Kane his
    access. Switch to Kane (via the weapon select screen on the Touch Screen) and
    walk Kane past where the force field generates. Take the RAD, and make your way
    up the stairs. Shoot the two Force Orbs yourself, and exit out the way you came
    Remember that spot I told you to make a mental note of? Go back to it. Use the
    RAD to enter through the vent. Once you're in the small room, go in the other
    vent. You will eventually make your way to the first Alien Artififact! Collect
    the other two and you will unlock a bonus episode that can be played! Go back
    to where you saw your first force field.
    Stand in front of the force field, and use the Touch Screen to select the
    Remote Access Droid. Move the little thing down the path to the left. If you
    did not take care of the metal crawling robot be sure to watch out for that
    annoying little bugger. When you make your way past the linear path with all of
    the containers use your map and make it over to the southeast side of the room.
    Blast open the security vents and crawl through the system. After a few twists
    and turns you will make your way to the second Alien Artifact in the episode,
    yay! Backtrack all of the way through the vents.
    This time go up the steps that you haven't gone up yet (of course!), being sure
    to avoid the mechanical monsters that are around you. Blasting them with your
    EMP is typically a waste of time if you ask me. When you are in range, shoot
    the single force orb to disable the force field. Switch back to Kane, pick up
    the RAD, and go through the door to the next area.
    It's more or less the same deal here. Take the time to destroy the two drones
    that are in the area where your RAD will be crawling around, just to make your
    life a little easier. Before you send out the RAD, move Kane in a corner where
    he is out of the range of fire. There is a drone on the other side of the force
    field that can shoot at you, but you cannot shoot at it for now. Anyway, move
    the RAD down the steps to the right, around the containers in your way, and up
    the steps that lead to the space behind the force field. Disable the force orbs
    quickly and switch to Kane, there will be two drones shooting at your RAD. Make
    short work of them, pick up your robot, and then continue on through the door.
    This area is pretty much the same as before. Do your best to make sure Kane is
    out of the way, and move your RAD down the left path (as if you had any other
    choice really), dodge past the red drones and their firepower, and haul robot
    butt up the steps. Disable all of the force orbs to deactivate the force
    field, do the whole switching-to-Kane routine, pick up the RAD, and head out.
    Now, dispatch the two metallic crawlers before sending the RAD through the
    vents. When you are out, disable the single force orb. Switch to Kane, grab the
    RAD, and enter the room. It contains a MAX HEALTH INCREASE which will increase
    Kane's health meter, yay! After you get that, go out the way you came, and go
    through the door. There are no enemies in this next room, make your way over
    to the downed soldier to start some more dialogue. Since there are only two
    other doors in the room, and one of them is locked, your options are pretty
    limited for now. Go through the other door that is not locked. You will find
    yourself in a save room. Use it to save your progress and replenish any damage
    you may have suffered, then move along.
    There is a new type of enemy that is ahead of you. Honestly, I am just going to
    call it a spider. There are no official names given for any of the enemies you
    come across in the game, so literally ANYTHING works. But yeah, when it comes
    to those spiders, all you have to keep in mind is this: shoot their yellow core
    when they expose it (they expose it as they shoot off their projectiles at you)
    until it is destroyed. Simple enough. Be careful though, in the two rooms next
    to where you enter the area there are two drones that will double team you. So
    if you have the spider as well as the two drones on your butt, you won't last
    too long. Dispatch the lot of them and exit through the south door. Right when
    you enter the next area a drone will open fire, so be aware. Turns out, this
    small square room is just full of drones. Destroy them all and keep moving.
    In this room you immediately notice the giant blue force field blocking the
    path. All you have to do is shut it down by examining the few yellow power
    terminals that are around it. First things first though, get rid of those pesky
    drones. After the force field is shut down you are free to claim the Muon
    Pistol. Continue through the door just beyond where you acquired the new gun.
    The next room is a save area. The one after that is much more interesting.
    Ah, your first boss fight. You have to destroy the giant metal monstrosity as
    well as look out for the drone. Even if you destroy the drone that is with it,
    another will simply spawn. This is both good and bad. It's bad because you will
    always have tha extra enemy. But the good news is, destroyed drones drop ammo
    and health canisters to pick up. As for the actual fight itself, the boss will
    stalk you. There is no point in running away. In order to damage bosses in this
    game, you have to shoot the red areas on their body. In this case, shooting
    the entire body of the boss will damage it, but this doesn't happen too often
    so don't get used to it.
    The Muon Pistol deals more damage than your Super Assault Rifle. The projectile
    launched from the boss' tail both damages Kane and in some instances, can
    temporarily stun him, making it very difficult for you to move. Just keep up
    with shooting the drones as they become an issue, and focus on getting in as
    many hits on the boss as you can. Sooner than later, you'll have it bested.
    Claim the Red Key, then make your way over to the east side of the chamber.
    Send in the Remote Access Droid, disable the orbs and claim the Ammo Clip to
    give your new Muon Pistol more capability! Now you have to backtrack a very far
    amount of distance, back to where you found the dead private. Use your new Red
    Key to unlock the door and continue along.
     ++ffmasterjose's anti-plagiarism check++
     Episode 01: Product Storage Sector I (Part 2) [epxx1]
    I split this section because it's so darn huge. Really, the second level of the
    game is massive. And since the game doesn't shorten up, expect me to halve
    certain episodes, just for cosmetic purposes
    There are no enemies in this red hallway. In the next room you will see another
    map terminal. Examine it to trigger some more dialogue and to download more of
    the area. The next room presents you with another Remote Access Droid puzzle.
    Send it through the right path first, eventually you will come across the third
    and final Alien Artifact of the Episode, yay! You unlocked a bonus episode to
    play! But anywho, backtrack to where Kane is and go through the other vent. Be
    sure to either avoid the crawlers or stun them. The force orb you need to stun
    is in the same room with the gun turrets mounted on the ceiling. Disable it and
    move the RAD to a safe spot. Then bring Kane in, destroy the gun turrets and
    pick up you RAD. Then make your way to the west side of the chamber and exit
    through the door.
    Aside from the strange nature of this area, there is nothing too challenging
    about it. Destroy the drones and gun turrets you come across, and move to the
    next door. The next room is the same case, be careful to not get surrounded
    though, those turrets can sneak up on you and coupled with the drones, they're
    a regular pain in the butt. Keep moving along. Watch out for the room after
    that one though, two drones will spawn from the security vent behind you, but
    not until after you walk past it. Wrap around either side and continue through
    the door.
    The next room is more annoying than anything. Clear the two turrets as well as
    the two spiders, and move on. In the next red hallway keep moving straight,
    the room at the end contains another MAX HEALTH INCREASE for you to pick up.
    From there backtrack and hook a right to the only other direction you can go.
    This is more annoying than anything. In this next room you have to destroy the
    mechanical guard on the door. It shoots fireballs at you, or something. All you
    have to do is shoot its core, it'll flash red when it takes damage. Move back
    and forth to get it to expose the core. I advise use of the Muon Pistol just to
    make the process happen faster. Three shots will do the trick. You will see a
    scene of it exploding, and then that will bring this Episode to a close.
     Episode 02: Guardian I [ep202]
    Pick up the key in front of you and continue straight ahead. Watch the scene
    that unfolds, and get ready for your second boss fight! This one is just as
    easy as simple and straightforward as the first one though. As soon as the
    fight starts, pop a few rounds into the glowing red areas on its lower chest.
    If its entire body flashes red, it means you have successuflly connected! Be
    sure to make good use of the cover the four pillars surrounding the boss give
    Kane. The boss itself cannot leave its confined area, so standing just in
    front of those pillars will keep you safe enough. When you expose yourself to
    take your shots at the boss, be sure to move quick. The old rule of never
    standing still in one spot for too long in video games holds true. If you stand
    in one place, or just are too slow to dodge the boss' projectile attacks, Kane
    will take damage.
    As the battle looms in and the boss takes more damage, it will begin to fire
    more projectiles at Kane at once. Also, it will summon Drones to dispatch you.
    As soon as they are summoned, take the time to destroy them. Not only will you
    be saving yourself from their nuisance, but they may also drop health canisters
    as well as ammunition pickups. The Muon Pistol is a very effective weapon in
    this fight, if your accuracy is good enough to hit a red zone on the boss it
    will deal greater damage than rounds from your Super Assault Rifle. The trick
    to this fight is dodging the projectile attacks and taking your shots when you
    can, and also dispatching those annoying Drones when the boss summons them.
     Episode 03: Escape Product Storage Sector I [ep303]
    Ugh, do I despise timer missiions. Your objective is simple, escape from the
    Product Storage Sector within ninety seconds. Do not try to leave out the way
    you came, instead exit out of the door that is up the ramp in the boss room.
    After this, the rest is simply a mad dash out of the place. Do not attempt to
    destroy every enemy that you come across, merely the ones that are in your
    immediate path. When you reach the room that has you dropping down from a much
    higher point, exit out the door to the right of the Map Terminal. At this new
    point it is just a matter of backtracking through familiar territory. Go up to
    the stairs that lead to the elevator that took you into this place originally.
    You get some praise from Tsuke for making it out alive. Now again, it is just
    a simple matter of backtracking through an area you are already familiar with.
    If you recall the base area from the Prologue level, just do everything you did
    there backwards. When you first enter the area one of those pesky little metal
    crawling enemies will greet you. Give it a burst from your Super Assault Rifle.
    Continue along the hallway, you will open two doors before finding yourself in
    a new area. Shoot the two metal crawlers and go down the stairs, to the right
    is a door. Go through it and shoot the two red drones that you will encounter
    right away. Open the door in the middle of the room and continue through the
    other door. Congratulations, you successfully escaped!
    Lambert and Tsukigami will fll you in one some more plot points, and then you
    are given orders to explore another alien hatch. Pick up the Explosives that
    are sitting on the counter in front of you, then use your Navigational Display
    to find the LOLA. Use the Action Icon to enter it, watch the cool scene, and
    leave the base area. From here it is just following the yellow and black
    striped path, with some drone and turret shooting in the max. When you reach
    toward the end of the path, the blue icon on your navigational display will
    flash toward the west. Exit out of the LOLA and walk past the black and yellow
    striped columns with the red triangle-like shapes at their top. Continue north
    and eventually you will see a scene with Kane placing the explosives on the
    rocks and running away to a safe distance as they detonate. After the explosion
    merely walk over to the newly exposed hatch, and once you walk directly to it
    Kane will descend into this new mysterious hatch. This brings Episode 03 to a
     Episode 04: Product Storage Sector II [ep404]
    Descend the stairs and pass through the door to enter the room with the map
    terminal you want. More dialogue will pop up, and then you're on your way. Past
    the save room will be an area with steps to descend. Examine the terminal in
    the middle for some more dialogue and a clue as to what to do next. You are
    told to explore two diferent paths in hopes of unlocking some type of security
    which will let you advance. It does not matter which path you take first, the
    east or west one.
    I personally started with the east one. There isn't anything too special about
    the first hallway you're in, just dispatch the numerous crawlers you come
    across and you'll be alright. When you get to the vent, send out your Remote
    Access Droid and make your way through the system. You will soon come across
    another vent to explore, at the end of that one will be an Alien Artifact! Once
    you have claimed it, backtrack all of the way to where Kane is and continue on.
    The next area isn't too special, it's just a winding path with drones and those
    pesky spider things to destroy. As you have probably noticed by now, the red
    colored drones are a pure pain in the rear. The chamber that contains what
    you are looking for is pretty straightforward, just follow your on-screen map.
    The only thing you really have to watch out for is getting overun by all of
    the enemies. There are turrets, spiders, and plenty of drones for you to take
    on, yay. Claim the Missing Piece from the pedestal and head back the way you
    came in.
    The west path is unnecessarily harder than the east path, but it is still very
    manageable. Right from the get-go you're faced with an RAD puzzle, get those
    to these, they're everywhere in this game and both in the west path. Send the
    RAD under the pipes and down the level. Use your map, when you come to the
    first left, go into it. You should see another Alien Artifact. Collect it, and
    then to the left and right of where you picked up the Artifact will be the two
    force orbs that you need to disable in order to get Kane through the force
    field. Do this, then switch to Kane and bring him closer to the entrance of the
    vent system that your RAD entered, and switch back to it so that you can get to
    Kane and reunite! After you do this, keep moving into the next area.
    This area is more annoying than anything. Make your way past the weird machines
    and stop when you get to the vent. Send out your RAD, and when you enter the
    open area with the indestructible gun turrets (trust me, you cannot destroy
    them, I spent a few minutes pumping hot lead into them and cursing) and blast
    the two force orbs on the ceiling. Now move Kane past where the force field
    will generate, and switch back to the RAD. Go through the next vent, come out
    and blast the two force orbs. Switch to Kane and make a mad dash for the door.
    Then move the RAD over to Kane so you can retrieve it, and continue on through
    the door.
    Ugh, this is seriously probably my most hated area of the entire game, just
    because of how tedious it is. But anyway, with a force field to your left you
    have little choice but to send out the Remote Access Droid to the right, down
    the stairs and under the pipes. Be wary of the drones and gun turret, they will
    always be gunning for you. As soon as you descend the stairs, hook a left into
    the room with the force orb you need to blast with your trusted EMP. When you
    accomplish this, switch to Kane and get him through where the force field was
    and down the steps. Now, as far as the RAD is concerned, instead of backtrack-
    ing up the stairs and whatnot, just use your map and guide it to where Kane is.
    This will serve as a nifty shortcut and it will give you a nice idea of the
    When you get your bearings straight, take the RAD into the chamber with the
    Missing Piece, and have it go into the vent. You will see yet another Alien
    Artifact. If you have been following the same paths in the order I laid out in
    this guide, that is the third and final piece. If not, you still have one more
    to obtain in the east path. When you are done with that, travel under the next
    batch of pipes, and to the right will be the room with the right force orb to
    disable. Deactivate it, and then take Kane down the steps through the rest of
    the hallway. Make your way into the chamber and claim the second Missing Piece
    (or first). Now it is the ultimate fun task of backtracking through the entire
    west path. First move Kane to the force field, then have the RAD disable it.
    After you have done this twice you will be able to leave. In the room where
    you twice sent the RAD to disable the force orbs, just shoot them as Kane to
    make things happen fast. Yeah, you probably will take damage, but you will be
    able to easily recover it. You will have to send the RAD in the middle vent
    system to disable the force field blocking Kane, then go up the left path under
    the pipes to meet him again. Go back to where you were told to explore the two
    Examine the terminal to assemble the two pieces. As it turns out, that was all
    along a weapon. Take the Quanta Rifle. The door beyond is still unlocked for
    you. When you are ready, head through it to explore the next part of this area.
     Episode 04: Product Storage Sector II (Part 2) [epxx2]
    As soon as you enter the room, you are greeted with an entire platoon of foes
    to destroy. Get the gun turrets on the ceiling first, then dispose of all the
    drones, and then the spider enemy. After this you are faced with two options as
    far as exploration is concerned, it does not matter which path you take really.
    I personally had to explore both because what little obsessive compulsive
    disorder I have wouldn't let me just explore one path and leave the other one
    blue and unexplored. If it helps you decide, the right path has two spiders to
    deal with whereas the left path only has drones.
    When you make your way into the main chamber you're given more dialogue. Head
    through the only door in the room afterwards. In the next room you will drop
    down into an area with another one of those mechanized door locks to destroy.
    Again, your Muon Pistol makes the whole affair VERY short. I'd personally
    conserve Quanta Rifle ammo for now, unless you happened to pick some more up.
    After it is destroyed this will bring Episode 04 to a close.
     ++ffmasterjose's anti-plagiarism check++
     Episode 05: Sanctus Vector [ep505]
    Pick up the Red Key lying in front of you, there really isn't any other option
    given that it is in the middle of the doorway, but hey. Past the door into the
    next chamber is your first "serious" boss fight. It may prove tough for first
    time players, but once you figure out what to do, it's a cinch.
    You will notice the boss is behind a giant orange force field, and on both
    sides of the room are vents to send your Remote Access Droid in. It doesn't
    matter which one you choose really. When you come out, there are four force
    orbs to disable with your EMP blast. Move quickly, if you can take long range
    shots at them. When all four are disabled and the force field is finally down,
    the boss itself will move down the steps towards Kane.
    Notice the flashing red spots on its body, these are of course the boss' weak
    points. The objective is to shoot all of them to render them disabled, then
    when the boss' red core is exposed, to open fire on it. It has two main forms
    of attacking Kane. The first involves just launching projectiles in a full
    circle around itself, in the same fashion as those pesky spider enemies. And
    its other attack is a red laser that emits from its bottom. This can also be
    avoided, though it is a little more tricky than the projectile attack. I say to
    use the Super Assault Rifle or the Muon Pistol for the numerous weak points
    along the body, then when the core is exposed to switch to the Quanta Rifle and
    open fire.
    When the core is exposed drones will be summoned. Just do your best to ignore
    them. You only have so much time to shoot the core before the boss goes behind
    the force field again. If this happens, you'll have to use the Remote Access
    Droid to disable the force orbs again, and as you are doing this the boss will
    renegerate its health, putting you back to square one when it comes down again.
    The vital thing to do is unleash your new Quanta Rifle on the core, it will not
    last too long once you do this. Even if you do not manage to destroy the boss
    the first time, the leftovers from the drones it summons may give you some
    health canisters to pick up as well as some more ammo for your Quanta Rifle and
    Muon Pistol. You will take damage by focusing everything on the exposed core,
    so act fast. Really, all this battle is is just a matter of good timing. When
    the boss is destroyed Episode 05 will come to a close.
     Episode 06: Exit Product Storage Sector II [ep606]
    This would be another level that I hate, and that's because it's time based.
    Exit out of the boss chamber and instead of backtracking through familiar
    territory hook a right and exit through the door there that was previously
    locked. You'll get some more dialogue to advance the plot, and then you are
    told to continue further. In the first area you find yourself in, just shoot
    and run. It makes things go much faster, and there is nothing extra for you to
    collect in this Episode. The next area is a twisting linear path full of those
    metal crawler enemies.
    The next area will be the main chamber where you picked up the Quanta Rifle,
    you'll drop down. Destroy the two drones, then start backtracking through the
    familiar territory, and be sure to save your progress when you hit the save
    room. Eventually you will find yourself in the area with the alien elevator,
    make short work of the two red drones and then catch a ride back top to the
    surface. Then make your way back to the LOLA. Take the LOLA into the hanger
    area directly in front of where you parked it, keep going until you're at the
    end onto the platform. Once you're on it the game will automatically save
    and you'll be taken up the lift.
    Here's where the poop hits the fan. Through more storyline dialogue you are
    told that you only have two more minutes to get over to the last satellite
    before it's too late! Now your LOLA's navigational display comes in handy.
    Fortunately, your goal is hard to miss - it's a satellite after all! The first
    part is very linear, its just a straight, twisting path. Don't spend too much
    time shooting the drones and turrets. Avoid the landmines as best you can, I
    understand that the steering is very sluggish with the LOLA. You will soon
    find your way to another platform that will take the LOLA up to the next level.
    The clock is still ticking, so don't take your foot off the gas just yet.
    Again, the path is very straightforward. Just keep twisting around, doing your
    best to shoot the drones and turrets and avoid all of those landmines. When
    you come to a fork in the path, go right, as indicated by your navigational
    display. You'll see the satellite. Park next to it, and then exit. It takes
    literally eight seconds for Kane to exit out of that damn vehicle, so make sure
    you have at least 15 to kill when you arrive. Then walk up to the console on
    the satellite, Examine it to save the day and end the timer.
    But a hero's work is truly never finished. After you do that, you are given
    some more orders. Simply hop in the LOLA and head down that left path from the
    fork in the road. And once again you have the comfort of following a very linear
    path. Make your way to the platform with the LOLA, you'll see a scene and be
    taken to a new part of the area. This last part is the same as the previous
    sections, just be sure to keep to the right. Eventually you'll get to a point
    in the area where it will cut to a scene and the Episode will draw to a close.
     Episode 07: Non-ETO Transport Vessel [ep707]
    This is actually a fairly short level that has a very straightforward layout,
    the only difficulty that you might encounter with it is the very last part of
    the level, which sees you fighting a boss of some sort. Here you are introduced
    to a new type of enemy, the walking suit aliens. These are more formidable and
    they fire more damaging projectiles at you. Your Muon Pistol and Quantra Rifle
    still make short work of them though. Occasionally when you destory them, a
    small drone will emerge from the destruction and zoom towards you, going for a
    kamikaze-type move. If it hits you, you'll take damage. So when you see one,
    just shoot it.
    Make your way past the first couple of walking robots, picking up any ammo
    that they drop. You will wrap around some more and come across two more. Then
    you will follow the path as it takes you deeper and deeper into the alien
    spacecaft. Shoot down the drones and the walking suits you come across. Soon
    after this you will notice a boss life gauge pop up on the top of the screen.
    Well as it turns out, the boss is just a core you have to disable, but it does
    take some work on your part to accomplish.
    The core at first is spinning with panels on each side. It emits grenades to
    keep you at a constant distance, and projectile shots that mimic those the
    spider enemies shoot. What you must do at first is target the circular spots
    above each panel, not the area where the projectiles are fired from, but above
    that. It's fairly small and somewhat difficult to shoot from far away. I advise
    use of the Muon Pistol. If you can get an accurate shot in while the panels are
    moving, it won't take but a few rounds compared to that of your Super Assault
    Rifle. If a panel flashes red, it means you are doing damage. After you have
    taken out all four of the panels the main core is exposed. Now you should pull
    out the Quanta Rifle and unleash on the core with it. The core will fire lasers
    in the same manner as the last boss did, they are easy to dodge. In fact you
    can probably stand from a good distance and unleash on it without worrying
    about the lasers.
    When it is finally destroyed you will see a cool cut scene, and the Episode
    will be drawn to a close.
     Episode 08: LOLA-RR10 / Waste Disposal [ep808]
    You begin in the LOLA. At first there really isn't anywhere to go, the path is
    very linear and without much surprise. When you come to the fork in the road
    it really doesn't matter which way you take, both will bring you to the exact
    same spot. Keep your eye on the navigational map. Soon you will come to an
    opening with two red drones. Dispatch of them, and then look for an opening in
    the rocks. Beyond this opening is another hatch for you to explore. Descend the
    elevator to get things moving.
    Examine the map terminal to download the schematics for the area, pay attention
    to the dialogue, and make your mind up as far as which way you are going to go
    first. For our purposes, I'm starting with the northwest area first.
    There really isn't anything of real interest in the first couple of rooms,
    just some drones to shoot and some dialogue to read. The second room has a
    spider enemy waiting for you. In the next area hook a left, you will see some
    more plot advancement, and then you will have the chance to keep exploring.
    Just head through the first door you see. This next area is an ambush, and you
    are unfortunately at a disadvantage. Get out of the center of the room, head
    towards the stairs, dispath the first walking mech you see, then shoot the
    drone in the stairway. There are two more suits for you to destroy. When you
    have taken care of that business, continue on into the next room.
    This is the first core boss of three that you have to take care of, and all of
    them are pretty much the same. Just like the last core they emit projectile
    shots and lob out grenades. If you are in any of the rooms where the grenades
    explode, you will feel the blast radius. What you have to do is do your best
    to avoid the projectile shots, and then use your Muon Pistol to take shots at
    the vulnerable point just above its cannons, it is essentially the same boss
    fight as before when you were on the alien ship. One good shot or two should
    take care of each panel. When the core is exposed it will emit lasers, but you
    already know this game. Use your Quanta Rifle until the core is destroyed.
    Exit out of the previously locked door, and use the save point to save your
    progress as well as restore your lost health. Continue on.
    The next area is simple, dispatch the two red drones and then send your Remote
    Access Droid through the simple vent puzzle. Disable the force field, and claim
    the AMMO CLIP INCREASE for the Quanta Rifle. Leave this room and exit down the
    hallway and out through the next door. Destroy the walking mech in front of
    where you enter, as well as the numerous annoying drones. Exit through the
    only door in the room. The room after that has nothing of interest either,
    so just get to the door.
    Before you send your RAD down, take the time to clear the spider enemy and the
    drone. When you send it out, make it go under the pipes instead of the vent
    first, so you can disable the first force field and get Kane past it. Then send
    it through the vents, when you come out the two force orbs will be in clear
    view. Destroy the red drones and keep moving. This area presents you with yet
    another RAD puzzle. Send the robot out under the pipes, avoid or stun the drone
    and get into the vents. The first space you make it into has the two force orbs
    on the ceiling, but if you continue into the vents, you will find an Alien
    Artifact! Go back to the open area, disable the orbs, get Kane through the
    force field and into the next area.
    There's not much to say about his place, its just linear twisting and turning
    with some drones thrown into the mix. You will then find yourself in the next
    core chamber. Follow the same tactic that you did for the first room. The only
    difference comes in the drones and spider enemies that are now present in the
    rooms. Be sure to take care of them first, just to make your life easier and
    in case they drop health canisters and ammo pickups. Use the exact same tactic
    for when the core is exposed. When you have succeeded you will be treated to
    another cutscene, and the chance to save your game and restore your health in
    the next save room.
     Episode 08: LOLA-RR10 / Waste Disposal (Part 2) [epxx3]
    More narrow tunnels await you, coupled with an easy Remote Access Droid puzzle
    to solve. When you can use Kane again, get rid of the drones and crawlers fast,
    as they will only serve to annoy you. Before you leave, take the time to check
    out the isolated room (use your map if you're confused), in this room you will
    find a MAX HEALTH INCREASE. Exit through either of the two doors, it doesn't
    matter which one you take as they both lead to the exact same place. Wherever
    you come out you'll have to deal with drones. After doing this, continue on
    through the door. Yay, another RAD puzzle! Send the little bugger out, make
    your way to the force orbs. Disable them and bring Kane in, pick up your droid
    and blast the drones to dust. Keep moving.
    Simple but noteworthy area. Follow the linear path, destroying the mechs as you
    go along. Then in the last chamber with the door you'll want to send out your
    RAD to pick up the Alien Artifact! Exit through the door. On this catwalk of
    sorts you will want to be very careful. When there is an opening on either side
    of Kane are gun turrets. Destroy them, and then destroy the drones that you
    come across. The next room is the chamber with the third and final core to take
    care of.
    You will want to employ the same strategy as before with the first two cores.
    If anything this core is actually the easiest of them all, given that you have
    much more room to move around. In fact, you can even stand far back enough out
    of firing range on one of the sides. When the core is exposed you know what to
    do. Exit out, you will find yourself back in the main chamber. Ascend the
    stairs and make your way into the area that was previous inaccessible to you.
    Go through the door, you will encounter yet another mechanized door to deal
    with. When it is defeated, that will be all she wrote for Episode 08.
     Episode 09: Guardian II [ep909]
    This is very similiar to the first Guardian boss fight. There are a few note-
    worthy differences though. Along with projectile fire the boss will also toss
    out grenades at you, making it so you want to stay on the move and not be too
    stationary throughout the fight. You also have to disable the four force field
    generators, otherwise you won't even be able to damage the boss.
    Just go around and examine the generators to turn them off. Then when you can
    finally strike the Guardian, use your Muon Pistol to blast the three red panels
    on its body. When these are taken out, it will expose the core. When this
    happens switch to the Quanta Rifle and unload everything you have on it. You
    may not take the boss out in one shot, so don't worry if the force field pops
    back up. It doesn't regenerate health or anything, so simply deactivate the
    force field again and repeat the process. Soon enough victory will be yours to
    claim and Episode 09 will be finished.
     Episode 10: Power Station [ep100]
    Exit out of the new door, descend the stairs and pick up the Fermon Sniper off
    the pedestal, and continue on. The next room has nothing except for a walking
    mech suit to destroy and a door to go through. Save your game in the save room
    and continue on. This main chamber has for doors leading to different locations
    as well as one extra door, but you cannot enter that without exploring the
    other four rooms and getting the necessary security key/code. I start from the
    northwest room and work my way counter-clockwise, so that's how I am going to
    lay out this part of the guide.
    The first room has nothing of interest. The second has a chamber with another
    RAD puzzle, but before you send out your robot be sure to take care of the mech
    or it will get the drop on Kane. Controlling the Remote Access Droid, once you
    are out of the tunnel hook a right past the two walking mechs, disable the
    ground turret and to the left of the turret is an Alien Artifact for you to
    claim. Backtrack back to Kane and continue on. The next area is still pretty
    simple. At the start, take out the spider. Then move into the chamber it was at
    and bust out your Fermon Sniper, then take aim at the grenade-throwing enemy,
    one shot should do the trick. Move to where it was located, and send your RAD
    under the pipes. Move around, past the mech and you will soon come across the
    force orbs. Blast them with your EMP and move Kane through. Don't bother with
    the walking suit mech, just exit out the door.
    There is nothing of interest in this winding tunnel, just a few annoying
    crawler enemies. In the next room however, you have force fields on either side
    of Kane to deal with. Send out the RAD under the pipes and down the steps. Go
    on either the left or right side, it doesn't matter which, and disable the
    force field so that Kane can progress further. Whichever way you took, pick up
    the RAD and make your way to the main hallway and through the door. In the save
    room grab the key and save your game. The next chamber presents the first out
    of four minibosses that are all the same.
    The boss' vulnerable point is its center. It fires from two sides, one side
    fires projectiles that harm you, while another fires projectiles that can stun
    you. And the boss will always be trying to roll into you, causing more harm.
    The key is to keep moving and specifically target its middle section. If you
    make a good, connecting hit, it will flash red indicating to you that you have
    done the right thing. These fights typically won't last long. When the boss is
    destroyed, pick up the Data Packet. When you have it, backtrack all of the way
    back to main chamber with the four doors. Now I will cover the southwest path.
    Past the small and pointless twisting narrow hallway is a more expansive area
    with more to do. When you first enter the area keep straight, down the stairs
    will be a MAX HEALTH INCREASE for you to take, but it is guarded. Dispose of
    the drones, and then send out the RAD in the vent. At the end will be another
    Alien Artifact to claim, then get back to Kane. Go back upstairs and down the
    catwalk, shooting the drones as you go along into the next area. This area has
    nothing of interest, just make it to the door.
    This next area is a mess. Destroy as many drones as you possibly can, then take
    out the grenade launching turret. Send out the Remote Access Droid under the
    pipes where the turret was. Then disable the first set of orbs to let Kane in,
    then using Kane shoot the other two that he can access to retrieve your droid.
    walk up the steps and past the catwalk and go through the door. This area is
    noteworthy for intoducing you to a new enemy, the exploding cube! Either get
    close enough to it, or shoot it. It will explode and send out a shockwave that
    hurts Kane. Continue past this twisting hallway.
    The next room is a save room. Take the key, then heal and save. You have to
    face another roller boss, but it's the exact same fight. I discovered a really
    funny "bug" of sorts. If you get right up in the boss' face, it will constantly
    ram toward you, but not hurt you. Its lasers can't touch you either. Really,
    you can just stand right in front of it and fire away. After it is easily taken
    down, pick up the data packet and backtrack all of the way to the center room.
     ++ffmasterjose's anti-plagiarism check++
     Episode 10: Power Station (Part 2) [epxx4]
    Now we will explore the southeast region. The first room has nothing but red
    drones for you to destroy. The next has a very simple Remote Access Droid
    puzzle to solve. Put Kane on the east side of the level next to the force field
    and then send out the robot through the vent. The force orbs are right near
    where the droid will come out. Get Kane and your drone back together, then go
    through the door. The next area is a giant circle with walking mech suits and
    drones. There is no point to the middle area, so feel free to bypass it unless
    you REALLY want those plot details. The room after that is pretty empty, just
    ascend the stairs and go through the door. The next two areas are nothing too
    special, they just have drones and turrets to destroy. You will find yourself
    in a save room with another key. Save your game, heal Kane and go into the boss
    chamber. You already know the routine of things and how to destroy those roller
    bosses. When it is finally destroyed, backtrack back to the main chamber with
    the doors...again.
    Ah, here we are. The last path to explore, the northeast path. The first two
    rooms to explore aren't really noteworthy. The third one has a branching path
    at the bottom of the stairs. The left path leds to an AMMO CLIP INCREASE for
    your Fermon Sniper. The right path takes you to the same area. The center door
    where the branch is will progress you further into the level. Beyond the area
    where you picked up the ammo increase is something much more interesting.
    Send the RAD through the vents. This will net you another Alien Artifact, which
    is probably the last to collect. Then wrap all of the way around to the force
    orbs, one is hidden behind the containers. Bring Kane around, dispose of those
    pesky droids, and continue on. Past the last couple of rooms is the save room
    with the boss chamber after it. After you have taken care of the last boss and
    gotten the last data packet, backtrack to the main chamber. Go through that
    center door now that you have all four of the proper packets. Past the small
    hallway with two red drones will be another mechanized door. At this point in
    the game you're already very familiar with how to deal with them. After it is
    defeated Episode 10 will be over.
     Episode 11: Phexic Manifold [ep111]
    This level is a boss fight, but it is a very non-traditional boss fight. As
    opposed to controlling Kane during the battle, you actually fight the boss
    using the Remote Access Droid. Now you might think "What? That thing can only
    stun things". But in this case, its EMP blast inflicts real damage. This fight
    requires you to attack all three sides of boss with your EMP. Take aim at the
    obvious red weak points. The boss has a bit of variety in its attacks. The
    center side lobs out grenades, the side to the right (your right) fires a fast
    barrage of energy projectiles and the side to the left emits a green laser that
    is both easy to dodge and slow moving.
    There really is not too much strategy involved with this fight. Just be quick
    to move the RAD out of harm's way whenever you can. You will have to shoot each
    spot more than once, but soon enough you'll get the job done. The Episode will
    come to a close as soon as you defeat the boss.
     Episode 12: Cold Process [ep122]
    At the start of the level take the Remote Access Droid into the vents the boss
    left exposed after it exploded. After you work your way past the winding path
    you'll come into an area with a gun on a pedestal. Shoot the two force orbs
    powering the force field, move Kane into the room, claim the Lepton Spread and
    then continue on through the door. There is an elevator in this room that you
    need to take to make it back to the surface. When you are on the catwalk make
    your way to the other side to be taken into another part of the Moon. Now stuff
    should start to look familiar again. Examine the map terminal to advance the
    plot and to get the map data that you need.
    Past the map terminal will be an open area with two new blue drone types. Past
    this room is a save room, do what you got to do and keep moving. The blue room
    with the round part in the center is nothing special, just go down the stairs
    and go through the door. In the room with the two vents, you will want to send
    the RAD into the east-side vent first, and you'll soon see why. Make your way
    through the vents, towards the end of the path of the first vent you will want
    to blast the force orb to your left, then quickly make it into the second set
    of vents to shoot the other one and make it possible to claim the Alien
    Artifact. Shoot the orb to the left of your current position and then book it
    though the vents. The second orb will be on your right. Now you can exit out
    of the west side and safely meet up with Kane. When you do this, leave this
    area through the yet-unexplored door.
    In the red chamber after this there's nothing special to do. Now you will find
    yourself in a blue room again with a force field to your right and stairs in
    front of you, there will also be more grenade-throwing mechs for you to deal
    with. Send the RAD through the vents, you will see the first force orb almost
    right away, but the second one is not as obvious. Hook a right when you get a
    chance to. The second orb is across the platform, but you will have to shoot it
    from afar. When you do that, move Kane past where the force field was and take
    the ammo increase clip for the Lepton Spread. Then regroup and leave. There is
    nothing of interest in the next three rooms really.
    After those uneventful rooms will be a red room with a grenade turret on the
    ceiling. Dispath of the annoying drones and the turret, then send out the RAD
    under the pipes to the right (from where you enter the area) and disable the
    the two force orbs. Move Kane past the force field and down into a lower area
    with a MAX HEALTH INCREASE. Then backtrack and regroup, and leave the area.
    Next area has another simple RAD puzzle to solve, and the room after that is
    another save point. What's with all of the save points? I bet the boss is SO
    intimidating! But anywho, now you are introduced to spider enemies that have a
    blue core, these enemies are more durable and their projectile shots are more
    faster, making it difficult to dodge them. Send out the RAD into the vents,
    the path to the next Alien Artifact is kind of long, but soon enough you will
    reach it. After you claim it, regroup with Kane and make a timely exit.
    The next two areas aren't really anything, but the room after those is worth a
    mention. The path is still linear twists and turns with some drones and walking
    mechs thrown into the mix though. When you reach the hall with the two suits
    standing next to one another, use your brand new Lepton Spread to take care of
    them both with just a couple shots. Send out the RAD through the insanely long
    tunnel path to claim the last Alien Artifact of the Episode, then regroup with
    Kane and leave the area at once.
    There honestly really isn't much to say about the remainder of the Episode.
    Past one empty hallway will be a mechanized door for you to defeat. After that
    is done you will be finished with Episode 12.
     Episode 13: Guardian III [ep133]
    The much-anticipated third Guardian. I admit this one is definitely a few steps
    above the first two, but its still really manageable. With the arsenal of
    weapons that you carry with you now it's a cinch. Just like a previous boss
    fight you have to disable the force field arond it by examining the four
    generators. As with the previous fight it will be constantly shooting at you
    and just making life more difficult. There are two generators near the floor
    of the area, and two on the upper level.
    It does not matter which order you turn them off, but I highly recommend saving
    one of the floor-level ones for last, this makes it so when the force field is
    deactivated you will be much closer to the Guardian. When you finally do get
    all of the generators deactivated and you are face to face (well, sort of) with
    the boss use your Lepton Spread and target the three red panels on its chest
    to get things kicked into motion. Once the panels have been shot out, that red
    core that you are so familiar with will be exposed. Even though it is close
    range for this instance I advise using the Fermon Sniper on the core. It will
    deal heavy damage to the boss. If this is not an option the Quanta Rifle and
    Muon Pistol are always a welcome substitute. But the Super Assault Rifle feels
    too awkward for this one.
    You will probably have to deactivate the force field at least twice before you
    can defeat the third Guardian. The boss does not regenerate health or anything,
    so don't fret. Soon enough you will claim victory and bring this Episode to a
    close. Congratulations!
     Episode 14: Irradiated Stratum [ep144]
    Well you managed to shut down that horrible process, but a hero's work is truly
    never finished. After some more dialogue you will be told to download the next
    map from the terminal you come across in order to check out three points of
    interest. Exit out the door on the east side. In this first room you will find
    a new weapon to wield, the Oxid Cannon! Beyond the room with the Oxid Cannon
    is the way to another elevator that will take you to a map terminal. Download
    the map and continue on, dispatching the drones in this room.
    In the area beyond the save point room you wil encounter more drones and more
    walking mech suits to deal with. There is a tunnel opening point in the north-
    east side of the room. Send your Remote Access Droid through the long paths to
    claim an Alien Artifact, then group back together with Kane and press onward.
    The next room may prove to be a little tough. You've got mech suits and a new
    but old enemy - a scorpion. It served as the game's first ever boss. You kill
    them the same as everything else, though be aware of their shockwave ground
    attack. Since the other door is currently locked you have no choice but to go
    up the stairs and through that door.
    The next room is nothing but an ambush room, but beyond that is an area with an
    RAD puzzle to solve. After you have cleared the way stand Kane by where the
    force field is and send out the droid under the pipes not too far away. Take
    winding path down to where the force orbs are at, disable them, move Kane past
    the force field and all of the way down the stairs. Eventually you will find a
    new MAX HEALTH INCREASE. Backtrack and regroup with the RAD, then continue on.
    The next chamber is where the first Power Cell is located, but its heavily
    guarded. Use your new Oxid Cannon on the group, then switch to either the
    Quanta Rifle or Muon Pistol to pick off the rest. Move up the stairs and
    examine the Power Cell to start it. Then backtrack all of the way to where you
    first encountered that annoying locked door.
    You will find that the door is no longer locked. In the save room heal up and
    save your current progress, and then keep going. As soon as you enter the next
    room you are greeted by gun turrets and drones. You will notice a tunnel to
    send your RAD in, but ignore it for now as that is not the correct one, there
    is a force field blocking the path. Around the stairs is a mech suit and one of
    those upgraded spider enemies for you to take on. When you reach the second
    security tunnel send the RAD in. Near the end of the first tunnel will be a
    force orb to disable, the second one is in the other set of tunnels. Make your
    way to the Alien Artifact. Then exit out the other series of tunnels, you will
    come across two more force orbs. Those disable the force field blocking the
    path of the first tunnel. Regroup with Kane and leave the area.
    It seems like the aliens are out for your blood, the next room you will find
    yourself in is more or less the same as the past few. Clear a path and head up
    the stairs through the door. The next area is a series of rooms to explore.
    Take the time to clear all of the drones, then place Kane near the force field.
    Send out the RAD under the pipes in the right chamber near the start of the
    area and wrap your way through the tunnel system. The force orbs are luckily
    right next to the force field. Regroup with Kane and continue down the stairs.
    Make your way past those indestructible yellow drones and claim the AMMO CLIP
    INCREASE for the Oxid Cannon. Backtrack past the force field and continue on.
    The next room is nothing special, but beyond that is the chamber with the next
    Power Cell to activate. Just as with the first room, the Oxid Cannon will prove
    to be your best friend, its massive firepower will deal damage to everyone that
    is caught in its fire radius. Examine the Power Cell to activate it and then
    make your way back to where you ascended those second set of stairs, and go
    through the previously locked door in that room.
     Episode 14: Irradiated Stratum (Part 2) [epxx5]
    There is nothing noteworthy about the room beyond the save room, just clear
    the enemies and keep moving. The next area is very straightforward, it is just
    a bunch of inter-connected rooms with walking mech suits, drones and spiders to
    destroy. Towards the end of the room there will be a tunnel to the left of the
    exit door. Send the Remote Access Droid through the tunnel, you will soon make
    your way to another tunnel entry point. Toward the end of that will be the last
    Alien Artifact to claim! Regroup with Kane and continue onward.
    This next room is just two different paths that lead to the exact same spot,
    there is nothing special about them. But the one after that is the third and
    last Power Cell chamber, again it is heavily guarded. When you have finally
    destroyed every drone and mech suit examine the Power Cell to activate it. Then
    exit out the other door in the room, the one you didn't come in from.
    In this next room will be your last weapon to pick up, the Seeker Pod! Beyond
    this chamber will be a narrow walk-way for you to take to an elevator. As soon
    as you enter the elevator the Episode will be drawn to a close.
     Episode 15: Matrix Progenitor [ep155]
    Snag the key that is sitting at the bottom of the two staircases, and then
    move through the door. The next chamber is more noteworthy. Grab the Ammo Clip
    Increase for the Seeker Pod that you just picked up. Drop down into the main
    area of the room and move forward to being the boss fight.
    Fortunately this is pretty straightforward. Attack the top weak points of each
    core panel from afar. It is much easier to dodge the projectiles than it is to
    avoid the grenades that the core throws out. Your Fermion Sniper is almost
    like your new best friend, it will allow you to attack from long range so that
    you can easily dodge projectile attacks. Not to mention it packs a strong hit.
    When the core is exposed I recommend switching to your new Seeker Pod to test
    it out. Aim directly at the core and shoo-HOLY CRAP ITS LIKE A NUCLEAR WEAPON!
    Ahem, but yeah, as you will see it is a very powerful weapon. Finish off the
    core however you like. When it is destroyed, Episode 15 is over.
     Episode 16: Fermian Homeworld [ep166]
    Right off the bat you're dealing with a roomful of enemies. Dispatch them and
    exit out of the door that is to the west of where you started. Without map
    data the exits won't be as spoonfed to you as before. The next two rooms are
    very linear and there's nothing special about them. But the next one requires a
    little RAD-puzzle solving. First clear the area of all of the enemies, then
    move Kane to around where the force field is. Send the droid through the tunnel
    found near the beginning of the area. Disable the force orbs to bring Kane in,
    then regroup and continue along.
    The next two rooms are again pretty much just there for the sake of being there
    and not worth any other kind of mention. The room after those is the same deal,
    except you are introduced to a new type of walking mech suit - a variety that
    are more durable, have a different physical appearance, and can cloak when they
    want to - either they can cloak or my game glitched up.
    The next three rooms are all about running and gunning. I almost died in the
    third room just because of how much overwhelming firepower you face. And with
    no save points yet if you die you have to begin at the start of the Episode.
    Moving on, you will encounter a chamber with some drones and one of those mini
    roller bosses that you dealt with earlier in the game. Beyond that room are
    just more mech suits to destroy and doors to go through.
    The last area is basically empty, there are two wrapping paths that lead to the
    exact same spot, it does not matter which route you take. When you reach the
    elevator walk into it to be taken to a new part of the alien homeworld. This
    brings Episode 16 to a close.
     Episode 17: Overlord [ep177]
    The final level of the main game mode. Take the key on the narrow walkway and
    go through the final door. The last boss, the Overlord, really isn't that hard.
    His weak point is his exposed head/face area. If you conserved your Seeker Pod
    and Oxid Cannon rounds now is the time to use them. This boss fight is just
    like all of the other ones in the sense that it follows a distinct pattern.
    After a while the Overlord will retreat back behind a force field, and when
    this happens drones will spawn from the security chutes. But this isn't all bad
    as it allows you the potential opportunity to pick up some more ammo and health
    As far as attacks go, the Overlord fires your standard projectile shots, and it
    throws grenades out. And what alien boss fight would be complete without the
    standard-issue laser beam. The Overlord will constantly follow you around the
    area, when it's not behind a force field anyway. The only real difficulty of
    this fight comes in with a lack of ammo for the Seeker Pod and Oxid Cannon.
    If needed you can still use your other weapons, including the Super Assault
    Rifle on the boss, it would just take an absurd amount of time.
    It will not be too long before you bring the Overlord down. When this finally
    happens sit back and watch the final cut-scene. Then the credits will roll and
    you will be thanked for playing. Congratulations, you have just beaten Moon!
     VIII. Bonus Episodes [bno00]
    The Bonus Episodes are six Episodes all of very short length and with a very
    straight objective that you unlock by obtaining all three Alien Artifacts in
    each episode that has them. Each Bonus Episode is a re-hash of a previously
    beaten Episode, except with a few cosmetic changes. Your objective is always
    the same, get to Tsuke at the end of the area. 
    You begin each Episode with the map data already uploaded to your UAC, and you
    get the same basic instructions from Tsuke at the start, all you have to do is
    make it to the end of the Episode's area to beat it. There are no extra merits
    of any kind in any of the Bonus Episodes, and each Episode is very easy. They
    really only serve to give you more practice with the game. You will notice that
    the writeups for the six Bonus Episodes are all noticeably shorter than the
    writeups for most of the other usual normal levels of the game, and that is
    because of how short and simple each Episode is. But with that being said, it
    is on to the Bonus Episodes walkthrough portion!
     Episode 18: Tsukigami's VR Training I [bno01]
    The first of the Bonus Episodes. It follows a pattern that the rest of them do,
    in the sense of how simple it is. The first room is just a giant chamber with
    some drones to destroy, the second has a spider enemy along with some drones
    and gun turrets. The next two rooms after that are more or less the same, but
    be sure to keep your guard up - there are more drones in the second of the two
    than you might think.
    The room after that has two drones that will spawn right in front of Kane, so
    deal with them quickly. This final room is actually a bit more tricky than the
    others. Down the stairs will be two spider enemies for you to destroy, and in
    the last area after them will be a grenade-launching gun turret and one of
    those invincible gun turrets that alternate fire from every other hole. Once
    you are past all of that you will quickly see Tsuke waiting for you...just kind
    of standing there. Gee, thanks for the help pal. That will bring the first
    training episode to a close.
     Episode 19: Tsukigami's VR Training II [bno02]
    Feel free to make a mad dash for the exit door when you find yourself in the
    first chamber's room. As there is nothing else of interest except for several
    drones to destroy on either side of yourself. The second area is a familiar
    winding path of empty space and drone-filled space. Be way of the security
    chutes you pass, as drones will eventually spawn from them and catch up with
    The third room only has drones and a blue-core colored spider enemy to deal
    with, and the exit is located in the southeast region of the area. After that
    area is a small narrow hallway that just leads to another door. The chamber
    beyond that one may seem like it has a Remote Access Droid puzzle for you to
    solve, but the reality in fact is, it really does not. There is only one of
    two force orbs that you need to disable around you. The second one is literally
    no where else to be found. I guess they just forgot to finish this level or
    they could not afford to finish it. Either way, move on.
    The area after that just sees you making your way to another door. Following
    it though, is an area with a very familiar Remote Access Droid puzzle for you
    to solve. Just send out the droid through the tunnel and disable the force orbs
    so that Kane can move into the area some more. Regroup Kane and your Remote
    Access Droid together to bring this Episode to an end.
     Episode 20: Tsukigami's VR Training III [bno03]
    The first big area you will find yourself in is simply a narrow hallway that
    connects to a wider room with those indestructible gun turrets and more drones
    to prove bothersome to you, there is not much else to say about that really.
    Beyond that space is a chamber with a spider enemy and the first appearance of
    walking mech suits in these Bonus Episodes. You will also encounter one of
    those really annoying plasma turrets.
    After that is another simple winding path for you to run and gun while getting
    to the area exit point. After that will be the final room. And all that is
    standing between you and Tsukigami are a handful of drones that you will easily
    be able to dispatch. You will find Tsuke on the east side of the room's area.
     Episode 21: Tsukigami's VR Training IV [bno04]
    The first two rooms in this Episode are nothing but shooting drones and going
    through doors, yay. The third one requires you to solve a Remote Access Droid
    puzzle. Send out your robot either side under the pipes. Be aware of all the
    droids in the area though. Disable the two force orbs, then move Kane in and
    take out those bothersome drones. Reclaim your RAD and continue on through
    the door.
    Now we will start to see more Remote Access Droid puzzles in use. The next area
    has another one to solve. Stand Kane in front of the force field and send out
    your droid under the pipes. The two force orbs that you need to disable with
    the EMP blaster are located in the two rooms directly next to the room with
    the force field. Disable them and bring Kane in. Then regroup and enter the
    next area.
    The area after that has another RAD puzzle, but it is both near the end of the
    level and very easy to solve, just send the droid under the pipes and disable
    the orbs, the force field is generated right next to that position. Take Kane
    and your droid into the next room.
    One more puzzle stands between you and the exit. This one actually takes some
    luck and almost near-perfect timing. The two force orbs are located in the
    southwest corner (first row from the top on the very left) and on the very
    bottom south-hallway. There's a trick to it of sorts. The first time you turn
    them off you have to move Kane past the force field. Then the second time you
    have to haul robot butt and get your Remote Access Droid through the the other
    side as well. If you do not get the first time, don't sweat it. Its tricky but
    still very easy, so no worries. In the next room you'll meet up with Tsuke and
    that will bring this Episode to a close. In case you're wondering why you need
    to make two deactivating trips its because with the time it takes to switch to
    Kane and pick up your RAD there won't be enough time to get you both through
    in time before the force field goes back up.
     Episode 22: Tsukigami's VR Training V [bno05]
    The first area is pure running and gunning, be wary of the ceiling turret. If
    you do not take care of it soon enough it can rip Kane to shreds. Around the
    stairs will be a mech suit waiting for you, so be sure to have something like
    your Oxid Cannon ready. The room after this is pretty straightforward, that
    run and gun sense is still present. The path itself is very linear and full of
    twists and turns.
    The next chamber is very odd, for the sole reason that there seems to be red
    projectiles that emit from the ground. There is no enemy that fires them, they
    just emerge from the ground. Its really weird. This is where I began to wonder
    just how much this game was finished before they sold it. This single chamber
    is the ONLY place where you will witness something like this in the entire
    game. But anyway, just destroy all of the drones and enter the next area. Just
    be sure to watch out for the mysterious firing projectiles!
    Finally, in the very last room just make your fastest dash for the exit. Be
    wary of the walking mech suits and drones that you will encounter. But really,
    it is all a cinch. Tsuke is in the northeast region of the area.
     Episode 23: Tsukigami's VR Training VI [bno06]
    The first serious chamber you find yourself in contains a carbon copy of that
    Remote Access Droid puzzle with the gun turrets from Episode 01. Use the same
    exact strategy for this one too. Disable the force orbs, move Kane in and put
    him in front of the second force field, out of harm's way. Then repeat the
    processs for the second force field. Regroup your RAD with Kane and then move
    on to the next room.
    As soon as you enter this room you are greeted with a force orb and two tunnels
    to send your RAD in. The one on the right is absolutely useless, the force
    field it deactivates is entirely ignored. So send your droid through the left
    tunnel. The force orb that you have to disable will be directly above you on
    the wall adjacent to where you come out of the tunnel. Switch to Kane, make
    very short work of the mech suits, then take your RAD and continue on through
    the door at the bottom of the steps, making sure to either destroy or ignore
    the mech suit waiting there for you.
    The last chamber is very straigtforward. The first thing you should do is make
    sure to clear all of the drones and gun turrets, then put Kane in front of the
    force field. Send out your RAD through the tunnel. When you exit the first
    tunnel turn around, you'll see the lone force orb that you have to destroy.
    Take the time to move Kane past where the force field generates, and switch to
    the RAD again and continue your journey through the next tunnel. You will, very
    conveniently, come out right where Kane is standing. Regroup and wrap around
    the path to where Tsuke is waiting for you. Congratulations, you just completed
    the very last Bonus Episode in Moon!
     IX. Frequently Asked Questions [faq00]
    The following section is dedicated for pieces of information that I felt did
    not warrant their own section in the main guide, for one reason or another. It
    is also a source for the answers to some common questions you may have about
    the game.
    Q: Is there Nintendo Wifi support for this game?
    A: Sadly, no. Which really baffles me.
    Q: How can I play multiplayer with my friends?
    A: You cannot, Moon is a single player game only.
    Q: How many different game modes are there?
    A: Just the single adventure mode, and quick play
    Q: Which is better, this game or Metroid Prime Hunters?
    A: Everyone is entitled to their own personal opinion, so there is no right
    answer. Personally as I stated earlier, I have never played Metroid Prime
    Hunters, so I cannot really answer that question.
    Q: Is there anyway to disable use of the stylus?
    A: I'm afraid there is not, you're stuck with using the stylus. But trust me,
    you get used to it with practice!
    Q: Who are the main characters in the game?
    A: Major Edward Scott Kane, the reluctant hero of the game. A guy who was just
    doing his job before the poop hit the fan. You play as him. General Lillian
    Lincoln Lambert, Kane's superior officer who brought him along when she
    discovers a mysterious structure on the Moon, who seems to know more than what
    she lets on. And Captain Kado Tsukigami, Kane's best friend who was hand picked
    by General Lambert to assist you. He is very experienced in combat and manages
    to keep a cool head when the pressure is on. Kane refers to him as "Tsuke"
    during the game.
    Q: How do I earn all of the Merits in a level?
    A: In order to earn every Merit that you can possible get in an Episode, you
    need to collect any weapons that can be found in them, as well all three Alien
    Artifacts, the Ammo Clip Increase pick up, and the Max Health Increase pick up.
    The final stipulation is something that a lot of people tend to miss, including
    yours truly. You must ALSO take the time to examine every computer terminal
    in a level. Not the map terminals, the ones that provide log data from whoever
    used them last. So they not only serve to fill you in on plot details, they are
    also there for the perfectionists of the game.
    Q: Which Episodes have Alien Artifacts for me to collect?
    A: Episodes 01, 04, 08, 10, 12, and 14.
     X. Version History [ver00]
    February 13th, 2009 - 0.15: Initial submission of the guide. Just about every
    section of the guide needs to be updated. As far as the walkthrough goes, I
    wrote up the strategy for the Prologue and Episode 02 sections - anyone else
    can notice that Episode 01 is missing. I intentionally did this, but rest easy
    and assured I will include the write up for that and many other sections with
    the next update to the guide.
    February 20th, 2009 - 0.16: Updated the main walkthrough section to finally
    include Episode 01, Episode 03, Episode 04, and Episode 05.
    February 23rd, 2009 - 0.17: Updated the main walkthrough section again to
    include the strategy guides for Episode 06 and Episode 07. I meant to get more
    done over the weekend but it just quite simply did not happen. I would say the
    guide is still coming along nicely though, just not at the same pace I would
    prefer. I do intend to keep chipping away at the guide as this week before my
    Spring Break progresses. Thank you for all of the emails I've been getting.
    Febuary 24th, 2009 - 0.42: Massive update to the guide. Every section saw an
    update. The walkthrough section saw Episodes 08-13 being written up for. I
    should be able to finish her by the beginning of Spring Break weekend.
    March 1st, 2009 - 1.00: Another massive update to the entire guide. I updated
    every single section and decided to split section 2 into three different parts,
    I decided that it would be easier to allocate those pieces of information their
    own section. I also added the Bonus Episodes section and the walkthrough for
    each of those levels. All in all, the entire FAQ/Walkthrough is now officially
    complete. I can close the book on her. ffmasterjose's anti-plagiarism check.
     XI. Legal Information [leg00]
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective and copyright holders.
    This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any other website besides
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    this guide, so please refrain from requesting permission to host this anywhere
    else, as your request will be denied respectably.
    Copyright 2009 Jose Escamilla.
     XII. Final Notes [fin00]
    I encourage feedback of any kind, and I can be reached at the email listed
    above. In addition to feedback, if you have errors or missing content to report
    I'll look into it, and if everything checks out credit will be given to you in
    a future update. Thank you for viewing my FAQ.

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