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Recruitment/Team Building Guide by Chaet_legend

Version: 0.5 | Updated: 03/19/09

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    +:+        +:+              +:+    +:+ +:+         
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 #+#        #+#              #+#    #+# #+#    #+#     
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(just checking the 80 character limit, don't worry about the numbers).

Anyway, hey, and welcome to my 10th FAQ on GF!!!  Yay!!  This guide is for the
much anticipated Fire Emblem : Shadow Dragon (often shortened just to FE DS),
and is designed to help you unlock all of the characters in the game.

At present, I definately need to add more detail, but this will come in due
time.  This won't turn into a character FAQ, its just going to be a quick
reference "Is s/he worth recruiting or not?"  As there are almost no FAQs at
the moment however for this game, I think one of the more important elements
of the game had to be covered.

So, without further stalling for time, lets crack on.



I won't be changing them in the guide, as I have the UK version, so please,
if you cannot find the following characters look here:

Shiida has become Caeada
Nabarl has become Navarre.

That is all that is known about so far.

::::::::::Table of Contents::::::::::

1)  Intro
2)  Contact
3)  Legal
4)  Recruitmet
5)  Hints, tips, and other notes
6)  Choosing your team
7)  Closing.


So, yeah, I've already said it, this guide will help you to unlock all the
characters in the game.  Its a fairly easy task, but some of them are harder
than others and some are completely missed altogether.

It is worth noting that it is IMPOSSIBLE to have every character in the game
in yoru roster at once.  Why?  Well, Gotoh and Nagi cannot be in the same team,
neither can Arran or Samson.  So this will tell you how to get every character,
but it is impossible.


No Flames. No Viruses.  If I receive them, after a while I will take
my email address off.  But then to contact me, you MUST give me your email
address On a message board.  THEN I WILL POST YOU A PRIVATE MAIL.  Ok here it


No nothing.  You may ask me FAQ and I will be glad to reply to you and make a
Section about it.  Thank you for your co-operation.  Make sure to put a

FE DS FAQ Update :  Something that I missed.

FE DS FAQ :  For a question about the game

FE DS Guide : If something confused you

FE DS Legal :  If you want to know about legal and ask permission.

FE DS 08 : If you just want to say hi!


This guide is copyright 2008 by Chaet_legend.  Below are the rules:

@  This may not be reprouduced without my permission.

@  You may not put this on your site without my permission.

@  You may not steal it and claim it as your own.

@  If I do give you permission, which happens sometimes, you MUST give me
   full credit.

@ Below are the sites eligibal to host this FAQ without my permission:







Well, here it is, the list.  Enjoy.  C is for the Chapters, P is for the
prologue chapters and an x denotes Gaiden chapters (ie your toal character
count is <15 or for the last one, Tiki dead/not recruited and no Flachion).

Prolouge Characters:

Marth - From the start of P-1 in Normal, C1 in Hard.
Worth using?  Yes, its mandatory...

Frey - From the start of P-1 in Normal, cannot be recruited in Hard mode.
Worth using?  Yes, IMHO, best Cavalier/Paladin in the game.

Abel - From the start of P-2 in Normal, C1 in Hard.
Worth using?  Yes, if Frey is not there.

Cain - From the start of P-3 in Normal, C1 in Hard.
Worth using?  No, inferior to Frey, Abel and Hardin.

(My note:  I only say this because I'm trying to balance my team - it not using
4 paldins.  By all means use all 4 of the mentioned Paladins, but I find 

Jagen - From the start of P-3 in Normal, C1 in Hard.
Worth using?  No, he turns out crap in the end.

Gordin - Chapter P-4, enemy, talk with Marth.
Worth using?  Yes, I used Gordin and he does turn out great.

(My note:  This advice was based on personal experience.  I understand that
most experienced players say "Personal experience coutns for nothing".  So, 
by all means, you can go for the character that is broken at 20/20 instead of
Gordin.  This was a mistake on my part.

Draug - From start of C1.
Worth using?  No, Inferior to Horace.

(My note:  Horace may come much later and promoted, but Draug isn't exactly
the games A material...while Horace isn't either, he is still the best non
class swapped general.)

Norne - From start of C1 in Normal if you have 4 or less characters.  Cannot be
	obtained in Hard mode.
Worth using?  No, inferior to Gordin.

(My note:  She beats him in attack by ONE.  Gordin lasts longer than her,
and they'll both double in Normal, so I use Gordin, because Norne isn't there
in HM).

Out of this lot, Marth is probably the most solid unit.  Jagen is the worst.
I suggest using Marth, Gordin and Frey or Abel.
Early chapters:

Shiida - From start of C1.
Worth using?  Yes - IMHO, best flying unit in the game.

(My note:  I don't honestly bother raising Est.  I know she comes out good in
the end, but to be honest, you have far too little time to raise her.  I do
however understand Catria turn out better - so raise her if you want.  I use
Shiida mainly because of the convieniance.)

Wrys - Visit the Western village with Marth.
Worth using?  No, inferior to Lena.

Ogma - From the start of C2.
Worth using?  Yes - Heroes are broken.

Barst - From the start of C2.
Worth using?  Yes, he can do some serious damage.

(My note:  I apologise for what I wrote before - this time I restarted when
Barst died and he turns out great.)

Bord - From the start of C2.
Worth using?  No, he is inferior to others.

Cord - From the start of C2.
Worth using?  No, he is inferior to others.

Castor - Enemy in C2 - talk with Shiida.
Worth using?  No, he is inferior to Gordin.

Darros - Enemy in C2 - talk with Marth.
Worth using?  Yes, if you want lots of axe users.

(My note:  He is a great unit, but on a team I'd pick from either him or Batst)

Julian - From the start of C3
Worth using?  Yes/No, as a theif but not in battle.

Lena - From the start of C3
Worth using?  Yes, best healer in the game.

Nabarl - Chapter C3, enemy, talk to with Shiida.
Worth using?  Yes, if you don't want Athena (which I'd recommend).

Merric - Visit the village with Marth in C4.
Worth using?  Yes, Mages are good in this game due to the lack of Magic Resist.

Matthis - C4, enemy, talk to with Lena.
Worth using?  No, inferior to others

Hardin - From the start of C5
Worth using?  Yes, if both Frey and Abel arent there...or if you like Paladins.

Wolf - From the start of C5
Worth using?  Yes, he starts off bad and prepromoted, but his growths will make
	      him better than most other characters by Endgame.

Sedgar - From the start of C5
Worth using?  Yes, he is a great unit and turns out to be the best 9/10 times
given some expereince and Class Swap.  However, as I do not use Class Swap
unless I have to, I find other units.

(My note:  I play this game in Normal, and I don't use CS.  Also, I understand
Sedgar makes the game really easy, but I choose not to use him.  However, I
would recommend using him to anyone who wants an easier time in the game.)

Roshea - From the start of C5
Worth using?  No, fails to Frey and Hardin.

Vyland - From the start of C5
Worth using?  No, fails to Frey and Hardin.

Wendell - Enemy in C5, talk to with Marth or Merric.
Worth using?  No, Merric will totally outclass him.

Rickard - Enemy in C6, talk to with Marth or Julian.
Worth using?  No, Julian is a better theif.

Athena - Visit the village with Marth in C6x.
Worth using?  Yes, but only if you don't want Nabarl.  I recommend him though.

A fairly mixed bunch - you have some real gems Ogma, Lena, Nabarl, Merric,
Hardin and Wolf here.  The rest of them probably aren't even worth considering.
Bearing in mind also that you shouldn't use Julian in battle, as theives often
turn out poorer than most units.  They are good, however, for openind doors/
cheats/bridges, so keep one for that purpose.
Mid chapters:

Bantu - Visit the village with Marth in c7.
Worth using?  No, but keep him if you want Tiki.

Caesar - From the start of C8
Worth using?  No, inferior to Ogma.

Radd - From the start of C8
Worth using?  No, inferior to Athena and Nabarl.

Roger - Enemy in C8, talk to with Shiida.
Worth using?  No, inferior to Horace.

Jeorge - Visit the village with Marth in C9.
Worth using?  No, inferior to Gordin.

Maria - Enemy in C10, talk with Marth.
Worth using?  No, inferior to Lena.

Minerva - Emeny in C10, talk with Marth after recruiting Maria.
Worth using?  No, too much of a "Jeigan" archtype (starts out broken, but ends
up rubbish)

Linde - Visit the village with Marth in C11.
Worth using?  No, but if Merric died, she can be.  But shes stil crap then.
If Merric dies, you should really restart.

Jake - Enemy, talk to with Shiida after visiting the house with Anna in.
Worth using?  No, inferior to Beck who comes 2 chapters later.

Midia - From the start of C12.
Worth using?  No, preromote.

Dolph - From the start of C12.
Worth using?  No, inferior to Horace.

Macellam - From the start of C12.
Worth using?  No, inferior to Horace.

(My note:  I know I am advising against most generals here, but most of them
turn out bad.  Class Swap does solve this, but if you don't want to use it,
then I suggest Horace)

Tomas - From the start of C12.
Worth using?  No, inferior to Gordin.

Boah - From the start of C12.
Worth using?  No, inferior to Lena, prepromote.

Horace - If he survives C12x, he will join automatically.
Worth using?  Yes, best general in the game, but class swapped Wolf is better.
The requirements are steep to get him though, so you may want to find someone
else.  I also don't use Class Swap - so this advice is based on if everyone
stays as their original class.

Not so many good units here - none of them really warrant a permenant space on
your team.  Bantu, Horace and Jeorge are probably the best, everyone else you
can just skip, but even these units (barring Horace) are absolutely terrible...
Late chapters:

Beck - Visit the village in C13.
Worth using?  Yes, excellent for picking units off from safety.

Astram - Enemy in C13, talk with Midia.
Worth using?  No, prepromote.

Palla - Enemy in C14, talk with Marth.
Worth using?  No, inferior to her sister, Catria.

Catria - Enemy in C14, talk with Marth.
Worth using?  No, unless Shiida is dead.

(My note:  Sorry, made a mistake, I got Palla and Catria the wrong way round.)

Arran - Visit the Village to the left in C15 if Samsun not recruited.
Worth using?  No, terrible unit.

Samsun - Visit the village to the right in C15 i Arran not recruited.
Worth using?  No, terrible unit.

Xane - Enemy in C16, talk with Marth.
Worth using?  Yes, able to imitate your best units and create exact copies
of them = win.

Etzel - If he survives C17x, he will join automatically.
Worth using?  No, after using him I found him terrible.  I just assumed he was
goo because of the lack of Resist in this game...how wrong I was.  I do 

Est - Enemy in C18, talk with Marth.
Worth using?  No, she is too little, too late.

(My note:  Yes, I am well aware Est has ridiculous growths.  But, to be honest,
Keeping a level 3 Pegasus Knight alive at this point is stupid.  And no I don't
CW her because I don't need her at this point.

Tiki - Enemy in C19, talk with Bantu.
Worth using?  Yes, but only if you want a Manakete.  There are better units at
this point.  If you plan to get Nagi, who, IMHO is actually a lot better than
Tiki, then you'll have to avoid this unit.

Lorenz - Enemy in C20, talk with marth or Shiida.
Worth using?  No, horrible unit.

Ymir - Talk with Marth in C20x, he will join at the end.
Worth using?  No, horrible unit.

Elice - Automatically from the start of C24.
Worth using?  No, and you likely wont't need to revive a fallen ally unless
they died within the last 3 chapters.

Nagi - Clear 24x, cannot recruit Gotoh.
Worth using?  Only on a Gaiden runthrough.

(My note:  I changed her because, on Normal mode, she can do 45 damage to the
final boss, which is something that most units can onlt Dream of...except
possibly Falchion Marth.)

Gotoh - From the start of the final chapter if C24x not visited.
Worth using?  Yes, as he is the best unit in the game, but he comes far too
late, so still train up Merric/Linde.

By this point, you porbably have most of your roster ready.  If you must use
a few from here, I suggest Catria, Beck, Xane, Etzel, Tiki and Gotoh.  The rest
of them are just too little, too late to be honest.  Est wins the award for
being the games crappest unit, btw.  Not because of her growths (lets face it:
w/o arena abuse, she isn't going to get to 20/20 and its hard enough doing a 
Pegasus Knight in the arena.)


::::::::::Hints, tips and other notes::::::::::

Cutting the amount of characters you use:

If your one of these people who wants to go to the Gaiden chapters for whatever
reason, you know you need to keep your character count low.  So, before you
do a run through, decide on a team of 13-15 (max.) people, and kill the ones
you don't want before they can be recruited.  For early units, just unequip all
weapons, and kill them quickly.

One of the more annoying features of this game is they will always keep your
unit supply topped up.  For example, if you had 13 characters, and the maximum
you could send out was 15, they will automatically give you 2 extra, and rather
rubbish characters.  Just kill them, you get some free Iron weapons off them
anyway, so unless your forging, you shouldn't need ot visit the armory at all
before a battle if you keeep their weapons.


ReClassing is the ability to change your class from the beginning of C4 to a
certain one in that "set".  The sets are as follows:

Male set A 

Non-promoted: Cavalier - Archer, Myrmidon, Mage, Curate
Promoted: Paladin - Dracoknight, Sniper, Swordmaster, Sage, Bishop

Male set B

Non-promoted: Knight - Mercenary, Fighter, Hunter, Pirate, Dark Mage
Promoted: General - Hero, Warrior, Horseman, Berserker, Sorcerer

Female set

Non-promoted: N/A - Pegasus Knight, Archer, Myrmidon, Mage, Cleric
Promoted: Paladin - Draco/Falcoknight, Sniper, Swordmaster, Sage, Bishop

The number of a particular units you can have is the number you could have
had +1.  For example, when you start, you could change Barst into a Dark Mage,
but you could have no more, as you have not recruited any Dark Mages at this
point.  Most characters are fine as they are - however, some will get huge
boosts if they change so its worth experimenting.


Promoting a character will drastically increase its stats.  To do this, you
will need a Master Seal.  You can either buy them online, or you can find them
between chapters 10-23.

Also, you can make Shiida into a Falcoknight buy going online and buying an
Elyisan Whip, which is available on any day ending in 1, so that is the 1st,
11th, 21st and 31st.  However, the Dracoknight is much more useful in terms of
Raw power as all aspects of the Falcoknight are included in the Dracoknight,
and the Dracoknight generally ends up with much more attack.


More to come as submitted/added in!

::::::::::Choosing your team::::::::::


Also, by current demand, I've changed most of my advice here.  My advice
is based on normal mode, where I guess anything can go, so apparently, I need
to change it to match H5...

If this is your first time through the game, you can experiment with virtually
everyone to see who you like.  However, for those repeating the game, they
will probably want to construct a solid team, as they have a feel for all the
characters.  Your team should consist of around 12-14 characters, and should
include at least one of each:

-Marth (as you have no choice anyway)
-Ground units

Personally, I would split the aboe as 1 Marth, 1 Sniper, 1 Swordmaster, 1 Hero
and another Hero or a Paladin, 1 flyer, 2 mages, 1 defence, 1 healer, 1 shooter
1 Manakete and 1 Xane.  This totals 12 or 13 units.  Breaking it down even

-There is only one Marth in the game, and he is compulsory in every chapter. He
is definately no bad unit, however.

-Ground units:  Snipers are pretty good in this game - your choices are Norne,
Gordin or Jeorge for pure Snipers.  Norne is very good as an Archer but sadly,
her usefulness slips as a Sniper (She beats Gordin by 1 in atk but loses to him
in most other stats), Jeorge is a prepromote so that rules him out, leaving
you with Gordin.  You may toss Gordin aside, but you'll really regret it.
He is a CRAP unit as an archer, but coddle him for 20 levels and Boss/Arena
abusehim (he often ends up against Hunters/Mages, easy kills), and promote him,
and his usefulness will rival that of Wolf.

However, something I cannot understand is the grude against Snipers...if you
don't want a Sniper, then I guess you can fill it with Sedgar, Darros or Barst.

As for your Heroes, Astram is a Prepromote and has poor stats, Caesar is a very
poor unit in general, Samsun is in the bottom 5 units of the game, but Ogma...
Ogma is broken.  He starts off early in the game with excellent stats, and
these only get better.  Really, a LOT better.  He even has his own Archtype,
and because of him, the Mercenary/Hero class are very reveared.  

Swordmasters are my personal favourite units, I've always loved the little
Myrmidons :P.  Anyway, you get th choice of Radd, Athena or Nabarl to be your
Swordmasters.  Radd is a terrible unit and should immediately be killed or
benched, depending if you want Athena.  Athena require ludricrous amount of
work to get to...ie, you must kill virtually all of your characters that you
don't plan to use, but she can be a very, VERY powerful unit.  However, Nabarl
is very easy to get at, comes earier and at a lowever level and with a Killing
Edge.  Stat wise, Nabarl beats Athena at HP, Speed and Luck, whereas Athena
beats him at Strength, SKill and resistance.  The differences in stats
are minute, however, Nabarl has a larger lead on Speed, so I'd pick him.
However, Athena is the second most comedy character... "he vee vuns have been
visked avay!!!!"

Some people hate Swordmasters for some reason too - but don't.  They may have
bad defence, but they avoid like hell and their criticals can get in the 60+
range with a forged Killing Edge/Wo Dao.

Your final choice is another Hero OR a Paladin.  If you want another Hero,
you'll have to Class swap, whereas there are more Paladins in the game than
any other class.  Your other potential Hero is Wolf or Sedgar, but you can save
them to be your defence if you so desire.

Paladins... lets see, immediately rule out Arran as he is a prepromote and
is in the botom 5 units in the game, Midia as she is a prepromote, Roshea,
Vyland and Matthis as they are inferior to other Paladins and Cain as, even
though he is a solid unit, he is just inferior to Abel and Frey.

Abel is a good unit, but unfortunately, he falls to Frey.  However, if your in
hard mode and Frey is not there, Abel can make a solid Paladin.  If you don't
choose either of those two, you should choose Hardin.  Even though I get a
childish giggle each time I see his name (and his sprite as well), he can
be an absolute monster with his lance (that came out really badly...). 
Personally, I would coose Frey, then Abel, then Hardin.  But they're all great

Some people argue that this game is an ideal place to make most of the team
Paladins, but I try to balance my teams, for better or worse.  You may just
want to use an all Paladin team, but I recommend one or two.

-Flyers:  Shiida is pretty awesome - despite what people say.  Her Wing Spear
can slice through armoured units like only Merric can, and she comes early so
she has a chance to be trained effectivley.  Immediately rule out Est as she
is too little, too late and Palla as she falls to her sister, Catria.  If,
you killed Shiida, then use Catria, as she can be deadly when trained properly.
Minerva may seem broken at first, but thats just because she has a good weapon
and anyone with an "ultimate" weapon can be considered good, so I'd suggest not
using her at all.

(My note:  I like Shiida because I'm not factoring in Class Swap here, Est
comes too late and I find her better than the others because I have trained
Shiida.  My opinion, but if you want to be a 20/20 hog, then go with Est.  But
seriously, its your funeral.  If you don't mind the 13 level difference, then
Catria is definately better.)

-Mages:  Merric is one of the best unit in the game - even better than Marth in
some respects.  He should be on every team and with a forged tome, it is not
uncommon to see damage in the mid 20's early in the game.  The other Mage is
a toss up - you might have to C/S here.  Gotoh, while quite good, is available
only in the last chapter, so don't count on him is what I'm saying.

(My note:  After replaying through and using them, I found Etzel wan't as good
as I though he once was and that Linde is actually pretty terrible.  I was
assuming Etzel because I hadn't used him before and there aren't many other
Mages in the game...and Linde is just terrible.  Scrap her.)  

-Defence: For this I mean generals.  Surprisingly, Wolf isn't too bad at this
job.  For lols, I made him into a general for a chapter and he took almost
no damage...but he doesn't give out much either.  However, it is kind of a 
waste of Wolf, because Defence aren't meant to do damage - they are ment to
Lure units in, while Mages and Snipers are planted behind them to pick off the
enemy.  If you choose not to use Class Swap, you have the choices of Macellan,
Dolph, Draug or Horace.  The former 3 are all so horribly useless units, so if
you really want to use any of them, I'd choose Horace.

(My note:  I used Horace on my Gaiden run through, and I found him useful
there.  And yes, I killed Sedgar because I didn't want him to basically own the
game by himself.  You can C/S here, but this info is based on a non-Class swap

-Healers:  You need at least one of them to survive in the game - and to be
honest - its going to end up as Lena.  After Wrys, who isn't that good, Lena
is the first healer in the game, and takes very little time to promote thanks
to the insane exp given off by the Warp and Physic staves.  When she promotes,
she can also use tomes, making her an option as a poor man's mage too.  Boah is
a prepromote, Elice comes far too late to be of use (except for her revival
staff) and Maria is a joke.  Not to mention Lena gets her own Staff, which is
quite probably the most useful staff in the game after Fortify and possibly
Oum...but if your deciding on a team using this thing, you shouldn't need to
use tha latter.

-Shooters:  Wow...Beck just spellbinds me.  He takes about 12 chapters to get
to level 30 given some use, which is perfect as thats when Endgame is.  He
can take down Fliers, other Ballistacians, Mages and Enemy Healers in one
shot given the right ammo, and he can 2 shot most things not wearing armour.
Beck is just absolutely awesome and should be on every team.

-Manaketes:  This is probably the most optional of the Classes.  You get few of
these.  Bantu isn't a great Manakete in the long run, Nagi comes far too late,
so this leaves you with Tiki.  Tiki can do ridiculous amounts of damage and
take little, but the problem is that Dragonstones are limited in number, and
so, like Myrrh from FE 8, the uber broken tier actually isn't worth it in the
end because a) you can't arena abuse them, b) they have limite number of
attacks and c) even at level one, Tiki takes forever to level up.  Of course,
Myrrh has the advantage of glitch abuse in FE8 to make sure she can always
attack, and because of Valni, she could get unlimited experience.

(My note:  I am still going to recommend Tiki here even though I prefer Nagi,
mainly because even though Nagi can do stupid amounts of damage to Medeus,
Tiki is available for a little bitlonger, and you have the chance to level
her up.  Also, you won't have to give up the good Falchion if you get Tiki.)

-Xane:  Let me just explain how Xane works, as this alone can put people off
him.  When Xane is standing next to any friendly character, he can turn into
that character.  He will be identical to that character, but will not have
the same Weapons as that character.  He get their stats, level (temporary),
Weapon LEVEL (so if that character has a B in Tomes, he can use Excalibur/Aura,
and a C in staves, he can also heal as well).  Therefore, you can essentially
have 2 Marths, 2 Ogmas or 2 Becks on the field if you so desire.  Give him the
following weapons and just watch as he totally rips the enmy to shreds:

-Silver Swd
-Silver Lnc
-Silver Axe
-Blizzard/Aura (depending on if you want to imitate Merric or Lena, and if Lena
 has a B in tomes)
-A healing staff/Ballista ammo.

So in the end, your team will probably end up looking something like this:
(characters in brackets means optional)


However, if you want to use class swap, then I would recommend using:

-2-3 Paladins

If you actually read that, well done!  Sorry its quite long, but this aspect of
the game is a large one...I was considering originally to make this a character
FAQ but I really couldn't be bothered to go much further than that above.

Also, I'm sorry I made all of those mistakes before.  The revised version I
find is better, but I still advise using Shiida and Gordin...mind you, they
do say PECFN (personal experience counts for nothing), so if you want to
go on the growths/average stats, then be my guest.  


Version history:  0.1, 23:19 GMT 29/12/2008:  Got all of the character recruits
down and some basic info and tips.  Plan to update with more detail soon as I
progress with my experiments.

0.2 21:11 30/12/2008:  Added Jake (forgot to add him) and the team 
construction section. 

0.3 15:58 01/01/2009:  Fixed a few mistakes regarding Becks recruitment and
turned the team building section into a mini FAQ in itself.  No one but me has
seen the previous versions as GF is on holiday...phew.  And also, HAPPY NEW 
EARS everyone!  Yes, I have nothing better to do today :(  Also, I added a 
brief summary.

0.4 19:00 06/01/2009 - OK, I've realised now that I made quite a few bodges
with my character section (I do apologise for that), so I've corrected that
to the best of my ability.  Yes, I did read that topic which said this was
terrible but I found it really useful in making my corrections - any more stuff
would be appreciated.

0.5 21:05 19/03/2009 - Well, a long time since this thing has been done.  
Anyway, thanks to all who have emailed me about the American name changes and
the Falchion cheat - I did know about these but never got round to doing them!

Also, thanks to www.serenesforest.net, who provided a useful resource for me
while I made this FAQ.

I'd like to thank the following people for helping me with the guide:

metroid_manning, for pointing out several mistakes.
modsnipe for pointing out a Palla mistake.
All of the people that emailed me about Shiida/Caeda and Nabarl/Navarre.
All of the people that emailed me about the Falchion cheat.

And thats it.  You can either go back and use this thing as more reference,
or you can go and do/read something else. But do I really have to tell you that
at all?

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