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Lin by Tronn_Bonne

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/28/10

Advance Wars Days of Ruin
By: Tronn Bonne
Guide - CO Lin
Copyright 2010 Tronn Bonne
Version 1.0

Table of Contents

1. Version History
2. Copyright and Disclaimer
3. Purpose of this Guide
4. Important Terms
5. Introduction to Lin
6. CO Effect Statistics
7. COP Statistics
8. Days of Ruin Metagame
9. Lin’s War Room
10. Countering Lin
11. Lin vs Other COs
12. Opinions on Lin
13. People I want to thank

1. Version History

Version 1.0 [3/27/10] Guide Completed

2. Copyright and Disclaimer

This document is (c)2010 Tronn Bonne. This may be
not be reproduced under any circumstances except 
for personal and private use. It may not be 
placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use 
of this guide on any other web site or as a part 
of any public display is strictly prohibited, 
and a violation of copyright.

The only sites authorized to use this guide are 
gamefaqs.com and warsworldnews.com.  If you want 
to use this guide, please e-mail me at the 
following address:


Lin, Advance Wars: Days of Ruin, and all related 
characters are copyright of Nintendo.

3. Purpose of this Guide

This guide is not designed for beginners to 
Advance Wars Days of Ruin. If you are unfamiliar 
with the basics of the game then I suggest you 
read the  opening section of one of the 
walkthrough guides for Advance Wars Days of Ruin 
posted on GameFAQs. I will only discuss aspects 
of the game mechanics which I feel are not well 
known or are especially important. 

In this guide I will be utilizing the North 
American translation of the game which is titled 
Advance Wars Days of Ruin. Please note that the 
game is also known as Dark Conflict in the 
European version but Lin and the translation of 
her CO Power are the same in both versions of 
the game. I will also not provide any spoilers 
about the campaign story and will only make general 
references to it when they pertain to Lin.

I will be the first to admit that it might appear 
strange for me to be finishing this guide now when 
the game came out over two years ago. I originally 
started it when wi-fi activity for DoR was at its 
peak in the six months after the game was released. 
Although the online activity of DoR has decreased I 
feel that a CO FAQ dedicated to Lin will be 
beneficial since I still encounter players who 
regard her as a weak or overly specialized CO and do 
not recognize the extent of her strengths nor how to 
use her effectively. Therefore, this FAQ is not only 
about providing tips for utilizing Lin but also 
showing why she is one of the stronger COs in DoR. 
Furthermore, Lin is effectively the DoR version of 
Sonja, the CO I wrote FAQs on in the previous AWs, 
which was an added element of attachment to 
her and only fueled my desire to finally finish this 

The way I am structuring this FAQ is a little different 
than my previous guides, mostly because the CO mechanics 
in DoR are quite a bit different from previous AWs. The 
two biggest changes is that I have a section discussing 
the metagame and I tried to condense all of the strategy 
into one section. There are numerous other differences 
as well but some things, like the versus section, are 
largely the same.

Feel free to e-mail me at the address in the Copyright 
and Disclaimer Section if you notice any mistakes or 
have any comments with this guide. Please contact me 
if you wish to use any of the information in this 
guide or its format for a guide/FAQ of your own. Also, 
feel free to e-mail me if you wish to submit a strategy 
that works well with Lin or if you would like to share 
your opinion of her. I reserve the right to select 
what material I will and will not include in this 
guide. I will give full credit to the authors of any 
outside material that I do decide to include.

4. Important Terms

The following is a list of terminology which I will 
regularly use throughout this FAQ:

-DoR=Days of Ruin
-AWDS=Advance Wars Dual Strike
-AW=The Advance Wars series
-IS=Intelligent Systems, the developers of Advance Wars
-OHKO=One Hit Kill
-FOW=Fog of War
-Ambush=When a unit runs into an enemy hidden unit during 
FoW, causing it to lose the rest of its action
-Capture Phase=Also called Expansion Phase. This is the 
early portion of the game when players are trying to 
capture as many properties as possible
-CO=Commanding Officer
-COP=CO Power
-CO Unit=The unit that the CO is deployed in
-CO Effect=The benefit that a deployed CO provides to their 
-CO Zone=The range of the CO Effect around a deployed CO
-CO Meter=The meter which can be charged by attacking
with units inside the CO Zone
-Indirects=Units that can attack from long range but 
normally are unable to counterattack or move and attack
-Directs= Units that can only attack units adjacent to 
-Ground Units=Units like Infantry, Tanks, and Artillery
-Infantry Units=Units that can capture properties. This
includes Infantry, Mechs, and Bikes
-100/100=The basic unit stats. The first number refers to 
offense while the second refers to defense. Therefore, a 
unit with 20% offense and 10% defense boost will be 

5. Introduction to Lin

Lin is the stern second-in-command of the 12th Battalion. 
As a specialist in intelligence gathering, she proves to 
be more far more calculating in her strategies than the 
idealistic Captain Brenner or the  inexperienced Will. 
This often brings her into disagreement with Brenner 
or Will when they are deciding the next move for the 
12th Battalion. She is also the one who usually provides 
advice, especially early in the campaign, during a 
tactics session in battle. 

Name: Lin
Faction: 12th Battalion
The 12th Battalion’s unflappable second in command. She 
has tremendous respect for Captain Brenner, although 
they disagree often.

“Keep a cool head.”

CO Zone: 1

Boosts: Ground Units
Effect: Attack up **
	Defense up **

CO Power: Scout
Adds 2 to ground-unit vision, including hiding places.

How to Unlock: Initially available for use.

Lin was seen as a very weak CO when DoR was first 
released and, at first glance, she does appear 
that way. Her CO Zone only has a radius of 1 while 
the unique effect of her CO Power only applies if 
she is fighting in FOW. For quite some time she was 
neglected and would regularly be listed as an 
underpowered CO in the many tier lists posted online. 
However, this completely changed as more active, 
competitive DoR players gained a much better 
grasp of the DoR game mechanics. The following are 
the main reasons for this imrpoved opinion of Lin's

1. With the exception of the deliberately broken 
Caulder and the CO Zone of 0 Tabitha, Lin provides 
the greatest stat boost to ground units in the game. 
This is considerable since it allows her to both 
achieve and deny more OHKOs with ground units than 
almost all of the other COs. 

2. A CO Zone of 1 is just large enough to be able 
to reliably charge a COP meter. Just as important, 
a CO Zone of 3 is the optimal size for a CO effect 
to greatly impact a part of the battle. Naturally, 
a larger CO Zone never hurts and it does require 
more effort to charge Lin’s CO Meter than other COs 
but the reward to her ground units is considerable. 

3. Lin’s COP is not useless out of FOW because 
activating a COP causes the stat boost from the 
CO Effect in addition to the COP effect to apply 
to all units that CO controls. This means that 
when Lin activates her COP all of her ground 
units become among the best in the game. 

6. CO Effect Statistics
Outside of Lin’s CO Effect all of her units, 
like all of the other DoR COs, are normal 
strength at 100/100. Lin’s CO Effect contributes a 
stat boost to all ground units, including Infantry 
Units like Mechs, direct combat units like Tanks, 
indirect combat units like Rockets, and even Rigs. 

Each star listed under a CO Effect equals a 10% 
boost to that respective stat. Since Lin’s CO Effect 
lists ** for offense and ** for defense her ground 
units gain a 20% boost to both stats. However, this 
is a little deceptive since all CO Zones generate an 
additional 10% offense and 10% defense boost to all 
of the CO’s units which are within range. Therefore, 
all of Lin’s ground units actually gain a 30% offense 
and 30% defense boost while her air and naval units 
receive a 10% offense and 10% defense boost.

The following is fairly basic knowledge but I will go 
over it here anyway. Lin’s starting CO Zone is 1 which 
means the four squares Immediately adjacent to the 
unit she is deployed in will benefit from her CO Effect. 
Equally important, only the units which attack while 
within her CO Zone will increase her CO Meter. When her 
CO Meter is half full her CO Zone increases to 2. When 
her CO Meter becomes full the zone increases to 3 and 
she can also use her COP if she so chooses. Furthermore, 
if the unit that Lin is deployed in becomes destroyed 
then her CO Meter is reduced to 0 and she must be 
deployed once more. 

Deploying a CO in a unit can only be done at an owned 
production property, such as a factory, or the faction 
HQ and costs 50% of the funds required to deploy that 
unit. Therefore, it will cost 3,500 fund to place Lin 
in a Tank which costs 7,000. This means that you have 
spent 10,500 on one unit. Furthermore, you can not 
deploy a CO in a unit that has been recorded as moving 
that turn. This means you must wait a turn before 
deploying Lin in a unit that you built that turn or 
moved onto a production property or her HQ. Also, 
placing a CO in a unit will automatically upgrade it 
to Veteran status which gives it a 20% offense and 
20% defense boost in addition to other modifies. This 
means that if Lin is deployed in a ground unit then it
will have 150/150 stats from her 20% CO Effect, 
universal 10% CO Zone boost, and 20% Veteran status. 
As a result, in a 55% unit matchup, such as a Tank vs. 
Tank, Lin’s CO Tank will do 82% (8-9 HP) of damage 
while sustaining almost no counterattack damage in 

Below are some statistics showing the difference Lin's
CO Effect has on certain unit matchups. Of particular
importance are the new or potential OHKOs that Lin's
boost generates. The first unit listed is Lin's 
while the second is the unit being targeted. Lin's
units only include the boost from her CO Effect and
Zone for 130/130 stats. The targeted units all have 
100/100 stats which means they do not have a level, 
lack defensive cover, and are not under the effect 
of a CO Zone.

Lin's Ground Unit Offense
Infantry vs Mech		58%

Mech vs Anti-Tank		71%

Recon vs Infantry   		97% 
Recon vs Mech			84%
Recon vs Flare			39%

Tank vs Infantry 		97%
Tank vs Tank			71%
Tank vs Medium Tank		45%

Medium Tank vs Mech		104%
Medium Tank vs Tank		91%
Medium Tank vs War Tank		45%

War Tank vs Tank		110%
War Tank vs Medium Tank		97%
War Tank vs Anti-Tank		52%

Artillery vs Mech		110%
Artillery vs Tank 		78%
Artillery vs Artillery		97%

Rockets vs Tank			91%
Rockets vs Medium Tank		71%
ROckets vs Anti-Tank		84%

Anti-Air vs Mech		136%
Anti-Air vs Duster		97%
Anti-Air vs Bomber		91%

The following list uses the same parameters as the
first with Lin's units at 130/130 and the enemy's
at 100/100. However, this list shows the impact 
her CO Effect has when her units are being 
attacked. Therefore, the first unit listed is the 
enemy's while the second is Lin's. This list 
demonstrates that it still pays to be the attacker
in DoR although Lin does deny certain critical 
OHKOs and greatly reduces the impact of any attack 
boost the enemy units might have. Furthermore, her
increased defense combined with her increased
offense also means her ground units sustain 
considerably less counterattack damage from the 

Lin's Ground Unit Defense
Infantry vs Mech		34%
Anti-Air vs Mech		80%
Tank vs Tank			42%
Tank vs Medium Tank		26%
Medium Tank vs Mech		61%
War Tank vs Tank		65%
Artillery vs Artillery		57%
Bomber vs Anti-Air		65%
7. COP Statistics

When Lin activates her COP, called Scout, it applies 
all of her CO Effects to all of her units in addition 
to the effects of the COP itself. This means that all 
of Lin’s ground units get 130/130 stats while her air 
and naval units get 110/110. The COP lasts for a turn 
and at the start of Lin’s next turn her CO Meter will 
be empty and her CO Zone will return to 1. Activating 
a COP also uses the action of the CO’s deployed unit.

The unique effects of Lin’s Scout COP is +2 vision to 
ground units and revealing hiding places. The first 
effect is very straightforward and all it means is 
that Lin’s ground units get +2 to their vision for 
that turn. However, the latter means that all of Lin’s 
ground units will be able to see into hidden terrain 
during FOW. In other words, Lin will be able to see any 
units that are residing in woods, reefs, mist, ruins, 
or properties without having to move a unit past/into/
beside them or using a shot from a Flare unit. Just 
remember that both the vision boost and the ability to 
see into hiding places only applies to Lin’s ground
units and not air or naval units.
Below is the attack strength, defense strength, and 
vision ranges of Lin's ground units while under the 
effect of her COP. I have only included her ground 
units in this list since they are the most affected by 
Lin’s COP and to illustrate how large their vision 
ranges become. Of particular interest is that the 
vision range of all of Lin’s ground Indirects either 
matches or exceeds their attack range. This means they 
do not need the assistance of another unit to locate 
a target within range.

Effects from Scout COP
Infantry   	130/130 vision 4 (7 on a mountain)
Mech       	130/130 vision 4 (7 on a mountain)
Bike 	  	130/130 vision 4
Recon      	130/130 vision 7
Flare	  	130/130 vision 4
Anti-Air   	130/130 vision 5
Tank       	130/130 vision 5
Medium Tank    	130/130 vision 4
War Tank	130/130 vision 4
Artillery	130/130 vision 5
Anti-Tank	130/130 vision 4
Rockets		130/130 vision 5
Missiles	130/130	vision 7
Rig          	  0/130 vision 3

It is also worth noting the game mechanics of Rain in 
this section. Rain in DoR reduces the vision range of 
all unit to 1 (not by 1 as in the past AWs). Therefore, 
a Recon will have the same vision range as a War Tank. 
Even Infantry and Mechs on mountains will have a 
vision range of 1. The exception to this rule, aside 
from the CO Penny who is immune to weather effects, is 
Lin’s Scout COP. If she activates it during Rain then 
all of her ground units will still have their vision 
range extended by 2. This means all of her ground units 
will have a vision range of 3 during her COP and will 
still be able to see into hidden terrain.

8. Days of Ruin Metagame

The term metagame often has a negative connotation to 
it when used in conjunction with video games. Sometimes
it merely refers to a dominant form of playing the 
game while at others times it represents a strategy 
that exploit’s the game mechanics in a way the game 
developers did not intend. However, that is really 
only part of the story since how a metagame forms is 
highly dependant upon the group of players which 
formed it. Their choice of maps, character 
preferences, and unit choices all contribute heavily 
to their version of the “ultimate” strategy for 
playing a particular game. 

The Advance Wars series is no exception and several 
online communities dedicated to the series were formed 
over the past decade. Among the activities of these 
communities and their members were discussions on 
game mechanics, CO balance, theorizing about strategies, 
and engaging in completive play with one another. The 
last activity was the most critical to creating a 
concept of the AW metagame and this process was only 
made easier with sites that allowed online AW play 
(chiefly Advance Wars by the Web), AWDS link mode, and 
DoR’s wi-fi. However, the metagames that formed did 
undergo changes over time as players became more 
experienced and faced a wider range of opponents.

I am not going to invest too much space detailing all 
of the particulars of the latest online consensus on 
the DoR metagame. My primary reasons for this decision 
is that, as I stated above, metagames are heavily 
influenced by the playing preferences of the groups 
which formed them. Map selection in particular has 
had a powerful impact upon AW competitive play and 
what COs/strategies excel. Therefore, the metagame 
of a community that favors small, land based maps 
will differ greatly from a community whose metagame 
favors large, air based maps. As I result, I intend 
to only provide a brief overview of the general
consensus AW sites developed for the past AW 
metagame, the current DoR metagame, and how Lin 
fits into it. My basis for the following 
descriptions of the AW metagames has been my own 
experience in online competitive play coupled with 
discussions and statements generated over the years by 
other competitive AW players online. 

In the three AW games leading up to DoR the metagame 
revolved around what was called Meat Shielding. You 
mostly produced Infantry units and supported them 
with artillery. CO choices were particularly important 
since their effects on the battle were more pronounced 
than the DoR COs and they could easily change the tide 
of the battle with their abilities. In fact, part of 
the Meat Shielding strategy was letting your Infantry 
get destroyed so you could charge up the CO’s CO Power 
and use it to force a breakthrough. This meant that 
one type of CO could almost always defeat another CO 
that was ill suited to that style of play either 
because they lacked a good enough CO Power, a good 
enough day-to-day boost or both.

DoR plays differently. The game developers recognized 
the stalemate nature of the past AW games and made 
numerous major changes with the system. The most major 
was the complete restructuring of the units in the game. 
This ranged from price changes to unit matchups. A 
stronger unit rock-paper-scissor style of play was 
implemented along with a leveling system that rewarded 
units for staying alive. COs were also toned down by 
requiring them to be deployed in units, having only 
one COP, and having a CO Zone which concentrates their 
influence on the battle. However, COs are still very 
important elements to the game, especially since even 
the default CO Zone boost opens up numerous OHKO 
matchups, but they do require considerably more skill 
to utilize well than the CO abilities in previous AWs. 
Furthermore, forcing COs to be deployed in a unit 
also promoted a more aggressive play style since a 
player could no longer sacrifice swarms of Infantry 
in order to charge their CO Power. Instead, they need 
to take the iniative with their units and strike

Infantry’s effectiveness was greatly reduced in DoR 
although the usefulness of Mech units was noticeably 
increased. The speed of the game, especially the 
Capture Phase, was also increased with the 
introduction of Bike capturing units. However, all of 
the infantry type units are easier to OHKO with the 
aid of a CO and the right kind of ground unit. This 
means that while Mechs and, to a lesser extent, Bikes 
are very dominate features in the game it is harder 
to form a Meat Shield with them. Therefore, Indirects 
are not as important as they once were since it is 
harder to shield them although they are still 
extremely important to the game and devastating when 
employed in large numbers. The end result is more 
diverse army compositions when compared to the previous 
AW games, although Mechs are certainly a prominant unit, 
and more aggressive gameplay. 

The reason why Mechs are so effective is that they have 
a low cost but are relatively good on the offense 
against most ground units. They are also able to capture 
properties too and traverse certain terrain easily. 
However, their low speed, the decreased price of 
Medium Tanks/War Tanks compared to their older AW 
counterparts, and the level system does a lot to prevent 
DoR from being simply a Mech Spam.

As I mentioned earlier, COs play an important role in 
this metagame since they can swing the ground war into 
their favor by opening up several OHKOs with even a 
default CO Zone stat boost. Furthermore, the COP of 
certain COs are still capably of turning the tide of the 
battle when utilized well. A CO Zone is also critical 
for not only spreading the benefits of the CO Effect but 
for being able to continue providing its benefits once 
the CO's unit becomes damaged. However, a massive CO 
Zone is not necessary either. In fact, extending the CO 
Effect to a few key units is often all that is needed to 
have a critical impact in combat and the CO with a small 
CO Zone can be maneuvered to extend their effect to 
many units in a single turn. 

The thing that you will notice with this metagame is that 
it is focused on ground units and small to mid-sized land 
or land/air maps which is where Lin excels. Her small CO 
Zone requires the player to be precise with her 
placement until she can charge her CO Meter and increase 
her CO Zone but the benefit from her CO Effect is 
immense. As I stated earlier, only Caulder and Tabitha 
provide a higher boost to their ground units. However, 
Caulder is intentionally broken so he does not figure into 
the metagame and Tabitha lacks a CO Zone which forces the 
unit she is deployed in to directly charge up the first 
half of her CO Meter. Thus, Lin’s ground units within her 
CO Zone will outclass almost all other ground units. To 
put it into perspective, her ground units have both the 
attack boost of Will and the defense boost of Brenner.

The end result of this developed metagame is that Lin is 
considered a solid CO choice for a DoR game because she 
provides such a large boost to her ground units. This 
boost is so great that she is an excellent choice for 
matches outside of FOW and she becomes only better in 
a FOW match. Her stat boosts opens up more OHKO matchups 
for herself while denying more of them to her opponent. 
She is also, thanks to having a CO Radius of 1, is 
able to keep the tempo of her attacks once her CO Unit 
becomes damaged since she can sit just behind her front 
lines in order to boost her units. 

9. Lin’s War Room

Now that I have presented the DoR metagame and the 
basic of Lin's CO Effect and SCOP I can focus 
entirely on her strategies, what factors affect 
her strategies, and a general analysis of her 
abilities as a CO. When discussing most DoR COs you 
need to consider five major things: What unit to deploy 
the CO in, how to charge their CO Meter, how to make 
the most out of their CO Effect, when to use their 
COP, and what type of map they are effective on.  I’ll 
first look at Lin as a whole before discussing the 
other facets of how to use her.

Overview of Lin
Lin is, simply, both a ground unit specialist and a 
FOW specialist. Since she favors land battles it is 
best to cater your force to accommodate that fact. 
This does not mean to never use air or naval units 
but you should have them compliment Lin’s ground 
forces rather than be the hammer of her army. With 
that said, the exact composition of Lin’s ground 
forces is very open since she boosts all of them. 
Thus, it does not matter if you wish to rain death 
with Indirects, swarm the enemy with Mechs, or use 
Tanks to blitzkrieg your opponent. Lin is able to 
perform all of them very effectively.

As a ground unit specialist, Lin really prefers maps 
that enable her to have a direct route for her ground 
units to take to the enemy. She naturally suffers on 
a map where this is not the case, such as her being 
on a seperate island from the enemy. In such a 
circumstance it is best to force aland war on the 
enemy by transporting ground units to their 
territory. However, this is often unfeasible until 
you establish some aerial or naval supremacy 
beforehand. Still, her CO Boost can be very effective 
when it comes to fighting the enemy’s ground forces 
on a small, contested island in the middle of an 

Lin is a FOW specialist largely thanks to the effects 
of her COP which allows her to easily locate even a 
hidden enemy force. However, she should not rely 
exclusively on it to get her through FOW matches 
since the boost that her CO Effect provides is just 
too good. Therefore, you should not neglect having 
Flares or Recons in your force. Both units, Flares 
in particular, are invaluable in a FOW game for 
locating the enemy and getting your bearings in the 

FOW games tend to be slower as both players are more 
cautious in their movements. Furthermore, early combat 
in FOW is usually in the form of a few small, brutal 
skirmishes as units become ambushed by moving into 
a terrain space occupied by an enemy unit that was 
hidden. Typically a unit that is ambushed is 
destroyed in the following turn since the 
unit that ambushed it is rarely alone. These small 
yet brutal combats only favor Lin because it is 
easier to get adjacent units to benefit from her 
small CO Zone and increase her CO Meter. 

Of course, Lin is not helpless outside of FOW either. 
As I showed in the previous sections, Lin’s boost to 
her ground units is very, very good. Furthermore, if 
you are playing a non-FOW map but have random weather 
then there is always a chance that it will Rain which 
provides one opportunity to use Scout if you need to. 
The same can be said if Penny’s Stormfront COP causes 
it to Rain for three days. 

Still, at the end of the day Lin was designed to be a 
FOW CO by IS, the game’s developers. The unique effects 
of her COP are only useful in FOW and it is easier to 
charge her CO Meter during a FOW match. Yet it is the 
emphasis that the game places on ground units and the 
great boost Lin provides them which enables her to be 
excellent outside of FOW.

Deploying Lin
What unit you deploy Lin in is important because, 
ideally, you want her to remain in that unit for the 
remainder of the battle so you do not have to recharge 
her CO Meter. Deploying her into a ground unit is 
obvious since the unit will benefit from her CO Effect 
and be harder to destroy because of the defense boost 
she provides. Yet since her CO Zone is small you also
want to start charging it earlier rather than later in 
the battle. Furthermore, cost is also a factor since 
it consumes more funds to place a CO in a more
expensive unit. On the other hand, a more expensive 
unit will be more durable and is noticeably 
stronger by having Lin deployed in it.

There are essentially two routes that a player can 
take when it comes to deploying Lin. The first is to 
place her in a cheaper ground unit relatively early in 
the battle and use her to augment other units with her 
CO Effect rather than directly engaging the enemy with
Lin. The second is to save funds for a stronger unit 
and apply pressure on the enemy early on with Lin in
this unit. The size of a map and the amount of 
available funds on it is an important factor since
it is harder to deploy Lin in a more expensive unit
on a small or low resource map. 

Thanks to the strength of her CO Effect, virtually 
all of the game’s ground units are lethal in Lin's 
hands. Therefore, below are the pros and cons of 
the major choices available in ground units:

1. Bike: The advantage of the Bike is that it is 
an inexpensive unit in addition to being fast over 
open ground. You can easily place Lin in a Bike on 
turn 2 and use her to help combat opposing 
infantry units during the early portions of the 
game. The Bike’s speed also makes it easier to 
position her on the battlefield and retreat if 
she becomes too damaged. Placing her in a Bike 
is also more useful on very small maps since there
will be fewer vehicles to worry about. However, the 
biggest draw back to Bikes is that they are very 
soft targets.  Therefore, you will have to be
extra careful to protect Lin. A Mech or even an 
Infantry is a decent alternative to a Bike 
although I find that I only prefer them on extremely
small maps or those dominated by rugged terrain.

2. Flare: This might seem like an odd choice, 
especially outside of FOW,but the Flare has two 
major advantages. The first is that it is fairly 
well armored and can easily shrug off the machine 
gun fire from other low cost ground units. The 
second is that it is a relatively inexpensive choice 
for a CO Unit considering its protection from 
machine guns. Placing Lin in a Flare only costs 
2,500 which makes the total cost only 500 more 
than building a Tank. The Flare is also fairly
fast with its treads and can engage Infantry, Bikes, 
Recons, and even Mechs (if it gets first strike) 
quite well. It is even more useful during FOW since 
you can keep Lin behind the lines but still have her 
unit directly contribute to the battle by launching 
flares when they are needed. However, a Flare unit is
very vulnerable to Mech, Tank, and Artillery attacks
in addition to being unable to cause most other 
vehicles much damage.

3. Artillery: An Artillery unit is still rather 
inexpensive since it only costs 9000 total to 
place Lin into one. Furthermore, Artillery has 
the tremendous advantage of enabling her to 
damage the enemy without exposing herself to 
direct attack. If it is a FOW game or the terrain 
favors Indirects then it can prove very beneficial 
to invest in deploying Lin in Artillery or even a 
Rocket if it is a large map with plenty of funds. 
The disadvantages are that Indirects can be 
surprisingly vulnerable targets and most of them
are unable to counterattack.

4. Tank: A Tank is a safe choice for Lin since it 
is fast, well armored, and capable of effectively
fightning most ground units. It costs a total of 
10,500 to deploy Lin in a Tank which, while not 
cheap, is not terribly expensive. Lin’s Tank will 
perform well against other ground units and her 
CO Zone of 1 will enable her to continue 
boosting the units immediately around her once 
her Tank becomes damaged. An Anti-Air is a decent 
alternative to a Tank since it costs the same and 
is very effective against infantry units and air 

5. Medium Tank: This is the unit of choice for 
players who prefer to save Funds and place Lin 
inside of something with serious firepower
and staying power. Furthermore, it also has 
respectable movement which is important for 
getting her into the fight and out of it if she
becomes too damaged. However, it is expensive 
since you will need to Spend 12,000 on the Medium 
Tank and another 6,000 to place Lin inside of it. 
Yet once she is on the field her Medium Tank will 
outclass most other CO’s Medium Tanks which 
forces her opponent to resort to War Tanks, 
Indirects, air units, or sheer numbers in order 
to counter it.vSome players like to go even
further and deploy Lin in a War Tank but my
experience has shown that this is too expensive
on most maps and the extra movement from a
Medium Tank really helps Lin get to where she
needs to be. 

Charging the CO Meter
Once the capture phase is over, you and your 
opponent will be, most likely, competing for 
properties toward the center of the map. This is 
the point when you really want to increase Lin’s 
CO zone. Ideally, you should use her unit to 
destroy an enemy unit and then have another unit 
move in front of her to attack. This tactic will 
not only help increase her CO Meter but will 
also limit the amount of opportunities your 
opponent has to attack Lin directly. If her unit 
becomes damaged then you should keep her just 
behind your other units, augmenting them with her 
CO Effect, until you have an opportunity to 
repair her or merge her with another unit of the 
same type. Thus, her small CO Zone of 1 is just 
large enough for her to adequately maintain the 
tempo of your attacks during the early battles 
against the enemy. However, you really do not 
want her unit to be destroyed and for the CO 
Meter to reset. Therefore, if it is either 
fall back with her or risk being destroyed 
then you should always fall back.

Terrain and the set up of the map can help 
with charging Lin’s CO Meter. For example, 
trying to hold the enemy off at a chokepoint 
like a bridge or a mountain pass is great for 
Lin since she needs to be positioned behind 
only one unit. This is made even easier if you 
deployed an Indirect and positioned it 
next to her (or placed herself inside an 
Indirect).  Heavily forested terrain or 
clusters of properties in a FOW game also help 
since Lin and several units can hide in them and 
ambush the enemy as they arrive. The most 
important thing to remember is that only units 
attacking within Lin’s CO zone will increase 
her meter. Therefore, do everything you can to 
position Lin next to units which will cause the
most damage to the enemy. 

Finally, it is important to understand how the 
CO Meter charges in DoR. Every 5HP of damage 
inflicted will increase the CO Meter by 1 mark. 
Since the CO Meter consists of 12 marks it will 
take 30HP of damage to reach the halfway point 
and 60HP of damage to charge it fully. Because 
your goal with Lin is to charge her CO Meter 
as quickly as possible you should try to
maximize the amount of damage done rather than 
maximize the number of units you destroy. For 
example, if you have two units that can do 65%
damage to two enemy units while under Lin’s CO 
Effect then you should attack them both in order 
to maximize the amount of HP damage done rather 
than concentrate fire on one unit. Once you get 
her CO Zone up to 2 it becomes much easier to 
fill up the remaining half of her CO Meter.

Maximizing the CO Effect
When Lin’s CO Zone maxes out at 3 you are really 
able to start pushing the offensive with her. A 
radius of 3 is just the right size to enable 
her to benefit most, if not all, of the units 
you will have attacking at one section of the
map. As a result, you need to be sure that it is 
the most important part of the battlefield and 
that you are devoting enough units to fight in 
it. As I stated earlier, Lin favors ground units 
so the more of those surrounding her the better 
results her CO Effect will have. Also, avoid 
any reckless activity with her CO unit at this 
point in the game since you really do not want 
her to be destroyed and have to start charging 
her CO Meter all over again.

Using the Scout COP
As a general rule of thumb, especially when not 
in FOW, you should avoid using Lin’s COP. The 
reason for this is that her CO Effect is just 
too good when her CO Zone is maxed out at 3. You 
really do not want to activate the COP and reset 
the CO Zone back to 1 unless if that one turn 
will really make a big difference or you are 
simply trying to finish off a dying opponent. 
Still, that does not mean that you should never 
utilize it either. In fact, the following are 
just a few examples of when using her COP is
entirely justified:

1. You are playing on a map with numerous ground 
battles located everywhere. If Lin is located at 
one part of the battle but you desperately need 
her stat boost for ground units at another part 
of the battle then using Scout COP can be worth
it. This scenario naturally becomes more 
prevalent on larger maps.

2. It suddenly started Raining in a non-FOW game 
and you were getting ready to attack the enemy. 
Since it was a non-FOW game you probably don’t
have any Flares so this would be an ideal time 
to use Lin’s COP and continue with the attack. 
Penny’s COP causing it to Rain in a non-FOW 
game is another situation similar to this one.

3. You are playing in a FOW map and the enemy 
has many units hidden within terrain all over 
the battlefield. Since you probably do not have 
enough Flares to locate them all it could be 
worth using the COP so you can maximize the 
number you can attack. This is especially 
useful if you are getting ready to attack the
enemy’s properties.

4. You are trying to capture enemy properties 
during a FOW game by sneaking some 
infantry units into their territory. In this 
situation using Lin’s COP to ensure that there 
are no defending units on the properties they
are getting ready to capture is worth it, 
especially if you are trying to capture
a factory or their HQ.

5. It is a FOW game and the enemy positioned 
themselves, with Indirect units, right in front 
of you but hidden in terrain. If you don’t have 
a Flare available then using Lin’s COP is 
worth it so you can neutralize those Indirects 
before they become a problem. 

6. You are playing a game with the Rain effect 
turned on for the entire battle. Considering the 
crippling effects of Rain on your vision, 
utilizing Scout can really provide you with the 
initiative over your opponent.

7. You are winning the game and getting ready for 
the final attack on the opponent’s HQ and 
surrounding properties. Using Scout will ensure 
all ground units benefit from Lin's Co Effect 
as they converge on the enemy. Using Scout in 
this situation is even more useful during FOW 
since you will instantly see any units the 
enemy recently produced or placed on their 

There are certainly others but just remember 
that Lin's greatest strength is in her CO Effect. 
While her COP can give her an advantage for a day 
her CO Effect provides a constant benefit.

Map and Rule Preferences
Lin naturally favors maps where ground combat is 
a dominate feature. She is weak in any map which 
requires extensive use of naval or air units. 
Furthermore, she also favors FOW although she is
perfectly good in games without FOW. However, if 
she is playing a FOW game then she is especially 
good in a map with plenty of forests and other 
terrain that can hide units. This is because she 
can use her Scout COP to win the hide-and-seek
nature of those kind of maps when FOW is present. 
The size of the map does not directly impact her 
performance although any map with clusters of 
rugged terrain or chokepoints make it easier for 
her to charge her CO Meter.

General Tips
Below are just some general tips for playing DoR 
and all of them certainly apply to using Lin. Of 
course, some of them I have emphasized previously 
since they are particularly important to Lin’s 

1. Prioritize destroying enemy CO unit since 
that resets their CO Meter and removes their CO 
Effect. Inversely,do your best to keep your CO’s
own unit alive. As I discussed earlier, this is 
especially important for Lin since her CO Effect 
is not only very beneficial but her starting CO 
Zone is small. 

2. Mechs are very efficient but they are also 
very slow. Bikes and, to a lesser extent, 
Infantry are best for the initial scramble for 
properties during the capture phase of the game 
but Mechs are very useful infantry units for
the later portions of the game. Even if it means 
creating a steady stream of Mechs from one factory 
you should try to keep an abundant number of them 
on the field as the game progresses. However,
Bikes will be a better investment for capturing
properties even late in the game on a large map 
due to the low speed of Mechs.

3. Bigger is not necessarily better. A War Tank 
can be easily destroyed by several cheaper units 
working in unison. Therefore, be very mindful of 
where you focus your resources and only invest 
in more expensive units if they are necessary. 
For example, you might want to strengthen your 
defense by producing a Rocket or you need a 
Bomber or War Tank to break through a 

4. Anti-Air units are not only a great counter to 
air units but they are absolutely lethal against 
infantry units, including Mechs. Even if a map 
has no airports they can be a good investment 
for stemming a tide of Mechs. Just make sure 
to protect them from Tanks or from Mechs
getting the first strike on them. 

5. Anti-Tanks are very unusual Indirects. Not 
only can they attack and counterattack units 
adjacent to them but they are also able to fire 
on copter units. Furthermore, they have 
naturally high defense against tanks which means
the best counters to them are Mechs or other 

6. Never underestimate the defense boost from 
terrain. Try attacking the enemy from high 
defense terrain whenever possible.

7. Pay attention to the layout of a map and 
gauge where the majority of the fighting will 
take place and plan accordingly. In particular, 
if there are any strategic chokepoints on the
map then you will want to get units and 
Indirects to defend them before the enemy does.

8. Don’t’ underestimate the offense and 
defense benefit that levels provide to your 
units. Level I is 5%, Level II is 10%, and
Veteran is 20%. Therefore, always think twice
before sacrificing an experienced unit. 

9. Outside of FOW you will want to pay 
attention to the type of units your opponent 
is making. Always make sure that you have a
counter to any unit they build, especially
if they start focusing on one type 
of unit.

10. Prioritize neutralizing the enemy’s 
production properties. This can be 
accomplished by either outright capturing it 
or simply placing another unit it on top of 
it so the opponent can not build with it 
during their turn.

Tips for FOW
I’m sure that unless you absolutely hate FOW 
you will fight some games with it on. Since Lin 
is the FOW specialist it is only fitting that I 
provide some tips and less known facts about 
FOW in DoR.

1. Flares only have three shots before they run 
out of ammo but their range is quite large and 
their ability to reveal hidden terrain is 
invaluable. Ideally, you should place them 
on a controlled property near your front lines. 
Doing so causes them to be supplied every turn 
which which means you can constantly fire 
flares with them. Alternatively, you can 
produce a Rig and keep it near the Flare.

2. Enemy units within hidden properties can be 
revealed by not only moving one of your units 
into them, which causes your unit to be ambushed 
and forfeit the rest of its action, or beside them
but also by units moving past them. Furthermore, 
once a hidden terrain is revealed you will keep 
sight of it for the remainder of your turn. Thus, 
pay very close attention to the movement path your 
units take since changing the path so they move 
past several woods or properties will reveal if 
any units are hiding in them.

3. Infantry and Mech units increase their vision 
by 3 when they are placed on top of a mountain. 
This gives them the same vision radius as a 
Recon and is an effective way to quickly 
increase your vision of an area if you lack a
Recon or Flare.

4. Getting a Flare within range of the enemy’s 
production properties can give you a tremendous 
intel advantage since you will be able to see 
what they are producing every turn and 
adjust your own production accordingly.

5. Never neglect the value of hidden terrain and 
always take advantage of it whenever you can. 
Indirects hidden in woods is an old AW tactic 
and it still works great in DoR. Just be aware 
that the enemy will produce Flare units too
so be sure to guard your units. 

6. While woods and, now in DoR, properties can 
hide units they are not the only terrain features 
which do so. Remember that you can hide ground 
units in ruins and ships in reefs and mist.

7. If you are capturing an enemy property then 
the enemy will be able to see the unit that is 
capturing it. Be aware of that and try to shield 
that capturing unit from retaliation.

8. Don’t leave your HQ undefended in a FOW game. 
Even a simple Infantry on your HQ is infinitely 
better than no unit defending it. Both human and 
CPU opponents will try to capture your HQ if they
get an opportunity.

10. Countering Lin

From reading this FAQ it should be apparent that 
Lin is at her most dangerous when her CO Meter 
is full. You must also bear in mind that Lin 
will have the advantage over most CO's units in 
the ground war so don’t recklessly attack her 
head on. Instead, you should make it your priority 
to destroy the unit Lin is deployed in if her meter 
is getting close to being half full. You should do 
so even if this means having your Indirects fire 
on Lin’s Bike unit rather than the Medium Tank. If
attacking her unit is not possible then try
attacking units outside of her CO Zone since
they will not have Lin's defense boost.
Things become more difficult during a FOW match 
since Lin’s CO unit will probably be hidden and 
must be located first. Furthermore, if she manages 
to get her CO Meter full then you will need to take 
into account the possibility that she will 
actually use her COP. Therefore, you should not 
rely on your units being hidden to protect them 
from attack. Once again, finding and terminating 
her CO unit is your best option and the sooner 
you are able to do it the better. Also, trying 
to draw a Lin player into a naval or air better 
where she can not provide support with her 
ground units will greatly reduce her 

11. Lin vs Other COs 

With a boost to all of her ground units, Lin is 
fully capable of adjusting her strategy to 
compete with the other COs so long as the map 
type permits it. Below I have listed the other 
COs in the game and provided brief notes on 
things you should be aware of when facing them. 
Although I mentioned this earlier, destroying 
the CO’s unit is the best way to limit their
impact on the game. Therefore, I refrained from 
reiterating that unless I felt it was absolutely 
critical for defeating that particular CO.

Don’t be fooled by his generic hero looks. Will 
is a very good CO. His attack boost is as high 
as Lin’s and his CO Meter is easier to charge due
to having a higher starting zone. Furthermore, 
his COP is not only deadly for getting units 
within range but it doubles the movement of Mechs, 
making him very dangerous if he decides to focus 
on producing them. You need to be especially wary 
of his potential movement range when his COP is 
charged and of any undefended properties his 
infantry units might try to take with the aid of 
the extra movement. Just remember that his lack 
of a defense boost means Lin’s ground units hit 
harder than this. Also, his attack boost does not
extend to Indirects which gives Lin an advantage 
in an artillery duel.

Andy has never looked this good er… sorry, wrong 
AW. Anyway, Brenner is a great CO who can 
utilize his COP frequently. Unfortunately for 
him, his COP does not mean much if his units are 
dead or at/close to full HP. Therefore, make a 
point to focus fire and kill units when facing a 
Brenner player with a nearly or fully charged CO 
Meter rather than trying to weaken all of his units. 
Furthermore, Brenner lacks an attack boost beyond 
the default CO Zone boost. Thus, he will have a 
harder time dealing with the defense boost of 
Lin’s ground units. 

Just follow my advice in the Countering Lin 
section for a Lin versus Lin match.

Isabella is largely considered to be an overpowered 
CO but, unlike Caulder, not intentionally broken. 
Her CO effects are pretty standard but her COP is 
very dangerous. Therefore, you really need to do 
everything you can to destroy the unit she is 
deployed in before she can utilize it. If she does 
manage to charge it then you will have to be wary 
of her direct combat units having
increased movement and her Indirects having 
increased range.

Her air units hit hard and you should not 
underestimate that. A B-Copter with her inside 
will hit as hard as a Bomber. However, her CO Zone
is the same size as Lin’s so it takes Tasha some 
effort to charge her CO Meter. If she does 
charge her COP then you will need to be wary of 
her air units flying around your front line and 
attacking more sensitive targets. However, most
Tasha players tend to not use her COP unless it
provides a major advantage that turn. Regardless, 
since she is focused on air units you just need 
to adjust your army composition accordingly and 
include more Anti-Airs and Missiles. It is 
better to try to deny her aerial advantage 
with the appropriate ground units rather than 
fight her with your own air units.

As an Indirect combat specialist you need to 
pay attention to his Indirect units at all 
times. Lin’s Indirects are slightly better in 
an artillery exchange but only slightly.
However, what makes Gage very lethal is his COP 
which, if used well, can shatter your forces. 
You need to be aware of the potential range of 
his Indirects when his CO Meter gets close to 
being full. Also, it is generally a good idea 
to prioritize destroying his Indirects 
throughout the game. Don’t let yourself get 
dragged into a naval battle with him since he 
also augments his naval units.

Forsythe has a large CO boost but that is all 
he has. You don’t have to worry about him 
trying to use a COP to break the ice but don’t 
disregard the stat boost he gives to his units. 
His large CO Zone can also make it difficult
to destroy his CO unit if the player decides 
to keep him behind the front line. 
However, once Lin’s CO Zone is increased to 3 
her ground units will have a noticeable edge 
over Forsythe’s.

Do not underestimate Waylon. The effects of 
his COP reduces the damage to his air units by
about 80% for a turn. Plus, his CO Zone is a 
decent 2 so it is not terribly difficult for 
him to charge his CO Meter. Like Tasha, you 
should adjust your army composition to 
include more ground units that are good 
against air units. You should also focus on 
eliminating as many of his air units as possible 
so fewer will benefit from his COP if he manages 
to activate it.

There really is not much to say about Greyfield. 
His COP is useful in FOW, for replenishing Flares 
and Rockets, and for naval maps, for replenishing 
Subs, Gunboats, and seaplanes. His Copters are a 
little harder to bring down but still easy prey 
for Lin’s Anti-Airs. Thus, while he is formidable 
on a naval map, especially against Lin, he does 
not have too many advantages elsewhere. 

Penny’s Stormfront COP presents one of the 
situations where, outside of FOW, you might 
really need to use Lin’s COP. If Stormfront 
causes it to Rain for three days and you don’t 
have a Flare available then using Scout
is not a bad alternative if the result is a lot 
of damage to Penny's units. However, Stormfront 
is very random so the effect it generates might 
be Rain but it could also be Snow or Sandstorms. 
The end result is that it is hard to plan 
accordingly when facing Penny. Her COP aside, 
Penny’s day-to-day is rather weak so Lin’s
ground units will dominate Penny’s unless a 
Sandstorm is in effect.

Tabitha is both an unusual and dangerous CO. 
She starts with no CO Zone and it is absolutely 
essential that you prevent her from gaining one 
because the boost from her CO Effect is immense 
and her COP is devastating. However, with a CO 
Zone of 0 it means that Tabitha must charge the 
first half of her CO Meter using the unit she 
is deployed in. It also means a Tabitha player 
is more likely to deploy her in an expensive 
unit rather than a cheaper one. However, 
destroying Tabitha’s unit is easier said than 
done and requires ample firepower and perhaps 
even sacrificing some units to do so. Air 
units are a good counter to a Tabitha Tank if 
the map contains airports. Otherwise, 
Indirects and Mechs is the next best counter. 
Don’t be afraid to suicide units against 
her since her counterattacks will not increase 
her CO Meter so long as her CO Zone is 0. 
Thankfully, the rest of her force is 
comparatively weak and will be easily 
dominated by Lin's ground units. 

Caulder is completely broken so the only advice 
I can provide is to really go out of your way 
to destroy the unit he is deployed in, especially 
since he regenerates HP for units in his CO Zone.

12. Opinions on Lin

This section of my guide will include opinions on 
Lin in addition to my own. Please contact me if 
you want to share your opinion on her.

My Opinion on Lin
Lin is really an unexpected force within the line 
up of DoR COs. Pretty much everyone, including 
myself, regarded her as low tier when the game 
came out but as time passed she steadily rose in 
the ranks of the tier lists. In fact, the latest 
tier list I saw posted placed her toward the top 
of the Fair category and as  the 3rd strongest CO 
over all (Caulder was excluded from that list).  
I personal enjoy having a FOW CO in an AW game 
that is almost equally effective inside and out 
of FOW. One of the problems with Sonja in the 
older AWs was that she was either too strong in 
FOW (AW2 and AWDS) or too weak outside of 
it (AW1). While Lin is still better suited for
FOW games she does not have an overpowering 
advantage during one nor is she crippled in a
regular match. Lin is also interesting to use 
on a regular basis since she requires a good 
amount of finesse because of her short CO Zone. 
She has become my favorite DoR CO for her play 
style, effectiveness on most maps, and even 
for her personality in the campaign and theme

13. People I want to Thank

Wars World News for being a great AW community.

AdvanceWarsNet for their structured AW ladder.

Advance Wars by the Web for all of the great games 
it provides to AW Players.

GipFace for all of the excellent and detailed work 
he has done over the years for DoR's metagame and
tier list.

DTK and all of the other contributors to their 
great DoR FAQ.

IS for making this superb addition to the AW 

Finally, this CO guide is dedicated to Sturm’s 
Meteor Strike for creating the world in Days 
of Ruin.

End of Guide

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