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FAQ/Walkthrough by Deathborn 668

Version: Final | Updated: 03/03/2008
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***** ****   *   * ***** *   * ***** *****    *   * ***** ***** ***** 
*   * *   *  *   * *   * **  * *     *        *   * *   * *   * *     .
*   * *   *  *   * *   * * * * *     *        *   * *   * *   * *     
***** *   *  *   * ***** * * * *     *****    *   * ***** ***** ***** 
*   * *   *  *   * *   * *  ** *     *        *   * *   * *  *      * 
*   * *   *   * *  *   * *  ** *     *        * * * *   * *  *      * .
*   * ****     *   *   * *   * ***** *****    ** ** *   * *   * ***** 

****  ***** *   * *****    ***** *****    ***** *   * ***** *   *
*   * *   * *   * *        *   * *        *   * *   *   *   **  *
*   * *   *  * *  *        *   * *        *   * *   *   *   * * *
*   * *****  * *  *****    *   * *****    ***** *   *   *   * * *
*   * *   *   *       *    *   * *        *  *  *   *   *   *  **
*   * *   *   *       *    *   * *        *  *  *   *   *   *  **
****  *   *   *   *****    ***** *        *   * ***** ***** *   *

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Welcome readers! I'm Deathborn 668 on the message boards and this is
a walkthrough for Advance Wars:Days of Ruin, the intense turn based
strategy game for the Nintendo DS. Hopefully you'll enjoy this walthrough 
as much as I enjoyed playing this game. Some Do's and Don'ts to keep in 
-Use this walkthrough as a refrence tool
-Tell people about it
-Print it for personal use
-Give to other people for no profit

-Plagerize this walkthrough without any credit
-Call this walkthrough "yours"
-Sell this walkthrough for profit

ONLY the following sites have permission to use this walkthrough without
the need to contact me:

Anybody else wishing to use this walkthrough will need to e-mail me at
someguy668 (at) yahoo (dot) com
Those wishing to leave me comments and corrections should also e-mail me.
I generally won't respond to e-mails, and probably won't update if you send
me a corrections unless it extremely important. Don't feel offended if I 
don't respond or update with a change.
Thanks for your concern.

Crtl+F to search for the specific map/mission you need help with.
|           ~Table of Contents~          |
|1.Basics of Advance Wars                |
|2.Unit and Terrain Guide                |
|  2A.Ground Units                       |
|  2B.Naval Units                        |
|  2C.Aerial Units                       |
|  2D.Movement Costs                     |
|  2E.Terrain Effects                    |
|  2F.Damage Guide                       |
|  2G.Weather Effects                    |
|  2H.Promotion                          |
|  2I.Campaign Scoring                   |
|3.CO Center                             |
|  3A.Commanding Officer Descriptions    |
|  3B.CO Zones                           |
|  3C.CO Meter and Powers                |
|4.Campaign Mode                         |
|  4A.Campaign Maps                      |
|  4B.Trial Maps                         |
|5.Free Battle Maps                      |
|  5A.Classic Maps                       |
|  5B.2 Player Maps                      |
|  5C.3 Player Maps                      |
|6.The War Room--Tactical Advice         |
|7.Design Maps                           |
|8.History and Medals                    |
|9.Credits                               |

                       ~1.Basics of Advance Wars~
Advance Wars has been a series that has been ongoing for several years,
dating back to the GBA. The general gist of the game is that several
players control different armies, and attack eachother on their
respective turns until one army falls, or the HQ of an army is captured.

Of course, it isn't all this simple. Because the game is structured turn-
based style, it will take a decent amount of strategy to outwit your
opponent and overpower them. You'll need to manage your funds as you 
purchase new units and repair weakened ones, and there are many other
variables on the battlefield you will need to take into account. 

To veterans of the series, although Days of Ruins takes on a different look
than the cartoony look of old, the basic gameplay (with the exception of
several unit changes and additional units) remains the same. For someone
new to the series, the first few campaign missions will act as a tutorial,
so you won't feel lost when you begin the game.

                              ~2.Unit Guide~
There's a whole mess of units in Days of Ruins. A decent amount of units,
ones that are staples of the series, remain the same or mostly unchanged.
Some of them look the same, but with different names. Others have been
completely changed, deleted, or added altogether.

For those who haven't played an Advance Wars game before, all units have
a cost to buy at a factory, port, or airport. They also have movement types
(which effect how they move across terrain), movement amounts (how many
spaces they can move in a single turn), fuel (if a ground unit runs out of
fuel, it can't move. If a naval or air unit runs out if fuel, it sinks/
crashes and is destroyed), ammunition and weapon types, visibility (how
many spaces become visible during Fog of War), and attack range.

Range is slightly different than what you may expect. If the range is only
1, then that unit is a direct combat unit. They need to move next to their
enemy and can attack on the same turn. Indirect units generally don't have
ranges of 1 (except for a certain unit), and cannot move and attack in the
same turn. If an enemy unit is in their range of fire, they can shoot to
hit them. Otherwise, all you can do is have them sit there or move them

Also included here are their weaknesses and heavy weakenesses (as shown 
ingame, these are the units that are capable or ripping through the 
specified unit).

~2A.Ground Units~
Main Weapon--None
Sub-Weapon--Machine Gun
Movement Type--Inftry

Weaknesses--Flare, Recon, Tank, B Copter, Battleship, Anti-Tank

Heavy Weaknesses--Bomber, War Tank, Anti-Air, Rockets, Md Tank, Artillery,

Effective Against--Infantry, Mech, Bike, Anti-Tank

Infantries are the backbone of any army. These cheap units aren't very
powerful, nor do they have the mobility advantage most vehicles have.
However, you will be needing these to capture properties. Infantries are
one of only three units that can capture. 

They also make good meatshields to protect your indirect units from direct
fire. Since they are so cheap, they are expendable in that regard. It may
seem weird that these are good against Anti-Tanks (which is listed as a
weakeness). However, Anti-Tanks are easily destroyed by Infantry-type 
units, as well as air units, and since the Infantry is so cheap, it makes
and effective counter for the Anti-Tank (which also has low mobility).

Don't expect them to do much, if any, damage to vehicles. Most direct land
units have machine guns of their own that can tear through Infantry, so be

Main Weapon--Bazooka
Sub-Weapon--Machine Gun
Movement Type--Mech

Weaknesses--Artillery, Seaplane, Md Tank, Tank, Flare, Battleship

Heavy Weaknesses--Bomber, Anti-Air, War Tank, Rockets

Effective Against--Infantry, Mech, Bike, Tank, Anti-Air, Recon, Artillery,
Recon, Flare, Anti-Tank

The Mech has been dropped in price (it was 3000G in the past), however its
power has been slightly nerfed in return (about 10% less damage dealt to
all units). However, that can be ignored as the Mech still remains a 
powerful unit. As with the other Infantry units, it is capable of capturing
properties. However, due having the lowest movement range in the game, it
probably isn't wise to use these to capture them with, unless the 
properties are across mountain ranges (which Mechs can cross quicker than

It also may seem odd that they are effective against many of their 
weaknesses, but the Mech can tear through all lightly armored land units.
The only problem with it is that it has very low ammo--only 3 uses and the
Mech will become as effective as an Infantry. Keep Rigs on hand to resupply

A swarm of Mechs, as has been the case in the previous games, remains 
somewhat useful. A tactical player can't be defeated with a Mech rush, but
the computer occasionally can. It also works as a last ditch effort when 
you are surrounded by Tanks.

Main Weapon--None
Sub-Weapon--Machine Gun
Movement Type--Tire B

Weaknesses--Artillery, Seaplane, Md Tank, Tank, Flare, Battleship

Heavy Weaknesses--Bomber, Anti-Air, War Tank, Rockets

Effective Against--Infantry, Mech, Bike, Anti-Tank

The Bike has roughly the same power (and weaknesses) as the basic Infantry.
So, for the cost of a Mech, what are you getting out of it? Well, for one
this unit can move five spaces, allowing you to capture further away
properties very quickly and without the need of a Rig. 

Outside of that, however, there isn't much else Bikes are good for. They
can bash up Anti-Tanks well since they can sit outside of their range, then
attack on the turn after. You can also use Bikes to disrupt the capturing
of your enemies, allowing an early monetary advantage if you know what you
are doing. Other then early capturing, you're better off sticking with the
cheaper Infantry to attack whatever you intend on having a Bike attack.

Main Weapon--None
Sub-Weapon--Machine Gun
Movement Type--Tire A

Weaknesses--Mech, Tank, Artillery, Seaplane, B Copter, Anti-Tank, 

Heavy Weaknesses--War Tank, Bomber, Md Tank, Rockets

Effective Against--Infantry, Mech, Bike, Recon

The Recon is a cheap unit, but don't get giddy over that 8 movement. Tire A
type vehicles lose many movement points over anything that isn't a road, so
don't expect the Recon to reach its destination quickly. Their big selling
point is their 5 range, which is amazingly useful in Fog of War. Station
several Recons across the map to keep tabs on enemy movement.

Attack wise, the Recon can be bit useful. Provided there's mainly roads to
the properties the enemy is capturing early on, several Recons can easily
disrupt them and bring their economy briefly to a halt. The Recon isn't
good at taking out anything stronger than Infantry, so once a non-Fog of
War battle gets settled in, you aren't likely to be using these anymore.

Main Weapon--None
Sub-Weapon--Machine Gun
Movement Type-Tank

Weaknesses--Rockets, Tank, Mech, Seaplane, Artillery, B Copter, Anti-Tank

Heavy Weaknesses--War Tank, Bomber, Md Tank

Effective Against--Infantry, Mech, Bike, Recon, Flare

This new unit has an interesting twist to it. Although it can attack 
Infantry units (doing slightly more damage than a Recon), it is also 
capable of firing flares as the name implies. Firing flares works as if the
Flare is an indirect unit. You can only fire them if you don't move on your
turn, and only if there is Fog of War.

When you fire a flare, you need to choose a spot within a five space radius
of the Flare unit. The flare itself will be launched when you choose the
spot, and every space in the flare's three-square radius will be lit up for
the turn, including hidden areas such as ruins and forests. Outside of Fog
of War, the Flare isn't too useful. It's just an overpriced Recon for the 
most part, so only use it when Fog of War is active (especially rainy 

Main Weapon--Cannon
Movement Type--Tank

Weaknesses--Bomber, Rockets, Tank, Anti-Tank

Heavy Weaknesses--War Tank, Md Tank

Effective Against--Infantry, Mech, Bike, Recon, Flare, Artillery, Rockets,
Anti-Air, B Copter, T Copter, Bomber, Duster, Seaplane, Fighter

The Anti-Air is a unit you'll come to love when the enemy is trying to bash
you with aerial units. It's 1000G cheaper than what it used to be, but its
power hasn't really changes at all. The Anti-Air will completely annihilate
any air unit the is within its range. The Bomber is the only unit that can
attack (and severely injure as well) then Anti-Air, reducing the damage the
Bomber takes in return.

The Anti-Air isn't useful against just air units, however. This weapon will
OHKO all Infantry type units (save promoted ones standing on high defense
terrain). If Infantry units are rushing towards you, pump out several Anti-
Airs. Just be careful of Mechs which are capable of severely crippling the

Main Weapon--Tank Gun
Sub-Weapon--Machine Gun
Movement Type--Tank

Weaknesses--War Tank, Seaplane, Anti-Tank, Md Tank, B Copter, Rockets

Heavy Weaknesses--Bomber

Effective Against--Infantry, Mech, Bike, Recon, Flare, Anti-Air, Tank,
Artillery, Rockets, Missiles, Rig

The Tank is the most basic direct assault unit, and the cheapest. You'll
be seeing plenty of these--both from your production and of the enemy. The
Tank is very effective against most ground units, but don't expect it to
dent Medium and War Tanks very easily. Several Tanks together can bring 
them down, but don't expect a lone Tank to do it.

Tanks also make good bait for enemy units, and due to their high mobility,
can also break stalemates by inciting your foe to attack. Regarding how
cheap they are, you should be able to produce them constantly and replace
any that are lost in a fight.

~~Medium Tank~~
Main Weapon--Heavy Tk Gun
Sub-Weapon--Machine Gun
Movement Type--Tank

Weaknesses--War Tank

Heavy Weaknesses--Bomber

Effective Against--Infantry, Mech, Bike, Recon, Flare, Anti-Air, Tank,
Md Tank, Artillery, Rockets, Missiles, Rig

For a little extra cash, you can purchase a stronger version of the normal
Tank. Medium Tanks trade mobility and ammunition for higher power and
defense. Although it has been determined by other than regular Tanks are
more cost effective, Medium Tanks are still useful.

They can easily kill or severely wound any unit they are capable of 
attacking, except for War Tanks. Because of their high defense, you can put
them in chokepoints and hold it for a decent amount of time. Just be 
careful of indirect units--they can injure Medium Tanks with ease.

~~War Tank~~
Main Weapon--Mega Gun
Sub-Weapon--Machine Gun
Movement Type--Tank


Effective Against--Infantry, Mech, Bike, Recon, Flare, Anti-Air, Tank,
Md Tank, War Tank, Artillery, Rockets, Missiles, Rig

The War Tank is the strongest land unit, and decimates anything that gets
in its way. Be sure to have a Rig on hand if you build one of these
monsters--it can run out of ammunition rather quickly. 

If you're on the receiving end of a War Tank barreling slowly down the
road, don't worry--it's pretty simple to kill one of these things. Rockets
are effective since War Tanks can't stand outside of their range and 
attack the Rocket in the same turn. Anti-Tanks also rip through War Tanks,
and War Tanks themselves are also counters. War Tanks aren't very cost
effective, mainly due to their low movement. Don't build these too often--
in all honesty, regular Tanks are still better than them.

Main Weapon--Cannon
Movement Type--Tank

Weaknesses--Md Tank, Rockets, Artillery, Tank, Mech, Seaplane, Battleship

Heavy Weaknesses--War Tank, Bomber

Effective Against--Infantry, Mech, Bike, Recon, Flare, Anti-Air, Tank,
Md Tank, Artillery, Rockets, Missiles, Rig

Artilleries are basic indirect units. As with most indirect units, the
Artillery cannot move and attack in the same turn, and cannot counterattack
(let alone attack directly). If an enemy is in their range on your turn,
you can fire at them. Otherwise, all you can do is keep moving them.

Artilleries are great units to have around, mainly because they pack a 
punch while hopefully staying safe from enemy fire. If you can keep them
shielded, and lure enemy units into their line of fire, then the Artillery
becomes an invaluable asset to an army (not to mention they are quite cheap
for the damage they inflict).

Main Weapon--Cannon
Movement Type--Tire B


Effective Against--Recon, Flare, Anti-Air, Tank, Md Tank, War Tank, 
Artillery, Rockets, Missiles, Anti-Tank, Rig, T Copter, B Copter

The Anti-Tank is regarded as one of the most overpowered units in the game.
This thing rips through all land units, and is the only indirect unit that
has a range of 1 AND can counterattack. Not only that, but it can also 
attack B Copters! What can't this thing do?

Well, its biggest weakness is Infantry type units. Infantry, Mechs, and
Bikes are cheap units, and several of them can kill an Anti-Tank. Whatever
you do, don't attack this thing with an land vehicle. The attacker will 
deal minimal damage, while the Anti-Tank will dish out usually around 5 HP
worth of damage on the counterattack. Artilleries and Rockets are also good
counters, but moreso with Rockets since Anti-Tanks can't counterattack 
them. Just beware of their insanely low movement. Tire B gets movement
penalties on most terrain.

Main Weapon--Rocket
Movement Type--Tire A

Weaknesses--Mech, Tank, Rockets, Artillery, Seaplane, B Copter, Battleship

Heavy Weaknesses--War Tank, Bomber, Md Tank

Effective Against--Infantry, Mech, Bike, Recon, Flare, Anti-Air, Tank,
Md Tank, War Tank, Artillery, Anti-Tank, Rockets, Missiles, Rig

Rockets are one of the most expensive land units, and for good reason. One
Rockets can easily break a stalemate. Bring one of these near some enemy
units stalling for time and watch them scatter. 

Also, Rockets can severaly damage any land unit in their massive 3-5 range.
Just be careful, though--even the weak land units, like Anti-Airs, can
severely damage Rockets. Be sure to keep them well protected at all time.
15000G isn't the kind of money you can just throw away on a unit that will
get killed quickly. Be careful when using Rockets. On huge maps they
generally aren't worth it because of their horrible movement. 5 movement
is fine, but Tire A gets penalized on anything that isn't a road. They can
take a long time to reach their destination.

Main Weapon--Anti-Air Msl
Movement Type--Tire A

Weaknesses--Mech, Tank, Rockets, Artillery, Battleship, Seaplane, Anti-Tank

Heavy Weaknesses--War Tank, Bomber, Md Tank

Effective Against--Seaplane, B Copter, T Copter, Fighter, Duster, Bomber

Missiles are expensive, but if an enemy plane is stupid enough to enter its
range, it's as good as dead. Missiles are quite expensive, and obviously
worthless on maps with no airports, but if you manage to put a Missiles 
near an enemy airport, then you have essentially made that airport useless
for the foe.

Since you'll kill whatever they build there, you can take your time and
capture it for yourself. Quite a nice tactic. Did you also notice that 
their range has increased to 3-6? For the same price, you get a bit more
out of Missiles this time around.

Main Weapon--None
Movement Type--Tank

Weaknesses--Rockets, Tank, Mech, Seaplane, Artillery, B Copter

Heavy Weaknesses--War Tank, Bomber, Md Tank

The Rig, despite its name, functions just like the APC of old. It can carry
one Infantry/Mech and transport them quickly across the field, and it can
still resupply units next to it (which is essential in larger and longer

But the name truly comes from an additional feature. It can create
Temporary Airports/Ports. On any plains you can choose to construct a
Temporary Airport, and on any beach you can construct a Temporary Port. A
Rig can only build one temporary structure, and it works as if you're 
capturing it (takes 20 points to finish, based off of Rig's HP). Temporary
Ports/Airports CANNOT construct new units. Instead, they can repair and
resupply their specific units. This is extremely handy if you can't have
a bunch of Rigs running about the course.

Be careful, though. Temporary structures can be captured by the enemy. 
Likewise, you can recapture them and capture any temporary structures the
enemy makes. Make good use of them. If you want to build more temporary
structures, you'll need to make another Rig (or use Greyfield's CO Power
to replenish the material in the Rig).

~2B.Naval Units~
**Note--All naval units burn one fuel every day, whether they move or not.
If they run out of fuel, they will sink and be destroyed.**

Main Weapon--Cannon
Movement Type--Ship

Weaknesses--Bomber, Submarine

Effective Against--Infantry, Mech, Bike, Recon, Flare, Anti-Air, Tank,
Md Tank, War Tank, Artillery, Anti-Tank, Rockets, Missiles, Rig, Cruiser,
Unsubmerged Submarines, Carrier, Battleship, Gunboat, Lander

The Battleship remains the king of the seas, and is even moreso now then
ever. Despite its range getting cut by one, the Battleship is now the only
indirect unit that can move AND attack in the same turn. 

Battleships can attack and severely injure all land and naval units (except
for submerged Submarines). They are quite expensive, and a single Submarine
strike can turn a Battleship into scrap metal, but as long as you have
Cruiser support, then a Battleship is well worth the 25000G investment you
will need to put into it.

Main Weapon--None
Sub-Weapon--AA Gun
Movement Type--Ship


Heavy Weaknesses--Submarine

Effective Against--B Copter, T Copter, Duster, Fighter, Seaplane, Bomber

The Carrier, despite remaining almost the same price as it was in Dual
Strike, appears to be useless. 28000G for a weak anti-air gun when the
Cruiser excels so much more? Pah!

The Carrier's main reason of existance is because of its material. Provided
that the Carrier doesn't move, it is capable of creating a Seaplane for
15000G. A total of 43000G for a small, low fuel and ammo plane? What's the
use? Seaplanes can attack EVERY unit in the game. Keep them well fueled and
the damage they can cause will far outpay their original cost. Because each
Seaplane built uses 1 material, you can only build a maximum of four 
Seaplanes from one Carrier. When you produce a Seaplane, you can launch it
on the next day. You can choose where to move it, and you can attack with
the Seaplane when you launch it. This doesn't take up the Carrier's turn,
so you can move/attack/produce again that turn.

Carrier's can only hold 2 planes at once. Boarded planes will be refueled
at the beginning of the day, and have 2 HP repaired every day as well, so
that also makes up for the Carrier's lack of weaponry. Keep them well
away from actual battle--they are fragile ships.

Main Weapon--Torpedo
Movement Type--Ship

Heavy Weaknesses--Bomber, Cruiser

Effective Against--Gunboat, Battleship, Submarine, Carrier, Lander

Submarines are essential in any navy. When your foe is packing Carriers
and Battleships, you will be needing to employ Submarines to take them out
quickly. Submarines are very powerful, and have huge vision, making them
quite useful for ocean scouting.

Submarines are also capable of diving underwater on their turn (whether 
they move or not). Dived Submarines cannot be seen by enemies underless one
of them moves next to the Submarine on their turn, or they move a unit that
passes where the Submarine is located. Dived Submarines burn five units of
fuel at the start of every day, as opposed to one unit when unsubmerged
(and like every other naval unit). Submerged Submarines can only be
hit by other Submarines and Cruisers. Keep those away, and Submarines can
kill any other oppositions. Dived Submarines can rise at any time, so be
sure to raise them when you need to conserve fuel.

Main Weapon--Anti-Ship Msl
Sub-Weapon--AA Gun
Movement Type--Ship

Effective Against--B Copter, T Copter, Duster, Fighter, Seaplane, Bomber,

The Cruiser is an important naval unit that you will need to constantly be
producing. These units have large vision, much like Submarines, making them
useful in Fog of War. They are also anti-Submarine, so if your enemy starts
to build Submarines, a single Cruiser can easily counter them.

They are also insanely powerful against air units. If the enemy is sending
air units across the ocean, block them off with Cruisers. They are 
moderately expensive, but are super effective against anything they can
hit, except for other ships. Cruisers can also hold two copter units.

Main Weapon--None
Movement Type--Trpt

Weaknesses--Seaplane, Submarine, Battleship, Rockets

Heavy Weaknesses--Bomber

Landers are capable of transporting a maximum of two land units. Landers
need to be on a beach or Port in order to load/drop units. Landers are your
only way of transporting land units (other than Infantry) across the ocean,
so make good use of them. If they are destroyed, their cargo is destroyed
as well.

Main Weapon--Anti-Ship Msl
Movement Type--Trpt

Weaknesses--B Copter, Cruiser, Gunboat

Heavy Weaknesses--Bomber, Submarine, Seaplane, Rockets, Artillery,

Effective Against--Battleship, Unsubmerged Submarine, Gunboat, Cruiser,
Lander, Carrier

The Gunboat is a cheap unit, but don't be swayed by the fact it only has
one ammo. It packs quite a punch, and easily cripples most enemy naval
units. Gunboats are also capable of carrying a single Infantry/Mech, and
with their high movement, they can reach small islands with properties
fairly quickly.

Keep Temporary Ports, or Rig's, on beaches nearby so you can resupply the
Gunboat with more ammunition as the need arises. Gunboats are cheap and
expendable, and generally deal an amount of damage roughly equal to their

~2C.Aerial Units~
**Note--All air units burn fuel each day, whether they move or not. If
they run out of fuel, the will crash and be destroyed. Fuel burned each day
is different for each type of aircraft.**

Main Weapon--Anti-Air Msl
Movement Type--Air
Fuel burned per day--5


Heavy Weaknesses--Cruiser, Missiles

Effective Against--B Copter, T Copter, Bomber, Fighter, Duster

Fighters are second to none in what they are best at--annihilating all
aerial units. They are nowhere near as expensive as they really seem,
mainly because one Fighter should be able to destroy at least 40000G in
enemy air units before taking too much damage to continue. There's not much
else to say about Fighters. Besides boasting the largest movement range in
the game, you should only use them if you need to counter enemy air units
when simple Anti-Airs aren't able to easily reach their targets.

Main Weapon--Bomb
Movement Type--Air
Fuel burned per day--5


Heavy Weaknesses--Cruiser, Missiles

Effective Against--Infantry, Mech, Bike, Recon, Flare, Anti-Air, Tank,
Md Tank, War Tank, Artillery, Rockets, Missiles, Rig, Battleship,
Unsubmerged Submarine, Gunboat, Carrier, Lander

Bombers are one of the most useful aerial units, capable of devistating
large armies, causing them to scatter and retreat for repairs. Anti-Airs
and Missiles are the only things they need to worry about, but if Bombers
get the first strike on these units, then they will be made virtually

Main Weapon--Machine Gun
Movement Type--Air
Fuel burned per day--5

Weaknesses--Fighter, Anti-Air

Heavy Weaknesses--Cruiser, Missiles

Effective Against--Infantry, Mech, Bike, B Copter, T Copter, Bomber, Duster

Dusters are only slightly weaker than Fighters, and they come at a cheaper
price. That, and they can attack ground units. Infantry type units are the
only ground units they will do decent damage against, though, but they are
at least very effective against air units. Dusters also make good scout
units in Fog of War, thanks to high vision and range. 

~~B Copter~~
Main Weapon--Air-Gnd Msl
Sub-Weapon--Machine Gun
Movement Type--Air
Fuel burned per day--2

Weaknesses--Seaplane, Duster

Heavy Weaknesses--Missiles, Fighter, Cruiser, Anti-Air

Effective Against--Infantry, Mech, Bike, B Copter, T Copter, Tank, 
Artillery, Rockets, Missiles, Rig

B Copters are cheap helicopters that can attack all land units. Just be
careful--most land units can attack B Copters, although they won't do too
much damage to them. B Copters are cheap and effective, and if you keep 
them away from Anti-Airs, then you'll be just fine.

~~T Copter~~
Main Weapon--None
Movement Type--Air
Fuel burned per day--2

Weaknesses--B Copter

Heavy Weaknesses--Anti-Air, Missiles, Seaplane, Cruiser, Fighter, Duster

T Copters are cheap units that are capable of holding one Infantry/Mech.
These are useful at transporting them quickly across the battlefield when
a Rig or Gunboat isn't as efficient (or possible to use). Make good use of
them early in the battle to have them reach distance properties.

Cost--15000G (+ 28000G)
Main Weapon--Missiles
Movement Type--Air
Fuel burned per day--5


Heavy Weaknesses--Cruiser, Missiles

Effective Against--ALL Units

Seaplanes are technically only 15000G, but it requires a 28000G Carrier
to actually produce these things. The Seaplane has very low fuel and ammo,
so you will need to keep a Rig, Carrier, or Temporary Airport nearby or
these things will be going down pretty quickly. The plus side is that they
can attack every single unit in the game, and they will do heavy damage to
them as well (Anti-Airs and Cruisers included!). If you have several of
these flying around, with Fighter support, you can have complete aerial

~2D.Movement Costs~
All units have a movement type, whether it's being in the air, the sea, or
a certain type of tire for a vehicle. Most terrain will allow you to pass
unhindered, while others will take up more movement points on certain
terrain types. Here's a chart compiling all the types of terrain and the
movement costs for them:
Note-Temporary Ports and Airports have same movement costs as their non-
temporary versions.

                 F   A           C                                   W
                 a   i                   B       P           M       s
                 c   r       R   T       r       l   B   R   n   W   t
             C   t   p   P   a   o   S   i   R   a   e   i   t   o   l
             i   o   o   o   d   w   i   d   o   i   a   v   a   o   a
         H   t   r   r   r   a   e   l   g   a   n   c   e   i   d   n
         Q   y   y   t   t   r   r   o   e   d   s   h   r   n   s   d
Inftry | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 2 | 2 | 1 | 1 |
Mech   | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 |
Tire A | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 2 | 2 | - | - | 3 | 3 |
Tire B | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 2 | - | - | 3 | 3 |
Tank   | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | - | - | 2 | 2 |
Air    | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | - | 1 | 1 | 1 |
Ship   | - | - | - | - | 1 | - | - | - | 1 | - | - | - | 1 | - | - | - |
Trpt   | - | - | - | - | 1 | - | - | - | 1 | - | - | - | - | - | - | - |

                     g               P
         R           h               l
         u       R       M       F   a
         i   S   e   S   i   S   i   s
         n   e   e   e   s   k   r   m
         s   a   f   a   t   y   e   a
Inftry | 1 | - | - | - | - | - | - | - |
Mech   | 1 | - | - | - | - | - | - | - |
Tire A | 2 | - | - | - | - | - | - | - |
Tire B | 1 | - | - | - | - | - | - | - |
Tank   | 1 | - | - | - | - | - | - | - |
Air    | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | - | - |
Ship   | - | 1 | 2 | 2 | 1 | - | - | - |
Trpt   | - | 1 | 2 | 2 | 1 | - | - | - |

~2E.Terrain Effects~
Now that you know how the terrain effects movement, there's then the matter
of how it effects units directly--defense wise and other overall effects
it can cause. Each Star used in the description of the terrain adds 5% to
the units' defense while they are parked on such terrain. Aerial units
cannot benefit from defense boosts on terrain.

If a unit is parked on a structure owned by the player, and that property
benefits that unit, then that unit will be supplied and repaired for 2 HP
at the beginning of the turn. Each HP or repair costs 1/10th of the unit's
price, and is NOT optional. If a unit is on a owned building, funds will be
spent repairing it. Factories, Cities, and the HQ repair/resupply ground
units, Ports and Temporary Ports for naval units, and Airport and 
Temporary Airports for aerial units.

A structure that gives units high defensive boosts, if it is captured then
that team will lose the battle instantly.

Cities provide moderate defense while repairing ground troops.

Factories can produce new units, and repair ground troops that are parked
on them.

Ports can produce new units, and repair naval troops that are parked on

Airports can produce new units, and repair aerial units that are parked
on them.

~~Com Tower~~
Com Towers raise the defense and attack power all your units by 5% for each
Com Tower in your possession. These also now give you funds each day.

Radar stations, once captured, reveal all spaces in Fog of War within a 
five space radius of the station. Covered places like Woods and Reefs are
not revealed unless they are adjacent to the tower. These provide you with
funds as well.

If an Infantry, Mech, or Bike moves to an unused silo, they can fire a
single missiles at any space in the map. All units in the three space
radius blast will lose 3 HP.

Roads allow quick movement of all ground troops, but offer no defense.

Plains are common, offer a small defense boost, and hardly affect any unit

Mountains hinder Infantry movement, but offer high defense while atop them.
During Fog of War, they add three vision to the Infantry or Mech while
ontop of them.

Woods hinder movement for most land units. They offer good defense, and
during Fog of War, enemy units cannot see units sitting in woods unless
they pass them/wait next to the woods on their turn, or a Flare reveals the
location of the unit.

Bridges can be traveled under by sea units, and can be chokepoint blocked
by them as well. They offer no defensive boosts.

The only ground units that can cross rivers are Mechs and Infantry. They
slow the movement of Infantry.

Beaches are found near the sea's edges, and are used as locations where
Landers and Gunboats can load up units. They offer no other defense.

Acts like Woods in Fog of War, but doesn't hinder movement of most units.

Impairs movement of most ground units.

Easy passage for all naval units.

~~Rough Sea~~
Slows passage of most naval units.

Acts like water-based Woods during Fog of War. Impedes movement of naval

Acts like Woods in Fog of War. Doesn't affect movement.

Only air units can travel over this terrain.

Lights up a five square radius in Fog of War. No unit can pass over it.

Defense--None (Have 99 HP, one point lost for each % point of attack)
Meteors cannot be passed by any unit, but can be destroyed in two or three
attacks by most units. Once destroyed, the Plains it was on can be 
traversed, and any plasma that was touching it will disappear.

Cannot be moved over by any unit. Can only disappear if a meteor the plasma
is touching is destroyed.

~2F.Damage Guide~
And finally, there is the damage units will give to other units. The 
numbers here are percentages when the left side unit attacks the unit
listed on the top row. These percentages are based on both units being on
a Road (which has no defense), and neither are affected by CO Zones/Powers/
other abilities that would raise defense.

During each attack, anywhere from 0% to 10% extra damage might be added to
the damage dealt out. It's a random factor and cannot be controlled. As you
could probably guess, if you would do 60% damage to an enemy when you have
full HP, you will basically be dealing 6 HP of damage. Your attack power
goes down 10% for each HP lost. So if you had 7 HP (using the same 60%
damage from before), you would be down to dealing 42% damage (10% of 60 is
6, so you're losing 6% of attack power with each HP lost in this scenario).

T Copters and Landers aren't listed as attackers here, naturally, because
they are incapable of attacking.

             I                   A       M   W   A   A   R   M       B   
             n                   n       d   a   r   n   o   i       a   
             f           R   F   t           r   t   t   c   s       t   
             n   M   B   e   l   i   T   T   T   l   i   k   s       l   
             t   e   i   c   a   A   a   a   a   e   T   e   l   R   s   
             r   c   k   o   r   i   n   n   n   r   n   t   e   i   h   
             y   h   e   n   e   r   k   k   k   y   k   s   s   g   p   
Infantry   |55%|45%|45%|12%|10%|03%|05%|05%|01%|10%|30%|20%|20%|14%| - |
Mech       |65%|55%|55%|85%|80%|55%|55%|25%|15%|70%|55%|85%|85%|75%| - |
Bike       |65%|55%|55%|18%|15%|05%|08%|05%|01%|15%|35%|35%|35%|20%| - |
Recon      |75%|65%|65%|35%|30%|08%|08%|05%|01%|45%|25%|55%|55%|45%| - |
Flare      |80%|70%|70%|60%|50%|45%|10%|05%|01%|45%|25%|55%|55%|45%| - |
Anti-Air   |105|105|105|60%|50%|45%|15%|10%|05%|50%|25%|55%|55%|50%| - |
Tank       |75%|70%|70%|85%|80%|75%|55%|35%|20%|70%|30%|85%|85%|75%|08%|
Md Tank    |90%|80%|80%|95%|90%|90%|70%|55%|35%|85%|35%|90%|90%|90%|10%|
War Tank   |105|95%|95%|105|105|105|85%|75%|55%|105|40%|105|105|105|12%|
Artillery  |90%|85%|85%|80%|75%|65%|60%|65%|35%|75%|55%|80%|80%|70%|45%|
Anti-Tank  |75%|65%|65%|75%|75%|75%|75%|45%|55%|65%|55%|70%|70%|65%| - |
Rockets    |95%|90%|90%|90%|85%|75%|70%|55%|45%|80%|65%|85%|85%|80%|55%|
Missiles   | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - |
Battleship |75%|70%|70%|70%|70%|65%|65%|50%|40%|70%|55%|75%|75%|65%|45%|
Carrier    | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - |
Submarine  | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - |80%|
Cruiser    | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - |38%|
Gunboat    | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - |40%|
Fighter    | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - |
Bomber     |115|110|110|105|105|85%|105|95%|75%|105|80%|105|95%|105|85%|
Duster     |55%|55%|45%|18%|15%|05%|08%|05%|01%|15%|05%|20%|20%|15%| - |
B Copter   |75%|65%|65%|75%|75%|10%|70%|45%|35%|65%|20%|75%|55%|70%|25%|
Seaplane   |90%|85%|85%|80%|75%|45%|75%|65%|55%|70%|50%|80%|70%|75%|65%|

             C   S   C   G       F           B   T   S
             a   u   r   u   L   i   B   D   C   C   e   M
             r   b   u   n   a   g   o   u   o   o   a   e
             r   m   i   b   n   h   m   s   p   p   p   t
             i   r   s   o   d   t   b   t   t   t   l   e
             e   n   e   a   e   e   e   e   e   e   n   o
             r   e   r   t   r   r   r   r   r   r   e   r
Infantry   | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - |08%|30%| - |01%|
Mech       | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - |12%|35%| - |15%|
Bike       | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - |12%|35%| - |01%|
Recon      | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - |18%|35%| - |01%|
Flare      | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - |18%|35%| - |05%|
Anti-Air   | - | - | - | - | - |70%|70%|75%|105|120|75%|10%|
Tank       |08%|09%|09%|55%|18%| - | - | - |18%|35%| - |20%|
Md Tank    |10%|12%|12%|55%|22%| - | - | - |24%|40%| - |35%|
War Tank   |12%|14%|14%|65%|28%| - | - | - |35%|45%| - |55%|
Artillery  |45%|55%|55%|105|65%| - | - | - | - | - | - |45%|
Anti-Tank  | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - |45%|55%| - |55%|
Rockets    |55%|65%|65%|105|75%| - | - | - | - | - | - |55%|
Missiles   | - | - | - | - | - |100|100|100|120|120|100| - |
Battleship |50%|65%|65%|95%|75%| - | - | - | - | - | - |55%|
Carrier    | - | - | - | - | - |35%|35%|40%|45%|55%|40%| - |
Submarine  |110|55%|20%|120|85%| - | - | - | - | - | - | - |
Cruiser    |38%|95%|28%|85%|40%|105|105|105|120|120|105| - |
Gunboat    |40%|40%|40%|75%|55%| - | - | - | - | - | - | - |
Fighter    | - | - | - | - | - |55%|65%|80%|120|120|65%| - |
Bomber     |85%|95%|50%|120|95%| - | - | - | - | - | - |90%|
Duster     | - | - | - | - | - |40%|45%|55%|75%|90%|45%|01%|
B Copter   |25%|25%|05%|85%|25%| - | - | - |65%|85%| - |20%|
Seaplane   |65%|55%|40%|105|85%|45%|55%|65%|85%|95%|55%|55%|

~2G.Weather Effects~
As you might expect, there are several different types of weather effects
that can happen across the battlefield.

The first technically isn't a weather effect. Fog of War blankets the
battlefield in blacked dust. You can't see any enemy units in the blackness
unless that square is in at least one of your units' vision range. Ruins,
Forests, Reefs, and Mist hide units during Fog of War. Enemy units can't
see units hiding in these terrains unless one of their units passes the
tile their hiding in on their turn, tries moving onto/through that tile
(and fails because there's a unit hiding there), or uses a Flare to light
up the tile.

Rainy weather turns the battlefield into Fog of War if it isn't already,
but all units have their vision lowered to one.

Snowy weather will reduce the movement of all units by one. Sandstorms will
reduce the attack power of all units by 30%.

If Penny is your CO, then regardless if she is boarded on a unit or not, 
ALL of her units aren't affected by the weather. She is still subject to
Fog of War (technically it isn't a weathe effect), but snow, sandstorms,
and rain won't affect her units at all.

New to Advance Wars is promoting units. Whenever a unit gets a kill, they
will increase in level. There are three levels--I, II, and Veteran.

Level I grants the unit a 5% attack power boost. Level II gets a 10% attack
boost. Veteran units get a 20% attack and defensive boost.

If two units join eachother, the rank of the unit will be the highest rank
of the units that joined. So, if a Veteran and level I Tank join, the new
Tank will be a Veteran.

When a CO boards a unit, that unit is instantly made a Veteran. Units 
cannot demote in level.

~2I.Campaign Scoring~
Now that you know how to use units effectively, you can figure out what you
need to do to get the best scores possible in campaign mode. You are scored
in the same three catagories as usual--Speed, Power, and Technique. 
However, the last two have had their requirements changed a bit. Also, each
score can recieve a maximum of 150 points, so your total can reach 450.
Yet, this is impossible to reach on most maps.

Speed remains the same--it's how fast you complete the map. There is a
certain time limit to earn 150 points, and a certain one for 100 points.
After you pass the 100 point time limit, the Speed score slowly drops down
to zero (finishing between these two time limits will result in a score
between 150 and 100).

Power has changed. Normally it was destroying 10% of the enemy army on one
turn, but now it's based on a certain ratio. It involves the total 
percentage of damage dealt (as seen ingame), the amount of times you 
launched an attack (including counterattacks), and the amount of kills you
earned. More damage and kills, while having few attacks, is key to earning
as many points as possible in Power.

Technique has also changed. Normally it was losing less than 20% or your
units, but now it's drastically different. It is also a ratio of how many
units you used in comparison to how many units the enemy used. It has been
roughly determined that in order to get 150 points, you need to have used
about 65% as many units as your enemy. So if they used 10 units, using 6
(all formulas in the game round down) or less would result in 150 points.
Units lost also effect technique, so play agressive, but also careful.

You also get various ranks for how many total points you get:
S Rank--300+
A Rank--250-299
B Rank--200-249
C Rank--199-

                              ~3.CO Center~
As usual, there are a variety of CO's (Commanding Officers) you can choose
from. Each of them have their own innate abilities which affect the
battlefield, and most of them have CO Powers which can help change the tide
of war. 

CO Powers work differently now, however, and most of the CO's aren't broken
as was the case in previous games.

~3A.Commanding Officer Descriptions~
There's a variety of CO's, and most of them have their own individual CO
Power. They all have a CO Zone, and the effects of their zone is also noted
here. Any special abilities they have will be mentioned.

Will is a cadet in the former Rubinelle Army, joining with Brenner after
the meteors strike. Hespecialies in powering up his direct attack ground 
troops. He has a decent CO Power, and a decent CO Zone size as well.

"Never give up!"

CO Zone Size--2
CO Zone Boosts--20% attack boost for direct attack ground troops

CO Power--Rally Cry:Mobility of all ground based units is raised by two for
the turn

Brenner is captain of the 12th Batallion. He's a fair, all around CO, and
has great battle skills.

"The survivors need our help."

CO Zone Size--3
CO Zone Boosts--20% defense boosts for all units

CO Power--Reinforce:All units regain 3 HP

Lin is often seen as Brenner's tactical advisor. She excels in Fog of War,
the best place to use her CO Power.

"Keep a cool head."

CO Zone Size--1
CO Zone Boosts--20% defense and 20% attack boosts for all ground units

CO Power--Scout:Adds 2 to ground unit vision, and can see into hiding 

Isabella is a girl that Will found early after the meteor storm. She has no
recollection of who she is. That doesn't stop her from being one of the 
better CO's, with a CO Power and Zone that are highly beneficial.

"I can't remember anything..."

CO Zone--2
CO Zone Boosts--10% defense and 10% attack boosts for all units

CO Power--Deep Strike:All units can move two spaces farther, and all
indirect units get two extra range

-->Unlocked by clearing C12

Tasha is a Lazurian soldier who intends on avenging her dead brother. She 
is a master of the skies, and can be unstoppable with several Bombers.

"I will have my revenge!"

CO Zone--1
CO Zone Boosts--20% defense and 40% attack boosts for aerial units

CO Power--Sonic Boom:Movement of all aerial units increases by 2

-->Unlocked by clearing C13

A Lazurian soldier with little to say. He specializes in indirect attacks
and range.

"They don't pay me to talk."

CO Zone--2
CO Zone Boosts--10% defense and 20% attack boosts for all naval and ground
indirect attack units

CO Power--Longshot:Increases the range of all indirect units by 2

-->Unlocked by clearing C14

Forsythe is a top notch Lazurian commander, and has no special powers,
trading those for a boost for all units.

"I am a soldier, not a killer."

CO Zone--5
CO Zone Boosts--10% defense and 10% attack power boosts for all units

CO Power--Has no CO Power or CO Meter

-->Unlocked by clearing C20

Waylon, who acts like a smug jerk constantly, is somewhat similar to Tasha
in that he has aerial domination. 

"It's time for Waylon to do some wailin'!"

CO Zone--2
CO Zone Boosts--30% defense and 20% attack boots for aerial units

CO Power--Wingman:Boosts defense for all air units

-->Unlocked by clearing C21

A power hungry and crazed dictator, Greyfield has a dominant navy in
comparison to other CO's.

"I'll see you hanged for this!"

CO Zone--3
CO Zone Boosts--40% defense and 10% attack boosts for naval units, 
Seaplanes, and copters

CO Power--Supply Chain:Ammo, fuel, and material is refilled for all units

-->Unlocked by clearing C24

The youngest daughter of Caulder, her mind has been shattered by his vile
experiments. Penny is best used on maps where weather can be a serious

"Tee hee! Let's go, Mr. Bear!"

CO Zone--3
CO Zone Boosts--All units are uneffected by weather (this occurs for all
units, and they don't need to be in the CO Zone for this effect to take
place). Units in the CO Zone recieve the base 10% defense and 10% attack
power that every other CO Zone gives, but no additional boosts are given

CO Power--Stormfront:Changes the weather to a random effect for three days

-->Unlocked by clearing C25

The oldest daughter of Caulder, she is as strict and vindictive as he is.
Tabitha is one of the most powerful CO's in the game, and may remind you of
a former, dead CO from a previous game.

"Stupid weak people!"

CO Zone--0
CO Zone Boosts--50% defense and 50% attack boosts for all units

CO Power--Firestorm:Drops a missile that inflicts 8 HP of damage on all
units in a 3 space radius. It targets the spot where it can inflict the
most HP worth of damage, making Tabitha's units' HP worth negative HP in
the calculation

-->Unlocked by clearing C26

Caulder is a man who prides himself in his insane experiments. Despite 
having no CO Power, his CO Zone has crazy abilities.


CO Zone--3
CO Zone Boosts--50% defense and 50% attack bonus for all units, all units
within zone are healed 5 HP (this still costs funds)

CO Power-Has no CO Power or Meter

~3B.CO Zones~
Units will not get their CO's effect unless the CO is on the battlefield,
and even then, the only units that will get the boost are those in their
CO Zones (unless a CO Power is activated, in which case all units that are
specified in their profile get the boost as well).

Firstly, you need to have your CO board a unit. In order for this to
happen, you must put any unit you want them to board onto your HQ or an
owned property that produces that unit (Tanks on a Factory, Bombers on an
Airport, and so on). On your next turn, instead of moving the unit, act
as if you are going to choose to Wait. Below that option will be "CO",
provided you meet a second requirement. To have a CO board a unit, you need
to pay half of that units' cost. So boarding a Tank would cost 3500G. 

Once a CO is on a unit, that unit will have a medal icon and be promoted
to Veteran status. Part of the battlefield will turn black around the CO
unit. That is the CO Zone. Any unit in that zone, including the CO 
themself, will benefit from the CO's attack and defense boost (provided 
that the unit fits with the criteria in their profile. If your using Will,
for instance, then aerial and naval units aren't getting a boost).

All units in the CO Zone, including the CO unit, get a base 10% attack and
defense bonus (even if they don't match the unit types the regular bonuses
apply for), and then additional bonuses the CO gives them if they match 
the types in their profile.

For instance, say Isabella is in a Tank. She puts a Recon in her CO Zone. 
Isabella's Tank is now 140/140 (That's attack/defense). She gets 20% attack
and defense bonus for being a veteran, 10% attack and defense base bonus 
just for being in the CO Zone, and another 10% attack and defense because
that's the bonus Isabella's CO Zone gives to any unit in her CO Zone. The
Recon is at 120/120, 10% attack and defense for the base bonus in the CO
Zone, and 10% attack and defense because Isabella's CO Zone naturally gives

Use CO Zone's to your advantage. Keep your CO unit well protected--just
because they naturally have high defense doesn't make them invincible. 
Even Tabitha, who is in a 180/180 unit thanks to how her CO Zone works, can
be taken down by several units.

~3C.CO Meter and Powers~
With the exception of Forsythe and Caulder, all CO's have a two bar meter
under their picture on the top screen. This is their CO Meter, but unlike
in previous Advance Wars games, this meter will not fill up based roughly
on monetary damage dealt and recieved.

To fill the meter now, you need to first have your CO board a unit. Once
you've done that, you can start filling the CO Meter. Any unit inside the
CO Zone, including the CO unit itself, can fill the meter by attacking 
other units. For every 5 HP of damage you deal when inside the CO Zone
(regardless of the unit you're attacking), one yellow bar will fill up.

When the first half of the meter is filled, the CO Zone will increase in
radius by one space. If you keep attacking units, you can fill up the
second half of the meter. When this happens, the CO Zone will increase in
radius another space, but you are also capable of using your CO Power.

To use your CO Power, select your CO unit (this is only possible if you
haven't given it a command yet), and instead of choosing Wait, choose CO
Power. This will take up the CO units' turn, but all other units that
haven't moved yet can feel the power of the CO Power. 

There is a downside, however. This completely drains the CO Meter, so you
will be back to the basic sized CO Zone. Also of note is that if the CO 
unit is ever destroyed, the CO Meter completely empties. Be careful of your
CO unit--they are essentially huge targets for the enemy to try and kill.

                            ~4.Campaign Mode~
One of the main modes of the game is Campaign Mode. You will take command
of an army after a disastrous meteor strike on the planet, killing anyone
who tries disrupting the peace. 

Unlike other Advance Wars, you can go back and do missions you have already
finished. Also, along the way you will unlock Trial Maps, which are
somewhat similar to maps and situations that could be found in the War Room
of the previous games.

~4A.Campaign Maps~
Once you start Campaign Mode you will go through a short cutscene before
being brought to the map screen. The only mission you can choose at the
start is C1, so let's get rolling. Noted here is a time limit. If you
finish on or before the time limit, you will earn 150 Speed points. Any
longer and the Speed score will steadily drop. 

~~C1-Days of Ruin~~
Time Limit--2 Days
Enemy CO--The Beast
Terms--Rout enemy

Starting Units--Bike
Enemy Units--Recon, Bike, Infantry

In this introductory mission you will learn basic units and how to move and
attack with them. Obviously, if you're a veteran then this mission will be
laughable easy. If you're new, then you'll still find it just as easily.

Select the Bike and move it where Will directs it--two spaces west. On the
second day, Brenner and Lin will appear, bringing along a Tank and Recon.
Will's Bike will retreat, and Brenner will be the CO for the rest of the

Get used to actual combat now. First have your Recon attack the enemy
Recon, then have your Tank finish it off. Repeat this process for the rest
of The Beast's units. Have your Recon weaken them, then let your Tank get
the kill. Once you finish off all of his units, the missions ends. The
Beast's units rarely attack you, instead preferring to go around your 
units. The Bike will generally try to attack your Recon or Tank, but it'll
do piddle damage.

S Rank Notes--It's fairly easy to obtain an S Rank here. Just weaken 
everything with your Recon and finish them with your Tank. Finishing fairly
fast, an S Rank is almost assured here.

~~C2-A Single Life~~
Time Limit--2 Days
Enemy CO--The Beast
Terms--Rout enemy

Starting Units--Tank, Artillery, Infantry
Enemy Units--Infantry, Bike, 2 Recons, Tank

The Beast's main units are somewhat damaged, so that should make things a
bit easier for your Tank. The problem is that your Tank is out of
ammunition. If a unit is out of ammo, then it will have to attack units 
with its secondary weapon (in this case, the machine gun). If it has no
other weapon, then that unit flat out can't attack,

Luckily, your given an Artillery unit. Time to get used to indirect combat
units if you've never used them before. Indirect units, like Artillery, can
only attack units within its range. In this case, it's a 2-3 space range.
Also, with the exception of the Battleship, all indirect units can only
fire if they don't move on their turn. 

As Lin suggests, move your Tank to the chokepoint and attack the enemy 
Infantry. Move your Artillery behind the Tank. Don't kill the Infantry 
with your Infantry--the enemy Recons can still hurt it even on the 
mountains. Move it up onto the forest north. The enemy Infantry will
likely attack it and do minimal damage, and the enemy Infantry should die
or be left with little HP on the counterattack.

On the second day, you'll be alerted of the presence of someone in the
ruins surrounded by mountains to the east. You don't have to move your
Infantry to that spot, but you should do it to understand the story. In
any case, have your Artillery bash any unit entering its range (focus on
destroying the Tank more than the Recons), then have your Tank mop up 
anything the Artillery can't kill in one shot.

S Rank Notes--Another fairly easy S Rank. To keep your Technique score up,
don't let any of your Infantry get killed. Thusly, don't try to get the
cutscene where you rescue Isabella. Have your Artillery work with your Tank
to finish as quickly as possible.

Time Limit--2 Days
Enemy CO--The Beast
Terms--Rout enemy

Starting Units--2 Mechs, Artillery, 2 Tanks
Enemy Units--2 Infantry, 2 Bikes, 3 Recons, Artillery, Tank

This mission will test your basic skills that you have learned over the
previous two missions. First have your Tank move north and have each one
attack one of the Infantry. Then have each of your Mechs finish off the
Infantries. Move your Artillery north and into a small hole in the
mountain range that'll keep it safe.

The enemy Recon should be in the Artillery's range next turn, so attack it
and finish it off with a Tank. Have the remaining Tank block the 
chokepoint north so that your Artillery can hit whoever attacks your Tank
(and usually it will be The Beast's Tank).

From this point, hold the chokepoint, and have your Mechs attack anything
they can. Remember that they can move across the mountains, giving them
decent versatility in reaching The Beast's blocked off army. His Recons
will rarely attack your Tanks, no matter how weakened they may be. Once his
Tank is destroyed, focus on getting rid of the Artillery. If The Beast 
places it in a good position, the chokepoint strategy will work against you
as he can start to bash your units back. 

Once you destroy the Recons and Tank, you can easily break through and
finish off his Bikes and Artillery if you were unable to get your Mechs
over to it and kill it.

S Rank Notes--It's impossible to finish this in two days, but that won't
stop you from finishing this rather quickly. Rush for the quickpoint, hold
it with your Tank, and have your Mechs move over the mountains and assist
in destroying all of the units. Retreat your Mechs when damaged so you
don't harm your Technique score.

~~C4-Moving On~~
Time Limit--1 Day
Enemy CO--The Beast
Terms--Rout enemy

Starting Units--2 Infantry, 2 Mechs, Flare, Artillery, Recon, Tank
Enemy Units--Infantry, 2 Bikes, 2 Recons

This mission has Fog of War, so this will be some training for that. All
units have a certain vision range, which you can view on the top screen.
This is how radius of spaces of fog will be cleared around that unit in
Fog of War. Spaces that are hiding places (Ruins, Woods, Reefs, and Mist)
can't be seen unless you move next to them or pass them when moving.

If you try moving to a space and you unknowingly try passing through a 
space where an enemy is, that unit will be stopped instantly and cannot
perform any other actions that turn. You are given possession of a new 
unit--Flares. They are effective against Infantry type units and lightly
armored vehicles, but they truly shine in Fog of War. If they don't move
on their turn, they can fire a flare. The flare will light up a three space
radius of the space you choose to fire it at, and all hiding places are 
also lit up. They are only lit up for the turn you fire it, though.

Try it out now. Launch a flare up north to reveal several units hiding in
the forests. No matter where you move the Infantry up north, it's quite
likely to be killed next turn. Also of note is that Recons have high 
vision, making them useful for Fog of War. Mechs and Infantry can stand on
mountains to get an additional three space radius added to their vision.
use these tips on the following turns to scout out the enemy troops.

All you need to do is move all of your troops up north rather quickly. Be
sure to kill the bike in the woods near where your units start. Try to keep
your units hidden in woods as often as possible--if the original Advance
Wars is the one you've played, you'll be happy to know the AI follows the
rules of Fog of War as well. Use that to your advantage and try to make it
so they fall into your traps. This mission is impossible to finish in one
day, so don't bother trying to do so.

S Rank Notes--This mission can be a little annoying to S Rank. You really
need to rush it to get a high Speed score to counterbalance the lower Power
score that is likely to result. Keeping the Infantry to north alive isn't
too hard if you rush the north with all of your units on the first day.
Kill every unit in two shots to keep your Power score up high.

~~C5-New Allies~~
Time Limit--6 Days
Enemy CO--The Beast
Terms--Rout enemy or capture enemy HQ

Starting Units--Infantry, Mech, Bike, Recon, Artillery, Tank
Enemy Units--Infantry, Mech, 2 Bikes, Recon, 3 Tanks, 2 Artillery

In this mission you will learn how to capture cities, factories, and how to
produce new units. Simple stuff. Have your Mech begin capturing the 
factory, and the Bike and Infantry should start capturing the nearby
cities. All properties have 20 capture points, and you capture part of that
depending on the HP of the unit doing the capturing. Capturing takes a 
minimum of two turns (Only 10 HP units can finish capturing in two days).
A 5 HP unit, for instance, would take four days to finish a capture.

The Beast will not move his two Artilleries, and the Tank sitting on his
HQ won't move until you come near it. The other two Tanks and Recon will
move towards you, while all his Infantry type units will try to capture
any building you don't capture.

Finish capturing on the second turn. In case you didn't know, all 
properties give you 1000G in funds at the start of each day. Your Mech 
should finish capturing the factory. Once you move the Mech off of it next
turn, you can start producing units there. On The Beast's turn, he should
start attacking your troops with his Recon, Tank close behind. You should
have moved your Tank and Recon east, keeping your Artillery safe from
enemy fire. Use the Artillery to hurt the Recon and finish it off with your

On the third day you can move the Mech off the factory. This will allow you
to produce new units. Producing units costs funds, and at the moment your
choices are rather limited. The strongest weapons you can make are Tanks
and Artilleries. From here on, build two or three more Tanks. Move your 
Tank army up north and destroy all the enemy Tanks, then kill the 
Infantry. Move them all outside of The Beast's Artillery range, then rush
in and kill/injure both of them. Once you destroy all of his units, the
mission ends. Alternatively, you can capture his HQ to end the battle

S Rank Notes--This is another easy S Rank. The Speed requirement is a bit
lenient, and you should only need to build two or three Tanks in order to
overwhelm his remaining forces. Rush for his Artillery with two strong 
Tanks, and you'll be able to win handily in 7 or 8 days.

~~C6-Fear Experiment~~
Time Limit--7 Days
Enemy CO--Penny
Terms--Rout enemy

Starting Units--2 Infantry, 2 Mechs, Bike, Recon, 2 Tanks, Artillery
Enemy Units--2 Infantry, 2 Mechs, Bike, 2 Recons, 2 Tanks (Reinforcements
of 2 Md Tanks and War Tank)

First off you want to begin capturing properties. You want to capture the
facotry up north as quickly as possible, then go for any other cities
nearby. Send your Recon and Tanks down south--it's where Penny will send
the majority of her units. Don't worry much about her capturing some
cities--she has no factories with which to produce more units.

Once the factory is under control, start getting some Tanks. You should
only need one or two to finish off the remaining units. Try to keep your
Artillery alive as long as possible, and retreat it to an owned city to get
it repaired if necessary. Try to conserve money for later if possible. If
you don't need additional Tanks, Mechs will suffice. Try to rout the enemy
as quickly as possible.

Once you rout Penny's units, she will send in several reinforcements. They
are two Md Tanks and a War Tank. These tower over your puny Tanks, and have
such high attack and defense that you don't even have a chance.

Fortunately, the day after the reinforcements arrive you will be alerted
you can now build Anti-Tanks for 11000G. These units have insane defense,
and rip through any land vehicle. Not even War Tanks can stand against 
them. Retreat all of your units back to your factory and start building 
Anti-Tanks. You'll probably only get to build two of them before the Md
Tanks reach you. 

Anti-Tanks have a range of 1-3, and can counterattack. It's unlikely to be
destroyed in several attacks. Use your regular Tanks and Mechs to damage
the enemy tanks further after the Anti-Tanks injure them. It shouldn't be
too hard to finish the three mammoths off.

S Rank Notes--An S Rank here can be moderately hard because of how low your
Power score is likely to dip. You won't be able to OHKO most of Penny's
units, so the score will suffer. Finishing in 7 days isn't likely, but 
getting at least 100 points in Speed is fairly simple (you have about 13
days to do so). Making only 2 Anti-Tanks and no other units before that is
best to keeping Technique as high as possible.

~~C7-A Kind of Home~~
Time Limit--4 Days
Partner CO--Waylon
Enemy CO--Tasha
Terms--Rout enemy or capture enemy HQ

Starting Units--Infantry, Mech, Bike, Recon, 2 Anti-Airs, Tank, Artillery,
B Copter, 2 Missiles
Enemy Units--Infantry, Mech, Recon, Tank, Rockets, 3 Dusters, 3 Bombers, 2 

Tasha has a bunch of aerial units, which is to be expected since it's her
area of expertise. Waylon's Fighter will never move, which is for the
better because you fail the mission if it gets killed. First off, use your
Missiles to destroy the Bomber and have the Anti-Air attack the Duster.
Your primary concern is to destroy Tasha's aerial forces. Without those,
her ground troops can easily be cleaned up.

The only threatening ground forces she has is a lone Tank and a slow moving
Rocket. Lure the Tank out with your Recon, then have your B Copter and Tank
kill it. Try to lure Tasha's Bombers out into Missile range with some weak
units (Infantry, Tanks, and even Anti-Airs themselves will be fine). With
the Bombers out of the way, the mission should be smooth sailing.

You'll want to build three or four additional Anti-Airs to aid you. Try
to trap the Fighter in a corner of the map because they will keep trying to
run away from you. With their high movement, they can often succeed in
doing so. If you can keep either of the Missiles alive, you can help them
aid you in destroying the pesky Fighters. The Dusters are easier because,
since they can attack land units, they often will come into your line of
fire. If you can finish this mission relatively fast (8 or 9 days), then
an S Rank can be achieved with little trouble.

S Rank Notes--Another fairly simple mission given that the enemy has easy
to kill units. Build several Anti-Airs (2 or 3 will do), then rush Tasha's
aerial units. You may lose an Anti-Air to her Bombers, but if you move some
Missiles behind them, you can destroy the Bombers when they attack. Have a
Tank kill the Rockets so your Anti-Airs aren't injured further.

~~C8-A New Threat~~
Time Limit--5 Days
Enemy CO--The Beast
Terms--Rout enemy or capture enemy HQ

Starting Units--2 Infantry, Mech, 2 Bikes, Tank, Recon, B Copter, 2 T
Enemy Units--3 Infantry, Mech, 2 Recons, Tank, Artillery, Missiles

This is yet another Fog of War map, but this time, The Beast is able to
capture a factory, so you'll have to contend with him producing units as
well. Luckily, he has few available cities if you're smart about where you
attack on the first turn, so he's unable to produce much more than a Mech
each turn.

Have your Infantry board the T Copters and drop them off north near the two
factories. Have the B Copter attack the Infantry near the southern factory.
There's a second Infantry hiding in the woods closest to the fire. Focus on
capturing the factories before getting the cities. As for the Mech and 
Bikes on the mainland, have them capture cities. You need funds, quickly.

Once you've got an income, make an Artillery and a Tank on the southern
bases. You'll need to push yourself across the bridge. Use the Recon to
scout ahead, blockade with your Tank and have the Artillery do all the 
heavy firing. Build additional Tanks as you see necessary. When you get
across the bridge, destroy any of The Beast's Infantry so you can sever his

Take Infantry in the T Copters in the north and capture the northeastern
cities. The Beast will try getting these, and stopping him is vital to
succeeding in the mission. In the south, destroy is Artillery as quickly
as possible, and his Missiles so you can have your copters fly around 
without much hazard. 

Once you invade his base with several Tanks from the north and south, the
battle will pretty much be over. Destroy vehicles first, park a unit over
his factory so he can't build anything, and mop up the remains of his army.

S Rank Notes--Beating this while not creating too many unit is important.
Thusly, you will need to finish this rather fast so The Beast can't build
too many units, prolonging the mission even further. Also, you won't need
as many Tanks to finish him off. Get a T Copter onto his factory, then use
Tanks and an Artillery to finish everything else off. Just beware of his

~~C9-The Beast~~
Time Limit--3 Days
Enemy CO--The Beast
Terms--Rout enemy or capture enemy HQ

Starting Units--2 Infantry, Rig, Anti-Air, T Copter, 2 Bombers, 2 Fighters,
3 Dusters
Enemy Units--Infantry, Mech, Tank, Rig, 2 Md Tanks, 2 War Tanks, Anti-Air,
2 Rockets, 2 Anti-Tanks, Missile, 8 B Copters, Duster

The Beast starts with a ton of units, but he is unable to put them to good
use on that tiny island of his. All of those B Copters are the only 
difficult to deal with units. Once you dispose of them, his Anti-Air, and
Missiles, this mission will be a breeze. You'll be introduced to the 
concept of temporary structures. Order your Rig to contruct one on a Plains

Have your air units bombard The Beasts' ones. Aim for his B Copters first
with your Fighters, and avoid the range of the Missiles and Anti-Air with
your Bombers. Start capturing cities as well--with that airport, you can
build additional Bombers. On the second day, attack the Missiles and 
Anti-Air with your Bombers. If you can't, then keep destroying units until
you have a clear path. It may take an additional day or two, but you should
be able to do it fairly easily.

Your Dusters are effective against Infantry type units and all aerial
units, so have them harm B Copters as well. When all of them have fallen,
you can easily invade his base with your Bombers and Dusters with no
opposition. If you don't want to wait a while to destroy all of his units
because your Bombers will run out of ammo (forcing you to retreat to your
Rig/Temp Airport), just block off enemy units and airdrop an Infantry onto
his HQ. It's a quick and efficient way of finishing the mission. Just
destroy the War Tank parked on his HQ and you're good to finish.

S Rank Notes--This is pretty easy to finish, and moderately so to S Rank.
As like most predeployed missions, rush The Beast's island, and put an
Infantry in the T Copter and go for his HQ. As you rush the southern area
with Dusters and Bombers (destroy the Anti-Air and Missiles quickly). This
will make most of this units flee north, so block the passage with your
Dusters, destroy the War Tank on the HQ, then capture it for a high Speed

~~C10-Almost Home~~
Time Limit--7 Days
Enemy CO--The Beast
Terms--Rout enemy or capture enemy HQ

Starting Units--3 Infantry, Mech, Bike, Recon, Rig, Anti-Air, Tank, 
Missiles, T Copter, 2 Dusters, B Copter, Fighter
Enemy Units--Infantry, Mech, Recon, Artillery, Tank, Anti-Air, War Tank,
2 B Copters, Duster, Fighter

This is easily the hardest mission you've faced yet, and is harder than
several of the upcoming missions as well. The Beast is going to have a 
decent economy after several days, and he has two factories and an airport.
The Beast also starts with several aerial units, and you will need to take
them all out so you can begin an offensive. 

Two of your units that start close to The Beast's base will likely die. 
The western Infantry so head for the cities farther west. You need that
factory and airport as soon as possible. Load your Infantry and Mech into
the Rig and T Copter and get them over there quickly. You need to have a
larger economy than The Beast so you can outproduce him.

Don't forget about your air units in the top-right corner! If you don't use
them, getting rid of The Beast's air force will be significantly harder.
What you want to do is sacrifice your B Copter to lure the Fighter near
you, then kill it with a Duster then your Fighter. You want your Fighter
to remain at full health so it can destroy is B Copters rather quickly.

Continue the capture of the center area and all of the cities nearby. It
will eventually be 14 buildings versus his 10. Continue making Tanks from
both bases. Make a B Copter every now and then. Don't waste your time
sitting around until you have funds for Bombers. It only takes one 7000G
Anti-Air to make a 20000G Bomber almost worthless, and it's not worth the
funds. B Copters are cheap, and force The Beast to waste his funds on 
Anti-Airs, which your Tanks can dispose of easily.

Once you're ready to make the push into his base, get some Infantry to 
capture his cities, worsening his production value so he can't counter your
forces as easily. You'll be wanting a bunch of Tanks, several B Copters so
that he'll focus on building Anti-Airs which won't be able, again, to harm
your Tank force. Once you overrun his forces, park some units over his
factories and airport, then wipe out whatever he has left. His War Tank can
be hard to destroy, so use an Anti-Tank to scare it into retreating (or
attacking, bascially its suicide).

Another key is to keep your Missiles alive is you invade his base. Position
it near his airport, rendering it useless as Missiles can OHKO all air
units. Have your Tanks and a Bomber gun for his HQ. Target any Anti-Airs
first--you want your Bomber (and hopefully Dusters you kept) alive. If you
rush early you can easily overrun him. The longer you wait, the harder it
will be to break the eventual stalemate. You can easily finish by day 9 if
you hurry.

The Beast will attack your air units primarily, then goes for your Tanks.
Use that to your advantage.

S Rank Notes--To S Rank this mission, you will need to wrap it up rather
quickly. Don't give The Beast time to build an army. If you do, the
stalemate will take a long time to break, causing your Speed score and
Technique (as you'll be making a ton of units to break it) to drop rather
quickly. By finishing it fast, all of your scores will remain high,
resulting in a simple S Rank.

~~C11-A Storm Brews~~
Time Limit--4 Days
Partner CO--Davis
Enemy CO--Tasha
Terms--Rout enemy or capture enemy HQ

Starting Units--Infantry, Mech, Tank, Md Tank, Rig, Rockets, 3 Gunboats,
2 Landers
Enemy Units--Infantry, Mech, Recon, Artillery, Rig, Md Tank, 3 Gunboats,

This is a fairly easy mission, and also isn't one difficult to S Rank. 
Gunboats only have one ammo, so use them to take out the nearby Gunboat.
Have the Rig on shore resupply the Gunboats. As for your landers, bring
both types of Tanks, the Rockets, and an Infantry to the southern island.

Once there, form a defensive wall so your Tanks can hit hard, and your
Rockets is not only safe from fire, but can hit them back. Attack the enemy
ships if they get into your range--your Gunboats can become quite
irritating to resupply with each fight they get into. Davis won't be doing
anything, so leave him alone. Get a Mech over there to destroy the Mech
Tasha sends to Davis' island. 

With a Tank wall, and Rockets right behind them, destroying all of Tasha's
land units should be quite simple. Defeating her Gunboats are rather hard,
so just go for a HQ capture. Bring the Rig to the mainland so you can
quickly get an Infantry to the HQ. 

S Rank Notes--You'll want to work fast on this mission. With a low time
limit, simply run for the HQ. Try and distract the Gunboats with your own
Gunboats, use your Rockets to bombard them so your Lander to get an 
Infantry to her HQ quickly. Use your Tanks to distract her main land 
forces, and you can hopefully end the mission very quickly.

~~C12-History of Hate~~
Time Limit--4 Days
Partner CO--Waylon
Enemy CO--Tasha
Terms--Rout enemy

Starting Units--2 Rigs, B Copter, Duster, 2 Submarines, 2 Gunboats, 2
Cruisers, Battleship
Enemy Units--B Copter, Bomber, Fighter, 3 Gunboats, Submarine, 2 Cruisers,
3 Battleships

This mission may not look difficult, but if you get careless with your
units this will quickly turn impossible. Try and lure Tasha's units out
and towards you, so that way you can damage them severely, rendering them
worthless. You have access to a Battleship in this mission. Get used to
the fact that they can move and shoot on the same turn. 

Tasha has three Battleships, so you'll need to use your Submarines 
effectively in order to destroy them quickly. Be sure to dive them so the
enemy Cruisers can't destroy them. Destroy the ships in the south before
you engage the ships and aerial untis up north. Waylon can handle himself
for the most part up north. 

Once the south is taken care of, there should only be a few units and
planes remaining in the north. It's key to keep your Battleship and 
Cruiser alive so this mission can be ended quickly and easily. 

S Rank Notes--As you can see from the time limit, you will need to work
quickly to earn a decent score. The enemy Submarine is a huge threat to 
your Battleship, so have your Cruiser destroy it after having another unit
find it after it submerges. Once the enemy Battleships and Submarines are
gone, quickly finish off the weaker units that are wondering around.

~~C13-Greyfield Strikes~~
Time Limit--6 Days
Partner CO--Greyfield
Enemy CO--Gage
Terms--Rout enemy or capture enemy HQ

Starting Units--2 Infantry, Rig, 2 Gunboats, Lander, Cruiser, Submarine,
Battleship, Carrier
Enemy Units--Infantry, Mech, Tank, Artillery, Anti-Air, Md Tank, 2 
Missiles, Cruiser, 2 Gunboats, Lander, Battleship, Carrier

You've got access to Carriers now, as well as ports so you can produce
additional naval units. Carriers, if they don't move on their turn, can
produce a Seaplane for 15000G. It also takes one of their material points,
and they have four when built, so basically they can build only four
Seaplanes. Seaplanes are insanely powerful, but be careful of their low 40

As for the mission, send Infantry to the center and southern islands and
capture the port and factory. The catch to this mission is that every few
days Greyfield will halt all of a particular unit. He'll announce what type
of unit it is the day before, so don't send those units into a spot where
you won't be able to get them back safely. 

I can't determine what units Greyfield chooses to halt. I'm guessing it's
which ones have done the most monetary damage prior to the last time he
halted units. Although, he has halted my Landers on more than one
occasion, so it probably is completely random. In any case, what you want 
to do is get several Landers to ferry over Tanks and Md Tanks to the 
enemy island. You will also want several Submarines to take down Gage's 
naval units. You may be needing Cruisers--Gage tends to build several 
Seaplanes himself over the course of the battle.

Just makes sure you can make the best out of whatever units get stopped.
Be sure to use a variety of them--using just Seaplanes, while powerful,
is disasterous if they all get stopped in one turn. Flood the enemy island
and finish Gage by rout, or just use a Rig to get an Infantry over to the 

S Rank Notes--It can be hard. This mission is insanely annoying with that
fat jerk constantly halting your units. Just rush the mainland and try to
take his HQ. I'd advise against using many Seaplanes because Gage is more
than capable of destroying them quickly. Work fast and try not to produce
too many unnecessary units.

~~C14-A Hero's Farewell~~
Time Limit--10 Days
Enemy CO--Forsythe
Terms--Rout enemy or capture enemy HQ

Starting Units--2 Infantry, Mech, Bike, 2 Tanks, Artillery, Md Tank, Rig,
Missiles, Rockets, Cruiser, Submarine, 2 B Copters
Enemy Units--3 Mechs, 2 Tanks, 2 Md Tanks, Artillery, Rockets, Cruiser,
Battleship, Carrier, B Copter

This level looks insanely hard, but it is actually fairly simple. The main
threat in the entire level is the lone Rockets up north behind the plasma
wall, and Forsythe's navy. If you can take command of the seas by 
destroying his Battleship, as well as build an army to take down the plasma
wall and rush the factory that has a Rocket sitting nearby, then you can
win this mission.

Doing so is fairly harder. Take your time with your navy. You will need a
second Submarine, and maybe a Gunboat to attack the Cruiser that can kill
your Submarines. Target the Battleship first. The Carrier may sound like a
better target, but Forsythe only has around 17 buildings once the battle
gets settled in. Wasting all those funds on a Seaplane is actually 
advised. Just have a Cruiser or two close to the Carrier so the Seaplanes
can meet a swift destruction shortly after coming out (and even then, your
Missiles can also take them out, provided you have meatshields for them).

You can rush the Rockets at the start, even. Just rush a B Copter up there
and you can destroy it rather handily. Problem is, Forsythe will often
build another Rockets in the factory nearby. Luckily, he's rather stupid
with it, and doesn't park it back on the nearby city. Once you capture the
airport to the east, Bombers will run rampant on this map. 

If you want, before destroying a meteor letting the plasma wall exist, you
can capture some of Forsythe's cities. Just have a B Copter guard an
Infantry capturing, and only when an Anti-Air is nowhere nearby. Crippling
his economy is quite recommended.

Before destroying the meteor, as mentioned, you need an army. Several
Bombers, Tanks, 2 Rockets, and a few Md Tanks will be sufficient. Your aim
is to park a unit, any unit, on his factory. Once you do that, destroy
anything else nearby. Then, stall until you can capture his factory. The
battle is pretty much over once you do this. If you still have a strong
going army when you overrun his factory, go for his HQ.

Push your entire army up the bridge and park something on the factories and
airport up there. If you can't destroy his remaining naval units, capture
his HQ. If it's faster to rout him, obviously do so. 

The turning point is the rush for the middle factory. Save before doing so,
and if you fail, reload to strength your troops. Have some Anti-Airs or
Missiles to kill Seaplanes and any other air units Forsythe may create.

S Rank Notes--This mission isn't as bad as people make it out to be, and
neither is the S Rank. If you can finish by day 20 you will still get 100
points in speed. Rushing the plasma wall, as usual, is the turning point.
Try not to make unnecessary units to keep your Technique high. Rushing for
rout is the faster option more likely than not. Two Battleships is all you
should need to keep the seas in your possession, a single Bomber, couple
of Anti-Airs, and a bunch of Tanks will easily win the mission quickly, 
and well enough for an S Rank.

~~C15-Icy Retreat~~
Time Limit--9 Days
Enemy CO--Waylon
Terms--Clear a path for either blue unit to reach the blue city; failure if
both blue units are killed

Starting Units--Infantry, Mech, Tank, Md Tank, Artillery, 2 Anti-Airs, Rig
Enemy Units--Infantry, Mech, Bike, 2 Recons, Artillery, 2 Tanks, Rockets,
3 War Tanks, 2 B Copters

You have no factories of your own, but that isn't the concern. Your 
objective is to clear a path to the blue city to the west and let one of
the blue units get onto the city. Once that happens, you win the mission.

Too bad Waylon isn't going to let that be easy. The mentally challenged
blue computer often suicides itself into the enemy units as it tries to
keep moving left, so you will need to clear the path with no hesitation.
New to this mission are CO Zones and Meters. When a CO is boarded in a 
unit, such as Brenner being in the Md Tank, for every 5 HP of damage dealt
by a unit inside the CO Zone, part of the CO Meter fills. Units in the CO
Zone get an attack and defensive boost.

To make matters worse, there is a snowy weather condition. This means that
all of your units lose one space of movement. Start by moving your troops
left, having an Anti-Air destroy the nearby B Copter. Have your Tank attack
the Rockets. They will rip through Gage's units, and if both die, you fail
the mission.

Position your Artillery near the southern meteor, and have it and your Tank
attack the meteor. It will be destroyed on the second or third day of
attacking. Once it's destroyed, rush to destroy Waylon's Artillery that
probably destroyed Gage's Recon.

After doing this, you need to escort the blue Infantry to the city. Doesn't
sound hard? It will be. Once the plasma wall is gone, keep moving west.
Block off the enemy Recons with your Tank, Anti-Airs, and Rig. You'll be
needing to destroy them, so hurry and do that. Retreat an Anti-Air to 
destroy the B Copter Waylon is sending your way, and destroy the Recon up
north to allow the Infantry or Recon (if it lived) passage to the city. You
don't need to destroy the second plasma wall.

S Rank Notes--Not really much to say here. If you finish the mission, more
likely then not you'll get an S Rank. I find it impossible to NOT get an
S Rank if you finish this mission, but that's just me. You have a huge
time limit to work with, and even with a loss of many units you will still
end with a high Technique. Overall, not much of a problem.

~~C16-Hope Rising~~
Time Limit--8 Days
CO--None (Will becomes CO on day 3)
Enemy CO--Greyfield
Terms--Rout enemy or capture enemy HQ

Starting Units--2 Infantry, 2 Mechs, Tank, War Tank, Artillery, Anti-Air,
B Copter, T Copter
Enemy Units--3 Tanks, 2 Md Tanks, War Tank

This is another Fog of War mission, and you won't have a CO in command for
the first few days. The thing to notice is that you should put your War
Tank in the forest that's right next to it. That way, Greyfield will NEVER
try attacking you once he realized there's a mammoth tank blocking the way.
Also, you can prevent him from getting any other properties on the map.

Get the Infantry on the mountains to capture the factory, and move your T
Copter to the other Infantry so it can board it. When you can, move it to
the airport and capture that, as well as the cities near it.

When that T Copter is freed, have it send an Infantry to the northwest
corner and capture the factory up there. Once you have that factory, you
can capture the other nearby cities. It won't take long before you have a
ton of cities compared to Greyfield's measely seven. Start forming an army
of Tanks and Bombers (you've got the funds to mass produce them). Once you
think you have a decent sized army, invade Greyfield's base.

Now, in this mission and from here on you can have your CO board a unit.
Put a unit over a factory (or an air unit over an airport), and on the 
next turn instead of choosing Wait, provided you have half the cost of the
unit, you can choose to have the CO board the unit. The rest of the
functions of doing so were shown last mission.

However, when the CO Meter is full, which is possible if you don't let your
CO unit die, you can use your CO Power by selecting your CO unit and 
choosing it. Use your CO Zone to your advantage when invading Greyfield's
base. To be honest, considering he can't build more than a Tank or Anti-Air
each turn, he isn't much of a threat.

S Rank Notes--Four Bombers and several Tanks/Md Tanks will easily be 
enough to wipe out Greyfield. Use a Flare so you can see his hidden units
when you invade, and target Anti-Airs first. Have Will board a Md Tank and
try to charge the CO Meter. It's not necessary you use the CO Power 
because having a wide CO Zone will help ground troops in the zone get a
power boost, helpful for demolishing Greyfield.

~~C17-Icy Retreat~~
Time Limit--6 Days
Enemy CO--Tabitha
Terms--Destroy Talon Gun or rout enemy

Starting Units--3 Infantry, Mech, Tank, Anti-Air, Rockets, Rig, T Copter
Enemy Units--2 Mechs, Tank, War Tank, 2 Anti-Tanks, Rockets, Missiles

The Talon Gun looks to be a formidable weapon, and you have the option of
just routing the enemy, but if you're doing that you will constantly be
having the chance to destroy the Talon Gun. In that case, why aren't you
ending it faster? Unless you like a challenge!

But for those that want the easy road, here's a DBD guide Yoshi on the
Wars World News forums made that works flawlessly each time, and is quick
and easy:

Day 1-
Move Tank 2S 3W
Move Anti-air 3S 3W
Move Rocket 2S 3W

Day 2-
Move Rocket 3S 2W
Move Tank 2S
Move Anti-air 1W 2S
Build a Bomber

Day 3-
Move Rocket 1S 3W
Move Tank 2W 1N
Move Anti-Air 4W
Move Bomber 4W 3S
Build a Bomber

Day 4-
Move those 3 vehicles 1N 1W
Load Tasha into the Bomber and move it 2S 4W
Move the other Bomber 1W

Day 5-
Attack the Anti-Tank with the Rocket

Day 6-
Destroy the Anti-Tank with the Rocket
Destroy the Missile with Tasha
Finish Talon Gun with the other Bomber

I've never seen this fail, and is useful in getting the Talon Guns
Destroyed medals. But, do you want a challenge? Going for rout?

That's significantly harder. You start with more properties, but there are
so many close to Tabitha that she will easily catch up to you. Use Rigs and
T Copters to have Infantry reach far away properties as quickly as 
possible. Note that Tabitha has insane boosts when she boards a unit. It
will take a lot of effort to kill that unit, and you damn well want to kill
it. If she gets a larger CO Zone, then that means more units can bask in 
her powerhouse glory. 

The Talon Gun itself is a massive problem. It'd be nice if you could 
destroy it without ending the mission. You've got little chance of 
capturing the properties in its firing zone. You also need to make sure you
stay out of the firing range. 5 damage to every unit in it is highly
annoying, so you'll need to lure units out. Problem is, the units resting
infront of the Talon Gun originally will NEVER move. Try using Rockets 
lying outside of the Talon Gun's range to destroy those units.

Past that, it's just outproducing her and owning more properties. You will
find yourself at a bit of a stalemate, and once broken you can start
capturing her properties. Go for her factories first, then any other
cities nearby. If you capture one of her factories, then rout is almost

S Rank Notes--Follow the DBD guide. Guarenteed S Rank. If you want to do it
by rout, then it's highly unlikely you'll succeed. You'll never finish
quickly enough to get a high enough Speed score, and the sheer amount of
units you'll have to create will diminish your Technique. At least your
Power will be high!

~~C18-Panic in the Ranks~~
Time Limit--2 Days
Partner CO--None
Enemy CO--Greyfield
Terms--Rout enemy or capture enemy HQ

Starting Units--2 Infantry, Mech, Tank, Md Tank, War Tank, 2 Anti-Tanks,
Partner Units--Infantry, 2 Mechs, 2 Anti-Airs, 2 Missiles, Bomber, Fighter
Enemy Units--Infantry, 2 Mechs, 2 Bikes, 2 Recons, 3 Tanks, Md Tank,
War Tank, Artillery, 3 B Copters, Duster, Fighter, Bomber

It seems that you are overpowered, but your units are quite the match for
Greyfield. You just need to rely on your partners, the blue team. The
problem is that they aren't following orders at the moment. To get them
to begin attacking, you need to move the War Tank Will is inside ontop of
the blue Com Tower south of your starting position.

Once you do that, it's time to go crazy killing Greyfield's units. Your
units are effective at wiping out the ground troops, while the blue team
will be effective at Greyfield's aerial units (and has a Bomber for ground

Don't worry about your partner units. They can handle themselves quite fine
on their own, so just worry about demoilishing Greyfield's troops as 
quickly as you can. Try not to lose too many units. If you do, you'll find
it difficult to even finish the mission.

S Rank Notes--You have to finish this mission in a few days in order to 
have a somewhat decent Speed score. Power and Technique shouldn't be too
much of a problem to get around 100, but you'll need a decent Speed score.
If you don't, it may drag you below 300. It can be quite annoying since 
they don't give you much time to get enough points.

Time Limit--2 Days
Enemy CO--None
Terms--Rout enemy or capture enemy HQ

Starting Units--3 Infantry, 2 Mechs, 3 Bikes, Recon, Tank
Enemy Units--10 Infantry, 10 Mechs, 2 Tanks, War Tank

You're given no factories, so how is this possible? Well, you're given
several silos. Move any Infantry type unit onto a silo and you can launch
a missile anywhere on the map that does 3 HP of damage to all units in its
3 space radius. Also, all of these units are weakened to begin with,
except the War Tank. It's out of ammo, and is very low on fuel. Thusly,
it isn't even much of a threat.

All you need to do at the start is spread your units out. The enemy gets
two silos to use, and they can get two more if you don't race for those on
the outer edge of the map. Use two silos to injure the War Tank and the
units around it, then use the rest the damage further other units around
the map. Be aware that they have two Com Towers, so their defense and
attack will be boosted.

Routing will take awhile, so clear out any units near their HQ, then sneak
a Bike onto it and end the mission quickly. If you work fast, you can win
on day 4 or 5, which gets a decent Speed score.

S Rank Notes--You need to rush this mission, avoiding getting too injured
by the War Tank, and capture the HQ for a high Speed score. Be sure to have
your Recon and Tank destroy several units to boost the Power score, and
you'll be set for an S Rank. It may take several tries because of how
sparadic the computer can be in how it joins units.

~~C20-Waylon Flies Again~~
Time Limit--12 Days
Partner CO--Tasha
Enemy CO--Waylon
Terms--Rout enemy or capture enemy HQ; failure if all blue units die

Starting Units--2 Infantry, 2 Mechs, Bike, Anti-Air
Partner Units--2 Tanks, 2 Anti-Airs, 2 Missiles
Enemy Units--2 B Copters, 2 Dusters, Bomber, 3 Fighters

This is one of the hardest missions in the game, as most people will admit.
Personally, a simple rushing strategy is all that's needed to win and
achieve an S Rank. First off, things will look bad from the start. You have
to capture all of your own unit making properties, and then you have to
cope with the fact there's a mountain range preventing quick land access
to the center area.

Waylon has access to the center area quickly, and he will abuse it and try
to steal the cities under your control in the area. Your primary objective
is to stop him as quickly as possible, then launch an offensive in the
center. Begin capturing the airport and factory on the first day, have the
Bike and Mech go south for more properties, and send the lone Infantry 
north. You will need to capture a ton of properties in a short amount of
time. Waylon isn't going to wait around.

Once the factory and airport is in control, you can stop Waylon's massive
air force. A single Missile and Fighter is all you need. Waylon will never
be stupid enough to attack your units if one of these air-raping machines
is around. He occasionally will, but it's very rare, and it's only if he
has multiple air units that can strike near the Fighter/Missiles in one

Build a Rockets, too, and keep it near the factory. Position it so the
Rockets can fire on any Infantry trying to capture the northern two
cities. A second Rocket can protect one of the lower cities, which makes
it so that Waylon realistically can only capture one of your cities easily.
After you have some serious income, take back the center with several Tanks
and Bombers, with Missile and Anti-Air support to scare Waylon's aerial
units away from you.

Kill all of his Infantry and whatever else he's brought into the center,
then play the waiting game. When you have control of the center, Waylon
mainly only tries Infantry suicide missions to take your cities, and those
should fail miserably. What you want is to mass several Bombers, three or
four Fighters, several Anti-Airs, couple of Tanks, and tons of Mechs. Yes,
Mech rushing here is advised. Oh, and put Will into a unit and get his CO
Meter charged. Four movement for Mechs in a single turn is damn scary.

By the 20th day you should have all of the cities in the center and west
side of the map in your possession, and the center should be overcrowding
with units. This has given Waylon time to form a defense, so let's make it
crumble. Initiate your CO Power if you were able to charge it, then flood
Waylon's area, weakening everything in your path. Personally, I find a ton
of weakened units better than killing several and leaving a bunch of full
health ones. 

Since it's pretty hard to destroy his air force (especially if Waylon put
himself in a Fighter or Duster) due to the fact his CO Zone grants aerial
units insane defense, going for an HQ capture is advised. You've got tons
of Mechs. Get one on a Rig and drop it over. Park units on his factories
and airports for safety, then form a wall around his HQ. This ensures the
Mech can safely capture while the walling units take the heat from whatever
units survived the initial rush.

If the tactic worked, this will result in a slow but simple victory. You
can finish faster, but it's far simpler to fail because you don't have
enough ground support. Several of Waylon's Fighters and Anti-Airs will
annihilate an air force with no ground cover. Keep that in mind.

S Rank Notes--Nothing new to say here. If you follow all the tips above
and work as quickly as possible, you can finish with a decent time score
and the rest should be rather high. Good luck--this'll be a long battle.

~~C21-Lin's Gambit~~
Time Limit--12 Days
Enemy CO--Greyfield
Terms--Rout enemy or capture enemy HQ; failure if 40 days pass

Starting Units--3 Infantry, Mech, Bike, Flare, Tank, War Tank, 2 Rockets, 
2 Rigs, Anti-Tank, 2 Submarines, Lander, Gunboat, 3 Cruisers, Battleship
Enemy Units--3 Mechs, Tank, Md Tank, War Tank, Anti-Tank, 4 Rockets, 
4 Battleships, 2 Carriers, 2 Gunboats, 2 Landers

You have a 40 day time limit for this mission, but it shouldn't take much
more than 20 to finish the mission. As Lin says, you need to take control
over the seas. Not only that, but you shouldn't focus very much on your
land assault. Have your Rockets bombard anything that cross the bridges,
and use Flares to seek out additional targets. What you want are naval 
units, and lots of them.

Begin capturing buildings, and have an Infantry get in a Rig and send it
towards the western island. Don't try capturing anything there--Greyfield's
Battleships will kill the Infantry in a flash. You're given several 
Submarines, and you may want to rush them to his Battleships, but note that
he has two Carriers. If he gets ANY Seaplanes flying around, you will be in
serious trouble. Rush your Subs over to his Carriers and sink them as
quickly as possible, before he has the chance to build several Cruisers.

After that, destroy his Battleships, and use your Battleship to attack any
Cruisers that get built. While doing this, have a Mech get put on a Lander
and sent to the center island and capture the factory. Greyfield will
shuttle units here too, and if you have the factory, you can defend it
from assault.

If you worked quickly and effectively, and didn't let a Submarine get 
killed, then Greyfield's navy should have crumbled quickly. Begin capturing
the port on the western island, as well as the center island. Your goal is
to create an unimposed navy, and several land units to assist. You want
five or six Battleships, and two Carriers to get somewhere between four to
eight Seaplanes flying around. As for land units, a Rig or two to keep the
Seaplanes fueled during the assualt. Take a few Bikes during the assault
as well so you can start capturing his cities.

Have one of the Battleships guard Greyfield's ports so anything he builds
is rendered useless. Have two Cruisers there as well incase he makes a
Submarine. During the land assualt, lead with Seaplanes. Greyfield is
hiding four Rockets in various places, so be careful where you put your
Battleships and land units. Go for the factory and park a Seaplane on it,
having everything else decimate everything around them. 

Two Rockets are resting near his HQ, one in the mountains near the center
factory, and another either near the bridges hiding in a forest, or hiding
at the northeast corner of the map. Be sure your Battleships aren't hit by
them, as that can render them useless.

S Rank Notes--You'll need to rush this for a good Speed score. To preserve
your Technique, try not to produce too many units. Turn down the amount of
Battleships and Seaplanes you use to keep the score high, and retreat any
weakened units. Remember that Carriers repair planes, so use that to keep
expensive Seaplanes alive longer. Rush Greyfield with a decent army and he
will still crumble.

~~C22-The Great Owl~~
Time Limit--7 Days
Enemy CO--Penny
Terms--Rout enemy or capture enemy HQ

Starting Units--3 Infantry, 2 Mechs, Bike, 2 Anti-Airs, 2 War Tanks, B
Copter, 3 Fighters
Enemy Units--Anti-Air, 3 Tanks, 3 War Tanks, 4 Anti-Tanks, Artillery, 2
Rockets, 2 Missiles, 3 Bombers, 2 Fighters

This certainly looks to be a hard mission, but it is easily doable if you
follow the instructions in the War Room. Of course, figuring out how to do
them is harder. What you're aiming to do is capture the southeast factory
that Penny already has under control. To do so, you'll need to make a light
army and then rush it, having your Bike capture it. 

Also of note is the Great Owl itself. See the ruins in the middle of the
map? Each turn the giant bomber drops a load there, injuring any unit in 
its three space radius by 5 HP. You should be smart enough not to go
through there, but Penny sure as hell isn't. Her units will get attacked
as she tries the go for your army, and her forces will get reduced to 
nothing. Basically, her starting units that actually move aren't too

Begin capturing properties immidiately. The airport to the north will
never be seeing use because of the Missiles hanging out in its range, so
you'll be producing Bombers from the southern airport instead. Begin 
forming your army around the southernmost border of the Great Owl's attack
radius. Penny has several air units, but no airports to fuel and heal them.
Lure the Fighters toward you with your B Copter, then kill the Fighters 
with Anti-Airs and your very own Fighters from the start.

Lure the Bombers with sacrifical ground units (Recons will do fine). Have
the Fighters and Anti-Airs repeat the process with them. While doing this,
have a Rockets behind your main force, but always walled in by your units
so it's safe from any attack. You will want two Rockets as you move toward
the southeast factory.

Keep pushing your way down there. At around turn 10, with several 
additional Bombers on your side and a weakened army, you should be close to
or already have captured the factory. Once you have, the battle is 
basically won. Capture all of Penny's nearby cities for even more funds.
At this point, Penny is likely rushing your HQ with Infantry. Make an Anti-
Air or Recon back at your HQ for protection, because we all know several
1 HP Infantry are scary.

Back in your army, mass Tanks and Bombers and get ready for an assault. 
Line a group of 5 or so Bombers outside of Missiles range, and your Tanks
outside of Rockets range. When ready, assault their main weaknesses. Take
down Missiles and Rockets, then gun for Anti-Tanks and Anti-Airs. You will
lose several units, but the devastation to Penny's army is worth it. Park
something on her factory, then have the Bomber squad clean up whatever
is left over. Putting Lin inside a unit, preferably a Bomber, will make 
things go a lot smoother.

S Rank Notes--Don't wait too long. I took 28 days and still got an S Rank,
but my Speed score suffered. You don't need as big of an army as you may
think to take down Penny's forces once the factory is yours. Several Tanks
and Bombers will do. Keeping units to a minimum will save your Technique,
and Speed as you won't be wasting several days amassing an army.

~~C23-Sacrificial Lamb~~
Time Limit--8 Days
Enemy CO--Tabitha
Terms--Rout enemy or capture enemy HQ

Starting Units--3 Infantry, 3 Mechs, Tank, 4 War Tanks, 2 Anti-Tanks, 3 
Cruisers, 2 Battleships, 4 Landers
Enemy Units--3 Mechs, 2 Tanks, Artillery, Anti-Air, Anti-Tnak, 5 Rockets,
2 Cruisers, 2 Gunboats, Lander

This may be a bit of a long mission because you need to ferry units to the
main island with Landers. Your main goal is to get Mechs (use those already
in Landers from the start) to reach the silos on the northwest and 
southeast corners of the map. Use a Battleship to blast away a meteor up
north so you can access those silos, and have the other Battleship begin
attacking the Rockets. Once you make your land assault, you want none of
those Rockets hanging around.

On days 2, 3, and 4, the Great Owl will attack you. It drops a bomb where
it can cause the most monetary damage. Obviously, your War Tanks and
Battleships are at risk. Try to spread them out by the end of the second 
day so you don't risk both getting injured. In fact, if you group all four
Landers together, you can direct the Great Owl towards them. Just make
sure none of the weakened Landers get sunk after that--Tabitha will build
Submarines every now and then, and Gunboats are quite effective against

For the silos, launch them at the Rockets to weaken them. Once weakened,
attack the Tanks. On the fifth day, drop all of your units on the main
island in a position where few units can attack them. Your goal is to first
prevent Tabitha from capturing the factory. Then, destroy any units around
the factory, including those Rockets, and capture it yourself. Then, 
capture all of Tabitha's buildings on the southern part of the island.

Once you do all this, form an army. Several Seaplanes, backed up with 
Tanks, some Rockets and Artillery, and an Anti-Tank will be sufficient.
Destroy the meteor that isn't on the corner of the river. The destroyed
meteor leaves a plains tile, so you can cross to her HQ. Target the Rockets
hiding behind the destroyed meteor first, then rush for her factories. If
you can destroy what few units she has guarding her HQ, you can capture it.
If she neglected her navy, you can probably rout her faster instead of
capturing the HQ. Either way, a quick rush from day 5 onwards is the key to
winning this mission.

S Rank Notes--This mission is a pain to S Rank. The time limit is 
unforgiving, and you have to really limit the number of units you build 
while at the same time destroying a ton of enemy units. It's highly 
annoying. Don't take your time on this. Rush the island on day 5 and kill
without any remorse. Don't capture every building--just Tabitha's and the
Com Towers for extra power.

~~C24-Crash Landing~~
Time Limit--7 Days
Enemy CO--Penny
Terms--Rout enemy or capture enemy HQ

Starting Units--Mech, Recon, 2 Anti-Airs, 2 Tanks, 2 Md Tanks, 2 War Tanks,
Artillery, Anti-Tank, 2 Rockets, Rig
Enemy Units--Infantry, Mech, Bike, 2 Recons, 3 Tanks, Md Tank, 2 War Tanks,
Artillery, Rockets, Anti-Air, Anti-Tank

This is a fun mission. There's no buildings, so it's a straight up 
predeploy battle. Basically, there's no real need for advice here. All you
need to do is destroy all of Penny's units while losing as few units as
possible. This is highly important. 

And this mission just spells first turn advantage. Bombard as many strong
units as you can on the first turn. Ignore the Infantry type units for the
most part (maybe have your Recon attack, but nothing else) and focus on
damaging all the types of Tanks, the Anti-Tank, the Rockets, especially
their War Tank, and anything you are capable of injuring.

Destroying everything should prove easy. Sadly, that's not all there is
to the battle. Once all of her initial units are killed, six reinforcements
will arrive. 

There will be three Tanks on the left, and three Rockets on the right.
They appear the instant all of Penny's original forces are destroyed. Get
your units into position so you can attack them when they appear. Focus on
the Tanks and let the Rockets come to you.

Once the reinforcements are destroyed, more will come in. The second wave 
has three Tanks on the right, and three Rockets on the left. Same process
again here, so it should be easy provided you kept enough strong units

The final wave has just six Rockets, so it should be extremely easy to
destroy. Getting the first strike is crucial so not too many units are lost
once Penny gets her turn.

S Rank Notes--An easy S Rank if you were able to finish this mission
without getting the majority of your units killed. Keep most of them
alive for a high technique, and obviously you'll finish faster with a 
larger army.

~~C25-Lab Rats~~
Time Limit--13 Days
CO--None (Will becomes CO on day 3)
Enemy CO--Tabitha
Terms--Rout enemy or capture enemy HQ

Starting Units--Mech, Anti-Air, Tank, 2 Md Tanks, Duster
Enemy Units--Recon, 2 Tanks, 6 War Tanks, Rockets, 3 Missiles, 3 Bombers,

This is the final difficult mission in the game. You are significantly
outnumbered at the start, and Tabitha has an insane economy compared to
your pathetic single building. On the first two days, you need to begin
capturing the airport with your Mech and MUST destroy the three Missiles.
Save on the first turn and have the Duster attack the Missiles just inside
of its range. If it doesn't do 2 HP of damage, reload the save and try
again. Destroy the Missiles with the Md Tank. The other two Missiles are
easily destroyed with the Anti-Air/other Tanks, so don't worry. Also, leave
the meteors alone. They will aid in slowing down Tabitha.

On day 3, Will will arrive and becomes the CO for the battle, and he brings
along a crapton of units, making this more of a fair fight. What you need
to do is have your Bombers destroy the meteors so your ground troops can
reach the factory in the center of the map. Have an Infantry or Mech get in
a T Copter and bring it over there. Capture it immediately! Have the 
remaining Infantry and Mechs capture properties near your HQ.

There's a second factory across a plasma wall that Tabitha will be gunning
for once you get going. If you're lucky, you can prevent her from getting
it. If you can bring your Rockets to the factory, or can build one from the
factory once captured, before Tabitha begins capturing the other factory,
then the battle is won. Just kill the Infantry/Mech/Bike with your Rockets.

More likely then not, she will capture that factory. If this happens, you
will need to capture it yourself before she puts it to good use. As 
mentioned, position a Rockets or two so you can bombard whatever she 
produces out of the factory. Tabitha has six War Tanks coming your way, 
several Bombers, and two Fighters. Make a Fighter of your own, two Anti-
Tanks, and a couple of Md Tanks, and keep your Rockets protected. You need
to push forward to the factory, and that means destroying those War Tanks.
Destroying them all isn't necessary--four severely weakened War Tanks is
a lot less threatening than two destroyed ones and two at full health!

Once the War Tanks and aerial units are cleared out, capture the factory
for yourself. At this point, keep massing an army and capture Tabitha's
cities as you push yourself eastward. Bombers and Tanks, with a Fighters
to keep her aerial units at bay, are the way to go. As you enter her main
base, Tabitha will likely put herself into a unit if she hasn't already.
Destroy that unit on sight. Do NOT let her get her CO Meter charged, or you
will be in serious trouble.

Once you get into her base, block her factories and airports if you can.
Capture her HQ if you think it would be faster, or continue going for rout.
Overall, as soon as you get both factories, you essentially have the
mission won.

S Rank Notes--Working fast is necessary. Don't waste time making an
offensive--as soon as the first factory is yours, push to the second one.
Maybe give yourself time to make an Anti-Tank, but you need to capture the
second factory as quickly as possible to end this mission sooner. Don't
build an insane amount of units either. That should be obvious by now. And
yes, I got 299 points on my first try. Very saddening. Hopefully you can
S Rank this with well over 300 points if you play well.

Time Limit--4 Days
Enemy CO--Caulder
Terms--Destroy all five laser cannons or rout enemy

Starting Units--6 Infantry, Md Tank, 2 War Tanks, Anti-Air, Rockets, 
Missiles, Anti-Tank, Fighter, Bomber
Enemy Units--2 Tanks, 2 Md Tanks, 4 War Tanks, Artillery, B Copter

I have two strategies. A day by day guide that is nearly flawless that
will achieve an S Rank in swift time, and a method for routing for those
who want a challenge. And I'll admit, routing is quite difficult. 

Here's the day by day guide if you want to get this damn mission over and
done with (or if you want a brainless method for doing it nine more times
to get all the Nests Destroyed medals). This method was created by SkyN3t:

The Western Base refers to the units and buildings in the middle and left 
side of the map. The Southern Base refers to the units and buildings on 
the southern portion of the map and the eastern part. Also, incase you 
aren't good with cardinal directions, North is up, South is down, West is 
left, and East is right.

Midway through I combine them into Western Base and Southern Base. It 
shouldn't make it any harder to follow.

Day 1-
~Western Base~
Have left Infantry move 3E and start capturing the Factory
Have right Infantry move 2E 1S and start capturing the Com Tower
Move War Tank with Will 4N
Move Rockets 4N
Build War Tank at northernmost Factory
Move Anti-Air 2S 2W

~Southern Base~
West Forces:
Move left Infantry 2E 1S and start capturing the Airport
Move right Infantry 1E 1N and start capturing the Com Tower
Move Md Tank 3N 1W
Move Missiles 2W 2N
Move Fighter 9E

East Forces:
Move southern Infantry 2E 1N and start capturing the Com Tower
Move northern Infantry 1N 2E and start capturing the Airport
Move War Tank 3N 1E
Move Anti-Tank 1W 1N
Move Bomber 7N

Day 2-
Finish capturing all properties!

~Western Base~
Have Rockets shoot at the far west laser
Have Will (I will refer to the War Tank he's in as "Will") destroy the 
western laser
Move the 7 HP War Tank 1N 3E
Move Anti-Air 6E
Move Md Tank 4E
Move Missiles 1S 3E
Build nothing
(Note that the Missiles and Md Tank were part of the Southern Base, West 
Forces from the previous day. There's no other actions for the South Base-
West Forces for this day)

~Southern Base~
East Forces:
Save here
Move Anti-Tank 4N
Move War Tank 3N and attack enemy War Tank
Move Fighter 9N and attack enemy Fighter
Move Bomber 2N and attack enemy War Tank

Day 3-
~Western Base~
Southern Forces:
Move the Infantry on the Airport 1N 1E and start capturing the Factory
Move the Infantry on the Com Tower 1N 1E and start capturing the City

Northern Forces:
Move Missiles 3E
Move Md Tank 2E
Move Will 1S and annihilate the enemy Md Tank
Move the Anti-Air 3E
Move War Tank 3E 1S
Move Rockets 2E 2S
Move Infantry on the Factory 2E 1S and start capturing the Airport
Move Infantry on the Com Tower 2S 1W and start capturing the City
Build a Bomber at the southern Airport

~Southern Base~
Eastern Forces:
Move Bomber up north 4E 2N and attack the far east laser
Move War Tank 1N
Move Anti-Tank 4N
Move Fighter 2S 1E and kill enemy B Copter
Move Infantry on the Airport 2W and start capturing the Factory
Move Infantry on the Com Tower 1S 1W and start capturing the City
At the nearby Airport, build a Fighter

Day 4-
Finish/Continue capturing!

~Western Base~
Move Will 3E and kill enemy Missiles
Move Rockets 3E
Move the Bomber you built last turn 7N
Move War Tank 4N and attack enemy Tank
Move Md Tank 5N
Move Anti-Air 3N
Build a Bomber at southern Airport

~Southern Base~
Have Bomber destroy far east laser
Move War Tank 2W 1N
Move wounded Fighter 6W 3S (Fighter is now part of Western Base)
Move Anti-Tank 1W
Move newly created Fighter 2W 7N and destroy enemy B Copter

Day 5-
Finish capturing!
Have ALL remaining Infantries capture any neutral property available. It 
doesn't matter what it is at this point.

~Western Base~
Move Will 1S 2E 1N and kill the enemy Rockets
Save here. Using the 7 HP War Tank, move it 1E 2N and kill the enemy 
Artillery. If you don't, reload and try again. If the War Tank has less 
than 7 HP, attack the Artillery and use the Anti-Air to finish it off
Have 7 HP Bomber move 3N 2E
Have newly built Bomber move 7N
Make Md Tank destroy enemy Tank (ignore this if the Md Tank has been 
killed for some reason)
Have Rockets attack enemy War Tank
Move Missiles 1N
Build a Bomber in Airport closest to center lasers

~Southern Base~
Have your War Tank destroy the enemy War Tank (or severely weaken if it 
can't kill it)
Move Anti-Tank 2N
Move full HP Fighter 1W 1N and kill enemy Duster (this should make the CO 
Meter full)
Move 2 HP Bomber that destroyed a laser earlier 3W 2S 1W
Build Anti-Air in far east Factory (move Infantry off of it if you 
haven't done so already)

Day 6-
Finish/Continue capturing!

~Western Base~
Use your CO Power
Rockets attack enemy War Tank
Bomber at Airport moves 6N and kills enemy War Tank
Move 7 HP Bomber 1E 3N and attack left laser
Move 7 HP War Tank 1E 1N and attack center laser
Move 1 HP War Tank 4N and join with 7 HP War Tank
Move full HP Bomber 3N 2E
Build another Bomber at Airport close to lasers

~Southern Base~
Make the Fighter attack enemy Seaplane
Have the wounded Bomber that's 1S of Seaplane join with any other wounded 
Move wounded Fighter 4E 4N and kill enemy Seaplane
Have Anti-Tank attack right laser

Day 7-
~Western Base~
Move Will 2N 2E and destroy right laser
Have War Tank destroy center laser
Have Bomber (or retreat it if it's too weak and substitute a stronger unit)
destroy the final laser

There you go! An easy S-Rank for you!
Just so you know, the main factor here is when Caulder joins his wounded 
War Tanks together. Their positions can slightly alter the results of Days
5 and 6. Just improvise a bit--at that point, you should be insanely close
to winning anyways. Also, day 3 can be skewed if the enemy Fighter attacks
your Fighter and not your Bomber, making it impossible to kill the B
Copter. Other then these, just improvise a little if something goes

Going for rout? You're insane, but it's somewhat doable. As it is obvious,
you're going to want to capture almost every building in your area as
quickly as possible, and you want to prevent Caulder from getting any more
properties. Yes, keeping it around 35 buildings to his 12 is the best way
to finish this mission.

Remember that The Nest creates two units each day unless one of Caulder's
units is on the spawning spot. Another problem are the mortars, which will
drive you crazy during rout. They fire alternately each turn, going for
the spot where it can cause the most monetary damage. The lasers fire
somewhat randomly. I think it's predetermined which lasers fire on which
turns, but I'm not sure. In any case, try to stay out of their line of
fire as much as possible.

With an insane income, you can easily overwhelm Caulder's forces and go for
his factories if you stay out of mortar range before invasion bursts. Keep
several units near The Nest's spawn points to injure/destroy anything that
appears. Rockets, Tanks, and Missiles are needed to destroy the variety
of units that are made.

Be careful of the unit Caulder puts himself in (usually a Fighter if you
are Bomber spamming). Keep Anti-Airs handy to scare Caulder into a corner
of the map, and keep him there as you demolish and capture his main base.
Do so quickly! The longer the battle goes on, the stronger Caulder is able
to become, and eventually he will be far too hard to rout. 

S Rank Notes--Follow the day by day guide and you should easily turn up an
S Rank. I don't think an S Rank is possible by rout. The best I can do is
a B Rank through rout, so I doubt it being possible.

~4B.Trial Maps~
You will unlock several Trial Maps as you progress through the campaign.
Trial Maps are a way of testing your skill, and are completely optional.
Maps you don't unlock from the campaign are unlocked by beating other
Trial Maps. For instance, you won't unlock T20 from the campaign. To
unlock most Trial Maps, like that one, you will need to beat a Trial Map
adjacent to it. In the T20 example, you'll need to beat T13, T19, T21, or
T27 to unlock it. There are 38 Trial Maps, filling all of the empty spaces
on the campaign map.

Trial Maps are like War Room maps of old. All you have to do is rout the
enemy or capture their HQ. There's no tricks in any map, but some can be
insanely hard to finish.

~~T1-Extreme Edge~~
Time Limit--5 Days
Enemy CO--Waylon

Beating this mission is rather simple. First, get some T Copters, an 
Infantry, and a Mech for later over to the center island. Waylon will
be shuttling several Infantry over there himself. You don't need to capture
buildings, but you do want to block the path so no T Copters can arrive.
Get a B Copter over there as well, then take everything further north.

Your goal is to quickly end this with an HQ capture. You may want to save
before rushing north. If nothing is on his airport, then you can easily
finish the map by putting an extra T Copter on his airport, and letting the
other drop the Infantry on the HQ. If something is on the airport, then
wait until you can build a Duster to destroy it. Use it in conjunction with
yor B Copter to take it down. 

With nothing in your way, you may be surprised to see Waylon spams Infantry
and Mechs at his base, but does nothing with them. While capturing the HQ,
build a Rockets to destroy an Infantry trying to capture your HQ. Waylon
may succeed if he reaches your base, so injure that Infantry when you get
the chance.

~~T2-Shade Coast~~
Time Limit--12 Days
Enemy CO--Gage

Aerial units are going to be dominant in this battle. It's Fog of War, so
you'll need to work quite fast. There are a ton of cities all around the
map, and both of you have several temporary airports set up. The huge
group of cities to the east should be one of your first stops, and then
getting everything else in the center, as well as your half of the map,
quickly is important. Use T Copters to have your Infantry reach their
destination quickly. B Copters should follow suit and destroy any of Gage's
Infantry if you spot them.

About 7 or 8 days in you should have a sufficient economy going, and one
that is stronger than Gage's. Start making Tanks and B Copters like crazy,
focusing more on Tanks. Get several Anti-Airs going to push back any of
Gage's air units, and have a Flare sit at the back and fire flares to 
reveal the road ahead.

By turn 12 you should be pushing into Gage's base with an army of Tanks. 
Don't stop to push, and keep making additional Tanks to kill any units that
leaked through around the center and towards your base. With two airports
and two factories, blocking all of them quickly can be difficult, but I
advise going for the airports. Several Tanks can take care of almost
anything he builds the following turns. 

Go for an HQ capture if you can't find his remaining units. If the only 
ones he has left are the ones by his HQ, then rout will end this quickly.
Finishing on day 15 can be possible if you really rush an HQ capture, 
having several units wall around the capturing Infantry, as well as
stalling newly created units. 

~~T3-Feline Basin~~
Time Limit--5 Days
Enemy CO--Lin

This map is easily completed in the five day time limit. As you can see,
there's an open path to the enemy HQ. With a little walling, and shoving
Will into a Bike, this is insanely simple.

On the first day, construct two Bikes. Move them towards the HQ on the
next day, then build two more Bikes, making sure one is from the center
factory. On the third day, begin capturing the HQ, put Will into the Bike
in the center factory, and move everything to the HQ, trying to wall around
the Bike capturing it.

On the fourth day, keep capturing, merge one of the oncoming Bikes with the
one on the HQ, and attack any of the Infantry trying to attack you. On the
fifth day you will be able to capture the HQ, wrapping up this mission
fairly easily.

~~T4-Metro Island~~
Time Limit--10 Days
Enemy CO--Isabella

This map is quite challenging. You'll want to conserve caption funds as
you try to capture the properties as quickly as possible. Make Artilleries
and Tanks every now and then to try and disrupt the oncoming army that
Isabella will be sending towards you, as well as trying to capture anything
that she captures.

You'll be needing Anti-Tanks because Isabella loves saving up funds for
War Tanks and Md Tanks constantly. Obviously, a single Anti-Tank can
easily weaken those beats down quickly, leaving them open to assault from
your normal Tanks. Put Will in a Tank as well to boost the effectiveness
of your direct attack forces.

It may be a long battle, or a short one if you move quickly. If you can
capture almost everything in the center, you've basically got the battle
won. Make a Rockets every now and then to scare off Isabella's forces, as
well as to attack any Infantry that somehow manages to attempt recapturing
your buildings.

Make the final push into her base with all your Tanks, Anti-Tanks and 
Artillery not far behind, with Rockets support if possible. You need to 
bash anything built from one of her four factories quickly, and if you made
Rockets, that won't be too hard. Alternatively, you can try Mech rushing 
this map. I can't guarentee that will work well, if at all.

~~T5-Eerie Lake~~
Time Limit--12 Days
Enemy CO--None

This is a simple looking map, but if you aren't careful you will end up in
a long stalemate with the computer. Both players have five properties
easily accessible to them--four cities and a factory. The computer will
always gun for the properties up north. You have two options.

First, you can try and secure the north area. If you do so, you've won the
mission because you can also easily secure the southern properties because
of how close they are to your base. The problem is how difficult this is.
Bring a Bike and a Recon. An enemy Bike will try capturing the factory,
but you can destroy it by attacking with the Recon and then your Bike.
After that, begin capturing the factory on your next turn, destroy any
nearby Infantry with the Recon, then block the chokepoint with it to delay
the enemy.

Doing this, you can capture it and begin defending it. Have a Md Tank and
Anti-Tank built from the factories down south and send them up north to
help defend. Also have another Bike head east and capture the factory and
properties there. 

In a short amount of time you can amass a small army to overrun the main
base. The computer will send most of their units north to try and take 
those properties which you should obviously be making well defended, and
that makes some southern forces easily block their properties. In about
15 days you can finish the map if you rush for an HQ capture, blocking
the factories and port, and get the computer to focus more on the
northern front (which takes a little luck), and several Battleships for
assistance is useful.

~~T6-Clear Island~~
Time Limit--10 Days
Enemy CO--Greyfield

Greyfield starts with a slight advantage in this map, with an additional
property. Going for the southern properties seems like the logical answer
to quickly winning, but you can try for faster. It's risky, and likely to
not work, but if you get a Gunboat and load it with an Infantry, having a
Cruiser and Battleship assist it, you can try capturing Greyfield's HQ if
you get lucky and he builds bad units. You'll want him to build a 
Submarine in his southern port because if built in the north your Cruiser
can destroy it, and thusly can drop off the Infantry at his port and take
the HQ.

This doesn't work all that often, so you can fight it out normally. You
have a naval front and a ground front that needs to be split up. Capturing
those properties is essential to give yourself the advantage, but you need
to defend them as well as your main base. Don't worry much about that at
first; just grab properties and defend them instead of your base. After
a short time you should have a stable econmoy greater than Greyfield's,
so focus on the ground units. Build a Submarine every now and then to
counter the Battleships he occasionally saves up for.

Keep at it--Greyfield will crumble under enough pressure. Don't neglect 
your navy, as I stated. If Greyfield gets a powerful navy going, you could
face losing the map pretty quickly. Also, put your CO in a unit at some
point. Tank, Anti-Tank, or an Artillery are good choices. Get a couple
indirect units on the field and use Gage's CO Power to really inflict pain
on Greyfield.

~~T7-Tatter River~~
Time Limit--25 Days
Enemy CO's--Tasha, Gage, Lin

Yeah, this is one of the few maps that everyone hates just for the insane
amount of pointlessness it contains. Look at the damn thing. Ground units
are esentially useless here because you can't invade another team's base
with them, so a bunch of dogfights will be going on here.

Taking command of the center area is FAR more important than the 
properties on your small island area. Get some T Copters running and go for
a factory and an airport in that order. The computer, when they capture
factories, love producing Anti-Airs like crazy. Only focus on Gage for 
now--Tasha and Lin will be fighting for their own territory, so try not to
get involved.

Taking command of the skies is important, obviously. Anything Gage captures
you will need to capture right back as soon as possible. The center 
airport will be fought for by all sides, and you need it. Whoever gets it
will have a clear advantage, but everyone else will try going for it at the
same time. When the computer leaves it alone briefly, kill whatever 
Infantry is on the airport and take it yourself. Keep it defended with some
Anti-Airs and Tanks. You'll want it later.

This will be an extremely long battle, and finishing on day 50 still gives
you 100 speed points. For most people, including myself, this will take
around 70 days. Honestly, what were they smoking when this map is made?

Rush an HQ, preferably Gage's since he's closest. By taking an HQ you take
possession of all properties that team had, so your production value
basically doubles. Once one group falls, and half the map is pretty much
yours, you can easily wipe the floor with the rest of the enemy CO's. The
only problem is that despite being pretty easy at that point, it will still
take a long time. Build up your forces, use your CO Power every now and 
then, and have at thee. Remember, using Waylon's CO Power when you invade
an HQ is highly suggested. His air units, which you HAVE to use to invade,
become almost indestructable for the turn, so screw those mountains of
Anti-Airs in the way! Take their HQ's!

~~T8-D Island~~
Time Limit--10 Days
Enemy CO--Tasha

A plasma wall blocks your base and Tasha's base. Ever the optimist, you
can obtain a quick HQ capture using an Artillery, Anti-Air, Bike, and Rig
if you rush the plasma wall and her base. A Tank or two for assistance if
you can't capture the HQ effectively would be advised. It's tricky to pull
off, and it takes a little experimenting in positioning, but can be done.

Going for rout the regular way is tougher, as you'd expect. Begin rushing
for the nearby neutral factory and cities, and try heading for the center 
of the map. This will eventually result in a ground clash against Tasha,
who will begin focusing most of her efforts into taking the middle area.
It'll be a stalemate even if you capture the cities, and packing several
Artillery is advised. 

At this time you can continue going for rout, or just capture the HQ. 
Every few days, Tasha leaves her HQ wide open. Get an Artillery to destroy
a meteor, then rush in with a loaded Rig and several Tanks or other weak 
units to act is shields as an Infantry attempts to capture the HQ. If you
do this method, make sure Tasha is continually building units from her
eastern factory. It'll make taking her HQ easier. If you don't want to do
this, then try breaking the stalemate. As advised, Rockets will force
Tasha to retreat her stronger units, allowing you to push further into her

Time Limit--5 Days
Enemy CO--Lin

Starting Units--3 Infantry, 2 Mechs, 2 Tanks, Artillery
Enemy Units--5 Infantry, 2 Mechs, 2 Bikes, 3 Tanks, Md Tank, Artillery

A simple looking predeploy mission. You'll want to capture that nearby 
factory, but you can ignore the radar tower. It's an easy way to get some
of your units killed, and is advised against. Put a Tank on the HQ and put
Gage inside when you can so you can boost the strength of your troops.
Move an Infantry over to the silo so you can fire it when a bunch of enemy
troops come your way.

Keep the Artillery on the southern already owned city, and hide your units
in forests. Target the Tanks and Md Tank first, then go for Mechs and the
Artillery if you can find it. Rush the HQ and kill any units that Lin
retreats to heal. You want to keep that Speed score high, so don't let a
single unit delay you several days.

~~T10-Blade Isles~~
Time Limit--10 Days
Enemy CO--None

You and your opponent are on identical looking islands, but you need to put
your first turn advantage to good use to succeed here. Obvious enough,
begin rushing for properties. You need a serious amount of funds to produce
and counter all the different types of units. A Battleship and a Bomber
will provide land assitance early on if you save up funds. You can 
seriously disrupt enemy capturing by using them.

The computer rarely builds naval units, but will build aerial units now and
again. It focuses more on expensive grounds troops. By exploiting how the
computer acts that way, you can create more Anti-Tanks and Bombers to
neutralize those units. If your using Bombers, have some Fighters handy,
and keep Cruisers nearby when using Battleships. You have to always be able
to counter their weaknesses, and it's best to make the computer waste funds
on strong counters for those units, only for you to hopefully destroy them
just as quick as they were made.

The problem with the map is that there are no factories in the middle--
just cities. You pretty much have to have air support with your ground 
troops in order to clear this map. As you rush the enemy base, you're far
from your own base, making it difficult to provide additional support. Be
sure that you are able to overwhelm the enemy before doing so. If you're
not ready, blockade the upper island with some meatshields with Rockets
behind them, then get additional support. And no, Bomber spamming is not
going to get you an easy victory.

~~T11-Star Islands~~
Time Limit--5 Days
Enemy CO--Greyfield

This mission is insanely easy. As you can tell just by looking at the map,
both HQ's are on tiny islands with nothing guarding them. The quick and
easy answer to this mission is to capture Greyfield's HQ. Luckily, he won't
start defending it actively until around day 15, so you have some time to
work with.

There's Fog of War, so don't get thrown off. Build an Infantry on the first
day and capture an airport. Once you have the airport, create a T Copter,
and afterwards begin moving towards Greyfield's HQ so you can capture it.
Build a B Copter or a Duster at the airport after the T Copter leaves. On
the following day, make Penny board the unit. You'll be needing the extra
power shortly.

Move that unit towards your HQ. Greyfield has the same idea as you--capture
the HQ and end this quickly. A powered up B Copter or Duster can easily
kill the Infantry attempting the capture around day 8. To boost your Power
score, kill the T Copter first (you'll have time to kill the Infantry on
the next turn, don't worry). By day 9 or 10 you can easily have captured
Greyfield's HQ.

If you don't want to capture the HQ for whatever reason, expect a long 
battle. Secure the southern island for more funds than Greyfield, then
bring out some Cruisers to deal with the Submarines and mass aerial units
he will be producing. Make a Fighter or two as well to counter those units,
and make Bombers when you're ready for an assault on his base. You'll need
a Battleship or two as well to destroy any Anti-Airs and Missiles he 
creates. Luckily, Penny negates the rainy weather, but Greyfield still
suffers. Use it to your advantahe.

~~T12-Intricate Map~~
Time Limit--10 Days
Enemy CO--Greyfield

There's two ways to win this map, as with most trial maps--an easy HQ
capture if you get lucky, or a long and drawn out brawl. For the easy HQ
capture, just build several Mechs and send them over the mountain range
east towards Greyfield's HQ. Keep joining Mechs because they will be
getting damaged. It will take several days of continued capture before you
finally finish. Of course, this is assuming Greyfield doesn't attack you
with too many strong units, so a little luck is needed. Using three Mechs,
and luck that ONLY Infantry attack your capturing Mech, it's a quick and
painfully obvious victory.

The regular way is a bit harder. Greyfield will conserve funds to build a
Battleship, and then usually puts himself into that Battleship if he has
leftover funding on the next turn. Obviously, use some cheap Bikes to
capture like crazy, then make a Submarine when possible. You want to halt
any naval unit that Greyfield creates. Keep your ground forces stable and
try to capture as much of the center area of the map as possible, as well
as some cities down south.

Have Tasha board a Tank, or another decent ground unit. Hold the center
and make a Battleship to inflict harm on anything Greyfield brings to
the center. He has only one factory, so it works perfectly. If you are
going to use a Battleship, then make a Cruiser as well to counter the
Submarines Greyfield will be sending at you.

With a little work, you can push through the somewhat weak defensive wall
that Greyfield sets up. Once you push into his main base, capturing any
cities Greyfield has, you can easily overrun that one tiny factory. Be
sure to put something on his ports first, though. You don't want him 
producing Battleships you can't kill quickly.

~~T13-V for Victory~~
Time Limit--5 Days
Enemy CO's--Tabitha, Penny

Starting Units--Infantry, 4 Mechs, 2 Tanks, 2 Md Tanks, Artillery
Enemy Units--2 Infantry, 4 Mechs, Recon, Tank/2 Infantry, 4 Mechs, Recon,

A pretty simple predeployed map, as it looks. The Mechs that the computer
has are the biggest threats because they can rip through your Tanks and
Md Tank, and you want to keep those alive as long as possible. What you 
want to do is hold the southern chokepoints near where you start. Position
your Artillery so it can attack anything from the left or right side 

Have your Mechs act as bait for the other Mechs, then have any remaining
Mechs damage/kill them, or have your Infantry help. Keep your Tanks away
from their Mechs. You want them alive as long as possible. You will need to
work pretty fast to earn an S Rank here because of the low time limit. Try
to focus on one group of forces instead of splitting up. Sacrifice several
Mechs to keep your other units alive longer. The low movement of Mechs will
make them worthless towards the end of the battle anyways. Overall, a 
pretty simple map.

~~T14-Fragment Isles~~
Time Limit--15 Days
Enemy CO's--Isabella, Lin, Brenner

This is an insanely easy four player map because of how stupid the computer
is. First off, build a T Copter and an Infantry at the southernmost
factory. Repeat this build again on day 2. Have the two T Copters and
Infantry head for the blue team's airports on the southeast corner of the
map nearby. You want to capture those airports, rendering the blue team
useless. Make a Fighter to assist them in case blue builds some air units,
which will disrupt your capture attempt.

Once you have the blue team's airports, you've won the mission. I'm not
kidding--you take down one team's set of airports, and this mission is 
over. The computer, all of them and not just the one without airports, will
constantly be building Anti-Airs from their factories. On those tiny 
islands. Yeah. You want to hurry and capture everyone's HQ. Once the 
islands are full of Anti-Airs, they will be forced to build aerial units,
and that'll make things a bit more difficult. Using a group of three
Bombers, putting Penny in one of them, head to the island with blue team's
HQ. Target the Anti-Airs first, then the units on Factories, aiming to 
block the factories.

Use a T Copter and drop an Infantry to take their HQ, and not only will you
defeat the blue team, but you get possession of all their properties. Now
you should own pretty much own half the map, and meanwhile black and yellow
are busy fighting amongst eachother. 

All you have to do at this point is have your Bomber squadron and Infantry/
T Copter go from island to island, capturing the remaining two HQ's. 
Replace any weakened/destroyed Bombers at the nearby airports, and use
Penny's CO Power if you want to if it manages to get fully charged (which
in a Bomber, is likely to happen fast). Simple S Rank, and the map is fun
to play against computers on. Because they're so stupid.

~~T15-Jay Islands~~
Time Limit--30 Days
Enemy CO's--Greyfield, Waylon, Tabitha

As with most four player maps, this is just mean. Flat out awful and mean.
You're in for an insanely long battle, but you will need to work quickly
in order to avoid a stalemate. Overrunning Greyfield is critical because
he's closest to you. Fortunately, Waylon and Tabitha will take care of
themselves, and shouldn't get involved in your business until you come near
their territory.

Begin capturing properties and start focusing on a navy. Get a couple of
Landers going, and fill them with Tanks, and send them over to Greyfield's
island, with Battleship and Cruiser support. Have the Battleships attack
what Greyfield makes on his factories to not only weaken them, but waste
his funds on repairs. Park a Cruiser infront of his port, and have a 
Submarine destroy a Gunboat if he feels like making one.

With a little effort, you can destroy Greyfield. Try to capture his HQ so
you gain control of all his properties. With one player out of the way, the
map will be considerably easier. You should have a total of 28 properties
under control at that point, twice as much as either of your competitors.
With two seperate bases, begin planning to destroy Tabitha. The problem
with her is that if she gets CO Power off, it will likely attack your units
instead of Waylon's. Obviously, rushing her base and neutralizing her CO
Unit before that happens is advised, if at all possible.

Tabitha will likely be weakened with the fight against Waylon, so invading
her base should prove even easier, ignoring the fact you should have a 
large army and plenty of Landers to ferry them, and Battleships not far
behind. There's not much more to say than to repeat the previous process
against Tabitha. Once she has been destroyed either by rout or, preferable,
an HQ capture, then Waylon is all you have left. With no air force to help
him, three seprate islands against his pathetic lonely one will mean a 
sweet victory for you. I can finish in 47 days, giving a decent Speed 
score. See if you can finish faster. Don't be too defensive--stalling will
not help too much on this map.

Time Limit--6 Days
Enemy CO--Brenner

Starting Units--2 Mechs, Tank, Md Tank, Artillery, B Copter
Enemy Units--5 Infantry, Mech, 3 Tanks, Md Tank, War Tank, Anti-Tank

Destroy/injure the Infantry near the middle of the map, and capture the
airport with a Mech. Leave the meteors alone because they will just slow
down Brenner. You want to take down all these units pretty quickly, and
there's no 'truly' effective way of doing it without suffering losses.

Make B Copters whenever possible. They are moderately effective against
the Tank units that Brenner has, so they are quite cost effecitve. Take 
down the War Tank with an Artillery attack and two B Copters. Then focus
on the Anti-Tank that is likely to break down the meteor right after the
War Tank is destroyed (do so before it breaks down both meteors). Sacrifice
your Md Tank and a Mech, and a B Copter to finish the job, to take down the

Once you take down the northern units, the rest will be easy. The southern
Tanks will be scared of your units, so use your B Copters to easily take
them down. There's not much else to say if you work quickly enough. Don't
build too many B Copters to keep your Technique high.

~~T17-Coast Assault~~
Time Limit--2 Days
Enemy CO--None

Starting Units--2 Infantry, Tank, 3 Md Tanks, 2 Landers, Battleship, 
Duster, 2 Bombers
Enemy Units--4 Mechs, 2 Tanks, 2 Md Tanks, War Tank, 3 Artillery, Anti-Air,
2 Rockets

Well, this is an insanely easy predeploy mission. I mean, really nothing 
to note here. Basically, you want your Bombers to destroy as much as 
possible, then ferry over the Md Tanks and an Infantry. You want to 
capture the HQ to end the mission quickly to obtain a somewhat high Speed
score because finishing in 2 days is impossible.

You want to destroy the Anti-Air quickly. Use the Battleship to do so, but
keep it out of indirect range and away from the beaches where the enemy
Tanks can injure it. You can probably finish by day 6 or 7 easily if you
use your Bombers effectively and get lucky with enemy placement so you can
land your Tanks and Infantry without them getting damaged rather fast. As
mentioned, capturing the HQ is probably faster than going for rout, so just
stall the weaker units when your Bombers run out of ammo.

~~T18-Cat Island~~
Time Limit--10 Days
Enemy CO--Tasha

Again, as with most maps, a quick HQ capture is insanely easy. It doesn't
require anything difficult. Build an Infantry from the southern factory,
move it on the next turn and build a Rig. Make the Infantry board the Rig
and head on over to the HQ. Meanwhile, build a Tank to distract Tasha, as
well as providing points towards Power (if you want you can have Tabitha
board the Tank, but it's not necessary). Drop the Infantry off at the HQ
and capture it with ease for a victory.

Alternatively, you can go for rout, which is obviously harder. You'll want
to capture the many cities around the map as quickly as possible, starting
with the ones already owned by Tasha. As you move closer to the center of
the map, you will be needing some defensive support to be able to continue
capturing. Make a Recon or two on the side in order to disrupt several of
Tasha's capturing attempts.

Unfortunately, those starting factories are the only ones you get on the
map. To compensate, put Tabitha in a Tank and build her CO Meter. Once 
full, you'll have an average CO Zone size that gives the best boosts in the
game. Fair tradeoff I'd say. With this, several Tanks can easily overrun
whatever Tasha has currently guarding her base. At that point, capture or
block her facotories and finish routing her, or just capture her HQ for a
more real victory. 

~~T19-Ground Clash~~
Time Limit--6 Days
Enemy CO--Isabella

Starting Units--10 Infantry, 5 Landers, Bomber
Enemy Units--14 Infantry, 5 Mechs, 2 Artillery, 3 Rockets, 2 Missiles

You're going to want an HQ capture on this map due to how annoying it is
to rout Isabella, not to mention slow. Your Infantry are able to destroy
a decent amount of the enemy forces, allowing your Bomber squadron to push
through. And by that I mean two Bombers--one with Waylon boarded, and the
other without.

Keep an Infantry held back at the start. Once you have two Bombers on the
field, make a T Copter. Your goal is to destroy the two Missiles, possible
sacrificing a Bomber, and get rid of the Rockets to the Infantry can 
capture Isabella's HQ uninterrupted.

This is made difficult by the large amounts of Infantry and Mech walls the
computer will form. Have your Infantry injure and destroy as many as they
can, and have your Bombers move around to a spot that the Infantry/Mech
wall isn't covering, just outside of the Missiles ranges. On the turn 
after, rush in and destroy both of them. Move your T Copter accordingly. If
the Rockets aren't able to target the HQ, go ahead and drop off the 
Infantry there once you get the chance. If they are able to target it,
naturally destroy those Rockets.

Do this quickly. After several days, Isabella will have the funds to build
Anti-Airs, and that will quickly diminish your hopes of victory. This
shouldn't take more than 10 days, and around that time Anti-Airs begin
being made, so you should be able to achieve a simple and effective victory

~~T20-Slime Cove~~
Time Limit--5 Days
Enemy CO--Lin

Ugh. This map is infuriating, and you'll want to finish it off quickly.
The Speed limit makes no sense at all...it's like they want you to rout
them in the first few days. I believe that's possible, and with a little
luck, achievable.

Basically you send Anti-Airs, one with Brenner in it for additional power,
and a Recon at the end, over towards the enemy base. If you're lucky, the
computer will only build Bikes and Mechs during this, allowing you to pick
them all off with the Anti-Airs. The Recon can finish off whatever the
Anti-Airs couldn't originally kill, if anything. Now, if this is done 
right (and the computer loves preventing it from doing so), you'll win by
rout. I've done this once...

But often, the computer will build a Battleship at the end for whatever
reason, making it impossible at that point. So going for a regular brawl
may just be the simplist of ideas unless you want to try and get VERY 
lucky. Basically, ignore the cities near your factory and rush for the
middle. Build a Recon or two to stall Lin's capturing, and get some Tanks
out on the field to destroy any heavier vehicles she sends at you. You 
will also be needing Submarines. Lin loves to save her cash for a
Battleship every now and then, and it's best that you have an effective
counter for them. Gunboats would also work too, provided you have a Rig on
shore to resupply them.

Hold off in the middle and make Rockets to push Lin's forces back into her
base, and make some Battleships of your own for naval support. Once you 
have a strong economy going, you can push through the chokepoint and into
her base, finishing off anything that's left. Or, just capture her HQ,
which can be difficult since the only shores are on the opposite side of
the island her HQ is facing. Your call.

~~T21-Duo Falls~~
Time Limit--7 Days
Enemy CO--Forsythe

This is pretty easy. It will take a short amount of time, but this trial
map is a nothing compared to others. Basically, you'll be needing to take
all of the cities around the central factory, as well as that airport. 
Keep making ground units and B Copters every now and then--you'll need to
defend this spot unitl you get a strong enough army going. Forsythe
enjoys spending lots of cash on Anti-Airs, even with only a few B Copters
on the field. 

Your economy will quickly outdo that of Forsythe's, so keep aerial units
coming out. Several Bombers, with Tanks on the ground, is going to be
effective. You will want four or five Bombers, with two Fighters (one 
Fighter or Bomber should have Gage in it) rush Forsythe's base while the
ground troops use the distraction to destroy any and all Anti-Airs that
Forsythe has going.

Focus on the factories. Block them with Bombers, then go for the airports
and try blocking those with Fighters. If you can block all four of these,
Forsythe is limited to his lone factory up north, and by that time your
ground troops should have pushed up to that spot. He's likely making 
Anti-Airs like crazy at that point from that single factory, so block the
bridge if you can't destroy the Anti-Air on the factory on the turn it was
made, so at the least you stall his attempt to destroy the units on his
blocked production facilities. 

Have remaining Bombers attack Anti-Airs hanging around his HQ, and anything
else you need to build in order to rout what little remains of his army at
the time of invasion.

~~T22-Peril Maze~~
Time Limit--25 Days
Enemy CO's--None, None

This is the only three player trial map, and for good reason. It's not fun,
but that can be generalized about most multiplayer trial maps. For this
one, it should appear obvious that ground units aren't going to get much
usefulness here due to the mountain ranges spread out everywhere. That 
won't be stopping Mech rushes, but the computer won't do that. You WILL be
seeing enemy Infantry and Mechs come over through the mountains into your
base on and off during the battle, but unless you were being totally
oblivious, they won't be a threat.

Now, there's the capture priorities. T Copters need to transport your
Infantry to effective properties, and you have to be able to defend them.
10 days into this map and it will be littered with units. There's an 
airport to the east, and another south near a factory. Get these first.
Then, send the T Copters back to the base and have one with another 
Infantry head north for some cities, while the other goes to the southwest
corner and secure the factory if possible. If the computer beats you to it,
retreat and go for other properties.

Blue will constantly be assaulting you with air units. Have a couple of
Missiles and Anti-Airs stationed at your base, and have a Flare or two 
shoot each turn to scout for any enemies. Build a significant aerial
armada and go for the yellow base. You want to capture their HQ to earn all
of their properties. With a bunch of Bombers and Fighters, this is pretty
easy. Just save and reload until you find a path that doesn't involve
running into a bunch of Anti-Airs on your way there. A Duster or two is
also useful, as they can be real aerial killers.

Once yellow has been taken down, and their HQ hopefully captured, this
mission will have gotten easier. If you took the HQ, you can safely assume
any unowned property belongs to blue. Knowing that, you can try to destroy
their economy before going for a final assault. Send Bombers, Fighters,
and T Copters toward their owned cities far from their main base and
capture them to start disrupting their economy. Once weakened, you should
make one final assault on their base, destroying everything. If you can't
rout them because some unit is hiding possibly far away, just capture the

~~T23-Metro Map~~
Time Limit--15 Days
Enemy CO--None

It looks easy, but this map can be extremely annoying. Blue starts with
more properties, so they can Infantry/Bike rush you better at the start,
and most of the map is covered in forests. Here's an effective day by day
guide written by Swifty on the Wars World News forums. Thanks to him for
allowing me to use his guide:

Day 1-
Build two Infantries

Day 2-
Move both Infantries 3E

Day 3-
Move east Infantry 3S and start capturing the city
Move west Infantry 2S and start capturing the city
Build Rig at northern factory

Day 4-
Finish capturing both cities
Move Rig 3E
Build Recon at northern factory

Day 5-
Move east Infantry 3N into Rig
Move loaded Rig 4E 1S
Move other Infantry 2E 1S
Move Recon 5E 1S
Build Recon at northern factory

Enemy Day 5-
The enemy Bike should take at least 2 HP of damage in the counterattack
from when it attacks your Infantry

Day 6-
Move Rig 3E 2S
Move wounded Infantry 2W 1N (don't move it anymore)
Save, then move east Recon 4S and destroy the Bike if possible
Move other Recon 5E 1S
Build another Recon at northern factory

Enemy Day 6-
Enemy Recon should attack your Recon

Day 7-
Rig 1E 4S and drop Infantry south
Move first Recon 4E 1S
Move second Recon 6E
Move last Recon 5E 1S

Enemy Day 7-
Enemy Recon and an Infantry should attack the first Recon, leaving it at
1 HP

Day 8-
Move Infantry 3S and begin capturing HQ
Move Rig 4S 1W
Move first Recon 2E 4S
Move second Recon 5W 2N
Move third Recon 2S

Enemy Day 8-
The Infantry capturing the HQ should not be attacked at all

Day 9-
Finish capturing the HQ

If you get lucky enough with enemy movements, you will be able to capture
the enemy HQ. Honestly, routing the enemy in this map is annoyingly hard,
and once you push to the enemy HQ, you'll be trying for an HQ capture most
likely anyways. More likely then not, the enemy will not do everything
specified here. Improvisions can be made and still win on day 9. 

Basically, you need to have the Rig move 1W of the HQ capturing Infantry
and have a Recon be 1N of it at the end to prevent an enemy from harming
the Infantry. Have the other Recons try and distract the enemy when going
for the capture. It's the best (and only) improvision you're able to easily

~~T24-Wedding Ring~~
Time Limit--10 Days
Enemy CO--None

The best way to finish this map quickly is an HQ capture, and it seems
recommended by the fact there's a mountain infront of the HQ's. But getting
that is going to be a bit challenging. First off, you'll want several 
Infantry and a T Copter. Begin capturing the enemy cities infront of your
HQ, and save up for a Duster. Once you have a Duster, start making your way
down to the enemy HQ, injuring enemy T Copters on your way.

Doing so will distract the enemy, focusing their efforts on destroying your
Duster and T Copters. Build a Missiles or Rockets back at your base 
(Missiles to destroy a T Copter before it can drop an Infantry to capture
your HQ, or a Rockets to destroy the Infantry when it lands). Use your 
Duster to destroy an enemy B Copter, and then drop your Infantry onto the
HQ, capturing it two turns later provided no additional B Copters/Dusters
are flying around the enemy base. 

If you don't want to try capturing the HQ, or are unable to do so, then
it's still not too hard to finish this mission. You'll want to capture all
of the center cities to turn the map completely in your favor. Two 
Infantries and T Copters are what you need. Have a Duster destroy any T 
Copters an Infantry that try landing at the center. Start making Bombers
once you have a large economy, making a Fighter every now and then to take
down the weak aerial units. Have the Bombers rush for the factory and
block it, while the Fighters do the same for the enemy airport. Once
blocked, rout can be easily obtained.

~~T25-Land's End~~
Time Limit--10 Days
Enemy CO--Will

Another annoying battle because of how large the map is. At least you've
got airports to cover your ground units. Thanks to thefalman on the Wars
World News forums for letting me use his brilliant day by day guide for 
this map:

Day 1-
Build Bikes at north and east factory
Build Infantry at south and west factory

Day 2-
Move east Bike 2S 2E and start capturing the airport
Move north Bike 1N 4W
Move west Infantry 3W
Move south Infantry 3S
Build an Anti-Air at north factory

Day 3-
Finish capturing the airport
Move western Bike 3N 2W
Move west Infantry 1N 2W and start capturing the city
Move south Infantry 1W and start capturing the city
Move Anti-Air 1N 5W

Day 4-
Finish capturing the cities
Move north Bike 2N 1W and start capturing factory
Move west Bike 1N 4W
Move Anti-Air 3N 2W
Build a Fighter at airport

Day 5-
Finish capturing the factory
Load Tasha into Fighter and move Tasha 7N 2W
Move west Infantry 3W
Move south Infantry 3E
Move south Bike 2N 1W
Move Anti-Air 3S 2E
Build T-Copter at airport

Will Day 5-
Will needs to build a Fighter

Day 6-
Save here
Move Tasha 3N 6E and destroy enemy Fighter; reload if it survives
Load south Infantry into T-Copter and move T-Copter 6N
Move Anti-Air 2E and destroy enemy Infantry
Move north Bike 2S 1E
Move west Infantry 2N and start capturing city
Build a Duster at airport

Will Day 6-
Will should build a Duster near his HQ, and a Mech at his Westernmost 
base. This means he will only have enough funds for a Fighter next turn.

Day 7-
Save if the above happened
Destroy enemy Duster with Tasha
Move T-Copter 2N 4E and drop Infantry north
Move Duster 7N
Finish capturing city
Move north Bike away from enemy units

Will Day 7-
Will should build a Fighter near his HQ.

Day 8-
Save here
Destroy enemy Fighter with Tasha; reload if it's left with 1HP
Begin capturing Will's HQ

Day 9-
Finish capturing Will's HQ 

Most of the time this method will work flawlessly. The main thing that can
go wrong is day 7. If Will won't make the Fighter he will make Anti-Airs
instead. To make him build a Fighter, try changing the position of where
you drop the Infantry and where you move the Duster. If Will continues to
be stubborn, restart the map and try again. It may take several tries, but
I guarentee this strategy works. Quite nicely, really.

But if you absolutely can't get this to work, then you're going to need to
go for rout the regular way. You start with fewer properties, but can grab
more than Will. Don't neglect the base up north. Hold the chokepoint up
there with Rockets and Bombers as you capture southern properties. Make
Anti-Airs every now and then to counter the air units that Will will make
from time to time. Just keep outproducing Will and push him back into his
own territory, then start capturing his cities and factory in the 

Once you have the factory, the final shove through Will's base will become
fairly simple. Keep producing Tanks, with a Bomber every now and then to
force Will into making Anti-Airs. Continue the shove into his base and
the mission can end fairly quickly. Not too hard given the property 
advantage you can earn.

~~T26-Bounty River~~
Time Limit--15 Days
Enemy CO--Isabella

Isabella starts with a property advantage, but you are given more neutral
properties to capture than she is. As is obvious from the layout of the
map, you'll need to focus on a navy far more than ground troops. Focus on
getting the ports and cities on your side of the map, and begin building
a navy. Start with Submarines and Cruisers. Make Battleships not long 
after once you have enough properties to make them almost every day. 

From this point, the computer gets to be very sporatic. Sometimes it will
focus on land troops, and sometimes it goes for mainly for naval units.
Keep building Submarines and Battleships so you can batter both forms of
enemy troops. Early in the mission you should have been saving funds and
not spending them on worthless units. With all those funds you can start a
powerful navy.

Get several Landers to transport some ground troops to Isabella's HQ. You
want to block the factories there and try to capture her HQ, which is
considerably faster then routing her. Use some Tanks south of her HQ to
keep any units down there busy while going for the capture. There shouldn't
be much north of her HQ, so just focus on what is down south and stall 
them until you finish the capture.

~~T27-Time Map~~
Time Limit--10 Days
Enemy CO's--Will, Penny, Tabitha

Starting Units--10 Mechs
Enemy Units--10 War Tanks/10 Mechs/10 War Tanks

This map needs to be completed pretty quickly, so you'll need to make
effective use of your Mechs and all of the silos around the map. Black's
War Tanks will generally attack yellow's Mechs, and blue attacks you
mainly. Launch silos at the area around blue's HQ on the first turn to
injure as many War Tanks as possible.

On the following turns, try destroy or weakening as many War Tanks as
possible, then weaken yellow's Mechs. You want to eliminate blue as quickly
as possible, and try not to let too many Mechs get weakened. You need to
actually be able to finish 1 HP War Tanks before they retreat to an HQ to
be healed. You certainly don't want that happening.

Try to stay away from any unowned cities to prevent the enemies from 
seeing you, especially yellow's cities. You don't want a ton of silos 
being aimed right at you. Try to get your foes to merge units as much as
possible, draining their turns and overall effectiveness of their army. It
is a short map, but it's easy to mess up on it, forcing you to start over.

~~T28-Plasma Bubble~~
Time Limit--9 Days
Enemy CO--Brenner

Starting Units--Bike, War Tank, Anti-Tank
Enemy Units--Mech, Tank, 2 Md Tanks, 6 War Tanks

Pretty simple predeploy map. It should be fairly obvious that you are going
to want an HQ capture finish on this mission. 6 War Tanks against your one
isn't a fair match. Luckily, if you destroy the right meteors, you won't
have to face too many of them. Start by destroying the meteor north of 
where you start. Destroy the Tank on the other side once the meteor is
destroyed, then keep heading north. 

Destroy the northwest meteor so you can access one of your cities. Have 
your War Tank resupply on it, and then destroy the meteor that is east of
your city, and get ready for a Md Tank and War Tank to attack you. Try not
to have your War Tank lead, and instead have the Anti-Tank do so. Take a
few days to destroy these two foes, then destroy the meteor to the east 
that the enemy Mech was attacking earlier.

Make your way south, moving the Bike near a meteor guarding the HQ. Destroy
it, then try to block or destroy the War Tank that will be freed from the
plasma while you attempt to take the HQ. As long as the Bike isn't
destroyed, this should be a fairly easy mission and S Rank.

~~T29-Triangle Lake~~
Time Limit--8 Days
Enemy CO--None

Starting Units--2 Infantry, Recon, Tank
Enemy Units--2 Infantry, Mech, Recon, 2 Artillery, Rockets, Anti-Tank

This is a simple to beat Trial Map, but S Ranking it is a pain due to the
odds of getting low Power and Technique just so you can overpower the units
the computer starts with. Bring an Infantry and Recon to the north, and the
Tank east. Destroy the Recon and capture the nearby cities. You'll want to
build two additional Recons, followed by two Tanks. The Recons will help in
destroying the Anti-Tank and Rockets thanks to their effectiveness against
them, as well as their movement.

The Tanks should proceed north. Focus on the two Artillery first, then
go for the Rockets while staying out of the Anti-Tanks' range it'll never
move off of the HQ). Team up units to destroy the Anti-Tank once everything
else has been destroyed. Recons can do decent damage against them, so save
your Tanks for finishing it off after your Recons help with the job.

It shouldn't take too much to finish this map, but beating it quickly and
doing enough damage for a high Power score is important, as well as 
building only a few units to keep the Technique score as high as possible.

~~T30-Destiny Ocean~~
Time Limit--10 Days
Enemy CO--Lin

This can be a painfully annoying map, but if you're lucky, you can capture
Lin's HQ with minimal resistance. Start off by making an Infantry and head
east to capture the blue city. Make a Lander, then load the Infantry into
it, as well as a Tank with Greyfield boarded onto it, and head for Lin's
HQ. If you are lucky, Lin won't build anything to counter you, and you can
easily capture Lin's HQ, destroying the weak units in her factory with the
Greyfield Tank.

But that doesn't always work, and relies on some luck. To beat this mission
the regular way, get ready for a tedious naval battle. You'll want to
capture the cities on the center island, and keep Lin away from them. Make
some Battleships and Submarines to keep the seas in your control. Make
Landers and load them with Tanks and head over to Lin's island. Block her
port with your Lander and unload your units (destroy the unit on the port 
if something is on it). 

Have Battleships destroy whatever units Lin has on land near her factory,
then rush your Tanks over to it and park something on it. With both 
production facilities useless, you can either capture her HQ or continue
routing her. The HQ capture is probably faster, but as usual, such a 
decision is up to you.

~~T31-Comb Map~~
Time Limit--25 Days
Enemy CO's--Forsythe, Greyfield, Caulder

Starting Units--2 Artillery
Enemy Units--5 Mechs, 3 Md Tanks, Battleship/6 Bikes, 2 Md Tanks, Bomber/
Lander, 2 Cruisers, 2 Submarines, 3 Battleships

This map is the only fun "real" four player brawl. It looks hard, and will
be that way at first, but once you get going and have an advantage, you
will be unstoppable. From the start, you need to destroy all of the Bikes
and Md Tanks Greyfield sends at you. Build several Anti-Tanks and Anti-Airs
to take out their respective units. Once Greyfield's initial rush is
destroyed, begin capturing the ports to the south.

Your main objective now is to capture Greyfield's airport to the east.
Push over there with an Anti-Tank, Rockets, Missiles, and several Tanks,
along with a Rig and Infantry. Have the Missiles annihilate anything on
the airport while you run to capture it. Greyfield has tons of forests
around him, limiting land movement. Build tons of Bombers and several
Fighters once you have the airport. Ignore the factory and what used to be
your cities to the south. You'll reclaim them soon enough.

Don't worry much about Forsythe or Caulder--both of them will be weakening
each other, so just focus on Greyfield. Go for an HQ capture instead of
rout. You earn all of Greyfield's properties by doing so, and that will
pretty much guarentee victory once you capture it. Bomber and Fighter
rushing his airports and factories is key, then use a T Copter to grab his
undefended HQ. With Greyfield out of the way, Caulder will be next.

Caulder barely defends his HQ, so capturing it is obviously the way to go.
Amass your Bombers and a T Copter with an Infantry, then head for his base.
Block his factory and stay away from his ports where he can build Cruisers.
Caulder's HQ will fall fast if you can destroy the pity amount of Anti-Airs
he has defending it.

All that's left is Forsythe, and you should notice that he'll be quite
weak from Caulder constantly pounding on him. Refuel your Bombers, then
make the final assault on his base, using Battleships with the insane 
amount of funding you should be earning. If Forsythe actually won his
fight against Caulder, it still shouldn't be any trouble for you to finish.
Just HQ capture if that's the case. Block his factories and destroy any
nearby land forces and end this long map. 

Time Limit--5 Days
Enemy CO--Isabella

Starting Units--4 Infantry, 6 Mechs
Enemy Units--5 Infantry, 3 Bikes, 3 Tanks, 3 Md Tanks, War Tank

For the western Infantry, have them capture the radar and city. They will
be used to stall Isabella as you go for the missile silos on the eastern
edge of the map with your other Infantries, as well as placing a Mech on 
the silo up north. 

Move your Mechs down south, and place Infantries on the mountains to spot
all of the enemy army. Launch silos at them like crazy, and then pick off
whatever weak units you are capable of killing on the same turn. Be aware
that Isabella will join most of her units, and retreat the rest to her HQ
to start healing them. You don't want to allow her to do that. Once you
attack with silos, you want to finish the job off as quickly as possible.

There's not much else to say for this map. If you conserve units 
effectively, and use silos as best as you can, then this map shouldn't
pose much of a problem.

Time Limit--5 Days
Enemy CO--Caulder

Starting Units--4 Infantry, 2 Mechs, Tank, Artillery
Enemy Units--6 Infantry, 3 Mechs, 2 Bikes, Recon

Another easy predeploy mission. If you work fast, you shouldn't even need
the silos to the west. What you want to do is move your forces south, but
putting an Infantry on your HQ so you can load Brenner into it on the next
day. Destroy the Infantry on the east just below your starting units, 
injure the Mech next to it, and place the Artillery above the western
Infantry. This setup will make it extremely simple to win the mission.

Just be sure the Artillery and Tank isn't ripped apart by Mechs. If you
can prevent that from happening, this will be an easy mission. Send the
Tank over to the HQ and destroy the Recon that likes to sit ontop of it.
Launch the eastern silo at the largest group of units you can hit, and try
to kill all of the Infantry running across the mountains to the other 
silos. If they get them, you'll easily lose the mission with too many weak

Just work fast to clear the mission. It should only take several days,
and with no factories there's nothing too challenging about it, so long
as you cause high percentages of damage to earn a high Power score.

~~T34-Web River~~
Time Limit--30 Days
Enemy CO's--Isabella, Lin, Brenner

This will be a long and annoying fight. Kind of similar to Peril Maze, but
with even fewer properties, and it's all ground based. You want to capture
the properties on your side of the map quickly. There are six cities in
the center of the map, and at least one of them should be captured by you.
You want to focus your efforts into capturing Isabella's HQ. Not only will
that take her out, obviously, but you also get her properties, which is
quite nice for this map. You'll be wanting them.

Capturing it is a bit difficult. Don't worry about Lin or Brenner--if you
stay away from them, they will brawl amongst themselves. Focus a ground
assault against Isabella, massing Infantries at your upper bases. Send them
across the river near her HQ, hide in the forests to avoid detection, then
try to capture her HQ. If you are also attacking her ground forces, this 
will work in your favor either way. Either she stops trying to stop your 
ground assault against your forces and destroys the Infantry, effectively
allowing you access into her base anyways, or she ignore the HQ capturing 
Infantry and focuses on your forces, in which case you'll win anyway.

It's all about batting her units into submission and pushing her back with
indirects. Once her HQ is yours, you can easily win this map. Go for 
Brenner's HQ next because it's closest to your base of operations. His
battle with Lin, and Isabella before you interfered, should have worn him
down a bit to the point where an HQ capture is easily achieved with 
several rushing Infantry. Keep joining them together to keep the one that
is doing the capturing alive long enough to finish.

With Brenner over and done with, all you have left is Lin. HQ capture can
be a bit tricky, so just stick to your ground forces if you're unable to
succeed. You can outproduce Lin 3:1, so there's no chance that she can
survive an onslaught of Tanks being produced from most factories under
your control. It won't take much to break through Lin's weak defensive
line and push into her base, ending this fight once and for all.

~~T35-Center River~~
Time Limit--12 Days
Enemy CO--None

This is an insanely easy mission thanks to how stupid the computer is at
defending their HQ. Build a Rig at the southern factory and an Infantry
in the other. Move the loaded Rig on a southern route to the HQ, and on day
3 drop the Infantry at a spot where it can start capturing the HQ on the
next turn. On day 4 begin doing so, and put the Rig on the woods one space
north of the HQ to prevent the enemy from attacking. Finish capturing next

If you aren't in the mood for an easy victory, then you are going to need
to rush the center island. Be sure to capture blue's cities near your
base with Infantry, but rush Bikes and Recons to the center for their
respective purposes. With a huge income in comparison to your enemy, pump
out Tanks and Anti-Tanks. You'll be needing the latter to destroy some
stronger Md Tanks that they occasionally produce. 

With a huge income, and constant production of Tanks, overruning the enemy
base shouldn't prove to be an extreme ordeal. With a little luck you should
win handily.

~~T36-Mountain Pass~~
Time Limit--3 Days
Enemy CO--None

Starting Units--2 Infantry, Mech, Bike, 2 Tanks, Md Tank, 2 Anti-Airs,
Anti-Tank, Rockets, 2 Missiles, B Copter
Enemy Units--2 Infantry, 3 Tanks, 2 Md Tanks, 2 War Tanks, Anti-Air,
2 B Copters, 3 Fighters, 2 Bombers

This is another simple predeploy map. Send both Infantry and the Mech over
the mountains to the enemy HQ, setting Missiles in position so the Bombers
shouldn't come near them, and the rest of your army up the passage to the
north. By doing this, you will lure every enemy to come to the north 
passage. Don't stay out of range of the enemy--as you approach the enemy
HQ, attack or at least come near their units.

You need to keep them distracted as long as possible so that none of the
enemies go back to the HQ when you start capturing it. The enemy units
will likely move back to the HQ when you start the capture, but all of the
forests will prevent them from reaching it in time. Just make sure the
Bombers are destroyed by the time you get to the HQ, otherwise you will
have no chance unless the computer acts like a complete idiot.

~~T37-Fire & Water~~
Time Limit--8 Days
Enemy CO--None

Make an Infantry in your northeast factory. Move it north for a few days
until it is parallel with the enemy HQ, then start heading towards it. 
Once you reach it, capture it and the map is over. Seriously, this is

If you don't want to beat this mission with a laughable eays method, and
want a real fight, then you'll find this map slightly difficult. Send
Infantry and Bikes to capture all nearby cities, and don't worry much about
the island that blue has a starting factory with. Just keep it defended 
from the large amount of Infantry they spam from it towards your island

Also try to capture blue's starting cities as they will do with you. Make
some Tanks and head towards the eastern blue factory. Overrun it and block
it, or block the unit on it with several Tanks. With the only useful
factory blocked, you should just take the HQ for real. The island with
blue's other factory can only be accessed with Infantry and Mechs, and blue
is stupid enough to build Tanks and Anti-Airs on it.

~~T38-Whirl Peaks~~
Time Limit--11 Days
Enemy CO--None

This can be a fairly easy map to finish. Get an Infantry inside a Rig and
head for the airport to the west. Keep building Infantry, sending them
towards the center of the map, and try to secure those cities. You will be
wanting far more funding than the computer, allowing you to rush them

Once you have the airport, easily enough, mass Bombers and go for blocking
blue's lone factory. Build a T Copter and try to capture their HQ. You will
want to work quickly, because once blue gets their own airport, they will
be capable of destroying your Bombers. With the factory blocked and any
destructive Anti-Airs destroyed, you can easily take the HQ with little
threats. If you're afraid the enemy airport will build some Fighters, make
Fighters and Dusters or your own to take them down. You just need to 
protect the capturing Infantry long enough to finish taking the HQ.

                         ~5.Free Battle Maps~
Included in the game are over 100 additional maps that can be played in
Free Battle. I will give general descriptions on the map, but these are to
be used against human players more so than the computer. They aren't in
the campaign, so the computer can be VERY erratic in it's movements. Also,
you are able to change the settings of the computer, weather conditions,
day limit, starting funds, funds earned per city, and can even choose your
own CO's.

I will give basic descriptions of the map, and battle strategies for each
side of the battlefield.

~5A.Classic Maps~
Classic Maps are maps you should have seen in the War Room in previous
Advance Wars. Some of them have been changed a bit, whether it's slight
property changes or additional/reduced predeploys. These can be picked for
online random matches.

~~Bean Island~~
The northern cities looks to be a common goal, but you should only aim for
the two closest to you. Use Recons, or better yet, Flares to mess up enemy
capturing. If you can stall the economic growth long enough, you can be at
an early advantage.

Get a Tank out and put your CO into it. Investing in a Rockets is highly
advised. Putting one near the center will easily scare a player into
stalling for time while they try to counter it, usually with another 
Rockets. If you're on the recieving end of a Rockets, then don't waste
time. You can make a Rockets, but when you do, the other player will
probably have two of them, and that's deadly. If they make a Rockets, go
all out and attack them.

Indirects can easily rule this map, so make them a priority along with CO
Units. During the frey, send Mechs over the southern mountains and capture
the enemy cities. Repeat the process for whatever the enemy captured up
north. With a dismantled economy, the battle will quickly end for whoever
falters slightly.

~~Crater Isle~~
This is the first of the maps that'll make you go "...what were they
thinking!?" Simply put, this map is almost impossible for blue to win. They
can win if they work fast, and red is a good sport and let's blue have a

Red starts with 11 properties, and blue gets 4. All red needs to do to win
is send waves of Tanks down the the blue properties, both west and east. 
East gets there quicker, but west prevents any real expansion for blue.
Also, there's the fact that blue is able to earn 14 total properties, if
they're lucky. Red can obtain 17, so even if blue can get up to par, it 
still isn't likely they can overcome red.

Blue simply needs to play defensively at first, and hope for a miracle.
Capture the factories first, and only build Infantry. Try to conserve 
money as much as possible. Build Recons to stall red's expansion as long
as possible. The longer they take to max out their economy, the longer you
have to attempt at catching up.

Red should make some Recons, followed by Tanks. If red ends up doing this,
blue needs to make Anti-Tanks and Tanks themselves. Anti-Tanks are better,
especially putting them on an owned city near the chokepoints to the west.
They'll take minimal damage, and then heal it the turn after. Overall, 
even if a complete noob is controlling red, blue stands little chance of
winning this map, unfortunately.

Yet another map where red has the advantage. Obviously, you'll be needing
aerial units to attack the enemy, and there are plenty of properties to
create them, but the red side gets three additional factories. That means
they can mass produce Anti-Airs like crazy, and the blue faction can't get
far on the red island.

If there's no fog, then blue has no chance of winning. Although, this map
usually results in a stalemate anyways. Fighters and Anti-Airs, even if
your using blue, is going to keep your opponent at bay. Basically, if you
mass an armada, and then attack the enemy, you'll inflict some casualties,
but your entire force is going to be destroyed unless your foe didn't make
a decent amount of Anti-Airs. 

I can't advise anything specific for this map. No decent player should 
realistically lose, but blue might if red rushes early before blue can
create strong air defense. Otherwise, it'll likely end in a tie because
both islands have the same amount of properties. Attempting to disrupt
enemy economy by capturing their properties with T Copters is the best
option to try and win, but that would require distracting the enemy with
huge sacrifices in an air raid, which likely won't work to begin with.

~~Ball Islands~~
The map starts even from both sides, yet blue is still at a disadvantage.
They have two less properties to earn on their island then red, but they
can generally reach theirs sooner, allowing for a temporary higher
economy. Both sides should focus on capturing the center islands before
their own island properties. T Copters are fast and cheap, so use those. 

The temporary airports are almost worthless, and should only be captured
later in the battle when you have a signigicant air armada. The northern
and southern islands will likely be captured by blue first, and the center
island can easily be captured by red. This makes the property equal,
allowing a more fair fight. Realistically, the better commander will win as
the islands properties in the center areas of the map will be the tipping
point. Whoever captures them to have a economic advantage will probably 

Build Cruisers and Fighters to keep enemy air units at bay, and put 
Missiles at your island's edges. As long as enemy air units can get too
far into your base, this will become more of a naval battle. Build a good
mix of units, and use Battleships to batter the enemy Anti-Air defenses.
A frontal assault is generally suicidal, so try attacking from the back of
the enemy base. On a map like this, long stalemates are likely.

~~Coral Lagoon~~
It may seem unfair that blue technically has the large amounts of 
properties closer to them, but red has first turn advantage to somewhat
counter this. Obviously, those properties are the major battlegrounds over
a fight on this map. You want control over all of those properties to 
ensure a victory, but kicking your foe out is a different story.

Red should be able to control the properties, if they play right, 4-2 in
the north. Luckily, blue gets one more neutral city near their base. After
the initial rush of the map, it's the same old same old. Pump out Tanks and
put your CO in one of them, and try to charge the CO Meter for a CO Zone
advantage. Several Artillery will also prove to be extremely useful if you
are capable of defending them, and with how crazy the center will become,
this shouldn't be too hard to manage.

Eventually, you'll need to win, and that required making a move to attack
the enemy, who is likely in your range constantly. Be sure that you can
overtake their units in one fell swoop, and try leading the charge with 
your CO Unit. Basically, nothing else new for the rest of the map. Overtake
enemy cities to make them unable to counter your oncoming rush.

~~Puzzle Trio~~
This is yet another stupid map, this time giving blue the blatant 
advantage. Red needs to get over to the island and capture all the 
properties on their side to even out the map. Blue's goal is to prevent
this, then take the properties for themselves, easily winning the map in
the process.

You have a navy to work with as well as aerial units, so try to even out
your focus between both fronts. Send units, including land ones with 
Landers, to the center island. Each side needs to push through and grab the
cities of the opposing team. The ones who work the fastest will easily
succeed in doing this. Aerial units are the way to go, but just make sure
you can take out Cruisers as you won't want to spend too much time on land.
Battleships are also effective, just make sure to take out any Submarines
you're aware are coming.

~~Fist Peninsula~~
Yeah, no point of tips here. It's flat out impossible for red to win this
map. Honestly, what were they thinking? Blue has 13 buildings, and red has
4. Not even close to a fair fight. And even if red manages to capture all
of the nearby neutral properties, they'd have 15 properties. Sure, it's
more, but there's no chance the blue player is going to be stupid enough
to let you do that.

For any decent fight, red should try and, obviously, capture those 
properties. Stay away from blue's units and meatshield until you capture
all you can. For blue, just rush them with Tanks, capturing several
buildings along the way. Really, making a Tank and Bike each day will
destroy what little hope red has of winning this map.

~~Brace Range~~
Starting Units--Infantry, Mech, Recon, Artillery, Rockets, War Tank, Rig,
B Copter

In this predeploy map, you'll want to rout your foe instead of an HQ
capture. Mostly because it's highly likely your Infantyr and Mech will get
destroyed, as well as no smart player would let their HQ get captured that

Basically what you want to do is destroy the enemy B Copter and Anti-Air,
then erect a temporary airport to heal any damage your B Copter takes. 
Weaken the War Tank, then invade with your forces. Watch out for enemy
Artillery and Rockets, but other then those nothing is a huge threat. Heck,
with no Anti-Air, you can actually capture the HQ with ease. Your call.
Destroying that Anti-Air can be tricky, so using your Rockets to scare it
back is also a choice.

~~River Range~~
Starting Units--Infantry, 2 Mechs, Recon, Anti-Air, Artillery, 2 Tanks,
Rockets, Rig

In this predeployed map, red has the clear advantage. Board the Rig with a
Mech, then rush for the silo. Red will always get there first ahead of
blue. Blargh. Both sides should keep their Rockets near the mountain range.
That way they can batter units, as well as destroy Infantry crossing the
mountains in hope of capturing the HQ.

In Fog of War, the silo isn't as useful. Blue should spread their units 
out and wait for red to attack. Stay away from the mountains so enemy
Infantry can't see your units if they stay in the mountains. Use basic
strategies for this map to wipe out the enemy, and don't be afraid to 
retreat for repairs. It can mean the difference between success and 
failure. Putting a unit, like the Tank, on your HQ is also advised to let
your CO board it.

~~Moon Isle~~
Starting Units--Infantry, Mech, Recon, War Tank, Artillery, Rockets,
Missiles, Lander, Cruiser, Submarine, Battleship, T Copter, 2 B Copters

Rather simple to work with predeploy mission. The main threats are the
enemy Battleship, Cruiser, Missiles, and B Copter. Transport your Missiles
and Rockets to the center island when the coast is clear. You want to
destroy, or at least weaken, the enemy Battleship. Try to destroy it 
following its weakening, though, because a temporary port can repair it.

If you can hold control of the center island, you can blast away all the
remaining units. Be sure to keep your Battleship and Cruiser alive as long
as possible, and destroy all of the air units. With the seas and air at
your control, victory is a guarentee. Just play cat and mouse with your
enemy to destroy their units if necessary.

~~Mint Plateau~~
Starting Units--2 Infantry, 2 Mechs, Bike, Recon, 2 Artillery, 2 Tanks,
War Tank, Rockets, Anti-Air, Rig
There isn't much to this small predeploy map. You should be worried about
the indirects that the enemy has. Try to block the chokepoints as best as
possible with your indirects, leading with your Tanks on both ends. What
you want to do is wait for the enemy to put their units on the outer edge
of your indirect lines, then slowly march forward. 

Send an Artillery south so you have some support. Don't be afraid of
sacrificing some units either--you'll have to either place them to lure out
enemy units, or the enemy will ignore them and you can probably run right
up to their units and attack, ignoring the consequences of the nearby
indirects. That's the price to pay, but whoever gets the first strike will
have the advantage. If you get attacked first, retreat further in the
chokepoints and try to delay your enemy.

~~Jewel Canal~~
Starting Units--Infantry, 2 Mechs, Recon, Anti-Air, Artillery, Tank, War
Tank, Rockets, Missiles, Rig, Submarine, Cruiser, Battleship, 2 B Copters,
T Copter, Bomber, Fighter

The easiest way to win this map is to capture the enemy HQ. You'll need to
destroy the enemy Battleship to do this, of course, so try to lure out the
Battleship and Cruiser. Be sure to not get sunk by the enemy Submarine. 
Once the coast is clear, get a T Copter with an Infantry up there and
secure the HQ, defending it from aerial attacks with your Fighter.

If you'replaying with a smart player, that HQ capture isn't going to be
very likely. Nothing on the naval front is likely to get accomplished,
either. Move your ground forces with your Missiles constantly surrounded,
but placed so that if any aerial unit attacks your group, it will be
killed with the Missiles.

Also, even if you can't capture the enemy HQ, at least getting the silo
will be worth your time. Anything you can do to weaken the enemy units,
especially if they bunch themselves in large groups as I suggested, is
going to work in your favor. Play aggressively a bit and you should be able
to overcome your foe.

~~Wrench Island~~
Starting Units--Infantry, Mech, Recon, Artillery, Tank, War Tank, Anti-Air,
Rockets, Rig, Lander, Submarine, Battleship

An HQ capture is something you should be wary about from your enemy. As
such, you'll want to rush the enemy, but you don't want to be going too 
fast that you end up killing all of your troops. Move the ground troops
along the beaches on the north and south ends of the giant wrench.

Your lone naval units should simply take it slow. You want to eliminate the
enemy Battleship naturally, but the enemy Submarine may get in your way.
What you should do to keep moving your Battleship around, making the enemy
Submarine waste gas like crazy, especially since it's submerged. Once it's
sunk, the enemy Battleship should follow suit. Refuel with your Rig, then
take it down.

Be careful of the enemy Rockets and Artillery, too. The War Tank, as like
most, isn't too much of a threat. Take down the indirects, and you can
probably wipe out your foe with an HQ capture provided that your Infantries
haven't been killed off.

~~Rapid Ferry~~
Starting Units--Infantry, 2 Mechs, Bike, Anti-Air, Missiles, Rig, Lander,
Cruiser, Submarine, Battleship, T Copter, 2 B Copters, Bomber, Fighter

You'll want to capture the HQ for an easy victory, but your foe isn't
likely to let that happen. Securing the center island by putting your 
Missiles on it is advised, but not until the enemy Battleship is destroyed.
You may need to sacrifice your own Battleship in order to do so, but the
effort will likely pay off if you play well.

Keep your Cruiser handy so that you can destroy the enemy Submarine, and
naturally, all of the aerial units that have to come across the sea. Try
to kill the Bomber first, followed by the B Copter. Get your Missiles on
the center island to help out. With no naval or air force, grabbing the HQ
should prove fairly simple. Whoever loses all their naval and aerial units
will have essentially lost the battle.

~~Bundle City~~
Starting Units--2 Infantry, 2 Mechs, Recon, Artillery, Tank, Anti-Air,
Rockets, B Copter

Don't worry much about the cities--your foe probably won't let you repair
your units if they are smart. Red is capable of getting both silos before
blue can, assuming they don't defend either with a Tank or Anti-Air. 
Killing off those Infantry and getting the silos is advised, so make sure
they get killed. Defend the silos yourself if you can, then use them and
blast away the Tank, Anti-Air, and/or B Copter. 

The Artillery shouldn't be too much of a threat as it has to keep moving
around, and with no chokepoints and few meatshields, there's no point in
using it. Use it as bait if you must, mainly because there's nothing you 
can really do with it effectively. Past this, just try and chase your foes
around the map, possibly going for HQ capture if ever available. Needless
to say, this is FAR more interesting in Fog of War.

~~Scarab Road~~
Starting Units--Infantry, 2 Mechs, Recon, 2 Tanks, War Tank, Anti-Air,
2 Artillery, Rockets, Rig, Submarine

Your forces start off on two different islands. The point of the 
Submarines is only for Fog of War, so ignore it in clear weather. Red has
a clear and flagrant advantage in this map. They can rush blue's HQ, 
blocking the capturing Infantry with several meatshields until they finish,
easily winning the map. Blue will want to stop this quickly, so move their
Artillery to where it can attack anything on their HQ. Red should do this
too, forcing a drawn out match.

Try to destroy the enemy Tanks and War Tank first. Try to lure them to a
chokepoint, then blast at them. Of course, the center island is the best
place to accomplish this, and only use a few units. Send the rest around
the map and seek out seperate targets. HQ capture will always be the best
method to finish this map, and it's only a matter of destroying anything
that can destroy your Infantry trying the capture. 

Focus on enemy indirects next. With no way of competing in chokepoints, a
victory will fall easily into your hands. However loses their Tanks first
is generally going to lose the match. Ignore capturing cities unless you
are in critical need of repairs.

~~Pointing River~~
Red Starting Units--Infantry, Mech, Recon, Tank, War Tank, Artillery,
Anti-Air, Rockets, Missiles, Rig, Lander, Battleship, Cruiser
Blue Starting Units--Infantry, Mech, Recon, Tank, War Tank, Artillery, 
Rockets, Rig, Submarine, T Copter, 2 B Copters, Bomber

Both groups will need to rush for the southern island to secure a silo.
Ground troops will want to rush for the bridge, and the aerial units will
need to do their best to injure/destroy any of the ground units, starting
with the ones that were injured by the silo if you were capable of getting
to one. Use your Bomber to destroy the enemy Anti-Air. Red needs to get rid
of blue's aerial units to have an even advantage. Blue will have to destroy
the enemy Battleship to make the map fair right back, but beware of their

Red will probably be able to win the ground battle, so blue needs to 
everything possible to get rid of the Battleship and keep their aerial
units alive. Whichever team is capable of keeping their heavily
advantageous units alive the longest will have a higher likelihood of
winning. Naturally, with no air counters, red can't win; with no sea 
counters, blue can't win. Play carefully.

~~Liason Wood~~
Starting Units--2 Infantry, 2 Mechs, Bike, Recon, 2 Tanks, War Tank, 
Artillery, Anti-Air, Rockets, 2 Rigs

The are tons of woods tiles on this map, so most of your units are going
to be slowed down. Keep a Tank on your HQ and wait a few turns so you can
put your CO inside. It'll help with the front lines.

With a CO unit helping your other units during the main attack, move your
units into the forests. In Fog of War, this is a far more strategic move.
In clear weather, the map will likely end in a stalemate. Keep indirects
in woods at all times. Use your Recon and Rigs to scout for units that are
hiding, then blast away at them. 

The turning point of this map is whoever gets the first strike. You'll need
to get lucky that your foe doesn't spot you, and that you find where their
units are generally hiding. If you can't run into them, you'll probably
push through to their HQ. That'll allow you to quickly capture it. What 
will you do? Keep a unit behind to prevent capture briefly or go all out
through the forests? Judge your opponent well and try to perform the
opposite of what they do.

~~Deer Harbor~~
This large map will be home to a long battle. Blue will want to go for the
western island, as they are closer to it, and red will want to secure 
several southern properties and everything they can to the east. The east
has mostly cities and plains, but a lone temporary airport as well. If 
you can keep that defended, you will have an easier time holding off blue's
forces on the east side of the map until you can assist with ground troops.

Both teams should get navies going, and you'll likely find this will be
more of a naval battle. With NO production facilities on the southern
island, or anywhere on the east, a navy is realistically the only option
for both sides. Try not to use too many Battleships. Submarines should be
fairly common on both sides, and that won't make them too useful. 

This doesn't mean neglect your ground forces. You'll want to keep fighting
on that front in order to keep a stable economy. Blue and red will
constantly be fighting for monetary control, so try not to let up. Use
aerial units sparingly, enough to pose a threat and cause Anti-Airs to be
built, but just don't rely on them too much.

Not much else to say but take your time. Build an army and charge through
your foe. There's nowhere to hide in Fog of War. Whoever can lead a ground
assault into their foes' base, and have naval units supporting them nearby,
will win this battle.

~~Alara Range~~
With so many mountains, ground troops are going to have a difficult time
reaching destinations quickly. Use T Copters to transport Infantry quickly
across the map. The temporary airports will prove useful later in the
battle when dogfights will constantly be going on. 

The map is symmetrical in terms of cities, so both teams have a fair
advantage. Don't invest too much in T Copters. Three of them will be
enough to constantly ferry Infantry across the map. Be sure you can
eventually defend your frontal cities from enemy Infantry--there's nothing
sillier than letting your cities get captured.

Dusters will be high effective in countering the aerial units that your
foe makes. Have your CO board the Duster and it'll be quite difficult to
destroy (especially if it's Waylon inside). Past the opening capturing,
you'll want to flood the center with Dusters, maybe a Fighter or two,
Anti-Airs, and tons of Tanks with Artillery support. Keep enemy Bombers
at bay, and as for yourself, never make them. They will get destroyed 
quite quickly against a decent opponent, and the damage they'll cause 
before getting crushed won't justify their cost.

Keep destroying your foes' units, and push them back with Rockets when you
have the chance. Stay defensive against aerial units, and perhaps invest in
several Missiles in order to assist you. With how long it'll take them to
reach the center of the map, ensure they don't get killed quickly. Take 
your time with your army, then attack when you feel ready and there's a
break in enemy movement.

~~Lost River~~
Blue will easily have the advantage for this map. They start with more
properties, and the cities up north are more than easily accessable to 
them. They can also get a second airport more than easily near the start
of the match. All they need to do is make a Duster to prevent large red
monetary expansion. Red should attempt to do the same, or at least counter
the Duster that blue is likely to make.

Blue is likely to win in the long run because ground forces can't cross
the entire map. Blue gets access to a large economy, and they have two
airports, so they are at the advantage. Just spam strong Bombers to take
out Anti-Airs and Missiles that red makes, and airlift Infantry to try and
take the HQ if you can manage to block all of their properties. 

Red just needs to defend against blue, and has to capture more properties
than they can. Keep building from your airport. You want to try and
outproduce blue as best as possible, countering their units and trying to
push into their base at the same time. It's difficult, but if you have a
stronger economy, you can win.

~~Volcano Isle~~
Red easily has the advantage on this map. They have access to more cities,
and getting to those in the southwest corner is far simpler to them. Blue
may get an extra factory, but if they don't work fast, then red will 
quickly stomp all over them.

Don't try Mech rushing over the mountains--you know no decent player is
going to let that work. Have your CO board a Tank, get several Bikes out,
and begin capturing while mounting an offensive. Blue should try to attack
red from the north. They have a factory up there, but red doesn't. Use the
many forests to your advantage. Rush the south and try to capture the
properties. At the least, prevent your opponent from getting them.

Once into the battle, Tanks and B Copters are the best way to go. Keep B
Copters in wooded areas where Anti-Airs get slown down. Keep making Tanks
or B Copters each day, and do your best to counter what your foe is
making, or at least what you think they are making. 

~~Turtle Atoll~~
Blue starts with the advantage, and they get more neutral cities to capture
on their island as opposed to red. For red to be able to make it even, they
will need to capture the properties on the smaller nearby islands. Use
Gunboats to get there quickly, and try to outbeat blue who will likely have
the same idea.

Other than that, this map will be mostly a naval battle. Battleships will
be quite useful here as the entire mainland of both islands is available
for pelting. Place temporary ports on the islands that you capture so that
Battleships can get refueled and supplied. Red has two ports, so they can
seriously injure whatever comes out of blue's port and outproduce them.
Spending on Gunboats is advised--by now you should know how useful they can
be in the seas.

If you do that, you REALLY need temporary ports. You'll probably get one
of those smaller islands, so keep the ammo of all your ships in your mind
when making assaults.

~~Squash Island~~
Red is able to get an extra factory quite quickly, but blue is able to 
reach their properties faster than red, so it all evens out. This is a 
pretty basic and fair match for both sides. There's aerial combat, as well
as temporary airports available for capture in the center of the map. If
you can grab hold of those and keep your planes alive, you will be in 
pretty good shape.

As with most aerial maps, try to focus more on your ground units. You 
aren't getting an insane economy, so wasting it all on Bombers and Fighters
is moot. The center chokepoint is something red will need to push through
quickly. Blue gets more capturable properties on their side, and if red
rushes from the start, they can get some of those. Blue needs to halt
their advance any way possible. 

At the center of the map, there should be at least one Missiles on both 
sides to keep aerial units away, and plenty of Artillery and Rockets.
Whoever has the better indirects is going to get control of the chokepoint,
and the person who pushes through is eaisly going to be claiming victory.
Keep backing up your defense and slow down your foes to buy time--you'll
be wanting as big an army as possible.

~~Cube Keys~~
This map is massive, and it will take a while to get an effective army and
economy going. Many properties are far away from your starting base, and
protected by mountains none less, so send some Infantry towards them and
don't forget to move them on the oncoming days. For the remaining cities,
using T Copters is preferred thanks to how far away they are. Don't spend
too much on transports.

After about 10-15 days, each side should have a decent economy, and so you
should start thinking about an army. It should be obvious that this map has
tons of chokepoints, so use that to your advantage. Artillery and Rockets
will have a field day on this map, but always keep Missiles nearby. With
airports at hand for both bases, this map could turn more into an aerial

With little use for Anti-Airs thanks to all the ocean spots planes can park
themselves on, Fighters and Dusters will be needed to keep enemy air units
away from your army and base. Don't spend too much on them, naturally. One
or two Dusters will be enough. You may want to put your CO in a Duster,
or maybe a Tank, depending on which front you want to put more attention 
into. I prefer assaulting on the ground with a little air support, but the
other way around also works. Manuavering around enemy chokepoints is the
best you can do on your trip to raid the enemy base.

~~Mirror Islands~~
This map tips the advantage far to blue. So much so that red hardly has a
chance of winning if blue prevents most capturing that red does. Red will
need to try and capture the scattered properties, while at the same time
destroying blue's attempts at halting them.

Past that, it's an even map mostly in terms of how many cities there are.
There are a decent amount of plains and roads leading to the center of the
map, so you'll want focus on your ground units a bit more than your
aerial units. Make Dusters occasionally in order to hamper your foe's air

There are two bridges seperating the islands, one in the north, and another
in the south. It's best to attack whichever bridge has the least amount of
resistance on it. That way you can push through to the enemy base quicker,
possibly obtaining several of their cities. Obviously, prevent this by
evening defenses on both bridges to stop oncoming enemies. You have to keep
your cities intact.

~~Shark Strait~~
Blue Starting Units--6 Infantry, 4 War Tanks, 4 Rockets, 2 Rigs, 2 Bombers,
2 Fighters

This is another huge map, and blue has the blatant advantage. They may
start with one less property, but they can immediately capture a lot more,
and with their starting units, stop red's capturing process. Red's island
houses a lot more cities than blue can obtain, even with the other two tiny
islands. The problem is trying to capture all of them. It will take time,
and blue isn't going to just let you capture them.

In Fog of War, red can capture easily without too much distraction. Start
capturing to the north, and focus on destroying enemy War Tanks and 
Rockets. Get some Anti-Tanks and Anti-Airs out. The Bombers can be a threat
to the Anti-Tank, but the War Tanks will easily stay away from you if they
know what's good for them.

All this map involves is red holding off blue until they get a strong 
economy going. If red captures everything on their island, blue will have
no chance of winning due to red's far superior economy. The whole match can
be determined by the predeploys. If red can be halted from capturing, blue
will probably win. If not, red will win. It's as simple as that.

~~Royal Channel~~
Red Starting Units--5 Infantry, 2 Artillery, 4 War Tanks, 2 Landers, 
3 Battleships, Cruiser, 2 Fighters, 2 Bombers

This map is insanely stupid. A smart red player should make it almost 
impossible for blue to not get anywhere. With Bombers and Battleships 
invading their base on the first turn, they can either may Submarines which
should get torn apart by red's Cruiser, or make Fighters and Dusters,
which get torn apart by red's Fighters.

Whatever way you look at it, blue has little chance of winning. If they
spam Anti-Airs the first few turns, they can stop the Bombers, and then 
make Submarines to take care of the Battleships. However, once they do 
this, red will have likely captured a ton of properties, so there will be
a huge economic disadvantage.

What's worse is that the map is big. Too big. It will take days for 
several units from either army to collide and fight, and many units are
likely to run out of fuel. When it comes down to it, this is a boring map
that gives favor to red for whatever reason. Blue can win, but it will be
an insanely long and uphill battle for them. Try taking red's cities first
to weaken their economy slightly, then take care of their predeploys.

~5B.2 Player Maps~
There are 70 of these maps, so descriptions are going to be pretty brief.
Most of these maps don't really need much mention. However, unlike classic,
a lot of them are actually fair. These can also be picked for random 
matches online.

~~Plug Mountain~~
Spam Bikes throughout the beginning days of this map to either capture one
of the cities, and/or prevent your foe from getting the other. From there,
you'll either be making Mechs or Tanks every other day. It's a tiny map, so
overpowering your foe shouldn't take too much effort. If you want to, you
can make an Anti-Air to dispose of the Bikes or Infantry your opponent
spams. It's quite effective. Just have a Tank assist it so an enemy Tank
doesn't destroy the Anti-Air you invest--it's a low income map, after all.

~~Basin Forest~~
Make Bikes to secure one of the cities up north, and back them up with 
Recons to halt enemy advancement. Meanwhile, send Mechs across the
mountains to capture the cities surrounded by forests. Spamming several
Mechs that way will allow you to control both cities. Whoever ends up with
more cities will have a better advantage on this map (not to mention blue
starts with an additional city).

Several Tanks can overrun the enemy early on. Artillery support is also 
highly advised thanks to the chokepoints you will likely make with a Tank
wall. Bust through some Bikes and any enemy Tanks, capture any of their
cities you pass, then push through their lone factory. Should be a quick
map for one of the players. A long stalemate isn't likely.

~~Dual River~~
Build Bikes and take over the enemy cities. Even by doing this, blue will
still have an economy advantage, so fighting over an additional city will
be highly necessary for one of the players. Of course, 1000G in funds each
turn isn't too much in the long run.

Basically, just alternate between Artillery and Tanks. This map has good
chokepoint availability, so use them to your advantage either in defending
or in attacking. The map is small, so it shouldn't be too long of a battle.
Use Tanks and Artillery as best as you can, put your CO into a unit, and
push through the enemy.

~~Cross Paths~~
Starting Units--2 Infantry, Artillery, Tank

This map is far more fun if it is done in Fog of War. Red will be able to
win by HQ capture since they can reach blue's HQ first (obviously with
first turn advantage). Blue will need to destroy red's Infantry, and at
that point, go for HQ capture themselves if they can't destroy the
remaining units. Red needs to defend against blue's assault, and try 
sneaking something to their HQ. Red should win this map more often than
blue can.

Starting Units--9 Infantry, 2 Bikes, 2 Landers

Again, this map is best done in Fog of War. This fight is fought using all
types of units, but due to your economies, both players should stick to 
just land units, with the occasional B Copter. The whole map, which 
consists of several mountains ahead that make ground units go either left
or right, screams chokepoints.

Several Rockets or Artillery will help you well. Make the most of your
starting Infantry, too. Rushing into the enemy Infantry is only going to
get them killed, but if you're smart, you can actually make use of them.
Your Landers will probably block eachother in the channels, so don't think
you're going to win that way. Rushing with CO units is a good way to
overwhelm your foe. The economy isn't strong, so attacking fast can easily
destroy them.

~~High Plains~~
Starting Units--3 Infantry, 2 Mechs, 2 Bikes, Recon, Flare, Artillery,
2 Tanks, Md Tank, War Tank, Rig

This map can be tricky in Fog of War. With every spot on the map capable of
being hid in, your Flare is your only chance of seeking out enemies. 
Navigate the forests quickly, leaving your Bikes and Recon to stay and
defend the HQ. They can hardly move through the woods, so they aren't 
useful anywhere else.

Try to wall in your Artillery with your War Tank and Tanks. The Artillery
can dish out damage the Flare finds, and the Tank squadron can finish them
all up. Overall, it's an even map, and if you pay attention to where you
find units, you can seek out more enemy units, eventually knocking them
down to only useless ones. At that point, your Infantry can capture their
HQ. It's best to do that instead of wondering around trying to find the 
last unit or two.

~~Giraffe Map~~
Starting Units--Flare, Tank, Artillery, Missiles, Gunboat, Submarine,
Cruiser, Lander, Battleship

One of those semi-symmetrical maps that is just stupid. See the factory at
the center? Red's probably going get it, and that'll allow them to win
easily. Also, there's no airports, so the Missiles are completely 
worthless. Use them to stall the enemy in the chokepoints as you race for

Head for one of the islands either on the west of the east. The eastern one
can help with its factories if you use Landers to transport them to the
center of the map. The western one has a port. The choice is yours. Nothing
else to add to this map as it's a standard battle. If both teams are
aggressive, nobody should capture that center factory. Whoever does, 
however, can likely win the match.

~~8-Bridge Isles~~
Red Starting Units--3 Infantry, B Copter, 3 Dusters, 2 Fighters
Blue Starting Units--2 Infantry, Anti-Air, Missiles, 2 B Copters, 2 Dusters

Both groups want to rush for one of the center factories, while trying to
pick off enemy Infantry. To be perfectly honest, I can't see how blue can
win this map. Red has huge first turn advantage, being capable of 
destroying blue's air force on the first turn, and the only thing blue can
do is kill one plane with the Missiles and injure another with an Anti-Air.

Those Infantry for blue aren't going to help much, AND they start with a
dampered economy. Yeah, little chance of them winning. Whoever gets to be
red will end up winning this map fairly easily.

Starting Units--Mech, Tank, Artillery

As much as it looks like an HQ capture is the way to go, don't be so
fooled. Move your Mech towards the enemy HQ, but only as a diversion. If
you can destroy the enemy Tank, you can destroy their Artillery easily, and
after that, the Mech. Just make sure the enemy Mech never reaches your own
HQ, or you will be in trouble. Other than these simple facts, it is a
short map for obvious reason.

~~Robot Isle~~
Build Bikes the first few days and rush for your opponents cities. Blue
will get shafted a bit in the beginning, but after that it will be a mostly
even match. There are only a few cities, and there will be a constant power
struggle over them. 

Keep building Tanks almost every turn, stopping to build an Artillery
every now and then. Try keeping your Artilleries surrounded by the 
mountain ranges down south to pound on enemies that keep coming your way.
Using Tanks, try and block off the center so you can capture the cities,
starting with the ones owned by your opponent. From this point, it's merely
going to be based on who can use their Tanks more effectively, and the
better CO Zone may come out ahead.

~~Diagonal Isle~~
This is an even, symmetrical map. Use several Bikes to secure the 
properties, then start making Tanks, and maybe Recons or Mechs. Depends 
on which you want to use as cheap meatshields. Mechs can be pretty useful
on this map as it is highly likely your foe will continue to build Tanks
every turn. Make sure to put your CO into a Tank, retreating them if they
come close to being killed.

As you push into enemy territory, you'll want to capture their cities to
hamper their economy even further. Rush with Tanks, and protect some of 
them with cheaper units if you can. Recons or Mechs work quite nicely, and
the Mechs can damage enemy Tanks very nicely if you ever get the chance.

~~Equal Island~~
As with all maps, go for the nearby properties quickly. The meteors will
prevent the left and right bridges from being used effectively until being
destroyed. Don't attack any of them until you are ready to launch an
offensive. Until that point, hold the center bridge with defensive units
and indirects. 

Several naval units will also be able to help you. Get a Battleship onto
the field to aid in harming the enemy's hold on the chokepoint. They can
also attack the meteors in order to move your troops further. Other than
that, just amass Tanks until you are ready to push through. Several Anti-
Tanks will also be useful. If your enemy makes them, get some Bikes to
injure them so they can't harm your Tanks as much.

~~Geometric Map~~
Red will need to capture the two cities close to their factories in order
to even out the economies. Blue will be able to build slightly more in
that amount of time, but it won't prove to be too much of an advantage.
There's no chokepoints on this map, so Artillery won't be too useful here.
Go all out with Tanks, every now and then building an Anti-Tank to 
hopefully stall the enemy's Tank advance.

There's not much else to say--the map title says it all, really. In clear
weather, try to counter what your foe is building. In Fog of War, use those
woods to your advantage, and maybe stick some Artillery in there when the
opponent can't see them.

~~Mouse Island~~
Blue will get a slight advantage by capturing one of your cities a day 
before you can capture one of theirs. Nothing too major, though. For the
most part, this is a standard battle fought on two fronts. There's the
south, and the middle. The northern bridge shouldn't be the site of too
many battles, but keep a Tank and Artillery stationed up there incase the
enemy decides to attack.

The center will be the main holding spot thanks to the chokepoint. Have
Artilleries in the south and the center pounding on enemy units. The 
center city isn't likely to be captured early on. Whoever does capture it,
however, probably has the advantage at that point, and they are likely to
obtain victory. Keep using Tanks and Anti-Tanks through the battle.

~~Striped Map~~
Starting Units--Infantry, Bike

Well, this is a pretty stupid map. Both of your units should gun for the
silos right away and target the enemy predeploys. If they are weakened, 
they have no chance of capturing a factory, making it a worthless 
attempt. You can retreat to your HQ to heal and go capture a factory, or
continue moving the Bike to the enemy HQ and capture it, provided it wasn't
weakened too much. Fairly simple map. Whoever reaches the enemy HQ first is
probably going to win.

Looks like a mermaid riding a jet ski...yeah. Anyways, both sides are
even when it comes to capturable properties, but the southwest is up for
grabs by either side. It has three factories, and it's pretty close to the
blue base. They can get it first, possible, but if red gets control of all
three factories, then blue will have a lot of pressure put onto them.

Red needs to rush for them, blue needs to stall until they can capture
them for their own (or just prevent red from getting them. It's not 
necessary for blue to get them, but it helps). Use Tanks and Artillery
mostly, as with most maps. Focus more on Tanks and Md Tanks--this map has
few worthwhile chokepoints.

~~Pretzel Map~~
Each side should be able to capture six properties on their sides of the
map, so it's a moderately fair fight. There are many ways to approach your
opponent on this map. Take your time to build up an army, as there aren't
any factories near the middle of the map.

The center isn't a chokepoint. There are beaches on the sides to manuver
around, so blocking it will only force your foe to detour a bit, and in the
end you'll probably get injured or defeated because of it. Don't be stupid
there. Try capturing enemy cities if they leave them unguarded--the
economy advantage will become apparent once you begin outproducing your

~~Heaven Map~~
Red has the early advantage, mainly because they can reach more properties
in quicker time. Blue needs to work quickly to try and capture red's
cities near the center of the map. Save up for a Battleship midway through
the battle--it can help defeat your foe in the central area of the map.
Just make sure that it doesn't get assualted by other indirects or 

Just keep sending Tanks to the center, and occasionally an Anti-Tank to
deal with the large amount of Tanks that your foe will produce. Try to
park it on one of your cities to keep it healed from the minimal damage
that it will take. Keep Rockets behind a wall of Tanks to try and scare
away the enemy units. Try pushing through enemy lines and take enemy cities
until you enter their base, ending the battle.

~~Jester Map~~
Both sides can obtain an even amount of cities, but the rush for the center
area is key to securing most properties. You only have land units to work
with, so take due care. The edge of the lake is all beach, so don't expect
easy chokepoint availability. 

Tanks need to be used well here, but making Infantry/Bike meatshields for
your Artillery units, should you make them, is also advised. You can also
just form walls with your Tanks. The Artillery will remain safe so long as
the Tanks remain alive. It's a pretty basic map overall, just keep building
streams of units with your Tanks as you overrun your adversary.

~~Cog Isle~~
This is a pretty simple map. All you have is three buildings, two of them
being factories. There's a mountain range between you and the enemy HQ.
Neither side is going to get much farther than making Mechs or Infantry
each turn. I suppose you could save up for a Tank, but there will be 
little action between both sides on this map. It may even be more of a
stalemate the whole way through. A Tank and Anti-Air, in theory, could
rip through any Tanks and Infantry on the way to the HQ. Escort a Bike
there and capture it, perhaps. Either way, this is a boring map with
little applicable strategy.

~~Zero Wood~~
Whoever gets the factory in the center of the map is probably going to win
the fight. Start the match with several Infantry gunning for the factory, 
and one heading for a city on the outskirts of the map. Make a Flare to
destroy any enemy Infantry, and save up for a Tank as well later on. Join
Infantry during the capture if they ever get injured.

For whoever gets the factory, just keep spamming units until you have 
completely outproduced your foe. If you keep using Mechs, or Tanks every
now and then, your opponent has no chance of winning. If you don't get the
factory first, you'll need to do everything possible to capture it before
the match goes downhill for you.

~~Butterfly Isle~~
This is yet another symmetrical map. You want to capture your enemy's 
cities nearby first to harm them briefly, then set out and capture 
everything else around you. There is a port to the north, but you shouldn't
be focusing on naval battles here. The amount of funding in comparison to
the amount of buildings you get just doesn't justify the means, and it
only takes a cheaper Submarine to take down your Battleship. Unless you 
want to invest even more in a Cruiser, in which case this is just asking
the enemy to overrun your ground forces.

Focus on those the most. The cities in the center of the map probably won't
have any definite ownership due to that spot being the main battleground
between both sides. It's a chokepoint, so you naturally know what units to
be using in such a situation. You have the income for Rockets, but the
terrain won't allow you to reach it quickly. Focus on building from the
northern base--it reaches the center quicker.

~~Wing Cape~~
There are no neutral properties to be had, so what you have at the start is
what you have to work with. It is a tiny map, with two chokepoints, if you
can consider them chokepoints, at the center. If both aren't blocked off,
then units can just manuver around the first chokepoint unhindered, so be
careful. Alternating between building Mechs and Tanks is an effective
strategy. There are limited funds to be earned per day, so you'll want to
make the most of it. Alternatively, make Recons if your foe keeps making
Mechs or Infantry themselves. 

If in Fog of War, use the various forests on the map to your advantage.
Sneak some Artillery into them, then fire upon unsuspecting enemies.

~~Saber Range~~
The center of the map is a key focus point. Send waves of Tanks down there,
with an Artillery or two. A good way to ruin enemy plans is to save up for
Rockets. This will either provoke your foe into attacking, which may or
may not harm you (be sure to know beforehand if you can take losses!), or
it will push the enemy back. Your goal is to gain control of the center
area of the map.

You can grab the enemy cities as you pass by the center, and then continue
pushing into the enemy base. With strategic Artillery/Rocket placement,
you can bombard anything else they create. The turning point of this map is
the skirmish in the center of the map. Don't be afraid to attack first--
with strong units, you can take on your foe. An Anti-Tank is also 
recommended, just so you can destroy an enemy Tank when they do attack.
Just beware of Infantry that sneak up to it.

~~Asphalt Maze~~
Try and capture the two cities closest to you. Your opponent will either
attack the Bikes capturing them constantly, or go for their nearby cities
as well. Making only 7000G a day means you can consistantly buy Tanks,
and due to the nature of the map, Artillery are pretty worthless. It's an
open map, so try sneaking around enemy forces whenever possible. With a
lack of chokepoints, you should be spreading your forces out, and your
opponent should be doing the same as well in order to halt any possible

~~Tennis Island~~
Looking something like a tennis court, this is a fair match. The "net" is
a plasma wall, so you have your side to yourself until a meteor gets
destroyed. Rush for the cities near the plasma first. If your opponent puts
an Artillery there later, you'll never be able to capture those cities.

It goes without much saying that you should build up an army with mostly
Tanks, backed with several Artillery, before breaking down a meteor and
rushing the army that your foe has made. Breaking the meteor first is
cruicial as it allows the first strike, but if you go underprepared, then
your foe will stomp all over you. Make sure it's an even match, then break
the plasma wall and invade. The stronger side will come out winning.

~~Cut-Grass Isle~~
The neutral cities in the corners of the map are going to be difficult to
control for either team. You may get one of them, but decent players will
make Recons to halt any other attempts at capturing those properties. 
Because of this, neither team is going to have a strong economic 
advantage. Thusly, try building indirects to force the enemy army away from
one group of cities long enough for you to capture them.

If you can secure one group of cities before the enemy does, then you can
use the extra funds to build Tanks and try stopping the enemy force again
from trying to capture the other cities. If you can do this, they are 
pretty much done for. If they do capture those cities, it'll be a long
battle. Make an Anti-Tank every now and then to make Tank rushes almost

~~Battle Stadium~~
It's a pretty stupid symmetrical map, but then again, most are. No
factories are near the center, so it will become annoying to keep taking
several days to assist your Infantry in capturing the properties. I advise
trying to be sneaky and making a Mech travel across the mountains towards
cities your opponent has captured. In the resulting fray in the center, 
they may be too distracted to notice.

Hide Artillery in forests or on cities in Fog of War. They are insanely
useful here thanks to the cities in the center that can keep healing them.
Be sure to have a bunch of Tanks support them, naturally. You may want to
make a Rockets every now and then, but keep those on forests. You don't
want an enemy to spot them quickly and destroy what took you about two days
worth of funds to create. Be conservative.

~~Inner Wheel~~
You'll have to fight in two different corners of the map, and you'll need
to do it well. The property rush is important, but you'll want to secure 
the silo if only to prevent your opponent from using it. You can try 
stalling their capturing with it. Each side can get four more properties,
so everyone can almost buy an Artillery and Tank each turn. 

Artilleries are insanely useful with all of the chokepoints. Also, using 
three of them, you can win the map. Place one of them three spaces from
each factory. Using those three Artilleries, you can attack anything your
foe makes. Whoever can complete this setup will easily win the battle.
Use Tanks in order to accomplish this. 

~~Burger Isle~~
Yet another stupid map. All each side has to do is spam Infantry or Bikes
and run for the enemy HQ. Build Flares or Anti-Airs to destroy whatever is
trying to capture yours. With enough persistance, lots of joining, and some
nearly killed Infantry, one of you will likely win the battle. It's all
about holding off the enemy capturing your HQ while you finish capturing
the enemy's. If neither side can capture it, blue will likely win anyways
thanks to the large amount of neutral properties near them.

~~Triple Road~~
The factory on the center island is cruicial to victory. Ignore other
cities as you rush for it. I advise bringing two Recons along in order
to stall enemy movement from reaching the factory, as well as giving you
a chance to finish capturing it. Nothing else needs to be said besides
capture that middle factory. Blue can't get there first is red rushes, so
they will need to destroy the Infantry on it. Artilleries are great for the
center of the map thanks to all of the chokepoints.

Try sneaking around the south with Artillery support, then grab enemy 
cities if they leave them open. Winning this map either takes grabbing the
factory, or using chokepoints to your heavy advantage. Never underestimate
Rockets either in this map. You've got a large economy. Don't spend only
on Tanks.

~~Deep Defense~~
Red Starting Units--2 Tanks, 2 Anti-Airs, Missiles, 2 Rigs
Blue Starting Units--7 Infantry, 5 Bikes, 2 Tanks, 2 War Tanks, 2 Anti-
Tanks, 2 B Copters, 8 Bombers

Stupid map. Red starts with an insane amount of properties, most of them
close to blue's starting units. Red will need to assault blue with
everything they can. Build Bombers from the airport near their HQ to halt
ground advancement, trying to block chokepoints. Use Fighters or Dusters
to take care of Bombers.

Blue should go straight for red's cities and any production property they
can get hold of. If blue gets enough momentum, they'll be unstoppable. If
red can stall them for seeral turns, it is possible that blue will be
defeated. It's up to a little luck and quite a lot of skill. A skilled blue
player can easily win this map. If the red player knows what they're 
doing, they will destroy blue before they capture too many properties. Red
needs to use all of their funds effectively.

~~Desert Duel~~
Starting Units--2 Infantry, Recon, Artilery, Tank, 2 Md Tanks, Anti-Tank

A pretty bland map. Each side gets one factory, and is able to capture one
additional property. Bikes will probably be the commonly made unit, or 
Mechs if you wish to get rid of enemy Tanks effectively. Move all of your
units towards your enemy and try to get the first strike on them. It works
better in Fog of War due to the hiding spots that ruins provide. If in Fog
of War, use it wisely to defeat your enemy. Or go for an HQ capture if you
can lure them out far enough. Keep your Recon on your HQ in such a case.

~~Ruby Keys~~
Use your T Copters effectively to capture many properties in a quick amount
of time. Go for factories on the mainland first, followed by cities on the
tiny islands to the south. The center-north airport can prove useful late
into the battle, so try getting that before your opponent. Don't focus much
on naval units--a single Bomber can take down a Battleship, and Bombers are
more versatile.

There will be a firefight over the center properties. Use Artillery to hurt
enemies and try to stall them with weaker units, or air units, until you
can capture those propeties for yourself. With an economic advantage, and
a ton of airports, keep pushing back your enemy. Use Tanks if they're 
sending out Anti-Airs. Keep pushing into their base and rout them down. Or
capture their HQ if they have a Submarine hiding somewhere for whatever

~~Rainy Haven~~
Each side has a factory on an island near them that they can capture with
ease, and then use it to capture all of the enemy cities on said island.
Get there quickly and make it happen. As for the other, various small
islands, focus on getting airports. Air units are far superior to the even
more expensive naval units, and nobody should be stupid to leave something
in the path of a Cruiser.

Basically, it's a fair map for the most part, with more focus on aerial
battles due to unconnected islands. You can try using Landers to invade
the enemy HQ, but that will probably fail quickly. There's not much on this
map worth noting. A few Cruisers will actually be useful because some 
aerial battles will be over the ocean. Make it count.

~~Face Island~~
A standard, small map. Red will want to capture blue's preowned city as
quickly as possible, then try and secure any other cities they can. Focus
on building Tanks for the majority of this map. If you can sneak a Rockets
or two into the center mountain area, and keep them protected, you can
attack anything your foe makes from their factories. This is expensive
and difficult, so it's best just to stick with Tanks. It's a small map, but
can turn into a stalemate if you wait too long.

Attack from the opposite side of the map if you can't make much progress.
Even out your forces incase your opponent gets the same idea.

~~Spectacle Map~~
Each side gets two factories and access to a ton of cities. There's really
not much to say for this map. It works amazing in Fog of War, and in that,
hiding Artillery on many of your cities is a great idea. Outside of that,
you'll probably just focus on Tanks like any normal map. Never stop trying
to stop capturing properties. You'll want to have a constant high
economy, so keep producing Tanks and Artillery (less often if there's
clear weather). If you can take a ton of your foe's cities, you are at the
point where you can beat the map.

~~Split Island~~
Use your T Copters to get to central property quickly, and invest in 
several Dusters to interfere with enemy capturing. With the large amounts
of mountains and forests blocking access to the center, focus on aerial
units more than ground units is advised. B Copters will work just fine 
here. They aren't expensive, and easily rip through Tanks. If the enemy
isn't using Bombers, just build Anti-Airs. Missiles aren't effective here
anyways, but try using them if the enemy starts to spam Bombers.

Like most maps, hold the center until you're ready to push through your
enemy. As you're doing so, use T Copters to capture enemy cities to make
a counterattack difficult for them, securing your victory.

~~Eon Springs~~
Each side only gets three neutral properties to capture, and there won't be
any fighting over them. You'll have to focus on the north, south, and most
importantly, center. Each HQ is open for capture more than easily by the
opponent, so keep it guarded at all times. 

You only have so much money to work with, you'll need to balance it out.
Focus on whichever part of the map your opponent is sending the most units
towrds, and try countering it. You don't want them getting too much control
in one area, otherwise they will push into your base and start capturing
properties, giving them an even bigger advantage, to the point where you
won't be capable of winning. Defend until you can assault, then dismantle
their economy to boost your chances of winning.

~~Portal Bridge~~
For this map, you'll want to obtain an HQ capture. Because the HQ's are
on isolated islands, this is actually easy to achieve. Capture the 
airports then start amassing funds. You'll want a T Copter and Infantry,
obviously, and several Dusters to serve as meatshields for the capturing
Infantry. Once you have your forces, head for the enemy HQ, keeping the
T Copter protected. 

Be sure to keep making other air units in order to prevent your HQ from
being captured. Try Fighters and destroy the T Copter in one shot if they
allow it to be vulnerable like that. In only three turns of flight you can
have the HQ, just make sure you keep that Infantry safe from Dusters.
Putting Artillery on the bridges can also be helpful in guarding your HQ.
Just beware of Tanks.

~~Boxed In~~
As the title says, ground troops are worthless. Use only Infantry for
capturing, but focus on a navy otherwise. You will want to capture the 
enemy HQ to end this quickly, and that's actually an easy task if you can
work towards it.

Make Battleships and Submarines. Use Submarines to scout ahead, or if not
in Fog of War, at the least to find enemy Submarines. Make a Lander and 
have 2 Infantry board it so they can heal eachother incase one gets 
damaged during the capture. Then, just work your way up one side of the map
unitl you reach the HQ island. Block the enemy ports with Lander to prevent
Battleship movement, and you can make the map end pretty quickly. Just work

~~Marching Map~~
Capture the factories immidiately, then start to hold the two chokepoints
at the north and south edges of the map. The radar tower is a must if you
are in Fog of War, otherwise the additional funds will merely be moderately
useful in clear weather. Keep making Tanks and Artillery, and eventually
you will be able to push through enemy lines in the chokepoints. Once you
do it, assist in destroying the second chokepoint so you have your entire
fighting force heading straight for the enemy base. At that point, you will
easily be able to win. Just hold the chokepoint until you can assault.

~~Hourglass Isle~~
You'll want to capture the properties relatively quickly. The factories 
at the center of the map will be seeing the most action for a while. The
center cities will constantly be under fire, and likely won't be captured.
If a chokepoint is established, send units down the sides of the map in 
order to attempt breaking it up. Of course, those can be turned into
chokepoints as well, so you'll need to work quickly.

Tank with Artillery assitance is key. There's not many properties, so
whoever can capture more enemy cities first will get a huge advantage to
the point where they will likely win the map.

~~Scissor Basin~~
This is an odd map, and generally turns into a long battle. Red starts with
less properties, but if they hurry, they can win the match. Red needs to
grab all of the factories near the bridges, then hold them off as 
chokepoints, preventing enemy passage or capturing. They should also try
to push into blue's territory and take their cities. Blue will need time
to reach additional cities, and that's all red needs to do to get an
advantage and win the map fairly handily.

Blue needs to at the least defend the factories. The two factories in the
east make for great chokepoints as well, and often are fought over. All you
need to do in this battle is make effective work of the chokepoints and
destroy the enemy army when they make simple mistakes in trying to push
through your chokepoint positions.

~~Barren Plains~~
Starting Units--20 Infantry, 2 Bikes, 4 Anti-Tanks

As the title suggests, there's nothing on this map except for plains.
Charge your imposing army straight at your foe, and go for an all out
fire fight. Keep Anti-Tank behind the wall of Infantry and try to pick off
any weakened Infantry with them. Remember that Infantry and Bikes are quite
effective against Anti-Tanks so you'll need to be careful. There's nothing
special about this map. Try capturing the enemy HQ with a Bike if there's
an opening you can squeeze through. Just make sure the enemy can't destroy
that Bike.

~~Square Canal~~
Due to the mountains blocking the bridges, this will turn into a naval
battle pretty quickly. Also, there's not too many cities on the map, so the
amount of ships used by each side will be limited. When the battle shifts
to that, build lots of Gunboats, and have temporary ports established.
Gunboats are insanely useful here, especially on Fog of War. Their cheap
price comes with great effectiveness.

The center island is only useful if you have plenty of Landers on hand to
transport ground troops to different parts of the map. If you can do that,
then the battle is pretty much won since your foe may be focusing too much
on naval units. Ground troops aren't effective otherwise in this battle.

~~Beaker River~~
The center island will be the important point of this map. Get the 
factories first, then hold off the chokepoint. An HQ capture is effective
on this map because there are no unit producing buildings near them. Use
T Copters to reach one quickly, with several B Copters or Dusters to guard
them from enemy attack. Do this only once most of the center islands are
under your possession, otherwise the enemy will likely still be strong
enough to take down your capture attempt.

But if you do take the islands, the HQ capture will be simple. Your enemy
will likely have a weaker economy at that point, so they won't be able to
counterattack effectively. Victory will be yours. Stick an Anti-Air on your
HQ for safety to ensure it won't be captured so easily.

~~Scatter Isles~~
This map is full of chokepoints, so be sure to make tons of Artilleries
and Rockets whenever possible, along with Tank shields, to batter your
enemies from a distance. Due to the nature of the map, this works quite
well. An HQ capture here is also possible because of the easy access to it,
and if two shields are put up next to both bridges, than an Infantry can
capture it unimpaired.

You need to prevent that. As long as you're paying attention to what your
enemy is doing, that won't prove to be much of a problem. Try to capture
as many as the center properties as possible before too many strong units
get there. Once they do, any additional capturing will be difficult to
accomplish. Keep pushing your enemy with the chokepoints unitl you reach
their base, finishing the remaining units.

~~Scenic Route~~
This map is favored towards red. They start with more properties, and can
reach the ones in the west far quicker than blue. Red should secure the
factories, then push south towards the other group of properties. Blue can
only get one additional factory while red gets two, making it even easier
for them to win. The chokepoint on the center of the map shouldn't even be
important. Blue has little chance of winning this map no matter how you
look at it. Red shouldn't let them have a chance of capturing many 
properties, and once red has an insane economy, a bunch of Tanks will
overrun blue with ease.

~~Pitted Map~~
For this symmetrical map, holding the center chokepoints is important.
You should try to delay enemy advancement towards neutral cities if at
all possible. Send Mechs over the mountains and towards cities the enemy
will likely try capturing. 

The center factories are also important to control, and you should try
getting to those first. If you control one of them you'll be in good shape.
If you control both, you'll probably end up winning the battle. Use the
bridge chokepoints effectively, and use Rockets/Artillery to attack your
opponent's center factory. It'll help in overrunning.

~~Forest Island~~
This map works best in Fog of War. The center factory is cruicial to 
winning this map. Red will always get there first, but blue can send 
streams of Infantry towards the factory to destroy red's Infantry and
try taking it for themselves. There aren't many neutral properties, so
you'll be stuck making mostly Tanks. They can't move very far in the
forests, though. If in Fog of War, naturally use Artilleries all the time.
There are plenty of hiding spots, especially if you can sneak one near the
enemy factories.

~~Swan Cove~~
Red has little chance of winning this map. Blue starts with twice as many
cities, and they can easily form an army to destroy any attempt that red
makes at trying to capture a similar amount of properties. Blue should
secure the center island, bringing along Mechs over there to capture it 
effectively, as well as injure any of red's attempts at getting it. Red
should use Gunboats to reach the island. It's cost effective.

If red can get momentum, unless they capture everything on the center 
island, they don't have much chance of winning this map, unfortuantely. It
is quite unfair for them.

~~Seven Islands~~
Both sides want to race for the center island. It's quite important in
winning the map. The factory should be captured first, if only so that you
can produce more Infantry to capture the remaining properties. That island
also has two ports, so you can defend from both sides. This will be a long
naval battle, and be sure to establish temporary ports on several sections
of the map. They will prove useful, especially since you should be using a
decent amount of Gunboats. They need to be resupplied constantly.

Try to get an economy advantage if the enemy ceases to occupy an island.
Don't ever make that mistake. You need to produce as big a navy as possible
to overrun your enemy. 

~~Great Lake~~
There's only one neutral property, and blue is going to want it in order to
even up the property total for each side. There's not much to this map.
Although you have access to a navy, Gunboats are the only ships you'll be
able to afford. They can prove useful if you try transporting Infantry
to capture the enemy HQ. I doubt your opponent will let that happen,
naturally. Focus on making Tanks every turn instead, but make Gunboats if
your enemy makes them too. Just make temporary ports so you don't have to
constantly retreat them when in the middle of a fight.

~~Double Bridge~~
The actual bridges aren't even that important. There's no chokepoint there
you can exploit, and you can get there with T Copters instead of busting
down a meteor. Pretty pointless and stupid to be honest. Try and get the
factory on the island merely for the funds. Unless you want to have a 
Lander shuttle units built there, I'd say just don't use it. Putting a
Missiles on that island is nice, however, and can scare off enemy air 

This map isn't anything special. Both brawlers will fight mainly at the
bridges midway through the match, and whoever pushes into enemy territory
first is going to win. Make effective use of B Copters. You don't have much
money to use, so these cheap helicopters work wonders against enemy Tanks.

~~Grid Islands~~
Red starts with one less property, and there's nothing neutral to capture.
Throughout this match you will want to cover as many chokepoint bridges as
possible, then try pushing through squares and capturing enemy cities,
eventually diminishing their army. The map works well that way. Red will
need to work fast in order to secure another property before blue uses that
to their advantage. Build a Battleship every now and then--they are great
at helping get through chokepoints. Hell, they can park themselves on
bridges and block it themselves. Your call. Nothing notable on this map.

~~Marine Bridge~~
Use Bikes to secure the properties either north or south of your factories.
The problem you have to face with is that there is a direct route to your
HQ from the enemt factories. Sure, the same applies to the enemy, but you
need to be worried a bit. There's going to be a fight in the middle of the
map, and because the bridge is so wide, Artilleries aren't going to be too
useful. Push through with Tanks, backing up with Anti-Tanks, and have a
Bike stay in the middle of the pack. Try to get it to the enemy HQ with 
ease. If you want to be devious, try blocking access to your HQ by placing
Landers on the beach. They'll be annoying to destroy.

~~Hat Harbor~~
This map is somewhat symmetrical. Access to the enemy HQ is merely a T
Copter ride away. Make Dusters out of your airports to either escort your
T Copter and Infantry, or guard your own HQ from being captured. The 
choice is yours.

Smart players aren't going to let their HQ's get captured at all. Place
Infantry down south anyways in order to capture the properties. Whoever 
gets the southern airport will make capturing the HQ a lot easier. Instead
of capturing the enemy HQ right away, try getting the airport. You'll find
capturing the enemy HQ a breeze, hopefully, if you get it. Keep assisting
an air force with your airports from the north.

~~Vision Bridge~~
The northern properties on this map is easier to hold because the forests
will slow down enemy advancement towards the buildings. The center island
is harder to keep hold of because of the opposite. The center island,
naturally, is the more valuable one because of its factories and two ports.
You aren't likely to get all of them, but you want that factory. Rush it
at the start of the match, then try and get both factories. You'll easily
win the match if both factories are yours. If you only get one of them,
keep putting pressure on your opponent and never stop sending waves of
troops until that second factory is yours. When you have both, you can
easily launch an offensive against the enemy base, finishing the battle 
in a quick amount of time.

~~Antipode Map~~
Red starts with a single less city, but that shouldn't matter too much in
the long run. Most of the neutral cities are placed far away from both 
bases, so you'll need to use some effort to grab them and keep hold of them
effectively. While the fight for the northern cities is going on, you can
try sneaking around enemy lines with naval units. The battle in the south
should use Tanks and Artillery, with some Battleship support. Just don't
let those expensive ships get sunk easily.

Keep sending Tanks south and north, moreso to whichever front is getting
more enemy resistance. Bide your time unitl you think you can overtake your
opponent. Or spam more ships and hope they waste oodles of cash trying to
counter your navy, giving you a temporary ground advantage.

~~Spanner Island~~
Most ground troops are quite ineffective here thanks to the roadblocking
mountains. Spam Infantry into the center to capture as many cities as 
possible, and prevent enemy captures as best as you can. Use Gunboats to
transport Infantry over to the side islands to capture even more cities.

This funding will help you build a navy, which you will need to create in
order to beat your enemy. There's nothing else besides standard naval
combat warfare that really needs to be said. Counter what your enemy
builds, or if in Fog of War, what you think they are building. Put your CO
in a Battleship for added defense. Can't be too safe.

~~Ring Mountain~~
This is a large map with many properties, so expect a long battle. Rush
for the center of the map and try getting the factories. The airport isn't
as important because sticking a Missiles nearby will waste all effort put
into building units there. If you get complete control of the center area,
however, and that requires a lot of fighting most likely, as well as
constant streams of Tanks from other factories, then you can easily win the

Also consider placing Rockets in spaces so that they can attack the enemy
factories from across the mountains, rendering them mostly useless. Or you
can have them assist in taking control of the center area. Either method
works fine. It will be a long fight, but make the most of the chokepoints.

~~Rail Strait~~
Blue starts with a large monetary advantage at the beginning. What both
sides need to do is rush the center island and capture the lone factory
there. Whoever does this first basically gets complete control of the 
island, and thereby gets a huge economy. For red, this means an even
playing field. Blue pretty much secures a win by doing this.

Blue should also try and get more properties north and south of them, while
red needs to stop them from expanding, and focus on assaulting their main
base. Three Landers can easily take care of that (one to plug the port,
and the other two carrying strong units to destroy whatever is on the 

~~Tribe Islands~~
Red will have an insanely low chance of winning this map. Blue starts with
more cities, and has easy to access to far more than red does. Red's
preowned cities can also be captured by blue quickly, but not the other way
around. Red can try putting up a good fight, but in the hands of a decent
player, red has almost no chance of winning this map. Red need to focus on
naval domination for any chance of winning, but blue has more funding to
win such a battle.

~~Bellow Islands~~
Red starts with a single less property, but they have the advantage of
being able to reach the center first. By doing so, they can try securing
more properties. Get a Gunboat out quickly and get an Infantry to one of
the side islands to capture the lone city on it. 

Bring to the center of the map several Recons and Flares to disrupt enemy
capturing. After a few days, start sending Tanks down there with some
Artillery support. Any uncaptured property is likely to remain uncaptured
at this point. Keep sending Tanks down to the middle, with the occasional
Anti-Tank, and push your way into the enemy base. It's a long bridge, so
the enemy can stall with the large chokepoint using Artilleries

~~Central Lake~~
Here's a stupid map. There's nothing remotely interesting about this map.
Each player has only two properties, but there's a ton of things available
for capture. Rush for the central factories before getting the cities near
your HQ. If you can get at least one of those factories, you'll be in good
shape because you can begin capturing a lot more. 

Also, use up the silos early so they don't harm you more later on in the
match. Gun for the airports in the northeast corner so you have aerial
domination. You should also get the airports in the southwest corner, too.
Basically, it's all an economics map. Whoever has the most center factories
and cities will likely win the map with little contest.

~~Piston Dam~~
Each HQ is lying out in the open, so going for an HQ capture is the best
option. This will be tricky since both sides have access to airports. Use
a T Copter and prepare to storm the HQ. You'll want to focus on a ground
assault as well because most strong aerial units are quite expensive. Shift
between Anti-Airs and Tanks as you head for the enemy HQ. Once you get over
there, expect some resistance. If you're lucky, you can destroy what weak
forces your enemy gathered over there and capture the HQ. Just make sure
you fortify your own, otherwise you may lose by having your own HQ

Both sides will need to race for as many cities as they can. There are two
factories in corners of the map, but they are far from the actual action 
in this map, so they won't be too useful. You want to keep producing Tanks
and sending them to the center of the map. You want to make it a goal to
overrun one of your foe's factories and capture it for yourself. If you
can do this for any of their factories, a victory is quite ensured. Take
your time in doing so, and only invade when you're sure of victory.

~~Clown Island~~
This can be a hectic map. Many sections are closed off, and everyone has
airports. For the first few days, use Infantry and Bikes to capture as
many properties as you possible can. Once the battle gets going, you may 
want to focus on aerial units. You can use them in conjunction with 
Infantry to try and capture the enemy HQ, which happens to be right next
to yours. A T Copter works too. To prevent, have an Anti-Air park on your
HQ. You'll be glad you did.

Not much to say about this map, sadly. Capture and destroy at every
oppertunity. As mentioned, an HQ capture is the best method of victory.

~~Up and Under~~
This will probably be a long battle. You'll want to capture at least one of
their airports right away. That way you can access the northern island, and
capture the properties up there. Get the ports--Battleship support during a
ground invasion is highly advised. Just don't do so until you have a strong
economy running. The factories in the north are only useful to capture more
properties up north, sadly. There's no beaches for Lander ferrying. Use
Artillieries in the chokepoint in the center of the map, and hold it down
until you can push through it. This could be a moderately long battle.

~5C.3 Player Maps~
In 3 Player Maps, there will be a third base added on every map, making it
a battle royale. Most of these maps are even for each player, but some of
them are a tad unfair. Online, these can only be played in friend matches.

~~Rotor Battle~~
Red Starting Units--3 Mechs, Flare, Md Tank, Anti-Tank, B Copter
Blue Starting Units--5 Infantry, 3 Mechs, 2 Tanks, War Tank, Anti-Tank,
Yellow Starting Units--5 Infantry, 2 Mechs, 3 Bikes, Tank, War Tank,
2 Anti-Tanks, B Copter

Blue and yellow should team up to overrun red. Red has a factory, and if
left unchecked, they can easily win this battle. Whoever has possession of
that factory is realistically the team that can win the battle. Whoever
finishes overruning red should capture the factory for themselves. Capture
their airport as well. All red needs to do is sit tight until they have
enough funds to finish off blue and yellow. If red gets overrun at the
start, well, nothing can really be done about that.

~~Delta Heights~~
Starting Units--Infantry, Mech, Recon, Tank, Artillery, Anti-Air

Pretty small and quick map. All of the HQ's are in the center, so move your
units towards that spot. Red gets shafted on this because they have to 
enter either yellow's or blue's territory to access the center. However,
they can put their Artillery in range of their own HQ and sit still,
hopefully letting blue and yellow kill themselves. At least try to get the
silo for yourself. It may prove useful to whoever gets it first.

~~Fan Isle~~
Everybody is even on this map in terms of properties. Red technically has
the advantage as they can reach the center island first, threby getting 
most of the properties before anyone else. That won't stop blue and yellow
from fighting over the island as well. The center airport, which can be a
huge help in the battle, will constantly be fought over. 

Since everyone is on an island, this will become more of a naval battle 
than anything else. You probably won't be getting an outstanding economy,
so focus mainly on cheap Gunboats with the occasional Submarine to sink
most other ships that your foes may build. If possible, team up with an
opponent and take over one of the other players' islands. There will be a
fight for settlement on the now unowned property. Whoever claims it will be
destined to win. Of course, an HQ capture grants you all the properties, so
try sneaking that in if possible.

~~Gridlock Glen~~
Each team will need to work quickly to secure properties, most notable the
airports that are surrounded by mountains and rivers/ They will take some
time to capture as you can't quickly transport Infantry over to them, so be
patient and stall enemy forces if any are in the area. This map is full of
chokepoints, and you have to be worried about being attacked from any

Be careful where you move your units, and try to push through one enemy 
base instead of both at once. Distract a foe with several units, then 
attack full force at a different base and try to capture the HQ for a huge
property advantage.

~~Kidney Island~~
Blue is pretty unlucky here. They're smack in the middle of red and yellow,
so they are open to attack from both forces. As such, blue is likely to
lose here unless they get serious defense going. Red is closest, so they 
should be concerned mainly about them. Red and blue will do a lot of
fighting with eachother, allowing yellow to sneak around the map, 
capturing properties and preparing an army. 

When one side loses, yellow should invade and finish off the weakened army
that remains, if possible. The defending army should use their built up
funds to defend against yellow, and eventually make an offensive. Just be
careful as yellow will likely have a property advantage for most of the

~~Plasma Peaks~~
Starting Units--3 Infantry

You need to have your starting Infantry capture any properties available,
or at least move to some. Red is capable of obtaining two of the airports,
giving them an advantage. Your factories should focus on producing Bikes
to get more properties. There's no ground access to every location on the
map, but red can fight yellow, and blue can fight yellow. Yellow needs an
airport, and should take out blue as quickly as possible. With no nearby
factories at their HQ, you should try capturing it quickly.

You can't exploit the many chokepoints here very well. Try using Missiles,
however, to alter the paths of most aerial units. This may give you a 
slight advantage, or at least stall enemy air units long enough to destroy/
injure them.

~~Poem Cape~~
Starting Units--Infantry, Mech, Recon, Artillery, Tank, War Tank, Anti-Air,

This map works best in Fog of War. Otherwise, blue is going to get 
demolished quickly. It's best to board the Rig with an Infantry and 
capture the HQ's in the north. Use most of your units to protect the
capturing Infantry, or destroy anyone who dares come close to your HQ. 
This is a fialry quick map, but you have to play offensively, or your HQ
will be captured and you'll fail.

~~Blue Lake~~
Starting Units--Infantry, Mech, Bike, Recon, Artillery, Tank, Rockets,
Rig, Lander, Submarine, Battleship, B Copter

This is a fairly simple map, and each player starts off fair. The naval
battle likely isn't going to go far. Each player will try destroying 
eachother Battleships with their Submarines, and the Submarines are going
to run out of gas eventually. Once the coast is clear, try and get an
Infantry to the silo and launch it at a group of units. This will help in
taking them down, which benefits you and another player. Merely play
defensively for a while until it's safe to rush your opponents.

~~Pyramid Cape~~
Red starts with more properties than either of the other teams, so they
will have and easier time at winning. Blue and yellow have to team up and
destroy red, otherwise they'll just wipe each other out, and red can easily
mop up the mess. Blue and yellow have tons of available property, while red
is limited a bit. If blue and yellow get some momentum, they can overcome
red, and then finish each other off. Try capturing red's factories once 
they have been killed off. They will aid in destroying any of your
opponent's occupation in the area. Nothing else to this map. Just keep

~~Bead Islands~~
The property dispertion is off at the beginning of the match. Red will have
a difficult time as some of their properties on adjacent islands can be
captured quickly by other teams. Red will need to work fast to capture
other properties. This map will quickly turn into a naval battle. Keep
making Gunboats and Submarines, with the occasional Cruiser to take down
enemy Submarines. Put your CO in a unit you're going to keep protected. A
Cruiser works nicely. Just don't put it in a Submarine, especially a
submerged one. Focus on bombarding one base with Battleships eventually,
then attack the other once one team is out of the match.

This map is a bunch of split up islands. Capture a port quickly, then
spread your Infantry to other islands and continue capturing ports. There
won't be much land to fight over. Capture as many properties as you can to
boost your economy. You'll want to produce Submarines and Battleships
constantly, as this will be a long naval battle. Using several Battleships,
you want to try and take over islands that your opponents have already

By doing this, you'll sever their economies bit by bit. Continue building
strong units until one enemy base is finally overrun. By that point, if
you did the destruction, you should have a much higher economy than your
last opponent that you can take them down, hopefully, with ease.

~~Knotted Keys~~
Yellow starts with the most properties, and has a similar amount of
capturable properties compared to the other two teams. Thusly, red and
blue should team up to destroy yellow before they become too powerful.
Alternatively, you can capture one of your opponent's HQ's, giving you a
far higher advantage than yellow has. 

Try getting the silos to aid your conquest, and use Artillieries to your
advantage in the various chokepoints across the map. It's not too bad of
a map. Just be defensive for a while until you're sure you can overtake one
of your foe's.

~~Clover Keys~~
Same old same old for this map. Yellow has little chance of winning here.
There's a bunch of neutral properties in the southwest, but yellow has no
easy access there, so they are likely to be overrun pretty quickly. As for
blue and red, they should make use of the many bridges in this map and 
build a decent amount of Artillery, with several Tanks to assist them. Make
some Anti-Tanks if your opponent is building the same. With a little
persistance, you can easily push your opponent into their base.

~~Keyhole Cove~~
Each team is pretty even in this map. Yellow gets their own island to
themselves, so no ground troops will be able to reach them without Lander
support. They also get easy access to all southern properties. Red and blue
should travel down the roads and interfere with what yellow is planning.
The need to stop the capturing as soon as possible before too much 
momentum is gained. 

For the most part, this will be a naval and aerial battle. Use ground
units sparingly, but build whatever you need to counter enemy units. Anti-
Airs will be insanely useful here. Also have some Dusters, possibly
putting your CO in one of them to make it crazy powerful on the field. 
Nothing important to note about this map. Just play agressively.

~~Mantis River~~
All of the neutral properties are cities, so you should take care of your
land units in this map. The center of the map will be a sort of crossroads
between all three teams. Red is actually capable of holding off both teams
at the bridges with Artillery, so try doing that if you're red. If not,
back up your troops with Rockets, then try and fight your way through the

Red is in the middle, and if they lose the center then they will quickly
be destroyed. Whoever gets red's factories will have an advantage on their
opponent, and they can spam Tanks until they rush through their final

~~Channel City~~
Red may start with more cities, but yellow and blue can expand faster and
reach more properties to even it up. This will be another naval battle 
for most of the fight. Red shouldn't interefere too much, mainly because
blue and yellow are likely to keep on fighting amongst each other. 

Red should only get involved in the naval brawl once one team starts to
weaken. They should try capturing the HQ, mooching off the work of the
other team. The remaining team needs to prevent this, or at least rout the
other team to prevent red from getting a ton of properties. Not much to
this battle, but keep capturing undefended properties.

~~Ink Canal~~
Yellow has a severe advantage here. They can capture a ton of properties
fairly easily, and red and blue will likely fight with each other
constantly over the battle. Yellow can sit back, get an even bigger
economic advantage, then mooch kill whichever is the losing army. Red and
blue don't have the funds to fight two armies at once, and if they try,
they will likely fail the map even faster. For yellow, work quickly. For
red and blue, try to avoid each other and take as many properties while you
have the chance.

~~Gem Creek~~
This is one of the stupider maps. Yellow has an island to themselves, while
the other teams only have small bits of property. Yellow's island has the
most neutral properties, so both teams will be rushing onto yellow's 
island. Yellow needs to defend their territory, and if they can secure
their own island, while fending off enemy units from both sides of the 
island, then they can easily win this map. Otherwise, yellow will easily
be eliminated from this mission.

If blue and red get control of the island, there will be a power struggle
between the two armies. Whoever completely controls the island will easily
win the battle.

~~Glass Heights~~
Red has a pretty clear advantage here, starting with twice as many
properties as the other teams. However, they have to cross a bunch of
forests to reach neutral properties, slowing them down. Blue and yellow 
need to take advantage of this and get themselves all of the neutral
properties near them.

Once they do that, the property total will be about even. If this happens,
red will likely be crippled as it takes them time to send a bunch of units
through the forests. Blue and yellow can attack from both sides of red's
base, using the chokepoints against red's advantage, taking them down. The
path from blue's base to yellow's is a huge chokepoint, and whoever gets
the factory in the middle is going to have an easier time winning. Rush it
from the start and don't lose hold of it.

~~Devil's Inlet~~
All sides should go for all nearby properties. Yellow should focus on the
cities up north so red doesn't get hold of them. This battle will be taking
place completely in the air thanks to none of the teams having access to
each other's bases on the ground. It could be a long battle if Anti-Airs
and Fighters are being made constantly. There's no other real advice for
aerial battles other than trying to outwit your opponents. If you succeed
in taking someone down, capture their properties and start cranking out
aerial units to overrun your last foe.

~~Sheer Port~~
Red starts with, and has access to, more properties, making this an
unfair fight. Ground troops are rather useless here, so you'll have to 
stick to a navy. Red will be able to outproduce anything blue and yellow
create, so those two teams should join and defeat red. There may be a land
battle for trying to claim red's properties, and if that happens, try 
rushing your opponents HQ in the chaos. They may leave it unguarded,
especially if they continue focusing on building more naval units and not
ground units. Landers with Tanks and Bikes work wonders.

~~Liar's Cove~~
Yellow has a huge advantage at the start from what it appears, but they
are pretty much even. Blue and red need to settle on yellow's island to
expand, as well as attack anything (since naval battles will be too
expensive to maintain from the start). Use T Copters to reach the island
quickly, then capture any neutral factory. 

Yellow will want to fend off enemy advancement, but that'll prove
difficult as both teams will keep bringing more and more units inland.
Red and blue may get into a property struggle and end up focusing on
each other, in which case yellow can assist the stronger side to eliminate
a competitor. It'll be a bit more of an even match once someone gets 

~~Nail Canal~~
Blue and yellow have no choice but to team up. Red starts with a ton of
properties, and the other teams will take a while to catch up. Red, in the
meantime, can build a huge army to defend the chokepoints north of them.
When the opposing armies come, they merely need to use several Rockets,
along with some Artillery and a bunch of Tanks, to push back the weak 
forces that the other armies will bring in. From there, red can spread 
around the map, capturing back their properties, and pushing into both
bases. Yeah, red is basically guarenteed victory. It's a rather stupid

If the other groups cna use their factories close to red effectively
(provided they get there before red), and save money, the other armies
can actually overtake red. Once red is gone, it'll still be a long map,
but at the least it'll be fair.

~~Atlas River~~
None of the groups have any land support to the other islands, so this will
be primarily an aerial battle. Each island has a similar amount of
properties, so it'll remain fair throughout. There's not much to say about
this map, sadly. It's a fair, all-around map, and it's unlikely you'll be
joining up with another group to take down a single base. Focus on air
defense before offence. It'd be stupid if a group of Bombers and a T Copter
came and took your HQ all because you were busy spamming Bombers yourself
or something.

~~Eel Channels~~
The overview of this map remains the same as Atlas River, except now you
have to use a navy instead of an air force. Shouldn't make the map much
different. Red will have a difficult time as most neutral properties are
available only to blue and yellow. They'll need to rush if they don't want
to fall behind in terms of army strength.

Focus on Battleships and Submarines. Make a Cruiser every now and then to
ensure enemy Submarines stay away from your Battleship fleet. Move your
way towards an enemy island, then injure their land forces with the
Battleships. Bring in Landers to stage a ground invasion as well, then try
to take their properties. Repeat this with whatever other army is
remaining at the end. It may be a long map thanks to all the naval warfare.

~~Jab Peninsula~~
Red has the advantage of being able to reach the middle island quickly,
allowing them to earn a bigger economy. The other teams have their own
neutral properties, but nearly enough as red will get if left alone. Try
and stop red before they get too far into their capturing. Focus more on
aerial units instead of a navy for this map. Make some ground defenses 
again air units, have a Submarine or two handy incase Battleships come 
towards your island, and just bide time.

Build up an air force and storm one of the enemy islands. Each team gets
tons of factories, so capturing it will be somewhat difficult. Routing
them may be a better idea if you can't block their factories. This will be
another long map since all three types of unit forces can be built. Do
whatever it takes to counter your opponents.

~~Port Mouth~~
Focus more on ground troops than a navy. Battleships will help you midway
through the battle on the perimeter of the island, but they won't be seeing
much use anywhere else. Make sure to build plenty of Landers so you can
reach distant islands fairly quickly. They also work well at distracting
the enemy. 

This map is nothing special. Each side will be able to get a decent
economy, so it could be a long stalemate throughout the center of the map.
There are a decent amount of chokepoints, so try using those to get the
enemy armies to disperse where they are sending their units. Play a bit
defensively and you could end up winning. Just push through to obtain enemy
properties when you know your forces can overtake the enemy's.

~~Shield Hills~~
Blue may start with more properties, but they may find it hard to advance
past the long chokepoints leading in and out of their base. Yellow and red
should team up and storm through blue. Both of them get more capturable
properties, and can eventually overpower blue. Working as a team, blue
has no chance of holding both chokepoints at the same time.

Once blue is gone, teams will need to capture what used to be blue's
properties quickly. Take the factories, and that team will be able to
easily destroy any remaining forces, as well as have great chance of
invading the last players' base.

~~Thorn Islands~~
None of the islands are connected, so it's another air/naval battle. Aerial
units, as always, are the preferred method of attacking. This map isn't 
any different than other air/naval maps. Just capture a ton of properties,
amass an army and go around to enemy occupied islands and take their
cities away from them if undefended. Even if they are somewhat defended,
a Bomber squadron should easily take them down.

Just go around the islands in this pattern, being sure to defend your own
islands. Once ready, assault an enemy's base. Bring Landers for ground
support, destroying any Anti-Airs the enemy has. This process will also
work with whoever is remaining.

~~Fork River~~
Yellow has one less city that can be captured than the other teams, so they
are at a slight disadvantage. Most of this map is full of plains, so 
nothing particuarly interesting will occur in the battle. Use the bridges
between bases as chokepoints as you establish an army, and prevent the
enemy bases from trying to get your cities. You'll need to push into their
bases and capture their cities. This is especially important for yellow--
they need an advantage. There aren't any special qualities about this map.
Remember to use Infantry/Mechs to distract chokepoint holders--they can
cross rivers, after all.

~~Power Balance~~
Starting Units--Infantry

Despite the map title, each base gets a similar amount of neutral
properties. Blue is in trouble, though, since most are far away from the
HQ. Get a factory and plenty of Bikes out in order to capture properties
quickly. Afterwards, focus on creating an air armada, eventually fighting
between another base. Like all maps, take the enemy cities once you are
finished, then move on to the last base. It may take some time to form a
large enough air force to invade the enemy, and beware of Cruisers that
are guarding the lakeshore--they can decimate air squadrons real fast here.

Starting Units--Infantry

This is a large map, and you only start with a single Infantry, so it is
going to take quite a while. Get a port immidiately and go for the center
airports. If you can get those, you will have a huge advantage on the map.
If not, then you'll need to focus on a navy. Make Battleships and prepare
to invade the enemy base that captured the airports. You want them
eliminated as soon as possible.

If you can get them out of the match, it will be a bit more fair it neither
of the remaining teams can capture those airports. Otherwise, like before,
whoever does will likely end up winning the map. Play offensively 
throughout the entire map in order to outlast your opponents.

~5D.4 Player Maps~
Finally, there are the 4 Player Maps. These have four armies pitted
against each other, and many maps usually have one defining property that,
if captured, gives that team the advantage to beat the remaining teams.
Some teamwork will be required to take down strong foe's, so make 
temporary alliances if needed. Online, these maps can only be played on in
friend matches.

~~Tournament 1~~
Starting Units--3 Infantry, War Tanks, Anti-Tank, Lander

Red and yellow have the advantage on this map. They can rush towards the
starting factories and capture the one that belongs to their opponent. 
With both factories in your control, taking down the foe next to you will
be fairly simple. Capture their HQ, then keep making Tanks and Artillery
as you make your way to the other base that remains (provided one of the
other bases was captured as well). Not too much of challening map, but can
turn into a stalemate if everyone survives.

~~Tournament 2~~
Starting Units--Infantry, Mech, Bike, Recon, Tank, Md Tank, War Tank,
Artillery, Anti-Tank, Flare

There are a bunch of silos on this map, so get to those quickly and use
them to your advantage. Try and bombard the other groups evenly, and keep
your units spread out so not too many get weakened when the enemy uses
silos. Also stay away from other foes until every silo is used; nothing is
better than launching silos at two different enemies instead of just one.

~~Deep Forest~~
Get the Com Tower nearby your base as quickly as possible, then rush for
the silos so that nobody else can use them later in the battle, where they
can actually hinder you. There are a ton of forests on this map, so it 
makes the roads kinda like chokepoints. Most units won't be able to go far
through the forests. Use that to your advantage, and try to focus on only
one opponent at a time. If two or three are attacking, focus on being
defensive until you can spend time attacking just one of them. If you can
own half the map, you'll be in a good shape of winning.

~~Marine Battle~~
Starting Units--3 Gunboats, 4 Cruisers, 3 Submarines, 2 Battleships

This is a pretty basic predeploy map. Use your ships effectively against
the opponent who is closest to you. Use your Gunboats to weaken enemy
Cruisers so your Submarines can pass by relatively unharmed. Have your
Cruisers try and destroy enemy Submarines before your Battleships get 
destroyed easily. It's basically a "destroy or be destroyed" map. You have
ports, but it'll take awhile before you have enough cash to build anything

~~Four-Leaf Isle~~
This is a stupid map as the battle is unlikely to ever get anywhere. No
ships can travel to the mainland, and a ground battle is simply impossible.
As far as I can tell, no battle here will ever finish. It'll just end in a
neverending stalemate. If ground units are banned, for whatever reason,
then as for your navy you should focus on Gunboats and Submarines. Keep 
your Gunboats supplied as often as possible as you move around the map.

Although, you can use Landers to drop ground units off on other parts of
the island. Any smart player will easily destroy whatever units get dropped
down, or block the beaches with Infantry to make landing impossible. As I
said, it'll probably just be a stalemate.

~~Coil Range~~
Starting Units--2 Mechs, Recon, Tank, War Tank, Artillery, Anti-Air

Have all of your units head for the center of the map. There aren't any
chokepoints, so you'll need to use your weaker units as shields for your
Artillery if you want to use it effectively. Conside waiting a day or two
and put your CO inside the Tank for greater power on the field. You need
to prevent your HQ from getting captured, while trying to capture your
opponents HQ's. Go for the one that's the greatest threat and has the most
units remaining when everyone collides in the middle of the map.

~~Missile Garden~~
You'll want to capture properties quickly in this map. Try and secure the
silos to the south so they don't end up hurting you later in the battle.
This will likely be a long battle as each team sends streams of units to
the center of the map, trying to get the most properties and killing
each other along the way. Try sticking back a bit and building a more
formidable army before invading the center.

Alternatively, just go along the outskirts of the map and invade another
base directly instead of interfering with the center. You'll have a decent
chance of success if you do that.

~~Cross Isles~~
Starting Units--Infantry, Lander

You've only got a few properties, so make use of that Lander and Infantry
and go capture a lot more. This will be a long battle, and it'll eventually
divulge into being a naval battle. There are a ton of properties, so you
should be able to amass a huge, powerful navy using the many ports that 
this map offers you. There's nothing else specific about this map. You
should know decent naval warfare, so just make sure you can counter what
your foes are making, provided this isn't Fog of War.

~~Obstacle Map~~
This is a pretty boring map. You have only a factory and airport, and many
lakes, fires, and plasma walls block the path. Form a small airforce, then
try and take over the airport that belong to the enemy adjacent of you.
By taking that, you can take their factory, and they basically have no
chance of winning at that point. Nothing special about this map either, but
you'll want to work quickly in order to gain a serious advantage over your

~~Grid Assault~~
Starting Units--9 Infantry

There are four sets of silos on the map. Split your Infantry forces to the
two sets that are closest to you. You'll want to weaken enemy Infantry 
before you rush for the center of the map. You don't want your HQ getting
taken, and that's what will end the map quickly. Not much to say here. Once
the silos are used, rush the HQ's and try to wall off capturing Infantry.

~~Vial Cape~~
Rush for the center of the map and get one of the factories. Try to
capture any of the other factories that are left untouched by the other
competitors. If you can't do that, fight for them while capturing cities.
They are pretty important to dominate the map. Whoever gets control of the
center will easily win this map. Keep sending units down there, and keep
building from the factory in the center. Anti-Tanks are always useful, and
even Mechs will have their use. Just never let the factory get blocked, or
you'll be in trouble.

~~Whirlpool Isle~~
Starting Units--Infantry

Rush to the center of the map and capture a factory. It's unlikely any team
will capture the airport for a while. This will be a boring map as nobody
has any other cities to capture. Spam Mechs from the center factory you
capture and try to take over another factory next to you. If you can
control two of them, you'll likely capture the airport. If you can do that,
making B Copters will easily be the key to victory. Be sure to hurry, or
those factories are going to be taken.

~~Tangled Web~~
Starting Units--Infantry, Mech, Tank, Artillery, Rig

All teams should head for the center factory. It'll be difficult for 
anybody to actually capture it, and all teams will probably kill each 
others Infantry and Mech before that can happen. There's not much to this
map. There may be a chokepoint at almost every point on the map, but with
only one Artillery, you can't do much with them. Use your Tank effectively
by putting your CO in it, then play a little defensively.

~~Battle Cube~~
Starting Units--Infantry, Mech, Bike, Tank, War Tank, Anti-Air, Artillery,
Missiles, Rockets, Rig, Lander, Submarine, Cruiser, Battleship, T Copter,
2 B Copters, Fighter, Bomber

For this map, you'll want to capture everyone's HQ to end the battle 
pretty quickly. To do this, you'll need make effective use of all of your
units. Destroy major threats, like the Battleships and all enemy air 
forces. You may want to play a bit defensively and let other teams injure
themselves, allowing you to mooch off of their work a bit easier. Make a
mix between taking your time and rushing, and don't be afraid to retreat
until you're safe to capture the HQ's. Sacrifice weaker units if you have
to, as well.

Starting Units--2 Infantry, 3 Bikes, 2 Rockets, Rig, 2 Battleships, 
2 Submarines, 2 Cruisers, 2 Landers, 2 T Copters, 2 B Copters, 2 Fighters,
2 Bombers

This may be a bit of a hectic map. Keep your land units back and use your
aerial and naval units to sink the enemy navies and air forces. You need
to split them up and destroy the two foes that are to the sides of you.
Continue attacking, playing it safe if necessary, until they are wiped out.
Try to minimalize casualites if at all possible. 

Once an enemy navy and air force is demolished, rushing them with your own
aerial units will destroy the few ground units that they start with. Once
one team has been killed, focus on destroying another team, preferable the
other team that starts adjacent to you. Continue this pattern with the 
final team, who is likely as weak, if not weaker, than your remaining 
forces. If you didn't lose too many units, you can easily overrun them for
a victory.

~~Four Corners~~
All teams need to secure properties around them, but at the most need to
rush for the airport in the center. Whoever gets it will have quite the
advantage in this map. Try getting it yourself, and in the middle of the
brawl, try sneaking into one of the other teams' base and park something
on their factory, using a few Tanks. From there, you can capture their HQ.
You shouldn't have to worry about funds after that, and the airport will
seem less significant if you haven't gotten it.

But you should get it eventually as you want control of the center of the
map. With a ton of properties, Tank spam, and put an Anti-Air next to the
airport to render it worthless. With the center in your control, invading
the remaining bases should prove easy, unless they team up on you. End the
battle quickly if they appear to be doing that.

~~Division Range~~
Get a large economy going, then keep sending Tanks to defend you cities,
as well as trying to overtake an enemy base. Red should get blue, abusing
the chokepoint to the south, while yellow and black fight it out in a
chokepoint-less area. It's a pretty basic map, but you'll find constantly
moving Tanks to reach your enemy gets quite annoying. Nothing can really
be done about this until you overrun one of the enemy bases. Then things
will finally get easier.

~~Island X~~
This map will quickly turn into an aerial battle, with a decent amount of
ground support. Get the factories near the middle of the map quickly, then
defend the chokepoints. Get some Dusters and Fighters out on the field to
take down any aerial opposition, and make some temporary airports to aid 
you in conquest. Focus on pushing through one chokepoint and taking an
enemy base for your own. Use as many aerial units as possible for backup.
You can also try using Landers to add even more pressure. Make one base
crumble, and you can finish the remaining two off with huge economic

~~Crop River~~
There is little chance for anyone other than black to be winning this map.
They start with a ton of properties, and can capture a lot more. All of the
teams should use river chokepoints to try and stall whoever is attacking
them while they build a bigger army. Black should try and keep their early
advantage by dominating one of the neighboring bases, only ensuring an
easy victory. The other three teams should try ganging up on black and
taking it down, before the reverse happens to them.

~~Inner Isle~~
Teams should not focus much on a ground battle. Stick a Recon on your HQ to
keep it safe from possible Infantry rushes, but focus on nabbing the center
island, as well as a naval battle. Try and secure half of the seas so you
can destroy an opponents base using several Landers loaded with Tanks, and
possible a Bike if you want to attempt an HQ capture. Or you can capture
one of their factories to make them focus on ground troops for a while. 
That's also an effective way of finishing an opponent off. Repeat this 
process with the other two bases, who will have likely injured themselves
in the interim, and you can win this mission.

~~Rival Islands~~
Focus on defeating your adversary on your island rather than the other
island. There are no chokepoints, so keep on using Tanks, and make a
Battleship every now and then to assist your ground troops. Just be aware
of enemy Submarines that'll try destroying it. Once you take over your 
entire island, you can win the map easily if neither teams on the other
island has won control. If so, then rush through one base, capture it, and
use the might of you economy, three times that of your last foe, to 
destroy them.

If the other island is completely owned, then it'll be stuck to mainly a
naval battle. Nothing special about one of those. Try to land on the enemy
island with some Landers if you ever get the oppertunity. Have Cruiser and
Submarines escort it.

~~Plus Canal~~
There aren't many properties to obtain, so you'll be stuck at defending
your territory by using the various chokepoints around your base. Like
all maps, try and push your way through one of the chokepoints (your best
bet would be the one with the weakest opposition), then try and capture
their HQ. That shouldn't be too hard--the HQ's are placed near the
chokepoints. Guarded by rivers and mountains, you can sneak Mechs over 
pretty quickly if you wish.

~~Quad Isles~~
Focus on trying to secure one of the islands on the corners of the map. Get
the airport first so you can defend it from any other assaults early in the
map, then get the cities. Past this point, most of the map will just be the
various teams assaulting each other using the bridges, with Bomber support
to try and break up the chokepoints. Not much else notable for this map.
Quickly take down a base to have an early advanatage, otherwise you're in
for a long battle.

~~Patriot Cove~~
This may also be a long map. Red has one additional property, but it's
neglible in the long run. Try and get the airport on the center island as
quickly as possible. You should use some Cruisers in order to make some 
enemy air units back away from yours, but otherwise you should just stick
to an air force. Try not to spend much money on Fighters, instead buying
Dusters. They're effective on this map. Use B Copters as well for any 
ground troops you come across, and try to invade a base and take it over.
Repeat that for the remaining bases until you clear the map. Destroy all
threats immidately so your air force can move unimposed.

~~Chain Canal~~
Getting command of the center island is critical to winning this mission.
It doesn't have to happen right away, but you'll need to get on that
eventually. The factories on the island are important. You can use them
to injure anything else produced on the island, and eventually capture said

Like other maps, form an air force and push through one of the enemy bases.
Due to the numerable amount of properties, attempt an HQ capture so you
can easily dominate with a strong economy. Make Battleships and Cruisers
to assist your units in the push through an enemy base. They are also good
at deterring enemy air units.

~~Spring Lakes~~
This is a huge map, and everyone starts with few properties. Do whatever
it takes to obtain factories elsewhere on the map, especially the center.
Try to mass an army of Tanks, then head straight for the nearest base. You
will want to be careful--there are no chokepoints you can use to your
advantage unless you cross over the center of the map. Speaking of which,
the factory there is a crucial point of this mission. Try capturing it.
Otherwise, ignore it for a while and manuver around it on your conquest to
destroy all enemy bases. Once you fall one base, you should have a strong
enough economy to take that factory, securing a victory in the map.

~~Grand Battle~~
Starting Units--2 Infantry, Mech, Recon, 3 Artillery, Rockets, 2 Anti-
Tanks, Rig, 6 Landers

Not so much a "grand" battle, exactly. You'll want to capture the enemy
HQ's due to the annoying nature of this map. You're given a ton of Landers
with which to accomplish this mission. Make sure that you land in safe 
areas, avoiding being attacked by Rockets and the Anti-Tanks. Once you land
your Artilleries and Infantry safely down, Destroy any enemy occupation in
the area. As for yourself, keep an Anti-Tank and Mech behind to defend your
own HQ. You don't want to have your plans get foiled by them being used on

~~Leafy Haven~~
Starting Units--Infantry, Mech, Bike, Recon, Anti-Air, Tank, War Tank,
Artillery, Rockets, Rig

Try and get most of your units onto the roads. This will take a long time
for your Bike, Recon, and Rockets, so they'll be pretty useless for this
map. Capture the HQ your units start close to, then try to defend your HQ
from capture, which should be relatively closeby. There's not much to this
map, so use your units efficiently and try not to lose over a simple HQ

~~Four Forests~~
Starting Units--Infantry

This will be an insanely long map as you all start with almost no
properties. Get Bikes on the field and start capturing. You'll want the
airports, and the factory at the center of the map is insanely useful. It
will take some time for a good economy to flow in, and afterwards you 
should focus on building an army with plenty of indirects, especially in
Fog of War. 

Try to slowly push into one base, using the defense of the forests to keep
as many of your units alive as possible. Once one of the bases is overrun
with Bombers and Tanks, you should own about half of the map. As with any
other battle, this will balance the map in your favor. Should make for an
easy victory.

~~Mountain Map~~
Starting Units--Infantry

This map is similar to Four Forests. It will take quite a while before any
significant action occurs, and lots of action may never happen. Almost the
entire map is a giant chokepoint, so it will take forever and then some to
push into a single base. If anything, control the center properties, and
send Mechs over the mountains to distract enemies in the chokepoints.

Nothing can really be said here. You're restricted to ground units, and
they really hurts with how annoying the chokepoints are. Rockets will be
insanely useful here as you try to push into an enemy base. Once you 
capture one, build strong units to try and push far into another base's
chokepoint. It will be a long map, possibly even resulting in a stalemate.

                    ~6.The War Room--Tactical Advice~
Want some advice on how to improve your game? Basic techniques all players
should follow can be found in this section. Most of these should be fairly
obvious to veterans, but if you are nowhere near as good as them, following
these tips will be a start to improving yourself.

1.Never build higher than Tanks

Yeah, I know that Medium Tanks are pretty strong. Big whoop. A unit isn't
judged by the amount of damage it can deal/take, but rather the cost
effectiveness of it. Tanks are extremely cheap, do decent damage to all
units it can attack, have pretty good defense, and larger movement than
most other units. 

War Tanks have only four movement. They can't sit outside a Rockets' range
and attack them next turn. Regular Tanks can. Not to mention that four
movement means it takes War Tanks about 33% longer to reach their 
destination, but not for normal Tanks. Also, regular Tanks can destroy
Medium Tanks, and as for War Tanks, that's what Anti-Tanks were made to 
take care of.

Units to build:
Infantry/Mechs/Bikes (map dependant on which ones are most effective at 
their jobs), Recons (capture interruptor), Flares (Fog of War mainly, but
powerful capture interruptors on maps where Recons can reach destinations
quickly), Tanks, Artillery (highly cost effective if protected), Anti-Tank
(only if enemy is spamming higher level Tanks like crazy)

Naval and air units are different. There are only a few of each, so it's 
good to balance between them all. Don't spam expensive Battleships or
Bombers--a few are good, but spamming them is wasting money. Both are more
than easily countered by cheaper units.

2.Use chokepoints to your advantage

Many maps have at least one chokepoint in them. A chokepoint, if you don't
know, is a thin spot on the map where units can only pass through single-
file. If you put a unit in a chokepoint, it's basically a wall against 
enemy units.

This also works to your advantage if used correctly. Block the chokepoint
with a strong units, then place an Artillery or two behind it. Since the
enemy can't attack your Artillery, you're free to bombard their units from
a safe distance.

But be careful if the enemy has Artillery of their own. If possible, make
a Rockets to destroy enemy Artillery, otherwise pull out of the chokepoint
if you don't have many, if any, Artillery. On maps with air units, 
chokepoints aren't too useful. Bombers can just go around the clogged area,
attacking enemy Artillery easily. 

3.Keep producing

On maps with a bunch of factories, it is best to constantly produce things
every turn. At the least you should keep building Infantry. They make cheap
and effective meatshields, especially useful in chokepoints. Saving up 
cash is only useful on naval/air dominant maps. After all, the most 
expensive unit you should be making is Tanks, with the exception of Anti-
Tanks every now and then.

Outproducing your enemy is key. Having more units is not always better, but
it's unit placement that can seriously help. There's no need to use this
tactic on huge maps, but for smaller maps, it's quite useful.

4.Understand property advantages

By this, I mean which ones you should put effort into securing as quickly
as possible, and which ones you can take awhile to capturing. You obviously
want as large of an economy as possible, and getting far away cities that
will become difficult to capture later is key.

Also rush for any distant production facility. After all, they are
capable of defending themselves, and can pay off in the long run. Ports
aren't nearly as important as airports and factories are. Keep that in

Finally, there's capturing disruption. You're out and about the map, trying
to secure properties. Why not mess with your opponent? Making several
Recons for the sole purpose of delaying, if not destroying, enemy Infantry
and stalling their capturing is always advised, unless you are on a huge
map or doing this is impossible (large sea prevents access to enemy base,
for example). Use Flares instead if there are many plains or forests in the
way to the enemy base. In such cases, Flares move faster than Recons, and
will be more useful.

Remember that your opponent will likely do this in return! Escort Infantry
with a Recon, or even a Tank, to minimize harassing attempts. Securing
properties, far away properties, and delaying your opponent are vital to
early-game matches.

5.Strategies differ by map

Finally, every map is different. It's advised to play on every map at some
point so understand their advantages, which properties are worth capturing
early in the match, and what spots often see the most action. Sometimes you
can merely eyeball a map from the start to determine that, but you will be
able to formulate strategies as you get more experience in non-campaign

Also of note is that you need to figure out what units you should build
more of, and if you should focus on ground, air or naval. Sometimes it's
obvious what you should build, and other times you'll only want to build
certain things as counters. It is never wise to invest in all three types
of units. Always focus on just one, occasionally building in another group
for support. If naval units don't have access to most of the map, don't
build them. If ground units are trapped by mountains in most areas, then
stick to air units. Know your maps to determine what to build and how to
overrun your opponent's base.

                          ~7.Design Maps~
As with other Advance Wars, you're capable of designing your own maps. For
a change, you are finally able to customize the size of your map. It can
be anywhere from 5X5 to 30X30. Also, the amount of buildings you can place
has been knocked up to 99, but units placable has been kept at 50 per team.

When creating your own map, you'll always need to keep aware of fairness.
Of course, this is for actual competitive maps. Making gimmicky maps is
fine too, provided all players know of the stipulations to win. 

Concerning competitive maps, a symmetrical map is rarely a good idea. Never
put a lone building in the center of the map. Obviously, whoever goes first
is probably going to capture it, and whoever does is destined to win more
likely then not.

If you do make a symmetrical map, avoid first turn advantage. Whoever goes
first gets dibs on pretty much everything on the map, and can easily get
the first strike on their foe. This only applies to small maps, usually
13X13 or less. Anything bigger, and first turn advantage is generally

To remedy first turn advantage, there are a variety of options. You can
either give the second player a predeployed Infantry. Alternatively, you
can give them a preowned city near red's base that they will capture
pretty soon, but long enough for blue to be on even grounds with red.

Also, avoid making maps with an insane amount of chokepoints. Having a few
is nice, but make sure there's at least one non-chokepoint path to and
from all bases on the map. There's no fun in 100-day stalemates for control
over a single chokepoint.

Another important aspect of a map is terrain variety. A map full of only
plains looks boring, and certainly isn't going to be interesting in Fog of
War. Conversely, a map full of woods isn't going to be fun because it will
take twice as long for vehicles to reach their targets. Use roads to link
bases to key destinations on the map. Use rivers or sea tiles to block off
areas from land units, or use mountains. Mountains should be placed in
areas that will help players in Fog of War, or merely to block off travel
of land units.

Finally, there's the properties themselves. You'll need even distribution
so that all sides get the same amount of properties, provided you're not
intentionally giving the advantage to one player. A general rule is that
there should be about 4 cities per unit production facility on the map.
Also, don't forget that Com Towers now give funds. Radar stations also 
give funds as well. Use Radars in Fog of War maps, being sure to place them
in strategic positions. Never make too many properties "uncapturable". By
that, it's meant that by the time you reach them, both teams will be waging
war with Tanks, and neither side will get said properties. Whoever does 
will obviously be the one winning, and those properties will only help them
win even faster.

These are merely suggestions--they in no way should dictate how you create
your maps. They're design maps. You SHOULD be creative in most of them. 

Also, you are capable of uploading maps over Nintendo Wifi Connection.
Sending them to the Map Center allows them to be downloaded at random. You
can only have one map at a time in the Map Center be available for
download, and the size has to be 10X10 or smaller. Also, you need to hae
played on it and finished it (set all players so you control them if you
wish; surrendering will NOT count as "finishing" a map). People who 
recieve the map can play it, and after finishing can rate it on a scale of
1 to 5. You can check the score of your uploaded map whenever you connect
to Wifi.

You can trade maps of any size with people in your Friend Roster. Any
traded map stays in your roster, and any recieved map will take up a vacant
save space that you have.

                        ~8.History and Medals~
In the History section, you can view just how many times you've done 
something. How many days have passed in the game, how many of each unit
you've produced/killed, and how long you've played. For passing certain
amounts, you earn a medal. You can earn up to three medals for each 
catagory. Following is a list of each achievement, and how many of each
you need to accomplish to earn all three medals. 

Also note the top screen. You're shown Force, Team, Rank, and eight huge
medals. These are all have different meanings.

Force is the type of units you use more often than anything else. For many
players, this is likely to be ground. Depending on the maps you prefer to
play, you may end up with Naval or Air.

Team is the type of unit you've spent the most money on. If you've made
200 Infantry and 200 Bombers, you'll be in the Bomber Squdron as you've
spent far more on them than you have Infantry.

Rank is merely a colored plate with stars on it. The more medals you 
obtain, the more the color will change the the more stars that will appear
on the plate.

There are eight large medals to obtain. Here's how to get them:
Time Medal--Play the game for 50 hours
S Rank Medal--Obtain 50 S Ranks
Units Production Medal--Obtain a total of 50 medals for units produced
Units Destroyed Medal--Obtain a total of 50 medals for units destroyed
Multiplayer Medal--Obtain four medals total in multicard/Wifi catagories
Maps Played Medal--Play on 150 maps
Maps Cleared Medal--Clear 150 maps
Gun Medal--Obtain five medals total in Talon Gun/Nest/Meteors destroyed

Here are the three different catagories of medals, and all of the various
achievements on each page with the amount you need to earn each medal:

Game Play Total (30, 80, 200)
Total Time Played (10, 30, 50)
Total Maps Played (30, 60, 150)
Total Maps Cleared (30, 60, 150)
Total Days (1000, 3000, 5000)
Total S Ranks Obtained (10, 30, 50)
Total A Ranks Obtained (10, 30, 50)

Total B Ranks Obtained (10, 30, 50)
Total C Ranks Obtained (10, 30 50)
HQ Capture Victories (30, 50, 150)
Annihilation Victories (30, 50, 150)
Total Funds Used (1000000, 3000000, 5000000)
Damage Value (1000000, 3000000, 5000000)
Times CO Power Used (20, 50, 100)

Times CO Boarded Unit (20, 50, 100)
Times CO Retreated (20, 50, 100)
Direct Attacks (1000, 3000, 5000)
Indirect Attacks (500, 1000, 2000)
Missile Silo Attacks (20, 50, 100)
Total Bases Captured (500, 1000, 2000)
Construction Total (15, 30, 80)

Resupply Total (30, 60, 150)
Times Units Joined (20, 50, 100)
Units Loaded (30, 60, 150)
Units Dropped (30, 60, 150)
Units Deleted (30, 60, 150)
Surprise Encounters (50, 100, 200)
Flares Launched (30, 60, 150)

Subs Dived (20, 50, 100)
Subs Surfaced (30, 60, 150)
Unit Actions (5000, 10000, 20000)
Distance Moved (5000, 10000, 20000)
Nintendo WFC Battles (10, 30, 50)
Multiplayer Battles (10, 30, 50)
Maps Traded (10, 30, 50)
Talon Guns Destroyed (1, 5, 15)
Nests Destroyed (1, 3, 10)
Meteors Destroyed (50, 100, 200)

~~Units Built~~
Infantries (50, 100, 200)
Mechs (50, 100, 200)
Bikes (50, 100, 200)
Recons (50, 100, 200)
Flares (50, 100, 200)
Tanks (50, 100, 200)
Medium Tanks (50, 100, 200)

War Tanks (50, 100, 200)
Artilleries (50, 100, 200)
Anti-Tanks (50, 100, 200)
Rockets (50, 100, 200)
Anti-Airs (50, 100, 200)
Missiles (50, 100, 200)
Rigs (50, 100, 200)

Fighters (50, 100, 200)
Bombers (50, 100, 200)
Dusters (50, 100, 200)
Seaplanes (50, 100, 200)
B Copters (50, 100, 200)
T Copters (50, 100, 200)
Battleships (50, 100, 200)
Cruisers (50, 100, 200)
Landers (50, 100, 200)
Submarines (50, 100, 200)
Carriers (50, 100, 200)
Gunboats (50, 100, 200)

~~Units Destroyed~~
Infantries (50, 100, 200)
Mechs (50, 100, 200)
Bikes (50, 100, 200)
Recons (50, 100, 200)
Flares (50, 100, 200)
Tanks (50, 100, 200)
Medium Tanks (50, 100, 200)

War Tanks (50, 100, 200)
Artilleries (50, 100, 200)
Anti-Tanks (50, 100, 200)
Rockets (50, 100, 200)
Anti-Airs (50, 100, 200)
Missiles (50, 100, 200)
Rigs (50, 100, 200)

Fighters (50, 100, 200)
Bombers (50, 100, 200)
Dusters (50, 100, 200)
Seaplanes (50, 100, 200)
B Copters (50, 100, 200)
T Copters (50, 100, 200)
Battleships (50, 100, 200)
Cruisers (50, 100, 200)
Landers (50, 100, 200)
Submarines (50, 100, 200)
Carriers (50, 100, 200)
Gunboats (50, 100, 200)

Me-Wrote this FAQ for you to enjoy

You-The reader who makes this FAQ have a purpose

Yoshi, Swifty, and thefalman-Thanks to them for their DBD guides for The
Creeper, Metro Map, and Land's End respectively

CJayC and the Baconator-For making an awesome website to host all of 
these walkthroughs

Copyright Deathborn 668. This Walkthrough is not to redistributed 
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