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CO Guide by SRC543

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/28/08

Advance Wars: Days of Ruin CO FAQ-----
------------------------------By SRC--

Hello, I am SRC543, an Advance Wars enthusiast (or addict) and gamer. Due to
somewhat of a lack of information and FAQs, I decided to write an FAQ myself
to introduce all twelve of the game's COs, what they're all about, and how to
use them properly. I may not be the best Advance Wars player out there, but I
figure I know a thing or two about the series, and I hope that this guide will
be a good asset to your game. 

Before I begin, I'd like to apolagize to you European players out there. At
this point this guide only contains the American names, but if you can find a 
list of changes between versions or just read what's under the unit and
commander names it shouldn't be TOO confusing.

Quick Version History:
2/28/08-1.0-First Submitted Version. Numerous errors are likely present and
a lot of content probably could use a double check, but I just wanted to get
everything up as fast as I could.

Here are the sections of the guide. The symbols provided next to these sections
may provide as a quick reference through the use of the Ctrl+F function. I
might reuse one or two, so bear with me and click "find next" a couple more
times. :P

1. ` Introduction to Multiplayer
2. | The COs
 @ Will
 # Brenner 
 $ Lin
 > Isabella
 < Tasha
 ^ Gage
 & Forsythe
 * Waylon
 = Greyfield
 { Penny
 } Tabitha
 \ Caulder
3. > FAQs
4. @ Closing

Section 1: Introduction to Multiplayer `

Okay, so you've beaten the campaign and got some good trial maps scores. So
what's next? Why, with online multiplayer and no other modes to look to, 
all signs lead to multiplayer! But multiplayer is a lot different from
campaign. Since most maps don't start you out with a CO War Tank and force
you to use Will, things work a lot differently against other human opponents.
So here I'll give you a few tips on how to play before you get going on
selecting your CO. It isn't a whole lot, but it should at least give you the
basic idea.

1. What's hot and what's not? 

Units vary greatly in value and quality in this game, so here's a quick run
through on how they fare against each other.

Infantry, Mechs, and Bikes-Always useful to have around and should pretty 
much be spammed as much as possible since they're useful for walling and for
capturing. Mechs are great for killing a vehicle or two and Bikes have some
nice movement when there isn't too much terrain.

Recon and Flare-Recons are good for interrupting capturing early on, but
that's about it. Flares have a very useful ability for FoW and can beat
Anti Air and recons in addition to infantry units.

Anti Air and Missiles-always great to have on an air map. Anti is also useful
as a support unit against weaker ground units and is more mobile. Missile are
slow, but deadly and great at chokepoints.

Tanks-The Tank is the only Tank generally worth using, and is pretty much the
most useful vehicle. Medium tanks cost too much and move slower for their
boosted power and War Tanks are just too slow period and are easily countered
by indirects.

Artillery, Anti-Tank, and Rockets-Artillery and Rockets are absolutely vital
at any chokepoint, and make nice support units. Anti-Tanks cost too much and 
have little stronger offense than artillery. You have other units to deal with
copters and infantry units to protect your artillery from direct attacks.

Rigs-Bikes make their transporting not as great, but can be useful for
transporting a mech or two here and there. They are practically vital on big
maps that need lots of supplies, however.

Fighter and Dusters-Only really good on purely air dominated maps. If a lot 
of ground or naval combat is involved, it probably isn't worth your money. The
Duster's machine guns are totally worthless on ground units, but it's decent
enough at fighting to be similarly useful to fighters in air superiority.

Battle Copters and Bombers-Copters are generally much more useful because
of significantly lower cost and still do a good job destroying tanks and other
ground units. Bombers only a lot more damage to a few units, and are just 
about as easily destroyed as Copters. Not really worth over double the cost...
Don't build too much of either since they're so feeble.

T Copters-Easy enough to see the purpose. Transport infantry across islands
for cheap. Nice to have these around.

Battleships-Almost vital sea unit that deals good damage to nearly all naval
and ground units. They're vulnerable though, so protect them.

Aircraft Carrier-Seaplanes are pretty much the only good thing about them.
Factoring in the cost of the near useless carrier, the 15000G cost isn't much
anymore. Avoid these unless you have a huge funds advantage.

Submarine-Another good naval unit to have around. Good counter to Battleships
and Gunboats, and also is good for hurting other subs and taking out landers.

Cruiser-Good for sea combat and for anti air, this is a pretty versatile unit
for its price. It's also the best sub killer out there.

Lander-If you need to transport a lot of ground units around for a map, you
you know when to use this. 

Gunboat-Great one shot unit capable of crippling a few types of units, plus
are great early game for the infantry transport. Another good naval unit to 
have in your armada, or rather several considering the price...

2. How should you use your units?

You should almost always flood infantry type units so you can gain a funds 
advantage and use it to protect your more powerful units. Conservation of your
more powerful units is a key to victory.

Check the map so you know if you're building the right units to begin with. If
there isn't much land, skip out on building many land units. If there's lots
of land don't make too many air units. If there are a lot of tight spots, use
more indirect vehicles, if there are many open spaces, rely on direct

Check your range often so you don't wind up in infavorable second attack
matchups. Avoid accidents such as say, carelessly putting a Copter in missile
range. Playing slowly can help remedy this problem.

3. What should you load your CO unit in?

Very map dependant and CO dependant, this can vary greatly. The best option on
most ground dominated maps is a CO tank, so stick with those at first. Then,
as you improve start experimenting with other units. There is a lot of
potential for many units, such as loading Forsythe on a cheap infantry. Just
avoid weak units such as Medium and War Tanks and Carriers, and Subs since
they will blow its cover with its CO zone. COs in expensive units can also be
quite taxing, so be careful of what you're putting them in!

Section 2: The COs |

Here's a rundown on the format before I begin:

Brief description on how the CO plays

A little backround information on the CO

-Day to Day-
Effects that take place every day assuming the CO is in play. (The only
exception is Penny's effect.)
Zone: Radius the effect takes place 
Max Zone: How large the zone becomes if the CO Power bar is maxed
Boosts: The units that receive the effect
Effect: The boost the CO's specialized units receive. This stacks with a 
generic 10/10 boost, resulting in some pretty big boosts. This also stacks 
with the level boosts, which are +5/+0, +10/+0, +20/+20 depending on the
level. CO units have the same boost as a max level unit, or "Veteran" unit.

-Power- The CO Power the CO may use with a full power meter, if he/she has

Basic strateg when using this CO

-Counter Strategy- 
Basic Strategy when playing this CO

[1] Will @

A direct vehicle and infantry specialist. Strong on direct maps but stumbles
on heavy indirect and island heavy maps.

Will is a former Rubinelle Cadet, who was rescued by Brenner. He joins the
12th Battalion to aid Brenner in his journey to save survivors of the world.
Will has great...will and believes things will always go his way as long as
he never gives up.

-Day to Day-
CO Zone: 2 (Max: 4)
Boosts: Direct-attacking ground units
Effect: +20/+0

Will's zone boosts infantry units in addition to direct attacking ground
vehicles, bringing them up to a very respectable 130/110. All other
units in his zone are stuck with a generic 10/10 boost.

CO Power: Rally Cry
Boosts Mobility of direct-attacking ground units by 2.

Rally Cry is a very simple CO power, but it can be quite devastating!
Imagine...8 move tanks, 4 move mechs, 5 move infantry, or any other
direct attacking ground unit, all with Will's good attack boost. Expect
to get a lot of first attacks and expect to cause some serious damage.
This is definitely something worth paying a bit of zone and a CO unit's
turn for.

-General Strategy-
Outclassed is practically Will's middle name, but as Will says: "Never Give
Up!" Although Direct units are his game, don't be afraid to build some
indirects to help them out as you see necessary. On a chokepoint, things might
look grim, but try to match their indirects with your own and be careful of
the boosts and powers others may yield. Use Will's zone to your advantage
and look for an opportunity to breakthrough; his CO unit, mechs, and powers
may especially come in handy for this. Whatever you do, keep cranking out the
tanks and infantry, keep your tanks in good shape and keep your opponent at
edge. You should do fine.

-Counter Strategy-
Since Will isn't much better than the average COs with directs,
counter picking with Isabella or Forsythe gives you the benefit of many more
boosted units for only slightly worse direct units. Don't let your guard down,
though. Careless placement of units is just asking to set yourself up for Will
to use Rally Cry and destroy many of your units. If it isn't a good indirect
map, don't be afraid to counter Will's strategy with his own since you really
aren't at much of a disadvantage. On a map with many small islands and land
support means nothing, the battle should be yours; Will can't do squat.

[2] Brenner #

A CO of strong survival ability but mediocre damage dealing. A good CO power
with high CO zone makes him quite nice.

Brenner is the leader of Brenner's Wolves (or the 12th Battalion), whose goal
is to save as many survivors as possible after the deadly meteor strike.
Brenner is an honorable man and has an unshakable faith in humanity, but is
also notorious for spewing out many cheesy quotes such as "Where there's
life, there's hope."

-Day to Day-
CO Zone: 3 (Max:5)
Boosts: All Units
Effect: +0/+20

Brenner's zone gives all of his units within it an extra 20 defense, making
them 110/130. Although his troops lack killing power, his zone kind of offsets
his opponents, too. And with a massive 3 zone it also impacts a lot of units,
making it fairly powerful.

CO Power: Reinforce
All Units Recover 3 HP

Brenner's CO Power is even simpler than Will's, but its one of my personal
favorites due to its sheer versatility. Crippled CO unit? Use its power and
fall back on a city. Crippled units in general? 3 HP can put them back in
decent enough shape to do some damage, or heck, have two originally 1 HP
units heal and combine on a city to have a fresh new one next turn. Need to
do some damage? Attack some units and use the power to recover most of the
damage they'll take. It aids in capturing, it's great a large maps, the list
goes on. Despite its strengths, don't expect to do anything particularly
devastating with it-Brenner's attack power is still only a laughable 110%.
Still, with its many benefits it's a solid CO power. It doesn't hurt
Brenner's superior power let's him activate it more.

-General Strategy-
Brenner never does anything particularly amazing throughout a match, but by
using what he has to his advantage he is still easily an above average CO.
His defense and power make for some good meatwalling and staying power, but
on the flipside his low offense makes it a similar case for his opponent.
Just play passively, trying to take advantage of his zone and power as much
as possible.

-Counter Strategy-
Meatwalls will probably work even better here than normal since neither CO
will have much more than above average attack power with Brenner around. His
zone is pretty big but the most is average at best so there isn't much of a
threat there. Do keep an eye out on his power meter, though, because despite
3 HP recovery seeming like a minor effect, it can hit you pretty hard.
Getting kills or at least crippling units would probably be the best thing to
do. Leaving 1 or 2 HP units is just asking him to combine into fresh units
and 3 HP can turn a first attack matchup right around. In addition, Brenner's
first attacks will likely recover the counter damage, too, so expect some
extra daring attacks. Brenner is good, but not extremely dangerous. Stick with
your own CO's specialties and beat him at your own game.

[3] Lin $

Mostly a defense specialist, Lin starts out a little slow but has a powerful
zone surrounding her after dealing some damage.

Lin is the permanent second in command of the 12th Battalion. Cool and
collected, she seems very quiet and serious, but she has a surprising
sense of humor. Lin is a self proclaimed fog of war specialist, and won't
hesitate to take command if things are looking a bit dark.

-Day to Day-
CO Zone: 1 (Max: 3)
Boosts: All Ground Units
Effect: +20/+20

Lin's zone seems rather powerful at first, but immediately the 1 zone is an
obvious problem. Although she isn't quite Brenner and Will put together, if
you manage to max her power bar and keep her CO unit alive, Lin's zone
becomes pretty good, with a zone of 3 and 130/130 units.

CO Power: Scout 
Adds 2 to ground unit vision, including hiding places

Before you think Lin is suddenly Sonja 2.0, remember that at the cost of
using the power means you lose Lin's 3 zone the next turn. Try to use Scout
sparingly, as you can use Flares or pass by with units to reveal hidden
properties. But when you need to make a big gamebreaking move for a turn,
130/130 units all around without being slowed down to reveal units is pretty
good. On a non fog of war map, you might want to not use Lin's power at all,
unless you desperately need 130/130 units for that turn and don't need the
3 zone for later.

-General Strategy-
The first thing you'll notice about Lin are her great zone boosts, so use
them! Getting Lin out in a tank earlier is even more important than with
other COs, because she really needs the zone boost. Aim for easy kills when
you can and keep Lin's CO unit protected. Guarding her unit with infantry
works even better here since her zone gives such a nice boost. Play
defensively and keep her units close together. This works particularly well
on chokepoints. Once her power is maxed, save Lin's Power for a while until
you really need it, and you've got a CO with both good range and an above
average boost.

-Counter Strategy-
Lin's small CO zone and lack of a good CO power already give you a decent
advantage. Her effect gives a rather powerful boost, but it's only around
10/10 more than the average boost so don't fret too much. It might be a good
idea to give decent priority to killing Lin's CO unit because the zone gets
kind of powerful by the time it hits 3, but fortunately her power itself isn't
very devastating so don't do anything too crazy just to get rid of the decent

[4] Isabella >

A jack-of-all-trades that's actually quite good. Gets the job done in many
different types of battles-even against specialists thanks to her awesome Deep
Strike power.

Isabella is an amnesiac girl that Will saves from some random house. For
reasons later explained in the story, she remembers very little aside from
raw battlefield information. She shows it too, with a well rounded zone and
a CO power with large potential.

-Day to Day-
CO Zone: 2 (Max:4)
Boosts: All Units
Effect: +10/+10

Isabella's zone boosts everything from infantry to aircraft carriers with
both attack and defense with average range, make her quite a jack of all
trades. Her effect may seem weak, but an average boost with average zone is
pretty good considering it's good for any unit.

CO Power: Deep Strike
+2 move for all units, and +2 range for indirect units

Oh boy, Deep Strike. If you thought CO powers in this game were nerfed, this
might just be the first one to prove you wrong. There's not even much
strategy for using this, just as long as you have a good amount of units for 
it to benefit from to justify the zone loss next turn. You get 8 move tanks,
4 move mechs, 7 range rockets, 5 range artillery, 7 MOVE 7 RANGE
BATTLESHIPS...yeah, this power has it all. Whether it's getting the first
attack, breaking a chokepoint, or advancing some infantry units, or best of
all all three, Deep Strike has you covered.

-General Strategy-
You can play Isabella like a lot of others COs so Isabella's strategy is
about as general as it gets. Just remember that Deep Strike means that
Isabella's meter matters more than that of the average CO, so try to build
it up and take advantage of it as much as possible. Also try to take special
care of her CO unit (though you should be doing that for most COs anyway). 
She is pretty competent for most situations: good on direct dominated land
maps, great on land maps where indirects work great, and she's even adept
enough as a solid navy CO. If you're having trouble selecting a CO for a map,
Isabella is there with her well rounded abilities.

-Counter Strategy-
Her day to day zone boosts are only above average at best, so nothing to worry
about there. Killing Isabella's CO unit if available is highly favorable to
do, or else you might have to face the wrath of Deep Strike. This power is a
serious threat whether it's an indirect or direct dominated map, god forbid
both. And keeping your units out of range won't help either, since the player
may choose to keep Isabella's power meter for more zone and therefore gets
free ground without even actually using Deep Strike. If possible, kill
Isabella's CO unit at as good moment as you can so you can avoid this game
breaking power.

[5] Tasha <

A CO possessing potentially devastating Air unit fire power, but falters due
to lacking zone, CO power, and ground support.
Revenge! REVENGE! REEEEVEEEENGGGEEE! That's all that Tasha is about, getting
revenge for her brother who died fighting the Rubinelle army. And that's about 
as much depth you'll find in Tasha's personality. ;~_~

-Day to Day-
CO Zone: 1 (Max:3)
Boosts: Air Units
Effect: +40/+20

Tasha's zone and bonus are flat out ridiculous, and that's not exactly a good
thing, either. It's going to be really difficult to use her CO unit in
position to take advantage of her stupidly high attack power, but I suppose
she can't be faulted for not having enough of it...

CO Power: Sonic Boom
+2 move for all air units

Well, this power is even more situational than Lin's. If you've somehow built
up a good air force and could benefit heavily from the universal zone for a
turn and extra move to do some serious damage, go for it. But chances are,
your force will simply be too low to take much use of this power and its best
to just keep the more bearable 3 zone.

-General Strategy-
Tasha is...difficult to use. She has some of the best air units of all the
COs, but due to her zone not all of them will even get the boost. Her air
unit only zone gives her squat for ground or naval support, so Tasha will
just get beaten up in those fronts, and air units are very counterable. Your
best bet would be to pick a Air/Ground map, create a solid ground force
(COing a tank isn't a bad idea), then when you have the money and the units
to counter anti air try to bring an air force to your advantage as much as
possible. Meatwalls will be your worst enemy ever, so try to break through
them when you can. No air unit is even close to infallible, so protect them
with your ground force as much as you can. If anti air and missile are in
range, prepare to fall back, because losing your air force is a lot worse
than the damage you might deal by sending a few bombers and copters on
suicide runs.

-Counter Strategy-
Haha, Tasha will probably have barely anything on you. Her zoned air units
have some fierce attack power, though, so don't think your meatwalls are
exactly invincible. Tasha's ground game is terrible, so as long as you have
a fair share of anti air units around there shouldn't really be any problems.

[6] Gage ^

Gage is quite strong on indirect maps and average in naval battles, but his
directs suffer from few boosts.

Gage is a consummate professional soldier, and that's about it. He purposely
tries to show no emotion and doesn't really talk a whole lot even when asked
to. He just does his job and finds that alone fulfilling enough.

-Day to Day-
CO Zone: 2 (Max:4)
Boosts: Naval and Indirect Units
Effect: +20/+10

Gage is more of an indirect specialist than anything, but I suppose the naval
boost can at least be treated as a kicker. His directs only get a bland boost,
but on the flip side he does have some of the better indirects in the game.

CO Power: Longshot
Increases range of all indirect units by 2

Though weaker than Isabella's power just as Will's is, Longshot actually still
has potential to be powerful stuff. You won't be one hit killing units like
no tomorrow like with Snipe Attack, but increased indirect range is the ideal
way in gaining the upper hand in a chokepoint. For one turn, your artillery
essentially become rockets, and your battleships, rockets, and missiles 
essentially become...godlike. Enemy rockets and other indirects should be
your first priority if you're playing an indirect heavy match, otherwise use
the range to take the opportunity to do as much damage as possible that turn.

-General Strategy-
Like Will, Gage is pretty much outclassed by Isabella. That doesn't mean that
Gage can't do what Isabella can just as well on a map with lots of
chokepoints. On a chokepoint, just build as many indirects as you can protect,
and do a lot of damage within your zone to be the first to activate your
power, and you should have the upper hand very fast. Gage on a somewhat open
map is a bit trickier. Building a CO Tank and perhaps a few more is still a
good idea so you can gain the upper hand in capturing to support your
infantry. Then, when you're feeling comfortable, throw in some indirect
units and keep them protected at all costs. Artillery will be your best
friend and rockets are usually a good investment, but Anti Tanks are a
generally poor investment even for Gage. If left open they'll get wrecked by
infantry and if protected they're hardly stronger than artillery for nearly
twice the cost. Lame.

-Counter Strategy-
If you're on a very chokepointy map, you might be out of luck due to Gage's
COP, but counterpicking with Isabella could solve this problem. On a map
balanced between directs and indirects, try to force Gage into his inferior
direct game by breaking through any meatwalls and chokepoints he set up and
crippling his indirects at the same time. Normal tanks are the best for this
job but mechs are still really helpful to have around, especially with a
movement boosting power! If Gage deploys an anti tank, instead of madly
rushing with tanks, just send a bike at it and force said anti tank to
retreat. If you're really having trouble breaking up Gage's force, indirects
might be good just in case, but be very weary of his COP as it can be no
good if his rockets strike yours before you're even able to do anything with

[7] Forsythe &

A CO boasting a huge zone, making him not only fairly powerful but potential
for unique CO strategies.

Forsythe is the commander and General of the entire Lazurian army, and, like
Brenner, is an honorable man who would never kill anyone if it isn't
neccesary. He is an old gentlemen and talks like one too, saying words like
"smashing" I barely hear being used anymore.

-Day to Day-

CO Zone: 5 (Max:5)
Boosts: All Units
Effect: +10/+10

Well, for day to day, Forsythe has quite the motherload. Not only does he
give a solid and universal 120/120 effect like Isabella, but it immediately
starts out with 5 zone maxed! Forsythe hands down has one of the best zones
in the game, and that zone is so large you could even CO  an infantry into
play and still have it cover many of your units. Smashing!

CO Power: None

That's right, Forsythe doesn't have one. It's the price you have to pay for
having such awesome zone right from the get-go. And with no meter that also
means his max zone is only his base of 5. So tough beans.

-General Strategy-
Forsythe is a pretty unique CO, and if compared to any other CO he would
probably be most similar to Brenner. Forsythe never does anything
particularly outstanding for a single turn, but using the passive advantages
he gives, is quite a formidable opponent. You have a ton of freedom with your
CO unit because it will always be "maxed out" upon deployment. Be creative and
use this to your advantage. CO a mere infantry or bike unit to get an early
upper hand in capture phase, and if you're desperate for a stronger you could
always have it killed off for a stronger unit. Infantry and Bikes are usually
preferable, though, as his zoned 120/120 units usually get the job done and
cost average price. Always keep the pressure on your opponent so they can't
use their only advantage over you: their CO power. Trying to trade off your
CO unit for your opponents is a good idea. After all, It works a lot better
for you than for them, right?

-Counter Strategy-
Forsythe's CO zone boost is here to stay, so don't think you're going to
easily get rid of it, especially on smaller maps. Don't try to pick off his
CO unit unless you find it necessary, it can be done cheaply, or it will
seriously set him back for a few turns. Don't be too afraid of his so called
"instant vet" units. Your own units in your CO zone are likely just as
powerful and your own might even grow to be about the size of Forsythe's own
zone! If you manage to execute a turn with a gamebreaking CO power, Forsythe
might even have trouble countering because he lacks a trump card of his own.
Just keep your CO unit decently protected and don't do anything stupid.

[8] Waylon *

A CO pretty skilled in air thanks to average zone, good boost, and a perhaps
potent power, but isn't so hot with other units.

Aw yeah! Saddle up boys and girls! It's time for Waylon to do some whalin'!
While not neccesarily evil, Waylon has little faith in the new world and
therefore only wants his own share of it before he dies, unlike others such
as Brenner who would rather save it for future generations. This will later
lead to Waylon's downfall, however.

-Day to Day-
CO Zone: 2 (Max:4)
Boosts: Air Units
Effect: +20/+30

Ah, here we go. Although a good bit more modest than the boost Tasha gives
off, it's significantly easier to use thanks to his much more bearable 2 base
zone. Although it's an improvement over Tasha's, it still only boosts air
units and OHKO's are a little more difficult with Waylon, so hmm...

CO Power: Wingman
Boosts defense for all air units by 270%

No, that isn't a typo, folks. All of Waylon's air units, for this turn, have
a stunning 410% defense total. (Or 430% for vets/COs) What does this mean?
All damage to Waylon's air units are divided by 4.1 or 4.3, respectively. If
you have a serviceable air force, I would suggest using this ASAP if you don't
need your CO unit this turn and wreak some major havoc on your opponent's
troops. Even in completely lopsided matchups, Waylon's air units will take 3 
or 4 tops, and in even matchups 1 or 2 isn't unlikely. Just make sure Waylon's
CO unit isn't in danger or this tremendous boost will be blown to bits just 
like his air force will about to be.

-General Strategy-
Waylon, as an air specialist unsurprisingly plays similarly to Tasha. Start
out by establishing a good ground force and put Waylon in a reliable ground
vehicle. Then when you're able to try and build up a decent air force to
support your ground and wreak some havoc. Be cautious on what you build,
though. Too many B Copters and your entire squad might be blown to bits
before you know it and too many expensive units and you might find yourself
outnumbered too much and unable to do anything. Like Tasha, you can't really
afford to mindlessly bomb and missile ground units, so try to conserve you
air units as much as possible. And when you get Wingman, BAM, useless the
oppurtunity to do as much damage as possible with minimal retaliation. And
because Waylon still maintains a solid 2 zone even after his power, you won't
even be paying a hefty price for it, either. Even with his Air Force built up
and Wingman is activated, continue to NOT neglect Waylon's ground force.
Infantry units are still essential for capturing and walling, tanks are still
the best counters for anti air, anti airs are still the most cost effective
ways of getting rid of air units and etc.

-Counter Strategy-
Waylon isn't really that tough being an air CO. Keep your game at ground and
force Waylon to play it too by building a few good anti air units. Also try
avoiding his power or air force building up so he doesn't do very much damage
with Wingman. With minimal boosts in units you would normally rely on, Waylon
should usually be pretty easy picking.

[9] Greyfield =

A naval specialist that can't be faulted for too low defense or zone, but
suffers from low unit variety boosts and a somewhat lacking power.

Greyfield is the power hungry commander of the New Rubinelle Army, and views
the meteors and creeper as merely tests for only the strongest humans to
survive. Despite his mad abuse of power and constant threats to hang people,
Greyfield is quite a coward and is very afraid of dying.

-Day to Day-
CO Zone: 3 (Max: 5)
Boosts: Naval Units, Copters, and Seaplanes
Effect: +10/+40

With that kind of defense and range, Greyfield's zone seems like the best
thing ever, though it's not quite. His 150% total defense units aren't too
shabby though, taking only 2/3 of their normal amount of damage. Heck, even
with the most rigged matchups Greyfield's specialized units probably won't
die in one hit. Although it's low on the offensive and unit variety end,
Greyfield's zone has some good stuff.

-CO Power-
Power: Supply Chain
Resupplies all units with fuel, ammo, materials

Only resupplying? Talk about modest. Although it doesn't provide much of an
extra kick, Supply Chain does have a few uses. Ammo amounts seem to be lower
in this game so Greyfield's power saves you some hassle, and restoring low
fuel is always a nice bonus. Extra materials for Aircraft Carriers sounds
like a godsend, too, but do keep in mind Carriers are a very expensive units,
and aren't even that durable with Greyfield's zone, but I suppose it's a nice
bonus if a situation ever calls for some Seaplanes. 5 zone isn't really tons
better than 3, but it's still a decent bit more. Just save this for a time
when mass supplies would come in handy.

-General Strategy-
If you must use Greyfield on a land/air only map, just use him just like the
air COs. Give him some land support and pray that copters and going to be
helpful on that map, and if that fails, I guess 5 range generic boost isn't
TOO terrible...But Greyfield of course really shines on a naval map. You have
quite a few options on what to CO because Greyfield's zone is rather good,
but it seems the most popular option is to stick COs inside a Battleship
provided you have the money. Other sea units might work as well, though keep
in mind that a CO sub may blow its cover because of the zone. Heck, stuffing
Greyfield into a copter might be good since it probably won't die in one hit
with that 170% defense. Whatever you do, though, do NOT CO a carrier or a
seaplane. Carriers are almost completely useless at fighting and a Seaplanes
are just too slow to bring in the process of making a carrier, deploying a
seaplane, and putting it on an airport or HQ to CO next turn. Gunboats might
just also prove to be a very good asset to Greyfield's armada, too. With huge
defense boosts and a CO power that resupplies for free, they might prove to
be even handier to have around.

-Counter Strategy-
On a land/air map, Greyfield is easy enough to deal with. His copters are
durable enough to not get OHKO'd except by certain CO units, so keep that in
mind. Otherwise, Your CO is probably way better off than Greyfield. Naval
battles are a whole new ball game, however. Like his copters, Greyfield's
naval units will scarcely die in one hit, so using battleships, and possible
air or ground support may help break through. Having a good CO power to help
balance out Greyfield's powerful defense might not be a bad idea, as
Greyfield's power barely does much at all! Just don't rely on his units to
be rendered useless from low fuel or ammo, though.

[10] Penny {

Penny seems a bit weak at first, but with a fast CO power thanks to 3 zone, 
can turn a match right around real quick.

Penny is the youngest child of Dr. Caulder, which unsurprisingly makes her a
bit psychotic. She seems to suffer from some sort of multi-personality 
disorder, with herself representing her psychotic side supporting her father 
and Mr. Bear representing her inner feelings. She may act like a child, but
Penny is actually quite dangerous as a commander.

-Day to Day-
CO Zone: 3 (Max: 5)
Boosts: All Units
Effect: +0/+0
As an additional effect, all of Penny's units on the entire map are
unaffected by weather.

Not much to say here. You get a lot of units with bland boosts and a CO unit,
although that effect certainly comes in handy with Penny's stormfront...

CO Power: Stormfront
Randomly Changes the weather

Now here's quite another powerful CO Power. Think Penny is just like Olaf 
from AW1? Think again. Penny is WAY more than that. Her power has a variety
of effects, each that last 3 days and have an even chance of occurring. Snow
reduces her opponent's movement by 1, Rain adds Fog of War and decreases her
opponent's vision to one, and sandstorm reduces her opponent's attack
power by 30%. Snow is an average power, and allows you to gain some ground
on your inferior movement opponents while they are slowed down. Rain makes
enemies nearly blind while you maintain full vision for your entire turn, and
gives you average vision for the next two. And Sandstorm gives all enemies
-30% attack, which KILLS their attack power and sometimes battles can be
determined by a sandstorm alone.

-General Strategy-
Just begin by playing Penny as a bland CO, and take advantage of a CO unit
just as you would with anyone else. Try to build up Penny's meter as fast as
you can (shouldn't be too hard with that nice 3 zone), keep your CO unit
alive, and unleash the mighty power that is stormfront! Afterwards, exploit
the ill effects your opponent shall suffer and continue massing up Penny's
meter the next turn. Penny may not be awfully strong for the first turns,
but after several turns of awful vision or extremely weak units, they'll be
at your mercy!

-Counter Strategy-
Take advantage of the advantage you should have early on to try and gain an
upper hand in the battle, or even defeat Penny's CO unit if you're able.
Brace yourself if Penny actually engages her CO power though, especially if
she lets off rain or especially sandstorm. Even if you kill her CO unit the
weather continues and Penny's units are still immune to weather, so you're in
for some rough times.

[11] Tabitha }

A CO with a totally killer zone boost that can be used for a few different
ways. Max power meter can mean a surrender from your opponent.

Tabitha is another daughter of Caulder. She, like Penny, also acts like a
child, viewing others as just weaklings that are wasting her time. Unlike
Penny, however, she is inherently cruel and will not pass on a moment to
cause harm to people, and does so because she chooses to. Her power as a
commander is even more dangerous than that of her sister's.

-Day to Day-
Zone: 0 (Max: 2)
Boosts: All Units
Effect: +50/+50

Well, 180/180 CO unit. I don't think I need to justify how that's extremely
powerful under every circumstance. And, if built up, even her non CO units in
her zone are a good deal stronger than other CO units. This alone makes
Tabby's powers pretty powerful stuff.

CO Power: Firestorm
Launches a 2 Radius 8 HP on opponent (Computer controlled, biased towards
total HP damage)

Not only is the missile effect alone one of the most devastating powers in
this game, but Tabitha's zone spreads to the entire map, giving ALL of her
units 160/160 stats. Firestorm can be very overwhelming to an opponent, but
keep in mind like all COs it comes at the cost of Tabitha's 2 zone, and
Tabitha's zone isn't all that easy to build. It might be better to save this
until you either have the upper hand or are threatened by the presence of a
mob of enemies, and use Firestorm to cripple them to the point you don't even
need boosted units anymore. Yikes!

-General Strategy-
Tabitha can be used a couple different ways. One way that may be preferable
on smaller maps is similar to Forsythe's in which you may bait an opponent to
take out Tabby's CO unit at heavy costs, then roll another CO unit out the
next turn that counters the enemy units used to kill Tabitha. This might not
seem very effective in comparison to if Tabitha's COP or 2 zone were to come
into play, but a 180/180 tank or other unit can be very, very devastating,
especially on small maps. The other strategy plays out more comparably to
Lin's: (ab)use the CO unit's stats as much as possible to raise Tabitha's
zone a bit, then keep her unit alive and cause some serious damage with that
awing +50/+50 zone, and use Firestorm to wipe out anything in your way.
Either she's quite a powerful CO, but don't get TOO careless when using her,
because with anyone too many mistakes can lead to a loss.

-Counter Strategy-
Tabitha is another pretty dangerous CO, and with two contradicting
playstyles, she can even be tricky to face. Due to her power and zone, her CO
unit should be a high priority target, but don't let Tabitha take advantage
of that. Attack her only if conditions are favorable and a another unit isn't
in range to be CO'd and attack one of your own units. Killing Tabitha is more
and more important as her power bar increases, and the battle might already be
lost if she manages to max it. Do keep on checking for slip-ups and
opportunities to kill her CO unit and turn the match back around, though.

[12] Caulder \

One of the most broken COs in history, Caulder is totally unstoppable in power
and ability, and probably won't lose without a huge handicap on his opponent's

Caulder is your typical mad scientist kind of guy. Rejected from other places
probably just for being a totally mad nutjob, and forms Intelligent Defense
Systems. (IDS for short). Caulder enjoys death and destruction and finds

-Day to Day-

CO Zone: 3 (Max: 3)
Boosts: All Units
Effect: +50/+50
As an additional effect, all units in Caulder's zone recover 5 HP in the
beginning of each turn, but you have to pair for all repairs taking place
just as if it were at a city.

There isn't any excuse at all to how this isn't extraordinarily broken. Good
range, insane boost, and an absolutely broken effect. Prepare to destroy with
Caulder or be destroyed with Caulder.

CO Power: None

Thank god for this. Caulder is so powerful his day to day alone is at least as
powerful as a CO Power. If Caulder were for some reason allowed to have a
power, it could possibly even be more devastating than AW2 Sturm's.

-General Strategy-

Just play just like any other CO. Makes your units and blow your opposition 
away. Try not to have Caulder die so you're not uber for a turn or two, and
capture lots of properties within Caulder's zone since the HP recovery makes 
it easy as heck to do so. If you've already picked Caulder and the map isn't
overwhelmingly lopsided or your opponent isn't considerably more skilled than
you are, you've probably already won.

-Counter Strategy-
The counter strategy to Caulder is to of course not let your opponent use 
Caulder at all, but if that doesn't work out you could keep in mind a few
things. Try a multi front map so Caulder's effected units are much smaller 
and you don't have to directly face him with your own CO unit, then try to
kill on your front just as Caulder is doing so on his. Also don't mindlessly 
attack units, as a mere 5 damage or so is in vain aside from some minor fund
damage, but trying your best to take out Caulder for a few turn's relief
might not be a bad idea if it's somehow possible. Also abusing Caulder's zone
to your advantage may somehow assist you in getting out a unit such as
rockets early, leaving Caulder still very uber but at least a turn behind.
Just keep in mind no matter how good you are, you're probably going to lose
unless you mirror Caulder or your opponent is way less than decent.

Section 3: Frequently Asked Questions

None yet!

Section 4: Closing @

I'd like to thank all of the competetive Advance Wars communities for bringing
the level of play to what it is today, and creating a lot of these startegies.
(Infantry spamming is the big one.) I'd also like to thank Advance Wars By Web
in particular for being my first true multiplayer experience in the series to 
begin with. I also thank Intelligent Systems for making this game
and the other fine games in the series, and also releasing Days of Ruin here 
in the states first. >.> 

As for particular, I'd like to thank Kanodaisuke, Justchillin, jeb4, for
support, and also Sven and especially Gipface for both schooling me in Wi-Fi 
and creating some of these strategies. In addition, I'd also like to thank
Gipface further for his very useful Damage and CO chart. It may be found in
this topic: http://forums.warsworldnews.com/viewtopic.php?t=9880

If you need to reach me to challenge me, criticize my guide, ask a question,
whatever, you can reach me through AIM as SRC543. Alternatively you can email
me at SRC543(at)gmail(dot)com, but be foreworned that I check it scarcely, but
if I get a lot of replies there I may change my ways. >>

And that's my FAQ. It still isn't a whole lot, but hopefully I'll be able 
to improve on a few things and expand it after a few updates. I hope you
enjoyed it, or at least found it informative. :P

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