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  1. I need a good stratergy for this place, because I keep getting a GameOver. If you could give me one for the ruins cave I would be happy.

    User Info: harvestmoonfang

    harvestmoonfang - 8 years ago


  1. The timing is a pain in the mine dungeon. There is like a 9 second timer on one side of the dungeon and then 9 seconds on the other. Sometimes the timers are on the same side two or three times in a row. The trick is to focus on staying alive and not on killing things or getting chests or flipping switches. Basically as soon as a section shuffles, you should try to figure out which section has a timer and get out of that section ASAP. You will get another chance at that section if you are still alive.

    One thing to worry about is being poisoned. A few of the enemies and some of the traps will poison you. Make a strong effort to avoid being shot by the stationary shooty enemy. Also avoid touching the switch blocks that look like dirt with green veins running through them. Those will poison you if you touch them and they will disconnect your fupong if your fupong touch them. To deal with poison you can bring in several antidote herbs which you can buy from the doctor or (i think) the general store. You can also bring lots of green fupong since they will give you hp and cure poison, but can only be used once per dungeon level.

    One last tip: If you have the blacksmith shop then you can change your weapon into another type! The spear has such long range you can often kill enemies and enemy spawners through walls. That makes a lot of enemies much less threatening. Just walk up to the wall and kill the spawner without ever going over there.

    User Info: toasterovenly

    toasterovenly - 3 years ago 0 0

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