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    Quest FAQ by Relle / Scy046

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/16/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                  _______ _________ _______ _________ _______  _       
                 (  ____ \\__   __/(  ____ )\__   __/(  ___  )( (    /|
                 | (    \/   ) (   | (    )|   ) (   | (   ) ||  \  ( |
                 | (__       | |   | (____)|   | |   | (___) ||   \ | |
                 |  __)      | |   |     __)   | |   |  ___  || (\ \) |
                 | (         | |   | (\ (      | |   | (   ) || | \   |
                 | (____/\   | |   | ) \ \_____) (___| )   ( || )  \  |
                 (_______/   )_(   |/   \__/\_______/|/     \||/    )_)
             _______  ______            _______  _______  _______          
            (  ___  )(  __  \ |\     /|(  ____ \(  ____ \(  ____ \|\     /|
            | (   ) || (  \  )( \   / )| (    \/| (    \/| (    \/( \   / )
            | |   | || |   ) | \ (_) / | (_____ | (_____ | (__     \ (_) / 
            | |   | || |   | |  \   /  (_____  )(_____  )|  __)     \   /  
            | |   | || |   ) |   ) (         ) |      ) || (         ) (   
            | (___) || (__/  )   | |   /\____) |/\____) || (____/\   | |   
            (_______)(______/    \_/   \_______)\_______)(_______/   \_/   
                                   \__   __/\__   __/
                                      ) (      ) (   
                                      | |      | |   
                                      | |      | |   
                                      | |      | |   
                                   ___) (______) (___
                            H e r o s  o f  L a g a a r d
    by Relle (getrelle@yahoo.com)
    Information by Scy046 (scy046@gmail.com)
    Table of Contents
    1.  Introduction
    2.  Updates
    3.  Quests
      3a. 1st Stratum
      3b. 2nd Stratum
      3c. 3rd Stratum
      3d. 4th Stratum
      3e. 5th Stratum
    4.  Monster Quests
      4a. Quests to Unlock Dragon
      4b. Quests to Unlock Drake
      4c. Quests to Unlock Huelord and the Bond Claw
      4d. Quests to Unlock Wyrm
      4e. Quests to Unlock Briareus
      4f. Quests to Unlock Wyvern
    5.  Weapon Quests
      5a. Quests to Receive the Ygg Staff
      5b. Quests to Receive the Ygg Axe
    6.  Quests to Access the 6th Stratum
    7.  Acknowledgements
    8.  Copyright Info
     1.  Introduction
    If you're here, you must be playing Etrian Odyssey 2, and if you are, you're
    either a masochist or an old-school gamer.  It should be mentioned that all the
    information in this FAQ was gathered by Scy046.  I merely put it all in a
    particular format.  That being said, if you have any questions about the
    quests, send Scy an e-mail, not me.  If there's a typo, then you let me know
    about it.  Again, go to Scy for information or clarification about quests, I'd
    just disappoint you.
     2.  Updates
    0.99 - Formatting!  The FAQ's pretty much done, I just wanted to write in the
    in-game quest descriptions (the one thing Scy didn't do, so...go me!)  However,
    I'm only at the second stratum, so it'll be a while before I finish those.
    It's mainly window dressing, though.
     3.  Quests
     3a. 1st Stratum
    Quest: The leathersmith's request - A local leathersmith has requested a group
    of explorers to retrieve 3 Long Pins for him.
    Reward: 200 En
    Solution: Long Pins are Conditional Drops from Hedgehogs; kill within 1 turn.
    That said, it's only a 50% drop so it may take 6+ kills to get.
    Quest: Pure mineral water - A local restaurateur needs his supply of clear
    mineral water replenished.  Retrieve some from the Labyrinth.
    Reward: Freeze Oil
    Solution: Floor 1, D3 on the map.
    Quest: The item trade I - Sitoth Trading is developing a new weapon, and they
    need explorers to collect the materials for it.
    Reward: Wood Bow
    Solution: Despite the fact it's an early-game quest, the Bent Twig isn't seen
    until Floor 3 or the 2nd Stratum, depending on your method of getting it.
    Bent Twig: Common Chop from 1st Stratum Chop Points (first one appears on
    Floor 3) or a drop from Fangleaf on the 2nd Stratum.
    Bug Wing: Common drop from Venomflies that appear on the 2nd floor.
    Quest: A cranky monster - A monster resting in the 1st floor woke up and began
    to attack the passersby!  It must be defeated.
    Reward: Nectar
    Solution: Floor 1.  Do I really need to point him out? :)
    Not much to say except they're weak to Ice.  Really, not a tough FOE, but I'd
    still suggest waiting until 7-8 or so before trying your luck.
    Quest: In the Duke's service I - The Grand Duchy seeks a guild that can spare
    a landsknecht who has reached at least level 3.
    Reward: Varies depending on the level of the Landsknecht you bring.  Power Ring
    is always given.  Level 6 - 9 rewards an additional 50 En and Level 10+ rewards
    an additional 100 En, I believe.
    ALL Quests that require a certain Class at a certain level will glitch the game
    while you have the Quest in your log.  The game is constantly checking your
    level to see if you satisfy the quest so it bogs the game down.  There's no
    permanent damage or anything from this, just some annoyance while you have the
    (Editor's note: In short, having one of these class quests will cause a
    significant pause with each step as you walk.  Irritating, but it doesn't
    make FOEs any faster, at least.  Just don't take on the quest until you're
    ready to power-level whichever class they're asking for.)
    Quest: Supply lines - We require an able guild to deliver supplies to a group
    of guards in the Labyrinth.  Apply immediately.
    Reward: Fire Jar
    Solution: Not sure why this quest is placed here; anyway, you merely have to
    reach Floor 4, D2 on the map.  Use Zaraf's map for the exact location if needed
    (and assume this for every other quest if the coordinate isn't enough).
    Quest: Sounding the call - The Grand Duchy's guards are looking for 3 Red
    Shards to fashion their traditional hunting horn.
    Reward: Poison Gas
    Solution: Floor 3, Redhorn enemies.  Just a normal drop, albeit slightly
    Quest: The nameless flower - Bring an old lady her proposal flower in memoriam
    of her late husband.
    Reward: 400 En
    Solution: Floor 5, D6.
    Quest: The item trade II - Sitoth Trading has another request for materials
    used in a new armor.  Go and find the items they require.
    Reward: Pure Vest
    Metal Hull: Common drop from Kingmais on Floors 4-5.
    Bug Shells (x5): Uncommon drop from Ladybugs, Floors 3+.
    Quest: In the Duke's service II - The Grand Duchy seeks a guild that can spare
    a protector who has reached at least level 3.
    Reward: Varies; Charm Gas is always given.
    Level 3 - 4: +100 En, Aspis (Shield)
    Level 5+: +200 En, Aspis (Shield)
    Quest: Special projects team - The 4th floor monsters are becoming more
    aggressive.  Stay there for three days, slaying as many as possible.
    Reward: Life Belt
    Solution: Survive for three days on Floor 4; it's harder than it sounds for
    most groups. Your best bet may be to go down there before hand, kill the Raptor
    in the hidden area (entrance is at C6) and then use it to wander in as it has
    a lower encounter rate and, if I recall, you cannot encounter a single Evil Eye
    there (which blindsides 100% of the time).
    Bring either a bunch of Medica or Ward Chimes.
    Quest: Paint the town blue - The Amazonite used to decorate the town's roads
    is old and worn.  Bring 5 new rocks to replace it.
    Reward: Blind Gas
    Solution: Amazonite's are from Mine nodes on the 1st Stratum; there's one on
    Floor 4 that's easily accessible once you activate the 5th Floor Geomagnetic
    Pole. They're also a drop from Mystue on the 2nd Stratum.
    Quest: Braggart Chap's tall tale - Another of Braggart Chap's stories talks of
    a pond that holds the moon's tears.  Right...
    Reward: Fungus Jet
    Solution: Go to Floor 5, B4 at night. If you go during the day, you're merely
    told to come back at a different time.
     3b. 2nd Stratum
    Quest: Medicinal research - New medical experiments are underway at the
    hospital.  We ask that you assist them in gathering ingredients.
    Reward: Medica II
    Solution: Mint Leaf is from the 2nd Stratum Take Points; there's one on
    Floor 6 that isn't that far from the Geomagnetic Field. They're also a drop
    from Moriyana's on the 3rd Stratum.
    Quest: Connoisseur of leather - Lord Gascoyne collects animal hides, and
    greatly desires the skin from a rare Labyrinth denizen.
    Reward: Warp Stone
    Solution: Yes, I know it says Pole Stone, it's really a Warp Stone and someone
    translated this wrong.  Anyway, you're merely chasing the Quest FoE Fleehog
    that spawns.  It's not too hard as if you get in a battle, the FoE doesn't move
    the turn the battle starts.  That, or you can use a Sleep Bell or something.
    Quest: Volunteer service - The hospital lacks trained medics to deal with those
    wounded in the recent shipwreck.  Please send help.
    Reward: Varies; Amrita is always rewarded.
    Level 12 - 19: +200 En
    Level 20+: +400 En
    Quest: Uncharted territory - We would like to increase security on the 7th and
    8th floors, but we need more details on their layout.
    Reward: 1,000 En. Frustration.
    Solution: I'll be honest, I have no idea what triggers the credit for this
    quest.  My best advice is to try and get the quest as soon as you can (when
    you first reach Floor 7 it unlocks) so you can get credit as you go through
    it. Make sure you speak to the Minister at the Palace before worrying about
    your credit as well.
    Besides that, my best advice is to work your way, manually, through the floors
    (or, at very least, to the stairs leading to the next Floor). Remember, Floor 8
    is weird and has two stairs that lead onward.
    Quest: Labyrinth stew - The Labyrinth Lunch is a popular meal, but we're out of
    ingredients!  Can you be a dear and get us some?
    Reward: Metopon
    Mugwort (x3): Uncommon Take from the 2nd Stratum.
    Moving Eye: Rare drop from Fangleaf enemies on Floors 7+.
    Quest: That ephemeral flavor - 
    Reward: Stonard
    Solution: The fruit itself is on Floor 8 at E7; the delivery is to Floor 4, D5.
    Quest: Smithy Thompson's request I - Thompson at Sitoth Trading needs certain
    materials to complete his latest project.
    Reward: Fungust Jet
    Fluorite: Common Mine from the 2nd Stratum or a drop from Nastue on the 15th
    Open Cap: Common drop from Bigcaps.
    Quest: Man down - A guild has lost one of its members.  To claim revenge, they
    need an alchemist to help defeat the monster.
    Reward: Varies; Flame Jar always given.
    Solution: Not sure what yields the +300 or +600 En rewards; I think you get
    +300 for having Fire and +600 for having Flame but ... no idea.
    Quest: A long way down - Lord Gascoyne discovered a threat to Lagaard while in
    the Labyrinth.  Someone must put a stop to this!
    Reward: Beast Bell
    Solution: Despite the quest wording, the goal is Floor 8's entrance, not
    Floor 10.
    Quest: Toward a cozier inn - Another request from the Flaus Inn, this time to
    collect materials for their upcoming renovation.
    Reward: Sleep Gas
    Red Roots: Common Chop on the 2nd Stratum.
    Hardwood: Uncommon Chop on the 2nd Stratum.
    Quest: Many happy returns - We'd like to give the Duke's daughter jewelry for
    her birthday.  Can you find us some precious stones?
    Reward: 300 - 1,500 En
    Solution: There's 10 total precious stones, 6 of which are "gemstones" and 4
    are just "stones." Bringing them all back is not required so just get one if
    you don't need the En.
    1F A2 - Stone
    2F C1 - Stone
    3 F C4 - Gemstone
    4F A4 - Gemstone
    5F B1 - Stone
    6F C3 - Gemstone
    7F C4 - Gemstone
    8F E7 - Gemstone
    9F A4 - Stone
    10F D1 - Gemstone
    Quest: Volunteer service II - The influx of wounded Labyrinth explorers has
    depleted our supplies.  We need ingredients for the medicine.
    Reward: Therica AX
    Mint Leaf: Uncommon Take on the 2nd Stratum.
    Beast Hides: Razeking (FOE), Redwood (FOE) and Gigaboars on the 2nd Stratum
    drop them.
     3c. 3rd Stratum
    Quest: To the bitter end - My love...My only love...I want the monster that
    killed him dead!  I will have my revenge!
    Reward: Ice Mist, unlocks a few other quests down the road.
    Solution: The location is Floor 12, B5.
    Quest: In the Duke's service III - The Grand Duchy seeks a guild that can spare
    a survivalist who has reached at least level 3.
    Reward: Varies; Haste Pin is always rewarded.
    Solution: As with the Alchemist one, the +300 En and +600 En are from having
    Patrol and Stalker.
    Quest: The naturalists - We need more details about the monsters in the
    Labyrinth.  Log over 50 entries in the Monstrous Codex.
    Reward: 2,500 En
    Solution: Merely go to the Palace and report your findings for the Codex.
    Should easily have 50 Entries by the point.
    Quest: Playing Cupid I - No matter what I give this girl, she won't warm up to
    me.  Please find something she can't say no to!
    Reward: Fate Beads
    Solution: Ice Sheet: Rare Mine from the 3rd Stratum; can easily reach the node
    on the 12th Floor for this, though it's pretty rare from there.
    Quest: Under maintenance - We need rocks from the Labyrinth quarries for town
    maintenance.  Help us carry them back to Lagaard.
    Reward: Soma
    Floor 3 - D2
    Floor 5 - A3
    Floor 14 - C7
    Quest: Yggdrasil cider - I ran out of my best liquor...You have to help me get
    some more ingredients from the Labyrinth!
    Reward: Medica III. Sheer confusion as to how Death Stems fit with this liquor.
    White Chips: Uncommon drop from Darksoar (FOE) and Snowzards on the 3rd Stratum.
    Blue Cores: Common (and only) drop from Blue Gels on Floors 14-15.
    Death Stems: Common Chop from the 3rd Stratum.
    Quest: The company performer - The naval band is hiring a troubador to support
    the front lines.
    Reward: Varies; Axcela is always given.
    +600 En and +1200 En are based on Skills, I believe Shelter and Stamina but
    not certain.
    Quest: Just out of reach - I found a hole on the 13th floor.  There's something
    good inside...Wanna check it out?
    Reward: Medica IV, unlocks a few other quests down the road.
    Solution: Location is Floor 13, D1. You have to be facing North to trigger
    this event, which is weird.
    Quest: Playing Cupid II - She didn't seem to like the gift you brought me
    before.  I need something she can't resist!  Please help me!
    Reward: 3,500 En
    Ice Branch: Rare Chop from the 3rd Stratum.
    Quest: The enigmatic woodsman - 
    Reward: Amrita if you finish the quest properly.  Nectar if you merely sell
    the item to Sitoth Trading.
    2F - D-2
    6F - C-1
    10F - A-5
    14F - E-7
    Solution: Easiest way is to just save on the 6th Floor and keep going to the
    spot until you deliver the item.  It's merely a random chance and nothing else.
    Quest: Art imitating life - An armorsmith wants monster body parts to study as
    research in making a new type of equipment.
    Reward: Gountlet
    Pale Arm (x3): Nastue from the 15th Floor.
    Quest: The sun shines down - 
    Reward: Evil Mist.
    Solution: Floor 13, F2-F3. You merely have to spawn it from 12 PM to 1 PM.
    You can kill it later and still get credit.
     3d. 4th Stratum
    Quest: Passing down the skills - The increase of explorers had brought with it
    an increase in casaulties.  Help us train the newcomers.
    Reward: Varies; Nectall always given.
    Level 22 - 39: +800 En
    Level 40+ +1600 En
    Quest: Missing pet - 
    Reward: 5,500 En
    Solution: The pet is bound at A6/A7 on the map; avoid the Castwing FOEs as
    killing them fails the quest and they don't show up in the Codex anyway.
    Quest: Dinner for one - I'm cooking up a surprise for my husband, but I can't
    afford the ingredients.  Can you help me out?
    Reward: Cut Jar.
    Bee Nedle: Common drop from Waspiors on Floors 16+.
    Heaven Pin: Uncommon drop from Kilpions on Floors 16+.
    Hazard Eye: Common drop from Petaloids on Floor 20.
    Quest: Playing Cupid III - The last present just made her mad.  I need something
    really great...Can't you find something for her!?
    Reward: Stun Gas
    Solution: The Wood Rose is found on Floor 17 at C5, one-tile south of the
    Chop node.
    Quest: The item trade III - Sitoth Trading is developing a new sword, and we
    need a guild to collect materials for us.
    Reward: Pattisa
    Plum Quill: Common drop from Big Moths on Floors 18+.
    Quest: Forbidden foreign style - The organizers of a yearly martial arts
    competition are looking for a skilled ronin to warm up the crowd.
    Reward: Varies; Bravant, unlocks a few quests down the line.
    Level <23: Nothing extra.
    Level 23-49: +1000 En
    Level 50+: +2000 En
    Not 100% certain on the ranges, however.
    Quest: Pride of the gunner - To gunners of all guilds: The leader of the Ducal
    Bombardiers has fallen in combat.  Help us avenge his death.
    Reward: Soma
    Solution: Bring a Gunner and reach Floor 19, B3.
    Quest: Settling a bet - 
    Reward: Phys Mist and bonus En if you get to the right spot. Also, fun facts
    about Cass.
    Solution: There are at least 6 ending points to this quest, all of which are
    false except the Floor 21 spot.
    Floor 18 - D6
    Floor 19 - D5, E1
    Floor 20 - D6, E4
    Floor 21 (Correct finish): B4
    Quest: Explorers! Heroes! Caterers! - A dinner party at the Duke's Palace will
    feature Labyrinth meat.  Please retrieve the ingredients for us.
    Reward: 9500 En, finally getting that first Item Compendium drop filled out.
    Solution: Kill the Awebull FOE at Floor 20, B2 before three turns go by.
    Quest: The sorcery-reflecting lens - An alchemist has a new experiment in mind,
    and wants you to collect the necessary components.
    Reward: Safeguard.
    Hazard Bud: Petaloid's Conditional Drop ofKill with Instant Death. Climax is
    the most reliable method since Kubiuchi / Issen have a chance of killing them
    by their damage and not the Instant Death status.
    Malachite: Common Mine from the 4th Stratum.
    Quest: Law and order - 
    Reward: Amrita II, Finale to the Thief quests introduced by "Just out of reach."
    Solution: Floor 17. Kill the FOEs. Enjoy?
    Quest: Ancient lore - The brotherhood of the war magi is pooling its knowledge,
    to better train the next generation.
    Reward: Varies; Hamao always given.
    Level 25(?)+: +1500 En
    Level 50+: 3000 En
    Quest: List mania - Help the guards collate information about the Labyrinth by
    reporting at least 350 distinct items.
    Reward: Storm Jar
    Solution: Pretty simple.  Merely go to the Palace and report your Item
    Compendium.  Should have enough by this point.
    Quest: In the cold, white night - High Lagaard's winters are harsh, and we must
    be ready.  Help us prepare for the coming season.
    Reward: Flame Jar
    Crabapple (x3) - Common Take on the 4th Stratum.
    Arc Branch (x2) - Common Chop on the 4th Stratum.
    Bloom Wood (x3) - Rare Chop on the 4th Stratum.
     3e. 5th Stratum
    Quest: Nuptial preparatrions - My father won't come out of the Labyrinth.  I
    want his approval before I marry...Please ask him for me.
    Reward: 15,000 En
    Solution: Merely speak to the father at B3 from 12 AM to 7 AM and choose to
    lie to him.
    Quest: Healing innovations - 
    Reward: Nectar II
    Life Honey (x2): Common Take from the 5th Stratum and a drop from Sickwoods
    on the 6th.
    True Shard: Common drop from Armorman on Floor 25.
    Quest: A girl's best friend - 
    Reward: Varies.  State Wall always given.
    Level 30+: +2000 En
    Level 50+: +4000 En
    Quest: Strength of the traveler - We found a mysterious sapling on the 23rd
    floor, but we're not strong enough to return.  Can anyone help?
    Reward: Hamao II, unlocks a one-time Healing event on Floor 23.
    Solution: Merely go to Floor 23, E2.
    Quest: The Labyrinth's blessing - 
    Reward: Curse Gas
    Solution: Floor 25, E1.
    Quest: Task for the tracker - 
    Reward: Soma II
    Solution: Floor 24, F3.
    Quest: Leaves filtering the light - 
    Reward: Curse Ring
    5F - A5
    10F - B1
    13F - D7
    19F - F3
    Quest: An inquisitive child - 
    Reward: Medica IV and 8,000 En if you choose the right finish.
    Solution: Plenty of false ends to this quest as well.
    Floor 25 - B1, B5, C2, E2.
    Floor 25 (Correct end) - D6
    Quest: Test of strength - 
    Reward: 5,000 - 20,000 En
    Solution: Merely show up on Floor 23 before dawn to trigger the event and then
    stay there all day. Killing FOEs is optional and there's no random encounters
    to worry about.
     4.  Monster Quests
     4a. Quests to Unlock Dragon
    Quest: The golden shadow - Our guards have been in the Labyrinth for far too
    long.  Please look into what could have happened to them.
    Reward: Bash Jar
    Solution: Floor 18, F6.
    Quest: Dazed and disoriented - Please help rescue the guards who went into the
    Labyrinth on the Grand Duchy's orders.
    Reward: Stab Jar, fight with Dragon if you want.
    Solution: Floor 3, E4. Here's a map showing the path (it's pretty poorly done;
    whatever, sorry :x).
    Quest: An ethical dilemma - There's something I would like to ask, but...I don't
    know if I should...
    Reward: Cut Jar, an extra Event occurs later if you do the proper finish.
    Solution: There's two ways to finish this: one way is to merely end the quest
    after getting it and speaking to Abigail. However, if you want the proper
    finish, you need to do some talking back-and-forth with Abigail and Cass until
    you're told to go into the Labyrinth. The destination is Floor 19, A1.
    Quest: The item trade IV - 
    Reward: Medica IV
    Solution: This quest is completed after you do Imminent destruction and get
    the information about Dragon from there.
    Quest: Imminent destruction - 
    Reward: Soma II, a hatred for Canaan's ambiguity.
    Solution: Floor 21, not Floor 20, D1. You'll come here three times.
    Quest: The volt king's rampage - 
    [Note: Requires having reached Floor 28 as well as the pre-requisites]
    Reward: Dragon, 100,000 En, and the Divide Bow.
    Solution: Merely head to Floor 18, B4 to reach the passage leading to Dragon.
    Good luck.
     4b. Quests to Unlock Drake
    Quest: The perfect gift - Could you find something for my daughter's birthday?
    I'll leave it completely up to you!
    Reward: Therica AX
    2F - E3
    7F - A4
    9F - F4
    10F - F4
    Solution: The gift you actually bring doesn't matter beyond dialogue changes.
    That said, I've only been able to get Floor 7's berries for the Jam, though
    others have reported finding the others. Go figure.
    Quest: The sleeping Duke - We have new information on the grave of one of the
    Duke's ancestors.  Please investigate it for us.
    Reward: Stonard, the Icefiend FOE if you're wondering where the hell it's from.
    Solution: Floor 14, E6 has a passage leading to a secret area.  Follow that to
    reach Floor 13.  Once there, head to A7 to finish the quest.
    Quest: An outing in the forest - 
    Reward: Medica III
    Solution: Floor 14, A3/A4.
    Quest: Easing the pain - 
    Reward: Antivenin
    Black Core (x2) - King Gels on Floor 22. Best spot for these are the west/east
    wings accessed via Floor 24.
    Shine Rock (x2) - Rare Mine from the 5th Stratum.
    Life Honey (x4) - Common Take from the 5th Stratum.
    Quest: A life in the balance - 
    [Note: Requires having reached Floor 27 as well as the pre-requisites]
    Reward: 100,000 En, Drake, and wondering how the Innkeeper raised 100,000 En.
    Solution: Floor 14, A3/A4 and then head to Floor 13, A7 to fight Drake.
    Good luck.
     4c. Quests to Unlock Huelord and the Bond Claw
    Quest: Beast gone berserk - This monster on the 11th floor has become very
    aggressive.  Please investigate the underlying cause.
    Reward: Therica BX
    Solution: Ignore the FOE and Sleep / Lure it somewhere or go all the way
    around the floor.  Your goal is Floor 11, B1.  Be sure to talk to the Duchy
    both before you enter the Labyrinth and after you reach the nest to receive
    Quest: The forefront of research - We need you to ply the favor of an animal
    expert who dwells in the Labyrinth with gifts.
    Reward: Frost Jar
    Solution: Merely need to bring a Volt Gun to the Animal expert on Floor 18, D4.
    You'll be coming here a lot for this quest line so remember / mark it.
    Volt Gun requires:
    Malachite (x3) - Common Mine from the 4th Stratum
    Wind Blade (x2) - Windsnip's Conditional Drop of Kill with Volt Element on the
    4th Stratum.
    Quest: The value of knowledge - There's something I want you to retrieve
    for me...
    Reward: All Mist
    Solution: Need to take a solo Beast to Floor 18, F7.  The passage entrance is
    located at Floor 18, A6.
    Quest: Beyond the depths - 
    Reward: Hamao II.
    Solution: Take a Tormentor to the Animal expert on Floor 18, D4.
    Tormentor requires:
    Pure Shell (x10) - Common drop from Defenders on Floors 24-25.
    Gum String (x3) - Common Chop from the 5th Stratum.
    Quest: Charity to monsters - 
    Reward: Hamao III, Bond Claw, and the Huelord Codex enty.
    Solution: Floor 24, E5.
     4d. Quests to Unlock Wyrm
    Pre-requisites worth mentioning: You need to find the God Key / Ruin Sword
    before any of these quests appear. The Key / Sword is found on the 1st Floor,
    C3 after you send it falling from the 27th Floor. I have no idea how it got
    there as it was bound to hit land at SOME point during the descent but...
    Quest: The white blade's gleam - 
    Reward: Hamao II
    Solution: The whetstone you need is a True Soul, the Conditional Drop from
    Armorman on Floor 25. Merely Kill with Bash Element to get it.
    You'll also need 1000 En but I doubt that's important by this point of the game.
    Quest: Old scars, flaring anew - 
    Reward: Soma II
    Solution: Floor 6, E7. You need to go through the Floor 9 Tree Key door to get
    to here, however.  There's a two-way shortcut to open once you get there so
    it's not the long trek everytime.
    Quest: Chasing the dream - 
    Reward: Amrita III
    Black Core (x6) - Common Drop from King Gels on the 5th Stratum. Best spot are
    the west/east "wings" accessed via Floor 24.
    Red Tablet (x1) - Found in the prior quest, "Old scars, flaring anew."
    Quest: An ambassador's plea - 
    Reward: Nectall II
    Solution: Speak to Canaan. Floor 20, C4.
    Quest: The ancient blade - 
    Reward: Axcela II
    Solution: Again, Speak to Canaan. Floor 20, C4. Afterwards, head to Dragon's
    chambers on Floor 17 (entering is all that you need to do) and then, without
    leaving the labyrinth, head to Drake's chambers on Floor 13 to solve the
    Quest: Crimson vengeance - 
    [Note: Requires having reached Floor 29 as well as the pre-requisites]
    Reward: 100,000 En, Wyrm, and seeing the Guildmaster without her Helmet on.
    What? It's more of a reward than the damn En, at least...
    Solution: Floor 6, E7.
     4e. Quests to Unlock Briareus
    Quest: Premonition of battle:
    Reward: Axcela II.
    Solution: Floor 25, E4. After that, head to Floor 28 to solve the riddle.
    The location is (33,17) is you view the map as a coordinate system with
    (0,0) as the upper-left, (34,0) as the upper-right, and (34,34) as the
    bottom right.
    ...or, merely head to D7 if you don't feel like figuring out the riddle.
    Quest: The best-laid plans - 
    Reward: Nectal II
    Requires a level 50+ Survivalist.
    Quest: Shadow of the castle - 
    [Note: Requires having reached Floor 30 as well as the pre-requisites]
    Solution: Return to Floor 28, D7 and head through the passages (and answer his
    questions) to reach Briareus.  Simple enough.
     4f. Quests to Unlock Wyvern
    Quest: Call of the gunner - Der Freischutz has a secret request for yeh lot.
    If yeh're interested, yeh should talk to him.
    Reward: 10,000 En
    Solution: Artelind is on Floor 7, D2.  To get here, you need to go through the
    Tree Key door on Floor 9 and work your way up.
    Quest: A diviner's tools - 
    Reward: Nectall II
    Small Bone (x1): Common Drop from Flygourds (FOE) on Floors 17-18.
    Spinal Fin (x1): Common Drop from Voltking (FOE) on Floors 16, 18, and 20.
    100 Shell (x1): Common Drop from Shelltors (FOE) on Floors 16 and 20.
    Quest: The waiting Wyvern - 
    [Note: Requires having reached Floor 26 as well as the pre-requisites]
    Reward: 100,000 En, the Agnea, and Wyvern.
    Solution: Floor 2, D6 reached via the Tree Key door at B4.
     5.  Weapon Quests
     5a. Quests to Receive the Ygg Staff
    Quest: The dying forest - The Labyrinth's trees are dying of an unknown disease.
    Please help us investigate the phenomenon.
    Reward: Varies; Volt Jar.
    Visit four sites: +500 En
    Visit five sites: +2000 En
    4F - A5
    5F - A1
    6F - B7
    7F - D6
    8F - D6
    Quest: Specimen collection - 
    Reward: Laudanum, wondering why you can't give people Warp Wires.
    Solution: Floor 9, E5. You then have to make it back to Floor 6's Geomagnetic
    Field (or Floor 11's, if you're doing this after finishing the Stratum)
    without anyone dying.
    Quest: Rescue operation - 
    Reward: Therica BX
    Solution: Floor 15's entrance (C4).  Like the early quest chasing the Fleehog,
    it's not too bad...except now you have three things to kill.  Best bet is to
    get to the path at D3 before any FoE does (or use a Sleep / Lure Bell early on).
    Quest: Outpatient treatment - 
    Reward: Bravant
    2F - B2
    6F - B6
    9F - E5
    15F - D4
    Quest: Yggdrasil's exterminators - 
    Reward: Soma III, Ygg Staff
    Solution: Floor 18, C3.
     5b. Quests to Receive the Ygg Axe
    Quest: The beautiful Queen - 
    Reward: Beast Bell, Ygg Axe, frustration at having it sit in the
    Quest Log / Available Quests for the entire game.
    Solution: Merely finish every other quest before you're able to turn this
    one in.
    Quest: Quid pro quo - 
    Reward: Fire Mist, Pawn Piece
    Blood Rock (x1) - Rare Mine from the 2nd Stratum.
    Red Pine (x1) - Rare Chop from the 2nd Stratum.
    Tri-Fruit (x3) - Rare Take from the 2nd Stratum.
    Quest: The iron-walled Rook - 
    Reward: Cut Jar, Rook Piece
    Solution: I believe the Bishop piece is purchased from Sitoth Trading.
    Quest: The wise King - 
    Reward: Frost Jar, King Piece
    Gold Quill (x1) - Common Drop from Glowbirds on the 4th Stratum.
    Quest: The courageous Knight - 
    Reward: Curse Gas, Rook Piece, Bishop Piece.
    Solution: The Knight piece is from Canaan on Floor 20, C4. Bring a Level 20+
    Landsknecht with you.
    Quest: The opposing one - 
    Reward: Amrita, King Piece
    Coal Skull (x1) - Ebonwing's Conditional Drop of Do not Kill with Cut, Bash,
    or Stab Elements from the 5th Stratum.
    Quest: Monarchy's restoration - 
    Reward: Soma III, King Piece. Yes, another King Piece.
    Solution: The Knight piece is found on Floor 25, E4.  Bring a Dark Hunter with
    Level 8 or higher Whip.
    Quest: Bonds of promotion - 
    Reward: Nectar III, Pawn Piece.
    Cat's Eyes (x3): Common Mine from the 6th Stratum.
    Star Rock (x2): Rare Mine from the 6th Stratum.
    Shine Rocks (x2): Rare Mine from the 6th Stratum.
    Quest: Ancient politics - 
    Reward: Hamao III, finally getting rid of the damn "The beautiful Queen" quest.
    Solution: Speak to Canaan on Floor 20, C4 and then return to the Bar.
     6.  Quests to Access the 6th Stratum
    Quest: Rendering assistance - There are unexplored areas in the floating castle.
    We would like you to investigate them.
    Reward: Hours of frustration. Oh, an Antivenin too.
    Solution: Seriously, I have no idea what triggers this quest.  My best guess is
    you'll merely have to go through the ropes and have a decently done map
    (~60-70%) and step on the tile near the final stairs located at C7.  Don't
    forget to speak to the Minister at the Palace so you can actually be awarded
    credit for your maps; nothing you do matters if you skip this step.
    Quest: The second grail - 
    Reward: Soma II, the Foul Grail.
    Solution: Floor 25, D4. Easy enough.
    Quest: Blood for the grail - 
    Reward: Nectar III
    Solution: Speak to Canaan at Floor 21's entrance (B4).  Afterwards, just kill
    things to fill the Foul Grail with blood.  FOEs make it go by quicker but
    normal encounters work.  If you get the "The amount of blood is insufficient"
    message that means the fight counted but you still need more.  No message means
    the fight meant nothing.
    As for how many fights, I don't know.  Supposedly, 6 FOEs is all but I've
    definitely killed more so...meh, just kill and kill and kill until you get it
    Afterwards, head to Floor 27 to meet with Canaan again and break the seal on
    the God's Key to continue onward.
     7.  Acknowledgements
    Thanks to Scy046 for all his hard work!
    Thanks to you, the reader and gamer, for taking the time to read my faq.
    Thanks to Atlus for making all those crazy games I love so much.
    Thanks to CJayC and Gamefaqs for hosting it.
     8.  Copyright Info
    This file is Copyright (c)2008 to its respective author, namely myself and
    Scy046.  All rights reserved.
    This file may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
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