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General FAQs

Walkthrough 07/18/08 hangid 1.00 66K

In-Depth FAQs

Enemy/Skill/Item/Boss FAQ 05/07/09 The_Real_Dealer 2.8 320K
Quest FAQ 08/16/08 Relle / Scy046 1.0 36K
Skill Guide (HTML) 09/14/16 DrFetus 139K
Skill List 02/23/08 THhitomi 39K
Weapon Unlock Guide 07/11/08 soren_kanzaki 1.0 38K

Maps and Charts

01F Dungeon Map (PNG) 07/06/08 Zaraf 43K
02F Dungeon Map (PNG) 07/15/08 Zaraf 46K
03F Dungeon Map (PNG) 08/08/08 Zaraf 49K
04F Dungeon Map (PNG) 07/09/08 Zaraf 44K
05F Dungeon Map (PNG) 07/06/08 Zaraf 50K
06F Dungeon Map (PNG) 08/08/08 Zaraf 53K
07F Dungeon Map (PNG) 07/06/08 Zaraf 52K
08F Dungeon Map (PNG) 07/10/08 Zaraf 54K
09F Dungeon Map (PNG) 07/14/08 Zaraf 51K
10F Dungeon Map (PNG) 07/13/08 Zaraf 55K
11F Dungeon Map (PNG) 08/08/08 Zaraf 43K
12F Dungeon Map (PNG) 07/06/08 Zaraf 77K
13F Dungeon Map (PNG) 07/10/08 Zaraf 71K
14F Dungeon Map (PNG) 07/10/08 Zaraf 52K
15F Dungeon Map (PNG) 08/08/08 Zaraf 65K
16F Dungeon Map (PNG) 08/08/08 Zaraf 56K
17F Dungeon Map (PNG) 08/08/08 Zaraf 61K
18F Dungeon Map (PNG) 08/08/08 Zaraf 52K
19F Dungeon Map (PNG) 08/08/08 Zaraf 48K
20F Dungeon Map (PNG) 07/06/08 Zaraf 46K
21F Dungeon Map (PNG) 07/06/08 Zaraf 39K
22F Dungeon Map (PNG) 07/06/08 Zaraf 40K
23F Dungeon Map (PNG) 07/06/08 Zaraf 44K
24F Dungeon Map (PNG) 08/08/08 Zaraf 48K
25F Dungeon Map (PNG) 07/12/08 Zaraf 46K
26F Dungeon Map (PNG) 07/10/08 Zaraf 43K
27F Dungeon Map (PNG) 07/10/08 Zaraf 82K
28F Dungeon Map (PNG) 07/10/08 Zaraf 50K
29F Dungeon Map (PNG) 07/15/08 Zaraf 49K
30F Dungeon Map (PNG) 07/10/08 Zaraf 49K
Alchemist Skill Tree (PNG) 06/20/08 Zaraf 125K
Beast Skill Tree (PNG) 06/20/08 Zaraf 125K
Dark Hunter Skill Tree (PNG) 06/20/08 Zaraf 116K
Gunner Skill Tree (PNG) 06/20/08 Zaraf 125K
Hexer Skill Tree (PNG) 06/20/08 Zaraf 128K
Landsknecht Skill Tree (PNG) 06/20/08 Zaraf 139K
Medic Skill Tree (PNG) 06/20/08 Zaraf 116K
Protector Skill Tree (PNG) 06/20/08 Zaraf 136K
Ronin Skill Tree (PNG) 06/20/08 Zaraf 124K
Survivalist Skill Tree (PNG) 06/20/08 Zaraf 118K
Troubadour Skill Tree (PNG) 06/20/08 Zaraf 119K
War Magus Skill Tree (PNG) 06/20/08 Zaraf 145K

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