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If you're stuck in The Sports Daishuugou - Yakyuu-Tennis-Volleyball-Futsal-Golf, ask your fellow GameFAQs members for help.

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Baseball, Tennis, Volleyball, Futsal, Golf!
Enjoy with this one!!

Popular sports in a large set!

In "baseball", "tennis" to "volleyball", "futsal", "golf",
5 popular sports events everyone knows, gather in one game software!
Easy to play, imperceptibly incandescent match.. An affordable title outstanding satisfaction has appeared.

Enormous enrichment elements are included too!

In addition to regular matches' match games, let's challenge various clear conditions with 'Challenge Cup' to collect items and teams.
By clearing the challenge cup, tennis rackets and baseball teams are increasing!

A mini game sensation exhibition is also included!

"Exhibition" is installed for each kind of eyes, such as home run contests and penalty kicks.
Even one person can play carefully!

A great battle everywhere in communication play!

It supports communication play with multiple DS cards, download play with only one DS card.
Up to 4 people can play against each other. (* 3 to 4 players only correspond to "THE GOLF".) In the case of wireless play, it is possible to use items and teams acquired in "challenge cup" mode .

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