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Album List by yunakitty

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 05/16/08

Lost In Blue 3 Album FAQ
Version 1.01
Author:  wearywaterwolf
Co-Author:  yunakitty (livserge331@comcast.net)

This was compiled by wearywaterwolf, and edited by yunakitty.

This is a list of the things that appear in your Album in Lost In Blue 3.  
(It is the fourth item down in your submenu.)  Things appear in your album 
the first time you make them, pick them up, or kill/encounter them (animals.)
Items will stay in your album from game to game, as long as you watch the 
ending all the way and save your data at the end.  Then, even when you delete 
that data to start a new game, the items will still appear in your album.  
(The exception is story items like the pendants and various memos and papers 
- because the numbers change from game to game.)  To complete your album, it 
will be necessary to play through as multiple characters, since not all 
characters have the same skills necessary to get/make/encounter each entry.

A. Tools 
1. Firestarter--twig, tree bark 
2. Improved Firestarter--twig, tree bark, bow 
3. Wooden Fishing Rod A--stick, sharpened stone 
4. Wooden Fishing Rod B--stick, sharpened bone 
5. Bamboo Fishing Rod A--green bamboo, sharpened stone 
6. Bamboo Fishing Rod B--green bamboo, sharpened bone 
7. Wooden Bow--stick, vine 
8. Bamboo Bow--stick, vine 
9. Wooden Arrows A--twigs, sharpened stone 
10. Wooden Arrows B--twigs, sharpened stone, feathers 
11. Wooden Arrows C--twigs, sharpened bone 
12. Wooden Arrows D--twigs, sharpened bone, feathers 
13. Bamboo Arrows A--green bamboo, sharpened stone 
14. Bamboo Arrows B--green bamboo, sharpened stone, feathers 
15. Bamboo Arrows C--green bamboo, sharpened bone 
16. Bamboo Arrows D--green bamboo, sharpened bone, feathers 
17. Iron Arrows A--iron rod 
18. Iron Arrows B--iron rod, feathers 
19. Wooden Spear A--stick 
20. Wooden Spear B--stick, sharpened stone 
21. Wooden Spear C--stick, sharpened bone 
22. Bamboo Spear A--green bamboo 
23. Bamboo Spear B--green bamboo, sharpened stone 
24. Bamboo Spear C--green bamboo, sharpened bone 
25. Iron Spear A--iron rod 
26. Wooden Torch--stick, lard 
27. Bamboo Torch--green bamboo, lard 
28. Small Trap--basket, twigs 
29. Large Trap--stick, vine 
30. Fish Trap--basket, vine 
31. Sea Lure A--twigs 
32. Sea Lure B--twigs 
33. Sea Lure C--twigs 
34. River Lure A--twigs 
35. River Lure B--twigs 
36. River Lure C--twigs 
37. Lake Lure A--twigs 
38. Lake Lure B--twigs 
39. Lake Lure C--twigs 
40. Special Lure
B. Materials 
1. Tree Vine 
2. Tree Bark 
3. Leaf 
4. Log 
5. Stick 
6. Twigs 
7. Large Bone--eat large animal 
8. Fur--shoot animal 
9. Stone 
10. Green Bamboo 
11. Feather--shoot bird or check western quarry area after storm 
12. Lard--shoot large animal or James will bring 
13. Sharpened Stone 
14. Sharpened Bone 
15. Iron Rod 

C. Seafood 
An * means that it was translated from the Japanese website and is 
unconfirmed as of yet in the US version.
1. Abalone 
2. Short-necked Clam 
3. Clam 
4. Scallop 
5. Oyster 
6. Freshwater Clam 
7. Seaweed 
8. Red Sea Urchin 
9. Mackerel 
10. Striped Beakperch 
11. Silaginoid 
12. Moray Eel 
13. Sardine 
14. Scorpion Fish 
15. File Fish 
16. Hirame* (flatfish?)  
17. Madai* 
18. Budai* 
19. Mahaze* 
20. Sea Bass 
21. Sweetfish 
22. Namaze* 
23. Bass*  
24. Arowana* 
25. Koi* 
26. Eel 
27. White Carp 
28. Char 
29. Salmon 
30. Masu Salmon 
31. Itou* 
32. Rainbow Trout 
33. Shrimp* 
D. Animals 
1. Hermit Crab 
2. Sand Crab 
3. Coconut Crab 
4. Tortoise 
5. Lizard 
6. Snake 
7. Spider 
8. Boar 
9. Duck 
10. Deer 
11. Raccoon 
12. Chicken 
13. Rabbit 
14. Field Mouse 
15. Pigeon 
16. Goat 
17. Lynx 
18. Squirrel 
19. Wolf 
20. Alligator 
21. Shark 
22. Dolphin 
23. Scorpion 
24. Bat--cave between upper and lower Lake 
25. Chimpanzee 
26. Anaconda 
27. Brown Bear 
28. White Tiger  
29. Leopard 
30. Owl 
31. Hawk 
32. Penguin 
33. Monitor Lizard 
34. Giant Catfish
E. Plants 
1. Black Mushroom 
2. Blue Mushroom 
3. Brown Mushroom 
4. Orange Mushroom 
5. Purple Mushroom 
6. Red Mushroom 
7. White Mushroom 
8. Yellow Mushroom 
9. Chives 
10. Bamboo Shoot 
11. Carrot 
12. Burdock 
13. Onion 
14. Potato 
15. Radish 
16. Taro 
17. Tomato 
18. Paradise Herb 
19. Four Seas Carrot 
20. Coconut 
21. Papaya 
22. Raspberry 
23. Banana 
24. Pineapple 
25. Mugwort 
26. Lotus Root 
27. Passion Fruit 
28. Apple 
F. Furniture 
1. Bed 3 steps 
1--2 log, 1 rope, 6 leaf 
2--2 log, 2 rope, 6 leaf 
3--2 log, 2 rope, 6 fur 
2. Shelf 3 steps 
1--1 log, 1 rope 
2--2 log, 2 rope 
3--3 log, 3 rope 
3. Smoker 1 step 
1--1 log, 1 rope 
4. Table Set 5 steps 
1--1 log, 2 rope 
2--1 log, 2 rope 
3--2 log, 2 rope 
4--2 log, 2 rope 
5--2 log, 2 rope, 3 fur 
5. House 7 steps 
1--4 log, 4 rope 
2--4 log, 4 rope 
3--4 log, 4 rope 
4--4 log, 4 rope 
5--3 log, 3 rope 
6--3 log, 3 rope 
7--3 log, 3 rope, 10 leaf 
6. Raft  
7. Raft 2 5 steps 
1--3 log 3 rope 
2--3 log 3 rope 
3--3 log 3 rope 
4--3 log 3 rope 
5--3 log 3 rope 6 fur 
8. Bridge 1 1 step 
9. Bridge 2 1 step 
10. Oil Drum Bath 1 step 
1--1 log, 1 rope 

G. Recipes 
1. Egg Salad--egg, carrot, rock salt, pepper seed 
2. Radish Salad--radish, rock salt, blue seed 
3. Burdock Root Salad--burdock, purple bean, chili pepper 
4. Seaweed Salad--seaweed, purple bean, blue seed 
5. Mushroom Salad--mushroom, vegetable, rock salt, pepper seed 
6. Mackerel Sashimi--mackerel, chives, purple bean 
7. Sea Bass Sashimi--sea bass, chives, blue seed, purple bean 
8. Sashimi Platter--various fish, chives, purple bean 
9. Fruit Platter--papaya, passion fruit, other fruit, tree sap drop 
10. Big Eared Apple--apple, tree sap drop 
11. Baked Potato--potato, rock salt, pepper seed 
12. Grilled Eel--eel, purple bean, tree sap drop 
13. Grilled Sweetfish--sweetfish, rock salt 
14. Grilled Clam--clam, purple bean 
15. Grilled Poultry--poultry, rock salt, pepper seed 
16. Grilled Salmon - Salmon, Rock Salt, Pepper Seed 
17. Grilled Sea Bream--sea bream, rock salt 
18. Grilled Masu Salmon--masu salmon, rock salt 
19. Butter Grilled Trout--rainbow trout, onion, rock salt, brown seed 
20. Grilled Sea Bass--sea bass, rock salt 
21. Masu Salmon Skewer--masu salmon, carrot, rock salt, pepper seed 
22. Sauteed Wolf--wolf meat, milk, carrot, brown seed 
23. Grilled Apple--apple, tree sap drop 
24. Apple Pie--apple, tree sap drop 
Stir Fry 
25. Tropical Fried Pork--boar meat, pineapple, rock salt, pepper seed 
26. Flounder Meuniere - Flounder, Brown Seed, Pepper seed 
27. Crab Omelet--crab, egg, rock salt, pepper seed 
28. Mushroom Omelet--mushroom, egg, brown seed, pepper seed 
29. Italian Omelet--potato, onion, egg, rock salt, pepper seed 
30. Butter Fried Clam--Short-necked clam, rock salt, brown seed 
31. Mushroom Saute--mushroom, rock salt, pepper seed 
32. Burdock Root--burdock, carrot, purple bean, tree sap drop 
33. Eggs Sunny side Up--egg, rock salt, pepper seed 
34. Rainbow Trout Saute--rain trout, carrot, potato, brown seed, pepper seed 
35. Sea Bass Meuniere - Sea Bass, Brown Seed, Pepper Seed 
36. Spicy Shrimp - Shrimp, Onion, Chili Pepper, Rock Salt 
37. Boiled Pork Salad--boar meat, vegetable, purple bean, blue seed 
38. Clam Chowder--shellfish, milk, onion, yellow bud, rock salt 
39. Meat & Potato Stew--boar meat, potato, carrot, purple bean, tree sap drop 
40. Pot-au-feu--boar meat, potato, onion, carrot, yellow bud, rock salt 
41. Sardine Soup--sardine, chives, purple bean, pepper seed 
42. Onion Soup--onion, carrot, yellow bud, rock salt 
43. Pigeon Soup--pigeon, chives, rock salt, pepper seed 
44. Duck Hot Pot--duck, chive, carrot, purple seed, rock salt 
45. Boiled Egg--egg, rock salt 
46. Salmon Hot Pot - Salmon, Chives, Carrot, Radish, Purple Seed, Rock Salt 
47. Raccoon Hot Pot--raccoon, carrot, onion, rock salt, purple seed 
48. Pork Miso Soup--boar, carrot, radish, chive, purple bean, rock salt 
49. Deer Hot Pot--deer, carrot, burdock, chives, purple bean, rock salt 
50. Boiled Bamboo Shoot--bamboo shoot, carrot, burdock, radish, purple seed,  
tree sap drop 
51. Wolf Hot Pot--wolf, carrot, radish, chives, puple bean, blue seed 
52. Cream Stew--meat, milk, carrot, potato, yellow bud, pepper seed 
53. Minestrone--tomato, onion, potato, meat, brown seed, pepper seed 
Deep Fry 
54. Fried Sillaginoid--sillaginoid, rock salt 
55. Onion Rings--onion, rock salt 
56. French Fries--potato, rock salt, pepper seed 
57. Fried Oyster--oyster, rock salt 
58. Fried Mackerel--Mackerel, rock salt
59. Deep Fried Poultry-any bird meat, purple bean, rock salt 
60. Mixed Tempura--potato, burdock, carrot, rock salt 
61. Lotus Root Chips--lotus root, rock salt 
62. Fried Shrimp-Shrimp, Rock Salt 
63. Potato Salad--potato, carrot, rock salt, pepper seed 
64. Steamed Crab--crab, purple bean 
65. Steamed Taro--taro, rock salt 
66. Egg Hopscotch--bird, mushroom, egg, purple bean, rock salt 
67. Custard Pudding--egg, tree sap drop, brown seed 
68. Steamed Sea Urchin--red sea urchin, purple bean 
69. Steamed Shrimp-Shrimp, Rock Salt, Pepper Seed  

H. Other 
(See Section I for what you need to make the various items!) 
1. Small Smoked Meat 
2. Medium Smoked Meat 
3. Large Smoked Meat 
4. Small Smoked Fish 
5. Medium Smoked Fish 
6. Large Smoked Fish 
7. Egg--capture chicken 
8. Lunchbox 
9. White, Round Shell--search beaches 
10. White, Pointy Shell--search beaches 
11. White, Odd Shell--search beaches 
12. Black, Round Shell--search beaches 
13. Black, Pointy Shell--search beaches 
14. Black, Odd Shell--search beaches 
15. Brown, Round Shell--search beaches 
16. Brown, Pointy Shell--search beaches 
17. Brown, Odd Shell--search beaches 
18. Red Stone - get from chimp after talking 4 times, then giving him what he 
asks for (random) 
19. Orange Stone--field of flowers by airplane 
20. Yellow Stone--middle island of upper Lake 
21. Green Stone--dive Lab Cave 
22. Light Blue Stone - get from dolphin, for singing (must have been visiting 
him for at least a week) 
23. Dark Blue Stone--dive Treehouse 
24. Purple Stone--center island Jungle River 
25. Shell Necklace--6 shells 
26. Sun Necklace - 6 red stones 
27. Sunset Necklace--6 Orange Stones 
28. Moon Necklace--6 Yellow Stones 
29. Young Leaf Necklace--6 Green Stones 
30. Blue Sky Necklace - 6 Blue Stones 
31. Deep Sea Necklace--6 Dark Blue Stones 
32. Nightsky Necklace--6 Purple Stones 
33. Sea Map--shipwreck 
34. Portable Radio--Lab 
35. Bottle--check beaches after storms 
36. Water--fill bottle at drinking areas 
37. Milk--capture goat, fill bottle 
38. Basket--woven by others from Green Bamboo 
39. Oil Drum--check beaches after storms 
40. Flat Stone--dive Quarry 
41. Earthenware--search lower Lake 
42. Broken Portable Radio--brought by Eric 
43. IC Card--Eric dives for it in Lab Cave 
44. Copper wire--shipwreck, dive Treehouse 
45. Plug--Lab, shipwreck 
46. Fuse--Lab 
47. Compounding Base--Lab 
48. Medicine--make in Lab after getting ingredients 
1--Farewell Cherry Blossoms 
2--Four Seas Carrot 
3--Paradise Herb 
49. Farewell Cherry Blossom--ride raft lower left river of Lake 
50. Pendant--Sam/Eric is wearing 
51. Gold Pendant - Sam's Pendant 
52. Scrap of Paper A--Lab 
53. Scrap of Paper B--Lab 
54. Memo--in field near plane 

I. How to make various items in "Other."

Various Smoked Items 
1. Small Smoked Fish 
White Carp 
Scorpion Fish  
2. Medium Smoked Fish 
Moray Eel 
3. Large Smoked Fish 
Masu Salmon 
Rainbow Trout 
4. Small Smoked Meat 
Field Mouse 
5. Medium Smoked Meat 
Monitor Lizard 
6. Large Smoked Meat 

J. Locations of Items

Here's where I've been finding the various items. 
R=Fished in river 
FB=Fished on Beach 
B=Found on Beach 
1. 1st Cave 
Tree bark  
Stone (B)
Bottle (B)
Oil Drum (B) 
Yellow Mushroom  
White Mushroom  
Purple Mushroom  
Brown Mushroom 
Blue Mushroom 
Orange Mushroom 
Black Mushroom 
Red Mushroom 
Seaweed (B) 
Oyster (B) 
Scorpion Fish (S,FB) 
Freshwater Clam (B) 
Sardine (S,FB) 
White Carp (S,R) 
Sweetfish (S,R) 
Snake (touch ground) 
Spider (touch ground)
Owl (at night, hit Y until you hear hooting, aim up into tree)
Lynx (at night) 
Hermit Crab (touch ground on beach) 
Sand Crab (touch ground on beach) 
Coconut Crab (touch ground on beach) 
2. Grasslands 
Tree bark  
Blue Mushroom  
Purple Mushroom 
Brown Mushroom 
Goat (leftmost patch of grass) 
Wolf (after 6pm only, middle patch of grass) 
Raccoon (after 6pm only, below raspberries) 
Pigeon (near mushrooms) 
Rabbit (right below lab hatch) 
Chicken (below raspberries) 
Snake (touch ground) 
Spider (touch ground) 
3. Jungle 
Bottle (get from chimp)
Red Stone (get from chimp) 
Passion Fruit 
Raspberries (girls only)
Tomato (get from chimp)
Apple (get from chimp) 
Scorpion (touch ground) 
Lizard (touch ground) 
Tortoise (touch ground) 
Snake (touch ground) 
Spider (touch ground) 
Chimpanzee (in one of three circular spots on map) 
4. Jungle River 
Tree bark
Purple Stone (tap sandy ground in center island, random) 

Passion Fruit 
Boar (lower right part, set trap) 
Deer  (upper left part, set trap)  
Snake (touch ground) 
Spider (touch ground) 
Lizard (touch ground) 
Tortoise (touch ground) 
Scorpion (touch ground) 
5. Bamboo Grove 
Tree bark  
Green Bamboo 
Bamboo Shoots 
Raccoon (after 6pm only) 
Rabbit  (just south of two northern exits) 
Wolf (after 6pm only, east of tree with twigs) 
6. Lab Cave 
Bones (D)
Green Stone (D)  
Eel (S) 
White Carp (S) 
Penguin (appears northwest of drinking spot, random)
Monitor Lizard (directly south of elevator, kill with iron arrows) 
Anaconda (story events)
Snake (touch ground) 
Spider (touch ground) 
7. Poison Gas 
Twig (shake tree)
Four Seas Carrot (later in story) 
Purple Mushroom 
Hawk (bow equipped, hit Y until you hear it, aim up) 
Anaconda (story events) 
8. Treehouse 
Tree bark  
Iron Rod(D,B) 
Copper Wire (D)
Dark Blue Stone (D)
Light Blue Stone (dolphin)  
Orange Mushroom 
White Mushroom 
Sillaginoid (S) 
Mackerel (S) 
Moray Eel (Kumiko) 
Short-necked Clam (D) 
Scallop (B, D) 
Abalone (D) 
Seaweed (B) 
Clam (B) 
9. Lake 
Tree bark  
Orange Stone (flower field above lake, tap purple flowers)
Yellow Stone (island in lake, tap bare spots) 
Duck (island in middle of lake) 
Pigeon (in lower right part of upper area)
Brown Bear (story events) 
Anaconda (story events) 
Spider (touch ground)
Snake (touch ground) 
Lynx (AFTER 6PM ONLY, between two rivers in lower part) 
White Carp (S) 
Char (S,R) 
Masu Salmon (S,R) 
Rainbow Trout (Kumiko) 
10. Swamp 
Purple Mushroom 
Brown Mushroom  
Red Mushroom  
Black Mushroom  
Lotus Root  

Rabbit (at lower exit to jungle river)
Duck (upper leftmost island) 
Alligator (story events) 
Spider (touch ground) 
Snake (touch ground) 
11. Quarry 
Tree bark  
Feather (during squall) 
Masu Salmon (S,R) 
Seaweed (B) 
Sardine (S,FB) 
Short-necked Clam (B) 
Clam (B) 
Oyster (B) 
Abalone (D) 
Red Sea Urchin (D) 
K. Credits 
Thanks to yunakitty, ninjawarrior and neonmouko for help with the hunting. 
Thanks to littleturtlegir and patyjo for help with the recipes. 
Thanks to shdwrim3 for help finding stones. 

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