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Ending Guide by yunakitty

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 05/16/08

Lost In Blue 3 
Endings FAQ
Version 1.00
By yunakitty (livserge331@comcast.net

There are multiple endings possible in Lost in Blue 3.  Some can be completed 
by all characters, and some only by one.  It's fun to try to see them all!

Table of Contents

Section I - Endings
1.  Storyline Ending
2.  Radio Rescue
3.  Dolphin Ending
4.  Boat Ending
5.  Plane Escape Ending
6.  Calling for Help
7.  Raft Ending
8.  365 days Ending

Section II - Frequently Asked Questions

Storyline Ending
Characters who can do this:  Eric, Claire

Take Eric and Claire into the sub room.  Run to the left side of the room.  
You will encounter the real Sam.  He will request that you make him some 
medicine.  He'll tell you a three digit code; write it down. Leave and go 
back in to find his pendant. 

Sometime before or after this, you have to get the IC card.  Go to the 
underground lake, head over to the right, and climb up onto the little raised 
circular area.  If you are Claire, you will get a scene, and then Eric will 
get it for you.  If you are Eric, you'll dive for it yourself. When you have 
it, leave, but you'll have to "fight" the anaconda AGAIN.  

Go to the room above Kumiko's dad's room.  The code has three parts which 
will be Eric's pendant code, Sam's spoken number, and Sam's pendant code.  If 
you mess up or forgot Sam's spoken code, Eric will repeat it.

Inside the room is the boys' mother's lab.  There are notes on how to make a 
cure for the virus.  Take the compounding base with you and return home.  Ask 
your partners about the ingredients.  They will give you hints, but I'll get 
right to the point and tell you where they are.
Paradise Herb - This one is easy.  You'll find it all over the island.  In 
fact, save it for last, because you'll probably encounter it while getting 
the other two.  It looks like a dandelion.  If you don't find it on the way 
to the other ones, just take the right hatch to the field and there are some 
growing right there.

Four Seas Carrot - To the left of the hot springs in the gas zone.  You have 
to dig it up like a carrot.  Don't put it in the shelves or a partner's 
inventory, because they will eat it if hungry enough!

Farewell Cherry Blossom - Build a mini raft (1 log, 1 rope) at the LEFT river 
in the lower part of the lake area.  Take it downstream.  You can hit the 
branches as you go along, and you just might catch a Paradise Herb or a rare 
apple.  The most important thing is to choose Right, Right, Right, Right, and 
then Left when prompted to choose a direction.  If you do this correctly, you 
will end up at a new location.  Walk down to the tree and pick up the petal.

You now have all the ingredients!  Return to Mom's room with the compounding 
base and the three items.  You can make the medicine in there.  Then return 
to the sub room.  You will give Sam the medicine and escape in the sub.  The 

2. Radio Rescue
Characters who can do this: All
You can find a portable radio in the cage room of the lab.  After you open 
the underground lake, this is possible.  If you are Claire or James, then 
Eric or Kumiko will come in one morning with a broken radio.  They will say 
what frequency it's set to.  If you forget, looking your album under Other, 
and look at the broken radio to get the code again.  If you are Eric or 
Kumiko, you have to fish the radio out yourself.  It can be found facing 
north in the underground cave, but I have never actually found it. Take both 
(or at least the working one and knowledge of the right frequency) to the 
cliff near the flower field where Kumiko crashed.  At the top, you can go in 
you inventory and use the radio.  Quickly dial it the right frequency.  You 
can hear some neat things on other frequencies, but battery power is limited.  
Though, if you do run it down, I've heard that you can put the radio in 
James's inventory and send him out for food, and he will come back each day 
with it partially charged.  Anyway, once you are at the right frequency, you 
will talk to someone.  It doesn't matter what answer you give them.  After a 
week has passed, return to the first cave and run down to the shore.  You 
will be rescued!

3. Dolphin Ending
Characters who can do this: Claire

Befriend the dolphin (see dolphin section of this FAQ.)  At a certain point, 
you will walk up to visit him, and he'll tell you (how, I'm not sure) that a 
boat passes by at a certain time every day.  Claire will ride the dolphin off 
the island!
(NOTE:  This will only happen if you cured Claire's fear of water.  To do 
that, you must see an event between her and Eric.  It happens after you get 
James, but before Eric regains his memory.  Eric has to like you enough that 
asking him "What's new?" no longer makes him make that happy sound.  You have 
to stay at the first cave, and in the morning go out near the water together.  
If you did not trigger this, then Claire will say she's afraid of water 
instead of riding the dolphin.  There is no way to trigger it once Eric gets 
his memory back.)

4. Boat Ending
Characters who can do this: Eric

You may encounter earthquakes from time to time on the island.  One happens 
when you enter the bat cave for the first time.  I got another one when 
coming in the bat cave from the lake area, later on in the story.  Eric has a 
flashback about his mother and a boat.  Not many days later (some people have 
said 6 weeks after you move into the lab; for me it happened on day 36, which 
coincidentally is exactly 6 weeks on the island, and no I didn't move in the 
lab on the first day!), the hallway directly below the lab base room opened 
up.  I was able to go in there, then to the left and there was a rubber boat 
with an engine!  Bring more than 10 lunchboxes, and leave between 10am and 
3pm (this is crucial, and is apparently why I failed at this before.)

5. Plane Escape Ending
Characters who can do this: Kumiko

Repair the plane and make the medicine (see storyline ending for how to make 
the medicine.)  Note:  You have to have overcome Kumiko's fear of lightning 
before you can fly the plane away.  I have never had a problem with doing 
this, since all you have to do is go outside during a thunderstorm.  Chances 
are, it will happen without you even thinking about it.  If not, you may have 
to wait around on the island a few more days hoping for a storm to walk out 

6. Calling for Help
Characters who can do this: James 
After you have woken Kumiko and unlocked her father's room, take the cherry 
blossom path down the river (left river, then R R R R L.)  Climb up to the 
right and you should be able to power up the equipment in Kumiko's father's 
room with it.  (Note:  This requires that you have conquered James' fear of 
heights, which happens when you cross the log bridge you build to get to 
Kumiko's crash.  Which you will have had to do to have her dad's room 
unlocked, so it's sort of a moot point.)  Return to the lab and go into 
Kumiko's father's room.  Go up to the equipment and James will say a bunch of 
stuff.  About a week later, go to the first cave area and head down to the 
beach.  You will be rescued!

7. Raft Ending
Characters who can do this: Eric, James
At some point after you've woken up Kumiko, if you've already visited the old 
ship and gotten the sea map, go to the last beach, on the seashore.  James 
will realize that he could build a raft there.  I'm not sure if you have to 
have the treehouse built first for this to trigger, but that makes it more 
convenient to build it anyway, since you're closer.  The raft will take many 
logs (more than 10), lots of rope, and 6 furs.  Once it's done, bring more 
than 20 lunchboxes, the sea map, and a partner (obviously, to hold some of 
the lunches) and leave between 8am and 5pm.  You will sail to safety!

8. 365 days Ending:

It's rumored that you get a special ending if you live for 365 days on the 
island without escaping.  I've only gotten to 91, so I'm not sure about it. 
The Japanese Guide states that all possible furniture must be built in all 
bases.  If anyone has actually seen this ending, please let me know about it.

Section II - Variations on Endings

What you see become of your character varies based on what other character 
they were closest to.  Be really nice to whoever you want to end up with, and 
read the "Events" FAQ on this site for special events between characters.

Section III - Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  I'm playing as Claire, and I made friends with the dolphin.  One day, the 
dolphin communicated to Claire about a boat that comes by the island, but 
Claire said she was afraid of water, and then that was it.  What did I do 
A:  You never cured her fear of water.  There is no way to get the event now, 
since it requires Eric to not have regained his memory yet, and if you are 
talking to the dolphin, then you have been past the gas zone, which means 
Eric has his memory back.  For future reference: on a sunny day, return to 
the first cave and stay. This must be after you've joined up with James, and 
Eric must like you enough that it doesn't make the "happy sound" when you ask 
him "What's new?" Go outside together the next day, near the water. You 
should get this event, and her fear of water will be cured.

Q:  I forgot the radio frequency!  Is there any way to find it out?
A:  Go into your Album, under Other.  Find the broken radio, and read the 

Q:  I'm trying to escape by the boat/raft, but I keep dying.  Help!
A:  You need to have found the sea map in the old ship first.  (I don't think 
you have to have it with you, but it wouldn't hurt.)  For the boat, you need 
to take 11 or more lunches, and leave between 10am and 3pm.  For the raft, 
take 20+ lunches, a partner, and leave between 8am and 5pm.

Q:  I can't find the stuff to repair Kumiko's plane.
A:  It takes some time.  Copper wires can be found in the old ship (3 every 4 
days) or by diving at the treehouse beach (unlimited.)  Plugs and fuses are 
found in the rooms around the lab, and reappear after a while.  Just keep 
checking every couple of days.

Q:  I called for help, but no one came.  What should I do?
A:  Wait at least a week after you called for help, then go to the first 
beach.  The rescue crew will be there.

Q:  The portable radio ran out of power!  How can I recharge it?
A:  If you are playing as Eric, Claire, or Kumiko, put it in James' inventory 
and send him out for food.  He will bring it back with a little charge (we 
have no idea why.)  If you are James, I've heard people say that you can take 
it to the satellite in the cherry blossom area to recharge it, but I think 
that might have been misunderstood; taking James there makes him use the 
satellite to power up the equipment in Kumiko's father's room, which you can 
call for help on very similar to the radio.  But maybe it does recharge the 
radio if you have it with you.

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