Only 1 orange muhroom in the game?

  1. Hi there,

    I finished lib 1 and 2 and am now halfway (I think) of 3. My energy mushroom is orange, just as in lib 2 (many people seem to get the same colors between games, DS settings dependent?).
    Problem is, I can only find one orange shroom, the one next to the starters cave, but never found a second. Did I miss a spot or am I just very unlucky that the game only contains one orange shroom? Being stuck with bad odds (misfortune) is part of life/game, but it would save me hours of searching for orange shroom if I knew this was intended or a developers mistake. Anyone know locations of other orange shrooms? Cooking other colors has been unsuccesfull so far. :

    User Info: Dalton2

    Dalton2 - 1 year ago

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