How do I finish the last level?

  1. I need to destroy the balaur, the diamond thing,the chaos lords and the destroys!

    User Info: docmagnet59

    docmagnet59 - 10 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. First you must keep attacking balaur with character who have phoenix shadow don't to close with balaur. two if he changed his place order one character with jack'o lantern shadow to attack with his snipe or anything, if destroy or chaos lord come to you you must run but keep attack balaur from distance wih charcter who can jump. order character who can attack from distance with his shadow to a hole where balaur changed his place, buy 99 ultra medicine, keep attack and run until balaur died don't try attack that diamond thing, you can't damaged it if balaur die he will revived and move to center, attack balaur until he in critical state it will destroy a diamond barrier and stop attack balaur and changed to attack diamond until the diamond is destroyed, and nene will come and balaur revived again attack balur again but don't forget to heal your character, if balaur die attack nene with your shadow.

    User Info: gafirazi

    gafirazi - 10 years ago 0   0

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