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Prisoner of War Guide by deathfisaro

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/17/2008


                     Metal Slug 7 Prisoners Location Guide


 Table of contents                                                       [TABL]

 You can use search to navigate, no need to include [], just 4 letters will do

-Table of Contents                                                       [TABL]

-Prisoners Location                                                      [PRLC]
 =Mission 1                                                              [MS01]
 =Mission 2                                                              [MS02]
 =Mission 3                                                              [MS03]
 =Mission 4                                                              [MS04]
 =Mission 5                                                              [MS05]
 =Mission 6                                                              [MS06]
 =Mission 7                                                              [MS07]

-Credits / Special Thanks To                                             [STHX]

-History                                                                 [HSTR]


 Prisoners Location                                                      [PRLC]


 The formating of this guide will be as follows:

  -Prisoner# (VISIBLE/HIDDEN) Description. Items rewarded by the prisoner.

 I defined map as one entire area before screen fades. You can use the touch
screen to browse through the map you're in, but not other maps. 

 Prisoner# is according to their location. So even if #14 is the first prisoner
you see, when #13's location is closer to you I numbered the closer one first.

 (VISIBLE) means the prisoner is visible on the map. (HIDDEN) means you need to
fire at a certain location in order to make the prisoner appear. The best way
to find hidden prisoners is playing on the Beginner difficulty, as you have an 
unlimited ammo of Heavy Machinegun. 

 I'll describe the prisoner's location in Description part. I'll use previous
prisoner, background, and enemies as reference points. It's recommended that
you play through the mission first, and then read my guide because the first
time it can be confusing whether you've passed my reference point or not.

 Items rewarded by prisoner is quite straightforward. I'll just write down
a single word (most of the time) naming the reward. If I have no idea, I'll
just say swag. Weapons will be written as their abbriviation.

-Mission 1

 =First map
  #1 (VISIBLE) Tied up in the first screen. Chicken.
  #2 (HIDDEN) Jump over the first cannon turret and shoot up. Banana.
  #3 (VISIBLE) Tied up between the second cannon turret and an artillery. R.
  #4 (HIDDEN) Above #3, try jumping and shooting upwards. BOMB.
  #5 (HIDDEN) A little bit to the right of #4, before the third cannon turret,
              shoot the pillar that's tilted right like /. Swag.

 =Second map
   #6 (VISIBLE) Tied up on the upper platform. Cat.
   #7 (VISIBLE) Tied up on the upper platform. I.
   #8 (VISIBLE) Tied up on the lower platform just to the right of #7. D.
   #9 (HIDDEN) After you blow up the tank and the barrel, go to the very left,
               a couple steps to the right, and throw a grenade to the right.
               It'll roll underneath the platform and explode and this 
               prisoner will jump out onto the platform. Bone.
   #10 (HIDDEN) Go a few steps to the right, don't jump, don't go too much
                (you'll fall to death). Shoot straight to the right and this
                prisoner will jump out onto the platform too. Watermelon.

 =Third map
   #11 (VISIBLE) Tied up to a block of wood in the middle of the road. BOMB.
   #12 (VISIBLE) Right after the artillery. Radish.
   #13 (HIDDEN) Shoot the lamp above the second artillery. You need to walk a
                little bit to the right before your shots will hit. C.
   #14 (VISIBLE) Tied up, to the right of #14. L.

-Mission 2

 =First map
  #1 (HIDDEN) Take the second lift, go a tiny bit down, jump back up to the 
              right. Shoot the ground slightly right of the second lift. L.
  #2 (VISIBLE) Take the lift to go down, on your right. S.
  #3 (VISIBLE) After you get off the third lift, tied up. Bird and nest.

 =Second map
  #4 (HIDDEN) As soon as you exit the cave part, destroy both carts above and 
              he'll fall down. Doll.
  #5 (VISIBLE) Tied up on your right. G.
  #6 (HIDDEN) From the base of the hill, shoot the top of the hill. If you 
              jumped up to the rail, you could miss him. Chicken.
  #7 (VISIBLE) Tied up at the top of the mound. Fire BOMB.
  #8 (VISIBLE) After the jumping blue rocket mole things, when you reach the 
               top of the mound don't jump on to the rails. Walk down the 
               hill and he's tied up down there. Fruits.
  #9 (VISIBLE) Tied up on the rail, if you shoot him too early, he'll walk 
               away to the right (If you jumped on to the rail) If you saved #8
               just shoot up and walk up the mound for easy save. BOMB.

 =Third map
  Hint: If you shoot the base of the train slug, you get a free cannon 
        attachment to your left.
  #10 (VISIBLE) Tied at the end of the downhill tracks. Candy?

 =Boss fight
  #11 (VISIBLE) Right at the start of the boss fight. C.
  #12 (VISIBLE) Appears very soon. Teddy bear.
  #13 (VISIBLE) Appears when you arrive at the first flat part after #12. Swag.
  #14 (VISIBLE) Appears a couple screen widths after #13. Banana.

 Hint: If you destroy the boss with cannon attachment, you get 100,000 score
       per simultaneous hit final blow.

-Mission 3
 =First map
  #1 (VISIBLE) Before the slug. BOMB.
  #2 (VISIBLE) Tied at a tower. C.
  #3 (VISIBLE) Right next to #3. Chicken,
  #4 (VISIBLE) Tied at the last tower, walks away if shot too early. R.

 =Second map
  #5 (VISIBLE) Middle of the lift, falls from sky. BOMB.
  #6 (VISIBLE) Falls from the sky slightly after #5. Z.
  #7 (VISIBLE) Same deal after #6. Medal.
  #8 (HIDDEN) After reaching the top with the lift, shoot up. Doll.

 =Third map
  #9 (VISIBLE) After orange ball starts rolling, to your right. T.
  #10 (VISIBLE) After the first man-powered lift, to your left. BOMB.
  #11 (VISIBLE) After you use the last man-powered lift. Apple.

 =Boss fight
  #12 (VISIBLE) At the lift. BULLET.
  #13 (VISIBLE) Falls from sky after #13. Medal.
  #14 (VISIBLE) Same deal as #13. Mushroom.

-Mission 4
 =First map
  #1 (VISIBLE) Take the upper path by jumping over the downhill split section.
               Tied right before the panel. Teddy bear.
  #2 (HIDDEN) Take the lower path, at halfway down, shoot upwards and wait
              for him to climb down the cliff. No item, Hadouken support.
  #3 (VISIBLE) Tied underneath the second rock. BOMB.
  #4 (VISIBLE) Tied up on the rock soon after #3. S.

 =Second map
  #5 (VISIBLE) Walking to the right as soon as you get in to the map. Stuff
               that falls from her backpack.
  #6 (VISIBLE) Tied at the bottom of the hill. I.
  #7 (VISIBLE) One flatform lower, tied by a hanging rope. BOMB.
  #8 (VISIBLE) Just after #7, at the entrance of a semi-cave part. Fish.

 =Third map
  #9 (VISIBLE) Tied underneath a big plant. F. 
  #10 (VISIBLE) Just after #9. BOMB.
  #11 (VISIBLE) After jumping, tied by a hanging rope. Chicken.
  #12 (VISIBLE) Tied under maggots just before the second big plant. Cabbage.

 =Boss fight
  #13 (VISIBLE) Left end of the screen. C.
  #14 (VISIBLE) Right end of the screen. D.

-Mission 5
 =First map
  #1 (VISIBLE) Tied up on the lower platform. BOMB.
  #2 (HIDDEN) After #1, drop down to the left and jump to land on right 
              platform. Destroy artillery to the left and jump there. Shoot 
              ground. Radish.

 =Second map

 =Third map
  #3 (VISIBLE) Tied up in the middle of the road. Z.
  #4 (VISIBLE) Tied up on top of the wide n shaped platform. BOMB.
  #5 (HIDDEN) Shoot the floor in the middle of wide n shaped platform. T.
  #6 (VISIBLE) Tied up in the middle of the second wide n shaped platform. L.
  #7 (VISIBLE) Right after #6. Frog.

 =Fourth map
  #8 (HIDDEN) Shoot vertically up, standing at the middle of the tower as 
              soon as you enter the map. Suitcase.
  #9 (VISIBLE) Tied up right in front of you. Cat.
  #10 (VISIBLE) Tied up by a hanging rope. Pig.
  #11 (HIDDEN) Shoot upwards, to the right of where #10 first was. Chicken.
  #12 (VISIBLE) As soon as you jump over the gap right after #11, will walk 
                away if shot too early. BOMB.
  #13 (HIDDEN) After #12, destroy the tank and shoot the tower. Pear.
  #14 (HIDDEN) Right next to #13. BOMB

-Mission 6
 =First map
  #1 (VISIBLE) As soon as mission starts. R.
  #2 (VISIBLE) Right after the cover. Fire BOMB.
  #3 (VISIBLE) Before you need to jump a gap. BOMB.
  #4 (VISIBLE) Jump to the lower platform, she's walking to the right. Stuff 
               that falls from her backpack.
  #5 (VISIBLE) Tied up on the upper platform to the right of #4. G.

 =Second map
  #6 (VISIBLE) On the first platform you encounter. S.
  #7 (HIDDEN) When the series of helicopters appear, you'll probably make him
              fall down. Otherwise, just under the arrow panel. Z.

 =Third map
  #8 (VISIBLE) Tied by a hanging rope. I.
  #9 (VISIBLE) Just after #8. Love letter. 
  #10 (VISIBLE) On the second sleigh. Chicken. 
  #11 (VISIBLE) Tied by a hanging rope. Ration.
  #12 (VISIBLE) To the right of a base entrance. S.
  #13 (VISIBLE) After the first set of stairs. Banana.

 =Fourth playable map (after the cut-scene)
  #14 (VISIBLE) Tied up in the middle of the road. Cabbage.

-Mission 7
 =First map
  #1 (VISIBLE) On top of the first long platform. S.
  #2 (VISIBLE) Tied up under the second platform. BOMB.
  #3 (VISIBLE) Tied up under the third platform. BOMB.

 =Second map
  #4 (VISIBLE) As soon as you enter the map. No item, Hadouken support.
  #5 (VISIBLE) After you pass through the first set of vertically moving 
               platforms. L.
  #6 (HIDDEN) Go past one more set of moving platforms after #5, when a metal
              junk falls from sky, destroy it. Z.
  #7 (VISIBLE) Right after #6. R.

 =Third map
  #8 (HIDDEN) Walk a few steps to the right and shoot up.
  #9 (VISIBLE) Walking towards you as soon as you enter the map. Carrot.
  #10 (VISIBLE) After you destroy the horizontal structure. Chicken.
  #11 (HIDDEN) Go half screen width to the right, shoot up. Blue gem.
  #12 (HIDDEN) Destroy a box the fell just right of #11. Flower.
  #13 (HIDDEN) When the platform #12 was on ends, shoot straight right. BOMB.
  #14 (VISIBLE) To the right of #13 on top of the last upper platform. Bread.
  #15 (HIDDEN) Stand where 14 was, jump and shoot or try Heavy Machine Gun up,
               right alternatively.
  #16 (VISIBLE) Tied up on the last mid-platform. Swag.


 Total of 100 prisoners of war. 

 Just for reference for people who're doing high score runs: on Beginner 
difficulty, I saved 84 prisoners and got 5.03 million points. Consider it a
"normal" run score. I will try a 100 rescue run and see how the score changes.


  Credits / Special Thanks To                                            [STHX]


 Special thanks to Gid from GBATemp for the locations of #9,#10 in Mission 1.

  History                                                                [HSTR]


v0.1 Jul.17.2008
 Started making guide.
v1.0 Jul.17.2008
 Found all 100 prisoners of war. It took a surprisingly short amount of time.


 Contact me via E-mail: deathfisaro at gmail dot com

 For typos, questions, permissions, tips, extra informations, and almost 

 I don't plan on adding prisoner names so exclude that.


 I am the sole author of this FAQ

 This guide is only available on http://www.GameFAQs.com

 You may not reproduce/redistribute this FAQ without permission. You may use 
this guide for non-commercial and personal use in its original form only.

 All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
respective trademark and copyright holders.


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