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Reviewed: 11/24/09

Kingdom Hearts can even be handheld!


This game wasn't really of interest when I first heard about it. It just seemed like a Kingdom Hearts that was made on a different system to put more money into Square's pocket. But that certainly wasn't the case. This game was very well made from the graphics, there was some soundtracks taken directly from the older Kingdom Hearts, and the combat style is almost perfect. They did a really good job at portraying Roxas and everyone else. So if you want to know more about the game, read this.

Graphics: 8/10

First off, for a DS game, the graphics were excellent. You can't expect graphics that looked like they did on the Original PS2 games, but other then not looking very sharp, the graphics were very good. The buildings looked great and the characters looked great. The cut scenes looked exactly as they did in the kingdom hearts for the PS2. If you don't care about the characters looking a little fuzzy, then you really shouldn't have a problem with how the graphics look. So if you were worried about how the graphics would look on the DS, then don't worry, because the graphics are as good as there probably going to get on the game.

Combat: 9/10

The combat style in the game was great. It was almost exactly like the fighting in Kingdom Hearts except for a few things that Square added to it. First of all, when your HP is low, you get a Limit Break and when you unleash it, Roxas does a series of combos that depletes your enemy's HP by a significant amount (depending on if you hit him or not). Also, unlike in the other Kingdom Hearts, you can have different abilities on your Keyblade depending what type of gear you add to it. Finally, instead of just simply adding equipment and accessories in the menu, you have panels that you can add things to. Some panels you add take up more space so you can't add as much. It won't sound confusing once you play the game. I thought that these additions to the combat were great additions and it just made the combat even better.

Sound/Music: 7/10

The sound was great and the music was great. But there was one couple thing that went wrong. One thing that went wrong was is that I found that some of the music that they had when Roxas was fighting didn't really sound like music that your character would fight to in any game. But honestly, I don't think that flaw really ruined any fun from the game.

The Worlds: 7/10

This category wouldn't matter in other games but in Kingdom Hearts, they are a large factor in how good the game was. Overall, they did a very good job in duplicating the levels from the other Kingdom Hearts game. But, it got kind of irritating to play the same worlds over and over again. I would have likes to see a couple more worlds play a part in this game. Also some of the worlds didn't really do much for me. Some were too small or some left out parts that were extremely important in the other games. But overall, the worlds were pretty decent.

Story: 8/10

The storyline is pretty simple. Roxas has the power to wield the Keyblade so the Organization sends Roxas on missions to collect hearts to finish Kingdom Hearts. Only the wielder of the keyblade can collect hearts. But I would probably give the story a 5 if that was all it was. There is also a few surprise twist at the end and Roxas meets friends along the way (like Roxas, who you would know from Kingdom Hearts 2) and you'll figure things out about Roxas that some people were wondering about all through Kingdom Hearts 2. The storyline is very good overall and the did a very nice job of explaining why Roxas was even in Kingdom Hearts 2.

Replay Value: 10/10

The replay value in this game is definitely better then the replay value in any of the other Kingdom Hearts games. First of all, you can go back and collect all the missions that you may have missed playing the game the first time around. Secondly, you can beat the game again in mission mode with friends or by yourself and the cool thing about that is, you can be any character you want if you unlock them in story mode first. Also, you can go into challenge mode in the main menu in story mode. This game has great replay value.

Should I buy it?

This game is worth a penny and every second you spend. It is a important part of the Kingdom Hearts storyline and is very good overall. So if I would recommend any game for the DS, this would be the first one.


If you do get the game, count how many ice cream sticks Roxas eats through out the game because I would think he would get fat by the time he eats all the ice cream that he ate.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (US, 09/29/09)

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