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A failure on many levels 10/15/09 Tranzience
A great game but not without a few major flaws 06/22/09 UltimaZER0
This game is a work of art. 08/17/09 KMA2
Much like the game's Nobodies, Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days feels incomplete. 01/04/10 TaoTapp
Proving that more of the same is not always a bad thing 10/26/09 c_rake
Corran450's Review Series Vol. 10: Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days 01/10/11 corran450
A solid game that fills in some gaps for the series 02/07/12 Crono09
Kingdom Hearts - Friendship is Magic 01/04/12 Donald Love 87
A great addition to the Kingdom Hearts franchise 11/02/09 Etrurianmage
A Perfect Sequel, Prequel and Build Up 10/08/09 Exeedra
Discover the truth about your employers. 01/05/10 Field Ranger
How could you be so Heartless? 07/06/10 horror_spooky
Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days - Still Without "Online Multiplayer" 10/08/09 Jinn_Remona
Definitely worth buying, but there are better Kingdom Heart games out there 05/16/11 LegendofLegaia
Fun in short bursts, a drag in long 04/19/10 lilithdarkstorm
Harder to define than I first thought of... 07/09/09 Mykas0
A Solid DS Game reminiscient of a Playstation 2 11/30/09 Robbie Kennedy
385/2 Days. A Brilliant Game, Riddles With Some Flaws... 08/16/10 SilentGamer769
A game where the gameplay breaks the story. Or is it vice-versa? 09/05/13 super_luigi16
This series, and Square in general, are falling apart at the seams. Just let them both die with some dignity left in tact. 02/08/16 UltimaterializerX

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