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Game Script by DJ Firewolf

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 12/20/09

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Script

Brought to you by DJ Firewolf, formerly of KH Impulse and KH Excursion

This script is written in the same detailed format as my KH2 script, with some 
minor changes. On the corresponding days, the entries for Roxas's Diary and 
certain Secret Reports will be added to bring more coherence to the storyline. 
Any Secret Reports that are deemed too revealing will be placed at the end of 
the script for anyone who wishes to read them. Recon dialogue will be arranged 
for coherence. Alternate recon dialogue will be included at the end of the 
script. Also, some Grey Area dialogue will be included for character
development and fanservice. Enjoy!


-An introduction to Organization XIII-

No. I - Xemnas
Organization XIII's Leader
Through power over nothing,
he seeks power over everything.

Weapon: Ethereal Blades

No. II - Xigbar
Founding member. He keeps an
ear to the ground and a finger on
the trigger. Manipulates space.

Weapon: Arrowguns

No. III - Xaldin
Founding member. A warrior with a
silver tongue. He carries six lances,
and can harness the wind.

Weapon: Lances

No. IV - Vexen
Founding member. A brilliant
scientist will dominion over ice...
and a personality to match.

Weapon: Shield

No. V - Lexaeus
Founding member. Tremendously
strong, but surprisingly quiet--
stalwart as the earth itself.

Weapon: Axe Sword

No. VI - Zexion
Founding member. An intellectual
with no room for feelings. He can
create illusions at will.

Weapon: Lexicon

No. VII - Saïx
Second-in-command who longs
for the heart he does not have.
Only the moon breaks his icy calm.

Weapon: Claymore

No. VIII - Axel
An assassin who puts his own
agenda first, and everything else
on the back burner. Wields fire.

Weapon: Chakrams

No. IX - Demyx
Prefers to kick back with his sitar,
and leave the dirty work to the
water under his command.

Weapon: Sitar

No. X - Luxord
Life, to him, is just a game to
be won...and he has all the time
in the world to do it.

Weapon: Cards

No. XI - Marluxia
In the arc of his scythe, flowers
grow and all else perishes.
His pretty face hides ugly motives.

Weapon: Scythe

No. XII - Larxene
Wields sharp knives and a
sharper tongue. Her lightning
strikes as quick as her temper.

Weapon: Knives

No. XIII - Roxas
A boy, newly aware of himself.
His light shines as bright and brief
as the setting sun.

Weapon: Keyblade


(The organization is seated in the Round Room)

Saïx (voice): Pitiful Heartless, mindlessly collecting hearts. The rage of the 
Keyblade releases those hearts. They gather in darkness, masterless and free...
until they weave together to make Kingdom Hearts. And when that time comes, we 
can truly, finally exist.

(Axel and Roxas sit on the ledge of the clock tower)

Axel: Roxas...are you really sure that you don't have a heart?

Roxas: I dunno. I can't...just look inside. But I figure...if there is
something in there--inside us--then we'd feel it, wouldn't we?

Axel: True enough.

(Axel hands Roxas a bar of sea-salt ice cream. Roxas is surprised. He chuckles 
and takes the ice cream. They reminisce about the day Roxas was named. He 
wakes up in front of The Old Mansion in Twilight Town. A figure in a black 
cloak emerges from a corridor of darkness and walks toward him)

??????: You seek answers.

(The man waves a cloaked arm between the two of them and the word 'SORA'
appears in the air, the letters shiny, silver, and hovering)

??????: I can give you purpose.

(The man waves his arm again and the letters swirl around Roxas, gaining 
momentum until they're barely visible as letters. The man slams his fist into 
them and four points of golden light shoot out, forcing Roxas to flinch. He 
opens his eyes and sees a new golden letter X hovering before him. The silver 
letters rejoin with the X in their center forming a new word, turning fully 

Roxas: Roxas.

Xemnas: That is right--the new you.

(Later, Roxas walks through Twilight Town, seeing a group of kids eating ice 
cream. He stops and starts to turn around, when Axel places a hand on his 
shoulder. The flashback ends)

Axel: Man, I miss the old times. Still got it memorized? The day we met, when 
you got your new name, you and I sat right here, just like this and watched 
the sunset. 

==Day 255==
~Why the Sun Sets Red~

(Roxas sits alone on the clock tower)

Axel: You're early.

(Roxas looks up to see Axel standing at the corner entrance)

Roxas: No, you're just late.

(Axel sits down next to Roxas and smiles. Some moments pass and they have ice 

Roxas: Today makes 255.

Axel: What's that about?

Roxas: It's been that many days since I first joined the Organization. Man, 
time flies.

Axel: So, you got the number memorized, do ya?

Roxas: Yeah. Have to hang onto something, right? It's not like I have memories 
from before the Organization. Don't you remember? I acted like a zombie.

(Axel puts his hand on Roxas's shoulder)

Axel: Right, that first week you could barely form a sentence. But come on, 
you're still kind of a zombie.

(Axel gives him a playful pat on the back)

Roxas: Oh, thanks!

(They laugh)

Axel: Hey, Roxas. Bet you don't know why the sun sets red. You see, light is 
made up of lots of colors. And out of all those colors, red is the one that 
travels the farthest.

(Roxas elbows him)

Roxas: Like I asked! Know-it-all.

(They laugh again. More time passes and Roxas finishes his ice cream. Axel 
rests on his back)

Roxas: Seriously, where is she?

(He looks to the corner entrance, which is empty. Axel's face turns serious 
and he sits back up)

Roxas (narrating): You gotta figure, everything starts someplace. The closest 
thing for me is when I was just seven days old, and I met her.

==Day 7==
~Number XIV~

(The Castle That Never Was looms over the Dark City in the World That Never
Was. Roxas awakes in his stale white room and walks to The Grey Area. Larxene 
and Xigbar lounge on white chairs. Axel and Saïx stand near the large window. 
The sky is blank outside)

Larxene: Eww. You're awake?

Xigbar: Hey, Roxas. Welcome to the program, as they say.

(Roxas walks over to Axel)

Axel: Heya, Roxas.

(Roxas says nothing)

Axel: Something I can help you with there, chatterbox?

(Roxas continues to say nothing. Axel crosses his arms in thought)

Axel: Ah, I remember now. We were supposed to convene in the Round Room today. 
Blegh, meetings...

Roxas (tilting his head): Round...Room...?

Axel: Yup. Apparently the boss man's got some big news. Wanna head over there 

Roxas: Okay.

Axel: Alrighty then. Follow me.

Saïx: Today's is an important meeting. I expect everyone to be on time.

(They each gather in the Round Room, where Xemnas addresses them)

Xemnas: Good tidings, friends. Today is a momentous day.

(Axel scratches his chin. Luxord sits back in his chair)

Xemnas: I am pleased to announce that a new comrade has been chosen to wear 
the coat.

(Vexen smirks. Demyx adjusts his seat. Xemnas looks down toward the floor. A 
small cloaked figure walks into the room and stands in the center with its 
hood up)

Xemnas: Number XIV. Let us all welcome one of the Keyblade's chosen.

(Roxas blinks, remembering when he was brought before them. Axel walks in 
behind him and Roxas looks up. Xemnas holds his head up in boredom. The memory 
ends and the figure looks toward Roxas, who gasps)

Roxas (narrating): After seven days of clinging to a number and a name, I had 
trouble processing anything else. I couldn't have told you who the people in 
black coats were, or what they wanted with me.

--Roxas's Diary Entry: Day 7--

It's been a week since I got here. Saïx told me to keep a diary, but he said 
nobody would check it. What am I supposed to write about?
Today they told us to go to the Round Room, where we met our new member, 
No. XIV. Was I like that when I first got here? I think I was. But I don't 
remember too well.

==Day 8==
~The Icing on the Cake~

(Roxas walks into The Grey Area and is greeted by Saïx)

Saïx: Roxas, your work begins today. I will issue missions, which the 
Organization expects you to carry out.

(Roxas says nothing)

Saïx: Think of these early missions as exercises. You still have much to learn 
before we put you to a real test.

(Roxas continues to say nothing. Saïx looks over to Axel, leaning against the 

Saïx: Axel will be joining you your first time out. Isn't that right, Axel?

(Axel stands up)

Axel: Oh boy... What, are you making me the kid's mentor now?

(Axel walks over and Saïx turns to leave)

Saïx: Surely you don't mind showing Roxas here the ropes? Roxas, come see me 
when you're ready to go.

(Saïx walks away)

Axel: Well, you heard the man. Starting today, I'm your babysitter.

(Roxas says nothing)

Axel: Sheesh... Quit acting like a zombie, and let's get this show on the 
road. Just talk to Saïx over there when you're set to go.

(Roxas walks over to Number XIV, but neither of them say anything. Zexion sits 
on the couch nearby reading a book)

Zexion: Number XIV's name... I wonder if it bears some significance.

(Roxas walks over to Saïx)

Saïx: Are you ready to go?

Roxas: Okay.

(Axel walks over)

Saïx: Teach him well, Axel.

Axel (smirking): Don't worry. I'll be sure he makes the grade. C'mon, Roxas.

(Roxas stares at Number XIV)

Axel: Hey, what's wrong? You worried about the new kid? What was that name 

Saïx: Number XIV, Xion.

Axel: Right. I knew that.

Roxas: Xion.

Axel: Got it memorized, Roxas?

Roxas: ...Yeah.

Axel: You sure? How 'bout my name, then?

Roxas: It's Axel.

Axel: And our boss's name?

Roxas: Xemnas.

Axel: Very good, Roxas! No way you're gonna forget his name, right? Now, let's 
get moving.

(A corridor of darkness opens. Axel walks inside, and Roxas follows. They 
arrive in Twilight Town, in the Underground Passage)

Axel: All right, let's start by talking about what we do on missions. Ahem. 
Missions are...uhh... They're, you know... Hrm.

(Roxas looks down and Axel scratches his head)

Axel: You know what? Talking is dumb. Let's just go ahead and get our hands 
dirty, shall we? Follow me.

(Axel walks up the stairs into an archway. Roxas follows after him)

Axel: There ya go. Good job.

Roxas: Thanks.

Axel: But don't go thinking you can just run and jump your way through every 
mission. You've gotta BE AWARE.

Roxas: What...what do you mean?

Axel: You hafta look around. Sometimes what you're after is sitting right 
under your nose. Got it memorized?

Roxas: Y...yeah, I think so.

Axel: All right, then, time for a road test. There's a treasure chest 
somewhere in these passages. I want you to find it.

Roxas: That's all I have to do?

Axel: I know, don't hurt yourself. Anyway, remember to look around.

(Roxas searches around the Underground Passage and passes a tunnel blocked by 
white and black bolts)

Roxas: Axel... What's this?

Axel: A barricade. It means you're not supposed to go this way.

Roxas: You mean there's nothing down there?

Axel: Yeah, that's the gist of it. They're set up to keep us on task. That, or 
out of trouble. I mean, hello, look at it. Big, menacing X? I'll take the 
beaten path, thanks.

(Roxas finds a chest near exit #5)

Roxas: Is this the chest?

Axel: Sure is! Well done.

(Roxas says nothing)

Axel: Um, what are you waiting for?

Roxas: The mission was to find the chest. Aren't I done?

Axel: Uh, Roxas... There's this thing about chests. They have stuff in them.

Roxas: So I should open the chest?

Axel: Yes, that is generally what we do.

(Roxas opens the chest)

Axel: Good work! You can keep what you found. All right, time to RTC.

Roxas: RTC?

Axel: Return To the Castle. Go ahead, lead the way back to the dark corridor 
that brought us here.

(Roxas nods and they make their way back through the Underground Passage. Once 
they reach the dark corridor, Axel applauds)

Axel: Bravo. So whaddya think? Got the hang of this mission business?

Roxas: Uh-huh.

Axel: I'm sorry, speak up? Cooouldn't quite catch that.

Roxas: I said...

Axel: Hmm?

(Roxas turns to look at him)

Roxas: I could have done that blindfolded.

Axel: Ha ha! I dunno if I want a blindfolded zombie on the loose. All right, 
smart aleck, you did good. And no successful mission is complete without a 
little icing on the cake. C'mon.

(Axel starts to walk away)

Roxas: But...don't we have to RTC?

(Axel stops and turns toward Roxas)

Axel: Later. Don't you remember our hangout?

(They get ice cream and sit on the clock tower. Axel hands him a bar)

Axel: Here ya go. The icing on the cake.

(Roxas takes it, still silent. Axel takes a bite)

Axel: You remember what this ice cream is called?

Roxas: Umm...

Axel: It's sea-salt ice cream. C'mon, I already told you once. Get it 
memorized, man.

Roxas: It's really salty...but sweet, too.

Axel: Ha ha. Roxas, you said the same exact thing the other day.

Roxas: I did? I don't remember that.

Axel: Hey, what has it been, a week since you showed up?

Roxas: Maybe.

Axel: "Maybe"? C'mon, you must remember that much.

(Roxas says nothing)

Axel: Well, that's okay. Today's where it all really begins anyway.

Roxas: Yeah?

Axel: Sure! Here you are, out in the field, working for the Organization... 
Today, you're one of us.

Roxas: I guess it's a start.

(Roxas takes a bite of his ice cream)

Roxas (narrating): That was my first day working for the Organization. They 
gave me missions, and I carried them out. But if you asked me what my job 
was... I would've just stared at you.

--Roxas's Diary Entry: Day 8--
Axel and I went to Twilight Town today. He taught me a lot.
Before we RTC'd (Returned To the Castle) we swung by the clock tower and had 
some sea-salt ice cream. Axel called it the "icing on the cake" after a 
successful mission. Well, except there was no cake—just the ice cream.
I don't know what to write in this thing!

--Secret Report: Axel--
Seems like we're getting new members every day. No. XIII was a boy, Roxas. Now 
we've got a No. XIV, Xion. Today's mission was to show Roxas the ropes. I feel 
like they've had me babysitting him since he got here. He's not a bad kid, but 
he's spacey. Good fighter, though. At least I won't be bored.

==Day 9==

(Roxas walks into The Grey Area and sees Saïx and Marluxia)

Saïx: Roxas, today you will be working with Marluxia. Come see me when you 
are ready.

(Saïx walks away)

Marluxia: Well, there you have it. Welcome to the fold, Roxas. We'll set out 
once you're ready.

(Demyx sits in the couch nearby)

Demyx: So, uh...you play any instruments? No? ...Never mind.

(Vexen spots him from a corner of the room)

Vexen: A Keyblade wielder... This could prove quite enlightening.

(Roxas sets off with Marluxia to Twilight Town. They arrive in the Sandlot)

Marluxia: Roxas, was it? I never properly introduced myself. I am Marluxia, 
Number XI.

(He brushes back a lock of hair)

Roxas: Okay. So what do I have to do today?

Marluxia: Today, your job is to collect hearts.

Roxas: Um, how do I do that?

Marluxia: Roxas, could you summon your Keyblade for me?

Roxas: Well...sure, all right.

(The Keyblade flashes into his hand)

Marluxia: Lucky Number XIII... At last, a chosen wielder of the Keyblade 
amongst our ranks.

(Several Shadow Heartless appear before them)

Roxas: Whoa, what are those?

Marluxia: Hmph. Nothing to be feared. So, Roxas, shall we put that power of 
yours to a little test? Use your Keyblade...and defeat those Heartless.

(Roxas does as he's told)

Marluxia: Good. Those Heartless are called Shadows.

Roxas: But what are Heartless?

Marluxia: Dark creatures who roam about, searching for hearts. They come in 
two larger varieties. The ones you just defeated are known as Purebloods. 
Purebloods don't release any hearts when you defeat them. In other words, 
don't bother with them. Your mission is to collect hearts, after all. The 
other variety--

(Several Yellow Opera Heartless appear)

Marluxia: Hmph... Is right over there. Forget about the Shadows. Take these 
out, Roxas. They are your real targets.

(Roxas defeats them easily)

Marluxia: Those were what we call Emblem Heartless.

Roxas: Why are they so special?

Marluxia: Did you notice? Hearts appeared when you defeated them.

Roxas: Right...

Marluxia: Your job is to collect those hearts.

Roxas: Is there any trick to it?

Marluxia: None. So long as the Heartless are felled by your weapon, the 
Keyblade, the hearts will be captured.

Roxas: I see. And what happens to the hearts I collect?

Marluxia: They will gather as one, and create an almighty force known as 
Kingdom Hearts.

Roxas: Which is...good, right?

Marluxia: Completing Kingdom Hearts is the Organization's primary objective. 
And to do that, we need all the hearts we can possibly find.

Roxas: So that's what the Organization does? Collect hearts?

Marluxia: Actually, you are the first of us to accomplish it.

Roxas: Wait, then--

Marluxia: The rest of us can defeat Heartless, but we have no way of 
collecting the hearts they release. Eventually, the hearts will turn right 
back into Heartless. You see, then, how special you are?

Roxas: Hmm...

Marluxia: With power like yours--

(Several more Yellow Opera Heartless appear)

Marluxia: Heh. Here come more of them. Each one is a gift, Roxas. Squeeze 
every last heart out of them!

(Roxas defeats them)

Marluxia: Excellent, Roxas. Your work today is done. I am amazed.

(He stares at Roxas's weapon)

Marluxia: That Keyblade... The things that could be done with that sort of 

Roxas: Umm...

Marluxia: I have high hopes for you, Roxas--as do we all. Defeat the Heartless, 
and help the Organization reach our noble goal.

Roxas: Um, all right...

Marluxia: Shall we RTC, then?

Roxas (narrating): And that was how I found out the Organization's goal. So 
they wanted to collect these things called "hearts." I didn't know what a 
heart was, or how it even mattered. But at least I knew what my part was.

--Roxas's Diary Entry: Day 9--
The past few days, the other members have been showing me how to fight and do 
mission stuff. They also told me more about the Organization, and about myself.
I still don't really get what a "heart" is. But apparently, it's a vital piece 
of who I am--so I've decided to cooperate. If I collect enough hearts, I can 
complete Kingdom Hearts. Then I'll be whole. 

==Day 10==

(Roxas walks into The Grey Area)

Zexion: Good morning, Roxas. I shall be joining you on your mission today. Take
care of what you need to and then check in with Saïx. I am all ready to go.

(Zexion turns and walks away. Lexaeus stands with his hands folded near one 
of the couches, saying nothing. Marluxia stands near the window)

Marluxia: The Keyblade wielder's power... How fascinating.

(He tucks back a lock of hair. Roxas walks over to Zexion, who is now sitting 
on the couch reading his Lexicon)

Zexion: If you've finished preparing, you need to report to Saïx, not me.

(He turns a page. Roxas talks to Saïx and they set out for Twilight Town. They 
arrive in the Tram Common area of Market Street)

Zexion: Your mission today is to eliminate a set quantity of Heartless. The 
Organization may call upon you to meet other objectives--perform recon, for 
example. But regardless of the task you have been given, your primary orders 
still hold. You and that Keyblade of yours serve us best by collecting hearts.

Roxas: So, even if I'm given another job, I should keep taking out Heartless 
while I do it?

Zexion: Correct. Today, however, the two happily coincide.

(Roxas defeats seven Heartless as ordered)

Roxas: All done. I defeated the number of Heartless you said. Now we get to 
RTC, right?

Zexion: Leave, already? I, for one, would apply myself a bit more.

Roxas: But I--

Zexion: Yes, yes, you did as you were asked. Mission accomplished...but...

(A Yellow Opera Heartless appears)

Zexion: As you can plainly see, there are still Heartless wandering about.

(The Heartless vanishes)

Zexion: You don't have to eliminate them all. It's your choice. Just like I 
don't have to respect you for slinking back to the castle while there's still 
work to be done. And if that doesn't matter to you, just remember the 
Organization rewards those who make the extra effort.

(Roxas defeats the remaining Heartless in town)

Zexion: Much better. I trust you'll exhibit equal diligence in your missions 
going forward.

(The corridor of darkness opens)

Zexion: All right, now that the mission is over, do you have any questions?

Roxas: Yeah, umm... Just what is Kingdom Hearts? Marluxia said it was some 
kind of...of force.

Zexion: Yes...?

Roxas: And when I defeat the Heartless, those hearts pop out and become part 
of Kingdom Hearts, right? But like, what's the point?

Zexion: Kingdom Hearts will complete us. That's the Organization's goal.

Roxas: Complete us? Complete us how?

Zexion: Roxas, you and I and all the Organization's members are what we call 

Roxas: Well, that's not very nice.

Zexion: With a capital N. It's a name, for those of us who are missing a vital 
piece of who we are: our hearts.

Roxas: I don't have a heart?

Zexion: Correct. Like all of us, you entered the world without one. But you 
can help us get them. Kingdom Hearts is made of the very things we lack--
a multitude of hearts. It has the power to complete us. Are you starting to 
see why you're so important? Each of us has a vital role in the Organization. 
Yours is collecting hearts.

Roxas: Yeah, I get it.

Zexion: Well, I just hope we can count on you to "get it" done.

(Roxas says nothing)

Zexion: Any more questions?

Roxas: No... Sorry.

Zexion: Then we should be getting back. Come on.

Roxas (narrating): I found out I was a Nobody--that I was incomplete. Just 
like the rest of them, I came into the world without a heart. Would it have 
made a difference? If I had a heart...would that make me somebody?

==Day 11==

(Roxas walks into The Grey Area and is greeted by Saïx)

Saïx: Roxas. Larxene will be your partner today.

Roxas: Larxene...right. Um...

(He looks over toward the couches, but the only one sitting there is Xigbar, 
who looks up)

Saïx: She already left. Meet her on-site.

Roxas: Oh... All right.

Saïx: This time, we expect you to try out magic for a change, instead of 
relying solely on the Keyblade.

Roxas: Magic? I know magic?

Saïx: Only if you arm yourself with some before you leave for the mission. See 
me when you are ready.

(Saïx leaves and stands by the window. Roxas walks over to Xigbar)

Xigbar: Get practicing so you can make yourself useful.

Vexen: Hee hee... Interesting... So much to inspect... To dissect...

(Roxas walks over to Saïx)

Saïx: Are you ready to go?

Roxas: Okay.

(Roxas leaves for Twilight Town, appearing in the Sandlot. Larxene walks over)

Larxene: Nice of you to show up.

Roxas: Umm, hi.

Larxene: Ugh, this is the worst. Whose idea was it to send me along on your 
stupid baby mission? Do I look like I run a nursery school?

(Roxas says nothing)

Larxene: Let Demyx handle this stuff. It's not like he's good at anything else.

(Roxas still says nothing)

Larxene: What? WHAT? You got something to say?

Roxas: No...

Larxene (looking away): Pfft, you'd be nothing without that Keyblade.

(She looks back at him)

Larxene: ...Oh ho! I just got an idea.

Roxas (thinking): Uh-oh.

Larxene: You can do today's mission WITHOUT your Keyblade.

Roxas: What? Why!?

Larxene: Because I said so, that's why! Saïx told you to practice magic today, 
didn't he? Well, sink or swim.

Roxas: Yeah--sink! I don't know how to use magic.

Larxene: Well, you're not gonna learn if you keep whipping around that 
oversized key.

Roxas: Yeah, but...

(A Dire Plant Heartless appears)

Larxene: Ah, perfect. There's a Heartless. Go on, take it out--and you have to 
use magic! I'll stand here and watch.

Roxas (thinking): Thanks...

(Roxas defeats the Dire Plant with a Fire spell. Several more Heartless appear)

Larxene: Ooh ooh, here come some more. Go on, wipe 'em out!

(Roxas says nothing)

Larxene (rolling her eyes): Ugh, at the speed you move, we'll be here all 
month... Go ahead. You can use your Keyblade this time.

Roxas: Wait, what happened to learning magic?

Larxene: Do you want to finish this awful mission or don't you? Just get 
to it.

Roxas (thinking): Well, since you asked so nicely...

Larxene: Oh, by the way, if you need to heal...do it yourself.

(Roxas says nothing. He defeats the remaining Heartless with a mixture of 
Fire spells and the Keyblade)

Larxene: Sheesh, about time. Worst. Mission. Ever...

(Roxas looks toward the ground, saying nothing)

Larxene: If you're our big-shot Keyblade wielder, then we're in deep doo-doo.

(Roxas remains silent)

Larxene: Ugh, can't you even hold up your end of a conversation?

(Roxas still doesn't talk to her)

Larxene: You'd better pull it together, or we'll never finish Kingdom Hearts. 
Unless, of course, we put somebody else on Keyblade duty...

Roxas: What? You have somebody else?

Larxene: None of your beeswax. You just worry about defeating Heartless and 
collecting hearts for us. Maybe, one day, you'll be almost mediocre at it.

(Roxas sighs)

Larxene: Ugh, let's go--before you kill any more of my brain cells.

(They RTC)

Roxas (narrating): They taught me that my Keyblade releases hearts. But why 
do I have it? How did I learn to use it? The more I learned, the less I seemed 
to know.

==Day 12==
~A Closed World~

(Roxas walks into The Grey Area and meets Vexen)

Vexen: You're mine today, Roxas.

Roxas: Uh, all right...

Vexen: Report to Saïx when you're ready.

(Roxas walks over to Larxene, who is lounging on one of the couches)

Larxene: What do you want? I'm busy. Go hit your head against the glass 
or something.

(Roxas walks over to Demyx, who's playing his sitar across the room)

Demyx: Man, why's Larxene gotta be such a witch all the time?

(Vexen stands in his usual corner)

Vexen: Hee hee... It appears my conclusions were, once again, flawless.

(Roxas speaks with Saïx, and he leaves with Vexen to Twilight Town. 
They arrive in the Tram Common area of Market Street. The corridor closes 
behind them)

Vexen: Now, listen carefully. Your mission today is to perform reconnaissance 
in this area.

Roxas: Reconna-what? What about fighting Heartless and collecting hearts?

Vexen: Oh, there's far more to the Organization than that, boy. Our work 
wouldn't go half as smoothly if we didn't gather the needed intelligence 
beforehand. Fortunately, you are in good hands. I will be by your side today 
to help stimulate that insensate mind of yours. First, take a look around 
the immediate area, and report anything unusual you find. And don't go 
wandering too far until you've carefully examined the clues closest at hand.

(Roxas nods. He walks over to the accessory shop)

Roxas: I think they sell jewelry here.

Vexen (unamused): Anyone can see that.

(He walks over to a clothing store)

Roxas: I guess this place sells clothes?

Vexen: You guess? Are you daft? What else would it be?

(He walks over to a brick walkway)

Roxas: This spot's paved with different tiles. It's like a road...

Vexen: Fascinating... And?

Roxas: Uhh...

Vexen (very unamused): We'll never get anywhere with you simply stating the 

(He walks over to a decorative shop)

Roxas: Wow, what do they sell here?

Vexen (extremely unamused): That's your job to find out, idiot. The point 
isn't to wander around gawking. Analyze what you see.

Roxas: Umm... It's a pretty big town.

Vexen: Is that all? You should have figured out that much when you got here.

Roxas: Well, there are a lot of shops.

Vexen: And?

Roxas: Uhh... This could be the center of town?

Vexen: Could be? Are you asking me or telling me?

(Vexen sighs)

Vexen: Roxas, you are looking but not seeing. Here's what I see: This whole 
town was built along a mountain. That's why the roads slope.

(They look toward Station Heights, where the streets move upward)

Vexen: Houses have been built along the terrace. And at the top is a station. 
The trains there are the town's primary system of transit. Up there, see that 
clock tower? That's the station building. Based on it's location, we know the 
tracks are probably elevated. And this must be downtown. All these shops in 
one place... Now what about this path you pointed out? Trams must run here. 
See, look closer. There are marks.

Roxas: You figured all that out just now?

Vexen: But that's just it! I only stated what I saw. There was no "figuring" 
involved. That's the next step: analyzing the data you find. The clothing and 
jewelry shops tell us how these people live. This whole town is a blueprint of 
their lives.

(Roxas says nothing)

Vexen: Distressing. Very distressing. Your mind wasn't made for this, was it? 
Well, you're not off the hook yet, boy. If I let you quit with these results, 
I'll be the laughingstock of the castle.

(He looks toward the tram road)

Vexen: Follow this path and investigate the remainder of the area. And stay on 
the path, if you please! Everything you need to know about this plaza lies 
along it--provided you are capable of connecting the dots.

(They walk along the path and come to a grated archway)

Roxas: An underground tunnel system? It's shuttered.

Vexen: Note the number over the door. That's this gate's designation.

Roxas: It says number four.

Vexen: Precisely. Four, not one. Which means there are multiple gates.

(They come upon a door near a large archway)

Roxas: It's locked.

Vexen: You don't have to open every door we pass, you know. Try to remember 
that we run a covert operation. The town may be quiet, but it's not empty. 
If you allow yourself to be seen, YOU'LL become the target of investigation.

(They come upon a set of stairs)

Roxas: Arches, staircases... Seems like an easy town to get lost in.

Vexen: Easy to get lost? Your job is to be mentally mapping this place! Think 
of this as a landmark. Consider it a clue.

(They come to a large wall with a hole. A barricade is placed over the hole)

Roxas: There's a big hole in the wall. I can see some woods on the other side.

Vexen: We're investigating the town now. Did they not teach you about these 

Roxas: Yeah... They did.

(They find another grated archway)

Roxas: The entrance is shuttered. It looks like the road leads right into 
this building.

Vexen: Then you should have already pieced together what the entrance is for.

(They walk back around town)

Roxas: We've been through the whole area.

Vexen: All right, then, what have you learned?

Roxas: Well, umm...let's see. The town has a lot of overpasses and 
underpasses. And the tram seems to circle the plaza. Oh, and there was that 
entrance that looked like it led underground, but it was shuttered.

Vexen: Anything else?

Roxas: Huh? Oh, umm... Err...

Vexen: Never mind. Wouldn't want you to hurt yourself. You're showing some 
improvement, at least, even if your natural talents do fall woefully short 
of my own.

(Roxas says nothing)

Vexen: You're done, boy. Go ahead and RTC.

(Vexen turns and walks toward the portal. Roxas looks toward the ground)

Roxas: I could've figured it out if I had more time.

Vexen (stopping): Oh? Is that so? Then take all the time you like. But don't 
hold yourself up to my standards. Little steps for little minds.

(They come across an empty lot)

Roxas: This spot's out of the way and surrounded by buildings.

Vexen: But why would they leave this space open? They must have a reason. 
It's kept clean, which means what?

Roxas: People pass through here a lot?

Vexen: Precisely. Finally, a glimmer of insight!

(Roxas finds a way around the building with the shuttered entrance)

Roxas: That entrance with the shutter leads into this area, and then the road 
stops. We know this road is for the tram... So this must be the tram yard.

Vexen: At last, a modicum of intelligence. My teaching is paying off!

(Roxas meets Vexen back on the tram road)

Vexen: Hmm, not bad. You're finally starting to see the bigger picture. 
But while I applaud your effort, you need to be able to see these things at 
first glance.

Roxas: Oh...right.

Vexen: Your goal should be to gather the maximum amount of data in the 
minimum amount of time. Spend too much time dallying, and you risk being 
seen. Sometimes the locals will be wary. You need to be warier.

Roxas: I understand.

Vexen: Today's mission was just an exercise. I am satisfied. Let's return.

(They return to the corridor entrance)

Vexen: That concludes today's mission. Any questions or concerns?

Roxas: Umm... How often do I have to do this?

Vexen: Whenever the Organization needs to know more about a world, naturally. 
Every world is unique, with its own terrain, values, Heartless population--
any number of variables that could be turned to our advantage in the 
missions ahead.

Roxas: Wait, "every world"? You mean there's more than one?

Vexen: Yes, boy. You didn't think you'd be mulling about here forever, did 
you? You will visit many worlds for many reasons...but our ultimate goal 
remains the same.

Roxas: Kingdom Hearts.

Vexen: That's right. Now come along.

(They walk into the corridor)

Roxas (narrating): Later on, I discovered the job was more than just a commute 
between the castle and that town. The walls between worlds are steep, so we 
create our own ways: dark corridors which lead to every place imaginable.

==Day 13==
~Deeds to Be Done~

(Roxas walks into The Grey Area)

Saïx: Roxas, I have decided to pair you with Lexaeus for your mission today. 
Come see me when you're ready.

(Saïx walks away and Roxas looks toward Lexaeus. Roxas walks over to Zexion)

Zexion: Yes, what is it? Don't waste my time with idle chatter.

(Roxas speaks to Lexaeus)

Lexaeus: I trust you're ready?

(They speak to Saïx and enter Twilight Town, appearing in the Sandlot. Lexaeus 
says nothing)

Roxas: So, um--

Lexaeus: Do you know what a Limit Break is?

Roxas: No...

Lexaeus: It is the most powerful move at your disposal--one that only works 
when you are on your last legs.

(A Mega-Shadow appears)

Roxas: A Heartless.

Lexaeus: Time for some practical application.

Roxas: Huh?

(Lexaeus punches him hard)

Roxas (breathing hard): Oww... Mutt muzz zat for!? Nngh...

Lexaeus: There. Now you're on your last legs. Let's see you use your Limit 
Break and defeat that Heartless.

(Roxas does so, still breathing hard)

Lexaeus: Well fought.

Roxas: Yeah?

Lexaeus: Organization members are often asked to conduct solo missions. The 
only person you can count on out here is yourself.

Roxas: So I've noticed. Nngh...

Lexaeus: You and that Keyblade are invaluable to the Organization. With your 
job, however, comes risk. Each mission will pit you against more and more 

Roxas: And I have to face them if we're gonna complete Kingdom Hearts, right?

Lexaeus: Correct.

Roxas: So what happens when Kingdom Hearts is finished? What good does that 
do us?

Lexaeus: We will unite with it. You and I will gain hearts of our own.

Roxas: I don't understand...

Lexaeus: When the time comes, you will. In the meantime, there are deeds to 
be done, and only you can do them.

Roxas: So you need me.

Lexaeus: Yes.

Roxas: Are they good deeds?

Lexaeus: Good for the Organization.

Roxas: Right...

Lexaeus (turning away): ...We should return.

(They RTC)

Roxas (narrating): Our group had its good apples, just like it has its bad. 
But everybody wanted the same thing: to complete Kingdom Hearts. What is 
Kingdom Hearts? What happens when we gather enough hearts and finish it? I 
didn't know then...still don't... But I'll fight for my chance to be someone 
whole--fight against the darkness, for however long it takes.

==Day 14==

(Roxas walks into The Grey Area)

Axel: Hey, Roxas. It's you and me again today.

Roxas: Okay.

Axel: Check in with Saïx when-- Well, you know the drill. I don't know what 
they've cooked up for us, but let's get it done with style, huh?

Roxas (nodding): Right.

Axel: Oh, by the way, Roxas, today will be your first really-real mission. 
That means you should definitely prep your weapon beforehand. Oh, and if you 
want to practice what you've learned so far, we've got the Holo-Missions all 
set up for you.

Roxas: Holo-Missions?

Axel: Yup. Basically, they're a way to re-experience missions you've already 
been assigned.

(Roxas walks over to Larxene)

Larxene: What are you looking at? ...Oh, dream on. It's not gonna happen, 
pipsqueak. Here take this, and take a hike.

(Larxene gives Roxas a Potion. Roxas walks over to Axel)

Axel: Don't forget to prep your weapon.

(Roxas walks over to Marluxia and Demyx)

Demyx: You ever get the urge to just do something stupid...and AWESOME? Wait, 
wait...I'm getting an idea... Nope, it's gone.

Marluxia: Your task is clear. Strike down the Heartless and collect hearts.

(Roxas speaks to Saïx)

Saïx: Today will be your first true mission.

(Roxas and Axel enter the Side Street of Twilight Town)

Axel: Our second mission together.

Roxas: Yup.

(They remain silent. Axel scratches his head)

Axel: Sheesh, don't talk my ear off. ...You ready or what?

Roxas: What? Oh...oh, yeah.

(The two defeat Heartless and collect hearts. When they're ready to leave, 
Axel sparks a conversation)

Axel: So, got any plans?

Roxas: I was just gonna report to Saïx and then go to my room like I always do.

Axel: Go to your room!? Oh, Roxas, Roxas...

(A blond boy rushes in and turns around)

Hayner: Move it, Pence!

(A girl and another boy rush in after him, out of breath)

Pence: Hey, wait up!

Hayner: Last one there has to buy the winner an ice cream!

Olette (shaking her head): Oh, sure, now you tell us!

Pence (smiling): No fair, Hayner!

Hayner: Better get flyin' if you don't wanna end up buyin'!

(Hayner runs to the Sandlot with Olette and Pence following him)

Roxas: Who were they?

Axel: Hmm... Must be some kids who live here.

Roxas: Really? They sure acted weird.

Axel: Yeah? How do you figure?

Roxas: Why did those last two seem to enjoy getting pushed around like that? 
They were even making those "ha ha" noises.

Axel: You mean laughter? Sometimes people with hearts do that even when it 
doesn't make any sense.

Roxas: Oh... Then I guess they're different from us.

Axel: C'mon, let's get some ice cream.

Roxas: Why?

Axel: Whaddaya mean, why? Because we're friends.

Roxas: So...friends are people who have ice cream together?

Axel: Sort of... That, or laugh at stupid stuff that doesn't make any sense. 
Like those kids we just saw--they were friends. C'mon, I'll show you how 
it works.

(Axel and Roxas walk to get some ice cream. Later, at the Station Plaza, 
Hayner is running after Pence, with Olette running after both of them)

Pence: I swear, Hayner, it wasn't my fault!

Hayner: Yes it was! I saw you drop it! You owe me an ice cream! Get back 
here, Pence!

Olette: Come on, Hayner! You can go one stinking day without ice cream!

(Roxas and Axel are sitting on the clock tower, biting into their ice cream)

Axel: Hey, Roxas. Let's meet up for ice cream again after your next mission. 
I mean, who wants to spend their days just bouncing between work, and the 
castle, right?

Roxas: Ha ha, not me! Hey, I laughed... I guess we really are friends.

--Roxas's Diary Entry: Day 14--
Me and Axel went on a mission to Twilight Town. Afterwards, we went and had 
ice cream again up on the clock tower.
He said friends do stuff like that. Or they laugh together. So does that mean 
me and him are friends? 

--Secret Report: Axel--
Another mission with Roxas today. Is he seriously my responsibility? At least 
he's starting to talk like a normal person. Maybe that means his memory's 
coming back. Still, this kid's supposed to be the Keyblade master's Nobody? 
I don't see it.

==Day 15==

(Roxas walks into The Grey Area. Larxene, Luxord, and Zexion are sitting on 
couches, while Marluxia stands near the window)

Luxord: We all need a little break every now and again.

Zexion: Your work has been improving by leaps and bounds. I hope you continue 
to apply yourself.

Larxene: Is it true you're almost semi-competent now? Maybe we should've let 
you in on-- Nothing.

Marluxia: If only we'd met sooner, Roxas... You would have made a fine 

(Roxas walks over to Xion, who doesn't speak)

Saïx: Roxas, I've assigned you another handful of missions. Some will be 
mandatory, but beyond that, our policy is that you set your own workload. 
The order of execution is also for you to decide. Start with the missions 
you feel most prepared for.

(Roxas and Larxene go to Twilight Town and eliminate Watcher Heartless as 
instructed. After work, Roxas and Axel share ice cream on the ledge of the 
clock tower)

--Roxas's Diary Entry: Day 15--
The other members have been teaching me more about how to fight and stuff. 
It's going, I guess.
Every day after work, I've been meeting Axel at the clock tower to have 
sea-salt ice cream. It really is salty! But still sweet, too. How come it 
tastes so familiar?

--Secret Report: Larxene--
Ugh! How DARE they shut me out of monitoring the Keyblade master! And 
then to send me off to teach that half-baked Nobody basic magic!? I 
should've had him light ME on fire. It won't be long now, though. Once 
I'm over at C.O., our plan goes into action. No more playing nanny. Ever.

==Day 16==

(Roxas enters The Grey Area)

Saïx: You should go into every mission prepared.

(He enters Twilight Town and collects hearts with Marluxia. After the 
mission, Roxas and Axel have ice cream)

==Day 17==

(Roxas is required to prove his endurance in a one-minute fight against 
Dusks in the Hall of Empty Melodies to determine his fitness for future 
missions. After work, Roxas joins Axel on the clock tower)

Axel: How's work? Goin' okay?

Roxas: Yeah, can't complain.

Axel: That's good.

(Axel takes a bite out of his ice cream)

==Day 22==
~Left Behind~

(Roxas enters The Grey Area. Luxord stands near Xaldin, who is reclining 
in a chair. Axel leans against the window with his arms crossed) 

Axel: Hey, Roxas. You and me and teamed up for today.

Xigbar: It's nice in here with the loudmouths gone.

Luxord: What shall I do without half the poker league?

(Roxas looks confused)

Xaldin: Just go about your mission. Nothing else need concern you.

(Roxas talks to Saïx)

Saïx: Roxas, today's mission is mandatory. I've assigned Axel to assist you.

(Roxas and Axel arrive in Twilight Town at the Station Plaza)

Axel: Okay, let's get this done fast. What was today's target again? 
A Guardian?

Roxas: Huh? Oh, yeah. I think so.

(Axel turns to Roxas)

Axel: You are such a zombie. Want me to go have all the fun while you 
figure it out? C'mon.

(They traverse the Underground Passage and open a grate to Side Street)

Axel: Up this way, Roxas.

Roxas: Right.

(From Side Street, they enter the Sandlot where a Guardian Heartless appears 
surrounded by Watchers)

Axel: There's our target.

(He summons his chakrams)

Axel: Here we go, Roxas! Keep your head out of the clouds!

(Roxas summons his Keyblade)

Roxas: Right!

(They defeat the Guardian)

Axel: Mission accomplished. Heh, gotta say, man, you've come a long way in 
just a handful of days. You ready to head back?

Roxas: Yeah.

(They have ice cream on the clock tower)

Axel: I'm gonna miss this ice cream thing we do.

Roxas: Huh? Why?

Axel: Starting tomorrow, I'm gonna be away.

Roxas: Oh...

Axel: Since you're my buddy, I guess I can fill you in. I'm gonna be at 
Castle Oblivion for a while.

Roxas: What's that?

Axel: The Organization's got a second castle situated in the world between 
worlds. It's called Castle Oblivion. Got it memorized?

Roxas: Yeah. I wish people told me these things.

(Axel stands up after a second)

Axel: Well, I gotta head back and get ready. Fun, fun, fun... Anyway, 
you take your time.

(Axel leaves. Roxas looks toward the ground and takes a few bites of his 
ice cream. When all that's left is the popsicle stick, he sees the word 
"WINNER" written on it and gasps)

--Roxas's Diary Entry: Day 22--
Axel is going to some place called Castle Oblivion. He told me because 
we're friends.
He had to go home early to get ready, and after he left I noticed the 
word WINNER on my ice cream stick. I wonder what I won... I'll ask him 
when I see him tomorrow.

--Secret Report: Axel--
They pushed up the Castle Oblivion plan. Our little hero with the key 
must've made a move. Me and his Nobody have been meeting up for ice cream 
the last few days. Not the best conversationalist, but at least he's 
mastered a few facial expressions besides "doom" and "gloom." I told him about 
Castle Oblivion, but he didn't seem to follow. Guess that's understandable.

==Day 23==
~Silent Companion~

(Axel walks through Nothing's Call and sees Saïx)

Saïx: Axel. I have a message from Lord Xemnas. We have reason to believe that 
one or more of the members assigned to Castle Oblivion intend to betray us. 
Find them, and dispose of them.

Axel: And I take it that's straight from Lord Xemnas's lips, huh?

(Roxas wakes up and enters The Grey Area)

Roxas: Axel!

(He looks around, but only sees Demyx and Xion in the room. Saïx walks in)

Saïx: Axel already left.

(Saïx walks to the window)

Roxas: But...this ice cream stick that says WINNER... I have to ask him what 
I won.

(Roxas stares at the popsicle stick)

Demyx: Wonder what it's like there, anyway. I've never been.

Saïx: Roxas, starting today you will be executing missions alongside Xion. 
Pay extra attention to the intel I've prepared for you in the mission briefs. 
Use the data on your targets to decide which panels you should take into 
the field.

(Roxas and Xion get ready to leave)

Saïx: Today marks your first time out on a mission together. We need you to 
eliminate a specific Heartless. Roxas, you are in charge.

Roxas: Me? Oh...okay.

(Roxas looks over to Xion and then enters the dark corridor, Xion following. 
They arrive in the Sandlot of Twilight Town)

Roxas: Let's go.

(Xion says nothing)

Roxas (thinking): I'm in charge, huh?

(They find the Poison Plant in the Underground Tunnel and defeat it)

Roxas: I've got someplace to be. You go ahead and RTC without me.

(Xion says nothing and enters the dark corridor. Roxas has ice cream on the 
clock tower alone)

--Roxas's Diary Entry: Day 23--
Axel left before I woke up this morning. I never got to ask him about the ice 
cream stick.
I was partnered up with No. XIV for today's mission. Xion wore a hood the 
whole time and wouldn't say a word to me. Come to think of it, I didn't have 
a whole lot to say, either.
Afterwards I went and had ice cream by myself.

==Day 24==
~Silence Broken~

(Roxas walks into The Grey Area and sees Demyx, Xigbar, and Xion talking)

Demyx: This place is, like, a hundred times better minus all the bossy 
coworkers, am I right?

(Xion says nothing)

Roxas: Bossy coworkers?

Demyx: Yeah, the "dream team" that got shipped off to Castle Oblivion. 
Dreamy for me, because they're gone!

Roxas: Oh...

Xigbar: Too bad you and Poppet didn't get to spend more quality time with them.

Roxas: Poppet? Who's that?

Xigbar: Xion, of course. Who else, kiddo?

Roxas: My name's not "kiddo."

(They look up to see Saïx enter)

Saïx: Roxas, get to work.

(The group separates and Xigbar sits in the chair near Luxord)

Xigbar: We sent a total of six members over to Castle Oblivion. That's about 
half our number.

Luxord: No use fretting the absence of others. They simply lose this round by 

(Demyx sits on a separate couch playing his sitar, while Saïx stands at 
the window)

Demyx: I love days when Larxene is out. I can sit around playing sitar...
instead of gopher!

Saïx: You will be teamed with Xion again today.

(Roxas and Xion enter Twilight Town by way of Side Street. They enter the 
Sandlot to find a horde of Deserters running about. They defeat them all and 
walk back to the corridor)

Roxas: I've got someplace to be again today, so go on ahead without me.

(Roxas starts to walk toward Station Heights)

Xion: R...Roxas...

Roxas: Huh?

(He turns around)

Roxas: What did you say?

(Xion faces him)

Xion: Your name...it's...Roxas, isn't it?

Roxas: Yeah, Xion. ...That's right.

(Roxas gets a flashback to the moment he was given his name. He sits alone on 
the clock tower, eating ice cream and thinking)

Roxas: My name... Was that the first thing Xion's ever said?

--Roxas's Diary Entry: Day 24--
I teamed up with No. XIV again today. We finally talked a little--Xion even 
said my name for the first time.
Afterwards I had ice cream by myself again. The lady at the shop said you can 
trade the WINNER stick for an extra bar. But I can't eat more than one.

--Secret Report: Zexion--
Marluxia has succeeded in leading the Keyblade master to the castle. I sense 
multiple threads at work, but details on each of the projects are scarce. 
I suspect some alleged Organization projects are secretly private 
machinations. Marluxia seems especially suspect.

==Day 25==
~Two Keys~

(Roxas walks into The Grey Area and sees Xion, who is still hooded)

Roxas: Morning, Xion.

(Xion says nothing)

Roxas: Umm... Something the matter?

Xion: Good...morning, Roxas.

(Xaldin is seated on one of the couches)

Xaldin: This place is refreshingly quiet with Demyx gone.

(Saïx walks in and sees Roxas and Xion)

Saïx: Both of you, finish your preparations as soon as possible. A giant 
Heartless has surfaced. It must be exterminated today.

(Roxas talks to Xion)

Xion: When do we get to go?

(Roxas talks to Saïx)

Saïx: Your mission today with Xion is of critical importance. I've arranged 
for you to be allotted additional slots as you complete missions for us. The 
harder you work, the more panels you will be permitted to install.

(Roxas and Xion arrive in Twilight Town on Side Street)

Xion: Roxas.

(Xion takes her hood off, revealing her black hair and blue eyes)

Xion: Good luck today.

Roxas: Th-thanks. You too, Xion.

(They enter the Station Plaza and a Darkside appears before them)

Roxas: What is THAT?

Xion: Our target!

Roxas: You ready for this?

Xion: Yeah.

(They fight the Darkside. The giant Heartless slams his fist down and Roxas 
blocks with his Keyblade. The blow knocks the blade out of Roxas's hands, and 
it slides over to Xion. It vanishes from the ground and reappears in her hand. 
Xion, at first surprised, runs at the Darkside and slashes at him. It falls to 
the ground and the Keyblade vanishes from Xion's hand)

Roxas: Whoa! Xion, I didn't know you could use the Keyblade.

Xion: Yeah...neither did I.

Roxas: You did great. In fact, you deserve a little something extra.

(Roxas walks up to the station)

Xion: Something extra?

Roxas: Yeah, the icing on the cake. C'mon. There's this place...

(They sit on the clock tower)

Xion: How'd you find such a great place?

(Roxas hands Xion an ice cream bar)

Roxas: Heeere ya go.

(Xion takes it)

Roxas: Sea-salt ice cream.

(She looks over at him)

Roxas: Well? Go on, try it.

Xion: Okay...

(She takes a bite and thinks for a bit)

Xion: It's sweet. But kinda salty, too.

Roxas: It's really good, right? Me and Axel always meet up here for ice 
cream after work.

(Roxas takes a bite)

Roxas: Sea-salt is Axel's favorite.

Xion (giggling): Sounds like it's yours, too!

Roxas: Heh, yeah. I don't remember it too well, but Axel said he took me 
here my very first day with the Organization. And then he bought me some 
ice cream again after my first mission. Said it was the "icing on the cake."

Xion: A little something extra?

Roxas: Exactly.

Xion: You guys must be close.

Roxas: Axel's my first friend.

Xion: Your...friend? Roxas, do you think I could be a friend?

Roxas: When Axel gets back, let's ask him. Then all three of us can have ice 
cream together!

Xion: Okay!

(They continue to eat and watch the sunset)

--Roxas's Diary Entry: Day 25--
Today was my third day with Xion. I've gotten to know a little more about her. 
That's right--she's a girl, with black hair, and she can use the Keyblade 
just like me!
I took her out for ice cream afterwards, but I'm saving the WINNER stick. 
Axel deserves a reward when he gets back. Xion wants to have ice cream with 
us from now on. Maybe we'll be friends.

--Secret Report: Lexaeus--
Pressing Zexion for answers would be a waste of time. I know that, but this 
dearth of information is hard to accept. What's happening on the upper 
levels? What ought we be doing down here? They hug their truths close and 
leave the rest of us to speculate. Zexion talks of the bond we share as an 
Organization, but how could such a thing exist? Still, he remains the only 
one I can trust.

==Day 26==

(Roxas awakes in his room)

Roxas: Wonder what today's mission is. I hope it's with Xion.

(Roxas walks into The Grey Area, overhearing a conversation between Demyx 
and Xaldin)

Xaldin: ...Then what in blazes did happen?

Demyx: Don't look at me, man! I just found out minutes ago.

(Roxas walks over to Xigbar)

Roxas: Is everything okay?

Xigbar: Okay? As if. Word has it at least one of the folks we sent to Castle 
Oblivion has been terminated.

Roxas: Terminated? But that means...

(Saïx walks over)

Saïx: Roxas, your mission. Go with Xigbar to Agrabah.

Roxas: Is it true about Castle Oblivion?

Saïx: That's no concern of yours.

Roxas: But what about Axel?

Saïx: Who knows. Perhaps he is among the lost.

Roxas (gasping): But...

(Roxas looks crestfallen)

Xigbar: No buts. There's work to be done. Get yourself ready.

(Demyx sits down on a couch)

Demyx: Can you believe it? Terminated... Talk about a bad scene.

Xion: I guess we're not working together today.

(Roxas spots a moogle floating near the entrance, but it says nothing. 
Oddly it is also wearing a black cloak. Roxas walks over to Saïx)

Saïx: Roxas, in light of your excellent performance, we have decided to 
award you a new rank. Have I neglected to mention the new shop? Conduct 
your business there before missions.

(Roxas is awarded the rank of Novice. He talks to the moogle)

Moogle: Greetings, kupo. What...is your name?

Roxas: Roxas. What's yours?

Moogle: ...My name is of no importance, kupo.

Roxas: But... Hrm.

Moogle: Are you here to shop, kupo? Have a look, kupo, at my wondrous wares.

Roxas: Okay, let's see what you've got.

(Roxas finishes his business with the moogle and talks to Saïx again)

Saïx: I'm sending you and Xigbar to a new world today to conduct recon.

(They arrive at the Palace Gates of Agrabah)

Xigbar: Ugh, I'm already frying out here. C'mon, kiddo. Let's get this 
investigation over and done with.

(Roxas says nothing)

Xigbar: What's wrong? Dazzled by the new scenery?

Roxas: Do you think it's true--about the members stationed at Castle Oblivion?

(Xigbar scratches his neck)

Xigbar: Ha ha, is that seriously what's eating you?

Roxas: We might have lost a comrade. Maybe multiple comrades. That doesn't 
bother you at all?

Xigbar: As if.

(Roxas says nothing)

Xigbar: Look, the faster we get this mission done, the sooner you can RTC 
and get your answers.

Roxas: Fine.

Xigbar: Let's go, kiddo.

(They check out the palace gates)

Roxas: Big door...

Xigbar: Probably leads right to the royal palace.

Roxas: Probably? Are you just guessing?

Xigbar: As if. Take a good look. High walls, ornamental carvings... The 
construction's different than the rest of the city.

(They examine an empty stall)

Roxas: Is this a shop? It's deserted...

Xigbar: Yeah, as in "full of desert."

(They examine a pile of sand near the palace)

Roxas: A sand dune, here? That's kind of odd.

Xigbar: Different strokes, I guess. Maybe they like beach volleyball.

Roxas: You really think that's it?

Xigbar: Ha ha ha, no. No, I don't.

(They examine another stall's goods)

Roxas: These dishes are covered in sand.

(They see some wooden boards stacked against the entryway to Agrabah Street)

Roxas: What's all this lumber lying around for?

(They notice the entryway is blocked by a large metal gate)

Roxas: This gate is blocking the way.

Xigbar: And what a gate. This city must be big on security.

Roxas: Well, we have to do something about it if we want to get past.

(They find a lever and the gate opens. Once on Agrabah Street, they examine 
more piles of sand)

Roxas: This stall is half-buried in sand.

Xigbar: Remind me to build MY city someplace less dusty.

Roxas: There are signs here of somebody trying to clear the sand.

(Roxas examines another stall's goods)

Roxas: Are they selling pottery...or sand?

(Roxas finds a wooden bridge along a wall. A rung of rope lies on it)

Roxas: The wall here is falling apart... I guess it's an old city?

Xigbar: As if. Look closer. The bricks aren't eroded. The damage was all 
done recently.

Roxas: By what?

(He sees the rope)

Roxas: A pile of rope? Hunh. Lumber, rope... What's all this for?

(He find another bridge)

Roxas: No sand piles up here.

Xigbar: Which means they must've just built this scaffold.

(Roxas sees some wood planks against a stall)

Roxas: Is this wood for scaffolding?

(They enter Agrabah Gate, where the sand dunes are most numerous)

Xigbar: This place is swimming in sand.

(Roxas says nothing)

Xigbar: I guess them's the breaks when you build your city in the middle 
of a desert.

(Roxas still says nothing)

Xigbar: Past that, not much to mention, though. Seems like a pretty normal 
town, yeah?

Roxas: Huh?

Xigbar: Still with me there? I've seen you spaced out before, but this is 

Roxas: What? I'm fine. I'm fine...

Xigbar: Let me guess. Castle Oblivion?

(Roxas says nothing)

Xigbar: Like I said: the longer we take here, the longer you're gonna have 
to stay in the dark.

Roxas: I know.

(They examine a wooden door)

Roxas: This door is boarded shut...

(They find an enormous sand dune)

Roxas: Look at the size of this dune.

Xigbar: It's 'cause we're next to the city gate. Okay, so we've got an 
entire city under a layer of sand. What do you make of it, Roxas?

Roxas: Me?

Xigbar: Yes, you. How do you think it ended up like this?

Roxas: Hmm, maybe because of the city's location. I mean, we are in the 
middle of a desert. Maybe this is normal.

Xigbar: Heh heh normal? As if. Look at the city walls. They built them 
high to prevent exactly this from happening.

Roxas: Okay, fine. The city was hit with a sandstorm. That would explain 
the damage to the walls.

Xigbar: Attaboy, Roxas. You're right on the nose. This place got hit by 
a sandstorm. And not just once or twice, from the look of it. I guess 
the high walls around the city weren't high enough. Now, how 'bout the 
lumber and rope? Roxas, gimme a damage assessment for the city.

Roxas: Well, from the look of it the city was devastated. This whole 
place is a wreck. 

Xigbar: Yup, and that's not all. All the building supplies lying around, 
and that scaffolding? They've been rebuilding.

Roxas: "They," who? The citizens?

Xigbar: Who else? And it looks like a major effort. There may be somebody 
leading the operation.

Roxas: You think so?

Xigbar: All right, Roxas. We've got what we came for. Let's RTC on 
outta here.

Roxas: Okay.

(They peer through the large gate leading to open desert)

Roxas: Check out all this sand... I don't think we're going outside.

Xigbar: Another storm is brewing. These people will never be able to 
repair the city fast enough. Heh heh, glad I don't live here.

Roxas: Plus they have to deal with all the Heartless.

Xigbar: Aha! You picked up on a juicy bit there, Roxas.

Roxas: Why?

Xigbar: The storm and the Heartless... It's possible they're not 
completely unrelated.

Roxas: You think there's a connection?

Xigbar: All right, I think that's all we're getting for one day. Let's RTC.

(They walk back to the Palace Gates)

Xigbar: Uh-oh.

(Two people are in conversation)

Xigbar: Those must be the locals. Normally, I'd be able to just slip on 
by, but the way you stick out? Well.

Roxas (thinking): Thanks.

Xigbar: It'll cause a big scene if we're spotted. We'd better take the 
long way around.

(They find an entrance on a high platform)

Jasmine: You should get some rest, Aladdin.

Aladdin: I'll be okay. Besides, the sandstorm's finally let up--now's our 
chance to patch up the city.

Jasmine: That's true, but still... You'll run yourself ragged at this rate.

Aladdin: Jasmine, you don't need to worry--I'm fine. And since we don't 
know when the next storm will hit we need to get everything running 
again before it does.

Jasmine: If only Genie were around...

Aladdin: I miss him, too, but this isn't a job for magic. Agrabah's 
our city. We need to be the ones to fix it up.

Jasmine: Of course, you're right...

Aladdin: Now, I should get back to work.

Jasmine: Wait. I'll help, too.

(Aladdin nods and the two leave the area)

Xigbar: So that guy must be spearheading the city repair efforts. 
The question is, why him? He doesn't look like royalty.

Roxas: Does he have to be?

Xigbar: It's not easy getting people to follow you, especially when it 
involves work. It's the kind of thing you'd expect somebody in the palace 
to be doing. They already call the shots, right?

Roxas: True.

Xigbar: But he definitely wasn't royalty... The girl next to him--now 
SHE was royalty.

Roxas: ...So what now? Do we look around inside the palace?

Xigbar: No need. We have our answers, and we even got a peek at their leaders.

Roxas: Good, then we can go home?

Xigbar: Why, Roxas? Did you leave the toaster plugged in?

Roxas (looking down): You know why.

Xigbar: Heh heh. C'mon, let's RTC.

(They jump down to the main area. Roxas looks at the large palace gates)

Roxas: Did those two come through here?

Xigbar: This door's pretty solid, and the wall's high. The locals might be 
using the palace as a storm shelter.

(They approach the corridor entrance, when a Scarlet Tango appears behind 
Roxas. Xigbar shoots it with his arrowgun and continues walking)

Roxas: Hey, where do Heartless go when they're destroyed?

Xigbar: They don't go anywhere. They're gone. Only the hearts they held 
remain. But the hearts go somewhere: Kingdom Hearts.

Roxas: So what if a person without a heart is destroyed--a Nobody like 
you or me? Does some part of us remain?

Xigbar: As if. We're not even supposed to "be" in the first place. What's 
there to leave behind?

Roxas: Then whoever it was at Castle Oblivion--

Xigbar: Gone.

Roxas: And I'll never see them again?

Xigbar (smirking): Nope.

Roxas (head down): Oh...

Xigbar: You coming?

Roxas: Huh? Oh...yeah.

(Xigbar walks into the dark corridor. Roxas suddenly feels strange)

Roxas: Nngh!? What's going...on...

(He collapses to the ground, seeing images of Axel, Xion, and a mysterious 
girl in white)

Roxas: Who are you?

--Roxas's Diary Entry: Day 26--
I only remember part of this day. I heard somebody sent to Castle Oblivion 
was terminated. Saïx said it may have been Axel.
I tried to ask Xigbar about it on the day's mission, and he said nothing's 
left of Nobodies once we're gone, because we have no hearts to leave behind. 
I don't remember much after that. They say I collapsed and wouldn't wake up...

==Day 27==
~The Dark Margin~

(On a dark moonlit beach a cloaked figure walks up to another figure sitting 
upon a rock)

??????: I've been to see him.

(The seated figure turns his head toward the other)

??????: He looks a lot like you.

?????: Who are you?

??????: I'm what's left. Or...maybe I'm all there ever was.

?????: I meant your name.

??????: My name is of no importance. What about you? Do you remember 
your true name?

?????: My true name is...

??????: You have been with us for six days now.

(The seated figure stands and removes his hood)

??????: The time has come...

(He walks past the other and places a hand on his shoulder. Time seems 
to pass slowly and all sound drops)

Xemnas (soundless): ...Sora.

(The hooded figure stands and watches him leave. In his bed, Roxas lay 
on his bed, watched over by Xemnas and Saïx)

Saïx: Naminé must have begun her work...

Xemnas: Will he wake from this?

Saïx: I am told he will--provided she strips the hero of all his memories.

Xemnas: Then much hinges on Castle Oblivion.

Saïx: We needn't stop collecting hearts. Number XIV has gained power over 
the Keyblade, just as we intended. Xion can fill Roxas's shoes for the 
time being.

Xemnas: And the chamber? Have you found it?

Saïx: No, sir. I would say progress is slow...if we had actually made any.

(Saïx leaves the room, and Xemnas looks back at Roxas)

Xemnas: So, sleep has taken you yet again...

==Day 49==

(Roxas remains asleep. Xion visits him)

Xion: I went to a new world today. Roxas, you should've seen it. It was 
so beautiful.

(She places something on his bedside)

Xion: Well, I'll visit you tomorrow, okay? Bye, Roxas...

(She leaves and we see twenty seashells next to his pillow. In his sleep, 
Roxas sees a boy with spiky hair clutching an item tight as he's encapsulated 
in a white pod)

==Day 50==
~Familiar Sound~

?????: I knew that I'd find you snoozing down here.

(Roxas wakes and sits up. He walks into The Grey Area and sees no one around. 
He walks out and goes to Twilight Town to sit on the clock tower)

Xion: Roxas!?

(He looks over to see her. She walks over to him)

Roxas: Xion... What happened to me?

Xion: You were sleeping--a long, long time. Saïx told us not to get our 
hopes up. That you might not-- Well, you're awake now. That's what counts.

Roxas: Ugh, I feel like a zombie. Guess there's some things a nap can't cure.

(They laugh. Xion sits next to him)

Xion: Here, I brought you this. It's a seashell.

(She gives it to him)

Xion: I've been picking one up every time I go out on a mission. Hold it 
up to your ear.

(Roxas does. He gets a flash of a girl and a boy on the docks on 
Destiny Islands)

--Roxas's Diary Entry: Day 50--
I must have missed a lot. It's like I had the longest dream. I woke up to find 
a bunch of seashells by my pillow. I counted them--one for each day they said 
I was asleep.
I was wondering who left them there, but then when I got to the clock tower, 
Xion gave me another one. I held it up to my ear, and I could hear the 
ocean... Why did it sound so familiar?
The stuff I dreamed about felt strangely familiar, too. I remember being in 
a white room with somebody the same age as me wearing red clothes...and then 
he sort of disappeared into the white.
And there was a girl's voice--she said I knew I'd be "snoozing." Why would 
she know that? The voice was a little like Xion's.

--Secret Report: Xion--
Roxas woke up today. I think he was dreaming the whole time. Being with him 
feels strange. Familiar. Like listening to the waves crash up against the 
shore. But why?

==Day 51==

(Roxas enters The Grey Area)

Moogle: I heard you collapsed, kupo. Gotta pace yourself, kupo. Who else am I 
going to swindl--talk to, kupo?

(Xigbar spots him)

Xigbar: Well, good morning, sunshine. During your beauty nap, we found out 
the whole Castle Oblivion team is toast.

Saïx: You're awake.

Roxas: Did you ever find out what happened at Castle Oblivion?

Saïx: We're looking into what befell them.

Roxas: "Them"!? How many? You still don't know?

Saïx: What I know is that I don't owe you any explanations. Now get to work. 
You'll be on your own for a while. Wherever our other members are, they're 
certainly not here to help.

(Roxas leaves for Agrabah and arrives in the Agrabah Street area, overhearing 
a conversation)

Jasmine: Another sandstorm? Are you sure, Aladdin?

Aladdin: Unfortunately, yes. All the merchants were talking about it.

Jasmine: This is terrible...

Aladdin: And that's only one of the things that's got me worried.

Jasmine: Why? What else is wrong?

Aladdin: The Heartless--they've been showing up all over Agrabah.

Jasmine: Heartless!?

Aladdin: Yeah. They always appear right before a sandstorm hits. I thought it 
was just a coincidence during the last storm, but...

Jasmine: Oh no... I hope this isn't a sign of things to come.

(Aladdin and Jasmine walk off. Roxas defeats seven Fire Plants and enters the 
Agrabah Gate area)

Aladdin: Hey! Get back here, Abu!

(Roxas sees Aladdin chasing after a monkey)

Aladdin: I told you, you can't just take things from the marketplace!

(Aladdin takes a stolen item from the monkey, who tries to argue with him. 
Roxas has a flash of the spiky-haired boy again)

Aladdin: Uhp! No excuses! We made a promise: no more stealing! Now c'mon, 
let's go give this back.

(They walk back to the marketplace. Roxas leaves Agrabah and enters the clock 
tower ledge in Twilight Town. He sees it's empty and sighs. He sits alone 
and waits)

--Roxas's Diary Entry: Day 51--
It sounds like the worst has come to pass: the whole Castle Oblivion team, 
wiped from existence. It's hard to come to grips with the idea that Axel is 
gone. I feel...choked up? I don't know what you'd call it. I've never had 
this kind of sensation.
I went up to the clock tower to have ice cream, but nobody else showed up.

==Day 52==

(Roxas enters The Grey Area. He talks to Xigbar)

Xigbar: If they're gone, they're gone. No point in crying over spilt milk.

Saïx: You will be conducting missions solo for the time being, until we can 

(Roxas travels to Twilight Town and defeats the Tailbunker)

--Roxas's Diary Entry: Day 52--
I sit up on the clock tower, but no one comes. Not Axel, not even Xion. That 
weird lump in my throat won't go away.
Something else is bothering me. This is gonna sound crazy (good thing this 
is a private diary!) but these pictures keep flashing through my head. Not 
all the time, just sometimes... Ever since I collapsed.
It happens when I'm awake, too--on missions--so I don't think it's a dream. 
Where are the pictures coming from?

==Day 53==

(Roxas travels to Agrabah to collect Organization emblems for a 
mobility assessment)

==Day 54==

(Roxas travels to Agrabah to defeat Deserter Heartless)

==Day 71==

(Roxas walks into The Grey Area, hanging his head)

Xigbar: Heh heh, here come sourpuss. Why the long face?

Roxas: Nothing, okay?

Xigbar: You gotta admit, the castle's a lot quieter. Half as loud, you might 
say. But I could get used to a smaller, more tightly knit group, how 'bout you?

(Demyx walks in)

Demyx: Hey, Roxas, man, did you hear? No survivors! Everybody at Castle 
Oblivion got KO'd! Heavy stuff.

Roxas: Then they're really gone.

Demyx: Gone with the wind--right, Xiggy? Whew, I really dodged a bullet there.

Xigbar: Lucky you. Heh heh, now you get to double your hours to help pick up 
the slack.

Demyx: Blegh! Roger that. Remind me to under achieve twice as hard from now on.

(Roxas speaks to the moogle)

Moogle: I hear they're letting you take on Challenges now, kupo. Save up the 
Challenge Sigils you earn and I'll reward you with freebies, kupo. I'm nice 
like that, kupo.

(Roxas speaks to Demyx)

Demyx: Everybody's out in the field pulling double duty. Hard workers, 
I salute you!

(Roxas speaks to Xigbar)

Xigbar: You pulling your weight, kiddo? Not that you weigh anything. What 
are you, around a buck five? Here, better take this in case you pass out.

(Xigbar gives Roxas a Hi-Potion)

Saïx: Finish your preparations and be on your way.

(Roxas travels to Twilight Town and appears in Side Street. Roxas eliminates 
all the shadow globs that are covering the town. He walks toward the corridor 
to RTC)

????: Hey, Roxas!

(Roxas turns around and sees Axel)

Axel: How's it hanging?

(Roxas's eyes widen and Axel walks closer)

Axel: What's the matter? You look like you've seen a ghost.

Roxas: Axel? But...I thought you were gone! Castle Oblivion--the whole team 
was annihilated...

Axel: Correction: the weaklings were annihilated.

(Roxas shakes his head)

Roxas: You had me worried.

Axel: Worried? Well, that's a neat trick, considering you haven't got a 
heart to feel with.

Roxas: W-wait here. I'll go buy us some ice cream!

(Roxas runs off. Later, Axel and Roxas sit on the clock tower eating 
ice cream)

Axel: I gotta check in with the boss, or he's gonna let me have it.

Roxas: You haven't RTC'd yet?

Axel: Hmm? Nah.

Roxas: Well, why come here?

Axel: Guess I needed some time to sort out my feelings.

Roxas: Whatever, mister I-don't-have-a-heart.

(They laugh)

Axel: Hey, your ice cream's melting. Eat up.

Roxas: Thanks.

(He takes a bite)

Roxas: You know, I started inviting Xion up here while you were gone.

Axel: Xion? Really?

Roxas: Yeah. I promised her the three of us could have ice cream together--
you know, once you got back. Me and her are friends now.

--Roxas's Diary Entry: Day 71--
After work, Axel turned up. Just like that, out of nowhere. I didn't know 
what to say. I thought we'd lost him for good.
We went up to the clock tower and talked for a while. I told him about Xion.
The choked-up sensation has gone away.

--Secret Report: Xigbar--
Saïx had a hand in what went down at Castle Oblivion--well, more like a whole 
arm. Which means Axel was in on it as well. It's a fact that Xemnas ordered 
Axel to take out the traitors, orders which went through Saïx. No specific 
names were given, but naturally Xemnas knew who the turncoats were right from 
the get-go.

==Day 72==

(Axel stands in his room, looking out the window. Saïx walks in)

Saïx: Why didn't you report in?

Axel: Oh, good to see you, too. You're welcome, thanks for the kind words.

Saïx: I'm told Naminé has gone missing.

Axel: There one minute, gone the next. I don't know how she got out.

Saïx: You searched every room, I expect?

Axel: You're kidding, right? That's like counting grains of dust in a building 
full of sneezing people.

Saïx: What about the chamber? Did you find it?

Axel: Come on, I would have told you that much. I gotta hand it to you... You 
were right. About Marluxia, the traitors... You knew exactly what was up.

Saïx: All I did was find a place to send everyone who was getting in the way.

Axel: Well, it's nice to know where I stand! Sheesh...

Saïx: Did you come back in one piece or didn't you?

(Saïx starts to leave)

Axel: I disposed of Zexion.

(Saïx stops)

Axel: That's how you wanted it, right? I'll play it your way...for now.

(Later, Roxas walks into The Grey Area and sees Axel)

Axel: Hey, get this: they paired me with you today as a "slap on the wrist."

Roxas: What? Why am I a slap on the wrist!?

Axel: Well, they just know how much I loathe babysitting...

Roxas: Oh, thanks!

Axel: Would it kill them to give me a day off? Look at these bags under my 
eyes. Pfft. All right, c'mon, partner.

Roxas: Right behind ya.

Axel: Let's get this show on the road!

(Roxas talks to Demyx)

Demyx: Xion? Search me, man. Probably out on a mission, no?

(Roxas talks to the moogle)

Moogle: Greetings...kupo? All smiles today, aren't we, kupo.

(Roxas talks to Saïx)

Saïx: I'm sending Axel with you today.

(Roxas and Axel enter Agrabah by way of the Palace Gate area)

Axel: Whaddaya say we make this quick?

(Roxas has a flash of Sora, Donald, and Goofy)

Roxas: Yeah...

(They enter Agrabah Street and see a large cat-like person walking around)

Pete: Where is it? It's gotta be around here somewheres...

Axel: Now who is that? And what's he up to?

Roxas: He wasn't here the last time I came by, that's for sure.

Axel: Hmm...

Pete: Grrr... Well, I ain't givin' up till I find a way in! And once I 
find the lamp that's stashed down there... Heh heh heh... All my wishes'll 
come true.

Axel: He thinks some lamp is gonna grant his wishes?

Roxas: Yeah, strange guy.

Axel: Change of plans, Roxas! Our new mission is following Lunkhead there.

Roxas: What? But...we're out on heart collection. Won't we get in trouble 
if we just--

Axel: Looking into any suspicious characters you come across is an important 
part of the job.

Roxas: But wouldn't you still call it disobeying orders?

Axel: No, I'd call it flexible thinking. Got it memorized? Plus, we'll still 
have plenty of time to collect hearts afterwards. No harm, no foul.

Roxas: I guess...

Axel: Good, then we're agreed. Now the key here is to keep your eyes on him, 
Roxas. Just make sure he doesn't lay eyes on you, follow?

(Roxas nods. They follow Pete, but get a little too close)

Pete: Huh?

Roxas (thinking): Ack!

(Roxas and Axel run behind a wall before Pete swerves around)

Pete: I coulda swore somebody was watchin' me... Next I'll be jumpin' at my 
own shadow. Grrr... Great! I had to go and lose my place! Now I gotta start 
lookin' from the beginning.

Axel: Hmm, he's sharper than he looks. Be careful not to let him out of your 
field of vision, Roxas. And obviously you'll need to stay out of his.

(Roxas nods. They follow Pete to the Agrabah Gate area, where he inspects 
a wall)

Roxas: What's he staring at that wall for, anyway?

Axel: Roxas, we wouldn't be investigating if we knew all the answers.

Pete: Bingo! Heh heh heh! I finally found it!

(Pete punches a part of the wall. It slides in and over, revealing a hole)

Pete: Open sesames!

(He walks inside, and Axel and Roxas move closer)

Roxas: A hidden door in the middle of the city? Why? Where does it lead?

Axel: I think our friend there is about to show us. Keep tailing him. And try 
to be subtle about it.

(They follow Pete through the desert to the Cave of Wonders. They stare up at 
the tiger head)

Roxas: Never would've guessed this was here.

Axel: I'll say. This is a nice little bonus.

(They enter and look around)

Axel: This cave's bigger than it looks from the outside... Hey, I think we 
lost him.

Roxas: So, what now?

Axel: Guess we'll have to give up for now. Switch back to heart collection.

Roxas: You don't want to look for him?

Axel: Nah. I would've liked to know what he was up to, but hey. Just finding 
out about this cave is enough of a feather in our cap for today. Plus, 
searching a place this big would be a royal pain.

Roxas: What happened to this being an important part of the job?

Axel: Like I said, flexible thinking.

Roxas: Ha ha. Oh, I see...

Axel: Hey, let's just get this mission over and done with.

(They defeat all the Heartless in the room, but are unable to go any further. 
They search the room for clues)

Roxas: There are some deep gashes in the floor here.

Axel: Yeah, like somebody dragged something heavy across it...

(They move pillars and pull switches to enter the next room. They find a 
carving on the wall)

Roxas: There's an indentation in the middle.

Axel: Looks like some kind of mechanism.

(They enter the Pillar Room and fight more Heartless. After finishing, 
they return to the corridor)

Axel: That takes care of that. Ready to go?

Roxas: Yup.

(They sit on the clock tower, eating ice cream)

Axel: You're more outgoing now, you know that?

Roxas: Yeah? Well you are, too.

Axel: Me? You think? Guess he musta rubbed off on me...

Roxas: Huh? Who did?

(Axel scratches his head)

Axel: Heh. Let's just say you can thank yourself that we get to sit here 
again and laugh like idiots over ice cream.

(Roxas laughs and takes a bite. Axel eats his ice cream, and Roxas looks 
to the corner entrance)

Roxas: I guess Xion's not gonna show today.

--Roxas's Diary Entry: Day 72--
Me and Axel went to Agrabah. He seems different now that he's back from 
Castle Oblivion. Ice cream was just the two of us today.
I wonder when me and Axel and Xion will all get to have ice cream together.

--Secret Report: Axel--
The longer you know someone, the less you need to speak in clear terms. 
Everything gets across with a wink and a nudge, a little reading between 
the lines... When it comes to what befell our late comrades at Castle 
Oblivion, ambiguity suits me just fine. But the Keyblade master and Roxas 
come out and say every little thing that comes to mind. Maybe that's human, 
or maybe they're just special.

==Day 73==
~The Promise~

(Roxas walks into The Grey Area and looks around)

Roxas: Where is she?

(Axel walks in)

Axel: Hey, Roxas.

Roxas: Axel. You seen Number XIV?

Axel: Xion? Hmm... Now that you mention it, no.

Roxas: It's been days now... Ten days, at least.

Axel: Wish I could help, but I took off for Castle Oblivion almost as soon as 
Xion joined up. There's a lot I missed.

Roxas: I feel bad. I promised we'd all get together for some ice cream.

Axel: The two of you are friends, right? Tell ya what. I'll pick Saïx's brain, 
see what I can find out.

Roxas: Thanks, Axel.

(Luxord sits in a chair, while Xaldin stands by one of the couches. The moogle 
floats by the entrance, as usual)

Luxord: I didn't return until late yesterday night. It has been tough with so 
few of us...

(Roxas talks to Saïx)

Saïx: I'm having you visit a new world for your mission today.

(Roxas enters the corridor and arrives on the Bridge of Beast's Castle)

Roxas: This is the castle...

(He hears a loud roar echo from the building)

Roxas: What was that roar? It came from inside... Maybe it's the Heartless I'm 
after? I guess I'll find out. Time to head in and take a look.

(Roxas enters the Courtyard and walks up to the large door of the castle. He 
tries to open it)

Roxas: It won't budge... Must be locked from the inside.

(Roxas finds a secret passage into the castle. He makes his way through the 
Upper Level of the Entrance Hall to the interior of the castle)

Roxas: It's awfully quiet... Is nobody home?

(He looks toward the stairs and a Sergeant appears)

Roxas: There's my target!

(He defeats the Sergeant)

Roxas: Mission accomplished. Time to RTC.

(He hears a roar)

Roxas: Huh!? What was that? Another Heartless? Or...something besides the 
Heartless? Hmm... Well, Saïx's orders were to RTC as soon as the mission was 
done. I'd better call it a day.

(He sees a lock on the back of the front door)

Roxas: Looks like this is the only way out. I'll just unbar the door...

(Roxas unlocks the door and returns to the corridor on the Bridge. Late, he 
sits on the clock tower, taking a bite out of his ice cream)

Roxas: Where's Axel? I hope Xion's okay...

--Roxas's Diary Entry: Day 73--
After I finished my mission I wanted all three of us to have ice cream, but 
I couldn't find Xion. It's been at least ten days since I've seen her.
Axel said he'd ask Saïx what was going on. Speaking of Axel, I didn't see him 
at the clock tower today.

==Day 74==

(Roxas walks into The Grey Area. Luxord stands near the couches, while Demyx 
sits playing his sitar. Axel greets Roxas)

Axel: Rise and shine, sleepyhead.

Roxas: Sorry... I was up late. Couldn't sleep.

Axel: I asked Saïx about Xion.

Roxas: And?

Axel (shaking his head): Your friend was sent out on a mission, but never 

Roxas: But...why not? Shouldn't the mission be done by now?

Axel: I dunno. But we'll find out what happened soon enough.

Roxas: Why's that?

Axel: You and me get to go track Xion down. That's our mission today.

Roxas: You mean it!?

Axel: No, I made it all up. Go back to bed... Yes, I mean it! Hurry up and 
get ready, will ya?

(Roxas talks to Luxord)

Luxord: Xion's whereabouts? Shall I ask the cards for you?

Demyx: Would it kill them to give us a day off now and then?

Axel: They think Xion's in Twilight Town somewhere. We'll go when you're ready.

Saïx: Don't come back until you find out what happened to Xion.

(They enter Twilight Town on Side Street)

Roxas: Where do you suppose Xion is?

Axel: Well, the mission in question was to take out a giant Heartless.

Roxas: That could be anywhere.

Axel: Let's start by digging up info around town. If we can find that 
Heartless, there's a good chance we'll find Xion, too.

Roxas: Right.

(They walk into the Sandlot and see Hayner and Olette in conversation)

Hayner: You sure you heard that right?

Olette: Yes, I'm sure. I told you!

Hayner: And you heard it where again?

Olette: The tunnel! I was just there, and I heard a weird, low moan.

Hayner: Did ya see what was making it?

Olette: Are you kidding? I was scared! I got out of there as fast as I could.

Roxas: A low moan?

Axel: Could be our Heartless.

Roxas: Or it could be Xion--injured, unable to make it back to the castle...

Axel: I'm sure Xion is just fine. C'mon, let's go check it out.

(Roxas nods)

Hayner: You need to get your ears checked, Olette.

Olette: I'm not making it up!

(Roxas and Axel enter the Underground Passage to get to the Tunnel. Something 
peculiar catches their eye)

Roxas: Something's scribbled on the wall: "IT'S THERE... IT'S HUNGRY... 

(They enter the Tunnel and look around)

Roxas: No Xion...

Axel: No Heartless, either.

Pence (entering): Huh? What are you guys doing down here? You lose something?

Axel: You could say that, yeah. We heard rumors of a strange moaning sound?

Pence: Strange moaning... Oh! Are you talking about that vent up there? The 
wind coming through it creates a lot of echoes. It sounds kind of like a moan.

Axel: What? Ugh, for crying out loud...

Pence: So...you guys said you lost something?

Roxas: Some-ONE. A friend of ours.

Pence: Oh, I'm sorry. Hope you find them soon.

Roxas: Thanks.

Axel: So what's your story? Why are you down here?

Pence: Me? Heh heh, that's a secret. Hey, I don't think we've been introduced. 
I'm Pence. If you ever need anything, I'm always happy to help.

Roxas: Um, thanks.

Pence: Sure. I'll catch you later. Hope you find your friend.

Axel: Well, that was a dead end.

Roxas: Yeah, all we really learned was that guy's name.

Axel: Time to hit the town again...

(They walk out of the Underground Passage to the Tram Common and see another 
peculiar note)

Roxas: Somebody scribbled something here: "IF YOU CAN READ THIS, 

(They walk through Station Heights)

Bulletin Board: You asked for it--you got it! Scoop up some sea-salt ice 
cream TODAY!

(They enter the Sandlot again)

Hayner: Olette, what's Pence up to?

Olette: He said he was off on another of his "investigations today.

Hayner: He's been acting pretty dodgy lately--all this sneaking around? 
I wonder what he's up to.

Olette: Beats me. He freaked out when I swung by the usual spot yesterday. 
Whatever he was looking at, he hid it in a hurry.

Hayner: Hmm, now why would he do that?

Roxas: I wonder where their "usual spot" is.

Axel: Guess we'll have to hunt around.

Hayner: Aw, crud... I think I forgot to shut the fence outside the usual spot.

Olette: Hayner, it's on a side street. Who's gonna go anywhere near it? 
Whose idea was it to have the usual spot be under the tracks? You need 
earplugs in there.

(They find The Usual Spot on Side Street and look around)

Roxas: These crates were just thrown in a pile here. They're all empty, 
too... This stepladder's ancient. It squeaks like crazy. I see the dartboard, 
but...where are the darts. This sofa's seen a lot of use. Some of it recent, 
too. Huh? There's something behind this oil drum.

(Roxas pulls out something)

Roxas: Hey, I found a piece of paper.

Axel: It's some kind of map.

Roxas: Somebody's scribbled some notes on it.

Axel: "Spooky Steps"? "Friend from Beyond the Wall"? Hey, this one about 
a moaning tunnel...

Roxas: Sounds familiar, huh?

Axel: There's more. "The Doppelganger"... "The Animated Bag"...

Roxas: A ghost train, a haunted mansion... There's seven altogether.

Axel: What's it all mean?

Roxas: I think we know just the guy to ask. If nothing else, he seemed to 
know a lot about the town.

(They return to the Tunnel and speak to Pence)

Pence: Hey, guys. Something I can help you with?

Axel: Yeah, actually. We had a question.

Pence: Okay, shoot. Let's see if it's anything I know.

Axel: Is anything...weird happening here? You know, in the town. I mean, 
there are lots of little quirks and mysteries, right? Like, say...the Spooky 

Pence: Ohhh... So you guys are like me, investigating the town's Seven 

Axel: Uh, yeah, something like that.

Pence: Hmm... I wasn't planning to talk to anyone about it until I'd finished 
up my investigation, but... All right. I'll tell you what I've got so far. 
That is. IF you can answer the following questions!

Roxas: What?

Pence: They're about the town. I want to see how serious you are about 
investigating this place.

-What's at the top of Station Heights?
-Station Plaza
-What's written on the bulletin board in Station Heights?
-Scoop up some sea-salt ice cream
-How many cars are in the train you can see from Station Plaza?
-Just one car

Pence: Correct! All right, a promise is a promise. I'll tell you what I know. 
So, I've been digging around, and I've learned that the town's Wonders are all 
linked! In...the sense that they're all made-up. Nothing but stupid urban 
legends and rumors.

Roxas: What?

Pence: Like those stairs you mentioned? Total sham. The truth about that one 
is just embarrassing.

Axel: Just another sleepy town, huh?

Pence: Sorry, guys. You're wasting your time. Well, except maybe for the 
Eighth Wonder...

Roxas: There's an Eighth!?

Pence: The one about the tree. Out in the woods? There's one tree where, 
if you shake it, the whole place starts to rustle. Swish, swish, SWISH! 
...Weird, huh? I still haven't seen it firsthand, so I can't tell you much. 
But people have said they feel like they're being watched there--even though 
it's deserted.

Roxas: Pretty strange.

Pence: Wouldn't be much of a Wonder if it wasn't! I'm planning to go figure 
out the trick behind it later.

Axel: Good luck with that.

Pence: Thanks! Well, I should get back to my investigation. Try to keep this 
to yourselves, yeah?

(Pence leaves)

Roxas: That was uninformative.

Axel: Maybe, maybe not.

Roxas: Huh?

Axel: He said people have been feeling some kind of presence in the woods 
outside of town, right? Maybe that's Xion's target.

Roxas: Right... Let's go check it out.

(They enter The Woods and inspect a tree, who's leaves are constantly 
shedding. There is a rustle in the trees)

Roxas: Is...is something there?

Axel: Heh, looks like we got a live one here.

(An invisible entity jumps from tree to tree, before running to the grounds 
of The Old Mansion)

Axel: Hurry, Roxas. Don't let it get away!

Roxas: Right!

(They enter the grounds and the Veil Lizard drops its camouflage)

Roxas: You think that's the one?

Axel: No wonder Xion had trouble. It was blending right into the scenery.

Roxas: So, where is Xion?

Axel: Still out trying to find it, probably.

Roxas: What do you suggest?

Axel: Well, a target's a target. Doesn't matter who takes it out. I say we do 
it now, before it vanishes again.

Roxas: Right.

Axel: Here we go!

(They fight the Veil Lizard for a moment, before Xion runs across the field 
toward the creature)

Roxas: Xion!

Xion (stopping): Roxas!?

(In Xion's distraction, the Veil Lizard's tongue lashes out and knocks her 

Roxas: Xion!

Axel: Focus, Roxas! We have to take that thing out first!

(They defeat the large Heartless)

Roxas: Xion! Are you okay?

(Xion wakes up)

Xion: Nngh... R...Roxas?

(Roxas helps her up)

Roxas: That looked like it hurt.

Xion: I'm fine... Thanks. It's just...

Axel: You can tell us all about it--but first, let's find a place to sit down.

(They sit on the clock tower. Axel hands them some ice cream)

Axel: There ya go.

Xion: Thanks.

(They sit and eat for a moment)

Roxas: Eat up. It's gonna melt.

Xion: I know.

Axel: What's wrong? Not hungry?

(Xion says nothing)

Roxas: You wanna talk about what happened?

(Xion still says nothing)

Axel: We're here for you if you want to get it off your chest. Right, Roxas?

Roxas: Yeah. That's what friends are for.

Xion: I can't... I can't use the Keyblade anymore.

(Axel and Roxas look surprised)

Xion: And without it. I can't do my job.

Roxas: What happened?

Xion: I don't know. But if I don't defeat Heartless with the Keyblade...the 
hearts they release just find their way into other Heartless instead. I swat 
them in one place and they just pop up in another. I'm supposed to be 
collecting hearts. Those are my orders. Without the Keyblade...I'm useless.

Roxas: Is there anything you can do, Axel?

Axel: Wish there was. But...it's just like Xion said. No Keyblade, no can do.

Xion: They're gonna turn me into a Dusk once they find out they don't need me.

Roxas: C'mon, Axel, think of something!

Axel: Hey, I'm racking my brain here, and there's just no way to-- Wait.

Roxas: What? Tell us.

Axel: What if you worked double duty, Roxas?

Roxas: Huh?

Xion: What do you mean, Axel?

Axel: Xion, stick with Roxas until you can control the Keyblade again. Make 
sure your missions are with him. Then, he can collect the hearts and nobody 
will ever have to know that you're not doing the same. 

Roxas: Axel, that's brilliant!

Axel: Ah ah ah. BUT...Roxas, that also means you have to collect twice as 
many hearts.

Roxas: I can do it.

Xion: You don't mind?

Roxas: Of course not!

Xion: But--

Axel: Hey, friends have gotta be able to lean on each other now and then. 
Ain't that right, Roxas?

Xion: Thanks... So...Axel, does that mean you and I can be friends?

Axel: Well, yeah. Was there ever any doubt? Any friend of Roxas's is a 
friend of mine.

Xion: Thank you... Roxas, Axel, thank you!

Axel: Eat your ice cream.

--Roxas's Diary Entry: Day 74--
My job today was to help Axel find Xion. It turns out she had gone missing, 
but we managed to find her.
We finally got to all have ice cream together, which was nice, but Xion 
can't use her Keyblade anymore. Axel says friends help each other out, so 
I'm gonna go on missions with her until she remembers how to work the 
Keyblade herself.

--Secret Report: Axel--
Honestly, I never got why Roxas was so crazy about Xion. I know they both 
joined up around the same time, and they're both rookies, but how do you 
get so close to somebody who hides their face all the time? Well, I saw 
it today. All of a sudden, No. XIV up and takes off...her hood. Xion is a 
girl, and she looks just like Naminé.

==Day 75==

(Roxas walks into The Grey Area and sees Xion)

Xion: Morning, Roxas.

Roxas: Hey.

Xion: You ready to give this a shot?

Roxas: Yeah, c'mon.

(They speak with Saïx)

Saïx: Together?

Xion: Yeah, is it a problem?

Saïx: What in the world would possess you to ask at a time like this? We're 
shorthanded as it is. And yet you expect me to say yes?

(Roxas and Xion look crestfallen. Axel walks in)

Axel: Why not? Seems like a good idea to me. Put two half-pints together and 
you get a whole.

(Saïx says nothing)

Roxas: If you let us pair up, we can do tougher missions for you, no problem.

Saïx: Hmm... Fine. As you wish.

(Roxas talks to the moogle)

Moogle: Working as a pair now, kupo? Do this moogle proud, kupo.

(Roxas talks to Xaldin)

Xaldin: Hmph... Off with you.

(Roxas talks to Axel)

Axel: You and her will make it work. Just keep it subtle, yeah?

Saïx: You had better prove that two people can work like three, or this 
arrangement comes to an end.

(Roxas and Xion travel to Agrabah. They arrive near the Palace Gates)

Xion: So our orders are to investigate a cave this time?

Roxas: Right. Axel and I found it the last time we were here. There's a hidden 
entrance in the city.

Xion: Wow, how'd you stumble across that?

Roxas: By accident, mostly. We spotted somebody acting fishy and Axel 
suggested we tail him.

Xion: And that led you to the cave... Good call on Axel's part. So, you ready 
to go explore it?

Roxas: Yeah. The hidden door's down that way. C'mon.

(They enter the Agrabah Gate area)

Xion: Uh-oh. We're not alone.

(A Heartless is floating around Abu, who is rolled up in a corner)

Roxas: Heartless...

Xion: What do you wanna do?

Roxas: Like we have any choice. Let's clear them out!

Xion: Roger that!

(They defeat every Heartless and rescue Abu. The monkey runs away from them)

Roxas (thinking): That monkey... I saw him here last time, too.

Xion: Hey, Roxas, look...

(They see a round jewel on the ground)

Xion: He must've dropped it.

Roxas (thinking): Where'd he swipe something like this?

Xion: What do you think? Should we just leave it?

Roxas: It's up to you, Xion. We may not get a chance to return it, but if 
you don't pick it up, somebody else will.

Xion: Hmm, then I guess I'll hold onto it. It might come in handy.

(Xion picks it up, examines it, and places it in her pocket)

Roxas: Okay. Let's head for the cave.

(Out in the Desert, Roxas gets a flash of Sora. They enter the Cave of 
Wonders and look around for anything suspicious. They find an eroded piece 
of wall)

Roxas: Why is just this one part of the wall crumbling?

Xion: Feel that? A draft. There must be a chamber on the other side.

(They reach an upper ledge and examine a plaque)

Xion: Hey... What do you make of this?

Roxas: There's a hole here... It's like something's meant to fit inside.

Xion: Hunh, it looks about the same size as the gem I found.

(She takes it out of her pocket and places it in the hole. In other areas of 
the cave, three keystones rise out of holes in the ground)

Xion: No way! It clicked right into place!

Roxas: Guess that explains where the monkey found it.

Xion: If it was here to begin with, it should probably stay here. Ready to 
dig a little deeper?

(Roxas nods)

Xion: We've combed this whole area. What's next?

Roxas: Let's head further into the cave.

Xion: Okay!

(They enter the Pillar Room and find one of the keystones on a high platform. 
It bears a single cross indentation)

Roxas: What is this thing?

Xion: Hmm... When in doubt...give it a good smack?

(Roxas hits it, causing it to light up and spout fire. They make their way to 
the upper area of the Entrance Hall and find another keystone, this one 
bearing two indentations)

Roxas: Another one of those blocks.

Xion: Try hitting this one.

(Roxas hits it, and it lights up just as the first one did. They notice 
something odd about the ledge they're on)

Roxas: The floor is cracked.

Xion: Yeah, this looks like it was all built ages ago.

Roxas (looking down): Hey, this is the hall we passed through to get in. 
It's all connected?

Xion: The cave must be like a labyrinth.

(They move to another ledge)

Roxas: Nothing out of the ordinary here.

Xion: I think we've seen what there is to see here. Wanna head back down?

Roxas: Sure.

(They return to the Abyss and find another keystone, with three indentations 
of a cross on it)

Roxas: Hey, it's another one of these blocks.

Xion: Yeah, would hitting it work?

(Roxas strikes it, and a bridge appears leading across the chasm)

Xion: Hunh. So the switches were for those steps.

Roxas: Let's see where they lead.

Xion: Okay!

(They cross the bridge and enter the Hidden Room. They find a large statue of 
a monkey holding a shining red jewel)

Roxas: What's this statue?

Xion: It's holding a jewel or something. I think that's about all we're gonna 
find down here.

Roxas: Yeah. I don't see any more doors or switches. We must be at the end of 
the cave.

Xion: So what's the verdict?

Roxas: Well, we searched the cave top to bottom. Let's call it a day and RTC.

Xion: Sounds good to me.

Pete: Hey, who are you bozos!?

(They whirl around and Roxas summons his Keyblade)

Roxas: Uh-oh... I know you...

(Roxas lessens his grip and the Keyblade vanishes)

Pete: Hmph! Here for the magic lamp, are ya?

Roxas: What magic lamp?

Pete: Don't try and play dumb with me! You listen up an' listen good! That 
lamp is official property of Pete--that's me! Ya got it? So you goons can 
keep your dirty mitts off!

(Pete fights them and loses badly)

Pete: Rrrrrrgh... Ya puny little punks! First I can't find the dag-blasted 
lamp, now I gotta deal with these weirdos... It just ain't fair!

(He stomps the ground. A rock falls from the ceiling and hits him on the head. 
He recovers and looks up as more rocks come tumbling down, shaking the cave)

Pete: Zoinks! This can't be good! I'm outta here!

(Pete runs away)

Roxas: H-hey, wait!

Xion: Come on, Roxas! We can't stay here!

(Roxas nods)

Roxas: Yeah, you're right. Hurry!

(They escape to the Desert, panting with exhaustion, and see a sandstorm 
blowing in the distance)

Xion: Whew... We made it.

Roxas: Just barely.

Xion: So, I take it that was the guy?

Roxas: The one me and Axel saw? Yeah. Pete, I think he said?

Xion: Yeah. He kept going on about some magic lamp.

Roxas: Wonder what he meant.

Xion: Ah! Roxas, behind you!

Roxas: Huh?

(He turns around to see an extravagant carpet waving itself before him. He 
gets a flash of Sora also standing before the rug)

Roxas: Aaack! What...what am I looking at?

Xion: You okay?

Roxas: Yeah... It doesn't seem hostile.

(It continues waving in front of him)

Xion: I think it likes you.

Roxas: Figure that one out.

Genie: Yeah, figure that one out!

(A large blue genie appears out of nowhere)

Roxas: Yaaagh!

Xion: Wh-who are you!?

Genie: Who am I? You want to know who I am!?

Xion: Y-yes?

Genie: Well all right, then! One personal introduction, coming right up! The 
name's Genie-Formerly-Of-The-Lamp...but call me by my first name, kids!

(He waves his arms in a wide motion and whistling applause is heard)

Genie: And this is my good friend, the Magic Carpet!

(The carpet bows and applause is heard again)

Genie: Nice to meetcha!

(Genie holds out an extra large hand to Roxas)

Roxas: Uh, y-yeah... Likewise.

Genie: Hey, come ON now, you can do better than that! I mean, why so glum? 
Feeling a little blue? Believe me, I can relate.

Roxas: No doubt.

Genie: So, uh, who are you kids?

(Carpet starts waving before them again)

Roxas: Errr, we're...

Xion: Psst! Roxas, change the subject!

Roxas: We're, umm-- (thinking) Change it to WHAT?

Genie: Me, I was just swinging by Agrabah to check in... When, all of a 
sudden, Carpet here decides to put the tassel to the metal and take off! Says 
he spotted a friend.

Roxas: A friend? And that friend is me?

Genie: I know, crazy isn't it? I tag along all ready to reminisce about old 
times... But I have no idea in the cosmos who you are! You sure this is a 
friend of ours, Rugman?

(Carpet waves, as if nodding)

Roxas: Anyway, uhh... Agrabah is that city over there, right?

Genie: That's the one! My buddy Al's hometown. Why, when we first met, Al and 
I were inseparable...

Roxas: Inseparable?

Genie: Yep! Until Carpet and I took off on a well deserved vacation. What you 
might call a mini world tour.

(The Carpet flies around in front of him)

Genie: But we got to worrying about how Al was doing...so we figured we'd pop 
back in to check up on him.

Roxas: Why were you worried? Is there something to worry about?

Genie: Well, sure! It's only natural to worry about your friends. I worried 
about how things were going with Jasmine, how the city was holding up... 
And once I get something on my mind, I can't knock it out--tried everything: 
dynamite, sledgehammers, tweezers...

Xion: Well, I don't know about anybody named Al, but... The city's in rough 
shape. They've been fixing it up.

Roxas: Right, they keep getting hit by sandstorms.

Genie (sweeping backward): What!? Why do these things always happen the 
minute I leave town!?

(Carpet flies in front of him again)

Genie: All right, stand back! A little magic, and I'll have this place 
whipped back into shape!

Roxas: Your friend Al said this isn't a job for magic.

Genie (sweeping backward again): He what!?

Roxas: He said the people living there should be the ones to fix it up.

Genie: Oh... Well, if that's Al's final word, I guess that's that.

Roxas: You're not going to help out?

Genie: Al said no magic, right? I'd love to just fix the place, but even a 
genie's got to respect his friend's wishes.

Roxas: Hmm... I guess so.

Xion: We should get back, Roxas.

Roxas: Yeah...

Genie: Still, I doubt he'd mind a teensy-weensy speck of help!

(Genie waves his hand around and magic sprouts from it. The raging sandstorm 

Genie: There we go. Now the city's safe. And with THAT out of the way... 
Enough stalling--who are you two?

(He turns around and sees no one)

Genie: Okay, forget "who." WHERE are you two!?

(Roxas and Xion sit on the clock tower, taking bites of their ice cream. 
Axel walks in)

Axel: Hey, mission go okay?

Xion: Yeah, I think it's gonna work... Thanks, Axel. You and Roxas are 
the best.

Axel: We try.

(He sits down next to them)

Axel: So where'd they end up sending you?

Roxas: That place you and me went before... Uhh, what was it again...

Xion: Agrabah.

Axel: Oh, that city in the desert.

Xion: We sure ran into some interesting characters this time, huh?

Roxas: You mean Pete and Genie?

Xion: Genie sounded really worried about his friend--some guy named Al. But, 
I guess you can't always jump in and do everything for your friends--
even if you want to.

Axel: That's right. People need their space.

Roxas: So then, why did Genie say he and Al were "inseparable"?

Xion: Yeah, it's not like they were joined at the hip.

Axel: Well, I think you can be inseparable even if you're apart.

Roxas: Really?

Axel: Sure, if you feel really close to each other. If you're best friends.

Roxas: What's it like having a best friend, Axel?

Axel: Couldn't tell ya. I don't have one.

Roxas: Oh...

(They eat their ice cream and watch the sunset)

--Roxas's Diary Entry: Day 75--
Me and Xion are working together now. The Genie we met in Agrabah said he and 
his friend Al are "inseparable." Axel told us best friends can be inseparable 
even if they're not always together, but it sounded like he wasn't too sure 
about it himself.
I thought Axel knew everything. Oh well...
That reminds me, those weird pictures flashed through my head again while I 
was in Agrabah. The guy in red I wrote about before... Has he been to Agrabah 
or something?

--Secret Report: Xion--
Roxas has been coming along on my missions to help out, since I can't use the 
Keyblade. Axel is covering for me, so I should be safe for now. But what am I 
going to do if I never get the Keyblade back? I can't lie forever.

==Day 76==

(Roxas walks into The Grey Area. Xaldin stands next to one of the chairs while 
Axel leans against the window)

Axel: You and Xion play nice, now!

Xaldin: Wasting two members on a single mission... Amateurs.

Xion: Let's go, Roxas.

(They travel to Twilight Town in another mobility assessment of collecting 
Organization emblems)

==Day 77==

(Roxas enters The Grey Area. He and Xion go to Agrabah to eliminate Shadow 

==Day 78==

(Roxas enters The Grey Area and departs with Xion to Beast's Castle. They 
arrive in the Upper Level of the Entrance Hall)

Xion: We have to investigate this castle today, right?

Roxas: Right.

Xion: We'd better be careful not to let anybody here see us.

Roxas: I guess.

Xion: You guess?

Roxas: Yeah, I mean...last time I was here, the place seemed deserted. All I 
heard was-- Never mind.

Xion: What?

Roxas: I heard this roar. Like an animal... A big one.

Xion: Really? What was it?

Roxas: I don't know. I guess we may find out today.

Xion: I guess so! Well, let's get started.

(They find a pile of crates)

Roxas: This crate's covered in dust.

Xion: Guess it's been a while since they used this room.

(They come across a painting of the castle in a thunderstorm)

Roxas: It's a big stained-glass window.

(They exit the hall and search the Courtyard. Roxas spots something on the 

Roxas: Are these...bread crumbs?

Xion: Maybe someone laid them out as food for the birds?

Roxas: Then the castle isn't deserted after all.

(They walk past a statue)

Roxas: I was able to use these statues to open up a secret passage over there.

Xion: Wow. What made you think to do that?

Roxas: I dunno... Things just sort of clicked into place.

(They see some footprints)

Roxas: Footprints?

Xion: Could be Heartless.

Roxas: They're big. Whatever this thing is, let's be careful.

(They enter the main Entrance Hall and examine a locked door)

Roxas: The door's locked.

(He sees something on the wall)

Roxas: Take a look at the gashes on the wall. Are these claw marks?

Xion: Some Heartless that got restless, maybe?

(They see some dirt on another wall)

Roxas: This wall is filthy.

Xion: You think the Heartless did it?

(They enter the West Hall and hear a voice)

???????: The master is in quite an unfortunate mood today.

Xion: Roxas!

Roxas: I heard it too.

(Lumiere hops down the hallway, Roxas peeks around the corner)

Lumiere: If only he would leave his chambers...

Xion: What did you see?

Roxas: Would you believe...a walking, talking candelabra?

Xion: Oh, come on...

(Xion takes a look)

Xion: Whoa, you weren't kidding. But...how can it...

Roxas: Beats me. But it did say something about a master.

Xion: So you figure it's one of the castle's servants?

Roxas: Sounds crazy, but...maybe.

Xion: Well, that covers pretty much everywhere we can get to.

Roxas: Okay, let's think this through... That candelabra mentioned something 
about a master, right?

Xion: Yeah, that he won't leave his chambers. Maybe whoever this "master" is 
has a room or something down at the end of the hall.

Roxas: Wanna go find out?

Xion: What? But we--

Roxas: We just need to slip by without being noticed.

Xion: You really think we can?

Roxas: Well, I know we can't go back empty-handed. Saïx wouldn't be too happy 
about that. As long as we're careful, we should be fine.

Xion: Okay... If you say so.

(They attempt to sneak past Lumiere but get a little too close)

Lumiere: Hmm?

Roxas (thinking): Uh-oh!

(They run back around the corner before Lumiere whirls around)

Lumiere: How strange... The light--it must be playing tricks on me... Heh heh.

Roxas: Whew... He almost spotted us. We need to be more careful.

(They sneak by him and notice some cleaning tools)

Roxas: A bucket and a mop? I can't imagine trying to keep a place this 
huge clean.

Xion: Exactly. Which means they must have a lot of servants.

(They enter the West Wing and scan the walls)

Roxas: More claw marks...

Xion: The Heartless must be really out of control here.

(They spot some footprints)

Roxas: Footprints...

Xion: Big ones... Heartless?

Roxas: I dunno... They lead into that room back there.

(They examine the doorway)

Roxas: Think this is the master's room?

(They hear a loud roar, which startles them)

Xion: Wh-what was that?

Roxas: Maybe just barging in is a bad idea.

Xion: Can you get a look at what's going on inside from here?

(Roxas nods and peers inside. He sees a dark room with torn curtains and 
damaged furniture. And a beast...)

Roxas (thinking): Wh-what IS that thing!?

Beast (roaring): How dare she not join me for dinner! This is MY castle! And 
it is MY wish!

Roxas (thinking): "My castle"? Is he serious?

Xion: Well, Roxas?

Roxas: There was a...weird monster inside.

(He moves to let her look)

Xion: Whoa... What is he?

Roxas: I don't know, but get away from the door. I don't want him to see 
us here.

(Xion nods)

Xion: Roxas, that monster--

Roxas: It sounds like this castle belongs to him.

Xion: You think!?

Roxas: He called this place "my castle." It doesn't get much clearer than that.

Xion: Ah, then I guess he must be the beast. Beast's Castle? Makes sense. 
Do you think he's fighting the Heartless, like us?

Roxas: It's too soon to say.

Xion: You're probably right. We shouldn't jump to conclusions.

Roxas: Although, those gashes in the wall...

Xion: You think he made them, not the Heartless?

Roxas: He must've been fighting something, that's for sure.

Xion: A beast with his own castle and a candelabra for a servant...

Roxas: This place must have quite a story behind it.

Xion: Well, we know what the master looks like. I think we can report back 
to Saïx now.

Roxas: Yeah.

Xion: Want to RTC?

(They return to the Entrance Hall. Roxas stops near a locked door)

Roxas: Huh? I hear noises.

Xion: Really? I don't hear anything. Maybe you're imagining it.

(They pass another locked door)

Roxas: I hear rustling on the other side of the door. Who's in here? Maybe 
I can get a peek...

Xion: Roxas! Don't open it!

Roxas: Oh... Right, sorry. We should play it safe.

(They pass a third locked door)

Roxas: Voices... I can't make out what they're saying.

Xion: Well, if somebody's in there, we'd better steer clear.

(They pass the final locked door)

Roxas: I hear a voice... Someone's in there.

?????: ...The master insists...from Belle...

Xion: Belle?

Roxas: Somebody else who lives here, maybe? We'd better stay out of this room.

Xion: Hey, Roxas... There's something I think everybody in this castle has 
in common.

Roxas: You mean that none of them are human?

Xion: Right. There was that walking candelabra, and the master is some kind 
of beast...

Roxas: There are no signs of people living here, but I hear something behind 
all these doors. They might be more servants.

Xion: I wonder what happened in this castle.

Roxas: That's a question for next time.

Xion: Yeah, you're right.

Roxas: C'mon, let's RTC.

==Day 79==

(Roxas enters The Grey Area. Roxas and Xion return to Beast's Castle on 
heart collection. They enter the Entrance Hall and hear someone speaking)

????????? (sighing): ...She doesn't seem to have made any different. The 
master's tempter is as bad as ever.

Xion: Someone's coming.

Roxas: Hide.

(They run off to a corner)

Cogsworth: If only he would make an attempt to be suave or genteel. Surely 
then he'd see...

Xion: Is that a...

Roxas: Yup. A walking clock.

Xion: He mentioned a master. You think he's a servant here in the castle?

Roxas: Maybe.

Xion: Well, what are we going to do? The way he's pacing around...

Roxas: Yeah, we'll have to keep out of sight while we take out Heartless.

(They try to sneak by Cogsworth, but they get too close)

Cogsworth: Mmm?

Roxas (thinking): Uh-oh!

(They escape before Cogsworth turns around)

Cogsworth: How peculiar. I could have sworn... Oh well. Perhaps the master's 
finally driven me to distraction...

Roxas: Whew... He almost spotted us. We need to be more careful.

(They continue across the hall silently and walk up the stairs to the 
East Wing. They defeat Heartless throughout the castle and RTC)

==Day 94==

(Roxas walks into The Grey Area, seeing it empty. Saïx walks in)

Saïx: Lord Xemnas has summoned us.

(They walk out and meet the rest of the Organization at the Altar of Naught)

Xemnas: The time has arrived. Look to the skies!

(He raises his arms high)

Xemnas: There hangs the heart of all hearts--Kingdom Hearts--
shining down on us at last. See the countless hearts that have gathered? 
Hearts full of rage...hate...sadness...and bliss. There, in the sky, hangs 
the promise of a new world.

(He lowers his arms and faces the group)

Xemnas: My friends! Remember why we have organized--all the things we hope to 
achieve. The strength of the human heart is vast. Soon, though...we will have 
gained power over it! Never again will it...have power over us.

(They continue to stare at the great moon. Later, Roxas returns to 
The Grey Area)

Xion: Good luck today.

Xigbar: There it is, right out that window: Kingdom Hearts. What do you make 
of it?

Saïx: Kingdom Hearts thirsts for hearts...a thirst only your Keyblade 
can slake.

(Roxas and Xion are sent to Beast's Castle. They appear in the West Wing)

Roxas: The Heartless we're after is called a Neoshadow, right? I hope we 
don't wind up searching all day.

Xion: Let's head out through this hall.

(They enter the West Hall and see Lumiere walking around)

Lumiere: Surely there must be some way to get Belle and the master to 
forgive each other...

Xion: It's that candelabra.

Roxas: Yeah, the one we saw before.

Lumiere: If they don't...I shall be a table decoration forever! No--I will 
speak to Mademoiselle Belle. Perhaps she can talk some sense into him...

Roxas: I don't get it. The candelabra doesn't want to be a candelabra?

Xion: So this Belle person lives here in the castle.

Roxas: He said something about getting her and the master to forgive each 
other. I guess they've been arguing.

Xion: She'd have to be brave to stand up to a beast like that.

Roxas: You're assuming Belle's human. So far nobody else seems to be.

Xion: Good point.

Roxas: Well, we're not here to worry about her. Let's find the Heartless 
we're after.

Xion: Right.

(They see that Lumiere is looking around much more carefully and quickly)

Xion: Roxas... I don't think we'll be able to sneak past him this time.

Roxas: Yeah, maybe we should look for another route.

Xion: A castle this big must have a few secret nooks and crannies.

(They find a door at the end of the hall leading to the Undercroft. From 
the Undercroft, they enter the Secret Passage and search around. A Neoshadow 
appears at the top of a set of stairs)

Xion: Roxas, up there!

Roxas: Let's take it out.

(They defeat the Neoshadow)

Xion: Mission accomplished.

Roxas: Yeah.

Xion: Ready to head back? We can stop for ice cream and--

(More Neoshadows appear behind them)

Roxas: Huh!?

(They hear the Beast roar. He jumps in and slashes at the two Heartless, 
making them disappear)

Beast: The Heartless do not belong here--not in my castle!

(He leaves the Secret Passage)

Xion: Whoa...

Roxas: So he has been fighting the Heartless.

Xion: Apparently.

Roxas: Guess this castle plays by different rules than ours.

Xion: What do you mean?

Roxas: That beast is the master here, right?

Xion: Right.

Roxas And Xemnas is our master, right?

Xion: Right...?

Roxas: But if Heartless showed up in our castle, we'd be the ones to get rid 
of them, not Xemnas.

Xion: Well, yeah. That's our job.

Roxas: Exactly. I figured it worked like that everywhere. I thought that's 
what being master meant. After all, he's got servants here. He shouldn't 
have to fight.

Xion: I don't know that I'd call us Xemnas's servants, exactly... But you're 
right. If he's taking the Heartless on himself, he must have a good reason.

Roxas: Like what?

Xion: Like...maybe he has something he wants to protect.

Roxas: Hmm...

Xion: Let's call it a day, Roxas. Axel's probably waiting.

Roxas: Yeah.

(Axel sits on the clock tower, waiting for them and eating ice cream. 
They walk in)

Axel: Hey, you two. How'd work go? Think you can keep pulling off double duty?

Roxas: So far so good.

Xion: Roxas took today's Heartless our in no time flat.

Axel: Well, great. Keep it up.

(They sit down next to him and bite into there popsicles)

Roxas: I don't know why we need to continue fighting Heartless like this.

Axel: Sure you do. We have to finish Kingdom Hearts. We finally got our first 
glimpse of it today, remember?

Roxas: Yeah, but what is it? "The heart of all hearts"?

Xion: It's where all the hearts you and I collect wind up.

Axel: Exectly. It's because of you two and the Keyblade that we're finally 
making some progress. We might finally get hearts of our own.

Xion: "The strength of the human heart is vast," Xemnas said.

Roxas: Yeah, but what do we need with it?

Axel: Are you crazy?

Roxas: I just don't understand why having a heart is so important. Do you?

Axel: Kind of a strange time to bring it up...

Roxas: But don't you ever stop and wonder? We're fighting for something we 
don't know anything about.

(Xion says nothing)

Axel: Roxas... We're fighting because we want to know what it's about.

Roxas: Yeah... Yeah, I guess you're right.

(They continue watching the sunset)

--Roxas's Diary Entry: Day 94--
Xemnas summoned us. Nothing he says ever makes sense to me. He showed us
Kingdom Hearts, a big heart-shaped moon floating up there in the night sky, 
and said the human heart will never have power over us. Great...I guess? 
So why are we trying to get hearts again?
Axel said I'll understand better once I have a heart, but I'm not so sure...

--Secret Report: Saïx--
The hearts collected by our two Keyblade wielders, Roxas and Xion, have 
gathered together; and now, almighty Kingdom Hearts waxes large in the night 
sky. Our efforts have come to bear fruit, nearly ripe for the plucking. 
All plans proceed smoothly--alarmingly so, in fact, though this is no time 
to be deterred by paranoia.

==Day 95==

(Roxas walks into The Grey Area)

Axel: Good luck with work.

Xion: Ready for another day?

(Roxas and Xion travel to Agrabah on heart collection. Once they defeated 
enough Heartless, they returned to the corridor)

Roxas: C'mon, Axel's waiting.

Xion: Okay.

(They sit on the clock tower with Axel)

Axel: Another successful day?

Roxas: Of course! Where'd they send you, Axel?

Axel: The place you guys hit yesterday.

Xion: You mean the castle with the talking candelabra?

Axel: That's the one. They needed me to do a little digging through the dust 
and cobwebs. How 'bout you?

Roxas: Heart collection in Agrabah. Same as usual.

Axel: You're really getting the hang of working together, huh?

Xion: I don't know how much longer we can fool the other members, though.

Roxas: Relax, we'll be fine.

Axel: Don't be too sure. They're not stupid.

Xion: Guess we'll just have to cross our fingers.

Roxas: Well, maybe Saïx and Xigbar are tough to fool, but come on--Demyx?

Axel: Ouch! Roxas, that's not cool.

Roxas: But look at him! All he does is play his sitar all the time.

Axel: I don't think you give him enough credit. He works just as hard as--

(He stops and thinks)

Axel: Okay, no he doesn't. But I'm pretty sure he has a job.

Xion: You know, I've seen Demyx out in the field, rocking out on that sitar 
of his.

Roxas: What does that accomplish?

Axel: Hey, for all you know, he's out there fighting Heartless and doing 
recon--just the same as you.

Roxas: But I've heard him say he wasn't cut out for combat. I guess everybody 
in the Organization is good at different things.

Axel: That's right. Everybody's unique.

Xion: Even Nobodies? Don't you need a heart to be unique?

Axel: Oh, I think we have other things that set us apart. Like our pasts.

Xion: What past?

Roxas: You remember stuff from before?

Axel: That's one of the things that makes the Organization members special. 
Unlike lesser Nobodies, we remember who we were.

Roxas: I don't.

Xion: Me neither.

Axel: Well...maybe that right there is what makes YOU unique.

Roxas: What kind of person were you like before you were a Nobody?

Axel: Me? Oh, I dunno. Same guy, more or less.

Roxas: Lucky. I wish I could remember.

Axel: Trust me, you're not missing much. Who needs baggage, right?

Roxas: But I can't remember anything--not even my first week as a Nobody.

Axel: Man, whatever. You have trouble remembering things from five seconds ago.

Roxas: Oh, thanks!

Xion: I'm like you, Roxas. I don't remember much from the beginning either.

Axel: You two do have a lot in common.

Roxas: I wonder what kind of guy I was before...

(They sit silently for a few seconds. Meanwhile, a girl in white and a man 
in red robes stand before The Old Mansion)

--Roxas's Diary Entry: Day 95--
I went to Agrabah today with Xion. We make a pretty good team now.
Afterwards me and her and Axel talked about us and the other Nobodies. The 
ones who make it into the Organization are powerful enough to keep their 
memories... But me and Xion can't remember our pasts. What was I like?

--Secret Report: Xion--
Neither Roxas or I have any memory of our human lives. I don't even remember 
my first days as a Nobody. Roxas said he was the same, but I'm not so sure. 
For me, it's a total blank. I can't even remember the day I met Roxas, or 
Axel. It's all a blur.

==Day 96==
~Xion's Keyblade~

(Roxas enters The Grey Area and is greeted by Xion)

Xion: Hey, Roxas.

Roxas: Morning, Xion.

Xion: You ready for another day?

(Roxas nods)

Saïx: Xion, Roxas. I need you on separate missions today.

Xion: What? Why?

Saïx: Two major Heartless targets have surfaced in two separate worlds. 
Roxas, you take Beast's Castle. Xion, you go to Agrabah.

Xion: But how can-- Never mind.

Axel: Whoa, you're gonna send Roxas to Beast's Castle? I dunno... I was 
just there yesterday for recon, remember? I saw the Heartless you're talking 
about. You don't want to pit Roxas against that that. Not by himself.

Saïx: If I send them both, who's going to handle the Heartless in Agrabah?

Axel: I will.

Saïx: You?

Axel: Sure, I'm a big boy.

Saïx: Except you can't collect hearts.

Axel: So what? I'll keep the Heartless out of trouble, then they can hit it 
another day.

Roxas: Is that okay with you, Saïx?

Saïx: Fine. But this is the last day. Starting tomorrow, you both work solo.

Roxas: All right.

(Saïx walks away)

Axel: Looks like you bought yourself another day.

Xion: I dunno about this...

(Roxas talks to Saïx)

Saïx: Let me be clear: today is the last day I will permit you to work as 
a team.

(Roxas and Xion enter the corridor)

Saïx: Don't think for a minute I believed that.

Axel: Believed what?

Saïx: That reprehensible performance.

Axel: Uh-huh, well... I'd better get over to Agrabah.

(He opens a corridor and enters it. Roxas and Xion enter Beast's Castle 
through the Secret Passage)

Roxas: You okay?

Xion: I don't know what I'm gonna do starting tomorrow.

(She tries to summon the Keyblade, but it doesn't appear)

Xion (sighing): It's no use...

(Roxas summons his Keyblade)

Roxas: What about my Keyblade? Can you control mine?

(He gives it to her. She makes a slash in the air)

Xion: I guess...I can.

Roxas: Then go ahead and use it for the day.

Xion: But Roxas--

Roxas: Maybe it'll help you remember how to summon your own.

Xion: What are you gonna use?

Roxas: Well...

(He picks up a large stick from the ground)

Roxas: I can improvise.

Xion: Roxas, that's a stick.

Roxas: Hey, you managed without the Keyblade. You think I'm not up to it? 
Just take it. It's fine.

Xion: Okay, if you're sure. Thanks, Roxas.

(They make their way to the West Hall, but are stopped by Cogsworth)

Cogsworth: Those horrid creatures plaguing the castle have kept the master 
from seeing Belle for days... There has to be some way to bring the two of 
them together!

Xion: The clock...

Roxas: He mentioned Belle.

Xion: Remember the last time we were here? The candelabra was talking about 
the same thing. The servants seem awfully interested in making sure Belle 
and their master get along.

Roxas: You think it's strange?

Xion: Only that they seem to be in such a rush about it.

Roxas: True... Well, let's just focus on our target.

Xion: Right.

Roxas: We have to slip by here without being seen.

(They attempt, but get too close in the narrow hallway)

Cogsworth: Mmm?

Roxas (thinking): Uh-oh!

(They run away before he turns around)

Cogsworth: How curious... I was certain... Hmph! Pull yourself together, 
Cogsworth. The whole castle is enchanted, after all.

Roxas: Whew... He almost spotted us. We need to be more careful.

(They sneak past him and make their way to the Ballroom)

Xion: I'm sorry, Roxas... My taking your Keyblade must make things harder 
for you.

Roxas: It's fine. No need to worry about me. How about you? Has using it 
jogged your memory at all?

Xion: Nothing yet... Sorry.

Roxas: Don't be. I'm sure it'll come back to you soon. Don't sweat it.

Xion: Yeah... Thanks, Roxas.

(A Bully Dog appears)

Xion: Look! Over there!

Roxas: That's our Heartless! You ready, Xion?

Xion: Any time!

(They defeat the Bully Dog)

Xion: Thanks, Roxas. You can have this back.

(She returns it to him)

Roxas: Did it help? Do you remember how it works now?

(She shakes her head)

Xion: I don't know... Let me give it another try.

(She holds out her arm and concentrates. The Keyblade flashes into it to 
her surprise)

Roxas: You did it!

(Roxas and Xion both hold her Keyblade and jump excitedly)

Xion: I don't believe it! Roxas, it worked! Thank you so much!

Roxas: I can't wait to see Axel's face when we tell him about this. C'mon!

Xion: Okay!

(Axel sits on the clock tower)

Axel: Whew... 

(Roxas and Xion arrive)

Roxas: Axel!

Axel: Hey hey! What are you grinning about?

Roxas: How was your mission?

Axel: Oh, loads of fun... Would it kill the Heartless to hold still? 
I fell right on my butt chasing the stupid thing.

Roxas: Nice. Didn't I hear you tell Saïx you were a big boy?

Axel: Very funny. How'd your caper go?

(Xion summons her Keyblade proudly)

Roxas: Ta-daaah!

(It vanishes and she giggles)

Xion: I'd like to dedicate this Keyblade summoning to my good friends 
Roxas and Axel.

Axel: Pfft, me? I didn't do anything.

Xion: Sure you did. If you hadn't spoken up for us this morning, me and 
Roxas would've had to split up.

Roxas: And then Xion might never have remembered how to use the Keyblade.

Xion: Thanks, Axel.

Axel: Ahem... How 'bout an ice cream, then?

Xion: Huh?

Axel: Buy me one, and we'll call it even.

Xion: Heh, you got it. Wait here, I'll be right back!

(She runs off and returns with ice cream. They sit down and watch the 
sunset. Roxas laughs and takes a bite)

Roxas: I hope we always have each other.

Xion: Yeah...

Axel: What's gotten into you?

Roxas: I just...want these days to last forever. Hanging out, the ice 
cream, the sunsets...

Axel: Nothing lasts forever, man. Least of all for a bunch of Nobodies. 
But you know, we'll still have each other...even if things change and 
we can't do this anymore.

Roxas: Yeah?

Axel: As long as we remember each other, we'll never be apart. Got it 

Roxas: Ha ha, wow, Axel. That sounded ridiculous.

Axel: What? I thought it was pretty deep.

(Axel scratches his head while Roxas and Xion laugh)

--Roxas's Diary Entry: Day 96--
Today's mission was with Xion, in Beast's Castle. I tried loaning her my 
Keyblade, and she had no problem using it. That meant I had to fight 
without it, but we got the job done.
Afterwards Xion remembered how to summon her own Keyblade, so I guess 
we're out of trouble. When we were done, we all had ice cream together.

--Secret Report: Axel--
Xion regained her ability to wield the Keyblade. I don't know how or why. 
Maybe there's more to the Keyblade master they're not telling me about. 
I feel like I've been spending more time talking to Roxas and Xion lately 
than my old friend, Saïx. This has to have been what it was like, friendship.

==Day 97==

(Roxas enters The Grey Area)

Moogle: Working solo again now, kupo? I salute you, kupo.

Xaldin: Hmph. Finally able to hack it on your own?

Demyx: I could reeeally use a break.

(Roxas talks to Saïx)

Saïx: You'll be working solo again starting today. I've prepared new 
missions accordingly.

(Roxas travels to Agrabah to defeat the Antlion. He arrives at the Palace 
Gates area and sees Aladdin and Jasmine in conversation)

Jasmine: What do you mean, "it disappeared"?

Aladdin: It's just like I said--the sandstorm moving across the desert 
up and vanished. Now we can finally go outside the city again.

Jasmine: Well, that's wonderful! What a relief.

Aladdin: Hold on... We still need to watch out for the Heartless. They've 
been sighted around Agrabah even after the storm cleared up. You'll have 
to be careful, Jasmine. I'm gonna go make sure everything's okay.

Jasmine: All right. I want you to be safe too, Aladdin.

(They leave. Roxas makes his way to the Sandswept Ruins, where a giant 
Heartless is swimming through the dunes of sand. After a tough battle, 
the Antlion collapses and a giant heart floats out of it. Roxas walks 
back to the Palace Gates, where Aladdin and Jasmine are)

Jasmine: How did things look?

Aladdin: Eerily quiet. There are definitely fewer Heartless out there 
than before.

Jasmine: You make that sound like a bad thing! Now we can finally relax 
a little.

Aladdin: Or at least focus on getting things rebuilt.

Genie: I'd say that's another case closed!

(Roxas looks up and sees the Genie and Carpet next to him)

Roxas: Yaaagh!

Genie: Oh, stop. I'm not that scary. Are you trying to give me a complex?

Roxas: It's not my fault you pop out of nowhere!

Genie: This, from the guy who vanished into thin air the last time we met! 
Well, anyway... I'm glad to see Al's doing all right. Now I can enjoy the 
rest of my vacation free of worries!

Roxas: You're not going to say hello?

Genie: Nobody ever told you that three's a crowd? Well, it's time for the 
crowd to clear out!

(Genie and Carpet fly away)

Roxas: What's that guy's story, anyway? He said he used to be a genie 
in a lamp...

Genie: You really want to know?

(Genie appears)

Roxas: Agh!

Genie: It's a long story, amigo? Long, long ago, before time was time...

Roxas: Never mind, then.

Genie: Aww... Okay, then. This time, it's so long for real!

(Genie and Carpet fly away for real. Roxas meets Axel and Xion on the clock 
tower and they ice cream and talk about their day)

--Roxas's Diary Entry: Day 97--
Every day, after work, the three of us have been going to our place on top 
of the clock tower to have ice cream. We don't talk about much, but I wouldn't 
miss these conversations for the world. I wonder if Axel and Xion feel the 
same way...
Do the other Organization members have their own routines? It's hard to

--Secret Report: Demyx--
Every day it's work, work, work. I'm dead bored, and I'd kill for some vacay. 
A Nobody needs his rest, am I right? And when I get it, it's gonna be nothing 
but me and my sitar. Sigh...

==Day 98==

(Roxas performs in an assessment of luck in the Hall of Empty Melodies)

==Day 99==

(Roxas travels with Demyx to Agrabah to eliminate four Aerial Masters. 
Afterward, he has ice cream with Axel and Xion)

Roxas: Keyblade still working?

Xion: Yeah, everything's fine now.

Roxas: That's good.

Xion: I owe it all to you and Axel.

Axel: Eat your ice cream before it melts.

Roxas: Hah, look at Axel! He's bright red!

Axel: Shut up.

(Xion laughs)

==Day 100==

(Roxas walks into The Grey Area)

Axel: Xion left already.

(Roxas talks to Xaldin)

Xaldin: If it's instruction you seek, perhaps another time.

(Roxas travels to Beast's Castle on heart collection. He has ice cream with 
Axel and Xion afterward)

==Day 117==

(Axel sits alone in his room. Saïx comes in)

Axel: Ever hear of knocking?

Saïx: Tell me what Xion has been doing.

Axel: How should I know? I'm not spying on her.

Saïx: ...But the two of you are close.

Axel: So what, now I've gotta rat on my friends to you? Get out of my 
room, man.

Saïx: You and Xion will be executing your next mission together.

Axel: Yes, sir, thank you, sir. You paid me a personal visit just to tell 
me that?

Saïx: ...We also need you to go back to Castle Oblivion.

Axel: We, or you?

(Saïx says nothing. Axel looks back at him)

Saïx: The castle hasn't given up all its secrets. And there's one in 
particular Lord Xemnas is especially interested in.

Axel: You mean the chamber. We turned that place inside out. If it's there, 
we're not gonna find it by just looking.

Saïx: Hmm... Then let me give you another incentive. Naminé isn't 
the only one who can trace her beginnings to Castle Oblivion. Xion comes 
from there, too.

Axel: Huh?

Saïx: Two of your favorite people. Still think another visit is a waste 
of time?

Axel: Hmph... Whatever. You're the one who wants me to go. Don't try and 
dress it up as a favor.

Saïx: Hmph.

Axel: Let me guess... That chamber will tell you everything you don't know 
about Xemnas's true agenda. Is that the idea?

Saïx: The Chamber of Repose, and it's antipode, the Chamber of Waking... 
Xemnas isn't telling us something. And the missing chamber, the Chamber 
of Waking--it holds all the answers. We need those answers to gain the 
upper hand--for our own reasons.

Axel: Hmm... Look, I knew Vexen and Zexion would be obstacles. That's why 
they're not here anymore. When have I ever complained about the dirty work?

(Saïx says nothing)

Axel: I cleared the way to the top for you. Just do me a favor and don't 
trip on the way up.

(Saïx turns to leave)

Saïx: A solo mission in Castle Oblivion... Expect the orders soon.

(He leaves)

Axel: Naminé...and Xion?

(Roxas walks into The Grey Area and sees Xigbar and Demyx)

Demyx: Hey, man, you missed your amigos. Team Axel already left.

Roxas: Team Axel?

Demyx: Yeah, he and Xion teamed up for the day. Which means they get to 
work half as hard. Which is so totally unfair.

Xigbar: Today you get to work with me, tiger.

Roxas: Don't call me "tiger."

Xigbar: Heh! You like "kiddo" better? Or maybe you're mad because Poppet 
got the best nickname?

Roxas: Ugh, never mind.

Xigbar: Today we get to go explore a new world together. Pack up, tiger, 
and let's get moving.

Demyx: How come I don't get a nickname...?

(Roxas talks to Saïx)

Saïx: Roxas, in light of your excellent performance, we have decided to 
award you a new rank. Additional goods can be had at the shop now. I've 
also authorized you to synthesize your own weapon panels--a skill I 
suggest you acquire.

(Roxas is awarded the rank of Rookie)

Saïx: I'm sending you and Xigbar to a new world today to conduct recon.

(Roxas and Xigbar arrive in Olympus Coliseum)

Xigbar: All right. Let's make with the investigating and haul it back home.

Roxas: What are we investigating?

Xigbar: We're investigating what's to investigate. Maybe there's new 
recruits around.

Roxas: New recruits? What kind of people does the Organization look for?

Xigbar: Nobodies.

Roxas: You mean...with a capital N.

Xigbar: Bingo. You know somebody turns into a Heartless if the darkness 
gets their heart, right? Well, say this person's heart is strong--real strong. 
Sometimes, you wind up with a sort of byproduct: a Nobody. Take the strongest 
of those--the real cream of the crop--stick 'em in a room, and you've got us: 
the Organization.

Roxas: I didn't know everybody was such an elite...

Xigbar: Heh heh... Elite? As if. You and Xion are the real exceptional ones.

Roxas: What? Why?

(Various Heartless appear)

Xigbar: Wuh-oh. Looks like conversation hour's over. Time to tidy up, Roxas.

(Roxas nods. They defeat all the Heartless)

????: There you are! I been waitin' for you!

Roxas: Huh?

(A satyr walks over to them)

Phil: What took you so long!? I got everything set up! C'mon, hop to it. 
You wanna be a hero, and that takes time.

Roxas: What? But I'm--

Phil: Here to train, I know! Save your breath, kid. You're gonna need it. 
By the way, nice moves back there. Herc told me you had potential. Gotta 
hand it to him, he's got an eye for talent! I don't coach just anybody, 
ya know. Hope you came ready to sweat, kid!

Roxas: Um, no!? I think you've got the wrong guy. Xigbar, tell him--

(He looks beside him)

Roxas: Xigbar!? Where'd you...

Phil: Your fighting's better than your standup routine, kid. Stick to 
what you know. You got a name?

Roxas: Um, Roxas.

Phil: Okay, Roxas. I gotta go double check the training equipment. Meet me 
inside the Coliseum when you're ready--and don't take all day!

(Phil leaves)

Xigbar: Wow, Roxas. Moonlighting as a wannabe hero now?

(Roxas looks beside him again)

Roxas: Xigbar! Why'd you leave me like that?

Xigbar: To hide, duh! In case you forgot, the Organization runs a stealth 

Roxas: Well, yeah, but...

Xigbar: Still, this worked out pretty well, wouldn't you say?

Roxas: How do you figure that?

Xigbar: You don't have to sneak around now that you're one of them. I'm 
sure you'll be the best wannabe hero they've ever had.

Roxas: Wannabe? What's that supposed to mean?

Xigbar: Heh, what indeed?

(He opens a corridor)

Roxas: Hey, you're bailing on me?

Xigbar: As if, I just don't want to get in the way of your valuable training. 
I care about your future, Roxas.

(He enters the corridor. Roxas turns around)

Roxas: Ugh, fine. I'll handle this myself. I should do some recon here first, 
before heading into the Coliseum.

(Roxas examines the large doors of the world exit)

Roxas: Columns around the door... Maybe this is some kind of temple? They 
use lightning bolts as a symbol.

(He finds a large board posted up on the wall with a picture of a man with 
flames for hair)

Roxas: There are a bunch of names on the board with numbers next to them--
some kind of leaderboard?

(He finds three more board posted up on another wall)

Roxas: It's a leaderboard... First place: "Hercules." Hmm... What are all 
these leaderboards for?

(He examines another one)

Roxas: It looks like a leaderboard... First place: "Sora." Hunh.

(Roxas walks up to a giant gold statue of a warrior holding a sword and shield)

Roxas: The statues, the architecture... Everything about this place is 
amazing. This building has gotta be the Coliseum.

(He examines an identical statue)

Roxas: I have to jump just to touch this statue's knees. Good thing no real 
warriors are this tall!

(Roxas looks through a window in one of the walls)

Roxas: Are those-- Yeah, there are clouds right outside the window! 
Where is this place!?

(Roxas enters the Coliseum Vestibule and notices trophies along the walls. 
He examines the Pegasus Cup trophy)

Roxas: There's a trophy sitting here. This one's kind of elaborate... 
Are those horns?

(He examines the Phil Cup trophy)

Roxas: This trophy is shaped like a shield.

(He examines the Hades Cup trophy)

Roxas: This trophy looks different from the others.

(He looks at the Hercules Cup trophy)

Roxas: Look at all these trophies... This one here definitely outshines 
them all. I saw these lightning bolt symbols on the doors outside...

(On the wall, he spots a green-bordered poster and reads it)

Roxas: "How to Train Like a Champ. You can't train if you don't chain! 
Wanna rack up points? Then chain, chain, chain. No chain, no gain!" 
Okay... I think they want me to chain.

(He searches the rest of the room, but finds nothing else suspicious 
or interesting)

Roxas: I think I've got a pretty clear picture now. The Coliseum must 
be some kind of arena. That would explain all the trophies. They look 
like something you'd win in a sporting event. Plus, those boards outside... 
Those must be the winners. Who was the guy who came in first again? 
I know I saw his name... Hercules? Yeah, one of the boards definitely said, 
"Hercules." I guess he's the toughest guy in town. Wonder what he's like... 
Anyway, it seems kind of quiet for an arena. I don't hear any cheering. 
The competition must be over for now. So much for sneaking into the stands. 
If I wanna do anymore recon, I'll have to pretend I'm here to train. 
...Well, it couldn't hurt to try... Could it?

(Roxas talks to Phil)

Phil: Finally! Let's get started already! You ready for training, kid?

(Roxas competes in Phil's Training)

Phil: Not bad, kid! Not bad at all! Next time, I want you to go for 200 points.

(Later, after some more training. Roxas is tired)

Phil: All right, Roxas. Let's call it a day. Not too bad for your first 
time in the Coliseum. Keep up this pace, and you'll do just fine, kid! 
Which is good, because we need all the help we can get...

Roxas: Help with what? Why are you looking for new people to 
train here, anyway?

Phil: I guess you could say we're understaffed.

Roxas: So there aren't any strong people around here?

Phil: What are you, crazy!? We got ourselves a bona fide hero! The champ in 
these parts is my prize student. Maybe you've seen him in the Coliseum before?

Roxas: What does he do here?

Phil: Wait, are you sayin' you signed up for hero training without even 
knowing what the Games are!? Oy... Lemme break it down easy for ya, kid. 
There's a hero and a ginormous monster...

(He looks over at the trophies on the wall)

Phil: They fight, people come to watch, and that is what this whole place 
is for! At least, until those Heartless started showin' up in droves. 
With back-to-back matches in the Games and taking out the Heartless, our 
champ's been workin' way too much.

Roxas: So the Games are like a tournament? Do I get to enter?

Phil: You? In the Games!? Ahh ha ha ha!

Roxas: What's so funny about that?

Phil: I got two words for you, kid. Outta. Your. League.

(Roxas gets a flash of Sora, Donald, and Goofy also talking to Phil)

Phil: You got promise, I'll give you that. But you'll need a lot more 
training before you're ready for the big time.

Roxas: So that's what this place is for: some kind of "Games." I saw stands 
all around that arena. People must come to watch. I wonder if they'd let me 
compete if I kept up with the training. Either way, I think I can RTC now. 
I've had a pretty good look around.

(Roxas looks at the trophies again)

Roxas: These must be trophies for the Games. Are these the actual trophies? 
Do the winners not get to take them home?

(Roxas passes by Hercules on the way out of the Lobby)

Hercules: Hey, Phil! I'm back!

Phil: It's about time, Herc. That new trainee you scouted showed up already.

Hercules: Really? Wow. He said it would take him awhile to get here. He 
must've made record time!

Phil: He probably just couldn't wait to start training with yours truly. 
Not that I can blame him. The kid's got guts, I'll give him that. Wait'll 
you hear this...

(Roxas sees the warrior statues)

Roxas: Now I know why they have these big warrior statues out front. 
What's with the swords, though? Do you have to use a sword in the Games?

(He walks over to the Hercules Cup leaderboard)

Roxas: Let me just double check... Okay, first place was Hercules. Got it. 
Hmm, the Games must be held pretty often... And if people are competing 
to see who's strongest, then Xigbar was right. We might be able to use 
some of them. Wonder how long it'll be before the next one... Well, I'm 
sure I'll be back. Especially with Heartless on the loose. I should RTC. 
I don't want Xigbar to think I'm having too much fun here.

(Axel and Xion sit on the clock tower, eating ice cream)

Xion: Roxas must be working late.

Axel: Hope Xigbar isn't giving him too hard a time.

Xion: Yeah... Hey, Axel.

Axel: Hmm?

Xion: You know how you were talking the other day about how we all have pasts? 
When I sit here with you guys, it's weird... I get the strangest feeling 
I used to watch the sun set with somebody else. Or when I'm by the sea...

(She takes out a seashell)

Xion: When I look at the water, and hear the waves lapping against the shore...
it's almost like I can hear another voice.

Axel: So...you mean you remembered something?

Xion (shaking her head): No... It's not quite like that. Well, I dunno. 
Maybe these ARE memories... It just seems weird that they're mine.

Axel: Hey, don't ask me.

Xion: But you have memories, don't you?

Axel: Yeah. Not that they've ever done me any good.

Xion: I guess I'm more like Roxas. Neither one of us remembers much.

(Axel says nothing and takes a bite of his ice cream)

Xion: I wonder if he and I had this much in common before we were Nobodies.

--Roxas's Diary Entry: Day 117--
Today it was me and Xigbar. Axel and Xion went out on their own mission.
Xigbar told me that Xion and me are "exceptional"---you know, like, special 
Nobodies. Because we can use the Keyblade?
Work dragged on late, so I didn't make it up to the clock tower. I wonder if 
Xion and Axel made it.
Those pictures started flashing through my head again on the mission. The boy 
in red... What's it all about? Maybe when Xigbar called me "special" he meant 
Seriously, though, is Xion experiencing the same thing? It feels weird to ask.

--Secret Report: Xigbar--
Roxas is maturing at an impressive rate. His face, the way he handles the 
Keyblade, it's all exactly the same. The worlds seem so divided and alone, 
but there's always that steady thread there to connect them. And we Nobodies 
can never escape the things we did as humans. So it goes.

==Day 118==
~Lazy Day~

(Roxas walks into The Grey Area and sees it empty. He walks over to the window, 
where a notice is posted: "Operations Closed For Vacation")

Roxas: "Vacation"? What's that?

(He walks around the castle and finds Axel at Naught's Skyway)

Axel: Oh, hey, Roxas. You hear about this vacation? About time we had a 
day off.

Roxas: I've never had a vacation before.

Axel: Is that right?

Roxas: What's my job during vacation?

Axel: What's your-- Roxas, you're really missing the point.

Roxas: It's not my fault I've never had one. I don't know what to do.

Axel: Do what you like.

Roxas: But...I don't know what I like. What are you gonna do, Axel?

Axel: Me? Sleep. And one I'm done with that, roll over and sleep some more.

Roxas: Don't you spend enough time in bed?

Axel: You kidding? I'd nap six times a day if they'd let me. All right, 
snooze-land is calling. Enjoy your time off!

(Axel walks away. Roxas thinks to himself. He finds Xion at Twilight's View)

Roxas: Oh, Xion!

Xion: Hey, Roxas, good morning.

Roxas: Did you see the notice posted?

Xion: Yeah.

Roxas: What are we supposed to do with a day off?

Xion: Well...I was thinking I'd practice.

Roxas: Practice?

Xion: Yeah, I want to get really good at using the Keyblade. Why don't 
you join me?

Roxas: Nah, I'll pass.

Xion: Really? Okay, then. Come find me if you change your mind.

(Xion leaves. Roxas wanders around The Grey Area)

Roxas: What am I supposed to do? Hmm... What do I WANT to do?

(He thinks a bit)

Roxas: Ice cream.

(Roxas travels to Twilight Town. Hayner, Pence, and Olette are in the Sandlot)

Olette: Woo-hoo! Go, Hayner!

Pence: Keep it up!

(Roxas walks into the Sandlot)

Hayner: Augh! No more! Huff, huff... I'm done.

Pence: That was amazing, Hayner! A new record, for sure!

Hayner: Ugh, now I'm all tired.

Olette (seeing Roxas): Huh? Pence, who's...

Pence (also seeing Roxas): Hey, I know you. How's it going?

Roxas: Hey.

Pence: On your own today? Oh, did you find your friend?

Roxas: Huh? Oh, yeah.

Olette: Friend of yours, Pence?

Pence: Yeah, I bumped into him a little while back.

Olette: Oh. Well, it's nice to meet you. I'm Olette.

Roxas: Nice to...meet you, too.

Pence: And I'm Pence. But you already new that.

(Hayner looks away)

Roxas: What are you all doing?

Pence: Watching Hayner here practice his Grandstander act.

Roxas: Grandstander?

Olette: Yeah, you keep hitting a ball in the air and try to keep it from 
touching the ground.

Pence: Hayner's one of the best in town.

(Hayner walks over, holding a Struggle bat)

Hayner: You new around here? How come you're bothering us?

Roxas: Bothering? I'm not-- Sheesh, I was just passing by.

Hayner: Uh-huh. Well, keep passing by then. We're busy here.

Olette: Hey! Hayner, don't be rude! There's no need to be mean.

Pence: Sorry about that. I'm sure he didn't mean to offend you. He's just--

Hayner: Hey--you try it. Let's see your juggling act.

Olette: What will that prove?

Hayner: It's not gonna kill him. Here.

(He hands him the bat)

Olette: Wow, you're good!

Pence: Yeah, you'd give Hayner a run for his money!

Hayner: I guess you're all right. We're cool, man.

Roxas: Uh...thanks?

Hayner: Sorry for railing on you before.

Pence: Hayner was only acting all grumpy because Seifer beat his record.

Hayner: Hey! That's enough from the peanut gallery!

Olette: Hee hee...

Hayner: That includes you!

Roxas: Heh heh.

Hayner: Oh great, now even the new guy is laughing at me.

Pence: So, you said you were passing by. Does that mean you have to head 
off soon? Because if not--

Roxas: No, I do. I should go.

Hayner: All right. Sorry for holding you up. We should get going too.

Pence: Yeah. Anyway, we'll see you later.

Olette: Bye for now! Hope we can practice Grandstander again soon!

(Later, Roxas has ice cream on the clock tower. He looks down, seeing 
Hayner and Olette chasing Pence)

Hayner: There he goes!

Olette: I'll catch him!

(Pence rests for a bit)

Pence: Huff, huff... Why...do we have to play games...that involve running?

(He starts back running again)

Hayner: You're not getting away! After him!

(Axel arrives on the clock tower)

Axel: Fancy meeting you here.

Roxas: Hey, Axel.

Axel: Whew, I slept like a log.

(Axel sits down next to him)

Axel: What's going on down there? Are the kids here on summer vacation? 
...Nah, can't be. It's too early.

Roxas: Summer vacation? What's that?

Axel: A dream come true, that's what--a whole month off.

Roxas: A month!? How do they hang on to their sanity? I can't even figure 
out how to fill a day.

Axel: Well, they do get a little help. Their teachers dish out plenty of 
homework. Trust me, it's over before you can blink.

Roxas: Hmm... I could deal with a week, maybe.

Axel: Most kids spend summer vacation just goofing off with their friends. 
They save the homework till the end and then help each other finish it.

Roxas: That sounds fun, I guess.

Axel: Yeah. I hadn't really thought about it much since becoming a Nobody. 
So how'd you spend the day?

Xion: Hey, guys. How did I know you'd be here?

(Xion sits down on the other side of Roxas)

Roxas: So, did you end up going anywhere?

Xion: No--why? Did you guys go somewhere without me?

Roxas: Axel went somewhere. He went to sleep.

Xion: Ha ha ha! What kind of vacation is that?

Axel: Hey, unlike you two lazybones, I work myself pretty hard!

Xion: Hah, maybe you're just out of shape!

(They laugh)

Axel: Tomorrow, it's back to work.

Roxas: Yeah...

Xion: Hope we get another vacation soon.

Axel: Oh, before I forget... I might not see you guys again for a little while.

Roxas: Huh? Why not?

Axel: They're sending me out on recon for a few days.

Xion: Where?

Axel: Can't tell.

Roxas: What do you mean, "can't tell"?

Axel: It's classified.

Xion: But I thought we were friends.

Axel: Hey, I'm not about to tell you ALL my dark secrets. Got it memorized? 
I bet you keep a thing or two from me.

Roxas: I don't have any dark secrets.

Axel: Ha ha, relax, would ya? I'm kidding. I just gotta keep my mouth shut 
about it, or else Saïx will get on my case. You know how he gets.

Roxas: Heh, yeah.

Axel: Try not to bungle everything while I'm gone.

Xion: Now, why would we do that?

Axel: Well, considering your track record...

Xion: Hey! Don't make me come over there!

(They laugh. Later Saïx finds Axel as he walks through Nothing's Call)

Saïx: Hmph. What took you?

Axel: It's my vacation. I can take all the time I want. Since when do I have 
to check in with you?

Saïx: You're letting yourself get too attached to them.

Axel: Yes, sir, whatever you say.

Saïx (turning around): You've changed.

(He leaves)

--Roxas's Diary Entry: Day 118--
Today was my first vacation ever. I didn't know what to do with it. Axel 
said to do what I like, but all I like is having ice cream with my friends--
so that's what I ended up doing.
Axel leaves tomorrow for some kind of mission. Which reminds me--I still 
haven't given him the WINNER stick yet.

--Secret Report: Axel--
Talking to Roxas and Xion always brings back memories of my human life, back 
when I was a kid. It's a weird sensation.
I ought to be able to share all this with Saïx, but I just don't feel like it 
anymore. It's strange, but I'm content with just missing what's gone.
I'm not the one who changed. You did.

==Day 119==
~Work to Do~

(Roxas enters The Grey Area. Xaldin, Xigbar, and Luxord are lounging on the 

Xaldin: Are you training? Daily effort is the only path to strength.

Luxord: Have you been customizing your weapons? A smart player knows how to 
adapt his game to suit the house rules. Axel's whereabouts? I have no clue.

(Roxas speaks to Saïx)

Saïx: Depart as soon as you are ready.

(Roxas leaves for Beast's Castle with Xaldin to investigate the Beast. They 
arrive in the Entrance Hall. Xaldin gazes around)

Xaldin: Hmph, still as dark and empty as ever. It's practically a cave. 
A fitting home for a beast.

Roxas: The castle's master?

Xaldin: You've seen him haven't you? Every inch a monster.

Roxas: So you've done a little exploring here on your own, then.

Xaldin: Yes... I suspect it was some kind of spell that left him 
in that state.

Roxas: A spell?

Xaldin: The data we've collected suggests he was human, originally. The exact 
sequence of events is unclear, but it was a spell that forced him to live 
as that...thing.

Roxas: Wow... That can't be fun.

Xaldin: We're here to analyze, not sympathize. Let's begin hunting for clues.

Roxas: All right.

Xaldin: We'll leave the beast's chambers for later. Let's search the rest 
of the castle first.

Roxas: If you say so.

(They find claw marks on a pillar)

Roxas: Scratch marks...

Xaldin: Work of the beast's claws, no doubt. He's not what you'd call a 
tidy fighter, is he? It looks as though he was fighting a losing battle.

(Roxas stops at a large locked door)

Roxas: Shh... I hear voices. Somebody's in here.

?????: ...Master won't even...to Belle...

Xaldin: "Master"? Then it must be the servants. Come away, lest you draw 
any attention.

Roxas: Right.

(Roxas finds another door)

Roxas: Let's see what's behind Door Number Two...

Xaldin: Roxas! We have to keep a low profile, you fool. No more throwing 
doors open. I won't have it.

(They enter the Courtyard and find footprints)

Roxas: Tracks... The beast's footprints.

Xaldin: He must have battled Heartless here.

Roxas: Why would he want to fight them, though? What's in it for him?

Xaldin: If I had the answers, I wouldn't be here listening to your questions.

(Roxas sees the southern door)

Roxas: This way leads out to some kind of bridge.

Xaldin: The only route into the castle... Remember that, Roxas. If a giant 
Heartless were to attack, it would be through here.

Roxas: Okay... But that's kind of a big if.

(They examine a crack in the tile)

Roxas: Look at the way the stones have been kicked up. Another sign the 
beast fought the Heartless?

Xaldin: And also a sign that his power far exceeds anything I anticipated... 

(They travel through the Upper Level of the Entrance Hall and enter the 
balcony of the Ballroom)

Roxas: It's pretty here.

Xaldin: How would you compare it to the rest of the castle?

Roxas: Hmm... It's brighter, I guess. Most of the castle's pretty dark.

Xaldin: This room will be too, in time. Dark with the beast's despair.

(They drop down to the main floor of the Ballroom and examine the door 
to the balcony)

Roxas: There's a balcony outside the doors here.

Xaldin: Fascinating, Roxas. Can you see anything else?

Roxas: Not really. Just the stars.

Xaldin: Anything else USEFUL?

Roxas: What do they use such a big, open room for?

Xaldin: Why, it's a ballroom. And quite a lovely one, at that. No place 
for a creature as hideous as our host... and it seems he agrees with me.

Roxas: How do you figure?

Xaldin: There are Heartless here, but I see no traces of a struggle. I can 
only take that to mean that he is avoiding this place.

(They leave the Ballroom and find their way to the East Wing)

Xaldin: Wait... Something is there.

(Cogsworth walks down the hall)

Cogsworth: Another day of the master skulking about the castle, chasing 
down those creatures... At this rate, he'll go the entire day without 
speaking to Belle at all... Again. This can't go on much longer... We're 
running out of time!

Roxas: Running out of time for what?

Xaldin: Ah, but you see? This is one of the castle's residents. And like 
the beast, a human once.

Roxas: You think he's under a spell, too?

Xaldin: If I had to venture a guess. And from the sound of it, this spell 
came with a time limit.

Roxas: What happens when time runs out?

Xaldin: What indeed? Let's continue our search. And stay out of sight.

(They attempt to sneak past Cogsworth, but are heard)

Cogsworth: Mmm?

Roxas (thinking): Uh-oh!

(They swiftly run away as Cogsworth whirls around)

Cogsworth: I was certain that something was there... Lumiere! If that's you, 
get back to your post this instant!

Roxas: Whew... He almost spotted us. I need to be more careful.

(They sneak past him more quietly this time and examine the bench below the 
window at the end of the hall)

Roxas: Nice sofa.

Xaldin: No breaks, Roxas.

Roxas: No, I wasn't-- I didn't mean-- I was just saying...

(They find a door nearby)

Roxas: This room...

Xaldin: Yes, what about it?

Roxas: This room looks just like the beast's.

Xaldin: Hmm, I sense someone may be inside. Whoever it is must be important 
enough to warrant accommodations as fine as the master's. Peer inside and 
see who it is, Roxas.

(Roxas looks inside and sees a tidy room with a four-poster bed and a 
woman inside)

Belle: I wonder if he's off chasing those horrid creatures again. He's had 
to do that every day for weeks... I wish there were some way I could help. 
Perhaps I'll ask Cogsworth and the others. I'm sure that together we can 
figure something out.

Roxas: I don't believe it. The woman inside--she's human!

Xaldin: Really? Just when I thought this castle was all freaks and 
furniture... Then she must be Belle.

Roxas: How do you know?

Xaldin: All the servants speak highly of her. It's only fitting someone 
so well regarded would be given such fine lodgings.

Roxas: She's pretty, isn't she?

Xaldin: Hmph... We've had a good look around. I'd say we've gotten to 
know our beast rather well. You remember the way to his room, yes?

Roxas: I think so.

Xaldin: Take me there.

(They enter the West Hall)

Xaldin: Stop. We're not alone.

(Lumiere walks through the hall)

Lumiere: It is horrible... This monstrous infestation has to end! If only 
there was some way we could be rid of them for good... But like this... 
What can I do!?... I don't even have arms to hold a sword!

Roxas: He must be like the others--another human under the spell.

Xaldin: It would seem everyone here underwent some sort of transformation.

Roxas: How do you suppose they wound up under a spell?

Xaldin: I couldn't say. We may find some clues in the beast's room.

Roxas: That's just past here.

Xaldin: Then let us be going. Don't get spotted, Roxas.

(Roxas walks down the hall, and is nearly caught)

Lumiere: Hmm?

Roxas (thinking): Uh-oh!

(Roxas runs away before Lumiere spots him)

Lumiere: Cogsworth! Is that you?

(They find a mop and bucket)

Roxas: Cleaning supplies...

Xaldin: Stop wasting time.

(Roxas sees a wall full of claw marks)

Roxas: These gashes... Signs he fought here?

Xaldin: Signs he fought hard.

(They find more footprints on the stairs)

Roxas: The floor is all torn up.

Xaldin: He fought tooth and nail to stop the Heartless here... There must 
be something ahead.

(They enter the West Wing and look over statues lining the walls)

Roxas: Weird statue, huh?

Xaldin: Art is beyond our ken, Roxas. It takes a heart to feel moved.

Roxas (examining another statue): Did this get knocked over in an earthquake?

Xaldin: Use your eyes. These are claw marks. The beast destroyed this himself. 
It was victim to either a stray blow whilst he fought the Heartless, or else 
some other rage he felt compelled to vent.

(Roxas finds some stray picture frames)

Roxas: These picture frames have been knocked all over the place.

Xaldin: The beast can't control his rage. It muddles the heart, 
poisons the mind...

(They come upon a door at the end of the hall)

Xaldin: This is the beast's room?

Roxas: Yeah. I'll take a look inside...

(The room is as dark and torn up as before. The beast is nowhere to be seen)

Roxas: Looks like he's out... There's something at the far side of the room...

(He spots a rose floating under a glass case. Xaldin teleports into the room)

Xaldin: My, my...

Roxas: Huh!? Xaldin, how did you...

Xaldin: The rose... I sense a power in it. The beast must hold it quite dear.

(He opens another corridor and exits the room, appearing behind Roxas)

Xaldin: Well, well... We have made quite the discovery, haven't we?

Roxas: You mean...the rose? What do you care about some flower?

Xaldin: Well, tell me what you make of it.

Roxas: It looked important to him. He obviously takes really good care of it.

Xaldin: Precisely, Roxas. That is no ordinary rose. To him, at least, 
it seems to hold more value than anything else in the castle. You saw the 
room. It was in tatters--save one corner.

Roxas: Maybe that's why he's been fighting the Heartless. He wants to 
protect the rose?

Xaldin: Of course. Some strange power surrounds it... The Heartless are 
drawn to it.

Roxas: Then his fight is far from over...

Xaldin: Our work here is done, Roxas. The beast's weakness is clear.

Roxas: It is?

Xaldin: To hold something dear is to let it hold you. His heart is in 
thrall to it, don't you see? And that, Roxas, is ample weakness.

Roxas: I'm not sure I follow.

Xaldin: Nor should you. You have no heart to love with. Come. We return.

(Xaldin turns around. Roxas says nothing)

Xaldin: Are you coming?

Roxas: I still have some questions about that rose.

Xaldin: Now is not the time. Leave it.

(Roxas says nothing)

Xaldin: What now, Roxas? I bade you return.

Roxas: This Belle person... Why do you suppose she's here?

Xaldin: You think she isn't simply a prisoner?

Roxas: It didn't seem that way to me. Plus, she mentioned helping him.

Xaldin: Help that beast? Hah, if I had a heart, I'd be laughing. ...You 
look like you have more to say.

Roxas: It's about Belle. She's obviously more important to the beast.

Xaldin: The servants seem more concerned with her than the beast does. 
They seem to be of the opinion she matters somehow to their master.

Roxas: Right, but how?

Xaldin: Enough speculation. We have what we need. It's past time we returned.

(They return to the corridor. Xion sits at the clock tower eating ice cream)

Roxas: You're here early.

Xion: Work was easy today.

Roxas: I guess Axel's still out on that classified mission, huh?

(He sits next to her)

Xion: So where'd they send you, Roxas?

Roxas: Beast's Castle, with Xaldin. You remember the castle's master, Xion?

Xion: Yeah, the beast we saw.

Roxas: Well, you were right. He does have something he wants to protect. 
Something he cares about.

Xion: Really?

Roxas: Yeah, but Xaldin says that's a weakness.

Xion: Why would caring about something be a weakness?

Roxas: I dunno. I didn't get it either.

(They eat ice cream and watch the sunset)

Xion: I hope Axel comes home soon.

--Roxas's Diary Entry: Day 119--
Axel has been gone forever. It's been just me and Xion at the clock tower.
While me and Xaldin explored Beast's Castle, we found something he wants 
to protect...  Xaldin says that's a weakness, but I'm not so sure. What 
does it mean to care about something that much? I don't, so it's hard to 
wrap my head around the whole idea.

--Secret Report: Xaldin--
Watching that foolish beast flail about only deepens my disdain for humans 
and their incessant need to be pinned down by feelings. We became Nobodies 
precisely to avoid the shackles of emotion. It was only later that we 
realized the scale of that loss: that some things simply cannot be done 
without a heart. Nonetheless, I see nary a pleasant thing about it.

==Day 120==

(Roxas enters The Grey Area and sets out for Olympus Coliseum on heart 
collection. He arrives in the Coliseum Gates area)

Roxas: Hmm, I'm not on recon today, so I should probably steer clear of 
the Coliseum. All I have to do is defeat some Heartless and then I can 
head home.

(He defeats a few Heartless)

Phil: Roxas! You have got good timing, kid!

(Roxas turns around as Phil runs up)

Phil: We got a Heartless situation in the Coliseum.

Roxas: What!?

Phil: You heard me. And Herc's nowhere to be found! I know this is no job 
for a rookie, but I ain't got much of a choice! This is the real deal, 
so stay sharp.

Roxas: I will.

Phil: Hey, hold on. Let me give ya two words of advice. Don't. Get. Careless!

Roxas: Um, right.

(Roxas enters the Coliseum and fights the Clay Armor. He has a flash of 
Sora fighting Heartless during the battle)

Phil: Nice going. You looked pretty good out there!

Roxas: Um, thanks...

Phil: Now that you're warmed up, how about startin' in on today's training?

Roxas: What?

Phil: You're serious about gettin' into the big leagues, right? Well, there 
are two things every hero hopeful has to remember. Train. Every. Day!

Roxas: But I'm telling you, I'm not--

Phil: No "buts," kid! Now get training! Let me know as soon as you're ready.

(Roxas says nothing. Later, Roxas talks to Phil)

Phil: All right, let's get this show on the road. You all set to train, kid?

(Roxas performs well in Phil's course)

Phil: About what I'd expect. Try for 150 points next time, all right?

(Later, after some more training. Roxas is tired)

Phil: All right. That's enough for today. Actually, it's more than enough. 
Between givin' that Heartless pest a pounding and all the training you 
put in... Ya know, you could really...

Roxas: Uh-huh? Could really what?

Phil: Could really use more practice. Trust me. You're gonna need it. 

Roxas (thinking): Well, I've collected enough hearts. I guess I'll RTC.

(Roxas walks past Hercules while exiting the Lobby)

Hercules: Phil, I'm back!

Phil: Where ya been, Herc!? We been drownin' in Heartless while you were 
off Zeus-knows-where!

Hercules: Heartless? Where? Let me at 'em, Phil!

Phil: Too late. The new rookie took care of 'em. I'm tellin' ya, Champ, 
the kid ain't half bad!

(Roxas and Xion have ice cream)

==Day 121==

(Roxas travels to Olympus Coliseum to defeat a horde of Deserters)

==Day 122==

(Roxas teams up with Xigbar to eliminate a Morning Star in Olympus 
Coliseum. Afterward, Roxas and Xion have ice cream)

==Day 149==
~Unlike Minds~

(Roxas walks into The Grey Area)

Xaldin: It seems an Organization imposter has surfaced--one who wears our coat.

(Roxas talks to Demyx)

Demyx: Xion? She's probably working. Like ALWAYS. I mean, good for her and 
all, but it makes me look even lazier...

(Roxas talks to Saïx)

Saïx: I'm sending you to a new world today.

(Roxas departs for Halloween Town and arrives in the Guillotine Gate area. 
Jack Skellington paces, thinking)

Jack: No... It's still missing something! Something new. Something fresh... 
I want this Halloween to be a festival of fantastical frights! Hmm... 
There must be something.

(Roxas collects the hearts he needs and returns to the corridor entrance. 
Lock, Shock, and Barrel sneak up behind him)

Lock: Trick or treat!

Roxas: Huh!?

(Lock throws an exploding pumpkin at him)

Roxas: Waugh!

(The tricksters laugh)

Lock: Ah ha ha ha! We got you!

(They run away)

Roxas: They ran off... What was that all about? I should get back...

(He enters the corridor. Jack is still pacing around)

Jack: Something fresh... Something trembling with terror, erupting with 
excitement! Hmm... Mmm?

(He sees the corridor close)

Jack: What was that? A swirl of sinister smoke, there one minute, then 
gone... That's never been here before. ...Something unfamiliar, popping 
up in a familiar place... Popping... Eureka!

(Lock, Shock, and Barrel walk into the Graveyard)

Barrel: That was fun!

Lock: Wonder who it was.

Shock: Don't know! Don't care!

Barrel: If we see him again...

Lock: He'll get another trick!

(They laugh. Lock and Shock run ahead. Barrel spots something and 
walks over to it)

Barrel: Huh? What's this thing? Hey! Come see!

(Roxas eats ice cream on the clock tower)

Axel: Hey, Roxas!

(Roxas looks up)

Roxas: Axel... You're back!

Axel: Yup, I just got home.

(Axel sits next to him)

Axel: How ya holding up? Where's Xion?

Roxas: She's not here yet.

Axel: Hunh.

Roxas: It's getting late. This isn't like her...

(Xion sits alone in her room, curled up on her bed)

Xion: How could he say that...

(She has a flashback of a confrontation on the Bridge of Beast's Castle. 
She strikes out her Keyblade and runs forward, but is struck down, 
her Keyblade disappearing. There is a glimpse of silver hair and a 
black cloak)

Xion: He's wrong. It's not a sham...and neither am I.

--Roxas's Diary Entry: Day 149--
Today's mission took me to a new world. It was a weird place. I was up 
on the clock tower afterwards when Axel turned up after being away forever. 
He said he finished that long mission. But this time Xion didn't show.
I was gonna give Axel that WINNER stick, but I should wait until I get 
another one. It wouldn't be fair to leave Xion out.

==Day 150==

(A cloaked figure appears. The Keyblade is thrown to the ground. Xion 
calls out in silence. The silver-haired man tosses the Keyblade 
apathetically. The cloaked figure removes its hood and is revealed 
to be the silver-haired man. He wears a blindfold, concealing his eyes... 
Roxas walks through Twilight's View)

Xion: Just give me another chance!

(He looks up and sees Xion speaking with Saïx)

Saïx: We can't afford to expend any more chances on you.

(He turns around)

Saïx: You were a mistake we never should have made.

(Xion looks down to the floor. Roxas walks over)

Roxas: Xion?

(Xion runs away from him. Later, Roxas enters The Grey Area)

Xaldin: You are my charge for the day. We leave once you've prepared.

Axel: Didn't take 'em long to give me more work. Where's my vacation? Sheesh.

Saïx: Go with Xaldin for your mission today.

(Roxas and Xaldin travel to Beast's Castle. They arrive in the Courtyard)

Xaldin: I'd like to keep this quick. Don't drag your heels, Roxas.

(They enter the Ballroom. A Gigas Shadow and other Pureblood Heartless appear)

Xaldin: Hmph... Weaklings. Come, Roxas. We'll end them here.

(They defeat all of the Heartless)

Roxas: Whew... That takes care of them.

Xaldin: Enough dallying. We've wasted enough time here as it is. Let's find 
our target and be done with it.

(They enter the West Hall, and the Dark Follower appears)

Roxas: Look at the size of it!

Xaldin: There you are... Let's begin.

(They defeat the Dark Follower, and it falls to the ground and disappears)

Xaldin: Hmph... Toothless. Come, Roxas. Our mission is over.

Roxas: Right.

(The Beast roars loudly)

Roxas: What was that!?

Xaldin: Our beastly host, I'd imagine.

Roxas: It came from his room... Did something happen?

(They look toward the West Wing doorway)

Xaldin: Hmm, I wonder. Come. We'll take a look.

(They enter the West Wing and the Beast roars again)

Beast (slamming his fist): The last rose petal is about to fall... When it 
does, I'll lose-- No! I can't bear it--I don't even want to think about it!

Roxas: The rose?

Xaldin: How fascinating. Then his beastly form must be tied to it somehow.

Roxas: It's related to the spell?

Xaldin: Yes. It seems if he doesn't complete some task in the rose's 
lifetime, he stays a beast.

Roxas: One of his servants did mention something about time running out.

Xaldin: The key to his cursed form... Heh heh, this morsel will prove useful.

Roxas: What do you mean?

Xaldin: I'd only waste my time attempting to explain it to you. Come along. 
We must return.

(Later, Roxas and Axel have ice cream)

Axel: Where's Xion?

Roxas: Haven't seen her today, either.

Axel: Oh well.

Roxas: Hey, Axel...

Axel: Huh?

Roxas: Is there anything you couldn't bear to lose?

Axel: What? Where'd that come from?

Roxas: I ran into somebody today, and... Well, he had something like that. 
Something so important to him he couldn't bear to lose it. Why don't I have 
anything like that?

Axel: Because you don't have a heart.

Roxas: Uhh, I guess... But Demyx doesn't have a heart, and I bet he'd get 
upset if you took his sitar away.

Axel: Hmm, true, but...I don't think that's quite the same. I guess the 
closest thing we Nobodies have got is our past. You know, memories of the 
stuff we couldn't bear to lose, back when we couldn't bear to lose it.

Roxas: Oh... Too bad I don't remember MY past.

Axel: Well, what about your present?

Roxas: Huh?

Axel: You've got memories from here in the Organization, right?

Roxas: Yeah... I do, don't I? I couldn't bear to lose my memories of 
you or Xion.

Axel: Well, see? There ya go. Everybody's got something they want to 
hang on to.

Roxas: It's scary to think I could lose you guys.

Axel: Scary? Scary's a feeling, man.

Roxas: Yeah, I know I can't feel, but... It's still a scary thought.

Axel: A thought, then. But not a feeling.

Roxas: Are you sure?

Axel: Maybe you just remember what it's like to feel scared, and 
think you're feeling it now.

--Roxas's Diary Entry: Day 150--
Xion didn't come to the clock tower again today. She and Saïx had 
some kind of argument.
Axel and I talked for a while about the things we can't bear to 
lose. Axel thinks that for Nobodies, it's our pasts, because that's 
all we have to remember the pain of losing something. I don't 
remember my past, but the idea of losing the present--Axel or 
Xion--scares me.

==Day 151==

(Roxas walks into The Grey Area)

Axel: I just saw Xion a little while ago. She was heading out, though.

Xigbar: I look into Poppet's eyes, and I see determination. C'mere, 
let's see your game face.

Luxord: What this game needs is a few thrills. Don't you agree?

(Roxas talks to Saïx)

Saïx: Today we need you to exterminate a powerful Heartless. Go in prepared.

(Roxas travels to Twilight Town and arrives in the Station Plaza. He 
looks up at the clock tower to see...)

Roxas: Hey, isn't that...

(Xion stands alone on the tower. Roxas goes up to meet her)

Roxas: Hey, Xion!

Xion: Roxas? Don't you have a mission?

Roxas: Yeah. They sent me here today.

Xion: Really? Me too...

(Roxas looks toward Xion, but looks away. Xion, then does the same. 
She stares at the ground)

Xion: Roxas, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have run off like that yesterday.

Roxas: Whatever, it didn't bother me.

Xion: I was upset. I messed up a mission really bad. I don't suppose 
you heard about the guy pretending to be one of us? The Organization 
imposter? I was ordered to take him out...but I couldn't beat him. 
Saïx was so mad, he called me a "mistake."

Roxas: Oh... Gosh, I'm sorry...

Xion: Don't be. That jerk can say whatever he wants. I can take it.

Roxas: Hey, Xion... Why don't we work together today?

Xion: Huh? How?

Roxas: Let's double up on our missions. If we team up, we should be 
able to cut through the work faster.

Xion: Well...okay. Maybe we'll finish early and have more time for 
ice cream.

(They collect all the needed Organization emblems and proceed to 
the Sandlot, where they defeat the Avalanche. They return to the 

Roxas: So how 'bout that ice cream?

Xion: Okay... Yeah, sure.

(They sit on the clock tower, ice cream in hand)

Roxas: Wonder where Axel is. Guess we got the work done a little bit 
TOO fast, huh?

(Xion says nothing. Her flashback returns. The Keyblade flies to the 
ground. Xion is on her knees, panting. She collapses. The silver-haired 
man turns around and dispels his own blade. He kneels over her and 
pulls her hood back. He lifts one side of his blindfold, showing a 
blue eye, and gasps, stepping back from her. She tries to get up, 
clutching her side)

????: Your face... Who are you really? And why do you have a Keyblade?

(She puts her hood back on)

Xion: Tell me first...why you are dressed as one of us.

(He walks over to her Keyblade, stuck in the ground)

????: To make sure my best friend...sleeps in peace.

(He pulls the Keyblade from the brick)

????: I don't know who you're supposed to be. But...you can't fight 
fire with sparks. This Keyblade, it's a sham--worthless.

(He tosses it aside. Xion gasps)

Xion: My Keyblade is not a sham! What gives you the right to say that?

(She snatches the Keyblade from the ground and runs at him, shouting. 
He moves left to dodge her attack, and slams his fist into her bruised 
side. She falls to the ground and the Keyblade disappears. He stands up)

????: Find a new crowd. Trust me. Those guys are bad news.

(He walks away. She struggles to her knees)

Xion: Why? You're the real sham.

(She clutches her side in pain)

????: Fair enough. You could say I am...the biggest nobody of them all.

(He walks away and Xion screams)

Roxas: Xion? Hey... Xion!

(He snaps her from her flashback)

Roxas: What's the matter with you today?

Xion: Sorry. My mind's on other things. Roxas, why are we doing all this? 
Working for the Organization?

Roxas: What do you mean, why? So we can get hearts of our own, right?

Xion: Why? What do we need hearts for?

Roxas: I don't know. But I figure once we have them, we'll be in a 
better position to judge. Right?

Xion: Maybe. I just wish I knew what I was doing here. How I got here... 
I started having the strangest dreams.

Roxas: Really?

Xion (nodding): I can never remember what they're about. I just wake 
up feeling like...like something is really wrong.

Roxas: Well, if it makes you feel any better, Xigbar said you and me 
were pretty special. "Exceptional," he said.

Xion: ...Special just means different. Because I'm a mistake.

Roxas (shaking his head): You're not a mistake.

(Xion stands up)

Xion: Well, we may both be exceptional, Roxas. But I don't think 
we're the same.

(She walks off)

Roxas: Xion, wait--

(Roxas sits alone until Axel arrives)

Axel: Heya, Roxas!

Roxas: Hey, Axel.

Axel: Xion couldn't make it again today?

Roxas: You just missed her.

(Roxas has a flash of Sora on a moonlit road)

--Roxas's Diary Entry: Day 151--
I ran into Xion in Twilight Town. I guess she messed up a mission pretty 
bad the other day, and it's been bugging her.
We went up to the clock tower afterwards. She said me and her are 
different--which is pretty obvious if you look at us, but I don't 
think that's what she meant. A lot seems to be on her mind, and 
it's not the same as what's on mine.

--Secret Report: Xion--
I wasn't ready to see Roxas again. I can't help but compare us. 
We both use the Keyblade, but we're so different. Does he dream? 
It seems like that's all I do anymore. Last night I dreamt of the 
ocean. I was drowning.

==Day 152==
~The Wrong Buttons~

(Roxas walks into The Grey Area)

Xaldin: You don't need a heart to know how to manipulate one. Remember that.

Xigbar: I sure hope Poppet pulls through. That was one tough mission 
she got stuck with.

Demyx: Yaaawn... So, when's our next day off?

(Roxas talks to Saïx)

Saïx: One of the missions I have for you requires you to visit a new 
world. Go in prepared.

(Roxas travels to Halloween Town on heart collection, he arrives in 
the Guillotine Gate area. He walks to the entrance of Halloween Town Square)

Roxas: That's weird...

(He turns around and looks)

Roxas: Where did all the Heartless go? I should've seen some by now. 
And what's that thing?

(He walks over to a ribboned balloon with a wild smile on it)

Roxas: That wasn't here last time.

(He enters the Town Square and sees Jack Skellington with Dr. 
Finkelstein. A balloon floats in front of them)

Jack: Well, Doctor? What do you think!? I've put a few new "ideas" 
in place for this coming Halloween.

Dr. Finkelstein: Oh?

Jack: These balloons contain a terrifying trick! Anyone who touches 
them is in for quite a shock!

Dr. Finkelstein: I see, I see! Interesting... Be sure to tell me about 
any more "ideas" you have, Jack.

Jack: I will, Doctor!

(The doctor wheels himself back to his lab)

Jack: Hmm... It's not enough, though. My perfectly petrifying Halloween 
is still missing something...

(Jack walks off and Roxas enters)

Roxas: Terrifying trick? Is there something inside?

(Roxas examines it and the balloon magically disappears. He walks to 
the Graveyard and sees Jack with his ghostly dog Zero)

Jack: What could it be... What's missing?

(Zero tries to get Jack's attention)

Jack: What is it, Zero? I'm busy brainstorming...

(Zero flies over to the balloon and sniffs it)

Jack: Is there something special about that balloon?

(The balloon vanishes and a Hover Ghost appears in its place. It floats 
away into the air)

Jack: Well, that was unexpected! A Heartless popped out. How strange. 
I certainly didn't put anything like that inside. Aha! Someone else 
must have decided to add a new level of terror by hiding a Heartless 
inside! I'd better keep brainstorming, or they'll think of all the 
good ideas first... Wait! I've got it!

(Zero looks excited)

Jack: You were trying to give me a hint, weren't you, Zero? What a good 
boy! You deserve a treat.

(Jack takes out a bone and tosses it to Zero)

Jack: I'm going to run over to Dr. Finkelstein's lab right now! This new 
idea is really going to wow him!

(Jack leaves and Roxas enters)

Roxas: So that floating doggy thing can sniff out Heartless? Maybe if 
I give it a bone, it'll help me track them down.

(Roxas gives Zero bones and he helps track down Heartless in the Graveyard)

Lock: Found ya!

Roxas: Huh?

(He turns around to see the three pranksters)

Lock: Catch!

(Lock throws an exploding pumpkin at Roxas)

Roxas: Waugh!

(They laugh)

Lock: Ahhh ha ha ha ha! Got you again!

Shock (running): Run away!

Barrel (running): Where to?

Lock (running): Our secret hiding spot!

Roxas: What in the world... Those are the same kids that messed with me 
before. What's their problem?

(Roxas defeats the last of the Heartless with Zero's help. Afterwards, 
he has ice cream in Twilight Town. Axel walks in)

Axel: Hey! No Xion?

Roxas: Don't hold your breath.

(Axel sits next to him)

Axel: Did something happen yesterday?

Roxas: Nah, it's nothing.

Axel: ...Girls sure are complicated, huh?

Roxas: How did you know that's what I was thinking?

Axel: Because you're not so complicated. But don't take it personal. 
Most Nobodies aren't.

Roxas: You mean...real people are more complex than us?

Axel: Well, sure! Especially if they're real and female. That's like a 
double dose of complicated.

Roxas: So...what about a Nobody girl like Xion?

Axel: Single dose.

Roxas: I am so lost.

Axel: Well, the important thing to remember when dealing with girls is 
not to push the wrong buttons. Got it memorized?

Roxas: Hmm...yeah... Wish you'd told me that before.

Axel: Well, just give her some time.

Roxas: Why?

Axel: Because if you rush in there and try to fix things, you'll just 
press more buttons.

Roxas: Fine, whatever.

Axel: Ha ha. You're all right, kid.

Roxas: Don't call me "kid"!

(Axel laughs)

Roxas: Stop laughing!

Axel (nodding): You'll patch things up with her. Trust me.

Roxas: I hope so.

--Roxas's Diary Entry: Day 152--
I think Xion might be mad at me, but I don't know why. Axel says girls 
are complicated. You can't press the wrong buttons. Like I'm supposed 
to know what the right ones are.

--Secret Report: Axel--
Roxas and Xion must have had it out over something. Knowing them, 
it's something dumb, but still. Watching them, it's like they're human. It's 
messing with my head. I kind of wonder if Roxas understood all that about 
the wrong buttons. I get the sense a lot of it went right over his head.

==Day 153==
~Disjointed Days~

(Roxas enters The Grey Area)

Saïx: Depart as soon as you are ready.

(Roxas joins Demyx on heart collection in Olympus Coliseum)

Demyx: We're out on heart collection today, right? Sigh... I'm so not 
cut out for combat. Would it kill them to give me a recon mission or...
I don't know, something un-violent?

Roxas (thinking): The Coliseum's our best bet for finding a whole pack 
of Heartless at once.

(He stops looking at the Coliseum and turns to Demyx)

Roxas: Follow me, Demyx.

(Roxas leads him to the Lobby entrance)

Roxas: We'll find the Heartless in here.

Demyx: Okay, right on... Ooh, but should we just go waltzing in? 
Won't someone see?

Roxas: Don't worry. We'll just say you're another aspiring hero here 
for some training. Trust me, it'll be fine.

Demyx: Wait, training!? That sounds like work, which means sweating. 
Which is gross.

Roxas: It's that, or stay out here.

Demyx: Hmm, actually... Yeah!

Roxas: What?

Demyx: We'll split up! And, uh...form two strike forces! I'll handle the 
Heartless out here. You take the ones inside. Covering a broader range 
means more efficient collection, right?

Roxas: I guess?

Demyx (thinking): And while you collect those hearts, maybe I can collect 
some Z's...

Roxas: What's the matter?

Demyx: Nothing! Well, good luck in there, Roxas.

(Roxas enters the Coliseum Vestibule)

Roxas: Huh? He's not here...

(He hears a voice)

Phil: C'mon! Is that all you got!? You call yourself a hero and use form 
like that?

Roxas: It's coming from the arena.

(Roxas walks into the arena. Hercules stands holding a longsword)

Phil: Put some zing into it! Stay focused!

(Herc practices some sword swings and strikes the blade to the ground)

Phil: All right, next exercise! Keep moving! No breaks!

(Later, Phil stands with his arms crossed on top of Hercules, who is doing 
one-armed push-ups)

Phil: C'mon, you can take more than this!

(Demyx enters)

Demyx: Blegh... What a tyrant!

Roxas: Demyx?

Demyx: I'd be running out the door in tears after ten minutes of that.

Roxas: Done with all the Heartless outside already?

Demyx: The what? Oh, right, uh...yeah! Yeah, they sure picked the wrong guy 
to mess with! I finished early, so I thought I'd drop by and see how you 
were doing.

Roxas: I'm still not done.

Demyx: Yeah? Well, no biggie! I'll just find a comfy spot and kick back for 
a while.

(He leaves the Coliseum. Roxas looks back toward Hercules)

Roxas: That guy is getting trained way harder than I was. Why's he getting 
yelled at like that when he's doing such a solid job? Is he that much 
stronger than me?

(Roxas leaves the arena)

Phil: All right, Herc. That's it for today. Rest up for the next time!

(Phil enters the Lobby and sees Roxas)

Phil: Hey, there's my rookie! Ready for today's training, kid? Just say 
the word.

Roxas: Um, okay.

(Roxas defeats Heartless in Phil's training)

Phil: Nice work. That's a good run for one day. I gotta tell ya, kid. I'm 
impressed. I think you're ready for the big time. So, I'm clearing ya to 
enter the Games!

Roxas: You are!?

Phil: Yup. You can try for the Rookie Cup, anyway. I figure, you may not 
place, but at least you'll put up a decent show. In the meantime, we'll 
keep you up to your elbows in training--so stay sharp!

Roxas: Speaking of which, who was that you were training before me?

Phil: Oh, Herc? He's another student of mine. Been at it a long time now.

Roxas: Why were you working him so much harder than you do me? Is he that 

Phil: Well, sure. He's a hero, kid. If I put a squirt like you through that, 
you'd croak on me. And it's not just that.

Roxas: Huh?

Phil: Of all the heroes I've trained, he's special. Maybe the best. I got 
high hopes for him. He's gonna be "the one"!

(Roxas has a flash of Phil talking to Sora, Donald, and Goofy)

Phil: Ahem... Enough talk about Herc. You just worry about getting in shape 
for the tournament. I got two words of advice for ya... Eat. Sleep. Train! 
Remember, I got expectations for you too, kid.

Roxas (thinking): So people work you harder when they have expectations? The 
Organization expects me to do hard missions all the time. Aren't expectations 
the same thing as orders?

Phil: Sorry, kid, but I can't stick around anymore today. I got some errands 
to run, nymphs to chase, you know how it is.

(Phil leaves)

Roxas: I guess that's it for now, then. I'll just have to RTC.

(Roxas walks outside to the corridor, where Demyx is standing)

Demyx: Hey, Roxas. You done?

Roxas: Huh? Yeah...

Demyx: What's up, man? You look out of it.

Roxas: What kind of missions do you usually work?

Demyx: Me? Recon stuff, mostly.

Roxas: No taking out Heartless?

Demyx: Nah, it's rare that I do anything that strenuous.

Roxas: But aren't you expected to?

Demyx: Ha, they know better than that. They wanna keep the machine running, 
they pick the right tool for the job.

Roxas: And that's me? The right tool for the job?

Demyx: Something happen in there, man?

Roxas: No, I just-- Nothing. Our mission's complete. Let's RTC.

(Roxas has ice cream alone)

Roxas: All by myself today, I guess...

--Roxas's Diary Entry: Day 153--
It's hard spending time with Xion, and Axel seems busy, too. I've been having 
ice cream alone, but it's just not the same. All I taste is the salt, and my 
hands get all sticky. It's like I'm going through the motions of eating it 
just so I can throw the stick out and get on with life. I must've had about a 
hundred of these things, and I still haven't found another WINNER.
I never did find a way to ask Xion about the pictures that go through my head. 
I don't really know what to do about anything right now.

--Secret Report: Demyx--
I've got me a new hit single! X-face is always barking at me to work, but 
what's he expect me to do against a monster like that? I mean, stop and 
think about skill sets when you divide up the labor already!

==Day 154==

(Roxas enters The Grey Area. He travels to the new world of Wonderland on 
heart collection again and gets a flash of Sora once he enters the Rabbit 
Hole. He sees a White Rabbit with an oversized pocketwatch and suit 
speeding through the checkered hallway, muttering to himself)

White Rabbit: Oh, my fur and whiskers! I'm late, I'm late, for a very 
important date!

(He skids to a stop and checks his watch)

White Rabbit: Dear me! I mustn't make Her Highness wait--
I'm late, I'm late, I'm late!

(He runs further down the hallway)

White Rabbit: No time to say goodbye-- Hello! I'm late, I'm late, I'm late!

Roxas: What's his big rush? Maybe I should have a look up ahead.

(Roxas continues having flashes of Sora as he walks down the hallway. 
He enters a Bizarre Room)

White Rabbit: Oh, I'm so late... I'm so very, very late!

(Roxas looks down and sees the White Rabbit scurry along the floor and 
enter a very small door with a very large doorknob on it)

Roxas: Did he...shrink?

Doorknob: He drank from the bottle, you see.

Roxas: Huh!? Who--

Doorknob: Down here.

(Roxas realizes the voice is coming from the Doorknob and he kneels to 
get a closer look)

Roxas: A...talking doorknob?

Doorknob: Of course... And a rather sleepy doorknob at that. Now, if 
you'll excuse me, I'll be going back to my nap.

Roxas: Wait, you said he drank from a bottle. What bottle?

Doorknob: The one on the table. Why don't you try?

(Roxas looks toward the table and sees two bottles, one blue and one orange)

Roxas: You mean those?

Doorknob: Presumably... Now I really would like to be getting back to my nap...

(Roxas walks over to the bottles)

Roxas: The one with the blue label has a picture of a big tree shrinking... 
Here goes nothing.

(He picks up the bottle and drinks from it. He shrinks in size until he's 
nearly the height of the small door)

Roxas: Whoa, it actually worked!

(He walks toward the Doorknob)

Roxas: Hey, that rabbit when through here a minute ago, right?

Doorknob: Snrrrk... Phewww...

Roxas: What's behind this door?

Doorknob: Hrrrnk... Phewww...

Roxas (thinking): Hmm, guess I won't be finding out anytime soon.

(Roxas defeats several groups of Heartless. He looks toward one of the walls 
and notices that there are three armchairs instead of two just moments before. 
He gets closer and sees that the chair is also moving. He strikes it 
and it turns back into the Lurk Lizard. He defeats it and drinks from the 
orange bottle, returning to his original size. Before entering the dark 
corridor, he turns back)

Roxas (thinking): I wonder where that white rabbit went. He was sure in 
a hurry.

(He leaves Wonderland and has ice cream on the clock tower)

Axel: All by yourself again?

Roxas: Yeah.

(Axel sits down beside him, ice cream in hand)

Axel: They've been keeping me busy lately. Xion, too.

Roxas: Yeah, no kidding.

Axel: C'mon, what's with the face?

Roxas: What face...

(Axel says nothing)

==Day 155==

(Roxas enters The Grey Area. He travels with Xaldin to Agrabah to defeat 
the Solid Armor in the Cave of Wonders)

==Day 156==

(Roxas enters The Grey Area. He travels with Xigbar to Beast's Castle on 
heart collection)

==Day 171==

(Roxas enters The Grey Area)

Xigbar: Poppet? I wonder.

Axel: Xion? She left, man. What, you missed her again?

Demyx: Hunting missions are seriously not my scene...

(Roxas speaks with Saïx and departs for Beast's Castle to defeat an 
unidentified giant Heartless. He appears in the Ballroom and hears 
the Beast roar)

Roxas: Whoa! That was the beast... Did something happen?

(Roxas walks into the Courtyard and hears him roar again)

Roxas: That sounded close... By the bridge!?

(He walks towards the doorway to the Bridge)

Roxas: Huh?

(Beast's body flies over the archway and onto the ground in front of him. 
He lies motionless, but still breathing)

Roxas (thinking): What could do this to him?

(He looks toward the archway to the Bridge)

Roxas: What...what's out there?

(Roxas runs to the Bridge to see an enormous Infernal Engine Heartless 
bearing down on him. After a grueling battle, the Heartless collapses 
and released a giant heart)

Roxas: Mission accomplished. Time to head back.

(He walks back to the Courtyard and hears a voice)

?????: No! Oh, no!

Roxas (thinking): Someone's coming.

(Belle runs out of the castle toward the Beast)

Belle (worried): What happened? Are you all right?

Beast: ...Belle... Get back inside... It's too dangerous...

Belle: I'm taking you with me.

Beast: No... I have to stop...those things...

Belle: But they're gone. You don't have to fight any more.

Beast: Good... That's good. I managed to keep them from...getting in...

Belle: Please--you must stop doing this. It's too much. If something were 
to happen to you...I don't know what I'd...

Beast: Belle... I couldn't bear to see you...or the other's hurt. A master 
protects his castle... I don't want to lose you.

Belle: I'm right here...

Roxas (thinking): So he wasn't fighting to protect the rose. He was 
protecting the people in the castle. Protecting her. She's what matters 
most to him. But...Xaldin said it was the rose.

Xaldin: Feh. Cloying nonsense.

(Roxas looks back to see Xaldin standing behind him)

Roxas: Xaldin... When did you get here?

Xaldin: That's none of your concern. Hmph. Love, from a beast? How utterly 

Roxas: Love? What's that?

Xaldin: It's an emotion. The one deluding those two as we speak.

Roxas: Oh...

Xaldin: They think the power of love will save them? That's the stuff of 
poetry, not practicality.

Roxas: Love is a power?

Xaldin: None you or I will ever grasp. Nor will they, for long. The love 
between them will wither and die. Love never lasts.

Roxas: But you don't have a heart. How would you know?

Xaldin: I have eyes, and a brain. We have no further business here. Try 
not to dawdle.

(Xaldin leaves)

Roxas: That still doesn't explain what love is... Is love fighting to 
protect what's most important to you? Where does its power come from?

(Later, Axel sits on the clock tower eating his sea-salt ice cream. 
Roxas walks in)

Axel: Hey, here comes the hard worker.

(Roxas sits next to him)

Roxas: Xion around?

Axel: Haven't seen her.

Roxas: Oh...

Axel: Somebody's gotta talk to that girl.

Roxas: It's her choice if she wants to come with us or not.

Axel: I guess that's fair.

Roxas: Axel, I need to ask you something.

Axel: What's up? Did something happen?

Roxas (shaking his head): Nah, it's just... This is gonna sound stupid. 
Do you know what love is?

Axel: 'Scuse me?

Roxas: I found out about love on today's mission--that it's something 

Axel: That's true. It is. But I'll never get to experience it.

Roxas: Nobodies can't love?

Axel: You need a heart, man.

Roxas: Right...

Axel: Love is what happens if there's something really special between 
two people.

Roxas: You mean, like, if they're best friends?

Axel: Well, you can care about your friends, I guess, but that's not what 
I'm talking about.

Roxas: So then...love is like a step above friends?

Axel: Yes... Well, no. There aren't "steps."

Roxas: I don't get it.

Axel: What does it matter? We'll never know the difference.

Roxas: If I had a heart, you think I could love somebody?

Axel: Once Kingdom Hearts is complete, you'll be able to do all kinds 
of things.

Roxas: That's good.

(They stare off into the twilit sky)

--Roxas's Diary Entry: Day 171--
On my mission at Beast's Castle, Xaldin told me about "love" and the 
special power it has over people.
I tried to ask Axel about it, but his explanation didn't make any sense 
to me. Every time I ask him about this kind of thing, he tells me I need 
a heart to understand. It's like he's dodging the questions.

==Day 172==
~Sound of the Surf~

(Roxas walks into The Grey Area and is greeted by Luxord)

Luxord: Roxas. How has the game been treating you?

Roxas: Uhh...fine, I guess.

Luxord: Saïx shuffled us together for today's mission. I wager we'll make 
a good enough team.

Roxas: I don't see why not.

Luxord: Oh, by the way, did you hear what happened to Xion?

Roxas: No, what!?

Luxord: She bungled her last mission and has been in a deep sleep ever since. 
Can't win them all, I suppose.

Roxas: Xion!

(He turns to run out of the room, but Saïx stops him)

Saïx: And where do you think you are going, Roxas?

Roxas: To see Xion.

Saïx: But you have a mission.

Roxas: Which I'll do!

Saïx: You cannot help your comrade. Xion will not wake up.

(Roxas looks down and shakes his head)

Roxas: That's not the point! I should still be with her.

(He tries to run again)

Saïx: What do you care? The creature is broken. Defective.

(Roxas stops and turns around)

Roxas (angrily): Don't call her that!

Saïx: I'll call that thing whatever I want. How we deal with Xion is no 
concern of yours.

Roxas: I didn't ask you if it was!

Saïx: Look at you, Roxas. Up in arms over a nobody.

Roxas: We're all Nobodies!

Saïx: Settle down. Xion's failings won't affect your standing with us. 
You've nothing to worry about.

Roxas: Won't affect my-- What is WRONG with you? Look, I'll do 
my mission--later.

(He runs to her room and stands by her bedside)

Roxas: Oh, Xion...

(He leaves a seashell by her pillow, as she did for him. Later, he 
returns to The Grey Area)

Xigbar: What, are you still worried about Poppet? She'll wake up when 
she wakes up.

Luxord: Ready to begin? We can leave whenever you're ready.

Demyx: Hey, did you hear about Xion? Word is, she fought one tough 
customer. Ugh, the thought of bumping into a guy like that... See why 
recon's important? Not that you'll catch me enjoying it. Hey, how about 
you show me how it's done? Go scout out Mission 45 and find all the 
hidden Heartless. Examine any spot that looks fishy. Track them all down--
I'll make it up to you! (And get to kick back in the meantime.)

(Roxas does and returns to speak to Demyx)

Demyx: Ooh! You found 'em all! Investigating suspicious spots is the first 
lesson in Recon 101! (Getting somebody else to do it for you is lesson 
number two.) I just hope I don't bump into any nasties out there...

Saïx: Roxas, in light of your excellent performance, we have decided to 
award you a new rank.

(Roxas is awarded the rank of Agent)

Saïx: You'll be teamed with Luxord today. Depart as soon as you are ready.

(Roxas speaks to the moogle)

Moogle: The latest and greatest merchandise is in, kupo. Have a look, kupo.

(Roxas travels with Luxord to Wonderland to take out the Pink Concerto 
Heartless. They arrive in the Rabbit Hole)

Luxord: So, we're here hunting specific game today, hmm?

Roxas: What? Oh, right.

Luxord: What's wrong? First time here?

Roxas: No, I was here on a mission a little while ago. And I ran into 
this white rabbit in a huge hurry to get somewhere.

Luxord: A rabbit? Really?

Roxas: I lost sight of him before I had a chance to see what the deal 
was, though.

Luxord: Luck's like that. A window of opportunity can open and close in 
the blink of an eye. It's whether or not you can jump on the chance when 
it arises that determines a man's fate. Let's hope we stand up to the 
odds this time around.

Roxas: Er, right.

Luxord: Let's get started.

(They enter the Bizarre Room and drink the shrinking potion. They make 
their way to the Lotus Forest)

Cheshire Cat: Lose something?

Roxas: Huh? Who's there!?

(The striped cat appears on a high lily pad)

Cheshire Cat: Who, indeed?

Roxas: Uhh...a cat?

Cheshire Cat: A cheshire cat, if you please. Or if you don't.

(Roxas gets a flash of Sora, Donald, and Goofy speaking to the cat)

Roxas: Did you have a point?

Cheshire Cat: Yes, of course. But then, I also had none at all. Which 
would you prefer?

Roxas: I...I'll be asking the questions here!

Cheshire Cat: Well then, ask away... Of course, the answers may be a bit 
difficult to find...

(The cat vanishes into thin air)

Roxas: What was that all about?

(They search around the forest but come up empty)

Roxas: Still no Pink Concertos...

Cheshire Cat: Looking for something?

(The cat appears upon a large rock)

Roxas: You again?

Cheshire Cat: Whom did you expect? Whatever it is you're looking for? 
If I were you, I'd ask...me!

Roxas: You know where the Heartless are?

Cheshire Cat: Naturally... But then it would be in my nature to lie. 
Of course, the question is--should I lie about in flowers, like the 
whats you're looking for, or just lie about in words?

(The cat vanishes)

Roxas: What a weird cat...

Luxord: Still, he gave us a nice reveal.

Roxas: What do you mean?

Luxord: Come on. Let's go find those Heartless.

(They defeat four Pink Concertos, when the Cheshire Cat appears again)

Cheshire Cat: Bravo! Bravo! It appears you've found what you were looking 
for. Of course, there's still one more to find. Hmm... I wonder if you 
wonder where it could be...

Roxas: We'd find it easy enough if you told us where to look, but I'm not 
holding my breath.

Cheshire Cat: Oh, but you must! That would be loads of fun! But then, 
you'd have to be mad... Mad enough to hide within a birdcage, perhaps? 
Or mad...like...me...

(He disappears, giggling)

Roxas: That was helpful...

(They find the fifth Pink Concerto in the birdcage in the Queen's Castle. 
They defeat it swiftly)

Luxord: Game, set, and match.

Roxas: Another mission down.

(The Cheshire Car appears on the Queen's throne, almost dancing upon 
his hind legs)

Cheshire Cat: Quite brilliant indeed! Your sight's been set and found 

(Roxas gets another flash of Sora)

Roxas: How did you know where they'd be? Are you connected to the 
Heartless somehow?

Cheshire Cat: Yes, am I? Or aren't I? You'll have to decide.

(He vanishes)

Roxas: That cat is a walking question mark.

Luxord: Nobody's going to reveal his hand from the get-go. You have to 
outwit your opponent in the give and take to figure them out. And frankly, 
I don't see you outwitting that cat anytime soon.

Roxas: Well, excuse me.

Luxord: Heh. Let's head back, Roxas.

(They return to the corridor entrance. Later, Roxas sits on the clock 
tower and Axel joins him)

Roxas: Axel, about Xion...

Axel: Saïx told me what happened this morning.

Roxas: Why does he hate her so much?

Axel: Listen to you. How come you do that? Talk like you're a real person.

Roxas: Why? What did I say? I don't know how real people talk.

Axel: I mean, sometimes you sound like you really are heartsick or something.

Roxas: When I saw her lying there... I couldn't stop thinking that she'll 
never wake up.

Axel: She will.

Roxas: Saïx called her "broken."

Axel: Hmm... Well, if it cheers you up, I'm probably a lot more broken 
than her.

Roxas: Saïx knows something about her. Why me and her are special Nobodies.

Axel: Well... If it's gonna keep you up at night, I could ask him for you.

Roxas (standing up): Really!?

Axel: Yes, really! Sheesh, sit down. I'll ask, but don't get your hopes up. 
Straight answers aren't exactly his specialty.

Roxas: He's more likely to tell you than he is me.

Axel: True.

Roxas: I just hope she wakes up soon.

(Later, Axel speaks with Saïx at Nothing's Call)

Axel: ...Hey, that was uncalled for!

Saïx: I warned you to keep out of this.

Axel: And I told you I can't. I have to know what Xion's deal is. Why can't 
you be straight with me for once?

Saïx: Just like you're always honest with me?

Axel: Okay, you've got me there.

Saïx: Xion has no right to be among our number.

Axel: Why not?

Saïx: What is it you two see in that thing? Just look at it.

(Xion sleeps. Two seashells lay by her pillow)

--Roxas's Diary Entry: Day 172--
Xion failed her mission and now she's in a deep sleep. I thought they were 
lying to me when they told me, but I went to see her, and she really was 
just asleep. I left a seashell by her pillow, just like she did for me.
Saïx hates her. I don't know why. Maybe he knows more about her than the 
rest of us do.
Those pictures flashed through my mind again on today's mission (the same 
boy in red as usual). I guess he's been to Wonderland. I'm still trying to 
figure out what it is I'm seeing.

--Secret Report: Axel--
There has to be something to what Saïx said. Why isn't Xion qualified to be 
one of us? He said to just look at her, but at what? The fact that she looks 
like Naminé? Xion and Naminé must be connected. Whose Nobody is Xion, anyway? 
What is Saïx hiding?

==Day 173==

(Roxas walks into The Grey Area)

Axel: Hey, Roxas.

Roxas: Find out anything about Xion?

Axel: I talked to Saïx.

Roxas: Really!? What did he say?

Axel: His...his lips were sealed. Sorry, man, I tried.

Roxas (sadly): That's okay.

Axel: But he did say he would take back calling her broken--IF she proves 
herself more capable going forward. The best thing you can do for her now 
is keep up the good work.

Roxas: I will! Thanks, Axel. That's great news!

(Roxas walks away)

Axel: Ugh, sorry, Roxas...

(Roxas speaks to Luxord)

Luxord: Another day, another game, eh?

Axel: Let's take care of business so we can get to the fun stuff.

Demyx: Is Xion still doing the Rip Van Winkle thing? Man, what happened?

Saïx: One of the missions I have for you requires you to visit a new world. 
Depart as soon as you are ready.

(Roxas travels to Halloween Town on heart collection. He arrives in the 
Guillotine Gate area. He walks to the Graveyard and sees Jack and Zero)

Jack: That should do it! What do you think, Zero? I had the Doctor build 
it for me.

(They stand before a large unlit lantern)

Jack: On Halloween, I'll light these lanterns and make my grand entrance! 
They're in for quite a surprise. Oh! I'm almost late! I better hurry to 
the lab. Be a good boy, Zero.

(Jack leaves. Roxas makes his way to Moonlight Hill)

Lock: Stop!

Roxas: Wha--? Who's there!?

(Roxas gets hit with an exploding pumpkin)

Roxas: Waugh!

(The tricksters laugh)

Roxas: Ah! It's you kids again!

(They run to the curly hill)

Lock: You can't go past here!

Shock: Road block!

Barrel: Catch!

(He tosses an exploding pumpkin, but Roxas dodges it and it explodes behind 
him. He summons his Keyblade)

Roxas: Rrgh... Stop getting in my way!

(Roxas uses force. They sit on the floor tired from the fight)

Lock: Okay, okay! We give up!

Shock: Take it easy!

Roxas: Tell me why you're blocking the way.

Barrel: If we didn't, you'd go back there and see the--er, nothing.

Roxas: The what? What's back there?

Lock: N-nothing!

Shock: Yeah, a whole lot of it!

Barrel: We promise we won't pull any more pranks! Please let us go, pleeease!

Roxas: Pranks? Getting in my way was a prank? Why even bother?

Lock: Because it's fun!

Roxas: Fun? I don't really see how it's--

Shock: Well, it is!

Barrel: Pranks are the best!

(They jump to their feet)

Lock: See for yourself!

(Roxas gets an exploding pumpkin in the face)

Roxas: Waugh!

Barrel: Now's our chance!

Shock: Run awaaay!

(They run awaaay. Meanwhile, Jack is standing in the Graveyard, thinking)

Jack: Hmmm... I like the lantern idea well enough, but...I wish there were 
something else to add a little more oomph!

(The wall of the graveyard bursts open and the three pranksters come running 

Lock: Run away!

Shock: Where to?

Barrel: Our secret hiding spot!

Jack: Those three... Up to no good again, I'm sure. ...Wait a minute. 
Something with oomph... Explosions? That'll be perfect!

(Roxas examines the hole in the Moonlight Hill side of the wall)

Roxas: I'm too big to fit through.

(Roxas defeats Heartless with Zero's help and returns to the corridor. Later, 
he has ice cream with Axel)

--Roxas's Diary Entry: Day 173--
I've decided to work harder while Xion is asleep to pick up some of the 
slack. Axel said he asked Saïx about her, but no dice. He did say that 
Saïx was having second thoughts about calling her broken, though.
I just hope we get all this drama ironed out soon, so she doesn't have to 
wake up to it.

--Secret Report: Luxord--
I find myself envying the children. Perhaps some fundamental difference 
exists between those who become Nobodies as adults and otherwise. The longer 
you have lived, the more you are positioned to lose with such a gamble. 
But a child can look forward, unafraid even in the face of immeasurable 
odds. I doubt they even see life as a gamble the way we do.

==Day 174==
~Action, Reaction~

(Roxas walks into The Grey Area)

Saïx: Finish your preparations and be on your way.

(Roxas is sent to a new island world. There is a pirate ship waiting 
just offshore)

Roxas: So this is Never Land... What was that Heartless I'm looking for 
called again? A Wavecrest? It's gotta be around here somewhere.

(He walks to a further part of the island)

Captain Hook: Faster, Smee! Put your back into it!

Smee: Aye, aye, Captain Hook!

(He looks over to see a pirate captain with a large plumed hat and a 
hook for his left hand. In his other hand, he holds a large piece of 
parchment. A short stoutly man is digging a hole in front of him)

Captain Hook: There's no mistaking it this time! The treasure's most 
certainly here!

Smee: That would be a nice change from the last dozen places, eh, Captain? 
And with the luck you had finding all those treasure maps at once, we'll 
be rich in no time!

Captain Hook: Heh heh heh... Some poor fool must be cursing himself now 
for losing 'em.

Roxas (thinking): Treasure maps?

Captain Hook: Enough blabbering, Mr. Smee! Get that shovel digging!

Smee: Aye, aye, sir!

(Smee continues digging until his shovel hits something)

Smee: Captain! Captain, I've struck something!

Captain Hook: Oh!? Ha ha! Show me what manner of treasure we've found!

(Smee puts the shovel down and pulls out a wooden chest, which he opens)

Captain Hook: Blast! Another dead end!

Smee: Now, now, don't you worry, Captain. We still got a whole pile of 
other maps to follow.

Captain Hook: Confound it... If we don't find the right one soon, someone 
else could walk off with me treasure.

(A strange aura surrounds him)

Captain Hook: That gold is mine! Nobody else can have it! Nobody!

Smee: C-Captain, sir?

(Heartless appear)

Captain Hook: Gah! More Heartless!? Run, Smee!

Smee: Yikes! Aye, aye, sir!

(They both run away towards their ship)

Roxas: Good. Now's my chance to take out those Heartless.

(He defeats them and walks toward the chest, which is glowing with a dark aura)

Roxas: Junk and more junk... So why'd those Heartless pop up like that? 
Was this "treasure" some kind of trap? Or did something else cause them 
to show up? Something about that guy did some a little...off.

(He looks toward the Jolly Roger)

Roxas: Hmm... Is that their ship?

(He walks in the direction of the pirate ship. Captain Hook and Smee are 
talking on deck. A small pixie in green hovers near the ratlines)

Captain Hook: Set a course, Mr. Smee!

Smee: Where to, Captain?

Captain Hook: To wherever the next map says the treasure is! I'm not giving 
up till I've struck gold! You'll find me that treasure, Smee, even if it 
means digging up every inch of this island!

(The pixie acts angrily towards this and flies off toward the island. She 
looks back toward the ship, and bumps into Roxas)

Roxas: Whoa!

(She flies back up and looks to the ship. Roxas has a flash of Sora, Donald, 
and Goofy meeting this pixie. She flies around him)

Roxas: Umm...can I help you?

(The pixie points toward the ship)

Roxas: You...want me to go to that ship?

(She nods)

Roxas: But how? It's too far. I can't just sprout wings and fly there.

(The pixie thinks for a moment, and then flies around Roxas, spreading 
pixie dust on him)

Roxas: Hey, what is this stuff? It's glowing...

(She points to the ship again. He looks down at the water below)

Roxas: Y-you want me to jump!? Wait... Are you... Are you saying I can fly?

(She nods)

Roxas: Well...all right...I believe you.

(He closes his eyes and sees himself as the boy in red. He jumps off the 
cliff while he pictures Sora doing the same. Before hitting the water, 
he shoots back up into the air and floats there.

Roxas: I-I did it! I can fly!

(The pixie flies over to him)

Roxas: But...was it just that stuff you sprinkled on me?

(The pixie then flies away toward the ship)

Roxas: Um...good-bye. So, now what? Should I go to the ship? ...No, I'm 
here to take out that Heartless. I feel bad not helping her, but I can't 
risk being spotted. The mission comes first.

(He searches other treasure chests that have been dug up and finds the 
Wavecrest hidden on a rock separate from the island. He defeats the flying 
Heartless and returns to the corridor)

Roxas: Hmm... She went to that ship all by herself. I hope she's okay. 
Maybe I should have gone with her... Saïx wouldn't like it if I got mixed 
up in anything unrelated to the mission. But then again, without her I 
never would've found the target. I wonder why she picked me.

(He flies up)

Roxas: It's like... It's like she knew I would believe her--that I could 
fly. Funny... I almost feel like I've done it before.

(Roxas leaves Never Land and sits on the clock tower. Axel walks in)

Axel: All done with work?

Roxas: Yup.

(Axel sits next to him)

Roxas: Axel, you're not gonna believe this. I flew today.

Axel: Flew?

Roxas: Yeah, like a bird! Well, sort of. It's hard to explain...

Axel: I can imagine.

Roxas: There's just no way to describe it. I've been waiting all day to 
tell you and Xion!

Axel: Right...

Roxas: Flying felt so natural--like I'd done it before. Weird, huh?

(Roxas takes a bite of his ice cream)

Roxas: I wish Xion would wake up so I could tell her all about it.

--Roxas's Diary Entry: Day 174--
Xion hasn't woken up, but I'm pulling double duty to make up for it.
Me and Axel talk about the dumbest stuff now. Afterwards we head back to 
the castle, and I leave a seashell by Xion's pillow. It would please me 
to see her smile when she finds them.
Those pictures flashed through my head again in Never Land. And when I flew, 
it felt like I'd done it before. Has the guy in red flown before, is that it?

==Day 175==

(Roxas enters The Grey Area. He travels to Halloween Town with Demyx to 
eliminate a Dual Blade Heartless)

==Day 176==

(Roxas enters The Grey Area. He travels to Wonderland with Luxord for a 
mobility assessment of collecting Organization emblems. Afterward, he has 
ice cream with Axel)

==Day 193==

(A light appears and a heart flows out of Sora's chest and into the 
sleeping Kairi's, giving off a shine. The Keyhole and Sora glow as 
Sora's eyes start to close. Sora starts to fall back, splitting into 
tiny points of light. Kairi awakes and runs to grab him. As she does, 
the light scatters and fades away while she shouts his name. The memory 
over, Xion opens her eyes and sits up, stunning Roxas, who has been 
standing over her bed)

Roxas: Whoa! Xion... Good morning.

Xion: Morning...

Roxas: You startled me.

Xion: S-sorry...

(She sees something beside her pillow)

Xion: Huh?

(She smiles)

Xion: You brought me seashells.

(She holds one up to her ear)

Roxas: Do you hear it?

Xion: Yeah, the sound of the waves. How long was I asleep?

Roxas: About twenty days.

Xion: That long!?

Roxas: Yeah. Me and Axel were getting worried.

Xion: I'm sorry. I feel bad. Kind of...weird that we can feel anything 
at all, huh? Without hearts to feel with.

Roxas: Yeah...

Xion: Hey, don't you have work?

Roxas: Huh? Oh, I'm about to head out.

Xion: Can I come, too?

Roxas: But...don't you need more rest?

Xion: After sleeping for three weeks? I'll be fine. C'mon, take me with you.

Roxas: All right... Sure.

(They both walk into The Grey Area. Saïx approaches. Xion stares at the 
floor and Roxas holds her hand)

Saïx: Well, well. It lives. There's just no keeping you down.

Xion: Saïx, I want to go with Roxas today on his mission.

Saïx (shaking his head): You belong in your room.

Axel: Oh, hey, Xion! About time you crawled out of bed.

Xion: Morning, Axel.

Saïx: Roxas will team up with Axel today, as scheduled. Xion, I'm afraid 
I neglected to pencil you in.

Xion: Don't keep me pent up in here. I need the exercise.

Axel: I'll look after her. I promise not to let her out of my sight.

Saïx: Hmm... Fine. Go, if that's what suits you.

(Roxas and Xion nod to Axel)

Xion: A three-man team? That's a first.

Axel: Let's go, huh? Before Saïx changes his mind!

(Roxas talks to Xaldin)

Xaldin: Get back to your mission. Don't dawdle, Roxas.

Saïx: Finish your preparations and be on your way.

(Roxas, Axel, and Xion travel to Twilight Town to take down a Heat Saber 
and a Destroyer. They arrive on Side Street)

Xion: This should be fun, huh? Tripling up like this.

Roxas: Yeah, I think this is my first three-man mission.

Axel: Just remember it's still a mission. We're not on a field trip, guys.

Xion: Yeah, yeah. It sure is nice to be back on my feet.

Axel: Just don't push it, you hear me? We'll pick up the slack.

Xion: I hear you. Thanks.

(They head into the Sandlot and find the Heat Saber. They defeat it and 
make their way to the Station Plaza. Xion collapses)

Roxas: Xion!

(A nostalgic wind blows. Kairi is blown toward Sora's outstretched arms. 
He glows in resonance with the Keyhole in Hollow Bastion. Kairi gives the 
Oathkeeper keychain to Sora)

Kairi: It's my lucky charm. Be sure to bring it back to me!

(Axel holds Xion. The Destroyer appears behind Roxas, who whirls around, 
then looks to Axel. Axel nods)

Axel: I've got Xion. You take out the target!

Roxas: Okay!

(He defeats the Destroyer and runs to Xion)

Xion: Sora...

Roxas: Xion!

Axel: It's okay. She's not hurt.

Roxas: But Axel--

Axel: Let's just RTC, all right?

(They return to the castle. As they walk through Twilight's View, they 
are intercepted by Saïx)

Saïx: Well, that didn't take long. Did it break again?

Roxas: She's not an "it"!

(Axel walks past Saïx)

Axel (to Saïx): Keep your mouth shut.

(Roxas follows him)

Saïx: You have changed...

(He turns around and looks up)

Saïx: Something at Castle Oblivion changed you. Does the past mean 
nothing to you now?

(They lay Xion down on her bed in her room, the great moon shining 
outside the window)

Roxas: Are you worried about her, Axel?

Axel: Of course I am.

Roxas (smirking): Doesn't seem like you.

Axel: What do you mean?

Roxas: You hate complications.

Axel (thinking): Roxas... I meet up with you two every day for ice cream, 
right? Why do I do that?

Roxas: Huh?

Axel: I mean, you think about it, I don't need to go out of my way, right?

Roxas: I guess not.

Axel: You wanna know why I do? Because you're my best friends. The three 
of us...we're inseparable.

Roxas: We are?

Axel: That's right--get it memorized. And you know what? Best friends are 
willing to deal with complications.

Roxas (nodding): Yeah... Yeah, you said it.

Xion: Heh heh... Thanks, Axel. You're sweet.

(Axel scratches his head)

Roxas: Feeling better?

Xion: I just got a little dizzy. Sorry to worry you guys.

Axel: Try not to scare us like that anymore, huh?

Xion: Okay.

Axel: And you take it easy today.

Xion: I will. Thanks.

(A girl in white sits in a White Room, drawing a picture of Roxas, Xion, 
and Axel)

--Roxas's Diary Entry: Day 193--
Xion's awake now. The three of us were gonna go get some ice cream after our 
mission, but she passed out again, so we had to take her home.
I talked with Axel in her room until she woke up. He said the three of us 
were best friends---inseparable.

--Secret Report: Xion--
I finally wake up, just to pass out again? Why? Because I'm a failure? 
I dreamt the whole while I was out. It was something nostalgic, but what? 
Why can't I remember? It could be a key memory from my human life. 
All I can remember is the sound of waves, gentle, in the distance.

==Day 194==
~Like It Should Be~

(Roxas walks into The Grey Area)

Xigbar: Good to have Poppet back, eh?

Xion: Sorry I worried you. I'm fine...really.

Axel: I vote we keep our missions short and sweet.

Luxord: How will this round play out?

Saïx: Here are your new missions. Depart as soon as you are ready.

(Roxas and Luxord travel to Wonderland and see the White Rabbit again in 
the Rabbit Hole)

White Rabbit: I'm late! I'm late! I simply must get back. Oh dear! My report 
is due post-haste!

(He runs through the hallway)

White Rabbit: Even if she's curious, she's sure to be most furious! 
For I'm late, I'm late, I'm late!

Roxas: It's that rabbit.

Luxord: The one you mentioned the last time we were here?

Roxas: Yeah... What's got him so tense? I'm a little curious.

Luxord: Well, curiosity is essential to carving your own path through life. 
Get too curious, though, and it'll be a short walk. No one can say whether 
following that rabbit's footsteps will be your lucky charm...or get you killed.

Roxas: Isn't that a little dramatic? Following him won't change anything. 
We're still here to hunt Heartless.

Luxord: Heh heh. Well, if you're that certain... Let's go after our harried 
little hare, see where he takes us.

Roxas: You're okay with it, then?

Luxord: Following him won't change anything. You said so yourself.

(They enter the Bizarre Room)

White Rabbit: Oh dear, I'm here... I should be there! I'm late, I'm late, 
I'm late.

(He scurries across the floor and enters the Hedge Maze Entrance. Roxas 
and Luxord drink the shrinking potion and follow him. They enter the 
Hedge Maze, where two Card Soldiers are guarding the entrances to various 
parts of the maze)

Playing Card: This garden belongs to the Queen. And it's private. No 
trespassing. Thank you.

(They enter the Queen's Castle after the Rabbit. The Queen is seated upon 
her throne with a legion of Card Soldiers standing at attention. The White 
Rabbit skids to a stop and addresses her)

White Rabbit: R-reporting in, Your Majesty! So far, our search has failed 
to turn up any trio, including that which startled you. The only place 
left to look is in the royal Rose Garden.

Queen of Hearts: Nrrrgh...

(She pounds her heart shaped gavel on the court bench)

Queen of Hearts: Then go! I want those suspicious scoundrels brought here 
to me. Sentences must be served!

(The Card Soldiers about face and walk through the Hedge Maze into the 
Rose Garden)

Luxord: Looks like there's been trouble here.

Roxas: Yeah, bad time to drop in... Who's this suspicious trio they're 
after? Are we not the only outsiders here?

Luxord: Ahh... Perhaps we were right to choose your busy bunny friend.

Roxas: Why's that?

Luxord: Time to get to work, Roxas. Let's uncover this tricky tierce. 
The Heartless we're after must be in the one place they haven't looked yet.

(They return to the Hedge Maze Entrance and notice that the White Rose Hedge 
Maze is now able to be entered. They search the Maze)

Roxas: So, this is the Queen's Rose Garden... It's like a maze.

Luxord: Our marks are in here somewhere.

Roxas: A suspicious trio... You really think she meant our Heartless?

Luxord: I'm betting on it. Now, let's get looking.

(Roxas nods. They walk on ahead but are caught by a Card Soldier)

Playing Card: There's a search on here for some suspicious suspects, and 
you are in the way. Run along now, please.

(Several Card Soldiers are posted around the maze as guards)

Roxas: We can't get through.

Luxord: Can't we?

Roxas: But there's a guard.

(The guard yawns)

Luxord: There are odds for everything... The trick is in the timing. Hit 
the window just right, and a long shot will pay off big.

Roxas: Ohhh! So you mean if we wait till he's not looking, we can 
probably sneak by.

(They continue through the maze sneaking past Card Soldiers and defeat 
three Commander Heartless)

Luxord: Let's head back, Roxas.

Roxas: Yeah... But wait. If we just took out the trio those card soldiers 
are searching for, what will they--

(Roxas has a flash of Sora)

Queen of Hearts: You STILL haven't found them!? Someone's head will 
roll for this!

Luxord: All the searching in the world won't help them now.

Roxas: So it was the Heartless, then.

Luxord: I think our luck beat theirs today. In the end, your curiosity 
paved us a shortcut.

Roxas: They key to carving a path through life, huh?

Luxord: And all the way to the grave.

Roxas: Cheery thought...

(Luxord opens a corridor of darkness)

Luxord: Now, for one last shortcut.

(They enter the corridor. Meanwhile, Axel searches through books in the 
castle library. He opens one and reads: "The Truth About Naminé - Vexen". 
Xion sits on the clock tower eating ice cream. Roxas arrives)

Roxas: You're here early.

Xion: My mission wasn't that hard.

(He sits next to her and looks at the sunset)

Roxas: So, how ya feeling?

Xion: I think I'll be okay now.

Roxas: That's good.

(They take a few bites of their ice cream)

Roxas: Hey, where's Axel?

Xion: I haven't seen him.

(The clock tower bells ring)

Xion: It's getting late... I don't think he's coming.

Roxas: You wanna wait a little longer?

Xion: Okay. You and him are always there for me.

Roxas: Aw, I don't do anything special. Axel's the one who sticks up for us.

Xion: Well, I'm just glad the two of you are in the Organization with me.

(They eat some more)

Roxas: Hope Axel turns up.

==Day 195==

(Roxas enters The Grey Area. He travels with Axel to Never Land. They arrive 
at the Rocky Expanse)

Roxas: Feels like it's been forever.

Axel: Since what?

Roxas: Since we got to talk like this.

Axel: Has it been that long? Time sure flies. Speaking of which... Isn't 
this the place?

Roxas: Oh, yeah, this is it! Here, just watch!

(Roxas closes his eyes and tries to lift off from the ground)

Axel: Uhh, what are you doing, Roxas?

Roxas: Huh... That's so weird. I could fly before. I guess I must need that 
sparkly dust for it to work.

Captain Hook: Blast it all! Not again!?

(Roxas has a flash of Sora, turning to look. A Heartless appears before 
Captain Hook and Smee)

Axel: Huh?

Roxas: I know that voice...

Captain Hook: You dig and dig, and all I guess it more Heartless. They're 
taking up too much of me time! We need to find that treasure before someone 
else does.

(He glows with a strange aura)

Captain Hook: Why it...it makes me blood boil!

(He turns and leaves)

Smee: Captain!? Where are you going, Captain?

Captain Hook: Back to the ship! I'll blast these scurvy meddlers into 
oblivion! Then maybe I can get back to having you dig in peace.

Smee: If you say so, Captain!

(The Heartless comes closer and they run back to the ship)

Axel: What's their story?

Roxas: Not sure, but they mentioned something about treasure maps last time.

Axel: So what, they're digging for buried gold? From the looks of it, all 
they're digging up is trouble.

Roxas: Yeah. For some reason, Heartless spring up wherever they dig.

Axel: You mean Heartless are hiding in the ground?

Roxas: I'm not so sure that's it.

Axel: You got a better explanation?

Roxas: Look, I'm just saying. All I saw in the hole they dug was a wooden 
chest full of junk.

Axel: And the Heartless were in the chest?

Roxas: I dunno. I think maybe something else is causing them to show up.

Axel: Like?

Roxas: Didn't something seem kind of off to you about the guy in red?

Axel: Off? Off how?

(He thinks)

Axel: Well... right now we're just guessing. Let's start by checking the 
places they dug up. Who knows, maybe we'll find out targets down there 
taking a nap.

Roxas: Yeah. Stranger things have happened.

(They find a hole with a chest and the pixie flies over)

Roxas: Oh! Um...hello...again.

(The pixie acts angrily toward Roxas)

Roxas: Wh-what? Are you mad at me?

(She nods)

Roxas: Oh, because I didn't follow you to the ship before...

Axel: Hey, Roxas... Who have we got here?

(The pixie quickly hides behind Roxas and peeks out at Axel over his shoulder)

Roxas: I'm not sure, but we met the last time I was here. I don't think she 
means any harm. She's the one who helped me fly.

Axel: Yeah, I already saw your demonstration.

Roxas: It's true!

(Roxas looks toward the pixie)

Roxas: Here, help me show him. Could you give us some more of that 
glowing stuff?

(She thinks for a bit and then sprinkles them with pixie dust. Roxas lifts 
off from the ground)

Axel: What--!?

Roxas: See? I told you!

Axel: How are you doing that?

Roxas: I can't really describe it. Once she sprinkles you, just think, 
"I can fly," and boom!

Axel: "I can fly," and boom, huh?

Roxas: Look, just give it a try.

Axel: All right...

(Axel closes his eyes and tried to lift off from the ground. Nothing happens. 
He tries again. Not a thing)

Axel: I'm not feeling it, Roxas.

Roxas: C'mon, try again. Believe me on this, Axel!

Axel: Okay... I believe you.

(He closes his eyes and lift into the air)

Axel (surprised): I can fly... I can fly!?

Roxas (smiling): You can fly.

(The pixie flies up to them)

Roxas: I think she still wants me to go check out that ship.

Axel: Doesn't it belong to those guys from before? What, are they your friends?

(She pushes her hands down in disgust)

Roxas: Apparently not. Then why is it so important we--

(A cannonball flies right at them. They quickly dodge out of the way)

Roxas: Yeeeagh!? What was that?

Captain Hook: Fire! Fire at will! Blow those Heartless right to 
Davy Jones's Locker!

Smee: Aye, aye, sir!

(Smee continues shooting cannonballs out of the ship's cannons)

Roxas: They're attacking us?

Axel: No... I think they've just mistaken us for Heartless.

Roxas: Great...

(The pixie flies toward the ship)

Roxas: H-hey...wait up!

(Roxas starts to fly after her)

Axel: Roxas! Are you nuts? Get back here.

Roxas: But she--

Axel: We don't know what she's after. The mission comes first. Let's find 
those Artful Flyers.

Roxas: Oh, all right.

Axel: Keep your eyes open. I don't want to have to scrape you off a cannonball.

(They fly around the Rocky Expanse and search various dug up holes for 
Artful Flyer Heartless)

Axel: Mission accomplished. And what a strange mission it was.

(He looks around at the cannonballs flying through the air)

Axel: Heh, you have to at least give them points for trying.

Roxas: I wonder if she's okay...

Axel: Hmm? Oh, your tiny friend?

Roxas: Yeah. Maybe we should have gone with her.

Axel: I don't think we had much choice. We're not getting anywhere near 
that ship today.

(Roxas looks to the ground)

Axel: Cheer up. She looked pretty determined. She'll be fine.

Roxas: Yeah... I guess so.

Axel: C'mon, let's RTC.

(They enter the corridor. Pete walks over to an empty treasure chest)

Pete: Heh heh heh... Those blockheads are actually diggin'! My plan's goin' 
perfectly! ...Muh? That's weird... Where'd the Heartless go!?

(Axel and Roxas have ice cream)

Roxas: You think that sparkly dust would work in other worlds?

Axel: I dunno about that...

Xion: Wow, you two sure flew through your mission.

(Xion walks in)

Roxas: Heh, if you only knew.

Axel: Xion...

Xion: Sorry I'm late. I had my hands full today.

(She sits next to Roxas. Later, she has her own ice cream bar)

Roxas: So I was about to tell you, today me and Axel actually flew!

Xion: You flew?

Roxas: Yeah. There's this sparkly dust that makes it possible.

Xion: I was wondering why you two looked so happy. Lucky...

Roxas: What's wrong? Did something happen again?

Xion: Nah, it's nothing...

(Roxas looks to Axel, then looks away)

==Day 196==

(Roxas travels to Twilight Town on a special mission to gather synthesis 

==Day 197==

(Roxas travels to Never Land to defeat an Avalanche Heartless. Afterward, 
he has ice cream alone)

==Day 224==

(DiZ meets Naminé in the Pod Room)

DiZ: You seem to be struggling.

Naminé: A Nobody is interfering, I think.

DiZ: A Nobody?

Naminé: I keep trying to piece his memory back together, but what if some 
of the pieces got lost? There would be no way for me to finish. If that 
happened--and they found their way into someone else--he'd never get them back.

DiZ: Oh, I think he can do without a memory or two.

Naminé: But what...what if he needs those memories in order to wake up? 
What if they're the key?

DiZ: Naminé... You are a witch who has power over Sora's memories and 
those connected to him. Are you seeing something I cannot?

Naminé: If his memories become her memories...she will never survive it.

DiZ: She?

(Xion sits alone in her bedroom, curled up on the bed. Later, Roxas walks 
into The Grey Area)

Axel: Hey, Roxas. I hear it's you and Demyx today. Gooooood luck with that... 

Demyx: Hey, even us Nobodies need our rest, right? Exhaustion kills!

Saïx: I'm sending you with Demyx today. Try to inspire in him a little of 
your work ethic.

(Roxas and Demyx arrive in the Coliseum Gates of Olympus Coliseum)

Demyx: Heartless duty again today? I keep telling them I'm not cut out for 
this stuff...

Roxas: This time we're after a specific target. Saïx said it was strong.

Demyx: Yeesh... Is it too late to go home? It's because I'm partnered up 
with you I keep getting saddled with these combat missions!

Roxas: Wanna split up the search like last time?

Demyx: Are you crazy!? And risk actually finding that thing? I'm not 
fighting it alone!

Roxas: Then let's move out.

(Demyx groans. Roxas and Demyx defeat Heartless outside)

Demyx: I'm gonna stay out here and, uh...guard the exit, yeah! Nobody's 
exiting on my watch. (Except maybe me...)

(Roxas says nothing and enters the Lobby)

Phil: I've been waitin' for ya, kid! Today's the big day, huh?

Roxas: Big day?

Phil: Don't worry. I already got you signed up for the Games. Now you just 
gotta go in there and put all that training to use!

Roxas: But-- All right... (They're holding the Games today? Then the only 
way I can search the Coliseum is by entering)

Phil: Snap out of it, kid! I need you sharp out there. Just tell me when 
you're ready.

(Roxas readies himself and speaks to Phil)

Phil: Okay, head into the Coliseum. Just remember my sure-fire way to win--
two words: Never. Ever. Lose!

(Phil enters the Coliseum. Roxas has a flash of Sora, Donald, and Goofy)

Demyx: You entering some kind of contest, Roxas?

(Roxas turns around to see Demyx)

Roxas: Sort of. These Games are the only way to get inside the Coliseum 
right now.

Demyx: Ahh, I follow you.

Roxas: I wish you would.

(Roxas battles through round after round, getting flashes of Sora in his 
victory pose, until...)

Phil: You're doin' great, kid! Win the next match, and the title's yours!

Roxas: Right.

Phil: I don't know much about the guy you're up against in the finals, but...
from the look of him, I'd say he's been through a few fights. Stay sharp!

Roxas: I will.

Phil: You've come this far! Don't let anybody else walk outta here with your 
title! Remember--I'm expectin' stuff from you, kid!

Roxas: Expecting... You mean you order me to win?

Phil: Order you? What are you talkin' about? It means I have faith you can win.

Roxas: Faith...

Phil: Right. Now get out there and knock some heads!

(They look toward the arena. Roxas walks in with his head down. The first 
thing he spots is a pair of black boots beneath an equally black--)

??????: Hey there, kiddo.

Roxas: Huh!?

Xigbar: Looks like you're doing pretty well here.

Roxas: Xigbar!? What are you-- Don't try and tell me you're a trainee, too?

Xigbar: As if! I just dropped in to see how our little wannabe hero is doing. 
I care about your future, Roxas.

Roxas: Just dropped in? You could have told me you were entering!

Xigbar: Try to make it look real, Roxas!

(He summons his arrowguns. He fights a bit with Xigbar, who mostly dodges 
backwards and shoots arrows at him. He adjusts his neck and faces Roxas. 
A gigantic suit of armor drops from the sky, and Roxas has a flash of 
nostalgia as the parts assume shape around the large torso. The arms click 
in place, followed by the legs, and the armor crashes to the ground. The 
spiked head falls out of the sky onto the top of the torso, and the Guard 
Armor faces Roxas and Xigbar)

Roxas: Hey... Is that the--

Xigbar: Well, well... Looks like our target's here.

Phil: Uh-oh... Looks like the finals just got postponed! Hey! Forget about 
the match! Just find someplace safe while I go get Herc!

(Phil runs out of the arena)

Xigbar: Well, Roxas? Ready to show me all you've learned?

(Xigbar takes a place in the stands. Roxas is unable the shake the feeling 
of familiarity this Heartless gives him. He pictures the boy in red fighting 
it, exactly as he is. After a long battle, he defeats it and Xigbar walks up)

Roxas: Mission complete.

Xigbar: Not bad! Our little Roxas is growing up so fast.

Roxas: Are you making fun of me?

Xigbar As if! That was a compliment.

(He opens a corridor of darkness)

Xigbar: I'll see you back home.

(He walks into it)

Demyx: Nice work out there, man!

Roxas: Demyx! You were here? Why didn't you come and help?

Demyx: I was, uh...cheering you on! Couldn't you hear me? 
Gimme an "R"! Gimme an--

Roxas: Are you blind!? That wasn't part of the Games!

Demyx: Right!? And what a shocker to find out Xigbar was the other finalist!

Roxas: Yeah...

Demyx: What's up with that... I can't imagine he was here on a mission. 
You never can tell what that guy is thinking...

Roxas: Maybe he just wanted an excuse to fight me... To test me.

Demyx: No way, man! I wouldn't read into it too deep. Besides, the mission's 
over, right? All's well that ends well, man!

Roxas: I...guess so, but...

Demyx: Anyway, I'm beat! Let's call it a day.

(He opens a corridor and they walk into it. Phil runs back in)

Phil: Hurry, Herc! Ya gotta take out the Heartless that crashed the.. Huh?

(Hercules walks in)

Hercules: Uh...what Heartless, Phil?

Phil: Where'd it go? And where's Roxas?

Hercules: Roxas? Who's that?

Phil: The new trainee you scouted! I been talkin' about him for days now. 
Good learner, shows a lot of promise? Ring any bells?

Hercules: Yeah, I remember what you said, but the guy I scouted wasn't 
named Roxas.

Phil: Huh?

Hercules: And he said it would take him a while to get here. He's probably 
still on his way.

Phil (totally stunned): What? But...then... Who was... Who have I 
been training!?

(Later, Xion has ice cream on the clock tower)

Roxas: Hey, Xion. Get here early?

(He walks in)

Xion: Yeah. I breezed right through my mission.

(He sits next to her)

Xion: So, how'd your day go?

Roxas: Ugh, you'll never believe what Xigbar did...

Axel: Hey hey. Oh, Xion, what are you doing here?

(Axel walks in)

Xion: What, do you want me to leave? Sheesh.

Axel: C'mon, that's not what I meant.

(He sits next to Roxas)

Xion: Hey, Axel?

Axel: Uh-huh?

Xion: You've been to Castle Oblivion, right?

Axel: Yup.

Xion: What's it like?

Axel: The Organization uses it as a research facility.

Roxas: Seems like people are getting sent there all the time. Especially you.

Xion: But they never send me or Roxas.

Axel: Well...they probably just don't need you there, that's all.

(Roxas takes a bite of his ice cream)

Xion: Maybe....

(She stands up)

Xion: I gotta go.

Roxas: Huh?

(Xion has a flash and suddenly feels dizzy. She falls forward off the clock 
tower, but Roxas catches her in time and pulls her back up)

Roxas: Are you feeling all right? Maybe you need to rest.

Xion: No, it's nothing like that.

(No one knows what to say. They're silent for a few moments)

Axel: I've got it!

Roxas: Huh? Got what?

Axel: Let's go to the beach next time we get a day off.

Xion: The beach? Where did that come from?

Axel: What, don't you want to go somewhere different for a change?

Roxas: So...it would just be the three of us?

Axel: Yeah, exactly.

Xion: ...I'll join you...if I can.

Roxas: Of course you can, Xion.

Axel: You'll have a blast, trust me.

Xion: Well...all right, sure. Let's do it.

--Roxas's Diary Entry: Day 224--
I think something's wrong with Xion. Is she not feeling well again?
Axel said we should all go to the beach next time we get a vacation. I think 
he senses something is wrong, too. That's why he suggested the beach--
to make her feel better.

==Day 225==

(Roxas walks into The Grey Area)

Demyx: Who's ready for a vacation? I'm ready for a vacation.

Axel: Saïx only gives days off when he's in a good mood. Which is never.

Saïx: Roxas, in light of your excellent performance, we have decided to award 
you a new rank.

(Roxas is awarded the rank of Expert)

Saïx: The Heartless grow ever more powerful. I have more work for you. Depart 
as soon as you are ready.

(Roxas travels to Halloween Town. He arrives at Guillotine Gate)

Roxas: I should make this quick and get back home.

(He is hit with an exploding pumpkin)

Roxas: Waugh!

(The pranksters laugh)

Lock: Ahhh ha ha ha ha! Got you again!

Shock (running): Run away!

Barrel (running): Where to?

Lock (running): Our secret hiding spot!

Roxas: Rrgh... Those kids are getting to be a real pain. And what's this about 
a secret hiding spot? What are they hiding?

(He walks into Halloween Town Square and sees Jack with Dr. Finkelstein)

Dr. Finkelstein: Ahh, Jack. I've completed the items you asked me for. Right 
over here.

(The Doctor wheels himself over to an odd blue pumpkin. Jack follows)

Jack: Thank you, Doctor! This Halloween will truly be one to remember!

Dr. Finkelstein: No doubt... You really are in fine form this year.

Jack: I've been drawing a lot of inspiration from the world around me!

(The Doctor nods)

Dr. Finkelstein: Very good. Keeping a keen eye trained on your surroundings 
is critical for an inventor. Now, as you've been exploring, have you seen 
Oogie's three rugrats? I hear they're up to something on the outskirts of 
town. Any idea what it is this time?

Jack: Not a clue...

Dr. Finkelstein: Sally said she spotted them the other day... Bah, she must 
have imagined it. She's always been a worrywart.

(Roxas makes his way to the second Boneyard and defeats the Carrier 
Ghost there)

Roxas: That takes care of that mission. Time to RTC.

(Meanwhile, Lock, Shock, and Barrel cower before a strange black creature. 
Roxas returns to the corridor and feels a presence behind him. The earth is 
upturned in a line heading for him and a long spiny creature shoots out of 
the ground)

Roxas: Whoa!

(It attacks Roxas with its thorns, but Roxas defeats it in a puff of smoke)

Roxas: What was that!? Hmm, I'd better tell Saïx about this.

(He leaves Halloween Town and meets Xion on the clock tower. He sits down, 
but she hesitates)

Roxas: Aren't you gonna have some ice cream?

(She says nothing)

Roxas: Xion?

Xion: Oh, sorry. I guess I'm just tired.

Roxas: You wanna sit down?

Xion: No, I'm gonna go. See you later.

(She leaves)

Roxas: Okay...

(He takes a bite of his ice cream. Axel walks in)

Axel: What, all by your lonesome?

Roxas: Hey, Axel.

(Axel sits next to him and pulls out his own ice cream bar, taking a bite)

Axel: Where's Xion?

Roxas: She left.

Axel: Hmm...

Roxas: She's been acting kind of weird lately, don't ya think?

(Axel says nothing)

Roxas: Maybe she's not feeling well.

Axel: She'll be okay. Don't stress it.

Roxas: If you say so. Hope we get some more vacation soon. We could all use 
that trip to the beach.

Axel: Right...

(Meanwhile, Xion is in a computer room typing at a keyboard. Data is 
progressing on the screens in front of her)

Xion: No, no...

(She continues typing)

Xion: Where is it?

(She pulls up a large data screen with the symbol of the Nobodies on it)

Xion: Got it!

--Roxas's Diary Entry: Day 225--
Okay, now I'm really worried about Xion. I told Axel, but all he said was 
that she'll get through it.
He knows something is wrong. I bet he's just telling me that to put my mind 
at ease. Well, it's not working.

--Secret Report: Xion--
My body feels heavy, and my head aches. I'm too busy dreaming to get any 
rest from sleep. Axel knows something. He's hiding some secret. It must be 
in Castle Oblivion. That's where I was born.

==Day 226==

(Roxas travels to Wonderland with Xion to destroy Shadow Globs)

==Day 227==

(Roxas travels to Never Land with Axel to defeat an Emerald Serenade)

==Day 255==
~The Longest Day~

(Xemnas, Saïx, and Xigbar sit Where Nothing Gathers)

Saïx: I sent Axel to Castle Oblivion last night on short notice, to help 
expedite the matter we spoke of. I also instructed him to clear out our 
facilities there. He should RTC soon.

Xemnas: And Naminé?

Saïx: Still missing, sir.

Xigbar: Missing indeed. Ha ha! Wherever could she be?

Saïx: Why, Xigbar... It almost sounds as though you know.

Xigbar: Hmph.

Xemnas: What else?

Saïx: Somebody accessed our main computer without authorization.

Xigbar: "Somebody"? Are we all gonna pretend we don't know who? Little Poppet 
is turning into a problem--and I think you catch my meaning.

Saïx: Nonsense. I see no problem whatsoever.

Xigbar: Ha ha! Well no, apparently you don't!

Saïx: Something you find amusing?

Xigbar: If people see with their hearts, Saïx, then you're even blinder than 
the rest of us.

Xemnas: Our plans remain unchanged. Axel, Roxas, and Xion will play the roles 
Kingdom Hearts has chosen for them.

Saïx: But sir, Xion... If we don't take steps--

Xemnas: Take steps? How can you not see how perfect this is? Xion is marching 
right into the arms of destiny. The only steps we need take are two: watch...
and wait.

(Meanwhile, Xion enters Castle Oblivion. She has a flash)

Xion: Nngh...my head...

(A memory comes to her. She is standing in a white hall of Castle Oblivion 
with Saïx)

Saïx: This is the last you'll ever see of these walls, Xion.

(The memory ends and she falls to her knees, clutching her head. A corridor 
opens and Axel steps out)

Xion: Axel... What are you...doing here...?

Axel: Orders. Nothing to do with you. I'm not sure what you thought you'd 
find in an empty place like this.

Xion: Don't lie to me! I know this is where I come from! The answers are 

Axel: Weren't you given some other mission?

(She says nothing)

Axel: You can't just throw orders to the wind, Xion.

Xion: Or else what? They'll turn me into a Dusk?

Axel: Not even a Dusk. They'll skip right past that and destroy you outright.

Xion: Because I'm useless?

Axel: No, I didn't say that.

(She stands up)

Axel: Turn around and go home, Xion.

Xion: Axel, I'm remembering things... About who I was.

Axel: Well, stop remembering. Nothing good will come of it.

Xion: I have dreams every night. You're in them, Axel!

Axel: Then they sure ain't memories. How could I be part of your past? Use 
your head, Xion.

Xion: You can't fool me. We've met before, Axel, right here in this castle!

Axel: Have not. Go home, Xion. Don't keep Roxas waiting.

Xion: Please, Axel, just...help me! I need to know who I am.

(She runs through the hall to a golden door)

Axel: Hey--stop! Xion, stay out of there!

(The doors open and she enters them. Later, Roxas enters The Grey Area and 
sees only Luxord)

Luxord: It's game time. We can leave as soon as you're ready.

Saïx: You'll be teamed with Luxord today.

(Roxas and Luxord travel to Wonderland)

Luxord: Yet another mission here.

Roxas: Let's hope things go as smoothly this time around.

Luxord: Heh. Don't tempt fate. You'll send Lady Luck running with talk like 
that. Time to ante up and play.

(They enter the Queen's Castle and see the Queen of Hearts on her throne 
addressing her Card Soldiers. Roxas gets a flash of Sora, Donald, and Goofy 
in the same area)

Queen of Hearts: STILL nothing!? If I lost my temper...one of you will lose 
your head! Understand!?

Roxas: Are they still searching for the Heartless we took out last time?

Cheshire Cat: You might say they'll look for absolutely nothing until they 
find it.

(The cat appears on a nearby hedge)

Cheshire Cat: And if they don't find it here, perhaps they'll find it there...
in the next maze. Unless, of course, they decide to look for the new shadow 
that's appeared. But that seems unlikely to me, does it to you?

Roxas: Wait... The next maze? There's more than one?

Cheshire Cat: Oh, didn't you know? Here, a maze is a maze of mazes. Isn't 
that amazing!?

(He disappears)

Roxas: He's gone...

Cheshire Cat: Not quite. I've one more quick quip. If four switches you 
trip...the new shadow unzips!

Luxord: A "new shadow," is it? Hmm... Let's check the maze for those 
switches, Roxas.

Roxas: Right.

(They enter the Hedge Maze Entrance and notice that the door to the Red 
Rose Hedge Maze has been opened. They enter it and see Card Soldiers 
stationed in various places. They run up to a switch on the ground and 
press it. A wall lamp in the Bizarre Room turns on)

Roxas: That leaves three...

(They find another switch in a separate part of the maze. Another light in 
the Bizarre Room turn on after pressing it)

Roxas: Two to go.

(They sneak by several guards and find a third switch. When pressed, the 
lamp on the table in the Bizarre Room flickers on)

Roxas: Just one more.

Playing Card: Oh no! I forgot the assembly!

(They see the Card Soldiers filing out of the maze)

Playing Card (marching): Hurry up! Don't be late!

Playing Card: Ack! If I'm late again, the Queen is sure to say, "Off with 
your head!"

(He runs out)

Roxas: What was that all about?

Luxord: My guess is they're headed to see that queen of theirs. Heh heh, it 
seems the house here is a stickler for rules.

(They find the last switch and press it. The third wall lamp turns on)

Roxas: That should be all of them.

Cheshire Cat: How wonderful! How simply wonderful!

(Roxas gets a flash of Sora)

Cheshire Cat: Now the lights are lit, the shadow's permit to come out and 
play. "Hooray!" I say.

(Roxas looks around)

Roxas: I don't see any shadow.

Cheshire Cat: Well, the lights aren't lit here. They're lit over there.

Roxas: Over where!? ...Never mind, I know you won't tell us.

Cheshire Cat: Oh, but today's the day I might. Today's the day to say 
you're job's...to look in the room with the napping knob.

(He vanishes. They walk to the Bizarre Room, where a Novashadow appears. 
They defeat it swiftly)

Luxord: Let's head back, Roxas.

(Roxas nods and they leave Wonderland. Later, Roxas sits alone on the 
clock tower)

Axel: You're early.

(Roxas looks up to see Axel standing at the corner entrance)

Roxas: No, you're just late.

(Axel sits down next to Roxas and smiles. Some moments pass and they have 
ice cream)

Roxas: Today makes 255.

Axel: What's that about?

Roxas: It's been that many days since I first joined the Organization. 
Man, time flies.

Axel: So, you got the number memorized, do ya?

Roxas: Yeah. Have to hang onto something, right? It's not like I have 
memories from before the Organization. Don't you remember? I acted like 
a zombie.

(Axel puts his hand on Roxas's shoulder)

Axel: Right, that first week you could barely form a sentence. But come on, 
you're still kind of a zombie.

(Axel gives him a playful pat on the back)

Roxas: Oh, thanks!

(They laugh)

Axel: Hey, Roxas. Bet you don't know why the sun sets red. You see, light is 
made up of lots of colors. And out of all those colors, red is the one that 
travels the farthest.

(Roxas elbows him)

Roxas: Like I asked! Know-it-all.

(They laugh again. More time passes and Roxas finishes his ice cream. Axel 
rests on his back)

Roxas: Seriously, where is she?

(He looks to the corner entrance, which is empty. Axel's face turns serious 
and he sits back up)

Axel: Roxas... I'm not sure she's gonna show today.

Roxas (worried): Did she collapse again?

Axel: She...

(He looks away from him, thinking)

Axel: ...What, didn't you hear? She got sent on a really important mission. 
Pretty cool, huh?

Roxas: Oh... So when's she coming back?

Axel: Well, I guess that depends on how well she does her job, right?

Roxas: Heh, fair enough.

(Xion looks into an orb in a room of Castle Oblivion)

Xion: No... Then...I'm not... The person I was before...wasn't me.

--Roxas's Diary Entry: Day 255--
I had ice cream with Axel after work today, but Xion didn't show.
Axel said she got sent on an important mission, but he wouldn't look at me 
when he said it. I've been wondering what's wrong with Xion all this time, 
but now that I stop and think about it, Axel's not himself either.

==Day 256==

(The Organization are seated in the Round Room)

Xemnas: Xion is gone.

(They all turn their focus on Xemnas)

Demyx: What!? Whoa whoa, time out... You mean she, like, flew the coop?

Xaldin: Hah, preposterous. What would drive her to choose her own demise?

Xemnas: On the contrary. No one is to go looking for Xion without my express 

Roxas: What? Why not!?

Saïx: Your "friend" will be left alone. Or would you rather we find some 

Roxas: I'd rather you get her back!

Saïx: And why would we do that?

Roxas: Rrgh...

Xemnas: All will be revealed when the time comes.

Axel: Hmm... Which means, if the time doesn't come, things can stay as 
they are...

Saïx: Lord Xemnas has spoken. Obey, or face your end.

(Roxas looks disheartened. Later, he enters The Grey Area)

Demyx: Where could she have gone?

Luxord: Only a fool bends to the cards. We shape our fates through action. 
Sometimes fun and games can make a serious difference in life.

Xigbar: Get your behind out on those missions.

Saïx: Here are your new missions. Stay focused.

(Roxas travels to Halloween Town to investigate a sudden drop in Heartless)

Roxas: Huh? Where'd all those weird balloons go?

(He walks into the Town Square)

Roxas: No balloons here either. Or Heartless... There's gotta be some 

(A Creepworm Heartless appears)

Roxas: A Heartless!

(A black thorny creature shoots from the ground)

Roxas: Whoa! That's...that thing from before!

(The strange claw grabs the Creepworm and devours it)

Roxas: What!? It...eats Heartless?

(Several other claws extend from the ground. Roxas defeats them)

Roxas: What ARE those things? What kind of creature feeds on Heartless? 
I guess that explains the drop in Heartless population... Maybe I should 
see what's happening outside of town.

(He enters Moonlight Hill and sees Lock, Shock, and Barrel running down 
a ladder)

Lock: Run awaaay!

Shock: I told you not to pick that thing up!

Barrel: How was I supposed to know it would growl?

Roxas: What are they running from?

(Roxas runs to look, but is stopped by several more claws appearing)

Roxas: Well... One thing at a time.

(He defeats the claws and looks over at the ladder)

Roxas: Time to find out what's back there.

(He climbs the ladder and enters the Manor Ruins past the Suspension Bridge)

Roxas: Hello!

(He sees an enormous Heartless springing out of the ground. After a grueling 
battle, the Leechgrave's flower burst and the coffin dissipated, leaving a 
giant heart to float away)

Roxas: Mission accomplished. Time to RTC.

(Jack watches him leave)

Jack: A black coat... Dark, creepy tentacles... Yes, yes, yes! I've got it!

(Roxas returns to the Town Square to see Jack and Dr. Finkelstein in 

Jack: There, it's perfect! Wouldn't you say, Doctor?

Dr. Finkelstein: Hmm, yes, it is quite something...

Jack: A harbinger of terror and torment!

(Jack shows off a scarecrow made out of a broomstick and black cloth with 
black thorny claws for hands and a skull-like face)

Jack: Stealthy and clever, it appears out of nowhere with spooky, black 
tendrils growing out of its hands! Under its cloak, it conceals a countless 
battery of bombs! A fiend like this is guaranteed to plunge everyone into the 
very depths of fear!

Dr. Finkelstein: Fascinating. And you plan to make this the centerpiece of 
next Halloween?

Jack: Yes! The idea occurred to me just moments ago.

Dr. Finkelstein: Well, you have my full support. Quite a novel idea you've 
come up with this time, Jack.

Jack: I'm glad you like it. I can't wait to get busy building more of them!

(Jack and the Doctor leave. Roxas walks over to it)

Roxas: Wait a second... Is this thing supposed to be...me? ...I'm really 
not seeing it.

(Roxas walks to the corridor in Guillotine Gate)

Lock: Trick or treat!

Roxas: Wha--?

(Lock throws an exploding pumpkin at Roxas)

Roxas: Waugh!

Lock: Ah ha ha ha! We got you!

(They run away)

Roxas: Again!? Ugh... They haven't changed a bit.

(He enters the corridor and has ice cream on the clock tower)

Roxas: Axel could've shown up at least.

(Axel stands at the entrance in silence, his arms crossed and head down)

--Roxas's Diary Entry: Day 256--
Xion has gone missing, but nobody said anything about her being hurt, so 
that's good...I guess.
Did she run off? That doesn't make any sense. Xemnas told us not to go after 
her. The way Saïx explained it, it's almost like they don't think she's worth 
getting back.
What is going on?

==Day 257==

(Roxas walks into The Grey Area)

Demyx: Can't say I blame the girl for wanting to bail on these missions, but...
I'm not about to go get myself turned into a Dusk over it.

Saïx: Much remains to be done. Stay focused.

(Roxas travels to Wonderland with Xigbar to defeat an Emerald Serenade. 
Afterward, he goes to the clock tower but sees it's empty again)

Roxas: Xion... Axel... Where are you?

(He sits alone and waits)

--Roxas's Diary Entry: Day 257--
I want to talk to Axel about Xion, but I can't seem to get ten seconds with 
the guy.
What am I supposed to do? I can't believe he's avoiding me. We're supposed 
to be friends.

--Secret Report: Luxord--
The air is charged. I can feel it. You go out on a big gamble at a time like 
this, and you're going to lose big. That said, it's betting against the worst 
odds that nets you the biggest win. I'm eager to see how this hand plays out.

==Day 258==

(Roxas travels to Agrabah on heart collection)

==Day 276==

(Roxas stands on the beach at Destiny Islands. He remembers Sora and Kairi 
on the beach, and picks up a seashell)

Roxas: Xion...

(He looks around and sees a cloaked figure on the bridge to the smaller 
island. He gasps and runs to it. The figure walks to the small island and 

Roxas: Xion!

(They stand silent for a moment before the cloaked figure turns to face him. 
It takes off its hood and Roxas is taken aback. Something snaps in his mind 
and the silver hair of Zexion is revealed)

Zexion (lifting an arm): Surely you must've known that this was going 
to happen.

(Roxas stands stunned)

Riku (lowering his arm): Why would I know?

(Riku walks in from the bridge. Roxas switches his gaze through the two 
of them)

Zexion: Because, in your memory, you've been to a number of worlds before 
you came to this one.

(Zexion and Riku start to walk around Roxas)

Zexion/Riku (their voices becoming one): And of course, in those worlds, 
the only beings you met were the dark kind.

(The world starts to flash and fade. Roxas clutches his mind)

Zexion/Riku: That's all that's left in your heart, the darkest of memories.

(Roxas falls to his knees in agony)

Zexion/Riku: Your memories of home are gone--every one.

(He thrusts out a hand to catch his fall and the flashes get more intense)

Zexion/Riku: That's a lie! I remember everyone from the islands!

(Xion continues to clutch her head in pain)

Zexion/Riku: They're my...my closest friends.

(She falls to her side)

Zexion/Riku: And who threw away those friends? Maybe it's your own actions 
you've forgotten.

(Riku continues to squirm in pain)

Zexion/Riku: It was you who destroyed your home!

(Sora's eyes are wide in agony, his head throbbing. Later, Xion is held in 
someone's arms, disheveled)

Xion: Who am I? What am I...here for?

(The silver haired man brushes her hair aside and recalls a conversation 
with Naminé. They sit in a White Room, at opposite ends of the table)

Naminé: I wasn't sure I'd see you again.

Riku: You made me a promise.

Naminé: To look after Sora. I remember. I'm sorry... I'm not sure I've 
kept that promise very well.

Riku: What happened?

Naminé: Some of Sora's memories are missing.

Riku: How can that be?

Naminé: They're escaping through Sora's Nobody into a third person--
and now they're starting to become a part of her.

Riku: You can't get the memories back out.

Naminé: If they're still separate...then yes, I think so.

(She looks at the sketchbook on the table of the picture of Axel, Roxas, 
and Xion)

Naminé: But if they join with her memories, things get a lot more complicated. 
I would need to untangle her memory before I could finish Sora's... What was 
supposed to take months might take years. DiZ would be furious.

Riku: So what's the solution?

Naminé: If I try to just jump in and rearrange her memory...then I risk Sora 
waking up to find out that nobody remembers him anymore. I can't do that to 
him. It's too late either way. His awakening will have to be delayed. I never 
imagined Sora's Nobody and the other one would fight so hard to be their own 
people. Unfortunately, the only real solution...is for them both to go away.

Naminé: Did you know her face was blank at first? Only now can you see 
someone. That proves some of Sora's memories are inside her. Some inside 
her, some inside Sora...others inside Sora's Nobody... I can't sort it out 
anymore. All I can do is pick up the pieces once what has to be done, is done.

Riku: All right, then.

(The blindfolded Riku looks up to see someone running into a dark corridor. 
He looks back at her. She has a dream of her, Roxas, and Axel watching the 
sunset from Destiny Islands)

Xion: Is it that I'm not supposed to exist?

(Roxas and Axel look over at her)

Axel: Well, what do you want to do, Xion?

Xion: I want...I want to be with you two.

(She folds her hands in her lap and Roxas places his hand on hers)

Roxas: Then come back with us.

Xion: I can't... Not the way I am now. But...what would it take for me to be 
like you?

(Meanwhile, Axel sits on the clock tower, when Roxas walks in)

Roxas: Wow, you're actually up here.

Axel: Been that long, huh?

Roxas (sitting next to him): I got to go to the beach today for my mission. 
There was this girl there who looked kind of like Xion...but I couldn't get 
close enough to tell for sure. I probably imagined it. To be honest, I'm not 
even sure today's mission really happened. I feel like I just woke up from a 
dream or something. This is gonna sound crazy, but you know how we promised 
each other we'd all go to the beach? Well, I think I only saw her there 
because I wanted her to be there.

(Axel stands up)

Axel: You wanna go look for her?

Roxas: Huh? But Xemnas's orders...

Axel: Orders, shmorders. Starting tomorrow, let's use our spare time between 
work and coming here to try and find Xion.

Roxas (standing up): Okay... Yeah, it's a deal!

(They look toward the sunset. Axel looks down)

--Roxas's Diary Entry: Day 276--
I don't remember much about today's mission--just that it was by the beach. 
Or was it? The mission didn't even feel real.
Me and Axel agreed to start looking for Xion tomorrow.

==Day 277==

(Roxas walks into The Grey Area)

Demyx: Ugh, why do they give these jobs to me, of all people?

Axel: I'll go look for her after work today. You do the same.

Luxord: Up to something? You have a terrible poker face.

(Roxas talks to Saïx and leaves for Wonderland. As he walks through the 
Rabbit Hole, the Cheshire Cat appears)

Cheshire Cat: All alone today, are you?

Roxas: Look, did you have something to tell me? Because if not--

Cheshire Cat: You might say I do, or you might say I don't. What do you say?

Roxas: I say see you around. I've got work to do. I have to go.

(He walks past the cat)

Cheshire Cat: Ahh, but go where? To see the large shadow, perhaps?

Roxas: There's a Heartless here?

Cheshire Cat: Indeed, but to find this shadow you must scour the shade.

(He disappears. Roxas enters the Bizarre Room and drinks the shrinking potion, 
where the cat appears once again)

Cheshire Cat: It's nearly here now. Are you quite prepared? If not, well...

(The cat vanishes and the Crimson Prankster lifts from a shadow on the 
ground and splits in two. Roxas defeats them and they drop their matchsticks 
and fall to the ground. A giant heart floats away and the cat 
appears again)

Cheshire Cat: Bravo! Bravo! The shadow's no more--even it can't shine in 
the light.

Roxas: ...So who are you, anyway? If you're going to help me, why talk in 
riddles? Are you a friend or an enemy?

Cheshire Cat: Neither...or both... It's quite up to you.

Roxas: Up to me?

Cheshire Cat: Why, yes. Once you believe, the truth and a lie are quite 
the same thing. Let your heart decide--it's in your heart you must confide.

(The cat disappears)

Roxas: Easy for him to say... How am I supposed to do that when I don't 
have a heart? I have no idea what to believe in.

(Roxas searches Beast's Castle for Xion, but turns up empty)

--Roxas's Diary Entry: Day 277--
I've looked everywhere for Xion, in every world, but there's just no 
sign of her.
Where is she? Why did she leave the Organization? I don't get it, any of it.

==Day 278==

(Roxas walks into The Grey Area)

Axel: Don't forget to go look for her after work today.

(Roxas talks to Saïx and leaves for Beast's Castle with Axel to take down 
a horde of Deserters. Afterward, Roxas searches Halloween Town for Xion, 
but finds no trace of her)

==Day 279==

(Roxas takes an endurance run to evaluate his combat ability in the Hall 
of Empty Melodies)

==Day 280==

(Roxas travels to Halloween Town on heart collection with Luxord. Afterward, 
he searches Agrabah for signs of Xion, but finds nothing)

==Day 296==

(Roxas walks into The Grey Area)

Xaldin: Stop thinking and act. There's work to be done.

Xigbar: Heh heh... Keep running wild and somebody might have to throw a 
leash on you.

Axel: I'll look again after work today, see if I can find her.

Saïx: Roxas, in light of your excellent performance, we have decided to 
award you a new rank.

(Roxas is awarded the rank of Master)

Saïx: Depart as soon as you are ready.

(Roxas takes the corridor to Olympus Coliseum)

Roxas: So today they want me to enter the Games and take out Heartless? 
Sounds more like exercise than anything else. Well, the sooner I get it 
done, the sooner I can go find Xion.

(He enters the Lobby and notices it's empty)

Roxas: Hmm... I wonder how I'm gonna get signed up.

Phil: Am I seein' things!? Rookie, is that you?

(Phil walks in)

Roxas: Huh? Oh, uh...hey.

Phil: I haven't seen you in ages. How are ya?

Roxas: I'm hanging in there.

Phil: That's good. 'Cause that vanishing act you pulled at the end of the 
last Games had me worried.

Roxas: Sorry...

Phil: Well, I figured you musta pulled through. No lousy Heartless is gonna 
wipe the floor with one of my boys. Speakin' of which, when ya plannin' to 
tell me you weren't the guy Herc sent?

Roxas: Well, if you'd have just liste--

(Roxas gets a flash of Sora, Donald, and Goofy talking to Phil)

Phil: This whole time I thought you were the Champ's top pick! Okay, let's 
start over, Roxas. Where ya really from? Who sent ya?

Roxas: Umm...well...

(He averts his eyes)

Roxas: I, uh... Hmm.

Phil: Say no more. I get the picture.

Roxas: You do!?

Phil: Sure, everybody's got a thing or two they wanna keep hush-hush. 
Forget it--doesn't matter. Let me get to the good news!

Roxas: Oh yeah? What good news?

Phil: The Games are bein' held again today. You got perfect timing, kid. 
You want in? This time you might even walk home with the title.

Roxas: But--you sure you don't mind?

Phil: Sure I'm sure! Just gimme a holler when you're all set.

(Roxas readies himself and enters the Games. He defeats Heartless in 
five rounds)

Phil: Attaboy, Roxas! That's what I like to see! You musta been stickin' 
to your training while you were gone. Trust me, kid, it shows. Keep up those 
workloads, and you're gonna get a lot stronger.

Roxas: I will.

Phil: Good. Now, I gotta head back inside to get ready for the next match, 
but, uh...

Roxas: What?

Phil: Nothin', nothin'. Well, all right then... I'm gonna go.

(He exits and Roxas turns to leave)

Phil: Hey, Roxas...

Roxas: Yeah?

Phil: Don't be a stranger.

Roxas: What, he wants me to come back? For what? More training? Hunh, weird. 
Well, the mission's done. Time to go grab Axel and see if we can find Xion.

(Later, Roxas and Axel sit on the clock tower)

Roxas: It's no use. We're never gonna find her.

Axel: You sure there isn't someplace you're forgetting to check?

Roxas (shaking his head): I've been everywhere I know how to get to.

Axel (scratching his head): Right...

Roxas: The only place I haven't looked is Castle Oblivion.

(Axel lifts his head)

Roxas: Xion was asking about it, remember? And the day before she disappeared, 
you said she was put on an important mission.

Axel: Yeah, but... The place has been cleared out, man. There's nothing there.

Roxas: Xion might be there.

Axel: You know...that's where she comes from. Castle Oblivion.

Roxas: What? Really!?

Axel: That's probably why she was asking about it.

Roxas: I had no idea...

Axel: Hey, neither did I. I only found out about it a little while ago myself.

Roxas: She must have a lot of questions. Poor Xion...

--Roxas's Diary Entry: Day 296--
There's one place we haven't checked yet to see if Xion's there--
Castle Oblivion. When I brought it up with Axel, he surprised me by 
saying that Castle Oblivion is where Xion comes from. I guess he just 
found out himself.
Is that where she is?

--Secret Report: Xigbar--
None of us really know everything that's going on in Castle Oblivion. Some 
rooms even Xemnas doesn't know about. Not many are ever aware that Xion was 
born there. I wonder if the truth about that place will ever surface.

==Day 297==

(Roxas walks into The Grey Area and overhears a conversation between Saïx 
and Axel)

Saïx: The impostor has been sighted again.

Roxas: Impostor? You mean the one that Xion...

Saïx: He's prowling about Castle Oblivion as we speak.

Roxas: Castle Oblivion? I'll go.

Saïx: Not by yourself, you won't. This target is extremely dangerous.

Axel: Then how 'bout I tag along? I know Castle Oblivion better than anybody 
else in this outfit.

Saïx: All right, better. Go, then, and teach this fraud the price for 
wearing our coat.

(Saïx walks away. Roxas and Axel nod to each other)

Axel: Castle Oblivion, huh? Ask and ye shall receive.

Saïx: I've reassigned you to Castle Oblivion for the day. Axel will be 
accompanying you.

(Axel and Roxas depart. They enter into a white hall)

Roxas: So, this is Castle Oblivion...

(Roxas suddenly clutches his head)

Axel: Roxas!?

Roxas (falling to his knees): Agh, my...my head!

Axel: Hey, easy man! C'mon, let's retreat for now and--

Roxas: No... We have to...find Xion... Wh...what's happening?

Axel: Roxas!

(The world goes white)

Roxas: All these...pictures...rushing into my head...

Axel: We're leaving. Now!

Roxas: No, wait... There's something... I can almost...

(Roxas collapses. Axel holds his arm over his shoulder and helps him into 
the corridor)

????: Giving up already? I thought you were stronger than that.

Roxas (waking up): RIKU!

(Axel and Roxas are on Side Street in Twilight Town)

Axel: Whoa, you okay there?

Roxas: What happened to me?

Axel: You collapsed right inside the castle doors. Don't you remember?

Roxas: I remember going in, that's it.

Axel: Hey, you should take a breather.

Roxas: I'm fine. We need to go back to Castle Oblivion.

Axel: Hah, I don't think so.

(Someone stands watching them)

Axel: Who's there?

(They see two cloaked figures)

Roxas: Xion?

(One lowers their head and opens a corridor, walking inside)

Roxas: Xion, wait!

(Roxas runs over but the other figure steps in the way as the corridor closes)

Roxas: Rrgh... Get out of the way!

(The figure says nothing and runs)

Roxas: Hey!

Axel: Roxas, wait up!

(They chase the impostor through the Underground Passage. He opens a grate 
and enters the Tunnel)

Roxas: Wait!

(They follow him until he reaches the grate to Sunset Terrace, where he 
escapes through a corridor. They arrive just when it closes)

Axel: I thought the impostor was sighted in Castle Oblivion! What's he 
doing here?

Roxas: Xion...

Axel: Ain't no way that was Xion!

Roxas: The other one was. The one who escaped before. But...I don't get it. 
Why would she run from me?

(She hides around the corner, overhearing them. The impostor walks up to her 
and takes his hood off)

Riku: You want to go back?

(Xion says nothing and looks in their direction. Later, Roxas and Axel have 
ice cream)

Roxas: Why would she do that?

Axel: At least we know she's safe. She'll come home when she's ready.

Roxas: But won't they turn her into a Dusk?

Axel: Not necessarily.

Roxas: Who was that guy she was with? Why is she cooperating with him?

--Roxas's Diary Entry: Day 297--
I went to Castle Oblivion to find Xion, but I don't remember anything about 
it. Axel said I collapsed as soon as I got there.
I woke up in Twilight Town, and incredibly enough, Xion was there. But she 
wasn't alone--there was this guy with her, and he was wearing the 
Organization's cloak. I could tell by his build that he wasn't one of us, 
though. Who is he?

--Secret Report: Axel--
The man they're calling the imposter, that fake Organization member? It's 
Riku. Roxas could very well remember that, somewhere deep in his memories. 
Still, it's too soon to report this. I need to know why Xion was with him 
first. If she's siding with the hero, it could easily mean her erasure. 
What are you planning to do, Xion?

==Day 298==

(Roxas walks through Nothing's Call when he hears a voice)

Axel: You're ordering me to what!?

Saïx: Tell me what choice is left, now that Xion has had contact with that 
man in the black coat.

(Saïx looks in Roxas's direction, Axel following. Saïx walks away when Roxas 
comes closer)

Roxas: Um, Axel?

(Axel says nothing, turns, and walks away. Later, Roxas enters The Grey Area. 
Axel leans against the window, silent)

Saïx: Xion has betrayed us.

Roxas: What? No!

Saïx: You saw the creature consorting with that impostor. What more evidence 
do we need?

Roxas: That's not evidence! Who knows why she was with him?

(He looks over to Axel, who has no response)

Saïx: I think we all know, and you just don't want to accept it.

Roxas (head down): He might be forcing her.

Saïx: Ha! Spare me your repulsive displays of would-be sentiment.

Roxas: It's not a display! Why is it such a crime to give each other the 
benefit of the doubt?

(Axel walks closer and shakes his head)

Saïx: The impostor has resurfaced in Twilight Town. Go and destroy him, 
Roxas--like I expected you to do yesterday.

Roxas: Rrgh...

Saïx: Axel, you bring Xion back. Gagged and tied up, for all I care. If 
that proves too troublesome, then you are authorized to adopt a more 
permanent solution.

Roxas: What? Saïx, no!

Saïx: Get going.

Axel: Well, this is pretty icky, huh?

Roxas: You're not actually gonna follow those orders?

Axel: Relax. I'll think of something clever once I find her. You just 
worry about yourself, huh? That guy in the coat didn't look like the 
type to go down without a fight.

Roxas: I know.

(Roxas enters Twilight Town by way of Side Street. He walks to Tram Common)

Roxas: I know that was Xion I saw yesterday. But...who was the guy with her? 
Why didn't she try to get away from him?

(He spots the impostor on a tall building)

Roxas: Huh? Hey!

(The impostor runs)

Roxas: Wait!

(He chases the impostor into the south alcove. The figure turns around and 
takes off her hood)

Roxas: Xion.

(He walks up to her)

Roxas: Where have you been? Axel and I have been looking all over for you.

Xion: You have? Sorry.

Roxas: Let's go home. If you come back voluntarily, Saïx will let all this 
drop. He has to.

(Axel stands with his arms folded on a ledge around the corner, listening)

Roxas: I don't care what he said to you. I'll be there. Me and Axel will 
make sure--

(She takes a step back as he holds out a hand)

Xion: I really can't.

Roxas: Why not? Come on...

(He tries to grab her, she backs further away. She looks down and tries to run)

Roxas (grabbing her arm): Wait!

(She stops...and summons her Keyblade, pointing it straight at him. He lets 
go of her arm. A chakram flies in, but she blocks it and it shoots into the 
ground, lighting on fire and disappearing. Axel walks in)

Axel: Well, hello there...Xion.

Roxas: Axel?

(Xion lunges for him)

Roxas: No, wait!

(Xion takes a strike at Axel, who summons his chakrams in a swirl of fire. 
Roxas stands helpless as the two exchange blows. Xion blocks an attack and 
the chakrams fly back to Axel. Xion runs for him again)

Roxas: Stop!

(Xion hesitates, looking over at Roxas, before getting a smack from behind 
that knocks her unconscious. She falls forward, but Axel grabs her, and her 
Keyblade falls to the ground with a metal clang, vanishing)

Roxas: Xion...

(Roxas runs to her. Axel carries her over his shoulder and exits through a 
corridor, leaving Roxas by himself, running at nothing. Later, Roxas takes 
a corridor back to The Grey Area)

Roxas: Axel!

Axel: Oh, hey, Roxas.

Roxas: Where is she?

Axel: Safe.

Roxas: How could you do that to her?

Axel: Do what?

Roxas: You didn't have to use force.

Axel: Didn't I?

Roxas: No... Of course not! We're supposed to be best friends.

Axel: This isn't about friendship.

(He scratches his head. Roxas just looks at him)

Axel: If that's all, I gotta go.

Roxas (thinking): If that's all!?

--Roxas's Diary Entry: Day 298--
I don't believe it. Axel attacked Xion. There had to have been some other way.
I know she's acting weird, but I hardly recognize Axel these days either.
What's going through their heads? I feel so left out.

--Secret Report: Saïx--
Axel failed to report that the imposter and Xion are working together. 
Instead, that news came from Roxas. The boy is far more easily handled 
than Axel, but now Axel has captured Xion and returned her to us. His 
motives are impossible to read. Our plans can be altered if necessary, 
but doing so can only delay their realization.

==Day 299==

(Axel and Saïx talk on the upper level of the Hall of Empty Melodies)

Axel: You're sure things are better this way?

Saïx: I never expected you to question it. If you could save one of them...
why would you choose the puppet?

(Axel struggles with his thoughts)

Saïx: Or put it this way. Which would you rather suffer the loss of: some 
make-believe friendship, or a real one?

(Axel looks away)

Saïx: Things are finally right again. Of course we're better off this way. 
Xemnas is exasperated from all the "fixing" we've had to do. We have to set 
things right. There is simply too much on the line...Lea.

(Axel walks out)

Xaldin: Xion? Why would I know where she is?

(He walks away. Roxas sees Luxord enter The Grey Area)

Roxas: Have you seen Xion?

Luxord: I wasn't aware she had returned.

Roxas: So you haven't seen her around?

Luxord: That is generally what "wasn't aware she has returned" means, yes.

(Luxord walks away)

Roxas: Doesn't anybody know what happened to her? Unless HE does...

(Xemnas sits in the Round Room. Roxas appears on his chair)

Roxas: I need to ask you something.

Xemnas: And what would that be?

Roxas: What happened to Xion? Can you tell me?

Xemnas: Put your mind at ease. Xion is a valued member of the Organization, 
but she needs her rest.

(Roxas thinks about the conversation at The Dark Margin. Roxas stands hooded 
as Xemnas walks past him, placing a hand on his shoulder)

Xemnas: Sora.

(The memory ends)

Roxas: ...Sora.

(Xemnas says nothing)

Roxas: Who is Sora?

Xemnas: He's the connection.

Roxas: The what?

Xemnas: He is what makes you and Xion a part of each other's lives. Just as 
he is the reason I placed Xion among our number. And if you want her to stay 
that way, I must insist you get your mind off these needless distractions. I 
will have Xion return to her duties tomorrow. Today, you must focus on yours.

Roxas: All right.

(He leaves the Round Room and walks through Twilight's View. He sees Axel 
and stops)

Axel: Hey, Roxas.

(Roxas says nothing and walks past him to The Grey Area)

Xigbar: I bet you're relieved to have Poppet home, eh?

Xaldin: To fret so, over something so insignificant... I cannot understand 

Saïx: If you have time to mope, then you have time to work. Focus, Roxas.

(Roxas is sent to The Night Sea in Never Land to hunt down Shadow Globs. 
Saïx meets with Xemnas in the Round Room)

Saïx: Are you certain we've taken suitable measures with Xion and Roxas?

Xemnas: I will admit, Xion has strayed from our original designs. But this 
unpredictable behavior is proving to have an interesting side effect.

Saïx: Really?

Xemnas: We wanted the Key. Xion's exposure to Roxas effected a transfer of 
its power, just as we had hoped. Had things stopped there, Xion would have 
been an unequivocal success. But then, through Roxas, Sora himself began to 
shape "it" into "her," giving Xion a sense of identity. I was ready to scrap 
the whole project... Then, it occurred to me: Xion is keeping Sora's memories 
trapped by claiming them as her own. Keeping her close to Roxas will prevent 
Sora from ever waking.

Saïx: I see. And what do you want to do about the impostor in black?

Xemnas: That gadfly? See that he stays away from Roxas. He only poses a threat 
if his buzzing reaches Xion's ears.

Saïx: Then we are back on track.

(Outside, in the Dark City, Riku stands atop Memory's Skyscraper. He looks 
over to the moon. Xion sits, curled up in her room)

Xion: Riku, what should I do?

(She looks toward the moon outside her window)

--Roxas's Diary Entry: Day 299--
Xemnas told me that "Sora" is the connection between me and Xion. But just 
who exactly is Sora?

--Secret Report: Axel--
Roxas doesn't trust me after the whole Xion incident, but I can't tell him 
the truth yet. So I keep lying. It's no big deal when you're a Nobody. 
There's no guilt, no feeling at all. So why does it still sting, just a 
little, when I lie to him? All my dealings with Roxas give me this bizarre 
illusion of humanity.

==Day 300==

(Roxas enters The Grey Area. He is sent to Never Land. He arrives at 
night. The pirate ship is docked at a large rocky expanse)

Roxas: There's that ship...

Captain Hook: Caught you!

Roxas: And there's those guys.

(The Captain and Smee are on one of the rocks nearby. Smee is holding a bag, 
which is squirming in his hands)

Captain Hook: I've finally clipped your pestering little wings, eh, Tinker 
Bell? Serves you right for buzzing about in me business! Planning to interfere 
with me treasure hunt, were you? Well, change of plans! Smee! We're 
returning to the ship.

Smee: I'm right behind ya, Captain!

(The bag continues to move around)

Smee: There there, now, Miss Bell. Be a good little pixie for us, won't you?

(They walk back to the ship)

Roxas: Tinker Bell? Is that her name? They caught her!? I have to help her! 
But...she doesn't really have anything to do with the mission. ...So what. 
I'm going. She helped me fly before. And all I did was keep blowing her off. 
I can worry about today's mission once I know she's safe.

(Roxas walks onto the Deck of the Jolly Roger)

Roxas: Did somebody use this mast for sword practice? It's full of gashes.

(He finds a mark near the door of the Captain's Cabin)

Roxas: There's a stain. Somebody must've spilled something here.

Captain Hook: Confound this useless map!

Smee: But Captain, are ya sure ya want to tear it up like that?

Captain Hook: Aye, we checked this one the other day. It's worthless!

Smee: If you say so, sir.

Captain Hook: Set a course, Mr. Smee! Take us to the next treasure spot!

Smee: A-aye, aye, Captain...

Roxas: Sounds like they're inside.

(Inside the Cabin, Tinker Bell is trapped inside a lantern)

Smee: B-but, sir...do you really think it's worth the trouble? We've done a 
good bit of digging already, and all we've found is pieces of junk and them 
Heartless creatures...

Captain Hook: Stop whining, Smee, and think! Why were there so many maps? 
I'll tell you why. Whoever buried the treasure made fake maps to lead me 
astray and protect the real hiding spot!

Smee: Oh! Then one of these maps is sure to be the real one, right?

Captain Hook: Aye, and the only way to know which it is is to follow them all! 
The Heartless must have been planted at the marked spots as guard dogs.

(The Captain glows with an aura)

Captain Hook: Well, no one outwits Captain Hook. That treasure is mine--mine, 
mine, mine! Now, get a move on, Smee!

Smee: Aye, aye, Captain!

(They walk back to the Deck)

Smee: Oh! But what about Tinker Bell?

Captain Hook: Hmph. Let her get acquainted with her new home--that lamp. 
Look lively, Mr. Smee!

(They walk away)

Roxas: Okay, the coast is clear.

(Roxas enters the Captain's Cabin and see's Tinker Bell inside the lantern 
on the desk)

Roxas: Just a minute. I'll get you out of there.

(He opens the lid of the lamp and she flies out)

Roxas: I'm glad you're okay. You can take care of yourself from here, right? 
I should get going.

(He starts to leave but she flies up to him. He gets a flash of Sora with 
Tinker Bell)

Roxas: Huh? Is there something else?

(She flies over to the desk and points to a piece of paper on it)

Roxas: This must be a piece of that map they were talking about. He really 
shredded it.

(Tinker Bell makes a few motions with her hands)

Roxas: Um... Sorry, but I don't know what you're trying to tell me.

(She gets flustered)

Roxas: There's a spot marked on this map piece. (Hmm... Everywhere they dug, 
Heartless popped out. And they've been digging based on these maps... Maybe 
I'll find more Heartless if I check these spots.)

Roxas: Hey, could you help me fly again? I need to go look at the spot 
marked on this map.

(Tinker Bell nods and sprinkles her fairy dust on him)

Roxas: Thanks. I should really get back to my mission now. Be careful those 
guys don't nab you again, okay?

(She nods. Roxas sees writing on the wall near the windows)

Roxas: Something's been scribbled here, but I can't make it out.

(He finds another shred of paper on a sofa)

Roxas: Hey, another piece of the treasure map!

(He finds another piece of the map in the corner of the room)

Roxas: What, does he collect these?

(He leaves the Cabin and finds another at the helm. Roxas leaves the ship 
and flies to the marked locations on the map. He uses his Keyblade to dig 
and finds a chest)

Roxas: This is one of those wooden chests they keep digging up. Let's see 
what kind of Heartless pop up. Maybe it's the one I'm after!

(He opens the chest)

Roxas: Huh? Nothing...

(He dispels his Keyblade)

Roxas: Are they not connected? But then why do Heartless always appear when 
they dig up the chests? Unless it's him. That guy in red. Maybe he's 
connected to the Heartless. Hmm... Only one way to find out. Let's see 
what those two are up to.

(He finds them on a nearby rock)

Captain Hook: Keep digging, Mr. Smee!

Smee: Aye, sir.

(The Captain glows with a strange aura again. The Phantomtail Heartless 
appears and crows)

Captain Hook: What!? Another Heartless?

Smee: Wh-what do we do, Captain?

Captain Hook: This one looks formidable. Run, Smee!

Smee: Running, sir!

(They run back to the ship. Roxas defeats the Phantomtail)

Roxas: So it was him. He must be what's drawing all these Heartless. I'm 
not sure why, but I guess that's a question for another day.

(Pete walks up to a hole in one of the rocks)

Pete: That's strange... The hole they dug's here, plain as day, but not a 
Heartless in sight. That pirate's greed oughta have every Heartless for 
miles here by now. Rrgh... Somebody must be goin' around and taking 'em out! 
Whoever it is, they're ruinin' my perfect plan! This calls for a new 
strategy... I'll give that pirate somethin' he can reeeally be greedy about. 
Then I'll summon a great big whopper of a Heartless!

(Roxas sits on the clock tower. Axel and Xion join him. They sit in 
silence. Naminé stands in the Pod Room)

Naminé: Oh no...

(DiZ walks over)

DiZ: What has happened?

Naminé: It's Sora... His memory has stopped.

DiZ: Stopped?

Naminé: Unless something is done, he'll never wake from his slumber.

DiZ: Then so be it. The gloves must come off.

Naminé: But...what'll happen to...

DiZ: Those Nobodies had no business existing in the first place--as you 
know fully well, Naminé.

Naminé: Yes...

--Roxas's Diary Entry: Day 300--
For the first time in a while, the three of us met up on the clock tower. 
None of us really knew what to say.
We used to talk each other's ears off, but I guess those days are gone.
So much has happened lately that I've been forgetting to write about those 
pictures in my head. Now it happens even when I'm not on missions. More 
often, too.
They even show up in my dreams. Xion told me she has dreams, too. Is all 
of this connected?

--Secret Report: Xion--
We watched the sun set today. The three of us. I didn't think we'd ever be 
able to do that again. It's like that dream I had--the one where I was by 
the shore with Roxas and Axel, watching the sun set over the water. I just 
want to stay with them. But how? What should I do?

==Day 301==
~Vacant Place~

(Roxas walks into The Grey Area)

Axel: Hey... Everything going okay?

Xion: I'm fine. I'm...I'm sorry, Roxas...

Xaldin: Are you applying yourself, Roxas? I cannot abide sloth. Hmph. Watch 
yourself out there.

(Roxas talks to Saïx and leaves for Never Land to defeat a powerful 
Heartless. He arrives at Skull Rock)

Roxas: Hmm, doesn't look like I'll be able to cross without flying.

(Tinker Bell appears)

Roxas: Hey, perfect timing!

(She sprinkles her fairy dust on him and points to Skull Rock)

Roxas: You want me to go over there?

(She flies to it)

Roxas: I wonder why...

(He flies closer and sees that Smee and Captain Hook are still digging)

Roxas: Those two are still at it?

Captain Hook: Well, Mr. Smee? This is the last spot. Me treasure MUST be here.

Smee: I'll have it uncovered in a jiffy, sir!

(He stops digging and jumps out of the hole)

Smee (excited): Captain! Captain! I found it!

Captain Hook: What? Let me see!

(They see a skull-encrusted treasure chest next to a saber)

Captain Hook: Good work, Smee! Oh, the lengths I've gone to find this treasure!

(He glows with an aura)

Captain Hook: It must be priceless!

(The chest starts to glow as well)

Smee: C-C-Captain?

Captain Hook: What is it now, Smee?

Smee: The treasure ch-chest, sir! It's...

Captain Hook: What!?

(The chest shakes and turns into a huge Ruler of the Sky, the chest as it's 
head and sabers for feathers)

Smee: Yikes!

Captain Hook: Blasted Heartless--still insisting on getting in me way! You 
know what to do, Smee. Run!

(The Captain runs away)

Smee: As always, Captain!

(Smee follows)

(The Heartless circles the island. Roxas jumps back and summons his Keyblade)

Pete: So, it's you what's been goin' around takin' out my Heartless!

Roxas: Huh? What are YOU doing here?

Pete: Listen pal, nobody messes with Pete's private army and gets away with 
it--including you! Now my new giant Heartless is gonna pluck you clean outta 
the sky! Let's see how you like that!

(Roxas flies into the sky and battles the Ruler of the Sky)

Captain Hook: Faster, Smee!

(Smee is rowing himself and the Captain toward the Jolly Roger)

Captain Hook: A few rounds from the Long Tom will show that monster who-- Mm?

Smee: Captain! Look!

(The giant Heartless falls through the sky, letting out a roar while 
attempting to fly, and crashes into the Jolly Roger. the ship buckles and 
the three masts are overturned. A giant heart floats out of the ruins)

Captain Hook (in complete astonishment): H-how did-- Why is--? Me ship, 
it's...it's in tatters!

Smee: Aw, cheer up, Captain... Our luck will turn around soon enough, I 
know it.

(Tinker Bell laughs at them)

Pete: Nngh, dag-nabbit! I'll get you for this!

(Pete runs away)

Roxas: Private army, huh? What does he want an army of Heartless for?

(Later, Roxas sits on the clock tower alone)

--Roxas's Diary Entry: Day 301--
I dream all the time now, but I don't sleep well. I wake up tired every day. 
I guess that makes them nightmares, not dreams.
Xion and Axel don't come to the clock tower anymore. I thought maybe if I got 
everything off my chest with them, I might stop having the nightmares...but 
so much for testing that theory.

--Secret Report: Axel--
Xion is burning through missions at full tilt. She seems frantic. Why, I 
don't know. And speaking of, I still don't know what to say to Roxas. Even 
without my orders from Saïx, I'd do anything to stop Roxas from being erased. 
I just don't know if I can stand by and let that happen to Xion, either. 

==Day 302==

(Roxas enters The Grey Area. He speaks with Saïx and travels to Halloween Town)

Roxas: Today I'm supposed to take out some kind of giant Heartless... First 
I should track down Xigbar. He's already in the field.

(Roxas enters the Town Square, where a horde of Hover Ghosts appear)

Roxas: So much for just strolling through...

(He walks into the Graveyard, where an even bigger horde of Mega-Shadows 

Roxas: Oh, yeah, this is fair. 

(A shot comes from above)

Roxas: Huh?

(Several more arrows spew from the sky and eliminate the Heartless)

Xigbar: Well, well. Look who decided to drop in.

(Xigbar walks in and flaunts his weapon)

Roxas: Xigbar!

Xigbar: Hey, Roxas. Taking in the sights?

Roxas: Don't be ridiculous. I'm here to back you up!

Xigbar: You're here to-- Ah ha ha! As if! Ha ha, Saïx has got some sense of 
humor if he's sending you to bail me out.

Roxas: What's so funny about that?

Xigbar: Kiddo, the only thing you'll ever save me from is boredom. Let's 
get this over with, huh?

(Roxas nods. They make their way to the Suspension Bridge, where they find 
more Heartless. A Snowy Crystal appears with a loud thud)

Roxas: That looks giant enough to me. C'mon!

Xigbar: Heh heh... Right. Just keep your head on straight.

(They defeat the Snowy Crystal and its Icy Cube cohorts)

Roxas: Mission accomplished.

Xigbar (looking up): Or is it?

Roxas: Huh? Oh, come on, quit playing ar--

(Xigbar pushes Roxas out of the way of an oncoming sword of ice)

Roxas: Whoa! What...

(The Chill Ripper stands upright)

Xigbar: Now see? This is more like what I'd call a giant.

(They defeat the Chill Ripper)

Xigbar: There. Now you can say, "Mission accomplished."

Roxas: You could have just told me that ice cube Heartless wasn't our target.

Xigbar: But because I didn't, you learned a hard and valuable lesson. And for 
the record, I did warn you to keep your head on straight.

Roxas: Well, yeah, but...

Xigbar: Heh heh. Come on, kiddo. Let's RTC.

Roxas: Okay.

==Day 303==

(Roxas travels to Beast's Castle in a luck assessment)

==Day 304==

(Roxas travels to Wonderland to eliminate an Emerald Serenade)

==Day 321==
~Waning Power~

(Roxas has a dream about Sora losing his Keyblade to Riku. A tear falls from 
his cheek and he wakes up)

Roxas: Wh-what... Did something get in my eyes?

(He enters The Grey Area)

Xigbar: Why the long face? You have a bad dream or something?

Xion: Roxas, are you okay? You don't look so good...

Saïx: I'm deploying you and Xion together today.

(Roxas and Xion arrive in the Palace Gates area. Roxas summons the Keyblade)

Xion: What's wrong?

Roxas: Nothing.

Xion: You look pale...

Roxas: You're imagining things. (smiling) Let's go.

Xion: Well...okay...

(They explore more rooms in the Cave of Wonders. They reach the lamp chamber 
and approach the sealed Keyhole)

Roxas: End of the line.

Xion: I remember this...

Roxas: Huh?

Xion: It's a keyhole. See?

(Xion has a flash of Sora sealing the Agrabah Keyhole. She feels faint, but 
Roxas catches her)

Roxas: You okay?

Xion: Y-yeah...

(She looks into his eyes)

Xion: You look so much like him.

Roxas: ...What?

(A Heartless appears. After a short time, Xion strikes it and the heart 
is released)

Xion: H-how... How did I just do that? Where did that power come from?

(She sees Roxas, exhausted)

Xion: Roxas?

(She runs over to him)

Xion: Hey, are you all right?

Roxas: Yeah... Using the Keyblade these days... I don't know what's wrong 
with me--I just run out of steam.

Xion: You...you do?

Roxas: You know what, never mind. I'm probably just overworked, heh.

Xion: You sure you're okay?

Roxas: 'Course I am. C'mon, Xion, let's RTC.

(Roxas enters the corridor, Xion hangs her head and enters after him. They 
have ice cream together)

Xion: You're really, really okay?

Roxas: Okay, you're starting to weird me out.

Xion: Why?

Roxas: Since when do you ever worry about me?

Xion: Well, excuse me!

Roxas: Just feels strange, that's all. Usually, I do all the worrying over 
you. I don't think it's ever been the other way around before.

Xion: Well, for your information... I worry about you all the time, Roxas.

Roxas: I'm glad you're back, Xion. I just wish Axel didn't have to be so 
rough with you.

Xion: I guess he's not coming today.

Roxas: You want him to?

Xion: What, did you two have a fight?

Roxas: I can't believe that jerk would actually attack you.

Xion: So he's a jerk now?

(Roxas says nothing)

Xion: Roxas, I wouldn't be sitting here with you if Axel hadn't done that.

(Roxas still says nothing)

Xion: He's your best friend.

Roxas: So are you.

Xion: It's just not the same without all three of us...

(Later, Axel walks through Naught's Skyway)

Xion: Axel!

(She runs up)

Axel: You need something?

Xion: What? No...I just... Something's wrong with Roxas. I thought you might 
know what's up. He says the Keyblade wears him out now when he goes to use it. 
And suddenly I find myself fighting the same way he does...

Axel: Well, you know him better than me.

Xion: Why...why would you say that?

Axel: Ask yourself what's doing it to him.

Xion: I'm not sure.

Axel: Oh, you're not sure? What, did they forget to build you with 
common sense?

(Xion gasps)

Axel: Oh, come on, don't look shocked. You already know you're a Replica. 
A puppet whose original purpose was to duplicate Roxas's powers. If he's 
getting weaker and you're getting stronger... Well, that just means you're 
borrowing a little more than you oughta be.

Xion: ...What should I do, then?

Axel: I can't make that decision for you. You're no puppet in my book. 
You're my best friend. Mine and Roxas's. Got it memorized?

Xion: Yeah... Can I ask you one other thing?

Axel: What's that?

Xion: I saw a boy today who looks just like Roxas. Is he who I think he is?

(Xigbar stands around the corner overhearing the conversation)

--Roxas's Diary Entry: Day 321--
I feel so tired--almost disconnected from my body. The dreams have gotten 
stranger. Now I wake up with water on my cheeks. I don't know how it got 
there, but I think there's something really wrong with me.
Today I was teamed up with Xion. She seems to be in a lot better shape than me.
We had ice cream together, something we hadn't done in a while.

--Secret Report: Xion--
Axel's always helping me out, so I just assumed he would again. How long has 
he known about me? Maybe since long before we met in Castle Oblivion. But he 
told me to think for myself. I was so happy. But now, as I get stronger, 
Roxas keeps getting weaker. I shouldn't exist anymore. They say that Nobodies 
were never meant to exist, but I'm the real affront. But before I'm gone, I 
want to help Roxas and Axel. Even just a little. I think the boy I saw today 
is the same Sora from my memories.

==Day 322==
~The Program~

(Saïx, Xigbar and Xemnas sit in the Round Room)

Xigbar: Sora is having a powerful effect on her.

Xemnas: Yes, it was not supposed to gain a mind of its own--nor become the 
person we see. But in the end, it only proves the puppet is the more worthy 
vessel. At last, the time has come. Saïx, are the devices ready?

Saïx: All three will be operable in a matter of days.

Xemnas: Good.

Saïx: What do you want to do with Roxas?

Xemnas: Both of them have connections to Sora, but we only need one of them 
under our thumb. Let Xion take from Roxas the rest of what he has to give... 
Or, let him destroy her first and get it all back. It makes no difference to 
me. Either way, Sora's power will be ours.

(Roxas enters The Grey Area)

Luxord: What good is luck if you never stop to enjoy it? You should take 
a break.

Axel: Hey... Don't get yourself into trouble.

Xion: Please, Roxas, don't... Don't do anything crazy.

Luxord: Passion is a virtue, but no game was won by overeagerness.

Xigbar: Ain't Xion just a peach now? The face of an angel. Just gotta be 
careful--girls her age have many faces.

(Roxas talks to Saïx and enters Beast's Castle by way of the Courtyard)

Roxas: All right, Xaldin... Where are you?

(He enters the Ballroom to see Belle by the window)

Belle: He just isn't himself lately... I wonder what's happened. I'll go 
ask the others. Maybe they know of some way I can help.

(She leaves)

Roxas: The beast has been acting strange? Why do I get the feeling this has 
something to do with Xaldin...

(He walks into the East Wing and sees Cogsworth and Lumiere in the hallway)

Cogsworth: Lumiere, the master is out of sorts--again. Have you any idea what 
it is this time?

Lumiere: No, I am completely in the dark...

Cogsworth: Hmm... I wonder if it has anything to do with that stranger 
Mrs. Potts spotted in the castle.

Lumiere: A stranger, you say?

Cogsworth: Yes. She said it was a man in a black coat with black hair.

Lumiere: And you suspect he may have antagonized the master? Surely no one 
would be so foolish.

Cogsworth: Still, the possibility remains. We must sweep the castle for signs 
of this man immediately!

Roxas: That sounds like Xaldin, all right. He could still be around somewhere. 
I should keep looking.

(He enters the West Wing and walks to the Beast's Room)

Roxas: Xaldin seemed awfully interested in the beast... Maybe he's in here.

(He looks inside and sees the Beast pacing about his room)

Beast: No... I won't believe it. He must have been lying. Belle, betray me? 
He said she would take everything from me. That's not possible. I trust her!

Roxas (thinking): He, who? Xaldin?

(He turns around)

Roxas: It sounds like Xaldin made some kind of contact. Then he might still 
be somewhere in the castle...

(He returns to the corridor only to see...)

Roxas: Xaldin!

Xaldin: Roxas... Why are you here?

Roxas: You never RTC'd from your last mission. I came to get you.

Xaldin: Hmph. How presumptuous.

Roxas: What's kept you here so long?

Xaldin: Just making a few preparations.

Roxas: Preparations for what?

Xaldin: It won't be long now. Things here should become quite interesting.

Roxas (thinking): Is that why he made contact with the beast?

Xaldin: A shame you've wasted your time. We return immediately.

Roxas: Fine...

(They enter the corridor. Later, Roxas has ice cream)

--Roxas's Diary Entry: Day 322--
I had another dream. My head feels heavy.
I want to have ice cream with Xion and Axel again.

==Day 323==

(Roxas enters The Grey Area)

Xion: Roxas, try not to... Just...don't push yourself too hard.

Saïx: You've not a moment to rest.

(Roxas travels to Olympus Coliseum with Xigbar to take out a Scorching Sphere)

==Day 324==

(Roxas travels to Wonderland on heart collection. Afterward, he eats ice 
cream alone)

==Day 325==

(Roxas takes a mobility test by collecting Organization emblems in Never Land)

==Day 326==

(Roxas travels to Halloween Town to eliminate the Windstorms)

==Day 352==

(Xion stares at the moon outside her window)

Xion: I'm going to wreck everything... What's the right thing to do? Riku 
would know...

(Xion thinks back to when Riku found Xion in Castle Oblivion. She wakes up 
in his arms)

Xion: Are you...

Riku: Riku. Sora's friend.

Xion: Sora? You know Sora?

Riku: Yeah.

(He stands and offers a hand to help her up)

Xion: Thank you. You saved me...but I don't know why you did.

Riku: I guess I just felt like it.

Xion: Riku, please... Tell me more--about Sora and that girl he's always with.

Riku: You mean Kairi.

Xion: Kairi... That's right. She's the one who looks so much like me.

Riku: To Sora, she's someone very special.

Xion: It's just... I remember things about the two of them. But I'm nothing 
more than a puppet--something that somebody created. So why would I have...
their memories? Do you know where Sora is now?

Riku: That secret stays with me.

Xion: Why's that?

Riku: Xion...your memories...they really belong to Sora.

Xion: So you mean...I'm like a part of him?

Riku: When his memories were scattered, some of them found their way 
inside you. Now, Sora has been put to sleep so that we can piece together 
his memory. Except...

Xion: You can't, because part of it is inside of me. That means...
he can't wake up.

Riku: Yeah. You got it. But, if you go with me to Sora right now, we could 
give the memories inside you back to him.

Xion: So, do you hate me for taking your friend away from you?

Riku: Nah. I guess...I'm just sad.

Xion: I'm sorry, but...I can't go with you. It's my friends--they need me. 
And I need them, too.

(Riku places a hand on her shoulder)

Riku: Maybe...you should take some time and think about it. Figure out who 
really needs you more. And where you belong.

Xion: How will I know where I belong, truly? I'm not sure I can promise you 
I'll come up with the right answer.

Riku: Well, the answer you come up with can't just be right for you. It has to 
be one that works best for everybody, you and your friends and everyone else.

Xion: I'll try.

(Riku leaves)

Xion: Thank you, Riku.

(On her bed, she pulls out a seashell and looks at it)

Xion: I have to make the most of the time he's given me.

(She looks back at the moon. Roxas walks into The Grey Area)

Roxas: Hey, Xion, good morning.

Xion: Good morning.

Roxas: Listen--

Xion: Sorry, I gotta go.

(She leaves. Roxas sighs and Saïx walks over)

Saïx: Roxas. How are you feeling today?

Roxas: Same as always.

Saïx: I have an urgent mission especially for you and your Keyblade. There's 
a Heartless that's surfaced in Halloween Town. I was hoping you might 
exterminate it for us.

Roxas: S...sure... Leave it to me!

Axel: Hey, whoa whoa whoa... Roxas, you really wanna do that?

Roxas: Why wouldn't I?

Axel: It's just, lately you--

Saïx: Shouldn't you already be out on your mission, Axel?

Roxas: Yeah, I need to get ready, too. Let's catch up later!

(He leaves)

Axel: But...

Saïx: Can't you just let things run their course?

(Axel says nothing)

Xigbar: Heh heh. Girls, am I right? Life's biggest mystery. One thing that 
IS clear, though, is that no girl wants to be with a guy weaker than she is.

Luxord: Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Of course, this isn't a game 
that lets a gentleman lose twice...

Saïx: Head to Halloween Town and exterminate that Heartless.

Axel: Hey... Watch yourself out there.

(Roxas arrives in Halloween Town)

Roxas: Xion looked really upset when she left this morning. I wonder what's 
on her mind... I should go talk to her once I finish up here.

(He walks into the Town Square)

Roxas: No sign of the Heartless here... Guess I'll check further in.

(He proceeds to the Graveyard)

Roxas: Still no Heartless. Where is this thing hiding, anyway?

(An Orcus appears out of nowhere)

Roxas: Wh-what!? How could it get this close to me without me noticing?

(He summons his Keyblade and fights the Heartless. Even blow after blow, the 
Heartless seems unfazed)

Roxas: It's...it's too powerful. I've gotta finish this now, before it wears 
me down any further. It's all or nothing...

(A flash and the sound of flames. Axel blocks Roxas and Xion's attacks)

Axel: STOP, both of you!

Roxas: Xion!?

Xion: Roxas? Wh...what are you doing here? The Heartless I was fighting--
it was you?

Axel: This mission was a setup.

Roxas: What?

Axel: It was rigged so you two would battle each other.

Roxas: Me and Xion? But...

Xion: They would do that?

(Later, they eat ice cream on the clock tower)

Xion: Brain freeze, ha ha.

Roxas: Been a while since we all hung out like this, huh?

Axel: Well, we have had our share of drama. Hey, I just remembered--did you 
guys know you should be checking your ice cream sticks?

Xion: Really? For what?

Axel: Once you finish your ice cream bar, check the stick. It might say WINNER.

Roxas: Hey, wait a second... Oh yeah!

Axel: "Oh yeah" what?

Roxas: Uhh...n-nothing. So what do you win?

Axel: Heh, beats me.

Roxas: Ha ha, you don't know?

Axel: It's gotta be something good, if you're a WINNER!

Roxas: Right.

Xion: Heh heh heh... Wow. The sun sure is beautiful. I know we've seen 
a lot of sunsets, but today's puts them all to shame. If only things 
stayed like this.

(Axel says nothing)

Roxas: What if we all ran off?

Xion: What?

Roxas: The three of us. Then we could always be together.

Xion: We don't have any place to run.

(Axel says nothing)

Roxas: I know. Heh, I was just thinking out loud.

Axel: Well, even if things change, we'll never be apart--

Xion: As long as we remember each other...right? Don't worry, Axel--we got 
your hokey speech memorized.

Axel: Just checking.

Xion: I'll have these moments memorized for a long time. Forever, I hope.

Roxas: Me too. Forever...

(Naminé stands in the Pod Room)

Naminé: Sora...

(DiZ walks over)

DiZ: It appears we've come to a standstill.

Naminé: Yes.

DiZ: This has gone on long enough. Riku...

(He turns around to face Riku)

DiZ: I think you know what needs to be done.

Riku: Right.

--Roxas's Diary Entry: Day 352--
Me and Xion and Axel had ice cream. The sunset was beautiful.
I don't have to write anything else down, because I'll never forget this day.

--Secret Report: Xion--
Riku gave me this time. Axel told me to spend it thinking for myself. The 
Organization is determined to erase either me or Roxas. They'll never allow 
us to coexist. I love Roxas and Axel. I'm sure Saïx would scoff at that. 
Call it a trick of my artificial memories. But the time I spent on that clock 
tower was real. I wish the three of us could stay together, just like this, 
forever. But I have to end this. I'll never forget today's sunset. Even if 
Roxas and Axel do, I won't forget.

==Day 353==

(Axel walks through Twilight's View)

Saïx: You've meddled again.

Axel: Sorry, did you say something?

Saïx: We don't need them both. Just one. And pretending won't change it.

(Axel looks away)

Saïx (walking past him): Think about that.

(Roxas enters The Grey Area and sees Axel, Xion, Xigbar, and Saïx in 
conversation. Xion's hood is covering her face once again)

Axel: Now here's an unlikely trio. Me, Xigbar, and Xion?

Xigbar: Worried I'll slow you down?

Axel: 'Course not. Touchy, touchy... It's just not every day we get to go 
for a stroll with number II himself. Ain't that right, Xion?

Xion: Yeah.

Roxas: Hey, you three are teamed up for the day?

Saïx: You have your own mission, Roxas.

Roxas: I can't trade with Xigbar or something?

Saïx: What an extraordinarily childish notion. Do you need Axel to walk 
you everywhere now?

Roxas: No...I didn't-- Never mind.

(Xigbar, Axel, and Xion leave)

Saïx: They can handle their mission. You hurry up and see to your own. 
Today's mission requires that you go solo.

(Roxas disembarks for Twilight Town to eliminate multiple giant Heartless. 
Meanwhile, Xigbar, Axel, and Xion are in Wonderland)

Xigbar (knocking away an attack): Ha ha! Talk about a blast from the past.

(Xion is poised and ready to fight, Keyblade out)

Axel: Cut it out, Xion!

(Xigbar summons his arrowguns)

Xigbar: Of all the faces... Why do I look at her and see yours?

(Xion appears similar to Roxas)

Xigbar: Do you always have to stare at me like I just drowned your goldfish?

Xion: Shut up!

(Axel watches. Xion stamps a foot on the ground, becoming invisible. Xigbar 
looks around furiously but is hit by Xion's swift leftside appearance. Xigbar 
falls to the ground, and Xion dispels her Keyblade and opens a corridor)

Xion: Axel, I'm sorry.

Axel: Have you flipped your lid?

Xion: Please...let me go. I have to do this, or else-- Look.

(She removes her hood and Axel gasps)

Axel: What the...

(She puts the hood back on)

Xion: Please, Axel. You have to take care of Roxas.

Axel: But how are you...gonna...

Xion: Please!

(He thinks for a moment and then nods toward the corridor)

Xion: Thank you.

(She runs into the corridor of darkness and it closes behind her. Axel looks 
at Xigbar lying on the ground and sighs. Meanwhile, Roxas appears in 
Twilight Town)

Roxas: Just me and the Heartless today. Well...better get it done.

(He succeeds at his mission and returns to the corridor)

Roxas: I wonder if Xion and the others are back yet.

(In The Grey Area, Saïx is speaking with Axel and Xigbar)

Saïx: Explain yourself, Axel.

Axel: I didn't let her go. The old man needs to get his eyes checked. 
Anyway, she wasn't taking no for an answer.

Xigbar: I'll give him that. Can't toss the blame around when I couldn't stop 
her either.

(Roxas walks in)

Saïx: And now we're left with the one we can't use...

(Saïx leaves)

Roxas: What was that all about? Where's Xion?

Xigbar: She flew the coop. Flamsilocks here couldn't trouble himself to clip 
her wings.

(Axel says nothing)

Roxas: Axel, he's kidding, right?

(Axel remains silent)

Xigbar: As if. Your friend sat there sucking his thumb while Xion walked 
right off. ...I'm going back to my room.

(Xigbar leaves. Roxas walks closer to Axel)

Roxas: What happened out there?

Axel: Look, nothing.

Roxas: Xion's gone! How is that nothing?

Axel: It's just like Xigbar said. I couldn't stop her from going.

Roxas: Don't give me that! Why not?

Axel (crossing his arms): Roxas... Xion is like a mirror that reflects you.

Roxas: What?

Axel: The Organization made her to duplicate your powers. She's a puppet.

Roxas: Have you gone nuts? Xion's a person, not a puppet.

Axel: She's smoke and mirrors, Roxas. And when I looked in the mirror... 
It wasn't you I saw.

Roxas: I don't know what you're talking about, but Xion is Xion. You can't 
expect her to be me.

Axel: That's not what I mean, Roxas. It was only a matter of time before 
somebody had to break the mirror.

Roxas: You mean destroy her.

(Axel looks away)

Roxas: Answer me!

Axel: Roxas, if somebody doesn't, you'll... You won't be you anymore.

Roxas: I'll always be me! Your best friend--just like Xion!

Axel (shaking his head): Roxas, you're...you're not seeing the bigger 
picture. Any of it.

Roxas: Ugh, forget this.

(Roxas starts to leave)

Axel: Roxas!

(He runs away)

Axel: Why can't you understand...

(Xion arrives on the Bridge of Beast's Castle and sees Riku)

Xion: Riku!

Riku: Did you find the right answer?

Xion: Yeah. I did. I'm on the verge of losing everything I ever cared about. 
I can't let that happen. Tell me what I need to do.

Riku: Go to Twilight Town. You'll find a girl there by the name of Naminé.

Xion: Naminé? What's she like?

Riku: You'll find out. I don't think you'll have much trouble tracking 
her down.

Xion: All right. Thanks, Riku. Good-bye...

(She enters the corridor)

--Roxas's Diary Entry: Day 353--
Axel let Xion leave the Organization. Like he wanted her to go.
She's a puppet? A mirror that reflects me? He's talking nonsense. I can't 
trust him anymore.

--Secret Report: Axel--
I couldn't tell Xion she was wrong, and I can't bring myself to end her. 
But it's either that, or I have to erase Roxas. There's no future where the 
three of us can sit around and eat ice cream. I know Roxas will never 
understand. I don't want to acknowledge it myself.

==Day 354==

(Xemnas assembles the remaining Organization members in the Round Room)

Xemnas: Xion has vanished again.

Xaldin: Do we know where she is?

Xemnas: "It," not "she." Xion is just a Replica...a puppet.

Luxord: Puppet? Someone made her?

Saïx: Puppets generally don't make themselves.

Xigbar: The Replica Program was one of our little pet projects.

Demyx: Replica whatza?

Xaldin: Perhaps you'd care to enlighten us about this "pet project."

Xemnas: The goal was to duplicate the Keyblade wielder's memories, and 
through them, his powers--thus making them our own. Vexen oversaw the project 
at Castle Oblivion. However, our efforts were severely derailed by his 
unexpected demise. And this particular Replica--the one we called Xion--
came to form an identity of her own.

Saïx: That caught us off guard. If anything like that happened before, no one 
at Castle Oblivion ever reported it. Did they Axel?

(Axel remains silent)

Xemnas: Fortunately, the puppet has no means of dashing our plans now, even 
if she has learned to pull her own strings. Still, she knows our secrets. 
We need to shorten her leash... And perhaps tighten it.

Roxas: You don't mean--

Xemnas: Axel.

(Axel looks toward Xemnas)

Xemnas: Seeing as how she escaped on your watch, the onus is on you to 
capture her and return her here. I am willing to overlook and nicks and 
scratches. Just ensure she still functions on arrival.

Xaldin (shaking his head): Why you would allow a deserter back under our 
roof... She should be eradicated!

Saïx: "Deserter" is hardly the term for a broken specimen who wandered out 
from under the microscope.

Xemnas: Axel, you have your orders. Dismissed.

(Xemnas vacates his chair)

Xaldin: Bring her back? It's sheer madness...

(Xaldin leaves)

Demyx: All this time, I've been talking to a puppet... Intense.

(Demyx leaves)

Xigbar: So now we just sweep it all up? Heh... As if.

(Xigbar leaves)

Luxord: If only the whispers at the top of the ladder carried to the 
bottom rung...

(Luxord leaves)

Saïx: Axel.

(Axel looks up)

Saïx: Those orders were absolute.

(Axel silently leaves)

Saïx: Still here, Roxas? Proceed with your mission.

Roxas (shaking his head): Xion is one of us.

Saïx: A puppet, one of us? Don't be absurd. Count the seats. When have we 
ever been more than thirteen?

(Saïx exits, leaving Roxas seated alone. Later, in The Grey Area, Axel 
opens a corridor. Roxas runs in)

Roxas: Axel!

(Roxas walks over to him)

Roxas: I don't think Xion's safe here anymore. You're not really gonna 
do what Xemnas says?

Axel: I have to, or else I'm not safe here either.

Roxas: Well...could you at least try not to hurt her this time?

Axel: That's up to her. Roxas... Xion is dangerous.

Roxas: Dangerous how?

Axel: Have you got all your strength back?

Roxas: Not yet... How long have you known about her?

(Axel says nothing and looks away)

Roxas: You knew all this time, and kept it from me?

(Axel remains silent and enters the corridor)

Xaldin: Hmph... Things have taken a vexing turn of late.

Luxord: It's tough being at the bottom of the food chain. But what's chess 
without pawns? I just hope luck sees fit to allow us both to carry on 
with our roles.

Demyx: I never would've guessed about Xion... That's some puppet!

Saïx: Today I have a special project for you.

(Roxas is given a device to place in Agrabah and takes his leave. He enters 
the Cave of Wonders and makes his way to the Lamp Chamber)

Roxas: This is the place.

(He sets up the strange device in the middle of the room. It hovers with a 
silver glow)

Roxas: Wonder what this thing even does...

(Heartless appear)

Roxas: Heartless! They must be after the device.

(He takes care of them quickly, though he is out of breath)

Roxas: What am I doing? Getting worked up over some device. Like I've got 
any clue what the Organization even uses it for... Everything's a mystery. 
They didn't even tell me about Xion. Hmph, the biggest mystery is me--the 
idiot who keeps doing everything he's told.

(He leaves the Cave and returns to the corridor entrance)

Roxas: Why am I doing this? Why am I going back to the castle? There's 
nothing there for me. How can I keep working for them if they're gonna 
leave me in the dark? What am I saying... This isn't about them, or Xion. 
It's about me. Whatever "me" is.

(He looks up at the stars in the night sky)

Roxas: I feel like I'm the only person who doesn't know. Have I got anything 
left? Any place I really belong? Any friends...I still belong with?

(His eyes water and he wipes his tears, puts his hood on, and leaves Agrabah. 
Meanwhile, in The Woods of Twilight Town, a hooded King meets a tall cloaked 
figure. The figure takes its hood off to reveal a man with long white hair 
and yellow eyes. The King jumps back and summons his Keyblade. They stare 
at each other for a few minutes, anticipating the other's next move. The man 
puts a blindfold on his eyes and is covered in a dark aura. His body begins 
to change form, grow younger, and his hair turns to silver. Surprise appears 
on the King's face as he stands before...)

King Mickey: Riku?

(He dispels his Keyblade and walks closer)

Riku: Your Majesty.

King Mickey: Gosh, have I been worried about you! Where've you been all 
this time?

Riku: Searching, for a way to conquer the darkness within me--while we wait 
for Sora to awaken.

King Mickey: For a second there, you looked just like...well, you know...

Riku: You don't have to worry. I'm getting the hang of keeping the darkness 
under control.

King Mickey: That's great to hear. But, you said that Sora hasn't woken up 
yet... Did something go wrong?

Riku: There's a reason the Organization has been quiet since our battle at 
Castle Oblivion--and it's not because we weakened their numbers. What they 
did to Sora back there--the point wasn't just to take his memory apart. They 
went out of their way to make it hard to put back together.

King Mickey: Gosh, I guess that explains things. It's almost like they're 
trying to buy some time...

Riku: Exactly. They want Sora's memories...which means Naminé isn't the 
only one picking up the pieces. And as long as they've got their hands 
on Sora's most precious memories--the ones of Kairi--I don't think Sora 
will recover.

King Mickey: Well, then you have to let me help! Maybe I could get the 
memories back!

Riku: I've got that covered, Your Maj--I mean, Mickey. Maybe you could 
do me a favor, though.

King Mickey: Sure. Just tell me what you need.

Riku: I have to face one of the Organization's members soon. I might not 
survive the fight. And if I do, it might only be because I gave in to the 
darkness. That means you're the only one who will be there for Sora, 
Donald, and Goofy--the only one who can guide them when they awaken.

King Mickey: Don't say that, Riku.

Riku: Promise me, Mickey. You have to be there for our friends.

(The King thinks about the request for a moment)

King Mickey: Of course, Riku. I promise.

--Roxas's Diary Entry: Day 354--
I don't understand the Organization. I don't understand Axel... 
I understand myself least of all. Why do I keep coming back to the castle?
Me and Xion are special, connected by "Sora." If she's a puppet, 
maybe I am, too.
I don't know what I am.

--Secret Report: Xion--
I wanted to see Roxas one more time, but couldn't. What would I say? Did 
I ever really exist? Even if not, I just hope that those times we spent 
watching the sun set were real. I know Naminé will tell me how to get back 
where I belong. I should hurry to see her.

==Day 355==
~Unsaid, Unheard~

(Roxas awakes in his room)

Roxas: It's all just too much... Xion was part of that Replica Program. 
Made to copy my Keyblade... And when she left us, Axel helped her. Like 
he wanted her to go. If he knew, why did he wait so long to tell me? Is 
it because I'm the same thing? Xion and I are both special Nobodies. What 
if they made me, too? Xemnas said...Sora was what connects her and me. 
But who's Sora? And who am I to him? Axel knows. I'll bet he's been sitting 
on all kinds of secrets this whole time. He doesn't even have the guts to 
tell me the truth about me...

(Roxas walks into The Grey Area to confront Axel, who is leaning against 
the window with his arms folded)

Roxas: Axel.

Axel: Hey, Roxas.

(They stand silent for a moment)

Roxas: You find Xion?

Axel: Like it's gonna be that easy.

Roxas: I know...

(Axel says nothing)

Roxas: Have you been keeping the truth about her from me this whole time?

Axel: ...Not the whole time.

Roxas: When did you find out?

Axel: Oh, I dunno. Somewhere along the way.

Roxas: Didn't get it memorized, huh? Axel... Who am I, really?

(Axel says nothing)

Roxas: I'm special, like Xion. I know that.

(Axel remains silent)

Roxas: But the Organization wanted me out of the picture.

Axel: Yeah... They did.

Roxas: Is it because Xion copied by Keyblade and they didn't need me anymore?

(Axel continues to say nothing)

Roxas: And you feel the same way.

Axel: No, you've got that part wrong. You'll always be my best friend.

Roxas: Best friends are honest with each other! Who am I, Axel?

(Axel looks away)

Roxas: Xemnas said me and Xion are connected to Sora. Who is that? Tell me! 
Am I a puppet like Xion?

Axel: No...

Roxas: What, then?

Axel: You really think the truth is going to make you feel better? It won't.

Roxas: What makes you so sure? I have a right to know who I am! How did I 
get here? Why am I special? Where did I learn to use the Keyblade? I deserve 
those answers!

Axel: Roxas...

Roxas (sighing): Are you gonna tell me or not? Axel... Who am I?

Axel: You've just gotta trust me, Roxas.

(He turns around)

Roxas: I don't.

Axel: Hey, c'mon...

Roxas: If I can't get answers here, I'll get them somewhere else. Somebody 
knows where I came from. That'll be the person I trust.

(He walks back to his bedroom and looks at the winning popsicle stick)

Roxas: I tried, but...there's nothing left for me here. The answers are 
out there.

(He leaves his bedroom and makes his way down through the Castle That Never 
Was until he is intercepted by Saïx)

Saïx: We don't accept resignations.

Roxas: I've got nothing to say to you.

Saïx: Then let's keep this short and sweet.

(He summons his Claymore and a heated battle ensues. Roxas defeats Saïx and 
he falls to his knees)

Saïx: Nngh... How much longer...

(Roxas dispels his Keyblade and walks past him)

Saïx: Kingdom...Hearts... Will your strength never be mine?

(Roxas leaves the Castle and walks through the neon-lit streets of the Dark 
City, passing Axel, who is leaning against a building)

Axel: Your mind's made up?

(He stops)

Roxas: Why did the Keyblade choose me? I have to know.

Axel: You can't turn on the Organization! You get on their bad side, and 
they'll destroy you!

Roxas: No one would miss me.

(He walks away)

Axel: That's not true... I would.

--Roxas's Diary Entry: Day 355--
I have to know who I am...

--Secret Report: Xigbar--
The gears of Xemnas' plans have begun to spin wild since the loss of half 
our membership at Castle Oblivion. The results are there, but can this state 
of affairs fairly be called a success? If Kingdom Hearts can be said to 
possess a mind of its own, it is surely rejecting Xemnas--no, rejecting 
Xehanort. Roxas left the Organization today.

==Day 356==
~Place to Belong~

(The curtains in the White Room gently sway as two young girls sit at a 
long white table. The girl in black removes her hood)

Naminé: Nice to meet you...Xion.

Xion: Naminé, you can see my face?

Naminé (nodding): Yes.

Xion: What do you think I should do?

Naminé: What do you want to do?

(Xion looks over at the sketch of her, Roxas, and Axel hanging on the wall)

Xion: I thought I knew at first. I wanted me and Roxas and Axel to be 
together forever. But then I started to realize these memories don't 
belong to me.

Naminé: That's because you're Kairi. At least, the Kairi Sora remembers.

Xion: The more I remember, the more I feel like I'm in the wrong place...
like... Like I need to go back.

Naminé: Back to Sora?

(Xion nods)

Naminé: If you return your memories to him, you'll disappear. And since 
everything about you was built on those memories...no one will remember 
you when you're gone. There won't be any "you" to remember. I can't save you, 
Xion--even a memory of you.

Xion: I know. I'm ready. Otherwise I wouldn't be here. Roxas belongs with 
Sora, too. But...I don't think he would understand. Not yet.

Naminé: He can't feel Sora. But he will.

Xion: Naminé, will you watch over Roxas once I'm gone? You won't be alone. 
I asked somebody else to look after him, too. It's just...there isn't 
anything else I can do for him.

Naminé: All right.

Xion: Thank you...

Naminé: If you're ready, let's go see Sora.

(DiZ enters the room by way of the dark corridor)

DiZ: Naminé, they've found us! They are on their way! That blasted puppet 
led them right to our doorstep! See what you get for trusting it?

Xion: I'll get rid of them!

Naminé (standing up): No! Xion...

(Xion leaves The Old Mansion and searches around for the intruder. Axel 
enters through the corridor)

Axel: Why do I always get stuck with the icky jobs?

(He stops once he sees Xion)

Xion: Axel...

Axel: Xion...what are you gonna do?

Xion: I've decided that I have to go back to where I belong.

Axel: Well, to be honest, I always felt that was best, right from the very 
beginning. But you know, it still really bugs me. Something about this 
just stinks.

(He clenches his fist in anger)

Xion: It's for the good of everyone.

Axel: But how do you know that? Everybody thinks they're right...

Xion: This is right.

Axel: They're gonna destroy you!

(She summons her Keyblade and Axel gasps)

Xion: Please don't hold back, Axel. Promise.

Axel (struggling hard): What's your problem? You both...think you can do 
whatever you want. Well, I'm sick of it. Go on, you just keep running. 
But I'll always be there to bring you back!

(He summons his chakrams and they fight a heavy battle. Later, Axel carries 
her back to the castle on his last legs)

Axel: Man... Why you always gotta...cause me...trouble...

(He struggles to walk and falls to his knees, dropping Xion. They both 
lay unconscious at Nothing's Call. Xemnas arrives and picks up Xion as 
one would hold a cloth puppet)

--Secret Report: Saïx--
Our plans never accounted for the possibility of both Xion and Roxas leaving. 
How did this come to pass? When did Roxas grow strong enough to outmuscle me? 
What were you really after, Lea? We joined the Organization at the same time, 
and formulated our plan. At this point, it's just an idle fantasy. 
Everything changed. You, and me.

==Day 357==

(In Twilight Town, Hayner, Pence, and Olette are running once again. Hayner 
stops and turns to them. Pence is trying to catch his breath)

Hayner: Pence! Olette! What's the matter?

Olette: Slow down, Hayner...

Hayner: You know the rules! Last one there buys ice cream!

Pence: What!? Not this again!

Hayner: If you don't want to shell out, I suggest you get running!

(They start to run again)

Roxas: I guess...not all friendships fall apart. ...Maybe I'll stop by the 
clock tower. Seems as good a place as any...

(He walks to the Station Plaza and finds the Moogle there)

Moogle: I couldn't let you leave the castle alone, kupo! Your munny always 
has a place in my pocket, kupo!

(Roxas turns around)

Roxas: The clock tower... I wonder if anybody's up there. I guess I could 
go take a look...

(He climbs makes his way to the top and sits alone, thinking)

Roxas (chuckling weakly): Where did I think I could go? What a joke.

(He buries his head in his arms. A hooded Xion enters and sits next to him)

Roxas: Xion!

(She hands him an ice cream bar and he smiles softly)

Roxas: Thank you.

(They sit quietly and watch the sunset)

Xion: Roxas...I'm out of time.

(She stands up and takes her hood off. Roxas's eyes widen and his jaw drops)

Xion: Even if I'm not ready...I have to make this choice. You have poured 
so many memories into me...given me so much...that I feel like I'm about 
to overflow. Look at me, Roxas. Who do you see? If you see somebody else's 
face...a boy's face...then that means I'm almost ready. This puppet will 
have to play her part. Roxas... This is him. It's Sora.

(Roxas is speechless. Xion walks off into the air, remaining suspended. 
She puts her hood back on and faces him. He stands)

Xion: You're next, Roxas. I have to make you a part of me, too.

(She holds out her hand and dark tendrils move around her)

Xion: Don't you see? This is why I was created.

(The dark tendrils and smoke envelop her and she becomes an armored being. 
She shoots out a hand and causes the world to go black. Roxas covers his 
face until it clears. He opens his eyes and notices he's standing on the 
floor of Bizarre Room in Wonderland. He looks around and sees an 
Organization device hovering on the table above. Xion's armored form 
rises from behind the device, becoming wrapped in its silver glow. 
There is a flash and her power increases)

Xion: Now you'll see!

(Roxas fights her and she reverts to her first form. She holds up her 
hand the world goes black again. Roxas finds himself at the Manor Ruins 
in Halloween Town, where another device is located. Xion glows silver again 
and her weapon changes shape. Roxas fights her again and her strange weapon 
is destroyed. She punches the ground and the world goes black a third time. 
Roxas stands in the Lamp Chamber of Agrabah, where the device he had placed 
grants Xion four sabers. Roxas fights this third form and she loses her 
swords. Darkness surrounds her and she floats in the air, sending out a 
wave of blackness throughout the room. Roxas runs through the darkness to 
a figure of Xion in her unarmored form. As he reaches her, the darkness 
pulls away and he stands in midair at the Clock Tower in Twilight Town. 
He can see the ground far below him, yet he does not fall through the 
lattice barrier. He turns around to see a large form of armored Xion 
ready for battle)

Xion: Is that all you've got? Stop holding back! Get ready, Roxas!

(He engages her. After a painful and heavy battle, Xion falls to her knees, 
the darkness wrapping around her. Something snaps in Roxas's mind, he falls 
forward. The barrier weakens and shatters like glass, spilling both Xion and 
Roxas to the ground. Xion has returned to her original form. Roxas holds his 
head while walking toward her. She remains on her knees)

Roxas: Who are you...again? It's weird. I feel like I'm forgetting something 
really important.

Xion: You'll be...better off now...Roxas.

(She falls over, and Roxas catches her in his arms. She starts to splinter, 
small shards of memory float out of her body)

Roxas: Am I...the one who did this to you?

Xion: No... It was my choice...to go away now. Better that, than to do 
nothing...and let Xemnas have his way. I belong with Sora. And now, I am 
going back...to be with him. Roxas...

(She places her hand on his)

Xion: I need you...to do me a favor. All those hearts that I've captured... 
Kingdom Hearts... Set them free.

Roxas: Kingdom Hearts... Free them?

(Xion's legs start to become crystalline. Roxas gasps)

Xion: It's too late...for me to undo my mistakes. But you can't let Xemnas...
have Kingdom Hearts. You can't. Good-bye, Roxas. See you again. I'm glad...
I got to meet you. Oh...and of course, Axel, too. You're both my best friends.

(She places a hand on Roxas's cheek)

Xion: Never forget. That's the truth.

(Roxas continues to hold her as her eyes close. She drops her hand, but he 
catches it, scattering more memories)

Roxas (pleading): No! Xion... Who else will I have ice cream with?

(The crystal envelops her entire body. She is bathed in warm light until 
all that remains is a seashell. Roxas touches it and remembers her smiling 
face as they sat on the clock tower together)

Roxas: Xion.

(Tears fall from his eyes. Meanwhile, Axel lay in his bed)

Axel: How did this happen?

(He sits up and sees an envelope on his windowsill. He opens it and takes 
out the winning popsicle stick. He stands there, unmoving. Later, Xemnas 
and Saïx appear in the Round Room)

Saïx: Xion is no more.

Xemnas: It is probably for the best. Get me back my Keyblade wielder. 
Fetch me Roxas.

(Saïx nods and leaves his chair)

--Roxas's Diary Entry: Day 357--
I'm going to set Kingdom Hearts free and find my way to Sora. I'm going to 
get Xion back. The three of us will have ice cream together again-- I know it.

--Secret Report: Axel--
Roxas left. It's so like him to just leave that WINNER ice cream stick 
behind. Come tomorrow, I'll probably get the order to hunt him down, but 
leaving that here makes it feel so permanent. I wish the three of us--three? 
No. That the two of us could share some ice cream again someday. That's what 
it is to be friends.

==Day 358==

(A hooded Roxas walks through the Dark City streets. His destination: The 
Castle That Never Was. He takes out his two Keyblades. A horde of 
Neoshadows appear and he holds the blades up in a cross-shape, they become 
the Oathkeeper and Oblivion. He strikes down the Heartless effortlessly 
and runs to Memory's Skyscraper. It begins to rain. Neoshadows emerge from 
the ground where he walks. The neon lights of the city buzzing in his 
ears, the rain sizzling off their hot cores. He takes out the Oathkeeper 
and Oblivion, spins them, and strikes them together as if challenging 
the Heartless to attack. The Neoshadows fall to the deadly blades. The 
Heartless continue to appear. Roxas stands at the base of the skyscraper 
and looks up. Riku stands atop the building, over the large flickering 
video screen. Roxas jumps to the side of the building and runs up the 
length of it, striking down more Neoshadows as they follow him upward 
relentlessly. Roxas tosses the Oblivion upward as Riku dives down to 
catch it. As he does, he gasps from the flood of memories of Xion pouring 
into his mind. Flashes of a wounded Xion on a Bridge, and in his arms 
on an Island. Riku and Roxas pass each other over the large video screen. 
Roxas reaches the top of the skyscraper and looks down at the ground. More 
Heartless emerge around Riku, who clutches his head. A Neoshadow lunges 
for him, but he strikes it down. Roxas jumps from the top of the building 
and the two of them attack the Heartless without a sound. The darkness is 
dispelled and Riku's memories of Xion flicker. They turn toward each other 
and jump backwards)

Roxas: Who are you?

Riku: What does it matter? I'm here for you.

Roxas: Why are you trying to stop me?

Riku: Because I want back the rest of Sora's memories.

Roxas: Sora, Sora, Sora! Enough about Sora!

Riku: Do you have some kind of plan?

Roxas: I'm going to set Kingdom Hearts free! Then everything can go 
back to the way it was! Me, and Axel, and...and her can go on having 
ice cream together.

Riku (looking at the Oblivion): Her? You mean Xion? It's a struggle just 
to remember the name now, isn't it? Either way, I can't let you go doing 
anything crazy.

Roxas: I have to find this Sora person, and freeing Kingdom Hearts is 
the only way! I want Xion back. I want my life back!

Riku: If you try and make contact with Kingdom Hearts, the last thing 
you'll get is your life back. The Organization will destroy you.

Roxas: Shut up!

(Roxas attacks Riku. After a powerful and emotional battle, Roxas stands 
over Riku, who is sitting on the ground. Memories of Roxas, Axel, and 
Xion having ice cream fill Roxas's head)

Riku: Why!? Why do you have the Keyblade?

(Roxas looks at the Oathkeeper, but shakes it off)

Roxas: Shut up!

(Roxas attacks Riku, but Riku knocks him away, the Keyblade tossed from 
his hand. Riku walks up to the body of Roxas and slams his Keyblade into 
the ground. He stands there for a moment. He gasps as Roxas struggles 
to get up, using the Oblivion for support. He stands and pulls it out 
of the ground, running at Riku, who shoots a Dark Firaga spell at him. 
Roxas blasts through the spell and lunges at Riku, who jumps away)

Roxas: Why don't you quit?

Riku: Come on, Sora. I thought you were stronger than that.

Roxas: Huh? Get real! Look which one of us is winning.

(Roxas is surprised at this outburst)

Riku: So it's true. You really are his Nobody. Guess DiZ was right after all.

Roxas: What are you talking about? I am me! Nobody else!

(Roxas summons both Keyblades and runs to strike him again. Riku dodges the 
first attack, but misses to block the second one and gets hit in the arm. 
He hears a voice)

Xion: Riku, please! You have to stop him!

Roxas: How many times do I have to beat you?

(Riku struggles to stand, holding his arm weakly)

Riku: All right. You've left me with no other choice.

Roxas: What?

Riku: I have to release the power in my heart--

(He stands and takes off his blindfold, letting it fall to the ground)

Riku: The dark power that I've been holding back. Even...if it changes 
me forever.

(He lets out a scream as pillars of dark energy surrounds him. Roxas 
readies his Keyblades once again. The energy clears to reveal the body 
of a white-haired man and his Guardian counterpart, hovering in the air. 
Riku teleports in front of Roxas and the Guardian grabs him by the torso 
and arms, forcing him to drop his Keyblades. They clatter to the ground 
and vanish)

Riku: I have accepted it.

(Later, Riku stands over Roxas's body. The memories of Xion begin to 
fade, as if in a dream, until only Roxas and Axel sit upon the clock 
tower. DiZ enters through a corridor of darkness and Riku puts his hood up)

Riku: DiZ...he could feel Sora.

DiZ: Oh, he told you how he "felt," did he? Ridiculous. A Nobody cannot 
feel anything. 

Riku: If he had met Sora, things might have been different.

Xion: Roxas, don't be sad. I came from you and Sora. I am you...the same 
way that I am Sora. You'll forget me, but the memories themselves will 
never go away. Memories of you and me will always be together...
forever, inside him.

--Secret Report: Xemnas--
With luck, we can bring Roxas back into our fold, but even if Sora should 
awaken, as the hero of the Keyblade, he is bound to keep unlocking hearts. 
If he should come to target us, we need simply subdue him and use his powers 
ourselves once more. I must become one with Kingdom Hearts. I will become a 
higher existence. All of my true ambitions begin there.

==Day 359==
~The First Day~

(Roxas awakes in his new bedroom in Twilight Town. He sits up)

Roxas: Another dream about him...

(He hears the bells ring at the Clock Tower and he opens the window to 
watch the eternal sunset. Later, he runs through the streets of Twilight Town)

Roxas: Maybe...today we'll finally hit the beach!

(He runs to The Usual Spot)

Roxas (narrating): Only seven days to go, and then my summer vacation's over.



Alternate Recon Dialogue (AKA Roxas being slow)

Day 12 - Twilight Town

Roxas: Wow, what do they sell here?

Vexen (extremely unamused): That's your job to find out, idiot. The point 
isn't to wander around gawking. Analyze what you see.

Roxas: Umm... Well, there are a lot of shops.

Vexen: And?

Roxas: Business seems to be booming?

Vexen: What, because you saw a couple of shops?

Day 26 - Agrabah

Xigbar: Okay, so we've got an entire city under a layer of sand. What do 
you make of it, Roxas?

Roxas: Me?

Xigbar: Yes, you. How do you think it ended up like this?

Roxas: Hmm, maybe because they need the sand for something? Sand comes 
in handy...doesn't it?

Xigbar: Ha ha, right, if you're trying to build the world's biggest 
hourglass... Think. The sand's placement is too random to have been 
gathered on purpose.

Roxas: Okay, fine. Then maybe this was all some kind of prank? You know, 
somebody's idea of a joke?

Xigbar: Some sense of humor you've got! Remind me never to make you mad.

Roxas: Why?

Xigbar: ...Roxas... This is the work of a sandstorm. Multiple sandstorms, 
from the look of it. I guess the high walls around the city weren't high 
enough. Now, how 'bout the lumber and rope? Roxas, gimme a damage assessment 
for the city.

Roxas: Well, from the look of it, things could've been worse. It's just a 
little wind and sand, right?

Xigbar: As if! Get your eyes checked, Roxas. All the building supplies lying 
around, and that scaffolding? That means they're repairing the city, which 
means it's serious.

Roxas: "They," who? The citizens?

Xigbar: Who else? And it looks like a major effort. There may be somebody 
leading the operation.

Roxas: You think so?

Xigbar: All right, Roxas. We've got what we came for. Let's RTC on outta here.

Roxas: Okay.

Day 78 - Beast's Castle

Xion: Well, Roxas?

Roxas: There was a...weird monster inside.

(He moves to let her look)

Xion: Whoa... What is he?

Roxas: I don't know, but get away from the door. I don't want him to see 
us here.

(Xion nods)

Xion: Roxas, that monster--

Roxas: He must've eaten the castle's master.

Xion: You mean he, like, took over the castle?

Roxas: Hmm, wait, though... He said, "This is my castle." He sounded pretty 
settled in.

Xion: Then this must have been his castle all along. Beast's Castle. He must 
be the beast. Do you think he's fighting the Heartless, like us?

Roxas: He must be.

Xion: Then the gashes in the walls must have happened in the process.

Roxas: That's my theory, anyway.

Xion: A beast with his own castle and a candelabra for a servant...

Roxas: This place must have quite a story behind it.

Xion: Well, we know what the master looks like. I think we can report back 
to Saïx now.

Roxas: Yeah.

Xion: Want to RTC?

Day 117 - Olympus Coliseum

Roxas: I think I've got a pretty clear picture now. The Coliseum must be 
some kind of temple. It's certainly built like one. But hold on... What are 
all the trophies for, then? God of the Year? No, they hold some kind of 
sporting event here. The winners were listed on the boards outside. Who was 
the guy who came in first again? I know I saw his name... Sora...cles? 
Anyway, it seems kind of quiet for an arena. I don't hear any cheering. 
The competition must be over for now. So much for sneaking into the stands. 
If I wanna do anymore recon, I'll have to pretend I'm here to train. 
...Well, it couldn't hurt to try... Could it?

Day 119 - Beast's Castle

(They find a door nearby)

Roxas: This room...

Xaldin: Yes, what about it?

Roxas: This should be the beast's room.

Xaldin: "Should be"? Your words don't inspire much confidence. Hmm, I 
sense the room may be occupied. Look in and see, Roxas.

(Roxas looks inside and sees a tidy room with a four- poster bed and a 
woman inside)

Belle: I wonder if he's off chasing those horrid creatures again. He's 
had to do that every day for weeks... I wish there were some way I could 
help. Perhaps I'll ask Cogsworth and the others. I'm sure that together 
we can figure something out.

(Xaldin says nothing)

Roxas: Oops. Guess I had the wrong room.

Xaldin: Hmph, useless.

Roxas: I just got a little turned around. Forget about that. The woman 
inside--she's human!

Xaldin: Really? Just when I thought this castle was all freaks and 
furniture... Then she must be Belle.

Roxas: How do you know?

Xaldin: All the servants speak highly of her. It's only fitting someone 
so well regarded would be given such fine lodgings.

Roxas: She's pretty, isn't she?


Xaldin: Well, well... We have made quite the discovery, haven't we?

Roxas: You mean...the woman? Belle, was it?

Xaldin: Ah, yes, Belle. Indeed, there may be meat to pick there. I sense 
she has some role to play in this castle's farce. But I spoke of that rose. 
What do you make of it?

Roxas: It looked fake. No rose is going to survive long under glass. It's 
gotta be fake.

Xaldin: Ah, but then you're making an assumption: that it's just another 
rose. To him, at least, it seems to hold more value than anything else in 
the castle. You saw the room. It was in tatters--save one corner.

Roxas: Maybe that's why he's been fighting the Heartless. He wants to 
protect the rose?

Xaldin: Of course. Some strange power surrounds it... The Heartless are 
drawn to it.

Roxas: Then his fight is far from over...

Xaldin: Our work here is done, Roxas. The beast's weakness is clear.

Roxas: It is?

Xaldin: To hold something dear is to let it hold you. His heart is in 
thrall to it, don't you see? And that, Roxas, is ample weakness.

Roxas: I'm not sure I follow.

Xaldin: Nor should you. You have no heart to love with. Come. We return.


(Xaldin turns around. Roxas says nothing)

Xaldin: Are you coming?

Roxas: I still have some questions about that rose.

Xaldin: Now is not the time. Leave it.

(Roxas says nothing)

Xaldin: What now, Roxas? I bade you return.

Roxas: This Belle person... Why do you suppose she's here?

Xaldin: You think she isn't simply a prisoner?

Roxas: It didn't seem that way to me. Plus, she mentioned helping him.

Xaldin: Help that beast? Hah, if I had a heart, I'd be laughing. ...You 
look like you have more to say.

Roxas: It's about the rose. Okay, so it's not an ordinary flower. Don't 
you think we should find out why?

Xaldin: I thought you'd have figured that part out by now. It probably 
has to do with the spell he's under.

Roxas: Spell?

Xaldin: Enough speculation. We have what we need. It's past time we returned.


Secret Reports

Day 7 - Xemnas
A name defines an object. Describes the span of it. Gives it purpose. We 
embarked upon the Replica Program to ensure our new power stays ours. Now, 
our shadow puppet, "No. i," lives. It needs a name. Something to define it. 
To give the hollow vessel purpose. 

Day 9 - Saïx
Xion is being monitored. Roxas, meanwhile, has begun his training exercises. 
It is imperative we keep Xion from having undue contact with Roxas until we 
are certain it will perform as expected--which will take another 10 days, 
if Vexen's convictions are to be trusted. As for the Keyblade master, 
Marluxia will no doubt be keeping an eye on him.

Day 23 - Vexen
The Program is largely on target. No. i, my finest Replica, has proven an 
even greater success than anticipated. I intend to take the other vessel--
judged unfit for number status--to Castle Oblivion, where I will subject it 
to further testing. One thing is clear: could these Replicas not be 
classified as a special sort of Nobody?

Day 26 - Zexion
Simple deduction suggests Axel's outwardly inscrutable actions are the result 
of some directive from Saïx. Why else eliminate Vexen? He simply wanted to 
do research. Did we not all stand to gain from the fruits of his Program? 
What is Axel thinking?

Day 27 - Marluxia
Axel is in the way, though I don't know if he's aware of our plot. Vexen 
had no part in our plans--why eliminate him, assuming Axel's orders were 
to root out traitors to the Organization? Discerning his motives merits 
our full attention.

Day 28 - Axel
I've uncovered most of what I need to know about the Replica Program, but 
where's the other one? I can't find any trace of it. ...Vexen was caught 
in the middle. Pitiable, but unavoidable. I could not risk his Program 
falling into their hands. Of greater concern are the traitors. Not the 
obvious turncoats, but the ones who will get in his and my way. The Keyblade 
master is not our enemy.

Day 52 - Axel
I've lost track of the Keyblade master and the other intruders. I'm the only 
one left in the castle. Everybody else has been destroyed. My orders were 
to end the traitors, but I think by this point, I fit that bill better than 
anybody. There's one last thing I need to look into while I'm here.

Day 73 - Xion
I can’t use the Keyblade anymore. I don’t know why. I don’t know what to 
do, either. It feels like I stopped being able to use it suddenly. If I 
can’t collect hearts, I’ll be absolutely worthless. What should I do?

Day 149 - Xion
That man wearing the Organization's coat--that jerk! He's too powerful. 
I can't beat him unless I get stronger. And I'm not a sham. I'M NOT. He 
is. He's the one pretending to be something he isn't!

Day 150 - Saïx
As expected, the duplicate is starting to show its limits. The Program 
showed promise, but a puppet is just a puppet: something to be toyed with 
until it breaks. I am utterly at a loss as to what Roxas and Axel see in 
that thing. How best to dispose of it merits my consideration going forward.

Day 171 - Saïx
Xion failed to complete its mission. If this continues, destroying it 
and using the next Replica as the Duplicate would undoubtedly yield a 
higher-grade copy. No. i was among the initial lot, which naturally raises 
questions about its capabilities. At present, it is nothing short of broken. 
I cannot fathom why Xemnas would want to keep it.

Day 174 - Saïx
Xion continues to sleep. All analysis on its function suggests no marked 
change. The copying appears to be working, but a Replica is a Replica. 
My latest report to Xemnas on this net me no clear answers. He simply stood, 
smiling. At times I find his thinking impenetrable.

Day 194 - Axel
I thought I'd never see the word "Replica" again. Any rational man would 
realize the Riku Replica was not likely unique, but I'm the only one in the 
Organization who knew of his exceptional copying functionality, and that he 
ultimately formed a sense of self. The fact that I knew all that and still 
never noticed the truth about Xion speaks to how remarkable a Replica she 
must be.
But my questions remain unanswered. Who is she a Replica of? Naminé? Kairi? 
Or perhaps someone entirely different? Why did the Organization admit her 
into this membership? And why would such a fine Replica fall unconscious or 
sporadically lose its command of the Keyblade?

Day 224 - Axel
Even if Xion is a Replica--a puppet--she's still Xion. I understand that 
in my head, but how do I interact with her now? Riku-Replica was just a tool, 
but I can't just use Xion. No, I was wrong to have just used Riku-Replica 
in the first place. How is a man-made puppet any less worthy than a Nobody 
that was never meant to exist at all?
They're both ambiguous. Tenuous at best. And she's my friend. Even if 
neither of us should exist, that doesn't invalidate the bonds we form. 
Next break we get, I told her we'd all go to the beach. I hope we get the 
chance. Our little summer vacation. I know if we can get together and laugh 
about stupid stuff, this nagging doubt will go away.

Day 255 - Xemnas
Xion's appearance should vary based on the relation of the viewer to her. 
Saïx sees her simply as a puppet. The Program approaches completion. Through 
Roxas, Xion is assembling a copy of the hero of the Keyblade. As proof, 
she sometimes appears to take on his form to my eyes.

Day 256 - Xigbar
Xion's disappearance is fascinating. If she really is breaking from our 
control, it's a sign of her approaching the essence of the hero. It seems 
Saïx doesn't truly "see" her. I'm curious to know how she appears to the 
others. I see her as...him, though I suspect that Xemnas sees entirely 
something else in her. 

Day 276 - Axel
Xion is gone. Roxas still doesn't know anything, but Xion found out. That's 
why I need to find her. We don't have hearts, so we accept the facts we're 
given as the truth. But something far more important lies behind that truth. 
Saïx would laugh at people with no hearts calling one another friends, 
but that doesn't make it not so.
As the Nobody of the hero of the Keyblade and the Replica of that Nobody, 
these two are special. Unique in every sense of the word. But that doesn't 
change the fact that we're friends. Nothing will. Got it memorized, Xion?

Day 277 - Saïx
Axel and Roxas are up to something. No plot they concoct will change the 
fact that the Organization has cast off Xion, though. Our plans have split, 
diverged, and advance now to the next stage. The No. i project and Replica 
Program merely paved the way. Our true goals lie elsewhere.

Day 322 - Xemnas
Be they a puppet or the hero's Nobody, we merely need a functional Keyblade 
master. The details are unimportant. The puppet has developed to a point 
where the hero of the Keyblade may be entirely redundant. Indeed, perhaps 
we ought never allow Sora to awaken. He cannot be controlled. He will 
rise up against us. We must move our agenda ahead with that firmly in mind.



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