Demyx's Mission 62, where are the hidden Heartless?

  1. I've completed Mission 62 twice, once when it was first set and I repeated it when Demyx asked me to. However, the mission was not completed to his "standards."

    He says to look for hidden Heartless, where are they and what type of Heartless are they?
    Syxia - 10 years ago - report

Accepted Answer

  1. He means that there are hidden heartless throughout Halloween Town and you need to examine the exact locations. Here are the locations you need to check:

    Halloween Town Center: That's the area next to the entrance where you arrive.
    There are hidden heartless on the left pumpkin face that is attached to the wall and you might need to jump so you can investigate the pumpkin face.
    There are also heartless on the lamp next to the closed door which you cannot enter. You also need to jump on that one to hit the examine button

    Moonlight Hill: That's the area where the curved mountain is, where you fight Lock, Shock and Barrel.
    There are heartless on top of the mountain, you don't need to jump but you need to climb it and be careful not to fall. There are also heartless in the tomb that is in the north-east corner.

    That's where all the hidden heartless are, remember to jump in some locations, otherwise the "Examine" button won't appear. Hope this was helpful!
    sonic_rockz1 - 10 years ago - report 15   3
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