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Guide and Walkthrough by jetspikefever

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 09/18/2008

Inazuma Eleven In-Depth Story Walkthrough

This walkthrough is for the JAPANESE VERSION of the game.  At the time this FAQ
was written, there currently is no English release scheduled.

|                               Inazuma Eleven                              |
|                               FAQ/Walkthrough                             |
|                              By: Jetspikefever                            |
|                        First version - 05 September 2008                  |

|-----------------------------Table of Contents-----------------------------|
|                            Part I-How to Play                             |
| A-Movement                                                                |
| B-Battle Commands                                                         |
| C-Menu Screen                                                             |
| D-Scouting                                                                |
| E-Recruiting                                                              |
|                            Part II-Walkthrough                            |
| A-Prologue                                                                |
| B-Chapter One: The Arrival of Teikoku                                     |
| C-Chapter Two: Launching Our Dreams!                                      |
| D-Chapter Three: The Conspiracy Swirling around Inazuma                   |
| E-Chapter Four: Completing the Trial                                      |
| F-Chapter Five: Be Careful of the Maid Cafe!?                             |
| G-Chapter Six: The Final Match: Teikoku Academy!                          |
| H-Chapter Seven: The Men of Legend Return!                                |
| I-Chapter Eight: Breaking Through the Infinite Wall!                      |
| J-Chapter Nine: I Am Not Alone!                                           |
| K-Chapter Ten: Let's do it! The decisive battle of life or death.         |
|              Part III - New Things to Do After You Finish                 |
|              Part IV - Item Shop Guide                                    |
|              Part V - Skill Up Spot Locations                             |
|              Part VI - Quick Key Location Guide                           |
|              Part VII - Treasure Chest Location Guide                     |
|              Part VIII - Technique List                                   |
|              Part IX - Formation Guide                                    |
|              Part X - Rival Team Character Guide                          |
|              Part XI - Character Tree Guide                               |


                       |     Part I: How to Play       |


| A. Movement         |

Once you gain control of Endo outside the clubhouse, you can move around the
map and explore.  Here are the controls:

D-Pad: Move
B Button - Hold while pressing the D-Pad to run / Cancel out of menu
Y Button - No Use
X Button - Brings up main menu
A Button - Interact with objects / Talk to people
L/R Button - Rotate camera angle
Select - No use
Start - Exit to main menu (unsaved data will be lost)
Stylus: Move / Tap on person or object to interact

| B. Battle Commands  |

When you begin a battle, you will see three boxes, they are:

RUN                  START              MENU

If you can't run from the battle, you will only see the second two.  Going into
menu will allow you to set your formation (see menu controls for more info).

1.	Offense

Tap Stylus - Tap the area or player you want to kick the ball to.  If you tap
one player and then another player before the ball reaches the first player you
tapped, when the player receives the ball, they will do a one-touch pass to the
second player you tapped.
Drag stylus - This moves your player or tells a player without the ball where
to move.

When an opposing player confronts your player with the ball you will get an
option menu as follows:

かわす (Evade)/     技 (Technique, if available)  とっぱ (Breakthru)
フェイント (Feint)

Tap the stylus on the goal when you are close to shoot.  When you do so, you
get the following options:

シュート (Shoot)    技 (Technique, if available)  ループシュート (Lob

*Note: before you choose an option here, you can tap an area on the goal where
you want to shoot the ball.

If you happen to receive a pass and tap to shoot before receiving the ball, it
will bring up a slightly different menu:

バレーシュート (Volley)  技 (Technique, if available)  ヘディング (Header)

2.	Defense

While defending, if your player gets near the player with the ball, it will
stop play and bring up the following menu:

ブロック (Block) /   技 (Technique, if available)  スライディング (Slide)
タックル (Tackle)

If the opposing team happens to get near your keeper and shoots, you will get
the following menu:

キャッチ (Catch)    技  (Technique, if available)  パンチング (Deflect)

3.	Draw Time

At any point in the match or battle, if you tap the hand button on the top
right corner, it will stop play and enter Draw time.  From here you get three

RUN             RESUME           MENU

Also from here, you can set your AI movement, like a diagram, to send them to
certain parts of the field, etc.

| C.  Main Menu       |

*Note: Not all menu options are available from the start, but I will list all
the options here.  Refer back here when you notice a new option open up.

|なかま    |  Friends
|アイテム   |  Items
|せんじゅつ  |  Tactics
|じょうほう  |  Information
|システム   |  System Settings
|セーブ    |  Save

A.	 Friends Sub-Menu

|いれかえ    |  Substitution
|そうび     |  Equipment
|ひっさつわざ  |  Techniques

1.	Substitution -  A Button - Switch character placement
                   Y Button - Remove the character from the team
          X Button - Go to Equipment screen
          B Button - Go back
          R Button - Move to reserve list
2.	Equipment -     A Button - Change equipment
       X Button - Remove equipment
       B Button - Go back
       R Button - Go to Techniques screen
3.	Techniques -    A Button - Assign player (2 or 3 player techs)
                   Y Button - Learn a technique (only slots 5 and 6)
                   B Button - Go back
                   L Button - Go to equipment screen

B.	 Items Sub-Menu - A Button - Use item
                  X Button - Throw away item
                  B Button - Go back
                  L Button - Go to formation screen

C.	Tactics Sub-Menu

|しあい   |  Game tactics
|バトル   |  Battle tactics

1.	Game tactics - X Button - Switch top screen for more player stats.
                        Y Button - Formation
                        A Button - Select player to substitute
                        B Button - Go back
                        R Button - Go to item menu
2.	Battle tactics - Same buttons as Game tactics

D.	Information Sub-Menu

|ブログ     |  Blog
|選手バインダー |  Player Folder
|スカウト    |  Scout
|引き抜き    |  Recruit
|ユニフォーム  |  Uniform
|つうしん成績  |  Your Online Ranking
|トーナメント  |  Tournament

1.	Player folder - 雷門 - Raimon JHS players
                ライバルチーム - Rival Teams

| D. Scouting         |

Once Otonashi Haruna joins your team, you will have some options available for
recruiting fellow Raimon JHS students.  When you talk to her in the clubhouse,
and choose the top option YES to get the following menu:

|じょうけんでさがす |  Search by info
|名前でさがす    |  Search by name
|人脈でさがす    |  Search from character tree
|やめる       |  Quit

Searching by info will allow you to search by:
1.	Club (Sumo, Baseball, Track, Tennis, Cycling, Judo, Basketball, Swimming,
Manga, Chess, Newspaper, Rugby, Cheerleading, Clubless)
2.	Position (FW, MF, DF, Keeper)
3.	Specialty (Smart, Fast, Strength, Control)
4.	Type (Wind, Wood, Fire, Earth)

| E. Recruiting       |

Eventually, Natsumi will join your team as a new manager.  When she does, you
can use her to recruit (i.e. steal) players from rival teams.  Talk to her in
the clubhouse to choose the team you want to recruit from.

*Note: Not all will be available right away, but this is the complete list.

|尾刈斗     |  Occult
|野生      |  Nose
|御影専農    |  Mikage
|秋葉名戸    |  Shuuyou
|帝国      |  Teikoku
|戦国伊賀島   |  Igashima
|千羽山     |  Senbayama
|木戸川     |  Kidokawa
|稲妻KFC    |  Inazuma KFC
|傘美野     |  Kasamino
|一番街     |  Ichibangai
|OBズ      |  Raimon OB
|世宇子     |  Zeus
|やめる     |  Quit

Choose a team you want to try to recruit a player from and then select the left
option YES to have Natsumi call for her spy.  The players that appear on the
list when she calls back is random, so if you don't see the player you want,
have her recruit again using the same options.


| Part II: Walkthrough          |



                           | A. Prologue         |


Press start at the title screen and you will get the following options:

1.  Begin New Game
2.  Continue
3.  Online Play

So choose the top option, then choose a save slot and enter your name.
Unfortunately, there is no alphabet option.  Press start and enjoy the opening
scene. (You can also press Start to skip the cutscenes).

Endo will begin by trying to gather everyone for soccer practice, but no one
seems too interested.  Afterall, with only 7 players, they can't exactly field
a team.  Endo asks them, but, you guys like soccer don't you?  Getting no reply,
Endo leaves to go see if the soccer field is in use.  When you exit the club
house, you are ready to go explore the area around the school.  On the top
screen you will see a red arrow (where you are) and a purple arrow (your
destination).  Your goal here is to make your way to the soccer ground so you
can begin practice.  So go east and before you can get to the next screen
Megane will stop you and teach you all about the main controls.

Next continue to the next screen and make your way to the destination (marked
on the map by a yellow flag).  Here you will meet up with your friend Kazemaru
(blue hair, looks like a chick) and will be assaulted by the Rugby club.  They
see the makeshift squad that you have and decide to battle you.

Get out the stylus and get ready.  Before you begin, you can use your stylus to
move your teammates around.  Of course you can't get too close to the ball.
Mostly all battles are split into two categories.  If you have the ball to
begin, then the objective is to score a goal before your opponent.  If the
other team has the ball to begin, your objective is to simply gain possession
of the ball before time expires.  You will see two boxes on the bottom.  Blue
is start and Red is menu.

In the menu screen, use the stylus to set your characters.  X will bring up
your character equipment screen.  R trigger will switch to your item list, and
as you can see, it's blank for now.  Press Y then A to change your formation.
You have three to choose from:

1. B-ベーシック      Basic (Good balance)
2. B-フラットバック   Flatback (3 defenders)
3. B-アタッカー      Attacker (Cross formation for attacking)

From the beginning of the menu, press Y again, only this time instead of
pressing A, press right first and then A.  This will set up the AI on your
team. Again you have 3 options:

1. がんばれ          Ganbare (Good balance)
2. せめろ            Semero (Attack)
3. まもれ            Mamore (Defend)

Press B then to exit and choose the blue box to begin.

|BATTLE: VS Rugby Team                                    |
|                                                         |
|Goal: Get the ball back from them.                       |

Upon winning you will see 3 sets of numbers on the bottom.  The first is your
experience points earned.  Below that is your Zeal Points (like money) and
finally your Friendship points (used for recruiting new characters).  After
that it will show you the controls for the RPG Part of the game.  You can use
the D Pad or stylus to move around.

After you meet up with Kino, Handa will come and tell you there's a meeting
back in the clubhouse.  So head on back.  Before entering you will see the
student body president Raimon Natsumi (red haired girl).  Anyway, enter the
clubhouse and talk to Handa to begin the meeting.  Your club teacher Fuyukai
sensei will tell you that there's gonna be a scrimmage between you and Teikoku
Academy (National Champions for 40 years straight!).  Hmm...seems like an even
matchup to me.


                    | B. Chapter One: The arrival of TEIKOKU! |


Once the chapter begins, you will get a Blog update from Kino.  Go to the menu
screen, then choose the 4th option down and then the 1st option to access the
Blog menu.  Here you will find updates as you progress in the game and some
useful information, but no items or anything like that, so feel free to skip
it.Anyway, our next goal is to go around asking about the new student you ran
into before with the white spiky hair, Goenji.  Now's a good time to get some
treasure chests if you want.  Look at the chest locations section to see what
chests you can get now.  Inside the school, to the left of the stairs on the
first floor is an item shop.  Look at the item store section to see what's
available.  Anyway, at the shop, talk to the lady at the register to open 3

1. かう   Buy
2. うる   Sell
3. やめる  Quit

Also, you might want to grab the sunglasses now from the chest list.  It's
located at the bottom left corner of this shoe locker area at the front
entrance of the school.

Ok now with that done, let's go find Goenji!  Talk to the kid just outside the
clubhouse and he will tell you Goenji went south.  Next talk to the kid in the
circle area and he will say that Goenji went towards the back gate (left thru
the parking lot).  So go there and talk to the kid who will say that the back
gate is already closed, so you have to use the main gate (south of the soccer
ground).  So head there.  Kino will stop and say that it seems like Goenji
already went home and will then update your map to include the tower.  To get
there, head out the main gate (choose the top option for YES) and then pick the
tower located southeast of the school.

Climb the tower and you will take a look at the skill book from Endou's
grandfather.  He sees that there is a technique called the God Hand which
requires him to do 100 handstands a day using only his finger. With enough
training, he will be able to stop any shot!  Endou is happy because he finally
discovered a way to practice soccer even when he's all by himself, instead of
having to rely on his lazy non-motivated friends. Ok once you gain control
again, it's time to call it a day.  Head down the tower and you will run into
Yasui and Usui, your local bully-type ruffians.  However, they are no match for
Goenji's Fire Tornado kick.  You get to see a little bit of something from
Goenji's past which hints at why he quit soccer.  At home, Endou enjoys talking
to inanimate objects, as he tells the picture of his dead grandfather about the
inspiring events from today and asks him to please watch as he tries to become
the best soccer player he can be!

The next day at school we get a short intro from Goenji followed by Endo's
creepy I'm your biggest fan / stalker-esque performance.  To put emphasis on
just how much a stalker you are, next you have to go down the stairs and chase
after Goenji. I'd be getting pretty tired of Endou now too if I were Goenji.
He seriously has to be regretting using that Fire Tornado to save him yesterday.

Miss Student Body President Natsumi tells Endo he should back-off Goenji and
that the reason he quit soccer is because of something to do with his little
sister. Now it's your job to recruit people for the soccer club.  Using quick
math (we need 11 players to field a team and have seven right now) you have to
sign up 4 people.  Also, the baseball field is now open for you to explore.  To
get there, take the path just west of the clubhouse.

But first, on the first floor of the school by the set of lockers near the
stairs, you will find a little kid named Tamano.  Talk to him 9 times, trying
to convince him to join the team.  Eventually, Tamano has enough of being
harassed and leaves.

Now, head to the baseball field.  Megane will come up to you and tell you that
he will join the soccer club if Endo gets the 3 other people to join first.  So
remember to come back to Megane after getting the other 3.  Kino will blog
about it to remind you.  At the track (southeast of the baseball field) you
will find your good ol' friend Kazemaru.  Ok, one down, two + Megane to go.  On
the walkway southwest of the clubhouse you will find Max (Hat boy) who will
join ya.  Ok back to the main gate area, talk to the kid near the statue in the
southeast part of the map and then head to the 2nd floor of the school and talk
to Jin in the top left corner of the classroom on the far left.  Choose the top
option YES and he'll join up.  So now go back to Megane who is outside the
school entrance. Chose YES again and he joins.  Well, that makes 11 altogether
which is enough to field a team.

The next tutorial just talks about setting your formation and AI which I
mentioned earlier.  Now we can choose our team.  Go to the menu and choose the
1st option (Friends) and then the 1st option again (substitution).  Here I'll
run down your list of players starting from the top left and going down. The
first four I think are in order of how you recruited them perhaps.  Following
the guide, it should look like this:

1. Endo
2. Kazemaru
3. Max
4. Jin
5. Kabeyama
6. Kurimatsu
7. Handa
8. Shourin
Right column:
1. Shishido
2. Megane
3. Someoka

Press A on a character you want to change and then A on the character you want
to change with.  Your random battles which will start soon use the top 4 in the
list, so keep that in mind.  I like Endo, Someoka, Max, and Kazemaru, but it's
up to you.  When you are done, press B and it will ask if you want to keep the
changes. The options are Yes, Change, and No. Choose yes and now on the top
screen you should see your top 4.  When preparations are finished, talk to Kino
and choose YES.  You will now play in a 15 min Red vs White friendly so break
out the stylus.

|MATCH: Red VS White                                      |
|                                                         |
|Goal: Get used to the controls of playing a match.       |

Take your time here getting used to the controls.  Practice passing and
defending and learning how to pick your shots.  After the match is over, talk
to Kino again and choose the top option YES to end practice or pick the bottom
NO and then YES to practice again.  The next day we see the arrival of Teikoku
Academy with an entrance for an army.  I was half expecting robots to come
marching out but indeed the team does seem to be human with just a touch of

But oh no, the overgrown pile of lard defenseman Kabeyama is nowhere to be
found. Check the locker on the far right end of the hallway.  Taking advantage
of Kabeyama's timidness, the Sumo club comes to his rescue declaring that
Kabeyama belongs with them.  So it's a duel at sundown!  Nothin like a pickup
game of soccer in the school hallway to decide matters.  The tutorial here just
shows you the importance of class.  Remember, Fire (red) beats wood (green).
Wood beats wind (blue), Wind beats Earth (technically mountain) which is yellow
and Earth beats Fire.

|BATTLE: VS Sumo Club                                     |
|                                                         |
|Goal: Shoot the ball at the locker.                      |

Ok, shoot the ball anywhere near the locker past the keeper and you win.  With
Kabeyama in hand, go back to the shoe lockers at the entrance and talk to Kino.
Choose YES and you are ready to play the underdog against Teikoku (just a bit
of an understatement).  It's stylus time!

|MATCH: Raimon VS Teikoku                                 |
|                                                         |
|Goal: Use Goenji's Fire Tornado to score a goal          |

You can't change the position of your lineup so just choose the bottom right
box to see the Teikoku lineup and all their vast coolness.  Bottom right box
again and you are ready to get a beat down.  If they score a goal hit the top
option to see a replay or the bottom option to continue play.  By the looks of
your team's performance, Kabeyama definitely should have stuck with Sumo.

Anyway fast forward a few more goals and it's 18-nil before you know it.  But
hey, it's all about the comeback! Time for Megane to unleash his true powers!!!
With the soccerfield looking like a warzone, apparently someone forgot to tell
Endo to stay the hell down.  We ain't done yet he says. Megane has seen enough,
which is a shame, cuz we coulda had him instead of getting Goenji.  Truly a sad
day, but I guess we'll take Sir Spikey.  When they come down to score again,
choose the middle command (technique) and then hit the left box to break out
the God Hand.  On the counter, shoot with Goenji and choose technique then Fire
Tornado to put it in the back of the net.  Teikoku is happy with seeing Goenji
work his magic and decides to quit.  So you win!! Good job.

Ok, so after the win, you unlock online mode.  When prompted, you can type in
your online team name and choose your team emblem.  After that, it will ask you
if you want to save.  Left for Yes, right for NO.  This finishes Chapter 1.


                    | C. Chapter Two: Launching our Dream!  |


Chapter two begins with talk of a practice match versus Occult Jr High, an evil
team that uses black magic to control their soccer matches.  You need to get
more info, so head down to the first floor where the bulletin board is.  Once
you get there, everyone is gathered around, so go check it out.  It seems like
they have challenged you to a "friendly".  Endo asks Goenji if he's heard
anything about this, but Goenji responds no, he sure hasn't since he's not part
of the soccer club and walks away.  To see if it's really true, Someoka
suggests asking Fuyukai sensei, the designated "coach" for the soccer club.

Head up to the 3rd floor and go to Principal Hirai's room on the left side. The
team overhears Fuyukai sensei and the principal discussing the match and that
Occult uses magic during their matches.    Kino then comes to tell you that
there's someone at the clubhouse who wants to become a manager of the soccer
club, so head back to the clubhouse.

On your way out of the school, you meet up with Miss Student Body President
Natsumi again who informs you now that random members of different clubs will
come up to you and challenge you to a battle (i.e. RPG style random encounters).
Remember, for these battles, if you begin with the ball, the goal is to score
before they do and before time runs out.  If they begin with the ball, you only
have to gain possession before time expires.  Upon entering a random battle,
there are 3 boxes:  RUN - START - MENU.

Winning battles will net you some experience and also some Zeal Points to buy
some of that equipment in the item shop.  As you get more Zeal Points, feel
free to stop by the store and get equipment you want.  Also you can change out
2 players in your 4 man team at anytime when not in battle mode by going to
menu option 1 then option 1 again. Endo and Someoka must be on your team of 4
at all times.  So switch out the other 2 on and off to keep a well balanced

One more thing to watch for is your player's fatigue, designated by the GP
meter. When this meter gets low, it means your player is getting tired which of
course decreases their ability.  Just something to keep an eye on.

Ok, so the new wannabe manager is the newspaper club's very own Otonashi Haruna.
After watching your match versus Teikoku, she immediately became a huge fan of
the soccer club.  Of course everyone has to bring something to the team, so her
job will be recruiting new players.  You now have some new menu options
available. From the menu, choose the 4th option (info).  The player folder
(option 2) gives you stats on all the characters you know of (The top option is
for your players and recruitable players while the bottom is for players on
rival teams).  The scout option (option 3) lets you contact Otonashi by sell
phone and also allows you to have her stop recruiting your last request.  To
begin recruiting, you always must go to the clubhouse and talk to Otonashi.
Choose YES and then go ahead and choose by whatever scouting method you like.
These options are detailed in the Scouting Menu section of this FAQ.

With that all taken care of, the next order of business is to go practice for
the upcoming match vs Occult.  Of course the soccer ground is never available,
even though you are the soccer club, but luckily Otonashi knows of a place you
can go practice down by the riverside (from now on just known as Riverside).
Next head towards the main gate.  You will find Goenji on his way home and
Someoka strutting his Alpha Dog attitude by telling Endo to just let Goenji
go.Shishido mentions that they really need something like the Fire Tornado if
they are gonna stand a chance against Occult's black magic, but Someoka won't
have any of that talk.  So let's move on to Riverside by exiting the main gate
and going to the new area at the bottom left.

There are a lot of people here, but you can just follow the road all the way
left to the next screen, make sure to pick up the chest containing 65 Zeal
Points and then head down to the soccer ground. Talk to the Inazuma KFC captain
Mako at midfield.  She says too bad but they are practicing right now.  Someoka,
being the only one to realize that Jr High kids don't have to listen to
elementary kids, tells em to scram but then coach Aida steps in and suggests
they practice against each other.  Hmm...in no time the Raimon Jr High soccer
club has gone from the top of the ladder in playing against Teikoku to scraping
the bottom of the barrel by facing off against 8 year olds.  Well played.  But
actually, these kids are stronger than you think.  Watch out for Mako
especially because she has a technique shot that will score on you.  The
tutorial here is about Burning Phase which occurs when you have 3 different
team members take a shot in the same match. When you do this you will get
increased stats, which means a chance at more goals. It increases 3 things:
1. Shot power
2. Increase in battle winning rate
3. TP used is cut in half for technique shots

|MATCH: Raimon VS Inazuma KFC                             |
|                                                         |
|Goal: Defeat Inazuma KFC                                 |

For this battle you can also choose the left box before you begin to set your
formation.  Here you can drag using the stylus to change positions of players.
Since Megane sucks, you might want to move him off the Striker position and put
in Max or someone instead.  I like to switch them and then move Handa to the
middle next to Shourin and put Megane to the left of Shourin where he isn't
used so much.
Hit the right boxes to skip thru the lineups and get to the match.

After you win, Someoka will feel pretty down and wants to stay and practice
alone. He realizes he isn't nearly as good as Goenji and doesn't have any cool
techniques like the Fire Tornado.  Of course Endo is there to offer words of
encouragement and tells him that Someoka has to be his own person and play to
the best of his abilities and not focus on the type of player Goenji is.
Goenji says he wants to have the outcome of a match be based on his shot, just
like Goenji's was.  Anyway, Aida will help Someoka with a technique called the
Dragon Crush.  This also will open up a new route on your character tree.

We see Goenji looking on down at the practice field as Natsumi walks past and
mentions to him that she knows his past (afterall she says, she is the student
body president and therefore knows everything about all the students).

Everyday the team practiced and now it's a day before their match with Occult.
Kino gives you a Flashy Friendship bracelet.  This increases your random battle
encounter rate, giving you a chance at more experience.  Just make sure someone
in your main party of 4 is wearing it, otherwise it won't count.  Ok, now go
back out the main gate and once again to the practice ground at Riverside.
Goenji is done perfecting the Dragon Crush and you can now use it in team

Also, Aida points out special locations you can use to practice your skills
(basically you spend some Zeal Points and your raise certain stats by a point
or two.  Check out the Skill Up locations section for locations).  Check out
the one right next to the soccer ground here to level up your kick power by 1
or 2 pts everytime depending on level.  Be careful, the more times you have the
same player use it, the price increases. If you did a few random battles and
already bought what you need from the item shop, you might wanna level up the
kick power (I would get Someoka into the high 30s perhaps.  While you are at
the tower, talk to the cat right next to the Skill Up spot to get the Track Key.

Your next goal is to talk to Kino back at the clubhouse to prepare for the
upcoming match versus Occult.  Before that, you might want to go to the tower
and level your kick up a bit, or do a bit of grinding to level up your
characters and get more Zeal Points if you still have items you want.
Personally, I got impact shoes for my shooters and a few Guts shoes for
defensemen, and then Everybody's shoes for everyone else since they raise your
control up 2 over the regular shoes you start with.  Oh and also get the Dirty
Friendship Bracelets for everyone except the one person wearing the Popular
bracelet.  Once you are ready, go back to the school.  Before talking to Kino,
the tennis court is now open (right from the baseball and track area).  Up
north you can find a chest with a Cookie Bar and on the tennis court and over
at the bottom right corner of the tennis courts there's a chest with some milk.
By the rectangle of flowers at the southwest corner you can find a chest with
Kids Spikes (Speed +2).

Also with the tennis area now being open, we can recruit a new character,
Tamano.  Yeah, he's the kid who was by the stairs in the school back in chapter
one.  After talking to him nine times, he runs away down to the clubhouse map.
So head over there and you can find him below the building that's on the left
side of the map.  Try to convince him nine more times to join and he will run
away again (see a developing pattern?).  Ok, luckily we only have to find him
once more.  Next, head up to the baseball field.  If you look right next to the
bench near the first base line, you will see another chest that contains some
milk.  Then continue over right to the tennis court map.  You will see Tamano
right when you enter, so talk to him nine more times and eventually he will
join.  Press A to add him to the bottom of the list.  You also get a notice
that a new area of the character tree has been unlocked.  Once you get him,
feel free to switch your lineup a bit.  Menu > Option 1 (Friends)> Option 1
(Substitution) and then choose Megane and Press A then press the right trigger
to access your reserve list and put him in there.  You can see Tamano is a
pretty good player, so make good use of him.  Once you are done here, head back
to the clubhouse and talk with Kino.

Ok, so this match will be your first real challenge in the game.  If you
breezed past everything else so far, this might give you a little trouble.

|MATCH: Raimon VS Occult                                     |
|                                                            |
|Goal: Use Someoka's Dragon Tornado shot and win the match   |

Basically you have about the first half to do whatever damage you can.  Try to
score a goal if possible with Someoka's Dragon Crush just to give it a try.
Eventually, Occult will have enough and cast Ghost Lock on you which
immobilizes everyone leading Yuukoku to march down and use Phantom Shot to put
in a goal you can't avoid.  Goenji comes up with an idea at the start of the
second half to avoid the spell (by having everyone close their eyes), proving
that he is more than just a one-shot wonder.  He's got the brains to go along
with the brawn.  Someoka really should stop trying to compete with him now.
Anyway, this is where things might get tough depending on how good you are with
ball movement.  You want to get the ball to Someoka near the net as soon as you
can so he can get off a Dragon Crush technique.  The Occult keeper will use his
blade technique to stop it dead in its tracks.  So, what now?  Well, hopefully
you can get the ball back to Someoka and do the same thing again, only this
time after the Dragon Crush, Goenji will work in tandem and do his Fire Tornado,
creating a very original and innovative technique called the Dragon Tornado.
After you win, Goenji will join the squad and that will do it for chapter two.


           | D. Chapter Three: The Conspiracy Swirling around Inazuma  |


Now that you have two awesome strikers, Endo can't help but think that they
stand a chance at this year's top soccer tournament Football Frontier.  A girl
in the class then mentions a tall handsome new student who has just returned
from America and is looking to join the soccer club.  So of course, we gotta go
check it out.  So head back to the clubhouse to see what's goin on.  Here we
meet the new student Domon Asuka, who is hoping to play on defense.  Natsumi
also shows us the bracket for the upcoming Football Frontier tournament.  It
looks like we drew Nose (pronounced No Say, not nose like the body part) JHS in
the first round.  Domon is looking quite suspicious isn't he?  And for some
reason, he knows Natsumi's name even though she didn't introduce herself.
Hmm...oh and he also considers himself the best defender.  Quite a comment
considering he's just returned from America and hasn't been around the Japanese
circuit lately.  Oh well, Natsumi feels the need to tell us uncultured brutes
how to behave at the tournament and to keep our manners and check so as not to
embarrass the school.  How rude...

Also, a new area of the character tree will be unlocked.  So let's head inside
the clubhouse and see what Domon is up to.  Fuyukai sensei explains that they
have to get ready for Nose JHS.  Goenji mentions that they are quite the group
of jumpers to which Endo mentions the Dragon Tornado.  Domon of course curious
of the name, says that he would like to see such a move from the great ace of
Kidokawa Seishuu. Goenji is surprised and asks why the hell Domon knows about
where he's from to which Domon quickly remarks that in reality, he's a big fan
of Goenji's.  Endo, being oblivious as he is, asks what is Kidokawa Seishuu.
Kino tells him that they were last year's runner-up in the national tournament,
2nd in the nation only to Teikoku.

Goenji isn't sure if they can win with the Dragon Tornado because Nose can jump
very high, so Endo remarks that they have no choice but to find a technique
that goes even higher in the air.  That sounds like a great job for our scout
Otonashi. Fuyukai sensei tells Domon to come with him, being as he's a new
student and all. Kazemaru isn't quite sold on Domon and mentions that Kino also
has lived in America before (quite the international group we have here).

While Kabeyama goes off to eat ramen, Kino mentions that from now on you can
set up friendlies with your rival schools so you can practice.  Just talk to
her anytime to set it up.

On his way to eat ramen, Kabeyama runs into his little brother Saku, who
realized that his soccer star brother forgot his snack today and gives him a
rice ball.   His little brother really looks up to him like a hero and thinks
that Kabeyama is the ace of the soccer club (well, he also thinks that because
that's what Kabeyama told him).  So Kabeyama will now be a mandatory part of
your 4 man team so that he can get better and play well versus Nose.  Anyway,
it's off to the library to hit the books!

The library is located on the 1st floor of the school, just left of the item
shop. Talk to Otonashi and she'll tell you to check out the bookshelves.  Go to
the sparklies on the ground to learn some new techniques.  To learn a
technique,go to the menu > Option 1 > Option 3 to view your techniques for each
player.  Then press Y on the player you want to learn the technique and then
choose which one you want to learn.  Here in the library the three techniques
you gain are:

1. Spinning Shot (indicated by a red box to the left of it in the list)
2. Magic (Used while dribbling not unlike what Occult used.  Blue box)
3. Quick Draw (Indicated by a green box.  Max should already have this
technique and is used as a block move to steal the ball while on defense).

Go back to Otonashi and you will find a ripped page that mentions a technique
called the Falling Inazuma!  However, you can't read all of it so it's useless
for now.  Otonashi heads back to the clubhouse, so talk to the librarian
regarding the torn page.

The librarian says that the manga club might know something about books like
that but unfortunately she's too busy organizing all the books in the library
to go do that.  So it's now your job to go talk to the manga club.  They are
located at the cultural center on the west side of the pool.  This now opens
the cultural center/pool map and the Gymnasium map.  Follow the purple arrow
out to the tennis courts and then to the right to get to the pool map and to
the cultural center.  In here, you will find the Manga club on the 1st floor
and the Newspaper club on the 2nd floor.  Talk to Saotome at the far end of the
top room on the 1st floor.  The kid with the book storms out, so go chase him
by exiting and then going north above the pool to the chicken coup where the
kid burns the book!  The janitor then talks about the famous soccer team from
Raimon JHS called the Inazuma Eleven from over 40 years ago. They made it all
the way to the Football Frontier national championship finals.  However the
janitor says it was a long time ago and he doesn't remember it so well. Anyway
in that technique book was the great jumping attack called the Falling Inazuma.
Oh well, with the book turned to ash, it seems like they will just have to use
luck to beat Nose JHS. Right now the best thing they can do is just practice,
so they all agree to head back to Riverside.  Domon will join your team now, so
you can all go and practice together.  Before leaving, Kabeyama finds an adult-
themed book at the same spot where the kid supposedly burned the technique book.
Hmm...something doesn't seem to add up here.

Everyone wonders where Kabeyama disappeared too and assumes that he's kinda
given up now that the book is burned and doesn't want to show his little
brother just how good a soccer player he is.  A message now appears that a new
branch is unlocked in the character tree.  Head back to Riverside and talk to
the Inazuma KFC captain Mako.

It seems like she has a little bit of a dilemma.  The poofy haired kid is Demae
from the Kasamino JHS soccer club.  They played a friendly but now Demae is
saying that he and Mako agreed that if Kasamino won, they would get to take the
soccer ground for their own use.  Mako of course has no idea what he's talking
about, so Endo challenges Kasamino to a match.  Choose yes when Demae asks and
get ready for the challenge!

|MATCH: Raimon VS Kasamino JHS                               |
|                                                            |
|Goal: Defeat Kasamino to reclaim the Riverside soccer field |

This shouldn't be too tough of a match to win, just use techniques with your
strikers and you should score a few times no problem.  At halftime you find out
that actually, Kasamino is trying to put a soccer club back together, which is
why Demae is down here trying to take over this field so that they have a place
to practice.  Oh well, Raimon needs to practice too so you have to win!  For
winning, you will get the Kasamino uniform and also a Super water (restores ALL

Goenji makes his way home by himself while the others wonder what's up with him.
It seems a little strange that he always goes home alone and uses the back gate,
when there's nothing back that way other than the hospital.  Perhaps something
is wrong with Goenji that he's not telling us about.  Domon then takes off
after him, no doubt to spy.  Kazemaru says isn't there something suspicious
about Domon (oh gee really?) to which Endo says that he hasn't noticed anything
and not to worry cuz Domon really can play soccer, so that's good enough for
him apparently.

On the way back to the clubhouse, that strange old guy appears and asks if
there's a guy here who teaches kids soccer.  Endo replies yeah that he taught
them the Dragon Crush technique to which the old man is surprised.  He then
also is surprised when Endo says his name and then says "ahh...i see.  I see."
There's something mysterious about that old guy no doubt.  Anyway, time to head

We find Kabeyama sitting in the clubhouse looking at the "adult-themed" book,
which he is utterly amazed at (afterall, he has never seen such a thing before
he says).  From outside the clubhouse he can hear two people talking (sure
looks like Fuyukai sensei).  They are discussing their scheme and that Goenji's
little sister is at the hospital.  So as not to get caught, Kabeyama runs out
the clubhouse, running over Domon and dropping the other half of the Falling
Inazuma page which was somehow stuck inside!  Domon picks it up just as the
crew arrives back and asks where he found it.  Quite modestly, he says that
through a lot of hardship and trouble, he was able to obtain it.  Putting the
two pieces together they can now read that the Falling Inazuma is a special 2
person technique requiring teamwork to create the ultimate attack.  To pull off
the move, you need a high jumper (namely Goenji) and a stocky person (hmm...who
comes to mind? enter stage left...).  Kabeyama announces that there's some scary
guy bothering Goenji at the back gate, so let's head there and help him out.
The MIB is propositioning Goenji when the crew arrives.  The guy sees everyone
coming and decides to leave while Goenji chases after him and drops his Oath
pendant in the process.  The guys pick it up and decide they better go towards
the hospital to give it back to Goenji.

At the hospital the MIB are attempting to go capture Goenji's little sister
Yuka. After seeing Endo and company arrive he speaks up and says to the MIB
Yeah, go ahead and you just try and lay one finger on her!!!  Guess he didn't
have the balls to say that when it was just him.  No better way to settle this
fight than with an old fashioned soccer match.

|BATTLE: Raimon VS MIB                                       |
|                                                            |
|Goal: Score a goal first and before time runs out           |

The MIB say that you'll never beat the jumping power of Nose JHS and then run
away.  Head up to the second floor to visit Yuka and Goenji.

Goenji says that he has a lot to explain. He explains that ever since the final
day of last year's Football Frontier, Yuka has been like this.  On the
championship day, Yuka made the pendant and gave it to Goenji so that he
wouldn't lose.  The pendant was an oath that Goenji would definitely win.
Goenji promises the oath to Yuka and says her smile was the last thing he saw.
On the way to go cheer for Goenji, Yuka gets hit by a truck.  When Goenji finds
out before the match, he rushes to the hospital  He blames himself and says if
only he didn't play soccer, none of this would have happened.  That's why he
quit soccer.  But now he realizes he was only running from everything; from
Yuka and from soccer. Yuka liked the Goenji that played soccer, so he shouldn't
try to change that.  He then tells Yuka that he's making one more oath to her.
He will protect her with all his might and when she finally opens her eyes, she
will see the same Goenji she knew, the awesome brother who's a soccer star.
And of course, he'll keep his promise of winning the Football Frontier

Figuring out that the Falling Inazuma technique will require Goenji and
Kabeyama, Endo tells Kabeyama that now is his chance to show his little brother
the true star that he is!  It's time to perfect the new technique.  A new part
of the character tree is now also opened.

We fast forward until a day before the big match versus Nose JHS.  Today is the
day they have to master the Falling Inazuma.  However, Kabeyama is nowhere to
be found.  Kazemaru suggests letting someone else work with Goenji but Endo
refuses, saying that the book specifically states the move requires a stocky

Outside the clubhouse, once again Kabeyama is having doubts.  He doesn't think
it's possible for him to do such a move with a skilled player like Goenji.  But
reluctantly, he agrees to go with the team to Riverside to practice.  After
entering Riverside, we see Goenji practicing his jumping, saying that he has to
be able to jump higher if they are gonna beat Nose JHS.  Together it's time to
go to the soccer field.  At the field, Demae is around with Mako practicing
(good to see they kissed and made up) and coach Aida helps the team master the
Falling Inazuma. But as usual, Kabeyama is too afraid to do it.  After his
little brother and friend stop by, Aida tells him that to perform this super
cool awesome move, ONLY Kabeyama can do it.  After doing the technique
successfully, Kabeyama says that it's a horrible move and not very cool at all.
Well, at least not for him because he's a human stepping stool!  Endo convinces
Kabeyama that it's a cool move and to do it again.  However, Domon mentions to
Kabeyama that it's not cool at all and what will his little brother think when
he sees the "star" player doing such a thing.  Meanwhile, the evil scheming
over at Teikoku is going as planned.

We move forward to the big day: the opening round of the Football Frontier
tournament.  Raimon JHS vs Nose JHS.  Loser goes home.  Let's get ready to
rumble. A new area, the train station, is now available from the city map and
the tutorial tells you how to do partner settings.  This is where you set who
you do a special move with that requires more than one person.  For example,
the Falling Inazuma.  It's pre-set to Kabeyama as Goenji's partner for the move,
so there's nothing extra you have to do.  However, you must make sure that if
Kabeyama is set as your partner for the move, he MUST be on the field, or else
Goenji won't be able to perform the technique.

Ok so head out the main gate and over to the station.  Go straight and then
turn right to find the drug store.  Stock up on any items you need (you can see
the full item list at the item shop section of this FAQ).

Outside of the convenience store, there are some students who seem to be
causing trouble.  A little girl even mentions that she wants to go in, but
she's afraid. Well, that's none of our concern now, and we gotta get to the
match anyway, so let's continue on.  When you are prepared go to the front of
the station and press A.  It will ask if you want to buy a ticket to Nose JHS.
Choose yes and you are on your way.

Welcome to the countryside. The two chests in front of you contain a Spinning
Cut technique (defense move) and a Stamina Bar. You can see Natsumi arrived in
style as Nose players Fish and Gorilla oogle at a limo (which they say they
have never seem before).  Head across the bridge to see a quick scene of Endo
telling his deceased grandfather that the Football Frontier has finally come
and that there's no way he's gonna lose!

In case you want to know the team member's names for Nose JHS.  From the top,
going left to right its:

Cheetah, gorilla, snake
Rooster, eagle
Chameleon, Monkey
Fish, Lion, Frog
and the keeper Boar

|MATCH: Raimon VS Nose JHS                                  |
|                                                            |
|Goal: Use the Falling Inazuma and defeat Nose!              |

During the match use the Falling Inazuma (shoot with Goenji, choose technique
and then choose the one on the right side) to score a goal everytime.  You can
get past the goalie with other techiques as well, but the keeper will stop
quite a few if he uses his techniques.  They shouldn't get too many shots on
you, so feel free to always use a technique with Endo to increase your chances
of stopping their shots.  After you win, Kabeyama's little brother will say how
cool Kabeyama was and then Natsumi will show up and make things a little more
interesting by becoming the new soccer club manager!  And of course there's
more shenanigans going on with Fuyukai sensei.  It'll ask you to save and
that's it for chapter three.


         |          E. Chapter Four: Completing the Trial            |


This chapter begins with Natsumi talking with her father.  She tells him that
she's going to join the soccer club as their new manager to which her father
responds with what the hell are you thinking?  But the real reason why she
asked to meet him is that she has a favor to ask of him.  Hmm...what could it
be?  Anyway, word is getting around that she's the new manager and everyone
seems to agree it's a mixed bag with her. Sure, she's the idol of the school,
but at the same time everyone knows she's stuck up and a pain in the ass.  Just
then, some kid named Konno, who comes from the wrong side of the tracks, enters
and tells Endo that he's got some things to talk about and that he'll be
waiting for him in the soccer clubhouse.  This probably isn't good.  Well let's
go to the clubhouse and see if you can discuss matters with words,
not actions. Oh, and a new branch in the character tree is open now.

At the clubhouse, Konno asks for Endo's help.  Lately his friend has been
acting strange after having a dispute with another school and he needs their
help in the matter.  It seems the problem his friend had was with some members
of the Mikage Sennou JHS soccer club.  As Kino is quick to point out, Mikage
Sennou just happens to be your opponent for round two of the Football Frontier
tournament!  What a coincidence!  Oh and Mikage Sennou also is a pretty darn
good team. In an exhibition match, they beat up on Amano JHS 9-0. They also
were 2nd place in the last regional tournament (of course losing to Teikoku
like everyone does).  Konno then says that his friend who is acting strange is
in the slum area behind the gymnasium.  So it might be a good idea not only to
help out Konno, but also to get some info on our next opponent.  Kabeyama is
also eager to come along, not so he can hone is soccer skills, but because in
the slum there's a good candy shop.  He needs no more motivation than that.

Ok, so now the area behind the gymnasium has opened up, so let's go check it
out. Just outside Natsumi stops you and discusses her new role on the team.
Sure, Otonashi was great for scouting, but when the only members come from
within your own school, the pickins are gonna be slim.  Natsumi, being the
shrewd person that she is, can steal players from your rivals!!  Yeah, remember
all those cool players on other teams you wish you could get?  Well, now you
can!  So talk to her if you want to grab anyone from Occult or Nose JHS.

To get new recruits from other teams, talk to Natsumi and then choose yes.  The
top school listed is Occult and the one below that is Nose.  Choose the team
you want to recruit from and then choose yes again.  Natsumi should call a MIB
and tell him to go spy and try to recruit some players from that team.  After
that just go out and run around a bit grinding if you want until you get a
phone call.  Then talk to Natsumi again and pick who you want.  Note that the
players who appear on the list are random.  If the player you wanted doesn't
show up (but you know he's on the team) then just try again.

Also, starting in this chapter, there will be a new random battle added.  For
this mode, you will start off with the ball, but there won't be a goal for the
opposition.  When this happens, your objective is to make sure the other team
doesn't score a goal.  So play keep-away until time expires and you win.  While
you are running around waiting for your secret new recruits, you can do a few
extra things.  If you head back to the cultural center and go to the second
floor, you should see a guy with pink hair and sunglases right when you get up
there. Talk to him and he'll say I know why you are here.  It's to ask me to
join the soccer club isn't it?  So say YES and he'll join just like that.  His
name is Hakata Shouji.  Also there's a chest up here with the B-Right Wing
formation card. Remember where you can change your formation and AI settings?
Well now you have a new formation for battle mode.  The list should now look

1. B-Basic
2. B-Flatback
3. Attacker
4. Right Wing

The right wing formation is tricky, by moving the left winger to the right side
to give you lots of attack and defense on the right side of the field, but
leaves your left side very open.  Use with caution.  Also we can go check out
the other clubhouses now since we have two of the keys.  They are the nice
buildings to the left of our crappy clubhouse.  Starting from the top we have
the Cycling clubhouse, Tennis clubhouse, Track clubhouse, and finally Baseball.
In the track clubhouse you can talk to blonde haired Miyasaka (remember him?
He helped you way back in your first match vs the rugby club guys).  Talk to
him and say YES and he will join.  He's an average player at best, but has
awesome speed. The bottom chest in here has a Cookie Bar and the one up the
stairs has a Victory Glove (+2 Guard).  The bottom chest has a pair of Impact
Shoes and the top one has a Comet Shot technique in it.  Also talk to Raimei
who asks if he can join the soccer club once again. Say YES and he'll join up.
He has pretty decent stats so you might want to move him into the MF position.
Plus he looks cooler than most of your other MFs.

Ok, so follow the purple arrows to get to the gym area.  Above the fountain you
will find a chest with the Tennis clubhouse key.  Go back there if you want.
Right when you enter, talk to Kurenai and he'll join if you say YES.  When you
are ready, head to the slums behind the gymnasium.

Talk to Hiraoka to try to knock some sense into him.

|BATTLE: Raimon VS Brainwashed Hiraoka                       |
|                                                            |
|Goal: Win the match                                         |

After you win, it still seems like Hiraoka hasn't changed, so Goenji uses a
Falling Inazuma to knock a strange mechanical device off of Hiraoka's head.  It
seems that it was some sort of mind controlling device made by Mikage.  Natsumi
then stops by to check up on you guys and says that in order to beat Mikage,
you might need something a little more powerful than just the Falling Inazuma.
So let's head over to the science room and see if we can find out about this
spiffy hat.  Follow the purple arrows over to the Western annex of the school,
which is where the science room is located. Once inside you will find the
Nurse's room up top and the Science room on the bottom of the map on the 1st
floor.    On the 2nd and 3rd floors are the 1st year students' classrooms.
Stamina) inside.  Go to the science room and talk to Okonogi sensei.

Giving the science teacher the hat and asking him if he knows what it is, he
says that of course he knows what it is and asks the students to please wait
outside.  But in reality, he's not so skilled in machinery, so he has no choice
but to call someone.  After messing around with it for a bit, there's a huge
explosion.  He says that if you want to learn more about it, you should go
visit his son in the shopping district.  His son is really into robot toy
models and actually likes robots so much he studied machinery at college.  Ok,
so it's time to go to the Hobby shop down in the shopping district, which has
now been conveniently added to the city map. Follow the purple arrow out the
main gate and then choose the Shopping District on the map (to the right of the

At the shopping district, you will see shops on the left and right side of the
street.  Go in the 3rd building on the left which is called Inazuma Sports.
Here there are finally some nice upgrades for your shoes and also a bunch of
new uniforms.  Check the item shop section to see a complete list of the items

Past that there's another drug store then a girl standing in front of an alley
way and then the store after that is the Hobby shop.  Talk to the shopkeeper
and he will take a look at the strange hat.  He puts it on his head and goes
flying around the shop. After, he also mentions that he heard a voice inside
his head when he put it on (just like the kid from the slums).  Anyway, it
seems like this device can be used for mind control afterall.  On the way out,
Endo runs into one of Natsumi's errand boys who passes him his cell with
Natsumi on the line.  Apparently she has something very important to tell you
so she summons you back to school where she'll be waiting by the statue to the
right of the soccer ground.  So let's head on back and talk to her.  This also
unlocks a new branch in the character tree.

Back at the statue, Natsumi shows us what the favor was she asked of her dad.
She asked and he agreed to allow the team use the secret practice ground the
famous Inazuma Eleven used 40 years ago called "Inabikari"!  Just then she
kicks everyone inside and says if they can't get past this little trial, that
there's no way they'll ever be able to defeat Mikage, nevermind Teikoku.

Talk to the guy behind the counter and you will get a menu of all the different
courses you have to clear in order to increase your skills.  Here's the list of
courses from top to bottom:

1. Attack Course (Kick and Body UP)
2. Defense Course (Guard UP)
3. Speed Course (Speed UP)
4. Technique Course (Body and Control UP)
5. Strength Course (Guts and Stamina UP)
8. Mysterious Course (GP and TP UP)

Basically the idea here is to go thru each course and win challenges until you
reach the final stage for each course (which will be a real soccer field and
will play a full match, not just a mini game).  If you win and clear the course,
then you get a couple of skill ups (mentioned in the brackets above).  But if
you lose at anytime during the course, you will be kicked out back to the main
lobby, so be careful.  It's really a pain since some characters have special
attacks that can potentially get past Endo.

After leveling up a bit head back upstairs where you will meet Natsumi's father
and school chairman, Mr. Raimon.  He tells the team that after seeing their
determination he fully supports the soccer club and hopes they do well.  He
then passes along a special skill book simply called Inazuma Vol 1.  Of course,
this is just the book we need, as it contains a technique that is stronger than
the Falling Inazuma so we can defeat Mikage JHS.  Mr. Raimon goes on to explain
a little bit of Inazuma Eleven's history and how Endo Daisuke (Endo's
grandfather) was the coach of the Inazuma Eleven.  It was also he who wrote all
these technique books (along with Inazuma #1 and the book that showed them how
to do the Falling Inazuma).  With the book well in hand, it's time to practice
and get ready for the big match against Mikage.

Back at Teikoku, everyone is a bit worried with how strange their captain,
Kidou (the crazy lookin kid with the goggles), has been acting lately.

Once again in the classroom, it's now the day before the match versus Mikage.
Everyone is excited because with Inazuma Vol 1 and after using the special
practice field Inabikari, there's no doubt they can beat Mikage.  Kino says
that she would like to talk after practice and that she'll be waiting in the
clubhouse. Now might be a good time to equip the Inazuma #1.  Most of your
players can't learn this technique, so give it to Goenji if you like.  The
automatic pairing for this technique will be Endo, so you don't have to change

So if you are ready to move on, head over to the clubhouse and talk to Kino.
She'll ask if you are finished with practice.  Press YES.  Natsumi will
question if the team is really ready.  The next day arrives and it's time for
everyone to head to the station and go to Mikage JHS.  Go to the station and
choose YES to buy a ticket and go to Mikage.  Once you arrive, you realize
there's something a bit strange about these folks.  Yeah, the cyborg look is
aplenty here.  They definitely likes them some technology.

|MATCH: Raimon VS Mikage Sennou                              |
|                                                            |
|Goal: Use the Inazuma No. 1 and defeat the Mikage cheaters! |

As you might have guessed, this team likes using techniques.  I would say about
80% of the time actually.  And there's no reason why they shouldn't because
when they use them it doesn't take away any of their TP!  Make sure your DFs
counter with a lot of moves of their own.  In the midfield it's ok to use
regular moves and hope they don't use they scan, but if they reach your DFs,
always use a technique so hopefully you can get the ball back before they can
shoot.  By now your DFs should have a good selection of defensive moves to
prevent most attempts to get a shot off on Endo.  If they do break through, use
God Hand.  However, God Hand takes up a lot of TP, so you only get a few uses
of it.  If Endo is running low on TP after the first half, make sure to use a
Hyper Bar to get all his TP back.  Goenji might be low on TP too by now, and
since you can only use one item, choose wisely.  On the offensive side, ALWAYS
shoot using a technique otherwise it won't get past the keeper since he always
uses a technique to block the shot. However, using any of Goenji's or Someoka's
techniques will often result in it getting past him.  This battle can get a bit
annoying since you are constantly losing battles due to them always using their
scans.  Just make sure they don't get past the DFs and then counter attack with
a bunch of quick passes and dribbling techniques until you can get it to your
strikers and get off a shot.

After the match, Mikage says that it's up to Teikoku.  As if we couldn't guess,
they both are partners in crime.  The three girls meanwhile are excited over
the last victory (well, Natsumi isn't exactly excited, but it's as close as she
gets) and all three seem to be bonding well.  Then Otonashi gets a call from an
unknown number.  From the conversation we can tell that it's someone who she
hasn't been in contact with for 6 years.  She asks why the person never
contacted her and why now all of a sudden they call.  She says they're
liars...liars...my family.  And that ends chapter four.


          |     F. Chapter Five: Be Careful of the Maid Cafe!?        |


Chapter five begins the day before the Football Frontier semi-final matchup.
Your opponent in the next round will once again be noneother than Occult JHS.
No doubt they will be more prepared and tougher than their last outing.  Anyway,
everyone is a little tired of practicing everyday and then Kino comes in and
says that Fuyukai sensei is waiting in the clubhouse.  He's quite pale and
something seems a bit strange about him, so let's go see what he has to say.
Also a new branch on the character tree unlocks.

Fuyukai sensei gives us an update on other scores from the tournament, saying
that Occult JHS lost to Shuuyou Meito JHS 10-nil in the 2nd round!  (As a side
note, the Japanese characters for Shuuyou can also be read as "Akiba" which is
the nickname for Akihabara, a famous area in Tokyo known for their electronics
and also for Otakus, people fascinated with something, usually manga or anime,
robots, etc.  Recently Akihabara has also become well known for its abundance
of maid cafes where young waitresses are dressed up in maid costumes).  Kino
also adds that Shuuyou is the weakest team that entered the tournament and
Goenji says he hasn't even ever heard of them before.  So something definitely
seems amiss.  Then Otonashi mentions that there's a new maid cafe that opened
up down in the shopping district that's become popular.  So maybe if we head
down there we can get some info.  Kino wants to go too, but Otonashi puts the
hammer down, tellin her she can't cuz there's still a lot of cleaning and
laundry to do (gee, talk about pushin that women's rights agenda).

Head over to the shopping district and to where the flag marker is on your map
to arrive at the cafe.  Outside you will see someone bullying a maid.  After
settling things, the maid says thank you and asks for Endo's name.  Kurimatsu
kindly steps in and offers his name and says they are from Raimon JHS.  The
maid is taken aback when he says the school they are from and she runs away.
Meanwhile the guy you knocked out, his name is Maniya, comes around and say
that he's actually the owner of the cafe and the maid was one of his workers
who recently said she wanted to quit.  However, there seems to be a problem.
Currently, the cafe has been shut down and Maniya has to go talk to the person
in charge of the shopping area, but apparently she's a very scary person.  So
Maniya asks you if you would be so kind as to go in his place and go talk to
Sally the chairwoman.  Press YES to accept.  Maniya then tells you Sally can be
found at a bar called Kinkakuji (Golden Pavillion) down an alleyway just left
of here. You can now go down the alleyway next to the Hobby shop.

Going down the alley you will come across the bar.  However since it's the
middle of the day, all the lights are turned off and it doesn't seem to be open
yet.  You call out to see if anyone is inside, but then Sally comes over and
asks what all the racket is about and that kids aren't supposed to be here.
After Kurimatsu is done hitting on her, Endo explains the situation and Sally
decides to give the kids a chance.  She asks them to meet her at the open field
just down the street when you guys are done "preparing".  Preparing for what,
we don't know, but if everything before this has been any indication, my guess
is it's a soccer match.  So follow the purple arrow to arrive at the soccer

Indeed, Sally has fielded a soccer team called the 1st street Sallys consisting
only of members from the local neighborhood watch.  If you can beat her team,
then she will allow the maid cafe to reopen.

|MATCH: Raimon VS Ichibangai (1st street                            |
|                                                                  |
|Goal: Defeat the group of homebodies so that the cafe can reopen! |

This team shouldn't be too tough to beat, however their players, including
their strikers, have some techniques, so play good defense and have Endo use
techniques if they get a shot off, otherwise it might find its way to the back
of the net. After you win, you tell them that you are from Raimon JHS.  The old
folks then reminisce about older times and the glory days of the Inazuma
Eleven!  Endo wonders why his mom never told him anything about his grandfather
if the Inazuma Eleven were so famous.  Then the kids get an idea that maybe one
of the old members of the Inazuma Eleven still live in the area, so perhaps it
would be wise to try to find one of them to talk to.  Anyway, with your victory,
Sally agrees to allow the maid cafe to reopen, so let's go back and talk to
Maniya again.  Oh, and a new branch in the character tree opens up.

Go back and talk to Maniya and he will be excited that he can open the cafe
again. Endo will get the special "service" for helping him out and Kurimatsu is
quite jealous that Endo gets all the attention from the maids.  Inside,
Kurimatsu is livin it up, drinkin tea and ready for some Omelette Rice when
Endo says it's time to head back.  Afterall, the big match is tomorrow and
there's still practice to be done.  A new branch will unlock in the character

The next day at the clubhouse, everyone is getting ready for the match when
suddenly their stomachs don't feel so well.  Hmm...this could be a problem.
Let's head over to the nurse's room and see what could be wrong.

Well, everyone except for Endo and Goenji has an upset stomach.  The nurse says
it's probably from something they ate (boy, what would we do without her).
It's time to head to Shuuyou JHS, so everyone's just gonna have to suck it up
and play hard.  Oh and by the way, everyone's skill levels have dropped to 1,
except for Endo and Goenji!  That could make the match a tad more difficult.

In this situation, you have a couple of choices.  A - Go and recruit or
substitute players to change your starting team.  You should swap out everyone
that has all 1s as their ratings.  Option B is play the match with all your
starters, and rely on being able to get the ball to Goenji.  He shouldn't have
any problem scoring with a technique like Falling Inazuma, but the difficulty
is getting the ball to him.  I beat it without making substitutions, so fee
free to go that route if you don't want to spend the time changing all your
players.  In any case, it's time to make our way to the station so head over
there when you are ready.

As you might have guessed, maid cafe owner Maniya is the reason why everyone's
stomach hurts.  He's not only a cafe owner, but he's also Shuuyou's head coach.
Hmm..perhaps that's why the weakest team in the tournament was able to destroy
Occult and make it this far!!

|MATCH: Raimon VS Shuuyou Meito                               |
|                                                             |
|Goal: Defeat the team of Otakus to move on in the tournament |

This match shouldn't be too tough.  If you substituted some players then it
should be quite easy.  Even if you didn't you should still be able to stop a
lot of their advances with your techniques.  The key is to just get the ball to
Goenji and have him use techniques to blast the ball past the keeper.  I found
the attacker to the left of Endo to be a little bit of a pain since he has a
powerful technique, but most of the other players just used normal shots, so
use God Hand or just defend normally against the other players if they get a
shot off.
Once you win, everyone is eager to get home and relax.  Back at the clubhouse,
everyone seems to be doing better and Endo invites everyone over for dinner!
How nice of him to do without asking his mom first.  His house now appears on
the city map, so head out the main gate and over to the residential area (left
of the school on the city map).  Also starting now, players in random battles
might have techniques so be careful.

In the residential area you will see a playground when you enter.  Go there and
at the south end is a chest with 125 Zeal Points.  Next head up to Endo's house
up north.  Inside mom invites everyone in and tells them to eat up.  Dad is
also there and explains that he's not really into soccer (I guess it skips a
generation).  Kino comments that Endo doesn't really seem like his mom or dad
to which Endo replies that he mostly resembles his grandfather, who was also a
goalkeeper back when he played soccer.  Then he goes into telling how he met
some old guy yesterday who told them about how great the Inazuma Eleven were
and that Mr. Raimon also was talking about how famous they were and how his
grandfather was their head coach.  Suddenly his mom stops dead in her tracks
and pulls Endo aside to tell him not to ever say that name (Inazuma Eleven)
again or else she'll get mad. He asks what got into her all of a sudden, but
she just says he better hurry and eat dinner and not keep his friends waiting.

Next we see Endo's mom at his grandfather (her father's) shrine.  She says that
it seems Endo found out about the Inazuma Eleven and she asks that he please
watch over Endo and protect him.

Back to the clubhouse, Kabeyama sure must of ate a lot cuz even he says he's
full. Then Natsumi comes in and shows Endo today's issue of the "Kids Soccer
newspaper" and asks what's it all about.  The front headline says Shuuyou Meito
WINS!  The article states that Shuuyou JHS destroyed Raimon JHS 10-0!  We
better try and fix this right away.  Otonashi in all her cleverness reminds the
team that Maniya, the maid cafe owner, is also the coach of Shuuyou JHS, so
maybe that's a good place to go to find some answers.  Let's head back to the
cafe.  Also, a new branch on the character tree opens up.

At the main gate, the team runs into the maid we saved earlier from Maniya and
boy does she have some news for us.  Apparently, that group of nerds and geeks
over at Shuuyou JHS are pretty good at computers as well.  They hacked into the
system and changed the results of their matches.  The maid also says that this
isn't the only time it's happened and Natsumi says no wonder why the worst team
in the tournament was able to make it to the semi-finals.  The maid then gives
Endo a key to the computer room which is located inside the maid cafe at the
back end.  She also says there should be some hacking records on the computer,
so that just might be the proof we need to move on to the finals!  The computer
room also just so happens to be Shuuyou's hideout, so let's go bust in on em.
However, there's only problem.  Who on the soccer team could possibly be good
enough at computers to find hacking records? Yup, Megane, that's who!  Megane,
being the stuck up no-it-all declines though, saying that unlike the rest of
the team, he is actually busy.  Luckily, Natsumi comes to the rescue also
asking him to help out the team.  How can a geek like him refuse the school
idol? Well, he can't, so he agrees to do it.  Off to the computer room we go!

Inside the maid cafe, go up to the stage area where it says Rai@cafe and enter
to find the secret computer room.  After some quick searching, Megane finds the
hacking records you are looking for.  Also on the computer is a picture of some
sort of action figure.  It seems that the Shuuyou soccer team isn't really
interested in soccer at all but wants to win the tournament so they can go to
America and acquire a special action figure.  *Sigh* go figure (no pun
intended), the whole team is a bunch of otakus after all.  Just then the
Shuuyou otakus...err soccer players arrive and demand you hand over the
evidence!  Since it doesn't seem likely that will be happening, it's time for a
small rematch.

|BATTLE: Raimon VS Shuuyou Meito                                 |
|                                                                |
|Goal: Defeat the persistent Otakus to escape with the documents |

After you win, head back to the clubhouse to find Natsumi at the door.  She
says that she'll call her father and get to get these reports to the media
right away. On his way home, Endo runs into the strange man again who says that
things have been settled haven't they? (in regards to getting the hacking
reports).  He also seems pretty pessimistic about human nature as a whole,
saying that there are a lot of people like Shuuyou out there in the real world,
so to be careful.  He also says good luck in the upcoming finals and then
leaves.  Endo has a lot of questions I'm sure, but that's for another time.

Back at the clubhouse, Domon says to Kino, you changed your cell phone number
lately haven't you?  Kino says yes that she did because someone was prank
calling her.   Domon says, a prank?  That's bad isn't it.  Then Kino talks a
bit about how at first she thought Domon was a scary guy, but now he seems
alright.  Also, she's glad he's playing soccer as she had heard that he quit.
She asks if he has gotten used to Raimon JHS and mentions that everyone here at
this school is really nice.  The topic turns to Endo, who Kino really seems to
like because he is so determined and gives it his best all the time.  Domon
replies saying that Kino really should know more about the suspicious things
people do.  He then says he really came to Raimon JHS because...

And then says nevermind and that he has to go consult Fuyukai sensei on some
things for the upcoming match.  Kino goes to leave and on the way out he says
to her, you really are like him aren't you... the splitting image.  Always
walkin the straight and narrow path, never giving up, struggling to do your
best. Kino replies only by saying that Ichinose and Endo are different! and
then leaves.  He then gets a call and says yes, yes I understand leader and
then hangs up.  Ichinose...Ichinose, says Domon.  But who is this Ichinose?
Guess we'll have to wait to find out. It's also interesting to note that here
when they are alone, Domon refers to Kino by her first name Aki, suggesting
that they are quite familiar with each other.  Again, remember that Kino also
used to live in America.  Hmm...more and more riddles wrapped inside enigmas.
With that chapter five is over.


         |    G. Chapter Six: The Final Match: Teikoku Academy!      |


Chapter six starts at Teikoku, where Kido tells the MIB to get outta the way
and shut up. He reports to the leader, who asks him what he's doing here when
it's still practice time.  Kido asks if their means is really necessary to
defeat Raimon JHS.  The leader replies yes it is because it's meangingless
unless Teikoku is assured victory.  Kido then asks about the Inazuma Eleven to
which the leader says Kido is talking foolishness and not to worry about any of

Back at Raimon, Endo is giving a speech about how if they play like they did
the last time they met Teikoku they won't stand a chance against them.  They
have to show they are the best.  Domon comes in to say that Mr. Raimon has
acquired a bus for the soccer team as a present for making it to the finals.
Domon says Fuyukai and the bus are waiting in the parking lot for us to come
and take a look.  Endo says great and then tells Domon that they'll all go
check it out together, but Domon dashes off ahead of them.  Goenji then
mentions that recently Domon has been acting a little strange, even though Endo
once again says he hasn't noticed anything.   Anyway, go to the parking lot to
take a look at the new bus!! A new branch in the character tree has also opened

At the parking lot, Fuyukai sensei and Domon are waiting.  Fuyukai sensei
suggests going for a test drive and Kino asks why Fuyukai sensei's clothes are
all dirty. Otonashi comes by and asks if anyone has seen her notebook cuz it's
not in the clubhouse anymore.  Fuyukai says you mean the very detailed notebook
that has all your techniques and weakspots in it?  I didn't know you had such a
book. So everyone decides to head off to the clubhouse in search of the book.

At the clubhouse, everyone is looking around for the notebook, but to no avail.
Otonashi wonders what the hell happened to it since she's the only one who knew
about the book to begin with.  Endo asks what happened to Domon since he
thought he was coming to help look.  Goenji once again mentions that today
there's been something really strange about Domon, even though again Endo says
he hasn't noticed.  Goenji wonders if Domon knew about the notebook.  Kino says
hey, hold on a minute, what are you implying Goenji?  Kabeyama also mentions
that yeah, recently Domon hasn't been at practice and has been acting
strangely.Kazemaru then says that means Domon probably didn't find that missing
part of the Falling Inazuma page either.  Finally Kino blurts out the truth
that Domon wouldn't do such a thing because she's been friends with him ever
since they were in America. Whenever she had problems, she could always confide
in him to help her.

Then in comes Domon with the notebook.  Everyone of course wants to know why he
stole it and Domon says that he'll explain everything if they all come back to
the bus with him.  So everyone heads over to the bus and Fuyukai tells everyone
not to worry about the notebook and to hop on board for a test drive.  But then
Domon says no, you can't get on board that bus!  Surprised, Fuyukai says what
the hell are you saying Domon!  Domon goes over to the bus and grabs something
and says here, look at this.  Endo sees the bomb and everyone starts to put two
and two together.  Kino says, so that explains why Fuyukai's clothes are all
dirty. Fuyukai sensei says you've gone and done it now haven't you.  Oh well,
the plot has been foiled.  The plan was to blow up the team in the bus,
assuring that Teikoku would win the national title.  Goenji then says that
Fuyukai sensei is a spy for Teikoku isn't he?  To which Fuyukai then takes
off. Let's go cut him off at the main gate!

At the gate Fuyukai says that his plans might have been foiled this time, but
they are totally mistaken if they think they can defeat Teikoku Academy.  Endo
goes to chase after Fuyukai but Domon stops him saying that this is a job for
him alone. The rest of the team has a championship to play for, so they should
go back to the clubhouse and look at the notebook one more time and that
everything will become clear.  Of course Endo says that he believes Domon is
telling the truth and will return.  Domon is speechless and takes off.  Now, a
new branch has been unlocked in the character tree.

Back at the clubhouse, it looks like Domon attached a letter to the notebook.
In it he says that from the beginning he was a spy for Teikoku, reporting on
everything the team did.  He didn't hesitate in his mission until he saw what
Fuyukai was going to do with the bus.  He didn't really care anymore for soccer
(due to reasons you won't find out until the end of the game) until he came to
Raimon and saw everyone working so hard and with such dedication. He really
enjoyed himself.  So he decided to expose Teikoku's plot.  However, he mentions
to be careful as Teikoku's leader, Mr. Kageyama, is quite evil.

Kazemaru then wonders that it's possible that Teikoku knows how to use the
Falling Inazuma and Inazuma No. 1. Kurimatsu suggests that since Domon is a spy
he probably just ran off with Fuyukai instead of running after him.  Endo,
being as forgiving as he is, says that it's true, Domon may have been a spy,
but it's also thanks to Domon that the team didn't get blown up.  Endo believes
in Domon and his letter shows that he regrets being a spy and that he is
actually their friend, so it's the team's job to go and find him.

Natsumi then comes in and says there's one more problem.  Now without a coach
(since Fuyukai left), Raimon cannot compete in the championship match! She then
asks Endo to hurry to the principal's office as Mr. Raimon and the principal
are meeting to discuss the situation.  Unlike Endo, she says, her father is
very busy, so he better hurry up over there (telling him there's no time right
now to go after Domon).  Coming to his senses, Endo realizes he has to worry
about getting a new head coach first and once that's resolved then can worry
about Domon.  So off the to the principal's office it is (3rd floor on the
school next to Natsumi's room).

At the office, Mr. Raimon explains that the problem with Fuyukai is his
responsibility and that this same thing happened 40 years ago.  It was then
that the Inazuma Eleven suddenly disappeared.  It's now up to Endo to defeat
the evil Teikoku Academy.  He says Endo should head over to the ramen shop
called Rairaiken in the shopping district.  It's over there they will find an
old classmate of Mr. Raimon's, the former captain of the Inazuma Eleven!
Everyone rushes out to go to the ramen shop to find out who this guy is.
Natsumi then asks her father if everything will be ok and Mr. Raimon says yes,
that he believes in his former classmate.

Ok, so now a new area called the Arcade has opened up in the shopping district.
So let's head over there.  Once inside the new area, at the T intersection
there's a sports shop.  Check the item shop section for a full list of items in
this shop.

If you have the money, I would suggest getting some Victory Spikes for your
strikers and maybe a few Hope Bracelets for your mid-fielders.  Hayabusa shoes
are also pretty nice for MFs or DFs. When you are done stocking up head over to
the ramen shop.

At the ramen shop, Endo explains that he's looking for the former captain of
the Inazuma Eleven and how they lost their coach and can't compete against
Teikoku yada yada yada.  Basically, the shopkeeper Hibiki says that he must
have the wrong place and that this is a ramen shop so he doesn't have any
interest in soccer.  After that he tells them to leave.  A new branch on the
character tree opens up here.  Outside, Endo says that's strange, he was
expecting them to know that they were coming.  Oh well, they decide just to
wait outside and hope maybe someone from the Inazuma Eleven comes on by
(there's wishful thinking for ya).  Just then, the strange man, called
Onigawara, walks on by and says Ah, so we meet again.  He then asks Endo if he
went to the Ramen shop and he says yeah.  Onigawara then asks if he met the
Inazuma Eleven?  So, this must be the right spot!  He mentions they do come by
here, so Endo suggests them waiting a little longer, but Onigawara says he's
not sure if the Inazuma Eleven will come by or not.  However he says, this
isn't the only place to meet the Inazuma Eleven.  Over at Riverside, Aida was
known as the Raimon Iron Wall.  He also happened to be a DF for the Inazuma
Eleven!  Endo questions him as to how he knows all this to which Onigawara says
that he used to be a reporter for a soccer magazine.  Endo gets excited and
says that maybe Aida will be their new coach and they hurry off to Riverside.
Onigawara says that he still has something else to say, but Endo just says
thank a lot and takes off before he can finish.  He then mentions that Endo is
a split image of Daisuke, Endo's grandfather.

Ok, so let's go meet up with Aida over at Riverside.  We haven't been there in
a long time.  When you first enter the map, you will see a chest with the
Gymnasium Key inside.  Meanwhile over at the ramen shop, Onigawara says long
time no see to Hibiki and tells him he sure has become an old man.  Hibiki says
likewise and asks him if he's still a detective.  Onigawara answers yes.
Hibiki then asks if he is still chasing after him...after 40 years.  Onigawara
says he'll keep after him til the day he dies, to which Hibiki says good luck
with that and that he has put it behind him and no longer cares about the
situation.  Onigawara calls Hibiki a coward for thinking such a thing.  Hibiki
says that seeing that kid made him remember that fateful day 40 years ago.

Over at Riverside, Endo asks Aida to please become their new head coach, but
Aida explains that the best thing to do in this situation is forfeit.  Teikoku
will do anything to win, so it's not worth trying to go against them.  Endo
can't believe what he is hearing and says the Inazuma Eleven wouldn't do such a
thing.  No matter what, he's not going to give in to Teikoku's bullying.  Just
then Otonashi comes in saying there's a situation at hand.  Two of Teikoku's
henchmen have Domon over at the steel tower.  When Kino heard the news, she ran
out to go save him. Of course, she doesn't stand a chance against two MIB, so
we gotta hurry over to the tower and rescue them!  Endo says he'll never give
up!  Aida then says to himself hmm..never give up...I haven't heard someone
talk like that in a long time.

Onigawara shows up asking if Aida's pathetic advice was really ok.  Afterall,
only Endo and his group stand a chance at defeating Teikoku.  Aida says he'll
just stick to teaching them some things, but Onigawara lashes back saying what
have you taught them?  That's HIS grandson we're talking about!  Onigawara then
asks Aida to come with him, he has something to show him.  And if he doesn't
change his mind after seeing it, then he won't bother him anymore.

Ok, so off to the tower.  If you follow the purple arrow to exit, you will find
a chest containing the Grassland uniform right before the exit.  Next head over
to the tower.  Fuyukai and his henchmen are there to deal out punishment to
Domon for ruining their plot.  Domon says that he doesn't know what to do now
since he can't go back to either Teikoku or Raimon.  Kino arrives to say that
everyone is looking for Domon, then Otonashi and the rest arrive too.  Endo
reassures Domon that he is their friend and they aren't about to let Teikoku
win.  It's go time!

|BATTLE: Raimon VS Teikoku MIB                                   |
|                                                                |
|Goal: Defeat the MIB to save Domon!                             |

After the victory, Domon is still hesitant; he feels bad for what he did and
thinks the Raimon players won't trust him.  Endo tells him that he already said
he trusts Domon and that they are teammates to the end.  Onigawara show up in
time to see Endo in all his glory and now recall Endo Daisuke's fighting spirit
and how his grandson is just like he was.

We then see a flashback of a young Endo Daisuke telling his captain Hibiki that
the keeper and field players all have to believe in and trust each other.
Soccer isn't an individual sport, but is a sport that HAS to be played as a
team, so he had better start believing in his friends, in his teammates.

Endo and the rest then head back to the soccer ground to get ready for the
match against Teikoku.  Meanwhile, Domon says he has to honor the promise he
and Kino and Ichinose made.  We then see a flashback of Ichinose saying let's
promise, the three of us, to always continue playing soccer together, for the
rest of our lives.  Domon says back then he only ever saw Ichinose's back.  No
matter how much he tried to catch up to him, he never could.  But Endo is very
different.  Instead of always trying to compete and catch up to his captain,
Domon and Endo run together side by side.  It is because of this that Domon
once again enjoys soccer.

Hibiki then comes up to Endo and explains that the three of them were all part
of the Inazuma Eleven and that Hibiki was the captain.  After hearing Endo, his
heart once again burns with passion for soccer and that from now on, he will be
their new coach.  Endo is very grateful and Hibiki says his practices will be
very tough and strict, but that they will do all they can to take down Kageyama
and Teikoku!

Otonashi gets a phone call and says she'll meet up with the group afterwards.
Talking with the person on the phone, she gets angry and says don't bother
calling again.  You aren't the same person!  You're no longer the Kido I once

Back at the soccer field, talk to Hibiki and select YES to begin his regiment
of torture!  The team practices and practices until finally the big day arrives.
It's the day of the big match vs Teikoku Academy and Hibiki says that he has
taught them all he can.  Time to go to the station and travel to Teikoku.

At the station map, continue up when you are ready and head on to Teikoku.
Everyone is amazed at the awe-inspiring school. Anyway, let's head up inside
the school.  A new branch has also opened on the character tree.

If you head up to the next screen take the first path to your right to find a
chest with the Zigzag Spark dribble technique.  At the top Endo turns around
and asks where Otonashi went to.  Of course, she's talking to Kido.  Kido says
to her, Don't you know?  Because Raimon didn't forfeit the match, their whole
team is in danger.  Otonashi says she can see through his transparent lies.
She says there's nothing left to say after that day six years ago.  Why is it
ok for him to sacrifice everything just in order to win a soccer match?  And
then she leaves with Kido saying Damn it!  Haruna...

Otonashi says she's sorry she got lost and then they all go together to the
field.   Kido says to Endo that there's something he's been wanting to tell him
since awhile back, but there's no way that he could have.  During this match,
when the whistle sounds, quickly get away from the center circle.  Otonashi
tells Endo not to listen to Kido.  Domon says there's something strange going
on.  He says Kido has a true passion for soccer and his opponent and wouldn't
tell a lie like that.
Endo then says that he believes Domon, and that since Domon trusts Kido, Endo
will also trust what Kido says.  As soon as the match begins, get away from the
center circle.  So they do luckily, otherwise they would have been crushed by
the steel bars.  Onigawara then storms onto the field and says I got you now
Kageyama. I'm placing you under arrest!  Endo says What?! You're a detective!
Onigawara explains that after the incident 40 years ago, he quit being a soccer
magazine reporter and became a detective and his only goal in life since then
has been to capture Kageyama.  He then explains that he was tipped off from
someone in Teikoku as to Kageyama's whereabouts, which brings him to where they
are now.  Of course, it was Kido who gave the information to Onigawara.  He
then tells Kageyama to give it up, his days of evil doings are over!  Finally
after all these years, his life goal and dream to capture Kageyama has come

Endo thanks Kido for helping them, but Kido says he might have helped them for
that, but he will not allow them to win the championship so easily!!  It's go

|MATCH: Raimon VS Teikoku Academy: Part Deux                     |
|                                                                |
|Goal: Defeat Teikoku and win the championship!                  |

This match is pretty darn tough.  You team level should be in the mid-20s if
you are even gonna break their defense.  Moreso, it should be that high
otherwise they will probably break thru your defense pretty easily which will
spell trouble because there's a lot of attacks they have that Endo won't be
able to stop.  The best tactic is to just play very conservatively.  In the
formation setting, pick one that has a lot of players playing back and pick
defend as your player AI.  The strategy here is to play defense and have them
use up as much as their TP as possible.  Counter when you can with defensive
techniques of your own and try to get the ball up the field.  Your strikers
should have a powerful enough shot to get past the goalie if indeed you can get
a shot off.  I suggest the Inazuma #1 or if not, at least the Falling Inazuma.
Don't be afraid to use some offensive techniques too to allow your strikers to
get past the last defender and get a shot off.  If you play this strategy, you
will probably only get 2-3 shots off in the whole match, so feel free to have
your strikers always use their best attacks.

2-3 shots should translate in 2-3 goals if you go all out and that should be
plenty to win if you played well enough defense.  When the match is over you
learn that Kido and Otonashi are actual brother and sister.  The reason they
don't have the same last name is that Otonashi's brother was adopted into the
Kido family so that he could pay for tuition at Teikoku Academy and join their
soccer club.  All that money down the drain, when he coulda gone to the same
school as his sister and dominated everyone with Endo and Goenji.  Oh well.
Everyone just looks on in confusion as Kido and Otonashi part ways, still
trying to figure out exactly what's going on.  And with that, save the game and
chapter six will come to an end.  Take a well deserved break, that was a tough


           |  H. Chapter Seven: The Men of Legend Return!              |


Well, it seems that winning the championship is not the ultimate prize afterall.
With their victory they can now enter the Football Frontier National
Championship, in which they will compete with teams from across the entire
country, not just from their region!

Kino comes in to say that they have received the bracket for the new tournament
so let's head back to the clubhouse.  However, on his way out, Endo feels some
kinda of presence, like a spirit.  Anyway, a new branch of the character tree
is unlocked now.

On the way back to the clubhouse, you'll see a chest with a Stamina Bar near
the building to the right of the clubhouse.  Inside the clubhouse you'll notice
that Otonashi isn't around.  Endo says that he hasn't seen her since the
Teikoku match. Natsumi then returns to being her snotty self my asking just how
long they plan on talking for and that unlike them, she actually has things to
do!  Looking at the bracket, Teikoku is on there once again since they won last
year they get a free pass into the tournament.  But more importantly for now,
we see that the next match is against Sengoku Igajima JHS.  Hibiki mentions
that he hasn't heard that name in a long time.  Kino asks what he means by
that?  Does he know their head coach?  Hibiki replies that back when he was on
the Inazuma Eleven, they also played a match against Igajima in the national
tournament.  He says Igajima is up in the mountains and that they use ninja
techniques and are also fast as the wind.  Right now, their chances of beating
Igajima are around 50%.  Natsumi says she doesn't want to hear about that.  She
just wants to see them go out there and win.  That's what he's the coach for.
In order to beat Igajima, they are going to have to use a special technique
devised by former head coach Endo (Daisuke of course).  In order to power-up in
such a short amount of time, they are going to have to scrimmage against the
old Inazuma alumni (AKA the legendary Inazuma Eleven).  Needless to say, this
gets Endo all excited, wondering what kind of techniques they are going to use.
Hibiki says he'll go contact some of the alumni and that the kids should make
their way out to the soccer ground for practice.  Goenji also notices that his
former team, Kidokawa Seishuu is also in the tournament, so things definitely
won't be easy. Kazemaru wonders who is faster, him or the Igajima players?
Guess he's gonna have to practice hard just to make sure.  So it's off to the
soccer ground near the school.

Over at the soccer ground, there's some construction going on per Mr. Raimon's
order.  Then Kino runs over and says that it seems 3 members of the Inazuma
Eleven have refused to help out.  What could be the meaning of this? It seems
they just won't listen to anything Hibiki has to say.  So, let's go over to
Riverside and see of Aida can help us out.  Then over by the construction we
see and old man named Igakure appear who says ah, so that's Hurricane Kazemaru.
Hmm...I wonder who's faster.  Kirigakure then appears and says yes master, and
that over there is Raimon's captain, Endo.  Igakure says Endo huh?  Well,
things certainly have become interesting...and just like that they vanish.

Well, I guess we see the power of Igajima JHS.  Coming and going like ghosts,
it surely won't be an easy match.  Ok, so off to Riverside.  When you arrive,
you will see Aida talking to Otonashi!  Wow, long time no see.  It looks like
she's been avoiding us.  Endo clears things up quickly saying that they are
still friends with her and well, what's the team to do without her as their
manager? Happy that she's still accepted, Otonashi gladly returns.  Aida tells
us that the three members who declined to help us are Tamiyama, Ikari, and
Biruda.  The problem is Biruda in particular, because he was the star striker
for the Inazuma Eleven!  However, he's also the most stubborn and always got
into arguments with the captain Hibiki.  So without Biruda, they aren't truly
the Inazuma Eleven.

Since our next match is against Igajima, the key is a technique called the
Blazing Weather Vane (you know, those fake roosters on top of roofs that spin
to tell what direction the wind is blowing?).  Head coach Endo created this
technique specifically so they could defeat Igajima and it will be necessary to
use if they are to beat them again.  Suddenly a ninja appears who says Oops!
Sorry!  And then runs away.  Otonashi says that that was one of the students
from Igajima JHS (apparently the ninja costume and the fact that their upcoming
match is vs a team of ninjas wasn't enough for the others to figure that out on
their own) and that could be a problem cuz he might have overheard them talking
about the Blazing Weather Vane!  We better hurry and try to convince Biruda to
help us.  Otonashi passes along a memo containing all the info she got from
Aida and then returns to the clubhouse.  So with the memo to give us some clues,
now it's time for us to go and try to find the 3 alumni and convince them to
help us.  Then Onigawara comes by and Endo explains the current situation to
him.  Also, it seems that Kageyama was acquitted yesterday which means he'll be
back to causing as much trouble for us as possible.  Good luck Onigawara says
and takes off.  A new branch in the character tree opens up and it's time to go
hunting for some Inazuma Eleven alumni.

(Japanese note:  You might see OB mixed in with the Japanese from time to time.
While Europeans will be familiar with it, most Americans might not be.  OB
stands for Old Boys.  Japan borrowed the term from Europe instead of borrowing
the American English term "alumni".  So Raimon OB or OBs just refers to the
former Inazuma Eleven.)

In the item screen, we now have some memos for each of the three guys we need
to find.  Here's what each one says:

1. Tamiyama - Also known as the Raimon Wolf, he can often be found singing at
high places.

2. Ikari - Also known as the Raimon Vulture, if you step out of line and don't
behave, he'll come and put you in place.

3. Biruda - Also known as the Raimon Lion, he's awesome at sports!

If you want to try to find them on your own with those clues, then go ahead.
If not, I will tell you where to go.  For Tamiyama, the steel tower seems like
a good place to check out.  Once you arrive, it seems that a fake Endo is
talking to Tamiyama, trying to get the Blazing Weather Vane technique from him.
Of course the real Endo says don't listen to him, he's tricking you. Not sure
which Endo is real, Takeyama has one question.  He says, "You are walking down
the street when your enemy, who you can't defeat, appears before you. What do
you do?"  Endo on the right says it would be stupid to challenge someone who
you can't defeat to a match.  Since you can't defeat the person, it would be
best to go look for another road to take.  Ok I see Takeyama says, and how
about the other Endo?

The left Endo says, I wouldn't give up until I defeated him.  If I can't do it
in 100 times, then I'll challenge him 101 times.  Just then Tamiyama gets a
flashback of Endo Daisuke who says Hey Tamiyama!  You're giving up now?  It's
the middle of a game, get back on the field!  But coach, it's useless, we've
never beaten this team, Tamiyama says.  We are gonna lose no matter what, it
would be better for me to just sit here and play the guitar.  Daisuke then
tells Tamiyama Don't give up! Even if you lose 100 times to your opponent,
there's still a chance you might win on the 101st try!

With that, Tamiyama realizes which Endo is real and takes down the fake one.
Sarutobi says he's been exposed and then takes off. Kazemaru says, shouldn't
you chase after him Endo, but Endo is too amazed at Tamiyama to care.  Wow!
That was an awesome shot he says.  You must be the Raimon Wolf Tamiyama!
Tamiyama says he hasn't been called by that name in quite some time.  He then
asks Endo to come closer.  Ah yes...those eyes, that mouth, you are just like
Daisuke he says. Don't give up!! Yeah, I give up way too fast Tamiyama says and
then says he will help Endo.  It seems that Onigawara's old man was good
friends with Endo's grandfather. He doesn't go into much more detail though,
but says he will contact Hibiki about helping you guys.

Ok, so one down, two to go.   The next one is Ikari-san.  This one might seem a
little tricky.  Do you remember anywhere that people might have been causing
trouble or misbehaving?  Well, if not, it's over by the train station.  If you
recall, there were some troublemakers over by the convenience store, so let's
head over there and see if The Vulture might be straightening them out.

Sure enough, Ikari is lecturing the troublemakers.  But wait, he's also talking
to the little girl, and also to another kid.  Wow, there are 3 of them.  As you
might suspect, it's the Igajima students once again using their ninja magic.
But how are they going to tell which is the real Ikari?  Endo says not to worry,
he'll kick a ball at them, and the real Ikari will react to it.   Sure enough
that's what happens and Endo is amazed at Ikari's superb block.  Certainly a
block like that could only come from someone of the Inazuma Eleven!

Endo asks Ikari to help them out and Ikari reminisces about how fun the past
was. However, times have changed.  He's grown too old now and if he was to
oppose Kageyama, then he would put his whole family in danger and right now his
family is the most important thing to him.  Endo then says to him, "But you
still like soccer don't you?" which triggers a flashback.  Daisuke is asking
Ikari, Hey, you like soccer don't you?  Then he asks him, what's troubling you?
Ikari says that he just can't do it.  He doesn't have any talent.  Daisuke says
No, that's different.  What's important is your effort and hardwork.  You like
soccer don't you?

Then Ikari realizes that Endo is Daisuke's grandson.  The little girls come up
to Ikari and ask him to please play soccer once again because he still has a
love for the game and not to worry about them, they will be fine.  Ikari agrees
to help the team out and says he will get in touch with Hibiki so they should
hurry up. Alright then, that's 2 down, only the most difficult one to

So, he likes sports? Well, that means he could be just about anywhere in this
game.  But if you recall when we went to the arcade area earlier, there was a
big sports shop.  Maybe Biruda has something to do with that, being a sports
junkie and all.  Ok, let's go check it out.   Outside the shop Biruda tells a
kid to get lost, thats he's bad for their business.  Kazemaru says hey that was
a Igajima student wasn't it?  Hmm...well, let's go talk to Biruda.  Inside
Biruda says he isn't in a good mood, so if they aren't gonna buy anything, they
can scram.

Endo asks if he's indeed Biruda from the Inazuma Eleven and Biruda responds
that he is and they must be the litle brats Hibiki was talking about.  He goes
on to explain that Raimon JHS soccer is a joke nowadays and he stopped playing
soccer a long time ago.  Because that person is no longer here, he no longer
has a reason to play soccer.  Kazemaru says "That person?" to which Biruda
tells him to shut up and that he's not gonna help and tells them to get lost.
Well, we are in quite a pinch.  There's nothin more we can say to him for now,
so the only option is to go back and talk to Aida again and see what he has to
say.  So head on back to Riverside.

Talk to Aida again and he will say that Biruda has quite a temper and is very
stubborn.  He also tends not to listen to what anyone has to say.  The ONLY
person he ever listened to was "that person"...head coach Endo.  The shock of
his death had a huge impact on Biruda.  So Kazemaru suspects that Biruda will
listen then to his former head coach's grandson, right?  Well, Aida says he
won't believe you if u just tell him he's Daisuke's grandson.  He's stubborn
just like Hibiki.  To believe Endo, he will need something that proves it, a
seal of mark of the former head coach.  Kazemaru asks if Endo has anything like
that but Endo says his mom go rid of mostly everything.  There was only the
notebook...and his GLOVE!  Yes, that's it.  Ok, so head on back to Endo's house
to look for his grandfather's glove.  If Biruda sees that, it will definitely
move him and convince him to help the team!

Back at home, Endo says of course the glove isn't here.  Looking at the picture
of his grandfather for advice.  When it seems all hope is lost, Endo's mom
comes by and gives him the glove saying she found it in the closet. On his way
out, his mom asks him to please be careful, certainly realizing something's
going on and doesn't want to see history repeat itself.  A new branch on the
character tree opens up.  Ok, so with the glove, let's head back to the sports

Endo shows Biruda the glove and Biruda says ok ok, he'll give them a one-time
chance.  They should bring the glove and head to the secret warehouse at the
end of the shopping district.  Kazemaru says they had better prepare before
going down there.  Who knows what's in store.

If you exit the sports shop, make a left and head down the street (follow the
purple arrow) to enter the new area of the map, the secret warehouse.  Keep
following the purple arrow to the warehouse.  Before you go in, there's a Hyper
Bar in the chest next to the cat just to the right.

Once inside, Biruma proposes a challenge.  There's good news and bad news to
this challenge.  The good news is that he says that if you can stop his Blazing
Weather Vane attack that he will agree to help you.  The bad news however is
that the only person who had ever been able to stop the attack was Coach Endo.
Kazemaru asks Endo what he wants to do.  Endo of course says there's no
choice. They need to get the special Inazuma Eleven technique, so they have to
do it!

Standing in front of the goal, Endo calls out to his grandfather to lend him
his power.  After failing, Biruda says Endo needs another 100 years before he's
ready to learn such a technique.  He then adds that not even the Inazuma Eleven
could achieve victory, so that their ragtag group should just give up their
dream now. Endo says that no matter what he'll NEVER give up!  Then, Biruma
gets a flashback of Daisuke telling him the exact same thing, "Never give up
Biruda!"  Endo asks Biruda to do it one more time and that'll he'll stop it
this time.  Biruda laughs and does it again, this time Endo magically uses The
Genie Hand technique which stops the Blazing Weather Vane dead in its tracks.
Amazed Endo stopped the shot, Kamimura (the old man who teamed up with Biruda
for the Blazing Weather Vane) says that only Coach Endo has used that technique
before, the strongest keeper technique there is.

Hibiki then walks in, amazed at what he just saw.  The Genie Hand is a
technique that not even he could master.  He says that the Inazuma Eleven
aren't getting back together just to help Endo defeat Igajima, but they must do
it for Coach Endo's dying wish...to go up against Kageyama.

So Biruda agrees to help Endo and passes along the Blazing Weather Vane
technique to him.  Kamimura says Kazemaru should be able to use it.  Just then
Kirigakure, Sarutobi, Jiraiya, and Momochi appear, all announcing their name
and stating they are the Igajima Soccer Club 4-man team! Endo says he'll never
give up the Blazing Weather Vane technique.  Time for battle!

|BATTLE: Raimon VS Igajima Ninjas                                |
|                                                                |
|Goal: Defeat Igajima's four-man ninja team                      |

After the battle, Igajima takes off with the Blazing Weather Vane skill book
even though they lost.  It seems like you won't be able to use the technique
afterall. But wait, Biruda says that his body is well familiar with the
technique and that even without the book, he can still teach it to them!  So
the special training commences and even though it's very strict, everyone is
glad to be practicing with the Inazuma Eleven, so no one even thinks of
quitting.  Finally, the day before the big match has arrived.  It seems that
the construction is finished and the school actually has a somewhat decent
looking soccer field now.  And to think, all it took was a regional
championship to get it.

Thanks to Mr. Raimon, the team finally has a modern facility which hopefully
can be put to good use, just not today.  Natsumi comes over and says that
everyone has been really busy lately so unfortunately her dad isn't around for
them to say thank you to.  So while the finishing touches are going on, we
still have to use other facilities.  Well, it looks like we'll be resuming the
special practice over at the warehouse field, so let's head back there (not
Riverside).  Make sure you save and have rested up so you have full GP and TP.

With all other preparations finished, Biruma tells us that we have a special
menu on tap for today's practice.  Just then all 11 players of the Inazuma
Eleven come walking in.  Today's practice is a match vs the Inazuma Eleven and
while they haven't played a game in 40 years, it should still be one hell of a

|MATCH: Raimon VS Raimon OBs                                     |
|                                                                |
|Goal: Take down the legendary (but old) Raimon alumni!          |

Your players by now should have enough techniques and TP to almost if not
always use a special move either when shooting or defending.  You are
definitely going to want to use them, because your opponents will almost always
use techniques of their own.  Using Teikoku Academy's formation, the Death Zone,
which you got when you recently defeated them, is a good strong defensive set
and if used should limit the amount of shots that get thru to Endo.  It's quite
possible to even get thru this match without them getting off a single shot.  I
would have your MFs use lower level moves (ones that require like 15 TP or so)
so that your opponent is constantly using TP to get past you and then if they
do happen to get to your DFs have them use the bigger moves that cost like 25
or above.  Using the higher level defensive moves will usually give you the
ball back, so only use them after they have broken past your middle fielders.
Also keep an eye out on Biruda to make sure the ball doesn't get to him.  If
you can keep him out of the equation, this match should be a cinch.  On the
offensive side, just keep the ball moving and get it up to your strikers when u
see an opening.  Usually if you can get the ball to a striker, they should only
have one defender to beat before they can come alone in on goal, so don't be
afraid to use a high offensive technique like Goenji's Heat Tackle to get past
the defender and then either set up your other striker or use the Falling
Inazuma or Inazuma #1 to get the shot past Hibiki.  I wouldn't bother using a
weaker shot because Hibiki has God Hand, which will stop most lower level shot
techniques.  Stick with something strong so you can get it past him.

You should get the military uniform once you beat them.  Defeating the Inazuma
Eleven is a good victory, of course they haven't played in 40 years and are
also now all senior citizens, but hey, a victory versus a legendary team is a
victory nonetheless.  Talk again to Biruda and choose YES to continue or NO if
you want to practice against them again.  If you choose YES then it'll be time
to learn the Blazing Weather Vane.

After having the experience of a lifetime in being able to play against the
Inazuma Eleven, the day of the match against Igajima has finally arrived.
Kazemaru mentions that since Igajima has the Blazing Weather Vane book, they
might also be able to use the techinque.  But Endo says not to worry, they
learned it directly from the Inazuma Eleven themselves, so they'll definitely
win!  When you are ready, rest up and then head over to the station and take
the train to Igajima JHS for round one of the national tournament!

Igajima's coach says that it was 40 years ago they lost to Raimon JHS in the
Football Frontier national championship tournament, but history will not be
repeating itself today.  Hibiki makes a snide remark that the coach better be
careful to get than excited because it'll cause his blood pressure to rise!!
^_^  Anyway, let the match begin!

|MATCH: Raimon VS Sengoku Igajima JHS                            |
|                                                                |
|Goal: Use the Blazing Weather Vane and defeat Igajima!          |

The first half of this match should be quite a bit easier than your practice
round versus the Inazuma Eleven.  Even your lower end defensive spells will
often allow you to steal the ball from them and their formation allows for huge
gaps in the middle of the field, allowing your MFs to run up field, draw the
defenders from the side and then letting you get a pass over to either striker
since they won't be covered.  Throw some strong shots at the net since their
keeper uses a mid-level tornado technique to keep the low skill shots out of
the net. The only player you really have to watch out for is their captain
Kirigakure because he uses a Poison Mist technique that allows him to get past
your defenders.

Just when everything is looking great, principal Hirai comes over and tells
Natsumi that there's been a call from the hospital and that her father, Raimon
Soichiro, has been in an accident. Continue with the second half and after
victory, you will receive the Igajima uniform and F-Crane Wing formation.  Kino
then passes the news about Mr. Raimon along to Endo.  Apparently Mr. Raimon was
badly wounded due to a sudden construction accident at the new soccer field.
Following the accident, he was immediately rushed to the hospital.  Two days
passed and still Raimon did not regain consciousness.

With everyone's spirits down despite their victory over Igajima, Endo reassures
everyone that chairman Raimon will be just fine. Coach Hibiki went over to
learn about Teikoku Academy's first round results.  Returning to the clubhouse,
Hibiki reports that Teikoku was utterly destroyed (cue cutscene).  The team
that routed them 10-0 was called Zeus JHS.  (Japanese note: the three
characters the game used for ZE-U-SU mean World-Space-Children). Kido and the
rest of the Teikoku team were sent to the hospital following the match.  With
this, chapter seven comes to an end. Feel free to save.


        |    I. Chapter Eight: Breaking Through the Infinite Wall!      |


The chapter begins with Endo in the middle of a dream.  The teacher screams at
him telling him to wake up and when he does Endo is relieved saying Phew, it
was only a dream. His classmate asks if he's ok and another says that Kino also
seems really tired.  Kino says yeah, because of having the Teikoku situation on
her mind since yesterday, she hasn't been able to sleep much.  Also with
Natsumi's father not having opened his eyes yet, there's a lot to be concerned
about.  Endo, always thinking positively, says they have to practice hard and
win their next match so that Mr. Raimon won't be disappointed when he opens his
eyes.  With everyone being late for practice, it's time to hurry to the
clubhouse! Also, a new branch has opened up on the character tree.

Over at the clubhouse, Otonashi says that she has some good news and some not
so good news and asks which Endo wants to hear first.  He goes with the good
news. The good news she says is that she's obtained some info about their
second round opponent, Senbayama JHS.  She says the school is located way up in
the mountains and that they are exceptional at teamwork.  Also, their perfect
defense is known as the "Infinite Wall" and their first round opponents failed
to score on them.  The comical Kurimatsu asks Otonashi where, in all that news,
was the "good" part.  The bad news is in regards to the team that defeated
Teikoku Academy, Zeus JHS.  Despite the best efforts from the Newspaper Club,
they were unable to get any information about them at all.  Nothing about
previous results or player data...there's just nothing about them.  In fact,
their name didn't even appear on the initial tournament bracket that was passed
out to them.  Where they came from or what they are is all a mystery.  But
first they gotta focus on beating Senbayama JHS and crushing their "Infinite
Wall" before they can worry about Zeus and Otonashi will continue to try to get
information. Ok so now it's time to head over to our new soccer field to begin

Natsumi's lackey comes by and asks if they happen to know where Natsumi is (hey,
isn't that his job?).  Endo says he hasn't seen her today but what's up?  He
says they found this letter in Mr. Raimon's pocket.  It says "All Evidence is
with my daughter."  All Evidence? Endo says.  What does that mean?  The lackey
then says that Natsumi left the hospital but when he went to her house, she
wasn't there.  He then says he has to get back to the hospital, but asks the
team to search for Natsumi and give her this information when they find her.
The team decides that checking her room at the school is probably a good place
to start, so head over there.

No luck in finding her here, but the person who watches over her room has some
info about Natsumi.  She says that Natsumi's favorite place in all of Inazuma
is the steel tower.  Also, before her mom passed away, Natsumi, her mother, and
father would go up there to watch the sunset.  Well, that seems like a logical
place here she might be then, so let's go over to the tower.

You also want to be careful now as the random battles have become increasingly
more difficult.  Players will now often use techniques when shooting and
keepers will use them too.

Endo goes up by himself to talk to Natsumi on the tower.  He says that like her,
this place also has special meaning to him because this was also his
grandfather's favorite place.  Natsumi then asks Endo what will she do if her
father dies?  If he dies, she'll be all alone.  But Endo says that they are all
her friends so not to worry because she'll never be alone.  Endo then gives the
letter to Natsumi She reads it and asks "All Evidence", what could that mean?
Endo says, your father entrusted it to you didn't he?  She says, ah well, 2 or
3 days ago there were some documents her father entrusted her to take care of.
That must be what the memo was talking about.  There's no time to waste, we
gotta get back to Natsumi's room.

Back at the room, it looks like we are too late.  The police are already on the
scene and Kazemaru mentions that whoever it was that came, probably came and
stole Mr. Raimon's documents.  However, Natsumi says not to worry, the
documents were locked up in a drawer.  Natsumi gets the documents and then the
police officer asks to see them for a second so that he can verify whether they
are real or not (umm...the documents I mean).  Onigawara comes in apologizing
for being late. Natsumi says that it's no problem and that the documents are in
good hands now with the police officer.  Police officer? Onigawara says.  The
officer laughs and says ah yes so "All Evidence" is right here and then takes
off.  Natsumi says she's alright and tells Endo to chase after him!

Follow him out the school and then thru the slum and towards the candy shop.
The thief then runs into some kids who he tells to get out of the way.  The
kids just look at him and say he's rude and a bad person and say get him! They
quickly form a triangle around him and tell him that they are using the
Senbayama JHS secret technique, the Infinite Wall!  The say trying to run is
useless because no one can break the Infinite Wall.  After giving the documents
back to Otonashi, Endo goes ahead and says thank you and that they are from
Raimon JHS and wish them well in the upcoming match.  The Senbayama students
are shocked that they just showed their opposing team the Infinite Wall,  Ayano,
the blue haired kid, says that they are here scouting out Raimon, and instead
of getting info on the competition, they gave the competition info about
themselves!  Makiya, the ruffian, says not to worry, no one can break through
the Infinite Wall anyway, so it's ok.  Well, those kids seemed a lot nicer than
all the other competition we've faced so far.  Anyway, Goenji wonders if it's
really possible to get thru that defense.  Just then the thief (who was just
standing there the whole time) grabs the documents from Otonashi and runs away
(boy, that's getting old real quick).  Oh well, time to head to the clubhouse
to try and think about what to do against that defense but let's hang around
the candy shop for a second.

Inside the candy shop (the big blue roofed building on the corner of the T-
intersection) you can stock up on some items.  Check out the item shop section
for a complete list of what's available here. When you are done, head back to
the clubhouse.

Well, it's the moment we've been all thinking might come.  In the clubhouse
Natsumi wonders what her father was trying to tell her in those documents when
Hibiki comes in with the thief and then says that starting today, there will be
a new member of the Raimon JHS soccer club!  And then...ta da Kido walks in
(although he's quite unimpressed with the shack of a clubhouse you guys have).
But why Kido you might ask (besides the obvious reason that he's awesome)?
Well, actually, Coach Hibiki asked him to join the team.  Again, why? Well,
since there's no information about Zeus JHS, what better way to learn about
them then by recruiting someone who played against them and lived to see the
next day. Kido says that Zeus has a Power Limiter that allows their players'
strengths to reach God levels.  We also learn that the coach for Zeus JHS is
none other than...Kageyama!  Onigawara then says that despite his appearances,
Kageyama is actually the Vice President of the soccer organization. Because of
this, he was able to forcibly put Zeus into the tournament.  Because Kageyama
was secretly working with Zeus, Kido is joining Raimon to face Zeus one more
time so he can expose his former coach.

While Endo is ok with Kido joining for his reasons, the rest of the team is not
as receptive.  Kido says that he didn't really expect a warm welcome, so just
utilizing Kido to defeat Zeus should be acceptable enough for everyone.
Kazemaru is definitely not happy with the situation and even though Hibiki
tells them they are teammates and not to fight, Kazemaru says he doesn't accept
him being their teammate.  Natsumi surprisingly has been quiet for awhile
before chiming in that she's kinda in a hurry to find out what those documents
had to say so...Yeah, guess it's time to move along here.  Opening the
documents, there's a letter inside.

Dear Natsumi,
If you are reading this, then that means something has happened to me.  The
things that the Raimon JHS soccer team has done are quite amazing and I fully
enjoyed watching the games.  However, at the same time, some doubts I had
started to forget about have resurfaced.  On that day 40 years ago, why did the
Inazuma Eleven not show up to the championship match?  Strangely, according to
the soccer organization, nothing is left from that year except for the
championship results. It seems, so to speak, that someone went and erased all
the outcomes and performances for that year.  After looking at it from every
angle and piecing it all together, the name of the person who did this has
surfaced.  It's Kageyama Reiji, also known as the Vice President of the soccer
organization. To continue with my results, I have also discovered some terrible
facts.  I know that the accident which caused the death of Endo Daisuke, was in
fact the deed of Mr. Kageyama!

(Endo: My grandfather was...murdered?!)

I also know that underneath the 40 years of victory by Teikoku Academy, is a
build up of crimes by Mr. Kageyama.  For example, at last year's championship
match, the accident that Goenji's little sister was in, which caused him to not
be at the game, was instructed by Mr. Kageyama.

(Goenji:  Wh..what?!)

I have put all this together so that I would have the proof I need to take down
Mr. Kageyama.   However, it seems that somehow he has been able to cross his
tracks.  But! If something is to happen, at least his injustices must be made
public to everyone!  Together with this document I have included my thoroughly
investigated "All Evidence" in this folder.  I would like to ask Detective
Onigawara and his men to take my place in hunting down Mr. Kageyama.

To my love, Natsumi


Then Onigawara tells Hibiki that it's about time we get around to telling them
the truth. 40 years ago, we, the Inazuma Eleven, made it to the national
championship match. Our opponent at that match was Teikoku Academy.  At that
time, Teikoku was a pretty average school, having gone no further than runner-
up in the tournament. We practiced everyday, doing everything we could to
prepare for the championship match.  We worked as a team, all for one and one
for all.  That is, except for one person...Kageyama Reiji.  Yes, he was a
member of our Raimon JHS soccer club. More accurately, he was a reserve player.
He was dark and didn't really stand out. Well, now if I recall, perhaps he
behaved so as not to draw attention to his skill.  He was very cold...he could
tell by the look in his eyes that he seemed to hate everything.

Then there's a flashback of Kamimura screaming and Daisuke asking if he's ok
and then Kamimura saying it hurts!  Daisuke asks Kageyama what does he think
he's doing and Kageyama replies, "Nothing.  I was just letting him know that he
was getting in the way of my dribble. Weak people become a hindrance to victory,
am I wrong?"

Daisuke calls that stupid.  Soccer isn't the only thing important to winning
and if a player doesn't know that, then he doesn't have what's needed to play.
Kageyama says that's too bad.  Obviously you and I can't see eye to eye.
Kageyama then left the team.  Several days later, on the day of the
championship, the team got on the bus to go to the match, but there was a
mysterious accident and they were unable to make it to the game, hence Teikoku
won the title. Although there was no hard proof, they all knew that Teikoku was
behind it all. When they went to Teikoku, they saw that the vice principal of
the school was none other than Kageyama himself. His prize for getting rid of
Raimon and making Teikoku national champions was the number 2 highest position
on the school.  They didn't know why he would go to such lengths just to win,
but they saw that Teikoku followed his way of thinking, this survival of the
fittest attitude. After that, when the chairman of the school died, Kageyama
became the new chairman.  Shortly after that, Coach Endo died and with the
heart of the team lost, the club took a downward spiral and eventually had its
status as a club revoked by the soccer organization.  Otonashi then says, "So
that's why there are no longer any records of the Inazuma Eleven".  So that's
why Onigawara has been on the hunt for Kageyama for 40 years.  Endo offers to
help them with the investigation but Onigawara says no and asks him if he knows
what his responsibilities are?  They are to focus on getting past the Infinite
Wall so they can defeat Senbayama JHS and then take on Zeus.  Hibiki tells
everyone to head over to the secret warehouse practice field so that they can
practice getting past the Infinite Wall.  Endo asks Kido if he is going to come
and join them, but he declines, saying that Senbayama aren't even in the same
class as he is and then leaves.  Well, I guess it's off to the warehouse to
think of a plan to defeat Senbayama.

At the warehouse, Endo wonders what the hell kinda formation is that?  Coach
Hibiki says that this is the Infinite Wall formation that Senbayama JHS uses.
By having two defenders right near the keeper, they can thwart any incoming
attacks.  So, if they can get past their Infinite Wall, then the real Infinite
Wall won't be so scary.  The team tries but cannot get through.  Hibiki says
that he's seen a lot of teams play before, but strictly in regards to defense,
Senbayama's Infinite Wall is the best.  So, in order to break through the BEST
defensive technique, you are gonna have to use the BEST shot technique.
Apparently, the book by Coach Endo containing the best shot technique still
exists, although Biruda says that it's just speculation.  Hibiki also is not
sure, but he heard a long time ago that it's still around.  It's a technique
that was used when Coach Endo was a soccer player.  Hibiki suggests that Endo
ask his mom about it.  Alright then, let's head over to Endo's house to ask

Over at the residential area, at Endo's house, Endo explains that he knows all
about the incident involving his grandfather and that he wants to fulfill his
grandfather's dream of winning national championship.  In order to do so, they
have to go up against and defeat Zeus JHS, but first he must learn his
grandfather's best shot technique.  He asks his mom to please tell him.  His
mom says how stupid.  You have found out about what happened, yet you still
want to continue soccer?  What happens if history repeats itself and you end up
dead just like your grandfather?  Then what?  Endo explains that he'll never
give up.  To give up in soccer would be the same as dying.  She says that he is
stubborn just like her father.  She goes off and then comes back and says here,
giving Endo a secret key, which has the mark of Raimon JHS on it.  His mom then
says that his grandfather left the key and that perhaps the thing he's looking
for is in the room that key opens.

Alright, so it's back to the school to find a door we haven't been able to open
yet.  Feel free to look for it on your own, or continue reading if you want to
find out.  Head over to the clubhouse and use the secret key.  Inside the chest
is a book containing the Inazuma Break technique.  This must be it!  Also, a
new branch in the character tree is open.  Hibiki says with this we can
definitely defeat the Infinite Wall and maybe even beat Zeus!

Reading the technique instructions, it requires 2 strong shooters and the
keeper. Thinking, Endo says one of the shooters of course will be Goenji.  And
the other will be...Kido! Kido says he'll do it and will join the team.  With
that, let's head over to the field to practice breaking thru the Infinite Wall!

At the field, they try the technique to no avail.  As the book said, to do the
move, three hearts have to become one, meaning all 3 of the players must work
in unison to make it happen.  However, needless to say, such a thing is not so
easy for Goenji and Kido.  Coach comes in and says that soccer is about
teamwork. Their opponent Senbayama prides itself on its teamwork and that if
they also can't find that level of teamwork, there's no way they'll beat

Goenji says there's no way he can work with Kido, and Kido says likewise and
takes off.  Endo says oh well, at least we can try it with two people and
Goenji tells him to practice by himself and also takes off.  Confused by what's
going on, Natsumi comes over to be the voice of reality.  She says that even
though deep down he knows Kido isn't a bad person, Goenji still feels a dislike
for anyone from the Teikoku team because they are the reason his little sister
is in the hospital.  As for why the others left, she says that he's the captain
and is going to have to figure that one out on his own. Then she says that it
might be a good idea to go talk to Coach Hibiki to help figure out how to get
the team back together on the same page.

Over at the clubhouse, Endo asks how the Inazuma Eleven came together as a
team? Hibiki says that to have a team come together, you can't do it by force,
everyone has to become a whole naturally through trust.  Everyone has
confidence in their own strength, so of course for Endo to only care about
Goenji and Kido and learning the Inazuma Break while the rest of the team was
left out was insulting for the other teammates (like Kazemaru, Kurimatsu, and

Kido comes in and says he's overheard Hibiki and says Team?  Confidence?
That's stupid!  Stupid?, Hibiki says.  Back then there was someone else on the
team who said the exact same thing.  (flashback)

Hey Kageyama! How many times do I have to say it?  Pass the ball around to
Biruda!  Kageyama says, But I scored.  Afterall, winning is what counts!  Am I
wrong captain?  Rather than passing the ball around to the small fries, it's
better if I just keep the ball and score.  Daisuke then tells him that soccer
is all about playing together, working as a team and having confidence in each
other. What you're doing Kageyama isn't soccer.  It's playing your own way.
Kageyama then says Team?  Confidence?  Hahahha, that's stupid!

Hibiki says that Kido is following down the same path as Kageyama.  Kido says,
Me? The same as Kageyama?  No, I'm...
Endo then says he's guilty as well.  He was focused only on techniques, he
wasn't thinking about everyone.  Soccer is all about team, not about individual
skills or techniques.  But after this, how can the team come back together he
wonders? Hibiki says he doesn't have to worry about that and tells everyone to
come in.

His teammates are relieved to hear that Endo is concerned about everyone.
Kazemaru also tells Kido to come and practice too. He wants to see Endo, Goenji,
and Kido come together as one.  If they can't do that, then they won't agree to
play together.  So they agree to try again, together.  But first they have to
go find Goenji who was headed towards the hospital.

Upstairs in the hospital, Otonashi is talking to Goenji saying that she
understands that Teikoku is responsible for his little sister's accident and
that she won't forgive him of what he's done but she begs him to please try the
Inazuma Break again.  Goenji says that he will, but not for Kido's sake.  He's
doing it because he gave an oath to his sister to win the Football Frontier
championship. On is way out he says "It's a good thing you have a nice sister
isn't it?"

After the other three fail again, Kabeyama, Kazemaru, and Kurimatsu are
thinking that coming together is impossible.  Kido then says, you think I can't
do it?  You think I'm the same as Kageyama?  Endo then says don't give up,
we've come this far! I have confidence in everyone so please have confidence in
me too!  Hibiki then asks the three of them why do they play soccer? What's
their reason for playing?

Goenji:  I...I play for my sister Yuka! I'll get stronger and win for her!
Kido: I...play to break away from Kageyama.  Stupid little tricks aren't
necessary to win!  I'll find victory with pride!
Endo:  I...play for the love of soccer.  We'll grow strong together and win!
So, we'll never lose!

After completing the Inazuma Break, Kido is amazed at the power.  Hibiki tells
him what's wrong?  You see that the power of teamwork is much stronger than
someone's own power don't you?  That was one thing that Kageyama could never
see. Don't worry Kido, you are different than Kageyama, you won't turn out like
him.  Goenji goes over and asks Otonashi "Won't you forgive your older brother?"
Otonashi explains that when she was young, both her mother and father died in
an accident and she was sent to an orphanage. Her brother has a memento of his
father, a soccer magazine, that's very important and ever since then it's
always been their dream for Kido to become a soccer player.  In many ways,
Otonashi is just like Goenji's sister, and also loves that side of her brother.
But ever since her brother was adopted by the Kido family, he stopped
contacting her.  She was very shocked when she found out that he joined
Teikoku, a team that wins by any means necessary.  She felt betrayed.  But
Goenji says that her brother isn't like that is he?  In actuality, he joined
for her.  Kido would do anything to make her dreams comes true.  However,
Teikoku filled his head with a lot of bad ideas and strange thoughts.  So she
asks Goenji if she should once again be Kido's sister. Goenji thinks it would
be a good idea to give him another chance, and based on experience, he should

Talk to Hibiki one more time and that'll be it for the day.  The next day Endo
is giving his victory speech (Let's show em our Inazuma Break!) and Kido says
now that he's joined the team, there's no way they'll lose!  Alright, so it's
that time again.  Head to the station and then it's off into the mountains to
face Senbayama JHS!

|MATCH: Raimon VS Senbayama JHS                                        |
|                                                                      |
|Goal: Use Kido's Inazuma Break to get thru the Infinite Wall and win! |

As you might expect, this team has an exceptional defense.  In fact, it may
seem at times like they have about 20 players on the field, so hopefully your
one touch passing is pretty good because you won't get to move very far before
a defender is up in your face.  However, the reason why it seems like they have
so many players is because nearly everyone plays back, leaving them almost no
offensive attackers. With that in mind, this is a good match to be aggressive,
compared to the last few where defending against big attackers was more key.
The one little hiccup here is that you need Kido to get the shot off.  If you
try any shot other than the Inazuma Break, they will put up the Infinite Wall
(which doesn't drop their TP, so a barrage of attacks won't work either) and
will block it every time.  So with this in mind, get the ball and continue to
try and keep it in their end.  You should pass, and then pass, and then pass
again.  Work the ball around and try to get it to Kido as far up as possible.
Keep moving the ball and when you can get the ball to Kido with only maybe 1
defender between you and the keeper go for it.  Use his offensive technique,
which is quite strong, to get past the defender (you can probably even get past
two defenders using this technique twice in a row, but it consumes a bit of TP
so be careful), and then put a shot on goal.  Kido should then say here we go!
Choose the technique menu and then the Inazuma Break (should cost 60 TP) and
let it rip.  It'll blast past right thru the unstoppable Infinite Wall and end
up in the back of the twine.  After you score, you can play solid defense and
not even have to worry about scoring again, or you can try to tack on a few
more.  Now that the Infinite Wall is gone, you can get shots past Amano their
keeper with any of your other somewhat strong techniques (I put one past him
with the Mud Daruma).  Coupled with the fact that Endo has The Genie Hand catch
technique, a goal should be all you need to beat Senbayama.  After you beat
them, Senbayama are pretty good sports about it and look forward to future
friendlies against Raimon.  For your victory, you will also net the Senbayama
uniform and the Infinite Wall defensive formation card!

Back at school Endo says that the match today sure was fun.  Fun?  Kido asks.
He says that taking on Kageyama is his only goal.  The "fun" will come in two
matches from now when he can go up against Zeus JHS.  Oh well, what a mood
breaker Kido is...
Sitting on the steps, Onigawara says to Hibiki, seeing him today brings back
memories from 40 years ago doesn't it?  Daisuke was my dear friend.  We made an
oath to each other when we were young that one day we would win the national
championship.  Hibiki says, so that's why you became a sports reporter when you
got older.   After Coach Endo retired from being a soccer player, he joined
Raimon JHS as our coach.  He entrusted his dream with the next generation. Yes,
and that's why the Inazuma Eleven was able to make it all the way to the
national title match, says Onigawara.  I was so happy, yet on that day,
everyone's dreams came crashing down.  After his death, I quit being a sports
reporter and became a detective to focus on the events surrounding his death.
I won't let Kageyama get away with it.  One day, I WILL arrest him.    Hibiki
says, National..champions huh?  For 40 years I've tried to forget that bus

Over at Zeus JHS, Kageyama hears about the results of the Raimon match.  Ah,
not only Domon, but now Kido too?!  How disgusting. Raimon has been in ruins up
until now.  It seems that the successors of the Inazuma Eleven are before us. I
must not make too light of them. (cutscene)

Leader...the practice tests are all completed!  Kageyama says, I see.  Soon my
dreams will become reality!  Go show those spoiled brats a good time!!!
Hahahhaha! With this, chapter eight comes to an end.


                   |    J. Chapter Nine: I Am Not Alone!     |


The chapter begins with someone saying "Damn it!  If he's not here, there's no
way we can beat Teikoku Academy!  What, you say, he took off?"  Kidokawa
Seishuu! It's time for the game to begin.  Please standby... "Damn it!  I...I
won't allow it! Goenji!!!"

At the Principal's office, Hirai is telling them how proud he is of the team
making it to the semi-finals.  In comes the cheerleading squad Go Go RA-I-MO-N!
When leaving the office, two girls come over and say here, please eat this!
Good luck in the next game! And then run away.  Kabeyama says, wow, we've kinda
become famous around here haven't we.  Natsumi then mentions on how noisy it is
and then comes over to inform the team that they've just received some
information from the soccer organization.  It seems that Zeus has won their
semi-final match.  Endo is surprised since the match was just scheduled to
begin, but Natsumi says that 5 minutes into the game, the opposing team
suffered huge injuries and forfeited the match, exactly the same as what
happened in the Teikoku match.  So now it seems like there's only one match up
stopping us from reaching Zeus.  Let's head over to the field and practice.
Also, a new branch in the character tree has opened up.

It seems that someone has already beat us to the field, where Goenji is asking
the 3 guys why the hell they are here.  Masaru, the first guy, says "Why?  Wow,
that's the introduction we get from you?  We came here to see you of course!"
Endo asks Goenji who these guys are, to which Masaru asks "Huh?  Oh, you must
be the captain of Raimon JHS.  Wow, he really looks hot-blooded.  That seems to
be a trend around here nowadays...".  After Endo asks again who he is, Masaru
explains they have come here to see their competition for the next match and
that they are the "3 Mukata Brothers" of Kidokawa Seishuu JHS.  Naturally, we
already know we are gonna win he says.  Kido say "Kidokawa?  Oh, then that
means..." and Masaru says yes, on that day a year ago, at the Football Frontier
Championship Match, that coward ran away.  And that since he ran away to become
the ace of a small weak JHS club, they thought they would be the ones to come
over here and introduce themselves.

Endo sticks up for Goenji, saying that he couldn't play in the match and how
dare they come over here and insult him, cuz they don't know anything.  He
tells them that if they win, then those 3 have to apologize to Goenji. Masaru
says Wow, he's angry?  Oh well, there's still plenty of time before the match,
so how about we play a bit? (cue Triangle Z scene)

Masaru says hmm...it's over already, how weak.  How ever did Teikoku lose to
such a team?  Oh well, they also lost to Zeus, another unknown team, so it
looks like this year will be an easy victory for us, doesn't it? They take off
and then the others mention that with such an amazing shot that Endo couldn't
even stop, surely Raimon doesn't stand a chance. So why even bother practicing
and leave as well.

Over at the nurse's room, Endo goes around and says, what happened?  Did I
lose? Natsumi, never one to sugar coat anything, says yeah, he just got his ass
handed to him, then says she has stuff to do for the student meeting, and
leaves.  Endo says he can't be lying around the nurse's room all day says he's
gotta practice but it seems like he's in no condition to be running around.
The nurse says sorry but they've run out of ice and asks Kino if she can go and
get some. Endo says he's gotta improve to beat Kidokawa and stop their shot, so
he's gotta go practice at Inabikari, so let's head over there.

Note: At this time you will not engage in any random battles, so if there's
anything you want to do on the map, go do it now (look for other chests, go to
shops, etc).

When you head over to Inabikari, we'll see Kino, who comes back with the ice
only to see that Endo is gone.  She runs into Goenji and tells him that Endo
has to be resting, but that's he's taken off somewhere and they have to go find
him!  But Goenji says sorry that he has something else he has to do.  Next we
get more scenes of how Endo has no one to turn to.  Kido won't help him out
either. Feeling alone and unsure about what to do, he decides to go to the
Tower to gather his thoughts.

At the tower, Endo really starts to doubt if he has the strength to win the
championship.  Natsumi tells Endo not to give up.  He's been in losing
situations before and every time, he picks himself up and everyone does what
they have to in order to win.  So, why should this time be any different?  He's
not going to get anywhere by being by himself.  He's not alone anymore (in
comparison to how he was alone when no one had any motivation at the beginning
of the season)!  Endo says thank you to Natsumi for giving him the confidence
he needs and says Yeah, that's right.  It's not over yet!  Kido is relieved
that Endo is ok and tells him that Coach Hibiki has called a special practice
to get ready for the Kidokawa match, so we better head back.  Kino seems a
little hesitant and strange, like she wants to tell Endo something, but he says
they gotta hurry up back to the clubhouse.

At the clubhouse Hibiki says there's gonna be a special practice with the
Inazuma Eleven so when they're ready to head over there.  But first, there's no
sign of Kazemaru, Kabeyama, or Kurimatsu.  Otonashi says she doesn't know why
Kazemaru was there, but she saw him at the Newspaper Club (2nd floor of the
Cultural Center). At the Newspaper Club, Kazemaru says how the three of them
were feeling pretty down until Goenji came and straightened them up.

Goenji says to Kazemaru, so that's it, you're givin up that easily?  I haven't
given up in my captain, and neither should you guys.  So Kazemaru says that he
came here to look up some information on Kidokawa and that Kurimatsu went to
the library to do the same, so let's go over there and get him.

Over at the library Kurimatsu says that because he never reads, he's got a
headache from all this research.  He says he's been lookin for any kind of
techniques he might be able to find, but hasn't come up with anything.  Endo
says thanks for his hard work, and of course they would be happy if there was a
technique they found, but more importantly than any technique, they have to be
a team.  Working together as a team is stronger than any skill book they could
find. He also says that Kabeyama went off to the ramen...wait, no he went to
Riverside! How surprising.  So let's go over and find him too.

It seems that Kabeyama is training hard with his little brother to get ready.
When he sees Endo, his little brother says oh hey, isn't that your inferior
teammate! Kabeyama says Hey capta...I mean...Endo! He says that if the keeper
can't stop the Triangle Z, that it's up to the defenders to stop it.  Starving
from his hard workout, Kabeyama goes off to eat lunch before the meeting.

Coach Hibiki says that today's special training is called KO.  Wolf says that
in order to become stronger, the team has to polish up on their individual
techniques.  Hibiki says that for Endo to polish up his keeper skills, what
better way than to practice stopping the most powerful shot, the Inazuma Break.
Endo seems surprised that the group of geezers could do such a shot, and Wolf
says What?  You think that by looking at you guys do the shot that we couldn't
remember how to do it?  (cutscene)

Endo says that if he can stop the Inazuma Break then he can definitely stop
anything Kidokawa can throw at him, but as he goes to do so, pain hits him from
the injury he got from the Triangle Z.  But he says he'll definitely stop it.
Worried about their captain, Kurimatsu and Kabeyama come to help!

Stopping the shot, the three are excited at discovering a new technique, aptly
called the Triangle Defense.  Kino then asks Natsumi what it was that she said
to Endo up there on the tower.  Natsumi says Oh, you saw me?  And Kino replies,
umm...no, nevermind...I'm sorry and leaves.  A new branch in the character tree
opens now too.

We see Kino saying, Ah, that's good.  Endo is no longer alone is he?
Yeah...that's really good.  But now, why do I get this feeling of aloneness?

The team gets ready for practice for Kidokawa and Kino tells Endo that when
he's done practicing to head over to the clubhouse.  Talk to Kido at the
clubhouse and she'll ask if you are finished with practice, so choose the top
option for YES. Then there's a scene where Masaru comes to say that he wanted
to talk to Goenji before tomorrow's match.  He tells him that they learned the
Triangle Z attack so that they could win the championship this year, and also
to show that they can win without Goenji.  After that, Kido is standing by a
tree and someone comes up to him.  Kido only says Ah, I see.  Ok, thank you
very much, and then the messenger leaves.  They ask Kido what that guy from
Teikoku was doing and Kido says that they will find out soon enough.

Ok, Kido, always the time manager, says we'd better head over to the station to
go to Kidokawa for the match, so let's go! Before the match begins, Goenji will
say hi to his former coach Nikaido and Otonashi will yell, saying that she's a
big fan of Nikaido-san and asks him for his signature (she explains to Kido
that Nikaido was a pro soccer player and he also was selected for the Japanese
National team). So the teams go back and forth psyching each other up for the
match and then it begins.

|MATCH: Raimon VS Kidokawa Seishuu JHS                                    |
|                                                                         |
|Goal: Stop the Triangle Z with the Triangle Defense and defeat Kidokawa! |

The match will begin with the three Mukata brothers getting the ball and drive
right to the net and break out the Triangle Z.  Of course this prompts Endo to
bust out the Triangle Defense and stop the ball.  Surprised by not scoring, the
Mukata Brothers say it's not over yet!! From here, the match really begins.
Since the ball is all the way at your end, try to get it back up the field as
quick as possible.  You definitely want to avoid a turn over since the Mukata
Brothers are down near Endo and a turnover will allow them to get another quick
shot off.  Once you get the ball up, try to work it to your strikers.  Any of
your big shots should be able to get past the keeper.  I suggest either getting
it to Goenji and using the Falling Inazuma or Inazuma #1, or get it over to
Kido to use the Inazuma Break.  After you score, get ready to play some defense.
This team can actually break thru your MFs pretty easily with their Moonsault
technique.  However, they tend to keep using it to break your line, so just get
the defenders to move over and attack the player with the ball.  The moonsault
takes a lot of TP, so after 3 defenders or so, they will be out of TP and you
can get the ball back no problem. Once their main players (aka the Mukata
Brothers), run out of TP, the match should be a cinch.  Their defense isn't too
hard to get past, so you should be able to get off several shots and a few
goals.  Just stop the Mukata Brothers and the match is yours.

After the match, Nikaido will congratulate everyone on a match well played.  He
says that he's happy that Goenji has gotten a lot stronger over this past year.
It seems that teams are getting more and more classy as the tournament goes on
(although I'm guessing the next match won't be so polite). Nikaido then says he
has one question to ask Goenji and that is why did he leave before the
championship match last year.  He truly doesn't believe he just ran away.  He
also explains that his former teammates the Mukata Brothers, while seemingly
tough and don't seem to like Goenji, were actually just quite shocked over the
events of last year, saying that they lost to Teikoku because Goenji wasn't
there.  The Brothers then say that Goenji now had better win the championship
and that they are rooting for him.  But, they will get stronger and definitely
take him down next season.  Endo says that those guys might say a lot of bad
things, but they truly have a love of soccer, so they are pretty good guys
afterall.  Goenji agrees.

At the tower, Endo says that his dreams of making it to the Football Frontier
Championship Match have finally come true.  Onigawara says he thought he would
find Endo here and tells him to come back to the clubhouse, that they have
something to say.  So, back at the clubhouse, it seems that, thanks to Kido,
they have obtained some information from the Teikoku reference room.   Otonashi
looks and says wow, this is from a soccer newspaper from 50 years ago, The
Junior Soccer Newspaper Vol. 1!  The headline reads, "Veteran soccer player
Kageyama Togo has been released from the Japanese National team.  Will he soon
retire?"  Yes, Onigawara says, Togo was Kageyama Reiji's (the evil guy who had
Endo Daisuke killed) father.  He goes on to say that playing for the National
team, Togo was quite famous.  Endo asks, "He was released from the National
team?  And Onigawara says yes, that's when it all began.  (flashback)

Togo wonders Huh?  Why?  Why was I released from the team?  Retire?  But I can
still play!  Continuing to read the paper, Togo reads the comment from the
National team head coach: "Togo has gotten older and recently, his play has
been less than stellar.  It is in the best interest of the National team, a
team that will continue to improve in order to win, to select a younger
talented player. It's time for the team to move on and the Kageyama era has
come to a close."  Togo says that all they care about is winning.  They don't
care about anything else, winning is the only thing!  After that, Togo's life
kinda spiraled down into drinking etc and in raising his son, Reiji, he taught
him the same philosophy as the National team: Do anything you have to do in
order to win.  Winning is the only goal.

Coach Hibiki then says that he heard the same thing (that Reiji will do
anything to win) from Coach Nikaido yesterday.  Nikaido told him that before
last year's match, Kageyama tried to bribe Nikaido.  He said that if Kidokawa
forfeited the match, Teikoku would pay him off. Of course, Nikaido, being the
honest stand-up person that he is, declined; hence Kageyama resorted to getting
rid of Kidokawa's star player by causing the accident with Yuka. It's also
worth noting here that Kido says that now he sees what kind of person Kageyama
truly is.  Only when he says it, for the first time he refers to Kageyama by
his last name, instead of just using the word "leader" to describe him.  So
indeed, Kido's heart has changed.

Over at Zeus, Kageyama says that he's remembering something from his childhood,
something that he's tried to forget, but can't.  His lackey says to Kageyama
that he still really loves soccer doesn't he to which Kageyama gives off an
evil laugh saying, What?  You still don't know?  I HATE soccer, as well as my
incompetent subordinate!  His lackey shivers in fear and runs off. He continues,
saying, the thing that I LOVE is VICTORY!  Isn't that right Aphro?  And so we
get out first look at Zeus.  It definitely won't be an easy victory.  With that,
chapter nine comes to an end, so save if you like and continue.


    | J. Chapter Ten: Let's do it! The decisive battle of life or death! |


The final chapter begins with Kageyama introducing the fruit of his labor, the
final piece of the puzzle, the most powerful player ever, Aphro.  He says he
will show them all the final taste of victory and there is no way he will
acknowledge that group from Raimon JHS.  Let's go and fill the city of Inazuma
with this "Aqua from the Gods".  To oppose us is like opposing the heavens!

Back at the clubhouse, it's the day before the championship match against Zeus
and Endo can't believe that this team, which only a short time ago was reading
manga instead of practicing, is now in the Football Frontier finals.  He says
back then he had no idea about the Inazuma Eleven or Kageyama.  But thanks to
the help of many people, they were able to make it this far.  They definitely
won't lose this match!

Just then Goenji walks in and Kino mentions, ah yeah, it was when Goenji
arrived that all the changes started happening.  Goenji reports that he has to
cut practice a little short today because he must go to the hospital.  Kino
asks if something is wrong with Yuka and Goenji says he doesn't know yet.  But,
people are starting to gather from all over Inazuma and the hospital has become
in an uproar.
Goenji takes off to the hospital, while Endo and Kino follow after him.  A new
branch on the character tree opens up.  Let's head to the hospital.

Over at the hospital, Endo asks Otonashi what the hell is going on and she says
that since this morning, people have been lining up saying their body feels
strange.  It must be from the water they drank this morning.  A man then comes
up to them and asks if they are from Raimon JHS?  They say yes and he says it's
the soccer team's fault that all this has happened.  While the team wonders
what the hell the man is accusing them of, he starts hopping around going crazy.
Worried about Yuka, they rush inside to see if she's ok.  Kino mentions this is
the first time she's ever seen this many people at the hospital, so something
must be up and Otonashi worries why the old man accused them of causing all

In the hospital, they see that Yuka is ok.  Goenji recalls that it was a year
ago from tomorrow that this all happened, at the Football Frontier championship.
He says after he wins the championship tomorrow that he'll return, but until
then, he'll eave the pendant here with her to protect her while he's gone.  He
says that things have changed since a year ago.  This weak team that no one
took seriously has now become a finalist for the national championship.
However, some things have remained the same.  No matter what happens or changes,
they will always be brother and sister.  Together they will overcome the things
of the past.  He will find victory and she will finally open her eyes once
again.  Only next time, they will always be together.

Then Yuka says, Older brother...my older brother is near me...

Goenji calls out her name, but there's no other response.  Endo says it looks
like she's still sleeping.  Goenji says she heard his voice and that he will
definitely with the championship...for her.

Endo says he know she will open her eyes soon.  He just believes it! Endo says
they should return to practice when suddenly they hear Kino and Otonashi's
voice coming from outside the hospital.  Let's hurry and see what it is.  Also,
a new branch opened in the character tree.

Outside the people are demanding to know where Mr. Raimon is.  The nurse says
he's in the hospital resting to which the people reply that it's the soccer
team's fault all this happened.  Guys in black suits have been going around the
city spreading the rumor that Mr. Raimon and the soccer team have spread
strange water out ot the entire city.

Onigawara comes over and scares the group away, but as they are leading they
say "All for leader Kageyama!!!" and take off.  Goenji says that this
definitely has to be the work of Kageyama.  The team agrees, but what can they
do if the people of the city are brainwashed into thinking that the Raimon
soccer team did it? They ask the nurse if Mr. Raimon, who was supposed to still
be in the hospital recuperating, is ok, but the nurse said he somehow escaped.
So something is definitely wrong.  The only way to clear things is to find Mr.
Raimon, but without many clues as to where he went, it might be tough.  They
suggest going to ask Natsumi where she thinks he might be, but Endo says that's
a bad idea since it would just cause her to worry about her father.  Then one
of the Raimon's servants comes over and says that they have Mr. Raimon, so he's
ok.  But, now he's gone somewhere dangerous, so we have to help! Raimon was
talking about something he has to tell Endo first hand, no matter what in
person, and that he'll be waiting over at the tower.  He tells Endo that he has
to hurry, because now with the people starting to blame Raimon for the water,
he's in trouble.

Onigawara says So, Soichiro (Raimon) plans on telling him about that?  (hinting
there's something about the past they haven't told us yet).  Onigawara says he
will handle things here and for the team to hurry over to the tower.  With the
crowd getting restless, there's no time to lose!!

Natsumi overhears the whole conversation and runs off while Kino sees her and
decides to follow.  Otonashi says that there's still research ot be done about
this situation and she's gonna get down to the bottom of it.  So, over to the

At the tower, Endo asks if Mr. Raimon has completely recovered.  Raimon says
not to worry about him but more importantly, the city has come upon some
unfortunate events.  He says that this morning, some people put some medicine
in the water, a medicine created in a laboratory, a medicine used for military
purposes.  This medicine also gives overwhelming power, which is why the Zeus
team is so unstoppable.  Endo says that they might have that kind of power, but
true power comes from the things he has learned.  From friends, and the love of
soccer, and believing in each other.  That kind of power won't lose out to man-
made power. Raimon says that he remembers Daisuke just by looking at Endo and
that their team has what it takes to also bear the title Inazuma Eleven!  He
says Endo's team has the strength and ability worthy of the name, but now is
not the time for that. They have to defeat Kageyama and free the city.  He says
they really are the Inazuma Eleven and that no matter what, he had to tell Endo
this in person.   He asks Endo if he can see the Inazuma symbol at the top of
the tower.  He then explains that 40 years ago this symbol was dazzling,
shining bright for all to see.  It was the symbol of peace for the city of
Inazuma.  By seeing this symbol shine bright, the citizens of Inazuma felt safe.
But the Inazuma Eleven faded away and the light from this symbol also
disappeared.  So he tells Endo that it's time for the true Inazuma Eleven to
defeat Kageyama and relight this symbol of Inazuma, to make everyone feel safe
and free once again.  Raimon says that With the spirit of his grandfather
inside him, Endo is the only one who can accomplish such a feat.  The future of
Inazuma is in his hands!

A new branch in the character tree opens up and then we see Natsumi confronting
her father. Natsumi says that she will not just sit by and watch things happen
while doing nothing.  She's the manager of the Raimon soccer club, she's not
useless!  Kino, overhearing this, also wonders what she can do, instead of
sitting by idle doing nothing.  She thinks about her role in it all, that she
isn't good at gathering information or things like that and then walks off.

It's the day before the championship match.  Endo says today is out last
practice, so let's push ourselves to the limit.  When you are done preparing,
head over to the clubhouse.  Talk to Kino outside and she will ask if you are
done practicing.  Choose Yes on top and she will ask if you have a second.  She
says she has something to tell him and asks him to follow her.  He asks what
she has to say at a time like this.  After she remains quiet and he asks a few
times, she finally says she made these with all her heart, so please eat them!
Endo looks at all the rice balls and is amazed.  Wow! He says.  You made all
these by yourself?    Kino appears to have more to say to Endo (perhaps how she
truly feels about him), but Endo is too caught up in seeing all the rice balls
and hurries to tell the others.  Kido doesn't seem very impressed by it all,
and says that rice balls are simple food and easy to make, but well, he'll eat
em anyway.   Goenji says don't mind Kido, he's just like that.  Then Natsumi
shows up and asks what's going on?  Natsumi says she has to talk to Kino and
Otonashi for a second and needless to say, Otonashi is quite shocked that
Natsumi has something to confide in them about.  Very hesitantly, she says Umm,
well...actually...it's like this...and so umm, what should I do?  Whatever it
is she has to say Kino acts surprised, and then Otonashi gets what she is
actually trying to say and is really surprised!! Kurimatsu asks them what are
they talking about and Natsumi says they eat too much and shouldn't be doing
that the day of the match!  Otonashi then says she understands and says let's
do it!! Kino agrees and says yeah, I'll join too. The managers have to stick
together.  Kino then says let's support the soccer team with all our power!
Kabeyama adds in that Kino's rice balls are the best and after a snide remark
from Kurimatsu, Natsumi asks him if he wants to see what it's like to go
against her!!  Kurimatsu then says that Natsumi is so scary.  Even Endo join in
saying that if that happens, Kurimatsu wouldn't even come to school anymore.
(fades to black)

Kino, Otonashi, Natsumi...they're only thinking about you guys at a time like
this.  We are only thinking about you running into Zeus head on.  So, if they
aren't there, then we'll...

Finally the championship day has arrived.  Endo tells the team to head out to
the station to get to Zeus Stadium, so let's take his advice or go over there.
Just outside the clubhouse, we see what the managers were planning.  They went
around town explaining what happened with the water and got the city to support
the Raimon JHS soccer club.  After everyone cheers for them telling them to
give it their best, Natsumi says you know what this means?  There's no way you
can even think about losing now!  Endo says that they will triumph over Zeus.
No, better yet, Kageyama.  Even better yet, EVIL!  Yes, they will triumph over
evil Natsumi says that's the spirit and off they go to the station.

Now before you go to the station, you might first want to take a quick detour
to the hospital to unlock part of the character tree.  Make sure Domon is in
your party of 4, and enter the hospital map.  If you do this, Domon will
recognize the doctor once you enter the hospital as a doctor he once knew when
he and Aki were in America.  He was the doctor who told Domon and Aki that
their best friend Ichinose had been in a car accident and had died.  However,
soon after seeing the doctor again, down comes their old friend Ichinose, who
they thought was dead!  He explains that on that day in America, after his
accident, Ichinose had found out that he would never be able to play soccer
again.  His leg was too injured from the accident.  So, Ichinose asked the
doctor to please inform his two friends that he had died.  There was no way he
could bare seeing them again, at least not in this condition.  If you recall,
the three had made an oath to play soccer together until the end.  Ichinose
continues, saying that after that, he returned back to Japan, but never gave up
on soccer.  He trained hard everyday and rehabilitated.  And now finally, today
is being released from the hospital.  The great "Midfield Magician" is back and
ready to play!  Domon asks Endo if he can join the squad and Endo says yeah, of
course!  With this, Ichinose will join your squad and the ??? ?? lock on the
character tree will open up!

At the stadium, the team is amazed at the ambiance of this place.  Well, no
matter, they have to head over tot the soccer field.  Heading onto the field,
Endo comments that no one is there.  Then suddenly from out of the sky appears
Zeus Stadium!  Enter the stadium and then go and locate the dressing rooms.
Endo mentions that he can hear the roar of the crowd, even though it seems like
no one's around.  Go to the left to find your dressing rooms and choose the
first option YES to enter the room.  Everyone seems a bit nervous as they get
ready for the finals.  Their closing and decisive battle begins now!

Aphro tells the "foolish soccer players" that they are about to feel the wrath
of the Gods.  Endo tells Aphro that they won't lose to such a team.  Justice
will always triumph over evil.  Kageyama then mocks the boy for thinking
justice is more important than winning at all costs and that there is nothing
greater than victory.  Coach Hibiki then says that they will show him the true
victory (winning honorably rather than cheating to win).  Just then Kurimatsu
tells Endo to look at the bench, Natsumi and all the managers are GONE!  Endo
wonders where they hell they could have gone at a time like this.

Meanwhile back in the dressing room, Natsumi asks if everyone's prepared.  If
not, now is the time to back out.  Natsumi says they are going to use the power
of their medicine against them.  She continues that as the team is now, it's
going to be very difficult to defeat Zeus.  But if they get the medicine and
turn it in to the police, Zeus will be forced to use only their own natural
power.  And if it's a match up of natural ability vs natural ability, Raimon
can definitely win.  So first, they have to head north of the dressing room to
get to the research lab to find the medicine.

Going to where the lab is, you will find that the door is locked.  Otonashi
says of course Zeus would keep their secret locked away and that it would be
more strange if it actually was open.  The key's gotta be around somewhere (or
else how would we beat the game?), so let's go looking for it.  Heading to the
other corridor, Natsumi will spot some people talking by the door at the end of
the hall.  The scientist says he's come to transfer the medicine to the Zeus
dressing room for use at halftime. The guy behind him says that even though
it's for military use, he might try to drink it next time kinda like a sports
drink.  The scientist says that it's quite dangerous and is still in the reform
stages and that if regular humans were to drink it...

Anyway, the problem is, how are the girls going to get the key to the lab?  Of
course, there will always be someone standing guard in front of the room there
where the key is.  Natsumi has a plan!  She says that when the guards go into
the back there, the security room is empty so now's their chance to get in the
security room.  Otonashi asks what everyone else might be thinking...what's in
the security room?  Natsumi replies with an oh so assuring "I dunno, but...it's
a good idea to go check it out."  Otonashi says that Natsumi is starting too
sound a heck of a lot like someone else they know...to which Natsumi asks what
exactly she's trying to get at?  She has no interest in him...

At the security room, we see that Detective Onigawara has beaten us there.
Natsumi asks what he's doing here and he says that they can go ahead and tell
him what they're doing there first.  She explains that they are trying to get
the Aqua of the Gods so they can give it to the police.  But lucky for them,
Onigawara is there, so they can get it and then have him call the police and
bust Zeus. Unfortunately, Onigawara says, there isn't much here to give them
the proof they need.   Also, Kabeyama is a very protective and watchful person,
so getting past him won't be easy.  To get the evidence they are going to need,
they have to get to Kageyama's room in the back.  With the girls wondering what
they should do, Onigawara tells them to head back to the field.  If they stick
around and wander all over the place, it's only going to hamper his

Natsumi tells him No Way!  Together with Endo, they are fighting together (just
like she told her father, she's not gonna sit by idlly watching everyone else
fighting the battle).  Onigawara, amazed at her persistence, wonders if perhaps
his influence has also rubbed off on her a bit ("his" referring to Endo).

The scientist says he has successfully put the medicine in the room and that
everything is set up for halftime.  The MIB tells him then just to wait until
after the game is finished.  The scientist emphatically says that he's said it
many times, but that he has stopped working in the lab and won't do so anymore.
Kino then freaks out, saying that they have nowhere to hide.  Natsumi says that
it looks like they have blundered.  Onigawara says that it seems like there's
no other way and then pops out into the hall asking where the Aqua of the Gods
is to get the guards' attention.  The guards, amazed that he somehow knows
about the Aqua of the Gods, say that they'll be in big trouble if they don't
catch the Raimon spy and go off to hunt him down.  Kino says now is their
chance to get back to the soccer field without getting caught, but Natsumi says
even better, all the guards chased after Onigawara, so now is their time to get
into the back room and grab the key.  She says, let's make sure this chance
Onigawara gave us doesn't go to waste!

They enter Kageyama's room and find the key!! However, Otonashi asks what can
they do now?  Since Onigawara is being chased, they can't get it to the police
right away.  Natsumi says they can worry about that later.  First, they have
to actually get the medicine, and then they can worry about what to do after
that. With no time to spare, they dash off to find the medicine.

|BATTLE: Raimon VS Zeus JHS - 1st Half                                        |
|                                                                            |
|Goal: Get control of the ball and keep it away from Zeus as much as possible|

Now it's time to play the first half of the championship match.  You will have
a tough time getting the ball from this team, just because their high end
offensive moves, like Heavens Time, will most likely always beat out your
defensive moves. To make matters even worse, their TP doesn't go down at all,
so they can just keep reusing it as much as they want.  This pretty much means
that if someone like Aphro or Artemis gets the ball, they can just walk down
the field past your entire team. So, what can we do?  Well, the key here is to
have them keep the ball on the wings.  Have your defenders use techniques.
Even though they won't get the ball back most likely, it's good to use because
it won't take away TP for you (since their technique will cancel out yours) and
it will create a cut scene, which will take time off the clock.  Wasting time
is the number one priority in this first half, so the quicker you can make the
half end, the better.  The reason why you want to have them keep the ball on
the wing is because their players there don't have any special shots.  Ideally,
you want to have them get the ball to Artemis (the guy with the white mask) who
will blow thru your team with offensive moves down the right side, but he
doesn't have a special shot (except maybe Divine Arrow, but I've never seen him
use it), so really, Endo can just do a regular catch to save it and save his TP.
If anyone in the middle of the field gets the ball, namely Demeter (guy with
the helmet) or Aphro, you will want to have Endo save using the Triple Defense
technique.  Both Demeter's and Athena's "Reflect Buster" and Aphro's "God Knows"
shots will blow right past anything except for the Triple D. So by doing quick
math, you can see that you really only have enough TP to probably do about 2
Triple Defense saves before you run out of TP.  This is why killing the clock
is so important.  So when you do actually get the ball (like to start the game),
you want to pass it back to your defenders and play keep away.  However, try to
play keep away around midfield if you can.  If you do it with just your
defenders, you run the risk of turning the ball over and them getting an easy
power shot off on Endo.  At any rate, finish the first half and try to keep the
damage they did to a minimum (0-0 ideally, or 0-1 at the most).

Inside the room, they grab the medicine but wonder what they should do with it?
Soon the first half will be over and the players will return to the room, so
they have no time to mess around.  Suddenly, Kino comes up with a plan and
whispers it to Natsumi and Otonashi (we only hear ... ... ...).  The others
agree that it should work, and there's no time to think of anything else, so
it'll have to do. The three each grab a bottle of the medicine and run out the

Back at the ramen shop, Mako, Aida, and Sally are all cheering for Endo and
Raimon to win.  Over at the hospital Yuka opens her eyes and says good
luck...big brother! The nurse runs out saying doctor!  Doctor!  She's awake!
Then Yuka says Big brother...you'll definitely win...

Back on the field, the girls come rushing back saying sorry they were late, but
everything is fine.  Aphro is a little shocked at their carefree attitude and
by the fact that they still think they can win.  Aphro says they'll never lose
as long as they have the Aqua of the Gods but then the girls reveal that they
have it.  Poseidon (Zeuss' keeper) says That...that's the water isn't it...!
The girls then laugh at Zeus and says to them that while Zeus was caught up
trying to live out their dream, the girls went ahead and stole all the medicine
and that they were quite negligent for not protecting it better during the
middle of the match.  Otonashi tells Kageyama that justice will always overcome
evil and Natsumi tells the guys that they can definitely win now by using their
natural talent.

Aphrodite tells the team they will show them true natural strength and says
Bring it on Raimon..err...Inazuma Eleven!

|BATTLE: Raimon VS Zeus JHS - 2nd Half                                |
|                                                                    |
|Goal: Defeat Zeus JHS and win the Football Frontier Championship!   |

Now it's time for the second half.  Before hitting the blue box to continue the
start the second half, now is a good time to hit the red Menu box then the
right trigger to bring up your items and use an item that will restore Endo's
TP to full (like a Hyper Bar or Top Quality Oden).  Without the Aqua of the
Gods, Zeus is now actually beatable (luckily for us otherwise we would never
finish the game).  The strategy here is to still play defensive, but now you
can actually win some one-on-one battles.  Using your top defensive techniques
at all times, you should be able to strip the ball from them now.  When you can,
try to get the ball up on the wings.  Again, their wing players aren't as
strong as their guys in the middle.  When you can, get the ball in Kido and do
an Inazuma Break, that will get past their keeper Poseidon.  Keep in mind that
Poseidon has very strong keeper saves.  If he uses his Gigantic Wall technique,
he will most likely even save an Inazuma Drop or Inazuma #1 from Goenji.  This
is why it's key to get the ball over to Kido for the Break.  Keep it up and you
should win.  Just remember to use the Triple Defense save whenever you can so
you don't accidently let one get past you.

After winning Endo says We did it!!!   A shocked Kageyama says why?  How did we
lose?  Victory is everything!!!  But Coach Hibiki comes over and says no it's
not. A celebrating Endo tells Goenji that they did it...the legendary Inazuma
Eleven!! But Goenji corrects him saying Nah, the legend of the Inazuma Eleven
begins now.

After the end credits Endo will tell you congratulations on clearing the game
and that of course you want to save, right?  So choose the top option for yes
to save. There are now a number of things you can do with the game cleared.

Read on to find out what new things you can do now. Also, some random battle
from now on might require you to score two goals instead of just one.

If you don't want to do the additional things, then congratulations on beating
the game!!


            |     Part III: New Things to Do After You Finish      |


Once you beat the game and save, you will be returned to the clubhouse.  From
here, you have a few things that are newly available to you. They are:

1.	 You can now unlock the final five characters in the character tree.  The
final lock only can be passed once you complete the game.
2.	Talk to Kino in the clubhouse to set up friendlies versus your rivals.
The teams are now raised up a bit and should provide a little more of a
3.	In the list of friendlies you can set up with Kino, you can now face Ura-
Zeus!  This team is around level 80 and should provide you with your
toughest challenge in the game.
4.	At the Inabikari training ground, Team Layton will now randomly appear in
the rooms for your random challenges.  They are a bit tougher than the
other teams in here.  In order to win, you must gain a two goal lead over
them before time expires (you can allow a goal, but then must score 3
5.	Over at the clubhouse, if you talk to Natsumi, you can now recruit
players from the following teams as well as the old teams: Inazuma KFC,
Kasamino, Ichibangai, Inazuma OB, and Zeus.
6.	If you talk to Furukabu-san (one of the three Furukabu brothers in the
game) located near the stairs right of the school entrance on the main
map, you can now buy very nice techniques from him.  Check the item shop
section for a complete list of his wares.


                      |     Part IV: Item Shop Guide      |


In this guide, I have included all of the shops, the items they sell, how much
it costs, and a description of the item.  Techniques are labeled as the

D = Dribble     C = Catch    B = Block   S = Shot

Raimon JHS - Main Building - 1Floor - Item Shop

1.Milk                 ぎゅうにゅう             10             Restores 20GP
2.Rice Ball            おにぎり                 10             Restores 20TP
3.Mineral Water        ミネラルウォーター       20             Restores 25GP
4.Cookie Bar           クッキーフレーバー       25             Restores 30TP
5.Everyone's Shoes     みんなのシューズ         80             Control +2
6.Impact Shoes         インパクトシューズ       80             Kick +2
7.Hard Work Shoes      どりょくのスパイク       80             Guts +2
8.Kids Glove           せいしゅんグローブ       100            Guard +2(keeper)
9.Dirty Bracelet       よごれたミサンガ         40             Guard +2

Station Area - Convenience Store

1.Milk                 ぎゅうにゅう             10             Restores 20GP
2.Rice Ball            おにぎり                 10             Restores 20TP
3.Mineral Water        ミネラルウォーター       20             Restores 25GP
4.Cookie Bar           クッキーフレーバー       25             Restores 30TP
5.Solid Bracelet       じょうぶなミサンガ       100            Body +2
6.Popular Bracelet     にんきのミサンガ         100            Stamina +2
7.Rain Uniform         あめのウェア             680
8.Warm Uniform         たたかいのウェア         680
9.Hurricane Dash       しっぷうダッシュ         100            D Technique
10.Zeal Punch          ねっけつパンチ           100            C Technique
11.Pressure Punch      プレッシャーパンチ       100            C Technique
12.Spiral Shot         スパイラルショット       120            D Technique
13.Curse               のろい                   150            D Technique
14.Killer Slide        キラースライド           150            B Technique
15.Coil Turn           コイルターン             150            B Technique
16.Killer Blade        キラーブレード           150            C Technique
17.Whirlwhind Tornado  たつまきせんぷう         200            D Technique
18.Spirited Away       かみかくし               200            S Technique
19.Vengeful Ghost      おんりょう               250            B Technique

Raimon JHS Area - Candy Shop

1.Mineral Water        ミネラルウォーター       20             Restores 25GP
2.Sports Water         スポーツウォーター       70             Restores 70GP
3.Cookie Bar           クッキーフレーバー       25             Restores 30TP
4.Stamina Bar          スタミナフレーバー       230            Restores 85TP
5.Kids Bracelet        せいしゅんミサンガ       100            Stamina +4
6.Guard Bracelet       まもりのミサンガ         200            Guard +4
7.Sumo Stomp           しこふみ                 100            B Technique
8.Spinning Shoot       スピニングシュート       120            S Technique
9.Tornado Catch        トルネードキャッチ       120            C Technique
10.Grenade Shot        グレネードショット       200            S Technique
11.Condor Dive         コンドルダイブ           300            S Technique
12.Monkey Turn         モンキーターン           300            D Technique
13.Tarzan Kick         ターザンキック           450            S Technique
14.The Wall            ザ・ウォール             1000           B Technique

Shopping Area - General Sports Shop

1.Hayabusa Shoes       ハヤブサシューズ         300            Speed +4
2.Cheer Spikes         きあいのスパイク         300            Guts +4
3.Zeal Spikes          ねっけつスパイク         500            Guts +8
4.Victory Spikes       しょうりのスパイク       500            Kick +8
5.Hope Bracelet        きぼうのミサンガ         400            Stamina +7
6.Zeal Bracelet        ねっけつミサンガ         400            Body +7
7.Zeal Uniform         ねっけつのウェア         1280
8.Sunset Uniform       ゆうやけのウェア         1280
9.Scar Uniform         つめあとのウェア         1280
10.Kung-Fu Uniform     カンフーウェア           1280

Shopping Area - Convenience Store

1.Milk                 ぎゅうにゅう             10             Restores 20GP
2.Rice Ball            おにぎり                 10             Restores 20TP
3.Top Quality Oden     ごくじょうのおでん       600       Restores ALL GP&TP
4.Sports Water         スポーツウォーター       70             Restores 70GP
5.Super Water          スーパーウォーター       120            Restores ALL GP
6.Stamina Bar          スタミナフレーバー       230            Restores 85TP
7.Hyper Bar            ハイパーフレーバー       450            Restores ALL TP
8.Strong Bracelet      たくましいミサンガ       500            Body +4
9.Shield Bracelet      シールドミサンガ         500            Guard +7
10.Protect Bracelet    プロテクトミサンガ       800            Guard +10
11.Fight Bracelet      ファイトミサンガ         800            Body +10
12.Life Bracelet       いのちのミサンガ         800            Stamina +10
13.Bewilderment        ごりむちゅう             250            D Technique
14. Meteor Attack      メテオアタック           350            S Technique
15.Power Shield        パワーシールド           400            C Technique
16.Well Trained Shot   ひゃくれつショット       500            S Technique
17.Cross Drive         クロスドライブ           600            S Technique
18.Kung-Fu Head	       クンフーヘッド           600            S Technique
19.S-Scan OF           Sスキャン                600            D Technique
20.Patriot SH          パトリオット             700            S Technique
21.Judge Thru          ジャッジスルー           750            D Technique
22.Illusion BL         イリュージョン           800            D Technique
23.Heat Tackle         ヒートタックル           900            D Technique
24.Twin Boost          ツインブースト           1200           D Technique

Raimon JHS - Main Gate Area - Mr. Furukabu (古株さん)

1.Axe Chop             まきわりチョップ         1000           C Technique
2.Poison Fog           どくぎりのじゅつ         1100           D Technique
3.Run Ball Run         ラン・ボール・ラン       1200           S Technique
4.Rear Attack          うしろのしょうめん       1250           B Technique
5.Spider Thread        くものいと               1300           B Technique
6.Winter Wind          こがらし                 1500           C Technique
7.Back Tornado         バックトルネード         1700           S Technique
8.Shine Drive          シャインドライブ         1700           S Technique
9.Cyclone              サイクロン               2000           B Technique
10.Exploding Punch     ばくれつパンチ           2000           C Technique
11.Shadow Suture       かげぬい                 2400           B Technique
12.Full Power Shield   フルパワーシールド       2500           C Technique
13.Whirlwind Cut       カマイタチ               2500           D Technique
14.Moonsault           ムーンサルト             2800           D Technique
15.Hell Bear           じごくぐるま             3200           D Technique
16.Dash Storm          ダッシュストーム         5000           D Technique
17.Boost Glider        ブーストグライダー       5500           D Technique
18.Megaquake           メガクェイク             6000           B Technique
19.Divine Arrow        ディバインアロー         7000           S Technique
20.Reflect Buster      リフレクトバスター       7000           S Technique


                 |     Part V: Skill Up Spot Location Guide      |


The skill ups spots are easy to detect.  They are the lightning bolts, or
Inazuma's symbol, that pop up all over the maps.  All you have to do is spend
some of your Zeal Points and u can raise your stats in a certain category.
Here are tall their locations and what stat will be increased when you train

1.	Riverside - Near the soccer field - Raises Kick up
2.	Steel Tower - On your way to it - Raises Kick up
3.	Science Room - Western Wing (left of main school bldg) - Stamina up
4.	Baseball field map - Near the school track - Speed up
5.	Shopping Area - On the street - Guard up
6.	Shopping Area - Playground - Guts up
7.	Residential Area - near Endo's house - Control up
8.	Train Station map - Body up


                  |     Part VI: Quick Key Location Guide       |


This section is for quick reference if you are looking for a key to unlock any
of the numerous locked doors throughout the game.  The list is in order in
which you can obtain the key, from earliest to latest.  I also mentioned the
earliest chapter in which the key is available.  If you miss it in the chapter
given, you can visit the location anywhere afterwards and still get it.

1.	 Track Club Key - Tower Map / Talk to cat in bottom right / Chapter 2
2.	 Baseball Club Key - Pool Map / NE area above the pool / Chapter 3
3.	 Tennis Club Key - Gym Map / NE area of the map / Chapter 4
4.	 Computer Room Key - Received automatically in an event / Chapter 5
5.	 Gym Key - Riverside / On the road when you enter the area / Chapter 6
6.	 Budokan Key - Shopping Map / Arcade Map near the Ramen Shop / Chapter 6
7.	 Swimming Club Key / Pool Map / Right Changing Room / Chapter 7
8.	 Secret Key - Received automatically in an event / Chapter 8
9.	 Cycling Key - Residential Area Map / Talk to girl in park / Chapter 9
10. Tower Room Key - Not Known (Wifi?)
   11. Gym Storage Room Key - Not Known (Wifi?)


               |     Part VII: Treasure Chest Location Guide       |


This guide is intended to help you locate all the treasure chests in the game.
As you progress through each chapter, new chests will appear in different
locations throughout all the maps.  This can be quite bothersome to go hunt
ing everywhere to see where new items appeared, so you can save a lot of time
by consulting this guide.  One quick note, for the items that say B-Name
Formation, these are formations that can be set to use only in the random
battles (4v4).  They are not formations that can be used in matches. F-Name
Formation items are formations that can only be used during matches, and
cannot be used as a formation for random battles.

Chapter One:

1.School-Entrance-Southwest area of shoe boxes (not a chest)         Sunglasses
2.Clubhouse Area-Parking Lot                                               Milk
3.Main Gate Area-East of School Entrance                              Rice Ball
4.Main Gate Area-Southwest                                        Mineral Water
5.School-1Floor-Item Shop                                             60 points
6.School-2Floor- End of Left Hallway                              Mineral Water
7.School-2Floor-Right Classroom                                      Cookie Bar
8.Baseball Area-Top Right                                     Hard Work Uniform
9.Baseball Area-Benches                                                    Milk
10.Tower Area-Southeast                                        Popular Bracelet

Chapter Two:

1.Tower Area-Side of building up the stairs (not a chest):            Big Shoes
2.Tower Area-Talk to cat at Southwest part	                 Track Club Key
3.Clubhouse Area-Northwest of the big tree                        Kids Bracelet
4.Tennis Court Area-Southeast                                       Kids Spikes
5.Tennis Court Area-Left of stairs by 3rd Grade building entrance    Cookie Bar
6.Tennis Court Area-Northwest part on the court                            Milk
7.Riverside Area West-Bathrooms                                      Cookie Bar
8.Riverside Area West-Pier                                    B-Slash Formation
9.Riverside Area East-Street                                          65 Points
10.Riverside Area East-Southeast                                  Mineral Water
11.Track Clubhouse                                                   Cookie Bar
12.Track Clubhouse                                               Victory Gloves

Chapter Three:

1.Cultural Center-1Floor (Manga Club)                    Doppleganger Technique
2.Cultural Center-2Floor (Newspaper Club)                B-Right Wing Formation
3.Pool Area-Northwest                                                Cookie Bar
4.Pool Area-Northeast                                                 Hyper Bar
5.Pool Area-Northeast area of the pool                        Baseball Club Key
6.Baseball Clubhouse                                               Impact Shoes
7.Baseball Clubhouse                                      Comet Shoot Technique
8.Hospital Area-Middle Garden-Rightcenter                            Cookie Bar
9.Hospital Area-Middle Garden-Northeast                              140 Points
10.Hospital-2Floor-East                                             Smart Shoes
11.Station Area-Front of Bookstore                                  Stamina Bar
12.Station Area-Left of Police Box                                 Sports Water
13.Entrance to Nose JHS                                  Spinning Cut Technique
14.Entrance to Nose JHS                                             Stamina Bar

Chapter Four:

1.School-3Floor-Natsumi's Room                                  Soccer Magazine
2.School-3Floor-Natsumi's Room                                        70 Points
3.Gym Area-South                                                    Stamina Bar
4.Gym Area-Northeast                                            Tennis Club Key
5.Gym-Area-Slum Area-North                                         Sports Water
6.Gym Area-Slum Area-South                                          Stamina Bar
7.Candy Shop Area-Parking Lot                                      Sports Water
8.School-West Building-1Floor-South Hall                           Sports Water
9.School-West Building-2Floor-South Hall                          Life Bracelet
10.Tennis Clubhouse                                         Gentleman's Uniform
11.Tennis Clubhouse                                   Super Armadillo Technique
12.Shopping Area-Front of Vegetable Shop                           Sports Water
13.Shopping Area-Northeast                                         Cheer Spikes

Chapter Five:

1.Clubhouse Area-South of the circle                               Sports Water
2.Baseball Area-South part of baseball field                        Stamina Bar
3.Baseball Area-Right part of track                             Strong Bracelet
4.Tower Area-Right                                                   480 Points
5.Riverside Area-Soccer Field-Southwest                      Grasslands Uniform
6.Shopping Area-Soccer Field-Southwest part of field          B-Train Formation
7.Shopping Area-Soccer Field-Playground Area                       Kids Uniform
8.Residential Area-Park                                              125 Points
9.Main Gate Area (school)-Southeast                                Sports Water

Chapter Six:

1.School-Rooftop                                           B-Pressure Formation
2.Main Gate Area-Southeast                                          Stamina Bar
3.Pool Area-Northeast side of pool                                Mineral Water
4.Gym Area-Near Gym entrance                             F-Dot Prison Formation
5.Riverside Area-Near entrance                                          Gym Key
6.Station Area-Near the crosswalk                           F-Phalanx Formation
7.Shopping Area-Right End                                Shoot Pocket Technique
8.Residential Area-Left row of houses-Front of shed            Top Quality Oden
9.Residential Area-Northwest                                        Stamina Bar
10.Gym Area-Gym-1Floor-Northeast                                Blue Sky Spikes
11.Gym Area-Gym-2Floor-Northwest                                     375 Points
12.Gym Area-Shack with Bolt Mark                            S-Scan DF Technique
13.Shopping Area-Arcade-Left of Ramen Shop                          Budokan Key
14.Shopping Area-Arcade-North of the fork in the road              Sports Water
15.Shopping Area-Arcade-South of the fork in the road               Stamina Bar
16.Budokan-1Floor (Sumo Club)-Left of Stairs             B-Break Thru Technique
17.Budokan-2Floor (Judo Hall)-North                           Hurricane Uniform
18.Budokan-2Floor (Judo Hall)-East                          Fake Ball Technique
19.Budokan-3Floor (Kendo Hall)-South                                 412 Points
20.Teikoku Academy-Walkway                              Zig-Zag Spark Technique

Chapter Seven:

1.Clubhouse Area-Southwest of soccer clubhouse                      Stamina Bar
2.Pool Area-Changing Room-South                               Swimming Club Key
3.Swimming Clubhouse                                      Psycho Shot Technique
4.School-North Building-1Floor-Front of Piano                       Super Water
5.School-North Building-1Floor-East Hallway                      Hayabusa Shoes
6.School-North Building-3Floor-Norteast of East Classroom             Hyper Bar
7.School-West Building-Near nurse's room                            Stamina Bar
8.Riverside Area-Soccer Field-South End                               Hyper Bar
9.Hospital-1Floor-East                                              Super Water
10.Shopping Area-Southwest                                    Copper GP Pendant
11.Shopping Area-Back of the Alley-Front of Kaminari Sushi     Top Quality Oden
12.Shopping Area-Warehouse-Front of Secret Warehouse                  Hyper Bar
13.Inside Secret Warehouse-Southwest                       B-Triangle Formation

Chapter Eight:

1.School-3Floor-Principal's Office-Northeast                        Super Water
2.Main Gate Area-Northwest                                          Super Water
3.Baseball Area-East part of baseball field           Super Gutsy Bat Technique
4.Budokan-3Floor-Northeast area of Kendo Hall                        Zeal Glove
5.Tennis Court Area-Northwest                                  Top Quality Oden
6.Gym Area-North of Gym Storage Area                                Sea Uniform
7.Gym Area-Gym-Southwest corner                                Top Quality Oden
8.Gym Area-Slum Area-Southeast                             Afterimage Technique
9.Candy Store Area-Southwest of T-intersection          F-Bow & Arrow Formation
10.Hospital Area-Middle Garden-West grass area      Split-Image Faint Technique
11.Hospital Area-Hospital-3Floor                                      Hyper Bar
12.Tower Area-Left of the bicycle                              Top Quality Oden
13.Station Area-Right of Convenience Store          Split-Image Shoot Technique
14.Shopping Area-Inside Maid Cafe-Right side              Pretty Hand Technique
15.Shopping Area-Back Alley-Right of Sally                    B-Lance Formation
16.Shopping Area-Arcade-Inside Game Shop-Left side                   750 Points
17.Residential Area-Right Side of Park                     Mud Daruma Technique

Chapter Nine:

*Hint: After the event at the soccer field to begin the chapter, Endo will be
by himself.  At this time, there won't be any random battles, so it's a good
time to go around and get the treasure chests.

1.School-1Floor-North part of Library                                 Hyper Bar
2.Budokan-1Floor-North part of Sumo ring                            Super Water
3.Budokan-3Floor-West side of Kendo Hall                    Wild Crow Technique
4.Tennis Court Area-East side inside the courts                    Master Shoes
5.School-North Building-2Floor-West end of hallway         Mole Faint Technique
6.Pool Area-South of Cultural Center                              Holy Bracelet
7.Tower Area-Left of lake                                 Freeze Shot Technique
8.Riverside Area-Near the stairs                                    1050 Points
9.Riverside Area-Main Street                                     Happy Bracelet
10.Shopping Area-Hobby Shop-Inside                  Ball-riding Clown Technique
11.Cycling Clubhouse                                           Top Quality Oden
12.Cycling Clubhouse                                                 900 Points

Chapter Ten:

1.Clubhouse Area-Northeast of Parking Lot                       Whirl Technique
2.Main Gate Area-Southwest                                       Fight Bracelet
3.School-West Building-3Floor-Northend                     Earthquake Technique
4.Swimming Clubhouse                                                Super Water
5.Hospital Area-Middle Garden-next to Ambulance                Top Quality Oden
6.Shopping Area-Ramen Shop                                      Muscle Bracelet
7.Zeus Soccer Field-Entrance                                      Inazuma Glove
8.Zeus Soccer Field-Midwest                                           Hyper Bar
9.Zeus Soccer Field-Mideast                                    Top Quality Oden
10.Zeus Soccer Field-Waiting Room                                Plain Bracelet


                     |     Part VIII: Technique List       |


For this guide, I've listed all the techniques and how many TP it costs to use
it.  I did this so you can do a quick reference so you can quickly find the
technique name for the move you want to do.  The right column mentions if there
are any notes on who can use the technique, etc. The types of techniques are as

Shoot = Pink Box   Catch = Yellow Box   Dribble = Blue Box    Block = Green Box

Shoot Techniques

=Wind Based=

God Knows           ゴッドノウズ                Aphrodite use only
Spiral Shot         スパイラルショット
Spinning Shoot      スピニングシュート
Comet Shoot         すいせいシュート
Condor Dive         コンドルダイブ
Cross Drive         クロスドライブ
Hawk Shot           ホークショット              2 players, big body character
Back Tornado        バックトルネード
Falling Inazuma     イナズマおとし              2 players, 1 is Kabeyama
Inazuma #1          イナズマ1ごう               2 players, Endo, Goenji, Kido
KORODORA Shoot      コロドラシュート            small body character
Divine Arrow        ディバインアロー
Inazuma Break       イナズマブレイク            3 players, Kido use only

=Wood Based=

Rolling Kick        ローリングキック
Phantom Shoot       ファントムシュート
Psycho Shot         サイコショット
100 Line Shot       ひゃくれつショット
Dragon Crush        ドラゴンクラッシュ
Kung-Fu Head        クンフーヘッド
Freeze Shot         フリーズショット
Run Ball Run        ラン・ボール・ラン
Twin Image Shoot    ぶんしんシュート
Dark Tornado        ダークトルネード
Death Zone          デスゾーン                   3 players non-specific
Penguin Wave #2     こうていペンギン2ごう        3 players non-specific

=Fire Based=

Grenade Shot        グレネードショット
Dynamite Shoot      ダイナマイトシュート
Meteor Attack       メテオアタック
Fire Tornado        ファイアトルネード
Patriot Shoot       パトリオットシュート
Super Gutsy Bat     ドこんじょうバット            2 players, non-specific
Twin Boost          ツインブースト                2 players, non-specific
Shine Drive         シャインドライブ
Dragon Tornado      ドラゴントルネード            2 player, Someoka use only
Blazing Weather Vane ほのおのかざみどり           2 player, fire based player
Triangle Z          トライアングルZ             3 player, Masaru, Tomo, Tsutomu
The Galaxy          ザ・ギャラクシー              3 player, non-specific
The Phoenix         ザ・フェニックス              3 player, Ichinose use only

=Earth Based=

Snake Shoot         スネークショット
Spirited Away       かみかくし
Tarzan Kick         ターザンキック
Mud Daruma          つちだるま
Reflect Buster      リフレクトバスター

Dribble Techniques

=Wind Based=

Clown on a Ball      たまのりピエロ
Hurricane Dash       しっぷうダッシュ
Whirlwind Tornado    たつまきせんぷう
Zigzag Spark         ジグザグスパーク
Poison Mist          どくぎりのじゅつ
Whirlwind Cut        カマイタチ
Moonsault            ムーンサルト
Dash Storm           ダッシュストーム
Heaven's Time        ヘヴンズタイム

=Wood Based=

Curse                のろい
Magic                マジック
Super Scan           スーパースキャン
Afterimage           ざんぞう
Illusion Ball        イリュージョンボール
Twin Image Feint     ぶんしんフェイント

=Fire Based=

Judge Thru           ジャッジスルー
Heat Tackle          ヒートタックル
Boost Glider         ブーストグライダー              3 player, non-specific

=Earth Based=

Dash Accel           ダッシュアクセル
Bewilderment         ごりむちゅう
Monkey Turn          モンキーターン
Super Armadillo      スーパーアルマジロ              big body character
Mole Feint           モグラフェイント
Hell Bear            じごくぐるま                    2 player, non-specific

Block Techniques

=Wind Based=

Coil Turn             コイルターン
Spinning Cut          スピニングカット
Blade Attack          ブレードアタック
Cyclone               サイクロン
Hurricane Arrow       ハリケーンアロー              3 player, non-specific

=Wood Based=

Killer Slide          キラースライド
Quick Draw            クイックドロウ
Doppelganger          ドッペルゲンガー
Vengeful Spirit       おんりょう
Fake Ball             フェイクボール
Super Scan            スーパースキャン
Spider Web            くものいと
Shadow Suture         かげぬい
Harvest               ハーヴェスト                  2 player, non-specific

=Fire Based=

Judgment Hammer       さばきのてっつい

=Earth Based=

Sumo Stomp            しこふみ                      big body character
Horn Train            ホーントレイン
Back Attack           うしろのしょうめん
The Wall              ザ・ウォール                  big body character
Earthquake            アースクェイク                big body character
Bamboo Weave          かごめかごめ                  3 player, non-specific
Megaquake             メガクェイク                  big body character

Catch Techniques

=Wind Based=

Tornado Catch          トルネードキャッチ
Whirl                  つむじ
Winter Wind            こがらし
Tsunami Wall           つなみウォール                Poseidon use only

=Wood Based=

Space Warp             ゆがむくうかん
Killer Blade           キラーブレード
Shoot Pocket           シュートポケット

=Fire Based=

Zealous Punch          ねっけつパンチ
Pressure Punch         プレッシャーパンチ
Power Shield           パワーシールド
Rocket Fist            ロケットこぶし
Exploding Punch        ばくれつパンチ
Full Power Shield      フルパワーシールド
Counter Strike         カウンターストライク

=Earth Based=

Toughness Block        タフネスブロック
Wild Crow              ワイルドクロー
Axe Chop               まきわりチョップ
Goal Shift             ゴールずらし
God Hand               ゴッドハンド
Gigantic Wall          ギガントウォール
Infinite Wall          むげんのかべ                3 player, non-specific
The Genie Hand         マジン・ザ・ハンド
Triple Defense         トリプルディフェンス        3 player, Endo use only


                     |     Part IX: Formation Guide       |


Here is a list of all the formations in the game.  There are two different
types of formations.  There's one set for battles (4v4 games) and one set for
matches (full 11v11 games).

Match Formations

F-Basic              F-ベーシック            4-4-2 basic overall formation
F-Death Zone         F-デスゾーン            3-5-2 Tower formation
F-Ghost Dance        F-ゴーストダンス        4-5-1 Strong midfield play
F-Wild Back          F-ワイルドパーク        3-4-3 3 Flat DF defense formation
F-GRID442            F-GRID442               4-4-2 Systematic movement play
F-Super Star 5       F-スーパー☆5           2-3-5 Recklessly offensive attack
F-Crane Wing         F-かくよくのじん        4-4-2 Well balanced wing formation
F-Infinite Wall      F-むげんのかべ          4-3-2-1 Tower defense formation
F-Mukata March       F-ムカタ・マーチ        4-3-3 Swift offensive formation
F-Heaven's Gate      F-ヘブンズゲート        4-4-2 High individual talent play
F-Phalanx            F-ファランクス          5-4-1 Midfield play, strong defense
F-Butterfly          F-バタフライ            4-3-3 SB overlap side play oriented
F-Dot Prison         F-ドットプリズン        Irregular.  Best form if mastered
F-Bow & Arrow        F-ボー&アロー           4-3-2-1 Swift stream offense play
F-Middle Block       F-ミドルブロック        3-2-2-1-2 Ball possession formation
F-Phoenix            F-フェニックス          4-3-3 Balanced easy to use form

Battle Formations

B-Basic              B-ベーシック            Basic easy to use form
B-Flat Back          B-フラットバック        3 DF defensive form
B-Attacker           B-アタッカー            Cross attack offensive form
B-Break Thru         B-ブレイクスルー	     3 FW recklessly offensive attack
B-Pressure           B-プレッシャー          Balanced play defensive sides
B-Slash              B-スラッシュ          player moves back-right to left side
B-Right Wing         B-ライトウイング	     for those who love using the right
B-Train              B-トレイン              mid-field play form
B-Triangle           B-トライアングル      three player triangle offensive form
B-Lance              B-ランス                FW play def, good defensive form


                |    Part X: Rival Team Character Guide      |


This guide is for all the rosters of the teams in the game.  This does not
include any of the 4v4 teams other than the Layton Team.  Also, you must defeat
the team in story mode before you can recruit them (i.e. you cannot recruit Zeus
players in Chapter 9, etc).  Also, it seems that Layton Team members cannot be
recruited, or at least a way has yet to be discovered.

Raimon Starting Eleven + Others

1.  Endo               えんどう
2.  Kazemaru           かぜまる
3.  Max                マックス
4.  Jin                じん
5.  Kabeyama           かべやま
6.  Kurimatsu          くりまつ
7.  Handa              はんだ
8.  Shourin            しょうりん
9.  Shishido           ししど
10  Megane             メガネ
11. Someoka            そめおか
12. Goenji             ごうえんじ
13. Domon              どもん
14. Tamano             たまごろう
15. Raimei             らいめい
16. Miyasaka           みやさか

Inazuma KFC - 稲妻KFC
1.  Aoshima             あおしま
2.  Amai                あまい
3.  Itsuki              いつき
4.  Oshima              おおしま
5.  Kaito               かいと
6.  Souta               そうた
7.  Sora                そら
8.  Terasaka            てらさか
9.  Hasebe              はせべ
10. Haru                はる
11. Hirata              ひらた
12. Hiroto              ひろと
13. Mako                まこ               Cannot recruit
14. Rikuto              りくと
15. Ryusuke             りゅうすけ
16. Ryota               りょうた

Occult JHS - 尾刈斗

1.  Kurogami            くろがみ
2.  Sanzu               さんず
3.  Juzou               じゅうぞう
4.  Tsukimura           つきむら
5.  Tsuburaya           つぶらや
6.  Ningyo              にんぎょう
7.  Fushi               ふし
8.  Fujimi              ふじみ
9.  Blood               ブラッド
10. Franken             フランケン
11. Makai               まかい
12. Miira               ミイラ
13. Yatsuhaka           やつはか
14. Yanagida            やなぎだ
15. Yuukoku             ゆうこく
16. Reigen              れいげん

Kasamino JHS - 傘美野

1.  Ishizaki            いしざき
2.  Kanou               かのう
3.  Kikuchi             きくち
4.  Kozuka              こづか
5.  Jou                 じょう
6.  Tachino             たちの
7.  Chaki               ちゃき
8.  Tsutsumi            つつみ
9.  Demae               でまえ              Cannot recruit
10. Tomooka             ともおか
11. Noma                のま
12. Himejima            ひめじま
13. Marude              まるで
14. Mizuguchi           みずぐち
15. Mukaiyama           むかいやま
16. Yasunaga            やすなが

Nose JHS - 野生

1.  Raccoon             アライグマ
2.  Boar                イノシシ
3.  Cow                 ウシ
4.  Frog                カエル
5.  Chameleon           カメレオン
6.  Koala               コアラ
7.  Gorilla             ゴリラ
8.  Fish                サカナ
9.  Monkey              サル
10. Cheetah             チーター
11. Rooster             ニワトリ
12. Mouse               ネズミ
13. Panda               パンダ
14. Snake               ヘビ
15. Lion                ライオン
16. Eagle               ワシ

Mikage Sennou JHS - 御影専農

1.  Arata               あらた
2.  Iwao                いわお
3.  Kyou                きょう
4.  Kei                 けい
5.  Shin                しん
6.  Seri                せり
7.  Takeshi             たけし
8.  Tsuzuki             つづき
9.  Tsuyoshi            つよし
10. Nagatomo            ながとも
11. Nori                のり
12. Baku                ばく
13. Hirao               ひらお
14. Mashimo             ましも
15. Mizubuchi           みずぶち
16. Yuu                 ゆう

Ichibangai Sallys - 一番街

1.  Iemori              いえもり
2.  Ikuji               いくじ
3.  Utagawa             うたがわ
4.  Eji                 えじ
5.  Ebisu               えびす
6.  Otama               おおたま
7.  Goinkyo             ごいんきょ          Cannot recruit
8.  Kotsuban            こつばん
9.  Sabu-chan           サブちゃん
10. Sayaka              さやか
11. Sally               サリー              Cannot recruit
12. Shittou             しっとう
13. Tome                トメ
14. Purogure            プログレ
15. Yaono               やおの
16. Ritsuko             りつこ

Shuuyou Meito JHS - 秋葉名戸

1.  Arcade              アーケード
2.  Idol                アイドル
3.  Online              オンライン
4.  Kiuchi              きうち
5.  Game-ki             ゲームき
6.  Cosplay             コスプレ
7.  Jisakuha            じさくは
8.  Seiyuu              せいゆう
9.  Tecchan             てっちゃん
10. Touma               とうま
11. Net                 ネット
12. Nobel               ノベル
13. Hero                ヒーロー
14. Figure              フィギュア
15. Manga-ka            まんがか
16. Robo                ロボ

Teikoku Academy - 帝国学園

1.  Ena                 えな
2.  Okusu               おおくす
3.  Kido                きどう              Joins automatically
4.  Geno                げんおう
5.  Gojo                ごじょう
6.  Sakiyama            さきやま
7.  Sakuma              さくま              Station Map-Left of station
8.  Shibuki             しぶき
9.  Jimon               じもん
10. Daiden              だいでん
11. Doumen              どうめん
12. Narukami            なるかみ
13. Banjo               ばんじょう
14. Hyoudo              ひょうどう
15. Henmi               へんみ
16. Mukumoto            むくもと

Raimon OB - 雷門OB

1.  Aida                あいだ              Cannot recruit
2.  Atsuta              あつた              Clubhouse Map-South of parking lot
3.  Ikari               いかり              Gym Map-Bottom right corner
4.  Ukishima            うきしま            Cannot recruit
5.  Kakeyama            かけやま            Clubhouse Map-South of parking lot
6.  Kamimura            かみむら            Gym Map-Bottom right corner
7.  Kouji               こうじ              Clubhouse Map-South of parking lot
8.  Sugata              すがた              Baseball field Map-Home plate
9.  Tailor              テーラー            Gym Map-Bottom right corner
10. Nakama              なかま              Gym Map-Bottom right corner
11. Haijin              はいじん            Baseball field Map-Home plate
12. Batora              バトラー            Main Gate Map-Near main gate
13. Hibiki              ひびき              Cannot recruit
14. Biruda              ビルダー            Clubhouse map-Near parking lot
15. Master              マスター            Baseball field Map-Home plate
16. Michiba             みちば              Baseball field Map-Home plate

Sengoku Igajima JHS - 戦国伊賀島

1.  Ideura            いでうら
2.  Kato              かとう
3.  Kido              きど
4.  Kirigakure        きりがくれ            Shopping Map-Brick road semi-circle
5.  Kouga             こうが
6.  Kousaka           こうさか
7.  Goemon            ゴエモン
8.  Sarutobi          さるとび
9.  Jiraiya           じらいや
10. Takigawa          たきがわ
11. Hachiya           はちや
12. Hattori           はつとり
13. Fuuma             ふうま
14. Fujibayashi       ふじばやし
15. Momochi           ももち
16. Yagyuu            やぎゅう

Senbayama JHS - 千羽山

1.  Ayano             あやの
2.  Ikui              いくい
3.  Inukai            いぬかい
4.  Ogoi              おおごい
5.  Kusao             くさお
6.  Shiotani          しおたに
7.  Sumino            すみの
8.  Serizawa          せりざわ
9.  Daichi            だいち
10. Tanushimaru       たぬしまる
11. Harano            はらの
12. Fukui             ふくい
13. Fuji              ふじ
14. Makiya            まきや
15. Yamane            やまね
16. Yoneyama          よねやま

Kidokawa JHS - 木戸川

1.  Ishii             いしい               Residential Area-South of park
2.  Kurobe            くろべ               Tower Map-Near the tower
3.  Dando             だんどう             Shopping Map-Arcade-Back alley
4.  Tsutomu           つとむ               Shopping Map-Brick semi-circle area
5.  Tobiyama          とびやま             Riverside-Road above soccer field
6.  Tomo              とも                 Riverside-Road above soccer field
7.  Nakai             なかい               Tower Map-Near the tower
8.  Nanzan            なんざん             Main Gate Map-Near the soccer field
9.  Nishigaki         にしがき             Clubhouse Map-South of parking lot
10. Fukazawa          ふかざわ             Residential Area-Bottom right corner
11. Masaru            まさる               Gym Map-Near Storage shed left of Gym
12. Mamorino          まもりの             Shopping Map-Brick semi-circle area
13. Mitsumune         みつむね             Baseball Field Map-Near baseball
14. Megawa            めがわ               Pool Area-Left of the rabbit coup
15. Mogi              もぎ                 Pool Area-Poolside
16. Yakata            やかた               Main Gate Map-Near

Zeus JHS - 世宇子

1.  Achilles          アキレス             Tower Map-Near the tower
2.  Athena            アテナ               Tower Map-left of the tower
3.  Aphrodite         アフロ               Cannot recruit
4.  Apron             アポロン             Station Map-Left of station
5.  Artemis           アルテミス           Tower Map-Right of the tower
6.  Ares              アレス               Station Map-Left of station
7.  Icarus            イカロス             Tower Map-Near the tower
8.  Chronos           クロノス             Tower Map-Near the tower
9.  Dionysus          ディオ               Tower Map-Near the tower
10. Demeter           デメテル             Station Map-left of station
11. Hephaestus        ヘパイス             Station Map-Left of police car
12. Hera              ヘラ                 Tower Map-Near the tower
13. Hercules          ヘラクレス           Station Map-Left of police car
14. Hermes            ヘルメス             Station Map-Left of police car
15. Poseidon          ポセイドン           Cannot recruit
16. Medusa            メドゥーサ           Tower Map-Near the tower

Layton Team - レイトンチーム

1.  Layton            レイトン             Cannot recruit
2.  Luke              ルーク               Cannot recruit
3.  Aroma             アロマ               Cannot recruit
4.  Inspector Chelmey チェルミー警部       Cannot recruit
5.  Don Paolo         ドン・ポール         Cannot recruit
6.  Anthony           アンソニー           Cannot recruit


                |       Part XI: Character Tree Guide        |


This part of the guide is intended to help with unlocking and finding
characters in the
character tree.  Included is the character name in English and Japanese and
also where
the character can be found once you select them from the tree and Otonashi
tells you
their location.  The first group of five is the characters you need to search
for by
name in order to open up parts of the tree.  To do this, go to Otonashi and
choose to
search for characters by name and then type in the name given below in Japanese.

Characters to Recruit by Name

1.	Katayama       かたやま      Left of the soccer clubhouse
2.	Houki          ほうき        Right of the school main entrance
3.	Sadaoka        さだおか      Right of the soccer field at Riverside
4.	Iwasa *        いわさ        Stairs right of circle area on clubhouse map
5.	Hokkai         ほっかい      Riverside Map - right of the dock

*Note: When you have Otonashi search for this character by name, she will find
players.  When you get the list, choose the top player of the two to find him.


Special Thanks:

Thanks goes out to various Japanese guides already up for this game,
which were consulted and translated entirely by the author.
-You, the reader.  Thanks for showing interest in this great game and
showing support in the hopes that it might be released outside of Japan.
-GameFAQs for hosting this document and the GameFAQ message boards for
bringing together English speakers who enjoy this game.

Legal Stuff:

This FAQ/Walkthrough is copyright 2008 by Joe England (JetSpikeFever).
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