How do I beat Elicia the last form?

  1. i really need help because i cant defeat Elicia the final form with 7000 blood and she can use a lot of skills but i really need help in what level that is appropriate to defeat her here is my folowing team Roland (lv.40) Althea (lv.42) sadie (lv.38) Dia (lv.38) pip (lv.30) and ayano (lv.32) but i cant defeat elicia on the second battle when she transform please some answers are needed i would be pleased hearing all of your comments .

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    lonehearts - 8 years ago
  2. Oh yeah i forgot this is my character updates Roland(lv.49) Althea(lv.48) Ayano (lv.43) Sadie (lv.47) Pip(lv.41) and Dia(lv.46) i have some problems with sadie because of his low vitality thats why when elicia attack using judgement she actually died and when elicia uses noah she died as well so i really need some help and tactics to beat Elicia thanks

    User Info: lonehearts

    lonehearts - 8 years ago

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  1. Tough battle if you ask me. My party for it was Roland (lv. 43), Althea (lv. 45), Pip (lv. 43), Luna (lv. 43), Ayano (lv. 44) and Fatima (lv. 44). Why this? Roland is required for the fight (and his Fracture Slash is really good), Althea's Igni's Blaze has excellent range and great power, as does Fatima's Freeze Dust, Ayano's Silver Cloud ups Res and her Silver Seal can help protect her and Roland, since they're probably the only ones who are going to get hit constantly. Needless to say, Pip and Luna are for healing.

    Basically, I first had Ayano cast silver cloud on her, Roland, Althea and Fatima (in your case, I think Dia will be her substitute). Since Elicia's Noah attacks the central zone of the field, have your team split evenly (1 attacker, 1 Witch, 1 healer) on the left and right flanks. Once you get to the other side of the stage, have Dia and Althea use their longest range magic to hit Elisia without entering Noah's hit zone, have the healers right by them but not 1 square adjacent so she doesn't cast Judgement on them, and send Ayano and Roland to hit her. Since Ayano's Iai has 2 square range, I strongly recommend you get her on Althea's side, and Roland on the other Fracture Slashing like there's no tomorrow while protected by Silver Seal.

    The battle lasted a while, but this strategy proved effective. Hope this works for you too.

    By the existence of Noah's range, this strategy was useful for regulusbomb, what do you think, everyone?

    User Info: regulusbomb

    regulusbomb - 8 years ago 2   0


  1. My sugestion: you must train your best player to lvl 45 it migth be litle easy. You can make to leveled up to lvl 45 the fast way to get it u can play sidequest with 4-5 star.

    User Info: babylugia

    babylugia - 8 years ago 0   0

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