What choices are needed for Fatima's ending?

  1. What are the choices needed to get the Fatima ending?

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    lunar_sky - 10 years ago

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  1. The choices are all in pre-battle conversations, except the last one, which will be in the dialogue before the chapter starts.

    Chapter 3: "You should cooperate." (Choice #2)
    Chapter 8: "Ask about Fatima's plan." (Choice #1)
    Chapter 11: "Why use the Demon Blade?" (Choice #2) -> "We should work together." (Choice #2)
    Chapter 13: "Ask about Farham." (Choice #1)
    Chapter 15: "To save the world!" (Choice #2)
    Chapter 18: "To protect the people." (Choice #1) -> "There's no true justice." (Choice #2)
    Chapter 21: "We have to cooperate." (Choice #2) -> "This is Master's will." (Choice #2) -> "We have the same goal." (Choice #2)
    Chapter 22: "Go save Fatima." (Choice #1)

    User Info: Kaldumar

    Kaldumar - 10 years ago 2   0


  1. It is important to note that the Chapter 22 choice is confirmed to NOT be required to get the Fatima ending, as mentioned in my Intermission guide here at gamefaqs. The Fatima ending can be obtained with either "Save Fatima" or "Find the escape route".

    Of note:

    doing one pre-battle choice wrong will automatically give you the Althea ending.

    If playing the game for the first time, getting a Fatima ending will give her a 3/4 filled FP heart and giving Althea a half filled/less than half filled heart, and vice versa.

    User Info: einsteinecker

    einsteinecker - 10 years ago 0   0

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