• Card passwords.

    Enter the following password(s) in the password machine to receive the card(s) for rent use.
    You must already have the card in-game to use the password.

    "A" Cell Breeding Device34541863
    "A" Cell Incubator64163367
    "A" Cell Scatter Burst73262676
    7 Colored Fish23771716
    7 Completed86198326
    A Cat of Ill Omen24140059
    A Feather of the Phoenix49140998
    A Feint Plan68170903
    A Hero Emerges21597117
    A Legendary Ocean00295517
    A Rival Appears!05728014
    A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon28596933
    A-Team: Trap Disposal Unit13026402
    Absolute End27744077
    Absorbing Kid from the Sky49771608
    Abyss Soldier18318842
    Abyssal Designator89801755
    Accumulated Fortune98444741
    Acid Rain21323861
    Acid Trap Hole41356845
    Acid Trap Hole41356845
    Acrobat Monkey47372349
    Adhesion Trap Hole62325062
    Adhesive Explosive53828396
    Advanced Ritual Art46052429
    Aegis of Gaia47060347
    After the Struggle25345186
    Airknight Parshath18036057
    Alien Grey62437709
    Alien Hunter62315111
    Alien Hypno38468214
    Alien Infiltrator76573247
    Alien Mars99532708
    Alien Mother24104865
    Alien Psychic58012107
    Alien Shocktrooper97127906
    Alien Skull25920413
    Alien Telepath91070115
    Alien Warrior98719226
    Alkana Knight Joker06150044
    Alligator's Sword64428736
    Alligator's Sword Dragon03366982
    Allure Queen LV387257460
    Allure Queen LV523756165
    Allure Queen LV750140163
    Alpha The Magnet Warrior99785935
    Altar for Tribute21070956
    Amazon Archer91869203
    Amazon of the Seas17968114
    Amazoness Blowpiper73574678
    Amazoness Chain Master29654737
    Amazoness Fighter55821894
    Amazoness Paladin47480070
    Amazoness Spellcaster81325903
    Amazoness Swords Woman94004268
    Amazoness Tiger10979723
    Ambush Fangs77972406
    Amphibian Beast67371383
    Amphibious Burgoth MK-364342551
    Amulet of Ambition05183693
    An Owl of Luck23927567
    An Unfortunate Report19763315
    Ancient City - Rainbow Ruins34487429
    Ancient Gear31557782
    Ancient Gear Beast10509340
    Ancient Gear Cannon80045583
    Ancient Gear Castle92001300
    Ancient Gear Drill67829249
    Ancient Gear Engineer01953925
    Ancient Gear Explosive04446672
    Ancient Gear Factory30435145
    Ancient Gear Fist40830387
    Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Chimera86321248
    Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon50933533
    Ancient Gear Golem83104731
    Ancient Gear Knight39303359
    Ancient Gear Soldier56094445
    Ancient Gear Tank37457534
    Ancient Gear Workshop59811955
    Ancient Lamp54912977
    Ancient Rules10667321
    Ancient Telescope17092736
    Angel 0756784842
    Anti-Fusion Device72150572
    Anti-Spell Fragrance58921041
    Apprentice Magician09156135
    Aqua Chorus95132338
    Aqua Dragon86164529
    Aqua Madoor85639257
    Aqua Spirit40916023
    Aquarian Alessa22377815
    Arcana Force Extra - The Light Ruler05861892
    Archfiend General48675364
    Archfiend Marmot of Nefariousness75889523
    Archfiend of Gilfer50287060
    Archfiend's Oath22796548
    Archfiend's Roar56246017
    Armed Changer90374791
    Armed Dragon LV1059464593
    Armed Dragon LV300980973
    Armed Dragon LV546384672
    Armed Dragon LV773879377
    Armed Ninja09076207
    Armed Samurai - Ben Kei84430950
    Armityle the Chaos Phantom43378048
    Armor Break79649195
    Armored Cybern67159705
    Armored Glass36868108
    Armored Lizard15480588
    Armored Zombie20277860
    Array of Revealing Light69296555
    Arsenal Bug42364374
    Arsenal Robber55348096
    Assault on GHQ62633180
    Astral Barrier37053801
    Asura Priest02134346
    Attack and Receive63689843
    Aussa the Earth Charmer37970940
    Autonomous Action Unit71453557
    Axe Dragonute84914462
    Axe of Despair40619825
    Axe of Despair40619825
    Axe of Despair40619825
    Axe Raider48305635
    B. Skull Dragon11901678
    Baby Dragon88819587
    Back to Square One47453433
    Backs to the Wall32603633
    Backup Soldier36280194
    Bad Reaction to Simochi40633297
    Bait Doll07165085
    Ballista of Rampart Smashing00242146
    Banisher of the Light61528025
    Banisher of the Radiance94853057
    Banner of Courage10012614
    Bark of Dark Ruler41925941
    Baron of The Fiend Sword86325596
    Baron of the Fiend Sword86325596
    Barrel Behind the Door78783370
    Barrel Dragon81480460
    Barrier Statue of the Abyss84478195
    Barrier Statue of the Drought19740112
    Barrier Statue of the Heavens46145256
    Barrier Statue of the Inferno47961808
    Barrier Statue of the Stormwinds73356503
    Barrier Statue of the Torrent10963799
    Basic Insect89091579
    Battery Charger61181383
    Batteryman AA63142001
    Batteryman C19733961
    Batteryman D55401221
    Battle Ox05053103
    Battle Steer18246479
    Battle Warrior55550921
    Beast Fangs46009906
    Beast King Barbaros78651105
    Beast Soul Swap35149085
    Beastking of the Swamps99426834
    Beastly Mirror Ritual81933259
    Beautiful Headhuntress16899564
    Beaver Warrior32452818
    Beckoning Light16255442
    Beelze Frog49522489
    Begone, Knave!20374520
    Beiige, Vanguard of Dark World33731070
    Berserk Gorilla39168895
    Beta The Magnet Warrior39256679
    Big Bang Shot61127349
    Big Burn95472621
    Big Evolution Pill84808313
    Big Eye16768387
    Big Insect53606874
    Big Koala42129512
    Big Shield Gardna65240384
    Big Wave Small Wave51562916
    Black Horn of Heaven50323155
    Black Illusion Ritual41426869
    Black Luster Ritual55761792
    Black Luster Soldier05405694
    Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning72989439
    Black Magic Ritual76792184
    Black Pendant65169794
    Black Ptera90654356
    Black Stego79409334
    Black Tyranno38670435
    Blackland Fire Dragon87564352
    Blade Knight39507162
    Blade Skater97023549
    Blast Asmodian11685347
    Blast Held by a Tribute89041555
    Blast Magician21051146
    Blast Sphere26302522
    Blast with Chain98239899
    Blasting Fuse99788587
    Blasting the Ruins21466326
    Blaze Accelerator69537999
    Blazewing Butterfly16984449
    Blazing Inpachi05464695
    Blessings of the Nile30653113
    Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon23995346
    Blue Eyes White Dragon89631139
    Blue Eyes White Dragon (alternate art)80906030
    Blue Medicine20871001
    Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon53183600
    Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon23995346
    Book of Taiyou38699854
    Bottomless Trap Hole29401950
    Brain Control87910978
    Breath of Light20101223
    Bright Castle82878489
    Broken Bamboo Sword41587307
    Bubble Shuffle61968753
    Burning Land24294108
    Burning Spear18937875
    Burst Stream of Destruction17655904
    Buster Rancher84740193
    Call of the Haunted97077563
    Cannon Soldier11384280
    Card Destruction72892473
    Card of Sanctity42664989
    Card Shuffle12183332
    Castle of Dark Illusions00062121
    Castle Walls44209392
    Catapult Turtle95727991
    Celtic Guardian91152256
    Cemetery Bomb51394546
    Cestus of Dagla28106077
    Chain Destruction01248895
    Chain Detonation51449743
    Chain Energy79323590
    Chamberlain of the Six Samurai44430454
    Change of Heart04031928
    Chaos Command Magician72630549
    Chaos End61044390
    Chaos Greed97439308
    Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast04796100
    Chimeratech Overdragon64599569
    Chorus of Sanctuary81380218
    Chrysalis Chicky17363041
    Cloudian - Eye of the Typhoon57610714
    Cocoon of Evolution40240595
    Cocoon Party80368942
    Coffin Seller65830223
    Cold Wave60682203
    Convulsion of Nature62966332
    Cosmo Queen38999506
    Covering Fire74458486
    Crass Clown93889755
    Crawling Dragon #238289717
    Crimson Sunbird46696593
    Crush Card Virus57728570
    Crystal Beacon95326659
    Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth69937550
    Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat32933942
    Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle21698716
    Crystal Beast Emerald Tortoise68215963
    Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle32710364
    Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus07093411
    Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger95600067
    Crystal Promise08275702
    Crystal Raigeki96331676
    Cunning of the Six Samurai27178262
    Cyber Dragon70095154
    Cyber End Dragon01546123
    Cyber Jar34124316
    Cyber Raider39978267
    Cyber Shield63224564
    Cyber Twin Dragon74157028
    Cyber-Tech Alligator48766543
    D.D. Warrior37043180
    Dark Artist72520073
    Dark Elf21417692
    Dark Energy04614116
    Dark Factory of Mass Production90928333
    Dark Fusion94820406
    Dark Jeroid90980792
    Dark Magic Curtain99789342
    Dark Magician46986414
    Dark Magician Girl38033121
    Dark Magician of Chaos40737112
    Dark Master - Zorc97642679
    Dark Mimic LV174713516
    Dark Mimic LV301102515
    Dark Necrofear31829185
    Dark Rabbit99261403
    Dark Room of Nightmare85562745
    Dark Ruler Vandalgyon24857466
    Dark Sage92377303
    Dark Snake Syndrome47233801
    Dark Spirit of the Silent93599951
    Dark-Piercing Light45895206
    De-Spell Germ Weapon54591086
    Decoy Dragon02732323
    Demise, King of Armageddon72426662
    Destiny Hero - Dogma17132130
    Destiny Hero - Dreadmaster40591390
    Destroyer Golem73481154
    Dian Keto the Cure Master84257639
    Dice Re-Roll83241722
    Different Dimension Capsule11961740
    Different Dimension Dragon50939127
    Different Dimension Gate56460688
    Dimensional Fissure81674782
    Dimensional Prison70342110
    Divine Wrath49010598
    DNA Surgery74701381
    Don Zaloog76922029
    Double Coston44436472
    Double Snare03682106
    Double Spell24096228
    Dragged Down into the Grave16435215
    Dragon Capture Jar50045299
    Draining Shield43250041
    Drill Bug88733579
    Element Dragon30314994
    Elemental Hero Avian21844576
    Elemental Hero Bladedge59793705
    Elemental Hero Bubbleman79979666
    Elemental Hero Burstinatrix58932615
    Elemental Hero Clayman84327329
    Elemental Hero Darkbright41517968
    Elemental Hero Flame Wingman35809262
    Elemental Hero Flare Neos81566151
    Elemental Hero Mariner14225239
    Elemental Hero Necroid Shaman81003500
    Elemental Hero Neo Bubbleman05285665
    Elemental Hero Neos89943723
    Elemental Hero Neos Alius69884162
    Elemental Hero Ocean37195861
    Elemental Hero Pheonix Enforcer41436536
    Elemental Hero Rampart Blaster47737087
    Elemental Hero Sparkman20721928
    Elemental Hero Stratos40044918
    Elemental Hero Thunder Giant61204971
    Elemental Hero Wild Wingman55615891
    Elemental Hero Wildedge10526791
    Elemental Hero WildHeart86188410
    Enishi, Shien's Chancellor38280762
    Evil Hero Dark Gaia58332301
    Evil Hero Infernal Gainer95943058
    Evil Hero Lightning Golem21947653
    Exiled Force74131780
    Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden One13893596
    Exxod, Master of The Guard55737443
    Familiar-Possessed - Aussa31887905
    Fifth Hope55428811
    Flute of Summoning Dragon43973174
    Future Fusion77565204
    Gaia the fierce Knight06368038
    Gear Golem the Moving Fortress30190809
    Gearfried the Iron Knight00423705
    Gemini Elf69140098
    Goblin Elite Attack Force80306040
    Golden Humunculus27408609
    Gorz the Emissary of Darkness44330098
    Graceful Dice74137509
    Graceful Dice74137509
    Grandmaster of the Six Samurai83039729
    Granmarg the Rock Monarch60229110
    Great Shogun Shien63176202
    Gren Maju Da Eiza36584821
    Grinder Golem75732622
    Ground Collapse90502999
    Guardian Sphinx40659562
    Guardian Statue75209824
    Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder32491822
    Helios - The Primordial Sun54493213
    Helios Duo Megistus80887952
    Helios Tris Megistus17286057
    Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV475830094
    Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV611224103
    Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV848229808
    Indomitable Fighter Lei Lei84173492
    Infernal Incinerator23309606
    Invader of Darkness56647086
    Invitation to a dark sleep52675689
    Jowls of Dark Demise05257687
    King of the swamp79109599
    Light and Darkness Dragon47297616
    Light Laser11471117
    Lightning Vortex69162969
    Luster Dragon11091375
    Magic Cylinder62279055
    Majestic Mech - Goryu95701283
    Malevolent Nuzzler99597615
    Man-Eater Bug54652250
    Marshmallon Glasses66865880
    Maruading Captain02460565
    Mask of Dispel20765952
    Millennium Scorpion82482194
    Mirage Dragon15960641
    Mirror Gate43452193
    Monster Gate43040603
    Monster Reborn83764718
    Mystic Plazma Zone18161786
    Mystical Space Typhoon05318639
    Necro Gardna04906301
    Needle Ceiling38411870
    Needle Wall38299233
    Needle Worm81843628
    Negate attack14315573
    Neo the Magic Swordsman50930991
    Neo-Spacian Air Hummingbird54959865
    Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin17955766
    Neo-Spacian Flare Scarab89621922
    Neo-Spacian Glow Moss17732278
    Neo-Spacian Grand Mole80344569
    Neo-Spacian Marine Dolphin78734254
    Neo-Spacian Twinkle Moss13857930
    Nobleman of Crossout71044499
    Ocean Dragon Lord - Neo-Daedalus10485110
    Ordeal of the Traveler39537362
    Penguin Soldier93920745
    Perfect Machine King18891691
    Pikeru's Circle of Enchantment74270067
    Princess Pikeru75917088
    Raigeki Break04178474
    Rainbow Dragon79856792
    Raiou the Thunder King71564252
    Raiza the Storm Monarch73125233
    Raviel, Lord of Phantasms69890967
    Red eyes black dragon74677422
    Red Medicine38199696
    Red Medicine38199696
    Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon96561011
    Regenerating Mummy70821187
    Reign-Beaux, Overlord of Dark World99458769
    Rising Energy78211862
    Ruin, Queen of Oblivion46427957
    Sage's Stone13604200
    Sakuretsu Armor56120475
    Sasuke Samurai16222645
    Sasuke Samurai #211760174
    Sasuke Samurai #377379481
    Sasuke Samurai #464538655
    Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror99735427
    Shield Crush30683373
    Shinato, King of a Higher Plane86327225
    Sillva, Warlord of Dark World32619583
    Simorgh, Bird of Divinity14989021
    Skull Lair06733059
    SkyScraper 2 Hero City47596607
    Slate Warrior78636495
    Soul Absorbtion68073522
    Spear Dragon31553716
    Spirit Barrier53239672
    Spirit of the Six Samurai65685470
    Stealth Bird03510565
    Stone Statue of The Aztecs31812496
    Summoned Skull70781052
    Super Conductor Tyranno85520851
    Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight16589042
    Swords of Revealing Light72302403
    The Cheerful Coffin41142615
    The Creator61505339
    The Six Samurai - Irou27782503
    The Six Samurai - Kamon90397988
    The Six Samurai - Nisashi31209181
    The Six Samurai - Yaichi64398890
    The Six Samurai - Yariza69025477
    The Six Samurai - Zanji95519486
    The Wicked Avatar21208154
    The Wicked Dreadroot62180201
    The Wicked Eraser57793869
    Trap Jammer19252988
    Trap Master46461247
    Tyrant Dragon94568601
    Ultimate Offering80604091
    Ultimate Tyranno15894048
    Uria, Lord of Searing Flames06007213
    Uria, Lord of Searing Flames06007213
    V-Tiger Jet51638941
    Vampire Genesis22056710
    Vampire Lady26495087
    Vampire Lord53839837
    Vanity's Ruler72634965
    Victory Dragon44910027
    Vortex Kong93151201
    VW-Tiger Catapult58859575
    VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon84243274
    W-Wing Catapult96300057
    Wall of Revealing Light17078030
    Wicked-Breaking Flamberge - Baou68427465
    X-Head Cannon62651957
    XY-Dragon Cannon02111707
    XYZ-Dragon Cannon91998119
    XZ-Tank Cannon99724761
    Y-Dragon Head65622692
    Yomi Ship51534754
    YZ-Tank Dragon25119460
    Z-Metal Tank64500000


  • Unlockables

    Complete these tasks during World Mode to unlock these duelists

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    1 Forbiiden Card BanlistCard collection rate 90%
    Academia JerseyUnlock all the GX anime character in Tag Duel
    Adrian Gecko DiskDefeat the Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden One seal
    Alchemy Duel DiskBeat Jaden Yuki 10 times
    Alexis Rhodes in CPU DuelComplete all 5 of Guardian Savan's tests in World 2
    Amazoness Card Setdefeat Amazoness Paladin using all structures decks
    Amazoness Duel Diskdefeat Amazoness Paladin using all structures decks
    Aquarian Alessa in CPU DuelDefeat Maiden of the Aqua underwater in World 2 5 times
    Atticus Rhodes in "CPU Duel"Complete the Neo-Daedalus challenge in World 2
    Bastion MisawaDefeat Amazoness Paladin with all 13 Structure Decks
    Black DiskDefeat Joey 10 Times
    Blazer costumeUnlock all GX anime characters
    Blue UniformUnlock all GX anime characters in Single Duel
    Celtic Guardian Outfit( Male only)Complete Duel World mode.
    Chrysalis Dolphin in CPU DuelDefeat Abyss Soldier underwater in World 2 5 times
    Curse Of Darkness in World Championship ModeTalk to Gigobyte then defeat Curse of Darkness in world 1
    Curse of VampireDefeat Curse of Vampire in World of Grace
    Cyber Tutu Costume ( Female Only)Have 100% card completion rate
    D.D. Warrior Lady in "CPU Duel"Defeat Warrior Lady of the Wasteland, in World 2, 5 times
    Dark Magician outfit (female only)Complete Duel World mode.
    Dark Scorpion-Meanae the Thorn in CPU DuelDefeat Don Zaloog in the pyramid in World 2 5 times
    E- Hero Lady HeatBeat E-Hero Knospe 5 times
    Gear Golem the Moving Fortress in CPU DuelDefeat Stronghold the Moving Fortress in World 3 5 times
    Girl's DiskDefeat Asuka/Alexis 10 times
    Gorgeous Duel DiskBeat Jesse Anderson 10 times
    Gravekeeper's Chief in CPU DuelDefeat Gravekeeper's Commandant in the pyramid in World 2 5 times
    Hair style 12Clear all the Seal Stone Challenges
    Hair Style 13Card collection rate 85%
    Harpy Lady Costume (female only)5 times win on 70 Single Duel Opponents
    Hino Kagu-Tsuchi in CPU DuelDefeat Dark Dust Spirit in the pyramid in World 2 5 times
    Il Blud in "CPU Duel"Defeat Blazewing Butterfly 5 times
    KaibaMan Costume( Male only)5 times win on 70 Single Duel Opponents
    Kaibaman Duel DiskBeat Seto Kaiba 10 times
    Kaiser Sea Horse in CPU DuelDefeat Sea Serpent Warrior of Darkness underwater in World 2 5 times
    KimonoClear all stone seal challenges.
    King of the Skull ServantsBeat Skull Servant 5 times
    King/Queen costumeCard collection rate 85%
    Luster Dragon #2Defeat Luster Dragon in the Civilization World 5 times.
    Marcel Bonaparte in "CPU Duel"Complete the Exxod challenge in World 2
    Marie the Fallen OneDefeat Absorbing Kid from the Sky in World 5, 5 times.
    Maximillion Pegasus in World Championship ModeDefeat all 5 Guardian Sphinx challenges in World 2
    Maximillon PegasusClear all 5 of Guardian Sphinx's Duel Puzzles
    Moonlight UniformWin Easy, Medium, Hard, Tag Tournament
    Neos Costume (Male only)Have 100% card completion rate
    Ojama Yellow and Blowback DragonDefeat Blowback Dragon in World of Civilization
    OtohimeDefeat Otohime in Underwater (World of Sunlight)
    pharoah's DiskDefeat Marik 10 times
    Reaper on the Nightmare in "CPU Duel"Defeat Nightmare Penguin, in World 1, 5 times
    Recipe ModeCard collection rate 90%
    Sabersaurus in "CPU Duel"Defeat Kabazauls, in World 2, 5 times
    Sand MothDefeat Sand Moth in World of Sunlight
    Slipheed in "CPU Duel"Defeat Storm Shooter, in world 1, 5 times
    Spirit of the PharaohDefeat Spirit of the Pharaon in the Pyramid (World of Sunlight)
    Standard DiskDefeat Yugi 10 times
    Syrus Truesdale in World Championship ModeDefeat all 5 Guardian - Embust challenges in world 1
    Tag DuelsBeat the first 3 worlds
    The Unhappy Maiden in CPU duelGive "The Unhappy Maiden" 5 Life Point restoring cards in World 3.
    Tournament ModeUnlock all duelists in World Championship mode to gain access of the Tournament Mode
    Unlock Sand Moth in CPU Duel modeHelp out Pyramid Turtle on the World 2 map, then defeat Sand Moth in a duel.
    View ModeCard collection rate 80%
    ViperClear the Venominaga stone challenge
    Water DragonDefeat Kairyu-shin 5 times
    WC Free Duel NPC as Tag PartnerDefeat the NPC 10 times to Unlock he in Tag Duel Options as Tag Duel Partner
    Woodborg InpachiDefeat all three Inpachis in World of Civilization
    Yellow Duel DiskDefeat all World 1 opponents 2 times
    Yellow UniformDefeat the first four duelists in Free Tag Duel
    YubelClear the Phantom of Chaos Armytile stone challenge
    Yugi and Joey in CPU tag duel.Activate the card Yu-Jo friendship and have its effect successful in a duel.

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