How do I get past Business District 2?

  1. I've been stuck on the Business District level 2. It's really hard with the enemies coming out from all sides. I'm able to get to the last wave, but there are too many Business Devils to defeat.

    User Info: ThunderMM77

    ThunderMM77 - 10 years ago
  2. im on Business District 3 now

    User Info: ThunderMM77

    ThunderMM77 - 10 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Thats Downtown right? I'll try MY simplist meothed for that. You need quick hands, but before the first wave sell the Ice Ninjas, they won't help you as much as you's think. Replace them with buisiness ninjas and set thier rally point. Now for the four square of four... for the top two fill the outside two squares and the top inside ones all with buisiness ninjas and set rally points. for the bottom squares just fill the bottom outside squares and sert rally. During the fist wave, then you have enought money fill the outside squares on the bottom with buisines ninjas/rally point. Skip to next wave. Oh and set the rally point for the wee nijas at the bottom. After this wave fill the upper middle sqares for the two squares at the bottom. Rally. After thew 3rd wave fill all the unoccupied spaces with Buisiness ninjas and set rally. After wave 4 start upgrading your ninjas starting from the top left and going across in rows. Barely in time for the next wave... Upgrade more after this wave...(5) DON'T FORGeT THE LITTLE GUYS AT THE SIDE! And only upgrade when you can do a whole row, keep it symmetric. After 6th wave continue upgrading, exept skip the wee ninjas. When your done with the 1st upgrade for everyone, go back to the top.By wave 7, I have all of my ninjas at 2star and the top row at 3star. After wave 7, keeeeeeeeep upgrading. After wave 8, you should have 4/5 rows upgraded twice. Use Stop! Ninjatime and reset all the 3star ninja's rally points. Gues What? After wave nine, keeeeeep upgrading! I have all ninjas 3star. Now... Wave 10, use magnifrier glass if you have to, but wakeup call is just as good, maybe even better. Using wakeup call at the beggining and using it after every time it wear out, I beat all the buisiness devils before they reached the middle. This is my favorite level when I just wanna be overpowered, because there are so many wacks all over the place.
    Cookies at the end: 459
    Cookies earned: 2635
    Time take: 6:50
    Grade: A

    User Info: crazycolorz5

    crazycolorz5 - 10 years ago 0   0

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