How do I get past 'the dark forest- Mr. Demon Way?'

  1. I'm having trouble with the Mr. Demon Way level does anyone have tips/strategies on how to do it? thks

    User Info: postaldude1993

    postaldude1993 - 10 years ago

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  1. NOTE: Don't forget to set rally points for all the ninjas.

    At the first building spot,

    A E
    B C D

    Build a sniper ninja on D and B and upgrade them. Build an anti-ninja on C and upgrade it.

    Between wave 1 and 2...
    nothing here...
    During Wave 2... Use get off my lawn to blow the wee devils back.

    Between wave 2 and 3...
    Build a wee ninja hut on A.

    The next building lot,

    F G H
    I J K

    Between wave 3 and 4...
    Upgrade Anti-Ninja C.

    Between Wave 4 and 5...
    Upgrade your wee ninja.

    During wave 5... Use get off my lawn and blow them back.
    Between Wave 5 and 6...
    Make 2 wee nina huts on F and H.

    Between wave 6 and 7...
    Upgrade wee ninja hut H and A.

    Between wave 7 and 8...
    Upgrade both sniper ninjas and Wee Ninja F.

    Between wave 8 and 9...
    Make an Anti-ninja on G and upgrade Wee ninja H.

    Between wave 9 and 10...
    Upgrade Anti-Ninja G twice.

    Between wave 10 and 11...
    Make a buisiness ninja on K and upgrade it twice.

    Between wave 11 and 12...
    upgrade both sniper ninjas ( B and D )

    Between wave 12 and 13...
    Upgrade wee ninja A

    Between wave 13 and 14.
    Upgrade buisiness ninja K and wee ninja H.

    Between wave 14 and 15...
    upgrade both anti-ninjas.

    DURING WAVE 15...
    Use magnifrier glass after a few come in and wake up call when most of your ninjas are attacking them.

    My status:
    Cookies at the end: 128
    Cookies earned: 1428
    Time Taken:9:39
    Grade: A

    User Info: crazycolorz5

    crazycolorz5 - 10 years ago 1   0


  1. You need a lot of air defense ninjas like sniper ninjas, white ninjas, and forest ninjas (build these in the first section, with white ones towards the left). Also for the upper left part of the map, have a training dojo (built later) in the middle with wee little ninjas, anti-ninjas, and business ninjas surrounding it.

    User Info: Master75

    Master75 - 10 years ago 1   1
  2. well wat i do is start with a few wee ninjas and and a forest or 2 (P.S u only need like 6-8 sqaures besides the extra forest at bottom) then after a few waves buy mor wee ninjas and maybe a sniper (keep them at entrace on opposite sides) u will certainly need at least 2 ranged and the extra forest at the bottom.....then once u have at least 4 wee ninja huts get 2 anti ninja huts. between tht time period everything should be lvl 2-3....then add watev u think may help cause wen i did this i stayed strong o and lets not forget the rally point in middle of road. ALSO SOMETIMES THE BEST THING TO DO WEN U KEEP LOSING SPAM WEE NINJAS IT HELPED ME ALOT!!!!

    User Info: schlobman

    schlobman - 10 years ago 1   1

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