How do I beat mr. demon on the last stage?

  1. Do I use mountain,lava,wee,or anti ninjas to beat
    mr. demon?

    User Info: darklikex

    darklikex - 10 years ago

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  1. Hmmm there are 3 forms of MR.DEMON... you know how there is a
    huge patch near the entrance? When you start, use wheel of
    efficiency, and try to get cookies. Sell the bottom lava
    ninja. In the patch I mention Earlier the setup is like:


    On the B lot, Build a Wee Ninja, and on D, build a anti-ninja.
    Upgrade both of them once. Set both of thier rally points to
    as close to the entrace as Possible.

    After wave one, upgrade the anti- ninja once and reset its
    rally point.

    After wave 2, use the wheel of efficiency for cookies and
    build a mountain ninja on lot A and a blacksmith on lot E.
    Upgrade the moutain ninja.Don't forget the rally point!

    After wave 3, upgrade you wee ninja B, then skip to next wave.

    After wave 4, you'll see there is already a guard tower on the
    map, beside it there are the building lots (T means tower)

    T I

    On lot I and H build sniper ninjas and upgrade SN(Sniper
    Ninja) I. Skip to next wave.

    After wave 5, upgrade both SN's and the lava ninja.
    NOTE: The first time I did this it worked perfectly, but the
    second time, one flying devil got through...

    After wave 6, use the wheel for cookies again, and build a
    mointain ninja on lot F, and upgrade it and your other MN
    (mountain ninja). This should put you right next to the next

    After wave 7, upgrade SN H and I.
    NOTE: One winged devil got through here too... the second

    After wave 8, DON'T! Use wheel of efficiency. Upgrade wee
    ninja B and MN F AND Anti ninja D.

    After Wave 9... Upgrade the LN and MN A.

    During this wave use the magnifrier glass, and use the wakeup
    call when he enters the range of ALL your melee ninjas. So
    much for Him.
    After the wave, upgrade SN H and I and Build a LN on lot J
    (The other lava ninja is now call LN 1) Upgrade the LN J and
    on the bottom row you can see ther are 5 lots,

    R S

    O P Q

    On lot O Build a sniper ninja. Skip to next wave.

    After wave 11, upgrade LN J, near the middle of the screed
    there are lots:

    K L



    On lot N, buile a SN. Upgrade SN N and O. Use wheel of
    efficiency for cookies and upgrade LN J AGAIN.

    After wave 12, upgrade SN H, N twice and O twice. Use the
    wheel for more cookies(here I accidentally got all enemys take
    damage, so I'll assume you'll get that too.)
    Near the middle right of the map there are lots

    T U

    Build a sniper ninja hut on both of them and upgrade them.

    NOTE: Maximum characters is 4096 so I will continue this in another responce.

    User Info: crazycolorz5

    crazycolorz5 - 10 years ago 2   0


  1. Other answer Con'td

    After wave 13, upgrade LN J. Skip to next wave.

    Wave 14/15 occor at almost the same time so...
    After wave 14/15, upgrade all your SN and use the wheel.
    On lot R, buile a Guard tower. On lot S Build a LN and on Q
    build another SN. Upgrade SN Q twice and LN S once.
    After wave 16, Upgrade SN T, U and Q. Use the wheel, Build a
    SN on lot P, and upgrade it 3 times.

    After wave 17, Upgrade all you SN to Max exept SN P and use
    the wheel. Build a blacksmith on lot M and a SN on lot K and L.
    After wave 18, upgrade SN K and L to level 4.

    DURING WAVE 19: Use Get Off My Lawn to blow the Zombie ninja
    your ninjas missed back down.
    After wave 19, upgrade lava ninja S twice.

    During the wave, use magnifrier glass.
    After wave 20,Sell Sn P,Q, K, L,N , T and U. Use the money to
    upgrade all your melee towers to max. Build a Mountain ninja
    on Lots G, K, L and N. RALLY POINT!Upgrade MN L twice and
    reset his rally point, then upgrade all the mountain ninjas
    incliding L once. Upgrade MN N One extra time and set his
    rally point to the little corner he can guard.

    Again, Wave 21 and 22 are close, so I'm doing them at the same
    During wave 22: Use the Magnifirer glass on lava ninjas to get
    rid of some
    After wave 21/22, Use the wheel for cookies, upgrade all the
    mountain ninjas once, and buila a wee ninja on lot C.Upgrade
    Lava ninja 1 and Wee Ninja C to Max.

    DURING WAVE 23: Use Hicory lunge on the tribal devils.
    After wave 23: Sell SN hut O. Upgrade all Mountain ninjas to
    4. Build a blacksmith on lot P and a MN on lot Q.

    DURING WAVE 24: Use Hicory lunge TWICE on tribal Devils.
    After Wave 24: Max out all the MN. Max out LN S. And on lots T
    and U Build Anti-ninjas and max them out if you can. Sell SN O
    and put a MN on O. Upgrade it all you can, even during the

    During wave: Use Magnifrier glass and Wakeupcall when he's
    between lot F and K.Whenever you get 2 bars of Happiness, use
    magnifrier glass. Peice of Cake, or Dark Syrup... Enjoy the
    cutsene and credits.

    I ended up with:
    Al ninjas level 5 exept MN O, And Anti-Ninjas T and U, AND LN S.

    Cookies earned 5971
    Time Take: 27:33
    Grade: B (A is possible if you're a liile bit luckier in the
    beginning, remember my notes?)
    I hope that helps.
    Any Questions?

    User Info: crazycolorz5

    crazycolorz5 - 10 years ago 1   0

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