• Auto forms

    Go to mega's menu and press select then you'll see a blank screen press the correct blank spots which is coded in letters below.The ones I'm gonna do are the form codes.After you transform into one of them you automatically turn into that form you used at the start of the battle but if you want to turn back into normal MegaMan you have to reset your game.

    [A] [E] [I] [M] [Q]
    [B] [F] [J] [N] [R]
    [C] [G] [K] [O] [S]
    [D] [H] [L] [P] [T]

    QRICAEBecome Ninja at start of battle
    SLNDPCBecome Rouge with many boosts at start of battle
    IMFCGOBecome Saurian at start of battle
    ICGOSLBecome Tribe King at start of battle
    NIFCDGBecome Zerker at start at start of battle

    Contributed By: Flariza.

  • Blank Card Wave Command

    Open the Wave Command Editor of a Blank card, input the codes below and the Blank cards will becomes the battle cards.


    RFTEPQ Aqua +30
    RFTELQAll Poison
    F, R, G, S, H, TAvalanche
    GEMRQFCount Bomb
    T, D, P, O, C, NDarkness Hole
    MBHLPADestroy Upper
    DOTELCDragon Sky GX
    TEQPFRElec +30
    QFRPTEFire +30
    D, P, T, N, C, OGemini Thunder
    RFTELQGet All Poison
    MBNCTAGet Apollon Flame
    NBTACMGet Apollon Flame EX
    TAMCBNGet Apollon Flame SP
    RFTEPQGet Aqua + 30
    MOSHPAGet Auriga General
    SOPAHMGet Auriga General EX
    PAMHOSGet Auriga General SP
    GAERQFGet Brachio Wave
    EQFRTAGet Brachio Wave EX
    FQTAREGet Brachio Wave SP
    TDPOCAGet Break Count Bomb (Giga Card)
    MBNCOAGet Burai
    SHTERGGet Burai Break (Giga Card)
    NBOACMGet Burai EX
    OAMCBNGet Burai SP
    TAMPBNGet Burai Sword
    RGSHPAGet Burai Sword EX
    SGPAHRGet Burai Sword SP
    ACODPTGet Buster Max (Giga Card)
    SBPAHMGet Cancer Bubble
    PAMHBSGet Cancer Bubble EX
    MBNCOEGet Cancer Bubble SP
    OEMCBNGet Condor Geograph
    MBNHPAGet Condor Geograph EX
    NBPAHMGet Condor Geograph SP
    GEMRQFGet Count Bomb
    QFRGSEGet Crown Thunder
    RFSEGQGet Crown Thunder EX
    SEQGFRGet Crown Thunder SP
    PARHGSGet Cygnus Wing
    CGSHPAGet Cygnus Wing EX
    SGPAHCGet Cygnus Wing SP
    TDPOCNGet Darkness Hole (Giga Card)
    MBHLPAGet Destroy Hook
    DOTELQGet Dragon Sky
    HDTELQGet Dragon Sky
    TEQLODGet Dragon Sky EX
    TEQLDHGet Dragon Sky EX
    DOTELCGet Dragon Sky GX
    QSDLTEGet Dragon Sky SP
    CODLTEGet Dragon Sky SP
    TEQPFRGet Elec + 30
    MBDHPAGet Empty
    DBPAHMGet Empty EX
    TSHGRFGet Empty Magic (Giga Card)
    PAMHBDGet Empty SP
    QFRPTEGet Fire + 30
    SHTFRGGet Flying Impact (Giga Card)
    ERGSHTGet Gekiryuu Wave (Giga Card)
    PAMHGSGet Gemini Spark
    MBSHPAGet Gemini Spark EX
    RGSHPFGet Gemini Spark SP
    DPTNCOGet Gemini Thunder (Giga Card)
    MBNPTAGet Giant Axe
    A,C,,O,D,P,TGet Giga Card Buster Max
    S,H,T,F,R,GGet Giga Card Flying Impact
    T,S,H,G,R,FGet Giga Card MT Magic
    S,H,T,E,R,GGet Giga Card Rouge Break
    E,R,K,S,H,TGet Giga Card Torrent Wave
    MBNLPAGet Goat Kung-Fu
    NBPALMGet Goat Kung-Fu EX
    PAMLBNGet Goat Kung-Fu SP
    DPTACOGet Gorgon Eyes (Giga Card)
    MQFRGEGet Green Meteor
    BMCANEGet Harp Note
    CAENMBGet Harp Note EX
    SGPFHRGet Harp Note SP
    NBTAPMGet Ice Meteor
    DSPAHMGet Impack Hook
    DSTELQGet Leo Kingdom
    TEQLSDGet Leo Kingdom EX
    QFHLTEGet Leo Kingdom GX
    QDHLTEGet Leo Kingdom SP
    PACHGSGet Libra Balance
    GOSHPAGet Libra Balance EX
    TEQLFRGet Libra Balance SP
    TEQLFDGet Muramasa Blade
    FRGSHTGet Nadare Daiko (Giga Card)
    RGSHPTGet Normal + 50 (Giga Card)
    MGSHPAGet Ophiuchus Queen
    SGPAHMGet Ophiuchus Queen EX
    BNCODMGet Ophiuchus Queen SP
    TAERQFGet Ox Fire
    EMBNCAGet Ox Fire EX
    FRGSHQGet Ox Fire SP
    PAMHBNGet Ox Tackle (Giga Card)
    HBPALMGet Parazyle Grenade
    SOPAHGGet Pegasus Magic GX
    NBOECMGet Phantom Black
    EQFRGAGet Phantom Black EX
    FQGAREGet Phantom Black SP
    EMBFHTGet Phantom Slash (Giga Card)
    MSDHPAGet Plasma Spread
    NCODPTGet Poison Pharaoh (Giga Card)
    LFTEPQGet Power Song
    QFDLTEGet Pulse Noise
    TEQPFLGet Quake Song
    PAMHSDGet Search Missile
    PAMLBHGet Sonoc Sword
    TSHGREGet Thousand Kicks (Giga Card)
    QODLTEGet Trip Song
    DFTELQGet Warrior Brand
    QFRGTEGet Wolf Forest
    RFTEGQGet Wolf Forest EX
    TEQGFRGet Wolf Forest SP
    QFLPTEGet Wood + 30
    MBNCPAGet Yeti Blizzard
    NBPACMGet Yeti Blizzard EX
    PAMCBNGet Yeti Blizzard SP
    FQGERMGet Zetsuen Meteor
    QFRLTEGet Zetsumetsu Meteor
    MBNPTAGiant Axe
    D, P, T, A, C, OGoron Eye
    MQFRGEGreen Meteor
    NBTAPMIce Meteor
    DSPAHMImpact Hook
    QFHLTELeo Kingdom GX
    R, G, S, H, P, TNormal +50
    HBPALMParalyze Grenade
    SOPAHGPegasus Magic GX
    N, C, O, D, P, TPoison Pharaoh
    LFTEPQPower Song
    QFDLTEPulse Noise
    PAMHSDSearch Missile
    PAMLBHSonic Blade
    DFTELQWarrior Soul
    QFLPTEWood +30
    FQGERMZetsuen Meteor

  • Mega Man Data Cards Power Ups

    In the Omega-Xis, press select to input a wave command code, if is entered correctly you will get a pack with several power ups. Use this grid for reference to know where to input the taps:

    [A] [E] [I] [M] [Q]
    [B] [F] [J] [N] [R]
    [C] [G] [K] [O] [S]
    [D] [H] [L] [P] [T]

    Note: Only one set of power ups can be saved at time, even if is turned off.

    GDFSPJ+700 HP, +3 Attack, +4 Rapid, +4 Charge, +3 Gauge, +4 Mega Class, +2 Giga Class, Undershirt and Float Shoes
    OLFHTR+800 HP, +3 Attack, +2 Rapid, +3 Charge, +3 Gauge, +4 Mega Class, +2 Giga Class, Undershirt and First Barrier
    OHJDTR+990 HP, +4 Attack, +2 Rapid, +2 Charge, +2 Gauge, +2 Mega Class, +3 Giga Class, Super Armor

    Contributed By: Tatan_93.

  • Omega Xis Wave Command Code Screen.

    On the Omega-Xis screen, press select, and then select yes on the input the code

    [A][B][C][D][E] |
    [F][G][H] [I] [J] |
    [K][L][M][N][O] |
    [P][Q][R][S] [T] |

    Each letter coresponds to a location on the touch screen. Follow the sequences listed below and tap the location on the screen. Part of the most right screen is a dead zone where a code can't be imputed. Don't worry if it doesn't show up and try tapping a little to the left.

    *Note: any link power gained via Wi-Fi brother band is negated when using this ability. To restore Link power, go to Omega Xis, and then scroll over to mega man. Press A, and turn it off. You can allways go back and turn it on later

    F, Q, T, B, D, EAizawa Rabue's Crime Prevention Plan
    A, J, L, O,Q, TAtsume Taiyou's Collection- Moplance1 Fokx-Fu1 Squall1
    T, O, Q, D, C, BBob Copper's Thank-You letter-AmbshPanel
    B, D, F, I, Q, TBud's Supplies- ChargeV LV1
    B, D, F, O, Q, TCapable Woman-Kuromi Kurofuku-Battle Cards Parlyzplus Attack+10
    T, Q, O, L, B, AEnigmatic Zenny- 20000 Zenny
    S, N, P, K, B, AExpress Company ES- Today in the Sun- 5000 Zenny
    T, B, K, R, N, PGerry Romero's Last Resort- Poison Apple
    I, Q, T, B, D, FGift from Sonia- Battle Cards Invisible, Barrier, Holy Panel
    B, C, L, O, Q, TGontaga Festival-FireRing3, DnceFire3, Heatuppr3
    B, D, E, F, Q, TIketsura Motetsugu's Trump Card- AttckPanel
    B, D, L, O, Q, TKeepsake from Kouji Fukuro's Unexpected Journey- SnoBall3
    O,Q, T, B, C, LKirimomi's Safe Flight-HolyPanel
    N, P, S, A, B, KLuna's School Fees-10000 Zenny
    G, Q, T, B, D, FMalbos Hetatsuri's Tactics-ChainBbl2 StkyRain2 PiranKss2
    T, O, Q, L, C, BMeddling Harp Note-SmEnergy LrgEnergy, D. Energy
    O, Q, T, B, D, EMondi Nazonu's Insight-SrchEyex3
    A, B, K, N, P, SNanska Doko Nanska's Gaze-Woodsrchx2
    T, O, Q, E, D,BNanska Nan Nanska's Gaze-FireSrchx2
    S, A, L, Q, N, ONanska Shiro Inska's Gaze-AquaSrchx2
    T, B, E, R, G, QNanska Soto Douska's Gaze-ElecSrchx2
    S, P, Q, N, K, IPoket Money from Mom-1000 Zenny
    O, Q, T, B, C, DPresent from Aaron-GigaMine
    O, Q, T, B, D, FPresent from Amy- UndrShrt-Lv1
    P, Q, S, I, K, NPresent from Legendary Master Shin-ChargeV Lv1
    Q, S, T, J, L, OPresent from Luna- HP+200 LV 1
    S, N, P, E, C, APresent From Mr. Hertz-PrlyzeStg
    N, P, S, A, C, EPresent from Ms. Hertz-StkyRain1 ChainBbl1 PiranKss1
    T, O, Q, L, J, AProduce Expences- 5000 Zenny
    T, G, Q, F, D, BRakka Otoshimon's Crime Prevention Plan- VolttcEye1 FlckrKck1 MummyHand1
    T, I, Q, F, D, BRich's Dirty Money- 10000 Zenny
    Q, G, T, B, R, EShaman's Insight- Firesrch, Aquasrch, Elecsrch, Woodsrch,
    B, D, E, O, Q, TShizummu Oboreruno's Refreshments-SmEnrgyx3
    A, C, E, N, P, SSouvenir from Ken-AntiSword
    T, O, Q, F, D, BSouvenir from Mr. Gelande-JetSki3
    O, Q, T, B, D, LSouvenir from Nai Katazuka's Trip-SnoBall2
    O, R, I, P, S, KTramsform into Rogue Mega Man! HP+850Attack+4Rapid+4 Charge+4Gauge+3 Megachip+2GigaChip+1 Autoequip undrshrt,flotshoe, fstbarr.*
    O, Q, T, A, J, LUsui Sachi's Collection-AreaEater
    T, Q, S, O, L, JZack's supplies- HP+LV 2

    Contributed By: Allstargamer.

  • Turn virus into their giant version

    In the Omega-Xis screen, press select to input a wave command code, use this grid as a reference to know where to input the code.

    [A] [E] [I] [M] [Q]
    [B] [F] [J] [N] [R]
    [C] [G] [K] [O] [S]
    [D] [H] [L] [P] [T]

    Note: Only one code can be activated at time.

    Carpet JinnAIMQDP
    Hare JetAIQBFP
    Dark ReaperAIQFNP
    Colonel MopANCODP
    Mat JinnBDPAIQ
    Hare RocketBFPAIQ
    Hot RoaderBNCODH
    Base SniperBNCODQ
    Stream CancroBNCOSD
    Giant FaceCGOMBN
    Mono SwordilCNDQOB
    Copy FokxCOSMBN
    Sea CancroDOSCNB
    Shock MummyEMBFNT
    Dark JokerFNPAIQ
    Shock TutFNTEMB
    Bubba DanceFRGSDH
    Sno RolletGOSQFR
    Air SquiggleGRHFSN
    Air SquirmHFNSRG
    Hot BikerHODCNB
    Jaka DanceHSDGRF
    Base MortarNBOMCQ
    Guard EyezNCTEMB
    Mega StealthNRTEMB
    Hot MotorODHBNC
    General MopODPANC
    Base GunnerOMQCBN
    River CancroOSDBNC
    Rug JinnPBDQIA
    Hare NitroPBFQIA
    Dark DemonPFNQIA
    Mono SwordinPNRHGS
    Private MopPODCIA
    Metenna 3QBNCOM
    Sno RollQFRGOS
    Air WobbleRGSHPN
    Guise FokxSCONBM
    Hoppa DanceSDHFRG
    Sno RollestSGORFQ
    Mono SwordSGPNHR
    Metenna 2SMQGFR
    Shock SetiTFNBME
    Protect EyezTNCBME
    Giga StealthTNRBME

    Contributed By: Tatan_93.



    Compose a message to Legendary Master Shin and for the title put "Cipher"(<-Exactly like that) & type in the code.

    Turn the page (enter) to get the (enter) latest info!Apollo Flame SP
    Battle over the (enter) Net in MEGAMAN (enter) STARFORCE 2!Cancer Buble SP
    Waves become (enter) visible with the (enter) Visualizer!Dark Phantom SP
    Hey,let's have (enter) a Wave Battle!Gemini Spark SP
    MegaMan is on the air and coming (enter) to your TV!General Auriga SP Mega Card
    Everyone gather(enter) at the(enter) Sky-Hi Coliseum!get giga+1/250
    KREREDZREBNUREHTGet plasmagun2 battlecard
    OTIBNERGives you SrchEye
    Lighten up, (enter) Prez!Hollow SP
    KYWSAVEHP+100/135 Ability
    Can you collect (enter) each and every (enter) Battle Card?Kung-Foo Kid SP
    Be my Brother!Queen Ophiuca SP
    BRITEINKGRecover 200
    Geo's in a good (enter) mood lately.Rogue SP
    Bud loves his (enter) burgers!Taurus Fire SP
    L-O-V-E (enter) I love you Sonia!Terra Condor SP
    INWOJAODNWhite Meteor
    Which Tribe did (enter) you choose?Yeti Blizzard SP

  • DX level Bosses

    Use these passcodes on the Omega-Xis screen after pressing select. Press in order as shown to turn SP bosses into DX bosses with more health and stronger attacks. See grid for reference.


    Contributed By: megaman915.

  • Summon Legend Cards

    Use these passcodes on the War Rock screen after pressing select.Press in order as shown to get this combo card.
    [A] [E] [I] [M] [Q]
    [B] [F] [J] [N] [R]
    [C] [G] [K] [O] [S]
    [D] [H] [L] [P] [T]

    DMBONCFuumashipuujin (Green Shinobi'sSpecial Attack)
    HQFSRGGenocide Blazer (Fire Dinosaur's Special Attack)
    GFRQIASummon Legend Card (Ai's Favourite' cards)
    AIQFRGSummon Legend Card (Akane's Favourite cards)
    RCGIQFSummon Legend Card (Amachi's Favorite cards)
    DOTNLCSummon Legend Card (Gonta's Favourite cards)
    IQFRCGSummon Legend Card (Heiji's Favorite cards)
    FRGAIQSummon Legend Card (Ken's Favourite cards)
    CODLTNSummon Legend Card (Kizamaro's Favourite cards)
    OCLNDRSummon Legend Card (Luna's Favourite cards)
    LNRDCOSummon Legend Card (Misora's Favourite cards)
    GRCFQISummon Legend Card (Solo's Favourite cards)
    TNCLODSummon Legend Card (Tsukasa's Favourite cards)
    PFRHGSThunderbolt Blade (Thunder Berzerker's Special Attack)

    Contributed By: MegaFERD.


  • Title Screen Star Marks ~ Final Boss Xa Ver

    Accomplish something in-game to recieve these different icons on your New Game/Continue screen. Getting them all will also result something new to appear on the screen when you start your game. You'll also be able to fight the Xa Version of the Final Boss at the end of the game which has 4000 HP once you obtain Rockman [Megaman] Star, S Comp Star, M Comp Star, G Comp Star, and OoPart Star.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    G Comp StarColllect All 5 Giga Class Cards
    M Comp StarCollect All 42 Mega Class Cards
    Mu Continent StarDefeat RaMu Xa
    OoPart StarDefeat ApollonFlame
    Rockman [Megaman] StarFinish the Main Story
    S Comp StarCollect All 150 Standard Class Cards

    Contributed By: Nigoli.


  • Secret Ending ~ VS. BuraiSX

    Once you finish the game with all 6 Title Screen Star Marks, you'll receieve an E-Mail from Solo telling you to level up the 4 In-Game Brothers. The 4 In-Game Brothers can be leveled up by doing their Side Quests. Once you're done with the Side Quests, finish the game once again. A New Epilouge will commence at the end of the Credits. Instead of Solo bringing you to Kodama Town, he'll be his alter-ego Burai and bring you to the Nansca Ruins. He'll want challenge you to a Wave Battle. You'll be able to take control once more, just so you can configure your setups before the fight. Talk to him and the Battle will commence, BuraiSX will have 3500 HP.

    After the Battle is Over, you'll receive a Congratulations Picture on Both Screens with all the Voice Actors for the game saying "Congratulations" and laughing having a good time.

    Contributed By: Nigoli.

  • Special War Rock Weapon ~ EXE Blaster (BN Buster)

    By having the any of the following GBA Games in Slot-2 of the NDS with Ryuusei no Rockman 2:

    Battle Network Rockman EXE (Megaman Battle Network)
    Battle Network Rockman EXE2 (Megaman Battle Network 2)
    Battle Network Rockman EXE3 (Megaman Battle Network 3 White)
    Battle Network Rockman EXE3 BLACK (Megaman Battle Network 3 Blue)
    Rockman EXE Battle Chip GP (Megaman Battle Chip Challenge)
    Rockman EXE4 Tournament Red Sun (Megaman Battle Network 4 Red Sun)
    Rockman EXE4 Tournament Blue Moon (Megaman Battle Network 4 Blue Moon)
    Rockman EXE4.5 Real Operation
    Rockman EXE5 Team of Blues (Megaman Battle Network 5 Team Blues)
    Rockman EXE5 Team of Colonel (Megaman Battle Network 5 Team Colonel)
    Rockman EXE6 Cyber Beast Greiga (Megaman Battle Network 6 Cybeast Gregar)
    Rockman EXE6 Cyber Beast Falzer (Megaman Battle Network 6 Cybeast Falzar)

    And either still in or taken out after a saved game. A New Mail message with Goyouda Heiji will be obtained. He'll want you to get Data found in the different Radio Networks.

    1/XX: Kodama Town ~ Post Box Radio Network (Already Unlocked)
    3/XX: TK Tower 1 ~ Old Binocular Radio Network (Inspect at OphiuchusQueen Scenario)
    7/XX: Food Town ~ Forgotten Ice Statue Radio Network (Already Unlocked)
    9/XX: Donbura Lake Area 1 ~ Sunken Ship Radio Network (After CondorGeograph Scenario)
    11/XX: Nansca ~ Lower Wall Radio Network (After CondorGeograph Scenario)

    The Data Items are Diary Entries of an Old Protanganist and also can be read in Items for each of them. Obtaining all of the Data Items gives you an Mail from the Old Protanganist with the "EXE Blaster" attached. Which stats are AT1 | RA5 | CH1.

    Slot-2 is also Region Locked for bonuses. Meaning Slot-1's Game must be in Japanese if you want to use Japanese Slot-2 Carts and vice-versa.

    Contributed By: Nigoli.

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