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Guide and Walkthrough by WishingTikal

Version: 1 | Updated: 04/25/2014

Dragon Quest V: 
Hand of the Heavenly Bride


Walkthrough by WishingTikal
wishingtikal at gmail.com



------------Table of Contents------------

A) Introduction  

B) Game Basics  

C) Walkthrough


1. Voyage Across The Sea------------

2. Deep Down Whealbrook Cave------------ 
     [Whealbrook, Whealbrook Adit]

3. The Housekeeper Of The Haunted Tower------------ 
     [Roundbeck, Uptaten Towers]

4. The Thief Of The Faery Kingdom------------ 
     [Whealbrook & Faery Lea, Faery Lea Undergrounds, Winter Palace]

5. The Fall And Fate of Prince Harry------------ 
     [Coburg Castle, Ruins]


6. The Return Of The Hero------------

7. The Sword From The Above------------
     [Heaven's Above Abbey, Fortuna, Whealbrook, Roundbeck]

8. The True Queen Behind The Mirror------------ 
     [Coburg Castle, Abovitall Tower]

9. The Beast Of Hay Village------------ 
     [Lodestar Harbour, Hay, Monster's Den]

10. The Spells Of Prof Toilen Trubble------------ 
     [Zoomingale, Scuttlebutt]

11. Circle Of Love, Fire And Water------------ 
     [Monstroferrato, Volcano Cave, Stockenbarrel, Waterfall Cavern]

12. The Hand Of The Heavenly Bride------------ 

13. The Lost Knick-Knacks------------ 
     [The Ventuno, Dominicus' Dominion, Knick-Knactory]

14. Errands In The Desert------------ 

15. The Road To Gotha Kingdom------------ 
     [Knot Welcome Inne, Mountain Path, Battenberg]

16. The New King Of Gotha------------ 
     [Gotha Castle, Riteof Passage]

17. Abduction At The Castle------------ 
     [Gotha Castle, Tower of Treasures]


18. The Adventure Continues------------

19. The Pathway To Forgotten Realms------------ 
     [Sea Passage, Lofty Peak, Zenithia Tower, Old Mine]

20. Shadows Of The Past And Present------------ 
     [Underwater Zenithia, Neverglade, Faerie Palace]

21. Zenithia Castle And Dragon Reborn------------ 
     [Zenithia Castle, Dragon Temple]

22. The Key To All Doors------------ 

23. Gateway To The Other Side------------ 
     [Sanctuary, Nadiria]

24. End Of The Eternal Slumber------------ 
     [Precaria, Mount Zugzwang]

D) Side Quests 
    [Extra Quests, Mini Medals, Knick-Knactory/Knick-Knacks] 

E) Disclaimer




Dragon Quest  V is most  likely  new to  most RPG  fans, as  it has never  been
released here before this remake. The game  is very engrossing, as it covers 20
years of the main character's life. You  start as him as a kid, who later grows
into a young man, to an adult, with wife and kids. The main appeal of the title
consists in that you choose  your bride between three  girls of your childhood,
one of which  is exclusive  to the DS  remake. It's  also the  game, that  even
before Pokemon,  let you  recruit monsters  to your  team so  they would  fight
alongside you. DQV  is a definite  must to play,  and within this  in-depth and
detailed guide you'll find everything you need to get through the journey.


                      ------------GAME BASICS------------


**Useful Tips to Know**

-To save your progress, talk to a priest in a church (Confession).
-Press L and R to rotate the camera in town.
-Press Y in town to bring up a map of the town.
-Store your money at the bank or you'll lose half if you die.
-Press B at any time to speak with your party members.
-To change your party members if you have more than four, open the menu 
and choose Line-Up. You can change party members during a battle too.
-To check how  much Ex is  needed to  reach the next  level,  ask a priest  in a
church (Divination).


During your adventure  you'll find various  seeds hidden in  jars and furniture
around towns, each will increase different stats and can only be used once.

------------Experience (Ex)

Party members gain experience as they defeat monsters. Once a certain amount of
experience is earned, a party member's level will go up. 

The various attributes will increase as the party member's level increases.

An indication of a character's health.

The power needed to cast spells.

A measure of physical brute force. Damage inflicted to enemies will increase as
the attribute increases.

A measure of physical  speed.  This affects  the order in  which party  members
attack in battle.

A measure of physical hardiness. The damage taken from attacks will decrease as
the attribute increases.

A measure of natural intelligence.

A measure of a party member's tendency towards good fortune.

The sum of a party member's strength and that of the equipped weapon.

The sum of a party member's resilience and that of the equipped armor.


Assign different tactics to your monsters and other party members from the menu
so you don't have to constantly give them orders.

------------Show No Mercy
Defeat the enemy as quickly as possible, regardless of MP consumption.

------------Fight Wisely
Pay equal consideration to both attack and defense.

------------Watch My Back
Concentrate on protecting the  hero with healing and support  magic, instead of

Don't Use Magic
------------Fight without casting spells.

------------Focus on Healing
Keep a close eye on party member's HP, and heal them early.

------------Follow Orders
Listen to your instructions.

------------Recruting Monsters------------

To recruit monsters,  first you'll need  to meet Monty in Fortuna,  and buy the
Wagon in this same  town. There  is no particular  way to recruit  monsters, it
mostly depends on your level, and what point in the game you are. Some monsters
can only be recruited once you reach a certain  point or level. Everything else
relies on luck. The  monsters will randomly  join you or not,  and you can go a
long way before any monster joins you. 

Your monsters  will learn spells  and abilities,  and you  can equip them  with
armor and weapons. When your wagon is full, drop off monsters you don't need at
Monty's place. At the beginning of the game, the best monster to recruit is the
Slime Knight,  which has  useful healing  spells  and good stats.  It's  a good
monster to keep with you for the whole game, even if just for healing.




------------The First Years------------

1. Voyage Across The Sea 

-Speak with everyone aboard to dock

-Talk to Pankraz twice to disembark

-Head out to the map and get in a fight

After the short scene of the  hero's birth, which you  should have just given a
name to, you'll  awaken in a ship  cabin. Open the  two drawers  in the room to
obtain a Medicinal  Herb and  a Seed of Resilience.  Exit  the cabin up  to the
ship's deck and head for the top-right corner  where some barrels are. The last
one contains a T 'n' T ticket.  After getting that, head  down the stairs right
there -- two rooms below  where you'll find  a bunch of treasure  chests. Don't
get too excited;  you can't  open them. Content  yourself  of checking  out the
barrels on the  left for  another T  'n' T ticket  and a Medicinal  Herb.  When
you're done in here,  head back  to the deck and  go to the opposite  side with
some red carpet. Enter the  elegant room and proceed to  the second floor. Open
the dresser here to find another Medicinal Herb. 

While you explore the ship, make sure you talk to everyone. The ship won't dock
until you've done so. Don't forget the Captain's room in the middle of the deck
as well; talk to everybody  in here too, then leave the  room and the ship will
arrive in town. Go get your dad in the cabin, then back on the deck, speak with
the captain and your dad to trigger the  following scene where the hero will be
introduced  to Briscoletti's  daughters.   Go talk  to the girls  in the  suite
upstairs if you wish, then speak to your dad once you're ready to disembark. As
you set foot,  your  father will  meet up  with a  friend and  give you  a map,
telling you to go play around. Check the  nearby barrels to find 10 gold coins,
then set out to  the world map.  Walk around  to engage  in a fight where  your
father will soon take part  in. Let him walk you to the  next village, battling
some more enemies on the way.

2. Deep Down Whealbrook Cave

-Play with Bianca in her room, then speak with Pankraz

-Go inside the cave in the northern part of the village

-Rescue the old man at the bottom of the cave

-Go back to talk to the man in town, then speak with Pankraz to leave

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Whealbrook ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Everyone in town  will warmly welcome  your return,  and you'll  wind up as old
friend Sancho's  guests. His daughter  Bianca will  propose that  you come play
with her upstairs. She will also ask if  you remember her; answer yes or no, it
makes no difference on the storyline. After she is called downstairs, check the
dresser for  a Leather Hat.  Head downstairs  to  the room where  your dad  and
Sancho are discussing  and go in  the room behind  with some bookshelves  and a
bed. Rotate the  camera in this  room so you can  see around. Open  the dresser
facing the bed for a Medicinal  Herb and break the jar  in the corner for a Pot
lid. Then  head down  to the basement  and  break  the jars  to find a  Seed of

Now talk to your father to have him leave  Sancho's house. Go outside and climb
down the well  in front  of the house.  Down there,  examine  the spark  on the
ground to find a stone from Whealbrook. Head back up and enter the weapon shop.
Check the dresser in here for  another Medicinal Herb.  You never have too many
of them. Now speak  with the  villagers around  to learn  about a man  who went
looking for herbs in  the cave but never  came back. So let's  investigate that
cave. In the northern  part of the village,  walk around the  river to find the
entrance to the cave. Save your game at the church first, then go inside. If at
any point you  need to leave  the cave to  rest, return  to Sancho's house  and
speak with him to  sleep. When you  wake up, don't  forget to talk  to your dad
first before going back  to the cave. If  you follow him quickly  as he leaves,
you'll see he goes into the cave too, but from another route. 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Whealbrook Adit ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

As you enter the cave,  head up the first  path on the left  and open the chest
for a Medicinal Herb.  Continue up the other  path and head  down the stairs in
the northwest  corner. Go  right first  and open  the chest  at the end  of the
southeastern path for 50 gold coins. Now  head left from the stairs and up from
the signpost to find  a chest with a Leather  Hat. Go down that  path until you
reach another stairway.  Head north  afterwards  to find a man crushed  under a
boulder and  help  him out  by pushing   the boulder  away.  He  will introduce
himself, then  return to town.  Examine the  boulder you  just moved to  find a
Whealbrook bluestone, then  head up the path and open  the chest there for some
Wayfarer's clothes.

That's it, so now leave the cave and before doing anything else, go see the man
you just saved in the item shop north of  the church. Talk to him and check the
drawer nearby to get a Handwoven Cape. When  you are done in this town, go back
to Sancho's house  to spend  the night. When  you wake up,  your dad will  have
returned and will bring you  to the next village. Follow  him as that's all you
can do.

3. The Housekeeper Of The Haunted Tower

-Speak to the the kids with  the sabrecat at the entrance,  then go sleep at
the inn

-During the night, accompany Bianca to the Uptaten Towers in the north

-Enter the tower by the back and rescue Bianca from the grave

-Speak with the ghost lady to reveal a stairway, then follow the king's ghost

-Head all the way down to the kitchen to retrieve the torch

-Climb back up to the throne room using the torch and defeat the housekeeper

-Return to town to claim the sabrecat and speak with Pankraz to leave

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Roundbeck ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

When you  arrive  at the  inn in  Roundbeck,  let  the adults  talk  and  start
exploring the inn. Bianca will accompany you. Go upstairs to the third floor of
the inn and check both drawers in the top room to find a Seed of Resilience and
a Chimaera  Wing.  Now head  outside  to  the inn  courtyard  and  talk  to the
troubadour there to  listen to the story  of the Uptaten Towers.  Leave the inn
and head for the village entrance. Nearby  you should spot some kids bullying a
cat. Talk to both of them and  they will offer you the  cat if you can beat the
ghosts in the Uptaten  Towers. Now  return to the  inn and talk  to your dad to
spend the night in the  village. Bianca  will wake you up during  the night and
request that you  accompany her  to the Uptaten  Towers. The guard  at the town
entrance will be asleep,  so leave town  and head north across  some bridges on
the world map until you get to the Uptaten Towers. You should level-up Bianca a
bit before entering though.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Uptaten Towers ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

As you enter this large area, head for the  tower where you'll find two jars on
the right side. Break both to obtain a Medicinal  Herb and a Chimeara Wing. Now
head for the back of the tower and climb up the ladders to the top. After going
through the small  opening there,  the gate will  close, blocking  the way out.
Inside, head for the  stairway at the other  side of the room.  Squeletons will
come out of the coffins and  take Bianca away. Don't fret;  head downstairs and
leave through the  door leading  to the roof. Examine  the second  tombstone to
release Bianca. Now  head inside through  the other door and  talk to the ghost
lady inside the room to reveal a hidden  stairway. Head down and enter the room
with the red door.  Speak with the  ghost to learn  more about her  story, then
examine the dressers all around the room  to find a Handwoven Cape, a Medicinal
Herb, and a Silver tea tray.

Now head through the blue door in the hall  and go down the stairway. Make your
way through the dark hallway  and head down the next stairway.  You'll spot the
ghost of the king here, who will run away. Follow him across the next few rooms
until you're back outside.  Speak with the  ghost here and accept  to help him.
Re-enter the tower and the  king will show you the way.  Head down the stairway
next to him and work your way  through the following rooms  until you come to a
large room with ghost people and skeletons.  From here, you can exit the castle
or continue through the next door to find  an inn. It's free, so sleep there if
you need. However,  you'll awaken  outside  the castle.  Enter the little  cave
north of where  you wake up  and follow the  passageway  to a secret room  with
three chests  containing  a   Silver  teacup,  30  gold   coins  and a  Seed of

Now re-enter the castle  from the front  gate, which should  be open. You'll be
back in the large room from earlier. Go  back to the room with the inn and head
downstairs to the kitchen. Go right and  break the jars in the corner to find a
Medicinal Herb and the Torch.  Now head back up to the  hall where the king is.
Go up the other stairway in this room to  end up in the dark. Look in your item
bag and select the torch  to use. The area  will be illuminated  and the ghosts
that were blocking  your way will  be gone. Go through  the door  in here, then
through the door on the opposite side. You should see a hole in the floor here.
Drop down  this hole  to land  next to two  treasure  chests.  Open them  for a
Chimaera Wing and a Silver teapot. This  will complete the tea set and give you
the item Toff's tea set.

Now climb back up to the throne room and go take on the bad guy. He'll drop you
down a trap which  will land  you on this  evening's meal.  Defeat the  enemies
you'll be confronted  to, then climb  back up, again,  to the throne  room. The
baddy will flee on the castle balcony. Follow  him there to face him. To defeat
the Haunted Housekeeper, first use Bianca's  Dazzle spell to make him miss most
of his attacks, then her Kazap  spell to lower his defense.  Use normal attacks
with the Hero and Bianca's Frizz spell to  attack. If you need to heal, use the
Hero's Heal spell and medicinal  herbs. I'd suggest Lv7  for this fight, and to
buy firsthand new equipment and a better weapon for the Hero.

After defeating the ghost, the king and  the countess will thank you and reward
you with the Gold orb.  Now that your business  is done here,  leave the castle
and return to town. The kids will accept to give you the cat since you defeated
the ghosts. Bianca  will propose  some names to  give to your new  friend; just
answer "No" to  see all the  choices until  you like one  of them. When  you're
ready to  leave this  town,  unequip  Bianca  and equip  her stuff  on the  cub
instead, then speak with your dad to return to Whealbrook. Bianca will give her
ribbon to your pet before you go. While  traveling on the world map, you'll get
attacked by enemies and your new friend will join you in the fight. He will now
be one of your party members for the rest of the journey.

4. The Thief Of The Faery Kingdom

-Go talk to the fairy in the inn basement then speak with her again in Sancho's

-Proceed west  to a cave in  the faery  world  and head  down to  retrieve  the
lockpick Book

-Go north from  faery land and  enter the  Winter  Palace to  defeat the  thief
hidding inside

-Bring back the flute to the fairy queen  and back home talk  to Pankraz in the
church to depart

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Whealbrook & Faery Lea ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

You're stuck here again, and Pankraz will  forbid you from wandering off. Start
by heading off to the village's  church to find an odd  man walking around, who
is dressed just like you. Talk  to him and accept to show  him the Gold Orb. If
you talk to some  of the villagers,  they  will point out  a weird stranger  is
wandering around town. Now go to the inn and head downstairs. You will see what
looks to be a ghost (but actually a fairy)  standing on the counter of the pub.
Talk to her and she will ask you to come  see her in one of the houses' cellar.
So head over to Sancho's house and head down to the basement to find her again.
Speak with her to have her  take you to the land of faeries,  where you'll meet
with the queen.  Accept to help  them get  their precious  flute back,  and the
faery Honey will join your party.

Head out of  the faery palace  and start   walking  south across  the lilypads.
Examine the spark in the snow to pick up  a Seed of Life, then continue walking
south to the village.  Enter the armor shop  on the right and  open the dresser
inside to  find some  Holy Water.  Buy whatever  you  may need,  then  exit the
village south to a new world map. Level-up  your cub a bit, then head west to a

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Faery Lea Undergrounds ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

First go left to find  two treasure chests  with a total of  125 gold coins. Go
down from there and speak with  the dwarf to learn about  the treasure chest at
the bottom of the cave. Proceed south and  head down to the next floor. There's
nothing down that other stairway, so continue north and then east to the actual
next stairway. Don't jump down the hole  in that room; you'll just fall down to
a bunch of skeletons. On the next floor, go right and open the chest for a Seed
of Agility.  There are two  staircases   on this  floor, but  you can't proceed
through the southern one, so just head down  the middle one. Go up and open the
chest to get the Book 'lots  about locks' the dwarf was  talking about. You can
now open the locked doors. Go through the door on your right and open the chest
behind for 120 gold coins,  then head down and open the  other chest for a Seed
of Life. That's all there is in here, so leave the cave and return to Faery Lea
to heal  and save.  When  you're  ready,   head for  the  ice structure  in the
northwest corner of the world map.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Winter Palace ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Now that you know how  to pick locks, you'll  be able to open  that door to get
inside the palace.  But before entering,  slide  on the ice to the  left of the
entrance gate and go  up to find a chest  with a Seed of Wisdom.  Now enter the
palace to find yourself on a floor of ice. Start by sliding up to fall down the
hole, then head back up and slide down twice,  then left, down, left, up, left,
up, right, down, left, then down twice to get to a stairway leading to a little
room with three chests. One of them is empty  and the two others contain 5 gold
coins and a Chimaera Wing. Now return to the entrance and slide to the stairway
on the right. In the next room  above, slide left, down,  left, down, left, up,
left, down, right and  up to fall face to  face with the thief,  who is in fact
Dwight, that lockpicker dwarf's  brother. Defeat him with  a few hits, then the
real boss will appear. To defeat the Winter Queen, first cast Buff on all party
members with the Hero,  then just attack  the boss with normal  attacks and let
Honey take care of the  healing. Be around  Lv10 and it shouldn't  be too hard.
After the battle, open  the two treasure  chests to obtain a  Boomerang and the
Herald of Spring. 

Head back to Faery  Lea to give  the flute  to the queen,  who will bring  back
spring unpon the land. Honey will give you  a branch as a souvenir and you will
then be returned to your world.  Head upstairs and Sancho  will inform you your
father already left. He will  also find the branch you  dropped, which is now a
Blooming branch. Tell him "Yes" to put the  branch on your desk or "No" to keep
it on you. I say keep it with you. Now go  to the church where you'll find your
dad. When you're done  around here, go meet  him at the town  entrance to leave
for Coburg Castle.

5. The Fall And Fate Of Prince Harry

-Talk to everyone around the castle to learn more about what's going on then go
see the king

-Go speak with Pankraz next to Harry's chamber,  then talk to  Harry and go get
the badge

-In Harry's room  while  he is gone,  examine  the  chair  to reveal  a  secret

-After Harry is kidnapped go get your dad and then head for the ruins northeast
of the castle

-Work your way through  the ruins to find your father  and go free  Harry, then
escape with him

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Coburg Castle ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

When you arrive at the castle, Pankraz will  request an audience with the king,
so you'll be free to explore  the castle as you please.  Head back down all the
way to the entrance  of the castle  and go right  to a little room  next to the
priest. Open one of the drawers in here  to obtain a Seed of Magic. If you talk
to the people  around  the castle,  you  will learn  about how  one of  the two
princes, Wilbur  or Harry, will  be the next king,  but Harry is  a little brat
that nobody likes. Make sure to head up the staircase at the left of the castle
entrance and talk to all the knights upstairs  to learn about the disappearance
of children and  the queen's suspicious  meeting  with a another  man. Now that
you've talked to everybody that needed talking, head back up to the throne room
only to find out your father is downstairs. 

So go back downstairs to Prince Harry's  bedroom to find your dad, who will ask
you to make  friend with  Harry. Ugh.  Speak with  Harry and  accept to  be his
lackey. He will  tell you to  go pick up the  badge in the  chest south  of his
chamber, but when you look inside, the chest  is empty. If you re-enter Harry's
bedroom, you'll realize he's  gone... Go tell your dad,  who will check in with
you, but Harry is now back! Return to the  room to talk to Harry again, then go
look for the badge  again, which  is not there.  Harry is  gone again  too, but
since your dad can't be of any help, just  look over the room yourself. Examine
the chair next to Harry's desk to reveal  a secret staircase. Down there, Harry
will get kidnapped. Since your dad was supposed  to look after Harry, head back
up to tell him what  happened. Now follow  him out of the castle  back in town.
Head out to the world map and  trek all the way to the  northeast corner of the
land to find a cave north of a poisonous pond.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ruins ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Enter the main room of the ruin and you'll  spot your dad below. Continue right
and head down the flight  of stairs to find  a chest north of  there containing
180 gold coins. Go back up and proceed right  down the stairway. Open the chest
here for an Antidotal Herb. Then enter the  little building above and break the
barrels inside for a T 'n' T ticket. Also  talk to the men here to realize this
is the kidnappers' hideout.  Head out and go all around  the building following
the path south to another chest containing  a Seed of Strength. Continue up the
stairs on the left and  proceed through  the door ahead. Cross  the room to the
next one and follow the path to find Pankraz battling some monsters. 

He will then join you. Step on the tile  in front of you to open the gate ahead
and proceed. Get  on the raft here  and paddle south  to get to  a chest with a
pack of Monster  Munchies. Get  back on the  raft and head  up, then right  for
another chest with a phial of Elfin Elixir. Continue right and up to the prison
cell room where Pankraz will  free Harry. While your father  holds the monsters
back, flee with Harry.  Return to where  you got the monster  munchies and head
through the door on the right  to be back at the entrance.  Head south and your
passage will be blocked by Bishop Ladja.  You can't defeat him, so just let him
wipe off your  team.  Pankraz  will come  to the rescue  and  take care  of the
minions. Watch the ensuing, unfortunate events...

------------Ten Years Later------------

6. The Return of the Hero

-Talk to Harry on the roof, then pay a visit to the prison

-Return to the roof to be taken to sleep time

-Talk to all the slaves in the room, then leave

-Go to the main room to find Maria and save her

-Talk to Harry twice to then be release by Joshua

-Use the barrel to escape

You will find yourself a slave for the kingdom of Partina. Head up on the right
until you are on  the roof of the  temple, where  you can talk to  Harry in the
southeast corner. Then, head down the staircase in the opposite corner and exit
south through  the opening  leading  to a slave  cemetary. Continue  up  to the
prison area and  check the first  cell to see a  man emprisoned  inside. Now go
back to the roof  for night-time.  After waking  up later,  speak with  all the
slaves around the room, then go for the  door. A guard will come in. Leave this
room and return to the central slave chamber  from the roof to find Maria being
attacked. Harry will go rescue her, so do the same and take on the other guard.
Defeat the two guards to then be thrown  in jail. Talk to Harry twice and Maria
will come  and free  you, with  the help  of a soldier  who  happens to  be her
brother. Joshua will ask you to take Maria away and help you escape. Get inside
the barrel to be taken away by the waves. You'll land at the Goddess' home.

7. The Sword From The Above

-Attend to Maria's ceremony, then talk to her and Harry to leave

-Travel to Fortuna, then return home to Whealbrook

-Speak with the old man, then enter the cave using the raft

-Make your way to the bottom and pick up the Zenithian Sword

-Sleep the night at Roundbeck, then travel back to Coburg

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Heaven's Above Abbey ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

When you wake up at the church, leave the  bedroom to find Harry, who will take
you to Maria's ceremony  to become a nun.  You're now set free  to explore your
new surroundings. First,  go talk to Maria  in the room on the  floor above and
she will give you 1,000 gold coins from her brother. Now head downstairs to the
first floor and enter  the opposite room  with a little girl  and a nun inside.
Talk to the nun to receive the Crude image.  Now leave the abbey and join Harry
at the entrance. Tell him you're ready to  leave and bid farewell to Maria. Now
equip whatever left you have on Harry and travel north to Fortuna.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fortuna ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Time for item  fetching.  Enter the  fortune-teller's   house  in the northeast
corner of town and check the drawer inside  to find a Medicinal Herb. Now enter
the armor shop by the entrance  next to the item shop  and head upstairs. Check
the barrels to find  a T 'n' T ticket and  open the drawer in  the corner for a
Seed of Resilience. Next, go to the casino in the center of town and get on the
scene at the  back. Follow  the stairway  down to  the left  to get inside  the
dancers' backstage room. Open the dressers in here to find a Silver Tiara and a
Silk Robe. Also head  down the staircase  near the entrance  and check the jars
below to find another T 'n' T ticket. 

Back up in town, head down the stairs left of the inn which lead to the monster
taming place.  Break the  jars here  to  find a Pot  lid and  a pack of Monster
Munchies. Almost  done. Now  head to the world  map and  fight monsters  around
until nights  falls.  Re-enter  the  town and  go to that  small  house  in the
northwest  corner to  buy a wagon  for 300  gold coins.  Now  you can  get wild
monsters to join  your party! Lastly,  speak with  the fortune-teller  to learn
about your mom who should be north of there.  You're done in here, so it's time
to start traveling. Start heading northwest to Whealbrook.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Whealbrook ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

What desolation here. The village has been  destroyed while you were gone. Head
over to the open-air building with the only  remaining villagers near the cave.
Break the jar in the corner  to find a Seed of Wisdom,  then speak with the old
man who will recognize  you.  He will inform  you that years  ago, Pankraz  had
hidden something deep inside the cave. Exit  by the back and use the raft to go
inside the cave. Paddle up the stream to a staircase. Down there, proceed north
and open the chest for 850  gold coins. Continue left  down the next staircase.
Go to the back of the next room to find two chests containing a Seed of Agility
and an Iron Cuirass. 

Now head up  the other  stairway  in this  room and  go left.  Step on  all the
stones, then go down the northern stairs. The stones will have fallen above the
water below so you can  now grab the Night  Light from the chest  and peek down
the stairway  on the right.  Head down  the floor  below and  go down the  next
staircase leading to  a small room with  furniture. Open the  dresser to find a
Leather Kilt and break the jar to obtain a Seed of Strength. Check the chest at
the back to get Pankraz's letter and then  pick up the Zenithian Sword from the
ground. Now that's you've got the goods,  leave the cave and start heading west
on the world map. Make a quick stop at Roundbeck.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Roundbeck ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Talk to the villagers around  to learn about the ascension  of Prince Wilbur to
the throne, then go sleep at the inn. During  the night, Harry will suggest you
pay a visit to Coburg next. Spend a second  night at the inn, then speak to the
inn misstress in the  back room so she gives  you a ZizzWizz  Pillow. Now start
making your way back  to Coburg in the east.  The guard at the  bridge will let
you pass when he recognizes Harry.

8. The True Queen Behind The Mirror

-Try entering the castle the normal way, then use the raft to enter through the

-Make your way through the castle undergrounds, then head up to see Wilbur

-With the key he gives you, go read the diary in a locked room downstairs

-Return to  Heaven's  Above  Abbey to  recruit  Maria and  travel  to Abovitall

-Climb to the top of the tower with Maria and retrieve Ra's Mirror

-Return to Coburg Castle to defeat the false queen upstairs, using the mirror

-Go back to Littlehaven port and take the boat to Lodestar harbour

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Coburg Castle ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

If you want to make a good  action, talk to the poor little  girl at the castle
entrance and accept to spare some gold coins for her. It's only 5 coins, so why
not. Now enter the castle and Harry will ask that you keep his identity secret.
If you talk to the soldiers  upstairs, who'll  learn that the  queen is the one
who ordered the destruction  of Whealbrook, and that she's  pulling the strings
above Wilbur.  Try getting past  the guard  downstairs,  but he won't  let you.
Leave the castle and Harry will mention  the waterway. Go around the outside of
the castle to that door you  used to get out in the past.  You can't go in, but
head down to the raft on the small river around the castle. Paddle to the front
of the castle and get in the passageway underneath the drawbridge. 

Inside, dock and go step on the switch in the center to open the secret passage
ahead. Follow  the way  to a staircase,   then go  left and  up for two  chests
containing a Shellmet and some Steel Fangs. Then head up the other way and talk
to the old  man in the  first  cell to learn  about  the queen's  evil  doings.
Continue left  to find the (real)  queen in  a cell. After  speaking with  her,
proceed south and  up the stairway.  Step on the  switch on the  floor above to
open the gate and continue  up the stairs  to wind up in the  garden. Make your
way to the top of the castle and speak with  Wilbur in the throne room. He will
hand over the Key to Coburg, which opens  these locked doors around the castle.
With this key in hand, return  to the castle entrance  and head up the stairway
on the left which leads  to the rest room  where all the soldiers  hang around.
Open the blue door  in here to enter  a room with  three treasure  chests. Open
them to obtain Iron Armour, 1200 gold coins, and a Seed of Life. 

Now leave  and re-enter  the castle  by  the blue  door on the  right  side. Go
through the other blue door inside and break  the pots in the small room beyond
to obtain a Mini medal. Also in this room,  examine the right bookshelf to read
the diary about the tower to the south.  Go down the staircase and hop into the
warp in the basement to be teleported to a new part of the world map. You won't
be able to enter  the tower just  yet, so travel  north from the  warp area and
cross the bridge to be back  at Heaven's Above Abbey.  Go speak with the nun in
front of the organ and  she'll tell you  that you'll need a  maiden with you to
enter the tower. After Maria joins your team, travel back to the tower.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Abovitall Tower ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Approach the front  gate and  Maria will help  you open  it. Inside, cross  the
garden where you'll see Pankraz's spirit. Head up the stairway in the northeast
corner and open the  chest ahead for 650  gold coins. Then cross  the bridge in
the middle and head up. Proceed up the right  path and up again. Break the pots
on the floor above to  obtain a phial of  Magic Water. Now go  back down to the
previous floor which has a large gap in the center. Standing on the edge of the
gap, walk all around the hole to get those two chests at the back, containing a
Scale Shield and a Seed of  Magic. Then go through the  opening in the fence on
the left and  head up to  the next floor.  Proceed  up again  through the  next
stairway to find yourself at  the top of the tower. As  you head on the bridge,
you'll notice a  missing piece.  If you step in  the middle of it,  you'll fall
back down below. However,  if you cross  on the right or left  side you will be
able to walk  on thin air  and traverse  the invisible  pathway.  Pick up  Ra's
mirror on the other side. 

Now head back down the tower and return to Coburg Castle. Head up to the throne
room, but Wilbur is  gone. Climb upstairs  to the queen's chambers  to find out
there are now two queens,  and Wilbur is  puzzled as to which  is the real one.
Time to use the mirror.  Stand in front  of the left queen and  pull the mirror
out of the bag. You'll see the reflection of a monster, who will attack you. To
defeat the Faux  Dowager,  first cast  Buff on the  Hero and  Harry, then  cast
Harry's Dazzle and Kasap spells on the boss. After that, just keep on attacking
with normal attacks and healing  until she's down. After  the fight, Harry will
leave you and stay at the castle with his brother. Talk to him one last time to
receive  a Tombola   ticket.  Now it's   time  to  depart,   so travel  back to
Littlehaven, the port near Whealbrook, where you took the ship at the beginning
of the journey. Board the ship and cross the sea to new horizons.

9. The Beast Of Hay Village

-Enter the pub in Lodestar and defeat the two bad guys, then accept to help the

-Travel south  to Hay village  and speak  with the  three men  inside  the east

-Travel west to the cave where the beast lies and work your way to the end

-Show Bianca's ribbon to the beast, then return to Hay to claim your reward

-Walk west from Lodestar Harbour to arrive at Zoomingale

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lodestar Harbour ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

First thing first, head over  to the inn/pub where a bunch  of scum will attack
you. Defeat them, then a man  will request your help.  Accept to get rid of the
monster in his village  to receive 1,500  gold coins. Now check  the dresser in
the middle room upstairs to find a T 'n' T ticket and break the pot in the left
room to get 50 gold coins.  Secondly, get on the scene  in the center and enter
the backstage room. Check the  dressers in there to find  a Silk Apron. Then go
to the weapon/armor shop and check the dresser upstairs to find a pair of Boxer
shorts. Next, examine the spark  in the grass with the  flowers on the right of
the church to find a Mini medal  and the spark on the  left for 100 gold coins.
Also stop by the monster taming place and  break the jars to find yet another T
'n' T ticket. Lastly, climb to the top of  the lighthouse by the docks and open
the drawer in the ogre's room to find another Mini medal. That's really it. Now
leave town and walk south to find the village of Hay.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hay ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

So this is where you're supposed to defeat the monster. Pretty peaceful. Before
getting down to  business, cross  the bridge past  the inn and enter  the first
house there. Break the jars inside to find a Mini medal and a Seed of Strength.
Then enter the second house  on the right and break the  barrel inside to get a
good old Leather  Hat. Next,  cross  the second  bridge down  the river  in the
middle of  the village  and examine  the  odd tile  on the ground  to  reveal a
stairway. Go down  the hidden passageway  leading  to a chest with  a Kamikazee
Bracer. Now enter  the biggest  house east  of the village.  You'll overhear  a
conversation between the villagers and one  of them will leave. Go upstairs and
look inside the drawers for a T 'n' T ticket, as well as break the jars to find
a phial of Magic Water  and a Mini medal.  Head back downstairs  and speak with
the three men who will inform  you of the monster's location.  If you enter the
village at night, you'll get to see the monster in question. When you're ready,
leave the village and  travel west along  the mountains to find  the cave where
the monster hides.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Monster's Den ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Proceed right, then down to  find a spark glowing on a  skeleton. Examine it to
pick up a Mini medal. Continue down the  left path to find a chest containing a
Stone Axe. Head through the right path after  that and go downstairs. If you go
southwest from the stairs,  you'll find  a chest but it's actually  a Cannibox.
Instead, jump  down any  of the holes  around this  room to  fall on the  floor
below. Open the chest at the  bottom here to obtain an  Iron Cuirass. Now climb
back to the previous floor, and from the first staircase, head souteast to find
a third stairway leading down to the monster's den. 

Before going in, take Bianca's  ribbon out of the bag  and put it in the Hero's
bag. Now go take on the beast. You can't win this fight, so don't try. Just use
Bianca's ribbon during the fight to end it. If you forgot the ribbon, just flee
the battle and start over.  Well, it turns out, the monster  is none other than
your old friend the  sabrecat! He will join  your party and  give you Pankraz's
Sword. *Tears* Now it's time to return to  Hay to claim your reward. Go talk to
the man in the large  house to receive your  1,500 gold coins  and also talk to
the man in the house on the  left of the field with the  scarecrow. Examine the
scarecrow afterwards to pick up the Terrorcrow.  Now your next destination is a
town located west of Lodestar.

10. The Spells Of Prof. Toilen Trubble

-Pay a visit to the Professor and accept to help him with a spell

-Go retrieve the lunar Zoombloom at night, on the world map west of the town

-Bring back the plant to the Prof. and use Zoom to Coburg

-Visit Harry at the castle to receive a gift from him, then return to

-Travel south to Scuttlebutt, then traverse the cave nearby and proceed  to

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Zoomingale ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Enter the inn at the entrance and break  the pots on the second floor to find a
Mini medal. Enter the pub and break the  barrels to find a Tombola ticket, then
go upstairs and  break some  more barrels  in the left room  to find a  Seed of
Magic and check  the drawer in the  middle room  for a T 'n' T ticket.  Go back
outside and head down the stairway on the right of the church's building. Break
the jars here to obtain a Seed of Agility  and a Mini medal. Now you'll want to
enter that house  where the purple  smoke is coming  out from. Walk  around the
item shop on the  left and follow  the path behind  the pub to find  a stairway
leading down. Rotate the camera to see a pathway going under the buildings. 

Take that  way to  Professor  Toilen  Trubble's  house,  where  you can  find a
Chimaera Wing in the jar at  the front. Inside the house,  break the jars under
the staircase for a Medicinal Herb and the barrels in the corner for a phial of
Magic Water. Then speak with  the Professor and accept  to help him concoct his
next spell. He will request that you bring  him some lunar Zoombloom. The plant
is found directly on  the world map, and  can only be seen during  night. Leave
the village and  start heading  all the way  west, past  the mountain  with the
lake. Walk until  you get to the  leftmost side  of the world map,  at a little
gulp at the end of the  land. If it's still  daytime, use the  Night Light from
your bag to switch to night and spot the glowing dot on the ground. Pick up the
Lunar Zoombloom. 

Take the plant to  the Professor,  then talk to  him again to receive  the Zoom
spell. Use this new spell right in front of him to warp to any village from the
list. I would say take  the opportunity  to warp to Coburg and  go see your old
friend Harry at the top of the castle. He  married Maria! Go check the chest in
his old bedroom  to read his  letter, then  go back to talk  to Harry  again to
receive the Marital Organ. Then zoom back to Zoomingale and walk south from the
town to find a little house on the map. Make a stop there.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Scuttlebutt ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Check the pots on the right side of the house outside to find a Tombola ticket,
then go inside. Peek down the well in front of the church and examine the spark
on the ground  to obtain  a Mini  medal.  Also check  out the  book on  the inn
counter to pick up a copy of the Scuttlebutt Alledger. That's all for your stop
here, so now head out to the world map and proceed south to a little cave. Walk
down the southeast path to find a chest  containing a Mini medal, then continue
southwest to be back outside. You'll find  a town nearby as you emerge from the

11. Circle of Love, Fire and Water

-Go to Briscoletti's mansion  and talk  to everyone  waiting  in line to  marry

-Travel south on the world map to get to a volcano and retrieve the ring in its

-Return the ring  to Briscoletti,  then take the  ship north  and walk east  to

-Go to the last house and spend  the night there, then accept that Bianca joins

-Back to the ship have Bianca open the gate and sail northeast to a cave behind
a waterfall

-Retrieve the ring deep down within the cave and bring it back to Briscoletti

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Monstroferrato ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

As you enter  this new  town,  a dog will  run up  to you and  you will  meet a
grown-up Nera, the little girl from the  ship at the beginning of the adventure
years ago. Enter the inn afterwards and  check the drawer in the second room to
find an Iron Shield.  Next, go inside the  house south of the  inn and open the
dresser for a Mini medal. Also check the dresser upstairs for a Tombola ticket.
Now head over to Mr. Briscoletti's villa in the southwest corner of town, south
of his mansion. Open the drawer on the first  floor to obtain a Seed of Wisdom.

Go to the mansion after that,  where you'll find a line-up  to marry Nera. Talk
to all gentlemen in line, then Briscoletti  will come down and let you in. Only
the one  who brings  back  two special   rings will  be  allowed  to marry  his
daughter. Go upstairs and check  the drawers in Briscoletti's  room to find a T
'n' T ticket and  a Silk Apron,  and the dresser  in Nera's  room for  a Silver
Tiara. Whether  or  not you  want to  marry Nera,  your  next task  will  be to
retrieve the rings,  so leave  the village  and start heading  south along  the
dirth path on  the world  map until  you get to  a chain of  mountains,  in the
middle of which you'll find a volcano. This is where the first ring, the Circle
of Fire, lies.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Volcano Cave ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Inside, proceed west to meet up with Crispin.  Head down across the left bridge
south of him to find a chest at the end of the path, containing 450 gold coins.
Keep following  the  main path  around the  pool of  lava until  you come  to a
staircase leading  down. Head onwards  and go north  at the second  fork in the
path for a chest with a T 'n'  T ticket. Then head down  the slope on the right
and walk around the steeming hot stone floor  to get to a chest with a Staff of
Antimagic. Heal  the party, then  get back on the  main path and  return to the
last fork. Head along the path south until  you come to another fork. Go right,
then down for a chest  containing an Iron  Helmet. Return to  the previous fork
and head north to another staircase. 

On the next floor,  head north across  the hot lava  stones for  a chest with a
Seed of Resilience, then go northwest through  the leftmost path for a chest in
the corner containing 1500 gold coins. Now return to the first path and proceed
north through the  middle pathway  across the hot  stones. When  you get to the
end, there will be two staircases. The south one leads to a room with a healing
circle, and the top one leads  to the Circle of Fire,  which is guarded by some
Magmen. These enemies  are pretty tough  as they have a fire  attack spell that
does a lot of damage. 

What I do for this fight is take the sabrecat out of the party as he is weak to
their attacks  and will most  likely die fast.  I keep the  Hero attacking  the
enemies while my healing monster  (a Slime Knight) heals  himself and the Hero.
You can also use spells like Kasap to lower the enemies defence first or if you
have any monster with  ice spells, or spells  to put enemies  alseep, use that.
After the battle,  the Circle of  Fire is yours.  Return to Monstroferrato  and
give the ring to Briscoletti,  who will then lend you  his ship to go fetch the
second ring. Leave town and take the ship  up the river to a gate blocking your
way. Get off on the east continent and walk to the nearest village.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Stockenbarrel ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Enter the item shop first and check the  pots to find a Seed of Strength. Don't
break the second pot unless  you wanna fight an enemy.  Secondly, go to the inn
and head down to the basement to find a  Mini medal in one of the barrels. Then
go upstairs and check the drawers in the bedroom for a Medicinal Herb. Now head
over to the last house at the  back of the village. Before  going in, head into
the opening under the  balcony to find more  grass to explore.  Climb down into
the well here to find a chest containing  a T 'n' T ticket. Now enter the house
and the man in bed  will recognize  you. He's Whitey,  Bianca's  father! Bianca
will then come in and talk you into staying  the night. In the morning, go talk
to her dad while she prepares breakfast, and she will then propose that you two
go get the Circle  of Water  together. Accept  her offer  to have her  join the
party. Equip her with better  equipment, then go back  to the ship. Bianca will
be able to open  the lock on the  gate, so you can  now go on. Sail  northeast,
in-between two pieces of land forming a little water pathway going north into a
cave hidden in the waterfall ahead.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Waterfall Cavern ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This cave is pretty straightforward at first, so just head along the path until
you encounter a man deeper  within the cave. Make your  way to the western side
of this room where you'll see a staircase and a large hole below. Drop down the
hole and follow the path south  leading to a chest with  a Robe of Serenity. Go
back up and drop down  the other hole to  fall back down. Proceed  northeast to
another stairway and continue  to a room with a large  waterfall in the center.
Follow the path  leading down into  the water and  keep on walking  east on the
other side of the path, which will end you up in a room with a chest containing
a phial of Elfin  Elixir. Now return  to the room  with the waterfall  and head
down the path  going into the  water. Walk  around on the  water pathway  going
behind the waterfall,  where you'll find  a little openning  and a chest on the
right, which contains 1200 gold coins. Now  enter the very last room where lies
the ring. Don't worry, there are no enemies to defeat this time. Simply pick up
the Circle of Water, then head out and return to Monstroferrato. 

12. The Hand Of The Heavenly Bride

-During the night, go speak with Bianca and Briscoletti, then go back to bed

-The next morning,  choose  your bride,  then go  retrieve the  wedding veil in

-After the  marriage,  head to the shrine  to  check on  the jar,  then  go see

-Travel back to Lodestar Harbour to board your new ship

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Monstroferrato ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Bring the ring back to Briscoletti  and you will have  the night to think about
who you want to  marry the next  day. Unable  to sleep,  you'll wake up  in the
middle of the night. Take a  breath of fresh air outside  and go talk to Bianca
in the villa, as well as to  Briscoletti in the mansion.  Once you've spoken to
both, return to the inn and speak with the  manager to go back to bed. The next
morning, you'll be summoned  to Briscoletti's  mansion and requested  to choose
your bride between Bianca,  Nera, or...  Debora. Once you've  made your choice,
talk to the girl you wish to marry.


Choose Bianca  for a  balanced  party member  with  decent magic  and  physical

Choose Nera for a very  strong magic user  with healing and  attack spells, but
very poor combat skills.

Choose Debora  for  a powerful  physical   combattant  with good  defence,  but
mediocre magic capacities.


After that is set, Briscoletti  will ask that you go retrieve  the wedding veil
at Stockenbarrel. That's  not very complicated,  simply zoom  there or take the
ship and speak with the item shop owner  to receive the Wedding Veil. Return to
Monstroferrato with it and the preparations  for your wedding will be complete.
After the marriage ceremony, you'll wake up in the villa with your new wife who
will join the party. You'll also find some  Honey buns in your bag. Now go talk
to Briscoletti in the mansion to let him  know how things are. He will ask that
you check  on a jar  in a shrine  he owns,  west of  Stockenbarrel.  Also,  the
treasure chests behind him  are now unlocked, so open  them to obtain 2000 gold
coins and the Zenithian Shield.

As you leave town, you'll  need to re-organize  your party and  equip your wife
with the best equipment, including the wedding veil. Now take the boat and sail
to the piece of land west of  where Stockenbarren is located.  Enter the shrine
and head down the long stairway leading down to the jar Briscoletti mentionned.
Well, it's blue. So head back up and return  to Monstroferrato to tell the news
to Briscoletti, who will allow  his daughter to accompany  you on your journey.
You can now proceed to Lodestar  Harbour, where your very  own ship is awaiting
you at the port.

13. The Lost Knick-Knacks (optional)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lodestar Harbour ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Enter the  building  on the docks  where  your ship  awaits  inside and  before
boarding, speak with the merchant  sitting at the table  on the left to buy the
Ship in a bottle.  Then talk  to the Captain  to get on  the ship and  tell him
you're ready to depart.  Now before getting  on with the main  quest, there are
several spots to explore with the ship to get more items. First, sail east from
Lodestar and dock on that little island in the middle of the sea, which you can
see on your map. Enter the oasis village there.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Ventuno ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Go left as you enter and get on the small  boat at the end of the dock to board
a bigger boat, where the casino  is. First, check the  barrels in the northeast
corner of the ship to  find a Mini medal  and a T 'n' T ticket.  Also check the
barrels in the  southwest  corner for  another T  'n' T ticket.  Now enter  the
cabins at  the south  end of the  ship (below  the  church)  and check  all the
drawers  inside  to find  a Tombola  ticket   and  a T 'n'  T ticket.  Then  go
downstairs and  break the barrels  to find  a Mini medal.  Go downstairs  again
twice to get to the very bottom  of the ship and break  the barrels here for 30
gold coins. 

Now head back to the  deck and go down to  the casino via the  stairways in the
center of the  ship. Check the  ground near  one of the  stairways for  a shiny
object which is in fact a Casino token.  Go back to the deck and enter the room
at the north end of the ship.  Check the cabins inside  and open the dresser in
one of them to obtain  a Dancer's costume.  Then enter the room  above this one
and check the drawer  in the little cabin  for a T 'n' T ticket.  That's it for
here, so now return  to your own ship and  get ready for a little  detour. Sail
all the way south around the continent in  the very middle of the map until you
find a little island with a building south of that continent. 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knick-Knacktory & Dominicus' Dominion ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Enter the area and speak with  the old man who will request  a knick-knack from
Dominicus' Dominion.  Get  back on the  ship and  sail southeast  to that  long
narrow piece  of land  at the  very  bottom of  the map  (at the  right  of the
desert). Land there and walk  to the castle in the middle,  which is Dominicus'
Dominion. Open the chest behind the castle for an Iron Mask, then go inside the
castle and speak with the king. He says  he gave the medal to the innkeeper, so
go talk to the lady at the  entrance (talk to her directly  behind the counter,
not across the counter or it won't count). 

She herself gave the medal to someone else, so talk to the man standing next to
the bank counter. He threw  the medal away. Great. Go  back outside and talk to
the slime on the  right of the castle,  which would  be crushed  behind a large
gold medal. Help her out and  she will give you the so  desired Maxi Medal. Now
take that  back to  the old  man who  requested  it and  he will  give you  the
Knick-Knactory. Inside, go  through the door below the  right stairway and head
down to the basement. Break  the barrels here to obtain  a Mini medal and two T
'n' T tickets.  Return  to Dominicus'  Dominion   afterwards  and speak  to the
innkeeper again behind the counter to buy the Chocolate Medalliyum for 480 gold
coins. Now  you're  done  with that,  so  it's time  to  get back  to the  main

14. Errands In The Desert

-Travel to Helmunaptra in the desert to the south

-Speak with the queen in the castle's garden of tranquility

-Try out the helm, then return to talk to the queen a last time

-Sail east from the desert to arrive at the Knot Welcome Inne

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Helmunaptra ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

From the knick-knack  island, take the ship  and sail south  to a desert. Enter
the little tent on the right and check the  jars inside to find a pair of Boxer
shorts and a Mini medal.  Then walk all  the way left to get  to the next town,
Helmunaptra. At the entrance, speak with  the knight who will recognize you and
hand over a treasure chest from Briscoletti.  Open it to fill your pockets with
2000 gold coins.  Enter the  weapon shop and  head downstairs  to the  bedroom.
Break the jar here to  obtain a Chimaera  Wing. Now enter the  castle and check
the drawers in the top-left  room to find a T 'n' T ticket  and the jars in the
kitchen at the right for a Seed of Resilience.  Watch out as the first jar is a
monster. Also break  the barrels along the  opposite wall for  a Seed of Magic.

Now head down the  staircase in  the hall to reach  the garden of  tranquility.
Head down the  well here and  examine the  spark at the  bottom to find  a Mini
medal. Climb back up to the garden and go speak with the queen on the left. She
will lead you  to the chosen's  grave  and will  have you try  the helm,  which
doesn't fit. Follow  her back  to the garden  and talk to  her again.  She will
suggest you return to your homeland of Gotha. Before leaving Helmunaptra, check
behind the castle to find a man lying on the ground. Push him over to the oasis
on the right  and he will  sell you  some items.  The parasol  can make  a good
shield for your wife. Now one last thing (optional): talk to a man in the armor
shop and answer "No" so he  tells you about the desert  rose. Then sleep at the
inn, and head out to the world map. Walk  a bit south to find a rock. Pick this
up to get the Desert Rose. 

You can get as many as you want by sleeping  at the inn every time. Now zoom to
Monstroferrato and take the ship back to  Stonckenbarrel. Head down the well at
the entrance  of town and  exchange  your  desert  rose for some  scintillating
sinter with the man in there.  Also, you can zoom to Fortuna  now and enter the
northwestern house during the night to buy  a bestiary (Big Book of Beasts) for
1000 gold coins. If you leave  ad re-enter town, you can  return there to buy a
knick-knack (slime  curio) for  5000 gold  coins. That's  all for the  optional
errands, so now we'll be returning home to Gotha.

15. The Road To Gotha Kingdom

-Travel northeast to the mountain from Knot Welcome Inne

-Traverse it to get to the village of Battenberg

-Cross the next cave in the east to arrive at Gotha after a long trip

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knot Welcome Inne ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

From the desert,  take the ship  and sail   directly east  to another continent
where you should find a little  house just above a line  of trees. Make a quick
stop there. Head up the stairs  going around the tree  and break the barrels to
obtain a T 'n' T ticket. If you want a Knick-Knat,  sleep at the inn here, then
speak with the innkeeper to receive the  Forget-me-Knot flag. You'll have to go
through the door leading behind the counter and talk to him there to obtain it.
When you're ready to go, leave this place and walk northeast to a cave beyond a
pond of poison.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mountain Path West ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Cross the two bridges at the entrance, then  after crossing the third one, head
up the path to a chest  containing 550 gold  coins. Continue  along the left up
the mountain where the path  will branch off. Start by  heading northeast where
you'll find a little staircase  leading down to a cave.  Break the first jar in
here to obtain a  Mini medal. The  second one is  a monster. Now  head down the
other staircase and speak with the strange  old woman to spend the night there.
During your sleep, some scary stuff will occur, but your strength will go up by
5 points from it, so it's worth  it. Well, that was odd,  but anyways leave the
cave and head up the little slope on the  left to get to a chest which contains
a Prayer Ring. 

Now go all the  way left, then  head down  and right along  the side to  find a
chest with a Mini medal inside. Head back up the path until you meet a soldier.
Talk to him and he will drop another chest  from Briscoletti. Open the chest he
leaves behind for a  Flowing Dress, which  can be equipped on  your wife or the
sabrecat. Now enter the cave behind and at the branching path, go left and open
the chest for another Mini medal. Proceed  north to the next stairway and leave
the cave by climbing up the little cliff in the middle. After crossing a couple
of bridges, you'll  find yourself  outside at last,  in a small  village up the

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Battenberg ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

As you set foot here,  your wife will collapse,  exhausted.  After spending the
night at the inn to rest, get up and break the barrel in the corridor to obtain
a pack of Monster Munchies. Now leave the inn and head up to the church to save
and also take a look  inside the drawer  to find a Tombola ticket.  Next, enter
the weapon/armor shop, do a little shopping, then head downstairs and break the
jars on the right to find a  phial of Paxa Punch. Then  go in the left room and
break the  barrels for  a Mini  medal. Also  check  the drawers  for a  T 'n' T
ticket. Last thing; speak with  the little boy across  the bridge, then talk to
the person in the bed in the armor/weapon shop's basement to receive the Batten
binnacle. That's all there is to get here, so now cross the bridge leading east
to a cave.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mountain Path East ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Start heading down the cave  to a larger room. Go down  the south path first to
find a chest containing  a Mini  medal, then  head through  the top-right  path
leading to two chests.  The top one is a  Mimic which might  drop a Mini medal,
and the bottom one contains  1500 gold coins.  Next proceed  into the east path
and go down. Jump down  the cliff and keep  following the next  path to be back
outside. Drop  down again  and open  the chest on  the ledge  to get a suit  of
Restless Armour. Re-enter the cave and head down the stairway at the end of the
path, then walk north to a  chest with a Yggdrasil Leaf.  Continue east for two
more chests in the top-right corner, first one being a Mimic which might drop a
Mini medal, and second one containing a Mini medal. 

Now go down, and  west to end back  outside on a  ledge. Open the  chest at the
left here for another  Mini medal, then  return inside and go  east through the
stairway at the end. Get the 270 gold coins from the chest below, then go south
and re-enter the cave by the other entrance. Follow the path to the next floor.
Start by going south to exit.  Talk to the man on the  cliff and asnwer "No" to
all of his questions  to receive a Mini  medal, a T 'n' T ticket  and a Flowing
Dress. Return to the previous room and head  down the stairway in the northwest
corner. Open the chest here for a Rockbomb shard, then go back up and head down
the stairway at the right of the room. 

Proceed along  the path  across  all the  stairways  until you  get to  a chest
containing 1600 gold  coins, then continue  going up to another  chest, a Mimic
which could drop  a Mini medal.  Take the stairway  up here, but  then climb it
back down right  after to go  south and get  the chest with  a Staff of  divine
wrath inside. Then climb  up for real and  open the two chests  in the top-left
corner for a Chimaeara Wing,  and the other is a Cannibox.  Now go back all the
way down to where you got 1600  gold coins from a chest  earlier. Drop down the
hole at the right  of the chest  to fall down, then  go south and  jump off the
cliff to be on the ground outside. Get the Dieamend from the chest nearby, then
go through the openning in  the cliffside to be back inside.  Open the chest on
the right for a Seed  of Agility (the other  is a Cannibox),  then finally exit
that cave through the  southwest entrance.  Leave the area and  walk north to a

16. The New King Of Gotha

-Go see Sancho in the house at the right of the castle then speak with the king
the next day

-Leave the castle and walk northeast to the Riteof Passage cave

-Make the statues face in the two rooms with the bird symbol

-Push the rock south of the switch, then step on it to let the water out

-Step on the switches in the last room in the right order to open the passage

-Retrieve the Royal Insignia, then defeat the fiends and return to Gotha

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Gotha Castle ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Finally home. Go to the little  house on the right side  of the castle first to
reunite with your old friend Sancho. He will take you to the castle to see your
uncle, the king Albert. During the chat, your wife will collapse again, and has
a surprise  ahead for  you. In  the room  you wind  up in, take  a look  in the
dressers to obtain a Diemend  and a Lacy Bustier. Exit  out to the balcony from
the door in this room and examine the spark on the ground to find a Mini medal,
then go back in. Go to the  room with the beds across  the dinning room on this
floor and check  the drawers  for a Seed of  Resilience.  Now head down  to the
throne room and king Albert  will inform you he's giving  you the throne if you
can retrieve an item from some dangerous place known as Riteof Passage. 

When you wake up that night, exit the throne  room south and go around the roof
to get down to the second floor of the castle. Speak with the guard here and he
will let you through. Enter  the southeastern room and  check the dressers here
for a Mini medal,  then head  down to the  castle's first  floor and enter  the
little house on the  left. Check the drawers  for a Tombola  ticket, then enter
the item shop behind and break  the barrels for a Seed  of Wisdom. Head over to
the church at the back  and go left into  a room with many jars.  Break them to
obtain a Seed of Strength, a Mini medal  and a T 'n' T ticket. Now it's time to
leave, but before you leave, pay one last  visit to Sancho in his little house.
Check the jar for a  Seed of Life and the  dresser for a pair  of Boxer Shorts.
You're all ready this time, so leave the  castle and walk east, then north to a

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Riteof Passage ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Inside this cave, head  north and you'll  see four blue doors  at the back. The
rightmost one has a bird symbol in front of it. Go through that one and step on
the switch on  the ground until  the two bird  statues are  facing each  other.
Leave the room and you'll notice the bird symbol has switched place. Go through
the second door which has the symbol and  step on the switch here too until the
bird statues are facing. Leave  the room and the place  will have changed. Head
south and  down the  stairway,  then  proceed  all the  way north  for a  chest
containing a Mini medal. 

Continue left to a room  with a gate, a  rock, and a switch.  Push the rock up,
then right so  it's positionned  straight  below the switch.  Then step  on the
switch to open the  gate and all  the water will  flow down. You'd  normally be
pushed away by the water, but you'll be held in place thanks to the rock behind
you. Wait for the water to all go, then  head up to the chest ahead and open it
to obtain a suit of Spiked Armour. Go down behind the door and step on the left
switch in the next  room to open  a passage. Go  down again to the  next floor.
Here, step  on the right  or left  switch  in front  of you,  then head  to the
northeast corner and step on  the top switch. Next, go  to the northwest corner
and step on the left or right  switch, then head back  down and proceed through
the middle path which should now be clear. 

Pick up the Royal Insignia,  then start heading back.  You'll be stopped by two
mysterious individuals. I found them very hard to defeat; the Robbin Hood deals
lots of damage and quickly  killed all my  monsters. Try to  keep them alive as
long as possible and  take down the right  foe first since he  has few HP, then
take on the bad guy, who will also try to heal himself at times. Cast spells on
him to lower his  defence and try  to put him to  sleep or anything  that could
help you, then  keep on attacking  and healing  until he's  down. Now  exit the
dungeon and return to Gotha.

17. Abduction At The Castle

-Show the insignia to the king, then speak with everyone downstairs and go back

-In the night, go check on your wife, then take the Talaria in the chancellor's

-Use the Talaria to warp to Northminster, then walk north to find a tower

-Work your  way to  the top  of the tower,  pull  both  levers,  then cross the

-Speak with the chancellor then go upstairs to defeat the bosses and speak with
your wife

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Gotha Castle ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

When you arrive  back at  the castle,  go see the  king to show  him the  royal
insignia, then the maid  will inform you  that the time has  come. Talk to your
wife upstairs,  then return  downstairs and  speak with  everyone in the  room,
including the guards, Sancho and the king.  You'll then be called back upstairs
to name your babies.  When you're  done, go  back downstairs  for the  crowning
ceremony. You'll awaken that night; head back up to your room, only to discover
your wife  is  gone.  After   the meeting  downstairs   is  over,  go into  the
chancellor's room in the top-right  corner of the second  floor and take a look
inside the dresser to find a pair of Talaria.  Now leave the castle and use the
Talaria outside to be warped to Northminster. Resurrecting fallen party members
is very cheap here,  so use the  opportunity if  you need. Rest  and save, then
head directly north on the world map to find a large tower.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tower of Treasures ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

As you enter the  area, you'll  see three  doors to the  tower. Start  with the
rightmost one and take the  stairs up. Defeat the enemy,  then step in the warp
and open the two chests for a Seed of Strength  and a Legerdemantle. Also break
the left pot below for a Mini  medal (the right one is  a monster). Now step in
either of the  warps and up  the stairs to  the next room.  Here you must  walk
between the spikes  to get to  the treasure   chest and to  the right stairway.
Simply walk a bit left, then  up and right to reach the  chest which contains a
Kamikazee Bracer, then go around the right  side of the room following the wall
to reach the eastern stairs. Continue up  the two next flights of stairs on the
right, then exit south to be outside and climb down the ladder to get to a room
with thee chests  holding a phial  of Magic Water,  880 gold coins  and a Mimic
which could drop a Mini medal. 

Now return to the room with  the spikes and go all the  left to the extremetity
of the room, up and then right to reach the left staircase. Walk around the gap
in the next room  and make it to  the next stairway.  On the floor  above, head
south from the stairs  to exit on  a small balcony.  Open the chest  here for a
suit of Zombie Mail. Go back inside and take the northeast stairs. Head out the
door in the bottom-right corner, cross the bridge and re-enter the tower on the
other side, taking the next flight of stairs up. In this room, push the rock up
in front of the  dragon statue on  the right to  block the fire  and keep going
north to cross, moving from the left to the right side to avoid the fire, which
won't reach you if you're at  the opposite extremity of  it. If you get burned,
make sure to heal after crossing. 

Head up the stairs  now and go all  the way left  in the next room  to find two
chests containing  a Mini medal  and a Yggdrasil  Leaf. Then, start  pushing as
many rocks as possible in this room down  the gap in the center so they fall on
the floor below. Go back downstairs and push these rocks over to the left where
more dragon statues are. Push each rock  in front of a statue to block the fire
so you can head down  unarmed. Try to block  all statues from  the same side so
you have enough rocks.  Head up the stairway  on the other side  after that and
climb up a couple more stairways until you  come to a lever. Pull it to lower a
part of the drawbridge, then  use the warp to reach a  little room with another
lever. Pull that one as well to completely lower the drawbridge, then check the
jar for a Mini medal and the  two chests for a Chimaera  Wing and a Mimic which
could drop a Mini medal. 

Now go back to the room below the one with the first lever and exit through the
door in the bottom-right  corner.  Cross the drawbridge  and head  up until you
come across the chancellor. Speak with him, then go upstairs and defeat the two
enemies  sitting  on the  thrones   to clear  the  path  ahead.  Go  downstairs
afterwards and talk to your wife. Get ready to face Kon, who isn't particularly
hard, has strong  magical attacks.  You can't  deal much  damage to him  on the
first few turns,  so heal and defend  until your  wife comes in  and breaks the
magical barrier protecting  him. After that, attack and  heal until the boss is
defeated. Watch the ensuing cutscenes and a new chapter will begin.

------------Eight Years In Stone------------

18. The Adventure Continues

-Speak with Albert to know where to head to next

-Zoom to Helmunaptra to get the Zenithian Helm

-Speak with Harry in Coburg to obtain the Hermes Helm

-Get the new spell from Prof Toilen in Zoomingale

-Obtain the Tusk-Tusk Inkwell from Northminster man

-Find a Mini Medal at Gorgie's place

After all the cutscenes, you'll  finally find yourself  back at Gotha with your
new family. The maid will give  you Madalena's Locket.  Leave the room and your
kids will join the party. Make sure to equip  the Zenithian Shield and Sword on
your boy, and equip your girl  with better equipment too.  Now go downstairs to
see uncle Albert who will inform you of  the location where your wife might be.
Before leaving  to rescue her,  there are  knights you can  talk to around  the
castle to make them potential party members.  By talking to Patty at the pub on
the second floor,  you can select  which soldier  to take with you.  Obviously,
this is all optional. On the  first floor, you can recruit  Tuppence, the green
soldier in the room  behind the  inn. Sancho is  also available  to add to your
party if you talk to Patty.

Fetch Quests (optional)

Now you may proceed on with the main quest, but first there are a few things to
go fetch around, if you wish.  Zoom to Helmunaptra to  begin with, and go speak
with the queen in the garden  again. She'll take you to  the helm and have your
son try  it. It  fits. You  receive  the   Zenithian  Helm.  Now  zoom over  to
Northminster and speak with the man on the first floor to obtain some Tusk-Tusk
Tusk Inkwell. Next, go back to Zoomingale and go talk to Prof Toilen in his bed
to get the  spell  Hocus Pocus.  Talk  to him  a second  time to  receive  some
Zoomshine too. You can also take the ship  and sail to Gorgie's house on a tiny
island in the southeast corner  of the map, and check  the closets in the house
to find a T 'n'  T ticket and a  Mini medal. If  you visit Stockenbarrel  there
should now be a monster in Bianca's backyard  guarding a chest, defeat him then
open the chest for a Silk Bustier.

Finally, zoom to  Coburg and go  talk to your friend  Harry in his  room at the
very top of the castle.  He will propose  your children all  play together. Now
head downstairs to Harry's  bedroom from when he was little  and your kids will
tell you Kendrick disappeared.  Enter the room and examine  the chair to reveal
the secret  passageway.  Go down  to find  Kendrick,  then go  back to  Harry's
current room and speak  with his son to  receive the Hermes  Helm, which can be
equipped on your daughter. That's pretty  much it for now, for you may continue
on with the quest. The remainning stuff might be too hard for your level now so
it will be covered in the sidequests section.

19. The Pathway To Forgotten Realms

-Sail to an underwater cave along the eastern continent and traverse it to 
reach Lofty Peak

-Retrieve the Magic Key as well as the Flying Carpet found in the village

-Use the carpet to reach the Tower  on the central  continent and  retrieve the
Magma Staff

-Use the magma staff to access the cave south of Lofty Peak and save the man in
the mine

-Make it to the end to reach the remains of Zenithia

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hermit House ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Your next destination  is the  large continent  to the east,  the one  that you
haven't explored yet. Sail to the very north  extremity of it and you'll find a
shrine on the world map. Enter the house there and break the jars to obtain a T
'n' T ticket and  a Seed of Wisdom.  Then head downstairs  to the  basement and
check the dresser for a Mini medal, as well as the chest containing a Dieamend.
Now leave this house and back on the world map, sail south along the east coast
of the continent  until  you spot a  little cave  that you can  enter with  the

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sea Passage ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sail up to a junction  and head north from  there. Land the  ship at the ground
spot and walk left, crossing a bridge leading  to a chest which contains Hades'
Helm. Return to your ship and sail north until you come to a chest containing a
Mini medal. Then sail west  and a long way south to reach  the exit. Follow the
river south, then walk left to get to a town.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lofty Peak ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

First of all, head up to the tower at the top of the village and speak with the
woman in the room  upstairs  to receive the  book Lofty  Lilts. Then enter  the
house at the left  of the lighthouse  and check  inside one of the  dressers to
find a Mini medal. Now  go down the stairs  at the right of  the lighthouse and
enter the little  house at the back  of the cliff.  Break the pots  in the left
room to find a Seed of Resilience, and talk  to the man here to entrust him the
Whealbrook Bluestone you got at the beginning of the game. 

Sleep at the inn,  then return  to talk  to  the man to receive  the Whealbrook
Sapphire. Then leave this house and follow  the stairs leading down on the left
to find a chest containing the Magic Key.  Go back up and head into the passage
on the right side  of the cliff.  At the end of  the tunnel, open  the chest to
obtain the Magic Carpet.  Now that you have  the flying carpet,  zoom somewhere
close to the continent in the very center of the world map and sail over to the
southern part. Use the  flying carpet (you  have to be standing  on flat ground
with no rocks  or trees)  to cross the  river, then  walk to  the tower  in the

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Zenithia Tower ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Enter the tower  and head  up either  stairway to  the second  floor. Take  the
stairs in the southwest  corner and head  up the next stairway  to find a chest
containing a set of Diamond Akillics. Go back down to the second floot and take
the stairs in the southeast corner. Enter the room on the right to find a chest
with a Yggdrasil Leaf,  then use the elevator  to go up, and  the next elevator
after that  to go  up some  more.  Go through  the  door  here,  then down  the
staircase. Enter the next room  and head up the first  stairway you come across
to find a chest above  containing a Mini  medal. Go back down  and up the other
stairway, where you'll find a long ladder going up. 

Climb it up and head up either stairway in the room above. You'll now be at the
very top. Enter the  room in the middle  and go up to pick up  the Magma Staff.
Now go back down to  the roof and head over  to the right side.  Climb down the
little ladder and go through  the door on the right, then  down again to a room
with some barrels and pots. Break them to obtain a T 'n' T ticket and a Seed of
Strength.  Now cast  Evac to  exit and   zoom  to Gotha.  Sail to  the eastmost
continent where Lofty Peak  is located and on the southern  end, walk up to the
cave blocked by some mountains and use the  Magma Staff while standing right in
front to melt the mountains and access the cave.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Old Mine ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Head down the  first stairway  inside the  cave, then cross  the next  room and
you'll find yourself  in a large room with  several mine carts.  Ride the first
one at the entrance, then head  down the small ladder  and go right. Change the
direction of the track with  the lever here and open the  chest on the right to
get 950 gold coins. Head south  from there to find another  chest at the end of
the track with a Seed  of Life inside. Go  back north and ride  the cart on the
left to get to a chest  containing a Mini  medal. Now head up  the small ladder
and change the direction of the track above using the southmost lever. Ride the
cart north of the track to be carried next to a staircase.

On the floor below, first go  north and pull the lever  there. Go back down and
ride the cart  next to the stairway.  Pull  the lever where  you land  and head
south to find a chest with a phial of Magic  Water. Ride the other cart on this
little island to be brought to another part.  Get the chest nearby for 750 gold
coins, then ride the  other cart which should  bring you to  a new track on the
left side. Go up the ladder and ride the  last cart for a long ride to the next
room. Use the  healing circle  here  to replenish  your HP and  speak with  the
priest to save. Pull both levers  along the track, then  ride the cart to reach
the next stairway.

In the room below you'll find a man trapped  in a cart. Pull the south lever on
the left to help him  out, then go south  and talk to him to  have him join the
team. Now go  back up and  pull the  north lever  just above  the one you  just
pulled to free the man. Go back down and ride the cart the man was on to get to
the area to the north. From  there, go left and walk around  the room until you
find a stairway.  It will lead you  back to the  room with the healing  circle.
Open the chest here to obtain the Staff  of Salvation, then go back down to the
previous room and walk north to where the  cart dropped you off. Go through the
passage at the top of the room to enter the next one.

Here, first go  right where  the three levers  are and pull  the northeast  and
northwest levers. Ride the cart at the entrance to bring it on the other track,
then re-enter the cart to ride it again  in the opposite direction. You'll land
next to another cart;  ride this one as  well, then head down  on the right and
pull the lever that  is the closest  to you. Ride  the same cart  again and the
something will  change in the  track. Now  pull all three  levers on the  floor
below, including  the one you had  pulled previously.  Ride the  same cart once
again to reach a new place. Go up the small ladder and ride the next cart to go
all around the room, then head up north  to the last room. Pull the lever here,
then ride the final cart and enjoy the ride.

20. Shadows Of The Past And Present

-Speak with  Dr Agon  in  Zenithia,  then  use the  flying  carpet to find  the

-Cross the Neverglade and obtain the Faerie Horn from the Faery Lea queen

-Play the faerie  horn at the lake  north of Zenithia  Tower to make the faerie
palace appear

-Obtain the Gold  Bauble from the  queen and use  it to enter the left painting

-Switch the gold bauble for the Gold Orb with your young self by the church

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Underwater Zenithia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Make your way to  the throne room  and examine the  floor behind  the throne to
find a hidden passageway. Head down and go right to trigger a scene. Talk to Dr
Agon for more flashbacks,  then leave the  castle and use the  teleport warp at
the entrance  to exit  the  cave quickly.   Now  your next  destination  is the
Neverglade, which  is close to Monstroferrato,   so zoom there.  Travel east to
come to a patch of poison; from there use  the flying carpet to cross the river
to a patch of sand between some tree lines. Get off the carpet and travel south
across the  two  bridges  to arrive  at  a large  patch  of forest.  Below  the
mountains in the  middle, there  should be a spot  with no trees.  Walk to that
little clearing to enter the Neverglade.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Neverglade ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Walk north to come to a house.  Inside, check the dresser  for a phial of Elfin
Elixir and break the jar for  a Mini medal. Leave the  house and proceed north,
then south to arrive at a pond. Continue east; here walk a bit down at the fork
to find a chest containing  1500 gold coins, then proceed  north from the chest
and you'll find a small  bondfire. Return  south on your steps  to the previous
area to find out it  has changed, and there's  now a chest in  the middle which
contains the Faerie Foil. After getting  that, go back to the bondfire and your
son or daughter (one of the two must be  in your party) will observe someone is
by the fire. Talk to the invisible  person on the left  of the fire and he will
bring you out  of the forest.  Re-enter  the forest  after that  and cross  the
lillypads. Walk  through the path  between the trees  on the left  and open the
chest for a T 'n' T ticket. Now return to the world map and enter Faerie Lea on
the left. 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Faerie Palace ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Go to the top  floor of  the palace  and speak with  the queen  to receive  the
Faerie Horn. Once you have  that, go back to your own  world and travel back to
the Zenithia Tower on the central continent.  Walk north from the tower to find
a lake. Head up using the raft until you  come to a waterlilly. Play the Faerie
Horn here to be brought to  the faerie palace. Inside,  speak with the queen to
receive the Gold Bauble.  Then go left and  speak with the guard  who shall let
you pass. Head over to the  right side and go down the  stairs across the south
room. Open  the two  chests down  there  to obtain  the Lightning  Staff  and a
Princess' Robe. 

Then go back upstairs  through the  middle staircase  and go in  the left room.
Place the Gold Bauble in the  hero's bag and examine the  painting to enter it.
You'll find yourself at Whealbrook, back through time. Enter Sancho's house and
speak with Pankraz upstairs,  answering "Yes" to his questions.  Then leave the
village by the usual  entrance to  be back at the  faerie palace.  Re-enter the
painting and head over to Whealbrook's church where you'll find the small hero.
Talk to him and switch the Orb. Well, it all makes sense now. Leave the village
again and exit the faerie  palace to be  back on the world map.  From there use
Zoom to warp to Zenithia.

21. Zenithia Castle And Dragon Reborn

-Place the gold orb back at Zenithia to raise  the castle and find the 
Grappling Hook within

-Fly to the southwest continent and use  the grappling hook  at the very top of
the tower there

-Retrieve  both Dragon's Eyes  from  the basement  by  defeating  the two  foes
guarding them

-Use the hook to get on the dragon statue and put back the eyes in place to 
open a passage

-Retrieve the Dragon Staff and Orb, then go speak with Dr Agon back at Zenithia

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Zenithia Castle ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Head back down to the basement and speak  with Dr Agon to put the gold orb back
in place. The castle will rise once again and you'll be free to explore around.
From the entrance, go through the west door and examine the right pool of water
in the room above to find some  Yggdrasil Dew. You can  get as many as you want
from there but  only one at  once. Then check  the drawers  in the room  on the
right to find a Mini medal  and a T 'n' T ticket. Talk  to the woman in here to
receive a Yggdrasil Sapling, then enter the chimney at the back of the room and
look inside the drawer in the room behind to find a Grappling Hook. Now, return
to the basement and step on the switch to take control of the castle. Naviguate
southwest to the desert west of Helmunaptra, surrounded with mountains. Land on
the patch of sand to the left, then walk right to the tower in the middle.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dragon Temple ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

You'll find the front door  locked, so instead climb up  the ladder on the left
and make your way to the very  top of the temple. Examine  the hook and use the
grappling hook you found in Zenithia Castle  to head down into the tower. Start
going down and open the chest on your way  for a Mini medal, then continue down
to find another hook point. Head down the  stairway nearby instead and open the
first chest for  2700 gold coins,  then continue  down the opposite  stairs for
another chest containing a suit of Devil  Armour. Then proceed all the way down
to the entrance floor. Pull the lever in  front of the door to unlock it so you
can leave and enter through there next time.

Now head down the stairway in the top-right  corner and cross the room with the
poison. You'll find  yourself in  a four-ways corridor  with four  big torches.
Start by the north path  and follow it all  the way to the end  to find a chest
with a Dark Shield. Return to the four torches  and head through the south path
this time. Ignore the first  stairway and continue south  to the one at the end
of the passage. Proceed through  the next room, then walk  north until you come
to an enemy guarding a treasure chest. Engage in a fight with Slon the Rook and
defeat him. He's  pretty easy; cast  Kabuff to raise  everyone's  defence, then
cast Oomph to raise  the attack of select  party members and  keep on attacking
while healing  after  each  big hit.  After he's  finally  defeated,  open  the
treasure chest to obtain the Dragon's left eye. 

Now cast Evac, and go  rest and save before  re-entering the  temple. Return to
the four torches and head into the left  path. Open the chest for Elfin Elixir,
then go down the stairs to a room with two chests. The top one is a Mimic which
should drop a Mini medal, and the bottom one contains a Mini medal. Now go back
up the same ladder you just went down and  head north following the path to the
very end where Ladja is standing. To defeat this boss, use pretty much the same
strategy,  but Ladja  a little  harder.   Start by  casting all  the necessary;
Kabuff, Kasap,  Oomph and Insulate,  then  start attacking  and healing  as the
fight goes. Keep  it on until  he's defeated,  then open  the chest to  get the
Dragon's right eye.

Now return to the entrance of the temple and head back the stairway to the hook
point half-way to the top. Attack the grappling  hook and slide down to land on
the dragon statue's head. Examine  both sides to place  the two eyes. A pathway
will open below. Jump down and go back up  to enter the passage in the statue's
mouth. Climb down either ladder  in the next room and  pick up the Dragon Staff
below. Climb back  up and go  down using the  grappling  hook to reach  another
entrance. Pick up the Dragon Orb in the next room, then cast Evac and return to
Zenithia castle.  Go to  the throne  room and give  the Orb  to Dr Agon  for an
unexpected surprise.  You will obtain the  Zenithian Tintinnabulum,  which lets
you call the dragon for a ride to anywhere. Neat. 

22. The Key To All Doors (optional)

-Go see Briscoletti in Monstroferrato and defeat Bjorn to retrieve the 
 Ultimate Key

Now would be the perfect time to get the  Ultimate Key, since you might need it
ahead, and you  should now be  around Lv30  which is recommended  for  the boss
battle to come. Firstly, zoom to Monstroferrato  and go speak to Briscoletti in
the mansion. He will request that you, again,  go check on the color of the jar
in his shrine.  If you  remember  well,  the shrine  is on the  island  west of
Stockenbarrel. Take the ship to there and  head down to observe that the jar is
now red. Return to Monstroferrato and a  guard will inform you that Briscoletti
is waiting at La Gardia, the tower left  of town on the world map. When you get
there, Briscoletti will leave you and Bjorn will arise. 

The battle can  be quite tough,  but with  the right party  and equipment  it's
do-able at Lv30-ish or below. Have the Hero,  the son, the sabrecat and someone
else. Bjorn will keep on casting spells to lower your defence and raise his, so
make sure one of your party  members has Kasap and Kabuff  which you should use
almost every turn while the others attacks.  Use Oomph to raise your attack and
the son's Insulate spell should  be used also. Heal every  now and then with at
least two party  members and keep  this going until  he's defeated.  Afterwards
you'll receive the Ultimate Key, which allows  you to open all the doors around
the land, along  with the  Magic Key  you got earlier.  Since  you passed  some
locked doors before,  now would  be a good time  to go back to these  doors and
unlock them to stock on new free items.

Let's start with Roundbeck.  Fly there and enter the pub.  You can't go through
the door on the left, and it's probably been bugging you since the start of the
game. Talk to  the barmaid  at the counter  and  answer "No"  you don't  want a
drink. She will open  the door. Head downstairs  to the basement  and break the
jars to find a Mini medal. Now open the red door and get the Stone Fangs and 15
gold coins from the chest. Well, at least  you got the medal. Secondly, zoom to
Lodestar Harbour and enter  the inn during the day. Head  to the backstage hall
behind the scene and unlock  the red door on the right.  Head up the stairs and
get the two chests for a Seed of Life and a Thorn Whip. 

Next, zoom to Fortuna and enter the prison by going down the stairs at the back
of the town in the left corner. Examine  the wooden stool in the middle cell to
find yet another Mini medal. Then, go to Dominicus's Dominion (the Medal King's
castle) and unlock the  gates downstairs  to find three chests  which contain a
Golden Tiara, and two Mini  medals. Lastly, go back to  Gotha and open the blue
door on the right side of the  church, next to a stairway.  Retrieve the Prayer
Ring, Robust Lingerie and Happy Hat from  the three chests, then head up to the
pub on the second floor. Open the red door  next to it and check the chests for
3000 gold coins and  a Meteorite Bracer.  That's all there is  to get sadly, so
let's return to the quest. 

23. Gateway To The Other Side

-Fly to the slave sanctuary at the north end of the central continent and 
defeat Ferz

-Find the secret passageway and work your way through the temple

-Defeat Korol and then later return to the water cave near Lofty Peak

-Sail north and place the Circles of Life, Water and Fire on the statues to 
open the gate

-Travel east to Precaria

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sanctuary ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Call the dragon and fly to the shrine at the north tip of the center continent,
atop some unreachable mountains.  At the entrance, rotate  the camera and enter
the guardpost on the  left. Open the cell  door with the ultimate  key you just
got and break the pots to find a Serf Wear and a T 'n' T ticket. Then enter the
right building  and speak with  the guard  inside. Answer  "No" to engage  in a
fight and defeat  him. Now pick  up your Zenithian  Armour and equip  it on the
son. Enter the temple  when you're  ready and speak  with the guards  inside to
defeat them. Then go talk to  the priestress at the back,  who will turn into a
boss battle after you've answered "Yes" to her questions.

To defeat Ferz,  simply use the  same startegy as  for Bjorn since  she is much
easier. She mostly uses physical attacks  which are easy to recover from with a
healer on the lookout in your party. Cast all the necessary spells to lower her
defence and increase  your attack,  then she  will go down  quickly. After  the
battle, use the son's Sheen  spell to lift the curse on  everyone on your team,
and if you need, go  out to rest and save.  Re-enter the sanctuary  when you're
ready to proceed and  return to the spot  where your wife's  statue is. Examine
the center  of the  floor where  the  darker  tiles are  to discover  a  hidden

Heading down within the undergroud,  you'll recognize  the place from your time
as a slave. Follow the way to a bright room  that looks different from the rest
and head upstairs. Go  down the stairway  in the bottom-right  corner and enter
the next room below. Go up the stairs, then follow the path to the right and go
south. Climb down  the small ladder  and follow  the path to the  next room. Go
down the stairs here and go south to get the chest containing a Cobra Claw. Now
head left from there  and up the ladder  at the end. Continue  down the ladders
south to a small room where you'll find  two chests which contain Serf Wear and
a Ruinous Shield, as well as Maria's brother, or what remains.

Now go back to the previous  room and walk  through the opening  in the wall on
the left. Go around  the room and follow  the path to be back  in the room from
before. Climb down the ladder  in the middle and down  the stairway to find the
main chamber where Korol  awaits. This boss  is quite harder  than the previous
one, but about the  same as Bjorn.  Have the sabrecat  equipped  with the cobra
claw you  found for  a lot  of damage,  especially  doubled  with  Oomph.  Cast
Insulate and Kabuff, and watch as the boss will occasionally cancel the spells.
Cast them again and keep attackingand healing.  You can cast Kasap,but don't do
it after Korol has casted his magic barrier. 

After the fight, you'll receive the Circle of Life, which can be equipped as an
accessory. Leave the sanctuary and the ring will speak to you as you exit. Head
back up to your wife's statue  who will finally be back  after all those years.
You'll then find yourself back at Gotha.  After speaking with your family, head
downstairs to  see Albert and  leave the castle  to finish  the adventure.  You
might want to talk to Patty in the pub on  the second floor so you can add your
family members back into the party, and re-equip your wife. You're now going to
enter Nadiria, so start by zooming to Lofty Peak.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Nadiria ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

From Lofty  Peak,  take the  ship north  into  the cave  nearby.  Inside,  sail
directly north all  the way to a  shrine. Enter  and you'll see  three statues.
Place the Circle of Life you just earned on the middle statue and the Circle of
Water and Fire that you got at your wedding on the right and left statues. Just
stand in front of them and use the items from your bag. A gateway will open and
you'll be warped to a new world map. As you head out, Mada will entrust you the
Sage's Stone. Outside, travel east to find a village on your way.

24. End Of The Eternal Slumber

-Make a stop at Precaria, then travel all the way north to Mt Zugzwang

-Head up to the summit of the mountain to defeat Ladja

-Proceed to find  the Aspersorium,  then  use it  on the lava  pool to reveal  
a path

-Continue to the final area to take on the boss

-Enjoy the ending...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Precaria ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

Break the barrel at the back  of the village to obtain  a Mini medal, then head
down the stairs to the pub.  Break the barrels in the  room at the back for a T
'n' T ticket, then head upstairs to the mill. Check the jars in the bottom-left
corner to find another T 'n' T ticket and  a Seed of Resilience. Also check the
barrels in the  top-right  corner for  a phial of  Elfin Elixir.  Climb  up the
ladder in the  opposite corner  afterwards  and talk to  the monster up  there.
Answer "Yes"  to obtain  the  Annalum  Retentium.  Then  go right  to exit  the
watermill. Defeat the  monster outside,  who will drop a Mini  medal, then open
the chest behind to  get Stolos' Staff.  Now leave the village  and head south.
Walk along the east shore and then north  to the top of the northern continent.
Enter the building here.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mount Zugzwang ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

When you enter this area, cast Safe Passage  with your son so you can cross the
poison unharmed. Head north to the first stairway, and you'll come to two jars.
Leave them alone unless  you want to fight  enemies. Continue  northwest to the
next stairway.  Proceed south  to another  staircase which  will lead  you to a
chest containing  a Dark Robe  if you go north.  Go back  down to the  previous
floor and head north to find the staircase  to the next floor. Proceed south to
the next stairway,  then south  again to   end up  outside on  the edge  of the
mountain. Follow  the path until  you can climb  up a slope on the  right which
leads to a chest with an Ogre Shield. Continue  west across the bridge and take
the stairway north of there. Open the chest  downstairs to obtain a Mini medal,
then head back up and go south into the  cave. Climb up the stairs northwest to
the top of the mountain and go left to battle two enemies, which will then lead
into the fight against Ladja. 

I found him  to be rather  easy  at around  Lv35,  especially  compared  to the
previous few bosses.  He only  attacks once  per turn and  often with  physical
attacks that can be  recovered from easily  with Fullheal. Use  Multiheal (your
son should have  it) to recover  from his  magical attacks.  Cast Insulate  and
Kabuff to protect yourself and Oomph to  increase your attack. If you need more
healing, use the  Sage's Stone  every turn  to stay healed.  The only  annoying
thing with this  fight is that Ladja  will paralyse  your characters  once in a
while but it wears off  after a few turns.  After the battle,  watch the scene,
and if you need, cast Zoom to return to a town and heal/save. Then zoom back to
Mt Zugzwang. 

From where you fought Ladja,  head down south to find  a chest on the left edge
which contains a Double-edged Sword. Now there's a cave on the right and one up
north. Enter the  north one first,  where you'll  find arrows on  the floor. Go
left and step on the rightmost arrow line first to be brought to a stairway. Go
down and step on the  short line of arrows  pointing east on  your right so you
can grab the chest  containing  a Mini medal.  Now step  on the arrow  directly
north of the chest to reach the stairway above. Go upstairs and step on the two
arrows on the right of the stairway, then  walk south on the normal floor until
you reach a little stream and on the left you should see two items. Step on the
last arrow at the bottom pointing left and  it will bring you inside the square
of arrows so you can pick up  the Sun Crown and the Aspersorium.  Now return to
the entrance of the room and  head down the leftmost staiway.  Downstairs, step
on the only arrow pointing  right east of  the stairs and follow  the path to a
chest with a T 'n' T ticket. Go back to the first room and exit the cave. 

Now enter the other cave on the right. Stand  in front of the pool of lava here
and use the Aspersorium  you just found  to turn it into a pool  of water. Head
down the staircase in  the middle and in  the room below, go  for the southeast
corner to find a chest with  a Metal King Helm. Just don't  step on the grates.
Then go to the northwest corner of the room to find 3300 gold coins in a chest.
In the southwest corner there's a chest  also but it's a Mimic. Fight it if you
want, it should drop  a Mini medal. Then  step on the three  grates on the left
side to fall down below.  Head up the stairway  here and then  walk up north to
another stairway.  In the next  room, go through  the passageway  on the  right
behind the two  pillars  to find a Ghoulroarer   on the ground.  Return  to the
previous room and follow the path northeast to a gate. There's nothing down the
stairs so just head through the door. 

There's a sort of puzzle in  this room; you must step  on the right switches to
move the platforms around. First, step on the bottom-left switch, then walk all
around to go press the  middle-left switch,  then press the  top-left one, then
center-top, and then finally  the very middle one which  will move the platform
straight to the door. Make your way across the next area, and open the chest in
the center of the last room to obtain the  Orichalcum Fangs after defeating two
easy enemies.  Now  it's time  for the  final  boss, so  make sure  to put  all
necessary items in your main characters' bags, such as Elfin Elixirs, Yggdrasil
Leaves, Yggdrasil  Dew,  etc. Also equip  the Kamikazee  Bracers.  When  you're
ready, go through the final door. 

You'll face two bosses in a row. The first  one is pretty easy, I did it around
Lv38 with  a party  consisting  of the  Hero,  the son  and daughter,  and  the
sabrecat. I start by  casting Insulate with  the son since the  boss mostly use
magic attacks. Then  I cast Oomph with the  daughter to increase  each member's
attack, excluding her. I use  the Sage's Stone every turn  with the daughter to
keep the party healed, while everyone else attacks. The sabrecat is the one who
should deal  the most damage.  Occasionally  you  may have to  use Fullheal  or
Multiheal. The boss will summon enemies  sometimes, just have the sabrecat take
them out while the Hero  and son keeps on  attacking the boss.  He's really not
too hard. 

The second one  is tougher;  he will attack  twice per turns.  I just  used the
exact same strategy  for this one,  except that  you'll always have  to re-cast
Insulate and Oomph once in a while since  the boss often negates the effects on
your party.  Keep using  the Sage's  Stone  every  turn with  the daughter  and
Multiheal once in a  while. I had to use  a Yggdrasil Leaf and  an Elfin Elixir
but apart  from  that it  wasn't  an overly  hard  final  boss.  The boss  will
sometimes heal itself,  but that  means you're close  to defeating  him so just
keep attacking and stay healed until he's down. After the fights and cutscenes,
head out of the castle and the dragon will  ride you around the important towns
of the game.  Leave each  when you're  done and  at the end  you'll be back  at
Gotha. Go to your throne room for a last  celebration and let the credits roll.
You'll be asked  to save  the game.  There  is still  a side  quest to complete
afterwards, if you wish.

The End.


                    ------------SIDE QUESTS------------


Extra Quests

Bonus Dungeon/Boss

After finishing the  game and beating the  final boss, save  your game and load
the file afterwards. You can now visit an extra dungeon for an extra boss. Zoom
to Mt Zugzwang,  cast Safe Passage  and walk  directly south  into the  lake of
poison to enter  a hidden underground  cave. Inside,  head down  south first to
find two chests with a Mini medal and a Rebirth Stone. Next, follow the path up
north and defeat the Mimic in the northeast corner to get a Mini medal, then go
all the way west and south  into the path with the gaps.  Walk around until you
can go east  and follow  the way leading   to a chest  containing  a Shimmering
Shield. Now head over to the  left and drop down any of  the grates there. Down
in the pit, cast Safe Passage and look over  the left side for a chest with War
Drum and the right side to find a chest  with Hell Sabre. Then walk back up and
follow the path  around  the grates  until you reach  the northwest  end  where
you'll find a staircase leading down to  a maze. Start by heading right to find
a chest containing a Massacre Sword, then go back to the stairway. 

From there,  follow these  directions  to get through  the maze:  left,  north,
top-left, north, right,  south, right, south,  right to find  another stairway.
Head down to a new  maze. From here,  go left and  south twice to  find a chest
with a suit of Metal King Armor. Now go back to the real stairway you came down
from and head north  to find yourself  in the seemingly  same room,  but it's a
different one, so go up that stairway to find a new area with two chests at the
bottom; one contains Elfin Elixir and the other one is a Mimic who drops a Mini
medal. Then go back down and go south twice, then right to a room with an empty
chest and a new staircase  on the right.  Head down the stairway  and cast Safe
Passage, then follow the path  to find a chest containing  Flail of Destruction
at the end. When you're ready,  head down the stairway  on the left and walk up
the lava pathway  to find the boss,  Estark. He's  quite hard, and  beating him
will give you a Knick-Knack if beaten under  15 turns and will open his T 'n' T

Legendary Cape

You can do this quest as soon as you obtain  the Flying Carpet, but the enemies
in the dungeom are quite hard  so you may want to do it  at the end of the game
instead, hence why I put this one here.  The optional dungeon is a cave located
north of Roundbeck,  or northwest   of Whealbrook.  Just  fly  there using  the
dragon. Inside  the cave, you'll  find a block  covering  a monster face  tile.
Don't move it, as says  the inscription  nearby and head up  to the next floor.
You'll see the tile  with the monster face  here. What you must  do is find the
block on each floor and push  it all the way to the tile  to cover it. Monsters
will stop appearing  after you do  so. Go to the  southeast corner  to find the
block and bring it on the tile,  then move to the third  floor. You'll find the
block nearby, just push it  to the southwest corner on  the tile, then go right
to open the two chests  at the bottom of  the room containing  a Mini medal and
Elfin Charm. Now head down the stairway  in the southeast corner. First get the
Hela Hammer from  the chest  at the bottom-right,  then  look around the  whole
floor to find the four  blocks and push  them north on the four  monster tiles.
Once you've done so, the hero's cape will appear. Pick up the Pallium Regale, a
good armor for the hero.

Mini Medals

Throughout the game, you'll find Mini Medals hidden around, and some dropped by
Mimics. With these, you can  visit the Medal King at Dominicus'  Dominion (east
of Helmunaptra) and buy great pieces of armour and weapons. I would make a list
of all Mini Medals locations,  but simple enough, just  use the search function
in your browser (Ctrl+F)  and type in Mini  Medal to scan through  the page and
see all their exact  specific emplacements.  Here's  what you can  buy with the

Powjamas..............................12 mini medals
Glombolero...........................17 mini medals
Miracle Sword.......................23 mini medals
Sacred Armour......................28 mini medals
Falcon Blade..........................35 mini medals
Metal King Shield.................50 mini medals


The Knick-Knactory  can  be  found  on a  small  island   south of  the central
continent. To open  it, you'll need  to complete  a small task for  the old man
there. Click here to view the  quest and finish it. Inside  the Knick-Knactory,
you'll be able to place all  the Knick-Knacks you find  during the adventure to
put them  on display.  The   Knick-Knacks  can be  found   by talking  to  some
characters, or just lying there.  You can only get one  of each, except for the
Desert Rose  which can  be obtained  again  after  you trade  it. You  can also
upgrade some  of the Knick-Knacks  and  polish them  to increase  their  level.
Here's the list:

ZizzWizz Pillow
Roundbeck: Sleep at the inn twice, then talk to the inn manager (woman).

Toff's Tea Set	
Uptaten Tower:  Find all the parts in the  tower to complete the
tea set.

Blooming Branch
Faerie Lea:  After completing  the fairy   quest  as a child,  you will receive

Crude Image
Heaven's Above Abbey: Talk to a nun in one of the rooms downstairs.

Hay: After chasing the "beast"  away, talk to the man  in the house left of the
scarecrow field, then examine the scarecrow to pick it up.

Honey Buns
Monstroferrato: You will get this from Briscoletti after marrying your wife.

Marital Organ
Coburg: After getting the zoom spell, return to Coburg and speak with Harry.
(Upgrade: Put on display in Knick-Knactory and use Whealbrook Sapphire on)

Ship in a Bottle
Lodestar: Where  you get your ship,  talk to the  man at the table  left of the

Maxi Medal
Dominicus Dominion: (gotten from the quest to open the Knick-Knactory)

Chocolate Medalliyum
Dominicus Dominion: After getting the Maxi  Medal, speak to the innkeeper again
behind the counter and buy it for 480 gold coins.

Scuttlebutt Alledger
Scuttlebutt: Check the book on the counter of the inn to pick up a copy.

Desert Rose
Helmunaptra: Speak to a man  in the armor shop and say  "No", then sleep at the
inn, exit to the world map and walk south to find an odd rock.

Scintillating Sinter
Stockenbarrel: Trade a Desert Rose with the man in the well at the entrance.

Slime Curio
Fortuna: Buy for 5000 gold coins from the man who sold you the wagon.

Forget-Me-Knot Flag
Knot Welcome Inne: Spend the night at the inn, then talk to the innkeeper.

Batten Binnacle
Battenberg: Speak with  the person in bed  downstairs in the  weapon/armor shop
after talking to the little boy on the other side of the bridge.

Tusk-Tusk Tusk Inkwell
Northminster:  During the third  generation,  speak with  the man on the  first

Zoomingale: After getting the spell Hocus  Pocus from Prof Toilen, speak to him
a second time and say "No" to receive this. (or speak to a man in the church at
night near a pot and then talk to Prof Toilen again)

Lofty Lilts
Lofty Peak: Speak to the woman at the top of the tower to get this.

Whealbrook Sapphire
Lofty Peak: First you need  the Whealbrook Bluestone from  the beginning of the
game; give it to the man in  one of the houses, then sleep  at the inn and talk
to the man again to receive the new stone.

Monster Chess Set
Gotha: If you  didn't get this  earlier, first  add Tuppence  to your  party by
talking to Patty,  fight with him  once, then dispatch  him from  the party and
talk to him in the room behind the inn and say "Yes" to get it.

Crown of Uptaten
Uptaten Tower: First you need to have the Toff's tea set and the Chamois (speak
to the old man ghost in the  Knick-Knactory at night to  receive it); place the
tea set on display,  then use the Chamois  on it to polish it.  Then take it to
the Uptaten count in front  of the Uptaten tower at night  and trade it for the

Yggdrasil Sapling
Zenithia: After  you get  the castle,  speak to  a woman in  one of the  rooms.
(Upgrade: put  sapling on  display in  Knick-Knactory  and pour  Aspesorium  on

Annalum Retentium
Precaria: Speak to the monster on the second  floor of the watermill and answer

Mount Zugzwang: Lying on the ground in one of the rooms.

Madalena's locket
Gotha: Received from a maid in the castle during the storyline events. *

Faerie Quill
Faerie Lea: Speak to Sherbet *(see Madalena's Locket upgrade below)

Catas Trophy
Nadiria: Defeat  Estark (in less  than 15 turns);  the extra boss  in the bonus
dungeon after beating the game.

*Madalena's Locket upgrade: First, you'll need to have beaten the game in order
to start this  quest. Go  to the Faerie   Palace  and enter the  right painting
upstairs, which should have changed since last time you came. You'll be brought
to Lofty Peak  in the past.  Speak to  Pankraz in  one of the  houses who  will
mention he needs Tusk-Tusk Ink and a Faerie  Quill. You should already have the
ink, now for the quill return  to the Faerie Palace and  speak with the scholar
in the room downstairs.  Then zoom to Faerie  Lea and talk to  the fairy on the
first floor of the palace to receive the Faerie Quill. With that in hand return
to speak to Pankraz in the painting and  give the quill and ink to him. Now you
need to find a way past  the guard in the  tower, so talk to  the innkeeper and
she will mention the guard  likes T 'n' T. Head over to  the tower and show a T
'n' T ticket to the guard so  he leaves. Go back to talk  to Pankraz, then talk
to him again in the tower.  He says to come back later.  Leave the painting and
re-enter. He and Mada are gone.  Speak to the painter  in the house Pankraz was
in at first to get  back your quill  and the ink.  Exit the painting  and check
your inventory for the new locket.

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