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Spoiler-Free Walkthrough by The Unbeliever

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 03/04/09


                  Dragon Quest V : Hand of the Heavenly Bride
                           Spoiler-free Walkthrough
                          Version 1.3 | 4 March 2009
                            Author: The Unbeliever
                     Email: harbingerhound[at]gmail[dot]com


About this guide:
The aim of this guide is to provide simple and hopefully precise instructions
on how to progress the story and find the way through the various caves and
other monster-infested areas. As the Dragon Quest series often relies upon
talking to a single NPC to find your way, it can often be quite tricky.

This guide will not tell you where each individual medicinal herb is, nor will
it tell you which urns to break. It will not tell you which armour to buy. It
will not give you strategies for the many bosses. There will be other guides
to help you in those areas.

Regarding directions:
All reference to directions are based upon the camera being centered (L+R).


Table of Contents

I.       Childhood
I.i      The Boat
I.ii     Whealbrook
I.iii    Roundbeck, Uptaten Towers
I.iv     Whealbrook, Faerie Lea
I.v      Coburg, Hideout

II.      Drifter
II.i     Crocodilopolis
II.ii    Heaven's Above Abbey, Fortuna
II.iii   Whealbrook
II.iv    Coburg
II.v     Abovitall Tower, Coburg
II,vi    Hay, Western Cave
II.vii   Zoomingale
II.viii  Mostroferrato
II.ix    Circle of Fire
II.x     Circle of Water
II.xi    Marriage and the Ship
II.xii   The Road to Gotha
II.xiii  Gotha, Riteof Passage
II.xiv   The Tower in the Mountains

III.     Legendary Hero
III.i    Lofty Peak
III.ii   Zenithian Tower
III.iii  Lake Cave
III.iv   Zenithia, Neverglade
III.v    Faerie Lea, Faerie Palace
III.vi   Zenithia, Dragon Tower
III.vii  The Ultimate Key
III.viii Crocodilopolis
III.ix   Nadiria

IV.      Post-Game

v.       Version History

VI.      Copyright Information

I.       Childhood

I.i      The Boat

After the opening scenes, including choosing a name for your main character,
you'll be on a boat voyage. Head out of your cabin and talk to the crew. Make
sure to talk to the Captain and the men below deck. When you come back up, the
boat will be docking.
Boat not docking? That's anti-piracy coding. Don't ask people how to fix it.
Go get your father, Pankraz, then talk to him on the deck. Say yes twice to
disembark in Littlehaven. Leave here and encounter some enemies to get Pankraz
to take you home.

I.ii     Whealbrook

When free to explore, head to the cave in the northwest of town.
In the cave, head for the stairs in the northwest. Now go west, south,
south-west and down more stairs. Go up and push the rock off the trapped man.
Now you can go back home and get some sleep. In the morning Pankraz will take
you to the next town.

I.iii    Roundbeck, Uptaten Towers

Leave the Inn with Bianca and go talk to the kids tormenting the large cat near
the entrance to town. Head back to the Inn and talk to Pankraz to go to sleep.
At night, leave town and make your way northwest.

When at the Uptaten Towers, the front door will be locked, so go around to the
rear and you'll find a ladder leading to an opening. Just go down the stairs,
then out the left door. Check the left grave to find Bianca. Now go through the
left door, talk to the ghost and then down the stairs. Go right, down the
stairs, south then down more stairs.

Follow and talk to the Count's ghost, then go back inside and downstairs. Keep
following the path, going downstairs when you must. In the kitchen, the right 
urn contains the torch. Go back up to the room with the Count, then upstairs.
Select 'use' to light the torch.

Go confront the monster sitting on the throne. Say yes to initiate a battle.
Now go right and upstairs (go left to the inn, which will take you outside. The
Count has opened the front door now, so you'll be back where you were quickly).
Follow the path, going upstairs when required. Once back on the dark floor, use
the torch again and head for the throne room. Follow the monster outside and
talk to him for the first boss battle. Once defeated, forgive him and head back
to Roundbeck.

In the morning, pick a name for the sabercat and then talk to Pankraz to leave.

I.iv     Whealbrook, Faerie Lea

Go talk to the mysterious man in front of the church and show him the golden
orb. Now go to the bar located in the inn's basement. Talk to the transparent
girl and then go to your home's basement.

Once in Faerie Lea, agree to help the faeries and head downstairs and out to
the world map. Go west to find a cave.

Simply follow the path around and learn about Dwight and the Lots about Locks
book. Keep going along the path, going down at the intersection. Downstairs,
go up, right and down the stairs. Now head south-east and take the upper stairs
to find the book about locks. Exit the cave and head north to find the Ice

Once inside the Ice Palace, you'll fall to B1.
B1 solution: Up, left, up, right, up, right, up.
1F solution: Down, down, left, down, right, up, right.
2F solution: Left, down, left, down, left, up, left, down, right, up.
There will be two battles, but afterwards you can take the Herald of Spring
from the right chest and take it back to Treacle.

Once you return home, you can find Pankraz in the church, then he'll take you
to your next location.

I.v      Coburg, Hideout

Once free to explore, talk to everyone in the castle then go back to talk to
the King. Now go downstairs and to the right to find Pankraz. After talking to
him, go talk to Prince Harry. Follow his instructions then return and examine
his chair to find a secret staircase. After the short scene, go out the door to
the right. Now go back to tell Pankraz what has happened. Follow him out of the
town. Head east to find the bandits' hideout.

Inside, go up and follow the path to the right, up and over the arching stairs.
Walk around the back of the building, the path continues down through a tunnel.
continue on and up through the doorway.
Now go left, down the stairs and out, following the path to find Pankraz. Step
on the switch and go up through the doorway. Hop on the raft and follow the
stream around and up to find the prison cells. After the scene, ride the raft
back almost to where you found it and land at the patch with two torches that
frame a door leading to the right. Go through and head down for a scene.

II.      Drifter

II.i     Crocodilopolis
Once back in control, head right and go up the stairs. Find Harry and talk to
him. Now go left and down the small stairs, then talk to the soldier. Go back
up and you'll be taken to the slaves' cell. In the cell, talk to everyone and
go down towards the door. Head up and out, then down the big stairs to see
another scene. Help Harry fight the slavemasters, then in the prison cell talk
to Harry twice and a scene will play out.

II.ii    Heaven's Above Abbey, Fortuna
When you wake up, leave your room and talk to Harry. After the scene, go down
to exit the abbey. Talk to Harry again, saying yes when necessary. Once out on
the world map once more, head to the north to find Fortuna.

Walk around on the world map until nightfall, then enter Fortuna. Head for the
north-west corner, taking the path behind the bank. In the corner's building
you can buy a wagon, then you can go see Monty in the south-west corner to find
out about monster taming. Once you're ready, head out of Fortuna and go north
over the bridge, then go to the north-west to reach Whealbrook.

II.iii   Whealbrook

Head for the cave again, this time on the eastern side of the river. Talk to
the old man and hop on the raft, then proceed into the cave.
Sail up to the stairs then go down. At the fork on B2, keep going left to find
more stairs. Follow the path around and then go up the stairs. Here, each of
the blocks you step on will drop down once you're back downstairs so just step
on them all. Downstairs again, pick up the Night Light in the left chest, then
go down the stairs to the right.
Head left, down, right, down and then down more stairs. Open the chest to find
Pankraz' note, then take the Zenithian sword. Leave the cave and Whealbrook,
then head south-west to Roundbeck.

Talk to the old woman in the back of the inn and then stay the night to see an
event. It's time to head back to Coburg now, so head east and talk to the guard
at the tunnel to gain access, then make your way north.

II.iv    Coburg

Go around to the right of the castle to find the raft. Hop on it and sail to
the drawbridge, then up under it. Go up and step on the button, then through
the door that opens. Follow the path around. Downstairs, take the first turn up
and talk to the old man and the Queen. Keep going down, then upstairs. Once up
here, the button will open a shortcut back outside but keep going upstairs to
emerge in the courtyard.

Go through the left door and make your way up to the throne room to speak to
the King. Once he gives you the key, go downstairs, to the right and search in
Harry's old room for the hidden stairs. Go through the blue door and step into
the portal.

You'll need to go back north to the Abbey now. Once there, talk to the nun at
the organ to get Maria to come along with you. Now go south past the portal to
find Abovitall Tower.

II.v     Abovitall Tower, Coburg

1F: Go up to the doors and Maria will open them for you. Now head towards the
north-east corner and go up the stairs.
2F: Simply go left and down the narrow path, then up the stairs.
3F: Walk around the large gap on the left side, there's a small gap in the wall
that leads to the stairs.
4F: Follow the path.
5F: This is why they call it a leap of faith. Take the left side of the walkway
to cross over to Ra's Mirror. Now you can drop down and return to Coburg via
the portal.

Once back in Coburg, go inside through the side door next to the raft and head
up to the royal chambers above the throne room. Stand in front of the Queen on
the left and use the Mirror to reveal her true form and initiate a boss battle.

Afterwards, you'll be told ships are travelling to Littlehaven again. This is
the small dock area from the start of the game, so go south from Whealbrook to
get there. Board the ship to arrive in Lodestar Harbour.

Go to the bar to save a farmer from some thugs, then agree to help with his
village's monster problem. As he tells you, Hay is south from here.

II,vi    Hay, Western Cave

During the night you can catch a glimpse of the monster, during the day you can
go to the large house on the far right to learn where it comes from. Head west
to find the monster's cave.

1F: Down, right, down and lower right.
B1: Go down, then follow the path looping from right to left.
B2: Ensure Bianca's ribbon is in your possession and not in your bag, then go
up to confront the beast. Use the ribbon in the battle.

Now go back to Hay and speak to Bailiff Bails for the other half of your pay.
You can now head back towards Lodestar Harbour, then go west to find the next
town, Zoomingale.

II.vii   Zoomingale

The goal here is to enter the house with the cloud of purple smoke coming from
it. Do so by going up the stairs next to the inn, then left and around the
back of the item shop. Keep going right and down the stairs, then left and down
through the tunnel to come out next to the house's door. Inside, talk to the
professor and agree to help him.

Go back out to the world map, and go west up the stairs, over the bridge and
down again. You'll find the lunar Zoombloom a little to the south-west of you,
but only at night so use the Night Light if you must. Examine the glowing spot
and take it back to the professor. Talk to him twice and you'll learn the Zoom
spell. Open the menu to cast it, heading for Coburg.

Back in Coburg, talk to the King to learn about the Zenithian shield. Zoom back
to Zoomingale and make your way south.

II.viii  Mostroferrato

The cave that leads to Mostroferrato is a simple one, just go down and left to
reach the exit. Mostroferrato is just over the bridge to the west.

Once in the town itself, go to the large mansion on the far left side of town.
Talk to the people in the lobby, then there will be a scene. You now know what
you must do to get the shield.

Leave town, then cross the bridges in the south and follow the sandy trail
until the mountain range ends and you can go north to find the lava caves.

II.ix    Circle of Fire

1F: Go left past the two bridges and Crispin, then follow the path around. At
the fork, take the lower path and continue down the stairs.
B1: Go up, right, down, right, straight up then down the stairs.
B2: Take the third path branching off the main walkway. This leads to a fork,
each with stairs going down. The lower path leads to a healing circle, the top
leads to the Circle of Fire, though before you can pick it up there will be a
boss battle.

Return to Rodrigo Briscoletti and he'll let you take his ship to find the other
ring. Sail north and get off at the lock. Head to the north-east to enter

II.x     Circle of Water

In Stockenbarrel, head for the northern house and approach the man on the bed.
This will initiate a scene. In the morning, talk to Whitey again, then talk to
Bianca when you're ready to go. Once back on the ship, she will disengage the
lock and you can sail north-east up a river to enter the waterfall cave.

This cave is a lot simpler than the lava cave. Head up and follow the path to
find stairs to go down. In the area with the masked man, go up and follow the
path along the upper wall until just after Bianca talks to you, then go down
and left to find more stairs. Follow this path until you reach the bottom of
the waterfall, and go into the cave just behind where the water hits the ground
to find the Circle of Water. Return to Mostroferrato.

II.xi    Marriage and the Ship

Go see Rodrigo again. In the night, talk to both Bianca in the guest villa and
Rodrigo, then return to the inn, telling the innkeeper you can sleep again.
In the morning it will be time for you to choose your bride.
Magic    Nera | Bianca | Debora    Strength
Once you've decided, you'll need to return to Stockenbarrel to pick up the veil
from the item shop. By the time you get back, it will be time for the wedding.

Note: If you chose Bianca, you'll need to ensure that the main character has
the veil, not the bag. Take it to Bianca in the villa.

After the long wedding scene, go see Rodrigo to acquire the Zenithian shield
and access to a ship at Lodestar Harbour. If you chose either Nera or Debora,
you'll be asked to check the colour of a jar in a shrine to the north-west. Do
so, then talk to Rodrigo again to proceed. Once you've set sail, head for the
southern desert, then disembark and make your way to the south-west to find
Helmunaptra. In the castle, head downstairs to find the Queen in her garden.
She will take you to the Hero's Grave. Afterwards, speak to the Queen again to
learn about Gotha, far to the east.

Sail to the eastern continent, and when you disembark you should be near the
Knot Welcome Inne. Just north of this is the mountain pass that leads to Gotha.

II.xii   The Road to Gotha

Make your way over the three bridges, then go left, up the ramp, left, up and
right. You should be able to enter the cave now.

1F: Go left then up to the stairs.
2F: Go down, then up the ramp, right under the bridge and up the northern ramp.
Now go south over the two bridges and you'll emerge in Battenberg.

After the scene and when you're ready to depart, cross the bridge to the right
and enter the next cave, which is quite a bit trickier to navigate.

* Follow the path heading downstairs twice.
* Go to the right, past the fat man, then down. Once outside, jump off.
* Back in the cave, go left and down to jump off again.
* Inside, go straight up and down the stairs.
* Make your way clockwise around this floor to find stairs leading down.
* Go down to get outside, then go back in through the left and follow this path
* Go right and up the stairs four times. You should be in a room with stairs to
  the right and a chest containing 1600G below you. Jump down the hole to the
  right of the chest.
* You will now be in the middle of four pillars. Head down and jump off, then
  enter the cave again. Go north-west then when you reach the crest on the
  ground, go south and you'll be back on the world map. Go north to Gotha.

II.xiii  Gotha, Riteof Passage

Before heading inside the castle, go around the right side and enter the small
house to trigger a long scene. Once you're in control again, go downstairs and
the Prince will tell you what to do next. In the morning, leave the castle and
go east and then north to find Riteof Passage.

1F: Once inside, you'll need to enter the door with the Gotha insignia lit up
in front of it and step on the blue switch until the two bird statues face one
another. Do this two times and you can proceed.
B1: Head up and left to come to a dirt strip with a boulder and a blue switch.
Push the boulder so that it's behind the switch, then activate it. When the
water is gone, head up and downstairs. Step on the left switch and go down the
next set of stairs.
B3: Step on either switch above the stairs, then go right and up and step on
the upper switch. Go back and to the left and up this time, and step on either
switch. Now you can proceed up the center walkway to get the Royal Insignia.
On the way back down the walkway there will be a boss fight. Afterwards, you
can return to Gotha. Talk to the Prince for a long scene.

After the party, go up to your room and examine the bed. After the meeting, go
to the chancellor's room (north-east from your current location) and open the
cupboard to get a pair of Talaria. Go outside and use them. Head north from the
church to find your next destination, the Tower in the mountains.

II.xiv   The Tower in the Mountains

The left door leads to a healing circle, but it's the middle door you need to
go through. Once inside, head upstairs.
2F: Go down, battle, then upstairs.
3F: Make your way through the spikes to the stairs on the left.
4F: Go across the bridge, then to the left and up to the stairs.
5F: Go around to the left, then upstairs.
6F: Go out the door directly below the stairs, across the bridge outside then
up to the stairs.
7F: Carefully make your way past the dragon statues, then go upstairs.
8F: Push three boulders down the hole to the left, then jump after them.
7F: Push the boulders to the left and place them one by one in front of the
dragon statues on the left side. The last one doesn't need a boulder as there
is one on the right. Head upstairs.
8F: Just go upstairs twice.
10F: Pull the lever, then step on the yellow warp. Pull the second lever and
warp back then go downstairs.
9F: Go out the south-east door and across the bridge, then up the stairs.
10F: Talk to the chancellor, then go upstairs.
11F: Fight the two mini-bosses to open the way downstairs.
10F: Here you'll find your wife and the boss. In the first few rounds, there's
not a lot you can do. After the event, you're able to fight as usual. After
the battle there'll be another long scene.

III.     The Legendary Hero

III.i    Lofty Peak

Once you're back in control and have finished preparing in Gotha, head back to
Helmunaptra to acquire the Zenithian helm. Return to Gotha, and the ship will
now be north of the castle. Sail to the north-east, between the mountains to
come out in the ocean. Head south-east, around the tip of the eastern continent
and then follow its coastline north. You'll soon come to a cave the ship can
enter. It's fairly long and loops around a bit, but you can't get lost. Near
the end you should go south to exit, instead of north to find locked doors. On
the world map again, sail down to find Lofty Peak.

Head to the top of Lofty Peak during the day to talk to the Elders and learn
about the three worlds and your mother. Now just outside the Elders' building,
go down the stairs to the right to find a chest with the Magic Key. Now keep
going around to find an archway, through which you will find the Flying Carpet.

Note: You can now attempt section III.vii - The Ultimate Key if you wish.

Leave the Lofty Peak valley, and then use the Flying Carpet. Fly to the center
of the world map, and on the southern half you'll find the Zenithian Tower.

III.ii   Zenithian Tower

* Go up either set of stairs, both lead to the same room.
* Head up the lower right stairs, then ride the two circular elevators.
* Go inside, downstairs, then through the left door and take the north-west
  stairs. Climb the ladder.
* Inside, both the south-east and south-west stairs lead to the same place. Go 
  in the door and up the stairs. Take the Magma Staff and leave the Tower.

Zoom to Gotha and sail the ship out to the ocean and then directly north-east.
Land and walk north-east to the lake with a cave up in the mountains. Use the
Magma Staff to gain access.

III.iii  Lake Cave

* Go downstairs. The little track shows what's to come, with switches and mine
  carts. Go left and hop in the cart.
* Go down and right, switch the lines and then ride the cart.
* Change the lower switch, go up and ride the cart then go downstairs.
* Head up and flip the switch. Ride the cart, then flip the switch at the end.
* Hop in the lower cart, then get in the cart just above you. Go up, hop in the
  cart for a long ride.
* Go to the left to find a healing circle and a priest. Flip both switches and
  ride the cart. Go downstairs.
* Go up and pull the lower switch to help the trapped man. Pull the upper one
  now, then go down to talk to the man and he'll follow you. Hop into his cart
  and then go north.
* Walk up and flip all three switches, then ride the cart. Walk up to flip the
  lowest switch, then ride the cart again. Ride the other cart now.
* Flip the lower right and upper left switches so that the track is shaped like
  an S aimed at the seesaw track. Ride the cart to flip the seesaw, then ride
  again to end up in the middle of the track. Flip the switch to the left and
  ride once more to get sent over the stream.
* Ride the cart above you, then go up. Flip the switch and ride the cart to get
  boosted by the train. After a long trip you'll end up in the sunken ruins of

III.iv   Zenithia, Neverglade

Keep heading north until you come to the throne room. Search the ground behind
the throne to find the hidden stairs. Climb down the ladder and then head to
the right. After the scene, talk to Dr Agon for another scene. Zoom to 

Fly the magic carpet east over the poison swamp, then north-east and land in
the sandy area. Make your way on foot down over the bridge and down to the odd
patch of forest, the Neverglade. Ensure you have either your son or daughter
with you before you enter.

Inside, go right, then to the right of the pond, then up. Talk to the invisible
faerie by the fire and you'll be taken to Faerie Lea again.

III.v    Faerie Lea, Faerie Palace

Once you're back in Faerie Lea, go talk to Treacle to receive the Faerie Horn.
Return to the Zenithian Tower in the central continent, and go north to the
lake. Ride the raft out to the lily pad and use the Faerie Horn. Enter the
Faerie Palace.

Inside, go up and speak with Queen Caramel. Afterwards, head up the stairs to
the north. Go down to the lower left and make sure that you're holding the gold
bauble. Examine the picture on the wall.

Go talk to Pankraz, then to the boy standing outside the church. Leave town
afterwards. Zoom back to Zenithia and talk to Dr Agon for a scene.

III.vi   Zenithia, Dragon Tower

Head down and out the double doors, down the stairs then in the door to the
left. Inside, go through the room with a couple at a table and talk to the old
man to learn where to go next. Examine the drawers for a Grappling Hook.
Return to the room below the throne and step on the switch to fly the castle.
Head for the island in the south-west, then land on the sand and enter the

Make your way to the top of the tower, rotating the camera when needed. At the
top, use the grappling hook to get inside. Make your way down to the ground
floor. You can pull the lever to open the door and make returning easier if you
like, then head downstairs.

B1: Follow the path and go down the stairs.
B2: Go south past one set of stairs to find another. Go down these.
B3: Go to the right and up the stairs.
B2: Head north to find a mini-boss guarding a chest containing the dragon's
left eye. Return to the staircase in the middle of four flames. Go west to some
stairs, go down and then back up them. Now go north and down the stairs at the
end of the path.
B3: Go north for another boss guarding a chest, this time containing the right

Head back to the ground floor, then climb up two landings and examine the green
loop to grapple down to the statue's head. Insert the eyes and jump down. Climb
up to the first landing and enter the statue's mouth. Inside, head downstairs
and use the loop to grapple down to a room containing the Dragon Orb. Return to
Zenithia's throne room and talk to Dr Agon for a scene. You will receive the
Zenithian tintinnabulum.

III.vii  The Ultimate Key

Return to Mostroferrato and talk to Rodrigo. Go check the jar in the shrine to
the north-west, then return to Mostroferrato. Enter the tower next to the town
and there will be a scene followed by a boss battle. Once you win, you will
acquire the ultimate key. You can now open any door.

III.viii Crocodilopolis

When ready to continue, use the tintinnabulum in a clear space on the world map
and fly toward the middle of the world map. You will find the temple you had to
escape from at the start of the second part of the game and land there

Firstly, enter the building on the right to find the Zenithian armour. Now go
up the steps outside and into the temple itself. Talk to the guards, then to
the slaves. Talk to the guards again to battle, then head up the steps and to
the north. Talk to the woman in green for a boss battle. Afterwards, examine
the ground below where the boss stood to find some stairs.

* Downstairs, follow the path down and into the cavern.
* Go up the steps, right and down to the stairs.
* Go up, right and down the ladder. Head up under the two arches then up the
  ladder and through the left doorway.
* Go down the steps to the left, then keep going left then down and up the
  ladder, then through the doorway,
* Go down and right, then down the ladder. Go under the walkway and up, then
  through the doorway.
* Go right, then down the ladder to the stairs. Head up for a boss battle.

Afterwards, you'll receive the Circle of Life. Make your way back up to the top
and there will be a scene.

III.ix   Nadiria

When you're ready to depart (making sure to add your family to the party if you
wish - talk to the Bunny Girl in Gotha's bar to rearrange human party members),
Zoom to Lofty Peak. Sail straight up, into and through the cave to find
a door that the ultimate key unlocks. Inside, stand before the statues and use
the three circles (Fire, Water and Life) to open a portal to Nadiria.

Head across the bridge to the east to find the town of Precaria. From here, go
south and then east to follow the edge of the island north to a second bridge.
Head for the large mountain on this island for the final area of the game.

1F: Keep heading up. Do the same for 2F.
3F: Go down, left and up to the stairs.
4F: Simply go down to the stairs.
5F: Head down and out of the cave, then go left, up and right over a small
bridge, then left over the next bridge and into the cave. Go left and up to the
stairs. Head left for a battle, a scene and then a boss fight.

After the scene, go down the ramp and stairs to the left and into the cave next
to them. Inside, step on the sliding panels to the right and you'll be taken
downstairs. Step on the panels to the right, then on the panel directly above
the chest. Now step to the right and walk all the way down. Step on the lowest
panel to be able to pick up the aspersorium and the Sun Crown.

Leave the sliding panel room and go down to a second cave entrance. Inside go
stand in front of the lava and use the aspersorium, then go downstairs.

On this floor, standing on the grates will cause them to collapse and you will
fall to the floor below. Go down and to the left to the three grates together.
Stand on the bottom one to drop down, then go up the stairs. Now head all the
way up to find the stairs.

Go to the north-west then east and in through the door. You will need to solve
a sliding puzzle now. The solution is lower left, middle left, upper left and
center. Now head all the way up to the room with a chest on a pedestal. When
you examine it you will have to fight some monsters.

When you are ready, head up through the new opening to find the Grandmaster...

Once the credits finish rolling, you will have the opportunity to save. Do so,
and when you reload you will be able to access the bonus dungeon.

IV.      Post-Game

To access the bonus dungeon, zoom to Mt. Zugzwang and walk directly south into
the swamp.

B1: Go up, then head north-west to find a cell door. GO down, then west over
the walkway. Now make your way down, left and up while avoiding trapdoors to
find stairs.

B2: Go left, up, left at the fork, up, right, down, right, down and right to
find stairs.

B3: Go down, right and down the stairs.

B4: Follow the path around, then go left at the fork and down the stairs.

B5: Head up to find Estark, the bonus boss. Defeat him to unlock the final
T'n'T board - which is found by going up and right at the start of this cave.

Version History

1.3 -   4 Mar 09 : Finished guide.

1.2 -  27 Feb 09 : Finished up to the Grandmaster.
       26 Feb 09 : Finished up to halfway through Crocodilopolis. Added notes
                   regarding Harry's return to Coburg and Bianca's wedding.

1.1 -  25 Feb 09 : Finished up to halfway through Dragon Tower.

1.0 -  24 Feb 09 : Finished up to marriage.
       22 Feb 09 : Started guide.

Thanks to Nick Irvine for pointing out an error regarding directions, and
Ryan Morton for highlighting the need to explain how to rearrange human party

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