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  1. There are places in Kamiari Village that look like they lead into a dungeon,but they are blocked off by wooden post things.
    Theres one north in Kamiari Village its a road thats blocked off and theres a sign that says,Coal Mine Kagen,or something.
    And theres another place there with a cave and a sign that says about training and something about Shuuchi. And theres a bunch of rocks on the water that look like they lead somewhere. And theres another road blocked off on the left side of Kamiari village.
    Are these secret dungeons,and how do I get to them?

    User Info: MarinaMar

    MarinaMar - 8 years ago

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  1. All of the blocked off paths in Kamiari Village are the dungeons from the first game and are not accessible in this game. The secret dungeons are located in Surei Town near the water in the north(you need Gankatsu talisman), in Mugen (go behind the in and to the left and you will find a hole in the ground), and behind the shrine in Kamiari Village.

    User Info: shikaiq200

    shikaiq200 - 8 years ago 2   0

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