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by Berserker_Blade

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Berserker_Blade

Version: 1.10 | Updated: 08/05/10

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       ##      ## ##   ##       ##       ##    ##    ##     ## ##
       ##     ##   ##  ##       ##       ##          ##     ## ##
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       ##    ######### ##       ##             ##    ##     ## ##
       ##    ##     ## ##       ##       ##    ##    ##     ## ##
       ##    ##     ## ######## ########  ######      #######  ##

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 ##  ###   ## ###   ## ##     ## ##    ## ##       ###   ## ##    ## ##
 ##  ####  ## ####  ## ##     ## ##       ##       ####  ## ##       ##
 ##  ## ## ## ## ## ## ##     ## ##       ######   ## ## ## ##       ######
 ##  ##  #### ##  #### ##     ## ##       ##       ##  #### ##       ##
 ##  ##   ### ##   ### ##     ## ##    ## ##       ##   ### ##    ## ##
#### ##    ## ##    ##  #######   ######  ######## ##    ##  ######  ########
                              Tales of Innocence
                              FAQ & Walkthrough
                                Version 1.10
By: Black Murasame63 (c)2010

E-mail address: Suikofreak@gmail.com

I. What's New

August 5, 2010

1.10: Huge update!!! I written the remaining segments of the walkthrough such as the strategy for the optional boss as well as the recipe sidequest. I've added and completed the recipe list and the guild shop. I've also done a recipe checklist for your convenience. Finally, I have corrected and updated several info on the walkthrough!

Version History

July 28, 2010

1.02: Completed Character Artes and Styles.

July 26, 2010

1.00: Walkthrough completed. I have also added and completed the character analysis and I corrected Northern Battlefield Map area 2.

July 21, 2010

0.90: I written the walkthrough all the way to Sania Village. Also, I have updated the Styles list a little more and completed the shop inventory list.

July 19, 2010

0.53: Anyway, I only wrote the walkthrough up to the end of Lemures Marsh and pretty much written most of character techniques.

July 12, 2010

0.50: I updated the walkthrough, shops and character techniques.

July 6, 2010

0.30: Intital Release (Cleaned up the FAQ a bit as well as issues pertaining the VS Style)

II. Copyright

All trademarks are property of their respective owners. No section of this guide can be used without my permission. This includes, but is not limited to posting on your website, making links to my guide, including parts of my guide in your own, or making reference to any material contained within. If you do, I'll send a pack of bloodhounds after you.

(c)2010 Black Murasame63

- Thanks to Michael Sarich for this Copyright -

III. Contact Info

Anything to suggest to improve the faq infrastructure will suffice. Also, if you found errors or want to add anything in the FAQ, please send me an email to the link below you. If I approve your suggestions, you'll be definitely be credited for the next revision.

E-mail address: Suikofreak@gmail.com

The following sites below are allowed to post my FAQ to their website. The two sites I mentioned are the only ones that can post my FAQ.

Neoseeker (www.neoseeker.com)
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Be sure when the adminstrator of the respective site upload my FAQ. You must let me know once you uploaded the faq. For everyone else, sorry guys. These are the only two sites that I allow them to post my FAQ. Also, any E-Mail that does not contain any constructive criticism whatsoever or just simply trolling, I will not bother reading it, and it will be deleted.

IV. Introduction

Hey, everyone. First off, I wanted to thank everyone who supported me during my time writing Crimson Gem Saga for the PSP. I'm very pleased that the FAQ I wrote have recieved positive reception. You guys are the reason why I continue writing FAQs. This is also the first time I have ever done a formatted faq. It's going to take a while to get used to this kind of format. I hope you like the results once I finish up this FAQ. Anyway, this FAQ is based on Absolute Zero Translations' patch. Also, since this patch also have three kinds of naming conventions, I shall use the Localized names over the Translated and Romanji names for consistency. But, I'll still mention the Japanese equivalent in parentheses as a footnote.

Please note that the progression of this walkthrough is based on my progress in-game. So, if there's any incorrect or any overlooked information, please let me know.

V. General Overview

Tales of Innocence is a Japanese RPG made by Namco Bandai. However, it's not developed by the usual in-house Tales Studio. It's developed by Alfa Systems; the creators of Tales of the World installments. Like many other Tales games out there, Tales of Innocence have never got a greenlight for localization. This installment follows the Tale of a young boy named Luca Milda. Lately, he's been having dreams about his past life. He himself doesn't understand the meaning of his dreams. With the country is going through a full scale war, the imperial is coming after people with special powers. With that in mind, Luca's life will soon change once he meets up with Iria...

Tales of Innocence is an action RPG for the DS. Like the rest of the Tales game, this game follows the Linear Motion Battle System. There are several aspects of the game that gives a twist to the usual battle system. Another feature introduces the guild system. For the most part, Tales of Innocence is basically the pocket-sized version of the usual Tales games.


A shy individual who is frequently bullied by his peers. Lately, he has been getting dreams from his past life. What does it all mean?


A short tempered individual who is traveling with Coda. What are her reasons to running away from her village?


He is an assertive individual who once had ties with a prominent family.


She is known as the "Holy Maiden" due to her innate power as a healer.


He is a mercenary who is hired by Ange.


She is an orphan who is hiding out from the war


Optimized Style: Advance Style

Luca is pretty much the powerhouse on this game despite his small stature. While he borrows several artes from other Tales protagonist, he does bring some unique artes to the table like Havoc Strike, Tempest Eagle and etc. Another note is that, his Mystic Arte, Infernal Overlord can get anyone on screen regardless of distance. He also have Coil early on so he can raise his own strength. Also, he has center relitively early so he can heal himeself whenever he needs to. Later on, he possess Sharpness and later Acuteness to increase attack power to his allies. Another note is that his fire Spells are good enough to take down multiple enemies; however some of the wide spell attacks like Spiral Flare and Explosion does not have sun-Lock properties. Because of his powerhouse nature, his artes does have a fairly slow start up. Compared to the other characters, many of his combo set ups are very short. Also, some of his Master Artes ends with a knock-down; preventing you to finish up the combo with an Arcane. This could be a turn-off for some who wanted to rack up a lot of combos. Despite of that, he can really shake up the battlefield thanks to his attack-buffs and his strength.

Suggested combos

(Hold)down + A ---> A ---> A ---> Base Arte (Aerial only)

A ---> (Hold)down + A ---> A ---> Havoc Strike ---> Rising Havoc ---> Demonic Void

A ---> A ---> Tempest Strike ---> Blazing Tempest ---> Infernal Torrent/Tempest Eagle


Optimized Style: Guardian or Advance Style

Iria is a long-range fighter. She can rack up combos fairly quickly thanks to her twin pistols. Because of this, it's possible that she can quickly fill up her Tension Gauge without the aid of her allies. It's all thanks to Twin Barrage + Successive Barrage. Another interesting note is that early on, she has recovery magic. Spells like Heal, Recover and First Aid is enough to get you by early and mid-game. Her water spells such as Spread and Ice Tornado can set-up aerial combos for your allies. Her Mystic Arte, Ruined Vain Wish can lock on enemies regardless of distance. This is a very good tactic for racking up combos while trying to keeping away against strong opponents. Unfortunately, since most of her effective combos are ground-based, her aerial combat is quite abysmal. First, her (Hold)down + A command only attacks crouching enemies. Because of this, she cannot set herself up for air attacks. So, she needs to depend on someone to start-up the air combo. Finally, compared to the other characters, her damage output is not as strong. Even so, you can still kick-ass with her ground-base artes.

Suggested combos

A ---> A ---> A ---> Twin Barrage ---> Successive Barrage

A ---> A ---> A ---> Twin Barrage ---> Assault Barrage ---> Freeze Lancer/Aqua Spiral/Aerial Laser


Optimized Style: Advance Style

If you happen to be very familiar with the past Tales characters such as Llyod, Luke, Zelos, or etc. then you are going to like using Spada. He does have exceptional combo set-ups both on the ground and on the air. This will give him a lot options when he goes up against bosses. Like Lloyd, he's fairly nimble and many of his Artes have a really good stun-lock properties. Because he has so much combo potential going on, his spells tends to be low priority. Also, his mystic arte, Sundering Light doesn't seem to effective against those who have a very small hitboxes. For the most part, Spada is a very effective character to use both Veteran and Beginner Tales players alike. I mean, look below the suggested combos for Spada.

Suggested combos

A ---> A ---> A ---> Sword Rain ---> Hurricane Thrust ---> Sonic Blast/Soaring Light Spear

A ---> A ---> A ---> Sword Rain ---> Lightning Tiger Blade ---> Raining Tiger Blade/Tempest Thrust/Sonic Blast

A ---> A ---> (Hold)down + A ---> Tiger Blade ---> Twin Demon Fang ---> Demonic Tiger Blade/Sonic Blast

A ---> (Hold)down + A ---> A ---> Tiger Blade ---> Tiger Rage ---> Soaring Light Spear

(Hold)down + A ---> A ---> A ---> Tempest Strike ---> Omega Tempest/Lightning Tiger Blade ---> Tempest Thrust

(Hold)down + A ---> A ---> A Tiger Blade ---> Sword Rain Alpha ---> Soaring Light Spear/Sonic Blast


Optimized Style: Technical Style

She's an amalgamation of a Thief and a White Mage. If you are familiar with the thief class from Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology, you should have a basic idea of what her fighting style is like. For those who aren't familiar with her melee combat, it's basically poking attacks. The damage isn't a lot; but for her normal attacks alone can do 8 hits and then she can proceed the combo formula strings afterwards. This can create an interesting combos for Ange. Ironically, she's the only character that can steal despite of her nature. An interesting note that her Guardian field can be used as a combo as well as a form of crowd control. In addition, her "White Mage" side is just as deadly as her melee side. She pretty much has all of the higher ranking healing magic at her disposal as well as having exceptionally powerful magics like Ray, Holy lance and Big Bang. Finally, she has Barrier/Field Barrier to reinforce her allies defenses. Everything sounds like she is a gamebreaker and all.

But, she does have her flaws. Her biggest drawback is her overall defense. Even with Guardian Style, she can't take up any form of damage whatsoever. Because of this, being on the frontlines is actually very risky for Ange. Also, her stronger spells have a very slow casting time; so you need to make speed casting a priority. Lastly, even though she is the queen of poking, filling up her tension gauge is much slower than everyone else. She really needs to rely on her normal attacks just to fill up the gauge. Even so, her Mystic Arte, Soaring Phoenix can devastate the battlefield significantly. 30+ on an all-screen attack is definitely worth the trouble for raising the tension gauge. Despite the fact that her defense is literally compromised with her speed and her overall moveset, Ange is definitely an exceptional character to use.

Suggested combos

A ---> A ---> A ---> Storm Blade ---> Raptor's Prey ---> Guardian Field

A ---> A ---> A ---> Storm Blade ---> Snake Bite ---> Fang Storm/Storm Hawk

A ---> A ---> A ---> Storm Blade ---> Hawk's Fury ---> Guardian Field

A ---> A ---> A ---> Hawk's Ascent ---> Snake Bite ---> Ivory Storm


Optimized Style: Guardian Style

Ricardo is definitely a powerhouse long-ranged fighter. When you first get him, his moveset is very limited compared to the other characters. As time goes by, he's definitely on par with everyone else. First off, he has really good support on the magic department. He can cast Sharpness for raising his strength as well as using several healing magics in his disposal. An important note is that he gets Earth Healing much earlier than Ange's Revitalize. It has similar funtions but, it's much faster to cast and cost effective as well. Because of his good support, this will allow you to use Iria and Ange as your melee characters. His offensive magics does have a really good stunlock properties. Dark Force, Negative Gate, Black Hole and Dreaded Wave are all good examples of stunlocks in a wide-scale attacks. His Offensive Artes are also good for stunlocks as well. His Hunt Combo string can easily lock on to the opponent. He can intergrate some of his spells such as Stone Blast, Grave, Dark Force and Negative Gate and use them as regular artes. Not only some of them can be used as combos, but he can cast those spells instantly. Some of his close-range Artes such as Roaring and Slag Spear is actually effective against small enemies and aerial enemies alike.

Although he has a lot of options going on, he does have some glaring flaws. The biggest issue with Ricardo is that he is not a beginner-friendly character to use in battle. The primary reason is that his combos are very limited compared to the rest of the characters. Take Elemental Master for example. Exceptional damage from afar but it cannot be linked with other combos. Also, a handful of enemies are highly resistant against Darkness and Earth. This can limit his options a bit more in certain situations. Although he can fill up the tension gauge really quickly, his Mystic Arte, Endless Tragedy requires you to go in front of the enemy. Because of this you can't really pull it off from a distance like Iria. Still, the Mystic Arte is still effective overall. Even though Ricardo is obviously not a combo person, don't dismiss him. His shot Artes and his spells are very useful in various kinds of situations. If you plan to use him, you need to let go the combo mentality that the other characters possess. Also, if you plan to use his shot spells, you need to set him in Guardian Style. That way, you won't have to compromise his magic or his attack power.

Suggested combos

A ---> A ---> A ---> Merciless Hunt ---> Brutal Hunt/Shot Blast/Snipe Force ---> Raging Hunt/Snipe Gate

(Hold)down +A ---> Merciless Hunt ---> Brutal Hunt/Shot Blast/Snipe Force ---> Raging Hunt/Snipe Gate


Optimized Style: Advance Style

Like Ange, Hermana is definitely derives from the monk class from Radiant Mythology. If you are not familiar with the monk class, basically their specialty is stunlocking their opponents. Hermana's Artes defintely fit the bill. Also, the damage output as well the combo stacking is certainly above average. This will also give her the an edge of filling up the tension gauge quickly. Also, she has really good knockback attacks such as Beast and Phantom Dragon Dance. Like Luca, she can heal herself by using Healer. Another interesting note that she can use spells from all 6 elements. Some of her spells such as Cyclone and Tidal Wave, she can get it at a much earlier level. This can give an edge over Spada or even Luca. Her Mystic Arte, Draconic Cataclysm can really do damage against her opponent. Probably the biggest flaw for Hermana is that most of her moveset up requires you to go much closer to the enemy than everyone else. This is a problem due to her nature as a fist user. So, you need to be very precise on what you are doing. Her defense is slightly below average, but she can certainly can take hits more than Ange. Overall, Hermana is a great stunlock character to use in regular and boss battles.

Suggested combos

A ---> A ---> A ---> Talon Storm ---> Talon Blast/Swallow Dance ---> Swallow Storm/Phantom Dragon Dance

A ---> A ---> A ---> Talon Storm ---> Swallow Dance ---> Rising Dragon

A ---> A ---> A ---> Shadow Rush ---> Swallow Dance ---> Punishing Beast


Field Controls

A: Confirm
B: Cancel
X: Menu
Y: Attack

L+R: Fast-forward Dialogue

Start: None
Select: Skit
Touch Screen: Status, World Map and Etc.

Weapon:             Sells Weapons and Armors
Item:               Sell Items and Accessories
Guild:              Gives you sidequests and runs the grade shop

Battle Commands

Tales of Innocence follows the flow of a action RPG. The battle is real time and it only stops if you are in the menu. You can vary the attacks if you hold the D-pad in a certain direction.

Primary Commands
A: Attack
B: Special Move
X: Menu
Y: Guard
Hold Down+Y: Magic Barrier

Tap L: Switch Characters
Tap R: Switch Target
Hold R: Free Run
Hold L+R: Unleash Infinite Jam

Start: Pause
Select: Switch from Auto, Semi-Auto or Manual

There are various status effects found in Tales of Innocence.

Status Effects

Poison: Gradually takes away health
Knock-Out: Ally is incapacitated
Paralyze: Sometimes the ally's action are interupted
Seal: Cannot use spells
Stone: Cannot move or act in battle
Stun: Ally cannot act temporarily

Thanks cronauron for the Magic Barrier command

VIII. Dimension Stride-Linear Motion Battle System (DS-LMBS)

This variation of the LMBS is more of an amalgamation of two existing Tales LMBS. Derived from Tales of the Abyss' Flex-Ranged Linear Motion Battle System (FR-LMBS), the battlefield is set in the 3D field with Free-Run feature except with three characters in battle. It also borrows Aerial Linear Motion Battle System (A-LMBS) from the PS2 Tales of Destiny, with aerial combos and certain moves that can be used in the air. So, in a nutshell, you can sort of say that it is similar to Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World's battle system without the strong emphasis of elemental grids. You are probably wondering if this version of LMBS has some originality on it? Why yes, there are some unique aspects brought into the table.

Awakened State

Like the Overlimit System commonly found in the recent Tales game, the only way to fill up the gauge is to do combos. You can also fill up the Tension Gauge by defending the enemy's attack. In fact, it fills up significantly. But, come on, you don't want to be turtling around in every battle. Once it fills up, the character can now go to its awakening state. Overall stats are enhanced greatly, ailments are removed, cuts down the TP usage by half and spell casting time is much quicker. This also enables you to do more powerful attacks such as Mystic Artes (Hi-Ougi) or Infinite Jam. Although everything sounds good, there are some restrictions to the Tension Gauge. The Tension Gauge accumulated from the previous battle will not carry over from the next battle. In other words, you will always start from an empty gauge when the battle starts.

Infinite Jam

At this battle phase, all of the characters in battlefield can attack the enemy with a series of combos. To do this, one character must be at an awakened state. Once you do that, Hold L and R to initiate Infinite Jam. Do a string of combo and then switch off the character by pressing L. Keep doing this, until the character ends the awakened state. Doing Infinite Jam can put a huge dent to the enemy's HP. But, you have to watch what you are doing. By not doing an action during Infinite Jam can end the phase much quicker. So, to prolong the awakened state, just keep racking up combos to slow down the bar.


Cooking has been an integral part of the Tales franchise. But there are a few subtle changes, instead of assigning one character to cook, everyone can participate on preparing a dish. Also, to get to one particular recipe, you may have to go through several pre-requsites just to get it. Other than that, cooking is just there to temporarily increasing parameters.


By registering to become a guild, you can accept sidequests and earn rewards as well as earning points to increase your rank. Obviously, the more you earn more points on the guild, the more difficult quests you can do. All of the guild dungeons are randomly generated. So, item placement is different at every trip.


Each character have different styles that ranges from Offensive type to Mage Type. First Choose the style and build it up by going to battle. By doing so, you can build up the Style level and learn new passive abilities. Most of them increases parameters and some can be used on the field map.


In Tales of Innocence, you can earn Friendship points to other characters. To do so, just make decisions that has a positive outcome to the other member of the party. This usually occurs in certain skits as well as events. You can also build up friendship points by using them in battle. Help them out by healing them or do combos with them. The more you build up the bonds of the characters, it can enable hidden skits or even change the outcome of the ending.

IX. Tips and Tricks

Like all the other games out there, here are some tricks of the trade for you to survive this game.

1) It goes on and on and on......

</Don't Stop Believin'>. Sorry, I can't help myself. But on a serious note, your combo can prevent the fury status from enemies. The trick here is that you need to hold the combo as long as you can. To do so, just simply do a full animation combo. Just when you are about to finish a combo, immediately switch off your character and start doing the combo. From there, just keep repeating until you can't hold it anymore. Even though it looks like it's going to approach rage status, it's actually going to stay there until combo ends. Do not use any artes that knocks down or away from the opponent. That will trigger the rage status. It's actually a fairly advance strategy; but with practice, you can take down even the strongest opponent with that tactic.

2) Someone here doesn't want to make a profit

When you are short of money towards the end of the game, you can buy a Bear Knuckle. What's so special about it, you asked? Well, you can sell it off for 24400 Gald. A bit more than the initial price. Doesn't sound a lot at first, but the money will slowly accumulate. You can actually get Max Gald using this tactic.

3) Eh, just take down the guild boss

When grinding for Grade Points, one of the fastest ways of getting Grade Points is to do the [Danger. _______ Hunt]. All you have to do is to get to the end of the dungeon and find the boss. The boss will ALWAYS be in the second area on the guild dungeon. If you are barely starting the guild dungeons, I would wait until Rank 2. The reason why I would wait is because the rank 1 mission, [Danger. Armaboar Hunt] is one of the tougher enemies due to high defense. Once you are strong enough, you can take them on, even on Mania mode.

Thanks Annomous for the suggestion....


  • Treasures:
    • Broadsword

You start out in a war torn battlefield. After a brief dialogue, you'll engage the battle against Hypnos. Once the battle is over, you'll learn that it was a dream. Head downstairs and talk to Luca's parents. From there, you can finally explore the town of Regnum. Head west to progress to the plot. You should be in a school track if you did it correctly. Once you see the events between Luca and his peers, head to the harbor. It should be northeast of the school track. From there, talk to the item salesmen to give you the hot dogs. At this point, just follow the dialogue until you encounter the a strange group of men wearing white robes. As you read through the plot, you have an option on what do with Luca's dilemma. If you chose, "Get away with her" you'll gain some friendship points with Iria. After that, you'll finally start your first battle. Once you are done, Iria joins up in your party and she'll give you a Broadsword. Now the weapon and the item shop are now open for you to prep up for your journey. Get out of the town and head to your destination to the Holy City of Naos. Keep heading south until you see a bridge. From there, keep going forward until you see the city.

NOTE: You can also head to the Regnum Guild Dungeon. But as of now, you can only get treasures that are randomly generated. You can't register for the Guild until later on in the game.

The Grigori

  • Treasures:
    • None

As you approach to the Holy City, you'll see another cutscene with the soldiers dressed in black armor. You'll be taken away and you are sent in prison. At the prison talk to Chitose and Spada. Once you are done talk to Iria to progress to the plot. Then you'll fight a couple of battles from there. The first one you will fight is a Ratio grunt. It's really easy; he'll do a dive attack and do a regular attack. Just do what you can to kill off the Ratio grunt. Once that's done, you are going to engage another Ratio grunt except that you have to fight it off with only Spada. Again, it's really easy. Once you beat the Ratio grunt, you'll now move onto the next area.

Western Battlefield

  • Treasures:
    • Pineapple Gel
    • 204 Gald
    • Life Bottle
    • Fish-Fillet recipe
    • Faust Magnum
    • Obsidian
    • Tortilla recipe

At the start, there's a merchant right by the savepoint. Then head northernmost end of the room to get the treasures. There should be four in all; you can't miss it. Then head east to start the dungeon. At the 1st forked path, head right to get the Faust Magnum. Then head back to the forked path and take the left path. From there, you'll be in a force encounter to fight a Ratio grunt. Once that's over, keep going forward until you'll hit another forked path. Head right and you'll find another treasure that contains Obsidian. Then head left and keep going forward and you'll encounter yet another Ratio grunt. Then keep going until you see the save point. On the third branched path, you can go on either path. They both merge to the same path; and at the end of the path guess what happens next? You'll fight another Ratio grunt. At the end of the fight, you'll learn that something happened at the campsite. So, you need to backtrack all the way to the starting point. Once you are back at the starting point, you will encounter your first major boss in the game.

Boss: Hitman

For the mysterious hitman, he does several moves that try to knock you away from him. Moves like Shot Blast, Roaring Spear and Merciless Hunt can prevent you from getting closer. He also have several earth based spells such as Stone Blast and Grave to deal moderate damage against your allies. Also, when he's close to death, the hitman will be enraged thus he gets an increase on his overall stats. Just keep the hitman in the air to prevent him from casting Earth Spells. Just do what you can to get him down.

Once that's over, head out to the battlefield and head to your original destination; Holy City of Naos. It's dead south from the Western Battlefield.

Holy Capital of Naos

  • Treasures:
    • None

To progress to the plot, head over to the church. Just go north from the city entrance. Once the conversation is over, head out to the city. Then another cutscene will follow. From there, head over to the a house right below the Naos guild. You should see a red-mailbox right by the house. Once Hartman and your party has to say, you need to head over to Naos Base to find someone. The Naos Base is west from the Holy Capital.

NOTE: Head to the western part of town and you'll encounter a Guild shop. At this point, you can now register for the guild and do sidequests. The sidequests and the dungeons are randomly generated. The nearest Guild dungeon is northwest from the Holy Capital of Naos.

Naos Base

  • Treasures:
    • Sauteed Meat recipe
    • Orange Gel
    • Treat
    • Fire Blades
    • Saurkraut recipe
    • Blood Carbine

Yes, it's another boring straight-away dungeon with narrow corridors. Because of this, you might have more enemy encounter than usual. There's nothing noteworthy in this dungeon other than go forward and take the time to explore the areas that slightly deviate the path. There are some treasures lurking in the corner. Along the way, you'll find the save point and in a next few rooms, you'll fight a boss.

Boss: Gigantess

Obviously, the size of the boss is an issue. It cannot be air-juggled nor knocked back. So, what the Gigantess does a series of major attacks to deal pain to your allies. Its spin attack to knock back your allies. It also thrusts its rocket boosters to deal some serious damage to whoever ally is in its path. Lastly, it'll shoot projectiles from its gun turret to deal long range attacks. On this battle, you may have to rely more on your ground-based Artes to rack up combos and let Iria do all the healing. Other than that, you will do fine.

Once that's over, you'll find Ange lying there. Once you hear she has to say, Ange will join your party. From there, keep going forward. Along the way, there's a treasure that contains the Fire Blades. Keep going and you'll encounter Ricardo from the Western Battlefield. Once you see the cutscene with him and Ange, Ricardo will join up with you. At this point, I suggest you backtrack all the way to the save point because if you proceed forward to the dungeon you will encounter a boss without warning. Once you done that, you can finally finish up the rest of the dungeon. At the end of the dungeon, you will find an adversary. Obviously, it's a major boss battle.

Boss: Gardel

Despite the fact that Gardel have a linear pattern on his battle tactics, don't underestimate him. He has a projectile that can rack up 2 to 3 hits. Also, he charges himself up and deliver a short-range strike attack. If any of your allies get hit by his charge attack, not only they will eat up a significant chunk of damage, they will also be knocked back and get the paralysis status effect. You may have to use long-range attack against Gardel. But, if you prefer to use melee type characters, I suggest you stand back the moment Gardel starts charging up. Once he dies, he drops the Blood Carbine.

Once that's over, head out and go to the Holy Capital. There, head over to Hartman's house and proceed to another conversation. There, backtrack to Regnum.


At Regnum head over to the eastern part of the town and you should see a cutscene where the crew is hiding from the soldiers. Once the cutscene is over, head southeast from your current location. You should see the a manhole right by a house. After that, head over to Luca's house and proceed to the plot. Once you saw the event, talk to Hermana twice in order to proceed to the Regnum Cavern.

Regnum Cavern

  • Treasures:
    • Life Bottle
    • Merengue Omelet recipe
    • Omelet recipe
    • 300 Gald
    • Popcorn recipe
    • Steam Rifle
    • Pineapple Gel
    • Beansoup recipe (Naos Cathedral Library)
    • Miracle Water (Naos Cathedral Library)

In the beginning, move forward. There, you will see three paths splitting off. The path on the very left leads to a life bottle while the path on the very right leads to the Merengue Omelet recipe. The path on the center is where you will continue the long-winded dungeon. From there, keep going forward and you'll encounter another forked path; head right. On the second area, on the first branched path, head south to get 300 gald then move forward. At the next branched path, head left and continue to move forward. By the time you enter the third area, head left to get the Steam Rifle and proceed. Once the conversation is over, you need to backtrack all the way to the beginning of the dungeon. You'll fight another boss...

Boss: Chien, Cer and Ber

Yikes all three of them are very nimble. So, trying to get them into a combo is quite difficult. Cer and Ber are practically an annoyance to your party. They move around very quick to interupt your action whenever possible. Then there's Chien himself. Not only he fast but he can rack up combos quite nicely. He does Ivory Rush and Infernal Tempest to do significant amount of damage and he often does a dive to close in a gap on your allies. On this battle, you need to take out those dogs quickly if you hope that your allies will execute a spell or just a stun-lock attack. You need to overwhelm Chien with long range attacks because he really needs to get close to attack you viciously. Other than that, you should be fine.

Once that's over, head out of the dungeon and head to Naos. From there, head to the cathedral and a cutscene will follow. Grab the two treasures nearby and head to Hartman's place. Once you had finish your business there, it's time to go to the harbor and head to Ashihara.


  • Treasures:
    • None

Your objective is to look around a bit for info. By the time you are heading to the guild, your party will split up momentarily. Talk to several people around town and look around once more. There, Iria will go off on her own. Once you saw that, head to one of the shops in town; there you will see Chitose passing by. Once you learn what Chitose has to say, head back to the harbor. Now head to the tomb; which is in the Eastern part of the town. You will learn that you cannot go in the tomb because it is guarded. So, you need to talk to Jirochou. To talk to him, head back to the bridge and head south. You should see an old man right by a lonely pier. Talk to Jirochou and he'll tell you that you need to take down 10 Armaboars before you enter the tombs. So, you need to head out to the world map can kill 10 Armaboars. Once you have done that talk to Jirochou and he'll allow you to enter the tomb.

Ashihara Tombs

  • Treasures:
    • Treat
    • Stone Guard
    • Fish Pie recipe
    • 300 Gald x2
    • Crystal Gloves
    • Water Stone
    • Mushroom Soup recipe
    • Melange Gel
    • Fruit Glacé recipe
    • Specific
    • Water Crystal

This dungeon is the beginning of pure torture of awful level designs. With narrow corridors and strong enemies in a large labyrinth and only one save point throughout, I can see why some people can vent their frustrations. So, I made a map below for every part the area; also my explanation is based on the map.

Ashihara Tombs Area 1.

At the starting point, keep going straight until you hit your first branched path. Head left so you can get treasure 1 which contains Treat. Then head back to the branched path and head to the opposite end. Keep going straight until you hit your second branched path. Go straight to get treasure 2 which contains a Stone Guard. Then, go back there and continue to go straight until you hit yet another branched path. This time, go to your left. That will lead to the second area of the dungeon. Area 2 and its explanation is right below the map.

Ashihara Tombs Area 2.

Just so you know, the ones with magenta lower case letters signify the room of importance. It's simply there for clarfication for my directions on this segment. Anyway, at the start of area 2, go straight up until you go to room a. You should see another branched path at room a. Go straight up to get treasure 3 and 4. They contain Fish Pie recipe and 300 Gald. Once you got those two treasures, head back to room a and head right towards room b. At room b head up to get treasures 5 and 6 which contains Crystal Glove and Water Stone. Then head back to room b and keep going forward until you hit room c. At that room, head down to get the Mushroom Soup recipe then keep moving up towards room d. At room d, head left to get 300 Gald and then move right to go to the next area.

Ashihara Tombs Area 3 and Area 4.

On the third area, there's an intersection there. The one on the left leads to Melange Gel while on the right leads to Fruit Glacé recipe. The one on the center leads to the Save point. From there, head to the left to grab the treasure, Specific. After that, the rest is self-explanatory. Go right from the save point room and keep going forward. Just follow the flow of the story. Once that's over, you need to backtrack all the way to the beginning of the dungeon. -_-, Anyway, I advised you to save before you head to the intersection because a boss awaits you.

Boss: Chitose

Like the boss before her, she is extremely agile and she can deal a lot of damage towards your allies. First, she tears apart the ground creating a "Roaring Spear" effect then pops out from the ground dealing damage to those who got caught inside the attack. She also throws firey projectiles in a fan formation. She does a teleport, leaving you a surprise if you get caught. But the most threatening attack is when she moves towards your ally and unleashes energy attack. Not only it does a significant amount of damage, it racks up to three hits each. Get her health below 50% and she'll unleash her Mystic Arte (Hi Ougi): Mortal Shadow. She also does that if you continously do an air juggle on her.

The strategy here is that you must have a character with high agility. Because Chitose have a ninja-like speed, it's going to be hard to hit her. It also help if you have character with a good stun-lock attack. For example, Hermana's Talon Storm (Rengadan) or Spada's Sword Rain (Chirisazame) can leave her locked in one place while your other characters start setting up their combos. If you have Ricardo's Healing Earth (Heal of Earth) use it. Chitose will do a number of damage towards your allies. If you happen to have good support character as well with nimble characters, you will do fine. At the end of the battle, Chitose will drop a Water Crystal.

Once that the battle is over, head out the dungeon and an event will follow. Once that's over, you need to go to the Harbor and you are heading to the City of Garam.


  • Treasures:
    • None

When you set foot to the city, look around a bit. Then head up to the stairs and a conversation will follow. Since you cannot enter the volcano, you need to talk to people who knew some background about Hasta. In order to move on, you need to talk to the following people: Talk to Felix at the stairway near the volcano, Ernst and Eugen at the harbor and Haike at the guild shop. If you have talk to those 4 people, you should trigger a skit from Hermana saying that the crew need to head back to the Volcano. From there, you can proceed to the next dungeon.

Kelm Volcano

  • Treasures:
    • Olive Oil Pasta recipe
    • Fire Crystal
    • 500 Gald
    • Cinquedas
    • Chicken Bone Soup recipe
    • Fire Stone
    • Oil Pasta
    • Marnated Fish recipe
    • Melange Gel
    • Coleslaw
    • Paralysis Guard

While it's not as terrible as Ashihara Tombs, there are a lot of strong enemies within of the vicinity. This dungeon have a lot of forked path and some of them lead to a dead end. The ones with a header bullet leads to the boss. The ones with the sub bullets are paths that lead to a treasure. So, please read the directions carefully.

  • On the 1st forked path, head right. Keep going straight
    • Until you hit your 2nd forked path, there are two minor intersections to look out for. Be sure to stay on the right side..
    • On intersection 1a turn right to get Olive Oil recipe
    • On intersection 1b turn right to get Fire Crystal
  • On the 2nd forked path, head left. Head right if you want to get the following treasures....
    • On forked path 2a head left to proceed to the second area; head right to get 500 Gald
    • If you are in the another area from branch 2a head left to get Chicken Bone recipe and head right to get Cinquedas.
    • Then backtrack to the second branch.
  • You should see a T-Intersection path on 3rd branch. Head Southwest to proceed to the next area.
  • Head left on the 4th branch. You should see a conversation at that point. Then continue on....
    • Head right on the 4th branch and you'll find the treasure Fire Stone''
  • The 5th Branch is another T-Intersection. Head west to proceed to the next area.
    • Head north to get the Marinated Fish recipe

  • At this point, there's a save point nearby.
  • On the 6th Branch head left
  • The 7th branch is a yet another T-Intersection. Head North and a cutscene will occur
    • Head Right and it'll lead you to Melange Gel
  • On the 8th branch, head left to fight the boss.
    • Head right to get Coleslaw recipe.

Boss: Hasta and Fire Spirits x2

In this battle, Hasta will have two monsters accompanying him. Hasta is very slow but very powerful. He does a spear thrust and a spin slash. Most of the moves he does pretty much try to knock your allies away from him. However, do try to be careful because his attacks inflict multiple status effects. It occassionally does Stun or Stone effect if you come contact with his attacks. When his HP is close to zero, he'll use Coil to significantly strengthen his attack. Overall, this battle is pretty easy. Take out the 2 Fire Spirits as quickly as possible. Try to do a long string of combos, Hasta will do his attack. So, instead do a hit and run tactics. Because he doesn't have a projectile, you can use your ranged artes or spells to do significant damage. Keep it up and you will survive the battle.

After you have defeated Hasta, head out of the dungeon. However, Luca will be out of your party for a while. Once you see another cutscene, head to the harbor and go to the Town of Galpo.


  • Treasures:
    • None

Just head to the western part of town and meet up with Hermana. Once the conversation is over, head to Galpos jungle. There, that wasn't hard. However, the next dungeon maybe one of the trickest dungeon yet. To head to Galpos Jungle, head Southeast from the town of Galpos.

Galpos Jungle

  • Treasures:
    • Gratin recipe
    • 640 Gald
    • Seal Charm
    • Mythril Arms
    • Bread Pudding recipe
    • Life Bottle
    • Caviar recipe
    • Pan Baked Meat recipe
    • Angelica
    • 600 Gald
    • Fish Terrine recipe
    • Earth Stone
    • Elixir x2

Again, just like before, my explanation is based on the map below and footnotes are just clarifications of my map layout.

Galpos Jungle Area 1.

On area 1, the moment you hit your first branched path, which is footnote a turn left to progress to the area. head right to get the first three treasures. When you hit footnote b, head straight to get treasure 1 which contains Gratin recipe. Turn left to get treasure 2 640 Gald; finally turn right and make a left turn at the T-intersection to get treasure 3 which contains Seal Charm. Then head back to footnote a and make a left until you hit footnote c. At this point, you can continue to move southwest and proceed to area 2. However, do get treasure 4 by heading northwest. It contains Mythril Arm. Head southeast and take one path southwards which leads to treasure 6, which contains Life Bottle and head all the way to the right to grab treasure 5, which contains, Bread Pudding recipe. If you decided to get the following treasures, just proceed to the next area.

Galpos Jungle Area 2.

If you happen to make it to Grampa Pwo's hut in footnote d, it indicates that you are halfway through the dungeon. Listen to what Grampa Pwo has to say and continue to proceed. At this point, you can stock up on supplies at his hut. On footnote e, there's a forked path. Take the one on the left and it'll lead to treasures 7 and 8 which contains, Caviar Canape recipe and Pan-Baked Meat recipe. Then head back to the forked path and head right. On footnote f head south to get treasure 9 which contains Angelica and head northeast and turn left to get tresure 10 which contains 600 Gald. Then head right from that intersection and proceed to the next area. There, you should see a savepoint and continue to move forward. Be sure to get treasure 12 which contains Earth Stone before you proceed to move south. At footnote G, just keep moving southeast because the other paths all lead to a dead end. Once you are at the memory circle, you will fight another boss.

Boss: Chien, Cer and Ber

Again, it's pretty much the same thing as last time. Extremely nimble opponent with two annoying dogs. But, Chien have one new trick in his arsenal. He now unleashes his Mystic Arte: Blood Fang; significant damage to your allies. Again, use agile characters with good stun locking attacks to keep the nimble enemies at place. It's best to take down Cer and Ber before you proceed Chien. Taking out the dogs will give your allies to do important actions. Other than that, this boss is a repeat of the first encounter with Chien.

With those three out of the way, you need to head out of the dungeon manually >_<. So, follow the map I give you and hope you still have some of your sanity left. Anyway, go back to the town and head to the harbor. You will now go back Regnum once again.

Regnum and Grigori Village

  • Treasures:
    • None

The moment you enter the town of Regnum, look around the city. At this point, I highly advise you to stock up on supplies if you haven't done so. Once you progress to the story, you will have no access to the essentials. If you are ready, head out of town and a fully voiced skit follows in. Once you are at Grigori Village, talk to Ricardo and a series of cutscenes will follow. If you feel like you are really short of items or you weren't prepared, you may have to go out of the village and fight enemies hoping that they'll drop a Life Bottle or a gel.

Grigorian Ship

  • Treasures:
    • Deck Brush
    • Miracle Gel
    • Treat x2
    • Specific x2
    • Life Bottle x2
    • Miracle Water
    • Wind Cape

Talk to everyone at the boat. Each of the characters will have an dialogue option on their skits. Pick the first choice for Ange, Hermana and Ricardo and the pick the second choice for Iria and Spada. Once you went through everyone at least once, talk to Ricardo to get everyone assembled. Then talk to Coda to proceed to the plot. There, a boss battle will proceed.

Boss: Gardel

Again, he plays similarly to your last encounter with him except for a few changes. His projectile now does 4+ hits and frequently does a 3 hit combo. It's enough to cover himself to all directions. In addition to higher defense, he also have high resistance against swords, knives and guns. Don't forget that his charging attack does significant damage to your allies. Finally, when his health is below 50%, he'll unleash his Mystic Arte: Echtez Schwartz. It's similar to your first encounter with him; but, you may have to approach this carefully. Also, consider bringing Hermana with you in battle. For some reason, her physical attacks seem to work effectively against Gardel. When he start charging again, try to go behind him and hack away with your attacks. Other than that, you can survive the battle. Also, I hope that you have used your resources wisely. Because another boss battle will commence immediately....

Boss: Gigantess Z

Oh, man. This boss is a such a pain. Not only it has the properties of the original Gigantess, it flys around and moves quickly. He shoots a missle that creates an explosion in a medium circular area. It has a machine gun that can do multiple damage hits against your ally. He does a thrust attack to prevent your characters from doing their actions. Another annoying aspect of the boss that its HP is extremely high, even in normal difficulty. If you are hacking away in the single digit, it's going to be a long fight. Also, when you get its HP below 15%, it'll heal itself once; prolonging the fight a lot more. Not only you are worn out from the previous battle, this battle is going to be a very long battle. There will come a time that you are chipping the damage to Gigantess Z. Not only that, this boss rages easily. Even so, you need to try to stun-lock him with artes or magic to keep him still. At this point, you really need to do what you can and try not to let your allies die quickly. Probably by now you may have exhausted your items. So take every advantage found in this game such as Infinite Jam and survive. I assure you that it's the last of the back-to-back boss battles.

You have been worn down by battle weariness; so continue to move on to the game in a fresh new town called Mamut. Now you have done your business in Mamut. It's time to head northeast to Lemures Marsh. Be warned that the following dungeon is a double-feature dungeon. In other words, you are going to go through a couple of dunegons back-to-back. I highly advise you to stock up your items before you tackle the dungeons.

Lemures Marsh

  • Treasures:
    • Dark Stone
    • Evil Hunter
    • Life Bottle
    • Pan-Fried Vegetables
    • 800 Gald
    • Panacea Bottle
    • Cream-Stew recipe
    • Fruit Salad Recipe
    • Yakisoba recipe
    • Apple Gel x2
    • Darkness Crystal
    • Specific
    • Earth Cape

Like the Kelm Volcano walkthrough, Header Bullets leads to the boss while sub-bullets leads to the treasure.

  • On the 1st forked path, head East. Along the way, you will find a Dark Stone
    • Head West and at the intersection 1a, head Southwest to get Evil Hunter and then head straight to get Life Bottle
    • At intersection 1a, head North to get Pan-Fried Vegetables
  • On the 2nd forked path, head North and grab 800 Gald
    • Head South and then head Northeast to get Panacea Bottle.
  • On the 3rd forked path, head Northeast and keep going straight. Along the way, you will find a treasure that contains,Cream-Stew recipe. Continue to go straight until you are in the next area.
  • At this point, you can continue to move forward until you hit the 4th forked path. Be sure to grab the Yakisoba recipe along the way. Also, note that there's a savepoint nearby.
  • On the 4th forked path, head West and head Northeast and proceed forward. You will find a Pineapple Gel
  • On the 5th forked path, head South
    • Head east to get Darkness Crystal
    • Also at the same area, there should be a bridge nearby. There's a treasure containing a Specific at the other side of the bridge.
  • At the final forked path, head North. At the end of the path, you will fight the boss.

Boss: Mud Undead and Zombie Soldiers x2

The Mud Undead is as slow as molasses yet it has reach to attack your allies from afar. He attacks multiple times and he can easily break your allies guard. Also, he has 2 Zombie Soldiers to back him up. This is a really easy battle. Take down the Zombie Soldiers and hack away the Mud Undead with your attacks. This should be a cinch for long ranged characters like Iria and Ricardo due to the boss' large hit box.

Now you have vanquished the boss, it's time to proceed to the second part of the double-feature dungeon.