What is the best country?

  1. I would like to like to know what the best country and ruler is for technology money and conquering

    User Info: drebinforpres

    drebinforpres - 10 years ago

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  1. Well it really depends on the player. There are some civilizations that are better suited for certain victories, burt none of them are iron clad, its all about how you play. I can give you a few suggestions though, taken from _Mogri_'s FAQ. If you ever have free time I highly advise reading it, its really well written. Link to the FAQ: http://www.gamefaqs.com/portable/ds/file/941688/53957

    Here is some suggestions from the FAQ:

    Technological victory recommended civilizations: Japanese, Chinese

    Domination victory recommended civilizations: Germans, English

    Economic victory recommended civilizations: Spanish, Zulu

    Again, if you would like more in depth reasons for why they are so good for each victory type, check the FAQ that I linked you too earler.

    Also one last thing, I would check the message board itself for answers as well, Master Poker has some brilliant topics made about Civilizations, and he gets really in depth with what he likes and dislikes about them.

    User Info: Twiddlesnaps

    Twiddlesnaps - 10 years ago 2   0


  1. I would recommend the Aztecs for the starting player, but I really like the fact that Barbarians join you when you play as the Mongols. Here are some ideas depending on what type of victory you want.

    Technological Victory- Aztecs,

    Economic Victory- Americans, Aztecs

    Domination Victory- don't try it, it generally takes the longest of the four

    Cultural Victory- Romans

    The Aztecs are useful because temples give science and culture and they get +50% gold.
    The Romans have more great people and 1/2 cost wonders.
    The Americans have 1/2 rush production, 2% interest on gold
    A couple of cultures like the chinese and the arabs have 2 bonus techs
    In the end it all depends on what culture you like to play.

    User Info: dragondudea6

    dragondudea6 - 10 years ago 0   1

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