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Reviewed: 04/27/09

If Mario can do it, so can Sonic... Kinda

OK, so it's not "spot-on-awesome," but it's still a good game as far as RPGs go. I've played a lot of RPGs and I must say that this one is... Unique. It has Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends on an adventure... RPG style... Alright, time to let the cat out of the bag. My first rant about this game is well... the fact that Sonic is in it. With Mario, it's one thing to put him in adventures, parties, and RPGs because us kids grew up with him from the beginning. When we grew up with Sonic, all we would expect in his games was running and running fast. As soon as Sega was bought out by Sammy, what was in store for Sonic and his pals? Why, putting his face on something and ripping people off of course. Who could forget the infamous Sonic Riders games and of course Sonic for the 360 and PS3? So now, Sonic's popularity has dropped down drastically and the next Sonic game you saw was just another disaster. But strangely yet slowly, people started to like him again. His games were sometimes good and sometimes bad. However, when I read in Nintendo Power that Sonic was going to have his own RPG, the first thing that came to mind was "Oh joy... Another crappy Sonic game that'll shut the fan boys up for a little while and... This looks... pretty good..." So I was suckered into the game and after beating it the first time, I decided to play it again... 6 months later. I've never played a Bioware game so I felt kind of foolish playing it for the first time, but anyway, I have to say, after I beat the game, I played it again. Here's what I have to say:

Story: Alright, so the story's pretty good. What starts out as Eggman faking his death turns into Eggman helping you at first to get the real enemies. It's actually really good and I'm surprised. It's confusing to tell it, so moving on.

Game play: You have a number of characters to play as well as Chao eggs you can find to make them stronger along with equipment. You get to play as EVERYBODY! Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Eggman, Cream, Big, Omega, Shadow, Rouge, and a new character, Shade. Outside of battle, you move Sonic (or whoever you're playing as) with the stylus. Come to think of it, everything you do depends on touching the screen. I guess Bioware was trying to take advantage of the DS's capabilities by touching the screen so many times. But, it does make battles pretty fun and worth it. Personally, I prefer to move with the D-pad, but again, different game out of the ordinary. My only gripe about the game play is if you're playing as Cream for example and you use a healing move on your allies and you mess up, you just wasted your MP and healed nobody. So pay attention! The puzzles in the game are OK, but they're tedious as Professor Layton and the Curious Village.

Graphics: I honestly don't care about graphics as long as the game play is good, but it must be said: the graphics are sloppy!!! Even for the DS!!! The citizens in almost every town look the same, the face graphic of them doesn't match up with the character they are representing, and I don't like it. Another thing that cheeses me off is the fact that the game looks choppy at times and sometimes, like when you're in a house it's smooth. Not a real problem, but I thought that I'd point it out.

Sound/Music: No matter how bad he's had it, Sonic has had some pretty decent music. I mean the Genesis had very exciting music for Sonic even though it was limited with sound and music. The good news? No voice actors (bye bye, Jason Griffith). The bad news? The music is dull dull dull. There's Green Hill Zone and when you think of Green Hill Zone, you think of Sonic 1 and that very first stage you played. But what's this? This dull music that puts you straight to sleep? When you're running around looking for things to do, that causes the player to lose interest fast. It did to me. The battle music is upbeat I'll give you that. So, good sound and OK music.

Other notes: Now, let's get something straight here. If you think it's the best Sonic game ever, you're a Sonic fan boy and you're just holding back your true feelings towards the game. I like Sonic and I also like Mario. But if I find something wrong with either one of there games, I point it out and give an honest review. This game is... pretty good. It's holding Sonic up by a thread, but so are the other games that Sega keeps on coming out with.

Final verdict: Not bad. Not the worst game (or Sonic game) that I've ever seen, but it's enjoyable. And if I played it again, that says a lot. So 8/10, I'm gonna go play some classic Sonic games to remember who he really is.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood (US, 09/30/08)

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