Review by Bennett2428

Reviewed: 03/03/09

More Excitement and Concept Than A Good Game

Putting Sonic the Hedgehog into an RPG format seems both awkward but also sparks the imagination to possibilities and excitement. It makes a person think how its even possible. Have Sonic and his friends really had that many different attacks? Well this game does a fair job for attack ideas, however execution has yet to come to fruition.

Sound- The sounds aren't too bad at the beginning, but after a few minutes they make the player turn down the volume almost immediately. The sound effects for the moves are classic, but the game tries to put a kind of rck/trance sound into the fight music.

Graphics- I've never really been one to complain about graphics. They stick with the graphics we've been seeing on any Sonic game for the DS, the cel-shaded ones. They aren't too bad but the way that the cities and such are set up it's difficult to see what's on a higher level (height) and what's on ground level. The designs are nice though, and don't make it seem too awkward to have Sonic or anyone in the StH universe running around in.

Control and Gameplay- This is where my main irritation lies. I've never been a fan of pure stylus control, I've always been someone who likes to actually hold my system in a comfortable position and play it. But I got passed the idea of total stylus control (I also own Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass and Harvest Moon Island of Happiness) and didn't mind it quite so much. On the maps themselves BioWare did a nice thing of incorporating numerous points where the player can activate a unique move of some kind. (Example: Sonic can spin dash at certain times, and Tails can fly.) It gives a sort of brief old-school relapse. The battles, however, I got tired of. I love RPGs, but the way that BioWare reincarnated Elite Beat Agents into The Dark Brotherhood destroyed the combat system. Normal moves and items are perfectly fine, its the combination moves that irk me. The player must go through a series of pointless routines with the stylus in order for the move to work. For attack moves, failing to do everything perfectly will result in a great loss of damage, and for healing and support moves, failure to execute the tricks perfectly will result in the move becoming inert...nothing happens.

Story- Sonic has never been one to have an extensive story behind it. Sonic Team has tried, starting with Sonic Adventure, to create a story-based Sonic game, but it's best to leave the games as they were. The generic story was always there in the retro games, and had no need to be explained. If something happened to alter the story, it happened on screen with no dialogue or text. The story in this game is way too predictable. Sonic and Tails think Robotnik is up to no good and oh lo and behold it turns out its someone else, like that's never happened before.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Product Release: Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood (US, 09/30/08)

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