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Reviewed: 12/01/08 | Updated: 12/04/08

Sonic the Elite Beat Hedgehog

So a few months ago I saw on Gamefaqs that Sonic was getting an RPG, at that time called "Sonic RPG," and I basically brushed by it because I was more interested in Soul Calibur and Final Fantasy and now that those two have fallen through and Call of Duty's gotten old and I'm pretty much done with Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff and I get a day off from work I finally have some time to think about writing a review for this game; Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. Despite it being RPG they did throw in some game-play from an older popular title; Elite Beat Agents to make the game more interesting. The graphics aren't bad nor are they good enough to mention anything. Since this is an RPG the story is probably the best part but with the addition of Elite Beat Agents game-play and story share the same score. This is also one of the few RPG's that does New Game+ the right way, unlike Final Fantasy IV.

Sound and Graphics: 5
The graphics I really can't touch on, the character models for the map and battles are OK, but when they get knocked out they lay there with their eyes open so either they don't have eyelids or they just like staring at the sky while a battle for the fate of the world is going on around them. The cutscenes aren't full 3D though, there more of a slide show, so at least we don't have to look at the stupid models during scenes and such.

The sound is more like a clown oriented game; a knock-out makes a bouncing noise, so yeah, like all other games not named Call of Duty the sound was quickly turned off although the over-world music isn't bad it really doesn't merit the sound being on.

Story: 7
So the game starts with a battle with Eggman and quickly ends after the opening slide show. Eggman is defeated and your wondering around Green Hill Zone when you get a distress call about Knuckles being in danger and eventually run into someone named Shade who is selling cookies and mostly informs you that they aren't allowed in Central City and you two get into a fight. Long story short; you win, bad guy, erm "girl" goes about her business and you have to go find out what happened to Knuckles. The character development really isn't bad considering you can be nice to people or be mean to people; like Amy. I've elected to be nice to the thick little rat and I've mostly been nice to everyone but the game actually gives you the options to be a smart-ass little rat bastard and be mean to everyone else and on the same note; "TAILS STOP REMINDING ME TO SAVE! I'VE TOLD YOU TWELVE TIMES TO STOP! AND STOP REMINDING YOURSELF WHEN I'M PLAYING AS YOU!"

Game-Play: 7
So yeah, it's an RPG, but it's not the conventional stereotypical RPG that Final Fantasy and Pokemon have set but has decided to rip off Elite Beat Agents game-play for the characters special moves and enemy special moves as well. So let's say you want to use Sonic's Axe Kick, you'll have to tap a little blue ring when the ring around it turns green and then slide the stylus over a moving ring, fail and you do less damage and in Creams case you'll fail if you mess up once, but don't think these are your only option you can just attack and it won't cost you PP but you'll probably want to use special attacks later on. They also had to use this sort of thing for enemies, get all the prompts when an enemy uses a special attack and they will miss or, if you missed one, will do less damage. The turn base system is also there, during a round, Sonic/Shadow gets three turns during a round while everyone else gets 2 turns or less and they don't take them all at once, the turns are listed on the top screen along with the health and PP. You can also equip equipment or Chao to make your team stronger, but of the 40 Chao available only 4 are actually worth using. After every level up you get an extra point to give to a stat of your choice such as Speed, Attack, Defense and Luck, but don't think you know what the stats mean; speed = what damage you do and attack = chance of hitting opponents with melee attacks, and finally; you can equip a Chao to a character but of the 40 Chao put into the game, like said before, you'll probably only use 4; the one that can make Creams special moves always work, the PP regenerative Chao, the HP regenerative Chao and the Chao that can find an extra item after a battle.

On a side note: The game does have a New Game+ option and it's basically almost what a New Game+ should be, it's not like the Final Fantasy New Game+'s were you can only restart a couple times and then you have to restart all over again from scratch like in FFIV or were the levels reset to 1 like in FFX-2. After the end credits the game goes back to chapter one, after one fight Sonic shoots from level 1 to whatever level you finished the game with and then everyone shoots to one level below Sonic. So you'll never have to grind your way back to your older levels like in FFX-2. Also you keep all your Chao, items and equips unlike FFIV who couldn't seem to fully understand and fumbled around with the New Game+ concept. The only problem is there isn't any end-game unlockable besides running through the game again with Sonic being short of Super Sonic and like said above; no unlockable characters for you to toy with.

Final thoughts: 7
So BioWare has shat out Sonic Chronicles; an RPG type game thing that was probably not as popular as the game it's trying to bastardize or uphold Sonic's uh, popularity... Beyond popular belief Sonic Chronicles isn't a bad RPG, I actually really enjoyed playing it and look forward to the second installment, the Elite Beat Agents game-play made it so I couldn't just put it down like I do with other RPG's; such as Pokemon or final Fantasy and pop in Tecmo Bowl or something else into the other DS and play that. It's basically a game that screams for your undying attention and will go kicking and screaming if you as much as take your eyes off of it for a second. At least it's a game that has kept my attention and although I never liked Elite Beat Agents I did get used to it's elements in this game but what I want to understand is why didn't they put Blaze or Vector in it? Unlockables I can understand but completely ignoring them? Did Heroes and Rush Adventures really flop so badly? OK dumb question. I know for a fact Heroes was probably the worst thing Sonic Teams ever done to Sonic right next to Shadow the Hedgehog, talking about the game not the character, with Sonic Advance 3 just about being the best, but the thing is with each game Sonic Team introduces new and useless characters that they will never use again, and some of them have become fan favorites and everyone knows that these characters will never be used when Sonic Team would rather release a new craptacular character instead of rehashing older ones but at least this game had Cream the Rabbit instead of a stupid annoying Australian Raccoon.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood (US, 09/30/08)

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